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Suffering and Evil

Truth For a New Generation / Alex McFarland
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February 20, 2020 2:21 pm

Suffering and Evil

Truth For a New Generation / Alex McFarland

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February 20, 2020 2:21 pm

02/16/2020 - Suffering and Evil by Truth for a New Generation

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CNG radio for today's culture and timeless truths come together is reasoned, relevant content, apologetics, worldview and answers to the questions that you need to know need to know from Alex McFarlane ministries.

This is true for a new generation radio and now the man who preached in 50 states and 50 days speaker, writer, and advocate for Christian apologetics Dr. Alex McFarlane was an Anglican minister named JC why been passed by more than 100 years, but JC Ryle said one day in hell would be worse than a lifetime of carrying across me explain a little bit about that and I'll welcome you to today's edition of TNG radio truth for a new generation Alex McFarlane here and I'm coming to you from the studios of American family radio network and very honored. I'm down here on the road in Tupelo recording radio with my friend Bert Harper for the other program we do exploring the word you don't know the names Devon Patrick or Carl Pete's, but you ought to because were very indebted to both of these guys and down very often. I'll send Carl some audio that's just barely usable and somehow another. He makes it work, and Devon. Patrick is carved out sometime in his day and is recording me and so I'm grateful to to all. It's a team effort. It really is and so speaking of team efforts will immediately tell you about Carla McGlynn.

Now some of you that are longtime attendees of truth for a new generation. You know who Carla is. Carla has just been a wonderful team member for 20 years, our conferences, my speaking schedule and we got a very special thing coming up March 8 and nine will be at Ridgecrest. Ridgecrest is a Baptist conference center outside of Asheville, Western North Carolina, right there on I 40 super easy to get to. In fact, if you go I 40 across North Carolina.

You will pass Ridgecrest Sunday night, March 8 were going to have an event that we call a strategy briefing and I want you to be there and were going to have some great music by Cindy Johnson, who does music for us around the country and I'm going to speak with you have a time of prayer and were going to talk about how we must reach millennial's for Christ and not only the gospel but just frankly moral American living, not socialism. And so it's enough of a of a challenge to do the spiritual work of reaching and discipling young people, but nowadays we've got secularism socialism transgender is him a lot of isms, so if you want to join us on March 8 Sunday night with you to begin about 530 and I'll be teaching will have Q&A will have prayer you can stay the night and I'll teach on Monday morning March 9 as well, but you can email Carla would love to have you with the strategy briefing what one of the questions when I travel and I speak is you know why is there pain and suffering in the world and the quote I gave a JC Ryle about one day in Hill he said would be worse than an entire lifetime of of carrying the cross. It is true that much of life, especially for Christians does involve struggles and stresses and suffering, and bearing one's cross and maybe as a Christian, you've been tempted to kinda throw in the towel and you think you know what I'm I'm weary.

I'm tired. I have apologized to that person.

For the last time and I give up. Maybe you felt like you and I can't just go another day. Or maybe he's even kind of bailed out on church in the why go to church. It's just you know you get up you get dressed. Is it even worth it. And maybe some of you God for bid, but you've pondered bailing out on your marriage. Bailing out in your family listed as a Christian. Sometimes we do have to work hard swallow our pride give space and give grace to people that don't deserve it.

We don't deserve grace, but God gave us guys let me just say this part of the life of a believer is bearing the cross in first Corinthians 15, Paul said, I die daily and let's say that for four years maybe even decades may be many decades we've heard stories of course, of people that loved of unloving spouse for 50 years.

People that have had physical infirmities and diseases. For a long time financial struggles.

Maybe I've got a friend that was telling me about how a business partner because their company to go bankrupt and he was 1/4 million dollars in debt. $250,000. It took nearly 20 years to pay it back, but he paid back every penny because it was the right thing to do. Even though he suffered for the misdeeds of another person. But here's the thing, no matter how long you live for Jesus. No matter how heavy the cross, you bear all that we do for the Lord is not nearly as painful or burdensome as is one hour in eternity without God.

JC Ryle was right, a life of bearing the cross is not nearly as bad as one day in Hill and so my point in sharing. This is one of the apologetics issues that people deal with is what we call the problem of pain and suffering. If God is good.

If God is wise. If God is powerful why is there pain-and-suffering and struggle and injustice in the world was her evil.

Why is there not only disease and aging and terminal illnesses wise there murder and killing. So let's talk about these things and let's see if there is a legitimate plausible answer since you work in a continuing TNG radio with a talk more about this and one of the apologetics issues that we must speak to this Christians the problem of suffering will go away from.

I am a watchman ministries.

Here's today's I am a watchman minute this side of heaven. You may likely never see the full impact of your good work. Consider Moses he did many great things, but likely never knew about.

One of the greatest things he did he seek one of the people. Moses led out of Egypt was a man named nation nation had a son named Salman in those millions of people is doubtful. Moses even knew Solomon but because Moses was faithful.

Solomon was born and later he married Rahab and they had a son Bo asked who married Ruth and they were the grandparents to King David. Jesus was not a descendent of Moses, Jesus was a descendent of Solomon whose new life in the promised land was made possible by what God did through Moses, so do not grow very in doing good. The seeds we plant will blossom God's way and in God's perfect time. People will be faithful, be a watchman, I am a Christians don't necessarily agree with one another when it comes to questions of religious pluralism, homosexuality, the role of government. The portion of the war. Too often, we manage these disagreements by ignoring them, yet were called to engage the world for the sake of Christ.

How can we be effective if we avoid society's most pressing questions in 10 issues that divide Christians Alex McFarlane challenges us to drill down to the biblical core of 10 current issues such as social justice evil and suffering, photography, and environmentalism as he echoes the biblical invitation, this reason together only by engaging the Scriptures deeply thinking clearly and speaking truthfully can we, in God's family address our differences and discover the peace that comes with unity of purpose. 10 issues that divide Christians find this book and many not afraid to ask hard questions that we care about a lot of things. We are engage online group of millennial's, brought together by a common goal to share truth apply Scripture and to get involved in are lost and hurting world engage host discussions that help you apply biblical worldview to your daily life engage at liberty University.

You'll earn more than a degree in the satisfaction of seeing what you can accomplish and what God can accomplish more than 600 options from associate 100% online more discover God's truth through every degree at liberty University where we train champions for Christ good at liberty/exploit: that's\explored: for apologetics, resources, books by Alex McFarlane and to find out where Alex is speaking to visit Alex in Amos 519 there's a story of a man who meets a lion, and he flees from the line only made a bear and then flees for the bear and he finds a house to hide inside but when he leans against the wall safe from both the lion and the bear he leans and a snake bites out, welcome back program Alex McFarlane here on TNG radio and were talking about apologetics.

We've talked about creation in God and with pointed out some arguments against evolution or talking about one of the perennial apologetics issues can be phrased in a number of ways, but it's basically why does God allow suffering and evil.

Let's go back to the story from Amos five if if you're being chased by a lion you'd want to get away but then you get chased by a bear so you escape that and you get in the house and you put your hand against the wall safe but you lean and you brush up against a snake and you get bitten in.

I see so many parallels to this in life.

If the line represents suffering, so must the bear and even more so the snake and that's and what ought to be the safest place on earth home even in our little sanctuary of home and house evil and suffering are at times inevitable to live in this world is to encounter both suffering and evil and there's no escaping either one in an frequently evil and suffering are linked together and that the mere existence of suffering and evil seems to create problems for believers and nonbelievers alike concerning not only the existence of God, but the benevolence of God. The Bible clearly teaches that God is good and without a doubt anyone who is chosen to follow Jesus and you have the Lord in your life. You agree that God's love is far beyond anything that we could dream of, and God's love in sending his son to die for us is so amply proven to me that in this in spite of our sin, God would send Jesus to be our Savior. You know a name MEME these Internet names, some of whom are funny and some of some of them are what really bad, but somebody sent me one and it was apparently from an atheist and in this person said you know if I died and it turns out there is a God he better begged me for forgiveness and my blood ran cold when I read that I minutes just so sad because the fact that were even having this conversation shows that everybody knows there's a God. We know there's a guy in a week was not play game. We know there's a God and you know I would assure everyone listening that when you leave this world and stand before the Almighty any begging and groveling in genuflecting is going to be done on our part, not his. But God clearly demonstrated his love is benevolence, his mercy, his grace in sending Jesus to die for our sins. Listen God's goodness is never question when things are going well, but as soon as the bills become difficult pay her a child dies or a terrorist group kills hundreds of people, God's goodness lands under remarkable scrutiny and doubt. Now, thankfully, God has address the problem of pain-and-suffering in the Bible, suffering and evil are really part of the main theme of the Bible and God depicts through the writers that he inspired how the evil in the world and the goodness of God both coexist. Yes, listen to this evil is real, but so is God. Sin exists, but so does God. Now they have not coexisted forever. They will not coexist forever. Right now at this time in history. The Christian worldview.

We recognize the reality of pain-and-suffering, but we further acknowledge the existence of God and let listen very carefully in responding to the problem of pain-and-suffering we don't compromise the attributes of God with the characteristics of God. Some said well God does exist, but he's not powerful enough to eliminate evil know God is omnipotent. Well, God does exist, but maybe he's got a bad side know God is alumni benevolent God is thoroughly good but different Andrew Womack. I love what he says.

He says not only is God, not mad at you, God's not even in a bad mood.

So God is real, and God is good and since I will. Maybe God is not wise enough to know what to do know God is all-powerful God is good and God is wise and yet evil exists. How in the world, who reconciled us to art I want to talk about how God the God of the Bible and evil can coexist and and will talk a little bit about why they exist. Pain-and-suffering and evil can actually sometimes be the greatest experiences a Christian endures through their walk with Jesus.

Now how the world is that possible well evil and pain-and-suffering remind us of how deeply we need the Lord evil and pain-and-suffering very often wean us off of self-reliance and pride Let's just be honest and I can only speak for Alex here, but it's oftentimes been pain-and-suffering that's humbled me and the Lord knew I needed and I do need it but it shows us that Christ is our source on which we depend and very often we learn things about the faithfulness, mercy, wisdom of God, that we might not have known any other way and when a Christian obediently trustingly processes their pain is not only blessings in this life, but there's rewards in heaven, but when discussing evil and suffering is very important first to understand that God's original design was perfect without sin and evil are suffering. Adam and Eve did enjoy a sinless, perfect, pure environment of your creation. Man was perfect without sin.

God had intimate fellowship with his creation, Adam and Eve had fellowship with God fellowship with each other, but that fellowship was disrupted when the first sin occurred, and Adam and Eve ate of the forbidden fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. This is Genesis chapter 3. Sin entered the world and fellowship with our maker was utterly broken and that holy union between God and humans have been contaminated by sin.

In that sense. At that moment the very first act of evil, Satan working talk more about this and giving a response problem of you and suffering and evil and sin. When we come back stake truth for a new generation radio is back at the Alex's written many books to help you defend your faith. One of them answers questions from skeptics it's cleverly titled 10 answers for skeptics today. Skeptics are looking for authenticity, integrity, and straightforward truth and in the book Alex McFarland identifies the 10 most common types of skepticism that plagued Dallas minds.

It offers believers proven strategies for connecting intellectually and spiritually with those who are skeptical about the claims of Christianity.

Learn how to answer intimidating questions. Identify the root issue behind those questions and dismantled the spiritual bombshells dropped by atheist plus find encouragement to face hostility by persevering in love.

The ultimate apologetic Christians could offer as a witness to our loving God, check out 10 answers for skeptics. When you visit Alex

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Welcome back injury radio Alex McFarland. You want to remind you that were coming up on our great strategy briefing at Ridgecrest March 8 and nine.

We would love you to be there email Carla if you'd like to be there with us March 8 and ninth email

What were talking about the problem of pain-and-suffering. So let's put on our thinking Here and let's talk about evil there is natural evil and there's moral evil people ask you why their tornadoes and their tornadoes very often you'll hear great praise report so maybe there was a hurricane or storm a tornado and X amount of land was wiped out but it didn't touch us. Praise God. But then you hear tragedies you know and somebody you know I was kill or maybe a child or an elderly person and people will ask in the aftermath of natural evil civil why were innocent people impacted it. It's like if if a tornado takes out a bar or a strip club. You know were kind of glad about that. But if a tornado takes out a house church. We wonder why. While the Bible says that the rain falls on the just and the unjust, and in a fallen world. One of the sad realities. This is why we should desire righteousness. We should desire truth.

Sin is not a victimless crime, and the ripple effect of evil and sin often hits the lives of people that warrants perpetrators were in a fallen world and were all sinners, we need a Savior, but natural evil and moral evil are the two categories of sin natural evil refers to things where the physical world. You know it's not man, is at Chemnitz. He with the rest of creation from poisonous snakes to black widow spiders to poison ivy to earthquakes, landslides and tornadoes and tidal waves. There are ample examples of how we are at enmity with the rest of creation.

But then moral evil is not man against nature.

It's man against man and so many many things have been done because of our problem with sin not know, let's talk about that first act of evil were Adam and Eve disobeyed God they basically tried to set up their life and live independently of God. They trusted the word of the serpent and the instincts of their heart rather than the revelation of God are people doing that even today the word of God is very clear about life, truth, morality, salvation. There many people, maybe even you listening to this program you're trying to live life and face eternity not based on God's word that says come to Jesus, but based on your instincts, or maybe even some lies. Satan is trying to whisper into your ear believe God trust God I were suffering because of our parents, Adam and Eve that didn't trust God will listen evil is not as many people might think just a horrific date. Evil can be anything that is against God. Anything that is sin is evil.

Evil is the antithesis of God and were going to define it as such. So when Adam and Eve sinned against God, evil, found its place in this world and has existed ever since then.

In the first evil, though there have been countless examples sense, but the very first evil is why we now live in a sinful fallen world Bible is clear that sin is rampant in the world and even refers to the fact that Satan reigns in this world, at least to a point. Second Corinthians 44 call Satan, the God of this world little G. Satan is not God only father-son Holy Spirit, the eternal triune God is is the deity, but Satan little G is the God of this world, at least in the sense that he's disrupted the lives of people he's been a wedge between people in Christ Satan has caused a wedge between people and each other parents and their children, families, churches, entire nations had divided against themselves and tears of been shed blood has been spilled. Life's been lost in eternity impacted by sin and evil and the Bible talks about sending rampant in the Bible says of that book until Christ comes. Evil men will wax worse and worse. Now let's go back to Adam and Eve and their children came for example, sinned greatly by murdering his brother Abel, sin expanded its influence to the children of Adam and Eve and has continued to grow in its influence.

Ever since that moment really and you to read Paul's account about the influence of sin.

Paul wrote this. Therefore, just as sin came into the world through one man, and death through sin, so death spread to all men because all of sin for sin indeed was in the world before the law was given, but sin is not counted. Where there is no law.

Yet death reigned from Adam to Moses, even over those whose sinning was not like the transgression of Adam, but Adam was a type or symbol of all those who were to come. Adam was a literal person, but as the head of the race. Listen carefully that and by the way, that's Romans 512 through 14 because of Adam because of scholars use a big fancy word federal headship Adam's sin was passed on to all of Adam's children that she would meet. Now you read Romans for you hear about the imputed righteousness of Jesus, but without that, we have the imputed unrighteousness of Adam.

Now why would God allow evil to enter the world through Adam and Eve's choice. Why would God allow one sin to so completely change humanity and make this such a dangerous place.

The only way for us to have a relationship with God is if we have choice without free will relationship is not possible God did make puppets. God didn't make robots God did something that we might call dangerous.

He gave us free will. But in that free will. There's opportunity for us to know Christ for us to trust Christ for us to experience the exuberant joy of being in a relationship with Almighty God, to understand the most severe struggle will ever have is this problem of sin. Otherwise, intoxicant terminal, except through Jesus we can have forgiveness and restoration. Jesus is disclosed by supplier. We encourage you to call on him today. TMG radio is made possible by the friends of Alex McFarlane ministry, PO Box 10231 is Pearl, NC 27404. That's PO Box 10231, Greensboro, NC 27404 call us at 877 yes God for. That's 877 yes, God in the number one or give while you're there, listen the program archives.

Read Alex's blog invite Alex to speak at your event or contact Alex with a question or comment, Alex Thanks for listening today and join us again next time. As we bring you more true for a new generation fund TMG radio

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