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MJ Warrior

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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September 24, 2022 12:30 pm

MJ Warrior

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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September 24, 2022 12:30 pm

Welcome fellow adventurers! This week's show is part 3 of a series of shows, that go into detail on the 6 different stages a man is meant to go through, from the womb to the tomb. The stage discussed this week is the "Warrior" stage. The clips are from "The Andy Griffith Show," and "The Next Karate Kid."The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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Hello this is Matt slick from the matchless life podcast ready from the Christian faith and lay out our foundation of the truth of God's word for chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network.

This is the Truth Network of every man ways of bleeding with your life as it usually feel that way.

The masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. How do we keep from losing heart while trying to find a way and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band brothers will serve as the guys recall masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Welcome masculine glad to have you and this isn't Sam will been passed down lately so this is Amy and I'm standing in for Sam this week. So glad to have you continue your series on the stages of masculine journey in Rob you want to hit us and tell us what we been through how we start out with boyhood right. What is ages 6 to 12 and then we did cowboy Ranger which is an attentive mid-twenties, and so today we have warrior lawyer and very tense. It is as got little Buzz light year and have because it's from 16 to 30 and beyond and beyond which it is and so you know if this is one of the critical phases.

I really did not get it until I came to my first boot camp. You know III totally did not know what to do with this aspect of my personality and actually it scared me and and and and I thought it was ungodly and something that had to be made under control and deftly I member remember reading while the heart the first time and it very early in the core desires. It talks about how we as men as Christian man were nothing more than a pious house cat or a pious house cat, or even add a dutiful man in okay so having some technical difficulties but anyway that whole idea was the fact that God created us for more than that, he created us as a warrior and is the church and trying to be in be godly. We felt like there was no place for fierceness no place for a man being a protector and no man for to stand up and say no to the enemy when he is attacking his family. Not that that wasn't taught but it wasn't taught in such a way that a man could receive. I think a lot of it was packaged in a in a way that I don't know it.

I just didn't feel empowered privately who I was as a man I did not have permission right to do that when we saw that in and they do such a good job at boot camp of going through all the passages in Scripture that show. This is actually God's image that you made in an and there's a reason little boys go out and pick fights and do all that stuff if it is because it's the God that that actually has that image and were made in his image.

That's right, you can you drop the tenant.

The aspects of of what we give rides are open and the in the warrior stage to learn these things. First of all that you know you made in a warrior as a warrior in God's image and that you learn that there are battles to be fought there bigger than us right and learn not to yield your heart to evil, and learn not to avoid passively. In other words, it was Adam who is passive in the garden that led to the book, but to the issue and then of course you can be wounded when you attempt to rise up and somebody makes fun of you were changing or your taught that all aggression is wrong. Like many people are no get that picture which is difficult and does not have a good king to follow or you know or to serve in other words, you know there's somebody is leading in the battles that are in the longevity fight right exactly right right so that we get that set up now and you think you and a kick itself with the first clip within to pull from Amy Griffin against things like you go back and forth between Starship Enterprise and into Griffin and I would like to do a mashup and a headlight lie wharf to Deputy years of that I only to the starship Griffith or something that you have Mayberry and beyond this, or if the wind include Buzz light year with having yet the this clip is from day to give show it. It has Ernest E. Bass and Michael Meriwether who urges to polar opposites. When you look at it with characters and there's a fight about to happen because Ernest E.

Masud, I would say would be to the warrior that I pulled out of this and he has not had a keen delete him immediately but he does listen to his mother. You figure out and but he is scorned in and he's ready to go to battle with his with his colleague. The English tutor you play the clip turn in and one bad wrong still in the Mayberry vein yet is there that will hit you with Mayberry.

You double-click as I presume they make me Irish and English.

My job to my beloved Romain you love nothing rather because he is in English and my mommy don't have to hate in your state funds into our fine here in St. this is the fun seem to find his mother's aunt from County Cork related said that Aristide Bass ever spilled a drop of Irish job and you Ernest to use is going after because that's what he knows and he hates and you can tell Malcolm probably not from Mayberry Yankee from England. The day the interesting part of that is is that so many times in my whole life. I think I'm going to battle with with not being lid will or really not a calls that should rise to battle with Englewood about things the wrong way because I have it been taught right or not paid attention to what was what was being said and you and but I mean there are you everybody will still fight for beauty and any and roaming. It was his view. I mean and need all that was going down and that's been the story of my life. At times, and so you I don't hate English. There's not all that get out there, but you see we did with the weather that's that's kind of where that clip went for me is that that's my bout my heart and soul. Sometimes I will fight the role battles God, but you did put his warrior spirit in me yet that fairness fierceness rises it rises a lot of times in the wrong times. If you have been initiated in battle and you know what you're actually fighting against so much of my stuff was arguing to be right on the job. You know or or in the home. You know had to be right and in what what was that about, you know, where did that that fierceness was there, but was totally misguided and it really get you in a lot of trouble, but I think it's it's the story of Peter in the garden, you know, he whipped the sword out go to do dear happy that he was really bad with the sword over here. He had a heart change in the middle of night, but you know his his heart was in the right place to defend what he loved when he went about it the wrong way right and he didn't really have a lot of awareness of the situation. Yet he was really bad.

Swordsman stuck to fish and I just, through I think you try to get your second clip on the other side. Anybody got any other perspectives really well and really into here is no was any time that you got in a situation where you are fighting really the wrong battle probably does. But you see you get rid he's ready here so was at your armada for the Christian card.

I obviously road rage you know is is it's it's so easy and that sure is nicely and it had to offer what you know whatever and unit you know that's part of how that that word gets wounded. As you realize later that this is this is way offkilter.

This is what ought to be downright and so you're thinking and I and I really bet that aspect that fairness fierceness of my character. You know I tried to just shove it down as far as possible is that's gotta be bad because every time it it wails up it's always in the wrong direction. As you trouble and for the same purpose, and then you know I'm sitting next to the king of zipper merging here so I brought you here. Well, fortunately out of that mode when we were coming back from Raleigh on Sunday afternoon ago I had about one quarter car links between me and the car in front of me and he occupied it, not just recognize the fact that he's insane and I let him go on his way and I lifted it that nice, unlike what I would've done some years ago, we have Sam on the on the line with this. He's been working hard this summer and had tilapia have and work late a lot not been able to get with this Sandy you have any examples of some of that misguided fierceness about the wrong opponent that I was married and was my like the enemy you know and didn't recognize or care what it was, especially early on before really knew about warfare is currently in one of the gotta be wrong to be me. You and and despite a lot of the wrong battle until you got a lot of teaching and other places and got really good and I mean that. Okay let me guide you.

It's really is a lot of our story is sadly the battle to fight. We we mix that in the risk in the beauty and the county gets all mixed up in this work. Please a lot of us into this place with God. So we got a big keep coming up November 17 to talk through the 20th.

Before that, we have the what is it entrenched one of the things it's been a true joy to me is having my sons there with hands and watching them get an understanding that I wish I would have several years and I'm still probably learning a little bit as we go. Watching them getting manhood in understanding what is and how to say we received when journey one of my favorite things about boot camp. The favorite thing about every time I know I'm not seeing anyone that has encounter God knows, generally speaking, it's nothing we expect the same registered masculine journey.OR think you have submitted. I remember we go a bite when we need you can never go wrong. My group was my thing and while outdoor deck or reminding ourselves we are warrior needed to stand in the gap in Viper heart. This is the messenger. Yeah, I was just curious as it is a great song and deftly behind.

It was great I was.

I was asking man what you might like Sam. I was busy at work to no excuses managed to bring out some fierceness here.

Deftly I mean is all on so if you listen to the shows every week.

Lately it's been no Sam and the same.

And David said yeah.

So they were on any Griffith to 2.0 Wrightwood Lyndale in the much truth in it. I mean, they submit both these clip settings I got about which one is like. I think both are good yes arrangement.

He wrote a degree of immunity to this one is Barney and he's a he's been jolted, so to speak, and offended in. He's resided for probably this is probably his six or seven dresses resignation. If you keep up with the no new episodes, but right answer, but Barney's yes he's in his warrior spirit is been attacked and that's kind of where we were. This clip was an he's like a lot of us Barney's checking out and he just doubled the fights are turning in one batch.

What are you doing I'm in my resignation is that's what I'm doing now will will will now wait just a man.

This is one whistle I replaced the charge you handed in your resignation in my resignation. I will will now accept your resignation. I got to have little explanation here now did he back and tell me what got into all this is the last straw for me to do, but I don't like to be teased about you is that you use T that's right my wrongs on opening will see that I got a red believe. Well I didn't think it would Now tell me what a ride home about me on the wall. What like offices improve evidence is by who carried the last of the night was all right because he never got a extra ravens, and if only somebody would just commit a crime you know Barney is the appear to be. This is what I thought about that clear. You we read it with how your wounded is when you attempt to rise up and is mocked and shamed. And that's what Barney's feeling goes later all you find out hope he didn't do it because Opie couldn't read or write so here he was falsely accused. But Opie's boyhood was assaulted on the same thing but you that's that's been the case said it when I look at mole life and probably talk more about you after hours but that so many times when I begin to look at this and in you as we've broken down this masculine journey and lick it is to see where the enemy has attacked and you Sam talked about it a lot that you know there is a pattern and you looks random on the surface whether the pattern and you know Harold talked but a size I mean I was a skinny kid.

I'm in no small widthwise not pricewise and you know I was a kid. People picked on and I have never looked in the mirror go when you're a fierce warrior but I've known for a long time that God gave me a warrior's heart and I just thought maybe he was just had a surplus Solomon through on my way, but you have learned in this day that there is a purpose for things and that's kinda it will be the resigned Barney Fife in turning the bullet.

Think about that earlier folder. The training training training training prepare, but there's no conflict to go execute their skill right and after a while it's hard for him to not lose heart. Really good with Barney there. Nothing like a lack of Barney.

You know were spreading their waiting on the battle, the others left the battle. Dr. Godwin you and we could be there to guide you right there to not out there. So there shouldn't be any Barney's home.

Well I just need a crook kind of thing. There's a lot out there to buy right now fairly good.

Deftly that's a good point. How many lawyers training training really never see the band when you sleep. A lot of the movies we see these guys commands, like grants or whatever, they're just ready to get after I think being a brother should.

I had some guys are just so ready for battle. And when the battle came in with her so sure that they want to but you know you do that you put all the preparation into to go to battle a lot, partly with me on what's associate with this clip was my resignation. I tried the battle. I remember I got serious about God in my late 20s and 30s and did a lot of ministry staff and I see some guy do some things but there was still a lot of me that was uninitiated and I really did know how to do battle and when I got that whack a mole knocked down a few times you just begin to back away and say no. Maybe this is that you really that worth it took to to find it. I'd rather take.

I'd rather have the target off of me and have a peaceful life.

The go to battle that you really will have a choice… Many times in a row.

You got a clip we got to get in here to set up so this is from the next karate kid part of immunology franchise and anything about the warrior phase. From my perspective this is it's from 16 and beyond. Like Buzz light year and beyond. And so here you get if you're familiar with the karate kid. Mr. Miyagi is certainly a sage and he took Daniel Psalm all the way through you not to movies and so I asked Julie some Angeles on now is having this battle, but in no classic karate kid style of the leader of the kids on the and of the bad side of the Darkside is in a push and are ready to fight well at this point in time the warrior rises up in Biagi and and I love the way you know he just commands such respect as a warrior you hi you can hear and when we know when it comes time to you know it's good it's going to happen and so we got a list of Mr. Miyagi, the sage that turns to water, it loves a bionic little village is talking about was not over one battle is lost, Charlie.

Charlie much crazy man job is not out leafing put your lights see no mailing fighting last night we it's interesting to me that here's the sage and in his own ways not unlike Yoda right you got this little somewhat comical character, but they command such tremendous respect and they have such discipline and and you see the warrior. That's down in there that that makes them a fabulous sage right at and you know that's why I like the infinity and beyond and enough for us in Oswego back and we picked that and you know, ask God to show us how we do that for those of us read the sage and that you know that here's opportunity to see when is it time that really got the young lawyer who should be step it up right is getting Julie sound right fight when she's posted five but there comes a point where the sage was time to jump into the battle and it you know it will be one right it's exactly right that that there you go. And then there's the time you sent you like rock now that he never got a map. There was far enough. I may not understand and read. They had the chance to write the car and all that stuff right it's got admit Mandy is a fantastic actor and he completely demonstrated that sensitive like man here.

Here is a fierce warrior you know we must turn it on and permission to do that as a Christian man is is is an important thing you want in the image of God, built on the stages.

Just remember that we are a warrior for the king getting entrenchment coming up September 30 through October 1 heard that that's free. We got the big keep coming up November 17-20 love to have you. Very good masculine to find out more about it below.

Love having you there we really want to to speak into your life and let God come after your heart.

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