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CNN Loves to Smack Around Conservative Women

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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April 29, 2022 2:51 pm

CNN Loves to Smack Around Conservative Women

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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April 29, 2022 2:51 pm

Jim Acosta is facing fire for ambushing Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. He wasn’t expecting her to fight back.
Andy Biggs, Michele Woodhouse, and Ryan Helfenbein join the conversation!

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Do you see will go well and radio program. We are so glad to have you with us today border to border, coast to coast across the fruit employee. I am your host ladies and gentlemen, Todd Stearns, and today we are all the road broadcasting from Mid-America Baptist seminary in beautiful Memphis Tennessee ready for a great weekend as conservatives from all across America. Join us to learn how to engage in the culture to be talking more about that a little bit later on in the program today, but now more than ever folks, it is vitally important for us to engage the culture and to fight back against these woke school boards and city councils all over the nation. This is this is Howard this is Howard going to take back the country.

This is how were going to change the direction of the country and that's why this big weekend event in Memphis Tennessee is so vitally important and we want to invite you to come out to be a part of what's happening here at Mid-America seminary this weekend. All the information on our live show blog will poach. We've got a lot a lot to get to through the program today and we want to invite you to give us a call. You can join the conversation at 844-747-8868 that number is 844-747-8868 so I want to start without this raging controversy surrounding Pres. Biden's new Ministry of truth. This is a fascinating story. We are first brought to you yesterday and now it's only got much weirder. So it turns out that the person who is been selected to head up the Department of Homeland Security's misinformation department is a is slap crazy, there's really no other way to describe it that this person is slap crazy. She's been out there saying horrible things about Pres. Tromp Pres. trump supporters.

Conservatives in general and she in fact has been accused of spreading misinformation. So the question now is why would bite hire someone to run his disinformation ministry when in fact this person is guilty of spreading this information. Her name is Nina Janco Woods and she is the new DHS Ministry of truth*and most recently she called Hunter Biden's laptop a Tromp campaign product now our good friends over at Fox news channel Jackie Henry Henrik over at the White House ripped into Jen Saki and said hey what's going on here and sake it seems as though the White House has no idea what homeland security is up to, because Saki is pleading Edwards. She doesn't know the person does not think about the person and cannot give us any information on why this person miss Janco Woods was hired for the job. Now before we get into some of the particulars of the disinformation she's been spreading the woman. This is the sort of creepy folks and there's really no other way to describe it. She's just weird. This is audio that surface just the other day and your to be hearing the new Ministry of truth is our singing a song about this information was take a listen. Sweet mother America. I don't know what to say how do you respond this is this is an individual who is good.

We put in charge of an organization that is meant to crack down all of you conservatives out there. You got a question about the China virus you got a question about these vaccines and whether they work or not. That's what she's coming after you and this woman is clearly slap crazy, but they're coming after you, America, and that's the whole point of this ministry of truth.

So Fox news yesterday of the press briefing went after the White House and said what's going on here because the person that you've assigned to crack down on disinformation is in fact guilty of spreading this information in the White House could not answer that question. Now look at the end of the day is all this all goes back to the, the Obama administration. When Pres. Obama himself unleashed the Internal Revenue Service on many good and decent people.

Many of them were friends of mine.

Their only crime was actually being a conservative in America being pro-life in America supporting traditional marriage in America and their punishment was an IRS audit were investigations public shaming. That's exactly what this ministry of truth is going to be doing to all of you in the conservative world and the ultimate goal is the same goal as Lois Lerner during the Obama IRS years. They want to silence you and and if and if it's going to take bullying. They're going to bully you into silence. That's what the Biden administration is doing and they learn this from from a very successful individual in this endeavor which is Barack Hussein Obama.

Keep in mind the only full-time job. Barack Obama had ladies and gentlemen, was as a community organizer. His job was to rile people up and to target and bully people into submission.

That's what Obama did for a career before he got elected to the Senate before he got elected President of the United States by labeling Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton as racist. It is, it is heinous. It is disgusting. It is despicable and it is very very effective R8 844-747-8868. That is our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 coming up we got this insane audio Marjorie Taylor Green going at it. I've never heard anything quite like this. Marjorie Taylor Green going at it with little Jimmy Acosta so he's back. I mean II didn't realize he still had a job over at CNN, but apparently he does and little Jimmy Acosta is now spending his time earning his paycheck by ambushing and attacking conservative women on the street. It's unbelievable. We've got the audio were to play that also more information coming out of the hearings with Alejandra Mallorca. Sue is the who is the I had the secretary Department of Homeland Security were to replace audio there as well. R8 again. Her number 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern show print since November of last year. The stock market has plummeted, but gold has been all the right gas prices are insane. The stock market extremely volatile ablation is even worse than it was last year and now you have a war with Russia and Ukraine that could spread to the rest of the world. But markets do not like instability.

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Precious metals can advise you of all of your options for investing in gold and silver. You can speak to an IRA expert legacy, precious metals, 866-528-1903 or download their free investors guide legacy PM back to the Todd Stern's radio show we are broadcasting from the beautiful campus of Mid-America seminary here in Memphis, Tennessee. Would love to see you if you're in the neighborhood, drop by and say hello, over here all weekend. As we as conservatives from all over America gather for the culture engagement summit here at Mid-America seminary R8 844-747-8868.

That is our toll-free telephone number. Pres. Trump is fired just a few moments ago, the president reached out on social media and I want to read the statement from the president.

He's upset because CNN MSDN see many other news agencies have been getting these text messages between the president's Chief of Staff order Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and many, many conservative leaders and conservative talk show host, and they have been publishing those text messages. Clearly they have been leaked from the January 6 committee.

All of this is meant to destroy Pres. Trump as well as anyone associated in the Trump so this is not a surprise. The question is why haven't any text messages from Barack Hussein Obama's Chief of Staff. Why haven't they been released or why haven't they been leaked and Pres. Trump has a very good argument here because I believe when you look at the entire Russia collusion hoax. If you take that back today.

One. All of the little breadcrumbs lead to the Oval Office and the question that has yet to be answered, who was ultimately responsible for spying on the truck campaign for creating the fake dossier who ultimately was responsible for all of that now there are a lot of a lot of theories out there.

I personally believe that all of this originated from the Oval Office and here's a statement from Pres. Trump.

I immediately call for the release of all text messages sent to and from Barack Obama's Chief of Staff during their attempt to overturn the 2016 presidential election.

I completely agree with this. This should of been about this should've been the rally cry from day one day one goes on, they spinal my campaign spinal my transition to the even spotlight on the White House while I was in the Oval Office did everything they could to disrupt the peaceful transfer of power and stop the will of the people. Remember the original insurrection happened in 2016. It was attempted. They tried to sabotage Trump's campaign. They tried to sabotage his presidency. This is very well documented and now we know that all of this. All of this information that was spewing out about Trump turned out to be false. They proved it to be false. Trump goes on, they did everything they could to disrupt the peaceful transfer of power stop the will of the people with their Russia Russia Russia hoax Buehler scam and more. I wonder what the text would reveal. Unlike my Chief of Staff, which show patriotic Americans concerned about illegal and massive election fraud in 2020. I say bad things would be revealed to you believe that you will agree with Pres. Trump. Who do you believe was ultimately responsible for trying to take out Donald Trump. That to me has been the greatest controversy, the greatest scandal of all time somebody tried to overthrow a duly elected president of the United States and we need to get to the bottom of that.

What say you, America 844-747-8868. That is our toll-free telephone number 844-747-8868 now while all this is going on or text messages have been leaked and what of them.

In particular, I wanted to share with you because I I'm fascinated by this.

It involved Sean Hannity, former colleague over at Fox news channel and Hannity heirs of dirty laundry about Fox News in these text messages now I get to read this to you of the this is from CNN.

They were the ones who got their hands on the latest treasure trove of text messages again. Trump is right, by the way, I I'm reading all these text messages and instead of instead of convicting anybody. It looks to me like all these text messages are exonerating people, including Marjorie Taylor Green here.

They said they were all in cahoots and plotting the January 6 riot when in fact, that turned out not to be the case, but the media these people are just evil. Evil and there to ignore the facts and they're still going to spend their own narrative, but here it is of this is the text message between Mark Meadows and Sean Hannity CNN writing the text show both been debating Trump strategy to challenge the election complaining about Fox and plotting about what to do after Trump left office, including possibly working together quote, you also need to spend at least half your time doing business with us. Hannity texted Meadows on December 12 and I'm serious. Did you ever talk to Fox. I've been at war with them. Meadows says I agree we can make a powerful team.

I did not talk with Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott because I got tied up with pardons. I will make sure I connect you are a true patriot.

I am so very proud of you.

Your friendship means a great deal to me. Hannity were replied back feeling is mutual. Now I'm curious to know what exactly is Hannity at war with foxing about because there is a lot of again.

There's clearly something there. Clearly something is not right at Fox news where there previously number one star in prime time, Sean Hannity is is saying that he's at war with them. What exactly does that mean are there efforts at Fox news channel to marginalize her sideline. Sean Hannity and by the way a lot of folks are now saying that Tucker Carlson is the future of of that network is not Hannity.

So the question is, again, Hannity's involvement. Clearly he was in the president's ear. He was guiding the president's agenda and he was telling Trump what to do and what not to do and giving giving significant guidance to the trump of illustration and that seems to match up with early reporting that he was a de facto white hat that Sean Hannity was in fact a de facto White House Chief of Staff 844-747-8868. That is our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 I don't necessarily know I I gathered some of your our our elders and wait a second. Why should a journalist or talk radio host, why should they had the ear of the president look folks, this is nothing new here. This is been the this is been going on since the Kennedy administration when you had Bill Bradley, who was in the executive editor of the Washington Post best friends with JFK and both men and their wives used to party together. They would vacation together and they would share strategy together. So this is this is really really nothing new, let's go to the phones here 844-747-8868 Nicole from North Carolina wants to weigh in on Fox news Nicole what's on your mind.

I that is drying them. I think they're all behind the thing with Trump. I believe I really believe the Murdoch are behind all going on with Fox News yellow and so is Suzanne Scott that she is. She is a true blue player as well. She supports Hannity and you.

I think she understands the product and she understands the messaging up and she came up under Roger Ailes a bill sawing and I know her personally and so she's rocksolid, I think you're onto something there Nicole that this could be the Murdoch boys. The brothers making a play here.

But then again to your point Rupert Murdoch has a big problem with Trump.

They hate each other and there there could be an effort there to take out a Trump loyalist at Fox news channel. All right all we got a screen got a skedaddle for breaker to go. I'm terribly sorry about. We appreciate the call of folks 844-747-8868 you think it is at Fox news that's out to get Trump 844-747-8868 we are broadcasting live from Mid-America seminary in Memphis, Tennessee. This is the time surgery hi this is Todd Starnes and I am trying to live healthier and one of the ways I've done that is by taking dietary supplements but I've discovered a problem. I don't like taking pills, especially the big giant health pills. I got some great news for all of us healthy cell is the next generation of dietary supplements you take a supplement you gotta change. Here's the reason why you don't fourth most of the nutrients in war, they can be hard to swallow vitamins for all their waste of money. That's why doctors have a healthy cell. It takes three indigestible gel with the hundred and 65% for absorption of the field. By the way, delicious. So switch to help you sell your brain and body. Great nutrition go to help me sell.I've arranged for my 20% off entire first order healthy co-taught folks will get back to the judge surge radio show good to have you with us today we are broadcasting the show from Mid-America seminary in Memphis, Tennessee. Getting ready for the big culture engagement Summit. If you would like information on attending the look we made it very simple for you to store live show blog all that information is there for you now again going back to this latest treasure trove of emails or text much as is rather a between Sean Hannity and Mark Meadows. There is new information coming out about Hannity's relationship with Fox, CNN going on to say of this. In this article of the text messages shed light on Hannity's tensions with Fox. The Trump online channel in. The former president by calling Arizona for Biden on election night on December 6. Meadows sent Hannity an article about then Fox's Chris Wallace interrupting Trump's Health and Human Services Sec. Alex Azor without these are called Biden VP instead of President-elect.

While doing this to try and get ratings will not work in the long run.

I'm doubtful. It is even a short-term winning strategy. That's the text Meadows Road to Hannity Hannity responded with a jab at Fox coat. I've been at war with them all week.

We will talk when I see you. If this does not in the way we want you, me and Jay are doing three things together one directing legal strategies versus Biden number two North Carolina real estate number three other business. I talked to with Rudy. By the way, Hannity. If you did not know has a thriving real estate business on the side, and that could be what they're what they're referring to their Hannity expressed his frustrations several days later telling Meadows that he made a campaign and I was screaming about no ads from Labor Day on Hannity Road. I made my own.

They never ranted.

I'm not pointing fingers.

I'm frustrated, so clearly there's something going on there.

On December 11 Meadows as Hannity was on the phone number of Suzanne Scott quote I can call through the switchboard, but that makes it a bigger deal. Meadows said let's go to the phones 844-747-8868 Oak Ridge, Tennessee Jerry on the line was to weigh in on Fox a jury what's on your mind, one who will make a comment regarding our Trenton point out the wall on probably not believe in your heart of marketing the new caboodle gigantic rabbit and part was on 17 hours a week doing antitrust conservative vital all over both parents often talk by the guy who said that I will kill you know he's not a doctor or doctors who just can't talk to you last week. General work while you work. You gotta go marketing. He's not going anywhere well know he's not and I think that's been demonstrated so clearly those antitrust people are getting protection from inside the building of the question is, how safe is Hannity here that's that would be my concern.

Clearly if they are, and why would Fox news channel and or with one of their most beloved and one of their top conservative post that that makes absolutely no sense, but I can tell you that there was a shift in the building and that there are a number of liberals in charge at that network now and they are cracking down on whoever they can crack down on for me. It seems Hannity and the primetime host are off-limits because they bring in most of the money to the network side. I don't think you're to see them going after they were getting rid of anybody hobby of mine got your worksite meteorite frequently to look at the likely virtually all the ratings and I can. Something like 2.6 million viewers a night poker rules rules while well over 3 million are going to play 25 years broadcasting so is not going anywhere for the right mood over there changed you know it's the real world Mark McCallum there. Now there's a whole school to hold the guy Chris Gelder, anti-competence was discussing how old Fox's changed into the going so far, pointing in question now is will generally jump in here.

The question is who will conservatives go to for their news and information it and I don't think you can trust Fox news to be able to do that again. Outside of the primetime lineup, but a feast and a good these are Hannity's words, not ours. He's at war with Fox News. So my question at that point would be where do people go. If in fact they want to get that news that information and I suspect it's going to be old-school just like we did before the days of Fox and conservatives got their information, their news from the radio, and specifically talk radio host and that's why I believe that talk radio is vitally important to whatever's going to happen in 2024 because I don't think that that he is going to be able to get a fair shake. There III just don't Jerry God bless you and thanks for the call. Let's go to Charlie and Brooklyn, New York Charlie, what's on your mind from the country when you think we have Humphrey I wasn't sure what you meant by that. What we gotta take back our country, Charlie. That's a great question that has we going to take back our country from these from these leftist bees woke leftist to want to destroy the Constitution. They want to dismantle capitalism. They want to turn our nation into a Third World socialist hellhole.

That's who we gotta take back the country from people you talk are you anti-gay or something. Is that winter is that we are telling take back the country and culture.

I'm curious about. I'm curious about your your brain. How your brain.we gotta take back our country to declaring war on gay people have take me through that process. Charlie I think you know that's why I asked you clearly. I do not Charlie. So why don't you tell us the Charlie hang up Charlie, how do you see this is the problem with these leftist folks. First of all, we'd love to have them call of the program, mainly because we want the opportunity to try and convert to the right way of thinking. The conservative way of thinking, but more importantly it gives you an opportunity to see how these folks operate they don't want a fair and balanced conversation. They want to throw out talking points and when they do when that happens, ladies and gentlemen we go in for the kill. So, clearly Charlie came in here wanting to make some sort of appointment and he was exposed for not knowing what in the world.

He was talking about.

All right, we gotta take a break. She sold 844-747-8868. That is our toll-free telephone number and I do think we need to take back the country. Also from the goblets. Even Democrats.

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Let's play some of that audio to the answer is you support amnesty if sometimes you said that you would that the borders closed and secure you. You said today your following everyone.

You understand, don't you, that the law secure fence in 2006. Your total violation of that operational control. You don't have the border and operational control control do section 2 was it say says in the section operational control means prevention of all unlawful entries in US, including interest by Terrace etc. you're not preventing entries your phone renting interesting entries your encouraging you either accepting by ministration and if that's the case, then you should be impeached.

If you disagree with the Biden ministrations program you should read resign. That's where we are are let's go to the patriot mobile newsmaker light audit I have with us from the great state of Arizona Congressman Andy Biggs, Congressman, you were fired up the other day and I think everybody in America fired up at what order and obvious will remind workers, Pres. Biden open order of danger to the entire country is absolutely that's one of the most outrageous things I've seen in government and in many many years. Congressman, you know we we got something of a reprieve with the judge intervening and putting a stop to title 42, being removed of the Biden administration says are not going to appeal but still you've got tens of thousands of people that are coming across the border and what are you hearing it. Being from a border state. About 10,000 day coming across that are being encountered many of you have probably another 4000. If a better getting away we got massive amounts of drugs and have gaps in the fifth that they could close up in short order. The cartels control the southern border and their battle right now in some areas on the south side of the order is going to spill over to our site soon ministration is not doing anything. I'm even looking like on the negative impact within the Congressman just yesterday we got word that the Homeland security that clearly the agents don't have enough manpower.

We don't have enough resources down there yet Homeland security is going to allocate money and resources to create a ministry of truth, and the person they've asked ahead that up has a very ugly track record of spewing this information about Pres. Tromp about conservatives in general are they managing the criminal. Currently this information director which is appropriate because she directed a lot of this information over time sheet. The question wrong on the left. She is against people like you. I'm absolutely I just wonder what the world is going to go in and check this is crazy nine in Genco, which is going to basically monitor every American that she is going to target American bats with authoritarian left-wing Biden ministrations come to know what I find fascinating is that you select Tulsa Gabbard is a Democrat and she nailed it.

She said this is this is the Biden administration, creating a dictatorship right they have moved. I called it – it but now they've taken all the power to centralize it. You got an oligarchic oligarchical type of government you really have a communist dictatorship is trying to emerge of the Biden Congressman Andy Biggs on the patriot mobile newsmaker line Congressman we are getting calls messages from many Republicans. Many conservatives were very upset very angry at Kevin McCarthy and I'm I wondering based on the that the messages of the audio that's coming out to you share those concerns about about Congressman McCarthy and myself to him publicly that that was undermining to us as a conference. It was also noted that no people should have been censored from their their Facebook and Twitter accounts to social media and the notion that that he's trying to say that now. Well I was no throwing out some options.

He said he was going to call a person from an suggested redesign as it was of the moment right after January 6. But that was a time when you should've been working with and call for the rule of law and not to accuse Liz Cheney. Does he need to see need to go and from his leadership position. Would you like to see if the Republicans take charge of the of the house after the midterms. Do you believe that he is capable of leading the Republicans. Well, I would.

I would prefer that you really want my point is the date unfortunately I think I think I think Kevin, think about is Kevin when I said the leader you gotta change your method of leadership you gotta become and restore trust not just to me but to the conference. In my opinion, and the American people and the way you do that is a series of promises You start keeping promises that you made instead of the doing what we think 10 second tier did he get that message. Do you think he understands I will tell that is a Saturday I Congressman Andy's fight the good fight for America.

I Congressman hope you have a great weekend, Sir you are right there you go folks.

Congressman Andy Biggs laid it out there when it comes to Kevin McCarthy and I like Jim Jordan. I like Ron Estes I love you folks may not be familiar with that name, but you should do some research on him. Congressman Ron Estes out of Kansas represents Wichita he'd be a great speaker of the house. Folks gotta take a break here. We again are live from Mid-America seminary in Memphis, TN 84474 788 68 is our phone number. This is the time surgery is present presents. Don't do it yourself okay fix the water heater is 60 seconds doable to the pressure tube that is interesting to think that we should just underlie hung out with progressive. That's cool. The stools Ross is safe when bubbling a little with progressive and use the money to do it yourself to respond is a little sticky situations universities to you in Memphis, Tennessee since conservative commentary from go jobs start radio show. We are so delighted to have you with us today.

If you are a liberal, prepare to be triggered if your conservative prepare to have a lot of fun and watch the liberals big triggered that's is what we do here folks every single day, Monday through Friday today though we are broadcasting from the beautiful campus of Mid-America seminary in Memphis, Tennessee. Absolutely beautiful beautiful campus. We would love for you to drop by and say hello. This weekend conservatives from all over America are gathering here in Memphis to learn how to engage their culture and to take back America and we got some great speakers of the Marshall Blackburn, Pastor Robert Jeffers Meadows, the former truck Chief of Staff will be here and also our guest here with us at Mid-America seminary in our broadcast location. Michelle Woodhouse, who is running for Congress in the 11th Congressional District of North Carolina Michelle good to have you back on the show. Thank you so much for having it's great to be here and you guys are to be here to be speaking one of the speakers. What is the message you're bringing to the conservatives at the meeting tomorrow as I'm on a panel talking about CRT NSC Allen how to get both of those destructive ideological views of the left out of our classrooms and I'm in a deal to breakout sessions how we can get members of the faith community engaged in GOP how they can plug in with the party and that is an important thing because many pastors around America are telling their congregations to not engage any more there, telling them to withdraw and so you're saying the key here is to get engaged absolutely at 5 million evangelical stay home, which is part and parcel of the scanning the liberal ideology, and shall Biden Kemal Harrison the failed policies of this administration that even if we just focus on one issue within the faith community and mapping abortion have the weight of the last is trying a narrative around that and pushing such a fire laughed ideology of abortion on demand, the faith community has to rally and has to get involved and I know it is a tricky issue for pastors, but when you're sitting in that PL you are you happy you have a calling and when you're outside of that church every other day the week. You have a calling, and that is to spread the gospel.

Michelle you are your you got just the folks of the primary Republican primary.

You've got medicine realistic medicine called for in first. He says he's the born-again Christian evangelical in and he is that he of course is in Congress right now what your take on the headlines that are coming out seemingly every day. Now every day and we pray for Congressman Catherine by name every day and half or two years at that Congressman Cothran has made himself unelectable in the 11th Congressional District and just like leader McCarthy. I pray that Madison gets his life together. It takes time to get his head on straight and find his way, but where we sit right down the 11th Congressional District. We have no representation Madison. Not only is making salacious headlines day in and day out. Whether it's knives or guns or cocaine or whatever you might be talking about try to bring a gun into the airport. The latest things again that are just rather horrible but we can say about me. There's photographs of him grabbing another man's crotch anything that's a joke you know it was just on the just. He's wearing the ladies undergarments again. He says that was a youthful whatever they were just having fun, and that may very well be the case but the issue here is clearly somebody is now leaking all of this information out. I Eisai's shameful, that person shall, at the same time.

Holy cow Madison what the heck? You are tired of the salacious headlines if we put those over on the table and say between the cooking and the orgies in all of these things put that over on the table looking at Madison's body of work.

What we see in Western North Carolina is a congressman who has the worst voting record of any freshman member of Congress in the history of our country more proxy votes than anyone includes three of us for constituent services offices, is not doing the work in DC that we sent them there to do is not doing the work on the ground help the people of the mountains.

Instead it story upon story. Upon story and that is it's not serving the people? Trying he's made himself really unelectable and shocking because he was he was actually elevated to some you know as the next the next great thing of the conservative movement, and in any a lot of people always I we get the calls. Oh, he's just a young guy or people try to dismiss it know he's what 26, 27 years old. There are people fighting for their country right now putting their lives on the line so this guy can do what he's doing. He makes choices. Madison chose to drive on a revoked driver's license for three years get pulled over for reckless driving and then lies state troopers. Those are choices that was in a left-wing media conspiracy against him. So what would serve Madison well would be to show maturity and own mistakes he's making rather than doubling down and blaming on some analysis that you think he's disqualified if he were to come out of this primary May 2022 cycle Republicans will be elected across this country from the bottom of the ballot to the top. Madison Hawthorne will lose a safe Republican seat to an uber liberal out of Asheville. Let's talk about this other person in the race. Chuck Edwards you got some concerns about him absolutely Chuck Edwards is being funded and supported by the Richard Byrd time Tillis team Richard Burr who played with what you been talking about all day today. Spent 40 of 48 months. The president trumps administration on this Russia collusion helps trying to take him down. Bring Tillis have both endorsed Sen. Edwards finding his campaign with 300,000+ dollars and super PAC money. It got Tillis and Urbain working on the legislation right now. These we have two nonconservative senators who are backing a nonconservative congressional candidate. All work to take down Donald Trump Michelle Woodhouse is with us here at Mid-America seminary I she is running for Congress as a Republican and a conservative Republican for the 11th Congressional District. This is Chuck Edwards is symbolic of the problem were dealing with in the Republican Party right now these rhinos but they're really not even rhinos.

I maybe I'll be generous.

They sound like maybe conservative Democrat absolutely will. If you are working on amnesty legislation. When Dick Durbin, you cease being a Republican I decided I was beat to its Sen. Byrd when he was elected we had was a conservative and like many in the party truck derangement syndrome and absolutely lost their mind for nearly 40 years working to take on the president about our number here. I know we have a lot of blisters in that congressional districts of folks. If you have a question of the shocking. It would take 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number 844-747-8868 no show we been talking about Kevin McCarthy a lot of concerns from the base.

What about yourself well.

Our number one priority is that we get that I, Nancy plus his hands and and that's why this is unbelievably important because if if Cothran comes out, we lose the C to liberal and that gets makes it that much harder for us to see if Hawthorne is the nominee he loses, absolutely. Our district is not as right as it was prior to really failed redistricting by Republicans in the Gen. assembly of North Carolina and Asheville that they know the San Francisco of the South is in our district and if at all, that the liberal candidate would have to do is flip the unaffiliated voters in that county seat is gone and Madison has abandoned the district you got a good restaurant barbecue jointer nationals at 12 bones and yeah that's good. That's the redeeming factor.

But what's up with the bongos of the drum circles she's a little a lot of smell of, particularly in the air.

We have their picture right. We have a lot of that we have a lot of it is. It is God's country.

It is where North Carolina begins.

We have incredible hard-working God-fearing people who are suffering under Joe Biden's failed administration spending $5200 more this year than they did last year for fuel and food are farmers are struggling attached to the farmer this week when I was out who has 35 acres to farm and she can only farm 8 acres because her fertilizer went up 300%. Is that right so these are real. So these are real issues impacting real people right here and in your congressional every day, every day, and that's why when we look at this race is so critically important to have an America first candidate is going to come out of the gate and get to work in and work on the ground as well as working Washington DC and what we see with with Congressman Hawthorne is not only that the antics in the headlines, but the fact that he's abandoned the district and is doing the work that we needed to do and we can have a rhino. It was strange him in his office looks more like an Abercrombie store. You walk at it, you have the bottles, all these are very good when nothing against good-looking people.

But that's really not the point of a congressional office. I think it's all this is Tom's team and they really don't have any folks that are there and I've heard this complaint quite a bit, but there's no constituent services back home of the district. There's nine. He had four offices close three of them and sell some of the places in Western art to drive five hours round-trip to get to his office to get constituent services and constituent services might not win election, but it will surely lose an election because when people need help with their Social Security. They need help with her veterans benefits and help the pothole on their street name on another member of Congress is there to help them in Congressman Hawthorne has not been and so we really see this as an opportunity for us to be able to serve the people of Western North Carolina. Let's jump in here with a phone call. We have Tammy on the line from Asheville, North Carolina Tammy earlier with Michelle Woodhouse doing well Tammy what's on your mind. Well, I think Madison later in the last election and really frustrating to me what I like everything and now I believe now is the America first candidate. I'm convinced he can help us stop the mandate get their gas prices back down.the inflation and close the border and critical company now. I think that frustrating me.

In fact, check adware without mandate their layers of fabric you're down in MP3 30 to build it aloud.

I can yeah I hear Tammy I'm you know what, if you're if you are a Republican and you voted to mask or to punish a business, you're automatically disqualified. In my mind I that's it Michelle I want you to weigh in here you got Tammy switching over to your site here going to say a few words to her. Tammy, thank you so much. I'm so honored to have your vote. It's the greatest gift that you can get to me and we will serving with distinction every day and not only did Sen. Edwards help for the masks he voted for social emotional learning in CRT to come into the classrooms of North Carolina and I'll be glad to talk about that tomorrow.

More here on the stage because Republicans are doing this to you constituents putting masks and mandates in place, CRT and SEL. That's why we have to vet these candidates and really unpack as all Republicans are not created equal. So, I am so honored to have your support and thank you for listening.

Western North Carolina all right Tammy, thank you for calling Yen 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 no Michelle, I mean there are so many dumpster fires burning across America right now.

It's really hard to focus on on water to but I like Tammy said there were a lot of problems and we gotta make sure we have the right Republicans being elected to Congress absolutely, absolutely.

Look at right now. This is why this Tillis amnesty bill is so concerning to me where in the worst illegal immigration crisis in our country. Biden wants to rollback title 42, and it will only get worse were watching fat now coming to Western North Carolina straight out of Atlanta into relatives talking to law enforcement.

What receive everything to close the border immediately. Gotta close the party with. Gotta go back to trans energy policies and those two things will bring back national security and they will start to jump spell jump start this economy, which is failing miserably under Joe Biden are it Michelle or Natalie with their good luck tomorrow.

Thank you. It's got a fun absolutely.

Am glad to see you and if listeners want to help us to engage in stop rhino from getting the seed or to help us prevent medicine cotton from losing it.

They can visit our would be so grateful to have their support and prayers aren't Michelle Woodhouse, everybody, and we got links to all of your your platforms around our live show blog, make it simple for folks as well.

Michelle good luck tomorrow and work on the race yes and thank you for your endorsement. I'm so blessed to have it absolutely, Michelle Woodhouse everybody running for Congress, and she does have my support. I wish I could vote there, but I don't live in North Carolina and I'm not a Democrat all right uploads we gotta take a quick break here 844-747-8868 844-747-8868 we are broadcasting live for Mid-America seminary and as to the sea. This is the Todd Stern show Macy's one day sale is going on now like 40 to 50 and must have an and get 40% off your new favorite designer, Franklin said even faster when you pick up curbside delivery savings are failing. Exclusions apply to everybody… And I look I I am disappointed with Madison called and people been asking who is whose leaking all the videos and the last video came out that Hawthorne was grabbing the private parts of a male person staff and staff about constituent. I'm sure there's a better way of getting someone's boat chiefs surgeries but again it's people are asking where is all of this coming from folks Madison called for and has enraged Republican leadership to the point that they have all of this.

They've got all the opposition research. They got all of this and tell and other more than more than happy to share this. This is going to be a terrible terrible drip drip drip. Nobody wants to see these pictures was to see these videos but called for and it looks as though he's he's being fairly defiant, but the reality of all this is are you taking care of business back over the district. That's all that's all. And that is a question just like MDG, Marjorie Taylor read you got all these people little Jimmy Acosta going after MPG. The reality of it doesn't matter what CNN thinks is a matter what little Jimmy Acosta thinks all that matters is what the people of Marjorie Taylor Greene's congressional district back home in Georgia think the same thing with Madison call for I can tell you that that is a very conservative area and the good churchgoing crowd. They don't like their congressmen going out there and wearing women's underpants and grabbing people's crutches and driving drunk and trying to get on board an airplane with the God they don't like that kind of stuff 844-747-8868 let's go to the phones. I even did North Carolina-what's on your mind.

Like I really like your already. Well, thank you for that you're trying to say that rock. One way Kevin McCarthy have them have for an opponent elected and have them elected and anything we could have well that could be a possibility. There I would you like to see in that seat if not going get the same with you. We had individual just a few moments ago Ivan and he would like to see Jim Jordan that seat as well, but Jordan says he's not interested.

I love Trump I love truck for that for that spot Trump would be willing to take a four year or so correct that now. Now I do you. Do you think think that Jim Jordan cares about being politically correct. Jordan remitted him here and we met Mark better. Guys, I hate to do this we got us to battle my friend were running late for breakfast so that you suggest some typologies there 844-747-8868 legs and someone our toll-free telephone number. This is the Todd surge radios are broadcasting live from Mid-America Summit switching C with progressive save over $700 on average and sleeping to imagine what you could buy savings from switching to progressive 30 years ago to buy tickets to the championship game between the two teams that didn't exist 30 years ago yeah but big Alaska palm trees which is a team in the future so switch to progressive and save big because so savings can add up in the national annual average in terms of customer back to the Todd surge radios so we are broadcasting live from an American seminary… Tennessee for a campus rate people here and we are getting ready for the big culture engagement Summit were talking about hundreds of conservatives from all over the country gathering here.

We would love to see you all you do is drop by. They got plenty of room folks. We talk about this a lot. Supporting companies that share our values and we love patriot mobile.

America's only Christian conservative wireless carrier. They not only share our beliefs, but they actually do something about it. Patriot mobile donates a portion of every dollar in organizations that fight for causes you care about and it is incredibly easy to switch over.

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That's patriot so I mentioned the last segment about Marjorie Taylor great and little Jimmy Acosta. So Acosta is trying to make a name for himself.

The guy it's really sad. I mean this guy is a no nothing loser which is why he works at CNN, but here you have little Jimmy Acosta and now this guy actually hides in bushes and any ambushes conservative lawmakers but only conservative female lawmakers well little Jimmy more than he could handle just the other day I will play some audio. This is little Jimmy Acosta ambushing Marjorie Taylor green in Washington following it's really not. Did you send a text asking the president, Marshall, you are probably lying on one thing I don't know what is my question actually read the whole thing: Jimmy Jimmy, remember similar same as public call for martial law.

Marshall was no. I don't know why I don't know what is trying to rescue word tells another story about me as a real person is what we have with that was for your viewers and is so couple of things to up to take away from this account.

First of all mail CNN reporters want to smack around conservative women. That's that that's what they do they get paid to do that and they they do a very good job of ambushing conservative women people like him. Acosta are predators predators.

But here's the great thing about conservative women. They know how to fight back and Marjorie Taylor green and honestly when little little Jimmy Acosta like spring out of the bushes. She would've been well within her rights as a God-fearing American citizen without the bear spray or whatever because although what's coming out of the bushes in Washington DC but she did. She is a good and gracious and Christian woman, and Marjorie Taylor green would not do something like that. But the reality is when you look at the scope of what these mainstream media packs are trying to do their trying to take down conservative women. And thank goodness for Marjorie Taylor green. She stood her ground and refused to be bullied by little Jimmy Acosta and by little folks but the rumors are true. I mean tiny little Jimmy Acosta to take a break or folks 844-747-8868.

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