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Jehovah Rophe: The Lord Who Heals

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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August 5, 2021 8:00 am

Jehovah Rophe: The Lord Who Heals

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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August 5, 2021 8:00 am

Some of the healthiest people you know may be the most in need of healing. But in this lesson, Dr. Tony Evans explains why, and spells out God's plan to un-pollute our bitter lives.

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People ships Dr. Tony Evans talked about why a worldly attitude said to suffer more worldly problem celebrating faithfulness.

This is the alternative Dr. Tony have bothered speaker, senior pastor of Oakland Bible Fellowship in Dallas Texas and president of the life can be pretty bitter sometime. Who would want to sweeten things up by finding a way to heal the hurts in our lives Dr. Evan subject as he takes us to Exodus 15 for today's lesson. Let's join local hospitals, clinics, counseling centers, psychiatrist and psychologist give thought reality and testimony to the pain her sickness, the brokenness of our lives need to be made well because something is broken physically, emotionally, situationally, is a need we all have a name for God today deals with that Jehovah roughly the Lord's is taken from a situation coming right off of a great miracle 2215 says that Moses led Israel from the Red Sea. We all know about the ritzy. They went now wants to go, but that was no other way to get some wintry day in the world's wealth. They came 23 not drink the water when things don't go down like we want. Verse 24 from right to special mass undrinkable notice that the call with the same thing will just come back clean because they have a problem with no solution before God. Open up the ritzy to forget what God can do, because it would take long to forget what God has done the same problem with the things had gotten allowed to go through this problem. Verse 25 statute and regulation S was the means God will pass to see whether you mentioned to what he revealed to say whether they were paying attention to reveal himself as your source to the Lord and the Lord shall surely into the water and the waters became sweet while I call that way polluted, but did not call split ritzy blocks away to see the solution you brought want to see and show the credit bad situation leads to verse 26 and if you speed to avoid the Lord your God give ear to his commandments that I will put you which I put on the Egyptian Lord your Jehovah roughly about his name what what I just went through that was better the time became usable and flash you get something new about me you never told you before, I will explain about meeting you. You get a point of reference for my name is 25 will put you objections that God went through yet shouldn't be going through the true way people to be going through the same ships, righteous worldview entry style just when you view patient should going through because we because we joined the problem issues that have problems in trouble, but all become God's saving shouldn't get sick people that when they do get sick sleep, the private rooms and private hospitals will nobody knows this okay logic you shouldn't. That's not what that true when the Bible, God's healing relationship to this cause the problem of Jesus Christ is Christ addressing sin's probably on some anything that we got a whole bunch of stuff stuff will probably sleep stop for coal software, we got a medicine cabinet to address all the problems. If it's not you want a prescription, but you can get a prescription prescription some serious medicine design over-the-counter you you because you prescription makes like laying you'll get feeling but don't get me relationally when you taken medicine medicine medicine makeup medicine you get what you want to be taken. When I told you to do it this way all the tree medicine any medical plan will accept all purification water systems. Jehovah would know better the situation became sweet, will hear more about how God can sweeten up your life. Dr. Evans continues her message just a moment first so you can dig even deeper into today's subject. With the help of Tony's popular devotional book experience the power of God's names.

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Scripture Finals Writers, Social Issues of Today and A Lot Of Time Today to Learn More Training Training We Have in Our Community Things Are Designed to Make Things Better. For Example the Street.

There Was a Car Wash.

It Goes in Dirty Comes out Clean Street Cleaners Dirty Clothes in the Come out Clean Salons and What Is You and I Will Already Based on His Word, Addressing Anything That Works One Day and He Made a Mistake and Lost the Key Situation Where What You Think Is Located Situation Because You Want Specific to a Specific Problem Didn't Come from Something Previously Given What You Were a Backup Principal. But What You Find from the Holy Spirit Gives Nation to Specific Application Always Give You the Specific Application. It Will Give You the Principal Confirming the Nation to the Specific Application Based on What Is Prescribed. God Gives You the Specific Application Application Which May Be Different Tomorrow When You Want to Do Another Problem on the Prescription Got Sweet. No Parties down Here in Texas but in Baltimore Manuel Was Raised in Some Almost My Father Brought Home to See Red Face like Snow and Slices of Peace Put Salt Put Salt Salt on Scene to Salt and Makes Them so No Juice and Makes It Juicy When You Want to Make It. You May Make Verse 27 Verse 27 He Concludes Then They Came Where There Were 12 Springs of Water 70 Date and Break Camp beside Was No Way out Way Way from the Sea. One God Gave Them the Principal and What Springs of Water and 30301 See Them What You (You like to Know Springs, John John with You Probably Know the Goodness of God and Make No Law in the Midst Dr. Tony Evans Talking about How God Could Take the Parts of Our Lives That Are Bitter and Make Them Better Part of His Current Series Called Knowing God's Names Now Copies of Today's Lesson Are Available on Both CD and As a Digital Download, and You Can Get All 14 Messages in This Powerful Two-Volume Collection. If You Contact Us Right Away and Make a Donation to Support Tony's Ministry.

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The Sheep Aren't Especially Bright Animals and They Don't Get along Too Well, without Proper Care Tomorrow. Dr. Evans Will Wrap up the Series on Knowing God's Names As She Focuses on How the Lord Shepherds His Flock, Namely Us, the Alternative with Dr. Tony Celebrating 40 Years of Thanks to the Generous Contributions of Listeners like You

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