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Mexicans Furious Over Invasion of Americans

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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July 28, 2022 3:20 pm

Mexicans Furious Over Invasion of Americans

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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July 28, 2022 3:20 pm

Residents of Mexico City are upset over the number of Californians moving to their town — and taking over.

Rep. Ron Estes, Rep. Jim Jordan, and Sen. Marsha Blackburn join the conversation!

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The disease look for is compact and fits perfectly in my pocket good debater. Did you don't easy flip for well go to the Todd start show sponsored by legacy, precious metals, there's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM that's legacy PM universities. Do you see Charlie since conservative Joe Missouri from today. Welcome to the program as we enter a new. In our nation's economy where we are idle when I want to use the R word were not allowed to say recession anymore just like yesterday we were not allowed to say the word midget. We cannot say recession.

So were going to say that the economy under the Biden administration is financially fluid how house that is it.

Will that work.

I think it might. It really doesn't matter because we are in a world of hurt today and it's only going to get worse financially and job numbers coming out. It is not looking good as as the economy continues to drop the gross domestic product dropping by .9% in the second quarter was at one point something percent. The last quarter so this is two quarters in a row which makes it a recession. The Biden administration says no were changing the definition and everything is just fine. So in their truth is the Biden administration's truth is that everything is hunky-dory.

In America, but the reality is we are paying more for gasoline were paying more for electricity.

Rent prices are going up. You've got grocery store prices just through the roof and a lot of people just can't even afford the basics now so were going to talk about this throughout the program. Today this is a crazy crazy story, but the Biden administration's philosophy is that there is no problem that it's a classic case of the Emperor's new clothes that the there ignoring the problem and the issue here is something called truth absolute truth. We talked about a lot of this program. Their truth is, everything is fine even though the reality. Even though the true truth is that the country is in a financial tailspin. And there are people out there that are concerned economist that are concerned. Not only are we in a recession, but we could be heading towards a depression. Keep in mind we still have two years two years of the Biden administration left and so I'm curious to know how things are going in your communities and your neighborhoods as you deal with the, the inflation and you're dealing with these out-of-control prices, electricity, just electricity up 13.7% is just insane actually had to move the thermostat up to 69� at the stop the starting Southold 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number 844-747-8860 it's already getting to that story but those of you who follow us on the social medias you know where were going to really start today's conversation with and I just think the story is absolutely hilarious. So we've got a situation where yet another city has been overwhelmed by migrants and and we've covered the stories for ages on this radio program were talking about 1.6 million.

And they've invaded this big city.

They are there, changing the customs there. They're not learning the language and people are really upset about all that some prices are going up. It turns out that areas neighborhoods are now gentrifying.

But the great the great irony here. It's not happening on our side of the border is actually happening south of the border in Mexico city and the and the folks who live in Mexico City are enraged and here's the reason why they say that too many Californians are relocating to Mexico City and when the Californians are coming and they're not acclimating so typically what let me give you an example here in the deep South were very welcoming and affirming people and you I will use the people of the good people of North Carolina as an example, and especially you folks in the Winston-Salem and Greensboro area.

You guys have been literally overwhelmed by migrants coming from the northern states. Now I have to imagine that early on in the process you guys like hey y'all come on over, you know will take it out of the Cracker Barrel were to get you will go down the biscuit villain get some ice to get to know the neighbors and then once you got to the neighbors, you realized that these people had no inclination of assimilating to the southern way of life. In other words, they not only packed their bags but they packed their bagels with them so they bring other than that there's nothing wrong with the bagel. Nothing I like bagels but you know the South is a biscuit region so they come down to the south and then they tried to start building New York City all over again on North Carolina soil and in the North Carolinians really got upset about that and and I love you North Carolinians to call in and explain how the Northerners and the people from out of state change the culture of your state. Because North Carolina was a rocksolid red state politically and now it's a bathroom and pronoun free-for-all, you've got you got a Democrat in charge of the state and North Carolina because of all this this emigration from the northern states has become a purple state so look were were very hospitable people down here but you don't come down to Memphis Tennessee from say Long Island New York and announced to the Memphians. Hey, you can't eat barbecue anymore. You gotta start eating tofu that's not gonna fly.

You can have another Civil War on your hands. So that's the thing it's if you're going to move to an area. For example, when I moved to Brooklyn, New York. I didn't try to assimilate people to the southern way of life.

I knew that was going to be impossible so you just you get along. You learn how to live, then maybe you can find a biscuit so you would a bagel or you know the brisket is done a little differently there, so you did you know you will make a big deal about a Judas going to eat and have a good meal.

Yes, I know you and you can't sometimes it's hard to understand the New Yorkers but you know what sometimes it's hard to understand Southerners so you respect each other's cultures and that way but that's not what's that is not what's happening. So these liberals what they do is they move into a city and there like swarms of locusts and these liberals. They destroy the cities with their far left policies and then when they've turned the beautiful city and we will use San Francisco as an example will take a beautiful city like San Francisco which back in the day. They had this Clint Eastwood go-ahead punk make my day mentality when it came to dealing with crime and was a beautiful city. But now they don't do that because of all the liberals and they've literally turned it's it's actually in San Francisco.

It is worse than 1/3 world hellhole.

It is worse than Somalia or Mogadishu.

You know why because, at least in Somalia and Mogadishu. The locals when they have to go to the bathroom. They have the sense God gave a goose to go to a toilet in San Francisco you got the homeless of the drug addicts. The Lord knows what not drop in their drawers and taken a squat in the middle of the streets they're having to spend tens of millions of dollars on what they literally call poop patrols dynamically.

And so what happens is the cities become unlovable and what they do. They packed their bags and they move someplace else reading from the other Fox news channel reported the Los Angeles Times to the original story.

The Los Angeles times report outline how some Mexicans are fed up with the growing number of Americans, many from California moving to and visiting the country which has contributed to a rise in rent and a shift from Spanish to English. In some places. As a matter of fact, some people are saying that to make matters worse, a lot of the taco joints and corner stores have been transformed into coffee shops and Pilates studios. English is also reportedly becoming more prevalent as more Americans are moving to and visiting Mexico City to take advantage of lower rent and the ability to stay in Mexico for six months without a visa. Fernando Bustos a rather Fernando Bustos, a 38-year-old writer and university professor says quote where the only brown people really only people speaking Spanish except the waiters are very concerned that the Americans are trying to conquer Mexico City and basically turn it into some sort of a colony so they're concerned about modern-day colonialism quote Mexico is classist and racist people with white skin are given preference. Now if a local wants to go to a restaurant or club. They don't just have to compete with the rich white Mexicans but with foreigners to their very upset about all you Californians moving now. Part of me feels somewhat sympathetic to the plight of the of the folks in Mexico City, but not that much because then you think about what's been happening on our side of the border, were you at all that you got tens of millions of people from Mexico illegally crossing our border. At least the Americans cross the border illegally, but you got tens of millions of their people coming into our country.

The people I really feel bad for are the folks deliver those border towns down in South Texas and Arizona and New Mexico but it reminded me of a story from Idaho so couple months back I thought. I believe it was the New York Times. They did this in-depth story about all these Californians moving to Idaho and now Idaho is beginning to turn purple and why is it because just like in North Carolina all the out-of-towners.

They packed up their yoga mats and their essential oils and their him and their cannabis and their Mexican man shoes and pajama boy pants and they just moved everything relocated everything to Idaho and now Idaho when I was talking to some folks in Salem Oregon last week will go down there for our event and they were there like time. You wouldn't believe it but all these people, these these leftist are trying to turn Idaho into Mogadishu and nobody wants that. So maybe the problem isn't necessarily 1.6 million Americans are living in Mexico. Maybe it's the prop. The problem is that 1.6 million Californians are living Mexico. Can we all just say this and I mean I love California. There are great people in California but unfortunately there are more bad people that live in California then good people and you're just not good neighbors. I mean real I mean it.

How bad is it that so it's okay. Great. Your fellow citizens have a problem with you and now you're embarrassing us and Mexico City. By the way doing of the Spanish words, the Spanish for what goes around comes around idle grace work all that. But what goes around comes around Mexico. You just remember that if you do bother to secure your borders. Maybe we would have a different conversation here, but I'm telling you this a big problem and and sure of what could happen is those folks in California are going to start doing exactly they are what they been doing in the states. Here, radically transforming America. Gotta take a break here 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 this is the time charge.

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Most Americans do not want any legal invasion here.

Ruben says, be kind to your Spanish friends will the Spanish friends have to be kind to us by the way, Ruben, where are providing a lot of resources for those Spanish friends were giving them all a place to live, giving them free food and housing in healthcare get number job all courtesy of the American taxpayer. By the way what you think would've happened to those Americans had they crossed the border into Mexico illegally, you better believe that they be there there behind will be set that up Mexican prison.

I don't think anybody was to go there, let's go to the phone zero 844-747-8868 Collierville, Tennessee. Chris listing to us. Our flying substation TWA him Chris what's on your mind today Starnes for taking my call. My concern is the people that are our flooding the conservative state, leaving the liberal states they come in they run for office.

And the problem with that is like you said, they bring their liberal value and the reason why Republicans are losing rate because they do not they do not get a chance to debate these Democrat opponent and at the Republican going into this midterm election, starting right now. Once you find out from the primary to it.

If a Republican candidate will simply issue a challenge for a debate and if that Democrat opponent will not debate them.

They need to run TV ads and radio ad hi I'm so-and-so I'm running for this district or whatever does matter. Local, state, County regional nationally doesn't matter I'm running for this office. I offered a debate challenge to my Democrat opponent and they would not debate me and that sends a red flag to boaters when a boater hears that this person does not want to debate the issues and will not bring themselves forward that red flag.

I will let me stop you.

Let me stop you right there Chris for just a moment you're right it does you're saying if they refuse to debate it sends up a red flag yeah okay so so so and I agree with you. I completely agree with you there is a situation developing in the state of Georgia where you had a guy Herschel Walker who refused to debate his Republican opponents. He was living in another state came back to run for Senate in Georgia refused to refuse to debate his Republican opponents in the primary and now he's backtracking on a promise to debate Raffaella Warnock for the U.S. Senate to his Democrat opponent. What is that tell you what that thing you hear, here's my thing, if you won't debate your opponent out in the election field and how we supposed to trust you to go to the US out of the Senate or whatever but how many times we heard a a representative or senator say well I don't know much about that bill what you would have if you'd been to your seat in the Congress.

But if you look on C-SPAN. The streets are empty, where you guys that okay like in the British Parliament not forget and get back here in this country a Chris number coming up on the brakes are enough let you go you but I get your point and I think that is important to talk about these people that are moving in the states specifically to run for office.

The same thing happened in Pennsylvania. Dr. Oz, who by the way, Dr. Oz just came out and announced that just what breaking news he's going to support that same-sex marriage legislation if it comes up while he's in the Senate if he gets elected, but right now he's more interested in staying at his mansion in New Jersey that he is campaigning in Pennsylvania but I am curious about you folks in Georgia. Does that concern you that Herschel Walker and is now backtracking and refuses to debate Rafael Warnock. I will just save this and I don't live in Georgia so I don't I don't you this does not concern me but if if you're a Republican and you refuse to debate you just forfeited my vote. I not vote for you. 844-747-8868 that's my phone number give me a call 844-747-8868 will be right back. There is no doubt the nation is facing a financial crisis because of the blighted ministrations economic policies hi this is Todd start and no doubt our economy is in trouble and you need to take steps to protect yourself of all your money is tied up in stocks, bonds and traditional markets.

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Also Doug Ducey out of Arizona in a couple of couple of months ago, the governor said fine binds like you to do anything were to start loading illegals onto buses and working to send them to Washington to Washington DC.

So far, more than 4000 illegals have been dumped in the nation's capital. This breaking news from the NBC station there in DC.

The mayor, Muriel Bowser, another Democrat she's calling up the National Guard. She's activating the National Guard to help with all of the illegals that are arriving in DC.

She says that's a humanitarian crisis and it's reached a tipping point there to be using the DC Armory as a processing center.

You know what I say I say at this point. Send even more buses maybe maybe Abbott and Ducey can call their fellow Republican governors and we can commandeer school buses and we could just have caravans just it's I be just like trains just sending thousands and thousands of illegals to Washington and then on to Delaware and then on to Pelosi's district in San Francisco.

I think this is a brilliant strategy and by the way, Rhonda Santos, the governor of Florida heat. Do not be surprised about this got duped.

Don't be surprised by this guy, you know it's gonna happen. The Santos is going to put out the National Guard on the Florida border and he's not like those buses through because that's been the whole point there. They're threatening to send all the illegals down to to Miami and DeSantis is an employee like that so that's a fascinating story. I will keep you up-to-date on that all right. Let's go to the phone zero 844-747-8868 Kim and George up WDs UNR great affiliate hey Kim what's up and I are not locked primary and if you can't tell the better and debate your account at more than likely end in agreement.

You and trust you to represent me at the gym that's very point when you were when you were listening to Walker during the primary. What was your impression of Herschel Walker popularity. The Georgia Bulldogs rain over here and I honestly think that's why a lot of people better for him. He's never told anybody what is dance on the way.

That's it.

That's a very point and I agree with you I think most people voted people are honest with themselves. I think most people voted for Herschel Walker because he played football there, but he knew his name exactly notoriety that I read about again Rafael were not yeah but at least with Rafael Warnock. You know what you together.

You know, a pro-abortion preacher who was a communist, and we can't allow him to go back to the took to Washington DC I saw some polling data out. It's interesting. Brian Kemp is actually up in the polls over Stacy Abrams but Herschel Walker is trailing Rafael Warnock and I think honestly because of people like me are like. I don't know if I can support you right.

I don't think you and Ron Warnock had near Walker badly and just debate. I don't understand. Well I'll tell you why he can't debate and and when you and I'm not sure he has a clear grasp of the issues. If you heard the speech he gave about the climate and how China was sitting over there bad air here and they were taken are good air. I heard that speech I thought there's no way that guys debating anybody now angry angry.

Not very well react.

I agree, but you know what it doesn't matter to me. It doesn't matter because he's got notoriety. That's it. Got my butt all right. Kim Creech appreciate the call by the way I'm thinking that I hooted I get a text from I got a text from somebody want to read this if you want Joe Biden if you want Joe Biden vote for Rafael Warnock if you want somebody that's going to vote Republican vote for Herschel Walker. He may not be the most eloquent but whole vote right he's going to debate on October 16 as I confirmed always the person. Texas had not confirmed but it looks like that's what it's going to be Rafael Warnock spent $25 million against and through his campaign and other groups under still in a statistical time aren't well interesting, let's go to Statesville, North Carolina Steve WSI cc what's on your mind will Walker arrived to I don't agree so much about it but I called about the reason people don't understand North Carolina. We moved here long time ago from Florida. We had to get use to people having roots here since talking back to the cashier.

The guy looked to solicit coaches say that about so-and-so that was my sister and no finger slowly but through more efficient that when you get used to the wonderful place to live but if you got through the locals and you try to change things quickly. It doesn't work and it makes things worse in the Pearson 75 and the it's so much nicer than we think.

From Florida with the job in the Steve have you noticed a change over the past 1010 or so years a pistol in the backyard anymore city but efficient squirrels with a shotgun and really don't mind the least you all do you live downtown at its current problem, so I will call the local police department, and I was shooting my shotgun off their front Street just let them know that five don't shoot the cars and that went on for about 20 years of notice a lot of the drug dealer people, and we have a very good sheriff. Got to write up for the most part, try to avoid roadblocks and things and the wheat we prosecute a lot of their well that's good, but again and see we appreciate the call. We gotta move on here but I think the, the, the issue is when you're moving to another state honor that sees traditions don't bring your lousy leftist politics into our states.

That's all Raskin. I don't think that's terribly much. Or let's go to Robin Indiana Robin what's on your mind you I love you but I don't agree with you. I don't agree with you on the debates with the Republican and the reason we had likely passed away. The Lincoln Douglas debate by naming the public and it gets kind of going against not only their Democratic opponent going against the media. We watched it for year after year.

We are not stupid people live in America we know what's going on. I would say that if we could do a platform immediate out versus another opponent and address without anybody in her campaign. Look at what the rest. Herschel Walker is arrest the defendant asked if they put him on a they know we know it doesn't articulate very loud. He's not an ignorant nanny very well. I think either very good person, but I think he's educated and I think he would call with what is America first black matter, you think you would Herschel walk away because he cannot meet statement and I arrived at everyone of us have children out of wedlock. He was a football star we know is when people are startling in the male or female people thrown an inspection one nature.

I don't agreement that happened I'm more concerned and all of my family, friends, and area residents are getting the country back on track and I believe in my heart. Herschel Walker is America first going to cater anybody black American Robin I hope you're right. And that's the thing we have to go out on blind faith and I got a problem doing that I've seen.

I have been betrayed by far too many Republicans over the years and and that's why I have sincere concerns, especially for example, during a Republican primary debate which is friendly territory and you simply refuse to stand alongside your fellow your fellow Republicans. That's a problem for me and I know we disagree on that but I think at the end of the day. It's important because the voters need to hear from the candidates believe that Georgia was fairly primary. I don't think I know what Georgia and I think you have to do it can't happen.

Burger, not because people are talking about a bony new research interconnections and what colluded together in 2020 election.

Clear as day, but people refuse to see the truth and I listened to the lies that the media can finalize the parking can't you plan established rhino upon a podium versus a America first Republican on the podium different because rhino only go by the American first come from the heart Robin good thoughts were to leave it there. Thanks for the call.

Let's go to Georgia Roger on the line W GUN Roger once a user well thank you validate your pictures Walker thing. It was in Gainesville yesterday that back and saying is ready debate well that the long trip at bay, but by the way, is a great caf� but but so sort. Herschel just went up a notch. Inbox and body estimates and he said he would debate under the right conditions, but this is a this is a this is a sidestep because during the Republican primary. He was out there and he was goading Warnock into a debate and then Warnock said okay let's debate and then Walker says all you know it well you were knocking to debate and so now they called about on it and he says he's open to doing it under certain conditions look come on come on Herschel just are you on the job down and then why you need a job and you should be there to deserve. That's all I'm asking. I want to be able to hear and I want to hear him articulate his conservative credentials.

That's what I went here and I haven't heard that yet.

The court erred, or the mail and I was a kid and everybody and their brother live so that great football player, great athlete, but like you give me the skinny on what you really got going on in your mind you like and he says what you saying you know here in China going through me reading what I want to hear and see that in between the what he said and it read.

No I'm the University of Tennessee fan and to give you a comparison, it would be like Peyton Manning who as you know here in the state he's he's royalty but I don't know what is politics. He's a great guy and maybe he's a conservative. I don't know about that, and that's the whole point is to find out what these folks believe we have a problem. Go ahead like all the other and really met all suite mercy.

Yet that is always valid close that dog kind of a really bad okay Laura I will monitor door different to me like so what the deal you convert not a chance to help Roger.

I think you served. Appreciate the call Georgia to our let's go to the great state of Maine here real quick web WLOB what's going on now. I will.

All you have to do if you debate is that you are a communist. There we have Arlington Cemetery, so I will American soldiers who died to fight what you stand for and that I can scream and jump up and down, because when calling these people out when I call you about what they are web you reason a great point here because not only is he a communist. He believes in, day of abortions. This guy is a pro-abortion communist and you're right. We gotta simplify the message and and I think that would be very effective in it in a debate style setting when he just keeps pounding up with the yeah but you're a communist because of the key of the communist is just as horrible a thing as could possibly be so II like that's a good thought Webb got a run. Appreciate the call folks as you know, our good buddy Mike Lindell has a passion, what is that passion he wants to help all of us get the best sleep of our lives, and he didn't stop just by creating the best polo in America. Now Mike's done it again. He's introducing my slippers for limited time you're to be able to save a lot of money on a pair of mite slippers $90. This blowout sale of the year will not last long, so you better order now Mike has taken over two years to develop the slippers you can wear them indoors and outdoors all day long.

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See full for folks. Now's a great time to head over to the website Todd and we have some great stories of our journalists are working overtime are great managing editor Caleb Park renews work and abide what you can sign up to get our newsletter and also you can download our free podcast there on Todd, let's go to North Carolina.

The talk station Jeff what's on your mind, California.

Really, I don't want it or California real though bad so quickly that the local board live here anymore. They live in. No really good conditions and go scout much money and uplifting and also not usually very nice people to my experience of the venture and Napa County and then the legal.illegal like the Mexican Colombians Guatemala become here they work, but the technician carpenters and painters long. I've never seen one spend on sprinklers that will work for food drive and escalate the upper program come here lately but if I had that much was going the Mexican and the California that they collect them because they work and they certainly don't like about $200,000 house for 400 and $500,000 as a Californian house in Salt Lake City. Also last week and they have constructed Google Earth or go there high-rise buildings going up everywhere apartment because the telephones are invading that 30 and on the newsletters that we are are are are of groups of numbers of homeless people are arriving every day out of control because local people don't like about my. That's right and that's what's happening in Mexico City, and thanks of the conch offense was having Mexico City, California to remove and enter jacking up the prices and people are being forced out of the neighborhoods in their own country by the invading Californians write a gotta take a breaker 844-747-8868 Congressman Jim Jordan coming up Sen. Marsha Blackburn positive rates will be right back America something you probably do no progressive cannot only offer you a great price and you bundle home and auto around-the-clock protection something you probably don't know the average drugstore is made up of 1.3 mm aluminum panels something you probably do know your neighbor likes to tinker with his dirtbike something he probably don't know biking to get your garage door and a good portion of your home and auto with progressive and get more than a great price.

Around-the-clock protection. You know the things you don't know her scheduled interest of the affiliates of the producers asserted about storms but it allows the two situations from the University studio in Memphis Tennessee. All right hello everybody, our 20 good to have you with us today.

Hope you have found a nice place to hang out so I seized it in a rocking chair does ceiling fan going big Howard today coming up a little bit later Congressman Jim Jordan is going to be here. Also, Sen. Marsha Blackburn is going to drop by a very concerned about what's happening on the border and the Democrats pushing this agreement and you deal but right now I want to go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line very honored to have with us from the fourth congressional district in the great state of Kansas are good buddy Ron Estes, Congressman, hope you're doing well today I'm doing well thank you Congressman. No big surprise.

The GDP report coming out today. The rest of the country and all of the economists seem to agree that were were in a recession. The Biden administration of their not very clear on that right without.

Although it benefits them with their propaganda. Then, you know, we see another quarter of negative economic growth and something that people across the country know that the economy is bad and are suffering through inflation and the slowing economy.

But know that the Biden administration over the last week or so. They're trying to redefine what a recession is because they knew how bad they were. They just want to go through and the liquid narrative about how the strong economy and in reality work unit slowly down the people paying the consequences for that on top of that got price there continue to skyrocket in the last 12 months it's gone up 9.1% on average. But if you actually go back to start. Biden administration is over 12.6% on average. Again, though it means something your heart and the way they figure out this formula you know you have a mortgage would have gone up at all. But if you have to buy food or you have to buy gas.

That's about the gap by electricity or bacon or milk those big talk on some printers.

I'm curious to know how things are going in your congressional district. You got to the big city of Wichita. There are people having to change their routines. Whether it's going on vacation or maybe not buying meet at the grocery store what kind of stories are you hearing yeah you really you the big state to love people drive to and from work or to and from school, work or shopping and so they're having to change the driving plans after doing it a week with the any place across the country. That's, you know, add, or maybe even slightly below the median income you know when you have a doubling of the gas prices and you have grocery prices that are up 20 to 25%. Those are the main things that people people by the main impact on their their income and so people that are changing what they were planning to have for dinner because they couldn't afford to meet it was in the in the grocery store or try to get out of the way to work through that unit on the business front, with the inflation cost businesses are ever to raise prices and we can just continue to make it worse for everybody on the patriot mobile newsmaker line Congressman Ron Estes from the great state of Kansas, Congressman, we we've had a number of your colleagues on this program over the past couple weeks, saying if the Republicans are able to retake control of the house that they will begin investigations into the hundred Biden of the Biden family the corruption. What say you, is that a good is that a good idea. Well, I think we need to get back right now working at or more. The facts are coming out about what appears to be corruption in the Biden family and their ties to the Chinese Communist Party know when he was campaigning prison. Biden tried to deflect the never talk with the sun about a business dealings, but we know now that he met at least 14 times with the people that were famous under their business associates.

We know that the hundred Biden arrange meetings with his dad when he was sitting as vice president with the Chinese communist company leaders, we would know that there's a text message out there between hundred and his daughter that kind of implies that pop take half of Hunter's earnings so it sounds like it's a family business that they're making money off of and in the meantime there.

They're getting wealthy while the Chinese Communist Party and the companies that they deal with are getting advantages dealing with the United States companies and consumers Congressman before let's go. We got up we got to brag a little bit because there was there was big doings in the National statuary Hall and you got to you got to stand in front of the other crowd there and unveil a brand-new stance you want to tell our listeners about the statue really is everything that that represent individuals that are irrelevant from that state and and have some national or international prominence and and so yesterday we build a new statute for Amelia Earhart from Kansas. Obviously everybody knows the story millionaire heart in terms of being such an aviation pioneer that she wasn't at helping break so much ground in terms of the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean and just promoting and then being inspiring for boys and girls of men and women continue to work hard and you could accomplish a lot of things and that I think that's the overall story that we we have out of that that once she's a great Kansan and cheese.

She joined the other statue that we have in Kansas, which is up. Pres. Eisenhower. We have great representative. It's pretty exciting. Again, if you haven't been to Kansas.

Well, just a beautiful state and I have to brag on your your your sitting there Wichita that beautiful river that flows through is just a really fun town to take a visit. It really is great. We got so many things going on and tried to revitalize some of the downtown. That unit has been commercial.

Over the years and getting more opportunities for folks to live downtown and grow and what we have the Arkansas River that flows there Wichita and get a new baseball field team that's playing on the banks of the river is much more things going on.

You recently was it was take this you know the one place for singles to live in, and one of the surveys there you go so you are looking for Wi-Fi guys hung over Wichita. You never know what's going to happen there so love in the heartland right Congressman will break it greatly greatly single great place to raise a family. I really can't talk a lot of things to think about what district really is the heartland of the country right Congressman, always good having you on and we appreciate the updates and to have a great rest your week break.

Thank you God. Congressman Ron Estes. I know all of our listeners and Wichita big fans of this guy. He is a rocksolid conservative and that he's one of those workforces up on Capitol Hill and that he's doing a lot of work behind the seams to make sure that the constituents back in Kansas are taken care of and and also taking a solid stand for conservative values. Speaking of that, I've got to give a shout out to Gov. Ron DeSantis one. An incredible met this man continues to impress.

There has been a big controversy surrounding a drag queen bar.

Is that what you call them. What is is at the appropriate title you got the strip clubs. Those are like for the heterosexual crowd, and you got the drag you got the gay bars and the drag queen bars anyway yet about your drag queens in this drag queen bar actually host shows for children they they actually have a children's menu at the at the gay drag bar and it's caused a lot of controversy and finally Gov. Ron DeSantis. As you know what working to start cracking down on these people that are going after our kids. First there was in Dallas. They had all these young kids putting money in the underwear of these drag Queens at a bar and that's totally unacceptable and I said that at the time that what happened was a week or two later, there was video from a place that similar stuff and then I was identified as being in Florida so he said wait a minute having kids involved in this is wrong is not consistent with our lawn policy in the state of Florida and it is a disturbing trend in our society to try to sexualize these young people is not the way you look out for our children. You protect children, you do not expose them. This video is identified in Miami so the week Department of business and professional regulation. They started an investigation.

They actually had agents going to this place and and conducting effectively just gathering information, getting intelligent saying what's going on and what they found was.

Not only were there minors there for some of these these needs are sexually explicit drag shows actually edits the bar had a children's menu on their face or you think you stuff you give me a break. What's going on. So they looked under Florida law and were able to initiate this procedure that would basically take away the liquor license for that happy for you. Good for you Gov. in the name of this place the our house in Miami. One of the videos that came out of the bar, you little girl and she's walking hand-in-hand with one of the drag queens. The drag queens where like a thong and their dollar bill sticking out of his disgusting really don't want to talk about radio. No luck. There are people out there calling what the governor just did a homophobic trans phobic, but this has nothing to do with hating anybody. This has everything to do with protecting kids.

I want you to hear me. I had no problem you want to go to a gay bar and your of age you go and have fun you want to go to a drag bar you go and live your life, but I'm telling you children have no business inside gay bars or drag bars or strip clubs, or anywhere else, and if they are, then, is child abuse.

So I commend the governor for for taking a stand here. Oh, I got a plaintiff's other audio.

This is bizarre.

So over the UK where a lot of this the sex and gender stuff is happening. There's a feminist sort. Talk about a raging feminist and she is raising concerns about pedophilia and she got in trouble by that from the government because she criticized pedophilia, not the weird thing here. We got she's British so she's got an accident and they call it pedophiles so that so that's is not peanut. It's like like pita bread notes pito that's how they put it all just let us say like I nest to place it until he sat down. We had a complaints find out because I went to UVA and solidify pedophiles. It's a crime to be solidify pedophiles while I was offended. I suddenly nine defendants understanding that your hand trying to silence women talking about safeguarding the children in the cold. It is a hate crime crime.

I hate incident. Any fads I don't have to login everything now I feel because Sunday was something that you have seen so much of Indiana. When I would so that was something that you should be tanning before you come out Sunday afternoon. Mark my words.

Mark my words, there will be a push to normalize pedophilia. You mark my words on this you believe that a raging feminist they call the cops on her because she was criticizing a pedophile.

That's the UK and soon that's going to the United States of America. Henrietta take a break on new audio coming in from Washington. Pres. Biden is speaking about the financial fluidity situation in America, 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 will be right back.

Someone who's not working no chill.

Trust me, that's just me but then I found galaxy full for which allows me to do more things at once.

Much now I think you caused my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list about ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy. See full for back to the Johnson's radio so Pres. Biden will get it out of this little while. What a great big mess that is a great big mess. Biden says that that things are actually getting better in America it is even aware is right now the poor guy that's really unfortunate 844-747-8868 that's our telephone number. That's 844-747-8868 so Sen. Ted Cruz is alleging discrimination against straight white guys in the State Department. The Sen. has a lot of questions for what's going on over there at state specifically the diversity and inclusion officer.

There was an internal email that suggested straight white men, as well as those of certain religious backgrounds questions those kinds of people are being discriminated against in hiring practices. The State Department Senior diversity and inclusion officer paid for by your tax dollars. By the way her name is Gina Abercrombie and Fitch know I'm sorry that's wrong.

My apologies, Gina Abercrombie wins family. I'm sorry that this really does ask a question about that. By the way, Grace Baker, so I was I was actually at one of the big outdoor balls. A while back, and why is it.

I've always wondered this you the Abercrombie store you can smell it before you see why is that it's gotten better, but yet they have like signature cologne and stuff so they just spray up the whole place I think before they open.

They do have great clothes that you smell I mean is like everything's reeks of that cologne. Yeah like I said, not as bad as it used to be, but they do they. It reminds me of high school when the boys would just spray axon like it was going out of style, and it would just everything would wreak. That's now because this cologne. They like. Stick to the closing. His disgusting my sub I was wondering is it in the air conditioning probably so they spend certain it's like push the sprinkler system when I was a kid, you know, and your dad teaches you how to shave and everything and he explained my dad was at Fort I love you guys remember this but back in the day grace, you will not remember but as a woman. No, I don't know the my dad was a big old spice guy though smell pretty strong and it was Cindy, but this was before they had all the newfangled spies.

This was the old school theology where you had. It was her like a cream-colored model and it had the little I did pull the All and then you it would sting it would. It was very painful cologne to do that to yourself because it was the 1970s and you expect to get you what we were tougher in the 70s and something stings. I put on my skin.

I'd stop plowing for example, you know, if you're if you scrape your knee, your mom would tell you because now is like you go to the hospital or the med center and the spray you know ointments on it back in the 70s. Mom was like just rub some dirt on it and it'll be okay. The know my mom's like that the alcohol I completely gotten off track.

So were to go back to the story eventually. So hang tight with with Ted Cruz all that to say with the cologne. Dad always said son a little dab will do you.

So just a damn.

You don't have to drench or something like the Europeans are right.

I gotta take a break here 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern's radio show consumers and businesses rely on digital banking solutions more than ever redefine your financial institutions digital presence with the award-winning aperture digital banking platform integrated with more than 200 Finn Tech partners and 40 course, we give you the speed to innovation. You need to grow and retain customers. Learn more about our number one rated mobile banking app and all our cloud-based digital banking that's aperture API official broadly distributed what I consider to be a very troubling email that a copy of that email next to me. Let me read from a part of the email. The email says that hiring practices are developed inside the State Department so that in all quote that certain candidates could not be hired because they have a disability. They are white men, they are straight white men, they are not of the quote right religion.

All of these are verbatim quotes from the email of a senior State Department official, my first question to you is, did you clear this guidance.

Thank you for the question Sen. I've never seen that before you that you've never seen the email before. I've never seen so you didn't know it had been sent. This is the first time seeing well there you go. We were talking about that mere moments ago. That was the audio from Sen. Ted Cruz questioning the State Department over these emails have been circulating telling it straight white guys who are of a certain religious believe that they are not qualified to take jobs just unbelievable will get into that little bit later. I do want to go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line, our good friend from the great state of Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan joins us. Congressman that's I guess if you're a white guy yet welcome of the State Department need to apply again. Wow I didn't realize that that it that that's pretty darn interesting. But again with the political nature of the administration seen over to Jeff's apartment targeting parent and we see from the information we leave early yesterday about them in the numbers on domestic terrorist category.

Unocal located so I get the right guy want to talk about that letter that you guys are written to to Christopher Ray over the FBI so the allegation from whistleblowers is that they were they were boosting those domestic violent extremism extremes in cases what's going on there pocket." Now I guess you got a new office but focus on the area that I dictated and you got a have you have a number like that's what they're doing puppet part of the left political narrative today and he wanted to conservative.

Somehow Brett it it's ridiculous together. Take away is it there. There is quickly becoming a well-worn path of FBI whistleblowers coming to our Republican on the district committee and talking about political things going on at the Justice Department we had. We had multiple with the Lord come to with on the school board. We had no multiple with the Lord come to it on this issue so I guess I just find that you detected in over a dozen whistleblowers to come to. I'm in my comment I never had anything like that.

All from one agency because again it now becomes the political under under the bite bite. Congressman don't forget about the other whistleblower who came forward saying that FBI bosses were telling them to shut down a lot of this hundred bite interns so that is that is the whistleblower who came in regretfully a good great that you brought that up because it interesting Todd same person regretfully Reppert's letter at the FBI with the Lord to talk about the same person committee people. This individual who craft evidence that was verifiable about 100 bite. If you and 2020. That same person is the width that is the individual are whistleblowers, pressuring them to juice up the number of cases that they catalogued and categorized as domestic violence. An individual is at the heart of both of the story, which again I think it's kind of frightening if if that might influence in the in the apartment when you look at the broader picture here Congressman and again the idea that they're going after moms and dads who went to school board meetings. They they have been behind in and doing some very questionable things get going over. Let's talk about the Michigan governor and the alleged kidnapping plot which the FBI was apparently behind. We still don't know how many FBI agents were involved in the planning or the execution of what happened on January 6.

Is this an agency that can be salvaged and repaired. Or does it need to be dismantled and rebuilt what you deftly need new leadership and we need to continue to get back the truth to the American people. We may need to look at it and put it in the majority in the Congress next year we may need to look at that, you know the appropriate process and how that interact with with the duck apartment.

I still believe that that that majority of agent are good people doing great work for the American bar country but that the folks at the top been the problem. It would be to get a couple years ago when it would call me in the cave instruction page, and all the individual that is been the problem.

And frankly, you can't really fix all that until you get a new president until present from funding in the wind on the patriot mobile newsmaker line, our good friend Congressman Jim Jordan I Congressman Saul Ewing Newsmax the other night and that you were weighing in on the. The G6 panel and you said they've been caught in eight different lies one of those lies what he lied about bringing Eric travel they daylight about very loud calling to mind. He lied about the tour he gave you can pitch one they lied about you and elephant document they lied about Eric Kurtzman went out Florida lied about the note written That you got it there no I actually wrote that note that they lied about service important and that that what what you Like it was not accurate. They lied about me quite delayed about a text method I forwarded to the White House. Keep it that they said it was from the member Congress when it was a night for the temperament to respect the lawyer former Inspector General for Don Rumsfeld and then they they also took the where I was on Fox news talking in the Marie Barbara Michelle in the video clip started off with me thinking very thick golf data to get to get the content what they left off with the defendant right before that which went right that the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said that January thick. The ultimate date of significant in a presence or context of that when you improve the electric and that change the entire context of that that with all that in a court, maybe the most important was when window lock that we don't collaborate with witnesses testimony and and they didn't ask Pat Loney when he was deposed. If what Kathy said about him was true in his lawyer reported afterward that if he had been at that it wanted eight different ball things we've gotten from the time we don't get it on the deposition will get access to the transcript the video the document they have. We don't get a chance to cross-examine and so imagine how many other lies they told the American people. It would caught an eight with that limited amount of heaven we get it, it's really jaw-dropping to see to see this play out and date they think the American people are dumb enough to buy this. I don't think they are first will not a lot of people are watching this. But when you've got the Washington Post out what day before yesterday. Washington Post came out said well the feds are investigating tromping connection to a criminal probe, hinting that he may be the focus without actually saying if he is or is not what I find fascinating is you had the committee say there. There were no criminal charges coming out recommendations coming out of the committee but the FBI director so the of the Atty. Gen.'s dowsing Mayor Garland well, there may be some things there. It seems to me there just hell-bent on trying to find something to panel drop welded in that way you know you talked about the extent allowed it in that way. The first item present on campaign five years ago. 20 2015 felt during during the last campaign felt that's always been there.

There focus. It continues to be, but the bottom line is this is frightening in this is this is Third World Banana Republic kind of stuff. If you're going after former head of state like they're doing here based on Mac. I think Prof. Turley on on TV interview talk about the key Steve no basis for debt forgiveness. Think but this is unfortunately today's left which controlled by the Thracian control department in the political bent that they have Congressman Emily with their good Intel appreciated and I thank you for coming on the show. Thank you.Jim Jordan everybody Congressman out of Ohio I I I know the Congressman said this was a leadership issue. I don't I don't think this is leadership I think you gotta tear the whole thing down, dismantled the whole thing and start over again. What say you, ladies and gentlemen based on what you now know that this is the same FBI the same FBI that spied on the Trump campaign. The same FBI that colluded with the Obama administration to try and sabotage the truck campaign and then his presidency the same FBI that came up with the fake with the whole golden showers and the whatnot.

This is the same FBI that conspired and created a plan to kidnap the governor of Michigan and then pin it on a bunch of yahoos. This is the same FBI that was clearly involved in some form of planning and execution of whatever happened on January 6 and no one no one dares asked the FBI how many of their agents were boots on the ground on that day in our nation's capital. This is the same FBI that's going after moms and dads who dared to ask questions of their local school board about critical race theory and gender radical gender, sex, and education policies. This is the same FBI. Now that's padding their numbers when it comes to domestic extremist cases. So I ask you, do you believe the FBI can be salvaged or is it time to completely dismantle the FBI and start from scratch 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 can I tell you about my good buddy Dick Morris. He's got a great book out and you need to read this book. It's a bestseller.

The return trumps big 2024 come back. It reveals the president secret plan for 2024. His real reason for running and his coming big surprise. Morris even predicts Hillary Clinton will run against Tromp Newsmax as the return is the best political but you're already a number one Amazon bestseller, and it gives you the real plan. What big media big tech deep state they want to stop Trump Soto Joe Biden Nancy Pelosi will Dick Morris was trumps close advisor and he says Trump has a shocking plan to meet all of them.

So get Dick Morris is the return of bookstores everywhere or check out the free offer from use Maxtor to save almost $28 go to the return the return that's the return someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full for which allows me to do more things at once.

Much now I think you caused my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list about ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy. See full for Lori. Welcome back pain find a way next week I'll be in Dallas, Texas.

I'll be on the main stage at sea back for an entire hour to be hosting a number of a great special guest they asked. They said Starnes how do you feel like the Johnny Carson and I'm like all right yeah Heck yeah do I get like an Ed McMahon. I don't think so, but there there.

I don't push it about. I'll be interviewing a number of people including the governor of Oklahoma talking about a lot of the big culture issues for the entire hour on Friday afternoon so love free to drop by and say hello shake your hand to meet you at sea pack resident Trump is going to be there. Sarah Palin for the Who's Who of conservatives there in Dallas Texas at sea pack. I let's go to the phone zero 844-747-8868 North Carolina WSI see our great affiliate Stephen on the line.

Stephen what's going on.I'm well, thank you yet know what great, well you know I deftly be an from order right.

Been able to see a lot of you look through the rich are really talking about and I want one green van and will Krispy Kreme doughnuts you're talking troika and the way that you download for your mortal dry like a digger. Not all they did anyway. Try to get something like that rezoning but never did or not know what could be wrong but that is no longer. Now we've got seven Duncan in the small town once and all within about 5 mile radius of each other so very much like a McDonald's mother on every corner around here is that right because Krispy Kreme used on the southern states at well you know what town called Berry they have one and I stop it there quite often overlook the big pot now but but I'm sorry there's no good. I'm sure a lot of people will not like what I just about that but here dream is got the best now local daylight shot out of them great Roy local bakery. But when it comes to bring to the best we may have to open this up to debate Stephen I'm with you. Great speakers very upset she's throwing something at me through the glass graces of your Duncan fan. No no no you like Krispy Kreme I take it back down. I they have good drinks but there doughnuts are awful their dry air dry and crusty. I'm who you know are much like Congressman Steve go. Oh yeah, what a load. What I can handle that word open this up to the foregoing open this up to the people. Stephen Krispy Kreme or Dunkin' Donuts leaves a gentleman 844-747-8868 Steve and I won't I would give a shout out to the Best Doughnut Pl. in America is called Gibsons doughnuts here in Memphis, Tennessee, and they make the best donuts in the country. One of my favorite so something called a patent.

It's a bacon maple doughnut and actually put pickle chunks of bacon and that think you can't go wrong if you got bacon on a doughnut. I mean that's that's breakfast on doughnut right there are eight 844-747-8860. What were we talking about with it with thought we were all we are talking about Yankees moving. That's what it was in their they tried to shut down. I didn't get the full story. We hung up on the poor guy.

So what is so they were true they were rezoning for new Krispy Kreme.

Yeah, I guess the lake Voting the lives Vote down and then next thing you know they got to Dunkin' Donuts and no crispy car you got it. Yet the phones are. Lighten up your grace so let's go to Scott Conway Arkansas wants to talk about the doughnuts. All right, Scott you do about.

Well Scott and I help you a lot, but I grew up and I live in Conway Arkansas court. We have a great I grew up in North Carolina. Great little town called Thomasville North Carolina agreement about far the best in the world. Nobody can compare Dunkin' Donuts as good coffee that is all I gotta say brother Scott, your you're a man of few words but important words to thank you, Scott says Krispy Kreme Alan North Carolina the talk station on the coast right now and what say you, what we don't have a Krispy Kreme near here in Cedar Point, North Carolina. But you do have them. They got a nice large menu looked doughnut or I'm right down the road from a Dunkin' Donuts and I went through there twice and I know I spent 20 minutes in line, the second time and they had to choose from that store that that's not enough and that I got was a memorable at all, not the not. It was very mediocre.

Alan I'll tell you what we got a run for a break here so thanks for that. I will say this New York City Times Square. They've opened up a giant Krispy Kreme doughnut shop right in Times Square and I guarantee of property values went through the roof. All I can tell you folks, if you're driving around town. You see the red light come on at the Krispy Kreme.

I don't care where you're going you put on the blinker and head right on in the Krispy Kreme builds a good solid side start.

Gotta take a break. Sen. Marshall Blackford.

This is galaxies.

He flipped for all these new taxes might not like I just did in fact not capture hands-free tax from multiple angles. For sure training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for compact and fit perfectly in my pocket galaxies.

He flipped for universities to you in Memphis Tennessee is one of the recession goes German Paul. Many of the significant banking personnel and economist say were not in session. Let me just give you what the facts terms the state economy number one Weaver record job market of record unemployment of 3.6% today. We created 9 million new jobs for justice become present business or investing America at record rates, record rates, foreign business like this case and others are investing in their hundreds of millions of children is a dollars at is president that is president Biden saying that there is no recession. I want to go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line right now, our good friend from the great state of Tennessee, my home state and by Sen. Sen. Marshall Blackford Sen. welcome back to the show I you know II just I don't know what they're thinking up there. Sen. you go back to the 1990s that famous line from Bill Clinton. It's the economy stupid. They really do believe that this is their absolute truth that the economy is just hunky-dory. And people are smart, caught on to the fact that there is not a break � and the economy and the American people in their personal economy, things are not good and that they are struggling against tank and cart on the thing that they're having to continue. Wages are not increasing. A nation and waging our thinking read that we had to order GDP growth that held you back. Technically, we're in a recession.

Looking at what you have to. And when you are trying to just handle your average constant blending. You know that you are in a recession because your money doesn't know are is your money want Sen. I you know we been so focused on this report today. My concern is, what about the next report and the one after that. We've got to four years of the Biden a ministration and I don't see this getting any better to you. We are all very concerned about that and we work on it every single day because the Democrats just can't at bay warning 30 billion to 2 billion and down our direct grant and layout line industrial sector Manufacturers and then deal. Thank I'm not there, nearly under $200 billion worth pending authorization is not what they currently need to billion dollar bill $300 billion bill and get it covered. Also covered a lot and that we everybody thought that was that was dad. We don't know what what happened with Sen. Manson. The question now is what about with what about Sen. Cinema out of out of Arizona and what kind of they're coming back with a reconciliation bill will be more green energy. Why is going to be Obama care spent in healthcare. It will be a grumbling government control of healthcare and are mentioning chatting, but not that Danny combat yesterday after an additional $300 billion in spending and they are staying well and I were going to check onto that they're going to be at $1 trillion in new spending and sensors or go it's just mind-boggling and any concerns me as a business owner you try to forecast where things are going.

It is we are heading into a very dangerous spot right now with the economy. Sen. dangerous spot every everything picture by you every time you go to work every time you go fill the tank when you talk farmer wrecked anything you have not had chemical time ago. I know and I going to blame at plant and we and we are very on going to end.meaning next year it is going to next year. Sen. Marsha Blackburn is on her patriot mobile newsmaker line this afternoon. Sen., the mayor of Washington DC is very upset. She says that they been overrun by the illegals that that Gov. Abbott has been shipping up there by bus says that she's wanting to to call out the National Guard to to deal with the crisis. And now the governor of Texas just to put out a statement saying that Washington finally understands what Texas but has been going through every single day, every camp, every order impacted illegal immigration and the way you grade that were coming into our community coming issues for the Postal Service. The educational healthcare is not something that what planned for work and that these are individuals that need a lot. There's nothing compassionate about the border and illegal immigration on the way people are treated like women and girls are correct and to all and extracting the gangs that are coming and the crime rate and are going in our community. Many times, constantly gangs go you know time being able to secure the border. Maybe Betty will come out and you know what get a handle on absolutely and you hated for the folks who live in those cities. But you know what maybe they need to light a fire under their elected leadership to take a stand. Very like that and they need to be there. Well have our shelter and collect and strengthen. We need to make well a lot of great that cannot handle the influx and when you look back and that you grant that had over 3 million people illegally enter it's it's just unbelievable and the numbers keep growing every day.

Sen. were to leave it there. We know you are very busy up there today. Thank you so much for joining us for a few moments on the show. I wake up, like I think are Sen. Marsha Blackburn from the volunteer state and she just tells it like it is folks tells it like it is you folks in Tennessee very blessed to have a great rocksolid conservative up on U got two great Senators Haggerty, Bill Haggerty and Marsha Blackburn and really got both of them back on. Of course Haggerty was a president trumps ambassador and the situation out in China is looking quite frankly precarious. As we begin to move around some of our ships out of the Pacific. Nancy Pelosi says she's going to try one of the Chinese are going ballistic.

So will keep an eye on all of that as well.

Art look working to take a break and regroup.

Got a lot of audio to get the room want to share some some information with you. I also want to go back and revisit the story out of the State Department Sen. Ted Cruz shared with us. Just a few moments ago this idea that if you're a white person.

If you're a religious person, then you can't you can't have a job in the Biden State Department will tackle that as well. 844-747-8868. That is our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868. Now you you heard Sen. Blackford a few moments ago on our crystal clear patriot mobile newsmaker line patriot mobile is America's only Christian conservative wireless carrier. They have the broadest nationwide coverage. They have plans to fit any budget and I have great discounts, especially for veterans and first responders. By the way, if you need multiple lines in your house patriot mobile they're going to throw in extra discounts as well. They make it so easy to switch all you need to do is go to patriot That's patriot or call 972 patriot.

That's 972.

Patriot your to get a special discount in your to get free premier activation, but you gotta use my promo code Todd again that's patriot or call 972 patriot. That's 972 patriot use the promo code. Todd consumers and businesses rely on digital banking solutions more than ever redefine your financial institutions digital presence with the award-winning aperture digital banking platform integrated with more than 200 Finn Tech partners and 40 course, we give you the speed to innovation. You need to grow and retain customers. Learn more about our number one rated mobile banking and all our cloud-based digital banking that's aperture API back is on charge radio program back to the story. Sen. Ted Cruz questioning a State Department diversity and inclusion officer.

Her name Gina Abercrombie. When Stanley and she was she was testifying about an internal email that Sen. Cruz got his hands on and this email was sent by an unnamed senior State Department official saying that hiring practices have developed in the State Department so that certain candidates may not be hired of the Sen. went on to read directly from the email saying that candidates who would get discriminated against. Include those who have a disability. They are white men, they are straight white men and they are not of the right religion here is Sen. Cruz here State Department official broadly distributed what I consider to be a very troubling email that a copy of that email next to me. Let me read from a part of the email. The email says that hiring practices have developed inside the State Department so that all quote that certain candidates could not be hired because they have a disability.

They are white men, they are straight white men, they are not of the quote right religion.

All of these are verbatim quotes from the email of a senior State Department official, my first question to you is, did you clear this guidance. Thank you for the question Sen. I've never seen that before that you've never seen the email before. I've never seen so you didn't know it had been sent. This is the first time seeing right there denying it, but the Senators got up and got them dead to rights. He's got a copy of of the email and it really should not be all that surprising that straight white Christian guys are being discriminated against in the Biden administration. I may when it comes to the identity politics card deck there at the bottom of the deck so it's it should not be all that all that surprising. As far as what's happening at the State Department and I suspect it's happening elsewhere. Just keep in mind that this is an administration that would rather hire people based on the color of their skin and not not what's in their brain. Just keep that in mind, they would rather hire people based on who they go to bed with at night as opposed to what their actual abilities are. That's the Biden Pentagon. That's the Biden State Department. That's the Biden Transportation Department and it just goes right on down the list 844-747-8868 that's her telephone number 844-747-8868 news out of Facebook Facebook, the parent company met up began telling news partners that they will no longer pay publishers for their contents. This is coming for Mac sales companies moving forward with sweeping changes to the Facebook experience and news has become less of a priority. You know I am. I'm not terribly surprised to hear this news, we have we have seen a dramatic drop in the amount of Facebook traffic. We used to get high to low on average one 2 million clicks per month from Facebook. We have a lot of other resources but Facebook was the largest and now it's maybe maybe 300 400,000 ministers completely just been marginalized met as VP of media partnerships Campbell Brown told staffers. The company was shifting resources away from its news products to support more creative initiatives that me more Videos I can only handle so many cat videos and the horses. I'm not sure how, but like in my social media feeds. That's all I see are cat videos and horses being born. I don't get it quote a lot has changed since we signed deals three years ago to test bringing additional news links to Facebook news. Most people do not come to Facebook for news and as it is that true is untrue. What what do people go to Facebook for these days. No words Grace Baker a question for you as it is a younger generation senior. Do you got does your generation. Are they active on Facebook not really all I'm not. I'm on and there's the occasional but see when I post on other platforms. It goes to Facebook but I never manually anymore. Go post a Facebook right yeah now so where do we were to most of your your generation where you guys hang out tick-tock Instagram Snapchat is that right that's a little big on me. I only snap maybe like five in that's it.

She's snap is like hitting them sir and send them video and picture messages I see but then Instagram is honestly people are going to get fed up with it to, but I feel like almost people of my generation. Believe it or not actually starting to get off of social media platforms altogether, but I know people. There's like yeah I'm signed on anymore. I deleted I'm done so what are they do they have a life so the silk so they don't so they do anything they just count you can't find them really are just they deleted everything while how is it you know people like that.

I know multiple they have my there perfectly happy. Really probably happier.

That's so, this like their incognito incognito.

They do not exist on the Internet. That's interesting. I wonder how many other people out there doing and I feel like it's popular right now. The people in their 20s or maybe they have one. Maybe they're just like I'm just on Instagram if people my age. Pick one social media platform is Instagram. People don't like twitter my age. I mean, they use it but I don't like it it's toxic is very toxic. People don't really like Facebook but they like me made one when they were like 13 years old and am just not deleted it. Is that all that makes sense. I'm curious to know if others have just gotten just eliminated all their social media capture living off the social media grid 844-747-8860 and if you are. How's that going 844-747-8868 this is the time surgery is someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full fork which allows me to do more things at once.

Much now I think you caused my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy. See full for everybody and thoughts turns thanks for hanging out with us three hours every day, Monday to Friday noon to three Eastern and that we are just so excited by the folks at the tune in and hang out with us and also listen to us later in the day on our podcast which you can download over at Todd's got a couple of items to share with you an update on monkeypox, so there is a raging debate now for what to call because they don't want you to call it monkeypox and more because that's they say that name is stigmatizing the monkeys. I don't know but anyway Tucker Carlson addresses last night on Fox news channel you suggested maybe they should call it swarmed over so that's NPR national public welfare radio. You know they're all over the story because of their very alarmed, they say. As the disease spreads by the way, it's a sexually transmitted disease and the big controversy is primarily impacting the gay community and they don't want people to know that. But at the same time they have to tell people otherwise would have a full blown Lord knows what our hands so anyway the NPR has a big story up and they're concerned about warning people about the disease and stigmatizing people about the disease. The World Health Organization is already declared monkeypox a health emergency.

They say quote stigma and discrimination can be as dangerous as if the virus know it really can't. I don't.

Do you know of anybody who's been killed who's died a horrible death because of stigma, though I don't think so. I would disagree with the global monkeypox outbreak appears to mostly affect men who have sex with other men.

A study is not just mostly it's 98% of the people, and then the other 2% are people who have very close connections to the 98%.

A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found 98% of people diagnosed with the virus between April and June, and more than a dozen countries identify as gay or bisexual, so it's the cheese and the bees. The elves of the tease you guys I think are okay.

World Health Organization not get this so again they their people are out there and you heard all what's her face. Kennedy that far leftist on Fox news channel. Just yesterday she was she was lambasting who was who was that it says shouted out there Grace Baker. I can remember the guys named Nedra Ryan that Ryan, who whose only crime was to say if you don't want to get.

I don't go to a gay orgy state the obvious, just stay home. You don't want yourself to yourself yet. Just stay home and eat a kale salad and drink a widespread server watch bravo TV and you don't take care of yourself.

So here's what happened after monkeypox I think is a pretty good role in life don't attend a orgies when you look at the New England Journal's report of the file you my man go look at the New England Journal's report that NBC news reported on on Friday in which of the 528 cases they review 95% between sex between men sit in conversation about whether those coming from when I was done using toss instead of going crazy and declaring a national pandemic one 3000 people have a right now. It's insane to be gay to get monkeypox and that you don't have to be dated when you talk about drinking something that is easily spread. This is science. Kennedy, 95% of the cases from Brad 372 doses in Denmark where that Lompoc monkeypox vaccine is manufactured. There ready to go by because this has been an issue for more men in the gay community seems like it is been lower on the priority list. Brad is right now is mostly gay men. The problem is that public health wise not going to orgies in general is a good policy to not get sexually-transmitted diseases, and so we have to be really careful we saw with the crisis with HIV crisis how certain communities are certain gay people will be stigmatizing for something that lots of people do we gotta be careful about that. I will use the term language that just shut up you ignorant woman I have never used if you listen to the interview they they end up agreeing with what Ned Ryan was saying, but I just want to address this you this issue of statement while we can't talk about it because we want to stigmatize gay people all really there were people during the China virus and people like this on FOXBusiness wanted to literally label people with red scarlet letters in public they wanted to publicly shame people who did not get the vaccine or came down with a virus.

So don't give me any of this nonsense about we know when we want to stigmatize people that would just be very appropriate as a matter of fact that's just deadly. That's just deadly look at the facts, the World Health Organization and this is for Kennedy at FOXBusiness and look I got it done for me. She's got all these guys pal around together and so this is their thing and 99% of the cases here in the United States, 99% are related to male to male sexual contact Saul Ned Ryan trying to say is folks, if you want to get it to stay home, don't go to the parties don't go to the bars don't go to the orgies just stay home. Make a nice final low boneless chicken dinner whatever you eat and watch bravo and you'll be good, you won't be getting the monkeypox. Let's go to the phones 844-747-8868 Paul in George W.

D. You and Paul.

What say you point out now have a relative over the lab work all bloodwork and half later hospitals and he said that if you have had the old polio lacks in that it covers not in him. We got no problem with that because we had the old one used to leave a scar on your shoulder. That was the one that covered and then he said it was in the 80s or something that they thought it was eradicated and then I stop getting everybody believed it was eradicated. Well it's it's fascinating.

And again, the concern here is that they they don't they don't isolate this and it spreads and we know of at least a couple of can't release one case in California, I believe, where children who had connections to gay men who had monkeypox came down with the monkeypox and the concern now is okay. What happens next.

Politico says aggression to go out there and start sending out notifications of you been in contact with somebody who's added if if Trump had been president and they did that all you know what we are broken wares. All course. Just remember a lot about iniquity shall abound, love of many shall wax cold. Until the end of same shall we say all right. Paul appreciate appreciate that. Let's go to Scott and North Carolina WSI C Scott what's going on. I think you know we need a sucker a long time ago you needed it resulted yet bubblegum and created, make bubbles, blisters like a bubble on above. Also, why not just call it the glove box of our Scott. It's a name and it's it's it's clever Scott appreciate Grace what the what are you doing to me like a lifetime getting some really weird because right now so just brace yourself. It's okay.

I mean, but Tucker Tucker raises a good point. You can call it monkeypox you got a call it something yeah what are you going to call the Bobby Miyazaki repeated blow well in several blow pop. Aren't we got a very clear that we have a very creative audience and maybe they could come up with some suggestions on what to call the. The new disease. I really like that last suggests lifeblood pocket all I think of is blow pop like how many licks does it take to.

I'm sorry different all right Grace 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-7478 68 you know I can go for right now I nice glass of iced tea.

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That's over $50 in savings depth. The teen got a job and be sure to use that discount code Todd 10 consumers and businesses rely on digital banking solutions more than ever redefine your financial institutions digital presence with the award-winning Aperture digital banking platform integrated with more than 200 Finn Tech partners and 40 course, we give you the speed to innovation. You need to grow and retain customers. Learn more about our number one rated mobile banking app and all our cloud-based digital banking that's aperture API comes a story Bartels is out of those parts your state education secretary, computer thing, nor the Secretary of Education in Oklahoma got himself blocked on Facebook.

His name is Ryan Walters he was posting some information about books that are being found in Tulsa public schools and in Tulsa a lot of the educators want children to read graphic novels about homosexuality and the so they've stocked the libraries with all these of these graphic novels under their graphic novels, but their graphic according to the and I've seen images of us. The books contain sexually explicit and pornographic content, and so anyway he got booted here's the Secretary of Education, and even Oklahomans know. I just really can't believe you know I post some pictures of some of the inappropriate sexual material.

Tulsa public schools has in her library. Within minutes of Facebook as though blocked me, and a shut down my post there censoring a conservative blisters. The real real clear about the nose is really a sad day when woke Facebook has higher standards endeavor guested Tulsa public schools is unbelievable that they are allowing this type of inappropriate sexual material in their library. I'm absolutely not stand for it. Oklahomans please help me share this message. I mean, you know, Facebook try to censor it. We got inappropriate sexual material being targeted to kids in Tulsa public schools is liberal indoctrination has to stop.

We've got have a focus on academics, not indoctrination is way beyond time. The Tulsa public schools put a greater focus on academics and never guess moved away from her woke left-wing ideology.

Please help me share this message since Facebook is trying to shut it down. Let's make sure that our kids are prepared for the workforce prepared to get good jobs and prepared with skills not indoctrinated by woke following leftist now Oklahoma is the Beretta state in America.

Every single county in Oklahoma went for Trump in 2020 and 2016 and they are really upset about this. The Oklahoma Senate President pro tem Greg treat released a statement. Here's what he has to say about what's happening in Tulsa public schools what's been discovered in Tulsa public schools library is appalling and nothing short of deplorable.

It is indefensible to have children exposed to images of material that is the definition of pornography. It makes note and by what we know it's pornography because the second of education got blocked on Facebook for sharing. So if it's if it violates Facebook standards. What's it doing in a public school library, the secretary or the Senate President pro tem goes on to makes no difference whether a same-sex opposing sex or anything in between. Children should never be able to view these images in a public school sanctioned library book. It doesn't matter who authorizes books to be admitted in the library.

I am calling on the top Tulsa public school superintendent, Deborah just or just to do the right thing by taking action by removing these books immediately. Well, I would. I would go a step further. Anybody who thought these books were appropriate for children in a school should be fired. Anybody who purchased the books knowing there were to be going into a public school library should be fired and any librarian who put the books on the shelf and slapped it with the Dewey decimal code should be fired. Got to start sending a very clear message of these people were not going to tolerate perversion in the public library. Dr. Jerry Griffin, a school board member and Tulsa released a statement quote I don't care if there are 1 million or 10 million books in our libraries. A book by book inspection must take place before any school opens.

No student should be exposed to such to such filth. The inspection should be monitored by a parent or student committee. He says it wasn't that long ago that purveyors of such trash would be serving time in big Mac McDonald the vets of jail someone from Oklahoma will help us understand that they face in the perverts the McDonald's that's terrible.

So anyway, I I hate it for the parents, because they just can't. The poor moms and dads can't trust anybody anymore.

You know there was a time you can send your kid to the school and the teacher you knew the teacher had the best interest of your kid at heart, but now that's just in some cases and in a frightening number of cases that's is not accurate. Not all but some and if you're if you're on tick-tock with Grace Baker. You see all of it out there.

There's a weird stuff going down on tick-tock and my account to clarify Merlot videos on my doctoral work house Merlot. So anyway, I disgrace.

I hated what was try to get the.

The education secretary on the show next week. All right, what we do that by the way, so tomorrow I am off and I will our good buddy Jeff Katz is good to be and I don't like taken superlong vacations and so what I'll do in the summertime is typically eldest take Fridays off and you do some R&R got a finish writing this book. And so, anyway, our good buddy Jeff Katz W RVR VA will be here tomorrow and that he'll do a great job at keeping you guys updated informed and entertained of the big stories of the day and the next week on the road heading down to Dallas race. Am still trying to figure out do I drive or fly CF now that the mass mandates have been dropped on planes.

I'm a big proponent of flying, but that's just me. I hate drive problem is I fly Delta and that's not a Delta hub in Dallas. It's American and I'm not a big American Airlines fan okay but Delta is the best Delta is the well. They're the they're the ones I hate the least. Fair enough.

I'll say that I'll say that I may end up driving. It's a good drive and one of the great things about Arkansas 75 miles an hour. You can drive 85 85 folks gotta get out of there. I have a great one.

Everybody and Todd

Be sure to check that out. Lots of great stories. There will see on Monday Jeff Hansen tomorrow progressive home on such a screwup walk in closet.

If you have storage in the unfinished basement. To me, take her no matter how much you love it more knowing you in your home and progressive situations

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