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Brace Yourself For Biden’s Army of IRS Agents

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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August 8, 2022 3:18 pm

Brace Yourself For Biden’s Army of IRS Agents

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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August 8, 2022 3:18 pm

Democrats want to unleash 87,000 IRS agents to target middle-class Americans and small business owners. They have weaponized the IRS.

Monica Crowley,  Sen. Roger Marshall, and Jordan Pratt join the conversation!

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Will know someone whose work and no chill. Trust me that used to be me, but then I found out his evil form which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think video calls my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy. See full for welcome to the Todd start show sponsored by Legacy precious metals. There's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM that's legacy PM investments.job University studio in Memphis Tennessee strongly since conservative commentary from our well hello America today while doing a lot a lot together and I want to first say thank you to our good buddy Matt lap over American conservative Union.

He and his wife. Lovely Mercedes. They put on one heck of a seatback in Dallas, Texas so great to meet so many of our awesome listeners down there got to shake up you hands got a couple of hogs and that we had a great time and I'll go into more detail about about what we did down in Texas. It was really a fast trip, literally flying down there during the during the event and then coming right back but it was I think it was a spectacular weekend, Pres. Tromp won the straw poll the seatback straw poll hands down. It was it was a blowout and if if we were to have the election today. I think Donald John Trump would be the next president of these great United States, no doubt about it. People are fired up. People are ready to up to do something and I and I'm excited about that and if you are not fired up after what happened over the weekend in Washington DC. Then I will what's wrong with you.

So look while you are in charge doing the Lords work. Sunday the Democrats on Capitol Hill were doing the devils work passing what is this is it's unbelievable. They're saying this is all going to reduce inflation. It's not it's going to blow up the economy and folks of were not careful we could be talking about something worse than a recession here so anyway $700 billion in new spit in new taxes 400.billion, $1 billion in new spending were sitting a lot more money over to Ukraine. But the bigger concern I have is is tucked away in the legislation where and it's going to pass the House of Representatives binds get assigned it in the law. There's just no way around that.

But anyway, we've got to Ted Cruz out there and Ted Cruz was sounding the alarm.

Ted Cruz was warning us that this in fact was a danger to law-abiding middle-class small business owners of America so the IRS as far as we could tell there to be given permission to hire 87,000 new agents that's going to double the size of the IRS and what you think they're going to be doing here folks there to be coming after you and me there to becoming that's why they wanted access to our bank accounts. They want to come after you.

The law-abiding hard-working taxpayers of America now again 87,000 IRS agents are going to double the size of the IRS by the time they get finished. They're going to be larger. Now you listen to this were to put this in perspective for you. 87,000 additional agents makes the IRS larger than the State Department, the Pentagon, the FBI and border patrol combines so what is that tell you about the direction of this administration. It tells me that they're declaring war on their political enemies that that that that's what this is all about and we have seen this playbook before some of your other verify heard this before. I know I've heard this before Todd went yes you have because this comes right out of the playbook of Barack Hussein Obama, who I believe is actually running this of ministration from some beach location so that during the Obama years and you got a jump into the Todd Stern's radio show time machine go back to the early days of the Obama administration. You had the tea party rising up. Remember that the tea party rose up, you have these this grassroots effort to try and defeat the of the Obama care law and Obama summoned Lois Lerner to the White House and told her to go after all of these tea party groups to start investigating these people and they did.

Barack Obama was the first president to weapon rising Internal Revenue Service I was working at Fox News Channel at the time I had switched over by then I had switched over and I was a commentator so I was they were paying me for my opinion of Fox and one day I get a letter from the Internal Revenue Service and they said you are going to be audited first time in my life that I had faced and Internal Revenue Service audit, and the next year.I got another audit and so I went to I went to the. The folks the powers that be at Fox News and I said hey look, you know what's going on here.

Can you guys help me out because when you get audited.

What you have to do well you have to go out and hire an accountant got to get yourself an attorney. You don't want to be. You don't want to be facing off against the the IRS by yourself. So your fork it over a lot of money to try and work all of this out and so I asked Fox what what's going on here and they said get in line panel there, after all of us.

So not only were they going after the tea party groups are also going after conservative journalist during the Obama years I was audited 3�3 times cleared every single time but it cost me time it cost me effort. It cost me money it cost me aggravation and that's what they wanted.

It was it was a message to keep writing nasty stuff about us were coming after you and we got the power to do it and you can't do anything about. So yeah you want to be concerned about this all you moms out there you sell Tupperware on the side together, and after that body all you little kids out there.

You got the lemonade stands is hot it summertime you want to do the all-American thing have a little lemonade stand in front of the come after you.

Do not be surprised of a 10-year-old gets audited by the body to ministration I you heard it here first. These people are ruthless, just ruthless. So anyway I so it wasn't just and it wasn't just the tea party and it wasn't just conservative journalist, but they would after Christians. So during all of this time. You might remember this, there was and we got the story up our website. There was an effort to to legalize same-sex marriage and so there is a huge battle going on and you had all these conservative Christian groups, and you know them. Dr. James Dobson, for example, a Billy Graham of the Billy Graham evangelistic Association and they had taken up these full-page ads telling people to stand firm on the biblical definition of marriage will guess what, there's a knock on the front door of Billy Graham evangelistic Association HQ in Charlotte North Carolina and it's the IRS and there they said they were going to audit the Billy Graham evangelistic Association, Dr. James Dobson, focus on the family.

All of these groups out there were targeted by the Obama administration. It was horrible, horrible, and you think the mainstream media cover this no of course not. Could you imagine the outrage of Donald Trump would've turned the IRS loose on the human rights campaign in Planned Parenthood in media matters, there would've been a firestorm you would've had millions of people marching in outrage and indignation in the streets of Washington DC but nobody cover the story.

Nobody cared that Christians were being attacked. Nobody cared that Christians were being hauled into court and by the way. Turns out Billy Graham that they did nothing wrong. They did nothing wrong at all. Nobody did. They wanted us to suffer Obama was sending a message.

You mess with us.

We mess with you and they got the power to do it and other to have even more power. What we ought to be concerned about is why the Internal Revenue Service needs weapons. They basically have a militia, the Internal Revenue Service has its own militia what you think that's all about 844-747-8868 letter toll-free telephone the Reds.

It was one of the most horrible things I ever had to go through three IRS audits during the Obama illustration never happened during Bush never happened during Trump so far, knock on the anchor desk. It hasn't happened during the bioneers but I do not hold my breath on that one.

But it's just the price we have to pay for getting out there and doing the right thing. All right. Gotta take a break your 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern show. You may know someone who never makes us the passage of time same significance of the passage of time something is think about it. There is great significance in the passage of time everything they say scratch her head. We will work together and continue to work together to address these issues to tackle these challenges and to work together they could perplexing is time for us to do what we have been doing time is everything we are doing perplexing is not necessarily life-threatening unless that person holds significant power in an executive position in Subic much worse. She could be perplexing. The value of education is to buy the perplexing making of useful excuses will be incredibly stupid since 1973. Are you looking for a movie that celebrates the gift of life will get ready for life. Mark will be from the Kendrick brothers and Kirk Cameron opening in theaters everywhere September 9 life Mark David's comfortable world is turned upside down when his birth mother unexpectedly reaches out to him wanting to meet the 18-year-old son. She's only held once. With the encouragement of his adopted parents. David embarks on a life altering journey of discovery that leads to a staggering truth from his past. Inspired by a true story life. Mark is a powerful reminder that one decision one choice can impact so much more than one life life.

Mark is profamily prologue Pro forgiveness probe reconciliation and pro new beginnings. So if you are to make your plans to see life Mark C. Life Mark in theaters nationwide beginning September 9 and learn more about life Mark and get your tickets that's life. Mark words as one united is going to send $4.5 billion more to Ukraine.

So what is at $13 billion that were it just never ends. Ladies and gentlemen, it never ends. Walking back to the Todd Stern's radio show and I know there are a lot of you folks out there in in our audience and you love Ukraine and you say Todd Todd, we ought to be spending more money defending Ukraine as a matter fact Todd.

We think that American people should have to suffer so the Ukrainians can beat the Russians. There are people in this audience will feel that way. I am not one of those people is a matter of fact I think a lot of corruption is going on.

There was a report over the weekend. Only 30% of the money we are sending is actually going to the front lines of the war.

So what's the other 70% going to is that money being used to send the the Hollywood Prime Minister of of Ukraine over to the movie premieres are we using that money to fly at all the Hollywood celebrities under the any Leibowitz photo shoot for Vogue magazine or Vanity Fair or whatever the actor there. Get the picture from it.

What is the money be used for. Here's what I say no more money you want to fight the Russians want to have a war fight it yourself, but no more.

We've got an open border ladies and gentlemen, we've got problems of this country will have enough money to do a lot of stuff.

So why are we spending another $4.5 billion to take care of the Ukrainians we feed them. We house them. We clothe them. We give them guidance.

We secure their border and yet this same administration is trying to take away our guns and they open our border 844-747-8868 should we now pull the plug on the funding. If nothing else I like an itemized list. I'd like to know what exactly were spending all the money you where is that money going there. Sen. Ted Cruz over the weekend that a president there. There are a lot of bad things in this bill, but fewer worse than the proposal by Democrats in this bill to double the size of the IRS and create 87,000 new IRS agent. I guarantee you, citizens and every one of our states if you asked them what they want. They don't want 87,000 new IRS agents and they're not being created to audit billionaires or giant corporations are being created audit you that the House Ways and Means Committee, the minorities put out an estimate that under this bill there will be 1.2 million new audit support per year with over 700,000 of those new audits falling on taxpayers making $75,000 or less, I believe personally we should abolish the IRS but at a minimum we shouldn't make the IRS larger than the Pentagon, the State Department, the FBI and the border patrol all combined. That's what the Democrats are proposing here is a terrible idea. If you don't want 87,000 new IRS agents vote yes good for you sooner. Cruz unfortunately elections have consequences, and the Republicans it is to have votes and a little bit will have the votes in the House of Representatives.

So were about to get 87,000 more IRS agents in their coming after all of us that you there, and after the come after you conservatives becoming after you Christians that's was going to happen all by the way, I gotta give you guys an update here and by the way thanks to our good friend Steve Gill doing a terrific job filling in on Friday show. We had a big election and this should be a warning to every one of you across America. Do not take anything for granted. The Republicans pretty much got wiped off the face of the earth here in Memphis Tennessee. It was a bloodbath never seen anything like it, but what I was really more disgusted with and and aside from the fact that we now have a George Soros district attorney, who by the way just announced over the weekend.

His first priority. He's going after bail reform.

He's gonna go after how we handle juveniles committing crimes of the city. The word is that this guy wants to raise the age of juvenile crimes to 25 years old and what I don't necessarily have a problem with that. Provided you're gonna raise the age for everything else. People are allowed to do at the age of 18 to 25 so you can't vote to your 25 can't drive a car till your 25 just go down the list I read appeared in it, if you're telling me that a person's mind and that's the whole thing or using this. The scientific study that says brains are not fully evolved until someone turns 25 fine then let's just go the distance with that but the Republicans beat themselves here in Memphis and I need to tell you why they ran away from the policies of Donald Trump. They ran away from Donald Trump and that is a losing proposition. You say Todd, how can you say that because they lost matter fact, the governor of Tennessee bill late.

You know he was in town on election day.

You know what he was doing.

He was not helping Republicans who are campaigning for their lives. You know what he was doing. The governor came to Memphis from Nashville so he could be filmed for a Fox News puff piece. Basically, the governor of Tennessee, the Republican governor of Tennessee was telling all the Republicans whose lives were allied up yours.

I can't be bothered because Fox News is doing a glamour piece on me's pretty shameful. Ron DeSantis will do not not of done that. But then again, Billy that he is no Ron DeSantis. Outside of that much on be believable. Gotta take a break 844-747-8868 this is the Todd start. There is no doubt the nation is facing a financial crisis because of the blighted ministrations economic policies hi this is Todd Starnes and no doubt our economy is in trouble and you need to take steps to protect yourself of all your money is tied up in stocks, bonds, and traditional market you are vulnerable. Gold is one of the best ways to protect your retirement no matter what happens you own your gold. It's real physical always been valuable since the dawn of time, like you see precious metal as the company I were investing in gold. They can help you roll your retirement account into a throwback IRA still own the physical goal also shifted over precious metals safely and securely to your house.

You know $1 million worth of gold can actually fit inside a shoebox call legacy at 866-528-1903 or visit them that's like a CPM I'm not here. There are here to gain back the house and the Senate are they going to reverse this or that's a great question from Ricky from Arkansas.

By the way, left does that shout out on our all new And if you listen to us on the app you can go right now and you can leave us a shout out and will play it back on the air just like we did with Ricky you say Todd how can I get the app all you have to do is go to Todd

Click on our live show blog and you'll see a link there. It's free of charge.

It takes like 30 seconds to download and deliverables of this program and lots of other conservative talk shows. Thanks to our good friends at our flagship station K WAN Ricky raised a great point though, why aren't the Republicans.

Aside from Ted Cruz, Kevin McCarthy, gotta give him credit, but folks when the Republicans retake it when he rephrase that, if the Republicans retake the House of Representatives. They're going to have to address this if the Republicans retake the Senate there to have to address this there at the going got all of this.

That's what they're going to have to do and were inept took to demand otherwise were to be audited till the cows come home. Ladies and gentlemen all right walked back to the Todd Stern's radio show were very happy to have you with us today.

Just remember, they audited Billy Graham. I'm telling you these devils are these Democrats are doing the doubles work. Will there devils, but there doing Satan's work. Unbelievable 844-747-8868 I want to play some audio from Carrie Lake. She was at the she was at sea pack and she just she nailed it was a great speech.

Here's Carrie like I now she's getting a visual aid of what that looks like which is why the crowds went bonkers. It was a it was a fine speech but a lot of people are are upset because they said she is alienating all of those establishment Republicans who she will need to vote for her in the general election. And it's a fair point. So I went up I want to talk about this for a moment and because Megan McCain got triggered and Megan McCain was so triggered that she blocked yours truly and that we got the story of the website. It's as though it's a pretty funny story. I'll try my best to work through all of this, but Megan McCain is a very mean very unhappy, very mean-spirited person and I knew this working.

I did work directly with her at Fox but I heard the stories, just not is not of it. She's not a very pleasant person and that comes across on on TV you saw that member went. Remember when she was all but the view with the squawking magpies.

Yeah, she's not a very sympathetic character MM. The reason why is what she done. Aside from being the offspring of the late Sen. John McCain what what is she done.

I don't think she's done that much she got married to Ben dominant who is the more than what the founder of the Federalist are one of those other conservative things and I got I got a lot of blowback because I called her in my piece Grace Baker. I call her Mrs. dominant sided color Megan McCain. I was just try to be polite and cordial roof.

This is dominant. So anyway you have a Carrie Lake and she's out there say that she put a stake through the heart of the McCain machine was she talking about was you talking about the establishment she's talking about these establishment Republicans who hate conservatives and every time they get elected, they turned their backs on conservatives but they embraced conservatives during the election cycle because the establishment guys can't get elected without our votes. That's what Carrie Lake was trying to say now Megan McCain was very upset about all of this and she pitched a hissy fit and I can explain why she blocked me in just a moment.

So, look, you can have it's a fair argument to say okay should Carrie Lake really attacked the establishment like that. That's a fair question.

Just like what last week in the lead up to the to the Arizona race.

I was pointing out to everybody and I caught a lot of the holy you know what over this, but I pointed out that Carrie Lake's opponent was not a far leftist, but in fact Karen Taylor Robeson was a longtime conservative Republican who raised millions of dollars for Donald Trump who invited Donald Trump Junior and hosted an event for Don Trump Junior and hosted an event for Laura Trump and their people out there say well she's a rhino know she's not a rhino, rhinos don't raise millions of dollars for Donald Trump. Don't be stupid. Don't buy into the don't buy into the hullabaloo there's a lot of hullabaloo going on both sides of the aisle right now you can say will I think Carrie Lake is more conservative fine you can have that argument but to turn around and say will Karen Taylor Robeson is as a liberal is just it's a lie is just a lie anyway if Carrie Lake so it so if Mrs. dominant Megan McCain wanted to make that argument that that was a bad thing to do.

That was fine but she didn't. She didn't stop there. She went on. So here's Mrs. dominant someone a reader would read to you what she wrote on her Twitter Hell of a strategy to whatever the majority voting hell of a strategy to win over the majority voting block of Arizona independence in a general election that she would stop there. That would've been fine was a valid point.

She's talking about. We gotta unite the Republicans in Arizona right then she turns around and she does exactly what she's accusing Carrie Lake, of doing. Here's what Mrs. dominant, Megan McCain said I know she thinks she's governor already, but you have to win over more people than just sea pack maggot Neanderthals to actually win a general election. So Mrs. dominant pulled Hillary Clinton in the basket of irredeemable deplorable's and she calls all you people out there all you conservatives maggot Neanderthals.

I just want to say something that it's offensive that she would call call people like you would be those kinds of words but I'm not surprised because she's a nasty person. Her father was a nasty man yes I know it were not talking about his wartime service were talking about his political service. I honor everyone who serves our military but that doesn't give John McCain a pass for all of the things he said and did to hurt conservatives and so I pointed out she was talking about strategy and I just asked Megan McCain what was her strategy. What was hers. What was her daddy's strategy when he betrayed Republicans and conservatives all the Obama care repeal. She blocked me she didn't have the guts should have the courage to even answer the question. It wasn't a mean question, it was like I was calling her up a nasty so and so I know I was just asking a legitimate question. What was your daddy strategy when he betrayed all the conservatives you see, I contend that John McCain and Mitt Romney have done more to harm the Republican Party than anybody else in recent memory one Donald Trump he won Willey that went that bit round he lost okay with letter that chemically he lost hello I see your point not try to be mean. I'm just pointing out the facts here folks, that when they put up these wishy-washy establishment types that have no backbone we lose and we lose big better fact, I think John McCain wanted Barack Obama to win that election John McCain. Her daddy was the one who hated evangelical Christians call them agents of intolerance. That's what he called now, I contend that the McCain team is left-wing and people always they they get riled up when I say that, but I have proof and I am I don't need a lot of proof but I've got just enough because we all know what McCain's people did to Sarah Palin.

She was put in. She was put lipstick on the pitbull or whatever and you know what was happening.

While that was going on. They were stabbing her in the back and by the way those agents of intolerance as evangelicals.

Had it not been for Sarah Palin.

John McCain would've gone down in the history books as having the greatest landside landslide laws in modern political presidential history.

By the way Walter Mondale holds that distinction. But thanks to Sarah Palin. It's not John McCain. Now I know all you establishment folks out there just got your Brooks Brothers chinos in a twist over all of this, but the facts remain. McCain was a conservative. How tear you all really well. Why would he hire a leftist like Steve Schmidt to run his campaign. Steve Steve Smith, the founding member of the Lincoln project, a former McCain campaign manager, also a political analyst for MST and C that's exhibit a, let's talk about exhibit B Nicole Wallace, a former senior campaign advisor. She was the one who handled Sarah Palin. She was the one responsible for literally bludgeoning Palin in the back with a political knife. What is she doing now.

She's one of the lady host on MSDN.

See. But the real reason she blocked me is because you see we have a mind like a steel trap here at the Todd storage radio program with us.

We don't forget anything. Here and that's why she blocked me. You see Mrs. dominant Megan McCain of Mrs. dominant. She blocked me because I reminded the nation about her daddy's most egregious sin when he betrayed every single one of us.

He had the power in his hands to kill Obama care and while the cameras were rolling on C-SPAN. What did he do, he looked up at that C-SPAN camera and he put as he put his hand in the air with his father exposed, and then he did the big thumbs down a big blank you to America. That's what he did.

All I was doing was asking Mrs. Dominus to explain her daddy's political strategy. But you see this is what the establishment thinks about all of us.

Your vote for Donald Trump urine irredeemable deplorable you vote for Donald Trump your the end or fall yeah and you vote for John McCain. You vote for Mitt Romney. Your vote for Jeb Bush you're a loser I would rather be a Neanderthal or loser. I'm telling you folks, this is going to be a fight if you think if you think it's a shoo-in that the Republicans are going to take back the house in the Senate, you better think again were going to have to work our butts off because there are people like Mrs. Ben dominance Megan McCain who will fight you tooth and nail.

They would rather blow up the this is like Liz Cheney, who by the way he is now going after Rhonda Santos and says that wanted to see if this is a danger to the nation.

Could someone explain how Rhonda Santos, the governor of Florida man who was standing up and defending our freedoms. Could someone explain how that makes him a danger to America.

It doesn't.

Rhonda Santos is a danger to the establishment Republicans. They're going to try there to try to destroy the Republican Party. That's what's that's what's going on here folks, do not be na�ve. This is not going to be a cakewalk.

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All right, so let's get to the phone lines year four 747-8868 was started in Arkansas.

James hang out with us on KW AM hey James what's on your mind will you are Rob considered. Three. He's not wanting to go along to get along Republican and that's the problem with the whole publican party band right now. You probably don't remember. I called and go they told you the only victim of this was going to be the American people could see again 537 think with base to get rid of everybody there now because the Republican and I meet every last one of them at work right now. I guarantee you. Like I told a friend of mine years ago when the cameras are all built talk a good game but when the cameras softly slap each other on the back. Let's go get a drink and I firmly believe that about every Republican up there I'll leave it so much that caught Riggio and John Bozeman overfilled article right now will ever get my vote again get up there. Give flowery speeches and talk about how they're going to do this and how they believe that but you know what were they doing about when they get the power as as they had in the past.

What I do nothing they don't do any of the promises they told they don't do anything to help the American people and the validity of day caught and I told him you know what I'm tired of you worrying about what people think about you.

I'm tired of you worrying about your placement history and how that goes down you are up there to represent the people of Arkansas in America. Stop worrying about what everybody might think of you say about you and your job.

James well said David that look.

There are many many people across this country who feel exactly the way you do and this is the problem they have not only with Rhonda Santos that was the problem they have with Donald Trump because Trump was coming in the room.

He was blowing up the pork projects of a lot of those Republicans to its you're right, it's everybody. And maybe that is the answer. Maybe it's just got it you got it you know what this clean house get people in their who will actually do what they say they're going to do. James great call. Thank you for that. Let's go to Maria North Carolina. The talk station all right Maria what's on your mind.

Sure date required.

Having the courage of your connections even when they go against a party that dancing back to your comments on John McCain. I only have one question. Daughter. Buddy out the affiliated with is with his time and Gabby when he put it down.

Was he doing what his constituents wanted. Now that the party wanted, not what you where I would want was he representing what it constituents wanted nothing else matters it party does not matter.

It constituents are the only thing not answered well I do. I do know the answer.

He promised that and he campaigned on the promise that he was going to repeal Obama care so he lied to his constituents and he lied to the American people but more importantly into your point Maria. He lied to the people that sent him to Washington and that's what matters. I graded lack collar term limit term limit term limit term limits for everybody.

Every party every time it's just the corrupting nature. All right Maria you know we got it Maria, thanks for calling and how to take a break here there to cut us off 844-747-8868 two callers in a row. Need term limits. What say you, America I back from the University studio in Memphis, Tennessee Bible, including the plural America radio so coming up later from the state of Kansas, Sen. Roger Marshall will be talking with them and also our good friend Monica Crowley coming up at the moment, but a I what I wanted to just a moment to share something with you.

Of course, last week I was on the road, speaking at sea pack and got got some sad news we told you about a week or so ago that are one of our regular callers Miss Janice from New Orleans. She's one of our regulars. She called in and does.

She told us that her husband had had a stroke and was at the hospital and unfortunately we have to share with you that Miss Janice's husband has passed away and it's a big shock.she said it was 80 years old, I believe, and just as he was. She said he was up there on the ladder doing yard all sorts of crazy stuff. He was very active in what I did not know about her husband, is that and she really did like to talk about him a lot and the reason why is because he was on the air in the in the New Orleans area work for WW well radio one of the great radio stations also W are in no we we just want you to we want to pass along to you because were great big family on this radio station and it's a giant front porch. We have everyday noon to three Eastern and I know many of you I want to pray for Miss Janice. It's a very difficult time and and so we want her to know that were thinking about her and in the family as as they go through these days together. So just remember her when you say your prayers at night time are eight 844-747-8868 is our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 let's go right now to the patriot mobile newsmaker line of she is the host of one of the most popular podcast in America right now you've got a check out the Monica Crowley podcast all sorts of great guest deep dives into some of the big issues of the day and assist a heck of a lot of fun. Monica Crowley, Monica.

Good to have you back with us that thank you for having me. So over the weekend meal we we were all at sea pack. We were having a good time fellowship and cheering on Pres. Trump. While all that was going on. You had some pretty nefarious behavior happening up on Capitol Hill. What kind of dangers are we facing thanks to the inflation reduction act well cracked and Monica Crowley contract, which will be published later this afternoon and I spent a good deal of time taking that fall apart because one of the really important things that I think everybody needs to be aware that we are dealing. Neil Mark neocon as I called in the Democrat, but not exactly what they are and every single thing that you started on transforming the nation into a more neocon market kind model to understand about them is that they are revolutionary is not Democrat or not JFK or Bill Clinton. They are Marxist revolutionary revolutionaries never say never take a break. They never stop, never go on vacation, Democrat coming on Capitol Hill this weekend on the weekend, ramming through an Gothic bill Todd is going to make things so much worse if the economy is bad now just wait. If you think inflation is bad now just wait. They are not spending impacting I tripped and dollars more on top of nearly $7 trillion that they spent last year pumping another trillion dollars down the way a lot of it is weighted toward climactic green energy boondoggles that we've been down this road before him have it, but it doesn't matter that they're going to read pack for on everything.

The American they are standing up now an army of about 90,000 new IRS taken that number in your prospective date brick $80 billion higher 87,000 new IRS auditor and agent guide number more number people working for the Department of defendant, Department of State, FBI and border patrol combine the $80 infusion into the Iraq is something that a previous era, Commissioner went on the record just about a week or so ago. Thank you, $80 billion.

That's way too much money.

Well, not what we know is there to be auditing you and me. There can be auditing so many more Americans impacted millions more are on it are estimated making under $200,000. The not only reading your text that there can be auditing you and putting the hyperinflation were already experiencing unfair and Monica. Beyond that they're spending billions of dollars on enforcement as well. I know Congressman Matt Gates and introduced an amendment of band that would ban the IRS from purchasing ammo, but our understanding is that the school according to Forbes, they've already spent nearly $700,000 in ammo in early in the early part of this year. So what is the IRS doing with all of those weapons in one of the good to be doing with all that ammo. That's what I'd like to know) why collection. The government why are they gathering all kinds of ammunition and what they need it for audit and Paul got your bullet not as far as I know well looked at me for the so the Government accountability office, they run the numbers or goddesses of the Forbes piece according to their information at the end of 2017. That's the earliest numbers. They have the IRS had nearly 5000 guns and 5 billion rounds of ammo in its weapons inventory so this is that in itself is disturbing. Monica, I agree with you. I think all of this is intentional. I think they one thing that the economy to fail under Barack Obama and Joe Biden what it is all just a continuation of what I hereby like that in my Administration was all about eight years under Obama everything darkly direct all of talk you radio and print, you name it hot. I was talking about how this was the intentional distraction of the country and I got pooh-poohed and a lot of people laugh and I stuck to my guns because I knew it to be true. You are dealing here with socialist.

These are communist dictating our current thinking what Barack Obama once called the fundamental transformation of the nation right there. They're telling you exactly what they believe and what they intend for the country and were fools if we don't pay attention like they're disguising that case with Joe Biden normal president would change pack, especially going into a midterm rag looks pretty bad for him and his party, but we've got none of that changed one iota. I'm mad because you that they are completely committed to the agenda and the agenda is American distraction.

Monica Crowley is on the patriot mobile newsmaker line hose to the Monica Crowley podcast Monica we are looking at these numbers the were to be taxable at 70.

What $700 billion $400 billion in new spending.

What is this country, you look like say you by the end of the first term of the Biden administration. Well, I think it is already catastrophic and it could tactically but on their right very, very dark moment for the country. I often you analogy of termite kind you know if you're unfortunate enough Termite your home. You know that termite grow away and eat away at the very foundation of the home and the home looks fine. To the naked eye look like it ending dirty until one day in the whole thing collapsed and what we have here is coming at really. For many, many decades starting in earnest in the 1950 Berlin in the very foundation of our country to grab control of the major pillars like academia and education. The news media are culture, movies, television, all of that stuff and they have been eating away and chipping away for so many years that it feels like we are at the tipping point where the whole infrastructure is about to collapse or is beginning to collapse on us like we need every patriotic American to understand what this is all about. Just like a regular downturn there. If there are run-of-the-mill and competent president who is also correct something else entirely different than exit stencil track to all direct and to the country, the Constitution and the American way of life that we need all hands on back to be pushing back particularly with our election. That's number line going in November.

Please get involved in your local community college. Peephole watcher boat counter ballot up there very if you're an attorney.

Volunteer your time in your local district on a particular legal challenge to be on site is no longer election day it election month. If we don't have integrity in our election got nothing to that's number one. But we can't just put all of our eggs in our politics basket or hope that our leaders will do the right thing because we have a lot more often than not we have to do what we can to try to change the culture and I have five year Todd because you spent your entire career really aching to American culture and Western culture, and how we need to turn it around, make it more faith-based. Get people back to God and not 30 thing that is absolutely critical. Well your blog is the kind words. Thank you for that Monica and looked you up in the voice crying in the wilderness and I remember we we had these conversations back when I was at Fox News and Fox News radio but you been you have been on this. You've seen this play out and over to keep Deborah to keep having on the program because people need to prepare and they need to know what's coming, coming down the path about a cup really there, folks. You gotta check out Monica's incredible podcast of Monica always appreciate you taking time to come of the show.

I think there aren't folks it is. It's a scary picture but but she's right. This is where things are going.

We've got the opportunity to us to try and stop it in the midterm elections, but it is not going to be easy. Were going to have to fight tooth and nail, but to your point to Monica's point rather do you believe this is part of the scheme by the progressives by the Marxist to destroy the economy and to usher in a new age of socialism in America were to go to your phone calls. 844-747-8868. Do you agree with Monica Crowley that this is a critical moment in American history, 844-747-8868 your we talk about moments in time.

Well, this is one of them a moment for you to make a change in your wireless carrier. I've done it, and you should too. I got sick and tired of watching my hard-earned money going to support things like Planned Parenthood simply because I had AT&T.

That's why I made the switch to patriot mobile. They are mobilizing for freedom across America. They're America's only Christian conservative wireless carrier and they donate their money to organizations that fight for causes. We care about. By the way they had one of the largest exhibits over it. See pack hosting so many of our great conservative friends. They make it super simple for our listeners to switch over, go to patriot

That's patriot or you can give them a call 972 patriot I got this use my code promo code Todd there to give you a special discount and free premier activation again patriot or call 972 patriot use the promo code Todd Arliss of all you folks in Wichita, Kansas, Todd Starnes, the town that's right, all you folks listening to us on K QAM is a big talker I were to be coming to town in October will be giving more detail, but it's gonna be a lot of fun and looking forward to meeting so many of our great listeners in Wichita Kansas art. Let's get to the phones 844-747-8868 let's go to Alabama Phil hanging out with us on the live stream hey Phil what's going on Monica Crowley have me fired up they can monitor you that I'm having a critical critical point in the nation's history, no you recognize this and we have to become recruiters.

I guess you know we go to see pack and I go to trump rallies but active that's why I go to almost like, but in Alabama we had less than 15% people both in the last runoff election so I guess the danger is still not people are still not aware kind of what they like.

Monica said it's like term likes it and everything looks fine, but it and hit the front door 87,000 new IRS agents. I figure that I calculate 1750. I think per state that it will really be able to cover Alabama will be at your front wake up people. Phil, I'm not disagreeing with a single thing you're saying here.

I mean, it's your absolutely right.

We does have election here and in Tennessee and it was a major election we had a George Soros district attorney on on the ballot and they voted for the guy he he wanted almost a landslide, but only what 20% to Grace Baker roughly 20%. I think of the registered voters bother to go out on election day I witness it's sad but this is where we are. Phil and I think they know that I think the Democrats know that they were able to shut down the churches they were able to shut down our businesses and nobody said anything about it.

Nobody did anything about we just surrendered.

We did. I left theta born-again Christian committed Christian effectively where our pastors. Oh my word, it just blows me away. I mean, we've got to become recruiters or Christian evangelist, but we can start recruiting and making people aware of what is happening in our country, but we keep playing like everything was normal. Everything's going on got all her footfalls on non-yellow. Everything else done, but we don't risk fill out the same thing happening with the district attorney's is the same thing happened with the churches were Soros was dumping a lot of money into some major church denominations including the southern Baptist which I'm a member and I'll give you this last election cycle and what they've done is they've convinced all the evangelical mega-churches that if they support Tromp that their racist that there there Xena phobic and these pastors they they've just clammed up. I give you great if I am writing to fill here in Memphis you know that every bite majority black church in this area gotten engaged politically and they were fighting tooth and nail of the selection but all of the big mega-churches. They stood down and did nothing.

So there you go. Elections have come on, else it a name on the right will you get what you give us a call. I like the way you think of things for a listing of the program 844-747-8868 here's the deal. Phones were coming up on a break so hang tight. We got Connor in Boston. David and Arkansas Robert North Carolina.

We got a couple of lines open and you know what I would like to hear from some of you preachers out there. Where are the pastors. Why aren't pastors speaking up 844-747-8868 that's her phone number. Hey by the way, got ahead of her. The website we have some great stories for you including lumber to talk about a little bit later than 80-year-old grandma kicked out of the YMCA and the reason why is going to blow your mind. We got the story of Todd Starnes cigarette everybody will theorize that Jesse's girl Kyle is, they will get back to the Todd Starnes radio program. So good to have with us today. Let's go to the phones, North Carolina WSI see Robert on the line. Hey Robert, what's on your mind and good thank you. Wonder what if anybody figured out the balance between what all the new agents would take in as opposed to what the government will pay them in salaries and benefits will I what you know what I I shudder to imagine there to cover the cost.

Robert, I got no doubt about that, though become after all of us but is it gonna be worth it. Are they going to gain enough above the cost for the agent to actually make any kind of difference that that is a great question, Robert. And you know it will ask you to let you go Robert. And because we need to go to the other patriot will please make a line to ask that question of center Roger Marshall, who joins us from the great state of Kansas, Sen. Good to have you with us today you and you can't wait to do the show will be fun.

Well, a lot of people very alarmed at what happened over the weekend while M and we framed it this way.

While people were going to church doing the good Lord's work. You had a bunch of Democrats doing the devils work up on Capitol Hill to get your reaction to what went down over the weekend with a pretty good summary of all the challenges and problems going on in the United States tell me what from this bill was fixed when I go home.

People want to talk about the price of gas and groceries, but the safety, security, the family about why labor issues and labor supply chain disruption and I think that legislation make all those worse so I could be more frustrated. You know it just never see that you amaze me the DNA of Democrats is the raise your taxes and spend money they think the solution to every problem is the government and I go back to Pres. Reagan playing look the government, not the solution to the problem in problem government is the problem sooner when when you look at you doing a deep dive in all of this. A bright part reporting that there will be taxes on fuel taxes on small businesses taxes on medicine and a lot more. It is this accurate. What can we expect here yet so yeah yeah the inflationary part of raising taxes. 1/3 of the energy and of inflation issue is because of energy so they had You'll actually take away some tax benefits that small drilling companies made and I won't bore you with the deep details that I was born and raised in the oil patch and they they are taken away some long honored a ride off toward like drilling costs. That type of thing. I do think that as we raise corporate taxes. Those taxes are going to be passed on to the consumer. I think that when you raise corporate taxes. There is less money per reinvested by the company and it individually is good be left labor wages as well, and that can be more supply chain disruption and as we know when there's a lower supply is going to increase the price so I think this is again this is absolutely an inflationary bill. If you look at it from a commonsense standpoint.

So why are the doing the semi-thing they know what happened to George H. W. Bush. Read my lips no new taxes on the we the Biden administration can't be stupid. So my question is is this intentional do you think they're trying to take the economy.

I don't think here about the economy.

I think they're more concerned about a carbon footprint than they are the environment or the economy. When I asked the administration those types the question what is the economic impact of some your policies and their answer is we don't care we don't measure it, you know, just as long as the carbon footprint going down, and by the way I'm in favor of leaving this will cleaner healthier and safer than we found it.

I just want you the comment. This approach to it, but I don't think that they understand economics 101 again. They know I to spend money that all they think about they wake up in the morning they go to bed thinking what can we spend money on it and they make one decision that create the crisis then they try to solve it with more of their inflationary spending and just of the Domino a compounding of errors why we got this question a lot over the past couple of days.

Sen. why is the IRS stocking up on weapons and ammo. One of the me that for O.I think question I don't have an answer that I would point out that they doubled the number of IRS agent doubled him and that disproportionately impact small businesses and small hard-working Americans. I guarantee you they're going to come after small businesses small you a person that is making 50 $80,000 a year to defend their there were our IRS returns their public talking to her $3000 small business is going to spend five can $25,000 defending that return no net net. I don't be by the time they paid our IRS agent by the have all the decrees deftly have again and that any money from this kid. It turned into another tack, but I don't know why they are accumulating the weapon that's very scary to me. Well, it's scary to a lot of us and I would love for someone to get to the bottom of that, especially if you guys are able to retake the Senate as well as the house in the fall focuses Sen. we have center Roger Marshall on the patriot mobile newsmaker line from the great state of Kansas sooner when you're looking towards the midterms. How are things looking for the Republicans will II would bet a lot of money that were going to have a change on the house side. Maybe we pick up 30 feet. I think the Senate is literally neck and neck. Right now I think it's a coin flip. Anybody that thinks they know I would not vest in any money with them at all. Is it good depend on turnout. I think I'm November and I think as long as conservative and independent show up and they're concerned about the economy they're concerned about the safety and security of their family. November election is to be a referendum on Joe Biden policy.

I'm very optimistic of it. But again, were working again 90% of the national media who are going out lies, and in untruth out there with you sooner. And we know there to do that, but we've got to get everybody out there. Everybody's gotta go into their part. They got a votes.

Otherwise, you know, we get what we voted for you right in. And if you think about even yesterday horrible situation in the inflationary bill. This doesn't happen yet Republican conservatives got outvoted in Georgia. We left to sit at Ethan Georgia January 2021 that we should've never lost if we have the gavel. The legislation never see the light of day doesn't get rid let alone get up, get a vote on it. If Republicans are in control of controlling the agenda. Like I can tell you you cannot overstate how important it is the person who gets to set the agenda and that going to come down the voter turnout and and getting our message out. I think that those independent people that are in the middle are much more concerned about the economy and the stake in their family than they were two years ago and and rightly so I'm I'm I'm encouraged that we got work to do right Sen. leave it there. Good stuff. As always, so we really appreciate you coming to the program today all right. I think you give us the boys have a great week, Sen. Roger Marshall, everybody, and a lot of listers in Wichita, Coffeyville, Kansas, big fans of that time. Writer Sen. Marsha Blackburn posted something on her twitter and II found this to be fasting Grace Baker just hundred and if this is a trivia question right out of the gate.

Now where are you more likely to be audited in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles or Grundy County, Tennessee. I meant to say Tennessee don't see that the Lord save New York New York broaden its Grundy County, Tennessee to stay with Grundy County � ushered me. This is shocking and shock you are more likely to be audited in Grundy County, Tennessee than in Westchester County New York, which is home of Hillary Rodham Clinton and a bunch of other multi-Brazilian heirs will you know why all the liberals are there is a matter that you look at rear so the folks at Pro public, which is one of the leftist places they put together a map and they did a big study on where you are more likely to be audited in America. What is shocking. It's not the liberal states.

It's the conservative states. That's not talking and it's especially the southern states. So you folks in Mississippi. You guys are getting whacked better watch out Georgia and also Tennessee and then you most of the state of Texas so but the deep South.

Especially was like there, get walloped, hardly anybody in New York State is getting audited, not socked once again proving that there come in after the middle class working class folks, that's who they're targeting with exactly trump supporters all right 844-747-8868 let's get to the phone here Connor in Boston. Connor good to have you with us what's on your mind what out of the pleasure beyond the greatest radio show while importing well your kind, you your one of our regulars from the old days back at Fox and we love Ms. Janice and you know it's it's a family here and I had a chance to talk to her over the weekend and that you should stop but she's she's a tough lady that one and that she's going to get through, so no doubt about it, had no doubt about it. I'll call you though earlier regarding her will to know I told you earlier.

I called the bill in the private thing called annual performance reviews for our performance.

We need to start having a close term limits for arduous funders and other members of the House of Representatives.

I feel if we had something like that where they were being held accountable for a lot more result. Fill out what your irresponsible spending will simple like you were meeting expectations are not meeting expectations are not meeting at most 50 day trip, but they don't meet the expectation throughout the fight somebody out simple.

There you go, Connor, it's but the problem is in the federal government. They don't do that to me once you get in urine and as a matter how lousy of a job Monica Linsky exactly follow the hack, but we start out like that. We start really draining the swamp know if you're spending more responsible and the results of the American people agree with Ron's Connor I I want him to follow through on some promises. One of them is to abolish the Department of Education.

He's gotta do that and then fire every bit of fire as many bureaucrats as he can possibly fire during his time in office he if he does nothing else and that I will be a happy camper will not go Biden you will get results foster before the consultant on the clock around our country be a much better place right about that. All right, regularly with their good thoughts, as always you be going up there, watch your back in Harvard town. Mary says I have a question writing on our live stream over Facebook.

Todd, who will the IRS be hiring NT phone oh Mary went the well could be Mary.

I may look they've already got the hired goon squad out there. James says they better not step foot on anybody's property there to feel a stinging sensation. All of a sudden James lets you know what were going to take. Let's go to Jim in Statesville, North Carolina, a WS I see he has a theory on why the IRS is stocking up Jim.

I am all ears. Good good great joke. Great show, all the time thanks I did, I did some research or under title 26, U.S. Constitution, there's 2200 at the moment.

2200 IRS agents are allowed to carry weapons. They're the ones in the criminal division. They do the money laundering cocci IRS investigation want to do the criminal stuff now. I don't know how many were planning on hiring, but they have 5000 weapons in stock. What I heard earlier, that's two weapons per individual probably personal and delightful. Probably a Glock and an ache and then they are and when the communist Democrats turn this country into a socialist, which is what I hope they don't do.

I'm sure that they can flock them for the 43 galoshes and an AK-47, which is probably going to make China and Russia very good why all the ammo I don't understand a master plan hire probably 10 or 11,000 for the year criminal that the gym, my concern is that your you are basically arming bureaucrats this is that they're building their own army and took to what point where is all of that going and I'm with Monica. We have been and I wrote my last book cultures behind and I told folks. This is where we are going and you're going to have a situation worse, not the US military that's got more firepower.

It's going to be the Internal Revenue Service. I hope I hope the rest of the country realized it doesn't sound like they do. I don't think they care, I heard about well worth bringing immediately fell were to be talking about it. More on this radio program and Jim you can tell your friends to tune in because were to do our best to warn everybody about what's coming. Jim got a run, I am late for a break. Folks, 844-747-8868 is our telephone number I have to tell you about the big back to school sale over my That's my like has incredible deals on all of his products, including those amazing my pillows.

The original by follows your to be able to pick him up for bargain price. My pillows as low as 1988 got your kid going to college get a bipolar 60s towel set by one get one free. Only with my promo code.

My gotta use my promo code. Starnes all right let's see if we can get another: real quick here.

Jim KY KN Salem, Oregon hey Jim what's on your mind particular, I wanted to sponsor your query. A moment ago you could where the pastors were the church wrote a book about 10 years ago, addressing the progressive inroads into the church talked about Soros.

I talked about Peter Drucker love the church growth stuff that was taking people in another direction and I wanted to tell you what I was talking to somebody about pastor about that he said something very telling to me.

I asked him to read the book and give me input means that you know everything there is true. I know that's all happening set on their retirement and I don't want to jeopardize my entire retirement for my family.

I think it was just a way where it would just preach the gospel that this is going to move along and I kept thinking of Martin.

The molar is one of famously wrote in Nazi Germany before the they finally took over he said. First they came for the trade unionist. I didn't speak up. I was in a trading account for the communist balancer comments. I didn't speak out finally came for me and there was nobody here to speak up for me that's true and I think churches are na�ve to think, not engaging on this subject is the right answer because they will come for the church.

They are coming for the church and I just felt compelled to call you entire exam because I think your your spot on with the general quick, what's the name of your book called fatal drift is the church losing its anchor all right working to post a link to that on the line so blog Grace will get on. Let's get that on their Jim appreciate the call we got a skedaddle in the computers going to cut us off fatal drift.

That's about Jim Rose and Jim you give us a call back.

I would have a conversation about this is an important gotta get everybody gave in fighting for our country right hand side.

Howard University through viewing movies to see little George had over the and I was out of the summer far. Your bill, there's a great play. It's occasion, like butcher shop, and they do all great so I was going down in Thomas Thomas anyway at some it's down pump you know where that is. So anyway I'm I'm heading back and had a good end of the pull of the Kroger on Houston Levy Road, so I pull in and I run right smack in the middle of a carjacking owned by it was insane. Crime is off the charts here and so now the criminals the thugs the little fledglings are all over like they love carjacking and they'll shoot you and that's the problem when you got that the 1011-year-olds are carjacking, which by the way they are. There was a ring they broke up 14 people and seven of them were under the age of of 18 is insane and they were like the youngest was 10 years old and you can't you know we had a 10-year-old point a gun at you yeah you can't really talk sent common sense to begin right so if you get carjacked needs to be somebody older but you over the weekend.

By the way they had to currently so so they had another carjacked with 216-year-olds. The owner of the cargoes out there sees what's happening shoots one of the 16-year-olds in the arm and he got arrested for aggravated assault. The victim. The victim lovely so I pull in and I'm talking to the other Kroger clerk and does. She was like this she goes.

This is nuts. Yet the poor ladies of the one Moses get gas carjackers. The thugs show up just what they were driving along Mustang you must allow, and so they pull out they grapple and search they slam her poor hand into the car door and worried Randy she was in the ambulance and the cops are looking for the service is crazy already when you're getting gas now at such an ordeal.

How expensive it is and then he got worried for your life over the weekend they had the barbecue joint got held up and a waffle house so you know the lawful houses. I don't have any sympathy because you know everybody's packing heat illegally in the lawful, this is so somebody should have a least put down the spatula called out to God and take not the bad guy.

Sorry leave those fried eggs today. That's it. I just said you know something everybody knows, something always goes down with a waffle house so this folks just pray for his work and have selected fortifications here at the bunker. Unbelievable. I wanted to the Todd surge radio show our three walk were broadcasting from Mogadishu on the Mississippi. Let's go to the page remodeled his major ally Jordan Pratt from first Liberty Institute Jordan hope you're doing better than we are today.

Sounds like it. Take that amount that's all war zone. All right Jordan, we got the rehab you want to talk about a great, great news update last week we were telling people about the story in San Diego. The Symphony Orchestra Association and they had turned down a church from doing a Christmas event because it was a religious organization give us the back story and that will give people the update. Our client awakened her very, very large church about big house in San Diego and they have a very gated theater program at their church and every year they host with the night of Christmas which present the Christmas story you know with the professional level acting and singing and it usually very well attended talking you know that a very large venue as needed and our client was search around for venue and found something called the ready, shall I which is a waterfront outdoor facility that is operated by the Symphony, but it's in part, and it (it's basically it's the computer that's held out to members. The public is a place where the concerts of things like that and they sent a request to rent the space for December and they were told initially that the weekend that they were targeting with work and that they were no getting ready to have a contract drafted up WITH thing in the special proceeding pretty normally and then there was sort of appeared couple of weeks when I didn't hear back and finally got a response that said will actually realize now that your Europe religious organization and therefore we can't rent you but positive update that I'm I'm here to share today is that actually sent a letter explaining that you know refusing to rent a place of public accommodation on the basis of religion violates both know the Civil Rights Act of auto Civil Rights Act and California's Civil Rights Act we've now got a favorable response back from the ready shell company and they have indicated that they are willing to work with our client on a date for December so were hopeful that are kind to be able to present the night of Christmas.

I just think this is terrific news and the one of the things I love about you guys at first Liberty are not spiteful people. You just want them to do the right thing and sometimes it takes a little bit of poking and prodding, but the you guys poked and prodded him there you go yes and wanted very quickly to the credit, it was a few days maybe three and at what were looking forward to our working toward resolution. You know you know when you look at these kinds of stores in Jordan we been covering first Liberty for decades here on this. This radio program. I think the lesson here is that for so many people of faith, the it may be there. They're unwilling or they just don't feel comfortable complaining or going and letting somebody know that something like this is happen, but it's important because when you do speak out. You can write a wrong yet great point.

I mean that the response that we got it with an email response letter client.initially the unfavorable response and it said we can't rent you or any other religious. I think the message is you know when when we respectfully speak out and and you clarify your legal obligations and assert our right to provide cover and protection for other people that may be in the same boat time so I don't know if you know other churches or synagogues or anybody else � to venue but you know I think that this is going to provide some yellow layer protection for opera folks might be in the same boat and our client hadn't sort of been willing to stick up and and just to send a letter that he knows no other other folks to suffer the same pain sort of illegal treatment. So I think that's a good thing. Well done and the folks first Liberty. They don't charge these churches. They don't charge their clients. Anybody it's all done pro bono and if you would like to find out ways that you could help first Liberty, a baby give a donation or something of that nature of we've got a direct link over our live show blog and you can go and check out all the great work you're doing. Jordan congratulations and we appreciate you sharing some good news today. All right there you go. Jordan Pratt's with first Liberty Institute.

The story already up and you can read more details about that. So there is a there is a story out of Washington state and play some audio for you it's it's a bit lengthy but you need to hear this. There's an 80-year-old woman she is been going to the YMCA for 40 some odd years and the other day she was in the shower so and you know these YMCAs they don't they're not real big on privacy. It's like you know they have the open showers. You go in there, get buck naked and he got you lather up with people right next to so anyway, the poor ladies in their she's get lathered up after her a swim and she looks over and she sees a man in a women's bathing suit, and she immediately should the poor lady she's nude and she's got this guy in the locker room and she said what and she asked him point blank. Do you have a man private part minutes on regular basis, but the specifics here, but grace are you okay I hole in your head and blessing. Five.

Go bad, so she goes to complain and then she's the one that gets banned from the YMCA in the victim. It makes no sense. There is nothing Christian about the YMCA these days people so anyway she went to the city Council. Her name is Julie Jame and she's 80 years old. She's a grandma, and here's what she had to say Williams to your name and where you live. For the record, I'm here because I had an experience that you need to know. I have sent you all in detail in an effort by the city in the YMCA to apply the new cultural gender holes in Mountain View, dressing, shower room facilities, women and children are being put at risk.

My experience while showering after my swim was hearing a man's voice in the women's dressing area seeing a man in women's swimsuit, watching little girls pulled down their meeting suits in order to use the toilets in the dressing room. I reacted by telling him to leave and consequences that I have been banned from the there is no signage informing women. The shower room is now all gender and what that means, nor have parents been informed of what they can expect these these policies, why is not provided any dressing shower room options for women do not want to be exposed to man who identified as women. It is unconscionable that the YMCA would instigate these new policies without clearly informing patrons and parents, although in 2021. The Y reported that they were adding family and all gender dressing and bathing areas.

They've not done.

Instead, they use are binary designations and turn the facilities into all gender with choices.

The staff seems to have received little professional training on how to handle reactions to such a radical cultural change, particularly for the most vulnerable older female patrons and children may be exposed to inappropriate behavior, the dignity and safety of unsuspecting women who have trusted to use these facilities for many years. This is not right.

The YMCA, the city, the police and sheriffs the parents. The professionals who assist victims of voyeurism peeping Tom, pedophilia and assault need to come together to figure out how to meet the new policies work for all pool patrons, not just one group how to keep children who are less able to discriminate safe and running women discriminate when the situation threatens their safety or their children a message from our ancestors are now accused of discrimination as if they have made someone else.

The victim we need to do much more intelligent and wise about applying the rules and developing policies that are respectful and inclusive of all the people applauding this is one state the woman's apparently a Democrat makes it what it doesn't matter if you're Republican or Democrat neurobiological female in something like that happens and you pay something like that in the YMCA, of all places, and these and what she did not say is that the staff threatened to call the police on her.

They accused her of a hate crime because she pointed out that the dude in the women's bathroom wherein the women's swimsuit had a man parts and they said that was a hate crime.

They were to call the cops.

You know what you did she call the cops and they filed a report of their investigating the YMCA people gotta take a break 844-747-8860 if that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 may I tell you about some incredibly refreshing iced tea. It's called life change T and they're having a big summer sale buy three get one free, why not make a commitment to feel your best. This summer I did and I feel great life change T it's amazing. It's natural.

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That's in addition to the buy three get one free sale and they're going to throw in free shipping. That's over $50 in savings. Get the use the discount code. Todd and the number 10 for an additional $10 off plus free shipping ON some photos off of the seatback that was a lot of fun normally. Today they have me do a speech you know 510 minutes and it's it's bond.

It's fine but I really enjoyed the new assignment. It was about an hour long session and basically I was kind of like a Johnny Carson and interviewing, they had different panels and we started out with the great governor of Oklahoma Gov. Stitt went up good 15 minute conversation about how he is the most pro-life governor in the entire nation great interview. Then we we talked to other moms for liberty group and the talking about schools and CRT taking back your schools and then we wrapped it up with a great panel of father Frank Pavone you eject Brewer the NFL player and adjust it was just a lot of fun as we had talked about why faith still matters great conversations great to see so many of you over seatback and I just can't say enough good stuff about Matt's lap. It was good to the phone zero 844-747-8868 let's go to David and central Arkansas hi David, what's on your mind today about term limits. The thing is really heavily involved in the tea party and like were sure all multicore folks got the watch and it wasn't over 100 years and they were all stimulated, including Washington DC habits and lifestyle money called and said while people were watching.

The food was good.

Once I got there they got an emergency medical whole business up there this like ones are already after they got stuck in the swamp didn't die. David and talk about time limit that'll never happen but don't want to fill out all of the food in their their career. Many times politicians don't want to do 300 broken. The nightly millionaires want to dance with those of the investigations I'd like for the the IRS to take a look at but then I can that with a 10 foot pole yell something real quick. Overall in your people there but England, but then I don't either. Look, there is a building more than I think that it is my will to start something is actually well there you go. Hey David, good call.

Gotta run your folks 844-747-8868 all you believe was the mayor of New York City is a journal love this is America reviving for Gordon Ramsay. By the way, phrase, have you been to Vegas though never been to Vegas never.

So I know that you have your family� To the show. Alright, so are you like saying that because there listening to the show government of 8070 Kyle, he's been a time or two times never to Vegas never been. We try to talk about that at the family gathering. So keep that on the down love only seen the movies Vegas well that's pretty much I would say the movie version is probably tamer than what actually goes down in Vegas.

I believe it anywhere.

All that is. I went to Gordon Ramsay's restaurant and I think you may have several, but I would one. Where's the fish and chips was ending it all by Josh unbelievably nice and I'm not a big P person you the little green. He's not a big thing he had this kind of pur�e thing going down and it was on believable red rose bushes. The whole thing. The fish the chips the player ran service impeccable and everything will be. It was one of the best restaurants I've gone through.

I like if it wasn't a near-perfect experience, people would be writing about it like yelling at him because it's what he does other. Oh yeah and and and very unflattering terms, but know the whole the whole experience and it was not pretentious at all good.

A good place for any way by the way, some leaving I'm getting off in a slight tangent so I will. I left the restaurant and this right off of the floor of the casino floor and I want I'm walking by and there's a guy and he's one of those motorized scooters and they're all over the place know and this guy looked to be about three 5400 pounds.

He is a big and he was slumped.

He was slumped in the in the scooter. It was parked right up in front of a slot machine and he had a cigarette dangling from the or something dangling from the corner of his mouth and he was just it was just like he was in some for it wasn't a zombie state he was putting the money in and pulling the lever and just yet. He was breathing but callous took me by surprise. I thought wow, that is symbolic of the entire country right now.

I mean just unbelievable fairness.

So it all back to Gordon Ramsay alright so anyway but is a great meal anyway. Gordon Ramsay is catching a whole lot you know, what do we have this audio all right so Gordon Ramsay there is a tick-tock video posted and he's getting ready to to cook lamb and soda cooked lamb you have to go and pick out little you the little late, so let's take a listen, this is Gordon Ramsay picking out a lamb you, which was good.

You are now listed. I will disclosure lamb is delicious. I'm not an ally. I've eaten lamb. It's delicious but I don't want to like see the process. I don't want to see him picking out the cute little lamb.

I just don't want to see it. I don't see it on my plate already cooked some nine 9 million people have already seen this on tick-tock and people are going nuts there horrified. All these little youngsters. These urchins and so here's what one person wrote what class was out of touch in a heartless way to treat another 70 and be okay. It's a lamb. It's a lamb. Do you think the grown men should be teaching children on tick-tock that animal abuse is funny but is not animal abuse. Worse was to Edom. That's why God put them here. We may close and then we either that's the whole point of a lamb. They have no other purpose right you get out the you get out the scissors of the razors or whatever and you shave him and you make a nice thick sweater and then you Edom. They close this. It's in the Bible says of the Old Testament. Another person joins in all this. This was a dude. Those are babies R this is not normal behavior is that body is not entertaining. And if you think edibles don't understand does look out scared they are when he gets it that. They look all that scared of it is like they came running to them like pick me, pick me best time to see I'm tasting all anyway. I don't ears that they genuinely don't understand how that that Rabelais IMAP shows up on the table. Don't think about it today not know what it looks like before it one of the elemental so so anyway people are just fired up about this are so angry and their wanting Gordon Ramsay to be punished may not understand how a hamburger is made. Do they not understand the whole point of the Chick-fil-A Cal advertisements eat more chicken. Do they not understand why the cows are up there on the billboards risking their homes writing in illegible, illiterate language, eat more chicken.

Do they not understand why trying to protect themselves from the Gordon Ramsay today not understand what farm to table means right asked that what we want right because all these people complaining are the farm to tape. I only eat organic farm to table pipe away. So one of our staffers. I went to. We had a birthday so we went to one of these are restaurants of Memphis on Dragon. I'm was a fine meal. It was a great meal. I noticed they have a gluten-free menu but you're not to say that any what you say you can't sit satire. You can't say gluten-free that's what he supposed gluten sensitive how okay for the love actually are.

They cite they are two different things. What what what did the world through for the past out of a thousand thousand years.

Hey, that's all. Another discussion we need to blame the food manufacturers without one or put stuff in our food that's making us all sick. But the whole of the tangent so representatives were Gordon Ramsay did not immediately respond to a request. I wish he would have. I hope that he comes out on man you that I love that show about electronic health and it's an awesome come out just you know I Gordon Ramsay, my radio program that would be awesome.

I would love to book him for your radios and we may have to get the top, but maybe just you know just how I got in there yet.

Just I just but again it's mind-boggling that people don't know where their food comes running. They know they just don't want to think about it most. These kids never worked on a farm a day in their life so verify that. I probably think the chocolate notes comes from blackouts no comments on the white milk comes from a white towels in the strawberry well I'm not a big fan of almond milk, almond milk get me started there without milk. But seriously I mean, you would think these people you know they really think that milk actually comes from a from a carton.

These people are morons yeah were teaching them pronouncements of the things or how they're actually made Switzerland's pronoun that you get.

That's the program tasty and yummy. Oh my goodness, well, you know honestly what Gordon Ramsay should've done is brought children and so that if they could learn something useful with their lives, because when the economy blows up and the socialist takeover and that's the grocery stores are empty. That's what were going to have to do your own food. You know the most popular people of the school are to be is not the it's not the quarterbacks on the football team. None of its it's the kids in the future farmers of America FFA there to be like the rock stars because there to be the only people know how to you slaughter a pig.

The cheerleaders are going to be like ditch in the football guys and going the Doxy knowing going for that. I like your overall true was the country.

What's that there's a great song country kit is in his kitty chest is country music. I have no eyes. He thinks my tractor sexy you know big green tractor so there you go.

I gotta take a break.

There 844-747-8868.

So hang in there Gordon Ramsay don't go vetoing us 844-747-8868 this is the Todd storage all right. Let's see here in Salem, Oregon. The great KY KM hey Greg what's on your mind.

I got the book to with you.

It was great, but my point is, with all the reaction you liberal on local lamb actually comes from God because the baby I wonder what they would think if we got to see what looked like when you actually work a little baby but I'll bet my people to talk about things, hypocrisy that they are. Greg is a terrific point you make in that the reality is that this is very sad, but people on the left would be more concerned about the little baby kitten or baby lamb than they would an unborn baby, which they don't consider to be worth saving. So in in there since you know the baby animal lives matter baby human lives do not matter but sent right Greg Ackley caught a picture. It would be terrible so but if you actually crawled up. It would be interesting to watch them wallowing around the clock and that's what it is Greg that was a great event.

It was so great to meet you and thank you for coming out well as a him. It was a fun night there and in Salem, Oregon. Well got a lot of very good people and unfortunately they do run a couple County court the media with no help to go with ample well you guys have a great radio station KY Cayenne and their broadcasting that the truth all over the place so you know just keep supporting them, and I keep inviting folks to listen and who knows we might be able to convert a leftist or two. You never know.

I believe America's all right Dragon you got it good folks out there good folks just really dedicated to fighting for conservative causes out there. Ellis go to Georgia WG went day that I understand you have in an egg story. Oh yeah, I was raised on a farm hundred-year-old. There are people who are squeamish and lack of knowledge about this time to tell you what I do know I love. I'm a disabled veteran I spent all in our in a wheelchair, allowing when I go back in front of the egg area. If there's a young lady they're stocking a sword in all their birthday yell getting your eggs in and they'll sit there and go already.

Through the ragged let me go ask the manager is likely will and I she came back one day. That guy and it wheelchair that is at the so but I talk to you and I enjoy your booking recommended when it is just wonderful to have around. We may be one of many old now I can read it again find stuff after our rest. That's great stuff that that is a great story. Of course these days, you know, with everybody identifying a man you never know. I mean maybe maybe of this, a rooster, you know, self identifies him and pop Saturday. You never you never know these days. Well that you write it you got the part of mostly tree is Richard Sununu I David you give us a call back and I like all. Well, you're going.

Thank you for calling to David Ellis go to Mississippi. Ernest is on the line W PMO are great affiliate done in past good girl Ernest you do it. I get right to it.

I know that a lot of hoopla about the know when it in the repugnant, if they take everything back I was referring to the noted know that would go the Democrat boat human program in charge.

They don't do what they need to do.

My question to you that look to your affair. All these bill. The Democrats getting through like this when they just had is there such a policy and political terms.

Can they be for no or take back somebody build a patent get the refund of the charge and if they want to do it at all and I was there for you to think something so that question, Ernest. It would be next to impossible. They would have to have massive they would have to have vetoproof majorities in the Senate and the house and and they don't have them. So it's a moot point, is a great question, though I will say this, that this is why the Republicans are going to need the White House in 2024 and there's an immediate need to be able to control both houses of Congress so they can reverse all of this and the will see how that goes. Appreciate the call, Ernest.

This just happened.

Pres. Biden is in Kentucky and he was sitting down for an interview with the governor and here's what happened is wow so what the president said there is little hard to hear the president said may I ask a question of the governors is one of the present. You can ask whatever you want and then Pres. Biden comes back and says well I still have to ask permission from whom will why is it the White House press Corps asking these kinds of questions.

Why aren't they doing that it's beyond me that they refused to address the very clear fact that Joe Biden is not in control of his faculties. He's not in control of the White House.

He doesn't even know that he's president United States but somebody does then want to talk about that and I think we all know the reason why were any of the more that tomorrow.

Also tomorrow, Jill and Rose over ESPN because we gotta stop we gotta stop calling Mount Rushmore, Mount Rushmore. I he's mounting a charge against that Gov. Christie Noma fighting back the marketing of that story tomorrow were just there so much stuff going on today your folks and also to get to some of my CPAP panel discussions, which were just off the charts. Just some really good good information coming from our guests and our good friend Ed Henry, former colleague over at Fox news is saying that Fox has been trying to to get rid of Trump and so they're trying to marginalize Donald Trump and he's got some inside info on that it will get to that as well tomorrow. Also, now is a great time to head over to the website.

We have a an incredible special going on over the Todd surge store including discount prices on all of her books, the most recent one now a bestseller, our daily biscuit devotions with a drawl. If you have a copy of this and a lot of you folks have been sending you notes thank you for that. Get yourself a copy there to love it there to laugh, tear up a little bit and you're gonna learn lots all right. Todd get out there ladies and gentlemen have a great rest of your day will see tomorrow. Other banks go out of their way to make redeeming credit card words needlessly complicated like how they require minimum support force you to use your words before reaching some arbitrary expiration date but discovers a link that we discover, you can redeem your rewards for cash and any amount at any time, so you never have to jump through hoops like a trapeze this thing means, go right ahead. Learn where rewards terms apply

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