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Romney Concedes that Trump is THE MAN

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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May 5, 2022 3:33 pm

Romney Concedes that Trump is THE MAN

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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May 5, 2022 3:33 pm

Sen. Mitt Romney begrudgingly concedes that Donald Trump is going to be the GOP presidential nominee in 2024. Todd Starnes tackles Romney’s admission, the sagging economy, and the baffling Madison Cawthorn video leak with guests Michelle Woodhouse, Jeff Katz & Harry Hurley, and GETTR CEO Jason Miller.

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Exclusions apply. Welcome to the Todd start show sponsored by legacy, precious metals, there's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM that's legacy PM universities. Do you see will Taco Bell think about America today.

Also, more importantly, today is a national day of prayer, and I know it does very moment in the new hour. Many Americans are gathered church and church houses in public squares outside of City Hall in parks and they are gathering for a moment of prayer to pray for the nation and Lord knows we need in America. Lord knows we so if if you want to. If you want to know about a day of prayer event in your community. I would just suggest googling it to you folks of Memphis, Tennessee area.

I know that you can find your locations so I go and check all about. Hope you're doing good today and the Grace Baker do you have big Cinco de Mayo plans. I got gonna get yourself a taco for a burrito. Maybe I'm on a diet sci-fi should we get a diet taco was at like half a talk I pretty much sell and do whatever they are, whatever they drink on the Cinco de Mayo.

You can get a get a slushy that would otherwise known as a margarita, what about a Fresca on a big press but you so is that the lessons Cinco de Mayo with always topple Chico the soda. I got all I know I could but I don't know Spanish to work my way through the Taco Bell but really that's pretty much it is all right Grace, I I need to leave the building. I need you to step outside for the next little while because you are a newlywed. You are a good churchgoing girl you woman you are. You are an adult, innocent, and your and you don't need to hear or to be talking about dear because I had to print out all these stories for you guard so I'm just you. We gotta talk about medicine called it's the naked hopping elephant in the room if you will all and we need to have a conversation about about this young man, a clearly troubled young man from North Carolina from the hills and hollows of North Carolina and I'm just going to tell you folks that this young man is doing things that would make people on a National Geographic special blush. I mean is that they have. It's that bad we can't even posted videos that normally I tell you, folks, daughter Todd see it with your own eyes, but ladies and gentlemen. If I share this video. This latest video, starring Madison called Ford porn star you would gouge out your eyes. I think we get put on that our national prayer day list for sharing. I just can't do it I cannot bring myself to doing so we posted a link to it so you can watch it for yourself. I'm not sure why you would. I can even barely describe what's happening, but apparently this young man.

A good churchgoing homeschooling young man good All-American and Abercrombie and Fitch guy was seen on video helping someone butt naked in a bed hopping a young man in a bed that I'm not making this up, I will describe it as best I can. This is from the daily mail. It shows 26-year-old Hawthorne, who by the way, I called her and says well I was I was young and immature of that was his excuse. Mr. called Ford was seen screaming and chanting as he started thrusting against an unknown man's face. Now it was reportedly a cousin but it turns out to be a friend to so I guess that makes it better I guess, is that just a smidge teensy teensy bit okay I got this video yesterday Grace Baker at one of our staff sent me this video and I was in the light as I normally am at that hour of the day at the Chick-fil-A on Germantown Parkway in the Lord's ticket. The Lord's ticket. The official chicken of Jesus. I'm standing in line.

People are singing praise and worship songs. I just took flight and the people are praying over their meal and I'm just standing there and I get this, Todd. You gotta watch this latest video you think maybe it's a funny video it's pro-life Spider-Man again. I love little catchy little cats to the doing whatever they do with the videos for summaries about Instagram assuming the all those videos I don't think you need to get an animal so any not a cat so anyway I'm standing in line. The people are singing worship songs.

Children are frolicking. I think there couple of nuns and a priest in there just a very religious experience. Everybody's jovial in a great mood.

I have a bad habit of of having my my volume turned up high on my sofa. So as you can imagine, I want you to I what you just imagine the scene of the Chick-fil-A's yesterday Grace Baker do we have amazing grace. Can we just find some amazing Grace audio I will I will drag is not just do it like a song that has my name to set the stage I got is that you Grace Baker so is horrible video that it's terrible.

So so were standing in line. It is packed and by the way the drive-through is even moving. I Lord is like in your local AAA but you the lines back up on the roadway causing traffic jams and then you got all these you got all these people blind.

Everybody was hungry for chicken yesterday.

Oh yeah, always we get amazing Grace just start playing it is amazing Grace. Oh here we go. This is amazing Grace.

Imagine this is what's happening truthfully worship all of a sudden Todd start walking down at his phone and there's a Madison conference video and I play that all of a sudden as amazing Grace is playing in AAA oh baby oh baby oh people were staring around the nuns are like shot and I'm horrified. Thank you Kyle that was what we call an audible of the business.

I'm just getting a thorough grace.

I cannot now I have to find a new AAA to go to. That's out there. This video was like what kind of a part of our understanding of the light of the city. So like I say is not so Madison got their journey on twitter. I just clicked on hashtag on that and it just popped out like in the comment and I was like whoa like .2 second letter was like I've seen enough, thank you very much. I don't care if the guy is your cousin, there's no reason to be doing that on national television or in somebody's bedroom or on my smart phone. We have sullied the liberty University studios shameful and I don't think that things coming out know nothing but the blood of Jesus get me a wet white so a lot of what wipes. So here's my question and it is an honest question. What the hell is going on with you people in North Carolina. Why aren't you demanding this guy leave office. I meet does it do Republicans have any values anymore.

The Republicans have any morals anymore. All we had a point. Now within the Republican Party where you got a guy and by the way, this guide if this guy wants to have relations with his cousin or his I don't know, uncles rent, that is his freaky, creepy business, but when you're going out there and you're making accusations that Republican leaders are engaged in orgies and snorting coke and then admitting that you lied about that.

Guess what pal guess what they're coming after you there, and after you, but shame on this young man clearly troubled the guys 26 years old and he's done he's done stuff that got Sodom and Gomorrah turned into what salt in the middle of the desert know that was lots wife anyway you get the point very unnatural things going on in Madison called towards household but again that's his own business until he makes accusations that other people are doing what he is already actively engaged in, and based on all of the things that we have seen from Madison Copthorne, grabbing the a staffers crotch to Madison called Thorne where the ladies underpants. I pray to God that this guy is doing drugs because that's the only reasonable explanation right I meet. What kind of a normal same sober person would be doing garbage like this, not to mention the times this guy has been pulled over for driving without a license. Try to get on board the airplane's with the guns any of us did that kind of stuff we would be in jail and your time.

How dare you speak of a make America. This is the trap supporter who do you think I knew it.

You're a liberal know I'm not a liberal and I'm not some freaky digging dating dog person. I know what that means. I just got carried away in about but you know what I'm talking about ladies and gentlemen, do we not have any standards of the Republican Party anymore really this is embarrassing.

This is embarrassing. And shame on the local Republicans for not marching on Madison conference offices will they can't do that because he closed the vault but they need to be marching somewhere demanding this guy be removed from office.

He's disqualified himself.

Now don't get me wrong what you do in the privacy of your home is your own business but when you're out there representing the people in your making unfounded accusations against your fellow lawmakers trying to smear and slur your fellow lawmakers when you're in fact when he dates that behavior problem with that and I don't mind calling. I don't care if you're Republican, Democrat, independent don't care. I do not care what I do care about is what kind of a message this kind of garbage since about whom we embrace as Republicans this unbelievable and pretty darn shameful. I do what you will see that video, I'm up. I don't want you to watch it because it's just it's that horrible and by the way, that's not the only bad stuff about, there's just more stuff coming and called Thorne is defending all of this, he said, well, these are all just attacks. It is a drip drip drip slow drip of attacks whoa is me. I'm the victim.

When you take your pants off and hit the bad with the male friend and you start shooting porn videos just copy and the victim. You're the one who you are not forced at gunpoint to participate in this activity that's on you and he can claim victim status. All he wants to, but he opened up the door when he started attacking good, God-fearing Republicans who were just up on Capitol Hill. Trying to serve their constituents and not get themselves a job on Fox news channel, or the porn channel 844-747-8860. I just want to get out of the way because we have a lot to get through today and this is a big story.

Everybody's talking about within the Republican world and folks, there's really no need to disguise disqualified himself from office. Let's move on. Find somebody who will represent American represent that district embrace conservative ideals and move on 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number Todd is our website will be right back America Christians from coast-to-coast star's friend since November of last year.

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You can speak to an IRA expert legacy, precious metals, 866-528-1903 or download their free investors guide legacy PM as I know they are managing editor Caleb Park is a five along. I want to burden our great journalist is we're trying to figure out is what naked or button neck, who I know you know who I know would know that pretty much our Georgia contingent of listeners would know the difference. If it isn't buck naked BU CK or but BU TT naked. I like but naked is the eye. Yes, I think that is the new variation, but I think your variation was in fact, I will buck deck, but I do know that neck at any KK there's a difference between naked wages. What you do when you get a shower you get naked. But if you get connected in EQ KK Irish drinking you're doing something that would get to put on the church prayer will yeah you're doing something very inappropriate. Sorry to headline up at Todd*' but makes it Copthorne admits helping friend in graphic video. What I find words I never thought I would see, but there there is no America there you go. By the way, Copthorne says that he is being blackmailed and he's not leaving the race, which is what a couple of weeks I yeah so someone sent me a text message Todd. You know there are more videos coming out and I'm like yeah and they simple.

Do you think there to leave the really bad when there to release the really bad ones. Now when you see what happens the day before the like. So no so anyway we don't you know it is what we do judge on this judge and on the Madison called Thorne needs to get himself down to the church house yet that's what needs to happen all Madison all right 844-747-8868. Can we please not talk about the story John from Ellijay is on the road. You know what where you drive into God I'm in Virginia having a great time and I went through North Carolina last weekend. There's a tremendous amount of people came up to me and they love the thought start show so you're very popular and I don't have a radio station you have in Virginia.

I'm here right now and you're very popular in both Virginia and North Carolina and I just won't tell you then also owners everybody ghostly the 2000 new movie. I think that'll shot a lot of light on what happened in the 2020 election Joe I was invited out of our logger last night for the big red carpet event and was not able to get down there and I will tell you that it is a jaw-dropping documentary and people. You're right. People need to see this week, but there is no doubt an and we haven't talked about this in a while, but there is there is no doubt that the election was stolen there. It was election, there was election fraud. The problem was we were not able to prove that the evidence was not there and I think this documentary takes a a very important step towards the evidence. Why that evidence was not presented in the courts. I don't know but but it which is a fascinating documentary. I would encourage everybody in our listening audience to get a copy of it. Are you able to see it online.

I believe in a couple of days, Nelson Joe, that you will be tomorrow might everybody on a watch that but God you're very popular and I'm sure you're popular in any other place beside Virginia and North Carolina but you're very popular course when somebody meant this to me that they love you so I think the great guy got a great super talk show in.

I'm proud to be able to call into your great show and appreciate all your doing. My friend, well you're trying to say that you looked got to watch the speed limit going through Virginia and Virginia. They will pull you over Joe, but that's so safe travels and I will will and up and keep up the good work. All right, Joe from Ellijay on the road let's go to North Carolina keep the listing to us on the toxicity is a theory about Madison Copthorne all right Keith, I'm all ears well. From this thing again, thank you, Keith. I don't want to hurt everybody here and secondly you know maybe thinking the world crossover about what this well that's an interesting theory. So you think maybe he's misbehaving like this to get the Democrats now maybe relieving the video and get their vote to well I you know I guess it could be me that you know I would put anything out of the realm of possibility. These days I keep them got got a reverent if I got a run for break, Keith, God bless you and thanks to all of our great listers down there at the the talk station in Morehead city beautiful area of the country haloed coming up big debate town hall debate last night on Newsmax in Pennsylvania and I was not all that impressed with Dr. Oz. You know that's trumps guide there. You know who I was impressed with a lady by the name of Kathy Barnett and that were in place of audio from her remark. She's got an amazing story African-American lady could be the second black Sen. Republican Sen. in the state, however, that in the U.S. Senate were to get into that would like to get your thoughts on Dr. Oz 844-747-8868 this is the talk turns hi, I'm Todd Sgt. you know I really enjoy taking vitamins, but I hate swallowing all of those pills but that's just how it's been since the 1930s. There's just one problem though studies show taking supplements in pill form don't work all that well you don't absorb most of the nutrients and vitamins you can't absorb are a waste of money and that's why I've made the switch to a healthy cell healthy cell is the next generation of dietary supplements and delicious tasting indigestible gel is like eating a blueberry dessert and healthy cell gives me more than 165% more absorb truth until my favorite is the healthy cell REM sleep. I take one of those gel packs before I hit the bed and lickety-split I'm sleeping like a baby.

So take my advice switch to help me sell it through your brain and body with great tasting nutrition visit healthy My listers get an exclusive 20% off your entire first order healthy use code Todd at checkout to have you with us today. Welcome back to the conference radio program reports that outside of the Supreme Court building. They have originally they had barricades but now they're putting up this unscalable fencing and it looks like some sort of an armed fortress, leading a lot of people to speculate that the Supreme Court may be going ahead and releasing the that the Roe V Wade decision, or that the rather the court decision that would overturn Roe V Wade of their there is a lot of speculation about violence, not just in Washington but all over the country as these Obama minions remember it was Barack Hussein Obama just a couple of days ago. The professional community organizer who told people to get out there in March of the streets and that is code as we all know for burn it down burn baby burn that is Barack Hussein Obama is code language there already been riots in Los Angeles, a police officer was left injured. There was a lot of damage and I suspect there will be more in the coming days and weeks so I will keep you updated on that story. Meanwhile, Geraldo, who was born Jerry, but you know inch not.they could add up. It was Jerry Jerry Rivers or Rivera. Whatever Geraldo and Greg got felled I went at it on TV you gotta hear this. You go anywhere in social media, it's something to celebrate, to cherished right next to the Ohlone baloney like I can wire hanger stuck up their tryouts, the unborn child is exactly what I expected. You bring out the old arrogant for Geraldo.

Come on going to Jamaica to find something something punk okay what about your new LNG out. She is a little that's that's Fox News nowadays. That's very unpleasant you know I like the five back when Becca was there and the bacchanal was yet he was a liberal.

Dimmer, he was old school liberal but at least you got along with Bechtel after hours. You know you could pal around with Damon and Becca was an old curmudgeon but this guy Geraldo. You might remember we got some audio this is Geraldo and the oh that the pundit dude, what about Gino's's name yeah let's apply that audio going to dinner with Capt. doesn't when I'm not suggesting you are just saying that minimizing my percent when you undermine the foundation. I like this letter talk that will let you guys go back.

I'm tired of this guy is just top dandies always have something to say.

I just ask a question or maybe it was an insensitive question do people really listen to that I mean are you guys do nice watch that every night it's a full hour of yelling at each other and really not getting a point across is that what is that what now qualifies as as compelling, fair and balanced conversational Fox News Channel. I mean, and is not just on Hannity show now is that the five you and the whole concept. I remember when they were coming up with the concept of the five and it was basically an after-hours hate.

We put in a hard days work.

Let's go down with your pals to the local watering hole and that you set a ready to talk about the whatever the crazy stories of the day. That was the original concept of the five and you might have. You've got the, the smart one you got the funny one you got the hot one with the legs. By the way, on Fox News I give you little secret here grades this is how things used to work at Fox of the woman with the prettiest legs. The anchor with the prettiest legs always sat on the end of the table so they would. They actually had a camera that was dedicated what they called the light shot. Why am I not surprised. So if you were an edge is very is very clever how they did this, but they would when they would go to break that leg camera would swoop unit would swoop in and you would go to camera on the leg. That's what they used to do. If I but but it worked. I need to Fox clearly has a lot of viewers that that like that kind of stuff so they have, like Blakeman, I guess so anyway that was and then you had the you had the liberal and you have the smart what you so again it was just kind of a mix and that was the whole thing and was not meant to be like this philosophical discussion like you are paid for their tax dollars.

It was just hey it's 5 o'clock. Let's chill out. Have a good laugh maybe a little riled up here there but but that just sounds mean mean-spirited 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 now Joe Biden is get some pushback by the way, Biden a what he was talking about Roe V Wade. He actually he he took a he took a turn when referring to what the Democrats call the fetus or the clump of cells and he actually called the unborn baby, a child and that's really raised some eyebrows up on Capitol Hill to see you Peter Ducey over at Fox acid sake about this cut one place so why Pres. talking about shoes presidents view on a woman's right to make choices that are on healthcare is well known and well documented, well stated, HI Peter, but what I'm telling you this is what is positioned will know the president told us what his position is dear that's not your job. We know what the president said you need to explain why he changed his view on that or if in fact he did change his view of little red lion hood was on rare form. We get a lot of audio from yesterday and it really does play.

I want to play cut number number two. This is a brilliant question that Ducey asked to follow. Earlier, the leader should me that's up for the Department of Justice and others to determine what our focus is on is not getting are distracted our eye off the ball is what is most important to people across the country. Here, which is not the leak in the story and the leak is the fact that women's healthcare is at risk for millions of people across this country but it's not again.

She's lying little red lion hood ladies and gentlemen.

She knows we all know that if Roe V Wade is in fact overturned that just sends the issue back to the states.

So there are some states that have laws in place that will be triggered. So for example here of the great state of Tennessee were we believe it is a sin to kill unborn babies and kill people in general we have along the box and as soon as Roby Wade is overturned. Guess what abortion is illegal here. That means if you want to go kill your bait your your baby.

You gotta go to California to do that or you gotta go to New York State to develop a target builder that here.

Unbelievable lies coming up but this is who these people are so show in November 2020. The Democrats were up to no good. Were planning to pull off the greatest scheme of election fraud never before seen. They didn't think we would catch them but we did find out what they did and how they did in the documentary film called 2000 you directed and narrated by rundown filmmaker Dinesh Desousa executive produced by Selah media group with, 2000 mules tells the story of the one to try to hijack the presidential election will see the actual video surveillance to see how we track their cell phones box after box.

As they got paid to carry out this illegal scheme watch the movie and decide for yourself. Attend a limited release premiere of 2000 mules on May 2 or May 4.

Check your local listings to get your tickets number 2000 Re: three speakers. An interesting story here from Cape Coral, Florida. Beautiful little town Trafalgar middle school.

That is the name of the and that there is a teacher there who got fired she is an art teacher. She was having a conversation just the other day about being a pansexual and this is this is the conversation she was having a with the children there at Trafalgar element or trap. Trafalgar middle school and she was explaining to the children of what a pansexual is now before we go any further. I don't what we do here on this program as we educate America we we believe that someone listen to this program will in fact increase their IQ level at it, but you have to listen for sustained amount of time so you're to be learning but you get to be getting all this philosophical like that gobbledygook in order to get like practical hands-on stuff that's important to live life so I will explain you before we go any further I will explain you about pan sexuality and this is important because a lot of people might think pansexual wow, this woman has an unnatural attraction to cast-iron skillets or stainless steel pots and grace maker that is not the case.

So there.

There's nothing freaky going on in the in the kitchen so the food is safe. Good to know more or less, but I would still bring your own, preferably in Tupperware so or Ziploc, you know, nothing to get in or out, you never know.

So anyway this teacher. Her name is Casey Scott and she said that the students were curious about her pan, sexuality, and I would be to be like, what does that mean you know just likely to pan what is it just skillets or it was like deep dish what we don't give us some details here so pan sexuality basically means you like everything.

It's kinda like gumbo you throw everything into a pot or in this case a pan so that's what. And again folks weed. This is not something that God created. This is something Facebook created so it's all you know there that's what being, you know, like when your check.

What say not just attracted to guys and gals rejected everything your pots, pans, cats, dogs, trees, robberies, I don't know she may be a tree harder so anyway but and look it's America, if Ms. Scott isn't if she is attracted to idle, a colander, then have at it lady but that's your business.

Between you and God, not your middle school student to snake searcher colander, not someone else's. Don't ask your neighbor okay. Can I borrow a colander play all know that there are no to that what goes between you and your colander is your business but don't have all mine very well said Grace Baker.

We have put that on teachers. So anyway she told the students and then the kids like oh well, I'm non-binary I owe. I gender no driving out all these middle school kids like, allow to be special and so then the teacher like kids get together and let's make flags really make flag celebrating your sexuality, your friend 11 years old, so the kids are making their little of transgender flags gender fluid flags and be to spirit since gender flags. Maybe there is another pansexual and I love skillets so I don't know, but they made these flags.

The parents got wind of it and all you know what breaks loose and God bless. The school district down there in Cape Coral Florida because they took Lord what's going on. They said all right, here's number one. You're collecting all the flags and to thrall the way and were not to be putting up with that nonsense and I think we got some do we have the audio do we have that that new story we maybe not. I don't have my list in front of me, but there's we got the audio on Todd's and it's unbelievable because this teacher now thinks he's a victim. So the school district, the school district said you got no business being anywhere near a public school classroom and they fired her so that she is out of a job. The teacher says a lot of the kids came up to me and said, all while I'm non-binary. Pardon me, but that's a load of crap, I not a single kid in that class did what they could what the parents coincidently she goes on well another kid said I'm by one kid said I'm gay. I don't believe it. I think she was trying to groom those kids whiles would just sit down and have a conversation with a bunch of 11-year-olds about your pan sexuality and by the way, what's up with the hairdo, you know, Grace Baker, if you noticed on the lives of tick-tock page all these freaky geeky people in the classroom that are trying to groom the kids they got the purple hair.

The green hair. The pink arrow the what� It's to match their personality. They it the rest of them are out there. I went in there hair match that you look for us. I mean fabulous. I've seen some people pull off some crazy hair colors but I don't really get the like. The hot pink in the bright blue well anyway I got only so all that to say good for the school district are good for moms and dads you guys are paying attention and that's what you gotta do you gotta pay attention to this kind of stuff. Anyway, the other lady that the schoolteacher she's out of a job. Oh, and she's actually married to a man I guess that it's very confused. So why would you express those kinds of things to your to the children in your classroom cannot just say why wire teachers talking about gender and sex anyway. That is a conversation for moms and dads to help with the kids not the teachers not the educators. So good luck Ms. Scott she's now looking for a job I might recommend. I low Williams-Sonoma in the kitchen wares department 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number 844-747-8860, by the way, we've got a great radio roundtable coming up you want to stick around up for that.

Lots of great conversations coming your way. Also were to be talking to Michelle Woodhouse. She's running against.

Madison called Thorne in that contentious congressional district race in North Carolina. Let's go to the phones we have Tom in Salem, Oregon, KY, KN Tom, what's on your mind there God leisure. I had started couple days ago.

Not written to call in for you.

I need to put online.

All the teachers let students plan they all have to make a lesson plan what they're going to do that day and so the principal or whoever and they need to show all the parents what the hell's going on, but there lesson plan online. What books are using for their Gartner information and let's put it ended, I like this idea, and not only that, I think we ought to put cameras in the classroom so that moms and dads can login and if they want to they can watch what's happening in the public school classroom right absolute without a second thought to back it up.

They don't do it but and cameras to see what's going on and hear what's going on.

So just our regular security cameras and that with you starting at the back of the room going so we don't even have the kids stations and they're all lined up. As used at the top. I love that idea and what my thinking here is to put body cams on the police officers was put cameras in the public school classrooms. It's all about safety. Tom God bless you. Thanks for listening to us on KY KM folks.

Thank you for hanging out with us. We had another hour or two hours coming up 844-747-8868 also reach out to us on our website. Todd's Thank you. Well, our good friend Michael Dell is back at it again hello everybody I'm Todd starts Michael Dell not only created the best fellow but now he's created the best towel in the world.

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Just enter the promo code start or call 800-839-8506 were these great radio specials. That's 800-839-8506 use the promo code from Liberty University studio in Tennessee is America's conservative torch. I grant we are happy decided to hang out with us a lot going on across the country.

By the way, just a reminder, we are were helping some some kids out in in Virginia got in trouble because they were wearing a T-shirt that said pray for Ukraine and we're selling some T-shirts. We keep none of them. The prophets here.

This is were just were helping these conservatives support young conservatives in Ukraine and we have some great T-shirts over at our website. Todd's and I would encourage you to go check that out it it's going to a great cause, and of course you can also pick up a copy of my of my latest book called our daily biscuit devotions with a drawl and we we are a grassroots kind of of of of an organization right so we were not one of these big corporations and people of been genuinely shocked at how successful this program has gotten since I left Fox News and typically whenever you leave a place like Fox.

That's it. You really don't you know that was the that's the pinnacle of your career and then you're sort of you know, heading towards retirement. Well, I'm nowhere near retirement age, and I knew what I wanted to do and when I left. Fox bought this radio station in Memphis Tennessee KW AM the mighty 990 and we reached out to a lot of our affiliates who were with us at Fox News and most of them said you know a Todd where you go we go were not tied to the Fox brand. We like what you do and we want to go with you. And I gotta tell you that really meant a lot to me because we built a lot of friendships and partnerships and relationships, and our audience right now is maybe twice if not three times as large as it was when I was at Fox News radio and I get calls all the time from folks who who have since left Fox and they call me and they say, how did you do it.

What is the secret sauce. How did you how did you succeed after Fox and the answer is very simple.

You gotta work your butt off the gotta surround yourself with great people and you've got to be loyal to your listeners. And we do that every single day. On this program we we try our very best to bring you an entertaining and informative show you when when Rush Limbaugh was back on the year. One of the things that I really appreciated about Russia was the entertainment factor. It was a fun thing to listen to. Yeah, we got riled up and you know whatever, but it was fun and and we try to do that on this radio show and were adding more stations by the week and and were very honored and thankful for that weed we take nothing for granted here on all this program so when when we we have these these conversations about what's happening in the country. By the way, welcome to the touch turns radio program. We have these conversations about our website or the books are newsletter. These are things that we just want you to have that you gotta buy the books but you of the newsletter and the podcast especially and we've launched on spot. If I see you can listen to us on spot. If I know we do that, free of charge. We have sponsors that cover all the costs and we just want to do that for you so that you can have access to this information because I know a lot of people are asking for their nickel and diming us to death in the conservative world hello I love you see this in your your emails and on Facebook but everybody's asking for a buck for this or that and it adds up.

You know Grace I was.

I'm debating cutting the cord for cabling sort of comes with the package deal so it doesn't make sense to cut it.

But if I was. Not if I didn't have that package deal I would cut cable in a heartbeat. I don't have cable. No need to. But then I realized that the subscriptions that you have for this and that it actually is cheaper to get just about that is true as well, which is why I think a lot of people were cutting things like Netflix. Yeah, I think people are just making their decisions. Right now I don't need for different streaming services on to cut it down to two and and see it ends in a world of hurt because they thought they would get in on that and they realize right away and I looked Fox News and maybe things have changed over Fox nation. Their OTT platform. I don't think so, but they were expecting when they launch they were expecting 1.21.3 subscribers right out of the gate and I can tell you that that number was way off the mark way off the mark and and part of the part of the argument and really part of the strategy was to make it difficult for people not prefer people to unsubscribe, so we'll just keep getting there five dollars or whatever about sneaky sneaky and I know how to unsubscribe, and I'm still getting charged. I'm still getting charged for vaccination get the alumni discount we don't do that and that was the running joke is that nobody in the building got a free subscription. I know it was a huge thing. It was maybe I'll say that for the memoirs by my but it was crazy, but let's go the phone so all that to say thank you thank you thank you for supporting us and we appreciate it and we love it. We look I was out walking at Shelby Farms, which is my my part of choice in Memphis and I was out exercising yesterday and a guy comes comes barreling over and says man I love that show and I simple thank you very much. So we kept on walking. I let's go to Steve and Central Arkansas wants to weigh in on Fox News hasty what's up here like promo you are running on the part where it reminded me of something out about our father all about what looks smartest and most articulate all art is actually a professional wrestler still generally is. I watched ages. Who was that I owe a lot of progress will show you that guys a little yeah I do you're talking about the noun is not really a level. Trust me on that one. I when I worked with the guy well realize you come across. Fair enough because they do get paid to me there are people that they get paid to be conservative but yeah that's you know it's II love the old school days back when they had Hannity and Colmes. I thought that was a great show you know of the O'Reilly factor, and I never did understand Greta's show she always just seemed out of place on Fox news and even Megan Kelly before she before she went woke but now Megan Kelly is back to the way she used to be, and her popularity is exploding but right of that you and of course the old the old Hannity and are the old Fox and friends so before there was somebody before Gretchen and I thought Gretchen was a massive mistake.

She was just on a very kind person and you need to be a happy kind person appear to be doing the morning show but there was II cannot you I know somebody will will warm up remind me who it was before Gretchen was there so I went through there was Gretchen, then Elizabeth hassle back and then they settled on Ainsley, I believe so, but there was somebody before Gretchen Steve got a run. Appreciate the call and always good to hear from our Arkansas listeners 844-747-8868 is our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 now I want to play some audio from this debate last night there was a Senate debate in Pennsylvania a lady by the end of Kathy Barnett.

She is a fascinating person she is, was born and raised without electricity on a pig farm in Alabama and now she's running for the U.S. Senate African-American incredibly pro-life and I want you to hear her. Her pro-life commercial that she just produced it is on believable check this out I & then Alabama time varying rule one stop signs around long expired, getting ready to go to college I decided to go into the Army in these areas is because the name was different. The name I always found went lives now and find out something completely different on my clearly I could have done realize just how young my mother why she gave birth to me by now there something that truly resonate me. I looked at my birth certificate for the very first time.

January they called her a Negro girl and I was the first thing I decided to Skynet, grab my heart and then I saw her again.

She was 12 and that is really struck a chord in me because I realize just how you claim otherwise when something so horrible visited upon her, even to this day, hardware to my mother was three and her young age 11 years old, my father being 21. It was devastating. My mother now it's only going to get to. She helped me get.

I don't want to use a late choice she was going to be below one St. if only it were going to a platoon that wasn't a choice for me and I think I was in the choice for me while I knew no different islands lie and nice outline gave me a greater appreciation for my Monday meeting to forgive a lot of the mistakes someone at that age. Having gone through such, would have made in their own parents definitely made me become very about blind love all lines.

Regardless, their consumption, regardless of how they arrived that I am valuable and worthy like before the foundation of the world. God saw me and he decided that I and he said in his way. That not only did I see you but I call Jean you sell as a Christian I believe in the value of life. When I was in my mother's womb. He was needing to gather even among Christians, even amongst times conservatives an exception to the rule being pro-life for many in the case of rain yet. My life has value from me. Come to very beautiful in soccer mean smart kid married a wonderful and we made a life for ourselves and this one exception to the rule apply how you live and how Thomas can see times have a chance to meet at choice right now. The hardest struggle from there. The hardest thing, I think it's just, and that is my thing is to help you understand, has already been the child should not be inflicted. The consequences squarely belongs. On the one who inflicted to be able to see the different avoiding would not have been eased, my mother's avoiding me would not have allowed me to be in a place today where I can now take care of my mind. It's amazing to see them grow.

How my lifestyle I'm not left with bitterness left with overwhelming granite that not only did God seem to have you in my life that my family how you doing great. I'm eternally grateful that they chose to allow me to there you go all the yelling and the screaming of the people marching in the streets here you have a 50-year-old black woman now running for the United States Senate seeking the Republican nomination against Dr. Oz who is pro-abortion and this woman would not be standing there had her mother aborted her. That is, that is the story here and and that is a powerful story and I say this because Fox news now says that most of you. Most of this audience. You believe that the Supreme Court should let Roe V Wade stand Fox news channel. They have a poll do you think the Supreme Court should overturn Roe V Wade or let it stand.

According to Fox news channel 63% of Americans say let it stand. This polling data is actually being promoted the Fox news poll is actually being promoted by the White House to defend their position. So my question is, is that true. Are you one of those people or are you pro-life prone pro-abortion or pro-life 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 Fox news channel says most Americans believe it should be okay to abort a baby will be right back front lines of the culture will star because their parents are getting older doesn't mean they don't have lots to do. Just need a little help and you will find people who can take them to appointments and events help pick up groceries and cook great meals. Whatever it is they like to do the right caregiver can help. And since everyone it's background checked, you can be confident that you are getting support from someone you can trust find qualified local senior caregivers for your parents and and let's get like four 747-8868 Germantown, Tennessee. My town Merv on the line listing was on the mighty 990 AWA hey Merv what's up Dr.*what is important? From public educators on you number one after teaching 18-year-old senior high school girl, why in the world when a young woman believe anything Mr. wonderful has to say to her when they're alone because all you want is one thing, you know what that second thing from a public school educator standpoint, I'm in the kid business alike.

We need more aborting of unborn child is the ultimate at of a bully. Next thing a woman is going to get rid of her child. If you want to better know she's gonna find a way.

Why on gods green earth. You and I great Baker and everybody else out there put the bill why are taxpayers dollars you because that makes guilty in the eyes of the Almighty will be jumping here. Maybe as I know you're a long time educator. It seems to me that we've gone from teaching a don't do class to a how-to class which is led to this problem with the countries and because the statistics are very clear 1% of abortions are because of rape less than .5% are because of incest. So this is really a matter of convenience as what we talk about you got about 20 seconds exactly why so-called liberated intelligent woman believe anything the meathead telling her because all you want this that so that all take care and daddies if you got daughters by a shotgun. Merv, thank you sir put the fear got you got to that dance.

Come on all right 844-747-8868.

That is our toll-free telephone number. Todd starts on, we got some amazing stories for you to check out today post got it to get to the website will be right back America because their parents are getting older doesn't mean they don't have lots to do. Just need a little help and you will find people who can take them to appointments and events help pick up groceries and cook great meals.

Whatever it is they like to do the right caregiver can help. And since everyone it's background checked, you can be confident that you are getting support from someone you can trust find qualified local senior caregivers for your parents and Sorry folks, I don't mean to bring unpleasant news to during the lunch hour. I know many of you are enjoying the delicious King cotton baloney sandwich, by the grace you have a particular favorite brand of baloney. No just fried.

I've never really asked that I didn't know you like pride baloney. That's the only thing only. Well, you know, I hear the deep South. That's a delicacy it's much like whatever they eat on the boardwalk at the well as scary.

Really nothing to the matter of moments but it's like a idle a piece of the light pizza of the other thin crust pizza. The thin slicing in New York City yeah I just I don't really like colonialists fried maybe well you gotta go to central barbecue try the barbecue baloney. Yet I have not tried that yet incredibly good, but best of all, the best kind of baloney thick slab, fresh Mississippi red tomato get some white bread. Slather some Duke's mayonnaise a little salt and pepper. That's all you need. Sounds good to me but that's over the controversies about and I'm I apologize for digressing for a moment here travel leisure magazine has released the best beaches in America and not only is the list Florida phobic.

There are hardly any Florida beaches hard.

There's nobody from the redneck Riviera on the list wow and then I realize there's nobody on the list from Virginia or Atlantic City New Jersey. I thought, who better to talk about this with that are good friends from W RVA and our great affiliate in Richmond, Virginia Jeff Katz Jeffrey good to have you with us.

Great to be here God and from WPG, the home of the Miss America pageant as well as our great friend Harry Hurley's hometown Harry early.hello and hello, my longtime friend yeah great to be with you here Harry I'm gonna start with you so travel leisure creating a bit of a controversy among the best beaches in America someplace in Vermont which doesn't make any sense and and Coney Island beach and I'm not quite sure getting stand is not sure that's maybe that's a benefit on the beach. I don't hello why the survey Atlantic City usually make a list. For example, Capri PO Italian restaurant where Todd has dined one casino restaurant in America, but we couldn't make the beach list. It is Atlantic City beaches though are one the last three beaches that there are doctoral positive and as you know these things are subjective and you don't know exactly what goes into it. Perhaps Atlantic City as a casino mecca of the East. Somehow, that might not bode well for the beach. You know, component, or evaluation, but I Atlantic City beaches are beautiful. It gives us a competitive advantage Knows the area very very well.

I gives us a competitive advantage against any gaming jurisdiction in America, so will take what we've got that beautiful boardwalk first boardwalk in the history of America was the Atlantic City Boardwalk. The laxity beach is fantastic.

It didn't make this list but were still doing just fine and just can't.

You guys have Virginia Beach which is a great beach town.

A great hotel there right there in downtown Virginia Beach and I. I love your beaches.

I'll tell you what I am actually kinda happy to hear that we did make a list of the key people away and let him stay where they are but I don't Harry right though we talk about. The beaches were talking about South Jersey now. I grew up basically in North Wildwood, New Jersey, in the summers. Let's just about an hour or so south of Atlantic City Cape make County beaches Atlantic County beaches are beautiful but goodness. There list in Vermont. Let all the pinheads go to my bed love it I love the Stearns family.

We have a branch that lives north of the Mason-Dixon line and several of them were actually members for many, many, many years of the Atlantic City beach patrol there. So they were lifeguards and to keep an folks are safe and yelling at kids to get out of the water. Another thing about Atlantic City area and I know that you Note that the Van Dyne lifeguard boat in the Van Dyne are legends from Denver city one city over from Atlantic City where I spent a good portion of my lifetime I got boat that is copied all over the country developed right here by the Van Dyne family. Oh yeah yeah they bet they were all about that.

My gosh, I guess the political issues going on, but man, I'm loving this will stroll down memory lane: Brothers concert at this point, we could probably right but you lived until you bent down on the redneck Riviera and say that the pink porpoise hotel so and motor so good times down the Mississippi, so I dies I do want to make a pivot to politics. Last night huge senatorial debate there in Pennsylvania. President trumps pick a Dr. Oz was on center stage. But when you look at the presidents pick so far. I mean he's 55 and oh guys and Harry Hurley. I think the lesson here is when trunk gives you the endorsement you're pretty much guaranteed to win.

Well just about. I think at one example, but not a failure of the president.

I think that Brian Is going to be David Perdue and Juan how the Democrat. I know I know Jeff II want to watch my mouth out with soap anything up. I think it's going to happen, but Pres. Trump did that. Anyhow, because most anybody listening would do it to Georgia really let him down when they signed on to the consent order crap and and completely changed what would've been about 345% declination of bad pallets. No signature verification. All these things. It went from .3 from 5% declination 2.3 or .4 so he gets up very big bone of contention. So I believe he not he endorsed Perdue because of his distaste for camp and I don't blame them. I don't blame him one day about a what we better get together after that. Or Stacy Abrams is going to be the governor of Georgia and we don't want that. Jeff will meet somebody or carry were looking at pulling down.

I think four or five different poles and it shows by 20 points 30 lights and some polls to produce just a bad candidate. Great guy Goodheart and candidate and can't because of his policies undoing the China virus mandates. That's what that's what's going to give him another shot at this Jeff Katz again looking at the power of the Trump endorsement. Even Mitt Romney is now conceding Trump is probably going to be the guy the nominee in 2024.

Absolutely. I mean you take a look around the country and I don't you you what I am sure Harry had some concerns about GD band and where he really is really isn't, but I think the headline that I saw yesterday or the day before said something like trumps endorsement means more than Biden's and I was drinking coffee, which was dangerous is now all over the wall is like a course it does. I think Harry is probably right in Georgia and as you said time to the data could do wonderful guy.

I think in the past is been pretty efficient campaigner. I don't know what Goodheart was fully in this. I don't know what the answers are, but you know even if you rack up 5657 and one that's not a bad record, got snow and everywhere that first bite endorsement the other talk about remember it until the Indiana and street that he just had with with JD Vance at all, and 33 note 22 and oh, 55, no total they were writing and they were reporting on all the Democrat you know media sites that Trump isn't the face of the GOP.

Trump doesn't mean what you have to think they see. They 55 know they think nothing now like 20 losers tortured out longer Super Bowl absolutely and Jim Ryan was asked yesterday about getting guidance, endorsement, and that guy was like running away from Biden like it was, Harris. It was delicious but I didn't know what to say that out there hammering stuttering and eventually said well I don't need surrogate right JD Vance but when this might sound that code or Biden is not coming lewdly and let's be on guard even if Biden were there. Would Biden know he was there would be to question yeah was on the paper he believes Baker lied our good friends Jeff Katz W RVA are great radio affiliate there and also our great friend Harry Hurley from WPG in Atlantic City. Here you wrote a really powerful op-ed explaining the, the, the issue regarding the Supreme Court league and and what it's going to mean for people in New Jersey, for example yeah and also I bring up the comparison. Why is this not an insurrection. You're the president of the United States, the vice president of the United States, the Majority Leader of the Senate and we could just keep going every top Democrat is trying to overturn the result of a coequal branch of government decision.

We got violent with the police officer hurt. We have a very high un-climb up a fence surrounding the Supreme Court of the first time in history. I want to know why this is not the equivalent of the January 6 if were going to call that an insurrection that I statement is an insurrection, you know, here is interesting. I reset same issue a few days ago, Rolling Stone took me to task and said how dare how dear you guys call this an insurrection.

This is this is apples and oranges. But I'm with you, and I thought was a brilliant observation, coequal branches of government.

What's good for the goose good for the gander yet and I mainly thought it was wrong and thought remedy. This is trying to affect the decision to get America all violent and ginned up and I'll tell you what I'm afraid somebody already is hurt. I'm afraid more people to get over this and of course they then have to say that LGBT Q students won't be able to be in the classroom and that contraceptives won't be allowed between married people I meet there there there unhinged right now Jeff Katz to that point, we got a story just posted up on our website where a journalist actually suggested on Twitter for assassinating conservative Supreme Court justices that individual has now been fired.

But this is a very real concern. It absolutely should be. And you know what it so disturbing about that is that that your leg felt comfortable doing it in the first place you got a group now which is released the home addresses of the justices to concur with Justice Alito's opinion in this working draft and 80, dangerous, dangerous time, but I think it's it's it's absolutely disgusting that we now have the giant and around really just temple justice court and and everybody gets a fair cast and you will preach to the choir here, but if you got it the next your name he could say anything you can do anything in my fear.

As we get closer and closer to the warm weather is how many mostly peaceful protests. Should we expect from a possibly fiery remotely peaceful about the water comes racing back to the front of my mind. When she yelled and screamed like a lunatic about getting their faith that there is a restaurant you get in their base. You don't give them any piece you don't let them sleep there out of control there at the dangerous one day to day late and they accuse us of being guilty of what they are guilty of course Obama just the day before yesterday calling for people to get out March of the streets and in this guy, it's just a good reminder Obama was a professional community organizer. So this is what he did for a living and that it is, I think, is to be a long hot violent summer here in America guys yeah I agree with you more.

And don't forget what what were talking to springboard good was that long ago Chuck Schumer standing in front of the Supreme Court making threats.

Nothing ever came of that, of course, you have even misspoke when he said whatever was that he said and it is always a free pass that way and I think the rest of us have to be very, very concerned about what could happen the summer you misspeak when you say corsets and capital by name, take the mouse. Really think that Mr. Lori's hi guys, we have a big industry event coming up and I'm heading up to New York for the big talkers convention our good buddy Tim VanHorn who host the morning so were bringing him up to New York, Harry. You gotta be there. Jeff you to be making plans where I book looking forward to going to be. While think I've been to one of these, but boy, I am so excited about being longtime friends old-line friends. I think of your great great.

I got today.

Talkers release some of the speakers and to the top front universe. These three people on your show right now including you thought 3% of the top 100 talk radio host in America were all presenters at talkers New York we better believe her to be there company is what you're saying yes sir, we are to write more but I think my topic is how do you deal with these talk shows to want to try to get on your radio station that's as the owner of space. Really, I will Harry and Jeffrey can have a lot of fun.

I will see you guys up in the New York here in a couple weeks now and always appreciate your coming on the show. I got very like Jeff Katz and Harry Hurley. It's going to be a lot of fun were doing a big big convention at talkers convention in New York just a couple weeks it will be telling you more about that in the coming days. Hey, we gotta take a break your 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8860, it will be right back radio free America star Macy's one day sale is going on now with great nervousness and like 40 to 50% off on pensions and must have a friend and she was in and get 40% off your new favorite designer, Franklin said order even faster when you pick up curbside in-store same-day delivery savings are failing. Exclusions apply to everybody good to have you with us 844-747-8868. That is our phones from Illinois on the line.what's happening in the land of Lincoln and Dragon and I love you Michael. In order for 54� and raining on my condolences there. All right quick thing. Top of the noon hour.

I appreciate you plan that with the Star-Spangled Banner.

I drive truck for FedEx freight everyday at noon got my hand over my heart felt about the Star-Spangled Banner but course with the windows up so the cows are dropping dead on the field. Listen to me, but but I think really appreciate you putting that every critical well you're trying to say that we do. Just to let our listeners know on TWA M, which is our flagship station every day at noon. The station stops what it's doing and we play the national anthem is performed by wonderful a cappella group of teenagers from Brian Crest Christian school called one voice and they do a great job. All right Doug what's talk of the abortion years ago sister three years younger than me and 21 years old got pregnant.

She was a party girl and I knew what was going to happen. She was going to heaven when she was going to have these kids and she was going to keep doing her thing and my mom is going to raise him and I was away from home in the Marine Corps. So never voice my opinion but I just knew in my heart she should have an abortion. It would be the best thing for for everybody to have the kids in the prove me wrong, I'm sorry she's the she wasn't in a phenomenal mother keep going. She was working she was working working three jobs just to raise her family could not or Doug when when it comes down to it and and the computer is going to cut us off here, but I can I can just hear the motion of the compassionate of the passion in your voice and I think those are the stories that people need to hear and the need to understand that you were not dealing with little globs of cells were dealing with with life were dealing with God's creation here.

I think that's why that tugs at our heartstrings, and I don't think you for sharing that. I suspect there are many other stories like that around America and look were happy to share those stories with you because this really is the heart of the issue will be right back Macy's one day sale is going on now like 40 to 50% off on pensions and must have a friend and she was in and get 40% off your new favorite designer, Franklin said order even faster when you pick up curbside in-store day delivery savings are failing.

Exclusions apply universities to you in Memphis, Tennessee since conservative commentary from last week. Get ready for amount surrounding medicine bottle and we have the story up on our website. I would, I will say this, we have decided and and I made an editorial judgment so if anybody was to complain about this. You can direct your complaints to yours truly, but I just, I decided I didn't want that video on my website so we we have a story up and you could we provided a link so if you want to see the video you can see the video but when I get a platform that video on Todd's

The name of the story, but naked Congressman admits pumping friend and graphic video. I guess we should throw in male friend so but naked Congressman admits pumping male friend and graphic video it's gonna get worse. Probably more stuff coming out and the people of North Carolina. I suspect are going to have a very clear-cut choice and who to support in the Republican primary. One of those individuals in a person. I actually have endorsed is Michelle Woodhouse. She is on the patriot bubble newsmaker line right now. Michelle good to have you back on the program today and I never thought I would see the words but naked or something on my website and I dare I say that many of the people in your congressional district. Never thought those words would be associated with their Congressman absolutely not mad when I read here now about lap lyric together before that even broken mother things that have broken on Congressman, and even of course the last few days we spent together that the voters of Western North Carolina and have grown tired of the text in the fallacious headline and they're ready for. Legislate her strong conservative money link to their faith-based print about the third time in Washington DC and take care of the things that need to be taken out taking care of here in the ground and left North Carolina and Congress the authority I just crib and I like the ball and really not Michelle I want to set the stage or because I just feel as though Copthorne has done you wrong.

Personally he had you had been the longtime chairperson of the GOP there in that area you he decided to run in a different congressional district. See you decide you know what this is an opportunity. I'm not going to take on another Republican, but I get a jump in the race year and then he decides to come back and jump back in the original district race around and dad went to laugh at Karen and Charlotte and asked me to write actually present my name to Pres. Tromp of the America first candidate support here in the mountain region. I made a different number than that it we had all really that's where where this all started in Congressman Copthorne decided to come back after the nap finalize the net income think it was gone for Republican when you come back into the race and now we really felt that we had been called to running the race by somebody great patriot that we were receiving calls from Washington DC we were receiving calls from all over the congressional distract working at the stay in the race and that was probably about 15 or 20 headline the guy with Congressman copyright hard to keep up with all of what's been the reaction among the people who live in that this is because this is not a sign of Asheville actually still a small enough city where it feels country and there are values common values good churchgoing people what's been the reaction to these these videos that in the coming out well. I think that the reaction and continuing between the ninth and the guy that need the cocaine and orca kind man in the video and the result drivers like in the court date. All of the things that Congressman Clark will be here on the ground every day from constituents here and when we put the fallacious headline and videos and all of the things to the dichotomy really look at that job he was elected you would like to go to Washington DC serve the people of Western North Carolina had constituent directed here on the ground to serve the people of Western North Carolina failed miserably in both of those aspect of his job which is like we are in great the strong America first conservative who will do that the work that he died to serve the people here in Western art and and again if this is behavior is happening in his private life. That's his own business, but the reality is, he made some pretty salacious, unfounded accusations, accusing accusing his own colleagues, of engaging when in fact he was one that was engaging a lot of this behavior absolutely.

I think those kind man and a quick meeting with Peter McCartney with Billy and Congressman John Phan. I completely agree with Peter McCartney's recommendation to matter and at that time and I think it rings even truer now that Congressman Copthorne need to take time to take care of him south and get it head on straight and to figure out what's happening with him. It would the headline and picture video and the stories around dad and all the other story and not running again.

And that's right I'm happy to because it's bad for North Carolina. It's bad for Western North Carolina and that's the Congressman cost learning and he need you. I really believe take the time now. I got out of the race and get his life together and adhere to get young guy 20 pictures all take the time you need. America loves a great comeback story and go start out the things that are happening in his life. Because what we have in this race right now if he had managed in with the fallacious headline not actually serving in his role as Congressman in addition to that, and then we have Sen. Tom Kellett, who is working on an email with Dick Durbin in the most liberal member at the Annex during the worst illegal immigration crisis in our country the center to look at drafting that legislation. While he hath dropping hundred thousand dollars into disarray to try to buy the ortho for the last wing of the Republican Party in relatively moderate editor at the caliphate, trying to find we got mad and imploding. On the other hand, and what were doing is we are running a campaign that is bringing people over that and drove because they see Michelle Woodhouse is the candidate who well stay true to the conservative principles of the party and go there and start them with honor and Michelle have you personally spoken to Madison have have has leadership Republican leadership there in North Carolina in the district reached out to him. I have not spoken in the last time I saw him lie that well over a month ago at boron.

My understanding is that he had gone on a media blackout, art, reaching out with Bonnie to any reporter living something here and I can confirm that because we been inviting him to come of the program. For weeks now. Just to give them a platform to explain all this and that they keep turning us down radio silence that were hearing from local reporters as well. We don't anticipate being Congressman Copthorne until after the primary I think is that his approach is Jack hope that he can get 30% pipeline that it had talked about before, and I hear it every single day on the ground here in Western North Carolina Congressman Copthorne when primary Western North Carolina will lose the congressional seat and 22 we will lose to a very liberal on Asheville base glide member Democrat who is Mark in her belief socialist in her voting. Here is a County Commissioner and that's what will happen. Congressman Copthorne will cost Western North Carolina Republican speak in a year when Republicans will be winning across this country and he and his behavior in his decision-making if he were to come out.

Merrill caught sunset series of the situation.

It really had and were at were really at a crossroads here that the voters of Western North Carolina Republican any unaffiliated vote conservative had have a very clear choice in the primary Madison Copthorne who will lose the 50 in November, Chuck Edwards, who is being bought by contentless well be interested, moderate, and accusing her tight member of Congress, and Michelle Woodhouse will be the America first fighter that we need in Washington DC fight people?

I all right will based on what's coming out. I would say it's best that nobody see anything else for medicine call so goodness gracious. All right, Michelle. We appreciate you coming on the program. This is important. We got a lot at stake nationally and that's why every single congressional district matters, especially those that should be safe Republican districts of Michelle. Good luck to you folks would got links to Michelle's campaign page on our live show blog Michelle will get you back on soon.

Thank you for your endorsement and support.

All right, you got it Michelle Woodhouse. Can you believe I means I really do feel bad for her because she is a Trump candidate. She is an American first candidate. She's serve the GOP for a number of years and done so with distinction Copthorne leaves to go.

He had an eye he had his eye on a bigger prize. Turns out that fellow fell apart.

She'd he endorses her for the race and then he comes back and he jumps back into the to the race. It's it's just not right.

And again he's got a lot.

He's gotta get figured out so I won't really pay very close attention to that race and many others around the country. We gotta take a quick break your 844-747-8868 that's a toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 can I tell you about our good friends over patriot mobile they are mobilizing for freedom patriot mobile is America's only conservative and Christian wireless carrier. They have some incredible plans broad nationwide coverage that use the same towers. The other guys use and they've got a plan to fit any budget.

No matter how big or small. And if you're a veteran of first responder. Guess what they're going to hook you up with that with an even bigger discount now this is very easy. All you need to do is go to patriot That's patriot and use my promo code Todd Yuri to get special discounts free premier activation. You can also call their toll-free number 972 patriot beds, 972.

Patriot will be right back to back up and start get older we start to notice her parents could use a little help, help with grocery shopping, getting to appointments and keeping up with things around the house for the times when we can't be there makes it easy to find senior caregivers who live nearby and know just how to help. And since all caregivers that are background checked, you can be confident that your mom or dad is getting support from someone you can trust. Find senior caregivers for your parents so this is my race are you doing tacos today. If you decided actually having this for dinner.

I didn't even think is in a taco know that's all you gotta do is get like a tacos. That's right get a fish stick all fresh mahi-mahi today. There's nothing there's nothing wrong with that unit fish stick and get some store-bought salsa and fish and breading and delicious tartar sauce. Really the only reason to eat a fish stick is because you get to dip it in the tartar sauce sure I'm just on the way the popcorn shrimp and I love shrimp but you gotta dip it in the cocktails you gotta do that you gotta do that.

I love the red lobster though. Uncle Walt's lab staff uncle forget lobster it's uncle Walt's this the shrimp. Oh it's great oh I was going to say that the cheddar biscuit has biscuits but whatever you do don't tell Ray Richardson from W will be vigil of red lobster. I now know how you know lobster I'm coming up to his neck in the woods later this year so venting out was a lot going to Maine I think. So when I hear Ari when it can be the anniversary trip for me. Mr. gotta get in touch with Ray Rive already to because they don't take it out to L.L. Bean said that I wish I were to go are yet very good alright and you know, the entire main audience is going to want to beat you skittish over the airport like where's my low lobster work on and I'm working on lapsed lobster lobster.

This time I go, it will be perfect.

Let me know how that works out all right national Day of prayer, and I want to go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line of one of our staff members are great staff members. David sits and is very involved in the national Day of prayer and Dave and I understand you're at Bellevue Baptist Church. How was the turnout today. Well it was it was sent. I wish I would've been full, but it was still a good turnout. Let just left Bellevue had nowhere to Shelby Farms Parker larger 4500 acre inland part of the largest urban park in America Davidson solid to gotta sell that part where the deer and the buffalo roam literally you so so David so people are coming out and water tell us a little bit about what you guys are praying for at the national Day of prayer. Well, today we had an hour we had Gov. Bill Lee. Our Christian governor stated great state of Tennessee that doing this for about 10 minutes and basically we started off with the national anthem and then we do the prayer of confession and repentance we pray for the military trade for city and County of first responders.

We pray for the media so we prayed for you and pray for businesses in the economy.

We pray for those in authority.

We pray for washing thinkers are spiritually close in places we played for executive and legislative branches.

We pray for the judicial branch of service of the Supreme Court are referred from state governments also pray for local governments, education, families revival.

We pray for Ukraine this year and we pray for churches pastors. So basically we try to cover everything that we could within an hour and we just we need revival in our country. Well, no doubt about that. And these kinds of gatherings are happening literally all over America and in big cities and small towns and in public places, as well as church houses so so David around to heading over to understand that the for people in the Memphis area.

You guys are to be at Shelby Farms that's correct will be a Shelby Farms Park in the heart of Memphis from two sunset we may not see the sunset that we got thunderstorms, but this happened last year at 5 o'clock after the storm we had blue sky had a great evening, so I don't what the weather deter you from the Memphis Midsouth. There is no above the clouds.

Well, true hand-to-hand. I mean look at it this way, David. I me with the sprinkles. If there any converts you could just go Presbyterian and have him run through and get sprinkled a boom there you go through Christ wiser as much grace what hello David, why are you looking at me all your Presbyterian. What's sorry David, sorry about the grace it was a Presbyterian joke.

All right, David. David sits in love is over.

I'm sorry I got a slightly distracted here and I'll explain why the moment, but David worry let you head over to the next, a national Day of prayer gathering and we appreciate the big update and I didn't realize it evidently was there. That's always exciting. It was an excellent person. The last three years due to Kovic zoomed in for 10 minutes but it was up on the big screen so was almost like he was there with there you go. All right, I love it all right.

David said ladies and gentlemen from the staff of KW AM in Memphis Tennessee. David, thank you and grace breaker you told me to look over. Glance over at the screen and why is the phrase kitty as well. My grandmother and great-grandmother always said if you look outside and this is raining and you can see a patch of blue sky enough to make that pair of giddy britches. It's going to clear up what you said in a setting of the lake. It's a really good example of the summer storms rolling. But if you see a patch of blue Nefertiti britches is going to clear up so keep that swimsuit on campus don't wear pants that makes no sense little Mickey Mouse with Cothran clearly doesn't know where to take a break will you write back America pray for all of us Macy's one day sale is going on now with like 40 to 50% off on pensions and must have a friend and she was in and get 40% off your new favorite designer, Franklin said order even faster when you pick up curbside in-store same-day delivery savings are failing.

Exclusions apply to have you with us today on the radio program you see it unfold see it and by the way, the most profane name in the use road network. Thank you, Judge Joe Brown always there with CNN says most Americans have a visible view of the US economy. Not terribly surprised by that is matter fact I saw one pole were only 3% of Americans said the economy was great. And those people are probably illegal aliens who are currently being funded by the American taxpayers what's go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line. Always fun to have our good friend Jason Miller from gatherer on the line.

Jason, how's it going with you. Employee number parable for Joe Biden, and in addition to the CNN poll. There is also the heartland Institute poll that came out showing that 61% of Americans think that Joe Biden should not run for reelection. These are pretty shocking numbers even chosen the head to head with present trumpet trumpet beat by 50 to 36. This is the list of the time for Democrats to think that the break glass because this is an emergency know it is an emergency and even some Ryan, who was I was running for the Democrat not there in Pennsylvania for the Senate refused to to say that he wanted Biden out on the campaign trail after imagine Democrats are running away from him like the plague.

They are in. The problem here is that Joe Biden went and created all these crises that were facing.

So whether it be the southern border. Whether P inflation whether it be the conflict in Ukraine.

Weatherby me anything.

The cost of gas. All of these issues are things that were going great under present trumpet in calendar. Biden we have full on crazy and economic issue though is really the one that can be the big driver and were seeing it not just with the traditional state independent, but we party thing of the last two presidential election cycle, record numbers of African-American, Latino American Asian-American voters coming over to the Republican side, those numbers are even increasing become even more intense now under this first are going into the second year of Joe Biden's presidency that whatever the traditional bases been viewed for the Democrat. I think we don't know just how low floor is for the Democrats because of their traditional voters are eroding quickly. The bottom could truly fall out this fall and you look at what this is how the Democrats are to try to play this and it could almost be a repeat of the of the Bush when George H. W. Bush ran for reelection and lost in spite of having success with the with the first Persian Gulf war it was the economy, you watch was gonna happen here, Jason.

The Democrats are to think this race is all about Roe V Wade, but the average American is not going out and having an abortion, but they do go to the grocery store and they do go to the gas station and that's ultimately going to be. I think to be their downfall there to be focusing on the wrong issue right want to point out to Joe Biden, about mega supporters being extremist or major mega supporters. Lynn I was ultra mega supporters. I think with his qualification, which I think I'd have to identify my new pronoun mega else's� My my gutter bio but I think Joe Biden's extremist comment is really his basket of deplorable misstep, and this really creates a further divide between Democrats and working-class people of this country regardless of party or ideology. There is a certain looking down their noses court flyover country people Sally Walmart people Jason the hose Lisa page and that her Paramore Peter struck your ears that we write on that and I think that where this is going to bite increasingly out of touch, and it's one thing to get get along on the policy maker some aspect of popularity that still remain third, but I think the bottom is really going to follow for Biden. The Democrats, especially as they're turning make the High Court working people of this country. Jason Miller is the CEO of debtor or and folks you can follow me there and you can also watch our show live on gutter bio I think you for the nice graphic advertisement that was really nice to know it's great. Absolutely great.

You have you guys on your lifestream enough to get so critical, so important what you what you're doing Todd and get your message out around the country and this is the thing would get her one thing that really set us apart is the fact that we are broadcasting now with our lifestream literally from seven in the morning following till 10 at night with multiple shows every hour on the hour.

People such as yourself. People around the world, the UK, Brazil.

Other voices that are out there in the reason why this could be so important as we thought would detect you in the one up to 2020 in the one up to 2022. Do the exact same thing as more Roe V Wade to be intensified as more if you come to light with Kirby, I'm sure it'll be more Hunter Biden is the comes up it's critical that you have the ability to reach additional people out there and I think would get her were, yes, I will say this. Jason and I want to say something our good buddy Jack was so big I know that he broadcasting that noon hour as well. So if you feel led to shadow band just you. During my time slot. I'm good with that.

So it's what I think the Todd are pretty pretty well. I don't think you're going to great bodily Jason I wanted to wait on Twitter, you and I know you're on Twitter, I'm on twitter as well. I prefer debtor. That's my that's our main platform now. What I found fascinating about twitter all these people are talking about how great it is now that Elon musk is taken over.

I don't think he's actually taken over just yet. Hassey will go through and look at some of the information that came out today from SEC filings really fascinating thing that I don't think many people are paying attention to. The first is that this thing is so heavily leveraged to build a go and essentially buy out twitter and think of Colombian public taking a private Twitter only brings in something like $547 million.

So the earnings before interest and tax deduction and amortization everything.

So the real number is significantly lower than that. Maybe that's maybe at half that limits 250, 300 million. If the amount that they're having to leverage their having to borrow to even put this deal together. It's not even profitable either couple things happen. You must cast the bill to get this Christ significantly cheaper or they have to find a way to juice up twitter's earnings by literally 50 maybe 100%, maybe even literally double what they're currently earning any financial sense of never before seen this heavily leveraged buyout effort for company where the economics don't even make sense of. I don't know if this thing ultimately leaving to go through fascinating. So all these people talking at how great the all-new Twitter is nothing's really changed that much just yet so you know, people need to understand that people are getting kicked off left and right. That's right, including Mike Lindell, Mike Lindell, truth devote a whole host of other people of the truth about folks last night at the �2000 premier. It turned out on beach but the other thing to keep in mind, even if musk is able to keep this deal. A lot of the go and restructure to find a way to do it the quickest possible way actually takes charge is maybe six months, seven, eight, nine months, somewhere in that timeframe that even before either changes happen. Why is significant that after the midterm. And so even if all these things magically happen. It's a ways away and I'll tell you Todd. I think the litmus test is whether or not twitter and VP Trump to join if they don't, and VP Trump to come back to twitter all the other supposed changes are windowdressing only meaningful change to send the message. The litmus test does twitter invite present Trump to come back and that is the million dollar question Jason Berg and leave it there, and congratulations what a great job you guys have done and continue to do at debtor and it's fun to see our our platform grow there and I think it's good to be tremendous. Moving forward, there were 5 1/2 million users strong continue to grow all right wow all right, Jason Miller, everybody, if you don't have a Kenner account get one now I'm at Todd's turn this and you'll be able to find me and watch the show live on debtor all right before we got a break. I went to the phones we have a great special guest on from one of our awesome affiliates in the Midwest from Bartlesville, Oklahoma KWON K-1 Kevin Potter's on the line. Hey Kevin, how's it going going good about yourself well were doing well and Kevin. We always love hearing from from your great listers out there in the heartland unit. Todd will go or don't think the Democrats in the last getting over what's happening at the screen court. They think that's going to help the election. They think it's going to write only your dues like Bill Clinton, the great Bill Clinton and what he said it's the economy, stupid. That's all it is all these people don't get don't get let me tell you one more thing. I believe this with all my heart I believe in 2016 when Donald was elected on the election. I looked at my wife will run right out front. God literally placed his finger on God, Donald Trump and elected, and I believe it was for this time and place is what was happening today Kevin I'm I'm curious about the listers in your area. What are they telling you one of the concerns on their minds because are so many things we can go with your well. Inflation is one thing, courseware and state and the high energy prices are good for state but we seen this movie before and will know what happens. You know what I'm saying but the thing is you can't sustain this very long and I know quite they know that this is not sustainable, very long. We can't continue on down this path.

Five dollars and 15 St. Basil is not going to work it doesn't work.

It didn't work for the energy companies get done work for the consumer because bigger quit using it eventually. And so that's not good. You understand it's a blind man thing so the people around here get they get in but what Joe Biden is doing eight and for him to say that he has. He's reducing the deficit.

What I don't like movies watching good he's not reducing any deficit. So it's Kevin. I look what you are you saying I am hearing repeated all over this country and I'm with you going back to the 1990s.

It's the economy stupid and I think this is going to be a huge huge victory for Republicans of midterms. We live in the state you Oklahoma. I live in the reddest County in the reddest state, and it's very conservative year were conservative in work is going conservative or socially conservative and everything happening around us, people are not there, scared, not scared. But their concern interesting. I think this is not, we can't sustain this way, we can't do it. We can and that's why I think I would place the course of I think that but I do think I our legislature and governor are signing Bill every week about abortion every week were signing a new bill restricting abortion more and more, and so that to me.

I'm proud to live here. I'm very proud to live here and to do what were doing state and the governors done a great job. You know they're attacking right and left. It's an election year for you but I don't know what to think. Kevin and I hate to do this but you know you have the business cards we gotta pay some bills around here. Thank you God Kevin God bless you and I thanks to all the great folks at K-1 KW ON Oklahoma.

Great affiliate. I just want to say before we go to breaker. We have the best of Philly is the best radio station affiliates in all of America and we love all you guys aren't all that being said, gotta take a break will be right back close to Joe Star's Macy's one day sale is going on now with great nervousness sin like 40 to 50% off on pensions and must have an excuse and get 40% off your new favorite designer, Franklin said order even faster when you pick up curbside in-store day delivery savings are failing.

Exclusions apply. All right, I love reading a story here from Stearns Gina McCarthy. She is president Biden's climate czar rent. I suppose so. She is declaring war on your appliances. I want you to hear what Gina McCarthy had to say at Tufts College the other day. We have solutions that can deliver what actually not sure what happened there but anyway I Gina McCarthy goes on to say that she is already so far this year. Implemented 100 rules regulating your appliances. In other words, if this is all part of AOC's agree new DRI let's go back. I think we got it figured out. We have solutions that can deliver what actually get to do rules this year alone, and appliances just like you asked, we are developing ships on how we work together for new building standards and be all we going to blow some DQ upsets will become to do. Gina McCarthy right there very man what a woman in her voice or marriage is a bustle kneecaps.

So anyway McCarthy is that is out there and she's leading the charge on the green new deal, but that their coming into your home now so if these if and she is going back to 2015.

She was the EPA administrator under Barack Hussein Obama, and she declared war on refrigerators and dryers back in 2015. So now she's going up your kitchen appliances. If this lady has her way of the Biden administration has their way to be washing close like they did back during the Walton's time on a scrub on a watch board. Anybody remember those days.

But you throw your your closing to a dryer Internet to put on a clothesline of the backyard.

What is a clothesline with the washboard.

So I washboard and callous like a greater unit like a cheese is greater but close with the site that's a lie time. That's far beyond my time all wow I'm really grace your on a thin thin line right now.

I do see myself out a very thin line so grace beyond but it gets worse. So there also going to go after dishwashers, which means you can at the washer plates by hand my nails so here's here's where we are.

This is this is this is the reality of AOC's green new deal, a woman who by the way, did not even know what a functioning garbage disposal was so her reality is Barton towels and wash boards. Gotta get rid of the cheeseburgers got got got to get rid of the airplanes. Gotta get ready your dishwasher your garbage disposal all and I want you people to understand what is this administration done to America and not even four years. The borders been overrun.

Inflation 40 year high gas prices out the laws to you can't buy stuff at the grocery store and now ladies and gentlemen working have an outbreak of dishpan hands. This is where we are in America all right look it's been a great show. Thank you for calling Ed, thank you for listening. Invite your friends and neighbors to hang out with those noon to three Eastern we do it every single day. In the meantime Todd will be hanging out there for the rest of the day because America galaxies.

He slept for all these new taxes might not like I just did in fact not capture hands-free text from multiple angles capture training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for compact and fit perfectly in my pocket don't easy flip for

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