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Heaven in the Home

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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February 10, 2022 7:00 am

Heaven in the Home

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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February 10, 2022 7:00 am

Men and women are so different emotionally that many think it’s just about impossible for husbands to truly understand their wives. But in this lesson, Dr. Tony Evans says that when you start taking your cues from the Bible, you can make discoveries that’ll start turning your home into a little slice of heaven.

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The Bible and the wild one Dr. Tony Evans talked about home and can improve the emotional their home.

Expect someone like you bring home with this is the alternative Dr. Tony Evans, author, speaker, pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas Texas and president of the urban alternative. Some think it's next to impossible for men to truly understand their wives. Dr. Evan says when you take your cues from the Bible, you can bring a little heaven into your home, let's join him as he explains the Bible is clear on how the family structures the work. Remember, the link is God's idea, for God's ideal work God's idea must work on his terms not ours so we want to look at the family as Paul explains to the church.

Heaven is the function in all humans by talking to wives. Why be subject to your own husbands, as to the Lord, the husband of the head of the wife as Christ also is head of the church in something figure the body and the church is subject to Christ, so also wives ought to be to their own husbands in everything.

Three of the most hated verses in the Bible. This word being subject is so hated because it is a word that has been so abused.

It is mystified and redefined, and certainly not biblically defined and therefore men have particularly misused this word much to the hatred and detriment of many a Christian wife, yet I do not want to reduce it for less than what it is saying he clearly says that a woman who is a wife was married who has a husband is to subject herself which means to place herself under me.

Listen to this ship of her husband know what you need to know lady in the chain of command is not related to essence or were it is related to function all roles of responsibility. He makes a claim in Ephesians chapter 5 that the husband is the head of life. Now this concept of headship is not concept of dictatorship is not concept of dominance. It is not concept up because in Eugene. It has to do with recognizing the role that the fundamental principle your picture that your husband has been positioned in a wall.

That is the leader of the whole husband is to love his wife. Wife is the reference respect submit a husband, but the command of the husband is to love his wife seek best interest.

Even at his own expense. She gives three ways in which the husband is the love his wife. First of all, he has to be wise to save your wife as Christ loved the church and gave himself rebirth 25 what cost Christ loved the church. The constant life.

What must you do love you wife died to self and is the worst kind of death. There is to give up what is important to you in order to meet the need of another can be a very painful process so like being crucified what he is saying is that Jesus Christ gave up his life, which means he left cabin and gave up his prerogatives because he wouldn't have really enjoyed all the prerogatives of deity, but he gave up the positives to meet a need that. What things do you need to give up that are negotiable for certain things you should look at the nonnegotiable, just like Jesus could give up his deity. What negotiable things. Can you give up prerogatives that would meet the need of your mate. That is what God is called to called me to. Did you know that before Adam could get Eve he had to bleed.couldn't sleep slid aside, open, took out part of the side in order to get Eve.

He had to bleed. He had become so it is you must decide as a husband. I am going to be a little Jesus, I am going to be a Savior like Christ in the house anything about you being happy in these verses are difficult, but I'm not happy one who said you were supposedly happiness is not the issue here. The decision of the will of the issue here now get me wrong, I think I want you miserable. But happiness is not his first concern you being a little Christ as his first concern being a Savior. Secondly, you be your wife sign to fire. Verse 26 that he might defy her, having cleansed about a lockable one with word that he might present to himself the church all the glory, having no spot or wrinkle or any such thing, but that she should be holy and blameless sanctified man means is the progress of spiritual development that sanctification means to be set apart for God in a process that takes you from where you are and turned you into what you want me. That's was like occasion.

That's what marriage is a husband is his wife sanctified when you married your wife. You didn't just murder your wife you married her history you learn everything that made her who she was.

Up until the time you two met most. She came from you to laugh you got should not let you see all that stuff is you my metanarrative that you are at all stuff when you endanger you just said. She pretty, intelligent, why just hangs on my every word just respect me because she wants to get married, get married first into the makeup. That's when we got to get started right. It is very cool okay okay that's made up to Mimosa. We got more little lady now wants to talk all the winos you communicate with me.

I have all wanted all that was there on.

You married is the sum total of her experiences no good and that she was raised by domineering mother rubbed off on issues raised nonincentive father Somer about 1 W because women have been built with an emotional madness that picks up a lot of while men pick up things to the job of the husband. Unlike the Wikipedia site the fire so she brings all the marriage and you find out the conversion of money for cheerful, rough you got in the more than you bargained for. It is now time for the sanctified, a step up to your job. It sanctifies a say okay this is what my wife is like saying she's got at least 20 characteristics like 10 of them are really not how she how she is to be a Christian wife and mother a question on the floor now is get rid of her.

Because you have met the qualifications for is what most the sanctifier do to sanctify the one meeting sanctification because the bench beside the fire cries in imperfections and what Christ would let know saying what we have what I want what you have to go through with us and we have a lot to be desired. As far as Jesus is concerned what he does not divorce us because we keep messing up. He keeps the process of sanctification go yes it's tiring yes is difficult, yes it can be traumatic, but so are a lot of things in life that are your responsibility.

It is a responsibility want to be like Christ and yes it can be a riveting shop to go into all of the realities of marriage. But that's what you sanctify, which means if you're not going to be signed by by Christ himself. You never have the strength to be the sanctifier. That's why the husband must be the spiritual head in terms of spiritual growth. Julia something that he can pass on to be the sanctifier and thoroughly the husband is to be the saddest fire of his wife. The saddest fire of his wife. Verse 28, husband, daughter love their own wives as their own body. He loves his own wife loves himself. No one ever hated his own flesh, but marriage is in charge. The just as Christ also loved the church to satisfy. We want to take the lead in the meeting of needs to put in simple terms what Paul is saying is whatever you do for you. Make sure you do for her because she is an extension of you. In fact, what he is saying is when you do it for her. Done for you so that misdemeanor men when you don't do for her, that which we turn need you have denied yourself something from God that you did you get all of you heard that when you did not ha ha needs. You did not go south your needs, because when God looks at the two of you don't see too many mornings, is one that's come up with two different checkbooks in this division is having all the phone wanted two different directions. This chaos because you're not pulling toward one flesh. You pulling away and whenever you tell your flesh, that's painful.

The Bible says that the man who does not meet the needs of his wife. His prayers are hindered first Peter 37 which means God will bless you. Apart from her belief is one thing that I don't see two things he sees one thing so if you not meeting the legitimate needs of the legitimate needs of your wife to love you are denying yourself. God, please, I got a plan about this thing for long time and got advantages for the question floor is how you take care of your needs. All the other part of your flesh, because that is you. Dr. Evans will come back with some practical advice on how to start meeting those needs. When he returned shortly to continue this message from his marriage matters series is a 14 lesson look at God's blueprint for marriages and families and will help you understand and get serious about the role God's design for you as a husband or wife leading to a godly marriage that's both thriving and fulfilling. Remaking the complete two-volume collection of this material available to you was our gift and appreciation for your contribution toward keeping Tony's ministry coming to you and others here on the station and as a special bonus, but only for a limited time will also include copies of Tony's companion three booklet bundle marriage matters for married men.

Only and for married women only to get this complete package sent your way. Visit Tony to make your resource request and donation, or if more convenient. Call us at 1-800-800-3222 where team members are ready to assist you with your request. Again, that's 1-800-800-3222, or Tony will come back with more of today's lesson right after this snowcapped mountain risk-taking clich soaring overhead wheels reaching the surface of the ocean. Wonder if this didn't example, our creator continued. You place evidence God's creative, like the stunning wilderness coastal and now you can experience it with joint Tony Evans and other friends of the ministry together we discover the glory of God.

Spectacular creation, unforgettable Alaskan cruise sealed with to take in the splendor of God's creation along with the wonders we will enjoy great teaching Dr. Tony and other gifted instructors as well as life-changing worship and special musical performances.

These spiritually uplifting crews give us time to ask refresh complete focus as we take a journey Scripture else around awesome creation is Alaska. Find out more about urban alternative Alaskan today allotment romance their wives to get them have been on a date. One lady, the husband was a tornado coming to town and related bandage tornado with Paula Houston. They been married for a number years and with the band up out of the house and went Sperling in the tornado and and she was she was laughing and crying all at the same time they can figure this was a man spinning around in the tornado wind worship, laugh and cry the same time she sick and I'm just so happy you happy is that is the first time we went out together and 13 years, and for some of you guys go take a tornado to get you to get you to meet your responsibility in God is good tornado with rubber most mandate to marry within the Bible you married life is been out on a date in the last month raising them on a date when he planned, not what you said let my hands just went down.

That is not a big deal.

I can say that we were trying when you want is a what you want. I want 10 romances that she can do some on all went to and set. I like to get your number.

I'd like to take you out when we don't want you just be ready to pop. I got all of the control you took the initiative to meet all I got to know don't go, I just want know you on the other side of the lab and talking the rapid just talk Nola because you have a goal in mind in relationship to keep in mind and is more work, marriage, and his company to all the other things kids schedule that all we are supposed to meet the needs of our lives with me for a total of 32 things the Bible in the wild. While both difficult to manage, to be his wife satisfy as the thermostat she is at the moment. Don't expect summerlike if you bring home with the weather. Children obey your parents and this is like your father and mother, which is the commandment with promise that if they go well with you. You may live long on children called to obedience because reasons for this. First of all because your Christian children in the Lord for the Christian approach. Secondly, because it is right. It is order of things is the natural order for children obey their parents third leg is a plan to honor the respect first to honor your father and your mother that involves obedience, but also balls loving care of children toward parents used to be a time when a child with talk of adult and always it would be a handle on the name Mr. or Mrs. aunt or uncle not hey Joe or John. It meant honor Israelites would disrespect their parents could lose their lives. The other thing is that it brings blessing. He says in verse three that it may go well with you, that you may live long on the earth. Children will honor, love, respect and reverence and care for their parents are blessed with a better quality of life and a better quality of life. Quantity and quality. So when a child relates properly to his parents. God is free to work properly with the child.

If you even have an adult if you're not living under the house. Do you want obey the rules, but you still have to honor their position. You'll know what my father did to me was the thought right here. You must honor his position.

Even if you don't like this person. I like my mother.

I don't like my father, as we know, like honoring you must honor them or hold them up in high esteem because of who they are athletes, parents verse for fathers. Why because the government here in the home that exclude mothers you just talk to the head of the room. What follows is everything is his father's not provoke your children to anger, the concept here is to not put your kids in a position where you unnecessarily bringing the pain and anguish to not put your children in the position where you're hurting them when you shouldn't be provoke. Don't take them off to take them off their sensitive their developing sub so there's another in a childlike draft beer with the needs dealing with them. Create stuff don't create problems for your children. Unrealistic expectations want them to do what you didn't do when you were growing up they become the fulfillment of your dreams rather than God's will for them. Criticism can provoke them to anger because constant reformation. Rather, bring them up. Best word for nurturing nature them in the discipline and instruction of the Lord of the means Bible studies eight hours a day seven days a week. It means you raise them in a Christian environment that involves instruction and discipline. Deuteronomy 6 brings to teach them along the way. One walk and when you talk while watching television so you can be teaching all the time even when you're not formally in Bible study. So it's an environment of literature an environment of development and growth for the child that involves discipline what is discipline breaking your child's will without damaging the spirit is discipline. You have to control the will. When they say yes and you say no baby to know who's in charge.

We have too many kids run into many households. They don't tell you when they're coming and you tell them when you want and the consequences for not doing children tousled like a lady went to the grocery store and her daughter was acting up. She said Suzanne I'm not getting this off and control north-south router was very impressed.

See somebody doing that, discipline and got them a little girl the boy you have such a wonderful mother for your name was Suzanne.

Mom said no my name is Suzanne. She's better mother trying to control myself as much about doing it make us control us. Genesis 18, 19, puts it so well.if you want to bring a blessing to Abraham's house but before we could do that he had to train his children in the ways of God. Discipline them so he could bring about what God had planned for him. Dr. Tony Evans talking about ways both husbands and wives can make their home reflect heaven tractor message today is called heaven in the home. If you'd like to get a full-length copy to review on your own were to pass along to a friend I want you to know. It's available as a part of Tony's current series marriage matters is full of practical things you can do to take your marriage more seriously built love and respect, communicate more effectively overcome problems you thought were unbeatable and much more. As I mentioned earlier for a limited time were making a special package available that includes all 14 messages in this two-volume collection along with the three booklet bundle that includes for married men only for married women only and the companion work that ties them together marriage matters. You can get them all as her gift when you help keep Tony's teaching on the station visiting Tony Avenue and start or making a contribution in support of the ministry. Again, that ship 2011' or call us at 1-800-800-3222 our resource center is open 24 seven so call any time of the day or night. That's 1-800-800-3222. Today we been talking about heaven in the home, creating an atmosphere of love and respect their our society could use some of that same help. Dr. Evans believes we are in desperate need of reclaiming civility in our culture in order to create a peaceful environment where we can live, work and raise her kids. He encourages each of us at least once a week to find a deliberate deed of kindness we can do for a friend, neighbor, coworker, or someone we came across who has a need, we can alter the atmosphere of our culture for good and for God when we demonstrate kindness will coming up tomorrow the truth will set us free, but it can also be used as a weapon that hurts the very people we claim to love the most. Dr. Evans will tell us how to keep that from happening as he talked about building a healthy spirit of communication sure to join the alternative with Dr. Tony Avenue right you fighting for is made possible by the generous contributions from listeners like

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