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God and Government

The Verdict / John Munro
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February 14, 2022 11:02 am

God and Government

The Verdict / John Munro

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February 14, 2022 11:02 am

Dr. John H. Munro February 13, 2022 Matthew 22:15-22

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Well in our continuing series in the Gospel of Matthew. Yes, we are going through.

Matthew rises quite some time since we opened their Bibles to Matthew. We have the break over Christmas and then for the first four Sundays in January I preached on the floor seems of 2022. But we come back to Matthew Matthew chapter 22 and are subject today is a very relevant one is a very interesting one is the subject of God and government, our country and it is often said as a nation of laws, but ignoring outlaws, and even sometimes breaking outlaws has become increasingly common. Here in the West and suddenly United States and over the past recent years, we seen hundreds of people rioting and very cities they believe that criminal justice system is unjust, perhaps even corrupts, and that we have seen them attack. Please they are broken into stores that deface public buildings as they have protested and perhaps even rioted on January 6 last year, hundreds of people who consider themselves patriots attacked the capital building with an amazing situation that was in an attempt a vain attempt to overturn an election results that they felt was wrong that they simply didn't like and that they believed in fact was illegal. All of this recently in the United States of America and nation of laws without responses. Christians, however, we need to respond to unjust laws we could take the law in general enhance what is to be our reaction to laws to the decisions of courts, which we believe are contrary to the word of God. How are we to deal with these scalded the rules and regulations which we may think are oppressive. Perhaps even wrong when we act as followers of Jesus Christ well faced with the situation. Some Christians believe that civil disobedience is appropriate. Civil disobedience is an act which is contrary to law, and is usually done with the intent of bringing about a change in the policy or laws of the government, civil disobedience, long history of it as we know in this country and some believe it is necessary to act quickly and to address the many injustices and perhaps a little in our society. They believe enough is enough. Well, what should be the responsive followers of Jesus to unjust laws.

How should we respond to laws and decisions of courts, which are contrary to Scripture. Interesting that were not the first to consider this question so their Bibles to Matthew chapter 22 and began to look at verses 15 through 22. Here is a passage that was not going to answer all your questions but is a question it's a passage which will guide us and said some important parameters which I suggest to you are not suggesting you about which I say to you that we need to hear that this is the teaching of Jesus.

This book is about authority. We strongly believe that this is the word of God that God speaks and he is speaking to us today on this important subject of God and government going to listen to what Jesus has, to say no, sadly, when it comes to this question of God, and government. I fear that some of us are spending too much time listening to cable news and getting abuse from social media and if were not careful on this subject. As in all subjects.

We find ourselves as followers of Jesus being shaped by our culture so that as we did the series on Jesus and manage gender and sexuality, but more and more followers of Jesus more more churches are changing their views, as it were, on these important subject. Not because they believe in Scripture, but they have allowed the culture to shape them.

That's true not just in the area of sexuality and gender but is also true in the political arena that we are allowing I think some of the views are there but I was very extreme views to shape our views on this important subject. So I ask you please hear me dumb, and argumentative critical attitude this morning. I realize this is a controversial subject, but I as a preacher of the gospel. I'm here to remind you as to what God has to say, not what cable news on your favorite commentator not to you following social media on these matters, but to listen humbly to the word of God. When you do that though the word of God is convicting David the word of God, I'm often convicted by find myself sometimes being a rather argumentative person at times even trying to argue with God giving her foolish. This is the word of God.

You ready to unit Matthew chapter 22 verse 15 when the Pharisees went and applauded how to entangle him, that is Jesus in his words and descend the disciples them along with a note of incident teacher, we know that your true and teach the way of God. Truthfully, I do not do not care about anyone's opinion for you not swayed by appearances because whimper is a question for something.

Tell us what you think. Is it lawful to pay taxes to Caesar or not. But Jesus aware of the malice said wide permit to the task, you hypocrites should only decline for the tax on the broad term of the Nadia's decrying the Roman coin and Jesus said to them, whose likeness and inscription is this beside Caesars.

Then he said to them, render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's and to God the things that are God's. When they hundreds the amount of old and they left him and went away the brilliant passage is a question, should taxes be paid to unjust and oppressive rulers. That's the question that the Pharisees not audience, in verses 15 through 17 and asked Jesus. Matthew tells us in verse 15 that they are plotting against Jesus. They tried to entangle him.

Here is a question carefully framed designed to trap and bodice Jesus. They want evidence to put Jesus to death. Neither Pharisees and the buildings are not natural allies at all, but they have a joint enemy in Jesus.

There is the old adage, the enemy of my enemy is my friend zero near that ganging up against Jesus.

The Pharisees was seen them before the religious act.

They observe very strictly very pedantic way that illegal is likely the Old Testament laws and their own interpretations and traditions of these laws. Most of them are lame and the some of them are professional scribes, the Herodian's on the other hand, and a very influential political group who support the family of Haddad Harrods authority as King was given to him by Rome.

The audience oppose Jesus because it seemed to them that he was introducing a new kingdom member the wisemen when it came to Haddad and said well were seeking King of the Jews.

I'm the king of the Jews, so the Pharisees hated Jesus because he is disrupting that religious agenda. They had audience hate Jesus because they think he may disrupt their political agenda and with hypocritical flattery.

These religious rulers and the secular leaders team up at the asked Jesus a question about taxes got together is a clever man and their crafted this family very good question. They think that being nationalistic Jews.

The Pharisees don't like paying taxes. Rome on the other hand had audience in favor of the paying of taxes because they were strong allegiance to Rome ahead of this ruling under the authority of Rome so the question is this is a crafty one is also very volatile question the tax at the Nadia settlement coin.

The full tax was to be paid yearly by every adult individual living in Judea when the Romans grade. I'm part of the time when they come and they conquer people. They then say you can worship any way you like.

His lungs are not trouble to us, but we do need to pay a tax and that tax the full tax regulator went for the upkeep of the Roman Empire.

The great Pax Romana brought peace on laws and roads and aqueducts and civilizations are great part of the world understand this time the US is not the super five which I need another supervisor the Russians about the super boat was the superpower Rome 99 Roman Empire. It was a magnificent Empire and the impact of Rome continues to this day in our civilization, but the Romans mighty waters is that, as it were, had conquered shoes part of the world. They went as far west right into the United Kingdom called Danica and went as far north and to build a wall between Scotland and England called Higgins what is the live we could really deal with a savage Scots and left us along to some extent but the kingdom began their way. The last you know your jugular vein and went as far east of the Tigris think of that one Empire going to put in trying to expand his empire. The Romans they brought civilization liberal laws they knew how to rule, but it'll cost money didn't so they said okay again all of the benefits you need to pay a poll tax. If Jesus said that the tannic should not be paid total. This would be construed as an incitement to rebel against Rome. On the other hand, if Jesus said that the tax should be paid the Jewish multitudes could turn against Jesus is bank tax to a pagan oppressive ruler like Caesar brought the Jews into humiliation by the and of being invaded by people regular the patent Jews, Jesus said, well pay the tax would be regarded as a kind of traits are collaborating with Rome. Furthermore on the denarius on the client is the image of Caesar. So the very client was regarded by the Jews as idolatrous member.

The second climate no graven images as a graven image. Caesar God himself as an impression here and gotten themselves a kind of dog. So here's the question.

Best of me and tell us that the father what you think.

Is it lawful to pay taxes to Caesar or not? The weather being good lawyers with the signature and facing that What Ever Way, Jesus replies that will catch up. So here's a question of who I went up in Texas to Caesar with should taxes be paid to unjust and oppressive rulers.

Should we obey ungodly rulers stored in the question is a question answer.

Again, the ring Jesus the coin. Verse 20, whose likeness and inscription is this going Caesar's. Here's the answer. We don't like it, but it is therefore render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's and to God the things that God's answer. Caesar must see what is June 2 two Caesar but God must receive what is June the God that you can improve my answer. Can you know this, incidentally, the focus of the response render to Caesar render to God. Notice the focus is not on what we receive.

But what we give the focus is not on rights not on our freedoms not on our entitlements, but what we owe to Caesar what we render to God. I have my freedoms.

No one's going to tell me what to do. There's the answer render to Caesar what is due to season. You might not like either. Sometimes I would is even more convicting render to God. Jesus says the things that in the rampant individualistic society how we need to hear this.

We put ourselves at the center.

Jesus is saying listen to obligations to Caesar.

Make sure you fulfill that you let obligations to God render to God the things that God is been rightly said that the most influential political statement, government was a brilliant answer.

Did you notice verse 22 when they have dates. The bottom can you picture the scene. These very smart father since long robes and Rhodesians with all their prides coming in smugly and hypocritically with her flattery answering asking the question Jesus there stands and says render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's and to God the things that God first, Caesar must receive what is due to Caesar that an interesting Jesus to ask for the client. He was in Cali McCoy. We have the kind unaffected in the temple idolatrous crying in the temple as opponents of what the give it to the image on the trying is Caesar's on one side of red Tiberius Caesar Augustus sound of the divine address idolatry, a graven image, no First Amendment you will only have one God. On the other side of the crying was 20 fax Maximo's chief priest very calling the denarius to be paid to Caesar was blasphemous so you understand why the Jews hated thing that I found was like paying taxes. What is worse is paid to your oppressors and is words what is got some idolatry on that image on the calling was a sign of power and authority usually put your decaying and you going to people and you conquer them was a what one of the first things you do if you're smart, you should new currency and on the currency that it is Caesar we are on the United Kingdom points British Pines of the head of our Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II deceived she's ruled for over 70 years, her hair image is on our clients zooming through the history of the world is a reminder there's a point the client was Caesar's because it blew his image, and Jesus is saying that Caesar must receive what is rightfully his white and the principal followers of Jesus must obey the law of the land, even when it's a pagan society even when a secular yes even when it's oppressive. Turn to Romans chapter 13 Romans chapter 13 it was Paul obviously filled with the spirits so is consistent with the teaching of Jesus.

Romans 13 verse one. Let every person be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God who wants to be under authority really the little boy didn't like all the time.

The instructions of my parents. I remember my dad saying to me on several occasions, John, when you going to learn to do what you're told is hard for me some of your more submissive in your heart you like I that is in us, in our sinful nature sort of rebellion isn't like people telling us what to do. But here's the word of God.

Subject to the governing authorities.

You think this government is bad. Presently knighted states try living under the rule of Rome for 64.

Because of this you also pay taxes. Tax season coming up for the authorities are ministers of God attending to this very thing. Page all what is owed to them taxes doing taxes are old revenue to whom revenue is owned respect to whom respect is old honor to whom honor is all but as a matter of respect as a child and thought I do respect my parents. I do obey my parents. They are the authority day over me in the home was brought up in your home, and so on. And we learn. Sometimes the hard way with me is that it is important to follow instructions. So when you go to school and the teacher tells you something you follow will be the police officer he gives an instruction we follow. We respect. We get our car and we start driving in my little mini Cooper had to realize there were speed limits like speed limits and you learn where the police arrived and you got a desire to disobey the rules.

But when the police officer stops you.

We were taught to show respect but happened to please our visitors oppressive. Perhaps he's arrogant. That doesn't matter, is a basic principle, be subject to governing authorities and we will as we go over to Peter with this Peter say first Peter two essays on the message was telling us to pay our taxes to the state of home know you need to listen to this and if you're a home business review. First Peter two verse 13 be subject for the Lord's sake. Notice the spiritual emphasis the life of a Christian is one of submission. Above all, I'm to submit to the Lordship of Jesus Christ submit for the Lord's sake to every human institution, whether it be to the emperor as supreme, or to governors is sent by him to punish those who do evil and to praise those who do good for this is the will of God, that by doing good. You should be put to silence the ignorance of foolish people.

Christians are to be known as good people, not rebels, but rendering to Caesar what is due to Caesar you think we trying regularly to visit only remember representing some Scottish commercial fishermen and fiber Christians who were good men but they were caught for checking on the much about putting an RC with the Caesar divided in the seven times are of the season you not like to catch that fish and or to use a set next to big temptation is experienced fishermen knowing where the fish are the my clients were caught we call it poaching and this is not your Christians.

This is not God's law. This is just man's law. This is ridiculous. Who owns the fish governments. God made the fish got the fish there.

God told us to have dominion over the meeting, commitment, defense not really is nothing to work in court. No, you broken the law. But we look for loopholes only. We reach we trying regularly. You may read the story of the of the man who took his neighbor to court because he said the neighbor's dog bit him and in court. The lawyer had seen defenses is first of all my clients dog was on a chain all the time and it didn't bite the neighbor first events second offense was my neighbors dog no teeth and therefore didn't bite the neighbor defenses my neighbor doesn't have a dog. I like that you enjoy exaggerating what the law but willing for loopholes only. We want to evade the law. We want to see how close we can get to it though. Those who follow Jesus Christ. Please hear me are to be exemplary citizens.

We are to be known in the community as good people. Exemplary citizens, people who don't see the net income tax we don't cheat on her state taxes will repay the customs duties. No smuggling goods to the customs we are to be known to respect lawful government. City Council police officers elected officials. The president I'm with a very Jew to the government must be paid to the government I deal with the police officer. I am to show respect to that police officer I deal with the government. I'm to show respect to the Army don't always agree with them but I'm to do good and to be an exemplary citizen was a principal Caesar must receive what is due. Caesar bites God must receive what is June the God Jesus is also teaching that there is a limit as to what is Jew to Caesar the crying yes it has. Caesar's likeness on it. So therefore render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, you don't worship Caesar and we will more to God than we all to Caesar and Caesar is subject to God because our God, the supreme and only thank God that we worship. It is true Caesar's image is stamped on the coin that is true with think of this.

The image of God is stamped on us returns as one God made us he made us in the image of God calling had Caesar's image.

I have the image of God stamped on me.

I'm a follower of Christ. I'm to be God's laws. God's laws written on my heart yes is true must pay my taxes to the federal, state and local authorities and so on is to I must obey them, but I must render to God the things that are God's will.

Everything we have the God I began by saying the Calvary church is not perfect church but all of us here know the grace of God. And if you're a follower of Christ, you begin to understand.

Don't you as you follow Jesus Christ that everything you are gifts over gifted musicians this morning. They lead us worship gifts, talents. Yes, they have practiced yes have rehearsed what everything they have that gift of music comes from God that everything you have everything you want your gifts your talents and possessions. Everything comes from God and God can take them from you in an instant country follower of Christ as well to deny self and to surrender everything to God.

Sometimes saying take my hands take my feet take my voice surrendering everything to God. He belongs to me and I belong to him. The question then is what he said about paying taxes is tougher. When I subquestion when needed. Answer your heart you rubbing God render to God the things that are gods are you doing that you rubbing God of your time, your service, your ties, your offerings, your resources, your energy fact is you look at your life over the last year is all been about you, but you writes your entitlement yourself, your feelings is God's danger of making yourself the center of the universe. You said your life was surrender to Jesus Christ.

So why the self-absorption why this self self self was to Monica Malachi 3 and Matthew back in your Bible to Monica Malachi 3 verse 10 will man rob God you rubbing me but you say lovely Rob to in your times and contributions your cursed with a curse for you rubbing me the whole nation of you bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, and there maybe may be put in my house and thereby put me to the test is a lot of close if I will not open the windows of heaven for you and poor dying for your blessing until there is no more needs as a principal they were robbing God. They weren't bringing their offerings and times the God of them going through the mechanics of temple worship, but earlier Malachi said blog so you might as well close the doors.

This is a farce. This is Chrissy so you render to God the things that are God's is want to reflect on want to meditate on. But here's another question. What is Caesar's laws and God's laws are in conflict is a principal when government infringes on God's kingdom followers of Jesus must obey God rather than the government would be put. When government any kind, national, local, whatever is when government infringes on God's kingdom followers of Jesus must obey God rather than the government. So followers of Jesus are to disobey laws which are contrary to the commands of God, not nothing, just about laws.

You don't like them driving on the interstate I don't like the 70 limit. I'm a good driver and family the best drivers are in my car can go more than 70 and the I like this I can handle Ali get up to hundred miles an hour right but that's not the law, and if you try that your was looking about mentor for that little blue light unto no it's not laws. I don't like is laws which are contrary to the commands of God that is weave a biblical responsibility to obey God's higher law when it directly conflicts with man's law. My ultimate allegiance is not to Caesar not to the government not to the United States but to God's order you to do when Caesar wants things that belong to God. Here are some laws which followers of Jesus are to disobey a command to kill is to be disobeyed member of the number the story back in Exodus 1, the federal feels that the Israelites are becoming too strong and so he brings out this edict little baby boys are born to be killed. The story of our God protected Moses the command is given by Pharaoh that baby boys are to be killed at birth that was in direct conflict with God's law shall not to remit wife's refused to kill male babies even when commanded by Pharaoh, no in our country. Abortion is permitted, but is not commanded what would happen if the government put out a law live in some countries, that you will only have his orders say to children and then the third child is being conceived or would we do, the government said that baby has to be aborted. I trust we would disobey the law and take the consequences of doing that, here's another one a command to worship or to pray to anyone other than God is to be disobeyed member shall become effective, Abednego were told to bow down and worship the image of W Knesset, and they refused to bow. He was furious with them. If you don't bow, you're going to be sent into the fiery furnace will number one we believe God will deliver us, but even if he doesn't deliver us were still not going to but I love that. Very easy isn't it for us to sit in the armchair and talk about disobeying some petty law, the government. Another thing to know that if you disobey your going to be killed. God delivered the situation if to pray to a false God. Remember several years ago when I was asked to print one of the panther games and okay and then the said no, of course, made it clear we could pray in the name of the Lord Jesus will think think I'm not trying to false God my God is a true God either come to him in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and no I'm not well in that case are the invitation. Mr. said that that's fine that's fine thank you. What happens in our society.

This is the mysticism. In some cases of yoga and all this would always get wrapped up in a false God, we do not pray, worship anyone other than the two guards in the garden father Lord Jesus Christ, I command to stop praying. Is this a bit. Daniel was told I was asked stop praying and if you pray you're going to be thrown into the lives then was worse when the fiery furnace, like I think of choose alliance rights will would be better being mauled by lions are being burned, but how many of us seriously how many of us, we continue to pray if you knew that the government stay through the place of whether this came and arrested you until June through you into the den of lions.

Daniel and God the command not to witness is to be disobeyed we have that in the early chapters of acts with the apostles were told to stop preaching about Christ acts five verse 27. They brought them and set them before the Council and the high priest questioned him, saying, we strictly charge you not to teach in this name.

Yet here you are, yet you have filled Jerusalem with your teaching and you intend to bring this man's blood upon us. Peter and the apostles answered. It is, we must obey God rather than man. These were men of courage and is one of the apostles there prepared to die for their faith and they continued with holy boldness to continue to preach the gospel. No, I command not to witness not to tell people about the Lord Jesus Christ is to be disobeyed. The principal is our highest allegiance is to God, not the government not to unemployed out on anyone else that this principle is a long corridor printed up, but it's a very good in 1596. This Andrew Melville in Scotland took a stand against King James VI of Scotland is going to come. King James I of England Elizabeth I died and that the two kingdoms were united as the King James of the King James Bible and King James in Scotland as it was then of the time. King James VI. He felt they believed in the divine right of kings that he was appointed by God, and he was to be supreme over everything and he asserted that the crowd was over, the church, the Andrew Melville was a great scholar the godly man he believed the King James was seeking to usurp the authority of God in this church.

And here's what he says to the king Sir, we will always humbly reverence your Majesty in public respect to those who will respect but since we have this occasion to be with your Majesty in private. We must discharge your duty or else betrayed us both to Christ and to hear that for our diverse times I've told you so.

Now again I must tell you that I love this. There are two kings and two kingdoms in Scotland that is King James a lot of the Commonwealth and that is Christ Jesus the King of the church who subject James VI is the first kingdom. He's not a king, not a Lord, not ahead, we will yield to your place and give you all do regions but again I see you are not the head of the church, you cannot give us that eternal life that we seek for even in this world and you cannot deprive us of not doing the thing James and like it that when he goes to England. He leaves the Presbyterian Church in the becomes Anglican so we can appoint the bishops and even today, Queen Elizabeth is the head of the church of England nominal. I know what we think. No, no, no government respect the president respect the governor with respect to man we pray for them.

It is true, but in the church of Jesus Christ. Christ is the king Christ is the head and did this to him that we obey. So when the king of the president or the Supreme Court so the governor of the man infringe on God's kingdom, we must follow God rather than government and a few comments.

In conclusion, Christians are not to rebel against the government or to be characterized by vengeance. Jesus didn't encourage violence against Rome know we have to be a law-abiding people paying taxes, submitting to the laws respecting our police officers and so on.

We are to be exemplary citizens and faithful followers of Christ we are as a person has. We did this morning which you pray for our leaders here that first Timothy chapter 2, I think we don't do this enough or no we don't do this enough bowl says IRT that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all people. For kings, and for all who are in the position high positions that we may lead a peaceful and quiet life, godly and dignified in every way. This is good and it is pleasing in the sight of God our Savior, who desires all people to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth, and so on.

Why is it important that we pray for those in authority so that the spread of the gospel can be made that is our priority, not political party, not political ideology nor particular man that we think is going to be the Savior of the country are ridiculous. No other religions is not that that allegiance is to God and our priority is the spread of the gospel is a concern in Ukraine is in the is putting on these trips on the border but if they invade that country were to happen to the church was benign to the gospel. No, we pray for a quiet time for a peaceful time so that the gospel can spread and also without the slander and leaders of one of the sad things that happens happened with Pres. Trump is happening with Pres. Biden that we hear people slandering our president. They did that when Pres. Trump was president during that would Biden as president of allies from different sides. But here is Paul and his before the high priest and he and the high priest strikes pits Paul on the mouth and the guard and Paul system.

God is going to strike you. You whitewashed wall didn't hit him back, but he said God's goodness to write you whitewashed wall. Those who stood by said would you revile God's high priest and Paul said I did not know brothers that he was a high priest, for it is written, you shall not speak evil of the ruler of your people is asked 23 verses one through five. You shall not speak evil of the ruler of your people. So we speak respectfully of Pres. Trump. We speak respectfully of president by then we may disagree with them. We may argue with them. We may think the wrong we have the right to do that. But don't slander them in the vulgarity that has come into public discourse and politics shameful children to hear that kind of talk.

I'm thankful for a mother who made sure that when we spoke. We didn't speak with phone database and now the public discourses come down and we speak of presidents and politicians and past presidents and so on. Call them names and demean them.

That should not be in the lips of the follower of Jesus Christ. Guess you could the survey but led us speak respectfully of those in authority I'm stopped by a police officer think is wrong and to speak to him respectfully. Not to swear them and show to the woman God has placed them in that position and we as followers of Jesus Christ must observe this. Yes, we may sadly use lawful means for protesting change that's allowed in our society with thankful for the letters and petitions and elections in parent-teacher associations and peaceful marches to be concerned about electing and praying for righteous people. That's true, but civil disobedience is a part, civil disobedience is only allowed when man's laws require an act which is contrary to God's word or prohibit an act which is consistent with God's work, civil dissipate, disobeying the law, not just because I don't like the law because I think it's a crazy long know I'm to be that, but I attempted disagree with this country to God's work also if you participate in civil disobedience.

You must be ready to face the consequences of your actions. Dietrich Bonhoeffer during world war to oppose the German oppose the Nazi government and for that was killed a man whose truth these principles who oppose ungodly governments and suffered the consequences. Remember that we are in a spiritual war. Paul tells us in second Corinthians 10 that war is not against flesh in spiritual warfare. And when you engage in spiritual warfare. You do not use the weapons of the flesh. Second Corinthians 10.

Though we walk in the flesh verse three we are not waging war. According to the flash for the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh, but have divine power to destroy the strongholds. We destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God and take every thought captive to obey Christ being ready to punish every desert regions when new allegiance is complete.

This the weapons that we use as followers of Jesus Christ are not all of the flesh. Use the weapon of truth declare the truth fearlessly, but humbly speak the truth in love, we see this weapon of love and truth, and we have families who are fostering children, adopting children when we support the pregnancy resource Center when people go and care for these mothers.

What we doing guess what against abortion. That is true but were using the weapon of truth weapon of love use a weapon of prayer. That's were the early church that pianist Peter imprisons what did the Christians do arrange some kind of protest outside the prison child slogans absolutely no northern doing X12 Frank and God miraculously frees Peter prayer is more powerful than protest on the singing of a protest of the right to protest the weapon that God gives us his prayer is more powerful than protest. Use the weapon of faith in God's I hear people as the talked with the government and the so gloomy in the country is going. As Americans is living in this country you live in another country to realize how blessed we are here in United States judgment and understanding. The majority of the people in the world live I would you like to be one of these Russian troops posted there are conditions George and the Ukrainians would just another side of the border was happened in Ethiopia is BBC yesterday little documentary about the Civil War in Ethiopia on the devastation that Cayman families 111 said Ms. Heidi's house and his daughter and his wife died right in front of them. Here we are in the wonderful United States of America. We have faith in God one voice siding about God is for us. We people of what people of faith. But one day dogs blessed son is going to come and there will be righteousness and perfect justice throughout the world. Christ as our Savior, not some politician put my faith in a politician and a certain individual, not tall your faith in God with people of use the weapon of righteousness living holy, righteous lives, we we display the Lord Jesus Christ's ancient times, and on that would take his ring and present in the hot wax leaving his seal, his stamp his image. God's people were made in the image of God. We bear the mark of God, the follower of Jesus Christ is that someone saved by his grace. I'm I'm being conformance as you are to the very image of God's perfect son, and therefore to render to God the things that God is with regards calling this begins, of course, when we enter the kingdom of God.

Jesus at my kingdom is not of this world and how do we enter the kingdom of God depends believe in the gospel never done that I could do that this morning to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ who loved you died for your resident is alive and place your trust in their mentor join us in this wonderful adventure. Faith is wonderful.

Being a Christian.

Let me tell you to be part of the kingdom of God to realize then that my allegiance is to the King of Kings and Lord of lords that I am to seek firsts, not some comfort, not a political party, not a particular individual is president and to seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, that is to be your priority. Answer Jesus all these things be added to whatever these other things, God's going to take care of them. But seek first the kingdom of God. It is wrong to hold taxes back, which are lawfully due to the government. How much worse it is to hold back was due to God, we rendering to God you God really first resources your time, your ministry or if you put yourself in the center of your own little pathetic kingdom.

No reprints look to the Savior and seek first his kingdom. Jesus still says to us render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's and to God the things that are God's father under God, thank you for your word is convicting some aspects of it difficult for us and we struggle with stability gives an understanding help us act in sentence it situations father and when we find ourselves in this agreement with the government or frustrated. Give us hope give us peace give us courage father is with salt in this society on light shining in the darkness in the each one of us be part of that eternal kingdom.

The kingdom which will never end. The kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ in his name we pray

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