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Reversing Addiction Consequences

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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January 20, 2021 7:00 am

Reversing Addiction Consequences

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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January 20, 2021 7:00 am

The truth is, even Christians who believe we’re all equal under God can treat some people like they’re more equal than others. Join Dr. Tony Evans as he talks about why fairness ought to begin within the family of God and why dealing with discrimination should take seconds instead of centuries.

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You expect Dr. Tony Evans is when it comes to healing divisions of discrimination seeing our prayers answered. Mercy is the key. Celebrating 40 years of faithfulness. This is the alternative Dr. Tony Abbott, modern speaker, senior pastor of Oakland Bible Fellowship Dallas, Texas and president of the alternative in a culture that supposed to celebrate diversity, we seem to spend a lot of time focusing on our differences building walls instead of bridges, but there's a better blueprint in the Bible. Dr. Evans will tell us about it today. Let's join them since discussion questions how can you worship God glory Jesus Christ to personal favoritism. Call will making distinctions if you shall partiality all those verses are about one thing. Jenna meant discrimination, personal favoritism distinctions partiality and the consequences as you hear the comes from concerned about the church in particular Christians are not being divided by a spirit of elitism as you push somebody else down without the right basis for doing so.

That is the latest spirit that it is driven by making a judgment with evil motives. Social motivation is not all is evil not let me get this straight. All discrimination is not wrong when told to discriminate between truth and error which will discriminate between righteousness and unrighteousness were told to discriminate against sin and that which is his obedience to God when called to discriminate based on a divine standard not a human, so discrimination is right if it's authorized by God. It is well authorized by man in contradiction to God. What we have done in our culture as we picked up the attitudes of the world and brought them into the kingdom of God. He says how do you balance the glorious name of our Lord Jesus Christ with personal favoritism distinctions. Now we come to racial discrimination elimination is godly treatment of people based on skin, this is the plague of our day. This is the area that we'd not been able to overcome in America. The issue of race. The sin of racism.

We talk about how Derek uses coming for the Lord Jesus Christ with personal favoritism in numbers 12 versus 1 to 15 Moses marries a black interracial marriage and his brother and sister get upset so they rebel against Moses because of the woman that he married the Scripture says that when God saw what Miriam did against the brother simply because of the woman he married.

He gave Miriam that Percy and she became white as snow you like white, we will make you white God rendered judgment on her because she rebelled against biblical authority based on an illegitimate criteria of a mixed marriage, Miriam and Aaron repented until they repented she calendar leprosy when she repented he removed the leprosy and brought her normal skin back.

He wanted to serve notice don't shoot you and criteria in the house and among my people. This gender discrimination, the ungodly devaluing of women for they usefulness giftedness and calling women often get a bad rap, and often get abused by men and by culture, creating an overreaction of feminism that takes them away from biblical womanhood.

The Bible is clear that there are distinctions there many distinctions, but when it comes to look kingdom of God. The Bible is clear that there are varying roles in God's kingdom boxes. The husband is head of the wife and the wife comes in.

She brings our gifts and skills but you must submit to the legitimate authority the husband should because there is a little different in the Bible. The Bible says that the final authority in the church is to be male that does not mean that the giftedness and calling of women should be downgraded, ignored or underused certain offices are gender-based. No gift is so just across genders, so any man has a woman can have just not every office a man has a woman hands and unless you make a distinction between office and gives you getting confused and when they become devalued. First Peter chapter 3 verse seven says women are able to live in the grace of life. In fact, the first message preached in Scripture.

When Jesus arose was by a woman sent to tell the men he's alive concerning the recognition of gifts and the usefulness so that there is not gender discrimination illegitimately next is one. The Bible condemns political discrimination church has an interesting mix of Democrats and Republicans. The church is made up of both 43 verses 1 to 12 says. Don't bring your things and put them next to my throne.

Don't bring your politics in the house like it can overrule me know you keep on the wall. He says because in house.

This is my throne and to put in everyday language. I don't ride the bats abilities or elephants. Since no medical system only represents the kingdom of God. The flaws in both sides, and so people are going to be different when you come to that voting booth you're only going to live the King of Kings and Lord of lords.

So you do not allow it to divide the charge of Jesus Christ's answers to the issues on the platform you make your decision but your decision starts with how you raise your parents. Which bracket it starts with Scripture what God says about whatever the issue happens to be what he says don't bring that mess up in the house and allowing to divide my team that is cultural discrimination. This is the rejection of people based on their background, language or customs in acts chapter 6 verses 1 to 6. There was a cultural conflict between the Greek speaking Jews and the Hebrew speaking Jews minimum, both Jews and part of the same race but they have different cultures to fewer Greek speaking. You grew up in agriculture. If you are Hebrew speaking Jews who grew up in the Hebrew culture so you different likes and dislikes culturally backgrounds with different even though you were of the same race and so there was this cultural conflict in the church, the apostles and the call a special meeting will fix this battle between culture. Too many of us if we in the same race but were not part of the same culture grew up in one neighborhood family was able to escape that neighborhood.

Maybe you grew up in the hood or on your parents now living in middle-class and social value systems may not be the same with the same race. So you have a conflict of values due to the background. Apart from right and wrong, good and bad righteousness and unrighteousness, because that's the standard you discriminate, they said we will not cultural conflict to divide the church because one group felt they were being neglected by another group. Any submittal to bring this thing together to bring God's help to this situation because we will judge people in race who act different than we do who don't have the same values that we have. We will discriminate them with right and wrong is just dealing with their different and you final oneness preferential discrimination. This is discrimination over preferences.

In other words you like this. I like that the whole chapter of Romans 14 deals with preferential discrimination. When you judge people simply because they don't like what you like and they don't do what you do that's not simple. He says why do you judge your brother over opinion watch it whenever your funny thing about this when I think people have the right to be different than you think apostles were different than each other. It was not like Paul. Paul was not like John that temperaments were different. John to lean on Jesus's chest Paul as an academician scholar. There were different and so are you so big different stop trying to make everybody you everybody apart from the divine standard of freedom to be different so that there is not conflict in the church over that which is not illegitimate. Dr. Evans will come back with more on what it will take to end discrimination when he continues her message just a moment first so I want to let you know about Tony's brand-new book that explores what it takes to turn your life in a whole new direction.

Even if you spent years struggling in areas like financial responsibility, substance abuse, sexual promiscuity or family since they go back generations, you'll finally discover how to reverse flaws and failures that you thought were irreversible. The book is called U-turns reversing the consequences in your life and it was designed to perfectly complement the teaching series you been listening to today you turn reversing spiritual consequences for limited time were bundling the book and all 12 audio messages in this series on both CD and digital download and sending them to you as our thank you gift when you make a contribution to help continue Tony's ministry. Just visit Tony to get the details and make the arrangements and if you want to explore the subject of spiritual turnarounds even further. Or perhaps prepare yourself to lead others in these life-changing truths. Be sure to look into the companion Bible study and DVD kit. Dr. Evans has prepared to accompany the U-turns book and audio messages. Again, that's Tony or let one of our resource team members help you, day or night at 1-800-800-3222 that's 1-800-800-3222. Stay with us. That was behind Dr. Tony Evans talks about oneness and bring a look at when bridging the racial gap is overlooking our differences, making the most God is calling his people and his kingdom that was happening.

The church is to take the kingdom.

The biblical prescription for racial reconciliation available now with Tony Evans is division there is divine judgment, including a civil so we can talk about Indian slavery in all that Abraham Lincoln and all that know the Civil War was divine judgment, due to the evil that was taking place in the culture. This chaos that we see all around us. See don't take God out of this equation. Illegitimate division brings divine judgment he says is judgment so we got chaos today and inside of the church at all.

Absolutely no one will be allowed to discriminate legitimately against another person using human standard to trump divine revelation will name the name of Jesus Christ and is willing to submit to the legitimate authority to charge is welcome because they blog to the kingdom of God in the first issue is not what you thought you know is what God has, which may mean mom and dad were wrong so personal lines church and flew into society. He says in verse eight. If however you are fulfilling the royal law according to the Scriptures, you shall love your neighbor as yourself. You are doing well. This is the chief rule that brings together all of the rules is to compassionately and responsibly and righteously seek the well-being of another is biblical love. You are to love your neighbor in light of what you expect to receive. In other words, is a boomerang principle when you relate to somebody else properly without illegitimate distinctions you have set your self up for God to come back to you with the very thing you handed out. That's why Luke 638 says give and the thing you get right back to you if you wanted you better get a lot of us are calling on God. Because he saved others and legitimately against the wrong standard law. The foundation releases like Deuteronomy 24 verse 19 God says I want to do. I want you to leave the edges of your field for the pool harvesting touch the edges of you feel that the poor come and give pieces because when you do your God will bless you so treat the royal law royally because it is the linchpin for everything else. Verse five. This is my blood brother did not God choose the poor of this world be rich in faith and heirs of the kingdom which he promised to those one. He said here's another reason why you can't be illegitimately discriminatory because God has chosen the people who don't have much to possess more faith. You know what is more faith because I got to depend on you got a MasterCard or Visa. BankAmerica got all the stuff dependency level have to be that charge, but the pool eking out a living from data that you trust God, day by day.

If you got extra and abundant trust God because you can see when you got to get a freezer refrigerator you can start out the month, so when you run into a situation in your life that money came to somebody who can get to God not only on the kingdom it means when you will be switched. The portal will be the millionaires up there Rich to go to be the Pope was up there because everybody in heaven is not equal to your originality but you will discriminatory your selfish, you will will will close in verse 13 with the start he says judgment will be merciless to those who don't show mercy. You still stuck up on yourself what you have and how much you make and what you drive and what you wear in which a bank account is all about you. This is okay judgment will be merciless if that's how you roll words when you need mercy when you meet somebody to come to bat for you in court to bring about the boat for you and people tell you. Good thing you've done the community foundation would help them out of trouble. You know what a brilliant pump for you to reduce your sentence and for you to get more mercy from the judge requesting is when you need mercy from God. Now most certainly at the judgment seat of Christ to give testimony Got some issues, but what it did for me. Everything I met you got this cloud of witnesses who can do the fact that you may have had some flaws in your life, but that a bunch of good stuff. Here's what you need to know in closing, Christ. When you stand before you take from the time of your salvation to your death. You get to sit with him in your booth and you get a look at your tape. Good, bad and you have parts on your tape and go to bingo because he says he will evaluate words and deeds and thoughts and declarations.

He faces quickly look at your whole life to determine your level of reward or lack thereof. This is not interested in having to do with reward loss of reward for those already going to have excuses. We will review your take is this all Christian life is going to be sent sample review.

He makes an astounding statement and diversity mercy over trust. In other words, God will be looking for opportunities to show mercy sensitive is it anything redeemable in your Christian experience that you do so because I don't want the job I want to show both in time and especially then I want to know what mercy Dr. Evans will come back in a moment with a final illustration about the balance between mercy and judgment, so stay with us first so I wanted to remind you that you can request your own copy of Tony's current teaching series you turn reversing spiritual consequences.

As I mentioned earlier, all 12 life-changing lessons in this powerful two-volume collection are available, along with his brand-new book U-turns for a limited time is our gift when you make a donation to help us keep Tony's teaching on this station. The alternative is a completely listener supported ministry. So we rely on your generosity to keep these messages coming your way each day visit Tony to make your donation request your copy of the U-turns series and be sure to take a look at the U-turns Bible study and DVD kit. This package makes a great addition to your personal study and includes tips and teaching guides for leading others in the study of how God can redeem the bad choices they've made in the past. Again, drop by Tony today or call our resource Center at one 800 832, 22 team members are standing by to help you with your request day and night. Again, that's 1-800-800-3222 many Christians live their lives like spiritual POWs, unable to break free from the sins that hold them hostage, but tomorrow Dr. Evans will tell us about an escape route that's already in place and it comes straight from Scripture right now though he's back with a final thought for today includes community didn't do other crimes have nothing to do what you in court. Whatever you what mercy is one of the most merciful thing you could hearing court when you guilty when the subject X number of years is most merciful thing you can. I want to do a thousand hours of community service I'm supposed to go to jail but that was enough mercy for community service that all the wrong judgment and may different was they felt I could be useful to help others. So account now so that when judgment comes later that we do not see judgment when you as being the alternative, Tony is celebrating 40 years of faithfulness, thanks to the generous contributions of listeners like you

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