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Lame Man Walking (Special Message From Kingdom Men Rising Movie)

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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March 30, 2021 8:00 am

Lame Man Walking (Special Message From Kingdom Men Rising Movie)

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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March 30, 2021 8:00 am

Join Dr. Tony Evans as he tells the story of a lame beggar who got more help from Jesus than he expected. In this lesson, you’ll take a look at why living like a spiritual cripple can be habit-forming and how men can find the strength to stand up and start walking by faith.

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You can get so used to being around Dr. Tony Evans says it can, but only when we start refusing to be crippled by our culture.

Celebrating 40 years of faithfulness. This is the alternative Dr. Tony Evans, author, speaker, senior pastor of Oakland Bible Fellowship Dallas, Texas, president of the alternative.

When we hear a person described as lame a number of different meanings or images may come to mind. But today Dr. Evans will give us a perspective on that word.

You probably never thought of before. It's part of a special presentation we put together today drawn from the powerful feature film kingdom men rising a partnership effort created by lively films and Tony Evans films want to turn to acts chapter 3 as we join you, well, God wants us to be derived biblical God with all the things about this man will will will and you can stand up a lot of memories come with driving hometown was a great sense of community.

My father would always be that God is in control.

He would do that all the time about anything and I had to make sure that I was planting my feet firmly in the midst of the frustration and confusion as we live into the mid 60s there was a lot of racial pension in the nation and in Baltimore, Maryland. I remember when Martin Luther King was assassinated. I was at a friends house saw coming over the news saw the pain on the nations face major riots broke out here in Baltimore. The National Guard was up in front of our home all along our street and in the neighborhood ordered doing a very, very tense time in our nation but also remember how my father's cause us not to become better disappointed and angry but not because the father would always remind me that even though it was just an even evil. I was never to cite God was in control.

My father always was reminding me in one form or another that I was a son of the king of kings that I was to find myself not by how other people thought about me, about me, what God said about me God related to me because spiritual I was never allowed myself to the reality that I saw it was all based.

I couldn't limit myself to it because God was so that was instilled in me and so that help because he rose God's process of building Tony's future and purpose, including bringing some very strategic people into his life.

His father laid the foundation of faith in God used others to create opportunity help Tony see further than he could himself reflected on the importance of opportunity in young men's lives. As he chatted with his dad and one of his early mentors Martin Resnick what my father gave me was going foundation foundation of responsibility because of his work ethic and always on the waterfront hard labor back but he was always consistent and faithful no matter how he would do whatever it took to thinking about family that shown me commitment to family commitment to responsibility even during tough times, but I learned a lesson not to quit, not give up our times were tough because I had that model, but the world I was in was pretty narrow and from what I saw around me was pretty narrow what the opportunity, evil washing dishes gave me with you seeing a big world that I could begin to take a positive way. Even if the dishwasher and then of course when you gave me the opportunity to get to family that opened up another northern I remember talking about you talking about college when I was 1966 or 6757 Tony's early mentor entrepreneur Martin Resnick approached me about getting a full-time job in my company really what you really wanted to go to college you need for you to college graduate college come work for you. Come work for a company and get that education is very well and good look at the money go to college.

I said well you think about Qubec is a pivotal duplicate.

I will pay one half college for four years and you will find other for Qubec at the first year you said thanks Martin is no longer on good but I get three more years of scholarships. The pain with thank you for your offer. When you know what you what you did want to challenge me to go to college and also me to help you gave me a hand up, but you insistently take responsibility and and looking back I see the value of that combination of reaching down and helping at the same time saying you got you got all the part of this is Michael give something away but you also gave hope because you said you do this I'll have a job for you, but the fact that something was laid out for me to let me know that there was something in my future and have so many young men today who don't see hope they'll see anything out there and I see how important it is. They have been offer hope that does not take away responsibility but back occurs possible to offer them something bigger than they could see on their own. Dr. Evans continues the conversation with his father, Arthur Evan senior as you look at the fan when you look at the kids a look at your life because my mom is gone, but as you look back at it make you feel. I feel wonderful because the come along way and no idea you would come in and saw God go to this for the biggest role course and the foundation will will you I did the best I could but I was under so much pressure. I will make my clients. I was on a campus jam limousine is doing everything your roof work and everything clicks in order to try to keep the family go. I remember times walking the glad tidings from our house, which is quite a walk right and then I get somebody from the church bring me back home can be dark when I would walk. That's how much impact you have in the home and making us go on Sunday right to worship noted that was a big deal to insist whether you will not church. Why was the bottom taught me that the families just think things just stick together is what will be doing one of the big lessons that I learned from you was the responsibility and commitment of a man to his family and being father of his children because when I look around a lot. Now whenever I go Baltimore and outside got all these kids with no father's right hand. What you did was you model regardless of how tough it got. You are not going to abandon your responsibility. Can I ask you whether you got too tired that you want to throw in the town, which is no father's commitment not to give up when there was so many negatives facing him financially, personally and culturally astounds me.

And even in the face of racial segregation and even oppression. His faith overrode that shown me the power of faith over racism Jim Crow segregation. Jesus Christ is so big that Perkins square Baptist Church reminds me of the religious segregation that was doing the way people believe the Bible love the Lord still would let us come worship with and so that was a dichotomy. Martin Luther King said 11 o'clock on Sunday morning is still the most get out America that I don't know how we expect the culture to get better when the church can get along and when we are illegitimately segregated and making a sin problem skin problem and not dealing with the problem week we will be sweet own the responsibility of calling a culture in decline.

Back calling men back as my dog called all the men three times a year to tell them how to be a man to sit on the send you back to your culture to your family. When I send you back there, then I'll preserve the culture because I got the ministry whenever you gotta take care you could you not man enough to take what everybody else is gonna bring you the way to go because you're not able to get on your own so every day, every single day. Somebody had to carry him to be so we know nothing about it leaves the bag living on tips. He wants people to put something in a scandal something in his job, something so we could somehow have another day because we know we only got enough to live one day at will get back to the special presentation moment, and when we do. Dr. Evans will tell us why lameness can actually become an addiction first so I want to tell you about Tony's brand-new book which has the same title as the movie we are hearing excerpts from today kingdom men rising due to be released in just a few days. It empowers men to be strong, courageous, loving leaders at home, at work, at church, and in the community you learn how to reject society's warped image of manhood and replace it with the biblical blueprint God had in mind when he created you. What becomes of the next generation of men depends on what happens with this one. That's why we want you to be one of the first to have a copy of the new kingdom men rising book is our thank you gifts when you make a contribution to help us keep Tony's teaching on the station along with it will send you all 12 messages in Tony's kingdom, men rising series as a bonus, you can get them on CD or digital download. But this limited time offer won't last long, so be sure to get in touch with us today to get the details and make the arrangements. You can do that or reach out to our resource Center at 1-800-800-3222 anytime of the day or night. That's 1-800-800-3222. What we have more great content from the kingdom men rising feature film ready to go? Dr. can find an excuse for not being his opportunity skills and culture to be misled and the true definition of manhood like my friend John to was going in one direction that Jesus Christ wonder going in another direction will you can be transformed as a man you can begin to transform Dallas Cowboys quarterback coach in 2019. John Kip in October 1993, my girlfriend at the time, walked into my apartment room and coming that with another girl. Now, just like what my doing a mess of the best things ever happened to me just like a wake up moment in and I remember her and I were talking through it and I just said I don't know this means for you and I but I need to go back to church is an interesting concept since I never really been to church. I did know one guy had seen some changes in his life. So I called him I said you know what happened in your life. He was actually playing for the New York Jets at the time he tells me*Sharon historian at the time I didn't realize, but now I doing sharing the gospel with me using words like now crucified and forgiven and redemption, grace and mercy are things I never heard before and I knew that's exactly what I wanted I wanted those changes in my life. I needed I needed that I was nave, so I thought I had to go on some retreat in the summertime or some like that.

I maximize questions like not accept Jesus right where you are to me go public to change the whole junket when he came to Dallas I saw someone who was a fireball Dallas Cowboys chaplain Jonathan F remember junket became into the locker room is first day he's 15, 16 year vet becomes the locker room and their plan their music on one side of the locker room and he puts in his music and that is how I room he just turns all the way up and it is just this is what it is you like that music I like this and everything turned out an attorney because when you're listening to is not good free and good for you as a man think that for yourself and this is something he's actually decent. Eventually by the end of the season guys were changing lockers from figure out having to close it be like him because he's a fireball for Jesus Christ. He is not ashamed of the gospel think that person think for the man out there that got kids at home already been married long time and site and I haven't had discipleship have been a discipleship.

This is been a part of my life. If that's a desire of yours suffering about. Those are godly things that God wants for every one of his followers is to be in discipleship so we can be assured that if we pray for those things God's will answer that prayer is numbering somebody along start the site when you start teaching you anything. Men need to learn how to learn what it means to be a man of difficult godly man might just be what it means to be a godly husband might be what it means to be a godly father might be what it means to be a godly leader of other manner other people when you're in your workplace and I think there's I got answers those prayers. Not being afraid to got grown kids are. You got teenagers at home, as this is new to you and saying to pursue God more seriously as as the leader of this home and hope you guys can show me some grace and some mercy along the way.

I have a friend played now works and he has personally experienced the pressures of conforming that environment, but he rose above the Tasting strong so I went up to the end of the law offices to talk to my friend Troy Vincent and get his perspective on manhood and disciples. This is to plan what plan and NFL manager seen that being reflected just to make people think about.

I would say we think about what the perception it defines what masculinity is and I think that's totally untrue NFL operations Executive Vice President Troy Vincent whose defining what that is and is masculinity muscle is a physical being.

No, that's not how Christ defined masculinity. But when you see people tackling it represents one of these jerseys the big hits to tackles detaches the throws I mean think about that and you know conceptually is that really what masculinity is so complying that believing a lie.

I believe, or their buying into what is a perception or potentially a lie only dungeon represents a man who demonstrates that they need not be a dichotomous from being a great coach and a great man of God.

NFL legend Tony gentry. I think we have a cultural picture of a man of the toughest guys in the room when man and I don't think Christ was like Christ is not aware Christ was not a pushover. Christ was the toughest guy in the room just sewed it in a different way and sometimes being tough means going against the grain. It means not conforming to everyone else.

Culture is made 696 rooms when I first met Kirk Franklin he was a broken man.

A successful broken one of the things that had broken him once his addiction to pornography, but he wanted to be disciple and through time spent, and man we saw a gun reason mother that addiction and use them to help bring the addiction he himself was we are living in a very hypersexual coaching under hypersexual time recording artist Kirk Franklin. He can be very difficult for a Christian man single and married because I think that the the falsehood that that marriage for Christian man fixes every problem that Manhattan may have sexually is another myth, and so if we don't have very safe places for men because men have to have safe place to fall. That's what I tell my junks I tell my stories of pornography and when impetus out I went to McKnight and need man to know that they're not alone and is not embarrassing because Mabel go to a cave and they would die silent you can get so used to being defeated in his ability that you believe that you can be an addiction got a lot of addiction. That is where you get back with an comment just a moment. With this says to me what is God saying to be a man in rising society can't sign it requires showing up present standing up speaking truth is powerful and long-awaited sequel to instant bestseller to demand Tony Evans can demand rising challenges men to rise up to what they believe in kingdom and we must rise plaintiff for Tony Evans.don't forget this powerful book is available for a short time as our gift when you make a contribution toward the ministry of the urban alternative and will send it along with Tony's 12 lessons CD series, also called kingdom and rising a separate Bible study guide is available to get yours before time runs out by calling 1-800-800-3222 or visit Tony Gavin' or you can check out our huge library of resources and sign up for Tony's free weekly email devotional again that's Tony Evans' tomorrow will hear more from the powerful kingdom men rising movie, including some personal insights into Tony's background and practical advice on becoming a godly man of influence. Right now though his back with these final comments for us.

One of the things the Bible is clear is that men are not saved by works. This is so confusing that so many people.

Some people say I'm trying to make In the home. Some people talk about how they are keeping the 10 Commandments. Other people talk about that better than the neighbors. None of that makes you acceptable to a God who demands perfection.

Anything less than perfection is unacceptable to holy God. So guess what God did, he came up with the perfection program.

He took his perfect son. He knew no sin, let him die for the sins of the whole world and he will make a credit exchange.

He will exchange your sin for Jesus is perfection. If you come to Jesus for the transfer but he will only do it if you come to Jesus. He won't do it if you try to earn it.

So would you come to Jesus right now and ask him to make a transfer to transfer your sin to him and to say you what his righteousness applied to your account that you receive that righteousness you give him your sin in exchange for the gift of eternal life if you will tell them that now if you will believe on him to be your savior. He will give you eternal life salvation from sin heaven as a final destiny and the beginning of a new experience of God operating in your life.

All Fred doesn't get the alternative with Dr. Tony celebrating 40 years of faith thanks to generous contributions listeners like you

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