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Repentance and Rejection

The Verdict / John Munro
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November 29, 2021 12:58 pm

Repentance and Rejection

The Verdict / John Munro

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November 29, 2021 12:58 pm

Dr. John H. Munro November 28, 2021 Matthew 21:28-46

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Notice that those of us who have convictions based on the holy Scriptures are being regarded in our society more and more as intolerant and unloving, but followers of Jesus we believe in truth and speakers also error Jesus said I am the truth, not just that he speaks the truth. He does that he is the truth. He also said (John 17 to his father because of the high priestly prayer of Jesus. He said in John 17 verse 17 to his father your word is truth. With a strong statement. The first little church when I pastored I went there and asked me if there was a verse that we could put on the sign and I chose John 17 verse 17. Your word is truth is not just that the Bible contains the word of God is not just that the Bible points to the truth is certainly not that the Bible contains truth and it is absolute truth. God is a God of truth is a God who cannot live in than the one there are the inspiration of Scripture the living God speaks through his servants so that what we have in the word of God in truth and those of us who believe this find ourselves in a kind of collision course with our society, which is becoming more and more intolerant of biblical truth. This even impacts the church of Jesus Christ. Many people come to church, not Marley to hear the truth but to feel good about themselves to have an exciting experience. Perhaps the checkbox to meet friends to listen to some nice music are kind of inspiring message and I suppose if you think that God exists to make your life easy if using God exist to make your life more comfortable make you feel good about yourself to make you feel happy, then there's not a surprise. If you don't want to hear the truth. The little girl called Anthony at school. She's told that she's unique. She's wonderful she's very very special wonderful little girl very opposite from the school I went to the problem is at home mom and dad don't quite understand what little Samantha has done that makes her so special wonderful she comes home and look at the math test and she gets half of the answers wrong is a nice little essay on the grammar is terrible is full of misspellings and when their parents talk to little Samantha by this little Samantha is very upset and she says why can't you be nice to me like my teacher yells little girl in the verge of tears are never good enough for you. She says her parents responded saber honey 33 is not 15 so Samantha, the teacher says it was a good try.

Why can't you ever feel that I'm special little girl irrespective of her mistakes is being told that she special she is wonderful get things totally wrong.

But sale is affirmed by her teacher. What is happened.

Truth has tromped this little girl's insatiable demand to feel good to feel special with a whole generation growing up feeling that were very very special. The whole world exists to make me feel happy and to feel that I'm kind of some wonderful person. Problem with that kind of thinking is what happens when it confronts truth.

What happens when you make yourself the center of your world and your goal in life is psychological happiness. What happens when you come face-to-face with the truth in our passage they were going to see the increasing intolerance. In fact, increasing hostility against Jesus who is the truth that is a perfect man, but is it confronts the religious leaders they are threatened by the truth that I thought it either. Power base that influence is being undermined by Jesus who not only teaches the truth but is the truth and the intolerance of the religious leaders turns to hostility and their hostility turns to hatred and they're going to hate the truth so much that they're going to put to death on the cross.

The innocent man, Lord Jesus Christ's truth ask you today, you open to the truth. Are you a secret of the truth.

Are you so determined that you will follow the truth good to me that some of us are rejecting parts of the holy Scripture because it is in opposition to our own desires. Our own prejudices on lifestyles are we choosing what we believe or not believe, based on our feelings are our traditions. Perhaps our personal opinions rather than pursuing and embracing the truth followers of Jesus are to be committed to the truth and were going to see the two little stories of Jesus tells the conflict between the religious leaders and Jesus who is the truth. Turn in your Bibles to Matthew chapter 21. I'm looking this morning and quite a long passage from verse 28 to the end of the chapter. Matthew 21 were going consecutively through this book, I'll choose what I preach on his chosen for me. And here we come to Matthew chapter 21 and were going to see in this parable, which we begin to read in verse 28.

The challenge of the truth.

The challenge of the truth of all Jesus tells a parable about two sons verse 28 what you think Jesus wants us to be thinkers wants us to reflect what do you think a man had two sons and went to the first and said son go and work in the vineyard today and he answered, I will know but afterward he changed his mind and went and he went to the other son and said the same and he said I go, sir, but did not go. Which of the two did the will of the father. They said the first was to stop a parable of two sons. This is the first of three particles told by Jesus against the religious establishment in this part in this part of Matthew were nothing of two of them today and the Lord willing. The third, in chapter 22 next Sunday with the coming of Jesus that is a radical change for Jesus tells his little so there are very simple.

Sorry the small portable is a vineyard and his two sons. He goes to the first son and asked him to work in the vineyard. Incidentally sons and daughters to work with. I just say to us at the table you want to eat like men to work like Paul says in second Thessalonians chapter 3 that if you don't work, you shouldn't eat so if you young man and young woman. Good health living at home in your parents basement doing video games. You need to go and work seriously. Don't live on your parents don't live on the government.

God wants you to work at some point in the story. That's what I'm saying to go today and work.

Adam worked in the garden work is good.

Laziness is condemned in Scripture.

So the man is a vineyard of this work has to be done about these two sons obviously either they age and physical ability to work and he asked them to go to work today in the vineyard first one says I wonder I will not estrange her son to his father.

That's what the man sees. This is one afterwords.

He changed his mind and went. This expression change his mind is similar to the Lord, repenting the man repented. Repentance is a change of mind, leading to a change of action.

He goes to the axon then says will usually work in my vineyard go to work today. My vineyard and the second son says yes I'll do that sir, but he doesn't go. The question then was Jesus asked is not a difficult question is which of the two.

Does the will of the father of the answer is given, we read in verse 31 the first the first son says no and repentance that does the work. The second son says I'll do the work but doesn't do it using verse 22.

Think by Jesus telling this parable. No were very fortunate because we have the interpretation interpretation verse 31 is one that does this mean it is listening. Verse 31.

Which of the two did the will of the father easy answer.

The first Jesus said to them. This truly I say to you, the tax collector. Sorry the tax collectors and prostitutes go into the kingdom of God before you.

What a statement was he talking to the chief priests and elders, verse 45 when the chief priests and the Pharisees heard his parables, they perceived that he was speaking about them.

Verse 32 for John came to you in the way of righteousness that John the Baptist and you did not believe him, but the tax collectors and the prostitutes believed him. And even when you saw it you did not afterword change your minds and believe number John the Baptist is saying, what is the message of John the Baptist. Repentance for the kingdom of heaven is at hand, the religious leaders in the parable of the second son, the religious leaders should've been the first to respond to the way of righteousness, they will religious John is a prophet is in fulfillment of like Brian John comes and he's preaching the way of righteousness is preaching about the necessity of repentance and preparation for the coming of the Messiah of all of the people in Israel. The religious leaders. The chief priests and the elders should have been the first to say yes we repent and we believe in John but he don't do surprisingly, people you would not have expected and who probably initially resisted the message are people who are corrupt and people who are immoral the tax collectors remember Israel's end of the hill of Rome. The tax is collected and is given by the tech tax collector syndrome, but in the transfer from the person to roam the tax collectors are taking quite a bit of their share. They are corrupt, their deceitful people there despise the lowest of the low tax writer you're working with the Romans that it opposite of righteousness. And then there's the prostitutes or they may quite a good living with all of the Roman soldiers there there selling themselves there tomorrow. People so here are people in that society, the lowest of the low and yet Jesus is saying you did your the tax collectors and the prostitutes go into the kingdom of God for your religious people giving you the Bibles, the people you would've expected to embrace the message of John and humility resisted the very people you would've expected to say no and perhaps initially said no.

Those who repent who recognize that they are not righteous. Recognize that in the sight of a holy God. They are sinful people then repent they are baptized, and they enter the kingdom of God shocking is the teaching of Jesus and says Jesus you know this in verse 32 therein.

Even when you saw it, even when you saw what was happening to the tax collectors and the prostitutes.

Here's a mind like Zacchaeus was who is converted by the grace of God and his life is changed. Here's a prostitute you know them when they repent they stop their immorality, even when you saw that you still did not repent and you still did not enter the kingdom of God. Verse 20. Would you think this makes us think doesn't see God is not impressed by lipservice promises to do something. Here's a man who said yes I'll go and doesn't go many people are said to God, to get right with God.

Many people have said that they will repent and believe the gospel some time, but it never happens on the other hand I've seen this in my ministry, the very people that you think are the furthest from the kingdom of God. In actual fact, repent and get right with wonderful wonderful that when the Lord Jesus comes into this sinful world. He embraces the lowest of the low.

He embraces the said there's because that's the very heart of God that he comes to seek and to save the lost. In the past. If you made promises to God. You're in a very difficult urination lost her job rupture, sick, plus a member of your family was very sick. He was somebody difficult, very trying personal circumstance and you made a kind of deal with God.

You promised God that if you go out of that situation you get right with some of you have knelt here and made commitments to God that you would go and serve him, but you consecrated your life to him that you have is really hard in the song sung by by Vicki you you surrender to Almighty God, is that I surrender all, in the I'll get my life right but you never done wonderful thing to be challenged by the truth. Religious leaders are challenged by the truth. The tax collectors are challenged by the truth. The prostitutes are challenged by the truth. What a blessing to hear the word of God. But the question is, what is your response is the response of the humble regions of faith not lipservice member last week when he leaves but no fruit. Our Savior is looking for a repentant heart, followed by the regions of life, not just words, not just a promise but to be like a tax collector to be like a prostitute to understand that in the sight of God. You deserve his condemnation, but Christ has come to save you and your dependents and you embrace Christ and so you enter the kingdom of God. The gospel wonderful. The challenge of the truth.

Secondly, the rejection of the truth. The parable in verse 33. Let's read this parable Jesus the master storyteller is another story by the vineyard home verse 33, there was a massive house who planted the vineyard and put a fence around it and dug a winepress in it, and built a tower enlisted to tenants and went into another country. When the season for the fruit drew near, he sent his servants to the tenant to get his fruits and attendance to conservatives and beat one killed another, and stoned another. Again he sent other servants more than the first. And they did the same to them. Finally, he sent his son to them, saying they will respect my son. But when the tenants saw the sun they said to themselves.

This is the air, let us kill him and have his inheritance and to determine through might of the vineyard and killed him. When therefore the owner of the vineyard comes what will be due to these tenants.

They said to him, he will put these wretches to a miserable death. I let out the vineyard to other tenants who will give him the fruits in their seasons. There rejection of the truth.

Here is another parable told by Jesus.

Another story told by Jesus about vineyard that much of the land of Israel was owned by absentee landowners.

In this case the owner is a Venn yard prepares it is a lot of work for Ed love expands. He takes care of it is where the rest 33 and then he leases out the vineyard to tenants for his rents.

The owner is entitled to a share of the produce landlord in the story's absence over a period of time. He sends his servants to collect his share of the projects that the agreements rather than the severance gathering part of the profit of the Venn yard. The servants are beaten and killed legalism to send several of them under other children finally he says, well I'll send my son that will respect him when he comes. Tenants think well might be dead as his son coming to us will kill the son, then perhaps we can really on this vineyard instead of just leasing it will will claim his inheritance and so the kill zone. Certain simple story justice demands. Obviously, that the tenants are judged and the Venn yard is given to others is terrible treatment by these tenants killing the owner servants and finally killing his son with interpretation of the parable difficult member who's speaking to speaking to the religious establishment to the chief priests and the elders to the Pharisees. This parable is an indictment against Israel. The religious leaders. We talked about the Venn yard. We have made a connection with an Old Testament passage that I'm going to read from Isaiah chapter 5 is chapter 5 of the street a little bit of it verse one. Let me sing for my beloved my love song concerning his vineyard. My beloved Heather vineyard on the very fact all hill the target and cleared it up stones and planted it with choice fines to build a washed out in the midst of it in July. The wind back in its and you looked for it to heal grapes but that yielded wild grapes span desire.

He has been yard he takes care of it.

The does all he can to have a fruitful crop but instead of getting what he wanted to gets wild grapes verse seven for the vineyard of the Lord of hosts is the house of Israel and the men of Judah on his pleasant planting and you look for justice and behold bloodshed for righteousness but will hold an outcry back to Matthew chapter 21 the vineyard here then represents Israel. We are still in the dispensation the age of the law under the Mosaic law division yard is Israel the vine growers, who are they the other corrupt religious leaders again verse 45. The chief priests and the Pharisees heard his parables, they perceived that he was speaking about them vineyard represents Israel. The tenants represents the religious leaders taken care of spiritually on the nation administering the nation making decisions regarding the nation Israel. The owner sends his servants what did they do to the servants they beat them. They told him, up to and including John the Baptist, who is the son and the parable that the owner says. Finally, the owner sends his son clearly the Lord Jesus Christ. Here is Israel. Israel has incredible privileges and God spoke to the nation read the Old Testament in different ways through the prophets. What is Israel due to God's messengers.

They must treat them by my Jeremiah. They imprison him. They kill some of them they abuse them. John the Baptist is killed by hatted.

Finally, beginners verse 37 finally, he sent his son to them. What is God's final revelation to us.

God's revelation to Israel. Finally, in all of the progress of revelation profit after profit comes in no comes God son finally, our Lord Jesus Christ. He sends him in great love to save them.

God's understanding of the very midst telling them this parable seen yet was going through the mind of the religious leaders vineyard.

The Bible they knew he was speaking against them. He is confronting them with the truth. Think of the courage of our Lord Jesus Christ with the religious leaders doing not only are they rejecting the truth.

Not only are they not believing the truth they are actively plotting to kill God's beloved son, just as King Herod wanted to silence the voice of John the Baptist because he spoke truth, neither religious leaders want to silence the voice of God son because they do not want to. They are repudiating God's rule over them know we are the rulers of Israel will do what we want. They don't like the truth and just as their forefathers had done in the past, rejecting the prophet sent to them so they reject God's message to them. Though there rejecting God son, the Messiah, did you notice what they did to them. In the parable verse 39. They took him and through most of the Venn yard until was going to happen to our Lord Jesus Christ going to take him going to throw in mind of the Venn yard so that when he dies as a writer of Hebrews tells us he suffers outside the The taken outside of the city to the place of the skull and there put to death. Lord of glory, and the truth, fanning ones that have been trusted with guiding the nation the plotting to kill Jesus. Your happens. Intolerance of the truth leads to rejection of the truth and then leads to hatred of the truth Was going on in their society people person.

Well I see things differently then the actively reject the truth and then they hate the truth.

Kingsley Amos is a celebrated English novelist told the story before the gets its so applicable here and his son Martin Amos is also celebrated novelist. Some of you may brother working for him.

As with the school when he died his son Martin Amos spoke at his father's memorial service and the sun blinding of it was held in the Church of England. He recalled a conversation. His father had had with the Russian poet after Schenkel and after Schenkel said to Kingsley Amos will be asked Kingsley Amos. Are you an atheist, I think of the part of Kingsley Amos is well known author Dan Kramer said well yes I am an atheist, but it's more than that. I hate eating someone to say you don't even believe in that citizen to tolerance of the truth.

The rejection of the truth and then the actual hatred of the truth. I hate him use it well John. None of us here with well I don't know about asking which you response to the truth. This is not just a story. This actually happens. This is the teaching of Jesus, and he told many things and this story is a powerful story is kept for us in Scripture so that we would understand and respond.

I ask you and when you think of this. Do you regard Jesus.

Do you regard the teaching of Jesus. Do you regard the commands of Jesus as an intrusion into your life when you hear the truth from God's word measuring the truth that she you so much so that some of it you just want to reject all here and he you love the idea. God loves you. After all, you are really special is a bit of a cement and it really special. You're really wonderful.

Yes I understand I am a wonderful buzzard as I God loves me the wonderful truth that God does love you but he doesn't love you because you wonderful person you are a wonderful person because God loves you. You say well I don't mind coming to college education. I'm reeling forward to the consulate wonderful music. Monroe doesn't preach too long.

But I'll be there on the leaves.

The spirit touches the case that the parts of the teaching of Jesus that you really are rejecting this idea about having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ that seems odd. I want a bit of Jesus. I don't want to be a fanatic hearing the song that we set Herod sung by Vicki that we are borrowing to the authority of the Almighty King is this really true that I am to surrender everything to King Jesus.

That's a bit much for my doing a bit of on Sunday some money sometimes total surrender is.

Could it be that we rejecting the truth and also that there is doubt in your mind that I will buy the authority of Scripture. Did God really say that because it intrudes into how you live because it impacts some of your personal relationship. Perhaps like these religious leaders you want to be in control. You want to be in charge want to be the authority of your own life you want to live your own life like little Samantha. You always want to be happy and you want people arriving to always saying that whatever you believe in whatever you do is just wonderful. You're a really special person as you live as you like and then the truth of Scripture intrudes in impact your life today confronted with the truth to this. Jesus is the King going to see that do not reject the truth. The challenge of the truth.

The rejection of the truth versus 42 through 46.

The triumph of the truth of an Italian truth always always triumphs verse 42 parable Jesus. Have you never read in the Scriptures is going to quote from Psalm 118 one of the great Psalms, the Sultan you never read in the Scripture. This the store and that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone.

This was the Lord's doing, and it is marvelous in our eyes. Therefore I tell you the kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to a people producing its fruits. On the one who falls on this stone will be broken into pieces. And when it falls on anyone, it will crush them when the chief priests and the Pharisees at this parable, they perceived that he was speaking about them, and although they were seeking to address them.

They feared the crowds because they held him to be a prophet master teacher triumph of the truth. The religious leaders are going to be judged Israel Venn yard is going to come under the judgment of God.

What other people are going to be blessed. Did you notice in the parable Jesus said the vineyard will be given to other tenants. Verse 41, or they said to him let the vineyard to other tenants. Verse 43 therefore I tell you the kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to a people ethanol's a nation producing its fruits. Israel is going to come under the judgment of God. The dispensation of the Mosaic law is about to end a new age is about to come. The age of the church and the apostles are going to be given the spiritual leadership to God's new community church and no rather than Israel being the focus of God's purposes. The focus will be on this new community that we know the church, the kingdom of God is taken away from you, Israel is given to another people turn to for example to Chapter 13.

Judgment of God is going to come on Israel, and it did and 87 to the Romans attacked Jerusalem. The temple is destroyed the temple is gone. Never yet been rebuilt, Jesus is saying something very, very serious that those who reject him will not go unpunished.

You say does this mean that Israel does not appear to know Israel does the future.

The Venn yard. Israel is not destroyed but is given to others is given to another people. Ask 13 verse 46 and Paul and Barnabas spoke out boldly say it was necessary for Molly to Jews, it was necessary that the word of God be spoken first to you. That's Israel. The gospel is preached to the Jew first, it was necessary that the word of God be spoken first to you since you thrust it aside and judge yourselves unworthy of eternal life will hold, we are turning to the Gentiles the vineyard is being taken away from you and given to another people know the wonder of the purposes of God.

We have the church was the church comprises Jew and Gentile judgment is coming on Israel. Verse 41, he will put these wretches to a miserable day. Verse 44, the one who falls in the stone will be broken to pieces, and when it falls on anyone, it will crush and was Jesus saying the apparent tragedy of the cross is going to turn to triumph as God vindicates his son by the resurrection from the dead. Jesus is the stone was once rejected. Verse 42 the stone that the builders rejected, whose the stall of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is doing the rejection Israel has become the corner so Israel rejects the Messiah. He's beaten, he's ridiculed. He's close crucified. The stone is rejected by that same stone. I wonderful the Lord Jesus Christ, who is put on the cross. Now he becomes the cornerstone the main stone. The That Stone Which Was Rejected by You. In Fact, Is Going to Become the Cornerstone That the Lord Jesus Christ Has All Authority in Heaven and on and the Church of Jesus Christ and the Truth of God Will Be Triumphant and That Stone, Rejected by You Was Was a Going to Happen to It. The One Who Falls on the Stone Will Be Broken to Pieces, and When It Falls on Anyone, It Will Crush You Think Jesus Is Teaching the Kingdom Is Offered to You the Kingdom of Heaven. The Tax Collectors and the Prostitutes Going up before You.

You Continue to Rejected.

If You Continue to Rejected the One That You Are Rejecting. In Fact, Is Going to Be the One Who Is Triumphant and That Same Stone That You Reject Is Going to Crush You and You're Going to Come under the Judgment of God. You Know Your Bible, Your Mind Goes When You Think of That's Going to Daniel to Member the Image of Nebuchadnezzar's Image Representing All the Kingdoms of the World. And Then There Is This Little Stolen and Daniel in These Interpretations Sees That Little Stolen and It Crushes All of the Kingdoms of the World and That Little Stone Fills the Whole World.

It Says It Will Break in Pieces.

All These Kingdoms I'm Quoting from Daniel to and Bring Them to an End and It Shall Stand Forever.

This Kingdom Kingdom of God Stands Forever. Marshall Writes the Stone Is Set by God's Purpose so That the People Diffuse to Build on That It Will Become the Means of Their Ruin and Tear Our Lord Jesus Is Quoting from Psalm 118.

The Point Is, Truth Will Triumph God's Purposes Will Not Be Thwarted.

The Truth That Jesus Is the Only Savior Results in Opposition Results in Rejection and Result Results in Hostility and in Intolerance As We See More and More, but We Say This Is the Lord's Doing This Marvelous in Our Hearts so Peter Wonderfully in Acts Chapter 4 Listen to Him. He Says Let It Be Known to All of You and All of the People of Israel by the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Whom You Crucified Is the Stone Being Rejected, Whom God Raised from the Dead, by Him This Man Is Standing before You Today. This Jesus Is the Stone That Was Rejected by You, the Builders, Which Has Become the Cornerstone and There Is Salvation in No One Else, for That Is No Other Name under Heaven Given among Men by Which We Must Be Saved. The Stone Rejected Has Become the Cornerstone of Our Lord Jesus Christ Dies in Seeming Weakness with These Raised in Almighty Power and This Is the Lord's Doing, and It Is Marvelous in Our Lives When Queen Elizabeth I and December 17 1558, Was Told That Her Half-Sister Mary. Many Children Died and That She Now Was the Queen. It Said That She Was Reading Her Bible on and Was Reading in Psalm 118 and Said in Left and This Is the Lord's Doing, and It's Marvelous in Our Eyes. She Was Amazed That with All That Was Going on but She Was Not Going to Be the Queen and She Was Going to Rain for a Long Time Is Queen Elizabeth I, and She Said That the Lord Is Doing Is Marvelous in Our Eyes but We Do Know Is This, That the Lord Jesus Christ Was Raised from the Dead and Ascended to His Father and Crowns Victorious Truth Is Triumphant and We the People of God in the Midst of a Dark World Where Christians Are Attacked and Where People Are Intolerant of the Truth. We Keep Our Eyes on the Lord Jesus Christ and Say Don't Wait. This Is the Lord's Doing, and It Is Marvelous in Our Eyes, and I Wonderful That You and I Can Enter the Kingdom of Kingdom Which Will Last Forever Wonderful to Know That through the Work of Our Lord Jesus Christ. This Stone Which Was Rejected As We Made the Cornerstone, and God Is a Mighty Word Bringing Jew and Gentile into This New Community, the Church As We Await the Return of King Jesus Who Will Catch Us up and We Shall Ever Be with Him the Forces of Secularism, the Forces of Evil Are Strong in the World. But This Glorious Truth That Jesus Is the Cornerstone Fills Us with Praise and Joy I'm Saying to Today Pursue the Truth.

Seek the Truth. Proverbs 23 Verse 23 Find the Truth and Do Not Sell It on Reject the Truth. Don't Just Talk about It Humbly Submit to the Truth As Jesus Says If Anyone Wants to Come after Me, Let Him Deny Himself and Take up His Cross and Follow Me. Today Is a Day of Truth a Day of Salvation.

Put Your Trust in Jesus Christ Follow Him and Love Him with All of Your Heart Because This Is the Lord's Doing, and It Is Marvelous in Our Lives That We Are on the Victory Site. Some of You Spent Quite A Lot over the Last Two Days Watching Games. Some Your Teams. One Summer Your Teams Lost a Measure of My Team Kicking off Very Shortly and They May Well Lose.

But One Thing I Know Is This That We Who Are on the Side of Jesus Christ That We Are on the Winning Team That While It Is Dark and While It Is Difficult and While Life Is Sometimes Very Very Tough. We Understand This, That That's Going on Is the Cornerstone and That We Are Part of the Kingdom of God and All of the Forces of Darkness Will Never Ever Ever Prevail over Christ. This Is the Lord's Doing, and It Is Marvelous. We Humble Yourself under the Mighty Hand of God What It Is Where You Are Spiritual You Know If You Never Surrendered Your Life to Christ. We Do That Leave the Lord Jesus Christ.

Some of Your Followers of Christ, but Got Distracted, You Become Spiritually Lazy about Your Fallen into Sin. I'm Telling You Guys of Jesus Be Part of That Kingdom That Will Never End.

Eternal God, We Thank You for Jesus.

The Cornerstone of Your Work of Salvation, the Wonder of It and We Say This Is the Lord's Doing Is Marvelous in Their Eyes.

This Is the Day That the Lord Has Given Us. Let Us Rejoice and Be Glad in It. Praise You Father. This Is All of You Are Doing. Thank You for Christ Praying That We Will Humble Ourselves Love Him, Seek Him with All of Our Hearts in His Name

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