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Hurricane Ian Blows Through Florida; Joe Biden Tries to Introduce a Congresswoman Who Died Last Month

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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September 29, 2022 12:45 pm

Hurricane Ian Blows Through Florida; Joe Biden Tries to Introduce a Congresswoman Who Died Last Month

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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September 29, 2022 12:45 pm

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This growing radio talk show. Brian kill me what you being here about is the right to me Joe 18664801868488 would go to be taking phone calls in just a second, but for someone to try to get these TVs off. There will be all set. Okay, there we go with me right now, and studios Kevin Roberts and Carly Shimkus. It's time to go. Sugars of the body are, let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three on Jackie.

She was pretty unbelievable, right, unexplainable, inexcusable and alarming. The present forgets a lawmaker who died asked for her in a crowd, who by the way, he called her to express his regrets to the surviving of the two husband is Jackie Velasquez family.

How do you explain that you explained that almost nobody covered it into the press conference where a bunch of close races think we have a 50-50 shot back. It's going to be really really close either one of you well. So an optimistic center. Mitch McConnell compared to where he was a midterm movement and momentum of the Pennsylvania Senate race is tightening so was the governor's race in New York review the numbers and everywhere. The Republicans seem to be making gains in where the Democrats are rejiggering their message may end up being a category five, but at a minimum, is going to be a very strong category four. That's gonna rank as one of the top five hurricanes ever hit Florida Peninsula that is governor understand his moments ago addressing the people Florida and around the country in the federal government giving us an update on hurricane Ian, the top five most file possible hurricanes that slam Florida in its illustrious history.

Right now the first lady of the state is speaking and I'm not sure what she's addressing but she's obviously a local anchor really looked up to in Jacksonville when they first met. And that's where he was a congressman originally got around to Santa so far, control as we see more more.

What is left behind right now is Kevin Roberts, Heritage foundation Pres. and Kevin will talk about politics with first things first in Florida. So many people relocated there from the Northeast, especially New York. This is maybe their first hurricane it. It is in our group on the Gulf Coast, Louisiana Brian watching this coverage reminds me of hurricane Andrew, 1992, which was a direct hit on my hometown and and obviously living through that that day of those winds and that devastation is awful, but as you and I were talking about a couple minutes ago. The real test for every body will come the next few days and weeks and so for people who recently relocated their what a rude awakening to what life is like on the coast. I mean we thought was going to hit in Tampa it here in Fort Myers. They seem to be a sewer somewhat surprised by it, and then the sheriff came out and you know was talk text to Marco Rubio's is a great guy but he says we know there's hundreds dead and he is no confirmation on that. But I did hear from somebody off the record thereof. They've seen bodies so there is going to be some fatalities but to say hundreds if that's not true.

It's strange for him to say that look there's you and I both know there is no way that he knows that I'm knocking to sit here and can question his motive, but he's gotta be more responsible about that, because unfortunately Brian, there is little doubt that there will be fatalities. Obviously we hope our fellow Americans. Those are those are minimal between the human toll of this and that the toll of having 1020 feet of of storm surge in your homes. This is going to be a major recovery effort, especially when you consider that part of Florida and that very well run booming state is is like the engine of the state right I mean you got 7000 National Guard been mobilized already. 40,000 emergency workers ready to go and we have equipment staged in various areas.

Rhonda Santos been very cool under pressure. That's how was characterized I talked to Jared Kushner in about when his time in the pandemic and we talk and he says that who you in the most medication with select clockwork governors as we call me every day. Any crunch numbers you have opinions. He asked me if this was writer.

This was wrong, and that's typist that somebody that got the military background, the Yale at Harvard degrees and somebody that wants to pull this off.

So far so good. So far so good.

He's in. I have a lot of scrutiny of that from a policy point of view and growing up in the Gulf Coast. Think about what happened in Louisiana with with Gov. Blanco at that point but DeSantis thus far gets near perfect marks and he prepared the state why don't mean that as a political statement. We ought not be thinking about politics as Americans, although of course the Biden administration wants to I think is good to do really well because he got the leadership profile to communicate well to make really good decisions and when he needs to push the feds to act quicker. We know that is willing to do and go to the microphone and say when he's not getting our member and I brought this up to Rick Scott when he was governor Scott but just now a senator on Fox and friends, and after that the after the club shooting in Orlando.

He said I am not heard from Pres. Obama a and present bum was coming into town never called the Republican governor, yet he was early in his second term, yet be a leader and he said so far present buying after waiting a few days came out and called Amy called again this morning. Says he, I'm glad you call because we have a few more counties that are under duress like you to declare their emergencies which allows individuals. The gluttons have lost my house and no spending money and he's enclosing a place to go. So as individuals got to FEMA.

It is crucial and in of Pres. Biden. In fact, is going to be the uniter that he promised to be in the last election.

This is the opportunity for him to show it. Obviously, DeSantis. You know, just watching his press conference has been a really good job of just being focused on helping his people. It's really crucial for all of us to understand that the scope of this particular natural disaster is going to last not for weeks but for months and probably a couple years and this is when you can shorten that recovery right you how quick to get the power back on. How could you give people food and be responsive.

That will ultimately be his grade so shocked about a few things and we know a major gaffe by the present yesterdays everyone concerned. How about this what about this choice to say this at this time cut nine you want and one more warning warning you can use do not let me repeat tonight. Musicians excuse to raise gas prices. Regards, again he's vilifying oil and gas companies is these IVs that try to destroy them. He is ripping them, blaming them for high gas prices just juvenile pandering. Brian affected it. It really angers me because you need every kind of business owner to really dig deep and help people and that's what Americans do and so this is clearly something Biden sees a political opportunity, and I want to be really clear everyone's gouging the American people at Biden in his administration and his allies in Congress who keep in effect raising taxes by passing more spending that leads directly to inflatable and refineries open which will bring that will bring the oil and gas down so if the oil industry is responded, quote it's an unfolding weathervane. Our industry is focused on keeping the energy market well supplied and delivering fuels when they needed most, while ensuring the safety of our workforce gasoline price determined by market forces, not individual companies and claims of the price of the pump is anything but a function of supply and demand are false to his even though he's talking about oil, you know that right because if he had even an eighth-grade understanding of economics. He would be pushing for all the legislation that's happened in this ministry. He was telling people wife the barrel of oil is $76 as prices of gas going up for the last five or six days. He says right away is get it's those horrible gas station owners as we know how rich they are and it sees horrible oil executives and and and, interestingly, is as we know it to your point. Most gas station owners are small businesses that own one location.

They are scraping by, especially during a period of inflation we should be vilifying these people should be actually celebrating what they're doing for the American economy, especially while Western Europe Pines for some type of oil and gas relief and good allies would provide that we can, so I want you here with the present said yesterday in a lightly covered event about nutrition. He was looking for somebody played a role in putting together this conference Jackie will Laura ski who sadly tragically died in a car accident about a month ago. Listen to this cut 17. I want to thank all of you here for including bipartisan elected officials like the present Gov. Sen. Braun Sen. Booker representative Jackie you here restricting fiction.

She was you know why she's not there because she's day and I do hope that this copy or what he was reading what he was thinking What you thoughts on this end by the pool report didn't have this major gaffe in it and I think it's one of the worst examples and a litany of leftist media bias Brian which you live through every day. Pres. Biden and my dad are exactly the same age and I tell my dad was a great conservative that if you ever exhibited signs of that kind of decline mentally. I would drive to where you are and I would bring you to be checked out and I would do that because of love for you so that when I see this president with whom I disagree on everything do that. I'm sad for this country but also scares the daylights out of me. Brian is someone with four kids and who loves this country that there's no way he's capable of making decisions and you think about what's confronting the United States, not just domestically, but in terms of foreign policy with the Chinese Communist Party with with Putin.

There is no way that he's the one making decisions.

It really ought to concern all of us including his party or he thinks you make decisions. For example, when he came out the one China policy, and they walked him back for the fourth time it's unbelievable. And they said well the present has not changed at all. We have a change of mission, but they never answer the question.

Were they press new magic present from Kim out and try to sue somebody that was dead.

The Army there's no way they would even cover the hurricane as seen in the coverage just as gaffe and and you are both old enough to remember when that the media in the late 80s would make fun of Pres. Reagan always and and there was no substance there, at least at that point in his life. The point is, it raises the question who's actually running the country. That's an equally scary quest to listen to this.

The least skilled press secretary. The history of our nation is now in charge, so this happens is the Washington Post who asked the question, Karine Jean-Pierre, listen to this. Now I know she's in a tough spot in defense of her what you do when you know something this cataclysmic is happened. There were no fatalities in this but what is it lead you to believe.

Cut 18, my president and her family and I'm again I think people can understand. I think the American people out there who watch the briefing and from time to time may be at this moment will understand when someone is at top of mind and and this was such an important such an important event when were talking about hunger when talking about food and security were talking about these champion sticks Congressional champions who were in the room who have worked in a bipartisan way. We don't talk much about bipartisan actions that we see in Congress and okay pathetic terrible spin. Here's more so they didn't let up, and this wasn't Peter Ducey that was in Fosco 20 prepare to release her remarks so we can understand not understanding why why that would be necessary only share the remarks that the president had even delivered that's coming in on the website. Not really sure what that has to do with anything.

I just answer the question about her being on top of mind. I don't think that's unusual. I feel like many of us have gone through. At that particular time where someone is on top of mind and you call the no she's a specialist in using a lot of words and saying nothing and and I think if I may make a prediction here. Brian was can happen is the president's parties in a ticket in the chin for midterms and then his own party is going to turn against them at your point. The reporters asking those questions are not strident conservatives right. These are people out. Probably some left of center, who are are concerned and I think that's going to grow and it it leads me to believe 20/20 is reasonably already a very interesting year. Even more so if the left abandons Biden I know it's worse. He called the husband and they put the White House flag at half mast and the husband says no it's forgivable.

But nuclei some mad was it was can be mad at him. Of course he's emphasis. It's as if he disparaged her, but is gone concern for a guy back to original point about unconservative country you kidding are you kidding, I didn't mean that it's going to say it's a big deal right and and I like the president tended to do that sort of the point.

I'm sure that the widower of the Congressman was was gracious, but the point is compare that to the decisions that need to be made about Taiwan about the Chinese commerce party about Ukraine and Russia there is no way Joe Biden is capable of making this are we come back I will have a few more minutes with Kevin Roberts. He's heritage foundation present for the last year house been going on, what is he expect leading up to 2022 and right after use of the brain to meet you entertaining and enlightening. You're with Brian kill me. This episode is brought to you by Samsung unfold the all new galaxies. The fold for and expands your world with flex mode it stands on its own, so your hands free to get more done during calls and with multi-window view.

You can use up to three apps at the same time plus the edge to edge screen allows you to fully immerse yourself in your favorite games and shows.

Visit to learn more about galaxies, the fold, Fox News, podcasts, network, mind, and on the next Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every weakness Ben Dominic's podcast.

Listen now by going to Fox News is so busy he'll make dear Brian, kill me in every election every year. This year here's right candidates for mantra). I think we have a 50-50 shot back. It's going to be really really close either one of you a lot different now. I think people got to him.

Also, I think there's Kevin Roberts. I think to some legitimate optimism here. Let's break it down if I can put I know who you want to win, but Don Bullock, Gov. Sununu and he scored the minute he gets nomination summer for the general. So what you think. His chances are, being that he never got to trump the treatment he never was. Got the announced anointment from Trump now is backing off saying that the election was fixed. II think I take a step back from that. I want the conservatives to win so that good policy is passed I see in the last two weeks and shift back toward the conservative candidates.

Brian and I think in New Hampshire is you're talking about in Ohio. I think even in Arizona where the Republican nominee Blake Masters is is told by the media has no chance.

I actually think were going to get not just a few dozen seats in the house. I do think there will be a conservative majority in the Senate. But let me just say being the president largest contract with 538 said is only 17% chance that would see. They also sell your time that Hillary Clinton was going to win election on the 20 16th, leading the largest conservative policy group.

We want these men and women to win so that we get conservative policy passed. It's not enough merely to have a Republican majority looks like Fetterman who is the least qualified person to ever run for office, especially after a stroke. He is Bernie Sanders in a hoodie and he does not reflect what I thought Pennsylvania was with you conservative liberal you're not that so he is now taking black lives matter off his website.

He's trying to be a law and order guy. We had one record city wants to release 1/3 of the prisoners eyes was the will is within four I understand the Republican party is not coalesced around him.

Is that true that is true. I do think that there is been movement toward him by the party apparatus in Pennsylvania over the last two weeks. You see, I think the fruit of that is mirroring the on the spread you've also seen something similar in Georgia happen where I now believe that Herschel Walker is going to defeat the incumbent. Have you met Herschel, I haven't met him personally. I highest bench and spent a couple of days been known in the past and you don't see a guy studying harder he wants to be underestimated. The guy studying like crazies approaching it, just like he did in sports and business so I can be outworked. I will see what happens on the debate is effectively lowering the bar in the other. The other big story is the present United States because super pack with $100 million. He helped get macchiato when they are get Oz in the air get Blake Masters in their that you saw the JD Vance is the print did you ask the president to start spending money for these candidates you know I I wish I had that kind of influence, but we do joke about this.

It heritage because while we don't make endorsements. These are kinda guys and what I mean by that is there conservatives they want to go to Washington DC, or their state capital for the gubernatorial candidates and what they want to do Brian. They want to restore self-governance to the American people sign up. The heritage foundation for anyone who wants to do that because the clock is ticking. In order to take this Republic back by MOC.

This can happen.

Kevin Roberts at the helm of the heritage foundation present from act Kevin Roberts, TX Texas right to assert our right. Thanks much, Kevin. Great to see Effexor how does it look in the next five weeks instead of each side will have Jan again we come back with a separate polishing precise personal powerful is America's liturgy in the palm of your flocks. Weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now and Fox News or wherever you did your project. Fox News podcasts network in these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now and Fox News or wherever you get your favorite project information you want to truth you demand. This is Brian kill me show clearly the biggest water that we've ever seen in that part of date and that's not just be in Charlotte that would be call your yet massive massive storm surge you have places and in those counties that have massive standing water. That of course presents a lot of hazards on the back enemy we been telling folks be careful. Once the storm goes past, there were seven deaths directly caused by hurricane Irma. There were 77 deaths caused in the aftermath for things like downed power lines or midnight using generators so that's good to be a major major disaster that is the governor run our channel just gave a press conference and also points out the floors been slammed by hurricane Ian on top of that George is about to get hit in the Carolinas.

All of the state of emergency. In fact, only up to Virginia. We did hear the reports and co-Shimkus and studio you probably watch you watch her all morning and you also are watching Fox nation but are currently also looking at the point the hurricane hit the place, not exactly were we thought we thought Tampa.

Fort Myers is up in the place.

It looks pretty devastated board. Now we get to see everything in this hit night fell, so the last few hours were start to see everything and then the sheriff. Kim then said what they think. Hundreds of dead wow which is an estimate of fear affairs right now but I wish fear I now yes because you hear a sheriff is a local official and he hand said he thinks hundreds her dad and then you repeat it, but then Gov. DeSantis said that that number is not at all confirmed and that's just a concern. Given how much destruction was caused you talk to other meteorologists who are looking at the storm damage looking at the size of the storm looking at exactly where it can't in an area that people didn't necessarily expect it wide and I think that number Kate be even higher than hundreds and Carly. Now we understand the storm is with our listeners W Acadian Jacksonville area may ports they are this big a naval base. We know we had National Guard over the place.

Big military community so many would choose to retire there so they're usually good under pressure just by the nature their training got the ocean got a ton of rivers got the intercoastal you got a lot of canals, so not a great combination. But for the longest time up until the last hurricane textiles been saved from this stuff and now this will be the second time and I'm waiting to see what's gonna happen because I haven't seen many pictures of the x-rays really tell a story. I think you're absolutely right. It's interesting to report on storm that's happening off Rapidan because the wind is living so hard you can't see anything you very important on the ground by the real gravity of the situation will definitely be much more present in that type of people's minds in the next hours to calm when you can get drowned in the sky and take pictures and really see exactly the extent of the damage and other to Santa, said yesterday that there were a bunch of people that live and Tampa and they travel to Fort Myers which is about hundred and 1020 miles south of Tampa because they thought they were doing the right thing is everybody was thinking that Tampa looking to get happen inadvertently. They didn't know at the time, but they were traveling into the hardest hit area in the storms yet feel bad for those people as loud as they were from Naples were the richest heirs in the country but they don't want people driving you so some of the devastation due to high water. I also thought was interesting that the sheriff told me today as it sheriff you keep in here you want coordination outside money, which is a federal government need and he said high water vehicles. I wow I said yeah we need from other states right so actually what to think yesterday where is that he sent yesterday during the press conference so I don't Like. I remember the number. I think that's right. He said they have 250 aircraft in 1600 high water vehicles staged around Florida right to make rescues and and those are so important because you look at the streets already in their rivers and then you think about these barrier islands and Brian you know that partial branch that collapsed on off the coast of Fort Myers and with that little island called sandbox to Santa Island and I hope I can say this on the and we were we working I'm really worried at this hearing had a guest at blaze and hunkering down in Sand Island and in the 4 o'clock hour and we could meeting him and we don't know what happened now yeah that that's concerning.

And then you hear about the branch that collapsed and that's really I think Esther only way to mainland Tampa and I don't think is very far away from where the where the storm made landfall. So it's just again just waiting. Seeing how much damage was caused and will be also WDB O listeners were in Orlando area and I was shocked the first reporter we had was getting pelted by the rain and you would think is essential to list Central Florida. You wouldn't think would be a problem but a little spin the price and memo so rare dizzy never closes disc disease coast again. Do you know how many much money they lose everything.

Company needs money, but it's in a $2 million loss each day that they close that you have to give even though it's in the center of the state. The storm is making its way towards. I guess it's still overland our past Orlando right now.

But then Janice earlier today and it's gonna go up to Aeschylus or if you're in Georgia or South Carolina or North Carolina once it hits the Atlantic because water is the main power source for hurricane anklet. It could turn from a tropical storm to a hurricane. Again, nothing like that. Category 4/5 that hit the West Coast but still still scary.

That's why living in Florida such incredible thing for so many people to deal but I do not always feel very uneasy about owning property right on the coast because it's so beautiful you Coaching. I like to Say That You Have Some and I Really Just Be Really Concerned like How Long Is This Going to Be Mindful of the Firm for a Long Time Although They Are Fortified. A Lot Of These Homes Are Fortified Were Looking at a Fire and One House Right Now on Fox News on Sanibel Island, Florida. I Don't Know Why It's on Fire by Obviously Something Happened. Maybe a Generator Announce Yeah As I Mentioned One of the Things People Do Is Say Let Me Bring the Generator to Get Wes to Let You Know Why Everything with You What They Do and for the Elements of the Co-out and Ran the House and Start a Fire If You Bring Some of the Exhaust Gives off That Ignites Anything in His Capacity at Newspapers You Have Rags of Anything around There so That Was a Big Problem Airport to Close Her Little Temper Jacksonville Everything in Southwest Florida As Well As Daytona and Melbourne.

They Are Scrambling All These Major Carriers Are Scrambling to Get Cell Phone Service Back but You Gotta Do Is Get These Battery-Powered Cell Phone Chargers.

That's the Key.

RLC Pretty Much Out Of Power Right Now. You Also Here Yesterday.

As All This Was Happening. The Storm Was Raging on Border Patrol Rescued Four Cuban Migrants, Their Boat Sank Because They Were Trying to Get to the Florida Khosla Bullet Had Several Dozen Immigrants in It, and Four Were Able to Swim to the Coast and the Coast Guard Was Looking for the Others Probably Will.

Because Cuba Got Destroyed.

Cuba Got Hit with This First till He Got Just It Was like a Buzz Saw through the Eye and Coconut One Talk about We Get Back.

I Want to Talk about with Happening in Politics. Also, the Present Did Yesterday Forgetting a Deceased Lawmakers That She Had Actually Died Unbelievable to Me.

So We Do A Lot More. Discuss and Somebody Else. There Was Talk about with with Tapping the Russian Ukraine Is Is Fascinating.

Now There's Intercepts Picked up by Cell Phones at Russian Soldiers Were Not Supposed to Use. It Was Published in the New York Times Today to Talk about How Horrific Things Offer Russia and How They Were Basically Executing Civilian or Ukrainian Civilians Because He Didn't Want to Be Identified and That's with the Mass Carnage in These Mass Graves Are about and Now You Have More Proof If You Want to Bring What Charges Charges against This President, Vladimir Putin, As Well As His Troops Are Used in the Right Human Shoko Shimkus Is Here for Little While Longer. Don't Think You Need to Know Your Brian Kill Me. Will Came Close to Fox and Friends, We Can Share My Thoughts in a Wide Range of Topics in Sports and Pop Culture, Politics and Business. So Just Subscribe and Listen Fox News by Just from His Mouth to Your Ears, Brian. Kill Me with the Majority Software Requirement Ties All the Agenda Items Because Clearly This Is We Got an Economy Wobbly Were Going to Have To Literally Start from Ground Zero and Do Everything We Can to Reverse Some of the Harm Spend on through Those Massive Spending Bills into Your Point. You Know the 87,000 New Employees.

The IRS, for Example, Is One Area Where I Think a Republican Congress of the Power. The Purpose of the Appropriations Process through the Confirmation Process Maybe Will Leverage an End. If the Administration You Know to Go Back on Some of These Huge New Spending Programs If They Started As a Result of Those Two Big Spending Bills and Also Blocking All the Discounts from 2017 Including the Corporate Tax Rate: Shimkus Here Are Creuset or John Thune Saying That the Debts of the Get the Second House and Then Pressure Him to Do Some of These Things in Some Type of Compromise Fashion, but Yeah, a Limitless Bill Clinton. It Worked, and He Decided to Pendant When He Lost a Bunch of House and Senate Seats. Now What Do You Think That Pres. Biden Would like That and Just Say You Know Why I Do Need to Work across the Aisle. Finally, You Would Think That Initially Because That Is Part of His Personality, but I Do Think He's Also Changed.

I Think A Lot Of It Is What I Think A Lot Of It Is Weakness Because He's the Following with the Loudest Voices in the Party and Is Lattice Voices Always Tend to Be the Most Radical Ones, and by the Phone. Everything with Hurricane Ian Soup. It's Now Tropical Storm Making His Way Right, Cutting Right through Florida about to Slam into Georgia and Gov. Brian Kemp Just Addresses People There in a State of Emergency, so I Want You to Hear or Everyone at Home Here with the President Actually Said Yesterday, Which Is Keep Them on This. Jackie Will or Is He Tragically Died in a Car Accident so She's a Democrat, at Which Time the Prison Reportedly Called the Family Agreed with Them, Put the Flag at Half Staff of the White House, but Didn't Stop Him from Saying This Cut 17.

I Want to Thank All of You Here for Including Bipartisan Elected Officials like Gov. Sen. Braun Sen. Booker Representative Jackie Here Restricted Fiction. She Was She's Died in Number One Was He Reading That the Copy Does He Have the Worst Staff Ever the One to Put Those Little Basic Things on Note Cards like Say Hello That We See Spotted Because He Holds in the Wrong Direction Me What You Think about That II Did I It's Actually Inexcusable. It's Just It's a Shame I Feel like Her. Her Family Maybe They'll Take the High Ground, but It's Definitely on to It Way Too Soon to Be Making This Mistake and Yes He Did Release a Statement after She Passed Away Tragically, so Did Two of Her Staffers and It's Also Really Hard to Talk about Because You Don't Want to Just Criticize the President in the Name of Someone Who Just Passed Away on and You Have To Be Really Respectful for This to the Family and How They're Feeling Right Now, but It Also Is to Cite an Unbelievably It's an Ugly Mistake. You Hear That Your Jaw Drops Either. This Is Just Another Example Hear the Husband Was Interviewed and They Said Says Okay Unforgivable Know.

But Yeah, It's a Big Mess up. Yeah, but I Just Listen You That's Not Really a Gaffe That Makes Anybody Laugh or Not Know It That's on My Disconcerting That Heating Quickly Correct Himself Is a Jack Would've My Say Tragically That She Has Had Little Just Happened in Her Role in Nutrition Pushing This Folder so Important. That's Why Was It Instead You Listen to His Press Secretary Who Hasn't yet to Display Communication Skills That Would Warrant the Position and the Washington Post Is the One That Kept Pushing Her to to Send out.

I Played a Couple of These Cuts Already so Dorsal Purchasing. Can You Tell Me How This Happened. Cut 20 Prepared to Release Her Remarks so We Can Understand Not Understanding Why Why That Would Be Necessary. Always Share the Remarks That the President Had Even Delivered That's Coming in on the Website.

Not Really Sure What That Has To Do with Anything. I Just Answer the Question about Her Being on Top of Mind. I Don't Think That's Unusual.

I Feel like Many of Us Have Gone through That Particular Time Where Someone Is on Top of Mind and You Call the Client.

Lots of and Said See out That's That's It. That's Almost As Just As Bad Resource. Well It's It's Just a Floundering Mistake and I Think It Really Dies Attending the Press Secretary Is Nick's Incredibly Difficult Job.

That's Why I Look up to Dana Perino so Much. I Think That Eddie Can He Not Haley, Have You Tell Me What She Did Such an Incredible Job. I Remember Her First Day. I Didn't Know Her That Well at the Time Nine of Her Much Much More Friends Member for Status.

Praying for Her When Checking on the Black Suit Consents to Man. She's about to You Now Presented Alliance and She Did Such a Great Job. It's a Difficult Job, but You Do Have To Be Ready to Answer Tough Questions and If You Aren't Then Used You Have To Face That Criticism of It and Saying That It Is Something on Top of Mind When the Person Has Passed Away Does Not Explain Why the President Was Actively Searching for That Person in the Room. I Mean, Do You at That Point, Just Say I Do Peter Do Seriously Question, but He Was She Was Probably Shocked to Get Barraged by This Supply Was in the Pool Report for the One Person Who Reports a This Washington Post Made a Really Good Point Because It May Not Entirely Be the President's Fault.

It Could Have Been Something That's Really Yeah and It Could Have Been a Mistake That Somebody Else Made and He's Delivering a Speech Really Never Got Her Name for a Second and May Not Have Totally Been Only His Fault, so That Was Why the Question Is Important about This New Cover for Staff You Present You the Prosperity Yeah and Four to the Copy Was Written in a Haphazard Way. And When We Thought We Have This Press Comes Early in Alaska and This Is on Staff in the Presence Get into a Quickly Realized It and Was Trying to Talk His Way Out Of It. We That There Would Be Great If If That Is the Case, Release the Transcript. Everything in the Fire Somebody Good Thing about Carly Cawley Is Very Passionate Formulations, Especially Ukraine, Russia War so We Understand That We Have Now Committed to Upping the Weapons Read Production for Ukraine with More Hi Mars Was Still Investigating Was Going on When Norstrom Wanted Norstrom to Who Would Want to Blow up Those Pipelines Because It Doesn't Seem to Be in Russia's Interest, but to Me It Was in Russia's Interests to Slow down the Amount of Oil and Gas Because It's Making Western Europe Less Dependent on Them Every Day That Goes by the Sufferings Only Going to Be Short-Term and Now We See in the New York Times, the Soldiers Intercepts Funds to Cell Phones. That Said, the Army Russian Army in Total Disarray or Liquids Was No One Even Told Us before the Day before That We Were Going to War. They Complain about Strategic Blunders. They Say They're Just Trying to Fool People Here to Fight This War and They Keep Telling When Everything's Fine. It Is Not Fine and in the Most Horrific Thing Possible. They Talk about Walking Ukrainians out to the Woods and Just Shooting Them As a Want to Be Recognized after the Wars over Have Thoughts about All the Horrific and That Is Exactly What We Were Sitting at the Start of the War.

Tell Those Shallow Graves of People Whose Bodies Were Crimes. I Got Apps and Now You Corners and ISW General Docking at San Joaquin That That Right and They Had Analysis of Clinton's Mobilization and They Say That Western Intel Released Tens of Thousands of Reservists.

Russian Reservists Were Already Called in. So the Reservists of Our Laughter or Low Quality and Are Totally Unwilling and Ready for the Border 9000 Yes Yes Because 100,000 Jeff Kazakhstan Alone, and Now I Did. I Believe That Russia Close the Borders.

The Origin and Thing to Do.") I Thought Their Borders on Its It Is Just so Sad. Cell.

There Is Also Reports of Students College Students Getting Pulled That Class and Getting Sent to War You Know What Happens Then Nobody Wants to Fight, and Then What Safer Pollutants Popularity. The Fact That He Hides Anything with the Popularity and Country Still Staggering to Me, but He Dies down. They Should Set up a Hotline to Let You Crazy Russians Defect Defect Doesn't Mean You Have To Dive You Losing Alignment Evidently Is Surrounded Part of the Dumb Buses Being Infiltrated and Now They Might Even Have To Hold off on Their Annexation Motion for Watch from 4 to 6 Everyday. I Always Seeking Solutions First Sewing Is Brian Kill Me the Latest Moments of Brain Kill Me, Joe. 1-826-408-7669 Would Come at You from 46 in Midtown Manhattan but Heard around the Country around the World and of Course Were Talking about with Tapping in Florida and with Hurricane Ian Which Is Now Tropical Storm Ian at the Bottom of the Hour, Joe Concha Is a Brand-New Book out Is Called a Come on, Man. It's a Book about Biden and Majesty of Something to Add to the Paperback and That Is a Major Gap Yesterday That I Can't Get My Head around to Charlie Hers Been a Regular on the Show Every Time His in Studio.

We Love Having Him Post Pandemic World Is Really Benefiting Our Our Radio Show. So before You Get to Charlie Let's Get to the Big Three Stories You Need to Know Brian's Three Number Three Prong Broker Jackie Respect.

She Was His Unemployable, Unexplainable, Inexcusable and Alarming. The Present Forgets a Lawmaker Who Passed Away and Asked for Her in a Crowd. Meanwhile, He Had Been Called Congress He Call Congresswoman Jackie Will Gorski's Family after She Passed Away in a Car Accident to Express His Grief and Lowered the Flag to Half Mast to the White House.

How Do You Make That Mistake Muncher) Think We Have a 50-50 Shot about This Going to Be Really Really Close Either One Yeah Really Close. In His View, and That Is so Optimistic Compared to What Mitch McConnell Was Three Weeks Ago, Midterm Movement, the Pennsylvania State Senate Races Tightening. We Will Review the Numbers and Other Data.

There Are Signs Everywhere That the Issues That Are Breaking This World a Better Most Are Going. The Republicans Directions so Were the Democrats Doing Scrubbing Their Websites and Changing Their Message May End up Being a Category Five, but at a Minimum, Is Going to Be a Very Strong Category Four. That's Gonna Rank As One of the Top Five Hurricanes Ever Hit Florida Peninsula and It's It and It's Working Its Way up. Hurricane Ian Top Five Most Powerfully Say Top Four in History.

It Is Now Tropical Storm.

As I Mentioned, and Is Bob Blitzing St. Augustine As Well As Jacksonville.

We Have Great Affiliates in the Area. Hopefully Will Be Able to Hear Us All Will Cover It. We Understand It and Charlie Heard Is Very Interesting Because so Many People Do You Know What I Know, Moved to Florida or Said I'm God.

This Is the Time to Investment That's Where I Want to Spend the Bulk of My Time and Now There and This Is the Bad Part about Not New York Is Immune from Hurricane Sandy Just A Few Years Ago, but This Is This Is the First They're Experiencing It and It Show Time for Rhonda Santos to Produce for the Area and It's Easy to Look at This Thing the Next Morning and Say Okay It's Breaking up into a Tropical Storm.

It's It's Not That Big of a Deal. It's a Huge Deal Is a Monster Storm Goes All the Way from Naples up past Fort Myers Open to Gasparilla Island Is a Monster Storm and If That If Those Reports from the Mayor down There Talking about How the. The Fatalities Are in the Hundreds Which Seems Astronomical to Me but Especially When You Consider the Fact That Most of the Things the Vast Majority of of Fatalities Occur after the Storms past in the in the Wake of It, so, so Terribly It's Important to Keep an Eye on All That and What It Is It's It's a It's a Humbling Reminder.

Also, That No Matter How Much Politicians in Washington Try to Politicize Something like This and Make It into We Don't Control the Weather Man Does Not Control the Weather. Mother Nature Is Awesome Right and It's Powerful and You Better Respected Listen Out Of the Stats in Front of Me, but There Been Less Hurricanes in the Ford Area Reverie of Late Then Ever before so, but Every Time Something Hits They Save Their Ego Climate Change Because It Used To Be Global Warming, but Now Is Climate Change and and What's so Amazing about This Is Joe Biden Is Crowing over the Fact That Gas Prices Now or a Dollar 30. In Fact, Let's Listen to Joe Biden Yesterday Inexplicably Using This Moment to Talk about Oil and Gas Prices. Gas Should Be Going down As Well. My Experts Informed the Production of Only about 190,000 Browser Is Impacted by the Excess of 2% of the United States to Impact Her for Her Short Period of Time. This Small Temporary Storm Impact on Oil Production No Excuse, No Excuse for Price Increases at the Pump. No Gas Companies Tried to Use the Storm to Raise Prices upon Our Last Official Looking at Whether Prescott Is Going on America's Watching She Should Do the Right Thing. But It Gets Even Worse When They're Calling Them out, Saying, Forgive Me.

I Wanted It One More Warning of the Oil and Gas Company to Not Let Me Repeat, Do Not Do This. It's an Excuse to Raise Cash for It. Okay Ukrainian Enemy Already. It Shows You Don't Even Understand the Business and I Love Uses the Phrase Relatively Low Relative to What They Were Right after He Got into Office If Increased by Jack to Reject the Price of Gasoline up to Six Dollars a Gallon. Yes, Relatively Low, but Still a Dollar 30 above Where It Was with This Thing.

And of Course Gas Prices Are Going to Go up in the Wake of Hurricane Ian Because That's What Happens You Know This Guy Doesn't Understand Economics, nor Does He Understand the Weather but He Is so Lucky That We Have Not Had More Named Storms Cause Name These Big Storms Always Jacked the Price of Gasoline up Because It Disrupts Delivery Abilities Disrupts Refineries All All the Things That the Call That Naturally Cause Prices to Go up and That He Uses This Opportunity He Claims to Be Attacking Gas Companies and Oil Companies.

He's Attacking Normal Americans Drive Their Kids to School and Have To Drive to Work Right so Here's What Phil Flynn Says You Know He's He's Oh, Oil and Gas Expert Cut 13. We Only Sell 11% Production down That's Coming Back Online. We See Numbers from This Attractive Little Bit to the West.

It's Very Possible That We Could've Seen 100% of That Production Shut Them so That Didn't Happen. And the Reason Why the Biden Administration Should Be Very Happy That It Didn't Is Because It Strained or Strategic Petroleum Reserve Right and We Are Going to Be Less Able to Be Able to Help the American People. In the Event of These Type of Storms Because We Strained Our Reserve the Biden Administration Is Gambled with Those Barrels of Oil to Try to Get Prices down in the Short Term Lease Is Vulnerable for These Type of Disasters and Were Very Lucky Didn't Go into Those Refineries Mean He Doesn't Say What He Started about. Also Interesting, We Have This Huge Refinery in the Virgin Islands and That We Only to Do Is Get Online and They Could Alleviate but Will Immediately Bring Back the Price. But Guess What I Will Do a Charlie Heard He Is One Oil and Gas.

An End and I Don't Understand Why They Don't Why He Is Just Open about It Because He's Open about It in His Policies and and You Know the Idea and of Course the Only Reason That That He Tapped into the Strategic Petroleum Reserves in the First Place Is Because He Wanted a Short-Term Fix to Sort of Buffer Democrats in the Election and and While I Think It's Also Important to Remember That the These Are the Same Democrats When Pres. Trump. So Now We Hear That Biden Is Talking about Trying to Refill the Reserves at What $80 Gallon Barrel When Pres. Trump Tried to Refill the Reserves. Three Years Ago When the Price of Gasoline Price Oil Was It like to below 30 Barrel Democrats in Congress Blocked Them and Prevented Them from Doing It. It's It's a Small Thing at Some Small Thing. It's a Big Thing but It's It's Not Massively Consequential but It Isn't a Very It's a It's a Clear Demonstration These People. They Want to Destroy the Oil and Gas Industry in America. They Would Rather Send Coal to China and Let China Gain on on America and Then Have Americans Suffer by Paying Either Five Dollars Gallon Gasoline or Four Dollars Gallon Gasoline and and Have To Cut Back on Right on. Take a Look at Schools Going Go to the Nurse. So Tell Me This. It Is Estimated. Let Me Know If You Think This Is concerning. Jackie Will Always Keep Died in a Tragic Car Accident and the President Called Her and Had Called Her Call the Family for the Glavine Their Flag at Half Staff. But Guess What He Said This Yesterday at a Big Nutritional Meeting to Announce a Piece of Legislation. At 17 I Want to Thank All of You Here Including Bipartisan Elected Officials like That the Governor Sen. Braun Sen. Booker Representative Jackie Here Restricted Fiction. She Was so the Husband Said It's Is It Unforgivable Notes on a Forgive, I Forgiven Was a Major Mess up. He Said Yes What You Think. I Mean, This Was Not Something That Affect Their Classy People Joke Job I Am It's It's It's You Cringe the Guy Is Out Of It. You Know, Just Weeks Ago He the White House Issued a Statement from Him Saying That Jill and I Are Shocked and Saddened and Then Weeks Later He Does Even Even Remember Something Is Going on Here We Have a Major Problem. We Don't Know What It Is and an End. And This Is and Will and What's Really Disturbing to Me about It More Than Just the Fact That We Have a President Who's Exhibiting Clear Evidence of of Having His Cheese Slid off His Cracker Is the Fact That It's like Okay If He's Not in Charge Who Is in Charge Right Now We Do Get to Elect Our Our President and Are Present on Clean Shirt. Is It Right and Art.

Our President Is in Charge of the Entire Executive Branch Who Is Who Is Running the Executive Branch.

Right Now I Don't Know It's Not Joe Biden.

We Don't Even Know Who's Writing Stuff into the Teleprompter for Him to Say in a Moment Where China and Prudent Are Watching Every Step of the Sky, That's Really Scary. All It Is and Here's, Harris Now Making Me Feel Better She Goes to the Border of Nora North and South Korea, Which Is a Go to Our Border Was into This Cut 29 Shares That Very Important Alliance and It Is an Alliance That Is Strong during and Today There Were Several Them and Say That We Have Relations with North Korea Know the Pre-Prison.

Trump Did She Think She Was Imprisoned from Yeah. Who Knows Nobody but It's Also a Reminder That Is Just One of Two of the Hottest Nuclear Standoff Hotspots in the World. Probably the Most Serious Nuclear Standoff That We've Ever of Our Lifetime. Quite Possibly You've Got, You Got North Korea Developing a Nuclear Weapon That They Can Deliver Long Distances, like Can Reach America and Then You Have Vladimir Putin over Your Openly Talking about Using Nuclear Weapon. Yes, This Is Terrifying. And the Idea What You Do You Have a Man Who Doesn't Know the Difference between People Who Are Alive and Dead and Doesn't His Shaking Hands with Potted Ferns on Stage and Has To Be Ushered off Stage by His Wife, and Told to Walk This Way. It's This Is Not These Are Not Gaffes.

This Is Not Him Being a Buffoon, Which He Always Has Been. This Is Really Serious and I Don't What I Don't Know Who's in Charge What Is Clearly Clearly I Think This All Relates to the Fact That You Couldn't Answer Whether Is Running Again and He Didn't Answer. I Think There's Something Seriously Going on Any of These Can Be Reports of People to Write Books Sometimes Adrenaline Shot That He Gets on Big Moments That Really Lacks on Other Moments to Sit Here Speculating about That Because There Was a Time Where We You We Wouldn't Even Speculate on That Because It's so It's like a Good Week Because We Don't Know.

It's Outlandish to Think That but Honestly It's What Everybody's Talking about and Something He Manages. They Celebrate Them As Trump Said, and Called out Cold for a Dead Lawmaker.

He Took a Company a Mental Competency Test on Television, Just at the Mere Suggestion That Something Is Wrong and so and and the Idea That That This Guy Is Is Clearly You Know without His Mental Facilities and and and No One You Know It's It's It's Terror It Is Absolutely Terrifying and Motherly, Harris Suggestion to Rocket over South Korea Prior to Arrival and the Fact That This Stuff Is an Instinctive That She Has No North South Korea That You Can Grow up with Dad.

Under Understand Foreign Affairs to the Point Where You Actually Make the Mistake Is Is Really Disturbing so We Come Back. I Want to Find out Where You Think the Midterms Are Going Charlie.

I Will Look at the Top Five Is Current in Terms of What You Hear in the Washington Times, and of Course I Would Even Be Hosting Today. Mornings with Her, Which Is Did You Just Didn't Know That. But I Was Watching Fox and Friends Entire Time I Had Ida Bring in a Television, so That Even While I Was Talking on on FOXBusiness Are Exactly Watching You, Not Believing That Because I Need a Second Source and That's What Journalist or You're a Smart Man. Back in Learning Something New Every Day, Brian Kill Me Show a Talk Show. That's Real. This Is Brian. Kill Me Show 32 Tied for the Market That Was Finally Happy. Let's Nitrile Your Your Big Baseball Guy, Aaron, George Does This I Believe Is Right Now Winning the Batting Title. At 314 and I Was Is Corrected by the Present Yankees Because I Said It's Apple TV Is Amazon That Has the Friday Night Contracts and They've Agreed to Do a Simulcast with Yes Friday Night to See If He Could Beat in Front of Him Combat Capacity Crowd a Yankee Stadium.

What You Think, Oh, I Think That I Think I Make Any Kind Had a Dry Spell Here for Less Seven-Day Games, but I Think It's the Second Longest Dry Spell of the Season so I Think That All I Think I Get over the Hump Last Night, All Bets Are off. It Was so Amazing Watching His Mom and Roger. Roger Mirrors His Son Standing in the Audience As Soon As That As Soon As That Ball Left and Judges That His Mom Knew It Was Going Out Of the Park.

It Was Such a Muddy Gang Probably Watched Him since He Was Four Years Old. She Watched the First Baseball He Ever Hit off of a T-Ball It and and She Walks out Laughing. Then of Course We Want Back. He Top Tipped Is How Mature I'm Not. I'm Not a Yankees Fan but Man It Is. So It Was Such a Gorgeous Thing to See Toronto Cheering for Him Is No Great Innovation in the Try to Get Well Card in Their Losing Standing Ovation from a Crowd in Toronto and NNN and Also If You Don't Believe in like Sort of the Baseball Gods You Got Number Marist Was Number Nine Aaron Judges 99. It Takes It's Been 61 Years since Roger Mares Set the Record for 61 Home Runs and Then Aaron Judge, the Matches It 61 Years Later There's a There's A Lot Of Funny Stuff Going on so so My Coming. He's Got He's Got He's Got a Pass and No One Would Be Happier Than Roger Mares's Son. I Know He's He's a Class Act That She Has a Little Marist Family Will Wire Was Going for 98 They Love McGuire Where Mitty Cheated and Got the 70 Cheated.

We Know Sosa Cheated Window Bonds Cheated Baseball Know He Cheated Best Ways on the Hall Of Fame so They Should Let That Be. This Should Be the Old Time. That's What Roger Mares Said He Said When He Beats My Dad's Record. He Should Be the Single-Season Home Run Jim and He Said He Did It Clean and He Did 35th Plate Appearance between 60 and 61 Seven Games.

Overall I Think This Guy Doesn't Bunches and I Think He Does Hits to Friday Night. That's My Prediction. Your Yes Advance If You Think Account Ida but Just so You Know I Put I Put My Recorder down and Listen to Them. I Want to Go. I'd Say I Think Three Just to the Flock like a Favorite Story. Thanks so Much Joe Contradicts Our Radio Show like No Other One Think All of Your Bipartisan Commission Plan Wrong Broker Jackie Here. I'm Sure She Was. Jackie Gorski Was Not There Because She Passed Away in a Car Crash in the Present Should've Known That Because the Person Called Her Family after She Passed Away and Put the White House Flag at Half Staff Joe Concha or Guesses for the Reason He Wrote the Book. Come on Man Gives You Something Joe Biden Always Says the Truth about Joe Biden's Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Presidency, Which He Considers Many People Consider a Big Success, but Less What Is Your Take on the Latest Gaffe Because to Me Is Its Peak. Don't Laugh, You Don't You Don't Say This Is Good Political Opportunity.

I Am Totally I Am Totally Set Back by the Think the He Would Call Somebody You Renew Is Dead in That Correct Himself. Look for Her in the Audience. That's the Thing, Brian. Two People Are to Blame Here Right Because Obviously He Was Reading a List of Names Handed to Him. So Whoever Wrote That out Should Have Known.

But Then the Minute He Reticent a Way to Minute. I'm Sorry.

Yeah, Actually She Died in a Car Crash a Month Ago in There Let's Take the Time to Remember Her Once Again and Offer Services Country and He Didn't Even Get It. But Then It Gets Worse, Because in the White House Press Secretary Green Jean-Pierre When She Was Asked about since I Will Actually He Was Just Saying It to Remember Her Because She Was Top of Mind. No, Just Say That the President Made a Mistake and It It It Shouldn't Happen and Move on. Instead, They Try to Gaslight Us on Everything Were Not in a Recession We Are Red Zero Inflation Will Write a .5% Inflation, and in This Latest Gaffe They Think the American People Are Stupid Inflation Reduction Act Is Not for Inflation. It's Green Energy Building. Basically John Kerry Out Of Them on That and He Outed Himself to When He Cited That Day so so What Happens Is Your Press Secretary and the Presence of Some Blatantly Wrong and for Example I Member Sean Spicer Came and Said Present Trumpet. The Biggest Size Scrub Crowd.

He Lost Credibility Forever As He Did Huge Terrine Jean-Pierre Getting a Question from the Washington Post on This Very Thing. Cut 18, Pres. and Her Family and I'm Again I Think People Can Understand. I Think the American People out There Who Watch the Briefing and from Time to Time May Be at This Moment Will Understand When Someone Is at Top of Mind and and This Was Such an Important Such an Important Event When Were Talking about Hunger When Were Talking about Food and Security Were Talking about These Champion Sticks Congressional Champions Who Were in the Room Who Have Worked in a Bipartisan Way We Know We'll Talk Much about Bipartisan Actions That We See in Congress at This Time and As He Was Naming Folks.

She Was on Top of Mine and He Understands and Knew That She Was He Was Going to See Her Family on Friday to for This Bill Signing Again. I Don't Think It's All That Unusual to Have Someone, Top of Mind, Especially As There's a Big Event so How Do You Think Sheila Joe Concha As Poorly As Any Press Secretary to Possibly Handle That Because If You Saying Worse. Jackie Is Jackie Here Unless He Has the Ouija Board When You're Younger You Try to Contact the Afterlife You Want to Save Patrick Swayze As Sam Wheat Suddenly Just Appear. Whoopi Goldberg Went When You Say Something like That. It's an Insult to the American People, and in the Thing Is, Then after That It Let's Say That Was Kaylee McInerney. There Would've Been Hostility in That Room and It Would've Been Question after Question, Pressing Her on What You Mean by That, and What You Mean by Presence Present from Losing Right and Then You We Would We Be Hearing about the Present. As in Trump's Mental Capability and His Cognitive Ability and Then the Late-Night Host Would All Jump in and You Would See Joke after Joke Rightly about This Because You Shouldn't Have Comedy That Is Non-or or That Is Partisan of Course All the Late-Night Host Rectus at This Point, Harrison Yesterday Yeah I'm Psyched We Have That Feeling You Did so, Harris Was in the DMZ Line Because She Goes to That Border but Not Our Border between North and South Korea.

Now Hours before North Korea Sent a Rocket over South Korea Just to Say I Know I'm Still Here.

Listen to How She Described Being in South Korea Cut 29 Shares That Very Important Alliance and It Is an Alliance That Is Strong and Enduring, and Today There Were Several Demonstrations Okay Where's Colbert Was Kimmel First Fallon Were All These People Late-Night That Believe Me If VP Penn Said Said Something like That or Trump, Then It Would Be like See That We Can Just Have Them, but That's Where the Getting 2001 Fives Because That Is Horse That Is Horrific Coming Course Was in Seven Yes No Maybe and Nine Conan O'Brien, Jay Leno, They Would to Double Triple That and Yell Letterman Was Probably at 324280 around Her for Whatever He Was Appointed to Back When He Became a Parson at the End Red Everywhere.

Rev. John McCain Was Running for President. Think of Late-Night Comedy As Apply Okay and the Amount. Now the Parties Split up As Three-Piece Split in Half and Then You Split That Half into Three Pieces. And That's without the That Audience Is Fighting for That over on the Other Half You Have Your Niche Audience Half the Country and That's Why Greg I Felt Is Now at Number One Beating Colbert Quite Easily, Almost Doubling Kimmel and Fallon Because He's Doing Comedy Not so Much She's Doing the Political Stuff Yeah the Little Jump into It but Just Things That Are Politically Incorrect, You Hosted the Show You so Kind of Audience That You Are Drawing Well over 2 Million People, Which Is Much More Than the Other Guys Because Those Late-Night Host It's It's like Watching Some Sort of Bad Version of Don Lemon on CNN on the Maybe We Don't Hear about Politics. I Want to Escape Is Him Again and We Lost. I Remember the Coming upon the Covariate Wizard Go Late Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Chuck Schumer Really That Your Promo Who You Trying to Get CNN's Anderson Cooper's Audience Yeah Myers Rice Slams McConnell for Not Blowing up the Filibusters like This Is Stupid Pet Tricks That Plagues the Bookable Chapter of so the Other Thing Is with James Gordon Is One Guy Could Listen to. I Could Tolerate.

So I Was Good. His Mount Is You.

I Don't Know What Time They Tape It, but If They Don't Do It. Tonight I Be Stunned Because He's Been Gone Going out Buying That Is in His Absentmindedness so to Speak. So We'll See What Happens Because I Think Trump Made Everyone Crazy. The Question Is to You Joe If Trump Does Is It the Nominee and It's DeSantis or Nikki Haley or Pompeo. Whoever Did They Get the Trump Treatment or Is That Only Trump They Get Almost the Trump Treatment. 90% of It. Let's Put It That Way Because Remember, John McCain Was Dubbed As a Curmudgeon and a Racist for John McCain, Mitt Romney Same Thing but Probably the Most Moderate Republican, Probably in the Senate Was Also Dove That Way and DeSantis Now Even See with This Hurricane Coverage Right That Even As the Storm Is Barely Leaving Florida in the Blame Game Begins with the Santa so He Would Be the Biggest Magnet. I Think That Something like Glenn Duncan Is Being Overlooked Here to Clean Trump Does Not Run Because He Wanted Virginia EB Clinton Royalty and Terry McAuliffe.

He Ran on Issues like Education, He Ran without Doing Rallies Away Doing Rallies without Trump Right so II Think a Young Can Run for the Presidency. It Would Be Hard to Hit Him As an Extremist or Somebody Who Is Hateful in His Heart Because He Just Doesn't Come across That Way and and DeSantis Is Doing a Tremendous Job in Florida and He Would Be a Big Threat.

Also, I Think, Even If Trump Runs Rhino.

This May Be the Popular Opinion among Some. I Think Even DeSantis or Young Could Could Be Trump Had to Hit Yeah You Think You Could Be. They Can Be Trump.

I Do Will Yogis Can Be Interesting Because He Got along. Evidently He Played a Major Role in the China Deal. The Phase 1 and We Don't Really Remember That Because a Pandemic in a Short Time Later Already Working on Phase 2 and and Basically Glenn Young Can Have Such Great Relations with China and Saudi Arabia.

He Was Able to Work with the Mrs. and Is It Troubling Is This the Deal We Want Would Deal. Don't They Want, so He Got You a Shout out on Young Content from the President for His Help. When He Was with the Winnings with the Carlyle Group. I Just Wonder If There's Trump Fatigue Brian Miller Is Breaking Towards the End like Your Seven Year Rate.

Even People like Okay It's Time for Change. When You Think about in 2024. Donald Trump Will Been on the Political Scene since 2015. That's Nine Years and Just Wonder If Just the Natural Human Reflex Is to Know What We Need the Next Chapter We Can Get All the Things We Get What Trump DeSantis, for Example.

But We Don't Get the Baggage We Will Have To See January 6 on a Loop for Two Years Which You Know the Media Would Do the January 6 in the Loop Which Has Only Goes to a Certain Audience As Similarly, the Democrats and Then They'd Have the Marlowe Raid in the Georgia Case I Don't Believe Leticia Jane I Think Leticia James Case Look so Petty and Political. I Think That That's It's Going to Help the President Our Number Two Believing They Would Love to Got a Criminal Case on Them.

They Couldn't Get It. They Went through to Attorney Generals.

Even This Other Guy Does. Even yet Even the Doesn't Have It, but When He Would Joe Biden Said Yesterday Second Enough Play, but This Is Part of the Reason I Imagine You Wrote the Book Cut 911411 Do Not Let Me Use This Excuse to Raise Gas Prices. Regards. So in Other Words, There Props for Soy Oil and Gas Companies.

The CEOs Really Want You Been Vilifying Trying to Destroy a Regular Basis Which Legislation Would Effort to Do That in the Oil and Gas Company to Just Demand a Pump More and Now All Of A Sudden You Same. Whatever You Do, Were the Middle of a Catastrophe. Let Me Just Point out a Bad Guy Is Oil and Gas Companies Which Shows He Does Even Understand What Goes into the Business Ease on Humility to Know What He Doesn't Know Jobs As Joe Biden Held outside of Government. I Wonder in the past 50 Years, Zero Course, He Doesn't Understand When Prices Are Going up You Going Prudent Then When They Came down a Bit. He Took Credit Now They're Going Back up Again.

So Let's See We Have To Find Another Bogeyman, Its Oil and Gas Companies. Nobody Buys It and You See What's Happening in the Stock Market Again Today Brian down Another One 535 Points. It's Now Well below 30,000.

You Can Ignore This Anymore. People Are Looking at Their 401(k)s and Their Singing and Disappear There Seeing Their Wages Not Going up There Seeing What They're Paying for Gas and What They're Paying for Food and What They're Paying for Rent and That Electric Bills Coming up This Winter and I Keep Hearing about Democratic Momentum. I'm Sorry What People Feel the Ground Is to Decide What Happens in These Midterms and Then They See a President Who They Just Don't See a Somebody Who Is Completely Competent and Has His Full Abilities Right Now at This Point and Never Really Did.

Quite Frankly, to Solve the Problems Impacting This Country so Now Were Seeing the Hurricane Ian Which Is Now Tropical Storm Ian Make Its Way up North Was Passed throughout the Threat through St. Augustine Now to the Landing Beaches on the Cusp of Jacksonville and Then This Can Go Flying to Georgia and Is Been Pretty Devastating to the Entire State.

So Were Falling All Those in the Track That Storm the Present Just Came out into This out Will Continue to Take Swift Action to Help the Families of Florida Overnight. I Made a Major Disaster Declaration to Expedite Federal Aid to Supplemental Recovery Efforts. I Want the People Forward to Know They Will Be There Every Step of the Way. Let's See, Because Right Now Gov. Santos Was to Expand the Disaster Areas. Let's See If They'll Do That. Will Joe Koch Is Here. His Book Is Now out Its Go.

Come on Man, the Truth about Joe Biden's Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Presidency, Which Is Not over Family Back in a Moment. Thank You Diving Deep into Today's Top Stories Brian Kill Me. The More You Listen More, You'll Know, Brian. Kill Me Now. I Feel A Lot, Learned A Lot, and I Want to Help so I Believe in Life We Do What We Can When We Can. I'm Starting a Political Action Committee to Elect the Right People to Office. We Do Not Need More Panders We Need Producers. We Need People Committed to Fight for Change and Resolve. We Need People Who Are the Character and the Capacity to Stand up and Leave Me and Take the Heat That Goes with Leadership Because That Is the Job Is Assembly Bill Andrew Cuomo so Self-Importance Is a River Comeback. I Got Myself a Podcast. Got Myself a Super Back and I'm Ready to Go, Leave, and He Wants to Come Back so Bad I Know Is I Get to Get a CNN Contract Is Not to Get a Fox News Contract Will Go to Wherever Chris's Well That's I Can Work out Either. So Andrew, Looking for Direction in Life Leave Disgraced after Having That Job.

Sadly, at the Gate Might've Been All Reelected New York, but I Think Lee's Elder Was More Even Built to Beat Him Than Hogle Right Now. Good News Fully. He's within Six Points, Six Points, with over 30% in New York City That Shows You These Prominent Democrats That Have Come Out Of the Woodwork to Support Leesville That These up to Six Start to Make a Make Some Progress and Chip Away at Hogle Supporting This Bright Blue State and As I Mentioned before Continuing to Cover What's Happening with Hurricane Ian yet about 2.5 Million without Power Is up to Go to DeSantis to Scramble and to Get Them Power and Heal with, and That Really Define and Set Him up to Run for President, Not about Politics All the Time but I Love to See a Great Performance When You Many People Look at the Strength of the Storm, How Long It's Lasted of the Duration As It Heads up the Coast and Say I Told You It's All about Climate Change Mike into Michael Shellenberger Who Used To Be Be a Real Green Guy and so the Reality of the Politics and the Religion by the Green Movement Said This Cut 14 Basic Facts.

There's Been No Increase in Land Following Hurricanes of the Last Hundred 20 Years. In Fact, There's a Slight Decline. There Is No Science Supporting the Idea That Hurricanes Become More Frequent. In Fact, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Predicts That the Frequency of Hurricanes Will Actually Decline by 25%. They Also Expect to Intensify by 5%, but They Are Not Intensifying Right Now so Any Perception That Hurricanes Are More Intense Is Just a Perception Fed by That Relentless Alarmist Media.

I Think Also There's A Lot More People That Live in Hurricane Alley and Worked and Were Much More Resilient to Extreme Weather Events.

Just A Lot More People Experiencing Hurricanes Because Were so Were so Wealthy and and Prosperous and There's so Many More of Us. And so I Think That's Part of What Creates This False Perception Right It Because You Heavily Populated in These Areas. I Think It Also Helps If Lord Knows How to Do It.

I Mean 40,000 People Have Been Ready to Go. They Been Stage in Certain Areas. The Equipment and and Resources Are There. Rick Scott Did a Great Job for Years Jeb Bush Did a Great Job for Years.

Charlie Crist Didn't Drop the Ball When He Was a Republican for Four, I Remember Covering Going up in a Helicopter with Charlie Crist Who Was Governor of Florida at the Time and It Was a Tornado That Hit Me Know Exactly to Do and Where to Go and He Said to Me, Man. Jeb Bush Ran a Tight Ship Here.

That Is A Lot to Do with the Risk Out Of Business Kindness and Leave the Detail out with the Navy Background and Would Gov. DeSantis Military Background Harvard Yale Degrees Also Want to the Pandemic. So A Lot Of Us Have Been through the Ringer so Different to a Hurricane As Opposed to a Pandemic, but I Think We Learn Patience.

So, If People Did Stay Because They Thought the Hurricane Was Good to Go Somewhere Different, and Maybe Got Caught It Important for Myers. They Said Stay Put. Don't Go Anywhere Used To Hang around. Not Me, but Because of the Pandemic. When They Told Everyone What Is It Three Weeks to Stop the Spread and Dipping to 1/2 Years We Got Kind of Patient so That's What's That's What's Gonna Be Happening. We Know the Person Came on Then Tweeted out That He Has the Support of Florida. I Hate to See Politics in It.

But They Know There Is Centered.

Deming's Is Running for Centered Center Marco Rubio Seen Charlie Crist Has What They Say Is That I Don't Believe It Is within Four Points of Gov. DeSantis, but It's Very Even Purpleish State. This Been Going Republicans Because a Bad a Better Message but I Also Think the Hispanic Vote Is Going to Be Firmly More More Towards Republicans Are Things Going to Help Them. A Separate Again in Texas.

I Think a Separate Again. Help Them Separate Again in Florida so We'll See Where That Goes. If the Presence Responsive.

We Can Gain. If He Starts with Warring with Gov. DeSantis Looking Petty Idea Really Hurts His Party. DeSantis Can Work 25 Hours Today so That's I Have a Problem. Any Second. He Is Handled People to Donate It to Them. That's I Got to Be an Issue to Do Everything He Can and Outwork Most of the That's Just the Way He's Made up As Natalie Now Is Doing As Governor Goes to the Right Kelly Joe so Glad You're Here.

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Brian Kill Me the Latest Moment in Brian Kill Me Joe, so Glad You're Here in the Matter of Moments, Josh Cry, Cheryl Be Joining Us from Politico and Dr. Ben Carson. You Know He Was Former HUD Secretary with the Finest of Brain Surgeons in the World and Author of Created Equal. The Painful past, Confusing, Present, and Hopeful Future of Race in America and His Life Is Emblematic of What Is Possible in This Great Country but I Come to You from 40th and Six amid Deming Had an out of the Storm, Which Is Now Moving Right through Jacksonville Get Hit the Hardest.

Right Now, and It's Going to Be Soon It's Going to Be George Is Going to Be Next in Charleston South Carolina Basically Stopped Everything on a Side Note to Mets and Braves Have a Big Series This Weekend. There the Interplay Early Friday Which Is Indicative of What Their Weather Reports Say Early Friday and Then Play Two Games Sunday They Think It's Gonna Be Too Bad the Weather Can Be Too Terrible to Play on on Saturday and What Do and the Balances the Division Championship since I'm Games You Can Postpone Some Skits of the Big Three Stories You Need to Know Brian's 33 Booker, Jackie. She Was Explainable Inexcusable and Alarming.

The Person Forgets a Lawmaker Died and Asked for Her in a Crowd. Meanwhile, He Had Already Called Their Family after Jackie Will Our Ski Passed Away. What's Going on Here Muncher) I Think We Have a 50-50 Shot Back. It's Going to Be Really Really Close Either One Midterm Movement, the Pennsylvania Senate Races Tightening. We Will See the Numbers Will Go over Them and Every We See Republicans Have the Issues Tried Tracking Their Way. Democrats Have an Interesting Way to Attack Back.

They Are Scrubbing Their Websites and Changing Their Stance on Those Issues May End up Being a Category Five, but at a Minimum, Is Going to Be a Very Strong Category Four. That's Gonna Rank As One of the Top Five Hurricanes to Ever Hit Florida Peninsula Hurricane Ian Top Five Most Powerful in History. Now It's Actually for Slamming Almost the Entire State of Florida and It's Not over yet and Will Discuss All That and We Know That the Presidency Choose Tweeted out a Tweet in Support of Anything. The People of Florida Need and Has Did Call the President.

The President Did Call the Governor This Morning and We Know Their Archrivals Dried Josh Crush Our Joint Just Now Senior Political Correspondent Actio's I Should Politico That Was My Bed. Josh Welcome Back Brian Hey I Just First off, the Lease There Talking Right the Republican Third, the Republican Firebrand in the Present. Yeah, I Mean Look at It Whenever You Have a Good Doctor, Natural Magnitude, You Need to Have Cooperation between the President of United Stated Don't Hurt One of the Country People Affected by Hurricane Ian and Look at It Politics, What Clearly Was Given a Question about How Closely the Workflow but Will Provide No Public Praise Be to the Administration, but You Know I Think the Defendant Understands That Were Not of the Political Moment or Help Those of the Display, but in Real Will and the Hurricane. I Looked on the Call with a Couple of Things. First off, You Write about This Necessarily Looks like the Latest Poll As Dr. Oz within Four Points of Fetterman Is Closing down Quick. A Lot Has To Do with the Issues That Matter Most of the Abortions Dropping Crime and Lack of Punishment Is Rising, the Immigration Issue Is Now on the Radar. It Was Invisible, so I Think That's Important and Evidently Federman Is Scrubbing Any Reference to Black Lives Matter on His Website.

So That's Pretty Significant Shows a Degree of Panic Weeks Were Dr. on Political Momentum in One of the More Important Battleground Rate Is on the Map You Mailed It in the Issues That Are Better Right Now and but One P Talked about in Pennsylvania Are Beaches of Crime and Philadelphia Dealing with Record Numbers of, 5 Violent Crimes Taking Pl. in the city and dealing with much of the scrubbing of black lives matter reference to Fetterman campaign site meant that that is hope he'll find that the Democrats want to deal with some of the more progressive provisions.

He held at Lieut. Gov. idea always been someone welcome the left of the Pennsylvania electorate someone made his name by Peter Bernie Sanders supporter in 2016 who looked different than your typical politician and was more progressive than your typical Pennsylvania Democratic politician but when you have a record like that I could come back to haunt you when that's what you look at the PDF at the Pennsylvania but mostly about crime right now and it really using both Fetterman's word and his position of the head of the board apartment Pennsylvania for taking a much more liberal view on criminal justice record but a lot of Pennsylvania support yeah and also he's not for fracking mean he doesn't have a strong record he wants to empty out 1/3 of everybody in prison wants to legalize marijuana mean there's that's clearly a purple state and he's please got some pretty extreme positions and he had a stroke many has trouble two or three sentences with his demands for a debate was stunning. He needs time to read the close caption housing we legislation we can.

I looked up Eric weeks ago following camping around, but they kind of get a little booklet you will make a sports analogy to put pressure on Fetterman raising questions about his health written questions about why you cannot going to debate the issues while the same can't going on the airwaves really dominant dominated on the issue of crime and Fetterman in the campaign have been not adept at responding to be the technically got him on his heel and you taken a whole lot of incoming and hasn't responded that method of insertable all of the first response that you stop the government tapping on the airwaves.

The backyard supported the belief that the baby did reflect the value chain from court Fetterman campaign supporters and an ally saying that actually one quote from a Fetterman spokesperson is applicable to change your position on criminal to opiate and that is a sign that like billable provisions are potent that they're moving the numbers in Pennsylvania and if it you know you stuck between his military progressive principles on that issue and the political reality I think you're right. Also, you write to each ice crusher from axioms. Josh, you write about what was going on in Arizona present form presidencies can write a few checks the Blake Masters. He basically help them get their gets the nomination. Why would Mitch McConnell pull out 9 million they think is a hopeless case. Will you talk to McConnell about the reality of the finite amount of money they need to spend money like Ohio and North Carolina stroke Republican candidate, and they can't know biblical luxury Eric regulars on the mounted clinical and other more significant Battleground content. They also argue that there other Republican or conservative groups are spend money on behalf of quick Masters so the reality of the Democrats are badly expended. Masters and his supporters, on the airwaves all over television so you cook chicken and egg question which the lack about spending that quality matters the trail Nicole Gort about the candidate we a lot of Republican groups including got super pack not to spend money on car like he's doing well. Please clean this flat-footed tie. She's extremely charismatic on the some very sure of herself did not this silly get behind the whole move to Martha's Vineyard with the illegals but understand you gotta be strong at the border. So you have heard basically a flat-footed tie right off the bat come November. Blake is running ahead of Masters getting a lot of spending support from the Republican Governors Association, which is helping her out did not supporter in the primary ballot endorsing her and helping her out in the general election. But that is a classic Battleground rate to fairly polarizing candidate plate certainly grants pretty well. The right well to the Mac side of the party in the primary, but she's hoping that enough additional Republican come home and vote Republican and have been especially Republican. So you subscribe to the 39% approval rating 50 ABC poll question post bowl pointed out. I think two weeks ago you said or we can go is a 45% with another pole Wall Street Journal and BC NBC pulse oh where you think Pres. Biden is probably the low 40s number looked overall. They picked up a little bit but I don't think you're seeing many postmortem better than 42% approval rating at 49 or 42. The reality is the president's underwater support in almost every one of these important points but it's work with about the Senate about governorships are going to be decided your documents that you are not seen many Democrats want Pres. Biden to appear with on the campaign trail.

He still gone on there on the porch in the economy. One thing that got Biden went down over the summer and I was a boost to the White House.

Renewed fears over a recession without continuing to drop today. I've been dropping pretty pretty steadily over the last week that it also have an impact fresh economic word that is not a good good good sign for this White House and could reduce the approval rating that we get closer November. Mitch O'Connell said knowing what he said about a month ago, 21 in every election. Every year this year. Last year's great candidates where a bunch of close races. I think we have a 50-50 shot Senate back it's going to be really really close either one of you. Wow.

I mean for him that that is like that to Kevin McCarthy rave, you know, almost like a pep rally, you know, I think, the way a lot of summary for once were very promising that off the board. But the path to getting just that one Senate seat Republican beat McConnell to get back the majority is pretty big McConnell to 50-50 looked up about right Matt majority to be made three big Senate Pennsylvania Georgia and Nevada clerk of the three-game series overtakes 23 get a hold of the Republican and Democratic majority come come next year and all those regular pop-ups in the margin of error becomes so that that the three to watch something like Yvonne Johnson is doing better and was confident Republican Burke optimistic about Florida and North Carolina Democrats think that they have a good trip to Pennsylvania Georgia but Republican momentum in both of those right so what, Dr. Nevada, Georgia, Pennsylvania. Dr. Herschel Walker and Michael what about Ohio pretty red status with the pretty upfront friendly state though Democrats do have a strong candidate, Tim Ryan and Judy ramping up and running the campaign ultimately but when that state just because the trunk +81, the pretty red when it comes down to it, but you know the wildcard Republican point Ohio unplugged the prize election night, I want you to do this yesterday. To me this goes beyond the gas cut 17 will thank all of you here including bipartisan like concessions like Sen. Braun Booker, Jackie restricted fiction. She was, she passed away in a car accident and he'd called the family there and spoke to the husband. So what you would to take on one of those little bit of point you created White House that doubts about whether he up to snuff for another term. I went when he would be innovative and he would finish a term to be about to begin effectively on the end of the second term used a lot of average rotors really do worry about the present age and have like significant concurrent a lot of the ability to handle the job. Now what you think BBB little quips MMM every little problem there memory lot number memory lapses and adjust the gift to be a big problem with the public to reelect him for second term and look at Biden himself on 60 minutes did not notably did not commit to running for another truck, leaving his option, but I do think the ages she was underappreciated by a lot of folks in Washington in terms of motor having a real electing someone in their 80s to the highest drop in the land so this is probably the worst example of spending I've ever heard in this questions from the Washington Post cut 18 Pres. and I'm again I think people can understand. I think the American people out there who watch the briefing from time to time.

Maybe at this moment will understand when someone is at top of mind and this was such an important such an important offense when were talking about hunger when were talking about food insecurity. Okay, I cannot so she's saying they was at top of mind and then they asked for the tell pry could not believe the Washington Post asked what can we have the Teleprompter copy with Josh. Were they pursuing their immunity that all of a sudden the getting aggressive on Joe Biden's slip-ups White House would be better off defaming made a mistake.will probably for anyone to filter them to live. But you know that Part pretty much about the practice of ministration in a big, big wave went went let him be credited. The company majority yesterday.

I don't like to think about their Joshua to me to sing sprint to the end as we do with this hurricane and five weeks to the midterms. Just try shark tank so much. 186640876690, come back and take your calls and then at the bottom of the welcome Dr. Ben Carson busy day so glad you're here is commentary. You need to know Brian kill me if you're interested in Ryan's talking about your with Brian kill me back your buddy Brian kill me here finishing up this half-hour and then Dr. Ben Carson's coming up next talking about race in America is pretty telling that center Fatima she's me for Lieut. Gov. Federman resigned to after stroking knowing when to run to become the next Sen. from Pennsylvania scrub black lives matter. From his website by goodness and endorsement from black lives matter would deliver you every inner city but they been so overrun with corruption. Nobody wants to head up that organization millions of dollars sending their account and now is realizing his pro is anti-law enforcement stance is going to kill him because guess who's catching them. Dr. Ross once Dr. eyes gets the rest to Republicans to consolidate behind him and you have the Dave McCormick group the people he reported Pat Toomey once they get behind him. I think he should pull away and and it's not Dr. rising is extremely talented and always knew what it may be made to missteps in some tapes this thing is, I think that it was terrible without a stroke. Terrible is afraid to debate where he stands on issues will destroy him in the election wants to not bring up that defined them like anti-raising taxes radio that makes you think this is the Brian kill me show the most important thing is safety of the folks who are in difficult circumstances, and that began in the wee hours of the morning, we had Coast Guard rescues without urban search and rescue teams in the state of Florida that the National Guard down in Southwest Florida.

People been being rescued on a minute by minute basis and that's to continue to go and obviously when you have barrier islands like Sanibel where that bridge has now been knocked out.

The only way to get there right now is the rare operations and so were running helicopters both Chinook and Blackhawk helicopters into those barrier islands rescuing residents who were there.

We are from. I heard from a lawmaker did a couple people he so somebody's and then we have a share of commencing the think hundreds of dead, mostly from those barrier islands and were looking at hurricane or tropical storm Ian which is now blitzing the Jacksonville area in route to Georgia to Jacksonville about 40 minutes to Georgia Dr. Ben Carson here. Note no stranger to government an emergency capacity.

He was there with Titus is 17 secretary Department of Housing and Urban Development also knows pressure is a brain surgeon. There was no day at the office. It was easy is also author of this book created equal. The painful past, confusing, present, and hopeful future of race in America.

Dr. Carson, welcome back. Always wonderful to be with you. So these emergency situations. It was out there was no difference of four years ago with Pres. Trump. It amazes me that a lot of people stay behind. Then I would alerted me is it would start reading some of the stories. A lot of people said all I have is my house I rather die than lose my house everything I have is that I own is here so I want to try to save it other people said, I'm not leaving because of the money to go pay for a hotel room. Even if you tell me to get reimbursed. I am to ruin my credit card.

Did you find some of that a lot more now because people are much worse economic that really does call your perception. No civil one book. A lot of times they fill him and one of the first things I started thinking about you know when I saw that we were near a category five hurricane is going to be home on the homeless people place to go because their plates are going to be destroyed. Some of them don't have good insurance. I mean we cover. Couple that with all the people who were coming in from the southern border. The pressure on housing is going to be absolutely enormous. You've already got a thousand people a day moving to Florida you know from the north and this is just going to compound that problem significantly since the Morgan have to work together in order to get through this contract put partisan politics and just recognize their fellowship should just it is in the present United States evidently called the present.

Now, after waiting about four days off and we knew this was bearing down in Florida. He finally called the governor yesterday, Gov. DeSantis and then he called again this morning so maybe number one political clinical savvy.

He's got a few seats he wants to win and so on center. He like to see in number two is maybe he understands it. Second, work for him at all. If you leave DeSantis isolated and that Karine and Jean-Pierre's answer when asked before he called well he never called the governor of Mississippi and L because their water issue and that was okay. I could not answer the incredible on out. We knew a storm coming always call the Gov. always talked to all the essential people many days before even if you have a plan in place. We talked about what we would do and how they could, what numbers to call and now were in the political situation where everything has to be some kind of political books. Let's pray for our leaders hope that some point they can put that aside and recognize that rural Americans were not he chose and just stop all this stuff and this is America we can do almost anything we put our minds to.

So here is I want to give you a good feeling to present. Biden said yesterday cut seven cents in constant contact and mirrors safety Clearwater my message has been clear that we are on the alert actually approved? Maybe temporary assistance emergency assistance long-term assistance I received and in the top of that which God said to Santa said what now have to talk to the present again because he got it so much worse. While more in central Florida and he said if they can declare natural disaster and you know this you live this then that means you can go find a FEMA service center and you can apply for individual aid hey I need a place to live. I need a subsidy to get into a hotel. I need some gloves subsidy to go to to get some clothes. I need to be able to take out a loan low interest loan. So now if you declared a national emergency, you can do that. I met with Sandy on Long Island. That's what happened in the end upset. Keep this place open for over a year and in the wake up. All we can do all we need to do is divert from about covert money, that's not you use it for a purpose like this, which is very clear and stop being political about everything we scrap the resources that we need all we need is the kind of leadership that galvanizes the strength of the American people. So listen to the president 60 minutes couple weeks ago as the pandemic is over. We still have a problem with covert were still done a lot of work on. It's what the pandemic is if you notice knows where mass so silly. He says it's over. Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi, try to jam through another $22 million in emergency spending. Meanwhile, the try to get rid of title 42, because they say it's over. At the same time telling everybody that it's it's not over so it would be it would be funny if it weren't so tragic, afflicted with others, don't mind that man behind the curtain shifts not important and you know this is a serious time in our country will we need real leadership that the people can count on and that we don't have that and is hurting us severely course, the pandemic is over. The going to do with the definition. It's not going on now nobody wants to release it if they can use it to control people and I think the American people are absolutely sick and tired of it is sick and tired of the line for compounds affected in those taking them so long to acknowledge natural unity because the state knowledge natural chance that everybody have jam and natural unit is actually much more effective than if you could just level with people and allow them to work with their own healthcare system.

Healthcare providers and not intimidate the doctors note mentioning your work and cancel your limited. We have everything in place that we in order to take care of the help of our people only thing we know on leadership Dr. Ben Carson, I guess so. Dr. Carson.

We are also three variants in and we no longer does that vaccine effective the way it was when we had the original covert, 19, so now we have people for five shots getting into it three times, including sometimes as a therapeutic out there that you take and we want to present.

I sense but most the state spent most of August in quarantine because he kept getting it and was in no but unable to shake it. What about all those people that lost their jobs because they were vaccinated. Have a good friend that was kicked out of Sloan-Kettering 22 years as a cancer nurse and I told you not vaccinated you fired and the buyer is horrible but what's worse is that they won't, but it was unclear that they do these people and justice and try to make it up to double down on local temple to the airline industry.

All the sudden the outcome of mechanical problems because somebody people pilots and still are the people you know quit and makes it very difficult for them to keep and you know that's happened in a lot of other areas as well and we should just face the that we made a mistake and the pandemic is over and we learn how to live with it and we've got a lot of therapies now know how to deal with it much weaker now becoming endemic and let's go with it and move on. Rather than continue to try to get some kind of political tremor. Right now we just kept talking about because I just worry that after November we Democrats try to do with these demands because they know that I can get voted to continue to crack down on them. So I got I can ask you to about this guy Lieut. covert Gov. Fetterman turns out he is so weak on crime. They scrubbed his website. They also took out all references to black lives matter what is happened to the perception of black lives matter. Dr. Carson will people recognize what mattered to them is how much money they could enrich themselves. They're not really doing anything like unfortunately and you know they are Marxist Marxist philosophies are in complete contradistinction to what Americans tried to one of the reasons that they took a lot of stuff off of their website about the morning to dissolve the patriarchal traditional family, but the people in America are smart enough to know that we don't want to trade what we country in March and the reason that our founders emphasize people quickly well-informed and educated for system to work because they knew that if people were not well informed. It would be very good to see you know you see some of those men on the street, questioned who fought in the Civil War. Don't think it was Spain and Africa just have no idea how can people that make decision and they know that so they can manipulate those people and I'm very concerned about what's going on with her when our public education know when you look at us recently. Other industrialized nations, particularly stone areas.

We are far behind and it's not because we don't know.

It must be something going on with our educational system that we can correct them trickster.

I hope so. Also, Dr. Carson no doubt about it the present United States is running at the new green deal, jammed it down the throats and for the inflation reduction act, but I don't think is appreciated when you do this green energy things and you do this, how does it affect minority community are low income commit the low income communities first saw financially turbulent look what's happening to the practice of and that has a domino effect on everything else because they typically transport and whose being hurt the most. Obviously, those who have incomes that are not you know when they should taxing will not affect anybody with an income of less than $400,000 will the worst kind of tax you can apply his inflation because that fits people at the lower end of the income scale much more heavily to actually believe a lot of people are smart enough to know they are good people who want to fundamentally change the society are upon people not being very well formed and people being. Manipulate that's what they, and I think they're coming on something.

The majority of people in this country, and can I hope so. That's because I do think DD try to divide the country and racial lines. I think it blew up in their face. I think they said we have to have compassion for people in prison. I think you put us all in jeopardy.

When he got to lawmakers who came out to defund the police and got carjacked from Pennsylvania to Michigan within 90 minutes of each other. Karen Bass was basically a communist who studied in Cuba want to be the next mayor of Los Angeles gets so good gets our house robbed. I think people they all wanted to show that they were above it all in our criminal justice system so corrupt. I hope they see the light almost much clearer right. This is like the same people committing the same crimes and the end of the random victim. This of it is" gang against gang is people praying another people, destroying businesses and livelihoods I get. I hope things turn around and opt not to help the American people because we should not be in a situation where the Scripture hits twice. Can we go out to dinner. That's not what America you hope, a present from friends again. I hope this whole plethora of choices I think Pres. Trump.

Actually, his policies were extremely good. I think one of the reasons that people dislike him so much is because he was an outsider and he came in and got stuff accomplished and that's it takes a lot of people lost Dr. Ben Carson. Thanks so much appreciated. All right, always good to be with God's book created equal back a moment to take your phone calls use of the brain to meet you places you need to kill me breaking news unique opinions. All Brian kill me and show Roger mirrors not only a baseball is an incredible honor for support.

So here are my family here and that is iron judge after the home run look at his mom was behind the holy behind home plate.

Is he now tied Roger Martin 61 homers about on the cusp of winning the Triple Crown don't close them in homers and RBIs nobody's close and then you have a situation where he goes home to Yankee Stadium is good have a chance to do in front of a capacity crowd in the Bronx and yes will simulcast the game with Amazon Brian Euless and WABC in Yonkers, New York, a Brian coming about the Teleprompter text of my speech anything find want to know whether it's the staff is inapt, or entity that the present just misread or his staff not double check that the Teleprompter make sure that lady's name wasn't on it.

You know they're trying to sabotage the present or if they just don't know what they're doing, but either way it's tolerable and just embarrass the president and on and it just you know just looks horrible and then the other thing about the press secretary come up with you some slick expressions and on top of the top of mind and that moron moron on the real issues. Instead of trying to be so slick all the time anything like it. You don't get something done right you sometimes see misspeak the exams the same day.

The vice president is in South Korea saluting North Korea, not even realizing what she said in the present doesn't know she's dead or not. Many call me all you do. Listen, I get all the time.

Sometimes you get copy not from everybody here Peter members insulting you.

Since you got is just wrong. Ageist amendments go yeah okay just to check that.

Of course he passed away, but I want to salute her for the work she did leading up before her tragic accident.

We never thought about it again, but they try to make believe we don't understand exactly what we just heard was administration keeps doing that they think American people's intelligence for order with all the business there for about an vice president of the Korea when the Order. Why don't you want to go to over 100 meteorologists and the worldwide resources a fox in your box, whether podcast's personal powerful subscriber Melissa Malik Fox News or wherever you get your

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