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Interview with Jason Dezurck

Truth For a New Generation / Alex McFarland
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July 25, 2019 11:37 pm

Interview with Jason Dezurck

Truth For a New Generation / Alex McFarland

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July 25, 2019 11:37 pm

07-28-2019 Interview with Jason Dezurck by Truth for a New Generation

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The radio or today's culture and timeless truths come together, it's reasonable relevant content apologetics worldview and answers to the questions that you need to know from Alex McFarlane ministries. This is true for a new generation radio and now the man who preached in 50 states and 50 days speaker, writer, and advocate for Christian apologetics Dr. Alex McFarlane, the apostle Paul said that he was set for the defense of the gospel prepared committed he was ready to present explain defend the gospel. We are to have that very same calling and mindset as well. Hi, welcome to today's edition of truth for new generation radio Alex McFarland here on the road and we got a very very special show today because I've got a friend here who have only known really a couple of hours I guess.

But this this guy has the fire of God in his heart and he is serving the Lord in apologetics and evangelism in the upper Northeast and working to meet Jason to Zürich and I guess I'll give a quote here, as I bring this a dear brother to the microphone Henry for the great automaker said you can't change the world on what you're going to do. In other words, good intentions. I hear a lot of people and also will we need an awakening.

We need a revival. We need to spread the gospel that somebody needs to respond to the atheist and share the gospel. Well, when you meet Jason to Zürich you going to meet a guy that's not waiting on somebody else and he's not lamenting what he is going to do this guys on the front line and I wanted the dingy audience to meet this brother because in terms of evangelism, defending the faith, apologetics, and especially equipping an upcoming generation and he and I just are our brothers in arms. So Jason, thanks for taking time to be with us and tell us little bit about yourself and the work you're doing absolutely nothing friendly on the program to an Alex Italia, my wife and I we been married almost 22 years and we been doing this ministry will be warriors since 2007 full-time and we really felt called to equip students to impact this generation for Jesus Christ and one of my heroes is Gen. George S.

Patton Junior who said nobody ever defended anything successfully is only attack and attack and attack some more, and really what we do is we take that quote the heart when it comes to apologetics, and speaking to people not we need to get the love part right, absolutely. But with that we need to be speaking the truth in love, and that's just something we do with our ministry and that was one of the things that really attracted media weekend worldview warriors worldview warriors want to talk about that but first, how did you come to know the Lord and also how did the Lord guide you to apologetics and well that's that's a great question while when I was in seventh grade. It was the first time I was introduced to the theory of evolution, and it's the first time I ever heard of it and so going to confirmation at the church. I was at.

I went to the pastor was asking questions and became obvious that he really didn't have the answers and really has his answer to me was Jason.

It really doesn't matter. It's as long as you get the Jesus part right.

That's what really counts. He said he said scientists are beginning to see that new things and refining new facts and to be honest with you Alex that that put me on a huge downward spiral.

When I was I was a freshman when I when I really talk to him about that and I just went down down while the logical conclusion of that which is if the Bible is not right from the very beginning, then why do we need Jesus exactly, you know, I've thought about this. If you can't trust the Bible on our past. How do we trust the Bible about our future. If God was wrong about our origin, how do we know God was right about our destiny went absolutely. So that took me down the path of death and destruction to be quite honest, because I again I was like you know what God must be real. So I'm going to have my cake and eat it too.

I'm going to suck the marrow out of life completely and well i.e. I just decided to go my own way and ended up moving out to Seattle Washington living out there for years just doing my own thing. Following my own ways instead of God's ways night. My parents were Christians and they did their best to try to raise me up in God's ways, but they were still fairly new themselves, so they just didn't have answers really either and so well it might my testimony coming to the Lord is I basically had a powwow with God for about four months in 1994 and I literally walked the streets of Seattle, asking God to prove himself to me because if evolution is true then I and and you don't prove yourself to me. I'm going my way. When you say that evolution over the last hundred and 50 years is Darwin's book, origin of the species came out in 1859 and you know by by the end of the 19th century it had rocked the world and I mean really in terms of people trusting the Bible in terms of people believing in God. Certainly terms of morality that now it took it took a while for it to trickle down to the street level but already it if you read you know by the end of the 19th century the beginning of the 20 century people are saying there is no moral truth. If God is not the creator God is not the foundation of ethics and right and wrong. Would you agree that Darwinian evolution has probably been a wedge that drove more people away from God and the Bible than just almost anything in church history will absolutely I think I think if we can in essence take that out.

That is going to be a huge, huge way for us to move toward helping people to find Jesus Christ because, again, if death entered the creation before Adam's sin, then why did Jesus death. If the Bible is telling us that while he created everything very good. So that would mean death is good which it's not hold that thought. We've got to take a break will get to come back and continue our conversation with Jason to Zürich.

This is dingy radio Alex Farland of the way from I am a watchman ministries.

Here's today's I am a watchman minute. Are you ready for the rapture. Do you know what it is what the Bible says about it. Can you identify the signs that will proceeded you know where the term rapture comes from or how long the tribulation will be and what those left behind will have to endure a watchman for the Lord will know these things, he will know what God has done and what he is about to do. He will know the truth and will share the truth to help you know the truth. The I'm a watchman team has established a new website and I rapture I encourage you to visit the site to learn more about what Bible prophecy notes will happen in the last days and I rapture that's am I rapture people be faithful, be a watchman, I am a first Peter 315 tells us to be ready always to give an answer for the hope we have were instructed to be prepared to defend our faith. This is Alex McFarlane for the life answers teams students we train at North Greenville University, a leading Christian college in South Carolina. The life answers. Teams are made up of students who will inspire and equip your congregation. These apologetics teams. We train speaking in churches to youth groups and train Christians of all ages to address key issues of our times. From a biblical perspective like is there a God is the Bible true about gender and moral issues. Call me at 864977 2008 and we will arrange for the life answers team to come to your church and give a presentation that will benefit your people for years to come. 864-977-2000 eight and always be ready. TMG unashamed conferences coming to Richmond, Virginia, October 11 12 experience core truths that make for an unshakable faith with Tina Marie Griffith Todd Starks convulsion wiki Allison Chuck Chris Meyer and William Fetter. Romans 116 says I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes come to the truth for a new generation conference equipped, empowered and inspired to confidently share the gospel of Jesus Christ. He is committed to impacting our nation for Christ and the future and equipping you to be a difference maker. Register now by calling 877 yes.1 that's 877 yes God in the number one or visit the TMG website for a new The TMG unashamed conference, Richmond, Virginia, October 11 and 12th dive deeper into your faith timeless trees soundbite culture for a new generation radio.

Welcome back to truth for new generation radio were having a conversation with a fellow colleges Jason to Zürich. I want to resume your story, but you know is you in our recording outside the door. There are several hundred teenagers at a youth camp and up. Is it a blessing. Where were in upstate New York right now on the road. You and I both are speaking is a blessing and knowledge of hope when you see these young people that are on farther coming to Christ are learning how to defend their faith. And you know there's a lot of bad news. But all is not lost.

There is a generation in whom God has put the fire of truth absolutely did you generation today. That's the youth generation, I really believe there are just sick and tired of playing games and they just want to get on with it. Get let's get to the truth. Let's get to the truth of the matter, and one thing I was really encourage about tonight is when you asked those to use youth to come up and pray and why did they pray to me like they it wasn't you know, dear Jesus, thank you for this day. I mean they were really praying like speaking to a person and the young man that prayed I did know that he was 14 for for those we just had a massive altar call we had a Holy Spirit night.

I spoke on the return of Christ. I felt led to have a couple of youth come pray over the audit auditorium and out the young lady I don't know both of them parade down heaven that you and there was 14 when I was 14 hey… It when you and I were 14 we were there, were we go. I wasn't there for sure.

I can tell you that elephant. How did you discover apologetics well that that powwow I was talking about.

So somebody actually discipled me before I was a Christian.

Basically we we basically had a lot of what I call verbal Duke amounts and he was willing to walk down a path with me that he was probably pretty uncomfortable with his name is Danny and I was hanging out in the bars and doing things that I just shouldn't be doing and he was hanging out there with us to and he'd always be standing there with his Coca-Cola and one day I went up to Danny and unlike why are you here with us and he goes he goes why are you asking I go all you do is drink a Coca-Cola, you never drink alcohol.

You never take a girl home. I don't see you doing any drugs, why are you here it goes. You really want to know, and I go yes I really want to know.

And this is what he said to me because I'm a follower of Jesus, and I think if Jesus was here right now he'd be with us right now and so he was like, what is your biggest reason why you don't want to follow Jesus and I said well the theory of evolution. It's prove that I mean that basically is the theory of evolution is true, why should I follow God and he started pointing me this now before the Internet really was taking off. He was pointing me to resources, creation, resources and things and he would always do this to II would I would be fighting with him basically and just making my point.

You know, evolution is true because I just make whatever point and he would go really, how do you know that's true, he would never answer my question, he would ask me a question and then make me go find the answer. I mean, that's part of why we started the ministry we started because I know that works.

I mean it in the way I see it is he was doing ministry the way Jesus did it and it just really moved me. I want to hear about your ministry because this is important not everybody listening to matter where you are across America we need.

Of course the simple gospel message for God so loved the world, we need prayer, but apologetics and worldview and it is is something God is using right now Jason I go to a publishing convention. Every summer the fastest growing segment of Christian publishing his worldview and apologetics, and we've seen skeptics atheist agnostics.

People caught up in egregious sin. We've seen people come to Christ, and very often apologetics has been a part of this. So what you're doing is vital in your out of Ohio right so tells about what worldview warriors doesn't. It might be an inspiration for others to do similar things across America. Yet worldview warriors were were a ministry that equips students to impact this generation for Jesus Christ and how we, started out as we are like hey let's just go to a bunch of events and Douala. Well, that takes a lot of money and time and and as we were starting we realized you know nobody really knows we are. How do we get that news out there, and so we started podcasting and blogging and I do I do my own radio shows locally.

We have a little one minute snippet thing we put out and got as you spend well really blessing what's going on, and so with that is now, but I don't want to say we have an online church because we we don't have that but we definitely have an online community where people can come and it's not all Christians either wheat we have a lot of like you said, atheist agnostics, people that are just while defiant toward God. We have found in the spirit.

It's been our privilege and I will say truly, it is privilege. Some of the skeptics we dialogued with for years and and prayed and we've interceded and one by one. We've seen people come to Christ. I think that there's a man on think of right now, and I've been just trying to love on him and talk to him and keep the communication going for nine years and he will come to Christ and he's come a long way but would you say Jason that in our culture. The pre-conversion gestation. For some people is longer than ever is in it all at yes absolutely. And I think a lot of it has to do with Kazan so much information at their fingertips. But the problem is when they find truth.

A lot of times they're not open to it, meaning there on the journey, but when they find truth. They just cannot put it to the side and don't want to talk about it anymore and I think that's a huge part of well why why we see our country the way it is right now and this is for those just tuning in this is that Jason to Zürich who is with us. He is in no did you say Sandusky or upper Sandusky, Ohio. You and what is your website it's worldview work will get to take a quick break. Another big segment on apologetics.

That asking for for those that may be wondering what is worldview. Give me a definition of worldview. While worldview is you already have, whether you know it or not you already have a preconceived idea of what the world really looks like. Meaning you when you see facts you're already interpreting them and so you're looking at that your worldview you may have a secular worldview you may have a biblical worldview.

But if you don't have a biblical worldview.

Well, you're not looking at it to the truth well said state in TNG radio which is Zürich is back this radio.

Christians don't necessarily agree with one another when it comes to questions of religious pluralism, homosexuality, the role of government proportioned in war. Too often, we manage these disagreements by ignoring network called to engage the world for the sake of Christ. How can we be effective if we avoid society's most pressing questions 10 issues that divide Christians Alex McFarlane challenges us to drill down to the biblical core of 10 current issues such as social justice evil and suffering, photography, and environmentalism as he echoes the biblical invitation come let us reason together only by engaging the Scriptures deeply thinking clearly and speaking truthfully can we, in God's family address our differences and discover the peace that comes with unity of purpose. 10 issues that divide Christians find this book and many on Friday. Questions we care about a lot of things.

We are engage online group of millennial's, brought together by a common goal to share truth apply Scripture and to get involved in are lost and hurting engage host discussions that help you apply worldview to your daily life engage no need to have a final degree from Liberty University Sir Ray worship and obey God they can make life more vibrantly when you're ready for a religious studies degree find more than 60 ministry degree options.

Dr. of Ministry when LeBlanc prayed for divinity courses at Liberty University where we train champions for Christ liberty.\explore, learn more at liberty\explore, to learn more for apologetics, resources, books by Alex McFarlane and to find out where Alex is speaking to visit Alex TNG radio continues set for the defense of the gospel your conversation with Jason to remind everybody the following is coming a listen up wherever you are east-west.

If you're listening in the Western Hemisphere.

This is for you to be in Richmond, Virginia, October 11 12 Mount Vernon Baptist Church pastor Josh Franklin. All we've got such great friends in Richmond Virginia I think about Bradford Howard.I think about John Seiden Stricker I think about Eileen and Charles Cochran. I think about the great Andy Redford at the Virginia Christian counseling center. Amazing. And all of my big Richmond friends you know who I'm talking about, but we're coming to Richmond with the truth for a new generation of that.

October 11 12 and it's a Friday night all day Saturday. This is kind of our format Friday night. We have several speakers like Todd Starnes from Fox news and other great speakers. People like Nikki Addison and Abe Hamilton, the third of the American family Association, but Friday night is very evangelistic because we set unity can't defend the faith of you don't have the faith. So week before we go any farther. Friday night TNG is very evangelistic but then all day Saturday. We do apologetics and how do you share Christ with an atheist. What about creation versus evolution. What about the moral issues of our day. What about the Bible. Can you trust that the Bible is the word of God and how do we in the 21st century where America and the West is become really almost militantly secular. How do we present explained. If in the gospel but then in November were going to be in Ohio November 15, 16 landmark Baptist Church Cincinnati, Ohio seeking good website truth for a new truth, for truth for a new Listen, we generally have people come from 25, 26 states and this could be the event where people either come to the Lord, or maybe even come back to the Lord bring a skeptic. Bring your kids bring your church staff but go to truth for new generation in America we want to see you as we close out a big year of ministry much much the Lord is done in 2019. We can't wait to come to Richmond.

We can't wait to come to Ohio. And so, pray promote plan to attend and let me say this is just like my my brother here. We've we've met at a conference. His name is Jason to Zürich with his worldview warriors. They are doing what needs to be done, rising to the challenge of first Peter 315 and helping people be ready to give an answer, but let's go back to apologetics adjacent did you have like an aha moment you become a believer and you had questions people he knew had questions and suddenly you begin to find this this great big world. This discipline of people that have made it there calling to defend the faith. How did that lightbulb come on in your mind again. For me it it it goes back to definitely the origin story and it helped me to see that everyone week when you look at facts.

For instance, you yes you are looking at facts, but you are interpreting the facts.

Whether you realize it or not you are interpreting facts because you are looking through that worldview that you believe whatever it is, whether again, it's biblical worldview secular worldview doesn't matter, and I begin to realize I had a major secular worldview, but I grew up in the church and so I thought I had a biblical worldview and for me that just totally changed me greatly.

And it really helped me to see I think that's how we need to reach the world for Christ. You know I when we started I was talking about death entering before Adam sinned what people I think.

Just forget this is something that I just think is super important thorns and thistles showed up after Adam's sin. Now the Bible says that everybody ended this for me was just huge. What did the Roman soldiers put on Jesus head a crown of thorns, a crown of thorns. For me the way I see that, at least as I was like one of Satan's ultimate up yours Jesus because those thorns are here because of Adam's sin because of our sin against him and Jesus going I love my people though. I'll do whatever it takes to write thorns and thistles were part of the curse that Chris was put on Jesus and the curse was was removed was resolved, that when they'll be removed when he returns. So we said this it out if you're just tuning and were talking to a fellow brother defender of the faith.

Give us an assignment teacher, I want you because you're here to teach classes, I want you to give us a homework assignment in terms of worldview apologetics. So if you could give us some some marching orders. What would that be well one thing I think that's very important is that as believers in Christ we spur one another on toward love and good deeds. The Bible is clear. We need to be doing that so I would encourage each person that's that's out there listening to really think in your life who has spurred you on and then I encourage you literally write them a note and send it to them and if you don't know what their addresses. Why not give them a phone call and say can I take you out for a Coke can I take out for a walk and we talking and then you just sink into their life and encourage them and I know that that's not completely as you know, a biblical worldview. But it is a biblical worldview. It's living out and being positive and encouraging and not just Debbie downer exactly brother. I appreciate you give your website one more time to thank you very much it's worldview that's worldview and if somebody you know in the church is single. How can my how can my church or how can in our community we can incorporate apologetics into our evangelism and discipleship you be willing to give him some pointers when you will absolutely again we've got a great online community going and also I mean great resources, blog posts, podcasts, lots of stuff when you get there, you'll start seeing what I'm talking about and it doesn't take a ton of money or resources.

You just think like yourself and the good news days. I'm here and all around America I'm hearing sparks and upstarts of defenders and truth proclaimers like yourself. So it's a time to be sure, their concerns, but this is the time to be very encouraged but even more severely involved.

Yes I agree and I think as believers to we need to stop fearing people and we need to realize that we need to fear and respect the Lord, the Lord is called us to build disciples so I think we need to be doing that we need to stop fearing what others think about us. God bless you Jason, thanks for being with us and thanks for everybody listening pay out the truth for new generation app is available for mobile devices with plenty of Q&A and answers to questions hey thanks for praying. Thanks for listening. Look forward to seeing you the truth. The new generation comes to your city. TMG radio is made possible by the friends of Alex McFarland ministry, PO Box 10231 rural NC 27404. That's PO Box 10231, Greensboro, NC 27404 call us at 877 yes God one that's 877 yes, God in the number one or give while you're there, listening. The program archives. Read Alex's blog invite Alex to speak at your event will contact Alex with a question or comment, Alex Thanks for listening today and join us again next time. As we bring you more true for a new generation fund TMG radio

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