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Muslims Rage Over Pro-LGBT books in Michigan Classrooms

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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October 13, 2022 3:16 pm

Muslims Rage Over Pro-LGBT books in Michigan Classrooms

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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October 13, 2022 3:16 pm

Hundreds of Muslims turned out to protest LGBT books in Dearborn, Michigan classrooms. Well, now. This should get interesting.

Denise Quinn, Jeff Katz, Rep. Jody Hice, Chris Widener, and Denise Harle join the conversation!

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Welcome to the Todd start show sponsored by the legacy precious metals. There's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM that's legacy PM Liberty universities viewing movies to see these American students are George and hello America radio show we are broadcasting the border goes to across the root employee 25 days until we defund the Democrats and the we got a great big show for you today. Both, as promised, as we head into the midterm elections were to be focusing on races all over America. We got a great radio Roundtable coming up with Denise Quinn from KY Cayenne radio in Oregon. Jeff Katz from W RVA and Richmond Congressman Jody Heise from Georgia is going to be here. We have some breaking news on the FBI's crackdown on pro-life leaders and were also to be talking with our friends from allies defending freedom and of course most importantly of all your telephone calls.

Go ahead and write down her telephone number many bits of you want to call and you gotta make it through the hurdles and the hopes of one Grace Baker, executive producer and call screener of the program but Grace is ready to go. She's been exercising the earlobes all day 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 now before we jump into the big stories of the day. I need to bring your pretty important update on what's going on with allies defending freedom that the fundraising effort were raising money. All this month for allies defending freedom and it's it's not going well. To be perfectly blunt with you. It is not going well and you there a lot of factors I would. I would suspect the economy is is really giving people a second thought. As far as charitable giving, but folks, this is serious and we need your help right now we are trying to raise $20,000 for allies defending freedom and the challenge with ADF right now is there getting so many cases, the Biden administration has just waged a fierce and brutal crackdown on religious liberty in this country and they need our help and they they don't charge any of their clients anybody Jack Phillips the Baker we've had about the program.

A number of times over the over the years those of the people they represent people that listen to our radio program people that we go to church with.

And that's why they need our help because we get to help pay the bills allies defending freedom. So here's what I may need you to do. I need you to go right now over to our website.

Todd you can click on that ADF banner right at the top of the page and if you donate your first gift is going to be matched up to $25,000 so you give $25,000.

That's gonna be a $50,000 gift, but folks, it most of us don't have $25,000, but maybe somebody does. Maybe somebody has $100. That gift is going to be double where running pretty behind where we were last year at this time and that's why we need to make this a priority. So again Todd and you can donate online. Some of you may not like to donate online.

We have a phone number for you and I want to share that number with you right now. 855-417-6556. That's 855-417-6556 is a Todd, why are we talking about this because out of all the conservative talk radio programs in America. This is the only one I want you to hear this. We are the only one that regularly covers the allies defending freedom stories and were bringing these to you all the time and now is an opportunity for us to be a part of that effort. I have donated and I know many of my friends and family have donated and I want you to donate no matter what you can give no matter if it's $10 or $10,000 every bit helps. $10,000 on the whole, but you know what I'm talking about. So anyway, Todd Click on that banner were to have some totals for you tomorrow and I will let you know if we been able to move the needle today so look I were to talk politics.

But something happened last night in Dearborn Michigan that we gotta talk about. I think this is a great story now when the Christians go to protest people get all knotted up you all the life the progressives, they can't stay on the Christians when they get organized in the Christians by and large are very nice, polite, protest group and and quite frankly that works against the Christians. A lot of times because the Christians are out there and let's just say let's just say that the school board is promoting God day pornography a bill in the public school you know what were pickup. Let's just say heterosexual pornography of the classroom and the Christians go out there and they're all dressed up in their little coat, and ties of their Sunday service and the of the church ladies. They had their approach on and they got their haired Don did pen and they're sitting there in the end there are very respectful and polite at the school board meeting and heads up the pearls� Pro they got pearls and they maybe have a little prayer group outside yes Kumbaya my Lillard and everybody's discipline said airline back away from the face yeah and and nothing gets done because the school board knows that they can just steamroll over those people Kumbaya mulch. Let's get Eva Myrick and the other teeth out. The problem is with that philosophy, turn the other cheek. I get it it's it's scriptural. The problem is and I need to be generous here. What happens when you turn off or cheeks. Oh yeah will you do at that point IV through II had a cheeks to turn. I think that's code that's biblical code for you to have a come to Jesus moment like this step in Scripture about that.

Do you know somebody wrong you know you talk it out okay don't get the road to okay now you do this and I do that I do a come to Jesus so so that's how the Christians operate and bed and then you got all these evangelical awoke leaders out there of the skinny jeans preacher crowd with the of the rock bands that are basically cheap cover bands that would be the make of the holiday and it'll drive you got those guys out there say well we shouldn't be out there protesting anything because we don't want to offend people. We want to practice pronoun hospitality.

We just want to love every body or your loved to help, but okay. Good luck with them.

Was it Dr. Robert Jefferson yesterday. It was program.

He said that the people talk about Gavin Newsom. By the way, and the use of the Bible verses for the abortion billboards just people gone to hell for a whole hotlist. It's true though. Anyway, I digress. All that to say you Christians out there. When you protest your sort of like you know me and a little love vanilla and that brings me to what happened. We got the video up on our website and you go, you gotta see this. The Muslims have gone bonkers and they are enraged so couple weeks ago, a bunch of these Christians showed up at the that the school board meeting in Dearborn Michigan and they said we got a problem here because you got gay porn in the school library and we know what our kids reading or seeing the gay bar and of course you know really Starscream about homophobia, how dare you.

The children have a right to see day part of their libraries. Who do you think you are so anyway you know what happened. The Christians they just went away and nobody nobody did anything because the Christians were enforceable. Well, last night at the school board meeting. Hundreds of enraged Muslims showed up and it turns out, and I know this may shock some people out there but they will really have a problem with gay porn in the public school libraries, and I mean they were shouting and chanting and screaming. There were poster boards written in five different languages of the school board meeting in Dearborn Michigan last night.

It got so crazy the school board shut down. The meeting now everybody's upset. But here's what's really amazing here. Now the Republican Party is stepping in and they're offering to support the and they call them conservative Muslims.

All the Muslims are conservative because all of them are opposed to the LGBT porn in the library so anyway there to try to reschedule the meeting tonight and a 600 seat auditorium. May I just say that is a very very bad idea for the school board because you know this place is going to be packed out. So now the local newspapers.

They know what to do because you're the local newspapers out there. They're all just very supportive of the of the Muslims and they that because the Muslims are a minority. And so therefore they have to be elevated to the majority status and so now the newspapers so they're trying to they're trying to figure out a way to to hedge this so instead of just calling the Muslims there now calling them conservative Muslims. Okay, that's every Muslim in America at least, conservative, based on their religious views and then the Detroit News Free Press and the public radio station, which is really taxpayer-funded Michigan public welfare. They actually describe the crowd as mostly young Muslim man.

We all know what that's code for so it will be interested to see how this goes down tonight, but I find it interesting that now the Muslims and the Christians and the Republicans are all getting together partnering together to fight back against this radical indoctrination in the public school system. Hassan Chani is the founder and organizer of the annual Ramadan Festival and there off there.

They're saying that parents are fed up at this is the quote. Parents are fed up and in Dearborn there aren't they aren't allowing this nonsense to go on any longer. This is the quote from tutor Dixon, who is running for governor, so she's the Republican gubernatorial candidate. She said schools need to stop teaching radical sex and gender theories behind parents backs and instead get back to the basics of teaching reading, writing, a man of Delahunt mood, a Democrat who left a seed of the state legislature became Dearborn's first Arab-American mayors is at the core efforts to remove books are attempts to not this guy is on the other side says their attempts to limit freedom, and it will not stop there. Yeah, I like for him to deliver that message that big rampaging group of people that of the school board meeting so all that to say this is going to be very delicious.

Grab a bagel bowl of popcorn were to carry this live on our website tonight grab a bowl of popcorn and get yourself a Baptist martini or two. You can have it on the rocks by the way you Lutherans is a Diet Coke of the woods alone and I'll watch the festivities because the liberal media's confusing logo to convert little of the good guys are, who the bad guys are. Anyway, it's good to be a lot of fun and I will keep you updated about what is the lesson here what lesson can we learn from the Muslims are there in Dearborn to stand up and fight back by golly, you gotta be loud and proud, to borrow a phrase from a certain demographic. You gotta be loud and proud at your school board meetings.

Enough of this nonsense are we gotta take a break here 844-747-8868. Do you support the Muslims in Dearborn Michigan.

Do you support them getting out there in force having their Muslim clerics out there in force the imams at the school board meeting.

Speaking can you imagine that what actually happened on the Christian side where are there any Christian pastors out there willing to take a stand like that. I I'd I just think it's great and it's America 844-747-8868 this is the time search. There is no doubt the nation is facing a financial crisis because of the Biden ministrations economic policies hi this is Todd Starnes and no doubt our economy is in trouble and you need to take steps to protect yourself of all your money is tied up in stocks, bonds and traditional markets. You are vulnerable. Gold is one of the best ways to protect your retirement no matter what happens you own your gold. It's real physical always been valuable since the dawn of time. Legacy precious is the company I investing in gold.

They can help you roll your retirement account into a goal back IRA still own the physical goal also shifted over precious metals safely and securely to your house.

You know $1 million worth of gold can actually fit inside a shoebox called legacy at 866-528-1903 or visit them legacy PM sparring ideas. I was waiting for the for the media up there in Michigan and nationwide. What I have the sword nationwide, but I'm reading for the media to start calling the Muslims, bigots and homophobes. I'm waiting for them to start showing up at the Muslim bakeries and demanding that they bake the cake's you. You see what would happen to see what happens when they go down that path, but that I can do it. I was somebody recent Todd Todd. It's not just the Muslims.

Did I say it was know I told you Christians were out there, but the Christians don't know how to organize the Christians don't know how to mobilize and I suspect many of the Christian churches up there in the Dearborn Michigan area are just like the ones down here in the South. Many of them have been neutered. You can get your cat spayed and neutered, but not your preacher. That's a problem in America right now. All right, welcome back to the Todd surge radio program honored to have you with us today.

By the way Kerry like Terry Lake was supposed to debate Katie Hobbs yesterday, Katie Hobbs, even the Democrats are complaining about this woman, and a Terry Lake literally called out Katie Hobbs also PBS but you gotta hear this. Katie Hobbs simply refuses to debate Kerry like people in the liberal press need to demand that your candidate the way you guys are backing the liberal press show up in today.

The people of Arizona deserve this. I promise her Katie, I promise you, you can write the questions for me. I promise you I will yell Katie I promise you I won't interrupt you. And if you want to have an emotional support animal there as well. I will agree to that but show up like a grown-up and debate. We have serious issues facing this great state of eyes. We got the narco terrorists controlling our border right now how in the heck are you going to go up against them. If you're afraid to debate me here PBS Helen happy to go up against Gavin Newsom when he stealing our water and fight back there and when they're taking our energy.

Helen you get fight for companies to come to Arizona when you have to go up against people like great governors like Gov. Alvin and Gov. Christie Nolan and Gov. Ron DeSantis Arizona will lose if Katie Hobbs is elected, no doubt about it and I think that's very generous. I carry like so she's willing to debate. No matter, no matter the format she's willing to to concede anything. Katie Hobbs is willing to including the support animal which I think is a very generous thing. I don't know if that's a gerbil or snake. I don't know what it is.

But whatever the support animal is Kerry Lakers has volunteered has offered graciously to cover the cost of so PBS instead of just saying up.

Sorry folks, PBS did an about-face and they did a private one-on-one interview with Katie Hobbs and now that's got people there in Arizona calling for PBS to be defunded look PBS public welfare broadcasting we have it here in Memphis. Good people that work there but they're all working for the welfare and it's a horrible thing and I hate it. I'm a radio station owner.

How would you like it, let's just say you want to AAA and all of a sudden the government opens up a chicken joint across the street from you and they're using your tax dollars to fund that chicken joint. How do you think I feel is a radio station order we got national public welfare radio that's in PR and you got PBS public welfare broadcasting and their stealing our tax money and there's nothing more than a great big leftist propaganda machine that's all they are, that's all they are so good for you, Kerry Lake. We've Artie got the hashtag defund PBS trending on social media. When we come back. I want to jump in real quickly. A lot of people been asking about this Alex Jones verdict that came in nearly $1 billion in damages that Alex Jones is going to have to pay to the families of eight Sandy Hook shooting victims. Do you think that verdict was the right thing was at the right call to make. Is it too much money. What sort of a precedent. Do you think that's sets here in America, 844-747-8868. I can assure my thoughts on this. I would hear yours as well that a lot of people are saying that that verdict is not fair. What say you, 844-747-8868. Don't forget, in the bright go right now. Todd look on the alliance defending freedom banner what's up that goal. Today, folks. Illegal drug trafficking has turned our southern border into a war zone. It's a war that no one wants to talk about.

That's why I urge you to see border battle but use export limited documentary series from turning point USA that exposes the sheer evil and inhumanity of drug cartels and the illegal drug trade. Fentanyl has killed tens of thousands of Americans it's so dangerous just three grains of principle can kill you border battle reveals how illegal immigration, human trafficking, and America's drug crisis is only been made worse by decades of government neglect.

Today's drug cartels are militarized with sophisticated weapons tanks and drones that drop explosives on their drug competitors right on our southern border. We've never seen this before in the history of our country hear directly from drug and border patrol agents about the horrific conditions along the border and what life is really like on the front lines watch border battle now download the full six part documentary that sale are folks you welcome back to the Todd surge radio show good to have you with us so real quick. I want to weigh in on this Alex Jones thing and got been getting a lot of emails about of the messages from you folks, where I stand alone so look back back when the CD Hook massacre happened.

I was actually still a reporter at Fox news channel had not switched over to the opinion side and I was assigned that story so I had to drive up to Connecticut.

I cover that story for several weeks had me going live out there in front of the in front of the school and then the church where they're having the big memorial services so I never did understand why Alex Jones was advancing this clearly fake narrative that the whole thing was made up that that the thing never happened.

The shooting never happened that was all argument. The shooting never happened.

So anyway parents took him to my understanding is the parents have been. I mean just brutalized over the years they have been harassed or bullied, harangued death threats, the whole 9 yards.

As a result of Alex Jones perpetrating this narrative that it was that was what is a false flag that it never happened. While it did happen because I was there and I saw it I saw the heartbreak of the anguish I so I got I don't know what to say so. So then the you had some of the families and they filed a lawsuit and now the jury has awarded a mere awarded them nearly $1 billion in damages. But that number could even go higher.

I think it's expected to go higher, and now Alex Jones is good have to pay whatever this this penalty is, of course, it will be litigated forever. But my question is what sort of a message does this send about free speech because Alex Jones was allowed to say what he said he has been charged with a crime. He hasn't been charged with murder. He is in heat.

He didn't pull that trigger and the question is, are we heading down a very dangerous path when it comes to free speech in America. Now here's here's my take on the people who should've punished Alex Jones are in fact his listeners and his readers. They're the ones who were duped. They're the ones who got sucked into all of the stop and yet they still support the guy they still read the stuff they listen to the shows they do whatever they gonna do and that's always able to make his money. But I do look at and how the media basically there accusing him of perpetrating a lie. All right, that's it in a nutshell, he perpetrated a lie all right will why is it what why isn't Nicholas Inman from Covington Catholic high school. Why isn't he getting a billion-dollar settlement.

Why isn't Kyle Rittenhouse.

The mainstream media lied about him, where is his billion-dollar settlement and we could. What about Pres. Trump. They've lied about the president over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. What about what about the billion dollars every time you got people on CNN or MSDN C or any of the other channels knowingly perpetrating falsehoods so I'm saying is this opens up a Pandora's box, but ultimately you know we Alex Jones has to, he has to live his life. He has to go to bed at night. He's got a look at himself in the mirror, but I will say this, what was done to those parents was evil, downright evil, and I would wish that on anybody. Could you go up.

We had a couple weeks ago there was a horrible murder. Here, Memphis, Tennessee, Eliza Fletcher, you might've heard the story of the national news.

Could you imagine a radio host going up the your that didn't happen. That was real.

That's all make-believe just to get your guns. It's all make-believe, people would believe that they would believe that that's what happened with cub with the Sandy Hook and it's appalling but I do find it interesting that the media's indignation is somewhat selective when it comes to these kinds of stories because they're out there doing the exact same thing Alex Jones does every single day, every single day. So there you go right 844-747-8868 will take your calls on this. That's 844-747-8868 to show you how crazy things are getting out there in the in the political world AOC Alexandria Boccaccio Cortez. Her name is Sandy. That's is what that's what they call her when she was in high school, but now she's AOC Alexandria Oak zero contents. Sandy went to Boston University. By the way, very, very affluent family. She's Rob, she can't nailed at were not were a play.

This is not it's it's about over two minutes long, but I don't like the whole thing but these are the people from her home from her town hall meeting she held in her home district back in Queens. Take a listen I and I okay I will write you where you I believe that you you became you will right now all you will any minute and you continue to fund that's what's going on. Why not live you like to listen to this all day long. I may make that my ring tone. This was a friendly town hall meeting and there were multiple people rising up and calling her out. A lot of people are very concerned about nuclear war. Meanwhile, when you look at what's happening in Ukraine right now you have Pres. Zelinski, what is he doing.

He's literally wining and dining and I'm when I say wine and dine. He's taking out celebrities to steak dinners with the wine bottles flowing he's doing the Vogue magazine photo shoots. He's hosting all these Hollywood celebrities going to all the court according to the news there on the verge of nuclear war.

Why isn't this guy eating the same rations that the military guys have to eat why is he out there feasting, living like a king while yelling at all of us here in America saying you were evil people. If we don't give them billions of billions of dollars. When a wanderer given the guy billions and billions of dollars. He's going out there a mistake every night. Are you eating steak every night. Ladies and gentlemen, so I know what's going on over in Ukraine right now, but it is not the story that the mainstream media is is giving us and by mainstream media. I'm going to throw Fox News into the into that bunch early on.

They told us this was right and wrong. If you don't fly the Ukrainian flag are un-American. They told us of Vladimir Putin is an evil man. I have no doubt is an evil man, but you know it there's there's plenty of room in that part of the world for evil and it's very possible that Zelinski is just as evil as white reappointments, so I know about you but I I feel for these guys because again I I don't think that working to see nuclear bombs falling in this country if if there is some sort of a nuclear attack is going to happen over and Ukraine but for the sake of the argument here and for the guys living in Queens New York who are arranging against AOC were arranging against her. The reality is if there is a nuclear attack. Your guests guess where Ground Zero is its Queens, New York.

It's Times Square. So these people literally live at what would be ground zero.

So yeah, I get it and you've got people like AOC joining people like Liz Cheney shoving our nation into a nuclear conflict with Russia.

Now I know there are a lot of war hawks of the Republican Party and my question is okay you really think this is going to be a fight where you're going to have American soldiers and Russian soldiers shooting each other know that's not how that's going to go down. This is a war that will be fought in a basement somewhere with buttons and drones.

That's how that's going to go down and it will be the destruction of all of us. So I really would like for somebody out there to say you know what, maybe, just maybe, we do need to send Donald Trump over there. Maybe, just maybe, we do need Donald Trump to go over there and calm things down to lower the temperature before all crispy critters. That's all I gotta take a break 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868. All I got to take our good friend Mike Lindell has done it again.

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We gotta get more people to the polls.

That's what we that's what we gotta do your folks, interesting numbers coming out of Wisconsin were Sen. Ron Johnson has now widened his lead over Mandella Barnes. That's in the Wisconsin Senate race of the reason why we go to the polling data. Most people are very concerned about crime you got people getting shot to you had to police officers get shot in Connecticut here in Memphis Tennessee are troubleshooting this morning. Two people dead, including a 10-year-old child Philadelphia people get done doubt it so bad in Philadelphia. The crime is so bad that Wawa which is a very popular convenience store is, like the 7-Eleven Wawa is now announcing that they're looking at not expanding into the Philadelphia area. There are just too concerned about their concern about the violence and I'm curious because the Democrats are literally campaigning on abortion and deep on the police. I'm curious to hear from you.

What is the number one issue that sending you to the ballot box election Day 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8860 8 Our Pl. of audio for you.

This is just brilliant moms and dads in Encinitas, California are raging mad over these drag Queens and I want to explain what you're about to hear is a mom addressing her school board and she does this in such an effective way. Just take a loss, only because you follow this family friendly success in real life.

All phone Brown on brain drain you will need to know where you will is is is will good for you ma'am good. I like the small because she speaking truth to power.

Now the back story here. This is near San Diego or Cindy on whatever you, the school district promoted a gay friendly of as a gay event, and its family friendly again family-friendly Halloween event and it was posted on the owner website for schools there in the area and moms and dads are at and she was actually going going through and explaining the kinds of things that were to be happening at this particular event, but you know the mom raises an interesting question. I'm curious to hear from you guys on this. I what is the obsession with the drag queens why why is the LG wire, the LGBT activist so hell-bent on shoving the drag queens and front of children is been going on for at least five years now and it started with the drag queen storytime events are taxpayer-funded libraries, now it's happening in schools and now you've gone from drag queens to drag shows where there literally letting children and we've got the videos you can see them for yourself on Todd We got the videos of these children that are literally putting dollar bills into the, the throngs of men dress like women. If this was happening outside on the street. This would be a crime punishable by Betty years in prison. So why are we allowing this kind of stuff to happen inside a gay bar, straight bar, Applebee's, why 844-747-8868 that's Ertl telephone toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 hey a reminder, Todd We need your money today for Elias to friendly banners defending freedom banner click on that and help us reach our goal, we appreciate that America is University studio in Memphis Tennessee Charlie since conservative commentary from the radio program until we Deep Throat Nancy Pelosi to be a great day, ladies and gentlemen that happen so good to have you with us today a lot happening this hour of the program by Congressman Jody Heise coming up from George's congressional district. He is one of a number of Republican lawmakers writing a letter to the FBI, demanding information about these these raids on pro-life leaders. These indictments were to be talking with Congressman Heise and just a little while.

Also big numbers coming out today. These are the final inflation numbers before the midterm elections and its it's really not looking good. Where were going to be getting into those numbers here in just a little while but just to give you an idea of US inflation is up 8.2% in September food at home 13% up food away from home so if you go to a restaurant of your head down to the Chick-fil-A or the Zaxby's's 8.5% gasoline up 18.2%.

It goes on and on and on. Needless to say, a lot of Americans are hurting right now what I want to go to the patriot bubble newsmaker lines that we have some very special guest with us today. Our good buddy Jeff Katz from radio station W RVA. Our affiliate in Richmond, Virginia Jeff, good to have you with us today. Always great to be here. Todd and from our great affiliate in Salem, Oregon radio station KY cayenne, our good friend and pal Denise quit Denise good have you back with us to be with you and Jeff you gotta go gentle onto these. This is her first radio Roundtable so she is already ahead on points. I gotta tell you that be kind. Denise and I want to start with you because of this is very intriguing. Things are so bad for the Democrats in Oregon.

I never thought I would say that that Joe Biden is having to do some emergency campaigning in your state what's going on to say that you know that you will be here.

I believe tomorrow is kind of wending its way last night.yeah the numbers are the new concrete article that came out, I thought. Today the country than at 44% codec at 38 and Johnson at 11 so the numbers are continuing to move in my opinion in the right direction on it. It's crazy. Politics here in Oregon. There, there are issues that are outside of that. The standard sort of binary DNR where you got a lot of McCracken and Johnson voted crunching over in voting for Drazen and not codec, so it's fascinating but there's that there's a liberal tabloid magazine up and not Portland laminate we can there even kinda met on Tina codec and the $10,000.

I think opportunity to get a picture and that the enthusiasm is just not there for that team.

Jeff Katz did you ever think we would see a situation where you would have Democrats in such turmoil that they might even lose super blue Oregon. I never thought I'd saw is decidedly tightlipped to see it. Rather, I I I am thrilled go to see Disney go tot. Here's the funny thing, and Denise. This is an amazing thing you're talking about Joe Biden coming in to help the Democrats went to Joe Biden gets there and people see them. I think this even more people voting Republican.

I think you made a lot of speculation to sort it out on the river him coming really actually help to get his drinking a lot of Democrats in other states that are kinda going don't come good. You know Janine's on that note, there's a strip on posted just a little while ago that many people in the rule, part of Oregon and people may not realize all of the state does not look like Portland right a lot of a lot of farms, a lot of small towns and there is there on the ballot there is a movement afoot to secede on, you've got what about seven or eight counties that want to secede and become what would be known as greater Idaho rate that I personally don't think that that is really gonna do anything. But when you got that many counties and you got the urban rural divide, which is very real in Oregon got the big blue blob of Portland sailing Eugene the rest of the state is really pretty darn read but the problem is that land doesn't vote until the population centers are in the blue areas, but there's a real shift. You can fix it's palpable and you can feel it, but yeah a lot in girl Oregon when you got Portland politicians of which codec is making decisions for ranchers and dairy farmers that are going against their interests. There's a shift and a huge change coming and Drazen is really tapping into that a lot of a lot of folks are nervous.

Conservatives are nervous so they see the polling data. We tell people don't believe everything you see. But when you look at the issues crime the economy.

Those are the issues that are impacting voters right now and according the polling data they don't trust the Democrats to fix those problems.

No doubt at all time we were living at a time right now you know it.

Denise knows it were were people in the real world are saying, I get it you want to talk about transgender issues.

For some reason, but gotta pay four dollars a gallon for gasoline. II can't afford to take my kids to to Chick-fil-A for for a special treat.

We have to seriously consider what were buying to prepare lunch as a whole are dinners and were terrified to go into certain areas for any sort of entertainment. Todd you know as well as I do that. Those are the real issues and and that's what real people are thinking about. I don't think they're sharing that necessarily with posters we've seen these posters there as bad as the other legacy news media hacks who do nothing but regurgitate those DNC talking points, so why bother.

Just make sure your voting vote the right way and for goodness sake up help to save this country, Denise. I'm curious what people are sitting there in Salem.

You guys are near of Portland. Are you starting to see that spillover crime that's been happening in in Portland yet.

Unfortunately, even on my commute home I drive by homeless encampment that's on some some bear land out in the north part of Salem and it it really feels like every time I drive by it. It gets bigger and bigger, unfortunately in the Salem city Council. There's been a shift towards more progressive left leaning members of the Council and the new mayor and I got voted and it is definitely a leftist progressive so a lot of overthinking Portland is making its way down here to fail and it is it is getting more than a tray concerning really got really used to be a really sleepy town immediately. Old Salem is lame. Now it's kind of phenomenal theory and then again again with the beat of the local local elections, people talking to pay enough attention to them because that's where the rubber hits the road and your quality of life is affected by Butler in those feet and Jeff's unit back in Virginia, you guys really illustrated how to deal with the school board situation. The radical indoctrination of mobilizing moms and dads.

Now that's literally happening all over, all over America. What kind of impact do you think that's going to have all the midterms I think I have a huge impact on we saw it here in Virginia I'm am very happy to say I was at the forefront of the movement. I called we the parents where we the parent said hey these are our children. We absolutely need to be involved.

We are seeing at the moment here in the Commonwealth. More people running for school board seats in this election cycle than we've ever seen before and we have a two-tier way of doing we have the cities and towns that vote in the even-numbered years counties vote in the odd number years, but I'm hearing from people all across America that is resonating with them.

Again, there's there's nothing more important to a mother or father than been taking care of their kids, and that's what these issues all come back to on the patriot mobile newsmaker lines are good friend the Jetta good friends.

Jeff Katz radio station W RVA Richmond Virginia Denise Quinn from radio station KY K and both carried the Todd Stern's radio program please.

I'm curious and jumping and I want you to follow up when Denise finishes her thought here. I'm curious to know what's on the minds of the listeners at KY KM, crime, education, the economy, things that are impacting every day like the kitchen table issues where you know you can't put gas in your car. You gotta make a choice between you know you have Ramen noodles are the gonna be baloney. I mean, trying to figure out what you can feed your kids education is a big one in our area. We got a dysfunctional school board I we got, you know, the sexualized curriculum being being forced on parents and you got a disrespectful board and so there's a lot of friction there. There's just a lot of action so it's probably the same issues that that that kept is facing in in that Virginia I think they're pretty pretty standard, and in a what's what's interesting is the Republicans are running with that and campaigning very very wisely and it is resonating.

I would agree with the least the issues here all grow from the kitchen table. They all grow from what's going on in our homes. Are you gonna have enough money to fill up the minivan with gasoline. Are you going to be able take the kids to those afterschool activities.

Are you going to be able to make a donation to your church or synagogue or your your favorite to a charitable group when prices are going through the roof and were seeing some stuff here now. Thank goodness we we don't have this homelessness issue that the Nice reference in my part of Virginia but we absolutely are walking into supermarkets. I never thought I'd see this worsening empty shelves.

We we have shelves that simply do not have products on them anymore. The products are that are there are so much more expensive than they were this time last year that I'm listening as I go through the other food lion and I hear people talking and I'm guy I don't need to eavesdrop templates they did and people are all talking about the same stuff my gosh it's so expensive and I'm watching people put stuff back. I think those are the real issues of speaking of food guys arena take a brief detour here. I'm just fascinated by the story, so there is there's a guy in Los Angeles and of course as Los Angeles and he's very upset because he came to the realization that the delicious and spicy Texas Pete hot sauce is not in fact made in Texas. It's made in North Carolina and so now he is filing a class action lawsuit against the makers of Texas Pete which is a family-owned company. By the way, claiming that that this is this information and they have they have committed an egregious offense here to tell you said you you you know I lived in North Carolina for a period of time, and I would put our hot sauce up against anybody's hot sauce, whether it's in Texas or anywhere else and is the wacky doodle in Los Angeles clearly needs a hobby. Maybe take up knitting, volunteer some time helping people. You know what the greatest decision, though, would be if he does win the case.

I'd love to see them awarded a lifetime supply of Texas Pete hot sauce but Denise, here's the problem so the guys who made this the family that that the came up with Texas pre-created concocted. They were originally going to call it Mexican Joe and I can only AMI that will be like a modern-day answer my yeah thing going on right now so it could've been worse.

I suppose what I thought it story was. At least it wasn't made in New York, New York, New York, and is much as I know we have a lot of listeners in North Carolina but the best hot sauce is made in Louisiana. I and I got a 90 minute I'm not even going to go into the whole Bar-B-Q conversation right now, North Carolina.

But that would create is speaking speaking of causing controversy. This story just broke today. Generation Z is apparently banished the thumbs up IMO G that's according to the New York Post. They're saying that the thumbs up emoji and by the way, generation Z for you folks out there are these of the people born in late the late 1990s.

They are the buying large plant-based pronoun confused and perpetually and they're saying that it's rude and hostile. What say you guys that I sent the thumbs up to great Baker when I me that story and then I realized my gosh that was on accommodating me: sorry. Grace is grace and grace are you triggered still recovering from maps that she suffered a mental break, get outside, you hit it right on the right of the nose there when you said, perpetually offended, I need the urge searching for reasons to be upset it's it's the one thumb up. I gave them to thumbs up and a big cry and smile just to make sure they knew that I care that they were all that upset about what density I me. This is the generation that can even hold a face-to-face conversation without using a hashtag or the Internet. Slight I write I made.

I'm not sure what they're wanting your butt Denise I that is not the only one they banned the heart emoji, the clapping hands emoji and the one that looks like of the chocolate pudding died.

I know it's when you that's not what they really delicate little flowers do not feel like this is the response should be hashtag are you flipping kidney and really even acknowledge you don't like it I did it maddeningly can do it catering to it is like a well let's hashtag micro-aggression like a snowflake. For now I we got weed. I leave it there.

Great great radio Roundtable today guides the Denise well done. Welcome to the welcome to the crew and me are Denise Quinn from KY Cayenne and our good friend Jeff Katz from radio station W RVA that was a fun segment last night the cats will get a good time.

It was listen, you're always on your a game is no doubt about it. I got news for you got quite a fine barren Denise. I mean, there's a reason I'll be there carrying the star and show the smart people very well. We and and by the way, than I do make some barbecue over there to telling their candidates get over it I Denise Quinn, Jeff Katz folks, we are to take a break your guys think you 844-747-8868. Do you really have to people really have a problem with these emoji's.

I'm still trying to figure what they are, will be right back. So grace is this like a big thing with the financiers of the urgency here.

I know outside you thumbs up emoji all the time.

Emoji's in general.

I am guilty of using the laughing till your crying face all the time like way too much yeah I was using that one.

After I read the story. I like are you people serious is I do remember, though, the there was a big thumbs up controversy because they only had a white thumbs up. You got all different now that you you gotta have multiple shades of thumb, yes this is true I use a lot. I feel like it's the new you know back in the day. It was like LOL everyone he used abbreviations for everything you do that, but emoji's are even easier to capitalize. LOL resent all lowercase. LOL lowercase will want to make sense, but that you know I find it interesting. They don't have a problem with the snowflake emoji event. To me it seems to me that would be more offensive is also why literally white monkey covering eyes is considered bad to family why I don't know.

Again, a lot of people use that one checkmark that the checkmark thing offensive now and clapping hands. One Reddit user says it's a generational communication culture difference interesting. So what is my thing. What do you use your running out of emoji's here. I think you just use your mouth, your voice so sick you can do the voice messages now over having sex.

You can which is just one heavy conversation you there was a time where they will teach you how to have a conversation with someone where you how to write a letter how to write a letter how to how to add 2+2 = 4 95, you would actually they would teach you interpersonal skills hello my name is so and so, would you shake their hand. You look at them in the eye and maybe give them a thumbs up when you leave. But now I letter but everybody's head is literally down looking at one of the smart people about how to communicate with each other and then the other emails you sent an email of people think they're yelling out of her son because he was THAT'S not it IS.

This is the articles.

Welcome back to the talk turns radio program 25 days 25 days until we defund the Democrats and reboot.

Nancy Pelosi, if you haven't registered about Registered early voting about to get underway across many parts of the nation. So you be sure to do that as well.

844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number I want to go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line, a good friend. This program Congressman Jody Heise joins us from the great state of Georgia Congressman, hope you're doing good today I'm doing great.Hope you are I am thank you and Congressman we been following this very disturbing story of pro-life leaders who are being arrested there being rated by the FBI in the early morning hours. We believe one of them to be an 87-year-old World War II concentration camp survivor who now faces spending the rest of her life in jail and I know that you enjoyed a number of other Republican lawmakers demanding answers from the FBI what's going on. Yeah, it really is disturbing to say the least. This is nothing but an overreach of power grab that active intimidation with our federal government under the Biden administration trying to flex their muscle and utilize federal agencies as a weapon to attack political opponents coming pot that is what's taking place here and were seeing it now with pro-life individuals who have just been doing their business now for decades, standing for life and all the sudden under this administration. Many of these people are getting visits with highly armed FBI agents at ridiculous times of the morning by Mark Houck last week as we all have witnessed something that was just absolutely unbelievable. About 25 welcome pointing weapons that the children at market what it is, why, and then handcuffing him and taking them away for nothing and he doesn't even have any charges what little charges. There were were dropped a long long time ago, but under the Biden administration in this Department of Justice they are recognizing the government to attack political opponents is chilling, it certainly looks that way and it's it's not just pro-lifers that they been going after trump supporters we think about Congressman Scott Perry, chairman of the house freedom caucus they came to him while he was on vacation in a turquoise phone of these kinds of things continue to happen on a very disturbing basis and Congressman you have to wonder is the Biden administration using the FBI to target their political enemies. I think that the doctor was taking place and me there several of his close to 40 of us to just in a letter that Chip boy actually led and were demanding answers from Christopher Ray at the FBI. We want to know what's going on and me and you look at the unfairness that it is totally and this is where you have to draw the conclusion, this is nothing other than an attempt to intimidate and go after political opponents coming we had over 100 abortion. Pro-life pregnancy centers that have been know from churches, pregnancy centers all over the United States after the Robie way decision was was reversed over 100 of these attack, not a single person has been to my knowledge investigated.

Certainly no one is been prosecuted and yet we have these flimsy issues were pro-lifers and trump supporters as you bring up just simply political opponents are being grossly intimidated by the FBI and this is its un-American. This is just absolutely unthinkable that average citizens in this country are now watching their own federal government come after them simply because they are not in alignment and agreement with this radically left-wing administration and Congress. And let's not forget about the bonds of debts and the school boards and so now you have a situation where you have parents that are sitting there wondering okay if we raise a concern with our school board are we going to get that knock on the door. That's the chilling of the free speech and I don't know about you but I was I was contacted by a journalist who wanted to know if Trump gave me any private documents during my meeting with the president and you sit back and you wonder, even people like us. We bit of this a long time and you wonder.

Oh well, she's a little I go to get the knock on the door you try to enter it. One other time in our history would alter every even culture. My we have First Amendment rights in this country to hold in place. Our beliefs are values, our worldview, and to declare those things in the public square. But now those rights are seriously being threatened and many people are facing horrifying experiences you know and I'm one of them to file is similar to you up, got called before the grand jury in a grossly intimidating situation over the January 6 thing and you know this is just wrong. It is absolutely wrong.

What's taking place, and parents trump supporters pro-life anyone who is holding to the principles that we tend to cherish within the Republican Party. It seems are right now fair game for intimidation permits administration. Congressman you are out and about in your your district.

The 10th Congressional District. What are you hearing from folks what's going to be sending them to the ballot box election day laying there is no question there are a number of things, but the economy certainly is a major concern. People simply cannot afford. Continue putting gas in the car and food on the table. It is this and meeting or mortgage payments coming all these types of things are serious concerns.

Then of course the southern border. Sentinel now the number one killer in America literally pouring across our southern border along with criminals and who knows what all human trafficking so the southern border is a huge issue. Crime skyrocketing people want safety, and even the gender stuff. I hear a lot about people concerned about all this gender nonsense being crammed down our throats and in women's sports, and colleges and in kindergartners being taught all this puberty blocking type treatments at all of the combat. There's not a single positive thinking that this administration in this radical left-wing Democratic Party is not been doing for the last two years that now is not energizing Republican voters to get out there and vote. All right, Congressman, when we were there to let us know if you guys hear back from the FBI because were curious were curious to know why they're targeting these pro-lifers as well. We want to know will stay on it.thank you. All right, that's Congressman Jody Heise, 10th Congressional District of the great state of Georgia good man right there and will get him back on very soon.

Or are you concerned by this license on the idea that these people who were standing on the sidewalk standing on a sidewalk that that's the crime here.

This was been on the books since Bill Clinton was in office. He's the one that signed this but I do not recall it being used as a mechanism for the FBI to stage these early morning raids on law-abiding citizens in their homes. These are good and decent Christian people you have not seen the FBI do one predawn raid on anybody that was involved in the 2020 riots. The people tried to storm the White House. What about those people.

Clearly a double standard here and the Congressman is right. This is a concerted effort by the Biden administration to use the FBI as state police and their coven. After Christians there coming after conservatives there coming after pro-lifers all bad to say about our pajamas. If you go to bed as you want to see yourself on the news and item compromising position 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 books. Let me tell you about my me tell you about patriot mobile they're America's only Christian and conservative wireless carrier. They sponsor our newsmaker line. These folks are doing some great work they are fighting against radical school boards across America and they been very successful. NBC news actually gave them credit for being responsible for the conservative gains on school boards across the state of Florida and that's why I want you to consider switching to patriot mobile because your money.

Your bill is going to fight for freedom in America roster to get some pretty awesome cell phone coverage patriot mobile has broad nationwide coverage that use the same towers. The big guys use and they have a plan to fit any budget. No matter how big, no matter how small it super simple to switch just go to patriot That's patriot organ of occult 972. Patriot, 972 patriot and be sure to use my promo code Todd finally evidence today.

Also, consider this president from new unassailable sources in election fraud claims were false.

He admitted he had lost the election he took actions consistent with that belief claims that Pres. Trump actually thought the election was stolen are not supported by fact and are not a defense. There is no defense that Donald Trump was due or irrational, no president can defy the rule of law and act this way in a constitutional republic. Does Liz Cheney. The G6 hearings back underway up on Capitol Hill.

I'm just going to throw this out there for you folks.

Is there anything anything at all that's happening in that committee. That's going to sway your vote one way or the other. I does not see it first so I don't think anybody's watch of this nonsense, but if in fact there was something there to party, unless they're holding something back that they know is good to be explosive and the only reason they would do that is for political purposes leading up to the November elections, but I am curious of and are you guys done with us. Is this making any sort of an impact. Are you hearing people down at the long street caf� in Gainesville Georgia talking about talk about the hearings used say what all is fine. He was wearing last a birdie woman is our people talking about that kind of stuff. I'm just curious 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number. Let's go to the bones bargain. The villages wants to wait on these drag Queens hey Mark what's up I'm good thank you sir.

Frankly, I think there are perverts or pedophiles hiding in women close to the kid that you know you can get Christianity on your shoulder guided The creditor and asked him that question. Why are they trying to push the kid bed dead set on pushing the kids on the transgendered unit. Now you have this administration figured administration allowing them to get away with time. You have a lot of sick people in all walks of life that are pedophiles supporting. Oh look, no doubt about it and marked the very idea of having conversations now about rebranding pedophilia and calling it what is minor attracted people.

That's what were calling them now another perverts and pedophiles. Their perversion they're doing it. Drag queen now to make it look as yet. You know years ago union prisoner in jail for doing it.

Now this administration is allowing it. These are sick individuals entering all block the light.

You just don't know who it is.

It could be any Hollywood could get for your current. You just don't know people in this world right now. They're trying to legalize trying to do their little niggling that they can get it and I think that how they're doing it radical know they they take the Gideons out of the public schools that the Christian business guys that were giving out the free Bibles are not allowed anywhere near a school now, but it's okay for a drag queen to show up and underwrite these people are, but by and large are our perverts. I would say anybody cavorting about with children. That's where I draw the line what you want to do at the drag club.

Hey, you're a grown adult have added live your life but don't put that kind of stuff in the public school classroom in Mark.

I think one of the reasons are doing this is because they know it is not a natural behavior. So this is something that this is an ideology that has to literally be brainwashed into the minds of the children.

I told you you're looking for, but if anything they were saying. Just the way through the end it here. It right now.

This homeschool your hair. What kind of parent allows your going to a strip joint and allow that. Anyway, I questioned. The parents should be in jail. There K like that ignorant man totally sick themselves. They need taken away from well it is curious, especially when you see these the videos of the children putting that in there being occurs. You can tell and so these videos the children don't have anything to do with us, then want to be there. Clearly they were drag, thereby there won't mommies and daddies, and there is no shoving the kids toward the drag queens and having them put the dollar bills in the private parts and you're like, what, where is child protective services to your point Mark believable writer will work how we will do you know it's hard to say. I've thought about dressing up as a radio station owner's and I thought us by having empty pockets that's I doubt fire that would assist counsel man come on Bart.

I like to do the Chick-fil-A cow, though, that will be kinda cool. So far I'm hanging up on you now. But thank you Lord Grace Baker did you put him onto that note, that was all marks doing them sign a little about how nice right now is a funny smell town fire me actually iconic so my favorite time we were and how this was back in high school or college. I can't remember.

I dressed up as Boss Hogg for the Dukes of Hazard googling rye all know you, you don't know about the Dukes of Hazard. I know vaguely about know about Yamasaki was a full white suit with a white hat with a white hat with a white hat you know I actually have. I am thinking about where my Stetson hat on following due writ so I think this to do it. I was I was at the George W. Bush presidential library there in SMU and I was a shopping and gives us an this lady, very beautiful, very attractive salesclerk.

She comes over and she says oh you have a coffee table. I said I I do have a coffee-table shoes. Do you have a book for your coffee table and I said no I don't type. She was well you know what would look nice on the coffee table on what know what she says and Audubon book of birds that thing weighs about 50 pounds is like a lot of birds who do so. I said, she says you really need this all right really she was. If you got a coffee to be got have a coffee-table book for the coffee table is aesthetically pleasing.

So I said okay I think even use those words. So I bought the Audubon book of birds and that she says it was hot outside and I suggested that blazing hot sun. Do you have a cowboy advisable.

You know I don't have a she goes well we got these beautiful Stetson hats and unit. She she says put that hat on and and she says you look great in that hat. I said really. I did take a look all that good note, Stetson in the in the meantime, Dalton Glasscock is with the company's texted me saying you look like an idiot is texting a true friend but I know so I bought the hat and it turned out that he was right and he said taught you any good.

I gotta get you out of here because she's a sell you the entire store and tied. That being said, I got up Audubon book of birds in a Stetson hat that hasn't seen daylight so I may end up bringing the hat from following people at the solicitors decide right hand side of our three is universities do you see all bring you know you will will will will see that his mom from California right outside of San Diego. Parents enraged the local school board was promoting a family-friendly drag show an LGBT event. Hello everybody. Welcome back to the Todd Stern's radio program at our three underweight. This is not just a California issue. It's happening all over America.

I want to go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line were honored to have with us Chris Weidner, who was with Hamilton County conservatives in Chattanooga, Tennessee and Chris. I know that you guys have been dealing with a similar situation in Chattanooga. You have me on appreciated that would happen a little but about three weeks ago we had a quote unquote family-friendly drag show undoubtedly called the wonder linger brewery video of a girl that looked maybe five maybe six years old literally for about five or six second stroking the genitals of one of the drag queen dressed up as a princess or a mermaid or something like that. Note no desire to push her away. No desire to move away.

It could happen in the most shocking thing about all this is that there's been no outbreaks from anybody in government and so we start a petition and try to capture state law. See you got Maxi quite a bit of positive reinforcement from our state reps and are in our state senator toward were interested in management and were excited about the possibility of getting state law to make them even older in order to go to a drag show which would cut them out of the park.

Most schools will come out of library to come out of any public place whatsoever. I am curious. Chris was sort of feedback are you getting from the citizens there.

Are you finding more people supporting this effort or more people taking the side of the drag queens on another totally on our side because if you shout out to the LGBT community here in Chattanooga. Support from them because they recognized not for kids adult behavior just like it may not be a perfect analogy with a pretty good analogy just like a strip club right in other people and maybe don't like what goes on a strip club that they realize there like them and their known clubs, but you don't allow eat your oak needle allow young younger than 18-year-old be able to go to the thing so were getting a lot of great work and most heartening is the fact that a lot of publication to fit one with application get a lot of people because we really want to do something here and can you make grateful I'm curious about the church community. Are you getting any sort of buy-in from you guys have a lot of those mega-churches there in in Chattanooga. Well, that is one frightening thing is there's been a lack of outrage from among the pastors you I get to be a pastor from 1988 till 2002) equal time and I mailed the struggle.

A lot of pastors have in regard to getting involved in things that are considered political they don't think they think and they don't think they can take a standard way to lose their 501(c)(3) status and so out we need really to educate pastors and churches about what they can and cannot do get big shout out to Calvary Chapel here in Chattanooga always been at the forefront.

They understand the laws they actually hold a once a month meeting where they they teach people what they can do politically and they do it all legally and lawfully Coke a lot of the a lot of churches are not paying anything and that's been one of the most disappointing thing along with our local government official County Chris Weidner's with Hamilton County conservatives in the Chattanooga area. They are launching a statewide effort to make drag shows, illegal for anyone under the age of 18. So you're if you're under 18 you go to a drag queen show Chris what he things going on over there has really been a push over the past five or six years now to embrace the drag queens during the drag queen storytime hours at the libraries around the nation when he things going on here. Well I think were in a massive battle.

My my belief. You know you could be Judeo-Christian and when America was governed by Judeo-Christian values, and people who held those not every Jewish or Christian or Muslim but they had the same value people would've never tolerated this kind of think the founding fathers reading people. 75 years ago tolerating this kind of thing, but now were up against the secular humanist worldview that it believed that all of these things are okay. I think the sexualization of the entire culture, let alone children is something that they do in order to break down belief in God could break down the family structure little children from their families. Maybe not literally but figuratively and bring them over to the side of the secular you really disappoints me.

Chris you not just the church is not engaging in this and it seems to me this will be a no-brainer for the pastors to speak out, but it's it's the governor of the state of Tennessee building. We broadcast our show from Memphis.

That's where where we originate our our program and I remember what Ron disinterested. They had a local club nightclub down in Florida and they held a drag queen show for children and the governor came a calling. I wish we would have that that kind of engagement with Billy.

Yeah I don't know a lot about what's going on with with Gov. Lee. I'm more focused here in regard to what's happening in Hamilton County and also Chattanooga.

I wrote an op-ed in the Chattanooga in your couple weeks going to school thing happened and I basically said look, there are six people could make something happen immediately if the merit Chattanooga the city attorney Emmett the police chief in the Hamilton County government, Which Is Ct., Mayor Walton District's RTA as well as the brand-new police chief or the Sheriff chief Garrett anyone of them could announce an investigation literally taught me how to deal of molestation taking place in about the worst thing about the only thing that happened was marijuana called it gross and then he got a bunch of backtracking a bunch of blowback and he kinda backtrack a little bit, but any one of them could open investigation, we have it on film, but I don't want to do that because that would open themselves up to controversy from these radical of sex and gender folks yeah but if you're going to cave.

Every time somebody comes knocking on your door and screen get up and go home because it shouldn't be whoever screamed aloud to make the most stress we should be a law abiding, we should be a law-abiding community and with civic standard think that's one of the things that I like about having a broad base of appealed public and demographic in a libertarian to even and then there's people from the LGBT to community all of whom are thinking there's some civic standard in one of those should be kids should not be allowed to be at least thing you want to do it as an adult have added free country, but not under the age of 18.

All right Chris were to leave their folks HC that's the other website HC we got a link on our life. So blogging can access of their Chris are good luck on your on your petition drive think I'd appreciate you and all your leadership all right. Chris Weidner, ladies and gentlemen on the patriot mobile newsmaker line of the person who needs to take a stand. Here is the governor and Gov. Bill Lee clearly is not a Ron DeSantis sort of governor.we can. That's a conversation for another day. All right, we gotta take a break or focus 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 know they call it the Golden State. But now California leads the nation in homelessness and crime while businesses and taxpayers are fleeing the woke agenda so bad they're pushing for noncitizens to sit on juries and kid kids as young as 16 to vote. Governor avenues may run for president.

Now Rob Schmidt goes to California to expose the madness all this week he's in Los Angeles telling the truth about California's dangerous ways and how it can affect America and your state. Gotta watch Rob Schmidt tonight on Newsmax 7 o'clock Eastern millions tuning of the Rob and Newsmax for the news they can trust you can buy Newsmax on all major cable systems and if they don't carry it. Call and demand Newsmax millions have already made the switch you could watch Rob Schmidt tonight and switch to Newsmax, you won't look back to the side turns this item. Justin from Ukraine, the president of Ukraine is now calling for the United States to fork over more money you. This is what gets me. Have you ever have you ever seen these these folks and their older food stamps right but they don't own food stamps and got the card house.

It was like a credit card and their in-line and if you if you if you're using food stamps.

It means what it means you're on a hard time. You may be lost your job, your you have hit a rough patch and the whole point of that food stamp program is to make sure that you don't go hungry but how many times and you know you casinos you're in the line and they've got the ground chalk and they've got the stakes and they've got all this food, which is I'm sure would be delicious but can they really afford it is at the whole point of having food stamps or and you've seen this. I've seen this used to make me so mad when I lived in New York City, Grace Baker, it costs a lot of money to live in New York City a lot. I'll pay like $3000 first shoebox, let me put it is what you make 5060 $70,000 a year here in Memphis Bella by house.

We'll have a good life comfortable you be comfortable in New York City. That's poverty you you cannot live by yourself in an apartment in New York City for that amount of money so you have to go yet to live a little further out and I remember when I when I first started working at Fox they pay me a certain amount of money I could only afford to live in a certain part of town but I remember I take the subway and the subway would go through the big housing projects of the developments, and these are beautiful there big buildings and there all along Central Park so they have immediate access to the park and you could see because they all had big windows and you could see the flatscreen TVs in the homes.

That's crazy and you're sitting there you're shaking your head like really I got I got have a 90 minute commute to and from work because my tax dollars are paying for this crap.

Yup, exactly. That's what I see when I see Ukraine my thing is like we just don't have money did be handed out. So here's what we've already given them billions I don't adhere with the price tag, but tens of billions of dollars.

Do you need like an answer that question, Zelinski just announced they need 38 billion more dollars to cover their budget deficit last stakes not finished, they need $17 billion to rebuild infrastructure they need to billion dollars to rebuild their electric energy infrastructure of the tree huggers on it like that and they need not less than $5 billion for gas and coal purchases are really like that.

I mean, why not just go ahead and make them the 51st state in the union.

I like that idea. This point makes no sense. Folks, I'm telling you it is time to pull the plug. Zelinski is on his own, and I say that because I'm sick and tired of this guy eaten the steak dinners drink in the wind or have the big outdoor concerts of Ukrainians everybody is enjoying the summer time and allegedly there's a war going on and where funding and it seems to me that the whole point of the Biden administration and their policy in Ukraine is to get us into a shooting war with Russia so I say it's time to pull the plug. You know, we gave it the best shot we could give him we sent them tens of billions of dollars worth of aid we got them all the military equipment they needed and if that's not good enough, then I say we just have to cut the purse strings. It's time to cut the purse breaks purse strings are, let's go to the phones here Keith North Carolina on the talk station a Keith. What say you want and I will celebrate my 51st state, went to great definitive border. Well, there you go. That's a great point to me that would be the first order of business is to pull the troops from the border but delaying that I called out yet here thinking when it was founded and when we we get our declaration in our founders for all their properties are sacred honor. Everything I have yet to hear one Ukraine Ukraine all oligarch be willing to give up their yacht money and everything else to defend what they say their country their money.

It's great question.

I it's a great question Keith, I something is just not right about this in Ukraine. It hasn't felt right from day one. It's it's almost like a wag the dog situation where it's it's a war that has been made up for one purpose and it seems to be the purpose is to pit the United States against Russia and get us in the middle of a shooting war that melted over don't have any Keith at what point you draw the line and nobody's going to ask that question. On Capitol Hill, but I mean are we talking $1 trillion $2 trillion. Where do we draw the line with all of this. I don't quit a really good good job at a major grocery retailer because I got to what people going in the back and had lobster stained crab legs stained cramped stained get price tag and coming through and playing with EBD and and all the manager that I will not ever do that again and I'm to walk out the door. Keith and we have all seen it with our own eyes let you guys have a great day. Keep up the good work Kari. Keep good hearing from you what I can offer the American taxpayers are people where the one where the one by and those stakes and if if you got enough money to go buy a steak dinner than you've got enough money and enough time in your hands to go out there and get yourself a job, get off the couch and get a job. Gotta take a break here 844-747-8868 that's toll-free 844-747-8868 three style cities going is for holy never himself a good idea to Lazard you're going to some obscure character Daisy from Mario on Ricky says Todd you need to go is Buford T.

Justice from Smokey and the bandit great that the record Junior Junior give me a Diablo since Jim is Sam she got that you got the accent is no way no way that you came from out of the way.

Please never say that word ever again. Buford T. Justice, welcome back to the Todd Stern's radio show really go to the patriot global newsmaker line white right now. I wonder if Denise Harley of the few senior counsel over at the allies defending freedom of the center for life director your member Smokey and the bandit Denise and my dad liked it a lot. Great handling told me about battening down on we got it.

We gotta get to educated these culturally educated cities that were so excited to have you with us, you know allies defending freedom. We are, we take great pride in telling the stories of the work you guys are doing and of course all this month we are raising money for allies defending freedom so that you guys can continue to do a very important work for religious liberty in this country and for life and folks allies defending freedom go check on our website. Click on the banner and we need your help to raise some funds there a Denise you guys were very instrumental in working with Mississippi to draft that original 15 week pro-life law that eventually end up at the Supreme Court. A lot of people may not know that Anna link. I'm honored to work with me to overturn route and malware working in about a dozen state across the country to defend their pro-life all started with an 80 at model bill idea that we had with the city legislators were eager to adopt our legislation.

The 15 week limit on abortion to Roe versus Wade.

And we've now seen that God has seen fit to do which is to overturn route and gave Arnie and a tremendous opportunity to affirm the dignity of human life.

I just I remember in the early days of all of this happening and you guys were not necessarily you guys but Mississippi lawmakers were getting a lot of blowback and saying that this was just a waste of time and resources and there was no way that this sort of law would have any sort of an impact in the nation, you know, I's comprise different viewpoint on that topic.

You need to defending Courtney everything worked on a brief in the trial court all the way up through the federal court of appeals on the way to the court be coordinating. We got more than 80 amicus brief into the record number on a case like that, the court of our side and felt that okay you know it. The challenge that millions of lives are at stake in working get our absolute best and were not going to give up until until we see what God has in store and that this is a wet blanket and cream all about religious freedom free speech rental rate on thinking of life we we trust in God and we did something and do the paperwork now the interesting thing about movie Wade a lot of people thought in the mainstream media oh abortion is outlawed, no, no, it just since the issue back to the states, which is why you guys are involved in and so many of these other states defending their pro-life law.

So the fight is really just getting started really getting on that hand rail have been taken and now the opportunity and back and let the other side but ready on day one out a hold onto locket and my team on a length of any grant blanking is extremely busy letting Amy K said on trial and appellate level evident in the record. Expert testimony about fetal development and that the harm to men in the maternal health consequences from abortion on that it is that it is that the decline in really is the moment when we finally can do all the things that we been wanting to do with her life and that's over here for and in the snow just one attorney or have to imagine there are a lot of people involved in this process. There are on our liking fight attorney which is a small staff for what we have to do about lengthening freedom really is in a light that we work with about 4000 attorney volunteer attorneys across the nation who care about her issues to donate pro bono hours. We also developed a really good relationship with state Atty. Gen. governors state legislators to contrast the line thinking to come in and advise them on on the constitutionality of legislation that the strategy because we are in the fight for almost 30 years, aiming to overturn Rowlands over LI ways kind of the subject matter expert thinking, and come alongside state and help make sure that their pro-life lines really do protect life and protect mom and their babies, and again this is why people donating to allies. Defending freedom is so vitally important and folks you can make that donation on our website.

Todd just click on the ADF banner because Denise case in point here.

You guys don't charge your client you you guys do this work pro bono. We don't think about my job is to lean on and we think we don't then the client until we are weird defending their God-given freedom and so were aware ministry in Atlanta allows all of our supporters to participate in the work you're doing on our doors are open because of generous people who feel called to care about this mission, and support our work and are asking for now and were just so grateful. All right, well, leave it there. Denise, a great work and were dishonored to be partnering alongside you guys and helping you raise that money that we know was going to go to a very worthwhile cause. Think that much time you've been a faithful friend.

I really appreciate it all right Denise, thank you again and folks Todd you click on that ADF banner. I want us to be able to tell our friends ADF that we did our part we raise the $20,000 and they can use that money to fight for every pro life for every pro-life cause in the nation. That's what's that's what's going on here are 884-4747 88 6800 toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868.

The I want to go to lunch hugs this Judge Jeanine audio it's really get a little nasty on on the five which is the afternoon show on Fox news channel and they've got this raving lunatic of a leftist, I cannot remember her name.

As it turned off just get, I just remember her as being a very nasty mean-spirited person. During my time at Fox anyway. Judge Jeanine was a get minute and talk in Turkey about Tulsa Gabbert. Let's take a listen in 2017 without telling the party leadership and sad people that she not supporting someone guilty of terrible war crimes and liked her so much.

Eric Trump tower meeting right after he won the election.

What Steve takes what you do with Russia that he would vanish if somebody else likes you. That's on you. I can't help some fans that can be kind of strange. Just kind of strange official Donald Trump think that your ministration's fault that Joy read like him. Between reason and joy rail ready. You probably feel about Americans and don't mind being connected to them out. Okay, let's go back to to look this is very interesting. We just spoke about the Democrats, VP chose based on identity politics can't wait to discuss anything when she has the power she has the ability to get things done in this country in the world she went compared to other vice presidents. That's number one. Tulsa Gabbert, who put her life on the line for this country that we have is vice president who addressed the issue she supposed to.

Let me tell you something I give her credit for calling out what happened with the Democratic Party the DNC when Bernie Sanders was edged out by Hillary Clinton when she got the questions from what's your name said that we were criticizing her because she's a good Christian woman was her name down present. Let's talk turkey. Let's talk turkey smacked her down.

Don't mess with Judge you think Judge Judy's rough, you just wait and see what Judge needs good. Good for you Judge and Doug folks we had to take a break 844-747-8860, it will be right back. On the other granddaughter, daughter cells and maybe she's been swimming competitions all her life, hoping for a scholarship in track and field.

When she goes to college well if your daughter or the daughter of a friend or neighbor has been dreaming of a scholarship.

Her dream could very well be turned into a nightmare.

Especially if she's forced to compete against male athletes who are physically bigger and stronger. And thanks to an executive order signed by Pres. Biden supposedly pushing for equality of the sexes is like the thing now, but alliance defending freedom think that concept is wrong as a matter fact ADF is gone to court in Connecticut and other states defending the rights of female student athletes. Other fighting to protect their God-given rights. ADF never charges a dime to client so many times that we shared that with you over the past few days. Now that's because their legal cost are all differing by generous tax-deductible donations from blisters like you so I want you to call my new phone number. This is a brand-new number today.

It just got activated 855-417-6556. That's 855-417-6556 or you can go to Todd and click on the allies defending freedom banner at your first gift ADF will be matched 100% by a generous friend of allies defending freedom. So what ever you can donate will be instantly doubled were about midway through folks midway through ever. Nowhere near art numbers that we need to raise so I just wanted tell you. Don't let your daughter. Don't let your granddaughter down. Sign up today to help ADF help you and again that number again 855-417-6556.

That's 855-417-6556 we've got an action-packed show coming up tomorrow. Lots of lawmakers coming on the program as we get closer and closer to the midterm races there is a there is a huge huge race underway in New Mexico and talk about ugly so the sitting governor governor Grisha Michelle Gresham got called out last night you got listen to this cut number 530 again this is what 25 years in government get you this get you a governor who wants to play Jeopardy. She wants to go and get Alastair back wound up soon.

I can ask me tell you something governor people had enough of the political games it's garbage.

At this point and then let's talk about this. You said you've been more transparent than any governor in history. Governor you grabbed a male staffers crotch a day mail and then you said is there anything down there. You then paid him $150,000 governor and then you made him shut up about it and now you have the gall to sit up here and not only victimize James Hallinan but you really victimize him. If you remember back you said during the" scandal.

If you don't believe those who go and bring these charges in your re-victimizing so you're victimizing re-victimizing and now in the topper of all toppers you're creating yourself is the victim governor. This is the sort of thing that people cannot stand you've never come clean. You've never said look I made a mistake here we go.

You just continue to lie about this issue.

Time after time after time in the me tell you about experience experience, especially the experience we need in this office is someone with character someone who is been in tough situations and doesn't lie about them doesn't belittle people and doesn't try to shrink other people to make themselves feel better. You want regular basis. Do that in every single way you shut down stores and that you go George shopping you shut down our ability to see our families and think you hold parties and then you keep our kids out of school and you will look to Navajo Lake.

If you have a party with your friends what were on lock down. You are a hypocrite governor will my goodness that escalated quickly so that's Mark Ron Shetty. He is the Republican running for governor. There New Mexico and I mean just brutalized the governor there and she said nothing. What can you say I mean that's pretty heinous behavior, but this is the kind this is the kind of approach Republicans have to take so I say good for you, Mr. Ron Shetty.

Good for you Carrie like as you guys are getting out there and pulling a Rhonda Santos Donald Trump and and just taken the fight right to, and you gotta do that I want to clear up some use that's going out there about a Tommy topper bill from Alabama so he rightfully called out these folks that are going around pillaging and plundering and looting are stores in the name of reparations and he was accused of being called a what he was accused of being a racist. And so Karen Jean-Pierre during the White House press briefing, had this to say cut number 720 Democrat says something races are anti-somatic. We would we hold that we hold Democrats accountable when a macro Republican says something racist or anti-somatic and racist by cheering crowds and become celebrated and sought after endorsement. Sen. Turberville not forget this just happened saying black people commit crimes done attacking his opponent in Pennsylvania governor's race for sending his children to a Jewish day school this woman's liar that there's real, there's no way to him or Hall K JP is a liar. If you go back and listen to Turberville's comments and we got about our website, you can go and find them. Not once did he say anything about skin color never said a word about skin color. As a matter of fact, though he was correct in his assertion that the rioting and the pillaging of the plundering was defended as reparations and we know that because we played the audio earlier this week from the Chicago leader of black lives matter who actually said that looting, stealing, stealing bags from an clothing from Gucci is is reparations. It's not a crime is reparations, but for K JP to come out and say that topper bill as well as listen and say there you go. So for K JP to go out there and accused Turberville of being a racist. That is a dangerous thing, especially in the southern states. That puts a great big target on the Senators back and it's not right. How do you think the Senators families going to feel people going around calling him a racist. And this is up from some fruit from MSNBC or CNN.

It's right there from the White House podium in the White House press briefing room Shimon UK JP. She lied to you, ladies and gentlemen.

So where's the $1 billion settlement from from the White House to Sen. Turberville.

Anybody want to talk about that part. We gotta get outta here, that a busy day. I do it all over again tomorrow 25 days ladies development 25 days get out about America

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