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Middle Schooler Faces Sex Harassment Probe For Using Wrong Pronouns

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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May 18, 2022 3:31 pm

Middle Schooler Faces Sex Harassment Probe For Using Wrong Pronouns

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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May 18, 2022 3:31 pm

A middle school boy is facing a Title IX investigation for referring to a classmate by the wrong pronoun. Todd Starnes is joined for a radio roundtable by Jeff Katz and Harry Hurley, as well as Florida Rep. Kat Cammack!

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What's Right What's Left
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Progressive's home on such a screwup walk in closet.

If you have more than enough storage in the unfinished basement. Eventually, no matter how much you love it more knowing you and your home and auto with progressive coverage was going to stick to situations welcome to the Todd start show sponsored by legacy, precious metals, there's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM that's legacy PM universities. Do you see all I and we still have no idea, for the Pennsylvania Senate race on the Republican agreed to have and again very long night. As the boat continued to be counted and lo and behold thought. Yes, there were voting problems yesterday at the ballot box and you would think that at this point in American history based on what happened in 2020, they would've gotten their act together but clearly that was not the case.

So the question at hand is is who the next Republican nominee for the Senate will be in Pennsylvania. Dr. Oz or Dave McCormick, who by the way, turned in a pretty solid performance, and the last count I saw Dr. Oz ahead just by a few hundred votes, but I want to talk by Kathy Barnett for just a moment. She is the person who got the raw deal.

She is the person who quite frankly turned in a pretty spectacular performance last night and got what 24, 25% of the vote. At least I suspect those numbers will will go up there is others. There was a big problem in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where that the ballots may take days to be counted and and that could certainly have an impact on who the eventual winner is going to be but I say that Kathy Barnett ought to be proud of yourself because this is a person who was smeared who was targeted by establishment conservative media and I never thought I would have to use those words together, but there's really no other word to describe what Fox news channel and what the 9 o'clock hour did to this woman. It's pretty despicable quite frankly it's the behavior woman expect from Rachel Maddow over at MSDN see what the 9 o'clock show did over at Fox news channel smearing this woman intentionally publishing and posting deceptive videos that were heavily edited, taking her comments out of context. Those are things that one would expect from the mainstream media to not Fox news channel and my question is where where does all of this go well. Fox news will the 9 o'clock hour at Fox news face some sort of a penalty from you the viewers eye. We all it it's one thing to go out there and say okay you know what Dr. Oz is my guy, but it's an entirely different thing to take a fellow conservative, a conservative by the way who it appeared on Fox news channel many times in the past like Kathy Barnett had done it's one thing to to endorse Dr. Oz. It's another to intentionally destroy a woman's character and that was the whole point of all this. That was the that was the entire point of what just happened and I think it's pretty shameful. Now the good news is a couple hundred thousand people in Pennsylvania software what the 9 o'clock show at Fox news channel was doing and by the way, I've been telling you for a very long time now that there are people on cable television. There are people of the conservative media world, and they get paid to be a conservative. In other words, they really have no moral center, they got no political moral center there in it for the paycheck and that's what that's what we saw happen in Pennsylvania but I would contend now I'm not even sure the 9 o'clock hour and Fox news is even really all that conservative anymore. Would you, I mean this is a place that embraces pronoun preferred pronouns Caitlin Jenner. It embraces the LGBT movement.

It embraces a man like Dr. Oz who is pro abortion a man like Dr. Oz who is on the record for these radical gender reassignment surgery for little kids. Dr. Oz is out there affirming black lives matter. Dr. Oz was out there affirming the lies of juicy smooth lay it's Dr.'s who is pro-gun control.

Dr. Oz wants to take away your gods, and this is the man who was endorsed by the 9 o'clock hour at Fox news channel.

The bash Kathy Barnett show now. If you're voting for Dr. Oz in Pennsylvania that your own business but here is what concerns me is that push comes to shove, and eventually Congress decides to codify abortion. Do you want Dr. Oz casting the deciding vote because it seems to me something like Dr. Oz would pull a John McCain and and really stick it to the American people just like John McCain did in the Obama care debacle. What really surprised me coming out of Pennsylvania or how many how many Republicans would support a man who supports abortion and I do wonder how many people just blindly went to the polls because Pres. Trump told them to how many people said it doesn't matter.

It doesn't matter what this guy believes it matters what Pres. Trump says and what Pres. Trump says trumps everything else. So Pres. Trump says you need to go out there and support some guy who's having relations with his cousin in North Carolina been you got to go would vote for that person world Europe. You're a bad mega person and other people and literally believe that and I know that because I've gotten emails I get the emails from Trump loyalist who say that I'm actually a closet liberal because I want you to think with your own mind. I don't ever want to go there and vote for somebody just because Dodson's is going vote for somebody you gotta do your homework that's all you but I do draw a pretty solid line in the sand and if you support abortion, you're not getting my boat. I don't care who you are. That's just the way it is.

So I don't know why Pres. Trump endorsed Dr. Oz hello why Pres. Trump thought Dr. Oz was the best back a candidate and and quite frankly Dr. Oz is a Mac opposer I would say Dr. Oz is an ultra bag.

Opposer and meanwhile Kathy Barnett that there left out there and and and and again they never came out and said what the problems were Kathy Barnett, did you did you notice that you gotta go back. These people are weasels weasels that 9 o'clock hour at Fox news channel weather out there saying all we've heard very horrible things we've heard the themes and Kathy Barnett said okay will put me on the show. Let's talk about the things or better yet, just name the things it if you knew if the 9 o'clock show on Fox news knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that Kathy Barnett was out there killing puppies. Don't you think that they were to come out and said that if they actually had the goods I need if if she was really as horrible a person as they were leading us to believe. Don't you think they would've told us what it was but they didn't do that this were to hand them a hall and they danced around and they said there's things in her past that are suspicious. Okay, what are those things tell us what those things are, but they never did. It was a very effective campaign and again if I mean, quite frankly, Rachel Maddow and Don lemon Anderson Cooper the 9 o'clock hour at Fox news they're all the same to me now. Every single one of their all the same and I think you viewers you you conservative cable news viewers. You're beginning to understand this in your beginning to see this for what it really is but but what happened to Kathy Barnett is pretty despicable and if they do it to her there to do it to everybody.

Just think about this. You had another guy that was running for governor Lou Barletta. He lost. He came in second place. Lou Barletta back when he was in Congress came out and put his name on the line for Donald Trump before anybody else did in the Republican world, Lou Barletta put his political life on the line very popular politician. The guy was incredibly loyal to Pres. Trump and the president gave his endorsement to somebody else left Lou high and dry. Now Pres. Trump values loyalty but that goes both ways right.

It should write. I mean if somebody's got to be loyal to me. I want to be loyal to them. You don't want to just throw them to the curb to suit your political expediency right. I you know I I'm a Trump support what Pres. Trump think he's done a great job but I think you ought to be loyal to your people agree or disagree.

Even at and again this is not a matter of going down with the ship Lou Barletta would've had a great chance of winning that race with trumps endorsement but let me tell you something. Republicans you better pay very close attention to what's happening because now they want you to believe that being Magdala means being pro abortion pro-gun control Pro BLM and if you disagree with that. That all of a sudden they will label you a liberal.

I'm sick of it and look fortunately nobody nobody Amar Lago pays my salary. I run my own business and working to rigorously keep telling it like it is. But what happened to Kathy Barnett.

Shame on you people out there.

Shame on you are, let's go to the phone zero 844-747-8868 North Georgia Tina W GUN Tina what's on your mind right now I I'm well, thank you, Rick sent I usually agree to be 100% usually and I get not totally disagreeing with you, but what I've heard and got a brother lives in Pennsylvania very politically active again questions and I question� But from what I understand he come around to be pro-choice and pro-Second Amendment, and I'm not now.

I didn't hear it matters not seen clips, but I just wonder young Trump to be pro-choice to change. I I'm wondering if he has changed indications out of the hat. One of those indicate I'm just curious what the indications are.

I mean if it's if it's within.

If that change happened within the past year Tina I call BS.

I don't think it did happen past year. I'm not sure I mean he's talked about it.

He talked about being polite. Now I don't know what it line or not but he said it out of he said it on not seen him stand on elevating well it's you and and again he may have had a change of heart. Tina, I haven't seen I haven't seen the sit down and I would've liked to have seen a sitdown with someone like a Robert Jeffress or a pro-life organization, and to say hey look, you know I was wrong my entire career. Here's why I believe I am pro-choice, pro-life.

Now if in fact is I don't know about that but I agree, Bettina. There's a long list of things that he's got it. He's got a clear up. I don't want to support any Republican that wants to take away my guns know I wouldn't probably voted for them that I just I don't know.

I think people should have a second chance at their deserved warning. I don't know, he could be a liar and might not.

And that's what concerns me Tina because when you look at the other candidates. Only Dave McCormick you know what you his record matches up with his beliefs. I Kathy Barnett certainly seem to but then you've got.

I mean, she literally had every Republican in America ganging up on her. At the very last minute and I don't think that's right. And maybe she's lying to. I I've seen nothing in her record to indicate that she is what I have seen are a lot of people out there distorting her record intentionally. I got a problem with that.

Yeah, I think we currently need floor on back checkers around which we don't really have that I agree she was attacked and it was pretty unreal.

I like that my brother went looking at conferences up there and he was very impressed with her aircraft. Thinking about it for McCormick, but he didn't he let it fester very skeptical of Dr. out. Tina really disappointed in how the Fox News Channel behaved during this debacle, I did not stop watching Fox News for the most part. I watched Tucker spell that I usually watched his next now.

Good for you. It's a good choice. You made a Tina got her we got a run. We are really for a break your thanks for the call 844-747-8860 that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 again 93% of the vote is in it is not connected and it could be were definitely looking at a recount now, but there are still a lot of problems at valid boxes and there and had to get all that sorted out. And folks, if you think that this is bad. Now you just wait until the midterm elections. Unbelievable. They have not got this figured out yet will be right back your listening to stories rent since November of last year. The stock market has plummeted, but gold has been all the right gas prices are and see the stock market extremely volatile ablation is even worse than it was last year and now you have a war with Russia and Ukraine that could spread to the rest of the world. But markets do not like instability.

You have options. All prices are rising as investors turned to gold for protection gold provides a hedge against inflation and protects against a weakening dollar legacy precious metals is the only company I trust for investing in gold and silver you mean an investment that will protect your wealth and return be proactive while there's still time. Remember, 2008 those invested in gold saw huge gains, while others lost their retirement legacy. Precious metals can advise you of all of your options for investing in gold and silver. You can speak to an IRA expert legacy, precious metals, 866-528-1903 or download their free investors guided like a CPM and folks on the back of the socks are radio show. By the way president is no way on what happened last night before we get to that Madison called for.

He got whacked last night club borne by the way, very gracious in his concession of remarks that he posted but looks like Chuck Edwards who is that in my understanding. A rhino is going to be the Republican nominee there in the 11th district in North Carolina called Fort of course had president trumps endorsement but I think look the good people of the good people of North Carolina.

So, enough is enough with the scandals said.but then again you I was genuinely surprised he had what 27, 28,000 votes. So you have a lot of people there in the 11th Congressional District who don't have a problem with the with the sex orgies and the that the cocaine parties and the you dressing up in the ladies underpants and the you know having relations allegedly with the cousin the mail because there they're okay with soap and again folks. What if we settle this radio program. It's you are responsible in your congressional district so anyway. President Tromp is weighing in very upset over what happened in Pennsylvania last night and the president says that hate you.

We've gotta get. We gotta get this voting issue worked out, calling it another big mess. The president riding on truth social by the way, if you haven't joined truth.

Social I would encourage you to that very very soon everybody on the planet will be able to join true social. They I've been working with true social on their Beta test of their web browser version and it works great and you're gonna love it and I would encourage you of your own true social truth.

Social give me a follow-up so anyway. A true Tromp writing all true social here we go again in Pennsylvania there unable to help the mail-in ballots. This is a big mess. Our country should go to paper ballots with same day voting just on in France. Zero problems got smart America so there is the statement for from Pres. Tromp. He's also bashing Dave McCormick says the club for growth candidate who lost took many votes away from Dr. Oswald are still counting the vote, so we hasn't lost just yet.

Mr. president despite all of this is one so don't be surprised if the and I'm you know what, I'll throw this question out to, but if Dr. Oz does not win. You believe that is a matter of voter fraud because that's that's how this is going to play by the way there to say the boats were stolen from Dr. what say you, 844-747-8868 this is the Todd surge radios. Stagflation is a real possibility America and you have to be pragmatic.

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I trust Newsmax and you should too. Alright let's go to the phone zero 844-747-8868 Terry on WSI, see welcome to the show are you doing pretty regular calling about what you said about and about trump endorsements. Yes sir, Archibald. If people go back and look at all. He would deftly not be a choice and I don't wondered a lot.

Tromp endorsed him you know anybody can change your tone of voice to get what they want.

You see all the back of all I'd like to know how approach uses GUI endorses. Let's face it endorsed buying can't look up I get done killing endorsed Lindsay Graham look what Lindsay Graham going, endorsed, brought Mitt Romney, look what Mitt Romney done promptly to get a better source and do a little more investigating and don't get me wrong I think trumps great and I'm open he runs again. But frankly give endorsements of pretty shabby yeah I Terry there a lot of people that would agree with you and and a lot of those endorsements have come back to bite the president in the behind.

So it we all know that some of his family members are not conservative they would be considered leftist and you wonder how much influence they have on the picking of some of these are some of these candidates will I know your North Carolina.

He endorsed it, but you know I met with the night got but the bottom line is there's all kind of allegation and media supporting the fact that the blood family has done business with organizations affiliated with George storage.

You know that's not what I want paying for my Congressman or Sen. now and will be because they just want the primary your North Carolina senator. We also have Patrick McHenry who got trumps endorsement and frankly the people of the district are fed up with Patrick McHenry in his week politics and is nothing for the people, agendas, and it Tromp at noon, endorsed, and we we had two different candidates running against McHenry in either one of these two doctors would've been a great choice and and I love the country and and love American care about the children what there will even all our children become likely that country that were leaving for our children, our grandchildren is on the downhill run and endorsement probably are doing more harm than good. Let the American people who they won't again get out there endorsement. People who don't know I Terry appreciate the call and and I think a lot of people would would stand by your assessment of the situation. I will say this I had a conversation with a couple of days ago with a with the Geo cheaper chairperson and she was explaining how their thought process and and how they were going about finding people to run on the Republican side and this is a heavily that she actually lives in a district that is heavily Democrat, so it's a blue it's a blue district and it's a blue County and a blue city and they're trying to figure out how do we get Republicans to win in this blue area. How do we do do we modify our beliefs and and this was the actual I was stunned, stunned to hear the rationale but they decided the best possible thing to do would be to run all of their candidates as center slightly center right in other words, you would you would go ahead and capitulate on the issues of the family issues like abortion and some of these other culture war issues that might cause Democrats not to support your candidate and their thinking is if they run purple Republicans. So is there and if they run purple Republicans there to be able to pick up some Democrat votes and I've I heard that from her.

And I've heard it from a few other Republicans out there, and I'm wondering if this is a nationwide strategy which is to intentionally push aside true conservative candidates and then run run.

Quite frankly the rhinos the Republicans in name only. Ari, let's go to Denver, Colorado. Chuck on the line hi Chuck, what's up my friend how are you I will think you I just wanted to piggyback on on the last caller to call her before. I don't know how long I was waiting for who's got a question in Tromp and in the people he endorsed. I will say those are not actually endorsement their putting his enemies are.

Let's say bad people in the spotlight. Dr. be in the most read one of this goes all the way back to Roger Stone general plan if you'll notice, and even you know if you want to go. Mitt Romney he's not endorsing the people.

It may look like it could endorsement the mainstream media may tell you anything to do it, but what he's doing could make people front and center so people like us can do our own research and maybe find out that hey, these guys are not so good be endorsement may be the good catchword. I don't think. Me personally I don't think Trump is endorsing these people put them in the spotlight well though he actually said. I'm endorsing this person Chuck title there's really not much wiggle room bear sleep. Are you thinking that I want to make sure I'm understanding what you're saying Trump is an intentionally endorsing bad candidates so that will be able to figure it out for ourselves that their bad absolutely 100% sure of how shocked, it seems to be that look Trump is a is a longtime friend of Dr. Oz I and you and I don't. I think that trumps everything with with the president. I I don't think the resident really cares that much about his belief system, their friends, I think it's is that I think it's that simple. I took all right appreciate the role there. I'm not sure that was all about. No Trump is endorsing these people you don't endorsed so Trump is sitting back at Mara Landau and he's thinking. Who are the worst people I could endorse I get to do this to make sure that my conservative base is doing their homework. I I just don't think that's I don't think that's part of the plan. I really don't interesting story coming out of homeland security actually owes our first report the story. Homeland security is preparing for violence after the Supreme Court rules on Roe V Wade this a big deal.

Homeland security memorandum law enforcement.

They're currently investigating social media threats to burn down or stormed the Supreme Court building. By the way, who do you think is going to do that you think it's the conservatives, the pro-lifers there also investigating threats to murder Supreme Court justices and their clerks. There have also been reports of attacks targeting places of worship and abortion clinics.

This is coming from an unclassified May 13 memo from the DHS intelligence arm. They say that the justices, lawmakers, other public officials, as well as clergy and healthcare providers are likely to face more threats in the coming days and weeks abortion -related violence historically has been driven by you ready for this antiabortion extremist. That's the allegation so homeland security thinks that all of you pro-lifers are the going to be the ones going out there and burning down the Supreme Court building murdering Supreme Court justices and attacking houses of worship that is the context of this memorandum goes on to say that some racially or ethnically motivated violent extremist embrace of pro-life narratives may be linked to the perception of wanting to save white children and fight white genocide only stop right here. These people are nuts. Now let's look at the actual facts or if if your are if you are a white supremacist, you would want to be pro-abortion because most of the babies being slaughtered in America are in fact minority babies. Planned Parenthood was created for that very reason to lower the black population. Pro-life pro-lifers embrace people of all races, all races, so this is this is bonkers, unbelievable. So there you go. Homeland security says that all of you pro-lifers are to be be extremist and and if Roe V Wade is overturned. They say that the people that are to be burning down the government buildings will be pro-lifers. Does that make any sense to you America. This is where we are right now and by the way, were still waiting for that ruling to be handed out probably going to be in June. Only because in look. Yes, we know how this is all going to play out. But again the opinions are still being written. And that's going to take some time 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 coming up to talk about this. This little boy this middle score facing ruin as a middle school child facing ruin because he used the wrong pronouns to identify a classmate working to talk about that coming up. This is the time surge radio show. Well, our good friend Michael Dell is back at it again hello everybody I'm Todd starts Michael Dell not only created the best hello but now he's created the best towel in the world. That's right, Mike Lindell found the best tile company right here in the USA. They have proprietary technology to create towels.

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The potato heads because what Mr. potato head is gone. Now that that's sexist or something, but I guess Mr. potato head could technically be transgender. He could identify as Mrs. depending on which parts of uses. Quote the Disney pride collection was created by LGBT QI A+ employees and allies at the Walt Disney Company and is a reflection of their incredible contributions and place at the heart of the company. So there you have at the heart of Disney is no longer to be the happiest place on earth it's to be the gayest place on earth that I say good for you God for you if that's how your to make your body good for you quote. We stand in solidarity with our LGBT QI A+ community everywhere. In other words, you know, the one people group that Disney did not mention in any of this, the one people group that will be the heterosexuals, the ones who are birthing the babies to wear the clothes that Disney cells just want to point that out so clearly.

Clearly they don't stand in solidarity with all of you heterosexual people.

It is what it is. Gotta get over it folks.

Alright so when you go back to this middle school story we been on this. We talked briefly about yesterday.

This poor little kid out in the middle of Wisconsin and alleys facing sexual harassment charges because he views the wrong pronouns with a classmate cut number six so there was a student in my music class that came out as non-binary and chosen things are nice pronouns. The terms were extremely confusing to me. So I spoke to my mother who said to call her by name. I tried to do that but I accidentally slipped up and used the wrong pronouns and it before I knew it I was slapped with an letter that said that I was accused with sexual harassment for us. How did the school tell you about this. Hi Laura, thank you so much for having assigned the elementary school principal gave me a call for warning me that he was gonna be sending an email over with the accusations and when as soon as I heard sexual harassment. I'm thinking oh my gosh and I'm thinking the worst rape, incest incest or inappropriate touching and I was something crazy yes and when I said you know what is it that my son dead and he said he didn't use the right pronouns and I just I couldn't believe that I was appalled. He told me I'd be receiving a letter and an email with a letter and I received the email and the letter was nothing more than a standard letter with a blurb that sad sexual harassment for not using proper pronouns, no detail, nothing. Now I want to read a part of the letter Rosen in your lawyer Luke and respond to the following allegations that potential cost essentially constitute sex harassment after being informed that a student's preferred pronouns with a them there you go. This is happening in real time.

Did you ever think that a little boy, an American boy would be facing some sort of a government investigation simply because he used the wrong program to referred and by the way, was not the wrong program. It's very clear the child if the I and F is not binary. The child is either male or female boy or girl he or she, not they, not them. And we gotta start calling the stuff out people I look I feel bad for this kid, and that the reality is, this will impact him for the rest of us like this will go on his permanent record as a middle school child charged with sexual harassment because heat he used the correct pronoun to refer to a little girl her little boy inside his classroom. Are we gotta take a break your folks 844-747-8868 Fetzer toll-free telephone number Todds you can read about this get over on our website.

We got the story up and while you are there.

Be sure to check out our free podcast and download our views letter comes out every single day. This is the Todds surgery is someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full for which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think you caused my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy. See full for Liberty University studio in Memphis Tennessee. George all right third radio show is a balmy 68� because that's the way I like them around you without their America wow what a crazy crazy week. It's been, and it's far from over, still counting votes in Pennsylvania are probably going to be a recount.

Pres. Trump declaring Dr. Haas.

The winner of the race, but we will see Hall that plays out the welcome ladies and gentlemen want to go right to the patriot mobile newsmaker lines. I'm very excited to welcome some great friends of this program, the host of WR VA's number one radio talk show our good friend Jeff Katz, Jeff, hope you're doing well sir, I am thank you so much dad and from WPG in Atlantic City.

The king of the boardwalk, the one the only Harry Hurley. How's it going got great beauty when you have the opportunity and by the way, Harry and Jennifer were all going to be reunited in a couple weeks at the big talkers convention in at the end in New York and was a Long Island and Jeff Katz is it. Is it okay to break the news. I think it's arty out there. The trades hereby only so you're you're getting a big award. I mean this is a national award to be given yeah I I am III don't know, honestly, of all the other emails bounced back or somebody couldn't travel but I got it humbled beyond all belief the humanitarian of the year award. Yeah, I'm pretty stoked� Well, it is not yet make a quick comment about my friend Jeff and Sir Michael Harrison this is Michael Harrison's beloved white castaway Sharon L harassment. This is so important to Michael and Jeff to brag about himself. So let me do it for a quick second on the Todd Stargell.

This is absolutely one of the biggest awards of the year we think about freedom of speech and the couple of other words female contributor and lifetime achievement and the humanitarian of the year award to Sharon L harassment award Could not be more proud of you. It's an amazing honor that you can receive on Friday, June 10. Thank you. That means a lot. Thank you so well guys, is to be a great is to be a great weekend and look forward to seeing y'all up there along some of the great talkers from across America of fellows. Let's get into this yesterday any surprises from the racism will start with you, Harry Hurley and Jeff you can jump in afterwards. Popcorn had to go down. I mean twice with a garden plot at the airport Policeman, you could forget you. But in the carry bag and you just forget you forget what you don't forget twice that you know the lingerie pictures and all that any and amazing. He wanted age 24, 26 years old, and his first term, and probably his only term will come to a suicide close to no surprise there and is surprised with Dr. Oz and with McCormick, I mean not as tight as can be and Trump one McCormick might pull this thing out, though, gentlemen. Because there are tens of thousands of mailing ballots and McCormick is done better with the mailing is done better on election day itself and there's something like 50 or 60,000 of these mailing some will still struggle in that. Yeah, that one county that is 22,000 out that the printer the right of the vendor did not put the proper optics for the optical scanner that they have to be counted no way to know how that's going to go. It's great going Harry be the ballot that are still out there are probably going to be a big part of deciding this and that tight race between McCormick II think that is what everybody expected. You know you had the the woman and then the last couple weeks.

Try to put on apportionment kind of feedback I can tell you that the Madison quadrant one.

What was fascinating to me.

You know I listened to you try to address this many times when your program with the negative interactions with law enforcement and the photos of him in lingerie. I could've sworn he was a Democrat.

So I mean I just Harry said he had to go down go Harry said the guy had to go down I think you'd arty been down a couple. I mean, I don't know. It's just very careful if you're lying there as well guys I you know the media's try to sell you Trump's candidate lost. Wherever you know okay fine but but he still I mean, it's a pretty darn good track record.

He's one. What I knew of his candidate lost hundred into a quick comment about my former block even the couple that he won't win you guys think.

He didn't know that Matt Hawthorne was going down the tubes.

He knew it is a very loyal guy get credit for it and don't forget even the people that will win occasionally that he hasn't endorsed. They have run in a run commercial market saturation levels there running together. Trump endorsed well you know all that you don't hearing Harry. I thought about that last night because again, this is about loyalty and in Trump was somewhat fun. Maybe thoughts a sense of loyalty to call forward but there's that there's a fascinating Rolling Stone story held because of casinos where were Trump actually sat down as you hearing all these allegations, salacious allegations and he reportedly asked someone way to second.

Hawthorne really have sex with his cousin and I just would've let Tilden a fly on the wall of our a lot of that my good old.

Oh what Harry is spot on and how you correct references so many current Pres. Trump is loyal I would be receipt will and if you have stood with him, you defended him.

Are you been honest with you, my I don't I don't think when you talk about loyalty, it necessarily mean you have to agree with every single thing that you have to be honest and upfront and so he has return those favors the loyalty in many ways and you're right the legacy media will of course get all up in arms my garlic you lost two or three if you were a boxer and you had a record of 103, you'd be doing okay. I look to the lake because there there have been some concerns about loyalty and Lou Barletta. Yet some folks together in Pennsylvania so blazing.

We were the first guys out there to put her neck on the line for Trump and he turned around and he betrayed us on the date they were really upset about that. While there's only one Trump to go around even other other family members and then when everybody wants the because you know what that endorsement to me. Let's face it, it McCormick had been endorsed by Trump were not even talking about Pennsylvania McCormick what one by 100 or 200,000 votes, like the gubernatorial candidate. I got about that one about Fetterman at the stroke and heart procedure and romps through the field like no one even think about it. It was incredible what they tell us about the Democrats. My friend may have a have a monolith that mainstream ideology far far in the rearview mirror and you're seeing that play out in their primaries across the country. They seem to believe that doubling down the failed policies of moving further and further to just elevating some sort of red flag and say were workable on socialist is a winning combination. I don't see it but you will far be it for me to mess up their fleet exactly hey, could I draw the topic, but I think you guys will be so so important. Your your views on this. We, as Republicans we as conservatives, we have to find a way to more effectively communicate. There aren't enough of it effectively communicating when Schumer, Biden, and the rest of them when they say that this 18-year-old manchild is a mainstream Republican okay we run on ski school Easter that Bernie Sanders Democrat Socialist shot up all you notes the lease and all these other people at on the on the softball field and all of that we didn't do it with the mowing down of other people that took place we can say hey� Democrat on the subway that mainstream Democrat on the subway. I'm not saying we do with they do, but we can't, we have to effectively respond to being called that the party of the white premises when the Democrat party is a party. The KKK to that point, guys, I will play some audio because again that they're accusing Tucker Carlson of pushing the replacement theory but that's not true. This is been something the Democrats have actually been pushing from day one. Take a lesson. I really think because of demographic changes in this country. I think that the Democratic Party is going to win taxes moving forward in the Democratic Party is going to be in power for the next 3040 years. The demographic changes happening in America right now gives the upperhand to Democrats or senses that just came out especially drives home the point that Texas is next.

Demographics are changing in ways that are favorable to the Democratic Party. Demographic changes that help the Democrat Democrats for a decade now, along with Arizona and Texas have had on this sort of long-term project of trying to take some red states across the Sunbelt and flip them blue as demographic changes are taking place there Democrat should be asking themselves a matter fact while dominating the political landscape. Two decades ago infantile book the emerging Democratic majority predicted they would do to demographic changes in the country.

We wait we been predicting for some time to demographic changes were going to eventually move North Carolina Georgia taxes Stacy Abrams and her former campaign manager Warren Grote Wargo argued in a recent New York Times op-ed that any state can turn blue demographic change will pre-precede electoral opportunity to look at what's happening in Georgia and Texas just demographic changes alone over the last 10 years gives us some measure of hope so. Jeff Katz to Harry's point where you have to be bold enough to get up and call these people out armed with the facts. No doubt about it card it is the Democrats would leave spoken about the so-called demographic change may be at one time a call that the browning of America and their assumption that somehow minority groups visible minority groups are automatically Democrat I think is insane because as far as I can tell regardless of your skin color in my neighborhood you're still playing as of today $4.50 a gallon for regular gasoline and guys I know across the spectrum who used diesel fuel for their vehicles for their work. Working at good mechanic for almost 6 dollars a gallon so it goes.

The issue that we have to address. I think the three of us have learned that I've known for a long time legacy news media is never going to give us a break. There always good to come out with these ridiculous things we I think we need to be able to rebut them very quickly with the fact and give it to the real fact which is that Joe Biden is crowding by would be after the name at this point is bloke in this country and they've done it because it had this personal animosity towards Pres. Trump and anyone of us who voted for him and you know were back to dollars and cents and that's going to be a huge issue has to be a huge issue here, you know again when you talk about the issues involving race the Democrats and Republicans don't like to talk about it because there once you accuse of being a racist.

It's even if you're not, it's hard to a race that from your record and that's it.

And we've gotta be willing to stand up and and call these people out no matter what they say when you rate rate.

That's about right thing you can say anything leave you and your family leave you no way out in your montage on the great outdoor show just convicted the Democrats of being guilty of what they charge Republicans with which really is this all Linsky rules are radical, you are guilty of you assign it to your opponent and you crush them with it. That's exactly what going on. I also think it is so unseemly for president Biden to do what he did not notice he didn't go live. No problem. It's a terrible thing that took place that I don't have a problem with anything basically that was said they were consistent and set it needs all the other examples white supremacy lack supremacy, but this is only a one-way street gentleman. Absolutely he was conspicuous by his act of course in Waukesha Wisconsin. I remember the explanation of the White House was well. It is very difficult to make arrangement for President of the United States release you're playing that part I agree. You have access to every item in America you can be there in a second, you chose not to go. He chose not to go to New York with the subway, but this is unfortunately being used for political gain. Again, the three of us. We've all said it clearly here who agrees with any sort of bigotry or racism or or violent behavior, but to like to Harry's point, you've got to be consistent and can damage always dies you know how this business goes.

So we got we had to leave it there, look forward to seeing y'all in a couple of weeks up in the New York City Way that again. Congratulations.

You're the humanitarian of the year for the national consideration talk is marketing the thought all right back area. Jeff Katz Harry Hurley great gentleman and the great broadcasters guys. Thank you again, folks, we gotta take a break here 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number 844-747-8868 what is the what is the strategy here when dealing with these attacks on the left, accusing conservatives, accusing Republicans of being racist. Do you stand up for you just sit back and take will be right back front lines of the culture will start new galaxies and flip for all these new taxes might not like best selfies of facts not capture hands-free text from multiple angles for training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for contract and fit perfectly in my pocket don't easy flip for so there's a dining room know about this guy, Ezra Miller, please.

One of the of the superhero, he's the flash in the movie and a very popular I guess these he's an actor, musician, anyways very popular 29 years old. This guy Ezra Miller and he's been in trouble with the law got to got arrested a couple of times, most recently just the other day. TMZ's got the body cam footage. Ezra Miller was arrested and I want to get a read this to you it's it's fairly entertaining in the police body cam footage shared by TMZ Miller asked for those making the arrest to be careful with their wrist and hands because he said he is a musician and he was concerned about nerve damage. Later, one of the law enforcement officers is heard calling Ezra Miller sir, and that's what all you know what broke loose. According to TMZ.

Mr. Miller exploded with rage.

I'm sorry I'm not a Sarah.

I'm a transgendered non-binary.

Please don't call me sir please offer officers I I just try to be respectful here what's going on in the actor reply if you failed to do that again. That is an act of intentional bigotry and then the end of the tie goes on the site US federal law which it is notice talking about then Miller says please call me Dave. Then there's you can use the term MX if you prefer. I have a couple of other terms we could use but that would be inappropriate for family-friendly radio. So anyway, there you have it to Ezra Miller, now a non-or transgendered non-binary. So the guy is a guy, but he still identifies as a guy and looks like a guy even though he's a transgender non-binary which seems to me to be an oxymoron because if you're not binary have to be transgender. It makes absolutely no sense. So there you have it of the flash now non-binary in the DC comics universe just keeps getting crazier and crazier, rather those of America, 844-747-8868. That is our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 this is the time surgery new galaxies and flip for all these new taxes might not like best selfies of facts not capture hands-free text from multiple angles capture training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for contract and fit perfectly good to be true. Don't easy flip for so I dropped out with another statement here is not drawn to the makes it much harder for them to cheat with the balance. They just happened to find that it is happen to find ballads that they haven't counted the ballot. You know what the presidents talking about but anyway a president doubling down bad so he says just about 20 minutes ago is a doctor I should declare victory.

It makes it so it makes it much harder for them to cheat with the ballots they just happen to find. He also says Fox News had a really bad night. That's true, they were way off on the count and timing and the Oz vote anybody watching one of said it was over what was actually just the opposite.

The president went on to say, I assume the coverage was being led by the same guy that called Arizona who believe it or not, they brought back.

I want his agent. That's what Pres. Trump and the site are you folks do you agree with that. Pres. Trump says Dr. Oz should go out there declare victory 844-747-8868 let's go to James and Arkansas James what's on your mind.

Well.I really and truly blame the never trapper what's going on in the country more so I blame the Democrats and the reason is because the Democrats that bad attitude and bad policies from them. I expect better and you know I think when you look at the Democrat Democrat is run. You really talk about sandwich you know what you could put in the street and a Democrat with no hope for but a Republican. I don't agree with what he says I'm not going to vote for him. Well, we voted for the Democrats go straight home and on the that's that's true and that's just what the never jumpers did. That's one of the reasons I think Trump lost in 2020 and when I say lost but but yet but to your point never trip there is a civil war being waged in the Republican Party right now James and it is being waged not just in Washington and not just at the state level, but even at the local level where people are having conversations about what kind of a Republican party. They want to they want to be country club Republicans order they want to be America first Republicans. Which of the kinds of Republican support Trump of the lighthouse think that the whole problem. I'll try to make it real quick. But this is the problem must be in the Republican Party and independent and people to want to call this conservative. The problem is guy like Sean Connery starting you know, he grabbed what he prepared today think that that's the problem, Republican or not. You lose an election personally to get something accomplished. Okay will fight regardless of the cost me the election, overlooking the election winning again and not just in control and to build a good thing. But if you're not willing to put your personal but all the loser if I get disgraced or if they call me what ever I don't care because what this what I need to do is more important than that, I'm with you James and you're right. I think the never jumpers are the problem and we got a deal with this. I'm not sure though that what happened in Pennsylvania and I'm hoping that's an anomaly.

But James, I will tell you this much. I refuse to vote for any Republican whose pro-choice. I that's right draw my line.

Everybody's got a line that's mine you know your ears hear my thoughts on that. Like real quick people. But here's the thing everybody dancing around the circle and everything of what abortion really is and the fact of the matter is based they believe is their healthcare and we desserts like abortion well when you ask you something you read any medical book biology book know what caused the spring so don't get pregnant. Maybe abortion's James looked a lot of wisdom and common sense. Appreciate the call and give us a holler back. I he's lucky he's absolutely right, and when it comes to this race stuff folks I see this all the time here in Memphis and it really saddens me because the Republicans are terrified.

Terrified of upsetting someone on the Democrat side because of the color of their skin.

I've never it's it's unbelievable to give an example.

So we got Soros who is jumped into our district attorney race.

Memphis is one of the most violent, dangerous cities in America is because of the policies of the Democrats flat out they've controlled the city for generations. So anyway, one of the only elected Republican leaders in the entire area is the district attorney who happens to be a white woman and the left can't stand this.

They are doing everything humanly possible to smear this woman as a racist and a one of the arguments I and III love this big but again it just these Democrats are evil. Evil the Democrats are out there saying the white district attorney. She is prosecuting more Blacks than anybody else in the city will that's because it's a majority minority city, but the same argument of the one they want to ignore is that the district attorney is getting justice for an overwhelming number of black victims of crime you want to talk about.

You want to talk about black on black crime know what was to have a conversation there, terrified.

But the reality is the district the white district attorney is going out there and she's getting justice for black families who have been victims of crimes, but the Democrats don't want to talk about that. So anyway, the lady opens up her campaign office and incident. It's a nice part of town but is right around the corner from where are there been a couple of carjackings and shootings.

It's the whole city's dangerous. They immediately caught the Democrats call a press conference and there immediately condemning this woman for opening up her campaign office and a rich white part of town. This is what were dealing my question and the bull really is the guy the Democrat running and he's got the backing of Soros and all these nut jobs and this guy actually wants to raise the age of juvenile crimes to 25 years old. That's what that's what he wants to do so. If if you get let's just say you're a 25-year-old and you go when you hold up you hold up a barbecue joint and you get arrested there to treat you as a juvenile 25 years old and why is that because most of the crime happening in Memphis is been committed by people 25 years of age and younger and they want to let these. They won't let these people out on the street so they can terrorize all of us.

But my question to the to the Democrat who's running to be the district attorney okay are you setting up your office in a crack house. I me. What was the point you're trying to make your pal, quite frankly, it seems to me anybody would want to set their campaign office up in a nice part of town, so you are least likely to become the victim of a crime. What's wrong with that I say. Anyway, getting on a soapbox here, but all that to say you gotta stand up to these people and throw it right back in their faces while she's a racist because she's arresting black people we know what pal you are racist because you don't want justice for the black victims of crime throw it right back in their face.

Let's go to Chattanooga, Tennessee Mike on the line from a noodle radio Mike what's going on, but I Florida like the best candidate worrying me. Hopefully your murdering unborn child by decree by the government giving a life with Dr. to do. I call them occupiers with no authority whatsoever. As long as they continue to allow licensed doctors to kill unborn children, Dr. was leaving baby murdering his coat back is the enemy okay.

If you are not. He is the enemy. I asked the question please have someone answer this. What's the difference between a Republican and a Democrat.

Other than Republicans claim to support not killing unborn children as I call him socialist like it I like this by Democrat, but never I vote Republican. It's it's a great question. I mean you and and again if you were there not to be fiscal conservatives.

Every time we elect a Republican to the White House. They grow government so that shrinking government, so the only thing we really got left are the culture issues and clearly the 9 o'clock show at Fox news channel is trying to jettison a lot of the culture issues that matter a lot to conservative voters think like, we controlled the judiciary, why, why do we solve national communist radio NPR which is funded by the taxpayers that compete against local radio. They should be abolished, but what about television national television PDR, they should be abolished and got rid of one program not one including the worst which is homeland security. Whenever the government that's something got is not homeland security to land in security. It's not the picture that could be unclean.

I know that's an Mike.

That was the brilliant marketing strategy. The Bush ministration and end when he announced the patriot act. I knew as a young American holy crap were about to lose a lot of our constitutional rights in the book of 20 years and were waiting for 20 years. Sure Waco datebook Waco. You know Bush was not like they didn't like each other, not at all actually spoken with Dr. that saved Ronald Reagan on the table when he was shot and Nancy was the one mistake. Do not take him to a federal hospital, a government hospital. She was fearful that they would kill.

That's what it took to where he was taken.

Reagan was a real patriot work where's the next Ronald Reagan brought word that's a great question. He may be right now, the state capital down in Florida to Sandusky.

All right Mike, I got a run Sir, God bless you and thanks for the call folks now more than ever, we gotta support companies and organizations that are sharing our values fighting for our values.

That's why I switched to patriot mobile. America's only Christian conservative wireless carrier patriot mobile is just doing an incredible job.

They have nationwide coverage. They use the same towers. The other carriers use. Here's the big difference they got a plan to fit any budget. They got great discounts for veterans and first responder heroes and get this. They support organizations that support and defend the Second Amendment and the support the pro-life movement. Here's how easy it is to make the switch go to patriot That's patriot You can also call them. 972. Patriot, 972 patriot use. My provoker Todd and there to give you a special discount and free premier activation patriot radio free America historians because their parents are getting older doesn't mean they don't have lots to do a little help and you will find people who can take them to appointments and events help pick up groceries and cook great meals.

Whatever it is they like to do the right caregiver can help.

And since everyone it's background checked, you can be confident that you are getting support from someone you can trust find qualified local senior caregivers for your parents and so I was reading up on our social media and the mother we can access that over Todd Stern' ladies. This time I may have to beg, I may have to beg to work from home.

I was told yesterday that two coworkers had to rent cars just to get to work because a mechanic can't get a chip for their electric car and the other one couldn't get a part.

This comes as Newsmax reports that a lot of gas stations around the country are preparing for the next big thing at the gas pump and what is that that next big thing. According to Newsmax gas prices could literally double soon amid the supply shortage and are anticipating the gas prices are to be at least $10 a gallon $10 a gallon. Ladies and gentlemen.

Elections have consequences.

What can I tell you. Elections have consequences. This story from Newsweek. Almost half of Pres. Joe Biden's Twitter followers are fake accounts spark Tauro found that 49.3% of the accounts following the official POTUS's Twitter account are fate followers their bots. Biden has currently has 22.2 million followers on twitter so that drops them down to about one 11 billion Elon musk meanwhile says this is one of the reasons why he is not all that interested in buying Twitter because he doesn't know exactly how many true Twitter followers they really are. I mean you can have hundreds of millions of fate.

Twitter accounts Bosco said that that is $44 billion deal to purchase Twitter will not go ahead until the fake account issues are resolved, but twitter came out today and said nope not to happen where holding you to the deal you got a fork over the cash so we'll see how that goes. You know it's interesting though if let's just say that this is an accurate report and that half of Biden's supporters turned out to be fake tell you about election day. Unbelievable 844-747-8868 is or toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868. Meanwhile, another big breaking news story. It will go to the more this in the next hour. Pres. Biden's ministry of truth is going belly up so they are pulling the plug on the Ministry of truth. This was the government agency that was going to be a designed to target US conservatives and now getting word that the that the Ministry of truth will not be will not be activated and that Nina Janco which was going to be bizarre.

The Ministry of truth, has resigned and she's going back into the public sector so the good news is that you guys were very effective in letting Congress know how outraged you were over this. Now here's the challenge. You know this is not over what the governments going to do now there to go back in there to try to implement implement this under some other program: some of their name and just hope and pray that nobody actually notices what they're up to.

So will have more on that story up on our website. Todd in just a little bit.

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Thanks for our good friend Mike Lindell. All right, folks, we gotta take a quick break here Todd is our website and now is a great opportunity for you to get some free stuff to sign up for our newsletter and our podcast is available. However, you get your product as you download I fax something you probably do know progressive cannot only offer you a great price and bundle home and auto around-the-clock protection something you probably don't know the average garage doors made up of 1.3 mm aluminum panels probably do know your neighbor likes to tinker with his dirtbike something you probably don't know biking to get your garage door and a good portion of your home and auto with progressive and get more than a great price. Around-the-clock protection. You know the things you don't know her scheduled interest of the other party assures us of the depositor hospital the middle of the two situations University studio in Memphis, Tennessee since conservative commentary from right right out our telephone number 844-747-8838 that is our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 so is about good new just a few moments ago. The Biden administration says they are going to put their this information of projects on on mothballs so the Ministry of truth is not going to happen. The Department of Homeland Security backing off plans to create this ministry of truth board Nina Janco, which was good to be bizarre has has resigned and says she's going back into the public sector. I want to go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line always an honor to have a from the great state of Florida. Congresswoman Kat chemic can't welcome back to the show man what a good day. I tell you what This is what happens when you know people are patriots get together they push back and then the government backs off to Lillian on here thinking about everything that happened really the last week with the baby formula, krait 90 minute break and petting troops to Somalia. I know that Dave is about to get information board being put on pot. All of that is falling apart in front of the administration and keep in mind a one-party rule that worked very thing the Democrats have the house they have the White House because we have collectively come together as conservative as patriot and we had asked their game. In control agenda and they are terrified of and educated in Heights motivated electorate and so all of their plans are falling apart and maybe not being in the minority. Still having that kind of influence it's really it's really remarkable to the power that we the people have you mentioned the baby formula and you were the one who exposed what was happening along the border you can.

I know in Memphis Tennessee at the Children's Hospital. Two kids hospitalized because they need that formula they can't get the formula. This is a big deal and I'm not sure the administration understands how serious of an issue. This is especially for you know these moms of these young kids absolutely okay. What the Biden FDA has dotted here and there will be consequences for it in the near future.

Our main priority right now is getting formula to our moms and dads across the country. I have parking get a date administration shut down the nation's largest manufacturer of baby formula without a plan in place to backfill and replace the formulas that they they make up in the marketplace.

There was no eating of regulations. There was no relief from tariff to import formula. They just shut the plant down with no plan to reopen. And of course we found out in March that the investigation by the CDC and FDA revealed that there was no In between the plant in Michigan and their back. It was found that the light of the infant tragically and yet they just fell flat on their hand. They continue to keep this plant shut down and your communication and ministration to cut out day we've been working on that. We had a plan. We been doing this all along. That's a lie outright lie and I'm still glad so many of my colleagues are joining with me and calling out administration. Even the liberal media can't cover for the administration, no matter how many Pinocchio they want to get how many yet and want to take out on me. We will continue to expose the failure of this administration and so glad that parents across America are stepping up and pushing back. Let's take a listen to this audio clip you see a woman. This do you believe in that man can become pregnant and have abortions well that just happened up on Capitol Hill. We just got that audio from house from the house judiciary it's it's a topsy-turvy world we live in Congresswoman.

I can't yet I can't even know ridiculous and look to cut out that there will be indictment surrounding the issue with the shortage of baby formula why she looked at her own party and administration. LTAC has no right and certainly no ground to stand on anything that you getting all cuff when it comes to holding those accountable for the baby formula shortage accountable. I think that we are the topsy-turvy world.

Now he's dead body. The fact that you got an incoming justice on the court can't define what a woman is because she not quote biology and then you heard that commentary from the judiciary committee absolutely crazy. You got mad and they can breast-feed you, I started a formula on the shell. I absolutely ludicrous. The left gone so far the lack that I think everyone independent even moderate Democrats are looking around saying I don't want any part of that crazy clown car world that they are living in time to get back to the basics." American family first. Well said horse National police week you been writing a lot about that when you're on your twitter feed. This is huge and you know that the crime that is rampant across America. Well, it's because of all of these leftist who wanted to defund police departments and now they got what they wanted and I back together with the border krait network.

Think of it, of course, crime wave that working across America, you can't.

You can't protect your hometown like you can defend your homeland and with the open border policy and administration your skiing criminal people and international terrorist watch lack of court historic record numbers of Technol and other opioid porn across the board into our communities and their strong family and heartbreaking. The mothers and fathers I've spoken to that have family members who have overdosed and died as a result, the crying that they worked. Across America in part because of the border, but also because of the left continual calls to defund police. I said last week at a press conference honoring our law enforcement know there's a lot of members here on the left that had publicly called for the defunding of police while simultaneously paying upwards of $300,000 for private security so again the liberal elite validity liberal.

The Wall Street yelp five day left it.

They think that they are better than everyone else and that they deserve security but not your everyday average and fell as they defiantly in their own communities and extra people have a problem they can call crime Because clearly ministration would rather fund crack pipe. Thankfully so the real challenge ahead in making sure we get back to supporting our law enforcement.

The way that they be comported in our day is coming and it starts in November and fair enough. All right, I can't can't make out from the great state of Florida to leave it there.

Thanks for your time today.have a great week. Are you absolutely can't damage everybody and I fight the good fight and exposing on me she was. She single-handedly exposed what was happening along our southern border where the illegal alien babies are being given formula, while American children go without and we can have that argument. If you want to have that argument. There are a lot of never trust people out there who say we have a moral obligation to put the livelihoods of other people first so American children should go without.

While we take care of everybody else's and I got a problem with.

I say we take care of Americans first gets make sure that Americans are provided for, and then go out and help other people 844-747-8868 that's her phone number that's 844-747-8868 one play some audio here.

This is again to give you an idea of what people are dealing with out there at the grocery stores I want you to hear this retired California resident cut to even anything as far as grocery as they were putting the groceries in the car. Dolores and Ralph touch with us for just a few minutes. That's all it took to understand his trip to the grocery store are adding up for a limited income retired course will hold so we don't have that kind of money, so we have to watch food prices rose nearly 9.5% last month compared to April 2021, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That's the biggest annual hike in 41 years. Practice items seen some of the largest increases milk is high or high meters guy rocking even though we don't eat a lot of it. But still, everything � everything that's on top of other rising costs like gas and rent American household spending $450 more. Now that a year ago to buy the same goods and services and is because of the higher inflation so this is incredibly from the number on the screen at the gas pump to the price tags at the grocery store. It's all striking hard have to lock your pennies so we left for sales items in their eye anymore once integrate loudly stocked up on the and you need to be stocking up right now. You don't need to go full blown prep for a possible apocalyptic, but you need to be prepared. You need to be planning gardens you need to make sure you have supplies to canned food because it is going to get ugly out there.

We've all been watching a what's been happening overseas Europe, now bracing for food shortages later this summer and it's gonna happen here and we've got a B.

We've got to be ready to protect our families in the event things go south. We just have to all right were going right to the phone line 0 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Sergio backup*new galaxies. He flipped for all these new taxes might not like selfies of the part I found it in fact not capture hands-free text from multiple angles capture training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for contract and fit perfectly in my pocket galaxies.

He flipped for all right here for four 747-8868 Doug in Georgia W. Do you in our great affiliate.

There may Doug what's going on right great Georgia. All great people there got you to build name Martha Zoller.

The whole crew.

We talked love you so intelligent and so conservative today and okay enough about your dog about� Show all the good things that you're putting out there and what I'm going to do today is bring up the point I wanted tell you about to within the lab, 12 month walk with God.

There was a terrible Christmas day after curve up a lot of people just in the last 10 days.

The terrible magic or buffalo. A lot of people I'm not meeting any race this year. The big difference between these two events is that the one in Buffalo has gotten credible coverage. Our president is gone there. It goes the mainstream media blaming Republican Tucker Carlson everybody in the world for what happened and what Kasha covered that it was a wonderful Christmas day celebration children were mowed down by a car now I can't get into the race eat what perpetrated by different rate of the of the victim or hate crime. Where was our president walk at wormwood, (anybody in the mainstream media talking about that, but waited until the media start giving these horrendous event equal treatment.

They are coming in perpetrating the racial divide in this country let you talk after that but I firmly believe that I the white guy Georgia get real of the fact that every time somebody does something that terrible. I call the white love the black plague incredibly good lovely wonderful people. So anyway that my thank you that I love you so Doug work were cheaper than therapy. I'll tell you that bunch so you just say what's on your mind. Say your piece and Doug's got a good point I looked I I'm frustrated to you as a Southerner, especially I know I know how bad it is when somebody goes out there because you are a racist. It's it's hard to watch that stink off of you. After somebody hurls that nonsense your way.

But the reality is you have to talk about race.

The reality is that a black supremacist went out and tried to kill as many people as possible in Waukesha Wisconsin it that's what the guy did. He hated white people and he wanted to take him take him out the Brooklyn subway attack and you don't hear anything about this guy and this just happened.

What a couple weeks back, the guy who opened fire on the Brooklyn subway attack. That guy was a black supremacist to heat wanted to kill people that were not black that's a horrible thing. Both of those things are horrible. The situation in Buffalo is just as horrible. It's terrible, it's evil, but the reality is the Democrats want to create a race war in America there trying Obama tried for eight years to foam at this race war that they know the Democrats know that that is our soft spot. That's the danger zone and they know that a racial war will divide this country and its and that's why we just can't ever allow that to happen and we have to condemn anybody who tries to divide us along racial lines. We just have to do it folks. It's a terrible thing but for their purposes.

The Democrats there looking at these attacks and their realizing what a second. Yet the Waukesha and Brooklyn that doesn't fit the narrative that the only people out there going around killing black people or whites.

That's what they want you to believe when in fact none of the data supports at at all at all. Or let's go to North Carolina. David on the line hi David, thanks for home on what's on your mind in the world And Might Be a Rate It May Be That You like That Will David This Is Appreciate the Call. This Is Why You Have To Have the Second Member to Protect Your Property Gonna Protect Your Family Got to Do That, but Again Conservatives Are a Peaceful People.

We Are Were to Be Happy Warriors We Can Get out There Folks We Can Get out There and Burn Stuff down That's Not What We Do That's Not Who We Are.

That's Not How We Ride, but I'm Telling You Right Now Those Democrats There Chomping at the Bit Because They See What When You've Got Steny Hoyer out There. Steny Hoyer Even He's Complaining about the Other. The High Price of Groceries. These Days I Think We Have a Sound Violence. Let's Listen.

I Got off Grocery Store, Occasion Charlotte All Merrillville Community in Southern Maryland. St. Mary's County and I Am Amazed at the Fairness of the Shelves yet. There's Nothing on the Shelves As a Democrat There There in Charge, They Control Everything House-Senate White House. It's All of Them There to Blame but Even They Know How Screwed up the Country Is and They Know If They Run on Their Policies There to Lose. They Run on the Economy There to Lose, but If They Can Start Some Sort of a Racial Conflict in America Well on That Point, All Bets Are off. It's Going to Get Ugly out There.

Hang Tight Everybody. We've Got Some More Coming Your Way 844-747-8868 Open Lines Right Now. That's 844-747-8868 This Is the Don Stern's Home on Such a Screwup Walk in Closet Storage in the Unfinished Basement.

To Me, No Matter How Much You Love It More Knowing You and Your Home in a Little with Aggressive Situations so Argument Is Weighing in on the Student Debt Forgiveness Story. Have You Heard about This. Pres. Biden Has a Plan to Cancel Student Debt. Now the Question Is How Much of the Debt. Is He Going to Cancel.

There Have Been Some Calls for Him to Eradicate All Student Pres. Biden Is Has Been Batting around This Idea of Canceling $10,000 Student Right Now There Is Nearly $1.7 Trillion in Student Debt in America A Lot Of Stupid People Went out There and Got Themselves Degrees, They Could Not Afford, and Now They Want All the Rest of Us to Pay for so Mark Cuban, Who Has What More Money Than What God Almost about $4.7 Billion That's in Which Cubans Work and That He Owns the Dallas Mavericks so Mark Cuban Is Saying You Know What Yeah I He Says I Agree with Biden.

We Need to Fix the Problem and We Need to Forgive Student Loan Debt.

He Says We Don't Want This Being a Perennial Problem.

It Has To Be Fixed. As Far As How Much Should Be Forgiven.

I'm Good with the Biden Proposal and I'm Curious, What about You, Should We As a Nation Sit down and Say All Right Were Going to Forgive Student Loan Debt.

We Know These Kids Went out There and They Took out These Huge Loans No Way to Pay Back the Money Because They Wanted to Get an Education and Now It's Unfair Because They Work. We Understand We Raised a Generation of Stupid Kids and They They Cannot Bear Responsibility for This Loan Debt Because They're Ignorant.

Do You Believe That That Should Be Our Vent Should Be the Play Is That We Should Just Go Ahead and Forgive All the Student Debt and Start over Again. And If That's the Case. Where Do You Draw the Line to You.

I Mean Do You Go All the Way Back to the 1950s and 60s and You Forgive All the Debt from the 60s or the 50s on or Do You Say All Right Were Just Going to Start with Anybody Who Graduated from College in the Year 2000. You Guys Are You Going to Have Your Money, Your Your Loan Debt Forgiven and by the Way, It's Not Forgiven You're Stealing That Money from the American Taxpayers Know It's a Cold, Hard Fact Kids but That's What It Is 844-747-8868 That's Our Toll-Free Telephone Number That's 844-747-8868.

What Would You Do Would You Forgive the Student Loans the Story Out Of Philadelphia, Charlie, but Carthy Is the Author. Philadelphia's Public School Teachers Were Encouraged to Attend a Conference on Sexually Explicit Topics.

The School District of Philadelphia's Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Said Teachers and Staff Invitations to Attend the Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference, the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Said the Conference, Which Was Organized by an LGBT Q Activist Organization Offered a Way to Learn More about Issues Facing the Trans Community. The City Journal Said It Obtained Videos That the Conference Showing That the Conference Included Sessions on Many I Popping Topics That Are Not Sure You Want Anything Popping up One of the Sex Conferences That Could Be Dangerous. So Here's a List of Some of the Workshops, the Teachers Were Invited to Participate in. Again, This Is All to Help the Teachers Become More Efficient and More Knowledgeable about LGBT Stuff in the Classroom. So Here Are Some of the Conference Sessions the Adolescent Pathway Preparing Young People for Gender Affirming Care.

That Sounds like a Snoozer Bigger DWORD Energy Life after Masculinized Masculine Rising Gender Reassignment Surgery. Another Workshop or Statics for Sex and Here's What the Ins and Outs of Masturbation Sleeves. This Is What the Teachers Were Invited to Lord Help Us Then Another Subject Called Transaction Banging beyond Binaries.

The City Journal Said despite the School Districts Euphemisms about Wellness and Self Self-Esteem. The Conference Materials Reveal a Secular Ideology Steeped in Radical, Queer Theory Not Common Sense Sex Education, Parents, and Taxpayers Should Ask Why the District Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Encourage Teachers to Participate in Such Program. Once a Fair Question, and More Importantly, Why Were Our Tax Dollars Used. The School District Said It Did Not Have Any Information on the Number of Teachers Who Attended the Conference.

They Said the Most Extreme Presentations. Oh by the Way. One of the Most Extreme Was Transects Banging beyond Binaries Jamie Joy, a Self-Described Kinky Polyamorous Pretty Big Slots. That's How She Is Self-Described and Lucy Feeling, a Self-Described White, Queer, Kinky, Polyamorous, Visibly Able-Bodied US Jewish Witchy Non-Binary Trans Film Led the Session How You Thought All That on the Business Card Hello My Name Is Lucy I'm a White, Queer, Kinky, Polyamorous, Visibly Able-Bodied Jewish Witchy Non-Very Transparent, Very Difficult to Say the Women Let a Presentation on Politically Correct Anatomical Language and Shared Personal Information about Organizing Orgies for Only Thing of the Conference and Helped Participants Explore Fantasies and Their Perversions in the Group. This Is Disgusting. The Mazzoni Center Received More Than $5 Million in Government Contracts Last Year and Run Sexuality Programs in Schools throughout the Region up There You Go, Are, Let's Go to the Phones Here Anna in Gainesville, Georgia Wants to Weigh on Student Debt, All Right Anna What You Say Should We Forgive These Kids the Debt Now What Ever Line You Got It Collateralized the Home.

Glad You Want by Many of the Collateral to Whatever You Borrow That New I Mean That New Kind of Pretty People I Know. I Don't Know. It's a Great Point, and A Lot Of People Didn't Even Go to College and What about Those Folks.

They Went out, Got Jobs, Everything Just Do It Anymore.

You Know You're Talking about the Lousy Education Anymore. You Got Crazy Thinking.

Talking about Transit Got It Started Everything on It Had Any Serving 30 and It Needs to Be on God Needs to Be Undone and I Don't Understand Why We're Not Having That United States Monster Corot into the Only and Dad That Not Job of the President out There Breaking the Law Left and Right, and Nancy Pelosi the Other Day with Talking about How How I'm Just That the Demand While Her the People That He Is Encouraging to Spray Paint Just to My Too Much Anymore and That It Is Too Much and It's It's Only Getting Worse.

Just A Few Moments Ago on Capitol Hill We Heard We Heard Testimony That Men Get Well-Liked� Listen Less Listening You See a Woman. This Do You Believe in That Man Can Become Pregnant and Have Abortions. You Can't Make This Stuff up in. I Don't Know What That Woman That Woman That They Ran. I Want to Find out We Want Somebody on House Judiciary Just As the Video Clip below What in Her Case, I Would Ask for a Refund from the University like God Help You. Group like God No Man Feel Bad. I Think Crazy with the Lab Having to Be about Left Got All You Give Us a Call Back. I like the Way You Think.

Thanks for Listing to Our Great Affiliate There, Let's Go to Frank in Georgia.

All Right, Frank. Should They Pay Back That Money on Another What You Think of the There's Gotta Be Some Hungry Lawyers out There but They Could Come up with a Class Action Lawsuit Sought to Always University Granting These Useless Degrees and They Can Get Their Money Back That Way When You Think about That. I like That Idea. I Looks Anybody Any School That Has a Gender Studies Program I Just Defund Them.

So I'm to Misrepresentation.

I like to Go Get a Job. I Will Allow Some Lawyer and Hopped All over That. It Used To Be Where You Know the Pottery. Remember, You Would Get a Degree in Pottery and People Would Laugh at You Know What You Can Actually Earn a Living Making Pottery.

I'm Not A Lot Of Pot out There. I like How You Did That Are Frank Good Thought.

Thanks for Listening. Let's Go to Mike Listing to Asante W AMN Eads Tennessee. All Right, Mike. What Say You Are You I'm Good Thanks for Asking. I Was Just Thinking the Student Loan Forgiveness Came out in California about 1/3 of the Students Enrolled in College Is out There Are Just People Didn't Put in an Application to Get Money.

I'm Sure A Lot Of Lawns Just Get the Money That We Forget That That Thousands of People in California and Maybe Other States Got Lawns for Free Go to College Pictures Pictures Snowballed Open. While It Is I Wondered They Could Be the Same Thing. People Who Voted for Pres. Biden and Follow Him on Our Next Social Media That Are True They Are. But You Know Mike and You've Got the University of Memphis and I'm Either Spending Millions of Millions of Dollars Wasting Squandering It on These Far Leftist Degree Programs for These Kids Are Not Amenable to Get a Job to Provide for Themselves or My Daughter's Author.

Student Good from 10 Years Ago College and More about Them Now to Give Other Kids Were Our Daughters Were Card Loan Just Make You Sick Well and It Should Make All of the Sick and What Are We Teaching These Kids When We Are Just Going to Just Zero out There. Their Accounts They They Need to Understand When You Sign Your Name on the Dotted Line. You Have To Live up You Have To Pay for Your Obligations.

All Right, Thanks for Mike You're Trying to Say That Give Us a Holler Back One of These Days, and That Each Beautiful Countryside out There Folks Helically. Gotta Take a Break Here 844-747-8868 Lines Open Should the Kids Pay Back Those Loans Will Be Right Back Coast-To-Coast Star's Something You Probably Do Know Progressive Cannot Only Offer You a Great Price When You Bundle Home and Auto Round-The-Clock Protection Something You Probably Don't Know the Average Oak Tree Branch Can Hold 70 Pounds Something You Probably Do Know Your Neighbors Building up to the Treehouse Something You Probably Don't Know a Falling Tree House Would Take a Fence to Your Home and Auto with Progressive and Get More Than a Great Price Get Round-The-Clock Protection Something, You Know, for the Things You Don't Know Your Scheduled Insurance of the Affiliates of the Reporting Services of the Depositor and Spun a Little of the Two Situations Are All Buckeye State Ohio Lara on the Line. Hey Laura What's Going on Loan Repayment. I Love and I'm All Ears. For Every Dollar You Want One Year in the Military Will Work Will I like That I Will. I like. I Think It's a Win-Win for Everybody.

We Need the Military Degrees Are Worth Anything Not Get Training Because We Do a G.I. Bill Then You Get Education about Forgiveness That Laura I Love That Idea and Would Help Resolve a Couple of Issues Another Having a Hard Time Trying to Find People to Serve in the Military so Why Not Give a Little Bit of an Incentive.

I like Laura Appreciate the Call. Great Advice. Let's Go to Katie and North Carolina. What Say You, Not from the Country. I like It Quiet Me Think about a Guide Right I Get When You Get a Job and How to Get Married That Big American Dream When You Need Help. I Think Everybody That Financial Country Would Get Back That 100 Know What We Can Be like Country Education for All the Way That I Read so Katie so so Did You Go to College. Did You Go to School in Your in Your Home Country Work Where You from UK Lucky That I Not like the Right Guy When You Leave Your Whereabouts That You Going Get 90 Get Job with the Job without Having a College Degree What People 2025 out What He Liked Now What a Day. Well You One of the Things That You Is Important Is Where Mom and Dad to Sit down with Their Kid and Say Okay Look Here's What We Can Afford to Do and I and I Think the Kids Are Going to Have To Have a Plan and They're Going to Have To Come to Terms with the Fact That You Know What They May Not Be Able to Afford to Go to up $75,000 a Year College. Maybe They Have To Go to Community College. But Just Because You Don't Can't Afford to Go to Harvard or Yale Doesn't Mean You Can't Be a Success in Life.

People Talking. I and Katie and the Reason Why Is Because They Are Controlled by These Leftist Babies.

Professors Are Making Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars.

There Their Funding. These Radical Programs and Forge It. Let's Just Take Gender Studies. For Example, How Many People Majoring in Gender Studies or Women's Lesbian Literature Which You Can Actually Major. I'm Sure Those Are Fine Places Source of Study. But at the End of the Day. Are You to Be Able to Pay Rent and Buy Groceries with That Kind of a Degree in Medical Degree That Yeah I Mean What Now I Hate the Way I Need to Unite Together. The One Thing That I Really Help out and Get Young People Back into the Economy Help You Know What I Think He Gets a Ride Back to the Debt Again Because I Don't Learn the Lesson I Maybe Your Folks. You Gotta Start Somewhere. You Gotta Pay Your Bills and and That Starts with Mom and Dad Telling Kids. Hey, You Gotta Find a Budget You Gotta Pay Your Bills. Folks We Met through the Sing-Along. We Got a Full Line of Folks.

I Wish We Could Get All of Your Calls Folks Get out There.

Have a Great Day Will See You Tomorrow on the Radio. This Is the Will of Someone Who's Not Working No Chill Trust Me That Used To Be Me, but Then I Found Galaxy Full for Which Allows Me to Do More Things at Once. Much Now I Think You Calls from IPhone and Use It to Take Notes at the Same Time or Check My Shopping List While Ordering More Scented Candles and Facemasks on the Foldable Expansive Screen.

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