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The Miracle of Multiplication

The Verdict / John Munro
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March 15, 2021 11:05 am

The Miracle of Multiplication

The Verdict / John Munro

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March 15, 2021 11:05 am

Dr. John H. Munro March 14, 2021 Matthew 14:13-21

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Never face an impossible situation wasn't about this one. Jesus asks 12 disciples to feed 5000 people and they have no food and no resources no stores no McDonald's, no Bojangles, no Wendy's none in sight. Ultimately impossible that a 5000 men I were told so he calculates the woman and the children with a multitude of about 20 families and people imagine being told by the Lord Jesus to feed them and you know resources and ultimately impossible situation and then right before their eyes. Jesus is demonstrating his number profits is not just a great teacher is in fact God incarnate, is right before their eyes defeats a multitude in his hands the impossible becomes possible is deadly.

This is the only miracle mentioned by all of the gospel writers eyes other than the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, all record of the medical that were going to read last week admissions we were challenged to go and make disciples of all the nations were challenged to get involved to go to work neighborhood to go to people at work, perhaps to go overseas and tell people about Jesus. And often that seems impossible to us, doesn't it impossible situations, or perhaps you are facing.

Personally, an impossible situation in your family yourself at work. Some situation something as you look at seems utterly impossible. The wall is to think it's too high, and perhaps you've hit your head against the time and time again all of his face that we once appeared to be impossible situations today were going to learn a very simple truth are very difficult truth to present the product. When we surrender all that we are and have two Jesus the son of God and the miracle of multiplication.

All things are possible because your Bible is all you have to turn with me to Matthew chapter 14 if you are visiting with us. Thank you so much for worshiping with us at Calvary church. Thank you for listening online on Facebook and there would going through the gospel of Matthew consecutively, so I don't choose the passage of the chosen for me and today we come to wonderful passage, Matthew chapter 14 and were going to read from verse 13 can I say how wonderful it is that here in Charlotte North Carolina.

We have the freedom to come together and to open their Bibles and deleted you know that's always true in parts of the world that we can do this. I thought it was very tragic and very telling and very sad that recently in the Congress of the United States Congressman Jerry Nadler in response to the reading of the word of God by one of his fellow congressmen you have read about it. One of the Congressman's adult dealing with that equality act, signs and reads the Scriptures, and that Jerry Nadler said this in a quote that this is in the United States Congress not in communist China, not in the resume on the computer and but in our own Congress. He said this what any of the religious tradition ascribes as God's will is not is no concern of theirs. Congress really in there.

The states of America in terms of all of the impact of Scripture and the word of God in this nation now in the Congress. What God's will is is contained in the ancient Scriptures are of no concern what is what this concern to you. Jerry.M what do you base these laws without throwaway line hundreds affect thousands of years of biblical teaching is this mass that the altar of the LGBT Q lobby which was a point not reasonable to think that is it that in the future.

Here in this country, the public reading of this book.

Yes, all of the book of Genesis through Revelation, the public reading of Scripture is going to be called an act of bigotry is going to become the basis for discrimination complaints, we can almost see it coming country. That's another reason is that Bentley will have important is while we value lifesaving Facebook and all of that having this essential that the church of Jesus Christ comes together as we are doing now what happens in your home, and I understand there are people who can't come out because of covert and I understand all of that but the Lord Jesus and the Scriptures commands us to come together on the most important thing that we do as the people of God is to open this book and to read as the living word of God. Paul says to Timothy in second Timothy in the first image or other divorce yourself to the public reading of Scripture and were going to do that and on that commit no compromise. There are things that we may compromise, but that it can be zero compromise when it comes to the word of God.

Let me ask you to stand unless you got your mouse on so when asked you to read it with me to think of your mask if you want, but I majority the word of God. Matthew chapter 14 verse 13 is the word of God to us that when Jesus heard this, that was the death of John the Baptist, with all of that of the last time I spoke when Jesus heard this, he withdrew from there in the boat to a desolate place by himself, but when the coyotes found it, they followed him on food from the times when he went to shore.

These are great crowds and he had compassion on them and healed their sick. Now when it was evening and the disciples came to him and said this is a desolate place on the day is not over. Send the cards away to go into the villages and buying food for themselves.

But Jesus said, they need not go away.

You give them something to eat. They said to them only five loaves here and to finish this and bring them here to me. Then he ordered the charge to sit down on the grass and taking a five loaves and the two fish, he looked up to heaven and said the blessing. Can you see this that he broke the loaves, and gave them to the disciples and the disciples gave them to the cards and they all ate and were satisfied and would they took up and they took up 12 baskets full of the broken pieces left over, and those who ate were about 5000 men, besides women and children payment. Please be seated. Matthew, of course, is demonstrating that the one who'd given the great teaching and what we call the sudden on the mind, the one who was speaking the one who'd given these wonderful particles that we thought of in Matthew chapter 13 is none. That, of course, in the son of God. God incarnate, defeats the multitudes with five loaves and two fish. That first of all we want to learn. As we look at this passage have compassion for people not irritation given irritated by people utilizing use of Nims and retaining my wife from time to time. Must've been meditating. I can't believe it. We always think is the other person is meditating. Don't wait but we are to have compassion for people not irritation notice verse 14 when he went ashore he saw a great crowd and he had compassion on them and healed their Jesus. Who's going to feed the multitudes that you know this. He instructs them. Verse 19 to sit down on the grass and is going to feed them that are more enjoyable if you know your Bible.

Psalm 23 the Lord is my shepherd. What does the good Shepherd to yes he leads the floor by the still waters. And he makes them to lie down in green pastures that our Lord Jesus Christ is the good Shepherd who guides the sheep who loves the sheep and who feeds the sheep is a very bread of life. It comes down from heaven and gives foods to those who come to him in need. Wonderful to know is, as you go through life. The good Shepherd loves you has compassion on and if you follow the good Shepherd. You shall not want fearful about the future. One was going to happen.

No need to fear he's going to lead you, he's going to provide for your he's going to guide you that the good Shepherd loves you with an ever lasting love. Wonderful to know that because I'm saved by the grace of God I am eternally loved all of my life through that and for all of eternity that that is nothing in the whole universe which can separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. Pulses within the Romans eight here we see the compassion of the good Shepherd for the sheep. He sees you and loves you and you know this, verse 13, and again repeated in verse 15 that Jesus goes to a desolate place when Jesus had this verse 13, he withdrew from there and the boat to a desolate place by him self throwing the Gospels we read this of Jesus going to a desolate place of Jesus going to a high mountain to pray, of Jesus leaving his disciples leaving a multitude I'm going to pray in a desolate place at the Z when the cards come to him you know if you're going to be a blessing to others will want to be you do the time of silence, you need a time of solitude over the young mother you said I would be wonderful. Solitude and silence. Silence, when a very good early/huge problem in our culture. Everything is noisy and said this before I can even get gas in this blaring out to me as I'm filling my car you go to a store and before you get into the wretched think there's music I science and you see what where's the silence assigned of silence that they sign when I Garfunkel sing about me. Where is it a time of silence at time of solitude I think would afraid of it than three would afraid to be silence would afraid to get away on boiling.

What do we do when we're waiting in line.

What do we do women in line in the grocery store what you we do women aligned in Starbucks of a conversation with people meditates rather some word of Scripture that were memorizing our minds know we do with a character idle mind is a little black thing is called an iPhone and we pulled I don't iPhone you comping about idols. We will arrive once and we consume largely frivolous information on were checking how many like someone is like a picture of us drinking a cup of coffee or something else totally frivolous right abuses. If this is all important silence, but putting it off but getting away from it. Lord Jesus did. I do know where that place is for you and perhaps in your own house arise. Not all of you have what I have I have a study in my home horizon is not possible that everyone, by the time of solitude this time of client's Winifred Gallagher said few things are as important to your quality of life as your choices about how to spend the precious resource of your free time to spend your free time this week practicing silence. What are putting off your iPhone for some time of your work to keep it on.

I understand that you know what I mean your free time Jesus the son of God. God incarnate the perfect Son of Man goes throughout the Gospels to desolate place to time of know he does this in the cards come in the marvelous Lord must've had great joy in these times of climbing.

This is a communes perfect communion with his father and his God, but the crowds, and interrupt him what this he do.

He has compassion for the web or the disciples his disciples find the codes meditating rather than having compassion for the crowds notice better for 15 the disciples one cried to Galway to fend for themselves. We've had a number of people saying the people always keep them away from us. We don't want to be bothered with them at the end of verse 12 of verse 12 says John the Baptist was beheaded, his disciples came and took the body and buried it and they went and told Jesus that when Jesus heard this, that is the death of John, he withdrew from there in the boat to a desolate place by himself you gone through bereavement. You know that much. As you appreciate people around you to help you was a time when you want to be alone. Dona, with your own thoughts and prayers. And here is Jesus. This is why he went to the disciples thought this would be a wonderful time to be alone with the Lord and he would explain why this marvelous mind this great land that Jesus said was the greatest of the prophets. He had been beheaded. Tell us about him, Lord, they would've valued that time is coming and interrupting our time. Our quality time with Jesus I send them away, send them away you about me you people around you at the next-door neighbor When the Neuron Family. Perhaps a Brother or Sister Here You Find Them Rather Irritating. Perhaps You Find a Rather Demanding, Perhaps You Want to like the Disciples Send Louise You Just Had Enough of Them, Send Them Away Your Compassion, Which the Lord Had This Love in Action. Compassion Is in Saying All I Feel Sorry for You Know Compassion Is Action.

Jesus Is Going to Demonstrate His Compassion for the Card by Feeding Them Compassion. Think of the Broken People around Us.

We We Sang Order or the Trio Sign in the Wonderful Song We Believe It Began with This Desperate Society with This Broken Generation. Yes, We Are in a Broken Generation, There Bruised and Battered People in This Loss, People around Us and There's People with Their Lives Terribly Messed up As We Had in Her Wonderful Gordon Is Gracious Puts Us in the Bank and the School in That Neighborhood in That Family to Minister to That Person. Tell Them of the Love of Jesus to Tell Them of the Beautiful Message the Old, Old Story of Jesus and His Love so Many People Feel Marginalized. So Many People Feel on the Fringes of Society or Feel Patronized by People. If the First Lesson We Can Learn in the Medical of Multiplication Gardens Use You of Compassion for People Not Meditation. And of Course the Main Lesson Is Surrender All, You Are and Have Left to Themselves the Disciples Are Totally Unable to Feed the Clouds with Verse 16 Jesus Says You Give Them Something to Eat the Years, a Problem Even Hungry People, and I'm I'm Putting That Your Door You Do It Disciples What You to Feed the Multitudes, and of Course the Disciples Can't Handle This Visually. Devorah Cummings and the Gospel. This Is This Is Impossible Your Commanding Us Lord to Do Something Which Is Absolutely Impossible. The Point, of Course, the Disciples Are Thinking, What of What They Can Do by Themselves, Rather Than Believing What Jesus Can Do through Them There Thinking Is 12 of Us. We Got No Food with No Resources. There's No Fast Food around Us, but There's Nothing We Can Do in the Forgotten Right in the Midst His Guards Incarnate One That They Had Seen Touch and Heal the One That They Had Seen the Raise the Dead Wonder They Had Seen That the Woman Who Had That Problem for 12 Years She Just Been Turned Touch the Fringe of His Garment. She Was Healed Is God Incarnate Right in There in the Midst under Forgotten That Is a Difficult Lesson for Us Is Determined to Jesus Depend on Him so Self-Reliant and We Went What Was so Overcome by Self-Pity and Unthinking I Can Handle This Forgotten in the Midst As the Lord of Glory. Jesus Taught in John Chapter 15 the Soap.

The Vine and the Branches He Says Five of John, 59, the Vine, You Are the Branches.

Is Disciples. You Are His Branches. Whoever Abides in Me and I in Him, He It Is That Bears Much Fruit, Brother, Sisters, As You Are Buying the in Christ, the True Volume You Keep Your Eyes on Him As You Follow Him As You Obey Him, You Will Bear Much Fruit, for Apart from Me You Can Do Nothing. The Branch Severed from the True Vine Can Do Absolutely Nothing You Think You Can Do It on Your Own. In Actual Fact You Can Do Nothing New throughout Calvary Church Is a Big Church Got a Wonderful Campus Will Got Tremendous Resources Go Very Gifted People and We Can Do A Lot Yes We Can Do A Lot but We Can Do Absolutely 0 Foot That Pleases God by Ourselves to Understand That You Understand That You Think of That Gifted Using Your Talented Yes Everything You Have Comes from God for the Reminder That Apart from God Unless the Lord Builds This Harvest We Labor in Vain. Some Hundred and 27. You Know That Is a Father You Know That As a Mother You Can Do A Lot Of Activity in Your Home and You Can Provide Wonderful Resources for Your Children and You Can Get Them Very Socially Accomplished and Musically Right at the Top and Academically Forgetting the Scholarships You Can Do All of That, Unless the Lord Is in the Labor in Vain. Apart from Me You Can Do Nothing Last Week in Their Missions Emphasis.

We Were Challenged Once Again to Obey the Command of Jesus. Matthew 28 to Go and Make Disciples of All the Nations Music Is That This Is Impossible Your Challenge to Get Involved in Some Ministry When It Is Almost within the Prison with His Champ with a Decision Whether to Be a Light, Whatever It Isn't Usable. This Is Very Very Difficult. I Don't Have the Training and Are Doing Very, Very Difficult People and All of Us in Our Personal Lives and Family Life.

Space Impossible Situations That We We Get Discouraged Situations Seem Hopeless.

Yes. At a Purely Human Level. Here's the Point You Notice the Mind Reminding You Today of Basic Christian Truth, but You May Forgotten When You Bring Your Problem to Jesus. When You Surrender Everything to Jesus. He Will Work through You in on Imaginable Place in the Medico of Multiplication without Jesus Knew Nothing Says Paul Follow Philippines for I Can Do All Things All Things Paul You're Bragging on the Bragging I Could Do All Things through Christ Who Strengthens Me That God Will Give You All of the Power All of the Help to Do His Will.

This Morning, and Again This Morning at 830 and Again, Though the Baptism, so We Had Three Young Men and Young Women Getting Baptized Today Evolve Chosen. The Nurse, but God Has Plans and Purposes for Us.

Jeremiah 29 God Has a Future for Us There Is Hope for Us.

Yes, That's True, Provided Your Repent of Your Sin, Provided You Follow the Savior.

You Can Claim That Harassment and Just Live like the Devil. No, but If I Do All Things through Christ.

If I Surrender Everything to Him.

If I Bring My Problems to Him and I Depend on Him and I Abides in the True Vine, I Will Bear Much Fruit. I'm Saying to You Today Surrender Everything You Have To Jesus, Including Yourself. This Right Surrender Everything You Have To Jesus, the Disciples Discovered This Boy Is Five Loaves and Two Fish. John Tells Us It Was a Boy. Someone Asked Me after the First Service That the the Boy Have More Faith in the Disciples. I Don't Know.

All I Know Is This Is All We Boy There. Among the 20,000 People, and Here's a Very Big Miracle.

I Think He Had Not yet Eaten His Lunch. You Can Imagine His Mom Making Him Lunch. These Five Little Roles into Little Fishes There There Your Son and He Becomes Part of the Crowd Because He Wants to Go to and Be with Jesus, a Wonderful and Ordinary Boy One of Thousands Nothing Special about Him That the Scriptures Tell Us Is Just a Boy Five Loaves and Two Fish Is a Well for the Things That Make Us with the Disciples Asked When the Record but Lord Was Not among so Many Amazing What Was Appointed Is so Small, so Insignificant, so Ordinary Five Loaves and Two Fish_20,000 People.

Why Are We Even Talking about. This Is Hopeless Not to Five Loaves and the Two Fish Small Put in the Hands of Jesus. I Love Her Matthew and the Right to Receive This. Did You Notice the Enormous Picture He Took the Five Loaves the Two Fish Vest 19 and He Looked up to Heaven, so the Blessing Everything the Sun Does Is in Perfect Submission to the Father. Just As Everything That We Do Is to Be in Perfect Submission to Her Father through His Son, Our Lord, Thanking God for the Orange Asked Thousands of People Cannot Be Fed from Two Fish and Five Loaves Candidate the Meager Resources Are Mentioned to Demonstrate the Impossibility of the Task Just Five Loaves. Little Roles on Think of Them As Big Loaves of Roles and to Fish Everything That the Body Has Everything That the Boy Has Is Put in the Hands of Jesus and Thousands Are Blessed Admire This Little Boy. One Was He Had Eaten His Lunch or This Time.

Secondly, He Gave It All to Jesus I Come on Most of You Would've Kept a Couple of Roles and in the Fish.

Would You When You Decide.

After All, Is My My My Mom Gave It to Me and Okay You Can You Can Have Two or Three of Them, but I Want to Keep At Least One Fish in a Couple of the Roles That That's Generous Is Not Giving More Than 50% of My Lunch. Do You Have the Rope to the Brawl Your Own and Would Be in This Dilemma. All of It Is the Point.

He Holds Nothing Back. Everything Is Put in the Hands of Jesus Was Another Miracle As Well. No One Said I Don't like Fish. No One Asked Is This Fish of Newborns and Answer Is Yes. This Efficient Overhead on Yes It Does Doesn't Taste Fishy. Yes, That's What Fish Is Marginally Given to the American Current Year Right Will Be What Israel and the Fed Fish. I Hear All of This, Please Write to Those of You Going in October. No Comments about the Fish Were Going to Eat Rights. I Went to Get My Hands over. Thank God for It and Will Open Either with a Smile Right and I Love It When They Bring the Head There Because It Really Freaks like Some People Seriously. If You Notice Verse 20 and They All Ate and Were Satisfied Every Single One of the Man of the Women of the Children. They All and Eight the Fish and the Laws and Were Satisfied. Of Course There Were the Bread of Life Given to Them by the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Eighth to the Pool. No One Was Hungry Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Good Shepherd Generally Meets All of Our Needs. He Never Leaves You Hungry, He Never Leaves You Thursday If You Come to Him You Will Hunger No More, and You Will First No More. He Is the Living Water That He Is the Bread of Life Were Surrounded by People and Three Cards Utilized with Hundreds of Children Coming to Calvary Wonderful Summary of Compassion Children. Some of You Have Compassion on the Little Babies and Toddlers. We Have Why Is It Sometimes with Difficulty Getting People to Take Care Of Her Children.

Think of the Thousands That Come through Our Doors Licensed Calvary Development Center on the Compass with Chump Sports Persons. Thousands of People See Them Using the Walking I Do Allege a Fast Tell You What to Do Want You to Surrender Everything You Have To Jesus and Be Available for Him to Use As He Directs. Are You Truly Answer This Question I Asked Myself This Week. Are You Really Filled with Compassion for People or His Soul Caught up in Your Own Little World.

Your Free Quote through Covert People Talk about Being in a Bubble of Families in the Bubble or Winning a Bubble Meeting. We Just Have so Many People There and We Could Cope without When Our Little Bubble. I've Never Been in a Little Boy I Don't like the Sound of It, but I'm Not Talking with Acting a Bubble, I'm Talking about Bubble and We've Made a Very Comfortable Life for Ourselves. Life Is Good Is Nice Were Very Good. Thank You Very, Thank You, and We've Created a Bubble of Lust Sites of Those around Us Who Lost Put on the Broad Road Leading to the Destruction That Could Be That You Are Greedily Holding on to Your Own Comfort to Your Own Little Way of Life Your Own Loaves and Fishes, I'm Asking You to Surrender Everything You Have. I've Noticed over the Years I've Been in Many Meetings with Elders, Committees, Pastors, Conversations with People in Churches. I've Noticed I've Been Guilty of This Myself. One of the Most Common Mistakes We Make. When God Gives Us a Challenge to Do Something to the Church through the Individuals You're Presented with a Challenge.

Someone Asked You, Are You Going to Serve in Such a Way. We Need People to to Be a Charm Coach or to Serve in the Nursery or to Go to Prison. Whatever This or Are We Going to Do Build a New Life Center As We Did Number of Years Ago. You Know What the Common Statism Here We Focus on We Don't Focus on the Vision We Don't Focus on the People's House Limitation on Weaknesses like after That I Can Serve Nursery and Stauffer for Me 10 Years Ago I Took up a Baby the Baby Started Crying I Could Never Do That. We Focus on the Lack of Resources.

We Point the Finger at Other People. That Is, We Focus on What We Don't Have, Rather Than Thinking of What We Do Have an Thinking above All of Our Magnificent Lord Jesus Christ Who Still Says That We Can Do All Things through Him Who Strengthens Us. So Instead of Focusing What You Can Do Instead of Focusing Focusing on Your Weaknesses.

All I Could I Could Never Sing like These People Know I Couldn't Take It for Me.

I Can't Ever Take That Likely Well, Perhaps You Can't but You Know When God Calls the Students Generally Want to Live That Life of a Hope for the Future of Jeremiah 29 That We Heard At Least Three Times Today. If You Really Want to Live That Kind of Life You Gotta Follow the Lord Jesus Christ and You Have To Obey Him. He's Lord Yes Is My Savior Describes All of My Sins. I'm I'm I'm Saved by His Grace, but He's My Lord, and He Commands Me to Go under Serve Him under Submit to Him. He's My Commander-In-Chief. I Debate Him First Time of Regions and As I Obey Him As Our Trust in You Will Give Me All of His Friends All of the Power All of the Resources to Do His Will and You Believe That These of Course I Believe It.

Why Do You Live That Way You Said and Did Jesus Do Everything That You Have Your Gifts Your Talents, Your Education, Family, Your Home, Your Possessions, Your Car Is a Tough One for Me. I like My Car Your Car Your Bank Balance You Realize That That Is All to Be Put in the Hands of Jesus like This Other like This That Everything You Everything Is Been Given to You by God's Own Holding onto Is If Is Yours. Think of It As God Giving It to You so That Everything You and Use Is for His Glory and Many of You Have Experienced This When You Surrender Everything You Have, to Jesus All of Your Needs Are Met with One of the Scriptures Are Two Recordings with Him. Matthew 633 Seek First. That Is, Seek First Number One Priority. Seek First the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness and All These Things Will Be Added to You. If You Put the Lord Jesus Christ First in Your Life If You Follow Him in Seeking His Grace to Obey Him All of the Other Things in Life Will Fall into Place Using God As of It in Your Debts without Used To Say You Can Give God of Course You Kinds Everything to the Lord and the Multitude Is Satisfied and Did You Notice That There Were 12 Baskets Left over One for Each of the Apostles, the Disciples Demonstrating the Abundance of the Compassion and the Grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Not Only Does He Feed the Multitude That Is a Tremendous Vertigo. He Feeds Them Abundantly so That There Are 12 Baskets Left over. That Is When God Acts the Acts with Superlative a Binding Grace, Grace upon Grace upon Grace Uses Illustration before the Thought of It Does.

Two Days Ago Good and I Were Walking on the Toner Beach and the Waves Keep Coming in Wave after Wave after Wave after Wave As the Grace of God Is His Grace upon Grace upon Grace upon Grace Doing God's Grace Ever Is Going to Write Doing God's Kindness and Compassion and Provision for You Is Ever Going to Run.

I Know John Says in His Prologue Is Grace upon Grace. Paul Says in Ephesians 1. In Him We Have Redemption through His Blood, the Forgiveness of Our Trespasses, According to the Riches of His Grace, Which He Lavished upon Us. God's Grace Is Rigid and Finance and God's Grace Doesn't Come to You Just a Little Bit You Send.

However Deep It Is, However Bad It Is Not beyond the Grace of God There Is Always More Grace in Our Lord Jesus Christ, That Is the That on the Wrist and Then You That's Romans Five Is Grace Is a Binding Grace Is Greater Than Our Sin and God When He Blesses Us. He Doesn't Do Just a Little Bit. He Lavishes Patients Is Grace upon Us When We Surrender to Jesus As Humbling As He Uses Us to Bless Others Experience That Just Think That You and I Can Be Spiritual Blessing to Others.

The Boy Gives Is a Little Lunch to the Lord. I Was in Thousands of past.

I Love It. Surrender to Jesus Using Small Things and Use It to Bless Others Five Loaves and Two Fish and Significant Trigger Very Small Is Not an Ordinary Little Lunch. No Known Hands of Jesus.

The Tiniest Thing to Him. You May Bring Blast by His Touch the Least As Much Here in the History of Israel Is a Tremendous Challenge to the Israelites. Don't Know What to Do with It Was a Huge Giant Is 9 Feet Tall. He Named Goliath and He Is Not As Severe As Your the Saudis Got His Armor Bearer and Is a Nasty, Arrogant, Individual, and He's Defying the Horse of God, Not All of the Great Soldiers They Can Deal with It.

Now You Deal with This Man Calls. Young Man Probably so These Teens. He Goes with the Seniors Slingshot Five Stones Affect Only Needs One.

One Stolen Directed by God Right in the Forehead and Brian Comes Crashing down and David Takes the Sword and Cuts of His Head Least As Much Here Is in Second Going for Him Is a Poor Widow and She's Intolerable That You Can Pay Our Bills and All There's Only One Thing in Our House.

Very Insignificant Thing. A Job of Oil per Fertilizer Comes the Takes the Pores of the Oil Keeps Coming and Coming and Coming and Coming and Fills up All of the Vessels of the Neighbors so That She Can Pay for Bill Justin John Navarro the Least As Much Secondary Finders Are a Young Woman Who Don't Even Know Her Name Just Taken Captive by the Syrians. She's an Israeli She's a Child of God, and She's Taken Captive. She's a Slave and a Very Wealthy Man's House Name and He's the Captain of the Horse of Syria Is There Is a Commander-In-Chief of the City and Forces and and He's a Strong Man Is a Mighty Amount Because Huge Problem. Leprosy Is Broken out and There's No Cure for Leprosy in This Little Girl Thing. I Know Man Is a Prophet. I Think He Can Feel This Man Was Pagan As It Was Then of His Leprosy and That's What Happened Little Girl 2000 Mistress in His Hand the Least the Time of the Lord. Here's a Here's a Widow She's Coming up the Temple Initially Comes the Rich People Are Putting in A Lot Of Money into the Treasury As Well They Should. And This Widow Julie Has Two Kinds Two Mites. The Smallest Pines in the Currency Is All She Has To Live on and She Throws It in the Offering. And Jesus Said She's Given More Than All of Them Because You Gave Everything She Least As Much You Surrender Your Time, Your Resources Is Another at Some Particular Time and I'm I'm Just an Ordinary Person.

Of Course You Are. Thank You for Acknowledging That We Already Know That Ordinary People. He Is What Ordinary People God, Nothing, Nothing Significant for Jesus He's Got That's What Matthews Telling Us He Was Giving Us This Illustration, Not Just As a Cute Little Story but to Demonstrate the Power of Almighty God and Jesus in Fact Is God King of Kings and Lord of Lords, and We Put Things in His Hand. The Miracle of Multiplication Takes Place, Says Paul Went to Him Who Is Able to Do Exceeding Abundantly above All That We Ask or Think, According to the Power That Works within Us, and in the Church and in Christ Jesus.

To Him Be the Glory Forever and Ever.

Amen. Not Great Benediction of the End of Ephesians 3 That Our God Is Able to Do More Than You Can Even Imagine More Than You Can Dream about More Than You Can Ask. Such Is the Power of God, Blessed by His Hand the Least Is Interesting. Jesus Works Did He Need the Five Loaves and Two Fish That He Did That Defeat Is of Course He's the Creator with One Word. The Best Meal in the World Could Have Been Served Is the One Who Spoke the World into Existence Is One by Whom All Things Exist. Here's the Eternal God Is the Alpha and the Omega, There's No One like Him but Think of These Grace Think of His Compassion, He Takes a Little Boys like You and I Will Blasted It Might Have Thrown Away, Thrown into the Dog's He Takes It Blesses.

Did He Need the Disciples Are Gracious in the Movie. One of the Crime Sent the Way He Uses the Disciples to Feed the Multitude Just As He Uses You and Me to Feed Others. Children, Your Neighbors and Friends, Not Bibles Uses Us Here Is the Heart of God Graciously Using the Boys Lunch.

Gracie Graciously Using the Hands of the Disciples to Feed the Multitude Graciously Using You and Me in Our Weakness in Our Limitation in Our Failures That over and over Again. He Takes Us and Uses Us and Blessed by His Touch the Least. Early This Morning for Many. And If You Were Still in Your Bed. We Had Similar Brothers and Sisters Come Here the Greeters Where Ushers Were Here before I Came, Getting Organized, Praying, so That When You Come in Your Welcomed so That When You Come in. Someone Can Graciously Show You to a Two Seat What You Say There's Just Ordinary People Even Mentioning John Ordinary People. Yes, but Surrendering Themselves Prepared to Get up Early Sunday Morning Prepared to Stay through to Services Prepared to Disinfect This Place between the Services Taking Themselves the Resources the Health and What They Doing Presenting As an Offering to Jesus Also Lost Some of You Are Still in the We Have Musicians That Come Their Hassle. There Is a College Student He He's Got Guitar with You Presents As an Offering Ordinary Guitar Likes His Guitar Is a Young Woman Hunching.

She Is a Cello and over the Years. She's Practiced and Practiced in Now.

She Comes Uses That Cello to Bless the Reasons As We Hear Men and Women Prevents a Musical Training Using Their Voices Using Their Abilities to Do Putting It in the Hands of the Lord Is a Well We Were There There There Just to Show How, for They Can Do No No No No You Totally Missed Is Using Their Abilities As an Act of Worship to God and to Bless Thousands of Us, As They Help Us and Lead Us in Worship.

Here Is a Young Woman. She Is an Ultrasound Technician. She Strained His Wrist Receive Training to Be Able to Use the Ultrasound and Here She Is with Human Coalition That We Support Here at Calvary, Which Are Preventing Abortions Taken Place. And Here Is the Result of Her Placing Her Training in the Hands of Jesus.

Here's a Result, and I Quote Mrs. Wright from Charlotte, I Just Wanted to Let You Know That I Canceled the Abortion and Will Keep the Baby. When We Had the Baby's Heartbeat. We Changed Our Decision, so I Want to Thank the Ultra Silent Take a Ton of Interesting Resume As an Ordinary Technician Instead of Using Her Training for the Reasons She Brings It to Be Used in the Service of God.

And so, in the Wonderful Compassion of God.

Your Mother Decides Know I'm Not Going to Abort My Baby Thank You for Showing Me the Ultrasound Is What Jesus Doesn't like an Atheist Live in a Purely Human Level Surrender All to Jesus. Place All You Have in His Hands Including Yourself and Completely Trust Him to Do That As an Example This Workout. I Don't Know. Don't Worry about That. That's Not Your Concern. The Disciples Did Know What Jesus Was Going to Do with the Loaves and the Fishes, but Is Brought to Jesus. That's the Point. Experience the Medical of Multiplication. Pray Lord Here Are My Loaves and Fishes. I Don't Know What They Are with You and the Break Them.

Use Them Multiply the Tiniest Thing the Smallest Thing the Most Ordinary, Insignificant Thing in the Hands of Jesus Blessed by His Touch the Least As Much Is It What You Saying Today I'm Saying.

First of All Jesus Is God. First of All I'm Saying. If You Don't Know Him As Your Savior. You Need to Repent and Come and Experience Firsthand His Grace and Forgiving Your Sins and Giving Your Eternal Life and I'm Saying Secondly If You Are a Follower of Jesus Surrender Everything Everything to Jesus, Including Yourself, Experience the Miracle of Multiplication under the Pray Never Going to Stand and Sing a Wonderful Him, Simple Him and I Him Asserted That As You Sing Was Truly Be a Reflection of Your Heart That You Surrender Everything to Jesus, Help His Father to Do That, We Confess Were Selfish, We Confess That We Often Pursue Our Own Comfort Rather Than Your Will Forgive Us Our Father, We Do Pray There Are Some Here Who Have Not yet Come to the Lord Jesus, the Perhaps Have Never Experienced the Forgiveness of Sins, We Thank You That Christ Died for Our Sins and Rose Again. I Pray That You Will Come to the Savior. Many Here Are Following Christ. Thank You for These Young Men and Women Who Were Baptized Today and I Pray That They Truly Will Love the Lord with All of the Heart. They Will Always Seek First the Kingdom of God and We Pray That for Each One of Us Surrender Everything to Jesus.

This Precious Thing a Man

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