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Secret Service Refutes Explosive Trump Witness

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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June 29, 2022 3:20 pm

Secret Service Refutes Explosive Trump Witness

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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June 29, 2022 3:20 pm

There’s an easy way to resolve this mess — put everyone under oath — and then jail whoever is lying.

Mike Ezell, Rep Chris Stewart, Liz Harrington, and Liz Peek join the conversation!

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The Todd Starnes Show
Todd Starnes
The Todd Starnes Show
Todd Starnes
The Todd Starnes Show
Todd Starnes
The Todd Starnes Show
Todd Starnes

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There's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM that's legacy PM liberty University studio in Memphis, Tennessee since conservative commentary from somebody's going and it's a matter of who and how many people hello everybody walk the Todd Stern's radio show man. So glad that you joined us today. This is a very important addition of the show only reason you are new to the program. We have a lot of fun here and we cover a lot of ground, a lot of territory, but one of the things we do not panel in is hearsay. We deal with facts here on the Todd Stern's radio program, unlike the January 6 committee and we had a chance during the latter part of yesterday show to listen to some of the testimony as the surprise witness the mystery witness one junior aide Kassidy Hutchinson testified before the J6 committee in a made-for-TV moment now the question is very simple for you, the listers of this program. Do you believe Kassidy Hutchinson and Margaret open up the phone lines this hour of the program were to be checking in with a lot of folks in DC later on throughout the show. But this hour we want to give you the opportunity to respond to what you heard yesterday, 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 now Kassidy Hutchinson and you. You've gotta be very careful here when you're watching the testimony when you're hearing of the testimony of these individuals because she did not see she did not experience any of this firsthand everything she shared yesterday was hearsay, which is inadmissible in a court of law, but the J6 committee is not a court room and they know that that witnesses can spew lies or half-truths or mistruths or misstatements and they can just get away with. They can just get away with sort of play some audio from yesterday, this is Kassidy Hutchinson, the junior aide all of 25 years old so she would've been what 23 when she saw all of this allegedly go down or at least that's what she heard, go down on January 6 cut 15 relate to him were not to have the assets to do it. Salsa care for going back to the last thing the president had very strong, very angry response to that, Tony described as being irate presence is effective on the acting president taking extra capital now which Bobby responded sir, we have to go back to the West Wing present reached out towards the front of the vehicle to grab the steering well Mr. Engel grabbed his arm, said, sir, take your hand off the steering wheel, going back to the West Wing not going to the capital. Mr. Trump then used his free hand to lend storage about angle and when this or not. I have recounted the stories he had motioned towards his clavicle. So that's a pretty explosive charge.

And, quite frankly, the president must have abnormally long arms because I've been able to last night somebody sent me a layout of the beast, and there there some kind there's some controversy over which car it was was at the presidential limo which is actually the beast or was it an SUV version and either one. The president would have to have significantly long arms to be able to reach through and and grab the driver of the limits right frankly next to impossible. I'm not saying it's impossible, but the president is a pretty big guy. By the way, and so for him to be able to to maneuver like that in such a small, confined space, that would be pretty remarkable if in fact that happened but now we know according to the Secret Service of this information of the just coming out a little while ago the Secret Service as a way to second our guys were interviewed and they said this did not happen in the Secret Service says they're willing to put their guys on the witness stand under oath. So at that point. Ladies and gentlemen, the question is all right. You've got Kassidy Hutchinson news testified one thing and by the way that's hearsay and then you've got the that the two Secret Service guys and they're going to be testifying that none of this happen. Who do you believe you believe Kassidy Hutchinson or do you believe the Secret Service agents now again it's it's one thing if they're saying this now with the refuting this now, but if they refute this under oath, somebody's lying and somebody needs to go to jail and there's a broader question. I was talking to my good buddy Steve Gill. He's a great political analyst, and he's been doing this a very long time. He said Todd not only is somebody not telling the truth. It's very possible that some of the committee members may be suborning perjury and other words they are introducing somebody to lie under oath and that somebody is Kassidy Hutchinson. Now you gotta work with me you you saw her live testimony, but there was also pre-recorded testimony of of Kassidy Hutchinson. In other words they had already interviewed her, so they knew exactly what she was going to say when the TV cameras came on and this went border to border coast-to-coast across the fruited plain so they knew this well in advance. These are asked no doubt these are explosive charges.

I mean, if in fact this is true you're dealing with a lot to take in the White House who was trying to hijack the presidential limousine and was literally attacking physically attacking Secret Service agents. I mean, that's that's insane.

That's like a made-for-TV movie if it happened, but I don't but I think we all know would, but again the extent the charge is so outrageous. Why did Liz Cheney. Why did Adam consider standdown.

Why did they not say hey, wait a second. These are really scurrilous charges here.

We gotta cooperate corroborate this and the best way to do that is to one of two things.

Either get the people in order the people who allegedly told her these things get them to testify or or get the alleged victims. The Secret Service agents in the room and hear their side of the story, but they didn't do that they did not do that and why is that what is exalted. Why is it that knowing that they had this explosive outrageous testimony. Why is that they did not reach out to the Secret Service and say hey here are the charges that have been levied.

This is really going on national television and a couple of weeks or a couple of months or whatever they interviewed her 10. Can you guys verify this information and they didn't do that. They waited until the day of the testimony, and then you had the Secret Service coming out say hey way to say We we checked with our guys here that this didn't happen. This is nuts. And yet we really were willing to testify.

So I say great, get everybody under oath. That's what I say let's get to the bottom of this and if Liz Cheney or Nancy Pelosi or Adam consider anybody else on that committee. Encourage this young woman to lie or to fabricate that they belong in jail for the rest of their lives if they did it now grace make a running play a little game here all right. So guess what I heard what you hear. I heard, according to a source that I can't name, but I heard on Capitol Hill from a friend of mine who was actually at a barbershop and the barber was talking to another barber as they were cutting this person's hair okay and the barbers son knows somebody at at the US Capitol who actually sweeps the floor in front of Liz Cheney's office and that source tells me that Liz Cheney did in fact tell Kassidy Hutchinson told hi to make it all up to fabricate really sure that you have quite a good source for that guilty yet that's right so you know what that's exactly and I got nothing. I did it this just hearsay. You heard from a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend who cuts hair and sweep the floor so at that point. I mean, how is that any different than what Kassidy Hudson suggested the president just want to make up stuff randomly. Now the people say well when she have to lose your Pres. Trump says and and he's he said this is a scorned woman because she wanted a job at Mara Lago and they've got the evidence on the that she wanted a job at Mara Lago and she apparently people are saying Mr. Pres. do not hire her and so she wasn't hired and so their argument is you know what she wanted a job shooting at the job and now this is payback, that sounds like a nasty woman. Well I don't know what it sounds like, but again she may be telling the truth.

We don't know we don't know. I mean really here to put somebody under oath and all they can say is what I heard, or somebody told me to target. Did you see it for yourself. No note wasn't there. Sorry I didn't see it I heard we do we really think the Pres. Trump is throwing around cheeseburgers of the Oval Office and smattering the splattering the White House walls.

I was the funniest part of you know because you think like blood right like this catch up on the wall we got that so we got that audio I first status. There is content checking down the wall and there's a shattered porcelain plate on for the valet articulated that the president was extremely angry at the Atty. Gen.'s AP interview and had thrown his lungs against the wall. So first of all, I don't believe this based on the description of the catch-up dripping down the wall because I know that they only serve the finest catch up at the White House and that is Hines and Hines. It just counted it doesn't it doesn't drip right is not running the porcelain plate description porcelain by the you believe that do you really believe that happened. Ladies and gentlemen, but by what you know who did throw things.

Hillary Clinton bring a lamp and asked Ray a Bill Clinton and that was documented by the Secret Service, but again that's not hearsay what she's telling us is in fact your site so the question ladies and gentlemen, who do you believe 844-747-8868 were going to the phones here.

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Apparently we have a connection to a source in Hollywood and I don't know how this happened but we ladies and gentlemen, the Todd Starcher we've obtained an exclusive movie trailer for apparently an upcoming movie based on whatever happened on January 6 night this is fascinating.

The first time.

This is a rabbit. Let's take a listen Shay six democracy starring Amber heard as scorned junior staffer Kassidy Hutchinson had my friends in the way and overheard her mom talking to her hairdresser about her boyfriend intron try to find Air Force One into the White House and I know it's true because Sal is on straight lines with special appearances by Jane Fonda as well as Jamie Kuyper's I was like watching Deeann anything from you and try to commandeer the beat and you saw this firsthand now, but I thought on twitter to be true.

Special guest appearance by Mr. Pres., is all. She's a very negative person and quite rightly so, it's big news. It sounded like she was a job at sea and everyone knows I can't write distinction with my big beautiful you and their massive I'm telling you six democracy under attack Trump's point should feel throughout the park better watch out that that be the next big blockbuster hit list really terrified.

I Jane Fonda pulled off that's an amazing amazing portrayal when he said the trumpet you chance you get to postage for picture I heard that so it must be true must meet or are let's let's go to the phone zero 844-747-8868 let's go to Charles in North Carolina WS I see Charles. That sounds like a great movie.are you doing all right like you my blood boil. Whatever the what that and I can tell you right now and I can tell the audience and if anybody at any age from the gate committed it with your radio show everything that there was a bald-faced block their own January. I was an eyewitness. What happened outside the capital. From the time that I stalled each word to Mark Julio patriotically capital. He never incited a riot when I got the capital God and amongst the crowd and I was there for several hours I never once thought God I never want I never once saw anybody communicating a threat either someone or Capitol police Bob Burke. I never want what you want first day.

Let's go burn it down. Nothing at all like that gets me trousers. What gets me about the 50s because Kassidy Hutchinson cc she says that she heard from someone who referred from somebody that there were people armed with AR 15's all over the place of my question is okay well why didn't the DC Police Department step in if in fact the DC police saw these weapons. That's a crime.

Those kinds of weapons are illegal in Washington DC, so why didn't they intervene, exactly, and I can tell you that the police department was around the capital hundred.and you're exactly why all somebody walking with AR for you to take him out and if the crowd was so heavily armed. Why working weapon, while working about the third shot by the deli people They were all from supporters of the only person shot was actually bad while and I know it so I don't think that this committee what they're doing. God revealed truth is just designed to do damage to Donald Kroc but I think I always will live. They fell in a cold of the last four years they get away with it. Accountability and my hope is that when the Republicans take control in November that we not only launch investigative committees on January 6 but also on November 3, 2020. Charles, let me say this is we gotta wrap this up here and I appreciate your call Charles and it's great's my thing folks and and I've been I've been open book from day one when the riot happened during our program. I believe those who break the law all pay the price and they'll throw the book at people, you should not be breaking into the capital building through broken windows and you shouldn't be stealing crap that's every person that ought to be charged and they deserve to be charged the president Trump Institute and it was behind whatever happened on January 6 he ought to face charges to but you can't do that with made up testimony. You can't do that with hearsay, there's gotta be evidence. Where is the actual evidence that's all.

But if you start charging people based on hearsay. That's what they do in Third World countries, folks are your calls were going right to 844-747-8868 this is the time start if you want to know the truth behind the events of January 6, 2021 Jake Langdon incarcerated political prisoner has it all in a documentary about the whole truth and I capital and all documentary and boiling lightning January. Seeing is believing. G6 it's not about what you've heard and been told by mainstream left media it's uncut will truth go to G6 now. Thank you and God bless America from political. The first segment of the show is coming from Betsy Woodruff, one of the Secret Service spokesman now says that in the 10 days before the hearing. The January 6 committee did not reach out to them for more details regarding the right of the beast. So when you think that is what you were to reach out to Liz Cheney's office as a matter fact raise. Let's get let's see if list any spokesperson, the program maybe they can explain why is it that you did not reach out to the Secret Service. I mean, you have somebody testifying and this person testifying under oath. Using hearsay, when in fact you could've just picked up the phone and called down to the Secret Service and asked them what happened, but nobody did that and again I suspect it's because this is really not about guilt or innocence. This is about putting doubt into the minds of every American citizen.

They want you to believe that Donald Trump beat up a couple of Secret Service agents and tried to hijack the presidential limo.

They want you to believe that and people believe people believe this crap they want you to believe that the president was swinging around bottles of ketchup and breaking the porcelain plates in the white they want you to believe that because when election time comes along. There's got to be some doubt your urine. I can remember all of this, but what you will remember as a way to second they said that Trump beat up his Secret Service detail any try to overpower them and commandeered the presidential level IQ time. This guy swings around catch up with you be wasting ketchup. It cost too much money these days he squanders ketchup. I can't vote for the that's what this is really all about. By the way, to get the phone. Zero by the way, Hillary Clinton lurking in the shadows lurking and it looks like she very well may be jumping in the rice she was asked about and noticed that she did not say no and her and her response. So there's a good chance Hillary Clinton could be the Democrat nominee in 2024 one. A rematch that would be in the Democrats are terrified that's what they're trying to destroy the let's go to the phones WS J acid, North Carolina Blake on the line Blake what's going on are you doing I'm doing well on the two-story one in the limo and the other story about the other easy as or bring other people and and put them under oath and they understand the can't do something like perjury charges brought against him than the public or why do you think they didn't do that Blake. But they have the opportunity. I have no idea. I think such a fall from that committee that they've laid out pretty good evidence that this going forward. They have a number of the right people to talk in front of them, but they didn't do their due diligence here and they left opening for shows like you really like that and you should go to a huge mistake on I just just conservative talk I have more of a conservative back now I'm I would dare question though truck truck to Trump lose the election. Did he lose the popular vote to dilute the electoral college was he not elected president again.

I look.

I think the election was stolen from presidential that's really hard to get around it. It is not really elected president well the electoral college elected people to elect and write the electoral college is not correct.

You get your Blake don't make your point mop okay. My point is that the person that's telling the most lies is president Trump that you said before this committee is told little lies after little lot lies a big lie like big lies and lies a lot and that was the president of the United States is still telling the same lie and he's got a constitutional right to do that Blake. But you know what they don't have a constitutional right to lie before a congressional committee and clearly somebody is lying before this presidential this congressional committee, but you can even have hearsay and court hearsay.

Actually, something can you lie on hearsay under oath is yes you I believe you can clearly somebody up there is suborning perjury and they know it, then bring the violet and and bring the Secret Service agents then in the limousine driver and easy, but they won't even address the issues that were outlined in Dinesh Desousa's 2000 meals.

Blake and I think the terrific job of laying it all out there give me a break that that is proven has gone no no you know it has not been disproven like you got people out there say all that's not true, but they don't provide any of the evidence, and they have not invited Dinesh Desousa to come and testify on Capitol Hill and address the issues that he has evidence. This is the evidence that demands a verdict. Evidence that demands a verdict is a resident that continues to live for the population. He's got a concert to say whatever he wants to say Blake, you're saying I get that I get that but what the president should be held to a higher standard. I get because the right help, but that's the case, what about abiding love and what about Hunter Biden of the violent crimes and a higher standard in office right now, what about what about what about what about what about who cares about her, but he won't repeat what about that is a real person bedroom every night dealing with about every evening that every conservative turn is when a point is made it. What about Blake you want to crucify this president was no longer in all visitors were speaking his mind. Meanwhile, you have a president in office whose son clearly clearly has been involved in some shady stock involving prostitutes involving cocaine and drug and evolving God is that he was not qualified to hold and yet at the end of the day mean he is turning a blind eye to that, Hunter Biden, the president of the United States. His father and his father was involved. His father is involved in all of the shenanigans we got the audio. The tapes came out yesterday by now they're saying he's had no dealings with the sun's business ventures and clearly that is a flat out lie.

And Blake, as you demonstrated president to law following that I do not talk about Hunter Biden right now were talking about the January 6 committee and Blake my question to you Hunter Biden throw throw sorry Blake love here's the deal.

Here's the deal. January 6 two people are going to talk. Here's my show so your to be quiet and I finish my thought here so Blake, here's the deal. The January 6 committee their spewing lies and half-truths every single day. They got the mainstream media buying into this broadcast to get into the homes of American citizens every day. They know what they're doing there trying to destroy Donald Trump.

They don't want him running for reelection. They know they don't have any criminal activity.

They know they can't charge the president because the committee is already acknowledged that no criminal referrals are coming out of this committee. It's all and it's meant to destroy and disparage Donald Trump. That's at end of story. Blake appreciate the call 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 and again folks we deal with facts on this program and we know for a fact that the committee has already said no criminal referrals. So what's the point of all of this. Well, if it's going to be Hillary if this can be Michelle Obama. Whoever it is whoever it is, ladies and gentlemen. They want to clear the field and that's why they're trying to get rid of Donald Trump are you gotta take a break 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern show.

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Todd 10 that's Todd. 10. Get $10 off plus free shipping. That's over $50 in savings again get the use my discount code Todd and the number 10 for $10 off plus free shipping. All right, welcome back to the show. Good to have you with us here and look, I mean II hear what Blake from North Carolina is saying, but I do believe that this election was stolen.

Now you got Republicans out there who might argue semantics, but I think by and large, when you look at this president when you look at the vice president who by the way, when she was running of the Democratic primary didn't want to reinstate how do you do that you're telling me that all those people came out and voted for that for a man who was of addled mind. Why do we even even some even some conservative/establishment Republicans acknowledge that there were shenanigans as the board there were shenanigans at the ballot box over the shenanigans what they think election was stolen but I don't say that because of the attack by the mainstream media so they use words like shenanigans, but it's true. That's that something happened but you know what we can't dwell on that. We gotta move forward and I'm not sure why Blake brought that up because really has nothing to do with this committee and the lies that are being spewed and the hearsay and the mysteries and by the way, that will be that will be the legal argument, when the Secret Service testifies that will be the argument is that, well, you can't prosecute hearsay, you can't. You can't say that Cassidy Hutchinson was lying she just overheard somebody say that and she'll get away with you. Mark my words on that she'll get away with it.

By the way, Sean Hannity has some sources that are weighing in on this.

I here's what he had to say last night on the channel we heard there is an incredibly bizarre, hearsay allegation from a person who, according to our sources was for was actually prepared. She wanted to work for Donald Trump outside the White House when he wasn't president and Myra Longo and according to people I talked to tonight until others advised the former president not to hire her. In other words, according to the Federalist and people I spoke to after January 6 she wanted to work for Donald Trump that bad person she is now testifying against cyber question for you I want you to just think about this or are these things beginning to have an impact on you. Are you just tired are you tired of it all. I know you love Donald Trump. You were a Trump supporter, you are still a Trump supporter, but now you're saying you know what we just gotta move on and and Rhonda Santos is looking better and better every single day, but the scandals and the hearings on the allegations. It is a matter of their true or not but the piling on and and folks these hearings are to go right up to you what was going to happen the day before the midterm elections there will be the mother of all bombshells coming out because you see this hearing is not about getting to the truth. This is about some sort of a play, a morality play and they've got a script and they're not deviating from the script I give a great example Liz Cheney at the end of yesterday's hearing, Liz Cheney says, coming up next week to get that we should get who was playing Liz Cheney MB was Jane Fonda and be a made-for-TV movie, Jane Fonda, we should get Jane Fonda entered Ashley to the voice but Liz Cheney basically said coming up. Coming up on the next episode week we are going to expose the fact that our witnesses are being intimidated weight what intimidating witnesses. That's a serious charge look.

All of these are serious accusations do not get me wrong, I mean these are these are infractions that would land people in prison and jail. So if in fact people really are being manipulated. If in fact you got my bosses going out there trying to shake down these witnesses and get them to change her testimony that is in fact happening. Why would we not want to address that immediately. Why not say you know what loot list any good until the nation are you know we were to break for dinner folks, but we've got some serious information that we board and we need to get this out there immediately so you, the people can can learn about this. You know what to do about this, but are not doing and I think everybody is pretty much in all their there in August they know they know what's really going on. Matter fact Fox News has a survey on this and most people, some even paying attention when you watch there to keep this going until the day before the midterm elections because they want this to hurt Republicans. This is all political.

By the way, former Trump attorney Eric Hirschman has a piece out in Breitbart there is a notes that was written.

Hutchinson was testifying about a notes and now Eric Hirschman, the guy who wrote the note says quote the handwritten note that Cassidy Hutchinson testified was written by her was in fact written by Eric Hirschman on January 6.

That's a spokesman person for Hirschman telling ABC News quote all sources with direct knowledge and law enforcement have and will confirm that it was written by Mr. Hirschman sources with ABC News also confirmed that Hirschman had previously told the committee he had written the note so if that is in fact corrective. Mr. Hirschman, who had already testified and Eve already told the committee that he wrote that note and now you have testimony from Cassidy Hutchinson saying she wrote that note just what Grace Baker somebody is lying. He a big fat liar and again they already knew because Hirschman had already testified that he had written the letter and now you have Cassidy Hutchinson so it seems to me that somebody Nancy Pelosi and I'm Ken's anger. Liz Cheney could have said and again look Liz I know you want to send Pres. Trump to the gallows. I get that. But at least be honest and open about it yet. To be fair, somebody's pants are going to be lit on fire. I'm just not quick to use, yet it this this troubles me because again you got the Democrats out there trying to save the Supreme Court is irrelevant. It's a legitimate and needs to be disbanded.

We are on the verge if we are not careful here where on the verge of anarchy with our judicial system. That's what I'm concerned a really bad you could end up having people convicted and sent to jail just based on hearsay. It's a slippery slope to go down so and there may be a legitimate reason why Liz Cheney did not want to bring up the fact to miss Hutchinson, Ms. Hutchison, I know you just testified did you misspeak what's the deal here because we got testimony from an attorney. The Trump attorney who said he wrote the exactly but they're not going to do that and I will write exactly because they don't want to hurt their there is a narrative.

That's why 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 now Breitbart reached out to the committee and they said that they they found Hutchinson statement and testimony credible, but they acknowledge that it was a contradiction. That's what they're calling is not a lie but a contradiction quote. The committee is done is diligence on this and Thomas Hutchinson's account of latter credible. While we understand that she and Mr. Hirschman may have different recollections of who wrote the note was ultimately important is that both White House officials believe the president should have immediately instructed his supporters to leave the building. By the way through all of this you know the one piece of audio. The one piece of video that is not been introduced into evidence. The lumber Pres. Trump was telling the tens of thousands of people in Washington to be peaceful and to protest peaceful. Nobody nobody is talking about why we had to take a break here 844-747-8868. That is our number. This is the time surgery is galaxies flip for all these new taxes might not like best selfies of the part I found it in fact not capture hands-free text from multiple angles capture training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for contract and fit perfectly in my pocket don't easy flip for University studio in Memphis Tennessee near you ever heard scorned junior staffer, my friend Luanne overheard her mom talking to her hairdresser about her boyfriend trying to find Air Force One into the White House and I know it's true because now ripped straight lines with special appearances by Jane Fonda as well as Jamie Kuyper.

I was like watching spelling I got Deeann anything from you, trying to commandeer the be and you saw this firsthand now, but I thought on twitter the betrayal special guest appearance by Mr. Pres., lies all she very negative person and quite rightly so, it's big news. It sounded like she was a job at sea and everyone knows I didn't write distinction with my being beautiful.

You and their massive I'm telling you six democracy under attack Trump's going to fill. Well, that's a great film and whoever's portraying cancer was an Amber heard a great speaker.

Yet I was Amber heard the sounds like she has a Memphis accent. Just a little bit always very very heart of the southern than I recall. Well done to be the Todd Stern show yellow with drama team asked thespians were very tolerant diverse year. Well done team. Add peaceably actually email what is to be in the theaters we were to go see it. I will give the Todd Stern's radio show. I wouldn't have it up on the website. If you listen to it again. 844-747-8868 is our toll-free telephone number so there were some primary races yesterday across the nation congrats go out to Lauren Probert. She won her race.

Also, Lee Zelda and out in New York won the Republican primary for governor beating Andrew Giuliani that's going to be a pretty interesting race there and in Mississippi's South Mississippi, a very interesting race for Congress where you had the this is the fourth Congressional District by Plaza.

The incumbent has been embroiled in scandal Sheriff Mike E cell grew up in Pascagoula great man and a good friend of our great affiliate of their WP abode. Noah Britt is the of the owner of the station down there and he ended up winning the race by huge numbers. He is on the patriot mobile newsmaker line Sheriff E cell congratulations and thank Breitbart started one Sheriff, what's the big issue that will fork for voters down there in the southern part of Mississippi going all around talking so many people wanted somebody like you have access to your "we got our our normal well bright light at all like, so disconnected from the compliment and so you lose all drug sure glad you know what my boss built by the people and that's what what's expected of you going to get elected all that they can call you and try to have some sort of conversation so you can kind of talk problems and get to know what's going on but wanted somebody to talk to not have to be an and Sheriff. I mean that the numbers speak for themselves. But I think it also is also a reminder for Republican lawmakers that we expect our leaders to be held to a high standard, and we are not great. When I ran for sheriff in 2014 will like mold, run all over Sheriff and been removed and guided the tackle box and what inspired me to do so without Randy got elected, I turned right around and run my old car and $29 back in County Sheriff not old so we just got a good program you got it.

Breitbart will work hard for, go and get out here. Insert camp on a promise I might go well start with that and the people who really turned out last night. Oh so excited counting all we want, with 68% of the vote and just very exciting on the patriot line. Sheriff Mike easel from Pascagoula and Sheriff soon to be congressman you ran on America first platform.

What does that mean to you what you know I love my love I love Mike to my granddaughter. She was there with us last night you and you know I don't see what I've grown up and not you are close to the great conquered and I want to keep that one and I'll do a thing I can within my power to make that happen while ran for Congress, but I know what I can do better than what's been going up there in the Godhead and only the little bulldog. The Lord really direct about my prayer group rightly every day throughout this campaign lasted with salt body terrible and through it all, God prevailed outsourced God through while he certainly dad and the Sheriff. Congratulations to you I had a chance to meet some of your deputies when I was down Pascagoula for the big book signing couple of months back and the just great people are great guys and that you got a great town down there so we do not do that we gotta camp I'm going to let you know that love like a yes sir Sheriff congratulations. That's Mike easel. Ladies and gentlemen, winner of the big Republican primary battle, Stephen Plaza, the congressman he upset the sitting congressman who had been dealing with some ethics complaints and charges and that we wish you the very best I can. Sheriff soon to be congressman. Thank you very much.

Thank you very much, all right. And by the way I listen up you folks in Pascagoula I'm heading down there Friday or Saturday rather were having a big event Sunday at lighthouse Baptist Church in Theodore Alabama.

I'll be speaking of the Sunday morning services. I will be doing a book signing.

Later, in the end of the afternoon and we would love to see you come down there. There's no charge, it's church you common your worship you celebrate, and I would love to be able to shake your hand and meet all of our listeners along the beautiful Mississippi Gulf Coast are eight 844-747-8868. That is our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 in a great speaker you sent me these weird stories. This is from Cornell University and of the story from We love Newsmax around here. So, according to I Cornell University professor.

The school's library removed a bronzed Gettysburg address plaque and a bust of Pres. Abraham Lincoln because somebody complained everybody's offended nowadays everybody is offended.

Apparently, Abraham Lincoln, to our knowledge, Abraham Lincoln did not own slaves. He's honestly one of the most likable presidents when you think about most people like him so it's funny somebody took offense. He freed the slaves. I don't know what the perpetually offended snowflakes understand, but he freed the slaves." Somebody complained of the plan combustor gone to that's Prof. Randy Wayne. He was telling the college fix. He said the pieces of American history about a part of Cornell's library since 2013. He said that the Lincoln centric Boston plaque and been replaced by nothing in the university library. So, again, is this cleansing of American you know it just there to get rid of everything everything anything that was created by a white guy before the year 2000. It's gone, it's eradicated. You mark my words on that great speaker.

Now every week. We've seen it happening. It's been a trend for sure.


Can we talk about this Disney thing it's it's likely what you show when you and say weird stories. I was so I want you to set this up because I'm unfamiliar with this realm of Disney but yeah is that they got the Disney. It is the Disney Channel says will Disney plaster you know they're launching a lot of TV shows right now and one of them is in. They've done this before you know that they came out with a movie that was called big hero six.

It featured a little boy and a robot was a cute movie.

Now they're turning it into a TV show that's called Betamax which is the name of the robots is like Baywatch ADA know but it's been so it's Betamax.

I don't think it has anything to do.

I never see Baywatch, but I am familiar with that is about no they are not wearing lifeguards so they're not sure there they're not like you know not like card that anyway they're just coming out of that shell, and now it looks like there's been a complete instrument.

At first I thought this has to be a parody, but it is not. This is actual audio in footage from the new TV show and we've got the video up on our website and feature so this guy.

Let's set this up so there's like a big blob looks like the Michelin man. If you watch the TV commercials. The tired I yeah really big like white blob blob us the marshmallow man from Ghostbusters or Michael more so either one saying about the same girth when I judging I were to try to explain this a very well-rounded cartoon character. Yes that he's walking to the supermarket. He and he is on the he's on the Leedy products I and so clearly looking very confused, and then all of these light witnessing to set this up and you'll be able to understand it. When you hear the audio. So then he's trying to figure out which Leedy products and keep in mind were talking about a dude like that manly voice. He's got.

Which should I use words like loose changes art.

Let's take a listen. This is the from the Disney show from Disney plus products which recommend now. Thank you. They're more comfortable for me. Thank you think you can think my daughter love these thinking servers. What's on children's television so they're trying to I'm I've never heard of a cartoon. I remember going back when I was a child growing up in Southaven, Mississippi, right across the state line. We had we had professional wrestling, so I always liked wrestling. It came on Saturdays and but we had cartoons before the wrestling shows yet but wrestling for our national audience and they would you had Scooby Doo and you had the laugh Olympics you had Hong Kong foodie. The Flintstones Yogi bear the laugh Olympics. I love going back to Scooby Doo and the mystery machine which was the man they wrote around and chasing bad guys and goes not wants Grace Baker and all of my years of watching cartoons. I recall Velma and Daphne having a discussion about tampons.

No, not once. They pretty much avoided that topic altogether. I maybe wrong, maybe wrong, yet I go with you Clifford the big red again Arthur before it went well again. Others as cyber chase cyber kids all this other stuff Looney Tunes. I watched a lot of that.

So the initial woman who she looked startled like yeah is why is Michael more on the ladies product I'll and why does he want tampons. That was the look on the face. She looks perplexed like his answers it. Disney I know it's seems to be the culturally insensitive because the black guy sounds like a stereotypical who you know what I mean listen to and also if you look in the video. One of the guys is wearing so there's another down the aisle like I he's got a little He Also Has a Shirt That's the Transgender Flag Pattern.

It's Pink and Blue and White Striped Exactly like the Black. They Snuck That in There Too. So There You Go Again. Disney Plus about to Debut a Brand-New Program That Promotes Been Using Eminent Hygiene Products and I Just Moms Dads Are to Be Having Some Really Awkward Conversations with the Three and Four-year-olds in the Coming Days.

Have You Given up on Disney Are You Buying into This Argument That They Really Are Grooming the Children Now Outright Grooming Children for This Nonsense.

844-747-8868 That's Our Toll-Free Telephone Number That's 844-747-8868. All I Gotta Tell You about Our Great Friend Greta Van Susteren. You Know after Row America Is Never to Be the Same.

All This Week Greta Is on Newsmax Looking at America after Row You Can Find out How Abortion Will Change the 2022 and 2024 Elections and the Implications Were Trumped and A Lot More Grown up She's on the Channel at 6 O'clock Eastern Every Weeknight with Her New Show the Record with Greta Van Susteren. She Leads a Great Night on This Match with Rob Schmidt, Eric Boling Millions Have Made the Switch to Newsmax. It's on All Major Cable Systems and Stream Platforms and Get This If Your Cable System Doesn't Carry Newsmax Just Give Them a Call. You Can Also Download the Free Newsmax App on Your Smart Phone Which That's What I Do, You Can Watch at Any Time Anywhere so Tune into Newsmax Tonight and Every Day Someone Who's Not Working No Chill Trust Me That Used To Be Me, but Then I Found Galaxy Full Floor Which Allows Me to Do More Things at Once. Much Now I Think You Caused My Phone and Use It to Take Notes at the Same Time or Check My Shopping List While Ordering More Scented Candles and Facemasks on the Foldable Expansive Screen.

Don't Take Your to Do List One Line at a Time Multitasks He Can Relax, Click the Banner to Get Your Galaxies Evil for You Had Last Year. I 17 in Your Pocket to Have the Big Lie and This Year I've Got Some Bad News for You Because You're Going to Be Repaying about $10 More for Your Meal, Then You Then You Did Last Year, Grace Baker, I Know You're a Big Fourth Of July Person. Oh Yes and Are You Doing like a Big Cookout. What Are You Going to Be Doing Is Be $10 More Than Land. That's a Good Question so We Can Have a Global Pool Party with Her Friends so Were Going to Basically Just Divide up Everybody Bring Something.

But Unlike Mance Can Be Little More Pricey This Year I Went to Sam's Club Yesterday and She's the Weeds, the Prices Have Just Skyrocketed.

It's Not. It's so According to the American Farm Bureau Federation to Keep Track of All the Stop.

The Average Cost of a Cookout Is up 17% from 2021 Americans Are to Pay about Almost $70. If You Invite 10 People over 70.

I Think That's More in the Southern States Coming in. Yeah. So When You Have a Loony of a Cookout yet Is a Hot Dog or Hamburger or Both Tofu Oh No Tofu Hot Dog and Hamburger so Normally Is like a Hot Dog and I Hamburger You Get so but but in the South. You Know Somebody's Got to Be Speak of the Extra Burger.

This Is True.

And You Gotta Have Separate Funds for Each Thing like His Room by One Set Abundance, That's True. I Will Write Bonnie Bread Is That What You Use Whatever Is on Sale Really, I'm Not Picky.

I That's What's Going to Be This Good in a Picky, You Gotta Have Tops Recall Tom Is Tom's Mustard.

Not a Big French's Mustard Know There's a Special Brand of Mustard over the Program.

It's Amazing You Put That on the Hot Also Never Get Whatever's on Sale We Got Have Your Your Your Potato Salad Is Gotta Be Homemade and Make Potato Salad except If It's from Corky's Health, like Twice Baked Potato Salad All This Disgusting Traditional Okay Which Is Its Mayonnaise, Mayonnaise, Baker Got up a Little Bit a Little Bit of the Mustard. That's What Mothers Always Brings a Pain around This Is Crazy.

What's up What's on Your Menu for the Fourth Of July Light Is Having to Cut Back Charge Admission 844-747-8868 Will Be Right Back Galaxies. He Flipped for All These New Tracks It Might Not like I Just Did in Fact Not Capture Hands-Free Text from Multiple Angles Capture Training Sessions for His Followers Simply Wave My Hand to Start Recording Video Clip for Compact and Fit Perfectly in My Pocket Galaxies.

He Flipped for America Has Been Just One of Six Countries That Allow Abortion on Demand to the Moment of Birth Was Because of Roe V Wade That the United States Became an Extreme Outlier in Abortion Law Compared to the Rest of the World. Now, Thankfully, the Supreme Court Just Overturned Road That Is a Crucial First Step Were Already Starting to See This with the Lawsuits Being Filed on the State Level, but This Is Only the Beginning of the Vital Work to Protect Life and That's Why I Need Your Help and Our Friends at Alliance Defending Freedom Need Your Help. You Can Help Create a Culture of Life. Go to ADF That's ADF to Help Make a Lifesaving Difference. The Battle for Life Is on and You Need to Go to ADF to Join the Fight. Alright Folks, Welcome Back to the Show. Big Primary Battles All over America. We Just Heard from a Gentleman down in South Mississippi Defeating Upsetting the Incumbent Republican Mike Easy L He's the Sheriff down There in Pascagoula Want to Go to the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line Were Honored to Have Another Winter Our Good Friend Congressman Chris Stewart from Utah Congressman, Hope You're Doing Well. There Were Doing Well Thank You and Congratulations What Think You Know We Never Take Her Primary Granted. If You Do Believe Me, They'll Come Back and Bite You. You Know Big Thing for You and I Think Is November. We Just Have To Take out We Have To Take the Senate, and I'm Just Increasingly Confident of Both of Those Are Possible I Am to Congressman and up. But Again, I've Been Telling Folks You Get out There and Pretend like You're 20 Points behind in the Polls and Just Work Your Butt off and Knock on Those Doors That You like to Write Because Our Country Is 20 Points behind When You Look at the Devastation It Developed in the Last 15 Months from This Administration. People Should Be Scared to Death and They Are in Their Angry and You Know I Hate to Have That Motivation to Get People to Call Vote, but Sometimes It Is and I Think That's the Situation What They Think in November. People Feel the Emotion They Look at Their Country and I Think What in the World Is Happening to Our Country and Why Are They Doing, and Even Have To Ask Are They Doing It on Purpose, but I Think That It Can Drive A Lot Bolder in Serving on the on the Conservative Site You Need to like You Said You Got a Processing Come from behind Congressman We Been Following Elements Coming Out Of That Crazy Hearing Yesterday and It Is Pretty Clear That Somebody Is Not Telling the Truth of the Secret Service. I Now Says They're More Than Willing to Send Their Their Ages to Testify Refuting the Testimony That Pres. Trump Attacked Them and Try to Hijack the Presidential Limo You Got a Trump Attorney out Refuting Evidence regarding a Letter This Really It Seems to Me This Is Not about Getting to the Truth. This Is about Trying to Damage and Destroy Donald Trump Why Any Question about That and I Think Any Reasonable Person Who Watches This Would Come to That Conclusion As Well and Look If You Have To Lie If You Have To Exaggerate or See in Order to Convince People That You Don't Have the Argument on the Facts on Your Side and That's What This Committee Is Done. Frankly, It's What the Democrats Done for Years Now, but They Could, Particularly Very Cute in Doing That against the Former President and Again Is No Question That What You Said Is True about Informing the American People Think That Is about Learning the Truth and Informing People You Would Have Both Sides Represented You Would Be Able to Call Witnesses from Both Sites. January 6 Committee Doesn't Allow That Closely Didn't Even Allow the Republicans to Choose Who They Wanted on the Committee Are Clearly Sifting through the Evidence Presenting One Side of the Course, Build Some People If You Only Present One Side of the Fact of the Argument, but This Isn't about That. This Is Somehow What You Said This Is about Discrediting the Former President and Anyone Who Supported Him in Creating the Impression of Their Own Insurrectionist That They Are Anti-Constitutional Fell on It. Our Country What Nonsense but I Think American People Quit Paying Attention to Impeachment Line and Impeachment to Rush Occlusion. Now This I Think American People. Just so You Know I've Been There Done That Show Only at the End of the Day What You Got That Right Now They Don't Have Anything Know They Don't and As a Matter Fact the Ratings Are Coming out and a Fox News. This Is from ABC, Fox News Channel, Reporting That Viewers Are Just Tuning Outs of the Hearing, so They Been Broadcasting Them and It Looks like Folks Are Just Not Interested. I Think the Reason Why Is They See This As You Just Said They See This for What It Is. It's Not about the Truth, It's about Taking out Donald Trump about the Truth, It Would Be Interesting They Would Be Learning Something They Would Be Saying Oh I Didn't Know That You Know like I Didn't Realize That There Is Nothing New Here, You Can Blackmail a Time.

What I Think about January 6 Committee. I Don't Have Much Attention to If There's Something New. Believe Me, Will Be Made Aware of It but There Isn't It Day-To-Day of Just the Same Thing We've Heard for Year and Again. The Committee Knows That by the Way, They Have To Package Is like a Movie That's Either Salt Choreographed It so Scripted Because They Know They Got It Only Way They Have To Compel People by Having Some Type of It Is in Its in the Demonstration and the Presentation Not Back and They Have To Make It As Dramatic As They Can Because the Facts Don't Support Anything New, and It Doesn't Drive Any New Conclusion on the Patriot Will Newsmaker Line Is Our Good Friend Congressman Chris Stewart, a Republican from Utah Congressman.

We've Also Been Paying Very Close Attention What's Happening at the Border. I Hears Lieut. Gov. of Texas Dan Patrick Away Again on This Horrible Tragedy Wrote What Upwards of 50 Illegals Were Killed Found Dead in a Truck Cut Number Six. If You Look at This Administration Just in the Last Week or Last Few Days. What You See Is a Culture of Death. And That's a Strong Thing to Say but That's What This Administration Is about. They Seem to Have No Conscience, No Caring, No Responsibility, No Accountability for What's Happening, so It's Clear That These 50 People Who Died in the Back about 18 Wheeler and the Most Horrendous Death.

Chris You Can Imagine Suffocating It 130 or 40 Heat or Higher Scrambling over Each Other, Pounding against the Locked Door and Suffocating and Dying in the Heat That This Is Clearly a Result of the Buying Policies but That's Just the Latest. We've Seen People Drowned in the River We've Seen Fenton Allport across Our Borders and Drive up the Death Rate of Teenagers and Young Adults in This Country Because of Border Policies, Then Let's Look at What's Happening in the Streets. The Criminals Have Taken over the Streets. Congressman, Do You Believe, As Lieut. Gov. and the Governor, by the Way That Biden Is Responsible for What's Happening at the Border and He's Creating This Culture of Death Will of Course Report Exactly Right. That's What It Is Worked out Earlier They're Doing It on Purpose. To Me, for Heaven Sake.

Pres. Trump Thinks the Border.

It Was a Problem When He Was Elected. It Took in More Than Two Years, but Eventually Put the Policies in Place Think the Border Is Present for All That down, and by the Way These Individuals Not Directly Work Hardened Criminals or Drug Dealers. These Were Men and Women and Children for Innocent People Who Are Exploited by the Coyote Something like 72% of the Young Girls and Young Women Who Cross the Border Are Sexually Abused in the Project, How Can Anyone Look at That and Think You That's a Great Policy. We Should Support That Policy with the President Has Done Is Not Only Been Devastating for Our Own Economy, Our Own National Security and Our Own Morale.

It's Devastating for the Victims of Those Who Are Brought across the Border.

Almost Every One of Them Who Are Abused in One Way or Another.

In the Process. How Can You Justify This to Mean It Inexcusable to I Think Most of It. Well Said Ari. Congressman Really Was There Again, Congratulations on the Big Win Last Night and a Good Luck in the Election, Ari Congressman Chris Stewart Out Of Utah on the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line by the Way, All These Folks out There Saying Well. Trop Trump Is Still Saying That He Won the Election When You Know What the Democrats Have a Pretty Long History of Doing the Exact Same Thing and I Don't See Them Being a Whole before Congress.

I Don't See Them Being Accused of Bleeding and Insurrection by Refusing to Concede Their Races Cut Number Seven Present in My Vice President I Absolutely Praise from Randy Election Laws Election but in All Times.

No Legitimate President. Pres. Elect of the Legally Elected Allowed Me Finally, We Will See How Legitimate Is Actually What Is an Illegitimate President. Do You Believe Trump Is Legitimate Is No Question That the Outcome of This Election Was Affected by the Russian Interference That There Actually Is a Cloud of Illegitimacy. The President Is Going to Such Great to Essentially Prove That Because He Knows He Didn't Know. She's an Illegitimate Pres. Ellis Is an Illegitimate President so Chris Is Obsessed with Me and I Believe That It's a Guilty Conscience and Versus Gore, the Fraudulent 25 Greenhorn Results Would Be Joyce W. President He Was Ramming Have Anything so I Did Not Win Election Troubling Evidence That Not Every Vote Was Being One in 2012 and Also the Nationwide All Right There You Go.

Ladies and Gentlemen, That Is At Least Two Minutes Worth of Democrats Saying That Elections Were Stolen That George W. Bush Was an Illegitimate President That Donald Trump Was an Illegitimate President. Now You Don't Hear the Mainstream Media Hollering about This Because They Defend This They Actually Believe That Those Elections Were Legitimate Youth. Just Think about This If If in Fact the Democrats Have Gotten Their Way There Would Not Be a Republican President and There Would Not of Been a Republican President until George H. W. Bush Out Of the Last Republican President Elected If the Democrats Had Their Way, but Nobody's Nobody's Calling out the Democrats We've Got the Info and Were to Keep Working to Keep Sounding the Alarm Here Folks, Because There Is a Double Standard, and It Is Hypocrisy All Right before We Are Going. I Got a Shot.

We Had to Take a Break Here, but I Gotta Share This Info with You Catholics out to Catholics and You Guys Have Been Battling with Your Pope Who Is What Socialist or Communist, Pope Francis, the Guise of Our Leftist Anyway Nancy Pelosi over at the Vatican. She Was Received inside the Vatican and She Was Administered Communion by the Pope, Nancy Pelosi and Her Husband, the Drunk Driver Were There Side-By-Side, Grinning from Ear to Ear As the Pope Was Giving Them a Communion and I'm Curious If You're a Cancel like Your Thoughts on the Pope and What Kind of Message Is the Pope Sending That a Woman Who Is Ferociously Pro-Abortion. A Woman Who Supports the Killing of Unborn Children Is Allowed to Receive Communion by Not Just a Local Priest, but by the Pope of Your Church, 844-747-8868 That's Her Toll-Free Telephone Number That's 844-747-8816.

I Mean, I Know My Denomination of the Southern Baptist. We've Gone Full-Blown Woke by Wow Catholics What Is Happening in Your Denomination Will Be Right Back Galaxies. He Slept for All These New Taxes Might Not like He's at the Park. I Found It in Fact Not Capture Hands-Free Tax from Multiple Angles for Training Sessions for His Followers Simply Wave My Hand to Start Recording Video Clip for Compact and Fit Perfectly in My Pocket Galaxies. He Flipped for Back Let's Get to the Phone Lines Here George W GUN Sylvain Country Great Morning Show Kit on the Line Hi Kid What's Going on, What's on Your Mind. I Wonder Why the Department and the in the Government in General Are Required to Follow the Law and Why They Continuously Break It in. There's No One to Be Held Accountable, so It Can't Continue to Grow Worse and Worse and Worse. You Know That's That's a Terrific Question and and It Is a Problem and They Get Away with the Because They Know They Can and They Many of These People.

They Showed up on Capitol Hill Didn't Have Two Nickels to Rub Together. Now They're All a Bunch of Multimillionaires so We Know That There Is All Sorts of Corruption Going on All Sorts of Graft Going on, but until We the People Decide to Get Serious about This and Hold Our Elected Leaders Accountable. There's Really Nothing We Can Do Now You Got People out There Saying the Answer to This Is Term Limits Keeping People to Maybe Two or Three Terms in Congress and Then You Gotta Come Back Home.

I Don't Know That May Be an Answer That May Be a Possibility, but It Seems to Me That the Biggest Problem Is That You Know We Got Other Stuff Going on in Our Lives and We Want to Take the Time to Pay Attention to What Our Elected Leaders Are Doing Follow-Up Sure.

I'm Not Talking about Our Elected Leaders.

I'm Actually Talking about the US Department, Which Is the the Legal Arm of Our Government and the Legal on for the People and They're the Ones That Are Supposed to Enforce the Law and Do It Equally and Fairly. A Mission Statement from the US Department Attorney's Office to Promote an Established and the Appearance Suggested by Bigger Fairly Representing the United States and Its Citizens in All Matters Criminal. Pretty Simple but yet They Become a One Party or the Other Night. They're Not Following the Law.

There Are No Sir, They Become Pawns for One Political Party. And That's the Democrats and That Happened the Weaponization of Our Federal Agencies Actually Started in Earnest.

During the Obama Years, I Can Tell You That the.

The Justice Department Was Not Weapon Advised against the American People during the Trump Administration, but It Certainly Was during the Obama Years and It Has Been Re-Activated As a Weapon by by Joe Biden Kid Got a Run. Appreciate the Call, but It's True. I Mean, It's When You Go Back and and Look at the Evil That Barack Obama Did with the Justice Department and with the Internal Revenue Service People Should've Gone to Jail for That and and Again, Why Would They Because the Justice Department Is Weapon Ice to Take out the Tea Party so Long Time Ago and You Got It. You Gotta Keep.

You Gotta Keep Doing Your Homework on This Stuff Works, but Don't Say It's the Republicans and the Democrats Know It's Just One Party. That's Doing It's the Democrats If the Republicans Were Doing It. We Would Call Them out Just like Were Calling out Liz Cheney and Adam Concerned in This Sham Committee and Congressman Cheney Ought to Be Ashamed of Herself. She Knows Better. She's Been a Rocksolid Conservative Her Entire Life Allowed Herself to Get Infected with Trump Derangement Syndrome and She Is Willing to Sacrifice Everything to Take down This Present Everything She's Made Her Point and Now I'm Afraid She's the Loser Senator Congressional Seat and Quite Frankly If She Is Not Representing the Interests of Her Constituents. They're the Ones That Matter. Honestly, They're the Only Ones That Matter Are We Had to Take a Break Here 844-747-8868 Toll-Free Telephone Number. We Got Liz Harrington Coming up Pres. from Spokesperson Also.

Liz Pete Has a Great Column.

Believe It or Not There's Another Wrinkle Ruling Coming out and It's a Doozy Will Say about It. This Is the Concentrated Someone Who's Not Working No Chill Trust Me That Used To Be Me, but Then I Found Galaxy Full Fork Which Allows Me to Do More Things at Once. Much Now You Calls My Phone and Use It to Take Notes at the Same Time or Check My Shopping List While Ordering More Scented Candles and Facemasks on the Foldable Expansive Screen.

Don't Take Your to Do List One Line at a Time, Multitask Seat and Relax, Click the Banner to Get Your Galaxies Evil for University Studio in Memphis Tennessee Is Yours. Tell Us Why She Had Another to See Another's Session behind the Scenes with This Commitment Which Their Plano Soundbites from Entering Data.

I'm Sure They Realize the Power of This Testimony and Perhaps Politically in the Wake of Roe V Wade, and Everything Else to Keep January 6 on the Front Burner. The Bottom Line Though Is This This Testimony Is Stunning and Will Likely Hear from the Former President and His Reaction to All of This in One Way or Another.

You Also Have Other Officials, a Passive, Lonely White House Counsel You Have Others Who Are Weighing in Here behind the Scenes through Her Testimony and Listen. I Think This Does Move the Ball in This and This Are Events Fox News Channel Suppose It Fair and Balanced Journalist Brent Baer and He's Been Attacking Pres. Trump for a Couple Weeks That Will Longer Than That, but He's Been Stepping up the Attacks over the past Couple Weeks.

Fox's Brian Kilby Call the President Unhinged and Pushback on Any Claims of Election Wrongdoing or Election Fraud. I Mean, These Are and He's the Host of the of the Supposedly Conservative Faction Friends of Breitbart Says That Fox News Has Pretty Much Abandoned Their Base and He Wants to and and Breitbart Is Asking an Interesting Question How Many Strikes before Fox News Is out and All of You Mango Folks Stop Watching Fox News.

Welcome to the Todd Stern's Radio Program.

Our Three Underway.

I Want to Get Right to the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line Are Good Friend of Pres. Trump Spokesperson Liz Harrington, Liz. Good to Have You with Us Today. I'd Love to Get Your Take on Fox News. I Mean Everybody Sort of Sees through the Charade Here. There's No Way That People like Brett Baer Are Straight As an Arrow Use Guys Anymore. Everything Encrypt File after Something Always Ever Small Boy When You Look at Your Bladder [Thought I Can't Take Another Explanation Very Bizarre and Easy. Why Currently on Karen Allen Journal Taking It. We Even Have Peter Alexander You They Have Not Been Very Fair and Balanced. The Pres. Trump over the Years Certainly over at NBC News Yeah Service Totally Ready to Go on the Record under Oath and Received Totally Laughable.

She Hearing Which They Said Was so Urgent He Knew at the Tell a Joke Everything He Ever Is Not Ours but Nothing She Said Was Even Remotely Close to the Truth and Not Close to the Truth Than Anyone Familiar Protocol and Credential Movements in All of the Things That I Know It's Not Likely Possible Just Flat out Absurd. We Know the Man. This Is a Caricature-25-year-old Doesn't Know Tom Didn't Even Pretend to Be in the Car I Making While Story Is That a Prayer Then the So-Called Fair and Balanced Orders at Fox News to Take It Even Remotely Seriously in a Joke You Pres. Trump Just a Little While Ago I Sure This on True Social and by the Late Todd Stern's Folks to Follow Me on Truth. Social of the President Writing the Lies and Fabricated Stories Being Told to the Partisan, Highly Unselect Committee Not Only by the Phony Social Climber Who Got Caught Yesterday, but by Many Others, Are a Disgrace to Our in Serious Decline Nation. No Cross-Examination, No Real Republicans, No Lawyers, No Nothing and and He's Right, Liz, and What Really Troubles Me. I Get It. Liz Cheney Hates the President's Guts. I Get That. But That Doesn't Give Her a Pass When It Comes to Doing Due Diligence and They Knew What She Was Going to Testify.

They Knew What She Was Going to Say and They Didn't Even Bother to Reach out to the Secret Service to Get Their Side of the Story and We Know That Because the Secret Service Just a Little While Ago Actually Told Politico. Nobody Bothered to Call Us Great Care They Will Air Live and near No Matter the Source Know How No Matter How Little Credibility, No Matter How Obviously Untrue. It There and I Think It's Really Going to Backfire on Them Luck. They Artie Had to Cancel Their Prime Time Hearing Actually Let You Any Normal Night Network Television Right Rating Inc. the American People Are Not Buying Their False near Death There Wondering Why They're Here Trying to Force That Watch and Relitigate Something That They Don't Care about When in Fact That All I Going Higher. They Can't Think They Can't Buy Groceries and Economy Is Just Being Destroyed before Our Very Eyes. The Borders Been Destroyed before a Very High They're Not Covering Most Migrants Ever Been Killed. Illegal Aliens Killed Horrific Fashion in That Tractor-Trailer Direct Consequence of Not Only in Illegitimate Fighting Regime to Manically Destroy Their Border and Encourage Illegality and but It's Also a Media That Refuses to Cover It in Congress. He Sent Forth the Law, and Entry in Republican Right Now Refuse to Negotiate and Say Where Planning Anything You're Crazy, Gun Control, Not Here Speaking to Structure Thing Negotiate until We Secure the Border. All of Their Talking about. They Wanted Turn the Camera to Some Lightweight Backbencher Borrowed Brand in Supposedly in the White House for Put out Total Garbage That I Totally Fall Easily Disproven Doing Some Real Turn Left Do Some Real Work. Our Country Thing Destroyed Me.

Yeah on Crack and on Election Well Said, and Liz Real Quick Last Night Talking about Elections, Pres. Undefeated All of His All of His Endorsed Candidates Won Their Races Yesterday. Unbelievable.

The Power to Trump Endorsement and Mean It Never Seen Anything like It. American Politics and Mary Nell or Glenn Darren Bailey When I Have To Think Some It Had to Do It That Great Story at the Rally about the Misplaced Care. Lillian Daisy Trumpeted That Darren Bailey Great to Get Running with It. I Need Shows You How Critical and Even out That Late Hour What Trump Endorsement Does State like Illinois, God Let the Patriot Frankie Better Not Think That Countries Save America and Not by Creditor but Still in That and Getting You Can't Pick up Liz.

We Appreciate Your Time Is Always Good Luck out There on the Campaign Trail My Cat Liz Harrington Everybody with Pres. Trump's Spokesperson Always Good to Have Liz on the Program.

By the Way, Politico's Got a Story up Now They're Flushing out This Report of the Secret Service Now Saying That the January 6 Committee Did Not Reach out to Them in the Days before Yesterday's Hearing of This Is from Betsy Woodruff's Wall on the Secret Service, Telling Politico That to Be Selectivity Investigators Did Not Ask You Secret Service Personnel to Reappear or Answer Questions in Writing. In the 10 Days before Asking Hutchinson about the Matter at the Hearing Quote We Were Not Asked to Reappear before the Committee. In Response to the New Information and We Plan on Formally Responding on the Record We Have and Will Continue to Make Any Member of the Secret Service Available so Now You Have To Ask Yourself This Question. Why Is It That That Committee They Don't Want the Secret Service Testifying on the Record.

Is It Possible Because They Will Tell the Truth and Cassidy Hutchinson, Their Star Witness Will Be Exposed As a Liar. Is That a Possibility Really Keep You Updated on This 844-747-8868 That's Her Toll-Free Telephone Number 844-747-8868 Grace Baker Sen. Ted Cruz Is Very Upset with Elbow. They Say the Border. The Sesame Street Muppet so Elbow It Is. Are There More Than One Is More Than One Elbow, It's Because They the Washington Post Describes the Pump at This White Young Puppet Elbow. I Don't Know Why They Describe It That Lambing There's like a Mom and a Dad. I Don't Know Maybe. And That's Why Okay so Oh Well, It Is Either Is Yes a Little Elbow Has a Father Pump Muppet: Louis Oh and so Elbow Was 3 1/2 Years Old and the Sesame Street Lore and Little Elbow Just Got His Oh This Is Big Little Elbow Just Got His China Virus Vaccine. So Anyway Now Ted Cruz Is Very Upset Because He Says There's No Scientific Backing Here to Say That 3 1/2-year-old Muppets Need to Be Getting China Virus Vaccine Disgrace. But That's a Fair Point.

Is There Data to Support Muppet Getting a Vaccine I Didn't Know They Needed Back so This Is Really All about. This Is Really All about Indoctrination and Propaganda Arts. We Got This Audio Here. Yes We Are and so This Is a Little Elbow Talking to His Father, Louis about Getting the China Virus Vaccine Lossless You This, but to Date, Getting Your Pulpit Vaccine Elmo.

I Had A Lot Of Questions about Elmo Getting the Covert Vaccine. See Wasn't the Right Decision. I Talked to Our Pediatrician so I Could Make the Right Choice. I Learned That Elmo Getting Vaccinated Is the Best Way to Keep Himself Friends, Neighbors and Everyone Else Healthy and Enjoying the Things They Learn All Okay You Have Questions about Coping Vaccines for Your Kids Get the Latest Tax by Speaking to Your Pediatrician or Healthcare Provider. I Have a Question.

I Have a Question Grace Baker What You're Not a Parent but Go Ahead and Ask Questions.

So, to My Knowledge, so I Have a Question Here about This Vaccine. Sorry, I Want to Take Your Question Very Seriously Thinking. Did Little Elmo Did He Sound like That before He Got Vaccine. I Think Those Sources Say Yes, but That Is a Frightening Voice and That Pilot Sounds Weird As This Elmo for You.

All Right, Is That the One That Goes around Tickling People.

Yeah, Tickle Me Elmo Okay.

We All Knew There Was a Problem When They Came out with a Twinkle Tickle Me Elmo Yeah Especially in Today's Age Now You Years Ago I Was All Right. I Don't That That's Where It All Started. I See so so Elbow As a 3 1/2-year-old Is Now Getting the Getting the Vaccine Yes and He's Very Glad He Did It Well.

It Does Make You Wonder What Happens. Grace Baker Window Date Unleash the Monkeypox.

I Mean Can You Imagine What They Doing over Sesame Street When That Happens on the Pandemonium That Panda Bony Yeah Right, That Will It'll It'll Be Interesting Will Sleep Will See There Okay so There You Go Folks.

Sesame Street Is Now Telling 3 1/2-year-olds That You Gotta Get the Vaccine and Then Your Voice Will Never Change. 844-747-8868 That's Unfortunate.

That's 844-747-8860, It Will Be Right Back Galaxies. He Slept for All These New Taxes Might Not like I Did in Fact Not Capture Hands-Free Tax from Multiple Angles Capture Training Sessions for His Followers Simply Wave My Hand to Start Recording Video Is Compact and Fits Perfectly in My Pocket Don't Easy Flip for Guardian of the Galaxy, Star Chris Brandt Is in His Is Also the Star of Jurassic Park. It Would Drastically Great Guy's Been Pretty Open about His Faith and Well Will Be Back up a Couple of Years Ago He Came Out Of the Closet and in Hollywood and Announce That He in Fact Is a Christian and That's like a Huge Thing in Hollywood Because Once You Are Not Your Christian.

They Basically Try to Destroy. And That's What They've Done with with Chris Pratt Now Now Grace.

You Hear the Hollywood Person Here, but Chris Pratt Will Be Back up Here to See If I Get All This Great He Is under Fire, a Predominately Because of His Religion. But There's Another Issue Involving His Kids, so He Was Married to a Woman They Had a Child, He Will Announce Premature Had a Cerebral Hemorrhage, Hemorrhage and Other. They Wrote a Book about Her. So That Was a Big Ordeal. Yes, so Whatever Labor They Separated, and Then He Remarried and They Had Another Baby.

And He Wrote This Long Post about How He Was so Excited That His Wife Gave Birth to a Healthy Baby Yes and so All You Know What Broke Loose on Social Media There Accusing Him of Basically Insulting His Special Needs Child When She Was Not Doing No. So Anyway, There's That and Then I Mean It's Just Brutal Yeah the Attack so This Guy Big Star. But like He Is Not Necessary. There Is Much Bigger Stars out There, but People Just Love to Pick on It Because of What You Said so Then He Was One of the MTV Music and Video Awards. He Announces That He Is Lisa Christian.

And It Wasn't a Big Deal Was.

What Was and so Then They Start Attacking Him, Accusing Him of Going to Hell Soldiers Was a Finding of Church You Know If You're into That Kind of Thing and Heat They Were Accusing Him of Going to an Anti-Gay Church Personally Does He Would Go to Hell Song in the Church.

He Does Go to Follow the Bible's Teachings on Marriage.

So What Are Reveling One Shocker. So There Attacking Him for That and and It Was Just Ugly.

So Now Chris Pratt Is Coming out and He Say Well at First, I Don't Go to That Church.

I'm Not Anti-Gay and I'm Not Religious Anymore and I I Think What He Saying Is That You Know He's a Christian, but He's Not Doing the Whole Religion Thing and He's like You Know Going after Religion, Which I I Get It. I Give Anything but You Know What Most Iran Else Is Not, Yeah, and They're Acting like He's Renouncing His Faith and and I Don't Think You Every so Now Everybody's Mad at Chris Brandt. Can I Just Say Speaking, I Just onto the Christians Worse.

If You're Jewish Just Hang Back Person You Talk to the Christians for a Moment Your Atheist Just Go Grab a Baptist Martin Christians. We Got a Big Problem Here. Whenever There Is a Christian. Whether It's Bieber or Timberlake or Whoever They Come out and Announce That Their Christian We Put Those People up on a Pedestal.

It Was like We Were Worshiping Them or Were Treated like There's Some Sort of Super Spiritual Christians, Whether or Not There Just like the Rest of Us Were Sinners Saved by Grace. And yet We Go out There. We Put These Guys up on the Pedestal and When They Don't Meet All of Her Expectations. We Throw Them off of the Pedestal We Gotta Stop That We We Just Gotta Stop It and so I Feel Bad for Chris Pratt Here. You Know She's a Little Give the Guy a Break.

I Gotta Take a Break Here 844-747-8868, Agree, Disagree, Give Us a Call Will Be Right Back Galaxies He Flip for All These New Taxes Might Not like I Just Did in Fact Not Capture Hands-Free Tax from Multiple Angles Capture Training Sessions for His Followers Simply Wave My Hand to Start Recording Video Clip for Contract and Fits Perfectly Good to Be True. Don't Easy Flip for Everybody Good to Have You with Us on This on Stern's Radio Program and That Was a Great Time to Head over to Todd We Have a Great Work for You Some Incredible Tube AS Well As Great T-Shirts and of Course All of My Books and Very Happy to Autograph and Personalize Every Copy That You Purchase over It.


Well, There Were A Lot Of Supreme Court Rulings of Historic Significance That Were Released over the past Couple of Weeks Now, but Were Not Done Just yet. That's According to Our Good Friend of the Great Columnist Liz Speak. She Is on the Patriot Bubble Newsmaker Line Liz Good to Have You with Us Today. All Right What's Going on Dear Liz, I Thought Everything Had Been Decided That Needed to Be Decided Well Probably Willing of All Is yet to Come out and I Will Come out Tomorrow or Friday and That Have To Do with Something to Climate Change, but Much, Much Broader Case That It Went Thinking at First That the EPA Be Thinking with Whether the EPA over That Boundary by Basically Letting Obama Clean Power Plan.

I Know Your Listeners Are Either Glade with Basically Use of Power by a Federal Agency and Bigger Scale Separation Because What Happened over Many Decades. The Executive Branch, the President Will More and More of the Rule and Govern Americans Live. I Not EPA, and Environmental Regulations, but Also the ADF. The There. There Are Literally of the Agency and What More and More of Our Negative Stating in Effect Is Done by Bureaucratic Decree.

People Who Are Unelected, You Know, Bureaucrat, Lifelong Experiment in DC. I Think One of Them Even Americans Feel More and More Distant from Their Government. They Feel like the Government Is Thinking That Will Why Not Because like the People They Lack There. I Let the Representative That You Are Not Creating Laws but They're Doing Is Giving Me Dining You What Then Becomes Very Agency That Implement Art That Will Regulations and Cannot Really Affect All so It Court and Anything Could Happen down on the Side of West Virginia Left the Country That Would Be Very Much Impacted by Obama, Clean Power and Really Didn't like Whole That I Find I like All Virginia Wednesday against the EPA.

There Are Literally Hundreds of Laws and Statutes That You Be Questioned and Challenged, Because They Might Be Charged with Executive Overreach Style Very, Very Big Deal. I'm Not the Five Coming out Last Day on It and Get Walloped Again I Think That I Love the Way I Side with the State of West Virginia and to Call Company Joint and Correct Me If I'm Wrong Here, but This Again. Biden Wants to Basically Shut down Fossil Fuel Industries Just like Barack Obama Did. I Remember Going Back to My Font Years. During This Recent Box Sent Me out to Two Coal Country in West Virginia and We Did a Series of TV Reports on How Obama's Policies Have Just Decimated Just Decimated People's Lives. It Was It Was Truly Heartbreaking Here and You're Telling Me That If the Supreme Court Decides Your Rules Correctly Here That Biden's Plans Would Basically Be Stopped. Well, A Lot Of Thinking. For Example, There Was Blocked by the Court and Thinking Big and Bad for Wait a Minute. You're Talking about Me Ordering Iron Power Plan and I Think What What Kind of beyond Your Leave. The EPA in Particular I Doctor about Important Question One What It Cost up to $33 Billion per Year with Me and Your Point Stating like the Coal Felt It Was Blocked and Then the Comp Administration Ended It by Now. I'm Finding That Jason and Chris Doing Our Plan. They Will Have Another Parable, and I'm Sure Everything Is All All Why Not Well for Coal in America Are a Nation down As a Result, yet There Is Some Increase in the Field Liber of Better Error in America and Better Air Quality and Lower Addition. Because Natural Burning Will Point Congress Had Anything to Deal with Climate Change, People Get Together on Anything Their Ability to Actually Craft Legislation. The Topic of the Day Marcel I Read That the Simple Thing like the Money That Was Going to Ukraine Things in There That Were Already Out Of Date. Think I Might Cut off Debate Thing Had Come and Gone Bad on You Know What We Pay Congress to Get down Actually Will Lean Five at the Bottom of the American People Be Honest with American by the Way on All Climate Agenda Americans Probably Think Well Dollars Great Sheep We Now Bring Back There That I Think That I Agree Have No Idea Because It Never Comes Out Of People Don't Talk about This Topic Not Baited on the Floor, Though It Could Be a Really Odd Thing on at 339 Eight.

People like the Idea Because They Think Functional Okay Functional Again. I Think I Work Liz Were Going to Have To Leave It There Is a Great Column and I Will See What the Supreme Court Decides to Do Here. Always Great Hearing from You for Having Me There Are That's Liz Speak Everybody Liz and Access Her. You Can Access Her Column. There Are Eight 844-747-8868. That Is Our Telephone Number Jeff in Georgia.

He Wants to Weigh in on This Story about Chris Pratt. All Right, Jeff.

What Say You Agree with Somebody You Know Lightly Lord That You Are Not Automatically Perfect. It Is Relevant. Learn How to Crawl before You Walk A Lot but but Jeff Everything and I See It.

I've Seen It for Years. I See It Every Time. I Can't Tell You How Many Times You Know I've Got a Call from a Church like Oh Do You Know Someone so You They They Mentioned God on the Air so They Must Be. They Must Be a Christian at This Back When I Was at Fox and I like You Probably Don't Want That Person Speaking from Your Pulpit, but People Get Sucked into the Celebrity Culture of the Christian World, Which Is Really Sad. I Really like the Final Little and Everybody Had All Got to Learn the Ways of the Lord.

The Thing about A Lot Of People When They First Meet the Lord, You Know That Ready to Go out Run out All You Know That I Don't Know They're Not Supposed You Know so I Don't Think Anybody Because They're Supposed to.

In A Lot Of Ways and Then People Go to Church for 30 Years and I Just Go to Church but If the Charts Would Go out. Learn How to Do Something to Convert Now Man Would like. Yes, We Would Just Appreciate the Call 844-747-8868 Answer Toll-Free Telephone Number by the Way, 78% of Democrats Think the Country Is on the Wrong Track, 73%, Sorry 78% of Democrats and the Democrats Control the White House, the Senate and the House Of Representatives That This Is Insane of the Story Coming from the Associated Press and New York at the University Of Chicago Bipartisan Dissatisfaction with the Direction of the Country and the Economy. About Nine in 10 Democrats Disprove the Way Biden's Been Running the Country by His Approval Rating Hovering around 39%.

It Is Looking Ugly out There. If These Numbers Hold It's Going to Be a Bloodbath for a Different Democrats a Bloodbath. Are We Going to Take a Break Here Folks. Did You Know America Has Been Just One of Six Countries That Allow Abortions on Demand up to the Moment of Birth.

Well, It's Because of Roe V Wade That the US Has Become an Extreme Outlier in Abortion Law Compared to the Rest of the World.

Thankfully, the Supreme Court Overturned Well but Look, This Is Just the Beginning of the Fight. It's the First Step Because Now the Battle Goes to the States. We've Already Seen Planned Parenthood A Lot Of These Other Folks Filing the Lawsuits. It's Only the Beginning of the Final Work to Protect Life and Folks That's Why I Want You to Lend a Helping Hand to Alliance Defending Freedom Go Now to ADF That's ADF to Help Make a Lifesaving Difference. The Battle for Life Is on Go to ADF to Join the Fight Galaxies for All These New Taxes Might Not like I Just Did in Fact Not Capture Hands-Free Text from Multiple Angles Capture Training Sessions for His Followers Simply Wave My Hand to Start Recording Video Clip for Compact and Fits Perfectly in My Pocket Don't Easy Flip for All Conversation to Your to Your Home to Be Getting These Urgent Messages Alter the Taught Have You Heard What's Can Happen. This Is Horribly Bides about Taft Will Put Another Supreme Court Justice. What What I Mean Were Pretty Pretty up on the Big News of the Day What What's Going on. People Are Horrified Just Going to Change the Whole Makeup of the Nona.

Let Me Explain What's Going on so You Can Just Breathe Easy and Sleep Well Tonight on Your Lovely My Pillow so Justice Stephen Breyer Announced That He Was Going to Be Retiring and He Set a Date and That Date Is Thursday at Noon We Already Have a Replacement for Him. That's Judge Brown. Canton G. Brown Jackson, Who Was Nominated to Confirm so Were Replacing a Liberal with the Liberal There's Been so You Don't Have To Worry about Anything Here Folks. Everything Is Just Fine. Judge Jackson, by the Way, People Wonder What Happened to Her While She Doesn't Start until October. She Will Begin Hearing Cases until the October Term and That's When You'll Start Seeing More of Herself. Rest Easy. It's Okay Your to Be Just Fine Folks Medium Just Fine. You Know What I Am Just Fine Because I Have Patriot Mobile.

America's Only Christian Conservative Wireless Carrier and I Been Urging You to Switch over to Patriot Mobile for a Long Time Now and Read One of the Chief Reasons Why. First of All, It's a Great Product but but More Importantly They're Donating Money Out Of Every Dollar to Organizations That Are Fighting for the First Amendment and Fighting for the Second Amendment and I Really Appreciate. I Respect That and They Got Some Great Deals for Our Listeners. If You Use the Promo Code Todd There to Give You Free Activation and Also a Free Gift Which Is Pretty Awesome. Everybody Loves a Free Gift. Now If You're at Your First Responder Firefighter, Police Officer, Paramedic, Are You a Veteran Will If so, There to Give You an Additional Discount on Top of the Other Discount All You Need to Do Is Go to Patriot That's Patriot Give Them a Call.

They Have a US-Based Customer Service Team. By the Way, Based in Texas, Not India or Pakistan.

It's Texas. Give Them a Call 972 Patriot. That's 972 Patriot and Again My Promo Code Todd There to Hook You up with Some Great Great Deals Grace Baker, the American Spectator Has a Very Peculiar Story about the Methodist Church, the Grandmother Starnes Was a Methodist and As a Little Boy I Got to Double-Dip. I Got to Go to the Baptist Vacation Bible School and the Methodist Bible School. Oh, so Did You Get Different Kind of Snacks in Both Yes and I'll Get to That of Moments but You Folks in Memphis Whitehaven. My Grandparents Were Used To Live in Whitehaven. My Dad Used To Live in Whitehaven They Were Long-Time Members of Whitehaven United Methodist Church Right on. I Believe That's Elvis Presley Blvd. It's Right Towards the State Line Just before You Get to Him. Elvis's Place but Yes Grace. The Methodist Always. I'm Just Going to Say This and I Don't Mean to Offend the Baptist Brethren, but the Methodist Always Seem to Have Better Snacks. Hello, While the Baptist We Got the Watered down Kool-Aid and We Got the Hydraulics Cookie. It Was like the Dikes Cheaper Version of the Oreo and so the Methodist Is Just like in Communion. The Method Essentially Use Welches Grape Juice. She Got a Little Bit of a Kick When You're Drinking the Blood of Christ Them.

The Baptist Always Is a Tasted Water Dallas like We Did It on the Cheap. So Anyway, I Was Became a Methodist As a Child Because I Just Say That a Better VBS Mac Children Are Bribed Very Easily Double Stuff Oreos.

That's the Real Good Summary, There Yes Indeed He Yes Indeed. Anyway United Methodist Church. What We Didn't Have Her Drag Queens so the Methodist Church Has Its Very First Drag Queen Pastor That the Pastor Is a Two Is His Name Is Isaac Simmons but Normal Name, but He Preaches in Drag and He Goes under the Name Pastor Penny Cost Oh I Get It like I Had to Say That That That Would Be Really Distracting Just Saying Yes It Is and If You're Going Pentecost.

A Lot Of You Know You Could Get Riled up. You Try to Jump up Your Something in Your Week Falls off Is Going to Terrify the Kids Yeah Basically.

So Anyway since That Time, Simmons, Who Serves As an Associate Pastor Hope United Methodist Church of Bloomington Has Challenged Basic Theological Concepts Is Not Just That the Guy Is a He's a Drag Queen Preacher, but He Believes That Dependency Is Not Found in God, but in Clearness Is One of Those Is a Heretic Is What He Is. He's a Heretic Is Not a Church, They May As Well Just You Know What Bring out the Wine and Get Rid of the Altar and Turn Themselves into Some Sort of a Drag Queen Bar Just Have a Just Have a Party, but This Is One of the Reasons Why the Methodist Church, Which by the Way They Were Ready to Split in 2025.

Did They Postpone That Decision until 2024. But I'm Telling You Grace I Think This Is I Think This Is over and Done for the Methodist Side Todd Number Cookies Well What He Go Nondenominational's Going to Step Nominations Helical Coffee Shops so Get Some Coffee, At Least Latte. I Would to One Church.

I Am Not Kidding.

The Name of the Coffee Shop King of the Blues. Ha Ha Ha Joking That's Lord Verse in the Bible My Heart.

Thank You Grace Dogs Get out There.

Have a Great Day. Forgive Grace of Her on Will See You Bar This Is the Todd Surgery Is so Someone Who's Not Working No Chill Trust Me That Used To Be Me, but Then I Found Galaxy Full for Which Allows Me to Do More Things at Once. Much Now I Think You Caused My Phone and Use It to Take Notes at the Same Time or Check My Shopping List While Ordering More Scented Candles and Facemasks on the Foldable Expansive Screen. Don't Take Your to Do List One Line at a Time Multitasks He Can Relax, Click the Banner to Get Your Galaxy. See Full for

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