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Americans Furious Over Lawlessness in Democrat-Controlled Cities

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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June 28, 2022 3:09 pm

Americans Furious Over Lawlessness in Democrat-Controlled Cities

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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June 28, 2022 3:09 pm

A major Atlanta suburb wants to secede from the city because of the lawlessness.

Kari Lake, Chad Connelly, and Gov. Kristi Noem join the conversation!

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Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy Z full for welcome to the Todd start show sponsored by the legacy precious metals. There's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM that's legacy PM investments.job delivery University studio in Memphis Tennessee Charlie since conservative commentary from our day going right down our telephone number you leave this if you want to call in the program 844-747-8838 844-747-8860, and a by the way, before you jump in the big doors of the day we are going to brag on our store. We got some great group OUT there of the time politically incorrect aversion. Are you gotta check out the of the store. Todd and that we have some great great to hat wherefore you this summer. You want to get sunburned on the noggin, but I gotta go check those out Interesting story that has popped up and I'm very curious to hear your thoughts on this. We have been watching a violent crime way across the nation. I mean it's just out of control, and especially in the Atlanta area where some of the deep. The more wealthier sections of Atlanta are now getting the spillover of of the crime and the challenge. The challenge for city like Atlanta which is one of the what that one of the top 10 largest cities of the country. The problem is that there are only so many resources to go around so you have the wealthy suburbs that are paying all of the tax base and they're the ones that are funding the police and the fire department but they're the ones not getting the services they're not getting the protection of the police department because the police officers are busy taking care of crime elsewhere in the city and a group of folks in one of the suburbs in a place called Buckhead, which really is a beautiful area was super wealthy. You have the Lenox ball. You have some incredibly wealthy shop simply don't think Neiman Marcus of those kinds of places so it's very Tony a section of Atlanta. Kind of like maybe it's a MRI nor folks in Gainesville, Georgia the North Georgia suburbs might be able to help us out here with this, but it's almost like the Beverly Hills of Atlanta.

So you have a lot of wealthy people a lot of celebrities, music stars, athletes, and they live in this area and the folks at Bobcat are so you know what were done we are done were done with the crime.

It's unbelievable how many shootings are Bennett, Lenox Mall, which again is a high dollar high-end mall but you have all these people coming in from the city there taking the subway and there they got a subway stop right there at the ball and they come up they cause all sorts of mayhem start shooting people up and then they get back on the subway may go back home and now the people in Bobcat are said you were done here we we want to secede from the state or from the city of Atlanta and that we've had the we've had the people involved in this campaign. The guy in charge is named Bill White and there are. Their argument is that they need the right to be able to create thorough police force and that they're concerned that the defund the police movement has really weakened the Atlanta Police Department makes perfect sense to me and Mr. White was on Fox and friends earlier today and he said you know what, where we really believe that our city has become a war zone and he says it's murder and mayhem and this is what happens when you got a mayor who votes to defund the police. Now they want to secede get this according to FOXNews rape Atlanta up 80% this is insane burglaries, up 26% robberies up 8%. They are short, the city of Atlanta is short hundred and 80 police officers. Now I don't know what it's like in your communities and and we'd love for you to fold in and give us some reports here but a lot of these police departments, especially the larger cities they're having a hard time finding people that want to work.

You've got a lot of police officers are putting in their papers. There's a know what were done here. I want my pension I moving to Florida and we here and here in Memphis I'm in. I feel bad that they're done 180 police officers were down almost 700 and Memphis, Tennessee but unfortunately there are racist on the Memphis city Council and they don't want to hire then want to hire white people from outside of Memphis to come and patrolled the streets. It's very unfortunate what's going on there. So what happens is that the criminals know this or not that stupid and they they see that there are not enough police officers in our major American cities and so they go in and it's is just like a horde of locust swarm of locusts. It's terrible. And so the folks the folks now are saying you know what, we've got a secede in Buckhead, Georgia, which is a part of Atlanta and there's a word on and you got state lawmakers, including some Republicans were accusing all these people of wanting to secede of being a racist. I don't see this is racist. I do see this as people frustrated because the city is not providing a service that they in fact are paying for, and is the same story all over, all over the nation. Right now it's unbelievable what's happening so deliberately paying closer to this.

I hope they're able to to secede from the city because Atlanta gets what they deserve. It's unfair to place the tax burden on a small group of people. And that's exactly what's happened here and then they turn around and take away all of the all of the police protection and fire protection from these individuals.

So the question is how many others to how many other suburbs around this nation are going to start seceding like that and and pulling out 844-747-8860 Effexor toll-free telephone number 844-747-8868 now coming up invisible but normally we don't have guest in the first hour of the program, but I wanted to.

We got a special guest here. Terry Lake is running for governor of Arizona and she was on Fox news channel last night with Brett there now Brad is Brett presents himself as a fair and balanced guy that he doesn't have an opinion one way or the other but it's very clear. If you watch the guy long enough. He hates Donald Trump.

He's he's probably a closet Democrat he skews to the left, but now it looked that was okay but then his bias started infesting his work, so Carrie Lake is on and she's running for governor. She's got Trump's endorsement, and here's how this went down.

I will before we play this. I just want to say how Carrie Lake conducted herself in this hostile interview with Fox News Channel is a Masters class on how politicians have to smack down the media, but doing a very nice and polite way. Let's take a listen. The Washington Post has a story today says Arizona GOP candidate who criticized drag Queens was once a fan, according to a drag queen. This is the quote Arizona GOP gubernatorial candidate Carrie Lake who has attacked drag queens is dangerous to children attended the shows of drag queen Richard Stevens for more than 20 years and once hired him to perform at her home due care to address.

Thank you care. I actually do care to address that and I'm really shocked I'm actually appalled that Fox News would take defamatory story like that and we are pursuing legal action against this drag queen. I'm appalled that he would bring that out when you have not talked about her sole election. You failed just three questions slick talking about this. Are you a number of questions about it. I played there is on his uterus and lets it just lets address the story that's in the Washington Post every candidate to allow tough stories I'm asking you to be to address it, but I'm really disappointed in Fox that your little better than CNA.

This is a person who I covered for decades for decades 20 years and he's never been in my home. He says, is that in my home for a drag show that's ludicrous.

He's never been in my home.

He's likely trying to serve in destination papers.

Okay shady that we can even track him down because he's not welcome at the place where I'm sorry but this is less question – what about these pictures of you with him.

Richard Stevens branding was out there is the post I performed for Carrie's birthday performed in her homicide through form for her at the city's bars in Phoenix. I want to ask these questions asked you to address them. I think you do want to ask, but you don't want to ask about 2000 meals. I think you do want to ask about this.

This is absolutely ludicrous.

I'm talking about drag shows in schools. This is what triggered this man somebody who goes to a drag show with female impersonators is one thing we don't want our tax money going into drag shows in school. Okay, here's a difference there, but his allegations are wrong and I'm really really appalled that you would spend time on a false story like that. It's shocking well I think you have candidates address things that are coming up that might affect the restroom and I thought you would appreciate my the establishment was here last week. You ask her about her votes to allow illegal alien students get a lower tuition and American student.

She did ask her about 70+ times that she raise tuition on American students using Oscar any tough questions on any try to bring defamatory story out. It's really sad. I was hope. I really appreciate your time. We thought we address all issues that are on the table. That is one of them being covered today.

We thank you and will cover the primary please send reporters out to cover this corrupt election we would appreciate it. You go girl way to go Carrie like bugs. I'm telling you, Fox has has discombobulated here. There's really no polite way of saying this, but they have flushed their respect.

They fluster their credentials right down the toilet so I would.

I just want to make sure we all understand. Here Brent bear is going at this woman because apparently she did or did not go to a drag show at a drag bar is it that some sort of a scandal look.

Let me explain this for Brent bear just so he can understand us. Brett, there's nothing wrong with a grown adult going to a drag bar or going to one of these shows that's perfect let you know what that is covered under the United States Constitution. What I go absolutely not. But you know what if Carrie Lake wants to go. Why is that a new story.

There's a big difference between a grown adult going to an adult bard to watch a drag show there's a big difference between bad and drag queens going into a public school. Brent bear and cavorting with children and grooming the children to be drag queens and if you can't understand the difference there, sir, you don't deserve to be on market 381 television, much less Fox News Channel got a take a break Carrie like coming up next. Happy new year friends, 20, 22 is going to be a critical year for America and for a banking association of the tour American citizens along with their nearly 2 million members like me fight to stop out-of-control spending of the presidents built fact that her scheme is far from over. Congress is plotting more legislation that could hurt our senior and the midterm elections will be a battle for freedom versus socialism, unlike liberal groups came back as America's conservative action or even 50+ organization biting hard every day in Washington and across that they support our senior I'm urging you to choose a Mac now will receive all the great membership benefits including a Mac counseled hotels travel and restaurants in your membership. Your value go to a Mac .us/time again that a Mac .us/become a member now you want to go directly through the line. Great to have with us from Arizona. Lay Carrie. We we welcome to the program.

We we just played this back-and-forth between you and Brent bear. What a nasty thing. Fox News tried to do to you yesterday and well done on her response well divided by Randy far away front runner and the governors race here in Arizona and endorsed by Pres. Trapani never invited me on. They have my rhino opponent on even when she was calling it 2%, but they've never had me on. So I was actually looking forward to look forward to talking about the issues that are affecting Arizona and frankly because one of our issues at the border and affect the whole country.

But as you can see he had planned a rollout to go after me and find I'm a big girl I can let. They had all the video ready to go all the graphic made all the photos the expose me they had. This was a set up Terry out totally.

And you know what they corporate media is still used the pushover Republicans that they just don't know what to do when one of us knew trump era Republicans doesn't lie down and take the beating and when I can. I think the beating thing why I collect the new right and work the legacy leaders that came out of presidents from leadership that there at the state park that and try to twist our work and so I think they'll know by now because each and every one of the fake news propaganda that me and tried to bring me down. I felt so the Associated Press I want to bring this drag queens. First of all, even if even if this was true. Why is this a scandal where talk. There's a big difference between adults going to a drag show and drag queens going into a public school and trying to grown children and I find it very sad that Fox News Channel can't understand the difference between those between those two issues that it right there in the funny thing was that there was trying to get on the photos.

The funny part about the thinking from my social media. I never take anything down. Warning light I worked 30 years in media.

I have friends all lock that life and I've never, I mean I left those photos that I think there's still out there today look for my my social media though I've never been ashamed of who I am.

I am who I and he put those out there like it was a big gotcha gotcha I'm concerned. As a mom with tax money going to drag shows in our library and school inappropriate. It's wrong and unfortunately this performer who is going Archimedes to be a friend has been radicalized. He is now working for Katie Hobbs my socialist opponent, and he then told the Washington Post is bringing this out to injure our campaign, though he's been radicalized. He called for the death of the sitting GOP Congress will actively carry out campaigns for Katie hot. And yet, Fox Trot and out like Gayla got it kind of scary were journalism has gone hello it is something to what I found fascinating Terry because he kept trying to insert himself into the conversation but you said something that shut him up when you pointed out how come when I talk about 2000 mules and he clammed up. I really did enjoy somebody put together basil contortion during the interview quick.

I wasn't watching his face during the interview I was talking to and they put them all together and it was quite funny. They're very nervous about candidates like me on the America first candidate I am a citizen politician. I have no desire to have a political career other than to win this race get in their turn things around and get Arizona on the right path and then I want to retire and enjoy this beautiful state in my family and that you these political beats to a part of the machine.

They are career politicians and their just dying to have a big long political career. That's not what I founding fathers envisioned God. They envision people who, what, when can represented the people get the people's work and then left and that's what we need to return to frankly no I I completely agree with you on that and Carrie. We got about about 90 seconds hear the Associated Press out of the story and they say this whole drag queen thing is quote a bit for it fuels persistent criticism of links conversion from Barack Obama donor to Donald Trump, conservative what I've been a wreck registered Republican. Almost all of my adult life I registered for four years as a Republican and I did vote for a Democrat you know why I had to little babies, yet, and on both sides and in a holding to little kitten here on the watch and endless court. I realized that John McCain would be the one that would get us out of a lot of people are waking up to the life Democrat party I'm the only person running for governor right now who voted for Donald J. Trump every time he was on the ballot. My opponent had not they are in school, swamp creature, and I think it's ridiculous to try and tell people who woken up to the life Democrat party.

They can't come in and the Republicans. I welcome each and every person who wakes up to the Democrat lies. I want you and the party I want including the tranquilly you get the votes maybe we can wait hello Heidi, I Terry got a run. Good luck out there. I carry like everybody, this is this surgery. There's no doubt the nation is facing a financial crisis because of the blighted ministrations economic policies hi this is Todd Starnes and no doubt our economy is in trouble and you need to take steps to protect yourself of all your money is tied up in stocks, bonds, and traditional market you are vulnerable.

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It's real physical always been valuable since the dawn of time. Legacy precious is the company I investing in gold. They can help you roll your retirement account with Goldbach IRA still own the physical goal also ship precious metal safely and securely to your house. You know $1 million worth of gold can actually fit inside a shoebox call legacy at 866-528-1903 or visit the legacy PM investments really what's happening over that's why I hope you're making the switch over to Newsmax. At least we got a fighting force appear a balance journalism, but it was clear to me that they that was whole that was an ambush and we don't was an ambush because they had all the photographs ready in the graphics and they had the video there and it will. I don't care if you support Terry Lake are not what I don't have a dog in the hunt there, I'm you know I'm I'm I'm in Tennessee I'm not in Arizona so that's up for you. That's up to you people to decide.

But there is something called fairness you got Brian kill me. This is what kills me. These guys made a name for themselves by embracing Donald Trump. They're the ones they brought him in. They worship at his feet and then when it was politically expedient. They turned on it just like Brian kill me now that the Fox News radio host take a lesson. There's a lot of stuff that goes on behind the scenes is which could have a counterargument. For example we all work for people to work with people that sometimes fly off the handle.

You know you gotta wait it out To tend to go back to the waiter, now that you, what you think you here. That's why the president often works willingly to build a wall. I don't care how much it because all things out of my pocket. Of course that's not the story little bit later comes out is how do we get this done so a lot of this stuff to put in Trump terms, where he ran with his White House that someone come back to you as is a lot of stuff.

Sometimes he says you know this one trims a mess.

We will clean this up is going to turn into a closet that doesn't mean it's fact, it's a guy just speaking within the law within the confines of the Oval Office, so would help to push back the once again present was unhinged doing that. I interviewed him at West Point and he was kind of give me a few minutes. I've never seen him so angry that I was in between the election in January 6. As soon as we were done he just stormed off and you know I will have. I've known for 20 years prior to going to the White House. Okay, I've never seen him so angry. He's convinced he was robbed.

There's no doubt about it.

I have not seen any evidence. These are all incrementally. Examples are now the good news here is that that most of the Fox audience. I would say is smart enough to know what's going on here. They know that by and large most of the people that are in the conservative media world are being paid to be a conservative. There's a big difference from being a conservative and being paid to be a conservative and that's what I think is is happening at Fox News right now that they are shifting and they're going to go with them but they're gonna go where the money goes, but I think even of the money starts to dry up there stood there in the policy and in the most profane name and describe big road network. Thanks, Judge Joe Brown and they're going to continue that leftward search because again there on a mission now over the past decade foxes hired a number of far left producers, an associate produces a lot of people behind-the-scenes that actually writing the copy doing the research, assigning the stories and those people are flaming leftist would be surprised if they had a couple communist working so it's sad to say, and I know many people are always surprised when they hear these kinds of things happen but it is.

It's a pretty precarious situation.

If I remember right, the makeup artist and hairstylist good friends of mine and the back of the day they would they would tell me quietly people would talk in hushed tones because they didn't want their bosses to know they were in fact conservative. That's how crazy does over at the Fox News right now.

So via my sympathies to them. 844-747-8868 excuse me Chris Baker had to sneeze. I tell you these this summer in the summer heat killing me and it in here in Memphis we just got so much humidity that it's just like insane because you walk outside. First of all you like, you could gulp the air. Secondly it's so like depressing like it literally just as like a blanket that's terrible. And then you're just in the sinuses I've been getting headaches. It's just about as a prophet oppressive as the Pine Ridge basically is no analogy hard 844-747-8868 that's her telephone number all Hillary Clinton. She is various way can I just I just want to say something here.

I think Hillary Clinton is a racist.

As a matter fact I think Joe Biden is racist and I'm working on a him on a chapter in the book about how why I believe Joe Biden is racist and I provide the evidence is not some sort of hyperbole when you go back and look at his remarks. His comments is growing up years all the way back to corn pop and do what he was a lifeguard height. I think these Democrats still hold on to these racist tendencies that their Democrat forefathers hand now Hillary Clinton did an interview with with the with the CBS and she was talking about. She's very upset about Justice Clarence Thomas, the blank Supreme Court justice, not by the way she's not upset at Sam Alito who wrote the opinion right. The white guy know she's upset with the black-tie Justice Thomas is sort of floating that out there about contraceptive rights, deception, and about same-sex marriages, but other justices have pushback to say no. He's fairly certain on his own with that.

Well believes that well. She may be on his own but he signaling as he often did you know people. He went to law school with him. He's been a person of grievance for as long as I've known him.

Resentment brings us anger and she has signaled in the past two lower courts to state legislatures find cases pass laws, get them. I may not win the first or second or the third time, but were going to keep at it using people pay attention to the people he is speaking to, which is the no right wing. Very conservative judges and justices and state legislatures. And the thing that is there so many things about it that are deeply distressing. But women are going to die. Gail women will die with well only if they're connected to the Clintons and for whatever reason anyone connected with the Clintons in some sort of nefarious scheme they just suddenly drop dead, so maybe that part of it is true. If they're connected to the Clintons, but Hillary Clinton. This is pretty rich calling the black-tie angry the angry black eye. This is a white woman. Hillary Clinton calling the black-tie on the Supreme Court angry and filled with resentment and a person of grievance.

Now this is sort of rich considering Hillary Clinton is a pretty long history of being resentful and angry and full of grievance cut number five stay home and think that I when I decided to do is fill my profession which I entered for my husband with light. I'm not sitting here some little woman stand by my manly team. I'm sitting here because I love him and I respect him, honor what he's been through and what we've been through together and you know if that's not enough for people don't vote for what did you hear the accent. This is cheap this woman is phony as a three dollar bill so okay I just love Bill and I just love cooking fried chicken and working in the kitchen and now she's like stand by my man, I'm not gonna do the really come on I cut number 11 the great story here for anybody willing to find it and write about it and explain it is this vast right-wing conspiracy that has been conspiring against my husband since the day he announced for president and we all remember what happened during the Benghazi hearing. With all due respect the fact is that for dead Americans with a protest. It was because of died out for a walk when I decided to go kill some Americans.

What difference at this point. Does it make. It is our job to figure out what happened and do everything we can to prevent it from ever happening again. Sen. do clientele. What happened to Ms. Hillary is actually I don't think it's gone away. So again, you want to talk about someone filled with anger and grievance you're looking at the woman but was just for the sake of the argument. What you say. The Clarence Thomas is filled with grievance. I don't think he is and you know why because he is a man of joy and kindness and compassion because he's a he's a man of God. He goes to church is a devout person in his faith with our Lord.

So I don't think it but latch up for the sake of the argument, let's just assume that Ms. Hillary is correct and that Clarence Thomas is in fact a person of filled with anger and resentment. He would be justified.

He would be just about what you think about this.

There is a man who was born and raised in Savannah, Georgia, or is Hillary Clinton said Georgia. He was a man who was raised in the Jim Crow South a time in the history of the station were the deep South was controlled by racist Democrats.

A time where Blacks could not even go and vote because of the racist Democrats living in a state by the way who Sen. stood up and filibustered the civil rights act, a racist Democrat so yeah, I could see where he could be filled with grievance because he grew up under the thumb of racist KKK Democrats. So the fact that is not a person of grievance.

Quite frankly, is evidence of God's great grace important to put out the facts there folks, but manner. They come in after Clarence Thomas there calling him the N-word there calling him a house blank there calling about field blank.

I have never seen such hate and vitriol there calling up uncle Clarence is what they're calling and where is the mainstream media hour.

There is no outrage from the mainstream media you know why because in their minds. If you're a black conservative that it's okay to subject you to these racial taunts. She mauled all of them but I think the Democrats truly are race. I think Hillary Clinton is a racist and I definitely think Joe Biden knows her let's go to the phone zero 844-747-8868 Memphis, Tennessee James listing to us K WI EMR flagship station hey James what's on your mind, are you today show. Thank you, but I think Fox News on the bandwagon.

But… Claimant may brag to me one new man dead but whatever reason down drop get angry at book club members that he had he had good reason to bid before you man has been good I am glad employee enigmatic could be on board. These men you want to do that in years and shouted there may be another rear grade.

I thing down from the knees to be okay and I do because I think with doubting him even if the Republican Party has become strongly think out of it out with what back in the pad they would get mumbling about Democrats were now we get from start Republic of that on the bandwagon of recruitment and out of three. It and I think Fox News was rated to call good at the Newsmax to brag him out. Thank you. I don't think the main one that they multiply beloved aunt drop and feel for you so you think there still think though I think so, but don't drop man for him to go through what he went through and it is getting the yeah yeah didn't say you haven't found out anything that we can put in for the really good cleated all the liabilities open for you. No accountability.

Nowhere and I think that would travesty America just something James as it is a a a black conservative in Memphis have you come under attack coming our duty to do other black conservatives in this area, feel, or do they have to watch what they say in, got a life without that little realm and I deal with much doubt about it care less about anything that we got it ready yet, I think they were bad in my family looking for a good dated and allowed date was more labor they save money dated big money so you can be more conservative than that when you don't need your money. Well, that's good to me. Me. Conservative is really do, and I just don't understand how to get even think there were anything but that just updating him and we got out and yesterday, people have always been back within a doubt because of my world is so messed up researcher, stated James don't hang up I want to send you a copy of my book cultures the holiday grace is going to get all your contact information and graceless to that the said James a copy of my my book there a lot of common sense and what James had to say 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number. Do you believe, as James does that that Trump is still or that Fox News is still on the truck bandwagon, planter row, America will never be the same in all this week. Greta Van Susteren is on Newsmax looking at America after row.

Find out how abortion will change the 2022 and 2024 elections, the implications were Trump and a lot more grunt is on at 6 o'clock Eastern every weeknight with her new show the record with Greta Van Susteren and she leads a great night on Newsmax with Rob Schmidt exposing Biden's economic train wreck and Eric bowling warning of the dangers of a world war with Ukraine, Iran and China.

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The promo code start. Alexandria is a solution to the big abortion, yes you want Turner national part into abortion clinics so you can go and you can pitch a tent and then you can go and abort your child there at the idol of the Ranger station.

I love how that's going to work out but anyway AOC says she wants to open abortion clinics on federal lands in red states wills with seek out that let's go to the phone zero Central Arkansas.

Steve wants to weigh in on Fox news hey Steve, what's up, I wonder about you. You woke to elaborate local bike window could only afford to buy all of the market pressure offered to get in line all black art by the elders no doubt that that does factor into this I mean it really is about the bottom line and that there are a lot of companies that simply refuse, they they they boycott prime time over at Fox News.

I don't want to be on Tucker show them that want to be on Sancho, and sooner or later, that does make an impact. See because I gotta make money and so I have no doubt that they're putting the political and financial pressure on Fox to move to the centerleft how writing so maybe convert that into knowing what you're absolutely right about that. You can have the largest little that's what happened to Glenn Beck by the wife had a massive audience. But again, the advertisers would not advertise.

Steve got a run. Appreciate the call of folks 844-747-8868. That is our phone number by the way during the outbreak great moment for you to head over and sign up for the newsletter, as well as our podcasts so our great great resources free of charge Gov. Christie.

No, not also.

Chad finally from wins is to be a fun hour. This is the Osborne's radio universities.

Do you see television. I think about is elections. He won the popular vote. If you will go to the polls, three Supreme Court justices that had been appointed by Donald Trump.

I've been appointed by her. We don't have this decision today is spot on were turning back the clock are those of the folks over at CBS and they get it they understand what really happened back in 2016. They understand what was at stake. Back in the day. I'm not too sure a lot of these never trump Republicans or these woke friends. Articles actually get but that's what was at stake here. Welcome to the Todd surge radio program. Great to have you with us today.

Hope you're doing well wherever you might be. I want to go to the patriot mobile newsmaker life honor to have a good friend of this program, Chad Connolly. He is with an incredible group called faith wins. He is been traveling all over America and that has been a recruiting folks to get involved in the political process. Chad good to have you back with us on how you doing brother great to be slaughtered and proud what you're doing. It probably be another Bob got going and are probably going to America with you brother. Yes, I haven't heard clock time but it's true and we need more of us out there. Chad I want to let our listeners know what you been, do you guys have been traveling all over America.

What is the message that you're bringing with you.

Don't leave a stolen car will kill people or that were pushing pastors to hold nonpartisan voter registration churches. You probably know I told you about it. We got 312 churches in Virginia record 77,000 evangelical who never voted before. The greater difference or not, but got a Duncan led prayers in Jesus name is inauguration one box what 63,800 something so maybe 77,000 evangelical felt, but I will paint register little over 1 million new evangelical in the last two years our goal to do another 2 million this year because we cannot leave a stone unturned every Christian to be voting to think make sure everybody your churches register in number to make sure they boat biblical value that I'm I mean these are phenomenal numbers.

I'm just surprised that a lot of these people were not registered to vote in the first place, what, what's the reason that people are telling you may be why they were not registered to begin with, you know, it's starting to think that the one they think about that matter number two. The pastor things are all probably know Pastor Buddy lowers the national gelato couple thousand people. The church he said Chad my people registered off the pastor double dog dare you do it back to back Sunday table out there. I'll get you the material thing you the link. And he had over 400 people in his church.

He was shocked not to tell the story everywhere. I was in Macon, Georgia this weekend. I told the same thing three times in the church of Macon and just told voter registration and probably do that throughout Virginia, you know there's probably 10,000 church in the state of Virginia. We found 312 exactly and I'm sure others do that but we measured 312 and we followed up with text and email and even phone calls. A pastor I don't have exact number but give me about how many people registered and we measured 77,000 people and we went to the rural areas we decided we don't want to go to make sure Christians vote the court what happened, people came out of the woodwork and even the statehouse flipped.

This is phenomenal because when people of faith, get out and vote. They engage in the political process. They really can make a difference and I guess they don't realize it because we all live in our global and we think every body doing this but I think what we thought Virginia not been in 17 states so far this year. Even been in the People's Republic of California and New Jersey. God's people are coming awake and late the New Jersey search.

I don't have thing pastor network you have in Virginia and other states trusted nobody else does. Her doll want to give it a try will not ask you to charge the bejeweled b-day and face the withering German machine gun fire walked down the print no Christmas like to attack the Hessian were asking you number one register every body in your church in number to make sure the boat biblical value and course the cat you look a gift for the pastor when they talk about the importance of voter registration. People remember the importance of voting and voting biblical values are course you know if we just talk about life and marriage in Israel and religious liberty. Then things happen. At least all in the last week with the pre-court is just a thank you Jesus moment or the legacy of present property and secure put all those conservative judges in place that America is turning you man always take up in the everywhere building, Colorado, California, New Jersey, Ohio, Michigan, Minneapolis, soda people, and a lot of that in Florida, Georgia, evoked a lot of I can remember about people come out of the woodwork. I am sorry, I've never gauge everything going on now to come to the gates of God doing brother on the patriot mobile newsmaker line is Chad Conley and the Chad give us the of the website address working people ago if they want to get involved in their pastor. They get some info yet first-rate, where they win.US is our website. We got videos on there. We got link and taught as you know, I'm dragging around regarding David Barton to believe the mall with Martin out there. I got Barton working to probably get 100 meetings in 20 or 21 states between now and the election. So if people watch my frequent .us by where we got some dates in July, but the coursework packet, a mere in September and October were probably good to be one of the state for people looking like that. Well I love David Barton. He's a he's a good friend but I got to he talks faster than Ben Shapiro is like a Gatling gun but the best and just come awake when they realize God's role in America's irreplaceable and we forgot that lot about his been glossed over cobra people come out if they want to win .us by and are they going there, they can find out to take action and email were coming to their stake they can come enjoy what I find fascinating and especially about this time in the in the Republican Party.

There is still a debate over whether or not evangelical should have a voice in the party.

I find it ironic, because I think now I mean.

And again, this was going back before the Moral Majority. I think the argument could be made that the base of the party would be the Rockefeller Republicans but but I think this the shift is happened and I think the evangelicals are in fact the base of the party. Now work like what if your 52% of the primary vote earlier. 32% in the general election boat go out here first ever national record in one big reason I left about a dedicated effort to break engagement book, and I'm not against them which about everything but the evangelical Christian faith of the conservative movement. There's no doubt about it. It's 100% you could look at it and think about political types noticed taught the number one way to tell conservative vote Republican voter regular church attendance, but it seems they were boat but always don't want our voices will want to start it with my 501(c)(3) is working to make sure Christian vote and voices are heard and felt at every level in the public arena. Well II think this is tremendous work you're doing out there.

Chad and I know our blisters or to respond folks. Faith wins .us that is the.

The website can really were there. We love to get you back on and to get your insight as we get closer to the midterm elections absolutely brother Matt look I love you and respect you thankful for your audit anytime I can hop on you and your vote. You let me know. But I love it already still gets converted to the UT falls way of life that I know Ida all right said God bless our good man right there and a great freedom fighter Chad Conley and the folks check out the website Faith wins .us got a question for you folks out in the Greensboro North Carolina area WSJ asses are great to fill it out there. There's a crazy story from the Gateway pundit Kristen Taylor is the author so it looks like the bite administration just signed a five-year lease to house illegal alien children at a private school campus in their using our tax dollars. So they're going to be spending about $42,000 for two what to house the these illegals.

The campus is the previously known as the American Hebrew Academy in Greensboro, North Carolina. First, children are expected to arrive in July. They've signed a five-year lease so the bite administration signing a five-year lease to house the illegal alien children at this beautiful 100 acre campus and this thing is amazing.

It's right there on the lake. They have beautiful football field, a track, swimming pools, the whole 9 yards. Tennis courts out the other was the they also have a large indoor swimming pool at this facility for the illegal alien children television station WF MY first reported that they said that the the Hebrew Academy will start housing the illegal children of this is coming from the Board of Directors. The new leasing deal gives the department of Health and Human Services, and the office of refugee resettlement a space for transitions. The school the school a close back in 2019. So they get used to be the American Hebrew Academy valued at $84.5 million and you better believe these kids are going to be in hog heaven over there up to 800 people are to be hired to fulfill functions and provide services, administrators, teachers, counselors, they also need Spanish-speaking workers so that's going to be even more money that our tax dollars are going to be used for North Carolina's eight congressmen signed a letter to the Health and Human Services Sec. Javier Becerra complaining that he misled Congress over the department's intentions about housing illegal alien children in their state and other to be housing hundreds of them in the Greensboro North Carolina area and I am curious and I mean if you are a mom or dad or grandma or grandpa and you may know of kids in your neighborhood that are having to go without American children there not to be able to stay at this facility. This facility which is state-of-the-art is going to only be used for illegal alien children. I remember several years ago when there was a massive rush on the border of children. They were literally coming to the border and dumping kids and of course we gotta take care of. That's who we are Americans we take her people. I remember going a pastor took me down to the site and a lot of his church members were nurses in the area doctors and so they were working in this some military base.

The military base had been converted into housing for these children. They were getting state-of-the-art healthcare hot meals three times a day. They had access to whatever they needed fresh close shoes, you name and the pastor. As we drove. We the right outside of military bases, a pretty dilapidated area. Bunch of trailer parks that have been pretty weathered and he told me you know what's really sad. Todd is that inside this facility be illegal alien children are getting three hot meals a day and they're getting all of this healthcare they're getting all of this that this new clothing and shoes and whatnot but he said right outside the gates. Here you got American children that are going to bed hungry going to bed wearing ready close. He said that's not right is not right so I'm curious you people there. North Carolina your tax dollars are being used to fund your tax dollars are being used to house all these illegal alien children, and I suspect this could be tens of millions of dollars if not hundreds of billions of dollars over the years. Gotta take a break here 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 this is the time storage galaxies. He slept for all these new taxes might not like southeast of the part I found it in fact not capture hands-free text from multiple angles capture training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for compact and fit perfectly in my pocket don't easy flip for that radio so most here in North Carolina on the taking.

What's on your mind will yes sir, we have absolutely no obligation to take care of the children. There baby doll.

Pregnant women. We could put them all on a button right back across the board. We have no obligation that we were to invite them in adult they Biden is.

I mean literally you and that bears we cannot overlook that will take care of that. One thing to think people are being asked were being invaded. Now we cannot morally put in 60 machine gun down and shoot them as they come across the river. If we didn't want to clot.

They are doing rope… That would be wrong to put them back on the butt to put them back is not wrong.

Keep a look, I hear what you're saying but there is a part of me that feels like the child is not responsible if you gotta afford a five-year-old, somebody dumb sums at the border you think we out of this put them on a bus and ship it back over or that we should take care of them and try to get the reconnected with her parents, Mona, but I'm back over my stepparent figured out that that does downtown Ocala or being invaded and wiki deleted later.

There is going to keep on coming and they gotta keep on keeping on. And I don't come in ever greater number. Here's what here's where I have a problem. I got a problem that our government is taken better care of these illegal children that they are some of these American kids that are growing up in poverty. That's exactly right that that many of the primary we have a primary obligation to our own family and then then we can take care of and help take care of other people they need help.

Down there will send him money.

They care that they can build don't come up and put the burden on the great work to find out who are working to find out what the audience he thinks of this, ladies and gentlemen. Keith says were under no obligation to take care of these kids and so with the illegal children show over the border put them on a bus in Sonoma right back where they came from.

What say you ladies and seven 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 let's go to Connor in Boston, Connor, what say you are all there children to care. Though I don't care you don't children get out of the here the new healthcare we need to do that are living in America are looking awfully. I mean we got another bill your local government as well to letting our community get number one, the work of the children are different story comes your your your logo.

Here, the likely result for you and really looking like, really there. We got a run for a break.

Do you agree or disagree. Ladies and gentlemen, Keith says we have no obligation to take care of the children of illegals. Connor says oh yes we do. Their kids 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868. Regardless, you folks in Winston-Salem and Greensboro. I the illegals are to be taken care of and first-class accommodation. While many Americans did so without me right back galaxies. He slept for all these new taxes might not like southeast of the part I found it in fact not capture hands-free text from multiple angles capture training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for compact and fit perfectly good to be true. Don't easy flip for the phone to hear a lot about the way let's go to North Carolina WSI C Chris on the line hi Chris, what you do, you got the of the illegal alien children do you do you take care of them or do you ship it back across the border you lately that bordered on your I care about you. I agree with you.

With the Biden administration is Chris. Are you got you got a toddler that's been dumped at the border you just want to kick the child back across. On the other side and said good luck you know that's not what I just said you you got a baby there what you do, you got Judas to leave the baby bear and wish it luck or do you try to get it some help.

There is not obligation on how I don't only 88 California homeless Americans. They are picking them up in the name and I get it.

Well, there's a difference. There's a difference between being a homeless person and a newborn. This been dumped at the border. Now you can send that child back but you gotta take care of the child so you can send the child back. Well, we can't. I know they're buying the old American poet will take care of them all right. Chris got a run.

Gotta run. Thanks for the call crisp. Gotta run. Thank you grist 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone rang tight really get your calls. I don't go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line. It's always an honor to have the great governor of South Dakota with his Gov. Christie know she has an incredible new Baltimore to talk about that book in just a few moments, not my first rodeo Gov. no welcome back to the show to be with you. Thank you for inviting me in the first of all I want to jump to the story of Newsmax are reporting that Pres. Biden is still not him let you guys have fireworks over at Mount Rushmore is true true and so incredibly sorry because we celebrate freedom and liberty. Mount Rushmore is so special and 4 July is always our time to show Kate really great leaders in our path and what they mean to us here in the future. So yeah, and what's interesting what people think of making a big deal fireworks at the fireworks show at really not that important and I would say to them.

The reason that it is because the president is violating federal law by not allowing us to have fireworks show there and that's what I think is incredible is that there being so punitive. We've jumped through all the we checked all the boxes we met the requirements of the permit that we need to hosted and he kept denying it to be punitive because he doesn't like me or the decisions were making the data South Dakota so I'm I'm doing him in federal court over it. We will win because were right. But in the meantime, yes, we won't be able to celebrate amount Rushmore and it's incredibly disappointing. It is disappointing and I'm with you. I think this is nothing more than he's being mean and that this is some sort of this is some sort of a punishment and it is pretty pathetic if you ask me, especially on on Independence Day of all of all time governor. You've also been making some headlines. You have been rock solid pro-life since before you got in the politics of this is who part this is who you are. You're just your part of the pro-life movement and man is the left coming after you are in pretty bold about being clear with the people in the country about what the plane court mean you know what the screen court and what you think the wrong decision that was made almost 50 years ago and they returned the power back to the shed be to make these kind of laws and really have the decision-making be there at home, so you know they extremism the lies, the hypocrisy of overhearing out of political left over abortion and pro-life and that issue is just then kind of unbelievable to me. The fear that they're trying to instill in people is just wrong.

And so I have been doing quite a bit of press in conversations with folks recognizing that within the science and the technology of what we know babies has changed so much in the last 10 to 15 years, the amount of pain that we know that they feel they point of conception.

But we learned it just even people who aren't religious or don't didn't grow up in an environment that was pro-life. It's hard to argue with the client and then you got doctors today that when they're doing procedures and surgeries on these babies in the long are calling them patients and giving them patients right in treating them as another individual.

How do you then turn around in a different conversation and pay that that's not a human being so that that's the challenge that this country can have to wrestle with when they really decide where they stand and level on should abortion be legal or illegal in South Dakota is illegal today expect to save the life of the mother, and I think that that's incredible to have a state standing for life the way that our people have. I completely agree, and you've made some some tough decisions with the right decisions understood by those and I think I think the people of South Dakota really the nation really respect our lawmakers to deliver on their campaign promises governor well about this quite a bit in my bucket being released today and that it now. People don't really understand sometimes about why and make decisions that I make and I think hopefully this book will help them understand who I am the way I grew up. I value a and L really see that that when they understand who I am don't understand a little bit more. My respect for the Constitution. My love for this country and why I do think that I do.

People with sometimes put me in a classification of thing that I'm controversial and polarizing. My nature at all.

It just that we've had such big issues the last several years that I've been governor rise to the surface of the country that I've just been attacked and been attacked over and over again, yet not willing to cave to the agenda that they have and that's created quite a bit of attention. Let's talk about the book is called, not my first rodeo. And folks, we have a direct link to it over our lives. So blog get it wherever you buy your books, your favorite bookstore to show that process. What's it like growing up on a ranch. I have to imagine that that kids the group the group on branches grow pretty quickly.

Now you know dad expected at the new thing that he never kinda got a new I tell people the kindly, I think I started driving when I was eight years old probably was driving my first time when I was 12 we had to work with cattle livestock all the time we had to figure stuff out in the greatest gift. My parents gave me and and all the kids growing up with impossible things to do. I mean just things he is not and how my going to do that. But when we did it. Created and made a problem solver built are confident that that I can do that I that I can do anything and and that's really what were doing in the countries crippling our children by doing everything for them to be giving them hard. We should be recognizing that challenges are good for us there an opportunity to over perform an opportunity to build talent. We didn't know we had that stressful and hard situations are ones that make better and was feeling that remember our children when we try to protect them from our I was like for you growing up as a kid in the 70s when as soon as you finish breakfast.

Your mom was like, all right, don't I want to see you till sundown. Close the door. Go outside and play that that's all you did that. So you did things how have we let you know your heart felt that many times we went to go get on our now, seven, eight, nine, 10-year-old and be gone all day till dark. We got the neighbors which was or 5 miles away, and even halfway in rider go hunting or in the wintertime we meet on snowmobile just clicked. It was a wonderful way to grow up and we just grew up in a way that was very independent, yet very close to the family and we took care of each other, you had a pretty tragic experience in your life when when your father passed and you you went back to the farm you're running the farm and in the ranch, take us through that that that process in that moment. Well, I I got married at age 20 very young and 22. My dad was killed in an accident on our farm and at that time we had one of the larger farm operation and we were probably farming about 10,000 acres and a cow calf operation.

A lot of feedlot many several different businesses been. He was only 49 years old at the time, and I ended up quitting college and coming home and taking over as general manager and working with my family try to keep the operation together we got hit with death tax within several months of his that I just remember being so completely overwhelmed that the fact that we live, and that held everything together.

I had planned on being in business with him. The rest of my life and he was just gone. And then all the sudden having a federal government law come in and threatened to take our business the way to eat meat tonight alone to pay those taxes took us 10 years and it made me angry that we had tragedy and all the sudden the federal government was threatening our livelihood. Don't it was very very difficult time. Front and back at the time dad died right now and I think my mom will tell you I did not deal with it well that I only wanted to do was work on my memory came over in the hospital with that baby and we had a blizzard coming in. I asked my brothers that the calves were in the barn and up close to shelter and they said no and I laughed and didn't come home for today.

You know, we just work with the cows and taking care of them and my mom took care of my baby so empty for that first year at you at all grew up in tractors pickup but also you know I think it makes you realize what's valuable in eventually I did able to grieve my dad that it's hard when you have things like that happen in your life teaches you a lot about yourself that it teaches you to rely on your faith know you're right and and I think those lessons just those early foundational years really created that that the person you would become. As the governor.

The governor who really stood up to Washington DC, especially during the days of the China virus pandemic.

We had a lot of people trying to tell us what to do and a lot of people not knowing what this unprecedented event was going to do our country and to the people at home. A lot of folks in healthcare official that were scared and then you had people perpetuating that on the national news all the time, yet it was a unique situation in the governor who had to decide what to do in each of their state. I just focused a lot on what my job was. I didn't want to do anything that wasn't my job. I really believed fact that the Constitution clearly defined what authority governors adequate have and we follow that the line it was the only state South Dakota was the only it never once closed a single business learn didn't even define what essential business or because I don't believe the government has the authority to tell you, your business is central and then mandate anything that it was a firestorm. I was taking heat from outside not just the lintels every night and the national even conservative thing. What are you thinking of people in my state, long times, the quarters were you that he get in line and it kill you politically and little bit of a lonely, but so grateful for my family and for you key people in my administration that when I made a decision. We did it and I think our state is really benefiting from that Gov. Christie know is on the patriot Mobley's make a line to governor before we let you go I got you got your one of the funny stories. These barnyard battles you with the feisty cows that led God give us one of those funny stories like a story in there about my dad it out sending me my brother over to get a calendar bar and she just Had a fever with me. We might want to stop at the ground and we are good little Canton after failing over and over again. We came back told that we just couldn't do it and that wasn't acceptable and he headed back to the corral, climbs, then headed rubber rubber overlooked on didn't even buckle him because he felt that with this kid jumped into that corral put it, a cow in a headlock and tripped on his overshoes ended up in her kneeling as rubbing them in the dirt and we eventually got the cow off of – at least I get a decal that his response was well. I had her right where I wanted her and like we believe that your dad yeah you look like it. I don't know what kind of a man put a cow in a headlock, but he was pretty convinced he had her with an tele trip. That's pretty pretty fine and they're the ones that will tell you little bit about my dad that and how he approached every situation. Congratulations this is exciting and you can have a lot of fun out there promoting the look I know not my first rodeo.

Folks, we got a copy of it over at the website governor. Congratulations think that you have a wonderful day. Think like talking about the book.

I hope everybody will enjoy it at the book of my life on political stories and that you letting people enjoy it. Cannot wait to read it.

I governor again, thank you Gov. Christie know from the great state of South Dakota and folks you could get that book over at Todd's got a take a break will be right back galaxies. He slept for all these new taxes might not like he's at the park. I just did in fact not capture hands-free text from multiple angles. For sure training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for its compact and fits perfectly in my pocket don't easy flip for folks now more than ever. It is so important that we support companies and organizations that share our values and please support patriot mobile. America's only conservative wireless carrier patriot mobile donates a portion of every dollar in organizations that are fighting for causes.

We care about patriot That's the website patriot They got some great discounts for veterans and first responders.

Give them a call 972 patriot.

That's 972 patriot I use my promo code Todd and there to give use a special discount on top of that, along with free premier activation that's patriot let's go to the phones here Cindy in New York. Cindy what's on your mind on me like an tell you how much I love the carrying 50 seated on their about firewood and don't understand. We have asked doing all Dahlgren Giuliani which I don't think, and I love you.

I wanted that I think of the boat away. Not sure now if now I like Liesel Lee has been a friend of this program for years and of course Andrew Giuliani's been on a time or two as well. I like Andrew but only but Lee's old and I think has the name recognition and and he's a rocksolid conservative and I think he will play well you he is a member of the Jewish community and and I think he will really rally Democrats who might be Jewish to maybe consider switching parties where the most respected people around here that their program and saying that I would never hold my nose and vote very well then because I think he will be the one that will be cocoa no election in the general election.

So no, I know Rob Pastorino but again I'm not sure much.

I'm not sure much name recognition outside of Westchester County way and will file a development area and he you know he worked in the abominable restriction that guy algae I yes highlight I can't tell you who to vote for Cindy. I mean, I like Liesel and I like Andrew Giuliani but the eye does. If I were in New York City. Zelda would be. Got my vote.

Okay. All right. Cindy God bless you and thanks for listening to us on the lifestream you can actually access that over at Todd's turn stuck on by the way, are you stick around folks in our three of the big show coming up. This is the Todd surgery will know someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full for which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think you caused my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen.

Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxies evil for universities to really move this Tennessee is conservative doors to the phone tapping up on Capitol Hill. There was also probably eyewitness to and everybody twitter was all over who was going to be some people thought I was good be the queen of England. I don't know but anyway now we know who the surprise witness was her name is Kassidy Hutchins. She is an aid to former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and so she's testifying a parent is going to share with you what she has testified thus far.

Ms. Hutchinson says that she overheard Pres. Tromp saying he did not care if his supporters had weapons and suggested he had no issue with the marching to the capital armed quote. I overheard the president say something to the effect of I don't blinking care that they have weapons. They're not here to hurt me take the Effingham bags. Those are the security portal ship Waterford take the Effingham bags away. Let my people in they could march to the capital from here. Let the people in take the Effingham bags away so that's what she's alleging and she's testifying so if she's lying she's putting herself in great legal jeopardy as she goes on to say that when she informed Congressman Mark Meadows about what was happening at the capital he quote almost had a lack of reaction she said he was in a secure car, she knocked on the door to tell him that the capital was under attack and he shut the door and left her outside she said it was a secure vehicle and he was making a call at the time so the. The insinuation is that Mark Meadows knew what was going on and he was coordinating it in the kindest time to expect.I just want to cut through all of this for you. That's what she's alleging that there was that the plot was underway.

The headline Meadows almost had a lack of reaction when he heard about violence at the capital. She also says that she had received a note from the White House counsel saying that they had to make sure truck did not walk to the capital. So another allegation is that Trump was going to walk to the capital after the January 6 address so matter of fact, the evidence that was presented were chat logs from the national Security Council. From that day, and it provided a minute by minute account of how the situation evolved so Secret Service was telling Trump don't go, Mr. Pres., the president wanted to go at the at one point he was going to go but then somebody somebody made him reconsider. That's kind of where were at right now so that the hashtag he knew is now trending on twitter and the allegations coming from this X aid of Mark Meadows.

The Chief of Staff is that Tromp knew that the protesters were armed so you can either believe that or not believe that that's the testimony that was that was shared 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone Arezzo 844-747-8860 and I want to go to the phones here. John has been holding on a listing to us on WHKP in North Carolina wants to weigh in on this issue of what you do with these illegal children. The by the ministration to be housing hundreds of illegals there in North Carolina in Greensboro at a really plush resort John.

What say you put them up in Greensboro but I'm kind of you know what your first call. I think you know we need to finish people back across the border naturally killed Roman people mother here not really badly fixed without the return across the border. See John that's what I'm saying. I think that's a passionate approach, but this idea that your dissent to kick the babies right back across the border. I got a problem with that, but I I'm with you I think your freedom yet you know you take care of them and then just send them right back where they came from.

Absolutely no no present problems that no civil conflict that these people let you know.

Let's get the best of immigrants possible to come into our country, you know it that can contribute and you know… What is not doing that I think will be finished. The wall of the board patrol no more people crossing the border and I think he'll take care of the problem.

Yeah, I look John by my greatest my greatest concern is that were not even taken care of American children and I don't I've got a problem with an American child going hungry. While were lavishing hot meals and free healthcare on all of these illegal alien children. I know what I do to really do you know this is the last frontier. This is our home and we continue this flood. No people crossing over in their coming over by the millions. If this continues in with what the Democrats have done store floors were going to be the third war cut Third World country and you know this is this is the last frontier. We don't have the world to go. No, sir. You're right about that John appreciate the call. Thanks for listing.

Let's go to aunt Adam rather adamant states will North Carolina WS I see Adam what say you agree with what you got. Because if we abandon our children anywhere in Georgia and a dog or somebody real quick and in a hurry and I totally agree. I sure their good our moral obligation to them.

The real moral obligation is the parent they spent their obligation to raise their children. There is a thing called put them up for adoption across the work of a people adopt children across the world all the time. You know there's more options than just dropping along the border well and and and the big issue here for you folks in North Carolina having you guys are to be putting a big chunk of this bill for the negative.

I'm happy with for the next five years there at that facility. The old American Hebrew Academy in Greensboro, North Carolina, wished it the convention of states would take a whole figure take authority back. Yes sir and and I'm a huge supporter of the convention of states Adam appreciate that call.

Thanks for listening.

Let's go to Anthony in Mississippi on W PMO Anthony, I'm heading down to your neck of the woods this weekend. I'll be speaking at lighthouse Baptist Church and baby.

Hope to see you and all of our great listeners are down there in Theodore, Alabama Anthony, I how's it going well, thank you so what's on your mind what you like to say I agree with what we should send them back. I think we should. The lifeboat is still all over here. I mean there are benefits you know we got people who fought God, you know, we've Medicare to take care of Social Security were spending too much money as it is, we can afford. I mean even when you put too many people in the lifeboat. What happen thanks. We've got to be able to take care of our own Anthony and that's that's that has to happen and if you don't, we are going to end up being 1/3 world country and and that's my concern with were talking about millions. Millions of people that are coming across the border you know we too much, but we have so many problems that investors want to know that what it seems like it's unsolvable getting worse and worse and worse and worse.

Yes, her and they wanted that way. Anthony him. He looked there was that horrible tragedy yesterday were you had 150 people that were killed they were in stuffed inside that tractor-trailer.

It was the burning heat they suffocated those people died horrific deaths we haven't heard anything from the administration. Nobody's wanting to talk about this, but as Gov. Greg Abbott said those deaths are on the bided administration.

They're the ones that open this border. They're the ones that are inviting people and encouraging people to come to this country illegally and as a result, you've got dozens and dozens of people that are losing their lives not in the not just in the backs of these trucks, but according to the Fox news reporting you got dozens of people that a bit that have drowned trying to cross the Rio Grande River know they don't care I don't care. Also being ruined by the drug problem don't seem to be interested in solving as long as that border is open we have no American sovereignty and every single day. We are watching our country become more and more destabilizing.

You're right about the drug situation Anthony that is a major problem that the bided administration doesn't want to talk about got around my friend and I hope to see you Sunday there at lighthouse Baptist Church in Theodore, Alabama. Even MSDN seat. That said, this is Willie Giese.cut number eight.

Please. Special Exodus, a couple weeks go down along the border district will place where Republican had one in a very long time.

The Republicans took that that district. So there is talk about this with progressive pollsters. By the way to say this idea that Latino voters in America are all in and there they have this open-minded logo with Democrats wherever they go on immigration is just wrong.

It's just just folly, and it's not true in its turn eyes and in many ways to make those assumptions so you Democrats like to reassess because some of them may not want to use the word Christ is exactly what it is down along the border.

When you have customs and border patrol having 7000 8000 encounters and apprehensions a day on the border that is a crisis and it for its it's ugly teeth yesterday need when we saw those the story and the images in the end, and hearing what exactly how those poor people looking for a better life, died in the back of a semi truck. It's disgusting and all of this could be improved, prevented, keep in mind, ladies and gentlemen we have something in the Sprint country and I know this is again we deal in facts on this radio show and ended really irritates a lot of people, but you know what that's all we can do work with the facts we have. And here's the fact we have something called legal immigration. If you want to come to America you can do just that. All you have to do is fill out the paperwork and you have to follow the procedures follow the policies and you're able to come to this country and live the American dream. But you got millions of people that I want to do that. Nobody wants to talk about the legal immigrants.

The people waiting in line to get here legally. They don't want to talk about those people. Those people don't count those people don't matter anymore and I say they do. I say they do our eight 844-747-8860 were to go right to the phones I gotta take a break.

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That's what $50 in savings is a great deal get the use the code Todd and the number 10. Get $10 off plus free shipping will be right back galaxies. He slept for all these new taxes might not like best selfies of the part I found it in fact not capture hands-free text from multiple angles.

For sure training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for its compact and fits perfectly in my pocket don't easy flip for Intel on this is the surprise history last-second witness Deep Throat this woman very suspect.

Turns out new information coming out again. She was so horrified terrified by the president's behavior allegedly you know what you did. She asked for a job after she left the White House. So who in their right mind if you're if you actually think the president of the United States, trying to stage an insurrection, you're really going to work for the person I don't buy something smells fishy about this lady. By the way, this reporting of the January search committee says that police identified people in the crowd on January 6 that marched on the capital and they were carrying firearms including AR 15's again ladies and gentlemen. There is so much fertilizer spewing out of this committee are to plan an entire crop of butter beans right here in the studio so here's a question. If in fact this is true if in fact the capital police actually saw that people were in that crowd and they had guns they had AR 15's. Why didn't they arrest anybody. Why didn't they confiscate the guns knowledge to say this is true for about let's just say that the reporting is true and that people in the crowd had AR 15's so the police we are to believe that the police turned a blind eye and did nothing did nothing to stop these people who were breaking the law in Washington DC by walking around in public with AR 15's if that's the case, why are the police officers in jail.

Do you see what is she on the committee. This is because nobody's asking these questions artists there making these statements and their being accepted at face value, as the gospel truth. I want to see proof.

I want to see evidence by the way, we still don't know who dropped off those package bombs outside of the RNC a D&C headquarters well we we know, but they're not willing to say three letters FBI art.

Let's go to the phone zero 844-747-8868 Ted in Statesville, North Carolina WSI. See notes that I understand you are a legal immigrant. Is that true. Well my wife. All right. And where did she come from well. I met her in the Republic of comic that was about 22 years ago we been married for 22 year it took me two years to get her into the country. I had to make a couple of trips to the Embassy in Moscow which is not the same country as colic stock. I had to make a couple of trips to the American Embassy in Belmont he called on.

It took me two years cost me thousands of dollars.

She had to have affidavit doctors examinations chest x-rays. All of these things had to be done over a period of time, and in it, it may make it difficult, if not near impossible for some people from Europe and Central Asia to get into this country and it's been like this. At least 22 years that I've known about it and it really terribly father's people that have come here legally and have gone through the process. It bothers them that there are two standards of law and the conflict one day they make everyone from Europe, Central Asia, etc. to go through all the to go through this process, but they allow people to come across the border with no checks, no backgrounds, no medical examinations or anything and it's been like this for a long time through thoroughly tracing said stop your present it to the bottom of the hours I want you to hang on.

Can you hold on over the break. As I have a couple questions for you. Your eye computer so let's put that on hold. Ted's illegal. His wife is a legal immigrant. It took him two years to come here legally and they had to go through all sorts of testing hoops and whatnot.

Meanwhile, you got millions of illegal aliens are just crossing the border and and then worked were taken care of everything they want for nothing 844-747-8868 that's her number. This is, this surgery is galaxies he flip for all these new taxes might not like best selfies of the part I found it in fact not capture hands-free text from multiple angles.

For sure training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for its compact and fits perfectly in my pocket don't easy flip for our son. This testimony is bonkers. Not so up on Capitol Hill. What is more, that in just about to to Ted industries will North Carolina listening to some WSI seat. Now Ted's wife is from the Soviet Union. She came to this country legally and in Ted. I'm curious as as your wife is a legal immigrant once what's her reaction been to the illegals that are just pouring across our southern border been quite angry about that and everyone you know immigrated it also angry you really love. Now her mother and father immigrated from comic gone to Russia back sometime around 2004, 2005 so my father-in-law is now, but my mother-in-law was in her 80. My why right now trying to arrange for her mother immigrated to this country what you believe they won't my 80-year-old mother-in-law to produce a document from conflict on stating that she has no criminal record and she hasn't lived there in over 15 year and the thing that that I never hear talk about is the fact that there is a lottery conflict. If you want to come into this country from one of those countries.

You have to enter a lottery and there's no guarantee getting and it's been like that for a long time, then why not I am in the Tijuana and have them sneak across the border in San Diego. Well, I think you know you and I both know that that's not not lawful and that's not something that we as Christians but yeah there's been a constant frustration for us all these years, and for other people that come here come here legally and is another aspect of the two is that the countries that there, whether it be called on Russia or Ukraine. Those countries don't want their people to leave because most of the people trying to leave are well educated and if the brain drain situation to them. But again I just I feel bad Ted form for people like you and your wife's family who were trying to do the right thing, your your abiding by the laws of the land and yet these illegals are not only violating the law, but they're being given everything they need housing, healthcare, food, clothing, you name it. While American citizens have to go to work to pay those bills.

Yeah, you know the president from trying to fix the problem and he would fall, they constantly fought against them. Over that called them all kinds of and I'm sure he was very much aware of the problem and very much aware in I believe I'm sure the present president from believe that everybody should have called you Ted when you leave it there. Appreciate you calling in and giving us your perspective. I think this really resonates with a lot of people that you know you're out there, your wife did the right thing and the meanwhile you got all these others that are not in its shameful it's absolutely shameful R844 747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 so I want to go back to this hearing. Cassidy Hutchison is the mystery is the mystery yesterday so she is testifying. She is the X aide to Mark Meadows who was then trucked Chief of Staff and she's making all these allegations, but we also know that she applied. After all, this was over she actually applied to work for Pres. trumpet Mara Longo what is that say about her character. So anyway, here's a Cassidy Hutchinson just a few moments ago related to him were not the assets to salsa care for going back to the last thing the president had very strong, very angry response that Tony describes as being irate presents hesitancy effective. I'm having president taking extra capital now which body responded sir have to go back to the West Wing present reached up towards the front of the vehicle to grab the steering well Mr. Engel grabbed his arm, said, sir, take your hand off the steering wheel were going back to the West Wing not going to the capital. Mr. Trump then used his free hand to lend storage body angle and when this or not. I have attached the stories he had motioned towards his clavicle. All right there you go. That's the testimony just moments ago and also she had something to say about Kaylee McNamee who was in the White House press secretary. Let's listen to that when we back to the White House walk with Mark. According to his writing that he wanted to be part of Mark's all right were getting some new word here that she she's testifying. Hutchinson is testifying that there were people with weapons like guns, AR 15's in the crowd but again nobody was arrested that day. Nobody was arrested for any sort of on any sort of gun possession charge. CNN is now reporting quote. This is a bombshell. Trump aides were left speechless. During the first half of Cassidy Hutchinson's testimony saying quote this is a bombshell of stunning and shocking the story about the beast. I don't have words is just stunning.

It paints a picture of Trump completely unhinged and completely losing all control or which is base they think of him as someone who was in command at all times. This completely flies in the face of that unquote. I'm curious. Do you believe this woman's testimony may watch it right now.

It's really hearsay. I'm not seeing where she's providing any concrete evidence and again if this is true. If this is true, why would Mark Meadows not speak up and speak out and condemn the president.

I know Mark Meadows. I've known for a number of years. He's a good, decent, honorable man is a Christian man is a straight shooter. I can imagine that Mark Meadows would've stood by and got along with any of this. So that's why I'm I doubt this woman's testimony and again if if it was that bad, why would you apply for a job to work for Donald Trump if in fact he was as horrible a person that you allege he is in your testimony.

Another Trump Stamper, who asked not to be named says quote. This is basically a campaign commercial for Ron DeSantis, 20, 24, 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8860.

Again, this is hearsay. Here's one of the headlines Hutchinson heard proud boys and oath keepers mentioned leading up to January 6. It's all hearsay.

It's all hearsay or let's go to the phones here 844-747-8868 Angie and George W GUN Angie what's on your mind at all. Okay, first of all legal and a grant bag and I have been calling my husband and out the door to think all and at the CIA immigrant people. We had no problem with legal immigrants in this country.

My mother came from Italy and had to take the test to become his or eight years back in the day we had a fleamarket at here that is changed from Pendergrass fleamarket and if you cannot find one illegal immigrant in the heart get out whenever I have why in the state of California that they just flat to illegal immigrant drug traffickers go on their own recognizance and went on hundred and 50 not feel that the sheriff didn't know anything about that nor did the district attorney take our guy went we change our name to Layla. Oh what ever Star Trek thinking about you. We got a bad thing. So my apologies but you're just pop in and out there, but no Angel looked my kids. I can understand my energies frustrated folks.

There's one set of rules for us to law-abiding taxpayers and others and for the illegal aliens and we have demonstrated that over and over and over and over again. By the way I want to get to this audio.

This is a bit lengthy but you need to hear this.

So John Eastman was a lawyer who lobbied for Mike pence to declare president Trump.

The winner of the 2020 election, so he's been caught up in this big investigation he was leaving a restaurants when the feds descended upon him.

I mean they read him the riot act.

I he was on Tucker Carlson show last night. I want you listen to this.

This interview, so the January 6 committee has nothing to do with sex. If it is to punish the political opponents. Five. Administration to make certain Donald Trump is together doing it with the assistance of the so-called Justice Department is already the committee speaking Stalinist overreaches had Steve Cannon and Navarro rested neither of whom committed any crime also had the feds search the home of a former DOJ official called Jeffrey Clark last week.

Then on Wednesday, the FBI showed up to seize the attorney: John Eastman critically and illegally seized his phone before they presented him with and it's on tape. My property provided wearing a mask, put your hands up as if he's a threat is not his lawyer size under subpoena from the legitimate only illegitimate Lucy Liz Cheney led January 6 committee histories joins us tonight. Thank you so much for joining us tonight. What exactly did you do wrong to be treated like a dangerous criminal by your government, well we don't know because the warrant doesn't say it authorizes them to seize my phone and all the information contained in the phone but there's no indication of any crime that this is connected to. That's apparently in an attached in an affidavit, but the affidavit wasn't attached to the warrant.

The fourth amendment very clear here when they search and seizure property they have to give a particular description of the things to be seized and Anna saying it's identified in the affidavit.

If they don't attached the affidavit doesn't qualify. The courts have been very clear about that. So this this warrant is invalid on its face, but more importantly, and I think this is extremely important for the authority to seize all of my information in modern modern smart phones that's access to all my private financial records. I'm an attorney it's access to all my privileged communications with nearly 100 different clients that I have currently. All this stuff this stuff is what we used to call a general warrant that the British king issued to just go rummage through somebody's belongings to see if they could find evidence of some crime. The very reason we have the fourth amendment is to prevent that kind of abuse. And yet that's what they're doing here and it's just another reminder to anyone he didn't vote for Joe Biden to racer texts and emails every single day sincere and charged with a crime if given you no evidence of their going to searching the crime but they treat you like a drug or a rapist and seizure phone is this little I don't think so, and they forced me in the look I as an attorney. I've ethical obligations to do everything I can to protect the prolific privilege communication with my clients so we will be filing a motion to call the rule 41 motion to retrieve my phone to retrieve any information they take an offer that phone that they have illegally seized from me and will be doing that in short order, but but you know what they're doing. The other thing they're doing is they're forcing those of us that you know you don't bow the knee to the Biden administration to rack up hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees trying to protect our constitutional rights and those of our clients. So let me let me ask people give help us.

Despite this abuse we got it. We gotta stand together to fight against this so you're doing for yourself at the Republican Congress should be doing for you just sit out as you know what I got speed. I think people of had it. Thank you very much Tucker heart. That's what the Biden justice department is doing with her hunting everybody so by way here we go here's the latest out from this hearing are up folks is this just laughable. So here's here's the latest news this junior staffer of Mark Meadows is now telling the committee that president Trump attacked a Secret Service agent and tried to take control of the presidential they're eating this stuff up there.

Where's the proof where's the evidence, are we had take a break will be right back galaxies. He slept for all these new taxes might not like selfies of the part I found it in fact not capture hands-free text from multiple angles capture training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for compact and fits perfectly in my pocket don't easy flip for is our friend Jackie so pointed out, it is physically impossible to do what the junior aide is alleging trusted in the limo of that's true.

He can't. There's like a barrier so the president can't lunch, so she is alleging that the president attacked the Secret Service agent lunged for the steering you live and try to commandeer the presidential limo.

I thought somebody said this is Amber heard 2.00 laughs while Amber heard is more believable Riley. She is an actress got her job.

This was not a very good actress and you can tell Jesus you can tell by the body language squirm that yeah there may be a little nobody's nobody's refuting any of this or accepting this as the God's honest truth. Yeah now about her. Trump says it's just not true. The president releasing a statement got up on the website. It's again the president I'll read the statement to posting it on true social. He says that she's a total funny, phony and a leaker is, as I hardly know who this person is other than I heard very negative things about her. A total phony leaker and when she requested to go with certain others of the team to Florida after having served a full term in my office. I personally turned her request down. Why did she want to go with us if she felt we were so terrible that this is a great question.} Baker just seems to me that if I mean she's she was horrified by all of this yes is it like a job can work for you. Maybe it was the beaches in Florida and she just really want to be in Florida maybe just maybe she's upset and said maybe she's wanting to pay back down the trail because she was turned down. She was she was rejected by me and could be out this terrible is today really international caps lock day. Yes, it is. I thought of you tied. I do type okay. Do you like to type. I didn't realize that was screaming though, so if you're typing YOU'RE actually screaming at somebody and grace like no need to shout.

I didn't realize so it turns out that the caps lock die was created by Derek Arnold software developer from Iowa. There you go.

I wonder if Cassidy Hutchinson uses the supply does probably are order to keep keep an eye on this bizarre testimony and will have update stories over and Todd start and complete analysis tomorrow. This is the Todd Stern's radio show someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full fork which allows me to do more things at once.

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