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Rich White Liberals Are Actually Intolerant Racists

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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September 19, 2022 3:48 pm

Rich White Liberals Are Actually Intolerant Racists

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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September 19, 2022 3:48 pm

The Great Invasion of Martha’s Vineyard has revealed an ugly truth — that rich white liberals are actually intolerant racists.

California Assemblyman Tom Lackey, David Limbaugh, Sen. Marsha Blackburn, Pastor Paul Chapell, and Art Ally join the conversation!

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General insurance presents shower ballots. I shot everyone does better in the shower. Turns out general is a quality insurance company saving people money for newly 60 years since you called rhetorical general auto insurance services, Inc. insurance agency Nashville, Tennessee summer sections apply. Welcome to the Todd start show sponsored by the legacy precious metals.

There's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM that's legacy PM universities. Do you see Charlie since conservative drumming very strong and hello well start radio program. We are coming to you why does Baptist college this week at the annual leadership conference.

Thousands of people from all over the country gathering here in the beautiful antelope Valley. The high desert of Los Angeles County and that we are going to be talking to a lot of folks here in California this week on the program as we start the fight to take back our country and to restore traditional American values in this great nation. We've got a great show lined up for you and all I want to initially give you that our telephone number if you like to call in and join the conversation today, 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 and last night I had a chance to address members of the freshman class at West Coast Baptist college and spent a lot of time taking questions from students and I was incredibly impressed with the with the knowledge the political knowledge of these students are.

They are engaged in what's happening in the political process and I was especially intrigued by their enthusiasm, not so much for Donald Trump but for Ron DeSantis by just about every student who asked the question was, was asking about Rhonda Santos and whether or not he planned to run for the White House.

All of them believe that he would make a great presidential candidate, so I will that a little bit later on as well.

Meanwhile, the situation in Martha's Vineyard. Ladies and gentlemen, the great invasion of 2022 will certainly go down in the annals of American history as one of the most traumatic moments in the nation. When rich white liberals were confronted with the fact that they might have brown neighbors. It is, I know people were triggered. It was an incredibly traumatic moment for the people there in Martha's Vineyard with the 50 illegal alien showed up looking for food and shelter and by the way, to our knowledge, Barack Hussein Obama, who has that beautiful multibillion-dollar 10 bedroom mansion right there in Martha's Vineyard did not offer a single brown person refuge in his mansion and neither did Oprah know. I don't know what to make of all of that, but that's just the reality of the situation, regardless of the rich white liberals were so aggrieved that they summoned the military to come in and of immediately repel the invading horde of illegals and now they are residing at joint base Cape Cod, but the fallout from all of this continues as a matter of fact I Ken Burns the.

The guy who I did the Civil War documentaries for for PBS. He says that the that the act of sending the illegals from Texas and Florida to Martha's Vineyard, he compared that like bat to Nazi Germany. Take a listen cut nine you can use a human life that is as valuable as yours or mine, or lands and to put it in the position of becoming a political pawn in somebody's authoritarian game. This is the coming straight out of the authoritarian playbook. This is what so disturbing about DeSantis is to use human beings to recognize human beings for a political purpose. It's like when somebody disagrees with him in Florida like the Walt Disney Company. He punishes them so so let me see if I understand Ken Burns correctly sending people to one of the wealthiest ZIP Codes in America is is now a form of punishment. Now the illegals they were interviewed by telephone and other folks over at telephone actually told us that the illegals were very happy to go to Martha's Vineyard they were having a great time and why would they not want to go to Martha's Vineyard so they could personally shake the hand of Barack Hussein Obama is multibillion-dollar 10 bedroom mansion. Why would you not do something like that, but for some reason the liberals seem to think that sending illegals to Martha's Vineyard is is an act of just of penis behavior and now you have 10 birds comparing it to to Nazi Germany. By the way Ted Cruz says this should not be the end of all this. He says that every that every day, every day we need to be sending more and more illegals to Martha's Vineyard cut 11 to put in perspective. Martha's Vineyard is a town of population is about 17,000 median home prices over $1 million. Let's compare it to del Rio del Rio is a wonderful town in Texas it's down the Rio Grande Valley as a population of between 30 and 35,000 in one single day, and del Rio. There were 15,000 illegal immigrants, mostly Haitians crossing illegally in one day. As you know I went down to the bridge and I videoed over 10,000 illegal immigrants under that bridge Martha's Vineyard lost their mind with 50 in the little town of del Rio and towns all up and down the Rio Grande Valley are dealing with hundreds or dealing with thousands let me say shot. I commend Greg Abbott for sending the immigrants of these blue cities. I commend Ron DeSantis for doing so and they need to do more tomorrow. Martha's Vineyard needs 100.

The next day, the 8200. The next day they need a thousand. DC says it's a crisis to get 6000 they need 10,000 800,000 they need 500,000 because Joe Biden has allowed 4.2 million people to come in illegally and I know these rich billionaires. I will got you people just let them eat cake. How about having the Obama's host. These 50 people in their $12 million compound them and they are so don't know none of them 30 acres, literally set exactly why read Shriver sent a tweet complaining about this and saying that that that but haven't DeSantis were heartless and my response was great. The Kennedys are offering to host these 50 illegal immigrants at their compound in Hyannis Port. What utter and complete hypocrisy and it shows that they simply don't care. This is all politics is all politics.

We been talking about radio program and I think that's a great idea to send all of these illegals to the Kennedy compound at hyena sport.

They've got plenty of space over there plenty of room.

They've got plenty of room on the massive compound of Barack Hussein Obama, so why not just as Sen. Cruz said.

Let's continue to send busload after busload after busload of illegals because the people in the border states do not deserve to have to live in fear every single day of their life. They don't they don't deserve that they deserve better. And again it Barack if if Joe Biden is not going to secure the border, then every city in America and especially the sanctuary cities should be forced to suffer just like the people and del Rio just like the people in an Eagle Pass by the way, we have a story of our website and it's it's really tragic. There is a great barbecue joint called the wagon wheel in Eagle Pass has been owned by the same family for 25 years the price family and it's it's it's one of those traditional taxes, barbecue joints, where you go when you order your brisket by the pound they put it on a big tray for you. You got the white bread to get the pickles and you have a good meal, no-frills, those people have had to sell their business because since February they've been broken into 5�5 times and the owners are saying. The problem here is all the illegal aliens coming there there barbecue joint was literally ransacked by the illegals coming and they say there's nobody to give them help. There's so many people coming across the border every single day that you didn't see this story on the national news except for maybe Fox and you're not get to see the story all that Ashley is because people like the price family down in Eagle Pass. They don't matter to the Democrats. Keep in mind the Democrats really don't care about anything other than power. That's what this is really all about.

But nobody showed up to cover the crisis in Eagle Pass were you have tens of thousands of illegals crossing the border, inundating a town that is actually smaller than Martha's Vineyard. By the way the functional Martha's Vineyard. They say they can accommodate these 50 people over the summer there population swells to over 100,000 and you're telling me they can't find a place to put these illegals cobble know the problem is, rich white liberals get triggered when the Brown people show up and they're not bowing the grants or they're not serving their meals or making their beds or cleaning their toilets.

That's the real problem in Martha's Vineyard. The rich white liberals are racist.

Nobody was to talk about but again, the Democrats, they seem to believe the only people that deserve sanctuary in America are the illegal aliens and up the American barbecue pit master solos were to take a break or Ted Cruz. Do you agree with them that we need to actually rant this up and I hope the Republican leadership. I hope they're listening today. This cannot be a political stop. We have got to inflict as much pain in these liberal cities.

As has been inflicted on the border cities and when that happens on a consistent basis.

You are going to see more people voting and supporting Republicans, 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868. You can also leave us a message on her social media platforms will be right back where all feeling the pain at the pump and at the grocery store to the market is plunging and Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, but even worst seniors are struggling to survive. It's not time to panic, but it is time to act by friends and a Mac the Association about your American citizens will help you save money on things like cell phone plans travel and restaurants but eMac does much more than offer senior discounts. Your membership will support their nonprofit eMac action which takes the challenges against our Constitution and the free market straight to Capitol Hill. Joining is easy just go to a Mac .us/starts to start saving today. 2.3 million Americans have already joined a Mac and you should to aim at cares about you and America so save money and support conservative causes.

Go to Amax .us/Starnes. It's only $60 per year and great news. Anyone can join, go to a back .us/Starnes. That's a Mac .us/Starnes back to the John start radio show broadcasting from out on the West Coast West Coast Baptist College, Lancaster, California. Hope you guys are doing well wherever you might be today, 844-747-8868.

That is our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868. There is a crazy story on Fox News about the US military folks are very upset very upset over reports that many soldiers are having to survive on food stamps and as a matter of fact military leadership knows that that a lot of these soldiers are not able to make ends meet. Based on whatever meager salary of their receiving from the military. A lot of lawmakers are now very upset that soldiers men and women who are putting their lives on the line so that we can be free, are now having to use food stamps just to feed their families. But beyond that, the idea that we've got to use food stamps to feed our fighting men and women. Meanwhile, we're giving billions of dollars billions of dollars in student loan debt right were just writing all of that off for these deadbeat college students Congressman Fred she'll call the whole situation crazy. He says the. The Biden ministration is got national defense operation authorization bill through the. The Senate not yet one of the things they voted for is a pay increase and benefit increases. But what we've got instead is $560 billion in student loan debt that's going to be wiped off the books so we're going were going above and beyond to take care of these deadbeat college kids who I'd who refused to pay their loans refused to pay back what they owe. Meanwhile, you have these men and women in uniform that are barely able to make ends meet. Congresswoman Nancy Mason is the first female graduate of the Citadel and she said the whole thing is insane. She says, quote we're leaving early this week because Democrats can't get it together on a spending bill to find money to pay to feed our troops. It's crazy and why is that, ladies and gentlemen. Why is that 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8860. I know we have a lot of people around the country listing to this program and you have a son or daughter in the military you are in the military and I'm curious what you guys are doing to make ends meet is not like some of that serving in the Army can go out and work a second job at the Chick-fil-A drive-through you're just not able to do that. Congressman Dan M. of Pennsylvania. Republicans of the people that are in our military are protecting our country putting their lives at risk. They're making great sacrifices on the same note, if individuals were in the arm for services choose to go on the snap program that's up to them what is happening I be some of these people are just not able to feed their families. Based on what the government is paying seems to me that that the members of the US military should at least be making more money. The members of Congress seems to me there job is just a little more important than figuring out how to appease the lobbyist up on K St. That's all I'm saying here 844-747-8860 that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868. By the way, a lot of you are reaching out to us through our shout out app and I be getting some messages on how to how you get the how do you get the app all you need to do is go to our live show blog Todd We have the look there for the app and if you download it. There is a feature of that will let you leave us a message. So if you're in a hurry you're working you can't you can't go live with us on the radio. You can actually leave a verbal comment. Much like you would leave a message through our special shout out app which is available again in our live show blog all right.

I want to play some audio here again going back to Sen. Ted Cruz who is really fired up about what's happening at Martha's Vineyard cut number 12.

Please right now the biggest human trafficker on the face of the planet is Joseph Robinette Biden Junior he has transported hundreds of thousands millions of illegal aliens populating than outputting many of them in red states he's happy to put them in red states where it's not the rich people's concerns it's it's the little people's concerns all of the folks on Martha's Vineyard happily voted for Joe Biden well they can live with the consequences of the lawless policies that right now the people of McAllen. The people of Laredo. The people of Eagle Pass, the people of Texas are feeling the price for this and and and and Biden still won't change instead was he do he lies to the American people. He sends Karine Jean-Pierre out to claim nobody is crossing the border illegally to flat out lie and all of the docile little sheep in the press room they buy like sheep and they ignore the fact that she's lying to the American people. The media needs to cover her lies and this this outrage needs to stop because you know what these these blue governors and mayors are right it is a crisis but it's not just a crisis when it's the millionaires who are inconvenienced in it and it's not just that with the that's the that the amount of taxpayer money. That's going to house and feed and clothe the illegals. Meanwhile you have members of the US military that are being forced to use food stamps to feed their kids. Is that right ladies and gentlemen, I don't think that's right 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 broadcasting live from West Coast Baptist College in Lancaster, California. This is the top surgery, my pillow is having their biggest sheet sale of the year. All of help build my polo into an amazing company that it is today. Now, Mike Lindell, our good friend wants to get back exclusively to our listeners. The percale and he's a dream bedsheet sets are available in a variety of colors and sizes and they're all on sale for as low as 2998 with our list or promo code you better order now because when they're gone they're gone. Per Kelly Keyser dream sheets are breathable and they have a cool crisp feel and they come with a 10 year warranty and a 60 day moneyback guarantee, so don't miss out on this incredible offer. There is a limited supply. So you better order right now. Call 1-800-986-3994 and use the promo code Stearns. That's 1-800-986-3994 or you can go to my That's my use the promo code.

Stearns and welcome back to the judge Stearns radio program. Great to have you with us today were broadcasting from California West Coast Baptist College beautiful campus here in the antelope Valley Baha'i desert and just great students out here will be telling you more about the leadership conference, and we been meeting our listers from all over America here at the conference.

I want to go to the phones here real quick 844-747-8868 John from Georgia W GUN are great affiliate there, Jon. I understand you want to weigh in on this military situation. Major and young troops go out on food stamps make ends meet new to counsel at start of the five below were married and possibly have a child on what they could do where they could get work after their shift in the Air Force to help make ends meet. From 1980 to 1996 when I was doing that so to say that this is something that brand-new is completely false.

Well, no John, I'm with you on this and iPod for as long as I can remember it's been a big and I why is it I mean as a veteran. Why is it that that we are not taking care, better care of our troops out fire and forget that we use with regard to the administration of the like that. Your retired or you separated your second class to begin in you know that the politicians of the day the public. I don't care. They talk big game go back in.

Forget Welch John all I can say it's it's it angers me that were taking care of the illegal aliens, warehousing, feeding, closing them, giving them the best healthcare known to mankind.

We are forgiving all of the student loans that and were leaving the military to to just to hang out there and telling them well just go in and you're able to feed your family on the government cheese that's just unacceptable in my book. John got a run. Appreciate the call if you're on hold. Hang tight. 844-747-8868 I want to welcome here in our beautiful studio so that we have set up your West Coast Baptist College, a great American patriot.

He is one of the few conservatives are serving in the California State House, California assemblyman Tom Lackey are representing the 36th District assemblyman. Welcome to the show.

Thank you God honor to be here and out. We had a chance to have lunch yesterday. You're here a part of this great conference. There are other doing at West Coast Baptist College.

It impresses me that there are so many people here in this part of California that have decided we are going to stay weird in a fight were not packing up the U-Haul just yet. Well I spent the majority my life here I got my education outside of the state, but other than that, and some missionary work. I I don't intend ever leave California I love it I love what it out. It offers people and the culture is moving in a direction it's very troublesome. What is you mentioned that we were we were talking about a lunch yesterday. Talk about where the, the state is heading right now and why you were so troubled young what is happening is there's been a chipping away at the Judeo-Christian values in all truth, I mean were were blurring the definition of gender even. I mean something so basic to the family structure right in the family is been under assault for some period of time, and thus the basic function of society is that once the family starts to erode. We've really lost our our vision went when you look at the political structure here. I'm, I'm trying to figure out how how it gets fixed.

It just seems to be based on how much people are paying in taxes. Here, the fact that you you can't water your grass, the rolling blackouts.

It seems to me people would be running in droves to the Republican side of the aisle well because you have all sorts of influencers that are very deceptive and very very skilled in all truth and I think it's unfortunate.

I think people start to realize now the crisis that we we find ourselves in, and I think there's hope for those of us who who share these values to be able to chip away because it's not can happen overnight. The shift and because it didn't happen overnight.

We got into this ugly situation, but we we can check back. Looking back at the recall with Gavin Newsom and Larry Elder were you surprised that Elder got as much support as he did. I really wasn't that surprised and and and and all truth. I think that circumstances could have even been better but I think that there's what they call out here in California. The Trump factor that really motivates the other side and that was unfortunately I think that that's what happened that and I think the governor was very vulnerable to be recalled but unfortunately when Larry Elder stepped up they saw that there was a real threat to to leadership and now that they showed up enough to to be Tom Lackey is in the California assembly.

He's been serving for eight years time. We are also talking about faith and so you mentioned that you are a missionary for several years, BYU, and Oregon. It was a pretty heinous thing that happened during the football game as Oregon fans chanted a very profane slur against people of the Mormon faith. I want to get your reaction about Jan as you do know that the Mormon faith. They are Christians. I know some people that's that's a debatable issue, but they they believe that their Christian because I happen to be one and so I I could tell you that the Jesus is our our our focus and we know that he is the only way to to salvation. However, that's why they're under attack because they do represent a form of Christianity and Judeo-Christian values are directly under assault. They see them as a threat and the profane way with which they attacked them was so inexcusable that could you imagine if that crowd was shouting insults towards black lives matter or or some other organization some other group or Muslims or Muslims exactly right. It's just unfortunate that the visceral attacks that are happening within our society. The right versus left are really dividing the country or they would've shouted what your pronoun that would mean they would've shut down the University defunded it there would've been marches in the streets. Pres. Biden would've come out and given some sort of financial address but you guys are veto again fair game.

That's it, it's fair game. But then, just a couple weeks prior to that you have that crazy situation with the BYU volleyball team with the allegations of of racist slurs.

Of course everybody went with that and then it turned out not to be true and you didn't get as much news coverage after it was investigated and the video evidence clearly showed that no one in that crowd uttered a single racist word yeah that follow-up was a whisper at best and those of the realities no. This hold will culture is very intolerant and date. They claim that the that there promoting tolerance when in fact they're doing just the opposite. Tom Lackey here from the 36th assembly district in California. Tom, what is it going to take what are the Republicans doing what conversations are you guys having to move that ball forward to restart.

Start the effort to retake the state. First of all, they need not to be ashamed. I mean as scripturally profound as that term is it's very very true. And I think what's happened is because the control of the media has even intimidated a lot of those who are leadership positions and I think it's shameful and we need to not be ashamed.

We need to stand up for what we know to be true, and we do believe it will resonate if we are smart and if we can appeal to the our young people in a way that captures their motion yet there's and by the way, NBC news has a brand-new pullout and it's a it's pretty it's pretty remarkable of these are historic numbers from what were being told of this is from by NBC news polling should set the Republicans have the largest edge over the Democrats ever in their pulley history on the economy on crime and on immigration, and even among Hispanics rehearsing a number of Hispanics embracing the Republican Party nationwide. Are you starting to see that here in in California. I will tell you right now that Public Safety is not a partisan issue and everybody wants to feel safe and without safety really don't have liberty and so that is really a winning issue and happens to be. I mean I was a California Highway Patrol and for almost 30 years of my life. So I think I understand Public Safety and I'm I'm a vice chair Public Safety committee and it's more the offender safety committee than it is Public Safety committee and working very diligently to kinda shift the paradigm and of course San Francisco.

It's very interesting the dynamic. There they were able to recall their district attorney. A survey last week from the San Francisco Chronicle. 1/3 of the city. A resident say they're ready to move there ready to abandon San Francisco. Well, I think that Mr. Gascon better be watching his back because I think that that he's this time is very short as well.

There were some organizational problems with the recall effort, but I think had I gone to a vote. He'd been gone to so I think California will lead the country in this issue of shifting back towards real sensible reform and course Gascon is the Los Angeles County district attorney debtors*one no doubt about it and I will say this as I was driving up coming through some of those areas. Downtown Los Angeles. I look like I was in 1/3 world country that's regretted on is just unbelievable.

We really appreciate you some time hanging out with us today, and though the, the whole country is really curious about what's happening here California and I certainly do hope that Republicans really will make some headway in the midterms yet my plea was would be to anybody who's listening if you're not a registered voter anywhere we have less than 50% of the people of Christian values that are even registered to vote.

That's one reason why were getting shellacked out here and we really need everybody to please register and please show up in and learn who the candidates are and you not be ashamed. All right Tom, it was really getting to know you over lunch yesterday.

Enjoyed meeting you thought you, your reputation is is quite remarkable.

We appreciate your kind to say that Tom Lackey ladies a job in California assemblyman from B 36 district books.

We gotta take a break or will he come back right to the calls we've got to Winston-Salem on the line. We got Richard and Maine. Hang tight. 844-747-8860 that's a toll-free telephone number. This is the time charge radio show.

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I looked again. I don't know who's living in your neighborhood and they may or may not have a spouse that's you know if if you're making five if you live in a for a half-million dollar house. For example, the average Army officer would be hauling in a roughly about $83,000 a year. But if you're talking about someone who is enlisted to say a private in the Army there making $21,420 a year that that's what their patients with average bomb work your way up. Well, there's not much wiggle room to work your way up. But again I don't believe it's the so I mean the soldiers may be complaining about this, but I think the people that are raising the concerns here are lawmakers who are are wondering why our fighting men and women should have to exist on government cheese, especially when were footing the bill for all these illegal aliens not to mention forgiving all of the student loan debt*Walmart worker government money job. Do not pay good yeah but Walmart Walmarts not funded by our tax dollars. Again were talking about the US military is your question.

So given the choice, would you rather forgive the student loan debt.

Would you rather take care of the illegal aliens, or would you rather use all that money to give our fighting men and women a pay raise. None of the above really what what white man. I'll add another one of their or would you rather take the billions of dollars were sending to the Ukrainians and use that money to take care of our fighting men and women totally different area because that is a different country .43 fight what we think we're doing here, David will fight for our freedom know they're doing her job and what is that what is the job of the of the of the Army. What is the job of the military. David well, really not much like training next week on doing work on the hourly worker requiring right now the reason why were not fighting well is right now is because of Donald Trump but David, that's ludicrous. The fact of the matter is that we have the greatest fighting force on the planet so that we can be a free people body part went well. The money is bolder and that that may be the case, but the money is not going to put the money is not going to the men and women who are putting their lives on the line and I got a problem with that. David got a run. Appreciate the call. Let's go to Sydney and Lancaster California city what's on your mind today morning. Got my blood pressure really high. I don't think it ever done anything for the military for country for a good job letter to God for our country, but to go back to the big dog, like all. It is unfortunate that our fighting men and women that support family unit without active duty.

I forgot your California Child health and stuff like that when my daughters were younger, but at the same time I look at the delivery driver even though you poured out for you and I were part of the bowling alley will start vector I have to do what I look like my family but I don't understand where soldiers and Marines. The big boys so much that they are not able to do what I will do what I did when I looked third. Sydney will have to leave it there. My friend were coming up on the top of the hour, but God bless you and thank you for serving our great nation folks, David and North Carolina WSJ SSA look you guys know what you're signing up for, and he doesn't believe you guys in the military, deserve a pay raise.

What say you, 844-747-8868 this is the Todd storage universities.

Do you see the welcome to the Todd Stern show were broadcasting all the beautiful state of California, West Coast Baptist College here for their annual leadership conference and it's going to be a great week of meeting so many of our incredible blisters from all over the country and the word is having a good old time out here and will be talking more about that with the president of West Coast Baptist College, Dr. Paul Chappell in in just a little while. 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number if you like to call in.

That is the number to call. And of course our website Todd*in stock, we have some great stories for you to see you there on the website. I want to go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line. One of my favorite people in the world and one of the most brilliant minds that I know he is a friend. He was incredibly good to me and helped me throughout my time at Fox News Channel and he is an incredible author and the brother of El Roscoe David Limbaugh David good to have you back on the show. Thank you, great beer, how you and I are doing well and normally I would be say greetings from downriver because you're just you're up north of us on the Mississippi River God's country and get together. Not that far were you have to do that will break ribs together so there you go David. Very it and I want to talk about how how the families doing it just a moment but I'm so excited about this new book that you have out at night. Your columns are just so incredibly insightful. Your twitter feed is just off the charts great. And now you've got this book, which it is really the compilation of a series of books you've written this one called the resurrected Jesus. The church of the New Testament. Tell us about the book. Very I like my daughter Kristin last name, boy.

Mary named Glenn and we laughed Christian but I did what is written with covered the book of acts nearly started you know and the perspective of the apostle Paul. This one is the last thing of all the faculty present at Bethel clock and the Philemon and Philippian and the three pastoral physical first and second being tied, but we got through chapter and start paraphrase our verbatim almost 7 letters and books of the Bible we had commentary on our own insight, but we got something new in this book when I did in previous books and that it had prayer which makes this kind of a commentary commentary devotional combination.

Kristin has such a facility for prayer are primarily authored prayer and when we went back and forth on the fact week contributed each other's so it was a labor of love, really fine. I hope that this book will help lay reader and either get closer I got David. I was I was reading an interview you did with our friends and I was really taken by surprise. You said that in writing this you you started writing Christian books because you knew what it was like to be a skeptic out what will take us back to that when you were asked a skeptic and how did you become a believer. Why I always believed in God kind of impossible to understand how you could think that that matter be formed from non-matter. My flashlight in material objects, and so I would wait in God but I just never really embraced the God of the Bible not let my Lord and Savior, and even I was right there and and I always knew that that was the thing now ironically but I just had intellectuals that we call neglectful doubt, the man mass better things to note that I started reading apologetic early on.

Document doubt all little Norman Geisler, I just inhaled it Reading and reading it with fascination utilized family broadcasts. Even I wasn't really a Christian I was drawn to it. I will, I would not rebel. I didn't want to be a Christian. I wanted to be that I finally went and Christian prayer meeting big meeting indicate that that like a thousand people there maybe five man asked you leave a sign a card if you want to learn more about you right now something not me. I would say the Holy Spirit dinette card and even I really didn't want to but I did it and I didn't consciously want to dance. I find it again and again. Meeting in the Bible with with about three or four) were the leaders of the daddy and this booklet we can call first, that although the very rudimentary now that study at the time I was so ignorant I didn't know that that Jesus is all over the Old Testament book about that that that he was prophesied with secularity in the in the Old Testament that the Bible is the word of God.

Every buyer, God great merit and all the rest at night and I finally threw in not abbreviating. Finally came to the conclusion that the realization that the Bible really is the word of God. I think I'm holding in my hand the word of God that that's a good month inspiring moment and you if you really think it's the word of God. You have a complete reverence for blow you away and I kneeling and I wanted to begin inhaling everything I could about the Bible and theology and doctrine. My problem I frustrated because I wanted to be conversant with it immediately in my impatient with my impatient personality I wanted the Bible and so I just began inhaling all I could about it and it took a while before I even felt nominally comfortable, marginally couple. But what these books really are is my but the reader to look at this and that I would like to begin and love to start reading the Bible.

Knowing what the reading just a little intimidated. Don't know where to begin himself. It is geared for people like that are new believers are even the lay reader who want to go further, go do a deep dive into theology. In some cases and ultimately it's written in an accessible way.

So it's not duty folks. We have a direct league so you could get yourself a copy of the book of life. So blog.

You can also buy it wherever wherever you got your box, David. I'm curious as you're going through and and writing this. Do you ever go back to a passage or maybe you've read the passage of Scripture. Are you a million times before and yet you come back to it and glean something new from that from that passage of Scripture often it may what it it really is God word living word and that mean different things to different people. I think that command me that it activates a lie he can eat talking you individually as we read it and it any meat. That's where we are, but we can read a passage one day experiencing one and annual read and will read the truth and that Scripture and it will year later regret think that there were different but make it a different way. These are timeless.

There delivered through stories of real people facing real hardship if not done book abstract book of abstract idea, theological precept, it is a book about real people and integrated book will start with health guidelines story for mankind newly created in his image. They fell.

He knew he would have to send it down in human form.

The indignity of human existence, and then die for our stand. After persecution, torture and then be bodily resurrected so that we could join him in bodily resurrection and live in an internal glory with him it's it's a life teaching literally a life changing box in it and it becomes personal and I love that you've woven in the devotions the prayers and I think that just enhances whatever you just read of the book that's going to be enhanced of the prayers and in you as you reflect on that.

Dave and I I want to go back to the fact that you wrote this book with with your daughter a Kristin I remember her journalism back at Fox and she's just just a brilliant writer. What was that experience like writing a book together. Amazing.

Pregnant. I maybe no. Yeah, and that he was a good sport and I I didn't know there there about two weeks there. When I gave her some slack to meet deadline. I don't care if you're getting me to give birth to my first grandchild.

You get to work and that now it was back and forth email backtime and and I have this Logos Bible software with his mind blowing. I don't know if you have it in you. Can I like Norman 30,000 book got accumulated over the years, or whatever.

And all searchable by Barton like topic and so when I'm reading a verse I literally go through chapter and verse of the everyone of the book letter and I do start, passage guide and I have at my fingertips, Lisa hundred commentary for every part in size to three dollars and read on what I think is the most insightful and easy to understand. Jim about and we even ended up leaving in the text of the counter. I had we had that early church fathers insight with man that was delightful young people is another thing the world you human nature and phase at all.

These guys were right in writing. August Augustin all these guys even earlier than him in the first century A.D. writing their insights about Scripture and there's just a smart well I need this case are way smarter than we are and that they don't come across some antiquated people and enrolled an and hard to understand a good it is just fascinating out human nature doesn't change at time was that it, and how the same problem that they said they probably do with his life. Doesn't matter that the Bible was written that long ago because it that the truth that impart are for all ages and all times and all people created in God and I just and ice I still contend that the biggest problem facing the nation is truly a spiritual problem and not a political problem and agree more.

As you know all the pollen that even talk about the principality behind the physical forces in the world that the real power at the spiritual one, the Prince of darkness ruled the world.

That's why Jesus said what the left think that the left be a fight unity and so do something quickly establish a Republican with a lot of the about the advancement of principal, not the compromise is always bad, except we have to note that nine times out of 10, 999 99/100, there's compromise with political and secular leftist and you move the football further down the left for the left would go but the point is that I came to divide mother and father and brothers that I came to unify Corky want unify the church. And Paul is clear about that. That the reason he knew he came to divide it because he is even represent. Talk about. He doesn't eat fruit personified, and so since the be the Prince of darkness is in control of this world stands to reason to divide people to follow him from those who follow the panic and demonic forces in and taught think about what were witnessing today.

The objective evil that is being perpetrated by the left.

Think about the glorification of the murder of baby celebration of not just the reluctant permission of it, but the glorification of an demonization about who opposed abortion going to Bert and then think about the mutilation of children and in furtherance confusing confusing gender against God created order. Consider the breakdown in law and order in our city and and the and the no crossing our border, which is intentional.

You cannot say it's incompetent they affect little open borders. Why even though they deny it, and on and on and on, David.

We got to take a quick break just to get our hopes we got David Limbaugh hit his daughter a Kristin Limbaugh Bloom writing up a great new book the resurrected Jesus. The church of the New Testament we battling to live show blog.

We gotta take a break will be right back Ari David I� Today he and his daughter a Kristin Limbaugh Bloom writing a great new book the resurrected Jesus. The church of the New Testament, and of course David. A lot of our listeners log Roche and I think we talk about rush at least once a week on this program we just we love L. Rush, bow, and I'm wondering how you guys are doing.

It was a year in February since he went on to glory long period of time. I down and to be time to time. We are very close to knowing the right 25 text each other back and forth. Nothing earth shattering stuff mundane for babies out. That kind of thing we did talk about politics a lot, but not as you might think, because we already know about what we think so.

It's not like we gotta talk about that.

It yeah it really hardly feeling very hard to lose parent but different thing in the box altogether. You hear me not the time I was born I knew it, we are best friends and he was a few years older than me and felt than I and then anyway it's a little boy a hole in my heart there and I love the fact that that is audience considered in family and my and me to some extent extended family. The warm feeling I didn't just think that okay is a guided standing in the breaking of the guided helping you avoid when the mainstream media is monolithically liberal, it's more than that it was more than that he was their Matthey for years. It was that he was in their own three hours a day.

They considered him family. Literally, you can't leave out in that they considered himself and how they stay invariably the best friend I never met so that's extremely gratifying to me to witness that experience that you receive those expressions of warmth every day and it continued you look at my mentors, and Twitter and daily how much they appreciate right wonder what he would think about and all that is pretty cool. It is cool and we we just love him. And you're right. He was a friend and and a member of the family and that's I think that's is that again the power of of Russia's voice and the power of radio and that's how I think that radio is never to go away. You can't. You cannot do that and in the any other form of broadcasting except for talk radio and so David there yelling at me because were comfortable. The bottom of the hour, we could talk for another hour.

Congratulations on the new book and that we appreciate and I appreciate your friendship over the years. Your good friend are great at what you do your work right and for United States American freedom really appreciate you and I know your audience. Take care, keep fighting the good fight, down the Memphis.

One of these days I will grab some ribs will be David Limbaugh everybody the great book the resurrected Jesus the church. A things I will be right back radio program here in North Carolina. He's got a bone to pick with David in Winston-Salem about the military.

Ari Dan, what's going on here.

Call that but I called my blood. You made the statement that the people in the military don't work will yeah that that's what he said, clearly unaware of all the work they do to prepare.

You spend one euro a week in the whole day which work well hours a day to 12 and 14, five days a week went up employment working 12 on 12 week seven days a week, but I went down and uniting for operation down there. We worked 35 days straight 12 112 and don't get me started on duty for all the hours and days you put in there but again I think he showed his true side there Dan.

I appreciate them call it off and you know we love going toe to toe with people disagree with us but when he said, well, giving all that money to Ukraine. That's a different story. I don't think it is.

If we've got enough money to help out another country. We should be take care of our own library. What I believe years. It writing. I have no clue what the military does you know what day and you're absolutely right about that. Hey I want you to give us a call back. One of these days appreciate your calling and I do need to go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line I we have from the great state of Tennessee Sen. Marsha Blackburn Sen. hope you're doing well today.

Well, you can't know Sen. it's interesting we were we. We were talking about this issue of so many soldiers having to use food stamps only sets with the Pentagon is telling about you can't make ends meet. Going get government cheese. A lot of our listeners really got put off by that and they feel like we ought to be doing a better job taking care of our military work join I drank making. Time, here are couple getting military now is incorrect. Family by now male or female. Now fully taking Sen. it's it's an issue that I hope the Republicans are able to address what you guys retake the house of the Senate and maybe we could do something to help these brave men and women who are literally putting their lives on the line every day so so that we can be free. I want to go to your twitter feed you got somebody there so many huge issues we want to ask you about. And of course you point out something very interesting that it took Democrats less than 48 hours to do something about the illegals who I ended up in Martha's Vineyard. Meanwhile, you've got people along the border in those towns and communities that are suffering as a result of an action by the body administration, 40 fall out only now out well military day entry on what down that one of the first one click importing our day ability to care for the individual. The resource that we contract with Me here you have one. Well in the country and 40 hours bring. We need to be sure they play out and never can contain parent on the military when you look at what's happening. We were telling a story earlier in the show about. I am a second generation barbecue place down in Eagles pass and they had to sell their business.

They been broken into so many times they are literally living in fear of their lives. That is, that is not right that is not how American should have to live on American soil and and I'm so glad to see you and other lawmakers standing up and fighting for these good people. Well, we're going to continue network and and again to that to that point, you're one of the first two to point out that it was Joe Biden who was flying in the dark of night illegal aliens into Chattanooga Tennessee and dropping off the illegals so this is not like something you what's happening with Rod to see if this is Gov. Greg Abbott and Doug Ducey third is following the lead of the Biden administration well here.

You're right about all I really want a week Chicago light book out of hotel and send them to a bar.

I don't hear one single person saying we are concerned by faith individual bird under the time of the cartel and looking at the garage day a humanitarian crisis and gently used individual art can't dictate whether it drawings door flight after an just trying to think about decent women and girls think the way we can get you and how we can work out our fee once we get there and find happening down there going to be tracked. The cartels are going to use them until they use them not, and I find it to be carrying Christ and attracted an opening to lower working trafficking and sex trafficking agency that is thinner dealing with the issue of drying the border heart and enclosing that border heart pounding.

The problem that around brand Sen. Marsha Blackburn is on the patriot mobile newsmaker line Sen. one of the thing I love you to weigh in on you have legislation that is is going to target these criminals who are on the streets only just over the weekend. This crazy story about a guy in New York City armed with an ax that was destroying a McDonald's and terrorizing people back I is already back out on the streets, but you've got, you got some legislation restoring law and order act.

What will that do work with Albert, Sharon and I were law enforcement. And then following the atrocities that have just been heartbreaking in kind and why and I can't like put a bill together. One of the probation would require a study on processing right. We know that for some reason I think things are going very slow. It should be a matter not mine yet right to return to local law enforcement. We want to find out how to make this problem when looking at is great for fishing money that had been brought forward through convict funding our local community more law enforcement officers. Hey, Dan, and a more equitable manner can't bend the resources they need right drying industry that drive traffic and crying now 19 law enforcement priority so that we local law enforcement entities Like take me to keep our community that many people in the problem with the right and crying and something we can do something now and indeed we are going to get fish on well II think I could speak on behalf of all of my fellow men.

By saying thank you for for doing something are you and Sen. Haggerty. It is just it's really heartbreaking what's happening and not in Memphis.

There so many great people there so many great businesses and entrepreneurs and is just not right that progressives have allowed the criminals to take charge. Sen. work and leave it there. Always great to hear from you and we look forward to seeing you back in Memphis.

One of these days all right. Sen. Marsha Blackburn everybody on the patriot mobile newsmaker line hey look, we've got it. Take a quick break when we returned, working to get your calls. A lot of people are fired up over one of our previous callers who said that the military members do not deserve a pay raise and says they really don't do anything except fighting wars. So what say you ladies until 1-844-747-8868 I want to tell you about our good friend Mike Lindell under attack by the FBI of the deep state and we are doing our part to support Mike by promoting my pillow by is our website. That's my and Mike is offering our list are some great deals incredible discounts. For example, the beautiful teaser dream bedsheets, 29, 98, a great offer only if you want to get the Michael slippers. I pull mattresses about the towel set or even the my pillows as low as 1988.

It is a flash sale right now by, maybe you were just a thin client anywhere you always like snacks and stuff so I can totally bring some chips when you get about you also get new friends picture progressives.

One of them and get coverage today for as little as $100 a year, and also a little short of cash to cover the checks. I can see where like you little six University of Massachusetts there like mocking the liberty University. I got a plaintiff liberty coming up and you mass the game is October and so now they're announcing that's going to be pride night so there mocking the Christians at liberty University with pride by brilliant look at tonight's answer questionnaire. I just asked.

I don't need to stir anything up. I thought pride month was a Jew. Heavy alphabet activist like take over the entire calendar is that is that what you're looking at here every day is pride day at American anyway back to you mass.

They got their clocks cleaned over the weekend by Toledo. Not exactly a Division I powerhouse out of PCS to pitch it during their 55 to 10 was the score you mass wanted to.

I don't think that's anything to be proud about 844-747-8868 let's go to the phones.

Pastor Bob Georgia WT went all right Pastor, what's on your mind Bob from Beaufort talk station. I really appreciate what you're doing years ago I lived in Washington DC and we were having the people say that policemen were getting paid too much and they put a bumper there gratitudes next time you're in trouble call it 23-year-old veteran served for 23 years in the Army.

If I see a guy with a any kind of military had on her uniform. The first thing I say thank you for taking care of our country.

They're not getting paid nearly enough in fact to your alphabetic LB GT stands for liberty gone by proppant barbecue. I love the way you think.

Pastor Bob somehow we got get the people out there about November. We've got to get out the vote and you heard that from the assemblyman from California. We've got a get out the vote.

If every if every Christian in America we don't vote on election day. We would solve just about every problem lickety-split in one election cycle. Pastor Bob appreciate your call. Thank you for that.

Let's go to Bill and Georgia WT UN wants to weigh in on the bill of what say you, long time with her talking hear me okay Bill your coveted just fine okay very good. I'm with you and everything Georgia.

I think that we missed the boat a little bit on the thing about Mildred not being paid.

I think we have a problem with expectations military and the reason I say that you have to look at what the pay right now is military and all the benefit they received along with that and consider the whole package now and I don't want I'm all ears here build up. I'm just looking though the starting page $21,420 a year. That's not a lot of money right and what I think people forget that Ridley military was designed to have the lower ranking enlisted men not be married and not have children because we didn't want them, but when war like Windows nor so therefore the people have to be paid or not the Lord you list the men in her career and I can go on with that point something out the career even the officers. The officers are being paid but it's it's not really exorbitant. It's so I mean again if and I don't know, military history, but I is even going back to the early days of the Vietnam War. There were a lot of a lot of men who had families on I'm thinking about the of the we were soldiers we were soldiers movie where that was a big problem you had all these soldiers getting killed in the running of chaplains to Doretta notified that the families of the deceased, Vietnam veteran two years when I started military nightly you not my first paycheck $99. Now days that make quite a bit more. I would've never thought to take my pain go by car. The expectations of the problem because were expecting these fellas to be in there and get paid like the like. They have many years of experience and like a real trait and it takes several years to learn that then once they learn that there about you for the get paid about $2700 month and if they have a family all the medical care for man to have a housing subsidy and they have privileges that appear now that's pretty good paper man in his mid-20s who can retire in 15 years on full pension. So you're okay so you're okay with the pay where it is. Yes sir, I think it's very fair and I think RBA has been badly malign my experience would be. I have only had good experience. The only problem is you say is they can't keep doctors because they don't take the.they are not competitive with their doctors. You never know what Dr. you're going to get that I think are paid well, wait a second.

So, so we gotta pay the doctors of the VA bore is that what you're psyched I'm confused here. Your right. You have good Doc Martin and I gotcha dog I got you, and by the way, if you think that's the problem with the doctors.

That's the problem with the military to. So if you're going to take care of the pay for the doctor seems to be you would want to also take care of the paid for the right to file a look. We got a run Bill appreciate your call. Folks, Bill says they're getting paid enough. What say you, ladies and gentlemen, 844-747-8868 where broadcasting live from West Coast Baptist College in beautiful California will be right back America. Maybe you were just the same class anywhere you always liked snacks and stuff so I can totally bring some chips when you get about you also get new friends picture progressives. One of them and get coverage today for as little as $100 a year, and also a little short on cash. Can you cover the chips thanks. I can see whether like you universities do you see radio show where broadcasting on the road. They believe it or not, they let me in the California Katella how that happened. But where broadcasting from West Coast Baptist College beautiful antelope Valley.

That's the high desert area of northern Los Angeles County and were does have a great time. The college of the church's annual leadership conference is underway.

Thousands of people here from all over America, a great speaker. I've already run into several people and they've asked two questions is Grace Baker with you and what about Caleb Park. All will I appreciate that.

Yeah I would love some time to come out to California have actually never been all you would love it out here is very nice to have this. It was so last week there. It was like 180� here in California and then so I will what happened. It was, like when we had our 75th anniversary party was like 110� the temperature because were to be in that beautiful rooftop aperture on the day of the party drop down like 75 or 80� and the same thing happened that it was cold this point, a blessing from the Lord fairly fairly well said Grace Baker. I will get you out will get you but we'll get to California. One of these days I will pack my bags and a Jiffy all right very good Merlot.

I'm not sure we can get the dog trying get her through airport secures you a hard time. By the way, if you could send somebody over to the airport to make sure my car is still okay. Alright.

Thanks Grace anyway were very excited to have without some great guest very dear friend of mine. He's the pastor of the of Lancaster Baptist Church of the present West Coast Baptist College, Dr. Paul Chappell Dr. Chappell Todd great to be with you. It's always good to have you at the conference.

You guys always keep us fed and watered out here. We work hard at it. We want to reward you for coming out to California. We want to have some fringe benefits as as we know it's difficult for you to come into this liberal state. Well yes, but I will say this, that it's I was really encouraged. Last night I was speaking with the college freshman great class of students and I was really impressed with how engaged they are on the big political and cultural issues of the day. Well, most of these young people have been trained and raised with the biblical worldview and so they're able to take their understanding of the Scriptures, and in the paradigm they have of current events comes from that you see when you when you do look at at what's happening in the culture we've seen so many churches that have disengaged and we heard this from the assemblymen early on but some women lackey, who was on the first hour of the show. He said of only Christians would mobilize to get out and vote and vote their values. That would really change a lot of things, not just here in California but around the nation. What would you say to that some Christians misinterpret the biblical admonitions to love your enemy and some of these things with capacity that causes them to step back and and not want to engage.

There is a way to speak the truth in love, there is a way to take a stand and still keep a spirit towards people, that is Christlike and that's something that our students are finding the balance of end and acting upon well again it is it's really impressive just to CVB intellect, knowing I and this is been a fascinating thing for us to discover over the.

The past couple of months we've noticed a lot of generation Sears are really attracted to Ron DeSantis and then so that will be interesting to see how how all of that plays out. But again, that's the key I think is letting people of faith know it's okay to engage in the political process absolutely, and I think they see something in the sentence from the standpoint of not just convictions or policy, but they see him implementing those effectively in his state.

So that's governance. And here in California we have a governor who, in the midst of the inflation just less than a month ago, one of his ways to fight inflation was to stop taxing the marijuana industry and so here's a state that is so filled in with the lack of understanding of how to handle their problems that they cannot connect the dots between marijuana use and homelessness and so we have 10 times the illegal grows since they legalized marijuana and yet now working to incentivize more and more and more of it with no taxes being paid.

That's the type of man that wants to perhaps run for the United States presidency and those are the kinds of people that support him. It fascinated me.

We were driving around Lancaster which is a very large city. What about 1/4 million pencil live. It was very large city were in the desert. It's beautiful but it's the desert and yet there are a lot of homeless people and so it was explained to me that they believe that that there actually moving relocating the home was from Los Angeles up to up to Lancaster. The desert is, is that true that's been a problem for probably 20 years were the last stop in northern LA County in the we've we've been historically a conservative community. This the folks in LA have been giving vouchers to people and sent take take the train to the last stop in the county built a huge homeless center here for these people, but taught so many of them because of of drugs and the gateway drugs marijuana many of them are so strung out they don't want to stay in the homeless shelter. They prefer to stay outside under these tarps to go downtown LA it's every overpass there living under the overpass is living in the parts and this is if you want it nationwide vote for Newsom. It's shocking and parts of Los Angeles and I've been coming here for 20+ years and you felt comfortable walking around downtown Los Angeles.

Years ago, not so much now because it really does look like some sort of a refugee camp from 1/3 world country. Right now the policies have been very tolerant towards drugs towards trespassing towards prostitution the DA in LA County is is not prosecuting laws that are on the books and so there is a willfulness on the part of the criminal element to just to how they whatever they want to do live where they want to live and I'm amazed that it continues to be a problem pastor Paul Chappell joins us. The pastor Lancaster Baptist Church and the present West Coast Baptist College when you when you look at the mission of West Coast. It is not just California centric.

You guys are making an impact nationwide. Really globally but especially here in the United States.

What is that what is the mission of West Coast Baptist College with a mission is really simple it is to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ and the fact is Todd and I'll mention this tonight and in the opening message that our nation is is living in a difficult time were here voicing some conservative views of the other side likes to bring out the sins of our founding fathers, and they like to have their rhetoric against conservativism about what I want to speak about tonight is just simply the fact that we are all sinners. All of us are sinners of left and right, it doesn't matter long before Karl Marx. The Bible spoke of alienation. The Bible says that we were aliens from Christ and from the Commonwealth of Israel. We were without hope and without God in this world and so what were trying to teach the young people is that this is a fallen human race that Jesus Christ shed his blood to redeem us and to bring us into fellowship with the father and to go out and love people even if they are the homeless, even if they are smoking marijuana.

We don't care where the rent we want to help them where they are weak just like the policies that allow those lifestyles to proliferate, but we want to teach this group of young people to love the world where the world that and to bring them to Christ and that's what it's all about. There's there all around the world as you know doing this gospel work and and most of them are starting to become ministers.

Is that right ours. They are most poster pastors the young ladies that predominantly are in the educational fields there in the music fields there in the areas that are church ministries related.

So some of them have tax talents and so forth. But it's all about ministry and every student is majoring in the Bible because we believe that's where the answer is found.

I think that's just tremendous, and no government funding know we are accredited, but we've never receive government funds in the order that a few temps in Sacramento to mandate certain lifestyle issues on the campuses of Christian colleges certain curricula. So without taking their money, it puts us in a much stronger legal position to contend for our faith and because of that, it becomes that that much more important for folks in our listening audience to support schools like West Coast Baptist College of you guys are doing very important work here and folks, if you would, if folks would like to contribute or get information on how they can support the ministries and the efforts here what one of they need to do. They can visit W West Coast Baptist College website W and there's a giving portal. There we appreciate people who help us there several hundred that sin something in every year. We don't have a full-time development department were dependent upon just moments like this where God might touch someone's heart so you know what I'm in a help college in California that standing for Jesus that standing for all the right end and we appreciate that very much. I think it's a wonderful how many students do you guys have the semester. We have about 800 students we've got around 500 right on campus, about 300 online and so it's a good vibrant student body.

Hi, I love that wall a doctor.

Chappell we got a chicken breaker. We really appreciate you coming on the show and I thanks for the great hospitality of the great food and the free coffee anytime taught work where your watering hole on the West Coast speeded up by way these tumbleweeds are there out-of-control there. There's some tumbleweeds large enough to swallow a Volkswagen car. It's unbelievable that they don't turn out as domicile as you see in the roadrunner cartoons are there very aggressive that they are, especially when they know a conservative commentators on the road. No doubt about it. Leftists oh my goodness, Dr. Paul Chappell, everybody here on the program. We gotta take a break when we come back were going directly to the bones. Full lines were to get your calls 844-747-8868 this is the Todd storage. Maybe you just think, live anywhere you always like snacks and stuff so I can totally bring some chips when you get about you also get new friends that your progressives want to get coverage today for as little as $100 a year. Also a little short and Can you cover the chips banks like you use your hair is now calling the plane loads of illegals to Martha's Vineyard morally reprehensible.

How dare you send people to live with the rich white liberal you people think you work says are morally reprehensible. Well here's little here's a little nugget about Gavin is that if you're ever in an argument with one of these leftists feel free to use this information but back when Gavin Newsom was mayor of San Francisco. He developed a program called home word down now that sounds like a very lovely family friendly holidays sort of venture but in fact it was morally reprehensible to borrow a phrase from the governor governor held hair gel back when he was a mayor literally bust thousands of homeless people out of San Francisco, literally giving them one way tickets on Greyhound buses. So if the governor wants to have this this conversation. This debate maybe we need to start talking about what he did when he was mayor of San Francisco, 844-747-8868 Fetzer toll-free telephone number. Let's go to the phones here Dave and North Carolina detox station once to weigh in on the military day. What's up my call. Well, I want to do it and I have great that he wasn't that veteran now I don't know how long. What branch or anything else.

And when it comes down to. The great RK great you want to unite and then the officer grade you know 01. So here's the thing. If you're Cpl. in the Army or Marine Corps or your you know in the Air Force and they love to go back to grade like rink because that's just too military for them and you know the paygrade is the same. Different branches have different standards of living in different entitlement. You know, and Air Force I'm I'm right outside the main gate of Cherry point right now and you get a Marine flies in here in a C-130 Internet to be overnight and then leave and they got work on the airplane. I see Marines that they work on the plane. Sometimes all stretch out on those extremely uncomfortable trips each. Maybe with a poncho liner sleeping bag to get a nap and you know they get up, get going pilots actually get some rest. Air Force guys playing here totally different.

It's a whole different standard they need six people so they need 315 passenger vans. I got to go out to the Marriott you know the get extra pretty in the gotta go. You know they can eat a chow hall they got a go somewhere nice to you.

So when this guy starts talking.

I don't know his background is. But it all depends. Here's the thing out of the entire community of military people we have right now at no one time is more than 1% of the military served on active duty. All volunteers now I'm on and off military installations all the time and I deal directly with these people. Okay, we got people on active duty right now who shouldn't be, but that's going to be the case in any career field in any occupation in others doctors who shouldn't be doctors.

There's Congressman.

Well, let's get rid of all of them, there's just you know, everywhere you go. If you go out to the road workers usually three or four guys working hard. One guy leaning on a shovel well but again, the point goes back to this. These these guys and gals are anywhere. They're not making anywhere near enough money to start a family to survive. I'm your make and $21,000 a year. People working at McDonald's or makeable about that. So we gotta get this figured out. And if we can pay our people in Congress. If we can pay them over $100,000 a year, and I'm not saying we gotta pay all the soldiers $100,000 year starting back but it seems to me if you're willing to put your life on the line for our country, then that's probably a little more deserving than what it takes to work at Arby's or Burger King. That's all I'm trying to say depreciate.appreciate the call.

Let's go to mark in the villages, America's friendliest room. Tell Mark what's on your mind and convert my brother over in California pretty active in college communities out there that one day after sleaze ball flick can't Newsom get that shell shacking by round here in Florida about the immigrants.

The market is like I'm in a show you get $100,000 round opponent running for governor Chris in return flick had new in-laws have been given contribution is Pat so much family trust have you can't make it Up this difference between the conflict is on the other hand, millions can't. Case in point, they gathered over 1 million signatures that are removed from office with well, exactly. And I was talking to some folks around here in California over the past couple days, everybody thinks the fix was in there. They really do believe they have the numbers to recall this guys I love it really adopt the term slick and I love it slick. Had Newsom Mark we give you all the credit for that. When I bark from the villages received the call of folks really take a quick break your 844-747-8868. By the way you want to head over right now to Todd start start, we have so many great things for you. Available in our store books happy to sign those T-shirts YOU name it at Todd start' 844-747-8868 will be right back. You are the oldest president which leads you are more aware of this than anyone.

Some people ask whether you are fit for the job and when you hear that, I wonder what you think.

Watch me. My monster got it so I think watch me if you think I don't have the energy level of mental acuity, then no, that's one thing it's another thing you just watching and don't keep my schedule do what I'm doing II think that you know I don't want to sit down with our NATO allies and Keith together and have them sent only 21% in Army it's a matter of that old expression, the proof of the pudding is in the I respect the fact that people would say you know your old but I think it relates to how much energy you have and whether or not the job you're doing is one consistent with what an impersonal lineage would be able to. How would you say your mental focus is which focused. I says I think a sigh. I haven't looked. I have trouble even mentioning even saying to myself my own head number of years.

I know more. Think of myself as being souls and fly is just not I haven't observed anything in terms of things I don't do now than it did before. Whether it's physical and mental running out all right there you have the president of the United States is saying he is the mental focus and capacity of a law I would've gone with Nanette, but there you go I will get back to the Todd start radio so we are broadcasting all this week from West Coast Baptist College at their annual spiritual leadership conference.

Thousands of people are here from all over America is been so great to meet so many of our wonderful wonderful listeners over the past a couple of days and will be here all week.

I do want to go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line, our good friend the founder of Timothy plan art alley. Now he is. He's our RVing across America art, where are you now, not across America down from the headwaters of New Orleans. We are were in St. Louis. I'm having a hard time keeping track were headed toward a couple of days. I love it and are I'm doing my best to get back. I'm not here on the West Coast. But if I can't make up the staff has orders to treat you and miss body like eight you arrive. Oh well then we follow up on art is what is what is that like your drive the RV down the Mississippi River are at least really super River where you got are you are you meeting people having conversations with folks, it is not lonesome and organized guided by a company called the fantasy RV toward they set the whole thing up. All we do is and follow the bouncing ball but it's been great.

You know on this trip the way it works.I drive Bonnie's screen. This ensures that all national radio, but their mothers will know the truth of this art we we just will personal safe travels out there and there are a couple stories we wanted to touch base with you on and one of those happens to be the rising crime rate in America and how it's beginning to impact a lot of stores not just mom-and-pop stores. We were talking about this barbecue joint down on the Texas border and that they been hit five times since February so they they sold their business. Starbucks announced back in July they were shutting down 16 stores. This really is going to be having an impact on not only people, the bottom line. The people's bank accounts, but also these business owners, you know, the thing that it evaporated in America, and when you make it wide open for anything goes criminals with no penalties for whatever they do. What in the world, the people think. And you know you could really get frustrated and discouraged.I know you and I sometimes do, but I am encouraged because America is still America mainstream America mainstream media mainstream America still loves their freedom. They appreciate law and order and how would you like to be a police officer in this environment when you take your life in your hands and if you try to stop bad guy. You become the bad guy in the way some of these cities are operating it is no wonder I don't feel too bad about the Starbucks on their company. But you know these houses on me. What a tragedy it is so unnecessary it is and and it's concerning because that seems to me to be a fixable problem right away. Just getting control of crime in America, but the God in a weekend, but the broader issue is what's coming and I'm not sure that working to be able to stop this, the chairman of FedEx in this. I'm glad this got a lot of attention but the chairman of FedEx warning people that we've got some big problems coming down the pipeline they are announcing consular shutting down a lot of FedEx stores, offices, preparing for what's about to happen were are you following those developments is your traveling traveling through the heartland well over a little bit and from that time, but he worked in the world would people expect to happen. It is incredible not only not the price that the average American is paying from this administration and all other policies with inflation and we got another hike, and an interest rate they are absolutely not politically correct to say this but they're trying to do Troy America and turn it into 1/3 world country.

However, I believe in you, your listeners know this to be true broad stream. America is waking up and were saying enough is enough. Were going up.

We have these pastor boot camps retrained over 1200 patriot pastors now to equip their congregations on the biblical principles of politics, you cannot separate the two. That's how they tried to win now. Talk about anything but religion and plot and politics what in the world runs your life. But religion and politics and not only religion goes man-made religion is very faulty, but people asked me what's wrong in America.

As you well know, frequently wrong but never in doubt. But what's wrong in America. More than political or spiritual. We have a spiritual problem. This country was founded on principles which work only. Every time, and we have gotten sloppy, lazy, pursuing the American dream of unlimited prosperity and not paid attention to what's going on were starting to encourage me because America is still pretty dog on strong earnings Timothy place itself is the website and if you want to begin investing with integrity. That's the starting point Timothy I utilize their great services and you should as well. Art were going to have to leave it there.

Safe travels as you make your way down to Memphis okay remind you to have a good time out there on the coast art alley.

Everybody, founder of the Timothy plan and fenced with integrity folks, it is time for us to start using putting our money into companies that are to be supporting our values and those are important things for us to do, especially with the economy going in the direction is currently going again Timothy write that down and just go and check it out. They got a great website. All sorts of great information for you. right we do have to take a break here 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8860 8 You Discern Art Alley on the patriot mobile newsmaker line by the way, patriot mobile is America's only Christian conservative wireless carrier there. They are a proud partner of the Todd Stern's radio program and they are very supportive of our efforts to promote the beliefs that America was founded on.

Now if you would patriot That's patriot's/Todd your to be able to find out all sorts of great information about patriot mobile. You can check their coverage. You can also take advantage of some incredible offers by using my promo code Todd TOD Jeep there to give you free activation. They're going to give you a free gift and if you're a veteran or first responder welfare going to give you an even bigger discount. So I want to encourage you folks consider switching over to patriot mobile and start supporting America's only Christian conservative wireless provider will be right back to college to be able to hear from some conservative college students that are from California, fighting the good fight, out here that's good be a great time coming up on tomorrow's program.

All right, let's get to the phone zero 844-747-8868 Steve and central Arkansas on the line see what's on your body all you talk I yell a lot and live there and fight for his hello scale of our government at the highest price killed by the government. Somebody that it may end up proving that he's the king of the group. There somehow gain of function research cost of very American lot. So what does our government put the most value somebody that's killing Americans or somebody. The site it's a great question you raise there my friend and that is something that we need to be. We need to be talking about again, why are we paying Anthony found cheap making what well over $400,000 a year. That's just the government salary the taxpayers salary. Lord knows he's probably making more money than that but you get my point. Steve why are why are the military personnel. The lowest paid people on the government dole. Why is that not every company I work for your party was based on your bag you apparently our government must bear you find a way to depreciate the call by the way, speaking event over the weekend. There were your work perfectly healthy teenage college age athletes that either drop dead or had heart attacks and there was one. One kid in the Memphis Tennessee area and he was competing. I believe in Florida for some sort of a race and the poor kid suffered a heart attack right after crossing the the finish line of this Ray 17-year-old kid's name is Chris Harmon.

This is name and arms are. That's the coach of the team and the poor kid had to undergo emergency heart surgery. Unbelievable.

But according to the coach of the poor kid Dave Higginbotham is the young man and he wound up he had an artery blocked and had to have a three hour emergency heart surgery, but you do wonder if any of this, my first question, whenever I hear these kinds of stories. My first question was the person vaccinated. That's the that's the question I so anyway were up so that their loss to go fund me page. Grace maybe we can find that of race and let some will post it up on our live show blog but I go fund me for this cross country runner the pointed 17 years old and he was in perfect physical condition and then ops and has a heart attack. Something's not right about all of this you watch what's going to happen is it will come out but when you looked at the declining birth rates, not just America but all over the world.

You think this is just some from a coincidence, folks, I'm telling you we will discover that something very nefarious was going on with this vaccine and by the time we figured out the people responsible will be long gone, but I suspect there should be some criminal activity surrounding these vaccines. Be very careful. Ladies and gentlemen, very careful art. Let's go to John in North Carolina. The talk station hey John what's on your mind today. You know better about military and their years ago commentary with military family by I remember back in the day was advertisement in the local mullet rapper that the commissary for light canned corn four dollars where my local Burger star with only three cans for dollar rolling by my life. Maybe the Comptroller somebody years ago back in the 90 that become very were shut down. Not having below where I yell he won. He bought food for their family already and don't get yeah I'm with you here and again the issue I have is our week.

Even if you have those commissaries and the D on the dilatory basis is not going to be enough money for for these families prefer soldier to provide for his family of you're looking at. Even if you're making 25 $3000 a year. That's not a lot of money to take care of the family on rates for electric day. I remember Pom-pom bait. Where can� Lower back when I was only a dollar dollar 50 off day you will lob after my military day that I remembered were lower the price somebody people where their money goes father. But if you pay people corn there were not remember the 40 hour week job when I was at the 12 on 12 all while I was in the daylight workout in my computer but I was a God bless you. God bless all of our members of the military and we gotta do better. We just got a better focus.

Tomorrow is college will do it all over again

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