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Dems Will Use Red Flag Law to Take Your Guns

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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June 14, 2022 4:07 pm

Dems Will Use Red Flag Law to Take Your Guns

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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June 14, 2022 4:07 pm

There’s no doubt in my mind that Democrats and Never Trump. Republicans will use red flag laws to confiscate guns from law-abiding Americans.

Coach Joe Kennedy, Timothy Head, Rep Greg Steube, and Matt Schlapp join the conversation!

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We all know someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full for work which allows me to do more things at once.

Much now I think video calls my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy Z full for welcome to the Todd start show sponsored by the legacy precious metals. There's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM investments… The legacy PM investments.job liberty University studio in Memphis Tennessee, since conservative commentary from 1200 good to have you with us today.

Both lot going on around the country and first of all, it's Flag Day you hope your flight in the red white and blue, and secondly it is Pres. Trump's birthday so happy birthday Mr. Pres. Bush. We got a great show coming out today as a matter fact her good friend Coach Joe Kennedy is going to be here coach Joe is the football coach was fired because he took the need to pray after a football game, a high school football game of that case has been heard by the Supreme Court and we are waiting we could get a ruling on that case tomorrow or perhaps Thursday so will keep you updated on that Jeremy dice from first liberty is that he will be here that sought his attorney and also our good friend Congressman Greg stupid he is going to to drop by. You know it's interesting of Sports Illustrated came out with an exposé on coach Joe just the other day and they actually believe that if a football coach is allowed to take a need to pray at a football game that that would represent that would symbolize an erosion of democracy and it's a pretty awful piece they wrote. I mean it was a hit piece on coach Joe nothing nefarious.

I mean, he's a good a decent guy. But the point they were trying to make it in Sports Illustrated is that if you are a public official.

You have no right to religious liberty in the public marketplace and they say that this football coach who happens to be a white man happens to be a Marine Corps veteran that this that this guy is an example of white Christian nationalism because he prayed publicly at a football game.

Now coach Joe who grew up and had a rough childhood and they went through. It was really interesting. I was reading the Sports Illustrated piece I really was a minister of the show talking about this but but the Sports Illustrated pieces really despicable because are trying to smear this guy there trying to they want you to look at him dismissively.

They want you to look upon him in a condescending way and I remember a coach, Joe. I was the first national reporter to sit down and do an in-depth interview with with the coach and he's a regular he's a regular Joe.

Kind of a guy.

I mean, you would heat he fits right in with our audience and this is a guy grew up in a bad family situation ended up in foster care bounced around in foster care got into trouble joined up with the Marine Corps they got them sorted out as the Marine Corps can can only do and that he later became this a football coach in Bremerton, Washington and was watching a heap. He came to came to know Christ as his Savior and one days watching this movie, facing the Giants, you might've seen this movie, it's a it's a great faith-based film over the country, brothers, and we had the Kendrick brothers on this program many times before. Anyway, coaches watch this movie and that he explained he explained it like this. He said you know my take away from that movie is that we need to be thinking God no matter the outcome of the game and he was compelled to do that for for eight years as an assistant football coach at Bremerton high school of the coach after every game would go out to the 50 yard line and after everybody had left and he would take a knee, and he would pray. It was just a wet 15/32 prayer and we were not yet the mainstream media makes it out like he was holding a Billy Graham Crusade at the 50 yard line, but it but he wasn't doing that he was just dropping 20 and he was thinking God and I civil coach, what did you pray what you pray about these wells I I I thank God for keeping everybody safe and somebody got hurt. I would just pray a prayer for that person and him and then I would get up and I would go to the locker so anyway somebody complained and the coach was brought in and the school related lately done a pretty hard line.

They say coach you can't do this anymore. It is against the law in the United States of America for a high school football coach to pray and right now it is right now it is against the law and I'm telling you that it is a tragic thing that is happening but right now it's against the law for coach to pray nine units all the rest of the story I want to take a quick break.

This is the Todd Stern show Russians from coast-to-coast star's happy new year friends, 20, 22 is going to be a critical year for America and for a Association of mature American citizens along with her nearly 2 million members like me fight to stop out-of-control spending of the presidents built back better scheme is far from over. Congress is plotting more legislation that could hurt our senior and the midterm elections will be a battle for freedom versus socialism, unlike liberal groups came back as America's conservative action 50+ biting hard every day in Washington and across the nation for our senior I'm urging you to choose a Mac now will receive all the great membership benefits including a Mac. This counseled hotels, travel, and restaurants in your membership. Your value go to a Mac .us/time again that a Mac .us/become a member now. I normally we will take a break that early but I got choked up. See the allergies of the pollen of the whatchamacallit but anyway I didn't want you guys do like to hear me hacking and wheezing and coughing so we took a commercial break are good to have you back with us and I want to pick up with coach Kennedy. This is an important story and it's it's probably when you look at what's happening in our in our nation and you will get the erosion of society, which is what were looking at minutes. You can even go outside and in. Take your kids out to the park without looking over your shoulder to make sure you not to be mugged.

Let me give you an example. Just the other night that here in Memphis Tennessee not too far from my home. By the way a an elderly woman was getting out of her car and she was she was going to go grocery shopping. She was going to do a little programming and these thugs.

These punk thugs. They run over and the guy grabs her, grabs her purse robs the woman the woman is bleeding and the guy jumps into a car and they speed away and that we got the video up on our website. It's just it's unbelievable that we have moms and dads in this nation that are literally raising a generation of human excrement because that's what that guy was human excrement and again this is why I mean it's the it's the society we live in. There is nobody values life anymore.

Why do you think we have all these shootings what you think we have all be stabbings, what even people are driving their cars and the crowds of people is because we don't value life anymore. And why should we because all of our entertainment, our books are music our video games. The movies, TV, everything celebrates violence. Everything in this country celebrates violence, celebrates evil and were somehow shocked that were raising generations of monsters, soulless godless, even monsters, and one of the reasons why I could do it is because we taken God out of our society know if this is not some sort of a church service. But I'm saying that we all had this this common belief in God that there was a higher being a deity that was that created all of its and it was it was Almighty God who led our forefathers to the shores of this country so they could practice their faith freely without fear of persecution and what's been happening over the past 4050 years is that we have seen an erosion of religion in America got to tell you the a Southern Baptist convention meant that those people are a mess that that's my denomination know a long time ago. In fact, somebody made the comparison you to Bill O'Reilly is like a Long Island Catholic and Starnes is a is a Baptist Tennessean and it's true we have similar value systems but the Catholics you guys have your own problems.

You got it you got a communist, a leftist Hoosier Pope and right now the Southern Baptist convention. The reports I'm getting. It's it's unbelievable how far left the Southern Baptist convention has gone in just the past two days I will get in the more than little bit later. All that to say we had a common there was this common sense of knowing that God had given us this great land and and now that's gone, it's gone.

I made many of our churches are basically self-help sessions and he really five-step programs with the with the cheap want to be cover bands they call those worship people now in the music not all that great. To be honest with you, so here we have a Supreme Court case that is really going to decide this one issue. Is it legal for an American to pray in public that did you ever think that we would be at that point in American history where where people would would be debating what should be a fundamental right protected by the United States Constitution, but that's where we are Sports Illustrated. I mean, look, they may as well be called woke illustrative these days. There they were the first people out there to embrace Barack Hussein Obama and Caitlin Jenner and eight and what you talk about Fox News. Fox News Channel led the charge, Fox news channel is leading the charge to completely embrace transgender's, which is why we played that report for you yesterday on this radio program I was at a big national radio gathering last week and my replacement. The guy who replaced me got up and gave a speech. I never heard the guy before. I think he was a comedian. He's a standup comedian and is one of the FOXBusiness shows that the guy got up there in this Fox radio host dropping the F bomb all over the place. We were just shocked told some pretty darn off-color jokes about race and then got serious and that serious moment. The Fox radio host actually saluted Caitlin Jenner and was dropping the she and her pronouns all over the place. I thought to myself what you know this is the the new Fox they are pro-LGBT. There were radical radical activist and their leading the charge. Just like Sports Illustrated is, but in Sports Illustrated's mind. Here you have a a football coach all he wants to do is pray and that is one of the most evil things that could ever happen in America and I'm curious her because this is the same organization that that fiercely defended calling capric taking a knee to protest America. But here we are. And right now until the Supreme Court decides they could decide this case very soon.

Until they decide we could be living in a country where it is legal to take a need to protest America and spit on our military but it is it is a criminal activity to take a need to pray at a football game 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 now a few moments ago Joe Biden gave a speech and the guy is. He's completely lost his mind. Joe Biden screaming and hollering and carrying on like nobody's business. I mean the guy is completely he's completely lost and at some point the Democrats are going to have to step in here and there to have to intervene because they know they know just how they know just how bad it is. Where to place a met audio for you a little bit later will become back but I want to play this from Britt Hume from Fox News, you know, they declared war on trunk and they want tromp out of the picture for 2024.

That's what the January 6 committees all about. That's what Liz Cheney's all about that's all the Republicans are trying to do and Britt Hume explains what's really going on and I guess the question still is is are they moving towards trying to make a legal case against Donald Trump for one that is a political case to somehow prevent him from being a factor in 2024 think they're doing both a resting on the committee members who said no part of what they're doing is to create something of the can be referred to the Justice Department for possible prosecution. What strikes me about this bread is if they succeed in, thereby damaging him or sustaining him such that he is either unable or for legal or political reasons. To run again they might end up finding out that the Republican Party a great service because I think it greatly.

Republicans think they can win the trumpet of the ticket again. They're afraid of his supporters in the want come out against them directly with a liking to go away is the effect of this committee is to make his possible candidacy go away. I think greatly. Republicans would privately be very glad he's not wrong here. Britt Hume is not wrong.

There are many within the Republican Party who want Trump to go away. Here's my question to you. Do you think that you think the Republicans can win in 2024. If Donald Trump is not at the top of the ticket. That is the only question facing Republican voters can tromp when if he's at the top of the ticket and if not Trump, who now we purred to Santos Mike pence.

I don't think is good to be pens.

I like Pentz.

He's a good guy.

I disagree with how he conducted himself in the in the election aftermath, but I you think Mike Pitts is going to is going to generate excitement for the masses. I don't think so Ron DeSantis could be as a matter of fact he would be my guy right now. If you're asking me okay Trump's not running hoodia like I like Ron DeSantis, Ron DeSantis is proven that he's a fighter. Ron DeSantis has proven he can stand up to the mainstream media. And he can stand up to the woke Bob. He can also stand up to big business and big tech is not just a matter of standing up to them it's a matter of pushing back. It's a matter of fighting back and Ron DeSantis has that tromp fighting spirit so I'm curious here if you buy into this argument from Britt Hume that that replay Republicans are trying to undermine Republican leadership is trying to undermine a tromp Ron in 2024 but the broader question is do you think the Republicans can win. If Trump is not the head of the ticket 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868.

By the way Don limit over at CNN the most profane name in news crime. Big road network.

Thank you, Judge Drew Brown appreciate that he's always there with the comment, Don limit has been a long time cheerleader for Pres. Biden. Well, he handed the. The president's black K legal immigrant lesbian Press Secretary on the a program last night and asked her of a very interesting question. I thought this was a stunning question, but he asked if Pres. Biden has the physical and mental stamina to run in 2024 and Shaw a dime telling Karen and Jean-Pierre was just stunned and she's she rebuked him, said this. This is not something we should be talking about but everybody's talking about everybody's talking about. As a matter of fact, Biden's performance today at the Avett AFL-CIO of that was completely unhinged talking one second about bipartisanship and then cursing the ultra Maca crowd. I've never seen anything like the guys losing the Democrats know this. So one of two things is going to happen.

He will either resign after the mid 10 midterm elections or he will be forced out because the Democrats are going to get slaughtered.

Slaughtered in the midterm elections. All right, we gotta take a break your folks 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868. The look a lot of new listers out in North Carolina, Winston-Salem WSJ as our great affiliate.

There want to invite you folks to head over to the website and sign up for our free newsletter and also the podcast all three hours of the program you will be able to listen to. It's your love it folks. It's an incredible newsletter.

Great resources and the best part of all free of charge and custody, but are you gotta take a break 844-747-8868 this is the Todd surgery. There is no doubt the nation is facing a financial crisis because of the Biden ministrations economic policies hi this is Todd start and no doubt our economy is in trouble and you need to take steps to protect yourself of all your money is tied up in stocks, bonds and traditional markets. You are vulnerable.

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Continue on even after 2024. I can't even keep up with it.

We just got back from New Mexico. We just got back from California that is that I that is not a question that we should be asking. Just look at the work that he doesn't look like he's how he's delivering for the American public that what that that article that were talking about is hearsay. Installation is definitely care about. We care about how we going to deliver for the American people how we going to make their lives better and that's what the president talks about that is his focus, and that's where were going to continue to to focus on.

All right, that was Karen Jean-Pierre.

The presidents black lesbian emigrant Press Secretary to leave anything out and it's it's hard to judge if I did. I meant no offense and I always get the hate mail, by the way you always bring that because because they want us to. When she came out sheet would work in qualifications that she was a great communicator. No, not at all.

As a matter fact she's terrible at her job.

She can do her job. She was asked yesterday about the baby formula and she spent literally 45 seconds thumbing through a giant binder. Want to bet Robbie's binders full of women could not find the information, and that's okay we we have. I have sympathy for her only qualifications the only qualifications were that he wanted a black woman lesbian emigrant in that position, and so he got what he asked for. Now she goes on to talk about in and cut number four how the president is very focused laser focused on the economy right now Americans well-positioned to enter this stock market. Why, what is the president's message to somebody who want to retire but their 401(k) is way down. So we know we know that that that high-priced week. At that and we are incredibly focused on doing everything that we can to make sure that the economy is working for every American people that we are coming out of the strongest job in American history and that matters and that a lot of that is thanks to the American rescue plan, which only Democrats voted for that Republicans did not and it led to this economic this historic economic boom that were seen are there you go there clueless folks clueless now.

Biden is 79 years old. He says he's going to run for the White House again heat he things right now that he's president of the senior citizen retirement. He has no idea that he's the leader of the free world right now and and there are some of the Democrat party who wanted to be that way because variable to control the sky. All they have to do is slip a little something of the Metamucil every morning and pulled they got their puppet on a string, but I would answer your question I want to just think about this. This is like a fun parlor game here. Who do you think the Democrats should run. If not, Biden, and it certainly not to be Harris Leslie Brown's about who do you think the Democrats might possibly run in 2024. It's not good to be Harris. She's going to try to run but she's that's I can work. Is it possible that we could see the rise of Hillary Rodham Clinton again. Mrs. Bill Clinton is not possible or is there somebody else out there lurking lurking in the shadows.

Perhaps I don't know, transportation Sec. Pete Boone edge edge. I mean he's off maternity leave now. Maybe he just might possibly be that the guy the go to guy because are looking for cute and vitality as opposed to old age who will possibly would be the person. If it's not going to be Joe Biden who do you think there to run and if it is, in fact, Hillary Clinton and the Democrats may be waiting to see what the Republicans do here but we could have a rematch of Clinton versus Tromp in the 2024 presidential election. What say you, America 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 this week Greta Van Susteren back on cable news. Ladies and gentlemen read is new show launches on Newsmax tonight, America's fastest-growing cable news channel.

Every night Greta is going to be proving that people want real news without the media spend our show is called the record with Greta Van Susteren. Everybody's talking about it. You can watch it tonight. 6 o'clock Eastern as Greta broadcast from Washington with the real news giving you the facts you need to know she's asking tough questions. The big media will not ask. Find out why millions of people are making the switch to Newsmax by the way, check your program guide or if you want informational Greta's new show text of the word Greta to 39, 747. That's Greta 230 9747 folks, I gotta tell you, love Newsmax. They're doing a great great job are, let's go to the phones here Phil from Alabama Phil what's on your mind that I want to and I want to answer your question that can love the Republicans went without Tromp looked up at the ticket I think they can guess that I agree with you right now. Rhonda Santos would be my pick. So your DeSantis going to yes I have.

I tell you what I have but the folks here in the Alabama.are very displayed with trump right up his point absolutely, and I want you know I am a big drunk man, I organized the trump drain urine.Alabama during the campaign during the 2020 election so wire is made with the president is is choices is who is endorsing for candidates and right now is endorsing a course you just endorsed that Katie Brett instead of the Mo Brooks and Katie is lobbyist from the Cold War.

She's just going to be a another extension of the current cemetery because then slip out with. Anyway, she's just she is definitely tied established well she is. She certainly Ms. McConnell's he sees Mitch McCants McDonald's girl, no doubt about that.

I like Mo fill you again. Going back to the big the big controversy at the trump gathering of their end in North Alabama when Holbrook said we gotta move move on. I mean I get what he was trying to say that was was the wrong place to do that. But do you think most go to be able to pull it out of the subprime.

This runoff Kelly not sure… I really I doubt. I think that what trump does he like to win yet all at all because and get all Katie Brett seems to be leading in the polls and so he is and maybe the Republican gubernatorial candidate that Sarah Sanders is also endorsed Katie Brett which that point, but doing so, I don't know exactly. Maybe the two of them she was his press secretary leg got together. I'm not sure but were not happy with that endorsement here in South Alabama. The local tea party of the campaign for common sense is supported old books from the start. He was my Congressman, actually when I lived the North Alabama and he's very conservative, not 100% accurate as no one is.

But I checked just putting Katie Brett and there is not going to do anything to the people on the lot jealous. So let me jump in here. I know I you made your point and I think you made your point quite well will see how this plays out. Phil, I appreciate the call. We gotta skedaddle folks. Phil says the folks in Alabama not real happy with Pres. Tromp.

I suspect there are some who feel that way in the state of Georgia as well. Look president is doing a fine job endorsing these folks. He's not gonna. He's not going to hit a home run every single time.

By the way big primaries today. I know in Nevada and that there's a lot of unhappiness and at in Nevada where the president endorsed candidates who are in fact.conservative, much like they saw in Pennsylvania with Dr. Oz and so we love to hear from you by the way of the big primary in Maine and also SC 84474 788 68 that's our toll-free telephone number again the question of the hour. Do you think the Republicans can win a presidency without Tromp at the helm. This is the Todd's charge. Sure listening to stories. If you are looking for my fellow you will not find it in the big box stores and the reason why it's pretty awful my fellows being canceled by the canceled culture Bob.

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Shackman from Memphis, Tennessee, and the J but little noted here is is Todd. You once asked about good bagels in New York City. I didn't II guess I did because I'm up you know when it comes to when it comes to breakfast pastry or breakfast of brads a great speaker.

I'm somewhat thinking picky I am. I can go either way is a switch hitter when it comes to my breakfast bread so I like the biscuit. I like the bagel I see.

So that's what I'm trying to say. Anyway, adjacent enclosed is the address for CME's in Teaneck, New Jersey. Fabulous bagels and I sure if he cut this out. It was like the newspaper New York bagels, pizza and coffee. Established in 1991. Sammy's in Teaneck shows always making me hungry. Well we got a great audience. I'm just saying we have an awesome audience and so Sammy thank you for that and we appreciate them.

We always appreciate good. The restaurant recommendations are, let's go to the phone zero 844-747-8868. We told her there's a big primary and Nevada today why it is on the line from our great affiliate, the Nevada talk network wide. What's going on well. Your lover, you know, the national strawberry shortcake. I'd had one idea that they got Grace bakery gotta keep me updated on this kind of stuff you dropped the ball. Why it normally doesn't do that but she dropped the ball on this one.

All my huge election is going on date, the president made a lot of endorsement and a lot of us are scratching our heads about love.

He endorsed Laura Sen. here Adam lacked all wind and you know you had a wounded warrior.

Capt. Sam Brown on who is running right behind in that race and we will see what happened. It's very possible that the governor of that president could have some significant run today but that he had botched a number of the Joe Lombardo is not that good amendment supporter but is running in public. It is leading the Republican field. There are number of candidates who were probably more superior. That I were still questioning their green I have to agree with your caller from Alabama in a little while ago we had that same situation here.

That's why it's it's fascinating to see all of this play because clearly somebody in the president is not that is not in the nuance here. He's not digging into all of these races clearly somebody is giving him guidance and that's that's my big thing is it's who is giving the president. This kind of information we found that nearly a swamp creature because of that. What he did. We do have one solid rate here where the last minute rhino entered the race for Atty. Gen. The name for golf will be familiar to our people that she was the lead attorney in the race which overturned many of the mask restrictions in our state which were Supreme Court and that she thought pro bono, may I say in making that happen and she is now running for Atty. Gen. and the Democrats are scared they have somebody that is a strong conservative and constitutional top cop in the state and the current attorney general has been. Of course the dead shall we say the Democrats lapdog in that field to salute our Wyatt. Here's what I want to keep us updated on what happens.

I want to give us a call back tomorrow. We can rehash the one who lost and why that's so important out there because there are a lot of races I think what's happening in Nevada. Quite frankly, well, I'll give you the final word here that's good to be aside from the Nancy Mace race down in South Carolina were Tromp's offer before blood there what's happening in Nevada is going to be the big story of the night. I believe so. Great for governor will happen, and it whoever wins in the lumber when the Republican field for governor may very strongly be the idea. The new governor thinking because people are fed up with all of the restrictions that the governor rolled down following in lockstep with the California got fascinating all right Wyatt good Intel and the look we mean, we really appreciate all your great listers out there across the Nevada talk network great American patriots you know people in St. Paul, North Carolina. You're a clever bunch.

I just received a text message from our friends at who run WS IC and Grace Baker. We remember just a few moments ago we said we loved when people you send us handwritten note as they took a screenshot of a handwritten note this is my clearly the folks at WS IC have nothing better to do.

I para LA dear Todd, we just wanted you to know how much we like your show will WS IC. We liked it so much. We wrote this note by hand. Oh wow PS we texted it to you to save a stamp. Hey that's fair at the expense of these radio guys are there cheap. That was of the body. All right now as inflation and everything. I don't blame them. Well done.

Thank you WS IC people, by the way this heat.

It's restful it's it's bad when you get up in the morning and you're already under heat advisory. It's it's it's rough so my question is what are people doing, you know, I grew up here so you get can use to it you get condition but then I moved away and that was the mistake because I am still not used to it. It's rough and were having like temperatures. We typically have in August, but were already having them in June. It's a little rough. I had the mixing of the stamps and can we can we just show it. Can we get like a kiddie pool and put it on the studio and just where swimming trunks either.

They know we can't do that. I know were professional organization here. But I am curious how people are happy, hoping, hoping how do you cool down the list of things on my list. Number one, you have Louisiana iced tea. You gotta have that in a mason jar and if you want to go with IC compatible sprig of peppermint and got have I so you got to have ice like I have ice to limit and that's if that's for the Baptist martini. You gotta have a funeral home van a funeral home van know you don't know if you're hoping I never thought about it being called at great Caesar's ghost. How do you not know Grace Baker.

What a funeral home van big box fans know it's a family that they give you when you go to the church for the funeral. Ladies and gentlemen, summer someone is I'm exasperate you notice the heat I just can handle this. I somebody will call and were there and will explain what a funeral home. What are they teaching kids in America, 844-747-8868 will be right back. Someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full four which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think you caused my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy. See full four universities through viewing movies Tennessee all right people out there are just who is patiently waiting on the patriot mobile newsmaker. I got to address something that happened in the final moments of the last hour of this program when Grace Baker, our illustrious executive producer did not know what a funeral home van was great. She thought it was one of those big industrial fans right to warehouse back in the day so that I was one of those those will do the job our nation's education system has failed young people, let me just clarify. I googled it.I know it.

That is the name of it so so Scott from Conway Arkansas. Kindly and generously gave up of his time at to come of this program to share with you what exactly a funeral home van is God, thank you, thank you for doing this. What a great public service you're doing.

Like to get back the way I am your click on our Arbor Day appear all that I hope I get it right. I grew up with eight churches data little paper board with a picture of some that Jesus done that great saying that I always had that big on the printer glued to and you took that and that's what You cool in church are in the all and that's exactly correct. So Scott and it typically had a picture of our Lord in a garden setting up like praying and looking above, as the light shone down on me that your typical funeral on van. It always little stuck about like that they are, by the way, I got your book yesterday, but I've got it autographed.

This white but empty lot autographed well. I loved it. I love that book. I like all your books but I got a question real quick what you think what your opinion we talked about it at knowledgeable guy on the midterm. Tell me how you think it's going to go. Honestly will work in your gut.

My gut selling these. Not that the Republicans are going to have a good good primary or good election cycle. I think it and it could be it could be historic and quite frankly catastrophic for Democrats. I redid that's why you have people like David Axelrod out there openly.

Now, questioning the president's cognitive abilities you got people like Don Levin over at CNN who did the same thing asking that question of the of the White House press secretary so I think it's going to be a very good November. That being said, we gotta be out there campaigning and working and knocking on doors like we are 20 points behind Scott appreciate your calling and that leads us to our guest on the patriot mobile newsmaker line, our good friend Timothy had, and Timothy big event this weekend road to the majority, you're expecting the hundreds of thousands of people. The turnout for this incredible event sponsored by Faith and Freedom coalition good at you with this Timothy thanks so much for having me today and we look forward to having you on Saturday morning as part of the really can be a blockbuster lineup that we have on Thursday, Friday and Saturday yeah this is this is going to be a lot of fun. It's in Nashville and the Timothy I want you to give our folks say I'm a preview of what we can expect at the road to the majority conference well in our organization and coalitions been around 13 years this summer and out of the first 10 of the majority conference. As we have them in Washington DC and the 2020 some higher up the powers that be in Washington DC told we could have a conference there. We couldn't have more than about 13 people in a room so we removed it in 2022, Atlanta, Georgia. Last year we were in Orlando, Florida, and then this week and on Thursday Friday Saturday were to be at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel there in Nashville.

Famous venue and we are about 3000 people you know certainly that let you know I guess of the leak in the unity president Tromp on Thursday morning I'm on Friday morning brother, but I will have plenty of other people I worked to give a lifetime achievement award Newt Gingrich on Saturday night and are kind of the culminating banquet or gala you know yourself, but obviously our great great commentators Kaylee McEnaney Janine Caro… No Herschel Walker on Saturday morning and be with this Friday morning. Let Mark Mark Robinson, Lieut. Gov. North Carolina Okies.

Have you heard Virginio by the way Mark Robinson that he will blow. Just please don't put me after him.

That's all I'm asking you the short straw.

The doctor for Ernie Lister never heard of heard in person. You know, ever live Mark Robinson and I think a lot of people are certainly excited about your summary like like you know president Tromp, Mark Robinson is a memorable memorable figure in American politics right now, Timothy had all the patriot mobile newsmaker line of the executive director of the incredible faith and freedom coalition and and Timothy. I keep reminding people that you guys registered more people to vote than the Republican Party did so, what you guys do is incredibly effective out there building up that grassroots support know we would like to say that our our job is to give Christians a voice in government so you know, after years and years of watching the stuff going on around read you know a lot of people might recognize his name from the 90s the Christian Coalition in 2009 he started the coalition to fit, function, unity, think about like Teamsters and you know pipe pipefitter, you know, police unions and teachers associations like everybody under the sun as some sort of organized representation but but we felt like that it was time for there to be a really robust ongoing presence for people of faith we Christians and Roman Catholics to represent a biblical worldview. I would like to say it is a biblical worldview within a constitutional framework right so I will work in the halls of Congress and state capitals across the country and I were knocking on doors in 2020. We almost just shy of $6 million in 21 different states exceed that 2022, Timothy. We had a collar on just for we brought you on an and he asked about the midterm elections.

How are you guys feeling what's the mood out there of the electorate. Well, I was your your your comments and not just in our youth run campaigns are used to tell people you know, our goal is to be 20 points up or always been a work of art working points back and that's exactly the kind of the MO. The agreement takes to this election cycle, but about you know the there are definite tailwinds behind us here. Some of that is because I think there's been a pretty strong recruited new new batch of members of Congress and their several governors out there that were excited about, but you know most of this is just frankly just a bumbling either the incompetence of the political left frankly just the duplicitous and close to clickety and the real animosity even against our country right now that I think a lot of people are normal average people don't live and breathe politics a look around, like when the world is going on but we didn't like tweets from 234 years ago, but this is like that near you know they're there. There's been such an effort to marginalize the president Tromp but you Britt Hume I was talking last night about this effort among Republicans. I really do hope that the presidents hurt politically by the these hearings and yet you guys have invited him to speak. He accepted the invitation. What is that what is that say about the the faith and freedom coalition. What does that say about the relationship Tromp has with your base well you early work were about 13 years into and are confident the flex would be that eight times that Donald Trump spoken bespoke once or twice as president once was a candidate and then he actually spoke about four times. This is a private actually spoke very very first read the majority back in 2009.

The tail end of 2009 so he is not in your a lot of people that song and step into the fray in 2016 August 15 thought it was kind of an evangelical Johnny-come-lately, so to speak, but the week you'd actually been part of of the founding of faith and freedom literally and over a decade earlier. So we we have appreciated him individually and then certainly policies it's possible to argue against all delivered on my just campaigned on but delivered on when he was in the White House and so we've appreciated that and took note of that and the work were thrilled to be able to have come back with us this weekend. Well said and and I'm excited to be speaking this weekend as well. You know, Tim's, you may not remember this but years ago. You you guys flew me out to buy Bluenose Des Moines Iowa somewhere in Iowa and just had a one I just love what you guys are doing you in the heartland really all over America with these gatherings and had a chance to meet for the first time, Kim Reynolds, who courses now the governor of Iowa and just doing an amazing job there at the state capital exactly right. What you want to start as I'm concerned, start voices on these issues would be alive for marriage and family, you know, Israel, religious liberty, you know, right down the lot.

The list of seminal issues from a biblical perspective you your chemical like top of the list. From our perspective so we were thrilled to have you. You know you been been a few different states course I would, North Carolina, Georgia, liquid Avenue were certainly look for to have it I love it is a natural I just I don't have to go on airplane I could just drive up Interstate 40, so I can couple of friends in the back in the backseat and bring them on in and I think this can be a lively likely crowd. I think that's another to see them right. Last year we we certainly thought, but still were working to freshen up in kind of a clinical reopening of the country that a lot of people are excited to see large crowds and fill out energy. All right, Timothy. We've got a direct link to the faith and freedom. Coalition website on our live show blog but folks FF if you want to go check that out, and Arctic people still get tickets if they want to attend this weekend. We actually do have kind of small smattering so you know be great to go to hospital here but but again we start Thursday lunch and then a little feature of some really great speakers, including Nikki Haley, Kulik keynoting our luncheon Youth There for a Concert on Thursday Night. A Lot Of People Are Looking for Two in the World Again Prescreen Kirk Cameron and the Kendrick Brothers New Movie Called like Mark That so That They Can Become Present to Us on Friday Night so It's It's More Than Just Politics but You Know There's A Lot Of Really Neat Thing Be Stand and That Was so Have A Few Tickets Available at Some of the Eye.

I've Done Many a Conference at the Gaylord We Call I'm Old School Is Opryland Hotel. It's Always Good with You Yeah Bring Some Yeah Bring Some Sensible Shoes, My Friend, Because Really Walking for Miles. You'll Hear the Noise the Crowd A Lot Of All Right Will Leave It There.

Congratulations in This Exciting and We Look Forward to out to Be a Part of This Great Weekend. You Guys Put Together.

Thank You so Much. We Really Appreciate You Have Me on the Day and Everything That You Do Eat These Issues Front Center in America All Right. Timothy Had Everybody I He Is the Executive Director of the Faith and Freedom Coalition. You've Got One in Your State and What a Great Organization to Get Involved with One of the Things I Love about These Guys That They're Just Rocksolid Your There out There Fighting for Faith and Freedom. Every Single Day.

That's What They Do and They Do Not Deviate from That Plan for You. Even Even As Important As That, As They Are Incredibly Effective Registering People to Vote Something You Would Think the Republican Party Would Be Good at but They're Not.

But Thank Goodness for Ralph Reed.

Thank Goodness for Timothy Had and the Good People over at the the Road to the Majority Conference. You Know Grace Baker. I'm Somewhat Relieved Because Sometimes You Have To Get When You Give the Speeches You Really Have No Say over When They Want You to Speak Right Yes so Couple Years Ago. It Is the Values Voters Summit and I Got a Call from Tony Perkins and I Didn't Know This I II This Is Years Ago and Attorney Perkins My Good Friends Is Todd. We Got a Great Slot for You. We Need You to Speak Right after Pres. Tromp Was Then Candidate Trumpet I'm like All Right No Problem I Can Do That.

I Got You Covered. He Is All Right Can You Be Our Guy like I'm Your Guy so You Know What Can Happen to Me There's a Massive Crowd There Wasn't Right. And That's the Only Reason People Are Showing up.

Trump Gets up There Gives the Great Speeds Crowd Goes Wild and I'm Ready for My Barnburner of a Speech and That the That the Voice of God Says That Now from Fox News Here Is Todd Start and You Heard Crickets Chirping All and Why Did You Hear Crickets Chirping. Because Once Truck Finished Speaking. Everybody Left so You Want to Be the Guy Finally Donald Trump. It Is Now, but Mark Robinson, the Lieut. Gov. He's Been on the Program at Cyber to These Lieut. Gov. North Carolina. I'm Curious, What Are North Carolina Folks Think about Him Because That Guy Could Very Well Become Governor One Day and I Spent A Lot Of Time with with Mark over the Years and He Is Just a Salt of the Earth.

Kind of a Guy I Love It. I Could See Him Being Gone so Anyway, I'm Glad I'm Not Speaking Anywhere near Him.

Donald Trump Says Saturday Morning Going to Drive up I Were to Do the Speech, Book Signing and We Would Love to See You There in Nashville at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel All Right Got a Take a Break Your Folks 844-747-8868 This Is the Todd Stern Show Signs of Radio Show. I Will Be Able to Be Water That's for Me to Know I Want to Give Away Something Grace Baker.

You Must Be a Really I Am in a Good Mood and so This Is a This Is a Great Story.

If I Can Find It Here All by My Computer, Here We Go so This Is a Trivia Question and This Is a Difficult Trivia Question. Oh, I Won't Even Know the Answer Anything on This Flag Day, but It Has Nothing to Do Flag so so There Is There's a Restaurant in Slidell Louisiana Which Is over on the North Shore of Lake Pontchartrain You Folks down in Louisiana and There Is a Popeyes Project in the Biscuits and You Know Yours Truly Worked in a Popeyes Roger to Biscuits As a High School That's Right. That's How I Earn My Gas Money and Paid for My Insurance When I Got My Car. My Dad Said Son You Gotta Get Yourself a Job.

So That's How My Dad Operated and so Anyway I Was Slinging Chicken. All That Was a Brutal Job but Anyway There Was This Popeyes Fried Chicken a Biscuit. I Got a Raise, Though, When after My First Year $0.25 an Hour. Wow. You Know Why Because I Went to Biscuits School and I Learned How to Make the Biscuits.

I Was the Guy That Was Standing in the of the Biscuit Area That's a Big That's a Big Job, so Here's the Trivia Question. A Popeyes in Southern Louisiana Has an Unusual Customer and They Can't Seem to Shake the Customer Because This the Customer Has Literally Taken up Residence Right outside the Drive-Through of This Popeyes Fried Chicken Restaurant. So Here Is the Trivia Question.

What's the Customer Who Is the Customer We Will Go with What or Who Is the Customer If You Know the Answers by Making the News, It's up It's a Feel-Good Story, so We Need to Know What's Unusual about This Customer at the Popeyes Fried Chicken and Biscuit Restaurant. If You Know the Answer. That Was a Call. We Got a Biscuit Book for You Grace. What Were You You Looked in Pain Right Now You Know What It Is You Know the Answer 844-747-8868 If You Know the Unusual Customer That at the Popeyes.

That's 844-747-8860 Will Will Know Someone Who's Not Working No Chill Trust Me That Used To Be Me, but Then I Found Galaxy Full for Which Allows Me to Do More Things at Once.

Much Now I Think You Calls My Phone and Use It to Take Notes at the Same Time or Check My Shopping List While Ordering More Scented Candles and Facemasks on the Foldable Expansive Screen. Don't Take Your to Do List One Line at a Time Multitasks He Can Relax, Click the Banner to Get Your Galaxy.

See Full for Welcome Back to the Todd Stern's Radio so Good to Have We Been Really Concerned about What's Been Happening with the Republicans up on Capitol Hill.

Specifically, the 10 Senate Republicans Who Have Agreed to Join Democrats in a Bipartisan Gun Control Legislation Plan and It's Not Looking Good. The Biggest Concern I Have of Surrounds the Red Flag Law Component of All This, I Want to Go to the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line Were Honored to Have with Those or Congressman Greg Stooping from the Great State of Florida Congressman Walker to the Show and Am I Right to Be Concerned Specifically about the Red Flag Component of This Gun Control Legislation. Yeah, Absolutely.

I Think It Really Violates Our Right Not Only of Due Process but under the Fourth Limit to the Constitution That Prohibits Illegal Search and Seizure. If He Wants to Take Your Property Law Enforcement Has To Get a Warrant from a Judge to Take Your Property with These Red Flag Laws Date on the Way to Florida Works If Law Enforcement Officer but What the Way the Bill.

The Democrats Altered in the House Started with Counselors. It Was Teachers, It Was Family Members Was a Whole Litany List of People Who Can Say You Know What, I Don't Think Greg Should Have a Gun. I Don't Think He's Safe and Have Your Guns Taken Away and That Is an Unlawful Seizure of Your Personal Property without a Warrant without Probable Cause. Without a Judicial Proceeding, and Look, We've Seen This Happen Just Recently That Was There Was the Guy in Virginia Who Are Raise Concerns of the School Board Meeting.

The Next Thing You Know He's under Investigation by the FBI There Confiscating His Weapons and He's Done Nothing Wrong, so Not Too Far Removed a Situation Where Suddenly You Know People like Greg Remade All the Conservative, and the Domestic Terrorist. We Should Take His Guns Away and the Next Thing You Know What Is Not Going to Do or Take a Gun Away without a Hearing and Works in Order.

Is There Is No Due Process on the Phone and Enough Law Enforcement. Take Your Firearm You Have To Hire a Lawyer to Go before the Court to Request in Order to Get Your Guns Back and Not the Way the Framers of Our Constitution Envisioned the Fourth Amendment against Illegal Search and Seizures, Firearms and Ammunition. Is Your Property and the Government Should Not Be Taking Your Property without Probable Cause and a Warrant from a Judge. So What Was Your Reaction When You Saw That 10 of Your Fellow Republicans on the Senate Side Said You Know What Yeah We Can Go along with This, Pointing and Ended the Challenge We Haven't Seen the Language You Know They Just Kind of Agreed End. Of the Several Different Point to See What the Language Actually Looks like. If You Look at the Red Flag Language in the House. It Started with All These Let Me Know List of People That Could Take Your Guns.

What Ended up Happening Was Family Members. People in the Home.

So Let's Say and Wife Are Getting a Divorce and One Side or the Other Wants to Make It Difficult on That Person Take the Guns Away. Now You Have It Divorcing Party Taking Her Guns Away. Now You Have Roommates and Apartment Situation. Having the Ability to Take the Guns Away and so to Be Interesting to See What the Republicans Are Okay with on the Red Flag If You Might Guess Will Be Similar to What the Legislature Did in Florida Couple Years Ago Which When I Was in State and I Voted against It Would Only Allow Law Enforcement to Do It, but We Have Baker Act Proceedings Will Be in the State of Florida How Other States Work. It Would Give Law Enforcement the Ability to Do That and You Can Change It so That You're Not Taking Away People's Right so If You Believe I'm a Threat to Myself and Others. Law-Enforcement Believes That Go to a Judge, Get Have Probable Cause Get a Warrant and Then Have the Judge Have the Law Enforcement Officers Have a Warning before the Member of the Constitution, Take My Property. Otherwise, He Should Be Able to Do All the Petri Bubble Newsmaker Line. Congressman Grants Bricks to Be Out Of Florida Congressman We Have a Report up on Our Website from Gresham, Oregon Where a Pro-Life Center Was Firebombed. There Have Been Attacks on Christian Ministries, Pro-Life Groups All over the Country Churches Have Been Desecrated and Now Are Hearing Concerns That You Know That There Could in Fact Be Terrorism, Domestic Terrorism, One Trophy Weight Is Officially Overturned Posting Flyers around Washington DC Right Now Calling for Writing to Going Tonight of Rage after Roby Ray Roe V Wade Is Overturned, so II Firmly Believe That Washington Turn into a Completely Overrun Model Type Environment. When That Happens.

If You If You Right Now. I Was over There Yesterday If You Go Anywhere by the Supreme Court. There Is Tons of Security Wire like Fencing up to Where You Can't Climate People All over Security All over in Anticipation of This, If This Would Be in Reverse. If These Were Trump Supporters That Were Coming up to the Supreme Court. You Have a Totally Different Outcome. These People Would Be Thrown in Prison for Conspiracy, but You Have a Completely Weapon Eyes and Politicized Department Of Justice Who's Not Even Enforcing the Law When a US Supreme Court Justice Has Has Had His Life Threatened and Attempted to Be Fascinated and Are Still Allowing All These Protest in Front of Justices Home Which Is in Current Violation of the Law and They Should Be Held Accountable in the Future. Doing Nothing about and Again I Is Not Just the BDC That They're Going to Be Coming after Everybody and Especially the Major Urban Centers and to Your Point on What I Preach to Spring Quarter Surrounded Is like Fort Knox over There but Then I Got to Be Trying to Burn down for Not Certain to Be Burned out Businesses.

The BLM Riot and All That Is Any Indication of What's to Come in and All These Big Cities, Especially Here in Washington. I Think That's Exactly What Can Happen and What Could Be Very Interesting to See What This Administration's Reaction to That Is to Be in My Guess That Is to Be Just the Same As It's Been to the Protest of the Supreme Court Justice's House and Everything Else Where for Left-Wing of Violent Terror, Domestic Terrorism, They Don't Care about That Turn a Blind Blind Eye to That.

If It's Conservative That Are Doing That Type of Activity to Be Held in Solitary. I Curious Your Thoughts Here As We Ramp This up Congressman. You Had David Axelrod Very Prominent Democrat Saying That He Doesn't Think Biden May Be up for a Second Term You Got Don Lemon Openly Asking the White House Press Secretary Whether or Not He's up for the Job Are Our Democrats Are They Finally Seeing What We All Are Seeing or Is This Just a Matter of Trying to Survive the Midterms, Realizing That He Lied. Biden Is a Huge Liability to Them, Not Just in the Midterms but in the Next Presidential Election.

If He Decides to Run Again so They're Trying to Head against That Because They Know That People Can Be Going to the Polls in November and Now Primaries Are Happening in Some Estates Today Going to the Polls in November and Biden Is Going to Be on the Ballot and People to Vote Because Inflation Is at Record Highs, Gas Prices Afghanistan Ukraine Invasion That We Have in Our Southern Border and the American People Support These Far Left Wing Policies and It's Going to Be a Retribution for Them at the Ballot Box in November. Are You Congressman.

Good Stuff and We Appreciate You Alerting Us about This Night of Rage and to Be a National News Story and That This Is the First Rehearing about This and We Appreciate the Flyer yet Will Post It on My Facebook and Twitter. I Would Love to See That I Will Get the Word out As Well. Congressman Be Safe and God Bless Thank You to Ari Congressman Grants Bricks to Be in the Breaking News That the Congressman Gestured with Us That Washington DC Flyers Going up All around Town Saying Night of Rage.

Once Roe V Wade Is Is Overturned, Let Me Say This, and with All Seriousness, If You Are a Pastor of a Church If You Lead a Christian Ministry. If You Are Involved in the Pro-Life Movement Then You Have a Giant Target on Your Back and You Should Already Already Have Taken Steps to Make Sure That Your Property, Your Homes, Your People Are Protected Because There to Become an after All of Us and You Need to Make If You Haven't Started You Need to Make Plans Immediately.

The Ruling Could Come As Early As Thursday Week. We Don't Know, but It's Coming Very Soon. All Right before We Go to Break. We Had a Trivia Question We Mentioned to You about a Popeye's Fried Chicken Restaurant in Slidell, Louisiana Is a Very Unusual Customer. We Want to Know What Kind of a Customer Let's Go to North Carolina. Brian on the Line. Brian What Was That Unusual Customer I Alligator the Gold and Chicken Involved Brian. That Was a Good Guess, but It Was a Long Jazz I It Was Not an Alligator.

Let's Go to Iowa Jean on the Line Jean What Was the Unusual Customer at the Popeye's Fried Chicken, Biscuits, Let's See What Is Checking Yeah Congratulations Jean from Iowa yet They Got It.

That's This Is Taken up Residence Right There at the Restaurant. You Know I If If If I Were the Manager of the Chickens up a Popeyes I Would Probably Be a Little Concerned Walking in Early in the Morning and Having a Chickens Derby down That Right Mail Got Extra Dad That's a Good Point Gina Held Tight Working to Put You on Hold Ever to Get You a Prize Package in the Mail a Signed Copy of My Latest Book.

It's Called Our Daily Biscuit Devotions with a Drawl and Folks of Yemen Picked up a Copy Should Really Do It It's a Fun Fun Read and the Lord Knows We Could Use A Lot Of Laughter around This Place. 844-747-8868 That's Our Toll-Free Telephone Number That's 844-747-8868 You Just Heard Congressman Greg's to Be on the Patriot Bubble Newsmaker Line Look. We Love Our Friends at Patriot Mobile They're Mobilizing Freedom and Are America's Only Christian Conservative Wireless Carrier.

By the Way, That Have Incredible Coverage. Use the Same Towers.

The Other Guys Use and They Have Plans to Fit Any Budget along with Incredible Discounts for Our Veterans and Our First Responders so If You Want to Check out What They're Doing over Patriot Mobile Had over the Patriot That's Patriot or Give Them a Call 972 Patriot.

That's 972 Patriot Use the Promo Code Todd Yuri to Get Free Activation and Every Gift Will Be Right Back Front Lines of the Culture Will Start New Galaxies for All These New Tracks It Might Not like I Just Did in Fact Not Capture Hands-Free Text from Multiple Angles.

For Sure Training Sessions Were As Follows My Hand to Start Recording Video Clip for Contract and Fit Perfectly Galaxies. He Flipped for Was Very Serious and Would like to Get around Her on the You Folks Need to Be Very Nice to Present Invited to Explain Why the President of These Great United States Has Just Cleared Tomorrow. June 15 As National World. Elder Abuse Awareness Day Tomorrow. That's Right. Pres. Biden Proclaiming June 15 Is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day so Be Nice to Pres. Biden, At Least for Tomorrow. Got up Got to Cut Them Some Slack and Break Water Back to the Todd Stern's Radio Program. We Are so Delighted to Have You with Us This Story from Our Friends at Newsmax Jeffrey Roback Is the Author and Arizona High School Club in Scottsdale Asked Students How They Know They Are Heterosexual. This Happened but This Happened during a Meeting of the Unit Town Club Just One of a Series of Questions about Students and Their Sexuality of the Arizona Independent News Network Actually I Got Wind of the Story Grace Baker Minuscule Question Grace Baker Is a Personal Question but the Word "Care Of the Todd Stern's Radio Show. I Suppose You Can. How Did You Know You Grace Baker Were Heterosexual Because I Never Considered Not Being Well to Me like I Never Had Any Other Thoughts. Otherwise That Because Your Homeschool so You Are Allowed to. You Were Allowed to Grow and Develop Natural Yeah and I Am Interested. Of Course, Will Grace the Unit.

The Unit Town Club They're All about Promoting Leadership Diversity.

Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. But Basically It's a Sex Club.


Anyway, Here Are Some of the Other Questions That the Children Were Asked There at the Unit Town Club What You Think Caused Your Heterosexuality.

I'm so Curious to Know What Their Answers Were. If You've Never Slept with a Person of the Same Sex As Possible. You Need a Good Day or Lesbian Lover Know That Something That You Would Want the School Asking Your 12-year-old. Yeah, Totally Makes Complete Sense Line You and Assist Grace Baker on Flaunting Your Heterosexuality. How Do You Do That How Do You Flaunt It. Have You Been to One of These You Know I Take Issue with This Because I Have You Been One of the Gay Pride Parade, so You've Seen Them on the TV. Of Course, You, We Had the Video on Todd Start Fortunately, You Have the Big Hairy Chested Men Wearing the Butlers Leather Chaps Butt Naked Walking down the Street yet Amassing Other Men on the B. Hines Is No Church Picnic.

I'll Tell You That Grace Baker There's No Ice to Either. Now I Would Say That or If There Is, You Probably Don't Want to but There's but Again, That to Me Seems to Be Flaunting It Exactly Right When You're out Straight Parades All There You Go Grace Baker How Dear You Asked That Question, but It Is Curious Right We Don't Have Any Heterosexual Pride Parade Snow. I Feel Left out.

We Don't Even Have a Color in the Rainbow. I Would Say That Ballantine's Days, Not Even Light for Just Straight People.

Well, I Mean Look. Love Right Love and There's Not. I Guess I'm Sure the Aegean Others Than a Valentine's Day Parade Somewhere but Not Very Common Know the Issue I Would Have Again Again If You're If You're Talking about Flaunting Your Unit Homosexuality Anybody Been to a Broadway Show Anybody Been to the Tony Awards Yellow Bill. I Was Waiting LLC I Can Do That Would You Do It Perfectly Sad and Jazzy Hands. Don't Hide It Where It Know They Don't Analog.

It's America You Can Do It You Want to Do You Want to Where You Know Butlers, Leather Chaps and Walked down Main Street and Have Just Watch out for the Speed Bumps and Especially This Weather. I Mean, You Would Think I'm Assigned Safety. Aside from the Chafing. I Mean You Your Bottoms Going to Get Sunburned. You Know That Can Be Pretty Pale, Awkward 10 Lines Is Not a Farmer's Tan Fixture. Why Is There a Giant X on Your Chest Was Noel. It's a Fair Question, but Again I Mean These Are What I Make of This Stuff up. So Again, Why Is This: Why Is This so Important for the Local School There to Be Asking Kids Whether They Flaunt Their Heterosexuality or Whether or Not They Need a Good Gay or Lesbian Lover to Turn Them and by but You Were Born to Not Be Born That Way Anymore to Not Be Born Straight Dell Is Saying Don't Say It. Can They Not Be Born That Way. The Lady Gaga Songs That so Oversee the Ones Addressed in the Meat Dress Yes She Stand down Vegan and I Don't Let Us Address Maybe Some Tofu Sandals for the Eggplant Others.

The Big Parade Float Eggplant You Go and yet If You Don't Know What That Means You Can Google It.

So When I Tell You Here on the Todd That Not Not Appropriate and Let the Line at Funeral Home Fans Yeah Happy to Fill You in on That. So Anyway, People Very Upset There in Scottsdale, Arizona As Well They Should Be Because the Public School Demanding to Know Whether or Not You or Your Child, Your €12 Needs a Good Day or Lesbian Lover of Folks.

All I Can Say Is This Homeschool Your Free Contents Just Get Them Out Of the Public Schools Homeschool Your Kids or Else You Become at Home Where and I Love Butlers Leather Chance of Mexican Mansions and Nobody Wants That.

Got It Right Will Be Right Back America Galaxies for All These New Taxes Might Not like I Just Did in Fact Not Capture Hands-Free Text from Multiple Angles for Training Sessions for His Followers Simply Wave My Hand to Start Recording Video Clip for Contract and Fit Perfectly Galaxies. He Flipped for Liberty Universities. Do You See Is Why the Body Are Welcome to the Third's Radio Show. Now, Earlier in the Program We Told You about Our Good Friend Coach Joe Kennedy, Sports Illustrated Has Published This Massive Story I Love. It's an Investigation I'm Not Sure That It Encumbered Anything That We Didn't Already Know, but Clearly Sports Illustrated Is Very Troubled by a Christian High School Football Coach Who Would Dare to Pray after Football Game and Now Sports Illustrated Is Alleging That If Coach Kennedy Wins His Case before the US Supreme Court That It Will Be a Blow to American Democracy, It Will Be It Will Represent an Erosion of American Democracy so I Figure What Better Place to Go to Figure out What That Is Going on. Then Our Good Friends on the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Lines. Coach Joe Kennedy and Jeremy Dice from First Liberty and Is in a Dog Barking in the Background… Hey Guys How's It Going It's Been A While I'm Great. Are You Okay Betty Coach I'm Doing Well and That We Just Really Appreciate the Steadfastness That You Have Represented over These Years.

Going Back to What 2015 When You Were Told You Could No Longer Pray Out Of after a Football Game so Coach God Bless You for the Steadfastness and for the Really for the Example You're Setting for A Lot Of Young Christians in This Country. Thank You and You I Think You You Been with Me the Whole Time Buddy. Well, We Were We Were the First and I Was Very Honored and I Will Never Forget That. And of Course Coach I Want You to Take Us through. We Have A Lot Of New Listeners and I Want You to Take Them through the Initial Incident That Eventually Led to This Big Supreme Court Case That Were Waiting on Okay so Everything I Was Brand-New Believer in in My Faith and My God Approach to Coach High School after I Retired from the Marine Corps and I Asked God Really What It Might Be Doing Here Because Everything Was New. I Was Transitioning from Marine to Civilian so I Didn't Have Any Idea What I Was Doing and I Am in the Middle of the Night over the Weekend I Watched a Movie Called the Giant and It Was like an Answer from God. He Came down Smack Me Upside My Head Got Me to My Knees and I Knew Exactly Where You Really Exactly for the First Time. Hey, This Is What I'm Supposed to Do so II Cannot Mirrored What They Did in the Movie and Started Taking God after Every Football Game Win or Lose, and I Was Going to Do It Right There on the Battlefield. That's Where It All Started so You and Again We We Told People This Is Not Something a Billy Graham Crusade.

It Was Just a Brief Prayer That You Prayed at the 50 Yard Line Yeah You Know You Met Me. I'm Not Not the Best Trailer, the Guy I Just Think God Halftime and Asked for Forgiveness. The Other Half the Time Every Day Better. I Want to Bring Your Your Your Attorney and Jeremy Dice and Jeremy. There Is Really None Finer in the Business Than You and When You're Reading This Sports Illustrated Piece of Their Making All Sorts of Why Old Accusations, Saying That If He If You Guys Win. This Is an Erosion of Democracy and Erosion of the So-Called Separation between Church and State. What Say You Cannot Article to Read the Article Written by One Person That Looked Deep into Coded Back Story and History and Incorrectly Very Interesting Story and the Other Half of It Is Trying to Interject Some Modern Arguments That Way Seven Years Ago so I like to Do Argument That You'd Be Happy Now between the Author and the Editors and I'm Not Sure Which One Is Doing What, but No, We Had a Great Time Talking to the Author. I Think the Parts That Are Better or Worse Reading a Work of Art, Data, Smiling Gallantly, but I Don't Know Why People Complicate the Story Is Really Quite Simple.

You Just Want to Pray by Himself at the 50 Yard Line Following the Game to the Coaches.

Got It and That's Always Been Fired for and That's What I Think the Supreme Court Is Going to Look at Most Clearly Hear Most Closely by the End of the Month. I Think It Will Be a Coach Again in Building to Me in Private Prayer by Himself at the Ballgame for 15 to 30 Seconds. That That's Not Too Big and Ask Julie. Will This Be One of These Landmark Rulings. In Other Words, Will This Impact Other Coaches around the Country, but It Certainly Has the Potential Look at the Ninth Circuit Have Far-Reaching Problems for It Because It Apply to Coach Kennedy As If That Was the One Little Isolated Event. It Said That It Would Be If Teachers Were Coaches Engage in Any Kind of Religious Activity Then That Could Be Suspect.

Further Jobs That Will Argument the Supreme Court of United States.

The Other Side Argued Very Clearly That They Believe That Students Can See a Coaching to Eat Dinner with His Activity or Public School Teacher Engaged in What They Called Demonstrative Religious Activity, Even If It Didn't Occur on School Grounds. They Could Be Subject to Termination so That the Broad Reading of That Is Really Disturbing Because Not Only Were They Have To Wait outside Their First Amendment Freedoms, Including Religious Freedom, When the Walk to the Schoolhouse Dates Teachers or Coaches Could Be Fired for, You Know, Praying at the Waffle House in Students Would Bill to See Them.

Fortunately I Record It Seems That There Is No Coercion by Sight, so to Speak. The Other Side Is Making Your Email to See Whether the First Amendment Actually Allows Coaches and Teachers in the Public Schools to Not Only Be People of Faith, but to Engage about Private Acts of Religion, Even on Campus or When Seen by by Student. That's the Promise the First Amendment.

I Think Were to See Upheld by the Supreme Court.

But in the Months I Remember Back.

I Believe It Was Maybe in the Mid to Thousands When There Were Stories, There Was One Particular of the Teacher Something It Happened to a Student and Does Something Traumatic and so the Teacher Prayed with This the Student and the Teacher Gets in Trouble, You Know, Other Other Schools Where Teachers Were Literally Forced to Go into a Private Closet If They Wanted to Pray, so This Is a Big Deal and It Does Impact A Lot Of Teachers A Lot Of Public Educators and the Idea That They Should Have To Give up Their Religious Liberty at the Schoolhouse Door. Jeremy Has Just Always Confounded Me Really Need to Be Clear It Will Be Because This Mistaken Notion the Country Right Now That It Students Are Indeed General. It Is Pivoting to Give A Lot Of Teachers A Lot Of Coaches That They Have To Put Their Fingers in Their Ears and Run Away Screaming.

I Can Hear You. I Can Hear You. Let Me Be Accused of Violating the Seven Because of the First Amendment That Clearly Is Not What the Founding Fathers Had in Mind When the and That Amendment. They Vaguely Welcome the Displays of Religion in Public Teacher Saying Grace over Salad in the Lunchroom Shouldn't Be Worried about Losing Her Job. Notion of Teacher Wearing a Crucifix in the Classroom or Yamagata Said These Are All Just Part of Who We Are As a Country School Have Such a Problem. Coach Cody's Private Prayer, Then They Should Simply Instructed the Students What It Means to Live under the First Amendment and Welcome the Diversity of Religious Viewpoints in the Public Square. Can't Eat That Lesson Then I Will.

Public Schools Can Teach. It's a Good Point on the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line Jeremy Dice First Liberty Institute Coach Joe Kennedy, the Supreme Court about to Issue a Ruling on This Case, a Coach, Joe, It's Been a Long Time and and I'm Wondering What You Have Been up to. How Has This Taken Its Toll on You and Your Family over the Years Actually a Huge Huge Burden. I Had Two of Our Kids at the High School so That Was a Direct and Direct Implication There and Also My Wife. She Happened to Be the School District Human Resource Director so You Can Imagine My Life at the Time When Were Going through… I Am Sorry I'm Sorry I'm Causing All This Problem and She Sorry She Have To Fire Me for No Big Mistake so That at the Beginning It Was Really Tough and Now It's Been Just like Any Other Marathoner or Game That Goes into No Trouble Overtime You're Tired You Want to Give the Finish but You Know You Have To Finish Strong Jeremy When When You Look at This Case and the Way Sports Illustrated Frame This There Saying This Is an Example of Christian and Christian Nationalism That There Seem Seem to Bring the Race Issue and into This What What You Say to Those Folks.

If Anybody Believed the Kind of Thing That Really Held Back. In Reality, Not the Kind of Lunacy That Rearing All over the Place to Be Updated Always Been about One Thing and One Thing Only, Whether or Not Coach Could Take Me by Himself in Private Prayer after Game. That's Why He Was Fired from His Job and That's Why He like to Get His Job Back to Remind Everybody That Coaches Never for a Minute Even Asked for a Dollar from the School District Here.

The Only Thing We've Ever Thought in Our Litigation Has Been for Him to Be Able to Go Back to Being a Football Coach at Bremerton High School and Taken Me in Private Prayer after the Game. Folks Can Can Read All about, including the letter that once they concluded their investigation saying that there was no evidence that any student had ever been coerced.

You wouldn't believe it. Now, based upon the way they talk about what they believed back in 2015 and that was actually true about anybody but himself framed by himself at the 50 yard line get your answers all right will coach there a lot of people in this audience and pray for you and rooting for you Jeremy. We have a lot of first Liberty supporters in this audience as well guys, we just wish you the very best and good luck.

Thank you so much good it is. Thank you for that coach Joe Kennedy and Jeremy Dyson first Liberty Institute. We've got their stories well documented in my last book cultures eat on how to stop him from killing a nation. I would encourage you to get that to get a copy of that post really take a quick break your 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern show radio star's will know someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found out it's easy for for which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think you caused my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take you to to list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxies evil for radio self-knowledge.

Go to the patriot mobile newspaper line bring to have with us from the American conservative Union are good buddy Matt Lampe and man I know people are really gearing up getting excited for CPAP Dallas coming up in early August. Yeah, we bought to be going back Israel will be actually down day. Right now I think this is really getting back together you happy emergency energy pride in America Right right are catastrophic level working to go to the Middle East to talk about free market Joe Biden delete Québec without moral note, no doubt about it. Matt and and people are just really frustrated when you look at the rising price of gasoline well over five dollars a gallon. Even in places like Memphis, Tennessee. This is really having an impact is not starting to its having an impact on on the average American citizen. Yeah everything that happens when you see I write.

I wasted thing the market crashed. What you're good at the neck with a lot of layoff have a lot of pain at a very deep economic recession.that of the about that is that really hurt mom, dad, workers, people may start doing terrible thing where I thought it violent that they can root across the country to problem the black lives matter deep on the fleet but definitely but never to we have a lot more people acting violent because were drug drug overdoses, direct epidemic level they think are drinking not going to help our society.

America could have a rock couple years and we can already agree that while it is and don't forget that this is the same administration and the Democrats same political party that literally opened up prisons across this country during the early days of the pandemic and letting you know of a bunch of very bad people back out onto the street.

So then throw in. We just had Congressman breaks to be on mad and he says flyers are going up all over DC calling for a night of rage. Once Roe V Wade is overturned. Yeah, I mean I anything else but evil is really got cocky acting a lot of artwork to think that America got ready to come unwound by worry about that myself amici. Imagine being so angry that more children might live. You know, I think that the cause for celebration. And if you look at the black genocide happening like New York City where you they kill more children that they allow to live know. Why don't we ever talk about the racial implications of the fact that the unborn black child is not valued like other unborn children the night and I sat that that commentary on what we've all allowed to happen by man. I I'm curious what you are hearing from your constituents. Members of SeaTac who are gearing up for the midterm elections.

How are things looking and how excited are people to get out there and vote in the midterms.

Why would fighting for the value them both like and talk with their dark Internet.

There were to win that governorship get that one back of the Nevada campaigning without a blackball likely will be the 51st Republican Sen. United States that Barry all right, you know, I go on the tour. Todd, the thing that comes forward all the time.

The open border collective security.

How we get your get rid of all the cheating and go back to have a good Reiki followed all but also to the idea that America got ready to really get the top time and I think the final thing that I hear from our people is when the Republicans get power.

The better you better not just hold onto it. If the box hoping the years there. Now we now we might not have a country like you got that right. And you're absolutely correct about that. Especially these 10 Republican senators wanting to partner with the Democrats on this gun control legislation so that that is a big deal real quick. Matt before we let you go.

I do want to promote CPAP Dallas coming up August 4 through the seventh.

Yet what can people expect it.

So it's always a great a great time. I think with unique unique to be back at the open God in the midterm election going to be that first week in August.

Democrats like the start of the camping Labor Day were not really really go along with that out the back of the logical beginning of the campaign to be in doubt write the little red America and and I think D. It had a lot of people that are household me Congressman and them will be better that will be covered because going to happen this year and went on with everything. Not because were so perfect, but because the American people are gonna reject look at Sports Illustrated being against prayer I'm saying what going on with the company well said that we had to leave it there. We got a break. Sorry for the news. Appreciate the great work you're doing and look forward to seeing you in Dallas in August you got it thought it would be feedback that you trying to say that looking forward to it.

Match Lampe everybody from American conservative Union Great American patriot). By the way, yes I we will be broadcasting the entire program from SeaTac, Grace Baker will be there is really a lot of fun coming up in August 4 through the seventh. If you want info, discover our website. 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number that's 844-7478 68 will be right back. Someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found out it's easy for four which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think you calls my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take you to to list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxies evil for I say to get me in trouble with my fellow man, but it needs to be set.

The Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition so they can we just all agreed they ruined what was a very nice publication and and I say that because now it's it used to be when he Grace wears great Baker South so you know you had the swimsuit edition and it was basically very attractive looking young lady is who were photographed wearing bathing since and not thinking these are one piece is no none of them were very I mean it was it was tastefully done. It wasn't like it was, you know, Playboy magazine or something like that were closed and and here is my take on this for my Baptist brother and I know I just got put on somebody you the Lord, the Lord created so who are we, who are we not to enjoy God's creation. I've not got, no way behind that is saying that that you know it's just in the beginning I was to say the word swimsuit heading well eventually drew kale chips so anyway. That being said, now the Sports Illustrated swimsuit addition, it has been that think their women and they've got what's a polite way of saying this, women of all ages and shapes. Healthy. Healthy women healthy their big bone dry less robust, well-rounded plus size splits the triple excise their name names but say lives so they might need a seatbelt extender.

If they're getting on board the Delta or the chaplain.

So anyway and look, I'm not judging I'm just saying you know there's only so much swimsuit to go around.

And so, that being said, speaking of fat women in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition yeah us to a story that you brought to be yeah I did and I know is what I want I want the people and you folks listen to us in Winston-Salem.

This is going to take some getting used to, but we have at this very moment.

We have members, agents, if you well from media matters and the human rights campaign, and several other leftist organizations and they actually pay these greasy haired pimply faced guys to sit in their mother's basements and they've got the good fingertips sheet there stained with Cheetos very untracked. It's very unattractive. There's a good bit of a pungent odor because they don't bathe regularly.

Anyway, a media matters and human rights compare they hire these guys all they do is listen to this radio program and that they write about what we say and often times taken out of context and people say will start just making fun of fat women. No no no no no no no and that brings me to the story from Macy news. I tried to ignore the story that just kept popping up so I finally dissented over from WF BC. That's how they used to pronounce off the radio announcers back in the day in New York City is not WNBC it's WF BC. Anyway, Remi Bader, are you familiar with Hershey tick-tock star now I my tick-tock is filled with videos.

The dogs and recipes for cooking apparently known for her realistic clothing hall videos what is happening close like if I went to enter note target but a bunch of closed and then I post a video of me and the different outfits and say what I like and dislike about the clothes so she's a shopper yes okay then people will be like. I like that. I look kinda like gray something that would look good on me too, and then think about so tick-tock star and shopper Remi Bader claims that she has been offended. She is been the victim of an egregious offense at a horse ranch in Montauk, New York so that she was invited with other tick-tock influencers on a trip organized by a company called the Hampton waterline and when she arrived to ride on the horses.

She was turned away. Now you may ask yourself why, pray tell, was Ms. Bader turned away will, according to a tick-tock post. Ms. Bader says that she was asked to leave the deep hollow ranch because she weighed over 240 pounds and they would not allow her to get on board the horse. I suppose mount the horses at the proper terminology mount.I'm just asking to get in trouble here were already kind of on the edge the camps into her video reads.

I rode horses before and have never had this issue now. The that there is a blog on this on this the horse ranches website and basically they have a rule and it regards how much weight a horse can carry so a writer should not be more than 15% of the horses wait. In other words, they're trying to protect the horse will yeah you want to break the horses back just like you can't put two people on the wars. I guess you cool and you should know you like a little bitty kid open if you seem like you know the cowboy and Indian movies you know there's you never know there's sometimes there's more than one person on the back of a horse fair enough. So anyway, I know all these people are attacking this business of their choosing the business of being fat phobic all my cash but I I would say that I think the horse probably probably said so now no no no no don't know yet where it back in a play that day. I mean I think she said what she rode horses somewhere else.

Which is fine but also I would love to know what kind of horse you rode because you got like little horse big horse East Clydesdale pony there is that different kinds of horses can hold differently.

It just seems to me if I'm the horse you know I'm not stiff and I'm looking and I'm like there's no way that is getting on back of this, you can lead the horse to water but you can't make him drink holy smoke.

So now this poor business is catching all you know what, and I think all they were trying to do is protect the eye due to their not trying to say that she's a lard ass skillet that marinate I know they're not saying that my thing.

It's like neatly even like and I know that writing a horse is different, but there was, you know, terrible tragedy in Florida at an amusement park ride with a let's get on who was overweight and he exceeded the weight limit of the right pilot IQ. We were down there for some thing that's writing much anyway and so it's really for the safety of the people as well because looking back, they should not get on the right the first place because he was over the weight limit and so the strap didn't properly strap insulating for the horse and for you, so get off your high horse and fill out that's magical being that large of a person. Again, I'm just saying it's you know that she is a healthy size just being all the horse the shifting of the weight it would be like no lobbyists right you know where you're on the horses dad and you know again you're the horses writing and you can't center your gravity because you know the thing is like gel hours flight. Yes, terrible. I don't know. It's just like how I don't get the whole fat phobia thing. That is why this is boosting her tick-tock followers and Instagram because I'm looking at her Instagram and I'm not too impressed like any other person.

Look, I don't think I just don't see how this is fat phobia is what is what I'm getting high on either and I remember I am assured the story very much but I can assure story with you.

Gray speaker so back in 2019. I was leading a group to Israel without my body the Duck Dynasty guys Willie Robertson and his wife and that there was a moment in our tour. Where were up overlooking the old city of Jerusalem and they have these camels and everybody said all let's get Starnes up on the camel now. I was willing, I considered it. I'm not a big Heights guy don't like being on top available so I like to be in control, but I can tell you that the camel was there I was like, right there in front of the camel is what it's all let's get Starnes pointing at me and let's get Starnes on top of the camel and the camel looked at me and basically the camel said in whatever language I know we disconnected the camel and I connected us like any puffed he said you though does move along move along now and I respected him. It is the camel's back. When a wino where I can, but to the camel's like you home. We don't want any of that pass for camel.

I will bet for the camel, at least you didn't try to mount the camel know I have never held undeniable. I just I don't know the horse lingo.

By the way, Caleb Parker, managing editor said that somebody that was of great girth mounted one of their horses and the poor horse broke its back seat. You see, I know we have horse I know we have horse people out there and I and maybe maybe they know better than we but I just don't see that this is being fat phobic by banning the fat woman the well-rounded woman.

The woman with great girth. The I'm gotta help me out here.

I listen Amanda on our Facebook put it well.

She said Peter would not like her being on the horse's true and there you go you, you know that's a great point because the people for the eating tasty animals grout their love and that's kind of stuff to St. by the way where to do a special thing to take a break or when we come back will open over the phone lines but we want to celebrate this president trumps birthday and we figure we know the president loves listen to the show and we thought it would be fun over the phone line so if you would like to wish president trumps a happy birthday were let you do that to give us a call 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 this is the side surge backup star galaxy for all these new tracks it might not like I just did in fact not capture hands-free tax from multiple angles for short training sessions for his father with my hand to start recording video clip for contract and fit perfectly good to be don't easy flip for hell. I mean if you're a fan person I think that what you probably not the miniature horses of the donkeys I went back to the time surge radio program. I hope we were able to clear that up for you. By the way real quick were about to have work were about to let you wish president Trump a happy birthday. We got a couple of lines open 844-747-8868 that's 84 474-7886 is going to do that you got a call in right now, but first I want I want to go to Matt in North Carolina on the talk station was to weigh in on the core situation.

No pun intended. Go ahead, Dylan got mad.

Thank you for asking about 10 years ago we took a trip to the Kentucky horse Park to ride horses and get all the stuff out there. I was placed in about 235 and that my weight and I told him and they said if you were five found that a ride and they put me on a big old Belgian draft horse yeah I mean it was a huge source and I pretty much sat back down a lot, you know the rules like 15% of the Lord later.

Something like that.

I mean it's bad for the animal to have somebody that is better than that man did you take offense at that.

Did you think you are being discriminated against, absolutely not. Actually not made me want to lose weight.

I was fine with it now and you think about the animals help in everything I think you ladies do grow up a little baby Jenny Greg happy birthday to Donald Trump. I love it man.

God bless your brother thanks. Recall it in the same boat.

You know I'm in the horse looks at me as I go help you. All right, here's the deal, folks where you have a little bit of fun and working to open up the phone lines and let you happy birthday 844-747-8868 started in Statesville, North Carolina WSI C what you want to tell the president any what you love about our president, Danny or another perfect day for one thing you for on flag day yesterday was Bob that will help on the side for the big boned girls. I appreciate the call. Let's go to Tracy Memphis, Tennessee, K.


AM Tracy what he want to tell our president got a good singing voice and Tracy know how well you amen amen to that.

He's a he's a good man and a great president so Tracy, thanks for calling and let's go to Miami, Florida Anna, are you are you have a birthday bash down there. Anna rating Miami, Florida.

You can I love my weight is 2024 and I love it and thank you. I know the president loves you, Rusty North Carolina what you want to tell our president well said Rusty got a bad phone connection, but we got that 844-747-8868 if you want to wish the president a happy birthday.

I like this music 844-747-8868 let's go to Sylvia and Mein Sylvia what you want to tell the president very high.

Love it. Sylvia well said thank you and God bless you. Let's go to Matt in North Carolina. Matt what you want to say hi Matt, you're on the air. Well said yes he does, that would be a great birthday present to America all right.

Let's go to Oklahoma. The reddest Trump state in America.

Susan, what say you, I love it. Go ahead Susan all right Susan word I know is listening and he's gotta be smiling. Susan, thank you for listening to us.

Let's go to Virginia and Georgia, Virginia what you want, it's all the president all right, Virginia. I know the president heard you were to wrap things up in Georgia with Eileen and Howard hey guys, what's your message to president Trump happy birthday you may come.

How I can't wait to be fun guys and Eileen Howard. Don't be strangers to the radio show. Give us a call back.

One of these days all right boats will look that's gonna wrap it up.


Well done everybody for the full hour grace but happy birthday, Mr. Pres. Happy Flag Day America. We got a lot of great patriots in this audience and God bless you all all right. Have a great what everybody knew galaxy for all these new tracks it might not like I just found did in fact not capture hands-free tax from multiple angles for short training sessions for his followers with my hand to start recording video clip for contract and fit perfectly good to be don't easy flip for easy flip for all these new tracks it might not like the best healthy snacks not capture hands-free tax from multiple angles for short training sessions for his followers my hand to start recording video clip for contract and fit perfectly good to be don't easy flip for

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