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God Meets Your Emotional Needs

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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October 29, 2021 8:00 am

God Meets Your Emotional Needs

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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October 29, 2021 8:00 am

Christians experience emotional pain just like anybody else. But Dr. Tony Evans says that sometimes, we’re just better at hiding it. Join him as he explains how God can heal those hurts and meet our emotional needs in healthy ways.

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The doctor told you God is not only ready to change the way we we we feel all will meet all of you celebrating 40 years of faithfulness. This is the alternative Dr. Tony author, speaker, senior pastor of Oakland Bible Fellowship Dallas, Texas, president of the urban alternative Christians experience emotional pain just like anybody else. Dr. Evan says sometimes were just better at hiding it must join him as he explains how God can heal those hurts and meet our emotional needs. In healthy ways 23rd Saul one of the most magnificent literary pieces that has ever been written. And yet it goes much beyond simply a great flow and great harmony to this as part of his inspired record you and me know if the Lord is your shepherd he will meet all of your needs for even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for thou art with me that Ron and thy staff they comfort me dealing with peers and emotion today are living lives with emotional deficits, emotional account is empty is the same every day cloudy sky and rain if the Lord is your shepherd he will meet your emotional needs contexts that David speaks from his as well not go through the valley of the shadow of death is read that when I go to the Valium.

When I go to the valley of the shadow of death. David used to be a shepherd knew exactly what he was talking about when the shepherd was leading the shape through some balance was 12 o'clock noon was a place where it was hidden behind mountains in the Judeo Hill cast a shadow over the valley between those hills that would be the valley between two mountain point through that shape so put down and see shadows as far as the shape of concern nighttime is, even though it's new because if.wav years because it's.wav is concerned night so she shape us good night because of the nighttime, nighttime.

The hyenas come out and said nighttime the enemy devour them. So when they see the shadow works with basically the shadow they think it's almost like time.

It could be 12 o'clock-year-old lowlife barbecue.

Are you in the valley. The outside but inside, are you in the valley, the place where darkness has settled and you feel watching trap trap felt that you are emotionally tied to a situation that you can't shake you can't get out of. No matter what you what you say what movie you watch what's feedback get is still not and it doesn't get any lighter, you find yourself flat in the clouds of despair.

Valley and valleys below is wonderful with you on the mountaintop see the sun from any angle valley with stuff.

The low doing about how long the template should when you in the valley. Go impatiently doing the valley of the salmon quit.

The temptation in the Valley is make it. David said walking valley but I'm not going to tell the valley but I'm not quitting something that we need to know about life emotional about when you are down here it is.

When you are emotional display. What is the whole point you have tried everything you know to get out of it. You have sought every available and nothing is worked. You have gotten all the current substitutes on the status.

Nothing else but now I can only help you for moment you are right back where you started.

God allows you to be the Valley of the shadows where things are dark and you just want God has given you a gift again, give it back your gift because when God slaps you in the shadows. It is because it is bad and only there that you get to see who he really is. God allows you to be in the shadows now the shadow of the chief like because he was subject to the creatures of the night.

It wasn't really death just look like death because he was in a position that only God could get him out of David says no. I walk through the valley that looks like that is not death is just the shadow of death, but it feels like death to me to feel like I am not going to make shadow a bit. Anybody feel like I'm getting all the last year's anybody here feel like that I see this writing me and I'm not going to make it.

David says not feel even though it looks bad out there, even though all the cast off even though it looks like I'm on the situation where I could shred me.

I am not going to be a break. Remember that once this even a valley close enough to feel okay when the mountain valley and is a bad valley because it looks like death, but he says in spite of in spite of how it feels. In spite of the documents that's cloud middle on these like that I am not going to walk. If you hear that you are emotionally you keep going. I know you want to stop but he says I walk through the valley, David Sullivan restored down the right way, he finds himself in about what you find. The valley in him.

The Philadelphia even though I should be afraid not to be afraid just what I am going to succumb to be emotional, that I face in the shadow David Watts making you some strong sample dialogue with me this to the problem of emotional discouragement of God, to emotional victory when you are emotionally down, discouraged and afraid of God. Your emotional disappointment to your emotional trauma causation of God, thou art with me.

In other words, when you are emotionally down and you have run out of options. That's where God wants you to discover his supernatural presence. You will not discover that he's all you need until he's all you have run out and you must know your self on him. If you're going to make it one step but my legs up to have it, thou art with me. He understood the petite with the presence of God.

Dr. Evans will return with more about our need for God and frightening times when he continues this message from his powerful audio compilation Tony Evans top 40. It contains 40 of the most hard-hitting life-changing lessons. He's taught in his ministry's 40 year history. It includes messages on loving God first sling the giants in your life, demonstrating grace when dealing with racial issues and much more. And for the final couple of days. We are offering you volumes three and four of his four volume collection is our gift when you come alongside Tony's ministry and help see us through this season with a generous contribution. Please visit Tony right away while the special offer is still available.

Make your donation letter sent you all 20 lessons on CD or digital download from Tony Evans top 40 volumes three and four and if you missed out on the first two volumes of this collection. You can find out more about how to obtain those for your audio library as well. Again, as Tony or call our resource Center at 1-800-800-3222. Repeat our contact information after part two of today's lesson coming up right after this never traveled 300 miles from the place he was born has changed some more signs have been written about him than any other person in the world is brand-new found journey with Jesus.

Dr. Evans and family take you to the holy land and exploring testimony of Jesus Christ. So remarkable and sell impact this feature-length film is coming to select November to visit Tony to learn more and find out where it will be showing you what.

When I was with you have children who had nightmares to install outside.

They woke up and they screamed, they will pray they jump out of bed and they walked through the alley bedroom down the valley of the hall to the valley of your room that John got mad because what they needed somebody to be with you them didn't stop the rain didn't stop you but it shaved. They fell asleep. The fear that they had a long because mama was with me says the Lord, and he answered me and delivered me from all my fears. Stop looking at me and start looking at him and not be good rather than words. And with their look at them. My tears began became on the same that's for man verse six cried to the Lord and the Lord heard him and saved all of his troubles, but once I got to do it, may verse seven. Love the Lord encamped about you and you rescue them if you don't believe me and say that the Lord is good. How blessed is the man who takes refuge in him. The Lord, you can say you there is no one when you are at the God is given you a gift.

When your emotions have gone haywire and you are right in your now that God is now that you have nothing me and you only have me you will just stop up like never before.

You need it is the gift of God's presence not told the story so much that it was straight to point one with the disciples. The disciples get the storm so they can shake it back to Bob so they got scared because bone turnover in the valley of the shadow where was Jesus asleep. What good is the Savior who sleeps on you when you uninstall.

But not only was he asleep he was asleep on purpose because of the Bible says his head was on a cushion as a pillow. You don't pull out a pillow unless you intend to go to sleep what they're doing doing that you are not enough to pull out a pillow lay down on the pillow intended to go to sleep while his was.

Did you know sometimes you while the storm is going on because it wants to see what you are going doing the store when you got back and they won't give up the Bible. They say Jesus and they said what we think. Don't you care that I'm parish did you sleep on me at a time like this will be all the time like this will not be responding to me like not answer me.

At a time like this. They won't give up. The Bible says about Lord Jesus got up, went over to the installments that should be the start of God that gives good they look at what Jesus did, they woke him up because it was asleep while they went to mass and that man is this, that is the way do whatever he said and then comes the killer line and says and they saw movie while they were very much afraid they will scatter the stone but I got five when I saw was bigger than the store based on God's God emotional storm so that you can discover who is Psalm 56 37 when I was afraid I put my you and you delivered me in the midst of a small You see him as you've never seen it before. God told Moses. Moses go tell Pharaoh let my people go.

You got to be kidding me that people want to kill me over there we go. Tell them let my people go closing, go tell them let my people go, I will be with you Moses that now the only way I'm going is if you go with me if you don't go with me. I won't go but if you will overcome my fears and Moses went based on the I'm not going to let my circumstances dominate my motion denied he had to deal with.

The temptation is not because of God's power to become the what staff is a long stick with that when she would going to eat berries. It's for scope often get caught on the epistles and beyond in the brush with the ship would do would be reaching their hooking around the neck and wiggle it out on trap. It you have been trapped.

You have a big part in something you can get out of you been caught in some you can be delivered from God not only has power but he has grace.

Grace is when God reaches into your call. Mass and where he pulls you out God, which is to deliver you out of the situation that you have got yourself carded its grace grace grace is where God doesn't give you what you deserve. Grace is where God is good when you are bad time when you are on time loving when you don't deserve to be rich is it anyway you anyway take care of you. Anyway, that's God's grace. No heard about this new sheet that they have put in the washer and washing clothes," cocos sometimes bleed in the believer, the commensal public, close so they have a sheet you can put in now and when it washes tumbling and screaming going to the motions. It will suck up anything that's bled from one cloth in order to keep it from discoloring.

Another call and it doesn't tumbling in the washer is taking place. Sometimes life tumbled you around me about better bleed and discolor you just figure you and destroy you and you are spinning and turning and twisting and tumbling but God in his presence enters into that environment. Anything you want from having the last leg so in your life with God is why the Bible says, looking on the Jesus the author and finisher of our faith is perfect love casts out fear that when you know how much God loves you when you know how much God cares for you when you know how much he thinks a bunch when you know how you it will any emotion that seeks to tell you that he says focus on God.

Yes I love to tell you today be a good Christian and you won't get discouraged. Be a good Christian and you'll find that may be a good Christian, your finances will be double tomorrow be a good Christian and all that but you and I know like the work like their good days and bad days, sometimes living as hell and some nonliving is at sometimes you on the mountain. Sometimes you went about the psalmist want you to know that there are going to be emotional and then I go to be the shadows of days when it's not going right at work going right in hopes the kids are not responding to your right you feeling up to par you. You don't have to get up and go but he says even in time the motions have the final God have the final word. God is not to leave for St. Mary's on the keep walking you. I don't feel I don't see why just keep walking. You promise me that you bear with me don't you quit on me don't you throw out don't you because God has a plan God has a purpose because we sat down and I walk through the valley, stated no get to know you are live, watch Dr. 2011 with reassuring words about the Lord's love, concern and presence even in our darkest times.

Now today's message is part of the historic for volume audio compilation Tony Evans top 40 volumes three and four this collection are available now is a special offer for just a couple more days yours with our thanks when you make a donation to help support Tony's work.

Get the details before time runs or you can also find a huge selection of life-changing resources and sign up for his free weekly email devotional again that's Tony or call our 24 hour resource Center at 1-800-800-3222 again that's 1-800-800-3222 one Monday will present the final message from Tony Evans top 4020 will point out the giants are just as big a problem today as they were in the days of David and Goliath now take a different form. Be sure to join us for the alternative with Dr. Tony Evans is brought to you by the celebrating 40 years of faithfulness, thanks to the generous contributions of listeners like you

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