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RED WAVE RISING: Republicans Poised to Win Historic Elections

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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June 15, 2022 3:23 pm

RED WAVE RISING: Republicans Poised to Win Historic Elections

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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June 15, 2022 3:23 pm

The American people are about to send a strong message to the Democrats — you have failed your country.

Brigitte Gabriel, Pastor Robert Jeffress, Rep. Guy Reschenthaler, Ralph Reed, and Papa John Schnatter

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Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy Z full for welcome to the Todd start show sponsored by the legacy precious metals. There's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM that's legacy PM investments.job liberty University studio in Memphis, Tennessee since conservative commentary from about America today. Hello, welcome welcome everybody to the third radio program. Hope you're doing good wherever you might be across America. Well, we've got a great show so great just coming along today but I I'm gonna start by giving a shout out to the great the great American patriots in the Lone Star State. The great state taxes were last night something very interesting happen, something quite frankly of that was remarkable, something that was unheard of. For the first time in 150+ years. A Republican is going to be representing South Texas and Congress.

This is an amazing story.

Republican Myra Florez flipped a Texas house district last night and she did it in such an in a pretty incredible fashion. As a matter of fact, she won a district that is heavily Democrat she wanted district that actually voted for Joe Biden back in the presidential election and it tells me ladies and gentlemen that I I have hope in America.

It tells me that the American people are waking up and they're realizing that as bad as things are in this country with a Democrat at the helm. It's only going to get worse when you look at what's happening in this country right now whether it's your mom trying to go find that baby formula euro euro lady and you're going to the store to get your LED products and there's nothing there that's on Joe Biden that's on the Democrats they own all of this, they control the house they control the Senate. They control the White House and they are turning this great beautiful nation into a dumpster fire. That's what's going on here, and the American people are seeing through this.

By and large even Democrats are starting to see through this and they realize that there's a difference when you have a liberal in the White House and a progressive in the White House and Joe Biden Lord love of the cheese has done slid off his cracker, but Joe Biden is governing as a progressive Democrat which is a socialist and is not working when everybody gets that and what happened out in Texas. I believe is a bellwether when you look at what's happening across this country people yet that they turn on the television and he got Joe Biden out 30s and will be economies never been better. Americans are more affluent Americans have more money. Americans have more jobs Americans have more prosperity than they've ever had it in their in their lifetimes.

That's what they're trying to tell us some even the people on CN in the most profane name in new Negro network. Thanks, Judge Joe Brown always there with the comet evens folks over at CNN they get it done. Limit is gone so far as to suggest that Biden can no longer. He no longer has the mental faculties to be president of the United States. So these are all good things ladies enjoy them. Yes, I know were going through a dark winter.

Yes, I know that people are going to be paying probably $70 a gallon for gas. Appropriate at eight $70 per gallon of gasoline.

I get that is going to be painful, but you know maybe, just maybe, maybe, just maybe, legs of John Dare I say this again. Maybe, just maybe, this is just what the doctor ordered. Remember when you were a kid and wanted your mom tell you told of whatever you do, I don't put your fingers don't put your hands on the stove because the stove is hot and it will burn you what you do is you get when you go up there and you you plant your your your hands on the burner and then you get burnt but you know what happens. You never do that again. It's painful. It's ugly and there is a healing process but eventually when you do get back to normal as a child you realize you know what if I touch the stove on. You get burned and I'm wondering Anna and I can open this up to the to our vast audience are because you guys are the you're the the brain's of America, you are the you are the people that are paying your taxes. You're the people that are out there making a contribution to society near the people that still believe in God and country, and family.

You are the backbone of this nation.

And I'm curious to know from you Dick, do you believe that we are on a path leading to a correction in American history have we finally got it hasn't finally gotten so bad in this country that even Democrats are willing to say here. We can't do this are policies are not working. The people were sending to Washington. There, betraying us, we gotta try something new. I think that's what happened out in South Texas last night you say Todd, what about what about South Carolina well you know what the president.he 11 he lost one. What unit do Congresswoman Nancy makes very popular and the establishment Republicans love her, and though they had Nikki Haley campaigning, Nikki Haley, very popular in South Carolina, so I'm not terribly surprised but the president overall.

When you look at the overall batting average, a pretty darn good MVP for the Republican Party. But that's not what this is about. It's really not about Donald Trump.

Right now it's really not. This is about stopping the pain. This is about helping to extinguish some of the dumpster fires are burning.

That's with the midterm elections. That's what that's really all about. And I I have hope in the American people to laugh over the Republican Party help. I don't. I mean they could screw up a steak dinner that the Republicans it's I mean it's it's a no-brainer. I know how they do it but they do so the question now is what about we the people. Now if we the people decide you know we gotta fix this and the Republicans. Yes, some of them are morons. But you know what they're the only way the organ able to stop Biden from destroying the nation.

I think those people can vote Republican and I think were to see more crossover votes. I suspect we will see this election cycle, and we have a lot of minority listeners as a matter of fact we have one of the largest minority audiences all talk radio and were honored by vent because were talking about issues that matter to everybody and I suspect a lot of minority voters are to be crossing over and there to be voting for a Republican in the midterm elections and I'm curious to hear from some of you maybe there somebody out there who actually did vote for Joe Biden and and you thought he was. You know the kind of quirky. You know uncle Joe likes to sit poolside and talk about kids rubbing his hairy legs and sniffing the children's hair and you know the that the fights he had back in the day with corn pop and the other gangsters and you thought you know it can really be that bad, will vote for Corky. Uncle Joe then there were some of you out there. I just can't stand tribes mean tweets they just so trigger me well you know what I think some of those people are going to grow a pair and there to realize, oops, my bad.

I'm so happy. My apologies to Marek. I it could happen. I don't I don't know but I kinda feel good about this.

I think what happened yesterday in Texas all make all of us feel encouraged and quite frankly don't make all of us get out there and try to do our part to help some of these Republicans even yet the Lord, we deceive Republicans and we can deal with the rhino crap a little bit later but we gotta stop these Democrats. We've got to stop this so we got a lot going on today I were to be taking your calls on that. Also, word coming out that there is some sort of a night of rage being planned. Once Roe V Wade is overturned a we have some new Intel on that over to assure that information with you as well.

Again I want to up before we go to break, I want to remind you, and socially already listeners in the North Carolina area. If you have not already done so head over to Todd and sign up for our free newsletter and are free podcast, so you will have news and information at your fingertips 24 hours a day. Alright so the question at hand.

Do you feel encouraged ladies and gentlemen, I know it can think and feel like were just as every day were in a war and there's no doubt we are every single day folks were in a war were fighting for our freedom and I love that I mean II know about you but it's it beats the alternative.

I want to be and I want to be in some ghetto rehabilitation reeducation camp listening to Bernie Sanders speech is I don't nobody wants that. But I feel good about that. So I feel good about the fight and I'm curious to hear from you, especially Hispanic voters. African-American voters have you made the switch to the Republican Party.

Have you embraced these conservative ideals 844-747-8868. That is our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 your calls coming up next.

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Welcome to the Republican Party. We welcome all waterways all walks of life, the party of opportunity, prosperity, and freedom is here to stay. We look forward to working together at building a better future for all of America. Good for so well said.

Look at the end of the day here folks. That's what it's about opportunity prosperity and freedom. Now we have a large we have a large listening audience of Democrats in the Memphis Tennessee area. For example, an in my my question for you as a Democrat, why why are you still a Democrat crime is off the charts.

There was a report I want over 3000 cars broken into here in Memphis you've got shootings just about every single day, sometimes multiple shootings every single day that I want to bring it up and hire additional police officers.

They don't want to spend money to fix what's wrong what's broken with the public schools. These are Democrats. The Democrats have controlled the city for decades and bite my point is, why not try something different just one election cycle. See what happens. Did the Republicans a chance. The way I see it, a party that wants to stay out of your life. A party that wants to stay out of your business. That's the party I want to be a part of what we have a lot of primary races last night when I hunt over to the to the phones Wyatt Cox are good friend from the Nevada talk network Adam it was a big night in your state lots of races what's your take away my take away is that too full it number one, Pres. Trump still holds a lot of sway in the state of Nevada because all of you endorsed candidates won in the primary. Unfortunately, many people are somewhat squishy rhino. As we mentioned yesterday. Sheriff Joe Lombardo will be going up going against our governor in the general election. Sheriff Joe Lombardo, one of the Q sheriffs in the state that your anti-First Amendment attorney general Adam, I called former Atty. Gen. will be heading against Catherine Cortez Nashville for the Senate race at both the house rate you had income but Mark and the day winning and congressional district to and somebody whom you will hear a lot of talk about Downing congressional district for that is Dan peters a strong conservative and a veteran and a strong Las Vegas businessman run to good insurance they could see down there. He will be facing off against even coursework. Las Vegas to geek out mom Stavros Anthony heading for the Lieut. Gov.'s rate Jim Marchant Hettinger Secretary of State Michelle Fiori and is a lot to get out the woman for state treasurer and a woman I told you about yesterday for Golconda winning her primary by handy margin by about 20 point over a squishy woman. They yeah Lori lawyer Keisha Jacob Black. Why let me jump in here and again, let me just because these are kind of in the weeds out races here and I'm curious to know about the Trump factor because look, it's, it's been no secret that the trumps pigs have sort of been all over the place and I you were looking at George, looking at Pennsylvania, Nevada. That aside, are you hearing from your listeners.

Are you hearing that the support for Trump is still off the charge or has there been some softening of that support quite strong and united. I mean look great. They all won by a significant margin just by the contractor. That's the only thing I can say even though some of these people are not as conservative as the battery is the world went looking Trump factor and apparently it also happened in the Metro.

Yeah, look I you again. I'm seeing that as well that the Trump support is is high yesterday Britt Hume. I was talking about what's really going on behind-the-scenes here and I want to get your take on this Wyatt because there are there is a lot of infighting within the Republican Party.

It's some Buddha starting to surface and I think we saw a lot of that in South Carolina that's one of the reasons why Nancy Mason did so well even though Trump was was against her. She had the backing of the Republican Party of the establishment week.

Here's how Britt Hume framed the argument and I guess the question still is is are they moving towards trying to make a legal case against Donald Trump for one that is a political case to somehow prevent him from being a factor in 2024. Doing both a resting on the committee members and said no part of what they're doing is to create something of the can be referred to the Justice Department for possible prosecution. What strikes me about this bread is if they succeed in by damaging interest in him, such that he is either unable or for legal or political reasons.

To run again they might end up finding out the Republican Party a great service because I think agreement Republicans think they can win the troubled head of the ticket again. They're afraid of his supporters in the want come out against him directly but they let him go away is the effect of this committee is to make his possible candidates to go away.

I think a greatly Republicans would privately be very glad Wyatt did do you concur with Britt Hume. Do you think there there is concern of the party that Trump might bring everybody down concern in the mainstream wing, but the stronger conservative wing who did not endorse most of these candidates were successful yesterday. The they are strong that they would probably back the president. I have no doubt about that but there are some people the rhino wing of this that we just assumed the president go away and that is not a good thing so for the party know and it's a horrible thing for America. Here's my take on all that widened and forgot to let you go up against a break and you know how that goes.

So look for years for decades the conservatives have been told by the rhinos to suck it up and support their choice going back to John McCain and Mitt Romney.

The list goes on.

But just most recently those two races and we were told to suck it up and deal with it will and you know what we did. We did our job. We did our job held our noses and went to go and vote for for Willard and for McCain, even though they headed our guts. We were loyal to the Republican Party. Well, now it's time for the rhinos so suck it up buttercup and get with it. You know what I'm tired of it.

If you get triggered by mean tweets grow a pair ladies and gentlemen, welcome ladies, do you know what I'm talking about 844-747-8860 it however you identify 844-747-8868 this is the doctor there is no doubt the nation is facing a financial crisis because of the blighted ministrations economic policies hi this is Todd start and no doubt our economy is in trouble and you need to take steps to protect yourself of all your money is tied up in stocks, bonds, and traditional market you are vulnerable.

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It's also her birthday today as a birthday flu.

Is it actually the flu or is it just because once they offer but that is a good question. We will find out.

We had all these things planned today and yes kinks on the way war so have the cupcakes fight anyway so if you want to was Grace Baker happy birthday.

Wait until she gets back up in Jeter, it is hot. I know you're from the Pittsburgh area. Yes, it's, it's hotter than hot Todd yes it is and you shared a great illustration with me why you think the Bible Belt may be the way that it is because of these temperatures people want to spend eternity like this. It's terrible, it's gotten me in church. I'll tell you not tell you what, are you not getting was I was telling somebody cells. I saw folks out there. Memphis sweat like sidewalks, alleys and church cleanup the language a little bit mad. Also, some sidewalks, alleys that would live downtown well there you go.

All right. Well anyway thank you Ben dear for Phil again and we appreciate all your great work. I will say this, ladies and gentlemen to one of the weather forecasters put a graphic.

It had planet Earth and then it had the sun and then in the middle was a tiny little dot called Memphis Tennessee.

That's how hot it is around Outlook. Our friends over in Virginia had been going through it. They have been trying to take back the Commonwealth had been very successful at doing that. But there are the Washington compost is coming after our good friend Brigitte Gabriel. She is doing incredible work across this great country and the Washington Post coming out and slandering her good name and the receipt. As you know, leads up to the organization act for America.

She's been out there on the front lines defending our freedom and warning people about radical Islamic extremism from day one worksheet good to have you back with us hello bridge, eat, receipt has been a long time. I hope you're doing well. By signing below, well there you go you know what I'm I'm down with that receipt. I've been reading this Washington Post story I you and I were chatting earlier today about this is pretty despicable what they're trying to do to you and other conservatives there in the Commonwealth reaching far out they know we are winning. They know there is a way of coming may not live in Virginia was a great victory with the election of Lincoln Gov. dear friend of mine we go back 20 years because I didn't want to tell you, you know that you can email you I think like you to call reach so far back the dead are you thinking what 16 years ago, Todd begged everything they seem to be upset over a tweet. This was a photograph of you and the lieutenant governor when some Sears saying that your you know your sharing that she was your dear friend for 20 years and were fortunate to hamper and clearly that triggered the. The pro-sharia crown.

I suppose of the Washington Post.

I don't know why that all my guy friends that we can hear it having around bad clothing that we are NT my Muslim women and that Gov. Duncan and Karen need to rebuke the model we Islam and terrorism.

We empty NT murder NT. I think the Muslims we work with members to help carry anything to do an interview as well on yelp. We made it again. We made it a point to everything the national conference.

We had speaker to show American arguing against terrorism like a conspirator in the war against terrorism away because they now make noise know you're right. Receipt and and I've had to deal with here.

These are very bad people and you're right there code. There are unindicted co-conspirators. They are very bad people and to your point. I have known you for at least 15 or 16 years and I know you to be a good and decent person you have no problem with the Muslim people of my personal philosophy receipt. I'm happy to fellowship with your religion as long as you want to blow me up. That's my general working philosophy in life website for America has never and will never any discrimination against anyone based on their religion and gender, political persuasion, freedom to practice one's religion in peace is afforded you since we will defend it vigorously. Don't bother checking things out you want something out because they know that we live in a society where people do not want to peel down to the bottom of the story line accordingly so you know when back and allow. There like relations with founding members and leader either shot. Terrorism can start working people like me when can hear Gov. Young can because they want to get together coming out.

They do not want conservative working together, working together talking to each other because now make that Christian publicans God and country first come together winning and that's the bottom of the story up receipt. You know here's here's what concerns me. Big picture clearly. We are a nation founded under God. I believe an argument can be made that we are in fact meant to be a Christian nation, but we have seen an effort by the left over the past at least 50 years to remove God from the public marketplace and what's happened receipt we see we see it in the streets. We have chaos we have crime. It's off the charts. We have anarchy and my concern receipt is that out of this anarchy incomes the radical Islamist and are able to get a foothold in the chaos of of the culture right now right now. God radical Islam don't even need to do any work doing the work for them is why project for North America. You know that 100 year plan today route we found out he found out about it and we have a copy of it.

They talk about and their functions on the last on how we need to come and work with like-minded organization in the West advance their goals nation like the American Islamic relations working you cannot enter the meeting.

I mean abortion complete abortion. You want women to have any rights to abortion anything they work together and I think things are being used as you promised with an agenda and that's why we had so many printing issues in our country. We need to come together and preserve our freedom, preserve freedom of speech, which is the line because we have email setting our country to speak about which we need to work together to our great nation which Christian Americans are great people. We pray for our enemy. We are a Christian nation, America is going to charge the United States and we work together we when back Islamist and stand on people and think the interview you for sign-up to join action alerts join the movement.

We are now setting up the chapters in churches nationwide. We highly Christian. I receipt always good.

It's been a long time.

As we got to get tobaccos in the next couple about yourself and me on a breezy day Bill, you stay cool and poolside. Thanks for thanks for everything, and don't let the folks of the Washington compost get you down our that's presented in real everybody act for America hi we got a link upon the up on the website but look wind when the Washington compost of the New York slimes, and after your folks where it is a badge of honor. They come after us all the time, the greatest of our look. We got a check. A regularly come back the White House just issuing a big announcement so apparently there bring in all the other gays in America cover the White House today for their big prompt pride party and looks like Sec. Pete boot at judge is guilty. One of the special guest coming off of maternity leave so I will give you the lowdown on that adjustable but also you folks in Salem, Oregon. Listen to some KY can listen up.

We got a great big event coming your way.

It is a summer barbecue with yours truly and were on you to be out there speaking were to have some great barbecue sponsored. It's a fundraiser for the Marion County GOP and is also sponsored in part by Adam's rib smokehouse. All I cannot wait. I've heard incredible things about their barbecue.

Anyway, it's good to be a fun event love to meet you and your family and be able to shake your hand sign a copy of a book for you and if you like information, go to KY can that's KY for details.

That's coming up later in July and, of course. Last night Greta Van Susteren wants the new show on Newsmax, America's fastest-growing cable news channel. Every night Greta Pro proving that people want real news without the media spend her so by the way, call the record with Greta Van Susteren. You can watch at 6 o'clock tonight. Eastern credit is broadcasting from Washington with real news and giving you the facts you need to know she's asking the tough questions.

The big media will not ask folks you gotta do this. Find out why millions of people are making the switch to Newsmax, including yours truly. Check your program guide to get information on her new so you can also text the word Greta 230 9747. That's Greta 230 9747 will be right back. There is no doubt the nation is facing a financial crisis because of the blighted ministrations economic policies hi this is Todd start and no doubt our economy is in trouble and you need to take steps to protect yourself of all your money is tied up in stocks, bonds and traditional markets. You are vulnerable. Gold is one of the best ways to protect your retirement no matter what happens you own your goals it's real physical always been valuable since the dawn of time. Legacy precious is the company I investing in gold.

They can help you roll your retirement account with Goldbach IRA still own the physical goal also ship precious metals safely and securely to your house. You know $1 million worth of gold could actually fit inside a shoebox called legacy at 866-528-1903 or visit the online legacy PM legacy PM all right. We're working on it where market audit file to serve in the one DC White House Gay pride reception today is a cocktail hour. I will will get off the top of the hour. By the way, this is this just yet. Breaking those you know what you always got to do here folks. We gotta get a breaking news manner without Rush Limbaugh had but you the breaking news banner everything. We don't have that just about working on it. So anyway will try this again breaking news America of this is coming in from George Washington University. It turns out that George Washington University has voted to rid itself of their official mascot so George Washington University known as the colonials and the University now says they will no longer be called the colonials I want to read this to you of the statement just coming out. I'm writing to give you a confidential heads-up.

Confidential now, I'm writing to give you a confidential heads-up which will be announced publicly later today. Until that time. Please consider this notification to be private.

See after a fall, full and deliberate process University's Board of Trustees had subsided to discontinue the use of the colonials moniker you moniker will be introduced by the 2023, 20, 24 academic year. Until that time we will continue to be the colonials. The decision to change the colonials was not taken lightly.

What's important now is that we move.

Oh sweet mercy to get a photograph of the colonial not a very handsome looking man. What's important for you now is that we move forward together to identify a moniker that will unite and unify the George Washington community. An increase in our institution with a moniker that reflects the value strengths and diversity of a worldwide population.

So here's a thought here, ladies and gentlemen were very helpful people. The time Stern's radio program. So perhaps we could offer some guidance some suggestions to George Washington University.

What should what should the new mascot. The new moniker of George Washington University B.

So put on your thinking cap near I get into bed to where you have people calling and the most clever suggestion working to get them a copy of our daily biscuit devotions withdrawal. I think that's a good I think that's a good deal.

So here's the here's house got to go folks. If you have an idea for a new politically correct mascot for George Washington University. Give us a call 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 I'm thinking I'll know something in the trans or non-binary area with BBA. I will open Native American or an Eskimo or a midget. I don't think we can save the last little people. My apologies. I think that I think that still went over the air. Kyle did midget go over the sorry little people and yet the Eskimo at that would not either but I gotta get back to the phone lines because they're starting to blow up Tonga I'm a go go go go go.

It's this is the most ludicrous thing I've ever heard of my life.

So here's already to do when we come back from the other. The top of the hour news rate were to go to the phone lines and you got up we we want you to be creative. We do want to want to help George Washington University something without Mam parts. Perhaps I don't or a spine so maybe you have a jellyfish of the GW jellyfish baby what are you will write that would down. It's is not the best in the world, but it's a starting .844 747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone. That's 844-747-8868 she's a little America is one of those days.

I'm telling you one of those day you are looking for my fellow you will not find it in the big box stores of the reason why it's pretty awful my fellows being canceled by the canceled culture Bob. That's why Michael Odell wants to sell directly to you that comes with some great savings to get the lowest price of the history of my fellow for their classic standard normally 6998 now only 1998 with the Provo costar by fellow does more than just fellows have over 150 products where the slippers even and open my\\the Provo costar or call 800 line 8939\start or call one 800-5939 promo code start universities. Do you see will you glad to have you with us today have relied on business from the last hour of the program. We had some breaking news coming out of want George Washington University has voted to get rid of their official moniker, the one they've had since the University was founded, they will no longer be known as the colonials of course that the particular moniker has caused great angst among the perpetually offended crowd of the snowflakes of America and the babe and triggered for a number of years.

So out of the spirit of compassion out of the spirit of hospitality, we have decided to allow our audience the opportunity to suggest a new name a new moniker for George Washington University something that would be politically correct.

So I would go to the phones real quick. I we have Dennis and Winston-Salem North Carolina. Listening to us on WS JF's are great new affiliate Dennis how are you today wonderful all right Dennis I give us give us your idea for the new moniker wouldn't be the wooden gate the wooden teeth. All I like you wouldn't think that at all.

I like well you're trying to say that Dennis we want you to hang tight and working to get that working to get your info and are working to send you a little thank you gift in the mail Dennis from Winston-Salem says they need to be called the what in teeth because Washington had a let's go to Amy Gainesville, Georgia all right.

What say you Andy and I would think along the same line, but I thought chopper and Steve Noble also, although it might trigger them for the violent your chopping down the cherry tree in your altar chopped up so I like is he you know it. Non-binary.

I love it you know it is interesting though it be the bigger problem I see is the words George Washington they may have to rename the University and that it might.

You never know what your right teeth are in fact non-binary. So are you. Hang tight and he were to get your a particulars and I will send you a little thank you gift in the mail. All right, folks will be taking your calls throughout the program. 844-747-8868. I do want to go to the patriot bubble newsmaker line big story growing within the Southern Baptist convention. We talked about this briefly briefly yesterday. Pastor Robert Jeffers of the First Baptist Church Dallas, Texas George's pastor Jeffers hope you're doing well. I'm doing well thank you God. You want to try your hand at renaming George Washington, I think you come up with a good possibility the choppers. I love you very clever, very clever, you know pastor I was watching some of the proceedings and it's amazing of the problems that the Southern Baptist convention that they're facing. These are some pretty serious issues that go far beyond the sex abuse scandals are really to the theology of the doctrine of the denomination while they try to quote Barack Obama pastor Jeremiah like the chickens are coming home to work.

I think what you're saying happening with the Southern Baptist convention. What I mean you know for many years, Southern Baptist prided themselves on the fact that they were like the ducky Presbyterian with their creeds and catalyst. We got just the Bible were people of the Bible.

We believe the Bible one you know that Nate work in a culture when there's a general content of what truth is it in our culture when everything's been question gender marriage, just the basics, but people used to agree on. You have to nail down what you believe and that's where the rub is coming for stubborn baggers are not used to that the question taught it. What are the nonnegotiable of the Christian faith that you have to agree on, to cooperate together gets to make the list and who enforces the list and that's really at the heart of what the controversies about your life that you again whether people agree or not, one of the one of the teachings of the Southern Baptist convention following the teachings of the Bible. No female pastors.

And that's pretty much agreed upon.

Since the start of the convention and even that came under question.

Over the past couple of days in Anaheim, California and worked out with all due respect Al Mohler.

I think he's wrong when he said we don't need to debate what the word pastor me going. Are you doing because I mean the factors are we combat the senior pastor. I think there is general consensus among Baptist that the Bible is the role of senior pastor is reserved for a mail piece to be the husband of one wife, but what about children to pastor you know what about our young adult ministry and so forth. I think you have to nail things down words mean something and we got all the fun words. I thought it was interesting that the convention in recent years is been very concerned about race the nation's largest Protestant denomination, and by and large they are overwhelmingly white, but quite frankly when you look at all the other denominations. Maybe the Catholics aside Southern Baptist are a very diverse group of people and yet there's been an effort to really put race at the forefront of everything in the convention well what Lake Van Dam somebody because of the color standard of think less of them is to dampen the God who made them.

But God according to gender. He makes a male and female. He's the one who at times are race and the problem. One of the many problems with CRT, you may want to make other people feel guilty about their own right, you know, somehow their deficient because of the color burst scan that's wrong whether the color is black, brown or white. It's is it isn't a problem that the Southern Baptist convention is imploding. Is that what is that mean for the rest of the nation of the culture of the nation, absolutely not really get out my my prediction is not going to be an immediate demise of the Southern Baptist convention I think will be a continued diminishing of its size and its influence, but what's going to happen it to be Matt's church is pulling out so to speak, or not connected that strongly to begin with we voluntarily contribute to certain joint venture, but I think what you will see God church is giving less and less money to the denomination and using that money instead for their own ministries to reach people with the gospel and what the fact is the local church is God's creation to do his work. God created the idea of the local church. God didn't create denomination and I think were living in a post-denominational age. I think the power is in the local church.

That's what God designed, and I think churches like first Baptist Dallas our church another Bible believing churches won't even notice what happens in the southern but that's fascinating.

I I've always felt that a strong Southern Baptist convention would be helpful. At least speaking truth into the culture. I mean you did that a lot during that the trump administration and you caught a lot of fire because of that, because now their heightened yet but might think it had nothing to do with any connection Baptist convention. I was a local church pastor. I'm nothing more than a local church pastor. That's all I want to be and I think it every pastor will do his job of leading his congregation to do God's will.

What's happening. The convention will make no difference whatsoever. Pastor Robert Jeffers is on the patriot bubble newsmaker line pastor couple big Supreme Court rulings were still waiting to hear. Of course, our coach, Joe Kennedy, the football coach of the prayer case from Washington state and then wrote the Wade. It's you know it's just a guessing game but are you are you guys concerned about postdecision violence when it comes to Roe V Wade, we are taking very well pictured and were continuing to evaluate our security every week, but I think that's a possibility that they'll be violent but what taught you and I are both going to be at the Faith and Freedom coalition this week and one thing I want to be saying to that group in Nashville is the fact that arose about to implode the factor were getting ready to allow player, at least in football games. In some ways in the school. Again, that's all. The result of the election of one man in 2016 named Donald J. Trop, he never would've been president. There never would've been three like Supreme Court justice had it not been for Christians turning out and voting their conviction that Christians can make a difference in that culture cannot denomination it individual Christians making a difference. Pastor Robert Jeffers, Dr. Jeffers, always good to have you on the show and I what I love her for for you to promote this a great new book you have by the way pathway to victory P is the website you got a great new children's book to reach the next generation of kids with the gospel, called Jesus, his favorite stories for kids I. Diet great picture book is a way to engage with your children or grandchildren. It's and I'll give you a preview. We got a great new book coming out in July called America is a Christian nation. It's a beautiful pictorial coffee book with great inspiring quotes from our founding fathers about our Christian founding of our country and great pictures of our beautiful nation as well, people think about getting that in July I love it and will bring you back on. Between now the book as well. Thanks so much.look forward to seeing you all right yeah you're buying the hot chick of the store around so okay. All right. Pastor Robert Jeffers everybody over at first Baptist Dallas you see them on the TV all the time and he is a Great American patron would say something if you are a your pastor if you are involved in the pro-life movement. If you are involved in your local church. You need to be taking special precautions in the coming days, especially with the Roe V Wade decision hanging in the balance of there are some new reports out some pro-abortion terrorist groups that are already making threats and you just want to be prepared that's all this is you gotta be prepared to got to have a plan in case these of these Yahoo show up and do as pastor Jeffers said they've got a pretty strong security force there at a First Baptist Church, and I suspect most other churches, you know, everybody's packing heat. That's just the windows of the deep South art real quick before we got a break here. I want to go to Asheville, North Carolina Scott on the line and Scott has eight mascot suggestion. All right, Scott laid on us. Our you God Scott I'm doing well thank you for asking, or look, I'm proud of you all.

Dr. D is a great man and really great friend of this program and that we just a really respect and admire his so Stan all right Scott, we gotta take a break your what's your recommendation on mascots.

Let's go George Washington carried off the chair because he had the tree checked out the Scott to get in trouble.

I just had pastor Jeffers so I don't want Scott I hope you know I will go by without that and I know you billboards are more like a demented circus monkey.

You know, the brightest are good you guys right here all bongos on the butt of the way set of fungus on the butt of of Eddie Murphy. Is that what you said yeah that Eddie had a lot of problems years ago bongos for my I don't know what don't really care but I think that's for the fungus derived from regenerated divides Scott utilityman, this is great. I Scott appreciate the call. Scott wants to call the George Washington University football and athletic teams. The cherry poppers. We also have the, the choppers and of the wooden teeth so there you go again. If you have a suggested give us a call 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8860 really say of fungus on the butt of Eddie Murphy to Google that will be new galaxies. He slept for all these new taxes might not like southeast of the park. I found it in fact not capture hands-free text from multiple angles for training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for compact and fits perfectly galaxies. He flipped for someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found out it's easy for for which allows me to do more things at once. Much now you close my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxies evil for back so GW the GW non-binary gender bender.

I got a nice ring you been dear one of the things you're your love is refill again for the under the weather. Grace Baker celebrated her birthday today that our audience is very helpful. You know we are a very tolerant audience. We have a very diverse audience and we just want to be helpful. It's neighborly. That's sure they're very welcoming to these suggestions, the zipping great looking at the George Washington traders my concentrators, traders, and how about the hypocrites. There such a variety here. The wacky doodles. That's a good, let's go to Tim in Gainesville, Georgia. Tim has a suggestion WTO at our great affiliate there hi Tim, Tom, my apologies. I just had a hard time getting names right today.

Sorry about that. I appreciate you keep me up to speed on what goes in the area where I grew up in Georgia now but maybe share it with my growing up spot. Is that right so you see you're from these parts yellow brick city right across the river, Forest City, Arkansas yes indeed good people of Washington with the father of our country. But what about the Washington founders. The founders of that's actually a good legitimate name day.

I lie like that but Tom again.

Mike, my concern here is it's not so much colonials. They have a problem. It's the George Washington Park and ended because he owned slaves, and therefore you know he needs to be destroyed. It's it's awful and it's part of this cancel culture mob Tom and Pres. Trump worn people, as did Pres. Trump said they're going to tear down the Confederate statues there to come after the founding fathers. And that's exactly what they're there doing well Tom, I thanks for the call and thanks for the suggestion. Let's go to Carol in North Georgia hi Carol how are you have been well all right Carol what's what's your suggestion I can put Brandon and make it all going and grain.

Let's go. Oh wow I love that Carol decided I I love it let's the George Washington, Brandon's Carol, you know what. Hang tight. We want to send you a book for that one. That is a great, great idea. All right, so then let's get Carol's info and will send her a copy of our daily biscuit devotions with a drawl all right post. Gotta take a quick break. Here are a couple lines open 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number so if you have a suggestion on the new nickname for George Washington University colonials is that you can't call in colonials and more because that is apparently racist.

So were were taking your suggestions and we will forward these to the two George Washington University 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 this is the time will know someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxies evil, for which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think you calls my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxies evil for David Axelrod, this is a person who, if they win will be closer to 90. At the end of their second term. Any and therefore these are very full, fair question, so I so do you all. I think everybody is looking very closely now. I when he doesn't bind as well. He does really well done speech he gave. He was perfect it was.

It was powerful when he does badly when he stumbles.

You get nervous and you wonder is it just a starter is retired or something else to it so I think the people just looking like Democrats like if this guys ready to go wood behind it is not ready to go to let us know. All right, there you have it. Van Jones yet another Democrat strategist, calling into question Biden's faculties and we've heard this from David Axelrod other people on CNN Don lemon. I would go to the patriot welders make a line great at what those are good friend from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Congressman Guy Russians all Congressman walked back to the show be on Elliott Jones was Ron right after Joe Biden talk about curtailing our second right poll numbers his approval numbers actually went down so I just got it clarified that for the record, what does that tell you about about Joe Biden and the Democrats well he tells me if you think number one. The Democrats know that Joe bided thinking Shep, the Democrats in Congress. Election don't want him in their district and all the and if you look at the fact that that folks like Dan John David Axelrod, etc., are openly saying that bided the hat is prime and so many words it shows that the Democrats are looking to make a change for 2024 may know that Joe Biden cannot win reelection in their announcement that the state to get into seems to be Congressman that if in fact the Republicans do as well as we expected to do. I get to that Texas election last night. Just a second, but if in fact the Republicans have is stork and historic wins in the midterms. I'm wondering if at that point, the Democrats figure some way to get Biden out of there so they can least install Harris to see if she's any good at the job we all know that she's not but I me otherwise you know they're going to be out there and have Coppola Harris is the nominee, one where the other.

Well I don't know that I know that the only one more Biden right now is Eric and Nancy close the boat Eric Europe more popular than bided by think they know that if they were to get rid of items including, aircraft. It'll be Nick, Harry out somehow I wouldn't put it past them and I'm sure they like Becky JJ state candidate in there to show the stark contrast with a younger guy and a yell it in somebody you had 1 foot in the grave.

Let's just be honest with Biden EEA not operating on full capacity right now that's on the irrefutable.

So I thinking what that contract they would log happy. I still think we'd be any Democrat in 2024, but never got that out of fighting shot he can't have Biden can't have air when you when you look at the race down in South Texas first time and was more than hundred 50 years the Republicans represented South Texas on the Rio Grande. What does that tell you about the mood of the electorate.

Congressman tells me that you remember Joe Scarborough all the time. Demographic tells me that boat over to that conservative voting Republican vote. We're going to be a much stronger party moving forward. It also shows that the expanded voter is not by woke nonstandard coming from the last member Hispanics are predominantly Catholic pro-life Pro family. I don't buy into that." Latin at nonsense with a woke lap, telling them that their language is so black elected Democrat party be the party of woke rich white college-educated liberal that we will build our coalition with working men and women white lack expanded, you name it were to be the party that represents working average everyday American not yet the Democrat stuck there future to all the patriot Belize our good friend Congressman Guy Russians all are from Pennsylvania Congressman. Another big story. Women following this gun grab legislation that you got 10 Senate Republicans saying they're willing to sign on the disc that we give him a filibuster proof a piece of legislation. What concerns you the most.

I have a thought, but what concerns you the most about this legislation will really help very well, but that it did you cross that issue really concerns me where you got a red flag hearing with only one party and that someone gone thyroid can be confiscated and burdens shipped on that individual to get his or her firearm back that is a problem. It basically due process in reverse that not ours. It is set up to run and I can tell you.I used to be in that material that your judge I would do X partake hearing when you only have one party is extremely difficult to ascertain the truth get to the right when you only have one party you and more often than not, I will are you a nine time that it had the petitioner in front of you. Usually when hearing and then it extorted out several days later at a hearing with both part but to do that. It is a problematic backseat when extended around that he can be centered around baseless allegation.

Democrats have the ability to find sanity every conservative will be by their definition in saying that the way their party. It will be used as an install on our right with you again.

I don't have the problem raising dates of 21 part five. Whatever.

But for me it's a red flag laws because at that point that gives them a card to knock on your front door and demand your guns if you support traditional marriage you got a problem with little boys using bathrooms with girls they can. They will they will twist that any way they can Congressman to fit their agenda and it really shocks me that we had 10 Senate Republicans saying that they're willing to go along with this right you you got that Republican learn a lot that you don't make any claim Democrat it doesn't work that way they will use you as long as they can and thank you to the sky as long as you don't fit their narrative going there again.your old news you're out so have fun with your 15 minutes of fame and in the good media attention because you're only going to have it for so long. I felt that that is that always a losing proposition.

The cave art principal. I couldn't Democrat me when it comes to the I got pushed back with you on on the age issue 15 people that are counting on that 16-year-old should have the right to go now coming up. You have to be 21 firearm that's absurd.

Ideally Byron died in a young boy, basically under adult supervision. I believe at age 18. I was fully capable of properly hitting a firearm and anybody that going into the military and military. They are between the ages of 1819 20 and they are trusted to defend this country.

They should be accorded the right abducted and then it just like everybody else. Congressman and I completely see your point there, but my point was you. When you look at all the things you're trying to shove through that, at least somewhat. I can's I can see that I mean you know about it but your point and I get it I got it. The fact of the matter is, none of this would've prevented any of the mass shootings we've had and when you go back and look at the actual numbers were talking what 3% of gun violence and gun deaths in America were the result of an AR 15 so that at the end of the day.

I think this is not so much about the AR 15 is not so much about the rifles as it is wanting to get our handguns when they wanted it or not. They really do. And the reason why the universal background check universal background check by definition need to add a gun registration national know exactly like our firearm in the hat or you will can add or whatever conspiracy theory (talk about taking argon data will work with you that you wanted it later got his response was oh yeah in the judiciary committee meeting. I cannot recall the Democrat David UBC said will blow up the filibuster will pack the Supreme Court to take away our firearm dad. That is their ultimate and armed law-abiding and remember with in a world where their violin is considered speech in our speech is considered by in a world where you're setting on fire under the guiding teapot. That's okay if you're an angry parent that� Curriculum and you're going into a school board meeting. You were then labored that the character we don't like the people that are making those designation deciding who firearm because I can tell you how this story will and conservatives will have to hand over her firearm.

Congressman have to leave it there.

Appreciate the great insights again. Can Congressman Guy Russians all are from Pennsylvania Congressman, thank you thank you got a get all right good guy right there are eight 844-747-8868. That is our phone number.

Do you believe what the Congressman just said that the ultimate goal is to disarm America were talking about a sitting United States Congressman so he clearly sees. He has an idea of what the other side is up to here getting your calls. Gotta take a quick break 844-747-8868 will be right back. Someone who's not working no chill.

Trust me, that's just me but then I found galaxy full support which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think you calls my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy full for serving one day the bride reception like cocktail party.

Someone told me there's going to be a cereal bar and I think that serving Froot Loops and fruit and pebbles on my source. I will I what I want to build a Froot Loops guy, you know I'm I will guide.

I like the of the brand. The raised raisin brand you know that's hard. Your doctor probably endorses that for you.

Yeah I love.

There's this idle know I grab I'm not a big like I don't like sugary cereals so I'm more of a just, I don't like sugar morning what I can tell you they're probably not serving raisin bran at the White House go but I pitch they did serve a me know your WABC and they have a huge they have a cereal bar and they were serving. I think it was it was Froot Loops. It was not the and I never did like that and I like I did like the chocolatey one is called the chocolatey problem that I have all sorts et al. jocular very different than the fruit he felt. Thank you. What folks were working on it will get back to the middle. I'm from, I love the shrimp cocktail.

Stop with the cocktails all died under Satan. Let's go to my goal and Michael your head to help. You always get this wrong. Let me see if I get this right it's Beaufort, North Carolina. Is that correct you. South Carolina Michael I am ending the show right now I America Michael, this is George Washington University's I have Mike will need to become the George Washington University were the earthworms not art. Why Earth warming man and woman parts so they are binary gender fluid to their everything out there that many students that are following this when they get out in the real world there going to be eaten and ultimately nobody respects an earthworm. It's a good point.

It's a good point you make II love this their spineless and squirmy Michael yet to hang tight working to hook you up with the book that's well done sir. Well done. I let's go to Jonathan and Statesville, North Carolina line to hi Jonathan, what's on your mind. Thank you sir. I called in the George Washington books the stop and you people doing out there, and Radiohead the know there were several were several of these and these are official chaplain. That's the that's the problem, Jonathan Young and I'm in so much trouble I thought of that. Hang tight working at seven something your I love that.

Let's go nomads yet that works of that's seasonal. I let's go to line 6 Elaine listing toast MWD UN Elaine, you've got to help me out of this so I don't know.

They good enough for you.are not, but I have just sent out a map thought that the cartoony looking figure by the name of what's in my copyrighted already because of dedicated history.

Do you remember when the Olympics were in Atlanta against 1990 think we're going with this.

Yes I did that committee.

You know why my life to be over so afraid they would see an emblem on the mascot that would represent historic Georgia also Georgia. The old South.

So they went round and round and round and they finally had someone they hired a company or something that came up with that little thing. I don't know how to grab what it looked like, but they called it.

Remember that yes it's everybody was like what what what is up with that idea yeah I think it was a company that hard to do it, and as a native Georgian I was extremely friendly to the point and I thought it was a laughingstock not copyrighted. Maybe that would have George Washington University as a dilemma because nobody will know what the heck it is no Elaine, this is a good point.

You know what my suggestion was, you just jolted my memory during the 96 Olympics in Atlanta for all of you young people out there listing to us when they did the final they lit the cauldron and people were running through the streets of of Atlanta. They had the torch. My thought and Elaine, I thought this would've been pretty epic. I recommended they have the old general leave from the Dukes of Hazard and if you remember the Dukes of Hazard hazard Luke Duke and Bo drew they would be in the front. They would be in front of the generally of the front seat there. One of the guys would actually have the torch they would hit the ramp and as the Gen. Lee goes up into the air there able to light the giant cauldron and then the Olympic games will be, and Waylon Jennings right now. I think that would denigrate that maybe doing that for the redneck games idle so well. I will remember all that memorable and that anything right exactly my point.thank you very much all right Elaine thank you for that real quick. Let's go to Patty WSI C in North Carolina. All right Patty what you got you got 10 seconds University you trigger everybody Patty ultra mega University all right Patty, we all believe and on that note, all right. Patty says ultra mega University you guys read some clever stuff to. I'm serious about the generally that would've been one heck of a way to launch a boat's gotta take a break here 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8368 this is the start new galaxies flip for all these new taxes might not like I just did in fact not capture hands-free text from multiple angles capture training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for compact and fits perfectly galaxies he flip for universities to really see is yours. Your program well you might say it is a war big big event happening this week in Nashville Tennessee at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel.

I will be one of the speakers. Pres. Trump is going to be speaking. Also, our good friend Pastor Robert Jeffers, who was on the program earlier today he will be there as well.

I want to go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line. We are honored to have with us, the founder of the Faith and Freedom coalition and the man behind this huge weekend gathering of conservatives and people of faith. The road to the majority conference. Our good friend Ralph Reed. Ralph hope you're doing good I'm doing great good to be back with you. You see, I love how you multitask.

I wouldn't have time to do interviews I'd still be packed in and get ready and all that, well, I got a very good team here at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel right now. We got that afternoon. I've got a great staff in the room next to me that you believe me doing all that preliminary work. Ralph, let's let's talk about what people can expect. So what are you hearing in advance and one is that the vibe there in Nashville. You know, I think the vibe honestly is a combination very unique admixture of deep concern about our country. You know the worst inflation and for decades the highest gas prices in recorded economic history. The worst humanitarian crisis on the southern border in the history of our country. A stock market that is imploding. You know about the likelihood badly. We hope we can avoid it. Ever recession being caused by the fact that both the Biden administration and the Federal Reserve at their head in the span, and then waited too late now to get the brakes after going 80 miles an hour everybody when she and it's just a combination of the books woke progressive left-wing policies you have ever seen combined with criminal levels of incompetent I think. Another concern honestly is your reaction by the left and the media to the league of the Samuel Alito draft opinion in.and what can only be characterized by an extraordinarily frightening outburst of anger and rage on the left that is included an assassination attempt against Chief Justice Amini, Supreme Court Justice Brett Cavanaugh at Catholic and Evangelical Churches but Combined with That Concern Is an Excitement Because Help Is on Its Way and Come in November and without Getting Ahead of Ourselves Were Still Congratulating Ourselves the Midfield We Got A Lot Of Work to Do.This Is Very Very Contentious and Hard-Fought Election but I Think There's a Red Wave Coming and I Think It's Good to Be on the Level of 94 or 2010. I'm with You. I Mean, I Get the I Get the Feeling I Remember Back When Newt Gingrich Was Leading the Big Revolution and It Was It Was That Kind of Momentum about the Country Was in a Difficult Spot but Were in a Far Worse Spot Now That We Were Then so I Have To Imagine That There Is Going to Be an Excitement among Conservatives Wanting to Get to the Ballot Box to to At Least Put a Stop to These Radical and Dangerous Biden Policies. Yeah, I Think, What Were Already Even Though We Don't Really Check in with Our Ground Game Soul Later on in July or August Because All of Our after Exit out Indicate That the Most Successful Voter Communication Occur in the 90 to Hundred Days before the Election, but You Were Planning on Knocking on a Record Number of Doors, Making a Record Number of Phone Calls to Be a Record Number of Churches Will Reach 15 Million Born-Again Evangelical Voters and Pro-Life Voters at the Door of Their Home. There Has Never Been an Effort This Large.

This Ambitious by an Organization outside the Two Major Political Parties in Your or My Lifetime, and Were Not to Have Any Problem Getting That Job Done of Volunteers Are Already Signing up People Are Already Signing up to Make Phone Calls. We've Already Got Voter Registration Underway in Churches, Including His Panic in Black Churches in Every Key Battleground State and I Am Telling You, People Are Ready to Do Whatever They Have To Do to Save This Country from These Radical Extreme and Destructive Policies. Ralph Has It Has Been Difficult for You Guys to Latch on to a Specific Issue There so Many Things Wrong so Many Dumpster Fires Burning Right Now. No Not Really, You Know, We Know We We Don't Really Pay A Lot Of Attention to the Politics When It Comes to Setting Our Public Policy Agenda and so the Main Focus of What We've Been Working on.

Even Though We Work on a Broad Range of Issues and Obviously the Bulk of This Taught Is That the State Level Because the Federal Level, We Have Really Been Able to Get A Lot Done, You Get a 50-50 and You Got a Democratic House so Do We Think That'll Change As I Said in November, but We've Been Focused on Number One Pro-Life Legislation. We Had No Way of Knowing That God Might Give Us an Opportunity to Revisit Row. We Were Deeply Involved in Things like the Texas Legislation.

The 15 Week Band in Florida That the Heartbeat Bill and Georgiana and a Number of Others That Have Passed around the Country. Secondly, Election Integrity, We Been Involved in Fixing What Was Broken That Allowed for Lots of Chicanery and Shenanigans by the Left, Including the Illegal Harvesting of Ballot. In Our View, Making the Uneven Making the Playing Field Uneven with the Duct Box in the Private Funding of Additional Voting Locations in Heavily Democratic and Liberal Precincts.

We Think That's Not Fair and Report to to Correct That Getting Rid of the Drop Boxes in a Number of Things and Then Finally We Work on Criminal Justice Reform in Human Trafficking, Education, Performance, School Choice and We Think We Think School Choice in the Aftermath of This Organic, Spontaneous Parental Rights Movement That Sweeping the Country Is Going to Be One of the Cornerstone of a Profamily Agenda for the Country in the Coming Decade. Well Said around Freedom of the Patriot Will Make a Line Ralph but It's Going to Be Is Always Exciting When a President Trop Comes in Is a Part of Any Gathering. I Have To Imagine the Crowd There at the Root of Majority There Really Give the President a Great Welcome This Week so I Don't Have Any Doubt Will Be 70. He Appeared Here Twice As a Private and Once As a Presidential Candidate Three Times As President and Now He'll Be Coming Back As a Former President and You Know I Know the I Know the Left and the Media Attack Wealth Welcoming Him, but I Have a Pretty Simple Rule Which Is If You Serve This Present United States and You Move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and Recognize Israeli Sovereignty over the Goal on If You Were the First President to Ever Speak to the March for Life in Person If You Were the First President to Ever Repeal the Johnson Amendment to Lift That Oppression and That Persecution and Discrimination against the Freedom of Speech of Faith Leaders and State Organizations, and If You Gave Us Three Solidly Conservative and We Hope and Trust and Pray Pro-Life Justices on the Supreme Court, along with 231 Other Conservative Judges, Then You're Welcome at Our Conference Anytime and He'll Be Very Warmly Received and It Will Be Richly Deserved Irish Very Well Said All Right Well around for You and Let You Get Back to Get Back to Work and a Look Forward to Our Being There This Weekend and Thanks for the Opportunity to Be Able to Address Those Gathered Yeah Thought We Would Appreciate Your Your Boy and Your Platform and All That You Done on Radio on TV Online and Were Honored to Have You and It Could Be a Very Very Special Weekend. Ralph Read Every Body and If You Would like Information We Have Enough on Our Website. Check That out Again.

Ralph Read a Great American Patriot and It's Good That They're Extending about 3000 or so People There in Nashville and Then from There, the President Goes to Memphis Where He'll Be Speaking at the Landers Center and on My Understanding of This Is Interesting That the the Arena Seats about 25 5000 or so People.

I Believe They Have Not Sold out, so There Are Still Plenty of Seats Available If You're Interested in Going and Seeing the President in a North Mississippi in the Memphis Area. Are You Folks Working out Regroup Here and the Take a Break 844-747-8868 That's Her Toll-Free Telephone Number That's 844-747-8860 Were Going Right to the Phones but I Gotta Tell You about My Friends over at Life Change T They're Having a Big Summer Sale by Three Get One Free of This Summer. Why Not Make a Commitment to Fill Your Very Best.

Try to Run It Was to Feel Good, Especially When It's Hot outside. You Want to Feel Yucky Will Life Change T Is an Amazing Gentle Claims That You Can Use Daily for Optimum Goal Got Health so I Drink the Stuff Everyday Is Delicious Is the Right Combination. You Got 12 Herbs Comes in Three Delicious Flavors. I like Peppermint You Can Get It and Natural in Pomegranate As Well. Why Change T Is Been around since 2007 Made Right Here in America It's Easy to Brew. You Just Keep It in Your Fridge. Keep It Frosty and You Can Drink It Every Single Day It's Summer Time and I Love Iced Tea in the Summer Time and You Are Going to Love Life Change T Here's Where You Need to Go Get the Get the If You Use My Discount Code Todd Tender to Get an Additional $10 off Plus Free Shipping.

That's Got the Use the Disc Discount Code. Why Do I Always Have a Problem Saying That Bray's Discount Code Use the Code Todd 10 and Get 10 Bucks off Plus Free Shipping Will Be Right Back Galaxies. He Slept for All These New Taxes Might Not like Selfies of the Part I Found It in Fact Not Capture Hands-Free Text from Multiple Angles for Training Sessions for His Followers Simply Wave My Hand to Start Recording Video Clip for Contract and Fit Perfectly Galaxies.

He Flipped for Folks Walking Back Wanting Folks Offering up Names for George Washington University. They're Having to Rename Their School Mascot. They Can Call Themselves the Colonials of Let's Go to Central Arkansas and Rob Hanging out with Today. Hey Rob What's on Your Mind on the Called Walters I Okay Have Mascot Bad. Like the Florida State Seminoles When It Comes out Here I Can Put That out to the Middle of Dylan about Waking up Posters, but I Think They Might Be Having Cocktail When There Is Love the Ones with the Barbecue Sauce. Those Are Very Delicious. I Would Get Thank You for Being You Get the Job Done yet Have My Back Your Map Tied in All Fairness You Started That His Back and You Can Always Listen Back to Todd's Podcast. You Did Drop That First Whether Serving Chick-Fil-A.

I Think They Would Probably Not. Now I Never Could Figure out Why the Especially the That the Lesbian Crowd.

They Have a Problem with the Plump Juicy Breast over AAA Never Have Understood That It Triggers People. That's All Triggering, Especially in the Month of June. Everything Is Triggering Everything's Triggering All Right.

Thank You Ben. Let's Go to Jacksonville, North Carolina. Great Part of the Country.

Danielle, What Say You There God I Hope You're Having a Great Afternoon. It's Going Alright. I'm Just Kidding It's Going to I Hear You There about That School Name or You Talk the Swamp. All I I Love That One Swappers like Do You Know Where I'm Going with This. No, I Don't like George Watson When He Was a Youngster He Worked for the Cost of the Army Corps Of Engineers and He Was Tasked to Drain out the Great Swamp in Chesapeake, Virginia Well.

He Failed at That Task. But If You Go There Today You Can Still See the Dentist There but You Can Still See Them and Their Even the Still Even on the Map Downwardly Comports with the History of I Believe He Was in His Upper 20s, When George Washington out What's Slated to Do That. I Don't Know Anything about the School but They Couldn't Do That with the Flock, Then I'll Think of School to Do Anything Else Other Than What Culture Now That's That's a Fair Point. I like It Though Swappers Daniel, Thank You and Thanks for the Good. Hey Yeah I Know Right outside Right Now Right There. I Think the White House I Think I Think about Faith. Probably� Cucumber Maybe Dingdong for Dessert Is One of the PC Just Never Know. I Never Chick-Fil-A. Think of the I Don't Think It Counted Them out in the Presence of Anywhere around There Is Never Enough. Thank You, David. Thank You. Goodbye Better Than Hope It's the Same Cucumbers, Hotdogs, Vienna Sausages, Anklet the List Goes on but a Smorgasbord.

It's a Delicious Buffet Get Some Saltine Crackers. You Put the Finest Sauces between the Crackers and Got Lunch Right There Tied Visual It's Lunch Time We Saw Another Half an Hour to Go, but Rush Limbaugh Never Had to Deal with This Is My Agent 844-747-8868 Robert in Statesville, North Carolina Robert Help Us out Here All I Was Thinking. All I'm Thinking I Should Call Him the Insurrection. Oh Okay Insurrection. Alright, I'm Writing This One down All Right in the and We Got Nothing to Do and Are No That's True, That Is True. You Kept It Clean and Robert for That We Are Eternally Grateful. Thank You. Let's Let's Go Back to Beaufort, North Carolina. Lot of Folks Hanging out with This Leah Beaufort-on the Line I've Been Walking to the Program. What's on Your Mind Go Global in the Global Wheaties or the Global War You Know I Went to the Believer� That Reminds Me of a Story. I Went to a San Francisco Giants Baseball Game Years Ago When I Was out on the Left Coast and That They Have One of Those Competitions. If You Been to the Major-League Baseball Games They They Dress People up and It's a Bratwurst. I Think Johnsonville You Had the Brought in Italian Sausage like a Hot Dog and People Were Dressed up in the Than the Costumes and They Had No Arms or Disorder Flailing about, but the Whole Point Was You Had to Run around the Field and I Guess Whatever You Whoever Crossed Home Plate First Was the Winning Sausage Is Very Entertaining. So Anyway-Thanks for the Folks You Know It's Only Wednesday. This Is What This Is. The Crazy Part about This Program. Hey Look, Do You like Pizza Because We Got a Great Guest Coming up Papa John Himself Is Going to Be Here, the Founder of Papa John's Pizza and a Whale What's Happening in the Economy and Who Better to Talk about That and Papa John, I Gotta Take Away Caroline's Open 844-747-8868 Behavior BA during the Bracelet. The Federal Reserve Announced They Are Raising Their Benchmark Interest Rate by 75th 75 Basis Points. First Time in Nearly 3 Decades. That's Ever Happened. First Time since 1994, Folks. It's Getting Bad out There.

It Is Getting Bad and Do Not Check Your 401(k).

There's No Need, No Need Right Now. Some Guy Told Me He Checked As It Was down like 20%. I Don't I Said Don't Check It.

Just Leave It Be. Leave It Be. It's Getting Rough out There Folks and No Doubt about It from the Grocery Stores to the Gas Station to Restaurants. I Want to Go to the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line Honored to Have with Us a Great American Patriot.

The Man Made the Best Pizza Known to Mankind Talking about None Other Than Papa John's Natter Himself, John. Good to Have You Back with Us.You Know John Back to the Day When I Lived in Your Staff Tell You the Story First Thereby Talks about the New York City Thin Crust Pizza. Whatever You I Move There and I Still Found Your Pizza to Be the Best Back of the Day You to Keep 40% of All Double the Money Is and the Larger World First Packed All Chicago New York. So What You're Picking up on New Yorkers Understand Real Authentic Labor Real Writeback Thought Though New York and Chicago Are Private. We Did Have It but a Competitive Advantage As Far As Different Pain of the Product As We Do Another Market Which Are Doing Anything Real First Packed Real Thoughts Really Kind of Politics Thought Authentic and since It Was Amazing Back in the Day so It Help Me Make It through New York City, Living out, Living up in the Big Apple. So Nice to Be Back down South Though so John, I I'm I Want to Talk to about the Impact Biden's Economy Is Having, Especially on the Food Industry Which Took up a Massive Hit during the China Virus and Now Here We Are and It's like a Double Whammy for Folks Well Probably a Quadruple or Yeah Hold Lower Gold out Wake up Everyday to Make This Country Great Backbone of America.

You Know What America Works America Work and the Policies of This Ministry Have Been Just Brutal on the Middle Class, You Don't.

You Continue with the Policies You Created. Glad Rick or Any You Hurt the Middle Class and That Concerns Me Deeply Because the Middle Class Working Class Is the Backbone of America. You Know I've I've I'm a Big Foodie. I Love You Watching the Restaurant Scene and You Talk about Wanting to Start a Business That's Got to Be One of If Not the Hardest Business to Start and to Run Which Is a Restaurant and Then When You Got These Policies Coming out from the Government. This Is Really Really Hard for People to Be Able to Make Ends Meet My Right Right Ideology. I Was Blessed. I Grew up with Reaganomics or When a Pallet Papa John You Don't Go under and Then You Put on the Head When and the Regulation of the Devaluation of the Dollar in the Mind That Mike That Ball Is Really Taken on the Chin and If You Look at the Energy Policy of This Administration. He Told Us He Was Going to Regret and Everything America Runs on Fuel Fossil Fuel and Then You Have the Policy. These Overregulation of the Oil and Gas Industry That Part Apply, and That the Man Is Increased Is That the Culvert That I Need You Call It Epidemic Is Put More Pressure and Now You Got a Your D Is That of I Think the Amount of Gas and Oil Production in the Future with Exploration and Innovation Is down Some Years, 92,016 Years of 530% You Got a President to Determine the Rate Gas Pricing. You Have a Supply Demand Issue with Their Ideology on Regulating and What Going to Further the Possibility of Right I and Maybe Going Higher Is They Cut off Exploration and Drilling and They're Going Away from Energy Independent Energy Dependent on Foreign Countries. And That's Not Good for America. No It's Not and and Again You Get to See Those Prices. If You're Not a Farmer.

Make Your Consumer You Go to the Grocery Store. That's Why You're Seeing Those Higher Prices. You Know Jon, I Iona News Talk Radio Station in Memphis and We Have A Lot Of Long Time. Sponsors and Supporters. One of the Guys Called Me up Said My Gas Prices Are Going up 30% and You Know We Got, You Know It's It's a Problem You Know Where You Where You Make up That Amount of Money. This Is Really Hard for Folks What What Advice Do You Give to the Small Business Owners out There to Survive through These Times, Well below Never Give up. Simply Never Give up and after the You Know Always That Weight Gain and Pallet, but You Never Want to Give up That Positive Mind That and I Don't See Any Policy. I Don't See Anything Out Of This Administration. I Don't Feel Locomotive Folded Out Of It until We Get a Different Mind That in All the Meals the Midterms Are Coming up, but the American Need to Go out and Rolled in with It with Carter Now Abandoned by Lily's Story of the Best of the Most Robust Economy in the World Is Ever Seen under the Truck Administration That the Band Is American Now Have Gotten in Real Time How Devastating Jimmy Carter and Joe Biden Policies Are to Their Lifestyle. The Left Ideology Always Take the Standard Living in the Fall the Light Back Conservative Values Conservative Principles Always Take Everybody Lifestyle or the Life of Fort and Is Not for You. They Go around the Tree Will Count Take 11 Days to Go from One Domain down. It Takes 30 Years That Help One Do a Billion.

It Takes 32,000 Years to Count to Three.

Give You the Good News and the Bad Bad News Is They Got out and by Recurring and 73 and Recklessly I Mean It's Just Been Bad Policy and Very Reckless Good. They Did It so Quick in so Much Money.

It Is Absurd Amount of Money That the Consumer Now Go Hey If We Print Money and Were Not Responsible with Our Policy to Hurt Me.

Later I Devaluation of the Dollar and Inflation. And When You Print Money.

It Is a Cruel Future Hidden Impact on the Working Man and Working Woman of the Country.

You're Absolutely Right and and I Could Set a Better Job.

We Got a Great Link to Your Website by Doing Terrific Website Looking People Find That They Want to Go over to Papa John What Will They Find Well below the Guild Field on Your Shoulder Because I Didn't Point out Any Any Fixes except We Have To Take Leadership Change and Get Rid of This Ideology That Really Kill in America, but I Think the Key Take Away Is a Positive and Upbeat Always Make You Think to Yourself to Your Fellow Man and Your Community and Do the Right Thing. Run Your Life on Principle Render Life on All Natural Law Things That Have You Know a Long-Term Positive Effect.

You Know Papa John the Left of the Right of the Company on Bad Human Nature. They Lost the Principal and If You Run a Company with Good Principal There Later Happen and If You Run Your Life in Your Company on All of Principal That Are Negative and Negative Consequence. But I Think They Positive Ones Are Likely to Principal and Do Some for Your Fellow Man Make a Contribution That They Positive. Well Said. And You Know Where to Talk so That That Promotes Hope and I Do Have Hope of the Day I We Believe That We Are One Nation under God. I Know You Do As Well.

John and Knowing That Is Where Our True Hope Is We Are to Get through the Difficult Times and Doug Your Life Is Going to Throw Some Some Curve Balls at Us. But You Know If We Stay the Course Were to Be Able to Win the Day Made the Stock Was $80 a Share. Five Years Later the Stock Is 83.

We at Work Think Dr. Wright Left. Actually, They Were Five Years Ago That Because the Gun Is No Longer Will Ronald Baldy Started Authenticity and the Fundamental Principle That Are in Our Great Nation Was Built Well Said Job with That Word and Have To Take a Break Here and We Appreciate the Great Work You've Done for Our Nation and I Thank You for Making a Delicious Pizza Back to the Day. It Was a Good One Will Recognize the Better Grades to Make Better.

They Certainly Do. I John God Bless You, Ladies and Gentlemen, the Founder of Papa John's Pizza Papa John's Daughter Right Here on the Todd Start's Radio Show. We Gotta Take a Break 844-747-8868 This Is the Todd Stern Show Galaxies.

He Slept for All These New Taxes Might Not like I Did in Fact Not Capture Hands-Free Text from Multiple Angles for Training Sessions for His Followers Simply Wave My Hand to Start Recording Video Is Compact and Fits Perfectly Galaxies. He Flipped for His Radio Show.

Glad That You Are Here Today Find a Way Heading to Nashville in a Couple of Days in the Hope to See You at the Big Road to the Majority Conference Her Good Buddy Ralph Reed of Pres. Trump Will Be Speaking Friday I'll Be Speaking Saturday and Then a Couple of Weeks Heading down to the Mississippi Gulf Coast Were Very Excited Be Raising Money for Lighthouse Baptist Academy. I'll Be Speaking at the School and Then at the Church on Sunday. If You like Information, You Can Go to Todd All Right. We Have an Update. Here We Been Covering the China Virus over the past I so Here's the Latest so the China Virus Is Sort of like Yesterday's Yesterday's Disease. Now We've Got Monkeypox to Deal with and It's a Terrible Thing. According to the Folks. This Is One of Those Days so Apparently People Are Very Upset over the Name of the Virus Called Monkeypox and the Reason Why Is They Say That People There. There's a Stigma about Monkeypox Because Apparently It's Racist. This Actually I Thought Was Homophobic Because Originally They Told Us That Was Happening in These Gay Ratings across Europe. Specifically, the UK, and Then They Went on to Say, Well, Anybody Can Get It but Go to Those Ranger, but Now That I Want to Call It Monkeypox in the Coming up with Another, That You Know What I Can Help Them out. We Been Spending the Last Three Hours Helping George Washington University Figure out a New Nickname and When I Can Help the World Health Organization Remain Monkeypox I Do Say like I Have All Right Time Now for Gay News across America Again Nationally.

I Then Did or Are You a Big Fan of Toy Story Pixar Cartoon You Know I'm a Fan of Way Is That One of the Characters. I Believe That's the Cowboy Account. Well, That's Right.

That Was the Tom Hanks Character. There Was a Mr. Potato Head and Who Are Married so She Was Mrs. There Was Buzz Light Year and so There's Been Controversy over over Buzz Light Year. Tim Allen Was the Original Voice of Buzz Light and Now He's Not Patty Heaton Who Was a Friend of This Program. By the Way from Everybody Loves Raymond.

My Favorite TV Show. She's Upset. She Says That Tim Allen Should Still Be the Voice of Buzz Light Year and We Don't Know Why He Was Not Selected to Resume His Voice of the Character Other Than It Could Be As Conservative Politics Anyway.

Chris Evans Is the New Buzz Light Year and Chris Evans Is Now Defending Pixar's Decision to Include a Gay Kiss Seen in the Latest Toy Story Spinoff There You Go. Disney Says That They Have Reinstated a Same-Sex Kiss between Two Lesbian Characters Know the Lesbians Is That Mrs. Not Miss Mr. Potato Head. I Mean I Guess You Could Switch out Some of the Parts and That's All Potato Head Thing Right so I Guess She Could Be Gender-Neutral. I Don't Know. It's Very Confusing. Anyway, Chris Evans Says You Know What Others Nothing Wrong with the Gay Kiss Other Than the Fact Chris Evans That Many of These Muslim Countries Are Refusing to Broadcast the Children Not to Let Them Show This Film in the Movie Theaters Because of the. The Lesbians Smooch There You Go, Mean Wild Today at the White House at This Very Moment There Hosting the Gay Pride Reception and You Know What a Bit When I Got to Tell People What's on the Menu Were Designed to Do That.

I Don't Want to Go down That Path Work Were Assuming There Will Be Chicken Wings and I'm Just Believing That Yes You Can Have a Party without the Chicken Wings and and I Do Think Again. They May Have That Serial Bar. I Think No There Serving Froot Loops and Fruity Pebbles Got up Its Raisin Bran Are Going to Get You Know Who's Going to Come after Me. It's Not a Good Thing. Meanwhile, Fox News Channel under Fire from Megan Kelly. This Is a Shocker Didn't See This Coming. A Couple of Days Ago We We Brought You the Story from Fox News. They Were Promoting Transgender Is Him It Was. I Mean It Was a Blatant Piece of Propaganda about a 3 1/2 or Minute Piece and They Were Telling the Story of This This Child Who Who Identified As a Boy When She Could. But before She Could Even Speak and Fox News Was Basically Advocating for Gender Transition Surgeries for Toddlers and It Freaked A Lot Of People out Especially in the Faith Community Because There Say What Is This, This Has Nothing to Do with with Who Fox News Is. And for That Matter, Where Is That the Fair in the Balanced. In This Report. Megan Kelly of All People Coming out. We Have the Story up on Our Website. Todd Stern' and Megan Kelly. Kelly Is Condemning Fox News. This Is a Big Deal Because Megan Kelly Is and We Don't Have Time When I Didn't Have Time to Play the Ali Will Say That for Tomorrow but Megan Kelly Is Coming out and She Is Defending All of You Parents out There Who Are Enraged That This Kind of Thing Was Broadcast on a Television Station That I Would Contend Was Literally Built on the Backs of People of Faith, and Specifically Evangelical Christians, but As I Warned You. I Worked There. What 15 Years and I Can Tell You That over the past Two Years. The Final Two Years of My Time There. There Was a Massive Radical Shift in the Culture at Fox, so I'm Not Terribly Surprised. What I Am Surprised about Is Megan Kelly Coming out and Condemning This. That's How Egregious This Reporting Is but I Will I Will Say That by and Large, There Are More LGBT Activist Working at the Fox News Corner of the Way Right Now Than There Are Actual Evangelical Christians, so Will Give the Board That Tomorrow on the Program Again. Todd Stern' Hideaway Father's Day Coming up. It's a Great Opportunity for You to Get a Copy of My Latest Book, Our Daily Biscuit Devotions with a Drawl.

It Is a Family-Friendly Book Note There Are No Lesbian Kisses No Bed, No Lesbian Kisses in the Book. Maybe They'll Be a Sequel. There Are Some Recipes and I Do Want to Warn You about This Folks.

You Have a Good T Totaling Baptist, but Some of the Recipes Do Contain Well Me Just Put It This Way, We Apparently Have A Lot Of Episcopalian Listeners in the Commonwealth of Virginia so but They up. Surely the Booze like Burns off and It Just Taste Good. I Tried One of Your Recipes before I Think You Got a Tomato Sandwich and Next. That's All I Do Is Not the Todd Start's Maitre Sandwich Recipe Is in This Book That Is but No Booze, Just Good Mississippi Red Tomatoes. All Right, Folks, We Got Us Get Out Of Here. I Want to Thank You for Joining Us of This Is the Todd Surgery Will Know Someone Who's Not Working No Chill Trust Me That Used To Be Me, but Then I Found Galaxy Full for Which Allows Me to Do More Things at Once. Much Now I Think You Caused My Phone and Use It to Take Notes at the Same Time or Check My Shopping List While Ordering More Scented Candles and Facemasks on the Foldable Expansive Screen. Don't Take Your to Do List One Line at a Time Multitasks He Can Relax, Click the Banner to Get Your Galaxy. See Full for

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