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Poll Shows Only 39 Percent are Proud to be an American

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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July 1, 2022 3:20 pm

Poll Shows Only 39 Percent are Proud to be an American

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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July 1, 2022 3:20 pm

According to a new Fox News poll, only 39 percent of Americans say they are proud of their country. Tim Van Horn fills in for Todd Starnes!

Steve Deace, Mark Meckler, and Jerry Sexton join the conversation!


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See full for welcome to the Todd start show sponsored by the legacy precious metals. There's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM that's legacy PM investments.job delivery University studio in Memphis Tennessee Charlie since conservative coming varies from on this Friday. A lot of the celebrate day long weekend and we want to be right there with you our phone number 844-747-8881 of my favorite holidays as we celebrate our founding, and the American eggs sectionalism that started this country and the American exceptionalism that we hope will continue for many many years to come. Todd is taking a relaxing day off will be back next week and hopefully he's enjoying some of this fine weather outside our flagship station KW AM in Memphis Tennessee. It is sunny.

It is warm and I know a lot of you are gonna be on the road.

Thank you for going along with the suite we are just so grateful that you are with us today and we are at the weekend were at the point where folks will be celebrating our freedom. We are a shining light on the hill we are the place where everyone else turns with envy and says we want to be like them. We wish we had those freedoms, but folks, I come to you today even it with a full heart and so proud to be an American. I come to you today with concerns that here we are on the very weekend were we celebrate Independence Day. Yet it is leftist policies that are taking away some of our freedoms to enjoy the founding of our country and the beauty that is the United States of America and there are two things to things of many things that we can be so proud about in our country. One is our military and also our freedom to just get out and explore the abundance the embarrassment of riches that God has given us across these 50 states and both of them are being limited thanks to leftist policies. It all goes back. Believe it or not, to the vaccine mandate which is disrupting the Independence Day holiday for many Americans and at the same time we are sitting here watching for breaking news because the left while they are not liberty lovers. They're just rubbing their hands together and licking their lips because any given moment now the militaries vaccine mandate, which has elapsed, gives them now.

The authority to boot up to 60,000 of our national guardsmen and our reservists. For those that refuse to take the job and you spread that out over 50 states you're looking at around a thousand slightly more than the thousand per state. If your to average it out here in Tennessee we've got between eight and 900 that are enlisted in serving our country and they work their regular jobs and then they serve their time in the military, giving a little bit back knowing at a moments notice.

They could be called into action over bad weather. Another natural disaster could be a forest fire. Or it could be BLM or NT for writing any loss of control were a governor would have to call in help from the National Guard and the reserves to restore order. These are people that are willing on a moments notice to give their lives to give up their safety for us and what thanks do they get for their willingness to expose themselves to the risk of bullets and bombs well simply because they won't expose themselves to a job, the Pentagon has now set them up to be dismissed, and it could come as early as today. It could come from it any moment they could dump 60,000 from her military, which is already being reimagined being reconfigured and being neutered and emasculated over various policies from the Biden administration Glenn Duncan in Virginia sent a letter a few days ago asking the Pentagon to at least delay, if not abolish this vaccine mandate. Yes, the same job in the arm, which is not stopped. Anthony found you from getting cobra twice in the last month. Thank goodness he had the jabs though. Otherwise, it could've been worse. Right everybody when Hank so were watching the military and they could get gutted at any moment because of the stand that they have taken personally and the more that we see the damage reports from the vers incidents. Reports of adverse effects we see more and more of our healthiest young Americans are getting sick and even dropping dead because of side effects of the vaccine and these are our healthiest bravest people that did not want to put themselves in harms way of a vaccine that was rushed to the market and still being used used under emergency use authorization.

Oh yeah, there still that folks get still under emergency use.

You combine that grace. Grace Baker with me today. My good friend Grace Baker hates him it's it's going okay but I'm on a bit of a roll here hello yeah my popcorn setback Independence Day weekend and here we are the fighting people that helped make our country possible are military, they are exposed getting gutted this week and because you leftist policies and our freedom to explore the beauty that is America wherever you want to go wherever you want to to fly off to well because of another vaccine mandate that our government handed down the heavy-handed.

This many of the pilots are gone and have not come back and now if you look at the statistics grace. It looks like we had like a wet way like we had some big winter storm because of all the cancellations and all of the delays, but all it is is Biden's policies coming back to bite us in the rudder yet and I mean it's not even it's just now once, we've Artie got over 17,000 delays nationwide, and yesterday we had about 26,000 solicit. We are deftly on track to meet that were surpassed that you take that which is bad enough but then you throw on top of that, over 2100 cancellations today of flights and people which may at one who may have booked months in advance for a flight to go see family. Maybe have a special family reunion or just a just get away to decompress from all the nonsense may show up at the airport and there may be a plane sitting there, but it may have been stuck all that out all day there because there's not enough folks to fly the thing. I mean, I never even considered getting flight insurance in the past, but now I might just do that next time I travel, because this is been a reoccurring theme. The past couple years of my aunt is a travel agent and she she books most everything for me.

She will not let me go on a trip without some sort of trip insurance. Wow, yeah, and it's worth every penny. Well, you not only because the medical aspect, but because of the cancellations and hey, if the bags folks are shortening leisure baggage that table to but we are in we are at the time of year where we should be celebrating all coming together, and whatever our differences, we should be saying you know what thank God we are in America because we can have our differences in week that is something that we can celebrate because we are not one party. We are one people, but we have become so divided, so ideological now that the left takes joy in being able to really just dice up slice out a good chunk of our military through the National Guard and the reservist just because they didn't get the job and because of these vaccine mandates which by the way, were all in this together and is to help keep you safe. Well guess what the vaccine mandates can help keep you grounded as well because these flight numbers continue to rise over 2100 cancellations today over 17,000 delays at a time when we should be celebrating our freedom. It's the lack of freedom that is keeping us from celebrating that is not the weather it's not unforeseen circumstances.

It is a it is a series of man made disasters that is now disrupting our country coming up with a long way to go. Today we've got to I think I rated the key the price because I think I got some giveaways for later today. Yeah, we got some great stuff.

We got the Todd Starnes's books and you've got the key which I don't know why they let you have the key, but I guess I trust you okay let is kind of a loose term just to say I'm in possession or just borrowing it, which is 9/10 of the law according to the Supreme Court is to have an frittata 844-747-8868.

There is no doubt the nation is facing a financial crisis because of the Biden ministrations economic policies hi this is Todd Starnes and no doubt our economy is in trouble and you need to take steps to protect yourself of all your money is tied up in stocks, bonds, and traditional market you are vulnerable. Gold is one of the best ways to protect your retirement no matter what happens you own your gold. It's real physical always been valuable since the dawn of time, like you see precious is the company I investing in gold. They can help you roll your retirement account into a goal back IRA still own the physical goal also ship precious metals safely and securely to your house. You know $1 million worth of gold can actually fit inside a shoebox call legacy at 866-528-1903 or visit the online legacy PM legacy PM and for Todd Starnes a more 747 80 a 60 day Independence Day weekend and this is when we rally around America rally around the dinner table. We rally around the grill and get together and enjoy and it is in a way a day of Thanksgiving, because without that our founding fathers, and having that bold step of stepping away from tyranny.

We wouldn't be here where we are today and we are a fight.

We are in the midst of a fight for that freedom.

844-747-8868 and we are truly blessed to be in a unique situation in the United States because as we look around the world. There is so much division within countries there's there is so much unilateral leadership in countries but I we are still, I think, in a place where we can fix things in our country. There's a lot wrong with our country.

We are not perfect and if your member. Our founding fathers wanted a more perfect union, whether we've ever become perfect or not. That remains to be seen, but I would say if you were to classify me grace I would consider myself a 39% are.

Yes, I think you would definitely be that you're very patriotic and what I'm referring to is a recent recent Fox News Channel pole that says only 39% of Americans say they are proud of the country today. That's a little bit more than one in three into get you some context on how steep of a slide were talking about even in 2017, just five years ago.

That number, 51% of it back in 2017. A majority of Americans were proud to be American.

And now that number has dipped under 40%.

It seems like it almost mirrors the popularity rate Joe Biden yes it does. And that's pretty staggering of a drop and I would love to know then going this would be going more into the weeds about it. But just to know how much it dropped in the past two years since my mistaken office.

That's what I'm curious about when it started start during the pandemic.

This art before then. When was like the big drop in the chart. If I were a betting man I would think it would be much like a lot of inground pools that it starts with us.

Like, shallow drawdown and then all of a sudden there's the deep there's there's the steep drop off and I have to give credit to the liberal left because they've had about three or four decade head start, maybe 50 year head start on the rest of America when it comes to hate in America it's it's it's been a long time until it had of the trend. It's been one if not two generations of indoctrination in schools and thank goodness during the pandemic parent started paying attention. Looking over the kid shows like what you what exactly are you teaching my kids and I think there has been a bit of an awakening but I totally understand this number there so many people that have been taught and to accept that our best days are behind us Barack Obama I'm a blog about used to preach this all the time yes and I know you're waiting for an impersonation horsepower. Not feeling the mojo for that yet and you not found it. I want to do it. He was a unifying president, but man, there was about five seconds of that. I think when he was in.

I guide everyone was like this is a moment like this is a big moment big moment, but then it was like boom when he first he didn't even try to unify anymore here, just like okay that's charades over the bond of the mid-Mr. if they bring a knife, we bring a gun to the far yeah exactly in the course. Joe Biden great uniter. I think we can.

I think we can all agree that the man need some help. I think that's about all that we agree on. Yes I agree but just 39%, but I think I think when we get to this pole next year. Maybe we see one more year of depth, but I think with an awakening with the mama bear's and the Papa bear's and I think the scales of Americans will it'll fall off of Americanize.

I think people will start to see that we truly are a great country because as was it Whitesnake.

I forget that I forget which Grady's hairband was you don't, or maybe was always in there. You don't know what you got till it's gone.

Yet another member of its Whitesnake report, there is longhair in somebody a call and tell and and some blonde on a car or something in the video. So what you don't know what you got until it's gone and I think more and more Americans are starting to see that. But this is a sad number 30 just 39% of Americans, and that means that means around in a group of people. Six out of every 10 are very happy to have that answer for you. By the way it's by Cinderella close� That hairband yeah she's got to hear the video I get a little bit of premium trivia for the day really for the July trivia, but you know when I got into 80s rock trivia. It's always that's always a fun topic though I was like learning about 80s yet it's it's it's fun because that music was so crazy in the 1st+ low technology videos on demand so that the things they had to do to entertain is a try back in the 80s and we love it because it was like wow we've never seen anything so this is great, it's better than nothing which you.we were happy with playground equipment that didn't have foam padding at the bottom where we dealt with only we had metal slides that would give you second-degree burns of your shorts.

That's the way we rolled that way only 39% of Americans say they are proud of the country today. This is according to FOXNews pole.

Are you proud to be an American and why are you proud to be an American. Call us. We want to know why you're proud to be an American on this Independence Day weekend.

We definitely want to hear from you. 844-747-8868 and grace.

I do believe that there is some redemption, I really do. I I I am the person I I am the eternal optimist.

I know that where were bracing for a red wave in November but we also have to we we also have to make sure in that way there. There are some conservative water drops in that red wastes are and not just a general wave trip and with with the push back toward the center. I think will see that number rise and I think there will be some great things but right now people are paying on average 17% more overall for a cook out your seeing gas prices.

Of course, more than doubled in the last year and I know locally and probably with your utilities as well where you live where the Tennessee Valley Authority get near a flagship station, but I'm sure you as well where you live, you are to see significant increases the summer, we were just told here in the Memphis Tennessee area to brace for an increase in utility bills of 2240%. So not only does it cost more to get to the store then good luck finding things on the shelves and then getting back home and it's going to cost you 20 to 40% more just to store your perishable items to keep them from getting spoiled. There's a lot to be. There's a lot to be worried about in our country. But does that mean we have to get rid of our pride.

I don't think so, but only 39% of Americans say they are proud to be Americans us. According to FOXNews pole. Are you proud to be an American. Call us at start start show 844-747-8868.

We want to know if you are proud to be an American and why you're proud to be an American. Let's uplift some of our good friends all across radial land and show some patriotic spirit today. I think it's a great day to do that were heading into the weekend.

Let's get it jumpstarted with that coming up. We got a good friend Steve Dacey.

He's going to join us 844-747-8868, proud Americans give us a call to my heart and for Todd. If you are looking for my fellow you will not find it in the big box stores and the reason why it's pretty awful. My fellows been canceled by the canceled culture Bob.

That's why Michael Odell wants to sell directly to you and that comes with some great savings to get the lowest price of the history of my pillow for their classic standard normally 6998 now only 1998 with the Provo costar by pillow does more than just fellows have over 150 where the slippers even doggy bed and open my\start, that's my\the promo code start or call 800-544-8939 my\start or call one 800-5939. The promo code start brace is great with the two brothers there, look at that get promoted in no time. That's how you do it. Philip play the music. Grace likes and then great the grace of grace smiles upon you. 844-747-8868 I am Tim VanHorn for Todd Starnes only 39% of Americans according to a recent Fox News Channel pole say they are proud of the country today.

Are you proud to be an American, and if so why 844-747-8868 Pat in Morehead city, North Carolina, on the talk station good afternoon Pat, thanks. Recall the top start show, proud to be an American. I love my country and the Caucasian Christian Senior said Republican and I'm proud of it, not believe were going to take our country back. I don't believe were going down.

I think good will prevail, and I am so excited about 4 July. We are still the freest nation in the world. I have an all over the world and I always kiss the ground when I get back.

Anyway, have a happy fourth of July hey thank you Pat hey by the way Pat before you go what what will be your favorite thing to eat over the holiday. Now think about that. I'm here at our legal door and not get burger hot dog hamburger and hot dog and forth July and dictated family homemade potato salad, absolutely no one on the holidays.

You just gotta go for. Don't you Pat God bless you, thank you so much Matt also listening in on the talk station Matt good afternoon, thanks to God delivered tomorrow permitted by court.

I told grace grow to be a red-blooded Republican gum token type stone granite out to one firm to gun toting Todd Starnes fan myself as well. Hashtag pew pew I love going to the gun range. My man I will hate you know what and God bless America and God bless those that are sticking up our Second Amendment rights to know they've been under duress lately and that and be sure if you get an opportunity to drop an email to your legislators who have been pushing back against all this nonsense that they are trying to pull over our eyes and Congress no matter what that had that that is that is usually a very good strategy for sure. Matt, thanks for taking time to call and thank you for the encouragement. God bless you have a great weekend. All right we are going to the patriot mobile newsmaker line and always great it's it's one of the things that I love when I fill in for Todd. Grace knows I love this next gas and always great to have him back on.

He's a repeat offender. When I guess those and out wonderful alternate Steve day's joints against Steve, thank you for joining us. Are you I'm doing fantastic. You know, other than the fact that that the government is trying to cut tens of thousands out of our military roles in the fact that there's tens of thousands of flight delays out there it's it's a wonderful fantastic Fourth of July weekend miracle caught anything. Absolutely no known cause and a fascinating expert that began to escalate again last April. We don't know why you know, the fertility rate began to drop even further. Again, last April. We don't really know why.

Just history covered in a puzzle wrapped inside of it it it.

My brother Goto. We don't know why I guess to find out. I guess you have to take a shot at it. You know you can poke around and look at some of the data. If you want, and you know that I could gather, and you might be what may be a cause of 75 and Steve always appreciate it when you inject your opinion in the things of God bless, I guess we better quit the pond game and they think that to talk about some of Biden's policies in general course we we we touched on the the the military and they could be eviscerated in massive numbers and of course with all the flight delays and the problems around the country. But that's just that's just the beginning. Now Supreme Court has handed a victory this week to the Biden administration on romaine in Mexico so you know were being brutally audit that I don't know another method that our role, but the bar it really well.being that this was the most constitutional affirming Supreme Court section I can ever remember granite we have worn the clock. You can down the knob okay but but this was the best one that I can remember the one when that Joe Biden got out of this entire session with you to get out of this entire section 1 happened earlier this year, you reference it already. The upholding of the jab and ate for the military and you're watching them now get out there that attempt to purge tens of thousands of members because it because this violates the uniform code of military justice is not a fully authorized FDA vaccine to the version that was fully authorized is not what is available at all in the art of faith is not what is being offered to our enlistee and so this is in clear violation of the UC MJ. They know that they don't care. This is an attempt to purge the military of people who will not about help us about compliant. There is no litmus that litmus test to see who will go all the way meeting you know like against their own countrymen, who will follow orders all the way to the nth degree. That's what's going on here and in those would be the most inclined to say you know I obey God. Not bad. I took an oath to the Constitution not to violate the constitutional rights of my countrymen. Those are the ones most likely to not comply with this and those are the ones that coincidentally they're going to try to perk the other wind that they gave you mentioned it as well wait on open borders yesterday. I think some technocratic analysis of this but it's really about, you know, can it connect. The other president really have the power to override a former president, executive orders, and given you know the likelihood of Donald Trump or Rhonda Santos will be president again into happier. Don't you want that president they can override Biden and I get I understand that there is a history here with Robert going back to the Arizona situation.

A decade ago. Of being very soft on immigration and open borders and the situation is deteriorating to just a flat out invasion down at the southern border.

Now the only win, but that but here's the thing that they signify that ultimately what this is really about and on the you know on the Democratic dental care that an election will be no attempt to moderate will be no attempt off the state of Bill Clinton's not calling Dick Morris in this time to help me triangulate Dr. do any me that this there are running openly on the devil in a regular card with a pitchfork running openly and they don't care okay and and because ultimately what you're watching Clay out on a grand scale in the natural world is a spiritual battle for the dominion and control over the direction of the last really remaining hold out really global hegemony in the world that isn't based on your Russia is as well, but based on the wind that their dictator based on the idea that our rights come from God that government isn't God. But there's a higher authority in the world and government were pretty much all that's left now and I like all the up with the rhythm with a real military and that's what this is really all about about polls or election everything now is about the spirit of the age. How much can they have much power can they get over it in order to control what's morally what, what, what's morally draining out of all this Steve is the fact that you know today maybe Saturday, Sunday or maybe they even wait till Monday to start slashing our National Guard and reservists on July 4, the very people who have sworn to protect the values of the founding of this country for different for Democrats. Often times it's symbolic and I could see them doing that at any given time over the next four days and just dancing in the streets over continuing to erode our values you're dealing with something bigger here Democrats. You're right with the demonic.

Let's take the rainbow a symbol of the covenant from God's judgment against the world but but take the color out and make it six colors instead of seven.

Let's do that on this is the head of the world economic forum is literally named Clouse Schwab okay like this is like a bond billing like all right, but none of this stuff is mere coincidence.

It's not going think they want to do this over July 4 weekend because this is intentionally nihilistic.

This is intentionally deconstructive because you're dealing with things that are beyond mere politics.

Now you talk about stuff that is that's not even taken its nihilistic it's demonic and we've even got we economic councilmembers now going on national TV, talking openly about the liberal world order. You're exactly right Steve and folks you want to dig and more on his latest book, do what you believe, or you won't be free to believe it much longer. It's a great read. You can go to Russia blog and find out more about the great Steve day Steve, thank you for sharing your time. I hope you have a fantastic Independence Day weekend. A good restful holiday and please don't be a stranger. Love touch again very persons or you and you and your audience. Thank you there. Steve, the great Steve days joining us on the Todd Starnes show he's proud to be an American, but he and I am Grace and Philip are amongst the minority, only 39% of Americans according to recent Fox News Channel bowl are proud to be an American.

I ask you out of the Todd Starnes audience from sea to shining sea. Are you proud to be an American and why are you proud to be an American, 844-747-8868 to Norton for the great Todd Starnes will know someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full for which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think video calls from iPhone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen.

Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy.

See full for 4477 Liberty University goes so happy to be here as we kick off Independence Day weekend.

All you were to rest up in the morning a party down were to give thanks for all the great patriots that started this country. Speaking of patriot, now more than ever. It is important to support companies and organizations that share our values. Patriot mobile is America's only Christian conservative wireless carrier. They not only share our beliefs, but they actually do something about it. Patriot mobile donates a portion of every dollar organizations that fight for causes you care about. Switch to patriot mobile now and use promo code Todd to get free activation and a free gift patriot mobile has brought his nationwide coverage and uses the same towers of the carriers years they have plans for any budget along with great discounts for our veterans and first responder heroes as well as multiline users switch to patriot mobile it's so easy just go to patriot or Calder US-based customer service team at 972 patriot get your special discount and free premier activation by use promo code Todd for more details visit patriot this patriot or call 972 patriot.

That's 972 patriot's 39% of respondents to recent Fox News Channel polls say they are proud to be an American. Are you proud to be an American, and if so, why 844-747-8868 we grow out to the great state of Oregon to KY KN and Kathy Kathy, good morning. Thanks.

Call the Todd Starnes show good morning. I'm very proud to be American and always have been. No, we're not a perfect entry but I think we have a lot more going for it and again, I think so too. The great thing about America. Kathy is the fact that we have had scourges on our society such as slavery and abortion and Americans have worked very hard to right wrongs in this country and we couldn't do it unless our founding fathers set up a Constitution where if so, if there was something in there that was bad that Americans could come together and right those wrongs. I love the fact that we are.

I love it were more perfect union.

So what's on the menu out in Oregon for Independence Day. We can, Kathy. Well barbecue beef short rib and it's going to be great all that's out. That sounds good you had me at short ribs. Kathy, thank you so much God bless and happy Independence Day weekend. Don in Morehead city on the talk station hello I am doing fantastic. I'm proud to be an American.

Are you even know your right now are your better on it sounds like you telling me that freedom is worth fighting for. Yes, amen sister. Now this weekend. A lot of people are to give it be given thanks and celebrating. How about you Don. How will you celebrate Independence Day right tilapia and tomatoes.

That's a different twist. I love it.I love it. Thank you so much and happy Independence Day weekend.


A recent Fox News Channel polls is only 39% of Americans are proud to be American. Are you proud to be an American give us a call 844-747-8868 Becky in Hendersonville, North Carolina on WHKP good afternoon Becky and I'm very proud American.

You have a chuckle in your voice that you sound like you are a happy American I am and I do not believe it. 39. I believe it ministration want you to think 39 and other people want, but we are more than 39%, and I think people just maybe diphthong called out. Remember when Trent had the blue Angels fly over Mount Rushmore.

That is a very beautiful patriotic and emotional time and that's what America's all about it. So much here and for people to try to put it down. They just want their own way.

They are not gonna do it.

We will not let it happen, but too strong a nation and we will come back we will come back at get rid of this administration. Becky what they're trying to get a yes Becky, I'm with you I think I think anything worth worth in this country is worth fighting for. I think Americans will show up in November but it all starts with you and me Becky. It starts in the primaries in the starts with the general elections and you and I and all of our listeners have to get out there and we have to tell others to vote vote vote and we have to be the foot soldiers. If we are to get this country back on the right track want to wish you and your family a happy Independence Day and we thank you so much Becky for that web and mail W hello being we got about a minute here are you will proud to be an American, your bed, and I can do all the franchise them thrown out on Tuesday organized the tray and we have an army just in case the goals decide to march on the popular you know I'm hoping well that it would never come to anything like that and I'm hoping that the governors like Glenn Duncan who has who have pressed for this vaccine mandate to either be delayed or abolished. I hope others will back him. I know in Tennessee are Gov. Bill Lee has been sitting on his hands on this, which is shameful because the state governors are the ones that are the commanders in chief of their respective reservists and their National Guard. We need strong backbone governors like Glenn Young and others who were taken a stand on this and hopefully they will stay because we need our military because it was on their backs. Their blood this country was founded. Web. Thank you so much for the call 844-747-8868. Are you proud to be an American give us a call and tell us why two men are in for Todd Starnes will know someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full for which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think you calls my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy. See full for University studio in Memphis Tennessee dependent day weekend. Great to have you along for the ride. Our phone number 844-747-8868 here we are July 1, and I've been sitting here just trying to figure out I had this dilemma of you. It's a new month. So what do I change my profile picture to because you know back in in in May. It was pray for Ukraine. This is the last month was pride month.

So the woke stores have not told me what I need to change my my social media profile picture to go go back to Ukraine should be read like blue yeah but I am being woke. I don't want to step on toes and offend people with my patriotism. I mean, is there like some sort of awareness my Thor note. Maybe, just maybe it's put a picture of myself, but you just go old school and put an actual picture health love yeah maybe something like that. I don't know, but the corporations you have. You have not told us where what do we need to do to pander this month. Who are we pandering to, you know it's funny to see all of these companies that supposedly support you know LGBT Q AARP or whatever it is now and then didn't like the second July rolls around. It's like okay you will not hear about them supporting until May of next year when I start ramping up. You know, why would you just nice to your neighbor the other year yet yeah I mean white wine. Why not just be nice to everybody all the time and and honestly you're not to convince me that to buy your product because inflation so high right now I'm pretty much stuck on a budget of getting what I need. Folks if you see the numbers out for this July for the everybody's rushing out to get to the grocery store to get to the barbecues and prepare to cook for others rather be big or small, and the numbers are just it it incredible out there. Course gas year-over-year is up at least two dollars a gallon so it's more expensive to get to the grocery store and back and then you have just a laundry list of items that worsening double-digit inflation on a lot of things. Listen to this from ABC News as Americans practice drill lady liberty birthday party take a shotgun to keep costs new data shows ground beef prices soaring 36% parking beans up 33% and even homemade potato salad 19% that I and that's just the big the beginning of a chickens up about 33% pork chops up for it doesn't matter what meet that you want hot dogs mean that I'm getting the combinations of meat yeah absolutely enough for think about it. I'll yeah I gave her international brand. You just enjoy you just go for right yes I do cook cook until it on enjoy them but no matter what meet you're looking at at least 20 to 30% increase on prices you got lemonade up 22%, then you've got. Then you've got tempered ice creams up 10%, which is fitting because it's Biden's favorite ice. No favorite food is. This is either a 10% guy. Oh yeah and Nancy Pelosi member she's got her massive ice cream freezer at home, you can forget about � even open her mouth far enough open to even enjoy ice cream.

I thought maybe just let it set out at room temperature and just enjoy milkshake like perfect temperature rise. No, you either love it like fresh out of the freezer word superhard or you know, it starts to get a little softer best. That's my favorite anyway.

That was a side note, that's the thing though, that's like you know with multiple people in a household that is truly a thing is is how frozen ice cream needs to be doesn't need to be like rockhard frozen or soft and even softserve if it feels a little icy to the you know to the taste. Lotta people are our ice cream.

Sometimes I would tell myself I like that slight melt so I can scoop it out they had. I don't want to look like I'm not strong enough to scoop the ice are not in this been the spoon.

Unless you have a fancy scooper. I'll even cheat and run the scooper under hot water so I go through a lot easier yeah will whether or not you like softserve ice cream a certain way or particular flavors.

Regardless inflation is hitting the US and in his and an incredible rate. Last year when when Jim Saki came out and said the cost of a Fourth of July mill is down $0.16. I heard them or that they were like look at somewhere like guys, the cost of everything else is way up. So it all. It all balances out.

Don't you worry yeah and here's the big here's the big kicker on this to because travel is actually amongst the biggest rate increases trout vacations and travel according to the Farm Bureau prices are up 60% since last year so you can't get it cost you even more to get away to forget about how pricey everything is to forget how much everything stinks right now the supply chain. It cost you a lot more just to go forget yeah which is even more frustrating. Yeah it is. And then of course energy prices are our way up to Joseph that it it is hard to live in. This is the time a year. It's already more expensive to keep your house cool so it all across America. There's all want to be really disheartened by bite by these prices and their self-inflicted.

They were still trying to were still trying to get answers. Grace. Remember baby formula that used to be the parent, I've seen multiple stories about that. It's like that suddenly I don't know exactly the timing, but it just disappeared in the news, but it still going on.

If I'm a Democrat it's a great racket you create so much misery in so many different problems that people forget about the last one because there's a new misery. I feel like Roe V Wade when that dropped that with, when the baby formula shortage just went to the background which is kind of ironic. What yeah if anything hits should be exacerbated because you're going to have more babies that are going to need so it yeah it's it's utterly it's utterly incredible, but they do have a good racket on the left, though, if you just can continue to create crises you can't linger on one too long because you have too many plates spinning their minds in the doglike squirrel squirrel squirrel is a you like with flashlight teams like a butterfly that that's on countries being run like basically it is just what we're gonna sorta give you a halfway answer on on on what the problems are in the country did listen to this this this on inflation. We got a clip for you and this is this this is from Biden's economic Council had and he's talking about, of all things inflation. But the interesting thing is he's telling you exactly what's going down and that he's he saying the unspoken part out loud and then immediately gives you the presidential line as if everything is hunky-dory.

So listen to this clip on her economic Council leader who is telling you exactly how this is a man made intentional problem and then in the next sentence.

It tells you everything's not so bad. Listen to this. What you say to those families and say listen, we can afford to pay for 85 a gallon for months if not years. This is just not sustainable for church in the present. Today was a clear articulation of the stakes. This is about the future of the liberal world order and to stand firm. But at the same time. What I said I family to markets across the country is the present administration.

It is good to do everything in its power to one thing.

Those price increases and bring those prices down.

Okay, let's break that down by half. That's White House economic advisor Brian Deese he's telling you I about a liberal world order, that sounds like a wrestling tagteam or a wrestling gang, but it is a real thing.

He's telling you out loud that this is all part of the plan to make you miserable to buy in to green energy to buy into their economic policies. But then in the next breath telling you that it's really not so bad. And it's it's a very complex statement, but it's nice to be able to catch them saying that out loud and I'm just wondering if you got a talking to. When he got back to his office for saying the troops out loud and let me tell you, folks, when the left tells you the truth believe them because they they they will tell you exactly what they're going to do and where to point now where they're not ashamed about it. There is no there is no moderating. There is no Bill Clinton coming to the center or trying to pretend he's coming to the center. It is an all out assault because they're in a race for this November to get everything and I guess you could even say until everyone has been sworn into Congress there in a race to get everything in their agenda shoved down your throat to do enough damage because I know in November yeah a change is likely coming in a red wave, but until then let's inflict as much punishment as we possibly can on the American people and let's see how much of this medicine. They're willing to swallow and when you know it right on the cusp of July 4. Where were at where we celebrate our independence. We've got the Biden administration talking about a liberal world order where were celebrating our independence. They're talking about getting together with a one world order a one world government, and it's disheartening. But you know what we got a chance to stand up. We got a chance to fight back and that is at the ballot box folks.

It is Independence Day weekend and it wouldn't be Independence Day weekend, without a bit of trivia and I got the key to the prize closet and you know what it's time to give away a copy of Todd Starnes, our daily biscuit devotions with a drawl. Our phone number is 844-747-8868 trivia question for Independence Day and no it's not about the movie with Will Smith know I'm talk about the actual Independence Day who was the first person to sign the declaration of independence. Who was the first person to sign the Declaration of Independence first correct answer at 844-747-8868 wins the Todd Starnes book and no don't say Alexander Hamilton just because he's got a musical seminar again for Todd Starnes will know someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full for which allows me to do more things at once.

Much better now. I think video calls from iPhone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy. See full for Todd Starnes 844-747-8868 happy Independence Day weekend.

I hope you are getting off to a riproaring start were having a great time with you today but still just don't seem to draw you anymore. They feel soft and lotion in the stores but then get them home and they don't absorb Michael and Dilip, my pillow found out around 2006 tells change forever when he when he got a bright idea.

They started important in adding softeners and other things to the cotton that made them feel good, but they didn't work. He found the best tell company right here in the USA and they have proprietary technology to create tells a feel soft but actually work there all made with US icon and they come with the my pillow 60 day moneyback guarantee. Here's the great deal you get a six piece set to bath towels to hand towels to wash calls made with USA cotton soft yet absorb it and they stay that way. The regular 109 99 now on sale for 3999 just my and click on the radio, list their specials and get the deep discounts on all my pillow products including the tiles enter promo code Starnes or call 1-800-839-8506 for these great radio specials. Thank you Mike Lindell. We are playing trivia on the Todd Starnes show this afternoon and it's in the business day trivia so it simply was the first person to sign the Declaration of Independence 844-747-8868 all right here and in our flagship station town of Memphis, Tennessee on K WSA Elm can Ken. Who's the first to sign the Declaration of Independence. John and I am sorry it was not John Adams but he set up one heck of a post office, though all right 844-747-8868 we go to Chuck and Gainesville on WD you and shock who was the first to sign the Declaration of Independence cannot change the answer that I did great. I don't know what you told Grace so you tell me what you absolutely right now I have to ask you was that you were you going to go something up to 41. The price of honesty is� Go now. Honesty is the best policy and absolutely yeah you know you can you can change your answer.

You know what an America First Amendment rights.

Baby, I'm all for that. You are you are the winner of the Todd Starnes book our daily biscuit Chuck how are you celebrating Independence Day family home and you you got you got a love that is or anything on the menu worth mentioning. Probably just the standard members auto and letting it out on the back that you know what all the now.

I guess I need to ask is what time you'll get together we can we can adjusted or interested. I make a dent in Georgia from time to time chucks down the line were to get your information. Congratulations one wish you and your family and everybody out on the deck. A happy Independence Day holiday week and we sure do appreciate you all so much and will get some more trivia later in the program to think that'll be good.

But to Chuck and Gainesville got it. How about that though honesty is the best policy.

He heard a wrong answer is like well I minute to make a last-minute audible there, freedom of speech believer all the way. That's me on most when I had to take test in school. I was really bad at second-guessing guessing my answer but it was a good thing he did this time yapping only was it good for me but it works for Chuck, yet he he he he worked out there. Usually I go with be on the standardized tests. Why be I don't know but I am I stuck with it.

I stuck C is key and about to get it right. At some point I don't know if it help me get higher points on the SAT, but I have a happy home life and I love what I do for a living so I get I guess that in itself is is good enough for sure, but will have more trivia coming up in just a bit. Great deal.

This Halsey girl, what, what, what's the deal with with a bitter woman that I think is that she had a show in Arizona yet.

Earlier this week and then stand in's and then has her platform on abortion than in the gavel people that are pro-life to started no one on out of the building. What really makes me upset about this. Just thinking from it like okay I'm going to a concert tonight and I bought these tickets way in advance and if I went to the concert and then had it out side just like basically a political speech in the middle of the concert and chanting really really mad, but this girl is Halsey. She's very popular among people my age that she had a pretty big crowd there and then she just goes off on this tirade about abortion like nobody paying to hear your opinion on this.

They want to hear you say your talent what. And then she starts chastising those that are leaving the don't want to hear her scream again this paid money. I asked for a refund and probably given the pandemic in different in different rules and regulations and municipalities. People may have bought these tickets like one or two years. Maybe this is our schedule concert but at the very least, months ago.

Maybe it was a birthday present or just some sort of special graduation get up and then you gotta listen to that nonsense. I would be really mad when I go to a sporting event or I go to a concert. I just want to go enjoy that.

But she much people that feel that way yes and it's one thing on her personal Instagram if you want about it, but like a concert that I paid for. No thank you I would be asking for a refund and you're not going to get. She's got your she's got you right where she wants you. She's got your money and then she mocks you for walking out, but it takes a it, but I guess you find out where people find our right you find exactly where it is all right.

Well Halsey, sorry about that. You know you know your lose fans over that. I think she will. I think he definitely will I Minghella wants me out. I want to go to a concert. No, nobody wants to be preached. It will you want to be preached to. When you go to church yet that starts, not now, when you guys are exactly right. All right 844-747-8868 recent Fox News chattels is only 39% of Americans are proud to be an American. Are you proud to be an American would love to hear from you and why are you proud to be Americans timber and more info.

Todd Starnes 844-747-8860 new galaxies. He flipped for all these new taxes might not like best selfies of the part I just found in flax not capture hands-free text from multiple angles capture training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for compact and fits perfectly in my pocket galaxies.

He flipped for 747 60 AIDS Independence Day weekend. Join us.

I hope hope you will have a feast. I hope you'll get to have a good time with friends and family and hope you'll take a moment to give thanks for this wonderful country that we call home here in the good old US of a joy to me now on the lay on the patriot mobile newsmaker line we say hello to the present convention of states we say hello once again to Mark Meckler. Mark, thanks for joining me on the Todd Starnes show how are you good great Mark. There has been a series of victories in the Supreme Court for America and for conservatives.

However, just a few days ago we had last 24 to 48 hours. Americans are wringing their hands over a victory that was handed to Joe Biden regarding the remaining Mexico policy and basically what it present from to put into place to pick up the remaining Mexico policy, which required somebody would appoint for asylum in the United States to remain in Mexico. While that island determining point being made and that resulted in the turn back at Arduino of at least 70,000 people otherwise would've been brought in the country and released pending married most of them never to show hearing. Unfortunately, what the records that is that the Biden administration have the right to an reversed up all the and that I was totally portable under the law, say something a lot like I think that the court on this one right. Unfortunately, sometimes we get the right result legally and we don't like the results from a policy perspective, but I actually think they got this one.


I think this was a discretionary fault the way by the first and the right to reverse now legislating from the bench is a bad thing, but also the flood of illegal immigrants coming into the country is a bad thing. What you see would be the alternative, because you don't you don't want the overreaching of powers, but you also want to secure our border. One is really not over a lot of time going think that "think that on orbit. The court actually sent it back to the lower court and what the lower court can look at now is whether the action or they did, they followed all the administrative procedures act without getting too technical just means there's a whole process that they're required to do only change administrative procedures I think is a pretty good argument that they didn't follow that we could be the start of the fall back and forth where they didn't actually call the rules and implementing new rules and so will spend it again and we get remaining Mexico again so I don't think that it over. I think the real answer is on Conger that if people are frustrated by what's going on in our border.

Congress needs to act in a completely different Congress after November to get going to Congress that is dedicated during our borders. The majority of American people want the border secured and that's where the stuff you come from. It shouldn't come from the judiciary. It shouldn't be unilateral action by the executive are you confident Mark that's an incoming Congress, a red wave and hopefully a conservative red wave has the has the fortitude to do this because I know since the bush is coming. We had at least 15 years since the wall has been supposedly funded but were only partly done the trick question that I'll know know know know know because I never have a Republican to do the right thing when they for Congress, and I don't let anybody should, I think the only way we get it done if we force them to do. It takes outside pressure. I'm a little bit more hopeful than usual because the numbers are so strong across the board in favor of border security right now that I think Republican might get forced into at this time, but now I'm never competent Republicans only take our Mark Meckler is joining us on the Todd sensor present at the convention of states Mark Roe versus Wade and the overturning a massive decision sending everything back to the states, but I think that was just the end of the beginning because now were seeing in states even neighboring state from reflection station down in Mississippi now were seeing battles their battles in Florida and elsewhere to try to stop that, at the state level. Nevermind the fact that Joe Biden is gone overseas and said that they need to codify Roe versus Wade in Congress later got what it Congress have the right product by Rober Wade in the effort. Clearly no, they just don't have the right to reach into the state like that and if that get done. If they start doing Congress does that limits the states right to go to the same or they just decided.the Supreme Court to be killed heavily in the favorite federalism heavily against federal like power. So there I think there's zero chance I get upheld. I also think we have to note that mansion cinema just said that they're not in favor of getting rid of the filibuster to pass something like that zero chance we get the culture and the will never be a vote on that so I wouldn't worry about that at the real fight melt state level. I think there are some efforts taking place in cities and in state prevent this from going into forceful force and effect.

Now that the row has been overturned a dog a law of the land ghostwriter to take place there and I think strategically state should focus on what we call the bottleneck there places that we can really porch or we could simply outlaw abortion in a way that works never to do it at the provider level. Doctors are the real bottleneck in abortion abortion providers. The abortion clinic.

If you make what they do criminally illegal and you force that against them will see that there won't be abortion doctors and the medical practitioners are going to be willing to take those risks when I'm hear you saying yes is for our listeners is more important than ever to be engaged at the grassroots level at the state level because the state legislatures, and even in in closer into the into the municipalities can really shut this down and put the pressure on the doctors to toot to cease these and to put a stop to this once and for all. Absolutely in my perspective, this is my life work, which is going to need to be engaged in.

This is on you and so for many many decades.

Good people in the pro-life movement having to fight the fight at the federal level much harder not work fight should be outward of the most power. Now it's right at home right where you live with your Texas or New York or wherever the fight is coming to your neighborhood.

This is time for you to be engaged. If this is an important issue in the minutes of June. I have talked on Aramark. Do you feel like there is an awakening in America that mama bears and pop bears are starting to get engaged that the pendulum might be slowing down and swinging back the other way. I think there is a radical awakening taking place on many levels. You know the original folks in the tea party movement build party patriots know that they wave election back in 2010. It was a big movement.

I think this is more important and bigger and the reason I say that is not just because of the size and scope of it. But it's the age of the participants, but I think back to the tea party. About 50 now is about 50 when I was going on I was young 50 and up if you like the movement taking place today it's parents with school-age kids there. 2530 3540 years old that's going to have a long tail that means people are ferociously defending their children.

It's not about posterity, about my kids right now.

Being sexualized being taught reach this planet. Parents are angry there rising up or getting engaged in politics. Be engaged in politics for the next 30 or 40 years. So I think that the change in American politics. Folks got done are so blog Todd we got a link to the convention of states where Mark Meckler is present they do amazing work. Give them a follow and find out how you can get involved at the grassroots level as well.

Mark always a pleasure, what, what's on the table this weekend for Independence Day. A lot of our work effectively as they go from California.

I didn't realize what fireworks they were bought our first bought the fireworks started right� Man now I know what 4 July is all about the order. Remember how we found the country were to drink beer really good fireworks looking at them country music five words that embody my weekend by one get 12 free Mark Meckler happy Independence Day. Have a great weekend.what did you learn about Mark Meckler from convention state is present of the show blog and I find out about all the terrific work that they do their hey, what are we to a little more trivia. Grace Baker well you feel how you feel about that.

And I've got. I know I've got another in my stack here somewhere, and Tim, this is the only time where okay with like giving stuff away for free. I guess you could say were being socialist, this one time but not an outward just where were cheerful giver say they've been paid for. That's true now know giving them away were shared but not by coercion, knowing it of our own free will and were happy to do it some long week holiday weekend reading you asses that this is the stuff let's let's let's do another one on the Declaration of Independence and the first person with the correct answer wins a copy of culture G hot from Todd Starnes and that it is. It is one of the best books on the library and in all of them are great but here's your trivia question what city were the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution signed what city were the declaration of independence and the Constitution signed 844-747-8868 call now your chance, pick up called up copy of culture G hot courtesy of Todd Starnes.

He's not even here today and he's giving like crazy seminar for Todd will know someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full for which allows me to do more things at once. Much better now.

I think you calls my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take you to to list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy. See full for the time show Jim VanHorn again for Todd on phone number 874-7888 12 so you know what I even though the weekend comes a little bit more than an hour from now for the staff, your eye, I'm already feeling the weekend I'm feeling the love. I'm excited family time the cookouts in the fellowship to be amazing this weekend to give thanks for all that we are blessed with, and we want to bless you. The Todd Starnes listener with a copy of his book culture G hot and we want to do that right now we have a trivia question for Independence Day and I hear you got the first person to correctly answer: and when what city were the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution signed 844-747-8868 we go to Chris who was listening in Atlanta on W. D. You and Chris what city were the Declaration of Independence and Constitution signed balloon that rings a bell yeah yeah congratulations you pick up a copy of culture G hot. One of the great Todd Starnes books. You are a winner and what's happening in Atlanta today. Are you have Yorty started your Independence Day weekend. All right, all right, what do you have anything particularly plan anything on anything on the menu that you either make and are hoping for that says America that says America male pool party and a cookout can't cannot beat that my man will Chris, thank you for listening and we appreciate you. Congratulations. Stay on the line and we will connect you with a copy of Todd Starnes great book will get that shipped off to you. Thanks to one of our other founding fathers Ben Franklin received the original post. He's the OG Postmaster out there and that he is the man all right they take in a movie this weekend, Grace. I've got a kid so I'm kind of torn on what do I want to see you real careful nowadays. I still haven't seen Top Gun maverick evidencing the first will owe you totally need to. I think that's been a be made on Amazon prime. My husband hasn't seen it either. So I think were gonna watch that this week and I think that's can be. Or we can move is very patriotic. Catch catch up on that one. I think I want to go see Top Gun maverick I have and haven't had a chance just to see that I'd love to find something to take my kid to yeah maybe not Top Gun not not not Top Gun but definitely not Lightyear either the Toy Story spinoff from for multiple reasons.

One. Disney and Pixar continue to get Volker and woke her, but why do I want to go see Lightyear when Tim Allen is not even in the stinking movie. I know I do love Chris Evans but he's no Tim Allen.

When it comes to Buzz light year and there's been a lot of uproar about that. Also, I'm just straight up heard the maybes not very good.

We know there are two girls that kiss each other in the movie why why is that even necessarily I don't know you know they snuck a kiss like that into Star Wars riser Skywalker. At the very end of them I didn't even notice it till so put it out at me and and they clipped out that part so that the movie could be shown in China, but they've done it for Lightyear. There is no Tim Allen. You got the lesbian kiss that's in the movie again. If you have an animated film.

There should be an expectation of non-sexual overtones in the film.

I will make a quick suggestion for you.

The new minions movie came out today and so far, illumination, DreamWorks is not on woke so parents that's what I could see my daughter loves those for I love that there's a funny, wholesome, and there's nothing sexual about yet, not yet. Except maybe I think what I will minions puts on a little coconut bikini at some point but it's all in good fun and Steve Carell can act Idella. I don't like the fact that he bails out writers that he contributes to those funds but I do. I do appreciate the fact that he does make good pretty wholesome kids but I do appreciate that fact. And I can separate that yes and going back to Lightyear get it Tim there's been a lot of people that have been upset that I had been particularly upset about that. I was way more focused on the two chicks kissing in the kids movie. Why because some argue well like your movie is focused on the character that the toy was based off of a filigree like splitting hairs at this point. I mean, I can see that argument, but I'm also dislike. I'm surprised they did it, but didn't Allen is better about it. He just can't assess a separate thing and he is starring in a Disney TV show that the Santa Claus are doing a show for now. For now will see, but it either Carano or Carano got done Star Wars balance never shied away from the fact that he's fairly fairly right-leaning most part it is pretty open about it and he brings up another good point to how can you have a Buzz light year movie or anything Toy Story themed without having Woody yeah I know is I didn't see the movie, but I assume there is no like cameos and there are nods to that that would be that would make sense and I think people would like that because as we've seen with like Spider-Man no way home. In these other films. I mean people play off the sound you know about that, so far as we see in drastic world is that movie I've also heard is not very good but just don't understand why Disney and Pixar feels like they got a make a statement every movie now because as we discussed a few tech days ago another show that Disney Pixar's coming out with Betamax based off of big hero six robots looking for for lady products very awkward and I were there that she that's where the tampon shortages. It's with this with the men finding three women and that's all the robots you know they're putting like another putting lady products. The men's restrooms it's like to go over there and still slugging it out and then they get caught up in the gears and then the repair shop just yet, so no, they want to know yeah but the parts are not supposed to be remembered sister but yet I wouldn't skip Lightyear just because there's no Tim when there's nobody and see minions.

I don't like being ambushed. I don't want to talk about nursing anything about any sexuality when I go to a kids movie just to inform it's really that simple. Eight 447-4786 taking that number handy work in a call on you next hour or more trivia on the way and so much to been on for Todd Starnes will know someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full for which allows me to do more things at once.

Much now you calls from iPhone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy. See full for Liberty University three women in Memphis, Tennessee.

George and Todd give you some numbers to remember putting your speed dial 844-7788 68 that's our toll-free number were live in the liberty University studios to been running for Todd's and I'm looking across the way to I don't know if the numbers statistically proven, but I think Baker is a genius because she told me this was going to be coming and sure enough, it is a course happy Independence Day weekend everyone and I'm referring to the misery that many Americans will be experiencing in their holiday travel as right now in America, people are getting ready to cross the fruited plain and beyond to just enjoy some down time to is given to us for four Independence Day that that little respite that little bit of a break, but as I look at statistics grace and and you said, sure enough, those numbers would climb today and we've got over 19 that were almost a 20,000 flight delays and and we're just into the early afternoon hours on the East Coast. Every these numbers are incredible and they're already been nearly 2400 flight cancellations today alone. You think that there was like a big winter storm. But it's not. It's the Biden policies that are are are crushing people's ability to go freely travel across the United States. Yeah, I'm sorry to have predicted something so negative Tim but it's just reality. Right now you know you don't tell us what we want to hear you tell us what we need is you are the bit you are the two are the beacon of truth all day like that for man. I like that and realize today but the holiday it's a holiday cheer. I put it on your foot on your business card. The beacon will visit the "birth of the beacon of truth truth the beginning of the beacon of like Todd Starcher.

I love it too.

But so many flight delays right now and many of you are experiencing this. I highly recommend you string Todd and if you're out and about your stranded in your not your local radio station.

By all means you can stream the Todd Starnes show anywhere, anytime. Take that with you because you may be waiting a long time so pack your patients if you're out and about and for those you on the road.

Of course Yorty know you're paying double and gas what you were last year.

Those those numbers are up and inflation continues to push those numbers through but we have such a shortage. Now people are paying more because of fuel cost for airlines, grace, and on top of that, because of vaccine mandates that were enacted by the Biden administration. We've lost so many pilots now that many of these airplanes and I can I can see the sinking feeling in some people because I went on I went on a trip a couple of weeks ago and was fortunate to have pilots for this. What you see people walking up to their gate and they see the plane there's like okay were leaving soon. And then comes the announcement that they could not round up pilots to fly the plane and saying, yet it is absolutely insane because there are people more than willing to get out spend their good money. Even with the increase in cost because of fuel, yes, get out and travel to the point, but because of these mandates they've run off so many good hard-working Americans that have either just decided to go work for someone else. Go do something altogether and just simply given up on working in the commercial airline industry that now we are being got punished by having a shorthanded staff we've Artie paid for ticket many people planning months in advance for vacation and then getting last-second.

I was like well sorry about that. You have to rebook your will get you on another flight everything like me. I mean I when I have a vacation booked and it looked. You know it's I can just take vacations very often. So when I got home, but you're looking forward to your countdown the days and then for that to happen after you paid for everything is just absolutely depressing is exhibit number 1562 of the Biden demonstration of of self-inflicted wounds upon this country. It's things that we have done to ourselves. The failure to keep the pipelines open to finish the Keystone pipeline and an end. By the way on a side note, it looks like later this month there to have some downtime on those Nordstrom pipelines for routine maintenance, which also means prices are an impossibly bump up even further on IATA's depressing to think about it it it it on a weekend when we should be celebrating unity, celebrating our freedom celebrating all the great things that we can do. We've got an administration that is limiting how we can travel and I know we are very blessed to be here but but my problem is the fact that these are self-inflicted problems and on top of that we now have a situation that we are watching very carefully here that the military could be losing tens of thousands of troops just like the airline industry due to a vaccine mandates. I grace I thought the vaccine had jumped the shark that we were beyond this that I forgot about it for a while. To be honest, once you have Anthony found she now getting cold, but not once but twice in the same month after being triple mast quadruple VAX quadruple, boosted, and he's catching coated yes. Can we can we not now can we can we all at least agree that this is not going to stop Tobit I know were still going under the wink wink will thank goodness I got the vaccine. Or it could have been a whole lot worse but were seeing some of our our our finest our military, those that are willing to give all even on a part-time basis. Now there they are now officially in a position where they can be booted from the military just like that and they really have only had one real voice from the governor's office to stand up for them and that is Glenn Duncan out of Virginia were hearing absolutely nothing from our own governor here in the state of Tennessee Billy which to me is not shocking because if you listen to Todd Starnes show regularly when a situation where seven-month-old baby was being denied a spot on a heart transplant list because the hospital's transplant team did not like the fact that the parents have opted this child out of all vaccines that while the governor could not have done anything legally he could've used his bully pulpit but he couldn't be bothered with that and apparently he can't be bothered with saving what could be between eight and 900 at last estimate of states. National guardsmen from getting kicked out of the military again. It hasn't been done yet, but it can be done at a moments notice. And here we are talking about it at a time when we should be celebrating what is great about our country and that includes our military.

This country was built on the blood of those who have sacrificed everything in the name of freedom.

And those people of this generation that's willing to fight for us willing to take bullets willing to take bombs to get kicked out because they're not willing to take a jab on a vaccine that doesn't necessarily help you much if at all. It could even do you some harm and on a disease in which you can build natural immunity. That's where our Biden administration sets right now 844-747-8868 nonetheless. I'm proud to be an American, but I'm in the minority of Fox news channel poll says only 39% of Americans compared to 51% just four years ago are proud to be an American, 61% taken in this posted know they're not proud to be an American.

Are you proud to be an American, and if so, why 844-747-8868 is Tim VanHorn in for Todd Starnes will know someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full for which allows me to do more things at once.

Much better now. I think you calls my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen.

Don't take you to to list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy. See full for Starnes. Our phone number eight 447-4788 Liberty University studios were so excited it is independence day weekend.

Thanks for taking us along for the ride join is now on the patriot mobile newsmaker line is from the Tennessee House of Representatives. We say, welcome to Todd Starnes show to representative Jerry Sexton.

Mr. Sexton, thank you for joining me this afternoon. How are you sir I'm doing great. Thank you. Doing very well before the break was talking about the tens of thousands at least 40,000 on vaccinated National Guard members who are now at peril of being discharged at any given moment by the Biden administration because they refused to take the coronavirus vaccine. I know that that's that number is 40,000. You're very concerned about this in the state of Tennessee yes and let me just thank you note that there liberty to write and what goes into their body. I'm glad that there thing will we live in America free land and no one make me do something like that and what and I certainly want to do all that I and I know that you have already been doing some work behind the scenes and earlier this week you were part of a group that that presented a letter and a plea to the commander-in-chief of Tennessee's National Guard and that would be Gov. Bill Lee correct is all. Unfortunately he was not there or meeting. What I don't know what governor letting you know something and say no you know that you're not going to get rid of losing some of their large and date that and went to take that and whatever goals do with it but were not going to do it. I didn't and I think this would go for most states around the country. The National Guard is very important and we think of them when it comes to NT fine built BLM when things get out of order to be able to call in, but even on just a day-to-day basis to be at the ready when natural disasters happen, such as such as tornadoes and and forest fires in the in the Smokies all yeah and that they are ready.

Governor call on a moments notice their ready there. There we drank her feet when it comes to standing up.

Look, I don't get it. I don't understand it and let my voice say we're not going to do it. We are the volunteers today and we've not volunteered to let you make and are you surprised that Gov. Bill Lee has hardly said a peep.

If anything about this very bright and wanted not that you all. I don't know why you have done that I will speak for. I know he's a good man part but on the subject it. Starting at the very least wouldn't mean something. If you use the bully pulpit absolutely that's all we have to do in these times we can't set back and long for going there shutting everything down their throats. We have to stand up and say were not going to do it. We stand for our freedoms, liberty, and you're not going to get away with but you know we like sheep just marched water and I say I've had it not hope governor is, but I'd love print them out and Tennessee representative Jerry Sexton is joining us on the patriot mobile newsmaker line and Mr. Sexton. Is there anything that the state legislature can do in the meantime, well, I found my two let governor know that we would like to call a special session and guess what, that we could do this. I think it's an emergency emergency first aid kit. I raised regarding the fact that the and so I asked for a special session certainly we can now get you the details of yes but collectively would get together and come up with something in do it in behalf of all the one now you are representative of Tennessee. I'm asking this because I think this question holds valid for all 50 states. What can the folks in our audience.

What can the patriots in our audience do to help you and help their elected officials put pressure on the Biden administration and even if need be on the state to have the backs of these people that have volunteered to give their lives for our country. Well, I went online to our Congressman on the federal side as well as the state and let them know. I know that the majority of you and will go to the ballot box. No hour and vote in truly conservative.

They run conservative but when I get there lighthouse or federal house.

They just kind of melt down, but all we got willing to stand up and take for you to represent the government and what are we doing is represented not representing the people likely and I was a lobbyist like I you all got to go down that road. We need people and let their voice be heard that that's what were therefore to be terrible situations where light would shut me up in committee and you're trying to shut up every thousand people that I represent and I went to the house but will not import call for press conference shut me out and that happens all the time you note this, if we get more people that were true and would be called by the lobbyist and we could see things done. Our people need to demand their think we lost representative Jerry Sexton there, but you get the point to call flood the phone lines you sent of your respective state legislators.

Yes he's in Tennessee, but what he said is a universal truth that goes all across the fruited plain contact your elected officials locally and your federal officials and stand with the tens of thousands in the National Guard that have said no to the job they're willing to take the bullets and the bombs and they want to boot them out of the military just because they wouldn't take the jazz representative Jerry Sexton. We thank you for standing with the military appreciate that and hopefully others will step forward and put pressure on their state and federal officials to do so again thank you so much. We have one more copy of Todd Starnes, our daily biscuit to give away.

Let's do some Independence Day holiday trivia first correct answer when a copy of our daily biscuit your trivia question. This is a great one.

What president was born on 4 July. It's just that simple.

Which president was born on 4 July. Our phone number 844-747-8868 this is some great tribute. I will love this and I didn't know the answer to this Grace Baker of course a genius comes up with always questions I can't take the credit for but a tent. I can't take credit for the fact it is that it is a wonderful Friday here on the Todd Stern show, and I am thrilled to be here with you. Give us a call your chance to win that book 844-747-8868 which president was born on 4 July.

He had a date with destiny did make one more time for Todd Starnes galaxies.

He flipped for all these new tracks it might not like best selfies of the part I found it in fact not capture hands-free text from multiple angles capture training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for contract and fit perfectly in my pocket galaxies. He flipped for the morning, and sweet tea somewhere well-deserved rest.

No doubt about that for 477-8068, and it is trivia time for a copy of the Todd Starnes book our daily biscuit devotions with a drawl and our trivia question. All of them today have had to do with Independence Day in her question this are what president was born on 4 July. Our phone number 844-747-8868 let's go see if we can get the correct answer out of our friend Jack, who's calling in in North Carolina from WHKP Jack, who which president was born on 4 July Calvin Coolidge that is absolutely. I was of someone was going to say Thomas Jefferson, but Thomas Jefferson died on 4 July so nice catch their Jack. You are correct.

You are the winner of the Todd Starnes book our daily biscuit happy Independence Day weekend to you what what are your plans will look like steak on the July grill that sounds like a plan. There are your well done guy you medium rare hat hat how do you cook that steak and what you put on medium well marinated just a little bit, but they also I love that to how you do your dales yet. I know exactly what's talk about that is that that is some yummy stuff to put on there for sure will stay on the line.

Jack you are the winner of the Todd Starnes book our daily biscuit and I will get that out to you very very short list on the line though because we need to get your information. Congratulations Jack and congratulations to all of our contest winners today as though we were very fortunate. We had the three Todd Starnes books to give away today so that was absolutely fan testing.

Thanks for calling in and for doing that.

What grace in.

In other news, we are watching now it looks like the border crisis is just going to continue to get even worse because that despite the fact that there have been some good victories in the Supreme Court this session and we, of course, think about the football coach in Bremerton Washington who could pray at the football game and that badge that was a big victory. Obviously the Dobbs versus Jackson health case which overturn Roe versus Wade incident back to the states. That was a big win.

However, Joe Biden got a bone throat thrown to him with remain in Mexico as he was able to as he's able to now do whatever he wants regarding the immigrants that come through instead of sending them back into Mexico can just release them and give them a summons or invite them to a court date or invite them to an ice cream social. Whatever Joe Biden wants to do now with these 11 illegal immigrants.

It's yet another firewall that has been tossed aside by the Biden administration and of course title 42, hangs perilously in the balances he wants to let anybody and everybody across the US border and now it has become so bad in this country that in every state is a border state and is all in the name of granting political asylum in many cases well that's not the way the way it was written up for international rules rules say that if you're seeking political asylum. You can go to the first adjacent country that that will take you in and that's it. There is no obligation from the United States for people to travel through 234 different countries to get here.

There is no moral obligation to take anyone if anything were being imposed upon by people who could very well settle somewhere else, but because we are that shining beacon on the hill and we now have a government that has basically ripped out the turnstiles and says come on in and will even pay for your healthcare will pay for your transportation and even pay for abortions.

Now were seeing that out of the Biden administration that now were in a country where it is, essentially, come on in and the noncitizen has many if not more rights than the noncitizen has more rights than the citizen themselves do in this country and that's going to continue to be the case and hopefully there will be a red wave in November.

Hopefully that will stem some of the tide at the border, but as Mark Meckler pointed out in a previous interview last hour.

You know the the board walls been funded and he kind of chuckled if I asked of a trickle and as if I asked him a trick question of will that border wall, get built, will there be the political will to do it and says you know you can't always trust the politicians to do the right thing because the funding has been there now grace for pretty close to 15 going on 16 years were in the Bush administration in his second term that border wall was funded and how long does it take gosh, I made it only took them about 90 minutes defense pretty much the US. How long does it take to put the border wall just like this is like the project that will never be finished.

It's kinda like you know as a wife and I send my husband off to do a project and then it gets done, maybe a year later it's done well in its died what had to go a lot longer than I would've liked for he never sat. It was going to get done tomorrow and silly about it reminds my eye I got a have your husband's back on this. The guy got it kind of a general trade I've seen no dad say ways. Now you know you know the weather it's too high there's always something to missing a part got to go to the hardware to pick up a part which I've now use that that is now my excuse to go find a new toy at the hardware store to find a new tool to all we need to do all I don't have that part I need some fresh beverages while I do the job. Yeah, I did have fresh beverages and I need to have that that brand-new that that that brand-new battery powered deal blower door. The weedeater I can have that that those money toys now okay that that's whatever's whatever you say, that's, that's kind of my thing but that but you if were going to do it.

We should be rewarded with voice that's just that's that's just me but this weekend I'm standing down from that. I still have a deck to stain but I'm waiting on a pool. One of my pool liner ripped and I happened like a while ago like two weeks ago I well know that liquid I had 18,000 gallons of saltwater leak into my yard and we just started a garden this year. That's depressing. I'm sorry. Well, we know we did.

We sandbagged around the garden and the water flowed around and it saved her jalapenos in our bell peppers list of the most important ones anyway yeah I think so now the onions and I am not so much the little bit of a salty flavor to the jalapenos. But you know hey what can you do grace.

That's okay, but don't we have a deck to be stained and I've been slowly but surely getting around to buying the staying than we do those things ourselves. We don't hire out. Fair enough. This is what we do. So what. So for for the holiday weekend what's on that was on the docket for you guys that well I'm going to like us a concert tonight and then Monday were are no Sunday were doing our celebration because you Monday. You've got work the next day. You know you don't want to do anything to light so were having a pool party and I still got to go to the grocery store. I'm dreading going to the grocery store because of how expensive everything is, and also how chaotic it's going to be. I think I'm to go Saturday morning. I don't know how that's an ago but I got gotta get the hot dogs got to get the blinds.

My friends are taking care of some other stuff. So it's not too too bad for me your part of a big family, so do you visit for the Independence Day. We can or do you have what actually my family is very big but my in-laws they have the big family line. That's what I mean you know but yet knows all my families here in town is what I was saying. So I think you do something with them on Monday, but my dad's a big cook in our family, so he'll be taking care of most of that I'll be like what you need me to bring.

That's all I'll say I think were eating at the in-laws on Sunday and then were going to a parade on Monday in which my wife and daughter not accidentally were part of last year we showed up late and we started walking and we don't following a crowd. It was actually the back of the parade. So technically we were in a parade and we did a nice fireworks. He got the fireworks are so expensive and it always been expensive, but now this year with inflation. It's even worse I stay.

I wonder how many people are actually shooting up Ireland that is a question to be determined later became a step out in the hall here at K WAN and checked with the guys to see if were still doing the second annual K Wam bottle rocket fight. This is it only guys know were not sexist. Okay, now ask know where I'm trying to find out if that still ago.

This year, but it's BYOB G. Bring your own goggles were all about safety first hallway while we assaulted would never do that but but that's a that's a that's our plan for the week and I think were an accident. We jump into a parade once again in the go eat some hotdogs. Sounds like a good one, and the weather is expected to be very nice here so that that's what were doing all right.

We got plenty more coming up on the Todd Starr show our phone number 844-747-8868 you one more chance there is a Fox News poll Fox News Channel poll that is out. I'm scratching my head on this because this numbers down 12% from just four years ago 30, only 39% of people in America say they're proud to be an American. Are you proud to be an American, and if so, why 844-747-8868 your chance to get in and tell us why you're proud to be an American. As we kick off Independence Day, we can estimate warrant for Todd Starnes new galaxies. He flipped for all these new taxes might not like best selfies of the part I just found in flax not and capture hands-free text from multiple angles capture training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for compact and fit perfectly in my pocket galaxies.

He flipped for phone number 844747 was probably broadcasting from the little universities studio today as we get ready for independence day weekend and quench that thirst and take care of your body.

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That is down 12% in just five years. It's absolutely incredible. Are you proud to be an American, and if so, why 844-747-8868 we go to the phone lines in Maine. Edward listen to WLOB hey Edward, thanks for calling the Todd Starnes show their your proud brother tell me all about it. Edward well, my grandfather in World War I. My father and brothers were what you ought to what God didn't make it back into brother and make it back, but the upper America so that we could live three and let me tell you that I can tell you, our audience will say a great big thank you because this country, its greatness was built on the sacrifice of others and and your family has played an amazing part in that. And it's because of what people have given up that we can enjoy what we have today and it is certainly worth fighting for, isn't it. Edward is will it go bad looked at by love the country but the rest of the new because deep down every time you get the country he dies and I and I know for a fact every time I come back from a trip from overseas are just heading out of the country on a cruise when I get back on American soil.

I think God every single time because you don't know what you have until it's missing and there is no Better Pl. in America. Edward, thank you so much want to wish you a happy Independence Day weekend. 844-747-8868 Chris in Carnival listening to the flagship station KWAL hey Chris, I am taking my call. I'll answer my question at first but then I want to address box. Oh, I think the foxhole should've been done another way. But first of all I'll say I'm proud to be an American because God had a purpose for this country.

He said my people in England are being oppressed by the ground.

I will give them a new land and a new opportunity and with that opportunity. Everyone in this land has the opportunity to work hard become who they want to become work where they want to work. We are a free nation.

We are the delight beacon of freedom in the world, God had a purpose for this world, not only for Christians but brother people. That's why I'm very proud to be an American. I can't imagine living in another country have always said dear God, if I die please let me come back as an American employee please don't let me be a woman. Women go through so many physical things with giving birth and all that other stuff was a lie. I really have a great immense respect for women and their pain tolerance absent. Anyway, absolutely. I'm not a woman but I come from one exact, but in any know Jim really I think maybe people took the Fox News poll wrong.

I think because they are so embarrassed at what's going on. I think the Fox News poll should have said are you because of the current presidential administration and because of the current Congress in the United States of America. Are you embarrassed to be an American, I would've said yeah but the simple fact that every day we lose standing in the world. Our presidential administration and this Congress in Paris to our nation every single day and it gets worse and worse and so I'm proud to be an American, but right now I'm kind of a little bit embarrassed because of the antics that are going on within our Congress and within our federal government. Very well put Chris. Thank you for calling the Todd Starnes show I want to wish your family and you happy Independence Day weekend. Jeff and George on WDC when I will give you the last word on Todd Starcher today how you done all right here. I'm proud as I used to be an American. Under like Donald Ron bows. I was real proud. That was the only moral the strength of the moral strength of the chart and help them to stand up and make the chart better.

But now, I mean like I gloated in the military will not find a and it is because of the immorality that the Democrat collision on the on the American people and it is those in the military like without good military people, but how many people actually stand up and die for country and it still the best ship afloat. I really believe that.

I think we yeah yeah we are more worried worried about pronouns and jabs then we are going over and kicking butt and being number one.

It it it is it sad that it's that way but I still think it's worth fighting for.

And I think we can turn the tide. Jeff Jeff and in George on WDC when thank you so much I want to wish you a wonderful and everybody in the Todd Starnes audience today, a wonderful Independence Day weekend God bless America. We have so many gifts and yes there are things that need fixing in this country but you know what if we stand together and we don't give up.

We can swing the pendulum back the other way. Todd Starnes back in next week. Thank you Todd for let me sit in for you today. Have a great safe Independence Day weekend every body and will see you again real soon. Don't forget to get all the latest, greatest stories and all the great I am providing we'll know someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full for which allows me to do more things at once. Much now you calls from iPhone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy.

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