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RINOS Betrayed Gun Owners — and the Border is Next

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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June 22, 2022 3:26 pm

RINOS Betrayed Gun Owners — and the Border is Next

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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June 22, 2022 3:26 pm

Sen. John Cornyn, who led the effort to push anti-gun legislation, says amnesty for illegals could be next on their agenda.

Tim Van Horn,  Greta Van Susteren, Rep Scott Perry, and Rep Jim Jordan join the conversation!

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I really gotta stop doing that before the start of the program just got about from someone named Bill Kelly. Not a big frame of the show Starnes you're a crappy stain on the face of Christianity and a Pharisee. I want to see your sick and twisted version of Christianity got flushed to hell where it belongs well and a good day to user a good day to you folks got a lot a lot to get through today I we have some really staggering and shocking developments are coming out of the White House and I will get to that.

A lot of intrigue on the Democrat side. Our good buddy Congressman Jim Jordan is going to be here in just a little while and I looking forward to chatting with him last night something pretty disturbing happened on Capitol Hill and we need to talk about this because there is trouble in the Republican Party. Now we know that the Republicans are known to go wobbly, no doubt about and yesterday we had 14 Senate Republicans led by John Cornyn of Texas go wobbly.

They sided with the Democrats and they are pushing through this anti-gun.

This gun control legislation. Now what's what's fascinating about this legislation.

There's really nothing in the legislation that would have prevented the most recent mass shootings, none whatsoever. Look, I don't have a problem with background checks. I don't have a problem with with exposing a child's juvenile record. I think those kinds of things are important. The problem I have here with this gun control legislation is the red flag law component now under the plan that the Republicans signed on to these Republicans in name only. They agreed to provide block grants to allow states to set up these red flag laws. What is this mean for you.

While this is the this is the open door to your gun safe. Ladies and gentlemen. Now the Republicans will tell you and Mitch McConnell Sen. turtle face himself from a Kentucky will tell you that know this is all about stopping the mass shootings but that's not true this is. This is the Trojan horse. This is the opportunity for the government to go in and to confiscate your guns. Now there to be a lot of Republicans and moderate Republicans out there who say that Starnes that's a lot of midweek your your speaking out the wiser. But that is not true, and we have evidence to back up what what what I'm about to share with you. This is the evidence that we need to be talking about so couple of weeks ago there was a story out of Virginia, where a man who complained it was schoolboard about the transgender bathrooms got a knock on the door from the FBI somebody called and complained about it. This guy a law-abiding citizen. He was engaging in his First Amendment rights. He went to a school board. He raised his issues and went home. Somebody filed a report.

They come knocking at the door what'd they do, they confiscated this guys weapons.

He had been charged with the crime. He hasn't been he hasn't done anything wrong.

All he did was speak his mind, and local school board governor Tom Wolfe of Pennsylvania, and this is from reclaim the They shared the Twitter messages.

The Pennsylvania governor shared an info graphic of how citizens posting photos of guns on social media could lead to the court confiscating your weapons as a matter fact just in place just in case is not clear and by the way were posting this on our website governor Tom Wolfe on his official Twitter page, posted a graphic and he explained this is how the red flag laws work you write something on social media you post a photo of a gun you post a cryptic message. Guess what, somebody's gonna show up at your front door and take away your guns and here's how it works.

This is Jane big is a woman named Jane.

Jane social media contact Randy post photos of guns and cryptic messages.

Jane calls the police. The police petition the court to remove Randy's guns.

The police provide evidence that Randy is a danger to himself or others. The court agrees and temporary temporarily removes Randy's weapons books. This is a Pandora's box that the Republicans are opening here and you better believe you better believe, and especially in left-leaning states that this process will be abused.

But again, none of the proposals. None of the proposals. What happened in your Valley, Texas. As a matter of fact, the proposal says nothing about what happens when the police show up at a shooting and are too scared to stop the shooter. Nobody addresses that of this legislation. Nobody says anything about what happens to the police when they are derelict in their responsibilities and their duties. Nobody says anything about that sort. Sen. John Cornyn and these renegade Republicans.

I got their names on our website and I hope that you take the time to pick up the phone today and call these senators and give them a piece of your mind about their attacks, our Second Amendment, not gonna say something here and it may rankle a lot of Republicans, but honestly I don't care because it needs to be said. How many times have these Republicans been out there campaigning, making all these promises to us. They get to Washington what'd they do they bow down and they worship and kiss the feet of the Democrats. It happens over and over and over and it is not even surprising.

It's almost like I know I feel like the relationship is like a battered wife syndrome right where you keep getting smacked around and you keep going back to the party that's exactly what the Republican leadership is doing to us. Time after time after time after time and they don't care. Now the Democrats to get out there and they campaign on things like you know what, if you put me in office were to work in a take away everybody's guns if you if you like me working up working to attack conservatives on social media, working to shut down their voices. If you like me working to put little boys who identify as girls and your daughters, bathrooms and showers. Goals and you know what happens. As ludicrous as those things are as outrageous as those things are. Guess what happens when they get elected, they follow through on their campaign promises.

Let me ask you a question. Just think about this John Cornyn if John Cornyn, the Republican from Texas if he actually campaigned and and said you know what, folks. I'm a Republican I'm a God-fearing Republican, but I I think we need to pay guns in America. How many Republicans in Texas.

Do you think will be voting for John Cornyn by the way, there's a report out John Cornyn in this I believe is coming from axioms John Cornyn says that amnesty is next on the table so let me ask you, and I'm not surprised by that. I'm really not surprised. I not surprised the rhinos would rather put the well-being of the illegal alien ahead of the law-abiding taxpaying American citizen are not surprised by the week. We kind of expect with the with that with this with this brand of of Republican. But here's what here's what really kills me about these these rhinos.

They expect all the rest of us to bow down and worship. They expect all of us to just sit down and shut up sooner campaign dollars and and donations just deal with just just suck it up and then when the Republicans when the conservatives get in charge.

All of a sudden, we become the bad guys, but the rhinos were the rhinos. It's always there way or the highway for the rhinos if they don't get their way though sabotage.

They did this to Donald Trump. They did every single day of his presidency, the rhinos did that because their person was not picked to us or person. It was jab Jeb Bush was, it wasn't Ted Cruz was jab that you they wanted. So this is where we are right now where you have John Cornyn of Texas and and again going back to John Cornyn look if if he wants if he is anti-gun. That's fine. It's America be anti-gun, but at least be honest with your constituents go out there on the campaign trail and I would just like to see these rhinos be honest. I mean, these are really despicable people because are not honest go out on the campaign trail you 14 rhinos go out there and say you know what, I'm a Republican. I want to take your guns away go out on the campaign trail say I'm a Republican. I want to give amnesty to every illegal in America. You know what I would respect you. At that point.

Yeah, I know you're a far left lunatic, but at least you at least you're honest with your voters honey were talking about 14 individuals who are dishonest and that's a problem. Even Liz Cheney is is conservative on the issue of guns. I mean come on geez little America. So here we go and and this is a tough one here folks on it. It's a tough one but all you people out there you can have a decision to make in the fall who you vote for. I mean you just think about this, you got an anti-gun Democrat and anti-gun Republican who you vote for. By the way you want to talk about getting snookered. Dr. Oz and seals made an interesting observation battle Dr. Oz. Now he's the official nominee. Trump endorsed candidate by the way, all Dr. Oz who spent his entire life.

This entire life being anti-gun Dr. Oz who spent his entire up his entire professional career endorsing trans gender reassignment surgery and and they came out and told us no no no this is the guy Dr. Oz is the gun toting Bible clinging Trump conservative. This is the real conservative ask you is now reporting that Dr. Oz has stripped all of the Trump verbiage from his campaign platforms. What does that tell you what it tells me that if Dr. Oz was in the U.S. Senate.

We would have 15 Republicans would be talking about, not 14 so what you do on election day. Do you cast your ballot for a Democrat who says or to keep their campaign promises or the Rino who breaks their campaign promises. Will you vote for an Italian and this is probably the saddest thing I've ever had to say. But those far left Democrats, the ones who go out there and want to destroy America and campaign on that and then they get elected, and deliverables. Those promises those Democrats are actually more trustworthy than those 14 rhinos who betrayed Republican voters. This is not about good and hear me. Hear me, ladies and so this is not about guns.

This is not about amnesty.

This is about keeping your word. That's what this is about. It's about keeping your word and if we can't find Republican candidates who can keep their word that we may as well just pack up and call it a day, 844-747-8868 fence or toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 our website and again we got all the names listed. You can call and you be polite, be nice. You don't have to go to you want to go full-blown you know Joe Rogan on but that just get your point across. We elected them. This is the Todd Sturgeon there is no doubt the nation is facing a financial crisis because of the blighted ministrations economic policies hi this is Todd start and no doubt our economy is in trouble and you need to take steps to protect yourself of all your money is tied up in stocks, bonds, and traditional market you are vulnerable. Gold is one of the best ways to protect your retirement no matter what happens you own your goal. It's real physical always been valuable since the dawn of time.

Legacy precious is the company I investing in gold. They can help you hold your retirement account wake go back. IRA still own the physical goal also ship precious metals safely and securely to your house.

You know $1 million worth of gold can actually fit inside a shoebox called legacy in 866-528-1903 or visit the online legacy PM legacy PM message from this committee hearing Republican senators be astonishingly clear if you read flat loss at some reflexive response to some emotion that you have, you betray your voters. You are a trader to the Constitution, the Second Amendment, the Fifth Amendment, you do nothing to make mass shootings less likely. You put a target on the back of your constituents to be subject to bizarre proceedings that you wouldn't see in any other type of circumstance that has eight profound impact on your rights and these will be abused they are being abused. I think their son will probably red flags of your colleagues in the Senate. How long until the conversations about kicking Sen. Holly off of aircraft turning to conversations about taking his guns away. See, this is just about guns. It's about power.

With the Democrats want is to ensure that the government has the power to take your guns away without giving you to process and shame on any Republican in the Senate that would pave the way to that type of deprivation of our liberty and our constitutional rights.

As Congressman meditates and he's absolutely right or this is this is a dangerous path were all going down because they will use those red flag logs to attack all of us.

By the way, here's a turtle. While the sky was different this Democrats came our way. Some common sense solutions without rolling the rights law about the result is a product of proud to support it will send more direct funding to community the Haverhill health centers and for mental health in schools well what the Republicans did last night was give the Biden administration. Their first and I do mean their first major political victory as we headed to the midterm elections.

Do you feel betrayed by these rhinos in the U.S. Senate.

844-747-8868 let's go to Alabama big election primary runoff there yesterday.

Bo Brooks not doing too good of fill welcome to the program will and you may have to get my nosy appeals hearing that cut you by Mitch McConnell. Oh my work anyway. I am very just what I tell you what you direct your say a little bit about yell you voters of the bank make this fall, Alabama voters had a decision to make last night that they struck out big time. I cannot believe that they return that they're going to send Katie Britt that for six years and she is nothing but a Rino is Richard Shelby always bought by all of the and I we can win this battle we keep spending John Cornyn and management, and now I have Katie Britt from tech so that you wonderful Rino club well and not to mention Dr. Oz you if in fact he can pull pull off a victory there and and Dr. Oz. It looks like based on the reporting he used Donald Trump and now he is thrown Donald Trump to look to the away side yet to hear something frustrating to make.

I do not understand. I know you like to go with winners and Katie Britt was leading the polls for two weeks. I do not understand Donald Trump endorsing Katie Britt and then saying he's trying to drain the swamp that makes no sense at all know it it doesn't fill and and I understand the animosity.

There are some bad blood between the president and Mo Brooks. II guess that but at the end of day that the rally that's all that's old that's overwhelmed exactly exactly was old news, but the fact the fact is the better person did not win yesterday in Alabama. No moat.

Mo was endorsed by Ted Cruz, Rand Paul just made his chest on the label well till they saw what happened yesterday.

We got about 10 seconds. Or do you feel betrayed by these rhinos who support this gun gun grab baked.

I feel betrayed by the whole mess I'm ready. I'm ready for Georgia. Sorry, I still got a run to hang in there in Alabama. What say you, ladies. It's only 447-4788 68 fence or toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 coming up your calls and we got some weird news about a weather guy who's being attacked by a cancel culture mob. Speaking of torches and pitchforks.

I will be right back America.

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And it happened during the NBA playoffs when a local very popular beloved meteorologist made a comment about an MBA ballplayer.

I want to bring into our studio today. Our good friend he is that the the chief fill-in guest host of the Todd Stern show.

He hosted his own program on TWA. Our flagship station, Tim VanHorn, Tim, good to have you with us hot, it's great to be here thank thank you for having me, and if it's just another hot day and move us a good day for iced tea for sure. Yes it is and use that discount code to get it. Let's talk about Joey Celebrex.

Now you know Joey you were a meteorologist or weather guy here in the Memphis area for very long time before switching over and doing the right thing in coming to radio at exactly what I enjoy for. I've known Joy for over 20 years. We did not work at the same station but I would see him at conferences I would see him locally and he's always been professional. He's the guy that will walk up and ask you and know your family's name, how they're doing. He's the kind of guy that you want in the market so he's a good docket very much so so he's a big Memphis grizzlies fan.

Of course there was that there was a lot going on.

It was a pretty tense rivalry between the warriors and in the grizzlies and he wrote a tweet. Yes he did that, and this goes all the way back to May 7. This was when the grizzlies were in the second round against the Golden State Warriors and dream on grain is a is a troublemaker on the court. He runs his mouth alive feel partial nudge whatever he can to get an advantage and one of the grizzlies players had just gotten ejected for the first time that they had mouth off to the official enjoy rights chew on this. Raymonde runs his knuckle dragging open mouth all game long but mild-mannered Kyle Anderson disputes one call and gets ejected next level jackass rate. So basically was saying because of Neanderthal yes okay I will date well the local sports guy for the commercial appeal got a hold of that tweet and turned it into this big racial controversy that literally went nationwide and everybody was talking about poor Joey Celebrex in the aftermath apologized. He should not apologize. He did nothing wrong and then deleted his account he should not of done that he did nothing wrong and and then the, the TV stations get involved and tell our listeners what happened at that point was that point you get the boilerplate that you on Saturday night one of our staff members made a comment. We do not agree with blah blah blah blah blah of this is gonna be under full investigation will hear your wallet. June 22 and Joey Cella Peck has no idea if he still has a job. So this guy and again a family guy. He's got a wife got kids gotta pay the bills and he's he's at home wait to find out if he's got a job.

Not only that, but he's now had the stink of being essentially called a racist over a tweet if you look at the Oxford dictionary Todd knuckle dragger it in the different there's one there's one definition. A stupid or loutish person has nothing to do with race has nothing to do with anything else other than just being a buffoon. The urban dictionary Todd also reminiscent of the hunched over caveman with his arms on the ground and insult against those of extremely low intelligence or general stupidity. I hear nothing about race in either of those dictionaries, which by the way that newspaper writer cited these dictionaries as a source but failed to put the actual definition in the screenshot he used against them. So it's a set up here and again Evan Barnes, the sports reporter Joey Cella Peck of this is important. He's a white guy and they're trying to make him out like he's a racist which he is not. They set the canceled and the commercial appeal. The newspaper did this they set loose this cancel culture. Bob and now that the TV station instead of standing by and defending their guy and put them back on the air there, leaving him just wondering do I even have a job it not not only is he wondering if he has a job and I I spoke with Joey recently in he's got it's all about reconciliation.

He thinks there's no bridge too far.

That can't be mended.

He's a guy that and I don't know if I'm man enough to do this it if they were to hire him back. Can you imagine going into that building wondering what everybody in that building thinks of you behind your back and I'm sure that there have been coworkers that have maybe reached out quietly because in the media. If you if you were to back joy so that you muzzle go ahead and pack your office supplies and get out.

If you do that openly, but can you imagine going in back to a building where you have been labeled a racist. Nobody had your back publicly. How awkward that would be let alone. Can you even get the stink of being called a racist off whether or not it's true, it's not whether or not he is he is one, it's the seriousness of the charge of the liberal media and Evan Barnes, the guy who made these accusations unfairly in the commercial appeal is a black eye because are all going out there saying well. Joey Cella Peck, white guy, it's important to also identified the skin color of the attacker. In this case, if you're going to play that game you gotta play both you do it you gotta do it right. And on top of that, let's talk about the other player that Joey was defendant pending in the tweet also a black man says right so there you go. So here we are. You made an interesting point go today because again this guy folks is a victim of a cancel culture mob and we see this play out all over. I was just sort of surprised to see it happen here in Memphis but Tim pointed out something about Fox 13 they been using a phrase on the radio on start on the on the TV so anchors, reporters have been using a phrase that quite frankly is far worse than anything Joey Cella Peck said oh it's it it's amazing and it's something that's been chanted at again.

There's a rapper here called Al Capone and this comes from a movie, hustle and flow. There's a song called her Rapp called what that trick. So when I turn it on magician. This is not that kind of a trick now and Todd, I would fully expect you to know what what that trick meant to them. And if there's anybody it's on top of hip-hop culture. It's it's you and me I got I got in trouble for wrapping the themes on the Beverly hillbillies one so I try to steer clear of direct name is LL Kool-Aid Kool-Aid, but you have a you have it you have a television station. Todd that has has set the sky on a shelf you goodness knows is he ever going to come back are they even to make some sort of announcement they are's they were essentially ruining his reputation day by day, regardless of what the truth is, and you have these anchors that are not only going out there and saying this phrase, but there encouraged by the station had a montage that I put together this morning on the show to highlight the hypocrisy and and again what that trick and will just try to clean it up as best we can. What does that mean what that trick the definition which comes from the urban dictionary is when use basically slap your girl for not listening. Some slapping on a good home with a set sidewalk selling.

We prefer that term if not for being a good sidewalk. Sally but so it's okay for the anchors to use that language.

That verbiage on the air but Joey Cella Peck King's is in trouble for something he tweeted, which is pretty innocuous it's it's very innocuous, and in your you would be hard-pressed to find anything that has a racial component to it and it's heartbreaking because for those that don't stand with him on this and think that okay well he's gone. This is over with all know this won't be the end of this will be just the beginning.

Well so so here we are. This guy Joey Cella Peck has no idea if he's got a job. I understand that Cox CO X that's the, the parent company of the Fox 13 here locally. They've actually put out an ad looking for a meteorologist that's correct, they are they now have that that ad out there and if I if I'm an aspiring meteorologist to come to Memphis, Tennessee.

I would think twice about that because if if you know anything about what's going on in town. How can you apply for a job, knowing that your employer doesn't have your back. It's a it's a great point and and my concern here is the message the sins to every other reporter out there. I again this guys do nothing wrong. I think it's also important to him to point out that some of the most vocal supporters of Joey and he's got thousands of people thousands of people supporting him.

Here are in fact black and that's because Joey practices what he preaches and to a person if you if you follow any of his head of the social media posts supporting him. You'll find that he has. He has spent so much of his time. He's the first one to go to the stations school supply drive food drive coat Drive. He's not just in the community. He's a part of it. In the end the listeners and the viewers. They remember those things they know when you're genuine and he is he is the real deal. It doesn't matter what dream on Green has said he's tried to add fuel to the fire. Steve Kerr, the head coach of the Golden State Warriors. I'm not sure has ever met a white man. He's not willing to condemn has been a part of this problem as well. He's been part of the cancel culture and now it's it's simply time to let this man back on the air or at least give him some books. Some some closure. He has earned the respect of this community and they're not giving him one iota and we and and are for our Memphis listeners K WAN will be able it is our flagship radio station in the Memphis area. I mean you guys know Joey solo Peck.

I mean your thoughts about this guy should he be returned to the air on Fox 13 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 and semi-I just have to imagine that Fox 13 is good be taking a plunge in the TV ratings as a result of what they've done to this good and decent man and well they should be any station should be out to serve the people to serve the community and if they fall short of that, then they get every bit of punishment that's going to be coming their way. And shame on the TV station for not defending their guy, you know, Tim, I mean you're an employee of mine here it came from our flagship station and we take care of our our staff.

You know when I can I leave anybody hanging out to dry. No, I I am at a station that has my back. I met a company that has my back all you all you ask his best effort every single day.

I mean that that's an easy standard to hit every single day and for all of these TV stations that have these were on your side. We've got your back on call and bull hockey on that right now on Fox 13 what's go to the phones here James in Arkansas. James you're on the air with the Tim VanHorn what, what's on your mind what you don't have to go back to the old saying you know when they came from this group. And when they came for this group.

I didn't get. And then when they came for me. There was no one to object. It's true, James, and that's one of the reasons why these kinds of stories and the fact that it's here Memphis we been defending people like this all over America. But you know we've got to be able to stand up and defend people like Joey who first of all did nothing wrong but his his rights are being violated right now will not agree with that.

And that's the thing that you know think the biggest thing the Democrats face the worst thing that done.

They they turned into where we don't trust each other where if you didn't do a person of color, mostly what is right, or if you do that so that and I'll think this trust is destroying this nation because we can't trust each other anymore because Democrats have done everything they can to make this trust each other. Well James it's a it's a fine point you raise. I appreciate the call grace I want us to find the newsroom telephone number over at Fox 13 in Memphis. Let's put that on the live show blog and maybe our national audience can help light a fire under that TV station and maybe we can help save Joey's job if that's if that's possible.

All that would be that would be wonderful. And one last thing, how dear Fox 13 take this what that trick and ink and they have every right you can say whatever.

But how dare they do that, but then be judge, jury and executioner and to create a there that's not thereby creating a definition that does not exist on what Joey Cella Peck wrote. How dare them there terms, this was a journalist not not judges. I'm just done that you would have a television station advocating for the beating of the whipping of anyone I don't care if the woman is a prostituted autonomy.

That's just an appropriate all right Tim VanHorn from K WAN Tim, thank you you for always having our back will be right back will know someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full for which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think you calls from iPhone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen.

Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy.

See full for this is terrible, about 13 whether not just for decent guy and I don't care if your numbers are. Below Oregon or Winston-Salem North Carolina. The cancel culture. Bob comes after you you call us in and will help fight will help fight off the mob and again we grace we got the information there on the live show blog. You can call the newsroom directly. I'd we need to blow up the phones today. Folks gotta do it. Let's try to get this guy's job back. Let's go to the phones. Boston, Massachusetts. Connor on the line.

Connor what's going on all happy medium between light what it will all hunt you down and they will get the old country is one where the other construed one thing I will but I was happy to learn it, but I didn't know you are often so you record like mildly and thought a lot about God. Groups of 11� I love you all the Alberta.Wilburn. Or, you know, Connor, it's is a little-known story, but I was actually embroiled in the East Coast, West Coast hip-hop view back to the day and of course I had a dustup with city once so that's his word.

I you got about a minute here a let's talk about the Civil War the GOP field. We do not argue everybody in order, like you never are part and if they keep going on the board and never trump or will I know all there is no for the party that should not Democrats are unified in their ready to go, but you don't get out of the Republican Party is very important background all the new incoming right of problem.

Connor people were were were complaining that I was pointing this out really about six months ago and save the Republicans have to be unified. We cannot be divided and there are efforts right now to divide this party right down the middle and quite frankly may be a three way when you throw in the me know you got the gun gun enthusiast roof were just furious. You got the trump folks. It's a mess out there and all I'm saying is, we've got a country to say everybody needs to get on board here.

Connor got a run great hearing from you. 844-747-8868 fence or toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 thing type. This is the Todd Stern's radio show something you probably do know progressive cannot only offer you a great price when you buy the home and auto round-the-clock protection something you probably don't know the average Oaktree branch can hold 70 pounds something you probably do know your neighbors building up to the treehouse something you probably don't know a falling tree house would take a fence to your home and auto with progressive and get more than a great price get round-the-clock protection something, you know, for the things you don't know your scheduled insurance of the affiliates of reporting services of the deposit terms but in the middle of things or situations from the liver. Universities through you in Memphis, Tennessee hello America radio program now broadcast in 135 cities across this great nation and assumed by the way you folks in Mobile, Alabama, are to be joining the Todd Stern's radio family. So I welcome to all.

I normally don't go right to the phones but we we had a could we had a couple of calls regarding this other guy in Memphis Tennessee named Joey Cella Peck works for Fox 13 and he has been off the air for well over a month now he is being chased by a cancel culture mob and folks in the Memphis area are pretty fired up about those I want to go to the phones we have GG whose listing to us on our flagship radio station K WAN the mighty 990 GG welcome to the show so GG I understand your pretty fired up over this way our work and about 15 people here were all tired at the red and we talked about that but can't media group has held that station 13 states into a new company and we can't figure out who that air bag, somebody fed it on the Internet. We know a company purchased it that we wanted to tell you to not only light at the local station. Epcot media group and the new company that is taking all will definitely do that GG and we have posted on our website. Todd

We have got the we got the phone numbers for the local foot of the local offices and I will definitely attract down and hunt down that information. RP then we are quite dealing mob. Oh, this is GG I'm telling you this is it's got George Soros this is The older of George Soros is got the odor of an T4 and black lives matter and these far left Democrat groups and GG. They just want to shut down anybody that has an opinion contrary to fears but the problem I have with this talking about a basketball game at Jolie Joey Cella Peck said nothing wrong and and he's being crucified for this tiebreak and I currently understand only that you know it, regardless of grade. He had come together to fight regardless of who you are where you come from the end.

Regardless, a great idea and tired. Eddie had just out there fighting for him where both mom and whoever's importing me understand you can't deny know you can and and that's a way to do it.

GG is to take a stand together and that you got a radio station the Memphis K WAN and that's the voice that's a mouthpiece to get the word out to unified to mobilize an end the fight back to you lately that Kim VanHorn and we thank you all right you did you want to give your company a shout out here. I will ordinarily be internal all right all right will keep that on the download, but you please tell everybody we said hello and thank them for listening to the Todd start show all right. Hang tight GG there you go. That's okay said to its ideas or sit around listening.

Just don't tell anybody, all right great to have you with us on this edition of the program of folks you know I'm a huge Newsmax guy and Chris ready his team have been so kind to me and they are making some major moves and I was so excited when I got word a couple weeks ago that Greta Van Susteren was going to be joining the incredible lineup over it. Newsmax and her program. If you haven't seen it.

If you dislike a good news program the way it ought to be done the way it used to be done in your love, Greta's show and Greta is on the patriot mobile newsmaker line right now Greta good to have you with us today. Exciting time and before we get into Newsmax.

I do have. We have a mutual friend in Franklin Graham and I know you do so much great work and charitable work with Samaritans person and of the military, veterans, and I know that that means a lot to you all of the rack time probably at that time Ecuador Cambodia. Three-time Ukraine life. With Ebola, I've been all over the world probably must've lockable humanitarian organization. The guy a lot and any organization. The run smoothly, and every dollar spent wisely and everybody are always going to help other. I'm an organization, I volunteered at bottom I'm I mix this summer this fall.

Rather, I'm excited to head out to Alaska and I get to be working. I just volunteering. I told him I'm good at setting tables up and taken out the trash to be volunteering at this incredible retreat. This ministry, they do for military veterans. I know you you like me that had Lauren and they come home to come home and make a change to get the got your older Dell divide been doing all the finances minimize their role little bit manic. I'm stumped terrible injury, and financial shape but also a great entr�e for a week that is shown on the market, will they go fishing day there. They work on their marriage they work on a high fly fishing and it is the most spectacular bacon when and when one man didn't have any lately, and still together even people in this hundred 50 miles left of anchor to get there by small plane but they had so that everybody can make injured people physically and spiritually and mentally.

They can work on the relationship. Well I'm I'm I'm excited to be able to go and serve our great military troops as this can be a lot of fun Greta. I want to get to this to your great show you had such an incredible and have had such an incredible illustrious career.

Why go back into why jump back in and why Newsmax number of years and loved it.

In fact love that. In fact, when a locking lug on management shifting the way I'm fine work. When I got fired a lot and I bought my contact was made to finance the belief that NBC got fired and then work the voice of America as a volunteer for number of years that Michelle and gray and gray needed to make it show but I love voice America all around the world and I documentary with them on the rocking got in Bangladesh at the library thing had lumped gray on the topic but the problem with the grain voice America number one half hours show not documented by light and it really hard to meet their half-hour instrument you really think him a chance to clean it up.

We can't challenge them because I like 20 minutes to get the other side of the story really hard. It was locked.

Methodology to be fair and I want to be fair that they live and in my blood is just better life is a great experience for both the but I like the full hour and I like to live, although it back to being you daily Dell my life again a little bit busier and I don't regret anything at them, but I prefer life better and live straight because you can't can't can't get over you really really working hard. I was in Foxboro for 15 years and when I was in Chris's give me a tour of the New York facilities in your GC but it's just there's this vibe of your back in the day at Fox, where you know you're just you know something was happening you news. They were building something and you kind of get that vibe and I got that same vibe. When I walked in the Newsmax headquarters that that excitement you, everybody's running around doing multiple things that you just tried to get things done and edit success and exciting place to be these days I might meet around or five decades till it was a job like they all looked like a growing number one route ever and I like start because they rolled the dice and that we have been around for a long time, but the last years is making big changes like rocket Greta Van Susteren on the patriot mobile newsmaker line you Greta your show is it's it's about the news fair and balanced. That's a phrase we used to know back of the day what is your take on where we are in Washington right now without the polarization both why I have around 25 black 40 year all in often find more about winning than what is stopping and when you get that it does get rough and a lot of fighting like it if you think about it that carried the Cold War. We had an enemy common enemy.

We had Russia, though it may still five after 9/11, the great heart ached everything out here that we had is that we had a common enemy, terrorism and lilac that we all work together and work together on right now we don't have a common part anyway so sure that the other guy got a bad motive and that the right and I think that doesn't lead to healthy solutions or compromise now I have family members that very passionate on both sides of the aisle, and yet they don't agree with the other side is wrong. I grew up in the Midwest and what I think link of light years. I want to hear what the other guy. Maybe I'm wrong and we don't have that much luck. You are never sure problem.

6 o'clock Eastern on the record with greater Van Susteren was going up on the show tonight, former secretary of education book about education and I chapter can you look at the narrator Peacock education chapter talks about what can be what we can do, how we can think the current education model not working male graduation rate by look at the way you look at the people working different down each of the work is much like to think that it might be time that we get back in the ordinary routine education model that we've been working with for new ways to educate really really make it good for everybody. Chapter 10 really caught my attention because of inspirational looking for what we can do they really want rocket for about gas includes awful mad not no way no other way by the Holiday coming up but I democratic effective treasury under Clinton, not if not, I work for long.

And frankly I don't think different, or four dollars and yes, that had Asterix ready to take a break here so it's been great to have you.

Would love to get you back on down the road and congratulations Newsmax is blessed to have you on their staff are I Greta Van Susteren everybody that he was hosed over it Newsmax TV.

They keep growing and growing and growing your grace back Baker back of the day. My office was literally extra Greta staff a back room. He had the housing project offices. Foxhunting is growing all right were so terrible and I do this I wish I should've known something was up when they finally got us these lavish offices, says either you are like this is not a good sign. It is like going to your last supper before they send you. That was it.

That was it. I we gotta take a break here folks, 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Sgt. someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full four which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think you caused my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy. See full four way heading out next month to month after next. I'm driving through Winston-Salem North Carolina and I do need grace Baker really need some help here because I want some good rest restaurant recommendations. I've got my pen and paper out. So if you're if you're listening to WSJ as an Winston-Salem you guys need. Let me know where I need to go to have a meal and if anybody says Olive Garden are banned from the show grace. We got an old hello guys I'm always looking for great burger and a great chili dog and delivered by Nora to get good biscuits that's biscuit there you go get them as a sponsor. We sing your praises Havel book with biscuit and that striatal our daily biscuit online I should at least get a discount yeah are eight 844-747-8868 is her toll-free telephone number. Let's go to Memphis, Tennessee. Bob on KW a M hey Bob what's up called and: support for our homeboy Joey solo yeah yeah I met him several times good of a person you could ever meet, and you can tell it by all the bonds that he gets from his hometown folks and all the canceled cultures is a bunch of trolls on their kind gin up a conflict between the different families of the stations and everything like that.

We need to flip the canceled culture on it.

And that and attack them with some of the tactics that they hit us with.

We need to boycott the station to show them so the ratings drop in the value that new acquisition that they have there probably some contingency in there on certain things staying in a certain way based on earn out some sort.

So we need to start pounding that phone number and where no spokes out and turn the TV off the switch channels on Bob. I think these are great ideas that you have and we actually have the phone number of the TV station on our live show blog. Also, we've got information about the new owners is sort of a weird conglomeration but Apollo is now a majority stakeholder in the Cox TV world reposting that information there for you as well. I think GG listing to us in Memphis and her colleagues were with that info Bob God bless you, you keep listening to K WAN there to be fighting for you every single day.

All right if lines are open and I do need a good restaurant recommendation Winston-Salem 844-747-8868 Congressman Scott Perry covered up next galaxy flip for all these new taxes might not like he's at the park. I found it in fact not capture hands-free text from multiple angles capture training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for compact and fit perfectly in my pocket don't easy flip for both. Let's get right to the patriot mobile is Baker line honored to have with us runs the great state of Pennsylvania Congressman Scott Perry, chairman of the house freedom proctors Congressman hope you're doing good today are to do great with what the left burned down our country, but I'm doing the best I can well and I gotta tell you your your your colleagues in the Senate on the Republican side are not being a very helpful to us in stopping that from happening. When he gets away in real quick on two items.

First of all, this gun control legislation 14 Republican senators signing on with that with the Democrat, your reaction, I don't know how you can take an oath to uphold the Constitution and then vote to take away people right to due process. I'm not really sure how they swear that but I will be squaring it. I can tell you that I won't be supporting anything like that. Once again we want to disarm law-abiding citizens and allow the criminal element just to continue.

And I remind everybody that while were all horrified.

Quite honestly, unfortunately, on a daily basis from things that are happening around the country and especially in the major cities. The Democrat in the left run cities you know the solution is not to disarm law-abiding suit solution is not to just walk away from our constitutional rights that enshrine what the good Lord is given us so you know when when someone goes into a school and choose the place up for when someone shoots another person and kills them there. There are multiple felonies happening there.

They already know it's against the law I died. I suppose unfortunately that there they're not interested in following the law. So adding another law will follow seemed hardly to be a solution to me. Congressman, the gun laws that are currently on the books are those sufficient. Do we need any other laws. Are we good with what we've got it, we would enforce what we have. We go a lot further than what we are now, but of course you have the absolutely soft on crime left right now that letting criminal literally out of jail or or refusing to prosecute them. So that's certainly not helpful.

And then we have other provisions of law that that are just being ignored most states travel what's called like something like a Baker provision of a great Baker law regarding mental health, but it requires you to take action in the course in these times where you gotta be careful what pronoun you use.

People are reluctant to to call out somebody that they think that the significant medical illness challenge that might be a danger to themselves or the body and so these people that are in that circumstance are allowed to wander about freely and commit mayhem of these laws are on the books now, but once again, if you're not willing to force them.

They have little or no effect on the patriot mobile newsmaker line Congressman Scott. Chairman of the house freedom caucus Sen. John Cornyn is leading the charge here for the Republicans. Afterwards he made a quip about amnesty being next. We now know a statement coming out just a few moments ago from his office. He says that was a joke. Punishment did you find that joke very funny now I don't find a joke.

I don't find any of it be a joke, but we know that. I don't out between two and 8000 people are illegally crossing our borders on a daily basis including the very worst criminals from other countries that are disgorging their criminal population into the United States. I don't find it to be a joke when we have 107,000 poisoning conventional debt in the last year and the courts were on track to just continue at record levels this year that you know American sovereignty and in the rule of law. The laws that the law-abiding live under and choose to abide by is an important concept and to make light of it, especially in the state of Texas. Especially with what else that you currently involved in, I think is very very bad sign and it's and it's in really poor form. I understand raw human people that think that we quickly would have, but III fail to see how he doesn't accept the gravity of the situation, especially with the reception he just recently received in his own home state. I'm with you Congressman. I'm very disturbing. These kinds of comments, especially with what's happening at the border. I mean we have a full-blown invasion underway and that tells me that Sen. Cornyn does not take this very seriously. Well it sure thing he doesn't and I know it's frustrating. We can't stop the administration from failing to faithfully execute the laws at the Constitution provides good you do wonder statements like that are made. Is there a realistic endeavor or interest in doing what the legislature can do, which is stopping the funding to the administration on the Holy Ghost level to try to bring that deal to at least follow the law and of course some would consider these things, impeachable offenses, but if you're not even going to vote the rain and then financially. Are you willing to lead one to believe that you really would be willing to both the old someone like the chief executive or and in particular case just that rep. Sec. Mallorca to hold them accountable for the laws that they mail to faithfully execute and that I would stay in the strictest sense, are not only breaking but butter will actively discouraging the following of US law, which in itself. It is a crime of omission if not one of omission do not willing to do these things. These are serious things and I'm not sure that that you're in the right place for your constituents to be sure Congressman will click here and I appreciate your time today I want to go back to this gun issue. And again. The whole point of my greatest concern. Out of all this was the red flag law component because that that is the Trojan horse to getting getting guns away from law-abiding citizens. A case in point of this report coming out of KS a T television in taxes you Valley where one of the teachers who was killed her husband, who happens to be a police officer for the school district was on the scene and he was detained and they took his gun away from him and escorted him off of the scene. This is a man who could have actually done something to say people and they disarmed a law-abiding man who was supposed to be armed in the first place. And disarming the law-abiding allowing the audit not abiding to arm themselves to the teeth and then have their way over a hapless, helpless and defenseless body it again. We don't know everything that transpired all the work during more reports including at least today, very disturbing information and to be following up with legislation that will change dramatically the face of freedom in America seems to be a knee-jerk reaction if we need is a reason that white underserved fixed term or six-year term because they're not supposed to be swayed by the gravity and the emotions of the moment. They are supposed to look very thoughtfully at any policy changes and it doesn't appear that that is the case.

On this occasion very very concerning all Americans to you want to have their rights recently restored and upheld and that when I headed in that direction right now we are trying to do everything in Canada freedom caucus to highlight that this is not where the American people want to be. Even though the object of what obviously horrific events that happened and you've all be and across the country on Oak on almost daily basis and in expressing our major cities but this isn't the answer. The answer is not the disarmed law-abiding real quick before let's go Congressman.

How would you describe what the Republicans did to law-abiding gun owners or I don't like it that you we each take an oath to uphold the Endicott fusion and that when you're stripping somebody a way to understand that the red flag law that your paper or somebody that you had a disagreement with that worker.

Somebody just plain doesn't like you can can offer an ex partake, which means you're not present to tell your side of the story to go to the judge and say I think this guy the danger in the first thing they do is complicate your weapon.

Then talk you about it later that that that that that that's not the due process and we have a right to due process in the country.

Just because you're accused doesn't mean you're guilty and they're essentially just turning that on its head and I just wonder if there if there if they forgotten their oath that they forgot what the Constitution says or how they tried to rationalize that this is the right thing. I can't get it. There are to buy but it sure seems pretty obvious to me that this is not what they signed up for not with their voters asked them to do when they when they put their trust in Congress and leave it there. We appreciate your frankness. We appreciate you standing up for freedom and liberty in defending our great Constitution and let's just hope those Senate Republicans get it together. Thank you, Congressman. Thank you.have a good grade.

They got what you do as well. It's it's it's befuddling and you can hear the frustration by the way, Steve Scalise, Congressman Scully says they are whipping Republicans in the house to fight against the numbers that they just don't have the numbers 844-747-8868 you know I want to go to the phones report. We have Bev in Eades, Tennessee listing to us on K WAN melodic. Anyway, I'm a listers today Bev, welcome to the program. What's on your mind Kelly, yes, the weather.yes 100 and Kelly not getting every right not like to say that Kelly and I know that anything like I have no idea what the term knuckle dragging was determined to be right. Is there anyone out there that can explain when because I actually like a diverse take on a number of years at a Fortune 500 company and I get a lot of contact Mark.

I never want that one time yet. I always wondered about that is there is a is there some sort of a company is a nonprofit they sit around and just decide. Okay moving forward. This word is racist. You can't say this word or that word if you're white person you can't does anything about fry chicken or collard greens and and honestly Bev, I was I've seen that where you for example in Nashville there is and what is the name of the Lipscomb University, the president of Lipscomb University came under fire because he hosted minority students and his wife decorated the. The dining room table with cotton balls from that she got for my one of the pier one imports or whatever. So the question is your right and it's a great question. Who gets to determine what is and what is not racist. That's a good question about what together during this training people to come together.

What you are finding a baseline one American belief my everyone that white blaze display times to every angle right here that may be underwritten a book it would be very happy, but I think this is a crazy idea and because I am white. I'm conservative I'm a Baptist and I'm from the south so I trigger people just walking into a room so you're right, this will be very helpful. Maybe a pocket guide so you could just screw down Bev. I like the way you think your what I love it. Bev somebody call me a cracker once and I said I'm you know I don't like that term. I don't like that term I said I prefer saltine American like what I've been called worse. I Bev you know you you made the right choice by listening to K WAN the body died 90 I can promise you there to be fight for you every day in Memphis, Tennessee. Thank you all right, Bev. Take care now. I like Bev. I hope she gives us a call back. She makes a lot of sense.

We gotta take a break here 844-747-8868 have you made the switch to patriot mobile.

America's only Christian conservative wireless carrier. I love these guys. Folks, they stand up for freedom and liberty in America and that's why I am so glad to be a partner with patriot mobile. By the way they got great nationwide coverage. They have plans to fit any budget.

If you're a veteran or a first responder there to give you an even better discount bigger discount all you need to do to get information is go to patriot That's patriot and if you use my promo code Tiger to get free premier activation and an additional discount that's patriot or give them a call 972 patriot.

That's 972 patriot is going to be dropping rulings on Thursday and Friday. Normally they just do a one day but to be dropping rulings of the decisions on Friday for your planning. I will be in the anchor chair of the rest of the week so I normally on this in the summertime I don't like taking a full week off.

I just I'm just like that so I just take off on Fridays during the summer time but because of what could be happening. We are going to be here and we will be on providing you live analysis if in fact the Roe V Wade ruling is overturned or if the justices were swayed by the Bob all right, let's go to the phone zero 844-747-8868 let's go to Patty and North Carolina WS ICR great affiliate there hi Patty, what's up my blighted boiling on me. I carry I live alone. Mike made my daughter she's 40. But beware, clear a lot in the area where we may very rule everybody character and Richard were on was one of 14 all in began anybody back in time. I bought you. That's it for you Patty, I suspect you're not the only one I want to bring in a Tim from North Carolina on the talk station a few miles away from you, Patty Tim. What say you, I mean Patty's right your two senators voted for this. Oh, absolutely. And I wanted to concern and outrage and already called them.

I did get to talk to one person mostly listen. Yeah, I'm calling today to apologize to the country for our senators and yet absolutely because Patty knows this old burner there. I called him a long time ago. He got the nickname the invisible man you never heard from him.

He never really did anything you never tried out legislation and that it was very safe on the way out is not turning and so very safe and I let him know you not. I know they got their marching orders. I noted that all out� Got reelected six years. The forget yeah this is pretty good mood here.

Well, I told him I'm done like that and I'm done.

Never again and I will absolutely send money to anyone who will challenge you and not the primary will Patty and Sam. The music were coming up against the hard break here so I you guys have to call back in and I thank you for listening to us.

You don't need to apologize. Your senators do we know that there are good, good, God-fearing, gun toting patriots or North Carolina.

See you guys hang tight. Hey, if you're on hold or get into your Joe Ellijay RJ in Georgia.

This is the Todd search radius and will be right back. Someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full four which allows me to do more things at once. Much now you because my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy. See full four liberty University through viewing movies to see George a law that would allow confiscating firearms unconstitutional. Legally, from American citizens were not charge much less convicted than many Republican senators such as Johnny or Shelley work reportedly voting yes on believe that's true, but apparently it is Sen. John Cornyn, the lead Republican negotiator was going far left in recent years is currently celebrating on the Senate floor because he can only Ukrainians are allowed to have done processing, shaking hands with Chuck Schumer. His close friends representing the voters of Texas know, but apparently John Quan isn't just stopping with guns is has his sights now on immigration court was seen smiling while speaking to Democratic Sen. Alex Padilla's" first guns. Now it's immigration has there ever been a greater more brazen sellout of any group of voters. Republican Senators Mitch McConnell, John Cornyn and the rest are doing right now.

Talk about a subversion of democracy if they keep this on the system will collapse you have to represent the interests of your voters.

That's why you're there and and Tucker person is absolutely right.

And of course we have all 14 Republican senators named and shamed over on the website you can find that information in Todd Stern' welcome to our three of the program.

I want to go right to the patriot mobile newsmaker line are great to have with us.

Our good friend from the Buckeye state Congressman Jim Jordan Congressman, welcome hello Congressman how are you all good to have you with this Congressman real quick before we get into the Stephen Colbert story we get your reaction to the decision last night by 14 Republican senators to quite frankly betray American gunowners totally wrong to get that I hope to think it doesn't happen, but I think you get your you're right in the way you portrayed any coming together even that you you talk to your voters about standing up for the second and then when you get all the doubt when you're when you head out the door you decided to something different and go against the very voters who gave you the opportunity to serve in the United States, and it so the thing is that it's wrong On the Second Amendment and and of course the scary thing is this red flag concept is so just so harmful to how our country is supposed to work, someone like you baking to report you to a federal judge reported along the Thursday hearing you've not been charged. The client would be at that hearing no lawyer at that hearing, and they can take away your property mournfully take away your Second Amendment liberty and then you have to go to a subsequent hearing and get those right back and get your property back in the state of the proof goes from the government having to prove beyond a reasonable doubt you a clear and convincing how bad it is and I do the right state with money to put in place that kind of a law which violate due process filing second in the right it is wrong to get know you're absolutely right there and in Congressman. I know that you fired off a letter to the chief of the Capitol police wanting to get information on this what some are calling an insurrection by Stephen Colbert. Seven of the staff members were arrested in the Longworth House office building.

I know it's I mean you want to laugh, but that the the fact of the matter is they are accused of doing exactly what many of the January 6 people were accused of doing. Yeah it it once again the double standard that you know one set of rules for the elites and for the lefty in a different federal or or a regular American felt big take away here though is the day the big take away is. I thought the January committee was supposed to be the most courtroom committee in the history of the Republic, the most solemn and serious investigation ever conducted by anyone in the annals of American history and yet the same time, those same people who ironically the Democrats are letting in that that that you the comedy crew from the Comerica I can't have it both ways, but they try to have it both ways they can accused think the College of Art very long look at doing for the Q completed investigation anything like a letter that there was nothing wrong.

I think we trainer people look for surveillance and reconnaissance. There was nothing of the sort complete exoneration. What a generous gift to me for a while.

No, don't think he didn't like their lying though this is the part that frustrates American. I think Congressman what are you looking for you. You sent this letter. What kind of information are you in search of who they were or how long they were here where the money is not the actual video like the real thing evident that the Capitol police talk that the Capitol police had that that that that that compelled them to detainee people arrest the people I want to see all the other what looked like after all, you know that that's the kind of stuff they try to do the Barry Loudermilk Emily got evident.

We found out that Barry love Mike not done anything of the sort that take you see those headlines posted. Not it ought nodded all it is again on the meat that I let you in your show at like you got it the truth out there. When the major credit doesn't Congressman. It's is also a lot people we not be aware that a lot of these people who are arrested for 16 were literally invited into the capital. The police officer stepped when I thought about the folks doing violent stuff were talking about good law-abiding American citizens and many of those people are still in jail being held without bond that we need to know. We can't forget those people know and we can't forget the FBI agent to come to with the Lord and hold it that there being that they bought their security clearance simply because on their day off on January take them in their stop. They went to the rally going to Haven't been charged with the crime been investigated whatsoever, but they want to secure inquired simply for going to a rally exercising their First Amendment right to assemble and exercise 3 feet so we need to meet we need to remember those individuals as well. We are focused on the midterm elections and is just a reminder every single day. When you look at the economy and again the it's gonna get worse. We know that that's what the experts are telling us farmers are telling us to prepare for food shortages.

What what are you hearing Congressman, how bad is it going to get between now and election day. Well we we currently hope we can avoid recession and a man.

I hope we can, but I gotta tell you that the defendant done one thing right, but I cannot complete one thing they've done right.

One thing that been beneficial for our country beneficial for families beneficial for working-class middle-class families requested that I don't know one thing will promote secure border to calculate the director, crime went from energy independent, five and six dollars gap. We went from stable quite a �41 inflation. We see what happened in foreign policy with Afghanistan, and I haven't even got into the attack on the person and talk about the dam and the one thing right. The only way you're going to stop.

This stuff is like Republican in the midterm and then we can hopefully hold Biden to a stalemate on a lot of this and begin to move things back in the right direction.

I am very nervous about what I will Congressman leave it there always good hearing from you and stay cool this summer. We will Congressman Jim Jordan everybody on the patriot mobile newsmaker line and it is good because I I still I still have hope.

Where were going to be able to make it through this, but is to be tough to tighten up our belts of their organ to be food shortages. Jobs are going to be scarce.

It's going to be at. It's gonna be a long haul and the many of you are already feeling the pain we have seen that at the gas pump. We see in the grocery store, no doubt about it were just gonna have to keep fighting every single day.

844-747-8868 Pres. Biden by the way, unveiled an item and I'm not sure if he meant to to to let this out of the bag, but he did. He was asked a question by reporters about money for, of all things.

The China virus cut number two place for all.

How much of this line seems very small, is there and how many nations can't believe you through lease this year really. We do need more money. We don't just need more money for vaccines for children eventually we need more money to France for the second pandemic pandemic. Think ahead is not something last outfit did very well as something we been doing fairly well that's what we need the money.

Did you hear what he said there's going to be a second pandemic now can we just talk for a moment just briefly marketing of the insert slang type.

Can we talk just for a moment about the China virus. Now when you go back to the early days of of this virus of the pandemic. There was a narrative and the mainstream media, the government, the CDC everybody was advancing this narrative.

They told us the hospitals were filled to overflowing, when in fact they were not. I provided the video evidence and they said all this is a conspiracy theorist. They told us that the Basques would keep everybody safe. Turns out they did not they told us that the vaccine was perfectly safe for young people, and now we have a record number unprecedented number of young, very healthy, vibrant young people literally dropping dead and they're telling us it's all a coincidence. So here's the problem in Washington DC right then why many intelligent people in the White House press Corps. They just got kids right out of college to about anything that is going to college. They got no context I be back in the day we used to have your 4050 60-year-old men and women in the White House press Corps and they were there because they worked their way to the top. They had life experience they had seen other political issues come and go.

They had context, but now you does have a bunch of stupid college kids who want to get a Sophie with the president and they don't know anything because had somebody been there with an ounce of common sense. If they just had the sense the good Lord gave a goose that would assemble while away when a second, Mr. Pres., what what you mean by that what you mean. Second, pandemic what's going on there now.

They're probably going to come out and and and walk this back but I don't think I don't think the president is making this up. I think they are plotting a second pandemic and I would say this. I know they're telling us well you know it's all a coincidence. Yeah, it's just a coincidence that all the kids are getting the shot and then there dropping dead it's it's a coincidence that Justin Bieber got vaccinated now have the spaces paralyzed is just a coincidence. All these things in there to say the same thing from the midterm elections will guess what. The second pandemic is going to hit probably in September probably October and what's going to happen here to get every single precinct house shut down and working at the vote by mail you watch you watch to see how this will play out there to stand before the cameras and say well you know sister coincidence that sister coincidence you watch you pay attention America art was good. Our good friend Ellijay Georgia show on the line Joe big primary day yesterday for you guys right so yes it was. Then we had a very interesting result of a guy name Dr. name Dr. Richard McCormick at a super victory. Dr. McCormick is a doctor, he's a Marine is just got his Masters degree in business from Georgia Tech is just a great America and he wanted a huge victory over Trump supported Jake Kevin J can trot binding yet doing great.

Yeah, the just a lot of Pompeo and yet Dr. Dr. McCormick on what's interesting about this dog is the great story Todd Ron good Bob you the campaign manager had told him about two years ago with Dr. McCormick saved his life and now yesterday Ron good Bob led the way brought you victory for all for Dr. McCormick so I think that would be a movie. And anyway, also, here's the good news for you: Republicans together both rich and good Barbara Gottlieb away to Fort Brian Kim for governor and and Herschel Walker were said so I am really excited about the whole party coming together and they're going to work very hard as I am to to elect both virtual Walker and and the governor can't go reelect him because that's the most important election America the we beat Warnock that will give us control the Senate bill, I'm really fired up and I want to share the judge appreciate you doing that week we got to take a quick break here, but I appreciate you calling in and give us an update there in Georgia. What a mess.

Some of those reasons are all right 844-747-8868 will be right back galaxies. He slept for all these new taxes might not like he's at the park. I found it in fact not capture hands-free text from multiple angles for short training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for its contract and fit perfectly in my pocket galaxies. He flip for now.

You and not good news with Pres. from New Hampshire this a brand-new polling data out Florida Gov. Rod DeSantis is leading Pres. Trump in New Hampshire.

If the there was a primary today.DeSantis would beat, trot, 50% to 43%.

So this this information out there just this poll just released.

Also, DeSantis says that he's not to be seeking Trump's endorsement. What I here's the deal. Folks if Trump once the nomination is going to get, but if he doesn't well DeSantis is in a pretty good spot and he wants to keep his powder dry because he's gonna want that endorsement from Trump.

If, in fact, Trump decides not to run our let's get to the phone zero 844-747-8868 was go to Memphis, Tennessee, JCL the line KW AMR flagship station there.

Hi JC how are you today how I like your got that would be that would be correct.

Go ahead Jason Locke.thanks thinking that the lead weatherman off the air for something about a race that he did needed by either think that word I don't know what I think the gospel JC one of the one of the challenges is that when the canceled culture. Mom comes after you. There's normally there's nobody there to defend you and I can tell you that it then in Memphis I KW AMR flagship station there to be fighting for Joey and there to be holding Fox 13 accountable. The, the parent company which is apparently Apollo. We got all that information on our live show blog but you know there really hope you were to be holding them accountable this. It's a weird kind of a fusion between Apollo and Cox so I will support as he does mark a lot like people and black people what they're doing to him it's it's appalling JC and it's imperative that all of us stand together even if you got 25 or 50 people marching outside Fox 13 headquarters that's gonna make a statement but when you got a full radio station and really a national radio show broadcasting in 135 cities of those are a lot of people and and I think that will be able to use those people to try and sway. Try to encourage Fox 13 to do the right thing. JC, I think we deathly well and I will keep my all right. You go girl like that. Sorry. Thanks Jason. Appreciate the call so gracefully not to say go girl. Sorry, it just slipped out. Never again please. Thank you. My apologies should call myself all right, Harris is turning on Joe Biden we have some very interesting information coming out of the White House intrigue castle injury really getting to that I do you pledge allegiance to the Afro-American flag. Do you ladies and some of the place of all you think about is mind blowing. 844-747-8868 galaxies he flip for all these new taxes might not like I did in fact not capture hands-free text from multiple angles for short training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for its contract and fit perfectly in my pocket galaxies. He flip for that of all the holidays in June.

I mean you got your team to get Father's Day your God. What they don't know your birthday.

Pride can't forget the first day of summer they will first day of summer yet I think is national cupcake day a few days ago think today's national kissing day okay were going to pass on that but so there's a lot of stuff going on but I track yes and and I'm curious if, if you guys celebrating Juneteenth a teacher was captured on video and we have this video she was captured asking her children asking the children of the class to raise their fist in the air and Pledge of Allegiance to the well just take a lesson one.

See you just what's what's what's wrong with the current Pledge of Allegiance. It seemed to me that pledge covers everybody right and what's wrong with the red white and blue that flag. I know they've got the of their own flag is bathroom flag. What's wrong with the American flag the red white and blue.

Seems to me that under that flag. We are united under the pledge.

We are united, but done now and whatever I can have their own version every people group is going to have a pledge because her never to learn anything if you have to Pledge of Allegiance to the right one is the rainbow flag. Maybe Grace may wish to come over there or on Pledge of Allegiance unbelievable. 844-747-8868 is our telephone number. I let's go to North Carolina Keith on the talk station little fired up over his senators hi Keith what's up call both of them up and I didn't get hurt but I got it and I let them out for one did not agree with them taking upon them felt that the authority go to Washington and reroute the cot. Guilherme arrived. It's really sad what's happening in North Carolina Keith and you guys are pretty conservative state, but unfortunately so many people have moved in from out of out of state that they literally change the political nature and makeup of five North Carolina but I have another quick note that had never been a greater I wonder what the speaker is going to be that they come in. I think your weapon what the gonna be to get him back because at the meeting criminal rule will not apply if it's anything like double bill for your log to the guns were taken to prove he felt the burden of proof will not vote and that worries me because I lost my and that it was my right, but great difficulty getting back it's a long process and keep time with you on this.

I mean, that was that's my only concern out of all of this, not to mention that none of the legislation would've stopped any of these mass shootings the. The issue is once they take those guns away. It's next to impossible to get them back one level. You have bought from someone and they want to bother someone else and you have no idea you don't have a record of member through all think that they can get the casual great plan, try, try, try this one you. You've got a lot of military person a lot of veterans coming back from serving in war, many of them were injured. These are heroes and some of them are suffering from PTSD. Their guns could be taken away easily and easily I am" in the first place. The first problem but I think that occurred when you go back to court him back now know life, liberty, or property shall not be taking without law without me after you cross the ball. My book but I didn't want the court rule, however they want to do it and and that's what got my biggest fear with all the keys appreciate the call. Let's go to Ohio Mason Nathan what's on your mind.I had a question for all the lawmakers present for everyone who passes been built. I just want to know. I will now love one of them to come onto your show and want to know if they can guarantee that Bill has been packed and want kind into law that they can guarantee there will never be another gun related crime or another mass shooting. I think that's wow that's brilliant it's it's a great point you know what's can happen there to pass all these laws there's give me another mass shooting there and have to pass even more laws and eventually their disk and outlaw guns.

That's all that's where this road leads to learning to disarm the American people and the right side on them you want. I'm a little concerned about lawmakers and about their Secret Service so that mean the red flag up. I called them and those all go all the way to its great point Nathan, thanks for the call. What Nathan speaks the truth here.

Hey, I got to share the story with you.

Dick Morris and he's a regular on Newsmax used to be Bill Clinton's guy back in the day and that he now you say is, back and forth on conservative, liberal, whatever, but the guys got great sources, impeccable sources in our nations capital and Dick Morris is saying that there is tension between Biden and Connolly Harris and is been heating up, and that's one of the reasons why you been seeing some of these ugly reports coming out at you all.

For example, during Don lemon show were Don women was questioning whether or not Biden has the mental capacity to do the job. So it turns out, according to Dick Morris that Biden's aides are leaking stories, blasting Harris because they're concerned she's going to try and invoke the 25th amendment and remove Biden from office now. The information we're getting from our sources matches up with what Morris is saying about Biden's mental capacity being greatly diminished and there the sources he's got.

They say that it's getting worse that the dementia is becoming more noticeable.

It's harder to control. It's harder to camouflage and Dick Morris says quote I believe there may be a move coming to invoke the 25th amendment against Biden and replace him with Harris now what you think about so just think about this.

I'm I'm not saying this is inevitable. But if the Democrats are looking to shake things up as we get closer to the midterms. What better way to do that, then to have Biden leave office Connolly Harris comes in.

She put silo booted judge in his VP so you got the whole identity politics crowd there and that might possibly motivate people excuse me to go to go and get out the vote. I don't think it's going to work but I think the Democrats are really scrambling to grasping at straws, they got nothing. They got nothing. The whole ministrations. A dumpster fire so they could possibly try and make this move sometime over the summer and again this is why you are starting to see people like Don women and do not look this was a big deal for Don women to come out and actually question the White House press secretary about whether or not the president's gone/crazy nuts are likely to take a break your 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868. All I gotta tell you about Greta. She was just on the program a little while ago Brenda Van Susteren now on Newsmax TV and that she is tearing it up folks every night 6 o'clock she is sharing real news. No spin on Newsmax the record with Greta Van Susteren. Everybody's talking about the show.

By the way, you can listen your interview go back and check out our podcast. You need to watch Newsmax find out why millions of people are making the switch.

They love the programming. By the way, I'm on every Thursday afternoon, so you gotta watch me as well.

If you want information on Greta Van Susteren. All you need to do is get out your smart phone and text the word Greta 230 9747 that's Greta 230 9747 folks make the switch Newsmax today. It really is real news for real people galaxies let for all these new taxes might not like best selfies of facts not in capture hands-free text from multiple angles. For sure training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for its compact and fits perfectly galaxies. He flipped for his radio program for try to convert as many left revelation.

We really so if you know a liberal thought in your family, get the goals of the program. Give them a call into the show and we can actually convert them on air.

We can if it's part of a public service. We do here on the program. By the way, if you haven't done so, you need to check out the Todd Stern's show store.

We have great products Harris about T-shirts. ALL of my books, including the new one. Our daily biscuit devotions with a drawl loved to sign a copy for you and Pres. Trump now weighing in on what the Republicans did.

He said the deal on gun control being structured and pushed in the Senate by the radical of Democrats.

With the help of Mitch McConnell rhino Sen. John Cornyn of Texas and others will go down in history as the first step in the movement to take your guns away. Republicans, be careful what you wish for the president as has been true from day one is always correct. By the way, if you don't follow us on Instagram, you should we posted a photograph.

Yesterday I got to visit with the president and when he was in Memphis Tennessee and had a good visit with them and that you should follow us on the Instagram art.

Let's go to the phone 084 474-7868 David and Arkansas what's on your mind: this morning bright and early on came out wrong about this bill gifted and course when you call Bozeman. He's more wishy-washy than a wash machine and not invoke form in the primary book they likely wouldn't it wouldn't is spokesman wouldn't give me an answer, day or night you want to blow so I did call the call log well and when the word is well like my name and number. Thank you for your call, David. You're doing the right thing. I know it takes a little bit of time, but to call their offices and give your opinion that matters to me.

They do take down the information so you are making a difference and folks I know like for example, here in Tennessee we got two great pro-Second Amendment Senators Marsha Blackburn Bill Haggerty so what we need to be doing at all you Tennessee folks you need to be calling of the North Carolina sinners and that we've got folks we just have to put pressure on these folks. They have got to do the right thing. Are you David God bless you and I thank you for listening is bigger is this real audio only, you're not pulling a fast little me know. I did not make this up even think lives of tick-tock for this one. So lives of to talk. Have they found something discover some audio now you know with you.

What is it to Juneteenth and BLM in all this, so it was set the stage horse. What is this what are they describing so you know it's that time of year is this woman describes where white people like to go get a tan. I mean, I like to go get a tan who doesn't like to get a little sign. You don't look pale as ago. What is the Bible say dark and calmly the first real test.

Okay, think anyway. Now apparently that's racist Hezekiah just nine states anyway, it's that time year you want to get a tan. But apparently if your white person.

That's like a racist thing really have to live our lives pale like a vampire. Let's listen. It's that time of year again where white people can't wait to get really tan and my ethos. If your layperson wait to get super tan and you can't say black lives matter and you're not an ally and you can't stand for your black brown indigenous people of color, friends and family then do everyone a favor and scanning is not for you.

So thank you that you go, you heard it from the lady house rotini so now you're telling me that if I Todd Stearns want to go to because I actually tend very well with the summer time and I don't burn I don't burn just nice. I brought get that gold now hello hi look like you know it is what it is. So you're telling me, and she started speaking Spanish. I picked up I thought she was trying to order a Truro and a burrito supreme yeah and I lost it from there. So the Lupa I didn't slow down enough to stand by the way, now she so I'm trying to understand is she's Spanish you from making calls he doesn't look at in the video you know I can't speak for her to let she could be from Brazil, la but she look like you know like longer.

Oh wow that's that's what I'm saying alone and culturally appropriate time. John looked at and let's see I don't know she's wearing some really light foundation makeup. I that was concealing her skin color. She was non-Hispanic. It was Gigi from Tennessee K WAN I like Gigi I did. She came up with a good idea. She was Todd we need a book, maybe something we can put in her pocket and is just an ongoing you know updated list of all the things that are racist, like how they update you know Webster's dictionary. Every year the AP style dictionary you know the rules you get a copy every year in the mail sent out all the white people so no Coppertone.

I guess that's that's out know that's out. You see, bronze English and racist could be.

Is it gives you like a tent. Oh well.

Definitely if it's right so because you know they're they're coming after people apparently just like a big thing where white people what to I guess get perms so they have curly hair that they have a white Pro and that's apparently a bad thing you're not such a thing.

So now you're not allowed to dimly sing along with the music you you. There's just a lot you just can't culturally do the Pledge of Allegiance Afro Pledge of Allegiance. Either way, thank you, Grace fist down your estate out the stuff.

Another story grows bigger from campus reform.

Speaking of universities, which we were talking about the subject universities you know they were moving the lady products into the men's room right yes and a seven a while ago that was like all the rage because apparently men need ladies products in America. I think they just take them and throw them at each other and have like tampon wars well were this lady products Re: labial product is a one bad mime to watch out for friends or so anyway. Now you there's a big there is a there's a they run out right products in its price and you can't find them anywhere problem. So now the universe is quietly replaced there taken the lady products out of the bedroom which are plentiful other restocking is the Ladysmith guy that not the pillow fights that I can't say what I guess the lady products by just sitting there. I needed to Lupa I great little stronger. I know Margarita, maybe a Baptist party hard folks. You rather have a great day starts out will see you tomorrow.

You galaxies flip for all these new taxes might not like I just did in fact not capture hands-free text from multiple angles capture training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for contract and fit perfectly galaxies he flip for

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