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Adam and Christ

The Verdict / John Munro
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May 29, 2018 8:51 am

Adam and Christ

The Verdict / John Munro

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May 29, 2018 8:51 am

Dr. John H. Munro May 27, 2018 Romans 5:12-14 Many people believe that everyone is basically good, but this isn"t what Scripture tells us. Sin is our basic problem. Adam"s original sin impacts each one of us and we are all born sinners. Only Jesus Christ can undo what Adam did, bringing forgiveness and life.

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Most of us I think of an interest in our ancestors we want to know where we came from, what about our forefathers.

Many of you have developed family trees and some of you go by many, many, even centuries, to find out what were your origins of what kind of people your ancestors. Where did they come from, what were they like quartz traits of any did we inherit from our forefathers. I do know many people I've met in my lifetime but have met many, many thousands. I suppose an event people in all different cultures different countries and have come to this conclusion that while as human beings. There are many differences. Different cultures are different expressions of culture, but what we have in common is much more than our differences and in particular have come to the conclusion that there is not one perfect person in the world and that includes even the Southerners. When I came here I was told about the site. The Southerners were a different breed of people and I look forward to meeting him and I so much as I love Southerners and even some some southern food had not met a perfect Southerner read our Bibles that shouldn't surprise us because it doesn't matter what country you're from or the color of your skin on your culture, your language on your upbringing that we all have this in common that we all have sinned. There are no no exceptions, and we should never be surprised that we live in a world where there is suffering with this crime. With her selfishness with his pride with his broken homes and evil, and our basic problem is not out environments. A basic problem is not a political problem so that social problem is that an economic problem is not an educational problem.

Although certainly we could improve all of these areas of life are basic problem is ourselves. We all all.

No exceptions will mess up soon that is written throughout human history.

We know this the case not only from the people you know and that you've met in your life but as you have cited. I hope you have had some understanding of human history we see sin is written all over the pages of human history. But why is sin universal. Why is this the case why haven't we eradicated the sin. Why is it that we have to teach children to say yes we never have to teach a child to say no.

Why is that of passengers morning Romans five versus 12 1314 is a very, very important passage in fact is a foundational passage on the subject of sin and is not easy as passage, but it is a very very important one and so I want us to grasp it. As Paul continues his exposition of the gospel because in the section beginning in chapter 12. Ignoring beginning in verse 12 and going on to the end of the chapters will see next week. Paul is also answering a question which the motorist should readers also asking how is it that salvation is only offered in this one person Jesus Christ. Paul has talked about the problem of sin is talked about the great hope of the gospel.

The assurance of salvation.

Peace with God, but he says over and over again.

It only comes through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Why is that the theme of this latter parts of Romans chapter 5 is many in one. We will learn that of all of the people who lived in human history. There are really only two men one is Adam and one is the Lord Jesus Christ and these two men bring tremendous consequences to the management Paul refers to them in first Corinthians 15 as the first man whose the first man Adam and then he refers to the second man whose the second man, Jesus Christ, and all of history then can be subsumed under these two man, Adam and Christ in Romans five verse 12 begins with the word therefore which refers to the first 11 verses of Romans five. How is it possible to have this hope of salvation, and in order to explain how it is possible for Christ's death on the cross to bring justification to Manny. Paul demonstrates the consequences of Adam's sin to Manny through one man yes just one man sin and death entered our world through another man yes just one man. Righteousness and eternal life and to this world through one man's disobedience many are condemned to another man's obedience many are justified.

Some of you like me where tall John Milton's Paradise Lost at school this epic poem, and Milton certainly knew his Bible. He begins that wonderful point Paradise lost with these words of man's first is to be gyms and the fruits of that forbidden tree whose mortal case brought death into our world and dollar will with loss of Eden till one greater man restored us and regain the blissful seat while man's visit regions.

Adam, who is the greater mine, who is the one who's going to restore us is the one who is going to regain this blissful seat. None other than the Lord Jesus Christ and then this wonderful passage verses 12 through 21. Adam and Christ are compared and contrasted the comparison which we are going to see in verse 12 is not really completed until verse 18.

As will see next week, but the focus this morning is Romans 512, 13 and 14 would like to stand and read the Scriptures.

Yes, let's do that. It is Romans five versus 1213 and 14 very very important verses. Let's read them thoughtfully with me. Therefore, just as sin came into the world through one man, and death through sin, and so death spread to all men because all sins for sin indeed was in the world before the law was given, but sin is not counted.

Where there is no law. Yet death reigned from Adam to Moses, even over those whose sinning was not like the transgression of Adam, who was a type of the one who was to come. Thank you. Please be seated will enforce about from verse 12 that everyone dies because everyone has sins. What does Paul say here you have your Bible open there to Romans five verse 12 he says therefore, just as sin came into the world through one man through Adam's sin entered the world, sin existed before Adam but through Adam's sin entered the world. Paul is clearly referring to the fall of man in Genesis 3, but we do know that the oldest computer can be traced back to Adam and Eve surprised it was an Apple it had very limited capacity just one bites and that everything crashed. That was, and the consequences of that clash were catastrophic. What was the first dimension for the first alienation from God. Just think of this before sin entered in the world through Adam. Adam and Eve lived in perfect communion with God.

But when sin came the communion with God was broken. No longer were they in the state of innocence, but now is that in the state of alienation from God. God had said to the very very clearly that death yes death would be a consequence of the sin is not what Paul says here, just as sin came into the world through one man, Adam, and dad through sin in Adam all die, both going to say that in the grave resurrection chapter in first Corinthians 15 for as in Adam all die, alienation from God. Secondly, expulsion from Paradise. Imagine living in paradise. Adam and Eve enjoyed a perfect environment perfect environment in the garden of Eden.

Perfect weather perfect climate 68. I think absolutely perfect perfect foods, perfect communion with God perfect relationship between a man of his life. Everything is perfect. So when they sinned they could blend their environment. They couldn't blame their parents. Obviously didn't have any parents because of sin, God expelled them from the garden at the state of innocence was reversibly lost. Remember their flaming sword that was put in the garden. It was an inseparable body had between them and God. And because of that, because of that one sin. All of us are lost. The Bible says we like sheep going astray. No exceptions. Alienation from God expulsion from Paradise, third consequence guilt, shame, cover-up funeral Genesis 3, you'll know that when Adam and Eve sinned the expedience for the first time. Guilt and shame. They were no longer comfortable in the garden. Why, because of sin. I think all of us can understand that you discovered.

I hope you have you discovered that sin brings pain, conflict between you and others guilt, shame, regret and fear.

Sin never comes alone does it relate to think we can contain the sin, but the consequences of sin are drastic impacting our relationship with God. Fundamentally, bringing regret. I attend shame and a hardening of heart of the change in us and also destroying infecting of relationships with others. Cover-up yes the fig leaves. What a pathetic attempt. One thing to cover their shame and guilt in our sin, rather than seeking God. Adam and Eve didn't see God when they sinned, they try to hide from God. Hopefully what we do, we try to cover it up.

We try to hide or send me try to keep a secret one to blame others. All it was that woman you gave me everything was fine garden so you brought that woman to me. Woman says now is this outfit he beguiled me, and we been finger pointing and blaming others. Ever since hopefully alienation from God expulsion from the garden built and shame and record it. But notice the main result of sin. Therefore, verse 12, just as sin came into the world through one man and dad through sin, and so death spread to all men because all send notice the sequence Adam sends Adam died and dad comes to all because all sins. Sin brings that Romans 623. The wages of sin is death.

No exceptions.

One out of one dies you hear from time to time that someone has the has invented some new vitamin or something else or something that is going to keep people alive forever and we know it's foolish.

One out of one dies some time ago and in Scotland there was a documentary being made where they were investigating the longevity. Why is it that some people live longer than others and that the interviewer went to a park in Scotland and there were four very old looking man sitting on the bench and the interviewer said to the first man he said the center were doing is a documentary among Jevity. He said there for Julie very old since the first man he said the what do you attribute the fact that you live so long.

Months ago when I was a wee boy, my mother said never take a cigarette and I've never smoked in all my life. And so that's remarkably so that will be Saddam 85. Looked older so he said to him about you sir. He said all when I was a rebar. My mother told me never, ever allow one drop of alcohol to go over your lips as I've never drunk any boots since remarkably suitable to you is that I'm 95.

Incredible. What did molder system. Whatever you sir. Says when I was a rebar and my mother told me never ever touch woman, and he said to this day I've never touch the woman my sister will do you.

Since I'm 105 very old looking guy, the first one he said sir what he says when I have is that I have to say I smoked like a chimney on these as I drink like a fish. He says woman he says I love them all. He says how old are you he says 29 so you can keep away from cigarettes and bruising woman bots, you will not escape that that spreads to everyone. It's a kingdom of terrorists in the tattered of Kings both sin and death of universal Paul is telling us something very, very important. The whole human race is fallen, and we are by ourselves individually, collectively, we are unable to restore a relationship with God. But why does death come to all Paul tells us the reason just as sin came into the world through one man, and death through sin, and so death spread to all men because all sins but someone says in what way have all sins, and some say Paul is referring here to the actual personal sins. Every one of us commits. That is just as Adam committed the sin. So do the rest of us. I was to Wilson, but Paul is saying something much more profound than that the tenants is sins look at the end of verse 12 because all sins. He doesn't say because all sins. That's a true statement, but he saying something more profound.

He saying all Cindy's referring to past events. Also in verses 15 through 19. Paul is going to speak of one man's disobedience, making many sinners, for example look at verse 17. If because of one man's trespass was the one man, Adam, is because of one man's trespass then reigned through that one man and the parallel between Adam and Christ would be lost of the reference was to actual sins know Paul is making something very very important that all have sinned in and through Adam in some way the whole of humanity participated in Adamson, the fact that all have sinned and one send a not contradictory. Adamson is our sin. We all die because we have sinned, but we also all die because one sins is Adam sins as our representative. The representative of humanity is the perfect man and his action is one act of disobedience affects all his posterity use. Is that fair something of this way.

I hear two men who live in Charlotte them are multimillionaires for both of the hundred million dollars can imagine that be nice right hundred million dollars. One man who is $100 million wastes all of his money and when he dies his family receive zero he spent it all and all kinds of foolish stuff gobbled it did all kinds of things with it that fair is another man. He is 100 million and beliefs is very differently and when he dies, the hundred million dollars passes to his son. Do you say to that, son. That's not fair. It was for corsets. This is my family. This was my father. This is my father's money and he's passed it to me or think of it another way, here we are Memorial weekend and will reflecting, among other things, on war and we know in our government about Congress and president declared war the whole country is at war, we would say we are at war with the point, the actions of a few impact the money and so we must understand that we sent all of us without exception, we sin because we are sinners rather than being sinners because we sin. Think of this were an apple tree is not an apple tree because it grows apples. It grows apples because it is an apple tree.

What happened Paul is saying first through Adam's sin through items that should be Jensen enters the world. Second, the result of that sin coming into the world means that day comes to everyone, that is Adam's sin is counted is imputed to all and the reason death comes to lab everyone is because all of us have sinned in Adam's. I don't know if I get that that's good, because Paul's gives us a couple of verses 13 and 14 to explain what he means by let's read them. Verses 13 and 14 where Paul's going to say even before the law. Everyone sins and everyone died with me so far. For sending deeds was in the world followed this before the law was given, but sin is not content where there is no law.

Yet death reigned from Adam to Moses, even over those whose sinning was not like the transgression of Adam.

It was a type of the wanted to come was pulsing. Paul is saying that there was a time between Adam and Moses was below them was the Mosaic law wasn't given, but people were sinners before the law was given prior to the Mosaic law sin was in the world. Verse 13 sin indeed was in the world before the law was given. Verse 14, death reigned from Adam to Moses, people die in these hundreds of years between Adam and Moses, even though sin wasn't taken into account before there was law. But sin the end of verse 13 is not content where there is no law. And if that's the case, Paul's argument is this. Therefore, the all sinned in verse 12 Contra factor transgression of the Mosaic law.

If there is no law. The communal violation of it back to chapter 4 verse 15 for the law brings wrath, but where there is no law there is no transgression. It is not content you can break the law if there is no law, but people still died before the Mosaic law, even though they had not disobeyed a specific command, as Adam so how is it that they didn't say like Adam. Adam deliberately transgressed was a transgression I transgression is a deliberate violation of a known command, but is no known commands, Mosaic laws and given so how is it Paul is saying. How is it that people before there was a law and they didn't transgress. They didn't trespass as Adam did. How is it that they still died when their little babies.

The three month old little baby little boy that little girl has never transgressed and never committed a sin they don't know what sin is. They don't know what the law is there in no position to be like Adam who was given the law and who deliberately transgressed, deliberately disobeyed God, but wiser than the babies die they can transgressPaulette's true they didn't say in the old King James says after like the similitude of Adam. They didn't sin in the same way as Adam they didn't transgress the didn't trespass Bart's they have sinned in Adam. Yes, it's true. All of us commit individual since that's true, but death is a result of the imputation of Adam send to us as opposed to sending the result of an individual's personal sin comes to all of us. Yes, including little babies, including those who don't have the mental capacity to break a law that's true. Death comes to all of us.

Every human being without exception because all of us have sinned in and through and then the passage if you want to read on this we can study the remainder of this chapter Paul is talking about the one man the one man the one man we couldn't invest 15.

He says here but the free gift is not like the trespass.

For if many died through one man's trespass. That's it.

Here is a point one man sin Adams cause death for all of us. John Milton is boring Paradise Lost got the numbers to the theology of this but it was through one man's disobedience that day, and Satan come to a soul. I don't miss this good news that there in the 14 Paul say something remarkable. Verse 14 again, death reigned from Adam to Moses, even over those whose sinning was not like the transgression of Adam, who was at the time of the one who was to come. Who is the one who is to come, Lord Jesus Christ, just as all sinned in Adam. So all our offered salvation in Christ, Adam and Christ that our representatives there. The heads of these two races were either in Adam all we are in Christ and Adam was a pattern was a type of the one who was to come. Namely, our Lord Jesus Christ. Paul says in first Corinthians 15 verse 47 the first man was from the earth amount of dust. The second man is from heaven.

Pilkington says the Lord from heaven. First man is from there is from dust. The second man is not from the art is not from dust is different from Adam. He is the Lord from heaven, and central to these verses, then, is the contrast between Adam and Christ Adam in some way prefigured Christ. Both Christ and Adam are representative men, but the one who is to come is completely different from Adam. What characterizes Adam sin, disobedience, transgression what characterizes the one who was to come. Sinlessness, obedience, perfection.

He lived a perfect life of obedience.

Yes, all have saying we also none, Adam, but in the wonder of the gospel. Another man comes not one who is made of the dust with a man from heaven called himself God incarnate that the word becomes flash and this one comes into our same world only enters a special way as is conceived by the virgin he doesn't inherit Adam sin. There is no sabbatical or staying about the sin in this one he sinlessness different is perfect and everything he did brings pleasure to his father.

He never transgressed.

No act of disobedience. He lives a life of perfect righteousness. And not only that comes into our world, our world of dust and dance and sin and regret and shame into your world and mine lives that perfect life and then wonder of wonders takes your sin and your guilt and you shame though all of the ugliness of your behavior and your thoughts. And he takes it on himself on the cross and he offers us in himself not only forgiveness of our sins. That's amazing. He offers us something more.

He offers us his righteousness. What we lost in Adam is more than restored in our Lord Jesus Christ Adam sin brings condemnation and death to the whole human race. Jesus Christ righteous act brings righteousness, justification, eternal life to all who believe in him and receive God's perfect gift is Paul is going to say. So all of humanity is brought under these two men Adam and Christ one bring sin there condemnation. The other brings righteousness, forgiveness, justification, and eternal life. So Paul says, and we sing it in the Messiah.

It only as an item old soul. Also in Christ shall all be made alive. What we are in Adam. What we are in Christ, Adam filled the tree didn't tree in the garden of Eden, and that failure to bring sin and death to all of us, our Lord Jesus Christ, triumphs of the tree of Calvary where there he atones for the sin of the world going into our dad conquering death and being risen then offers us to all who call on him. Forgiveness and salvation and eternal life superimposing Adam sin impacts each one of us were all barns and others. Once we were in Adam, but if you receive the free gift.

In Christ you will no longer be in our room. You will be in Christ, Horatius Boehner writes the first item dies and we die in him, but the second item is the second item Christ, but the second item dies and we live in him.

The first items grave proclaims only day, the second Adam's grave and I was his wife as our Savior says I am the resurrection and the life. Our society tells us were all basically good. They can say that because in the world baffles me. The consensus of wisdom as we can solve solve our own problems. Let's all get together on the answers I find within you look within you. You got the answer does believe in yourself. If we all work together we can solve our problems and we just love one another.

We can change the world. Absolutely nuts was only hoping understanding of the problem isn't out there. The problem is in here.

We have sinned in Adam and we continue to commit individual acts of sin, and because we've all sinned.

We are ultimately powerless to save ourselves, we can get rid of our selfishness and their pride and our sin, and I trust you as an individual have faced your own personal sinfulness might talk about sin you think of someone else and there are some really bad sinners out there, but this very bad singers right in here, including all of us to understand that your sin connect one for it. You Cover apartments pretty nicely pretty respectable but you know your heart. Here is the wonder of the gospel that Paul has presented brilliantly to create pivotal acts in human history to create pivotal events. First, Adam's fall, which brings sin and death to all of us.

Second, God in his great love and in his grace has done something wonderful. He sees our predicament, as is our own fault.

You can't blame God all of us also choose the sin. Regards.

In this marvelous love sends the Lord from heaven sends the perfect man or Lord Jesus Christ God incarnate on the perfect man triumphs quit. Adam failed and when we failed lived a sinless life takes on himself as the sinless Lamb of God, all of her sends all of her guilt. All of our shame and on the cross he pays the price for all of our sin and that's what were going to celebrate this morning as we take communion. I am condemned through Adam sin, but praise God I am justified through the righteousness of Jesus Christ wasn't a Paul in verse 18. Therefore we understand this and I don't. Therefore, as one trespass led to condemnation for all men, so one act of righteousness leads to justification and life for all man I have to ask, was it with you. You still in item you in Christ acknowledge her sinfulness acknowledge her hopelessness before God and thank God for his amazing love that saves wretches like us and since Christ to redeem us to rescue us and to regain and to restore all that Adam Lawson gives us much much more. As we adopted into his eternal family soul. Because of this one came and gave his life a ransom on the cross is prepare our hearts for communion. As we pray were going to sing in a minute. Father, we thank you for this passage of Scripture, we thank you that your word is absolutely true. It shatters conventional wisdom that exposes our superficiality and their self-righteousness, but more than that. Father, we praise you for your love and for your grace for this greater mine the Lord from heaven comes to rescue maybe no more of that love and receive Christ as our Savior and his name we pray. Amen

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