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The Key to Your Reversal, Part 1

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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January 11, 2021 7:00 am

The Key to Your Reversal, Part 1

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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January 11, 2021 7:00 am

When you find yourself driving in the wrong direction, you look for a place to make a U-turn. In this lesson, Dr. Tony Evans says the same is true when youre off course in life and explains how changing direction can reverse the spiritual consequences of sin.

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What God is going to address Dr. Tony Evans is turning your circumstances around storage by turning yourself around the links in sin, taking steps that says this what I am doing good relationship celebrating. This is the alternative Dr. Tony Abbott, author, speaker, senior pastor of Oakland Bible Fellowship in Dallas Texas and president of the alternative. When you find yourself driving in the wrong direction. You look for a place to make a U-turn.

Dr. Evan says the same is true when you're off course in life today will explain how doing that can reverse the spiritual consequences of sin. Let's join them as a master key to a facility that means that they can come lock all doors are subject to this one person may have an individual key to aroma to their office but when someone has a master key it can address all the rooms. I am sure many of you have said I need God to do something about unique special applied to me situation.

There are probably as many variables of scenarios in this world as there are people you have a unique set of circumstances that you are having to deal with that may be totally different or maybe varied from your neighbor but I want to launch our time together today by giving you the master key because the key.

I'm getting ready to give you will unlock every door you are not an exception to this key it's a master key for whatever the circumstance or consequence is you are dealing with. But today I want to give you based on the word of God. The one key that will address the masses of scenarios that are present in the variety of people who are here. What is the master key that can give you hope about a reversal in your circumstances. Simply stated, the master key for the reversal consequences brought on by sin is developing a lifestyle of repentance sin again. The master key that opens up the door for the possibility of the reversal of your life circumstances that have been brought on by sin is developing a lifestyle of repentance you read all through the Bible and this word will bring up one of its one that I will focus on the day the word return if brought up over and over again in a whole variety of circumstances where people saw the need to have their stances in life reversed.

Why is this word the word that you must understand if you want God to intervene at his prerogative into your consequences with already established that most of us, if not all of us are facing various degrees of consequences due to sinful decisions we've made, leading to regrets that we have in situations we wish we could reverse and go back and do over again the problem occurs is that you can't. The problem occurs is that some things many things, and most things once they get the consequence level I jumping out of my hands and yet God does offer this word predicated on his prerogative to open the door for the many different burials that need nursing do the simple decisions. So let's start off understanding why the word is needed before we get into what the word entails the word repent. Repentance is necessary because of the existence of sin. Sin may be defined as any violation of the divine standard. Any violation of the divine standard. The biblical word for it is sin. The biblical word is not mistake the biblical word is not bad habit.

The biblical word is not not bad. The biblical word for the violation of the divine standard is the word sin is a sin, the reason why would you say this because it is not like a popular word, but it is the only word God recognizes when it comes to the need for the repentance that gives hope for the reversal of circumstances whenever we violate transgress the standard of God.

God says that sin now. The reason is this sin has to do with the nature of God, the Bible describes God as perfect and righteous in all of his ways is a perfect meeting in the same way that you don't like trash or garbage God doesn't like sin because of his nature in the same way that a doctor or nurse. Once the surgical room sterile.

No bacteria or viruses is because it contaminates the area so God cannot have any relationship with sin and maintain his holy integrity so that means sin has to be addressed before consequences can be addressed what many people want is God to change that consequence without facing this method alone would get rid of the problems caused by athlete to adjust my sin make me feel better, look better, be better help a brother out system out there can be no dealing with the consequence unless we deal with the cause of the because is sin, which is an affront to a holy God and a violation of his divine understanding. This gets us into the process.

Now the Bible violating God's revealed righteous standard is associated to belief with you sought over and over during a busy signal.

18 passage. Why will you die repent so that you don't die. Romans 623.

The wages of sin is death.

James 115 when sin is completed, it brings forth death all over again what team on your downfall is because of your sin, so that is associated with sin retrieve it when we put another way, when you see you die.

You have to stick with me with you soon.

You die women we don't drop dead every time we send what would be empty brittle drop dead in the Bible that does not mean annihilation that does not mean the ceasing of existence. That's never what that means in the Bible in the Bible that means separation. A separation occurs when we send a occurs because a separation occurs, what the separation fellowship with God is lost when sin is introduced. God must separate from sin.

Since we often leading to separate from us in terms of our personal relationship, which I'll explain distance occurs when sin is introduced into a scenario when that gap occurs because men introduce that space due to the gap caused by sin becomes filled with consequences. There is a spacing issue with consequences still in the gap where the sin created the separation because God is no longer there to block it. Now we are all familiar with physical got a call when you got a casket you got a cadaver what that person hasn't ceased to exist. It's just that the soul and the spirit has left the body.

So there is a separation that is occurred causing the consequence that the body can no longer function because the life principle is no longer operating unit approaches the separation has a deadly consequence. We talk about physical death. You remember when God told Adam the day you eat the fruit that same day you will die.

But even foldout bed that day physically die that day. Nobody died because the Bible says that God removed him from the garden and from intimate fellowship with him, so that was a spiritual death. That was an emotional death, it says fear took over and controlled him emotional depth is when you can't live with you. People can become so distraught that they want to die or commit suicide because they can no longer live with themselves. There has been a separation of themselves to themselves relational death. We hear hear couples say when they are getting a divorce. The death of a marriage that is a relational that can occur.

There is economic death with your bills or controlling you when you're not controlling them.

And so there is a gap economically that can occur so that all these kinds of tests in the Bible because the biblical meaning of death is an illegitimate separation and of course, then there is the worst death of all eternal.

We call it hell eternal death is where a person is separated from fellowship with God forever. Although the cold death in the Bible.

Now that we understand Dan Dr. Evans will come back in a moment to give us a new perspective on life first so what you're hearing today is part one of Tony's life-changing series you turn reversing spiritual consequences.

This collection will teach you what it takes to turn your life in a whole new direction. Even if you spent years dealing with issues like financial responsibility, substance abuse, sexual promiscuity or family sin stickleback for generations to expand on these lessons. Tony has written and just released a helpful companion book entitled U-turns reversing the consequences in your life together, these two resources can help you finally discover how to reverse flaws and failures that you thought were irreversible requested right away and will send you the book in all 12 lessons in the U-turns series on both CD and digital download is our gift when you make a donation to help support Tony's ministry and if you're wanting to gain an even deeper understanding of this important subject. Dr. Evans has produced an in-depth U-turns Bible study kit and DVD featuring custom content for six sessions, including tips on how to lead a group study on this topic. You can find out how to get this entire package of U-turns resources when you visit again that's Tony or let one of our resource team members help you with your request, day or night at 1-800-800-3222 that's 1-800-800-3222 with Dr. Evans will come back with more of today's message right after this round so that doesn't Dr. Tony Evans when this abrasion provides the biblical prescription for racial reconciliation probably has black Christians when Christians all should be shooting to the same pathway toward lasting you oneness and brings available now in Tony Evans funeral and understand that death is a legitimate separation. So then what is life. Life is coming to Jaffa things that should not be separate. It is the spirit in the body. It is the relationship on track is the economics in harmony. Life or what the Bible calls eternal life is not a place that's happened it's an experience life in the Bible is experiencing God's reality in harmony with you and the various scenarios of your life.

So if you are a dead man walking dead woman walking in some category there is legitimate separation that needs to be harmonized again and the word that God uses to bring that legitimate to the legitimate is the word repent. That is word of turning the life. Sin is the word for taking life and turning it in. That's why he could speak in this passage, and says to the wicked man if you deal with your transgressions. You will live. He says to the righteous man if you go to your transgressions.

You will die in in life and the various shades in between. He says the answer to that is repent. So that's why repentance is the master key for whatever the scenarios are today opening the door, based on God's prerogative to the same limiting, canceling or giving you the capacity to handle consequences. Since prerogative, but you don't even get possession for that prerogative without the word repent. That is the word so let me now give you the meaning of repentance.

What does it mean repentance is the fine as it totally is all, and determination to turn from your sin, repentance is an internal result determination to turn from his sin creates a broken relationship with consequences brought on by Satan or situations or even what God allowed to enter into your life because they have been a rapture is God's way of selling back to GABA rupture with him when the show with him is so back together through repentance, the possibility of reversal of consequences.

Now exist repentance in all determination to turn from sin without that total with all determination. Thus, no real repentance that you and your consequences must learn to live together the best way you can because you are stuck with that is why many people who don't want to deal with this all the way to deal with the consequences. They tried to buy they went way out of them entertained their way out of them find relationships to cause them not to think about it constantly going to things to distract them from the consequences because they don't want to deal with the sin, but without the other with the signal did not help with consequent you get everybody else's, so you may get temporary distraction like drugs, they can give you a temporary distraction and a good feeling. But they've not dealt with the issue initial is quiet in here right but that's okay it's that kind of messy.

God says it will rip your relationship with me through the internal resolve to deal with the sin you have set the stage because I'm now back with you to intervene in your consequences based on of course his divine plan. When John the Baptist came on the scene in Matthew chapter 3 verses 1 to 12 because on the scene and he says repent. God is at hand. King believes the will of God. Want to see God will situation got repent. First course. Don't bother to pray about.

Don't waste your time to ask God to deliver you from the consequent you unwilling to repent is you wasting your God, as he says when you repent. Repentance is the master key to naming your relationship with God so that he is free to intervene in the consequences at his prerogative. It's a change of mind with the view of reversing direction you the ingredients you need to stir together to get a real repentance to repent, start off with a mission sin.

There is a recognition of sin conceded you don't really listen, you don't need to repent sin because of the violation of the divine standards. That's what makes something you must recognize the be so. First, on 19 says that if we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us our sin and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. The great confess means to saying the same thing with agreeable means to say the same thing. You must say about that thing what God says about it, not what your neighbor say about it, not with the television says about it not what you people say about it not what you think about. You must say the same thing that God says about God says is a single called a bad habit.

God's sake of God's sin don't don't just say you know I'm only human.

You must call it what God calls it for God to address it and to repair the relationship so that must be the recognition of sin, you must confess say the same thing. Dr. Evans will bring us a final thought about how to tell if were truly remorseful for the things we've done wrong returns and a moment to wrap up this message as I mentioned earlier, today's teaching is just one part of 12 powerful life-changing lessons in the comprehensive two-volume U-turn series and it's available along with Tony's brand-new book U-turns reversing the consequences in your life for limited time will send you both of these resources as our gift when you help us keep Tony's teaching on the station just visit Tony today to make your donation request your copy of the U-turn series and don't forget to look into obtaining the companion U-turns Bible study kit including the DVD featuring six video lessons from Dr. Evans, Rabbi Tony today or call our resource Center at 1-800-800-3222 team members are standing by to help you day and night.

Again, that's 1-800-800-3222 one tomorrow. More from Dr. Evans on why it's never too late to make a U-turn in life. Even if you're so far off course that you feel like you can never find your way home to face again. Right now though he's back with these final comments for today. You know you all really remorseful this thing is real. Want to deal with it fruit not words you are doing something that demonstrates you want to reverse taking action steps that says I want to do something differently because I recognize that I'm remorseful about it and so I'm going to rip us.

What I am doing in relationship to the alternative, Dr. Tony is brought to you by the celebrating 40 years of faithfulness, thanks to the generous contributions of listeners like you

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