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Maximizing Your Potential

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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December 8, 2020 7:00 am

Maximizing Your Potential

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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December 8, 2020 7:00 am

You know what your salvation does for you. But whats it doing for the kingdom? Join Dr. Tony Evans as he shows us how the Lord has packed each of us with potential, but its up to us to unpack it and put it to work.

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Dr. Tony Evans says the Lord is packed each of us with potential something less to unpack traffic going beyond what was I this is the alternative Dr. Tony have another speaker, senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas Texas and president of the urban alternative when you're following someone you don't get to choose the router. The destination you do it no longer qualifies as following today.driven says Christ followers maximize their potential.

When they stay the course, even in tough times. Let's join him as he elaborates we read these words will be asked, always abounding in the work that you will not be crystal clear about works.

The Bible makes it clear by grace through God's so that no one can boast. Bible says my works of righteousness which we make a place with God. But work we are saying will work because were not shipped created and what we should say, reject, redeem, justify or propitiate it because of the work that comes because of his work, but those men and women who have come to Jesus Christ say no in wants to talk about no.

If you gonna just show me all these Christian church all these community program and these ministry all but one swept into this what is now about getting a ministry of the church that specific, that would be more believers with specific set of marketplaces. If I don't have a job job. I want to try to get a job lot want to try to get the job.

If you say is your service to advance his kingdom that benefit others with his name attached is the man that is the expectation of God. All of his people looking for folks who want to go to work today gives the method gives three things verse 50 beast that passed be able always so late pass, please delete and send to and right now you are steadfast because you see that you lost your place in the spot. Some of you always know where to locate you because you never laid claim to that I have seen some of you also all day with me that I will use what I was going up would sometimes take take us inside the church was it was nothing for driving now tree grass looks the same road because there is no death service to the Lord year old living with you all will get all from your work claiming the right lynching and composition conversation issue. Something we need to situate something you is your job and another minute or two and contribute something place, he says this issue service to God's law is long and so the Bible is the job I serve all my friends. It's somebody wanted to negotiate with you the head of the household nonnegotiable it's it's what you do to make me that's what all settled issue. This plan this is the concept of being sped past by saying that it will be tossed to and fro in uncertainty last being next-door down to 13.

She gave Joshua said's Joshua 2450. We will start which is that people make. Joshua comes out but everything is not said what about you will stay on negotiate what movable change the world changed the mandate of no service or labor will that you represent the Lord Christ.

That's not negotiable. You are a Christian you are Jesus Christ. That's right, every man, every language, every man of action is being taken not make service to the Lord negotiable and should be appropriate, but it should not be negotiable. Dr. Evans will build on this principle when he returns in a moment with us. Everywhere you look in 2020 EC pain division until you look Jesus, the story of the kingdom of God, transforming hearts, hope we need right now and today we are asking for your year-end gift to help keep that hope going out urban alternative. Your financial support help cover the cost of this ministry and ensure more continue to be encouraged by password, please visit today. We only hear from a small percentage of people who listen to our program every day so don't depend on someone else to meet the need.

Visit Tony today or call 1-800-800-3222 let Tony know he can count on your support, either way is her way of saying thanks when you make a donation will send you the best of Tony Evans 2020 will get 20 of Tony's most popular messages as well as his devotional book called for a purpose for Tony's best so you can be your best contact information for you again later on right now. Let's get back to today's lesson about always about how means to access the required secret on the job everyday work. You have a job description you have expectations that have been written out for whatever the labor the specific task is your responsible for the company which you work, the all expectation about means to exceed expectations was required to exceed expected to be just been okay. I would just try to make your exceeding expectations. Going beyond what was required exceeding expectations is for God wasting time. You're not just going to just showing up as the person required to be there at 830 is ready to go because they want all of us know people and perhaps many of us, that person. One of the big issues today in our country is entitled, Christians have the spirit of God you suppose this will not let this happen with the already understand that it would take an eternity to repay. That's why want to close the motivation the man made before the Lord .2 consistently abounding what did you show I serve the Lord Christ is seen chapter 15 of the book of first review is the leading chapter in the Bible, the resurrection okay. No other chapter competes with chapter 15 on the resurrection of Jesus Christ. I am a Christian today because I believe in the resurrection, but what I grace toward me, but I will number exceeded requirements yet, but before this morning when I put on immortality, saying that is written all week will display the law of God gives us the victory Lord. Okay, I may be rough right you get to experience. Let me explain some going for you right now you have a will is you don't get this thing when you don't want to think about what is going to be like when you deal with insured to be reminded something that is so is because income into your and so will let you know the law is not God's great let you know when you commandment God all which brings about price will if you feel like you're still carrying around that stinger. Dr. Evans was talking about. Jesus is ready to pull it out for you today. Here's a word from Tony about how that works.

What you just heard has impacted your heart is what you just heard has quickened something within you to want to enter into a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ that I want to invite you to respond right now to the invitation to accept Jesus Christ as your personal savior right now. Why don't you go to God and let them know you now receive Jesus Christ into your life for the forgiveness of your sins, for the gift of eternal life because you believe he died on the cross for you if you do that right now God is ready and waiting to receive you and give you the greatest gift anyone could ever. Dr. Evans would love to tell you more about that gift. Just visit Tony today and follow the link that says Jesus is a helpful video there that will answer your questions along with some great downloadable resources to get your new life started off right. Also, let me remind you briefly about that special offer.

I mentioned earlier, when you make a year-end contribution to say thanks by sending you the best of Tony Evans 2020 and audio collection on CD and digital download containing 20 of Tony's most requested messages as well as his powerful devotional book called for a purpose. This book will help you see your talents and interests. Through God's eyes, allowing you to discover the purpose the Lord has in store for you. Both of these resources make a great gift and they're both yours is our gift when you make a donation to help keep Tony's teaching on the station into the new year.

Just drop by Tony you can get all the details and make your donation online again that's Tony or call our 24 hour resource Center at 1-800-800-3222 let one of our team members, assist with your request.

There are modern-day treatments for depression tomorrow.

Dr. Evans will tell us about an age-old treatment that doesn't require a prescription and only has positive side effects right now though he stuck with this closing story.

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