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Has Joe Biden decided he's King instead of President?

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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August 26, 2022 3:29 pm

Has Joe Biden decided he's King instead of President?

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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August 26, 2022 3:29 pm

Joseph Moreno, John Ianerelli, Dave Brat, Rep. Bob Good, and Rep. Chip Roy join the conversation!

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Welcome to the Todd start show sponsored by legacy, precious metals, there's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM that's legacy PM delivers universities through viewing movies to see Charlie since conservative commentary from Friday after starting show chip can sit. Never. My dear friend it is a beautiful Friday were I am a well listing the Todd start rubbing a beautiful Friday where you are. We are alive from Liberty University studios. My goodness there is so much that you what I have to analyze talk about is we had the afternoon. Any moment now. We are told we will see this read acted version of the David that was you, to enable the FBI to enter former president trumps home monologue that this, in my humble opinion about the way you write about this, but in my humble opinion, this is been just ridiculous from word go. I've yet to see anything that amounts to anything except that for once six years now. We've had this ending assault was battery committed upon the person of Donald John Trump. Now I understand there are people that don't like him alright. I disagree with you but I get it.

We don't all like the same things perfect link between Yahweh. I actually agree with you about that. Every once in a while. There were some tweets with all my guys please you. You don't need to do that. He's like his hair that I don't care.

I think he goes the teaming booth. I don't care I don't think he goes to the tenant booth.

Guess what, I don't care I do care about.

I look back on the four years that Donald John Trump was President of the United States. I fondly remember gasoline that was affordable store shelves that were stocked Americans proud to be Americans and bad people around the world.

Fearful that if he did something we would react was perfectly okay with all that I really was and now we don't have any.

Now we've got this this weekly doddering old fool shuffling around the Oval Office in a bathrobe and slippers try to figure out when the murder she wrote marathon is coming on trying to figure out if there's extra tapioca today.

Anybody bringing anybody buys like and sniff their hair. I just don't get the priorities with this guy thing is a lunatic. I really do. But I also think is a meat puppet is really calling shots on anything because I don't use capable of calling the shots on anything. This latest debacle anywhere between 300 and $500 billion.

He's going to forgive what makes Wednesday. Let's say way back when your kindly uncle Joe said I want to lend you some money. Why is that uncle Joe well you know you been thinking about going to college and I know it's difficult to get grades though your to be okay but my gosh it's it's so pricey, so pricey, I want to lend you money. Okay, but here's the deal. I mean, I love you and all but but you are your have to pay back. It's not a gift which understand that you have to pay it back okay so here you go there's $10,000. That's my money. Understand yeah I know I get uncle Joe.

I worked hard for it not III get it to make you proud number to go to school and I want to do these the okay fantastic and then you you accept this loan from your dear old uncle Joe and you invested in your education and let's say you you get your education and you now have a career you're out there doing something in the real world's you're making money.

Who knows maybe you've gotten to the point where you got married. Maybe now you're thinking. I would love for us to have kids, what you Wonderful but listen, we can't do it right now why why is that well.

I still owe uncle Joe $10,000 and I told him I would repay to buy got to do that you save your wife or you save your husband. Hey listen I know you're talking about kids, but I think to take us well maybe it's this number months whatever whatever payments can be I don't know but I'm giving uncle Joe's money back goodbye got. He invested in me, and I'm giving it back to that's his money and you go to your kindly old uncle Joe's now a few years older, and he says you know what I want you to take a $10,000 that I invested in your education.

I wish to clear the books. What there.

It's a gift. You don't have to give it back. Uncle Joe you I know I know what I told you that I meant to bed but I'm looking at how your life's coming together and you get married and you getting a house in your planning for children by God.

Now it is.

It's a gift I gave it to you because I earn that money. Now I can erase it and that's the way it is. Well, that's fine. If your kindly old uncle Joe actually let you is money that he can come back and say you don't have to pay it back, but this delusional deranged guy in the White House was just pulling presidential authorities out of his ears, making stuff up, but I've decided I'll more the carrying the president's why I wear a robe every day.

Doesn't that make me the king do you want to be the ones on that's not my day. I don't have to just rip ignores him. There's no power for him to do this not think the the explanation. By the way, it was brilliantly came up with this because the really bad people think about.

I mean, I know sometimes I think we disagree with it. These are thoroughly bad people thoroughly bad people completely totally bad people and now they're saying well you know you had those thousand 2000 10,000 page thing that that was an act way back when Colbert was around. And on page 673. I kid you not. This education secretary knew exactly the pay 673. How many people read through to six, page 673 people made it through the first six pages so page 673 says we have emergency powers during an emergency when it's an emergency.

I will buy you. I'm looking around, and unless I missed it cold. It is kind of done right.

Are we not all at the point were thinking well, you've either had its we are going to get its your doctor is telling you this is kind of way. It is, it's going to be around whenever the Spanish flu is still here started 100 years ago and so you're gonna get its you're gonna get its or you have already had its or will be coming soon. What if you decided I'm going to live my life.

I'm going to a concert tonight. Heidi and I are celebrating 23 years with a married phrase.

We married women happily married 23 years with the married like 108 very good at you, she's not tuning in for a couple moments so we are going to a concert to go see a Skynyrd Lynyrd Skynyrd second year in a row.

I love it. I mean, I love them. I really do limit schematic and still pull off a show like nobody's business. What seemed tonight to be a whole boatload of people there now. I want those guys. I got my vaccines.

I got my booster. I am often going down the malevolent elf rabbit hole without you idea that what what what is this latest thing like every every 11 days get another booster and then every second week in a common gently massage her shoulders or whatever it is I don't trust my doctor to live. I got a lift. I'll buy you.

I like to live so that's what were talk more about the sort of reminder couple things coming up as soon as we get it as Sunni soon as we get it. The redacted version of the affidavit now. The redacted version of the affidavit. Boy this is going to be something to see. How much do they blank out I was just a look like one big scribble from somebody's magical marker and I've got a sneaking suspicion that's I was going to go will get some analysis of that, we've got good friend John Ayanna really he is a retired FBI Special Agent Mike. He is not happy with the way that the FBI is going in this day and age, I'm sorry to say that and it doesn't reflects brick agents is 12,000 FBI Special Agent, that's it. People think it's much larger. It's not nearly 12,000 actual special agents are 36,000 total employees and there a handful of people in the upper floors of the J. Edgar Hoover building in Washington DC who are now that's that's work trouble seems to be happening so John Ayanna really is going to be with us. We've got Dave Brad Davis at your brilliant guy, formerly a member of Congress he was smart enough to ditch that he's the Dean of the business school at liberty University.

Congressman Bob good Congressman ship Roy as well yeah it's all happening to a quick reminder social media V-chip cat show over getter.

The Jeff cat show over on Facebook and I want you to grab a line as well 844-747-8868 844-747-8868. It is Jeff Katz in Photonics the Todd start show.

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John Ayanna really retired FBI Special Agent Cinda right about now.

Tough times be an FBI agent. Lots of folks ordinarily happy to stand up and and agents � I just am not crazy about what's going on well were to chat with John about that and what happened at Mara Lago and when we get to see this heavily redacted. That's the words I would use even before I see it I can almost guarantee will be heavily redacted affidavit that was used to justify the search warrant a mirror. Lago Willow will share that with you. By the way John will join us on the a patriot mobile newsmaker line which reminds that now more than ever, frankly, it is important I mean vital to sport companies, organizations that share our values patriot mobile yeah America's only Christian conservative wireless carrier. Not only do they share our belief they actually do something about a patriot mobile donates a portion of every dollar organizations that fight for causes that you when I care about what you switch to patriot mobile now you use promo code tot T OTD you are going to get free activation of free gift patriot mobile has the broadest nationwide coverage is the same towers. Other carriers use a plaintiff in any budget along with great discounts for veterans, first responders, real heroes as well as multiline users. By the way, switching the patriot mobile super easy.

All you do get over to patriot T ODD or you call other US-based customer service team at 972 patriot you get your special discount you get free premier activation again by using promo code T ODD for more details visit patriot that's patriot you call them at 972 patriot 972 patriot you want to talk about. Great stuff that is going on your about to get $10,000 in the mail here get the bill for Ted that I just okay. It is outrageous as a not 844-747-8868 844-747-8868. Matt is joining us from North Carolina good afternoon Matt yes sir. All right, sir. Yes, mobile no Gerber. I want your opinion on something like uncle Greg, what more are rendered by perturbing $300 billion over to or putting up by Carl Kelton throwing money at you now so you don't know Grady yeah but you know what, here's the thing back he really probably does think he's doing great.

The man is delusional. He's not connected to planet or there's nothing going on there. There are no synapses firing and the people behind the scenes are just flat out evil, and I know maybe you can tell me why they seems so determined to break the United States of America, waiting for your debt reduction.

Auto show absolutely will listen. I appreciate that man I have a wonderful day in North Carolina. That's a metric you didn't get a good question right.

Which is worse. Which is worse, not having the border is. Let's not kid ourselves at the moment there is no border. There is no southern border by Dan and his crew have simply taken away. They're not doing it and you and I are left now dealing with this.

I applaud Gov. Greg Abbott. I really do you know what leftists in New York you're in favor of illegal aliens coming in anytime they want. Leftists in DC you're in favor of illegal aliens coming in anytime you may want okay to send some of these fine folks to you and how you deal with them and what's the response from Muriel Bowser, Mayor of the District of Columbia. We need the National Guard twice she's asked for so had a couple busloads.

Gov. Abbott is dealing with the hundreds of thousands of folks. How about New York City, Eric Adams, the mayor up there another good upstanding liberal left-wing Democrat was using well get everybody signed up for free healthcare and free cell phones in school and clothing and give them cards to buy food with all and by the way, since they don't have any place to stay where going to put them up or we can put them up repeal of the five-star hotels in New York City really. I got a question for you, Mayor Adams after you pull your head out of the whole of the ground. What you put some of the homeless veterans up in those five-star hotels in New York City would not be a better use the money I just just service spitball in here. Believe me, by the way, I got I got three emails already sent. There's no way that somebody on team Biden actually tried to say that this loan thing was legit. Take a listen to this.

Kyle, would you fire up a cut number seven. Please see your Pelosi said last year she thought that this was something the president could not do it would require an act of Congress. So is this legal heroes act 637 to be exact, provides accent that gives me the authority to provide a waiver to ensure that Americans are not worse off after an emergency national emergency was the hay I had surgery couple years ago that was pretty much an emergency in my house any chance page 638 addresses that no 844-7478 868-844-7470 8868.

Make sure you check out Todd always a thrill for me to fax it to my friends this is there's no doubt the nation is facing a financial crisis because of the Biden ministrations economic policies hi this is Todd Starnes and no doubt our economy is in trouble and you need to take steps to protect yourself of all your money is tied up in stocks, bonds, and traditional market you are vulnerable. Gold is one of the best ways to protect your retirement no matter what happens you own your goals it's real physical always been valuable since the dawn of time, like you see precious is the company I investing in gold. They can help you roll your retirement account weight goal back IRA still own the physical goal also ship precious metals safely and securely to your house. You know $1 million worth of gold can actually fit inside a shoebox called legacy at 866-528-1903 or visit them online legacy PM legacy PM got started in show shaft and they live from the liberty University Studios. He has just been released.

I am talking about the affidavit that was why with this magistrate judge down in South Florida that convinced him a search warrant needed to be issued to search monologue.

It's 38, 39 pages long. Take a Todd as I correctly predicted, there are pages of reading actions was a lot of it is just nothing but black magical Mark. What is interesting to me is really read the very beginnings as introduction and agent singular background so it describes one particular special agent with the FBI says he received training at the FBI Academy in Quantico was all special agents to I am a little taken aback to see that it's only one agent MA maybe that's the way it's filed thousand years ago when I was police officer when we made applications for search warrants. I remember that yes there was somebody in the lead who would sign, but generally speaking, we kind of included everybody within reason that that somehow someway was involved in that. I don't see that in the very beginning to get 3839 pages. I'm just getting started on this so I don't want you to believe that I've seen every piece of it, nothing stands out to me as I'm looking at all, at least in the introduction relates to the national archives and records act, which is not a criminal statute and one thing I saw that stands out. They talk about in this affidavit on such and such date January 18, 2021 two moving vans were seen at Mara Lago Sherlock. The president was moving out of the White House.

I just really believe for a single solitary second that Donald Trump, president of the United States went around the office with a box picking stuff up. Are you kidding me please when he was packing his own boxes when I really like the socks but had them too long about it commands a billionaire Jeff that's not your eyes half a billion or I don't care either way you slice it.

He's about $1 billion ahead of my am where I am so I know he's not packing his own boxes. We then pick it up; I really like this. I don't like that you Movers teams and teams and teams of movers going and they pack stuff up. They put in boxes. It gets taken out of the truck of the other and some other people taken off the truck. I'm sorry, unless there's something further along in here. I just don't see it. The investigation began. Listen as the investigation began as a result of a work girl from United States archives and records administration February 9, 2022. She's who's in charge of that on February 9, 2022. As recently as June.

As recently as shoe lawyers for former Pres. Trump and the Department of Justice and the national records of the administration were meeting at Mara Lago to review things in boxes say hey you know this stuff is actually classified words this so that we needed back what happens Trump lawyer said I hadn't taken what they get. Then, 10, 15 boxes of things, it didn't seem to me like there was any lack of cooperation. Now you know the leak was that somehow someway there were there were nuclear codes was nuclear information in all of this, let's say that's the case Noel Searcy for the sake of argument that the case you really think it makes sense to wait 18 months to get that back. That seems to me like that's that's an unforced error on your part 18 months to get back something wrong this whole thing stinks to high heaven.

There's more to this and my friend Joe Marino who is as you know, the smartest lawyer on gods green earth is to be with us are probably about 10 minutes from giving him the time to take a look at this and see what he thinks of it yet understand something about Joe. Joe has been US attorney. He's being legal counsel to the FBI. He is a judge advocates in the United States Army. He knows the law. He knows it and so we'll take a look at this. He's been involved in more affidavits for search warrants and the rest than you can shake a finger at so he will be with us again. I was looking the clock about 10 minutes from now. Give us his insights.

His analysis of this I'm sitting here really is a layman.

I've never served in the federal law enforcement ranks. I'm not an attorney but gosh it, it just looks to me like there's not much here and it does look to me like it's kind of, sort of like a fishing expedition which bothers me. It bothers me so deeply.

The hatred and contempt that some people have for former Pres. Trump it's wrong. It's wrong on every single stinking level. Everyone yet well there it is. So again I Joe Marino the smartest lawyer God's rebirth will be with us in a couple of moments to give his analysis. I want you to take a look at is not. I was Sears. I want you look through it. Now go to Todd Todd go there right now you take a look at this.

You tell me what you see there is there anything there. Am I missing it. Maybe I'm just missing everything that's there if you spot something you give us a shout 844-747-8868 844-747-8868 can I give you another little snippet here I were talking about the forgiveness you know crazy old uncle Joe said all yeah I don't have to pay back about a highlight years ago and you know what you think about the payback anyway. Those other people went to Terry at yeah I'm forgiving your debt. How can you do that well.

I am the king really sure why not tell me is not how we keep telling Jeff and he just keeps forget okay Elizabeth Warren, another good upstanding liberal leftist somebody was far better than you are far better than I am. She was asked about this a while ago. Dad said hey I repaid off my daughters student loan you get 10 brand-new 20 grantor any money for me about cut number one please you appreciate anything you are laughing at back on your lap and everybody who did the right thing I tell you who else might be laughing right about now are the people put together this affidavit. I think it's outrageous are our good friend Todd Starnes. You know, is the only operator the spinal program has been looking at the affidavit you will find it a Todd and thought even on a day off is working Todd appreciate you weighing in your job sounded great and thanks for filling in today. I've had a chance to scroll through the affidavit which our managing editor Caleb Park is posted look good to hear. If I nothing jaw-dropping here except the fact that the FBI redacted just about everything and it's really, I wonder how many black magic markers they went up marking through all of the these documents Jeff they even to the FBI even redacted. The reason why they wanted to redact my gosh, it's in Paris and it's it's an affront to every single one of us who cares about Pres. Trump and the rule of law, don't you think. Yeah. So Sean Davis put it like this to be one of the cofounders of the Federalist and he said by the Justice Department literally told a federal court. The FBI had to raid Trump house because they CBS news article saw trucks at Mara Lago Pres. yeah okay so I wasn't imagining it. I wasn't crazy I saw that I thought know that can't be it. Yeah the CBS station Miami should moving trucks and all of a sudden the FBI has to rated it just it just smells to high heaven. My friend yet and I hope the American people through this, but again it's very disturbing, especially when you throw in the interview that Mark Zuckerberg did with with Joe Rogan yesterday where he admitted and course they sort of pleaded that they didn't go as far as they probably should have, Zuckerberg said, yeah, the FBI met with so they told us there are some concerns of there might be a Russian you know hopes coming and it might be about Hunter's laptop and of course a couple of days later, the New York Post really drops about the laptop but what I suspect really happened was I when the FBI shows up at the owner's house and want to have a conversation.

That's a big deal and that sending a message and it looks to me like the FBI actually intimidated Facebook into blocking or at least suppressing most of the coverage about that laptop. It's outrageous. Every single part of it is outrageous. Todd, I know when you're back on Monday but you're going to be diving into this with a million different angles and I'm thrilled to Todd has the full thing I do me a favor. I mean, I know you're off, but as you continue to to analyze a look at it this afternoon.

Let us know what you're saying I'll be doing it in between segments.

We got Joe Marino, a former US attorney joining us on your program in a couple of minutes to give his analysis, but just a gut check for me, my friend.

This thing stinks to high heaven. More evidence we need to defund and dismantle the FBI if they come knocking at your door. Don't answer. Call your lawyer. Don't talk to Todd appreciate you check it in my friend. That of course is Todd Starnes even on a day off, even on a day off. Todd is working.

This is one of the things I love about them. Todd is always and I mean 24 hours a day seven days a week. Analyzing this Joe Marino former US attorney for legal counsel to the FBI will join us with his analysis of this it's going to be absolutely brilliant, brilliant stuff, and a retired FBI Special Agent will be with us about 20 minutes from now with his sense of this just doesn't feel good does it really does go and read the affidavit right now. Go to Todd Todd If you want to hit me up on social media VHF cat show over and get her the Jeff Show over on Facebook and I'll always feel free to shoot me an email is Jeff Katz in frittata and this is the Todd start show uncle Tom to is the eye-opening documentary everyone in America should see Todd Starnes here and uncle Tom to offers a compelling and brave analysis of the true history of black America. The cultural shift from prosperity, integrity and faith to its current perceived state of anger, discontent and victimhood. Uncle Tom to offers historical footage, photos, correspondence and data to reveal the genuine strides of black America in the 20th century the deliberate marks a strategy to create racial tension and replace God with government and the NAACP's sinister agenda. Don't miss uncle Tom to from executive producer Larry Elder and director Justin Malone with Brandon Tatum and Brody Baucom and Chad O. Jackson watch the movie on demand or by the DVD now at Salem. that sale sale for my friend. It has now. The affidavit filed by an FBI agent seeking a search warrant of Mara Lago. We all remember when this happened.

Pres. Trump and his team of said let's release the whole thing. The department just that we got to go through and look at stuff.

The magistrate judge who issued this. Reinhard said okay you got until noon and they took their sweet time. But it's here. I don't fully understand all of it, and there are so many things blacked out on it.

Well, I'm a little confused so I said let me find somebody who would get it the smartest lawyer on gods green earth is my dear friend Joe Marino brilliant brilliant man on to remind everybody served US attorney legal counsel to the FBI in the United States Army as as an attorney and he knows his stuff and Joe, I appreciate you joining us on such short notice. I know you're slammed but you had a chance to take a look at this was a 3839 pages total. But seems like half of it is blacked out. Anyway, the memory of my legal skills like speed reading guilt today right we all are. Yeah, I mean there is a lot of tech that we can see that a lot of text that we can't see, not a surprise really sort of figured Judge Reinhardt, split the difference in this way he can state he's relieved something, but he kinda gave the Justice Department what they want. Didn't and didn't get out everything my first path, what I expected. Right we don't know. I don't believe we know a lot more after skimming through the document and we did have an hour ago. I mean we already could discern a lot from what we've known over the last two weeks right. We knew the department hanging on the fact that they allege classify documents. We knew the three statute that they stated.

We knew from correspondence released by the national archives were legally we learned about it from national archives this week that there was back-and-forth going on for a while, and this confirms a lot of my lot but also doesn't really give us any more insight into why the government you know is moving forward with this plan to do about this. It's one of the things that really jumped out at the Joe again.

I'm not alerted attorney, but the FBI agent who filed the said hey we saw on a Miami television station that there were two moving vans at Mara Lago and I think about the guys moving. How on earth is this probable cause, and what are the exigent circumstances here to warrant a warrant.

Well, I agree that moving van pointed pretty strange, the issue still an issue. Still, you know. Okay, so Donald Trump didn't do himself a lot of favor this week.

Some of the information I came out because you know it does seem like the government has bolstered its argument that it did take steps before the search warrant really address why it took this long. So that really cuts again. The argument that the government was so concerned about within the document, why did they wait all these month, why did they even have two weeks to execute the search warrant from the judge why they waiting in the weekend between the day the warrant was authorized on Friday and the time that they waited executor on Monday so I continue to believe Jeff this is a reference dispute between the archives and the former president. I do not think this will be the basis for prosecution.

I don't think the appetite to do that.

I think the prosecution would have a lot of trouble to get into the weeds about the classification authority and intent, and I don't think it really just want to go to case against the former president. I think they got the records back. I think they're perfectly happy to keep the possibility of a prosecution dangling out there. We've seen this before. You know I'm thinking of a court. The rush of molar probe but I think that's all the more reason why they are like now to closure here to bring a case bring a case if you don't shut it down dangling out there exactly Joe I need to do it. I'm out of time and thank you so much my friend speed reading through the joining us. I want everybody Todd Starnes is nothing short of insane. This is the Kings College as part it's for students with the drive and dedication to grow in their faith and develop leadership skills as they run a bachelors degree. The Kings College offers programs online in New York City. I did a combination of deliveries, every major and minor is designed to prepare students for success. Find out more.

Start the journey. Don't just go to college Kings, the King's College that's T to find out what the King's College has to offer University studio in Memphis Tennessee in my are live not read it yet again.

So heavily redacted. There's so much stuff that's not there. Take a look at ago to Todd Starnes I come course and talk about this affidavit filed by an FBI special agent asking for permission to execute this search warrants at Mara Lago and I am puzzled by some of it it it seems to me I look at purely a layman here, but as I look through it and then moments ago we chatted with the Joe Marino former US attorney and he concurs with me, just a lot of this seems to be a dispute about some records and I think the implication which I just think is insane is that somehow someway former Pres. Trump was packing boxes and moving them like in the back of his minivan just I think it's nuts. I just think all of it is nuts and I think it reflects so poorly on so many great members of the FBI is what bothers me more than anything else. Well, it's pretty high on the list.

I'm blessed.

I know a lot of current FBI agents. I know a lot of retired FBI agents not to tell you, these are the best of the best amazing men and women. The salt of the earth and and this just unfortunately splatters all of them and makes their hard their job that much more difficult. It's already a hard job 12,000. These brick agents out there doing what needs to be done but this looks bad for everybody. John Ayanna rally is one of those find he served as a Special Agent in the FBI he's retired now and I'm happy to say he's joining us to give us little insight into what happened with this affidavit in the way it was executed at Mara Lago but also about how it's hitting current and former agents John, thanks for being here). So let's let's dive right into this man. You know where were looking now at this affidavit.

It's online, 38, 39 pages, redacted, redacted, redacted, everything seems to be asked out.

But there's one part that says this is initiated because somebody saw a television news reporter Miami that showed two moving vans near Mara Lago I mean is that is that great investigation when I missing here on the lawn. I got done reading the affidavit and many questions, including how many magic markers today need to do all the redacted 38 pages. It took me about two minutes to read because there's not a lot of information there.

Moving them I would get moving. Dan did one come down here another day at Mara Lago complex because on their there has to be more information.

There has to be more allegations that were put forth by a source or money somewhere, and that we don't know what the allegation bar and Jeff this is my concern.

Source to bring information to the FBI all the time.

Not all the time that information accurate and correct.

I want to know how was the Lord that it day after day made legitimate information is really important due diligence because if I don't listen to every story about their running around a lot of people have all made redacted affidavit were not going to know scrape like John Ayanna really is joining us on the patriot mobile newsmaker line retired FBI Special Agent what what your sense with Zuckerberg. Now Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook says hey FBI agents came to us and said you probably don't want to cover this Hunter Biden laptop story and let posts up about it because who were pretty sure it's Russian disinformation as it is that standard operating procedure, not the real question for Mr. Dr. Berg number one water procedure in place. I'm going to go to news outlet with go to Facebook and ignore everybody else. There's going to be an official document, probably through the Department of Justice and prepared and sent out to media outlets to make them aware a couple of agents who have numerous reasons to be at Facebook on any given day various investigation if somebody say something you hey you know there's got to be a lot of probation. That's not an official statement by the FBI. The other thing that has me a break.

And for what well so therefore we make the information available. We just didn't make it available for making it available not available so you're telling me you what you doing there you are basically hiding information that you don't want people to stay and telling me what other information that is politically expedient out there for everyone.

And as you looked at the execution of that search warrants at Mara Lago and were told it was 39 agents and they were there for 10 hours. Does that strike you as ordinary reasonable was that out of the realm of realistic search warrant execution in the beginning when you jump about the rank-and-file brigade out there doing her job and I feel for those guys you know your boss tells you you're doing something you have legal documents you gotta go do it property. I am going on search warrants and small condo were all have an agent and will still be there five or six hours because you gotta document everything you cake.

You gotta take a picture of everything you find in the plate found the proof that you found that there all that time when you look at the side of the Mara Lago number of boxes in the way with 40 agents in 10 hours right okay okay well I just I want to make that clear. Because I have heard a lot of folks saying it seemed like it was overkill.

It was too much or as you say, that is, that's reasonable. Think Joe Marino had joined us couple moments ago, former US attorney and he was actually legal counsel to the FBI for a period of time and he said that he he really thought as he read this affidavit, John.

He said you know it just strikes me as a dispute over record say and I know that there's so much redacted as you pointed out, but do you get the sense that that's ultimately what this is, that they had records that the national archives wanted in for whatever reason they decided it couldn't be solved any other way when I'm sort of times in my career where I would go to the US attorneys often say I want to get a search warrant. I want to get a reservoir and I would cry you know all of that is pretty much the last resort.

There's other ways we can negotiate anything that jumped out at me now course a lot redacted so who knows. But when you think of all the other ways you can read all problems and you're going to go level or former president that unless were missing something, that whatever reason the government wants to know about.

Why did they go to this point and what you remember. It's not the eyes, that goes to that point, it has to be Department of Justice that this is what you do the I did not get to do anything unless the department's attorney signed off on it so this is being driven quite a bit and again I think you all condition where it political, John Ayanna really retired FBI Special Agent joining us in the patriot mobile newsmaker line. John and I in conclusion, let me ask you, could we have reference the other frontline guys 12,000 Special Agent is the real brick agents that are out there doing the job� The guys in the top floor of the Hoover building and the rest of it up. What is their senses. They go into work today is all of this is swirling around their agency on a regular basis like I want to do my job. I want people say and are getting Berg really believe in the mission. The guy unfortunately the politics of making it difficult for the country to the IBMer after not yet those same agents have to go out and deal with counterterrorism matters. Today they have to deal with government like North Korea wanted doing farm.

Somebody somewhere is having a child kidnapped and the yard to come to your rescue. We need to have the public's faith in the eye and getting the politics out of the FBI. Would you replace the current FBI director in a heartbeat. You know I was right. The first thing I would've said a putting together a special committee with Robert Muller when you decided you wanted to do an investigation.

If you feel natural special group together.

Somebody added up believe the FBI out of politics because we need to be independent and let's assume that it really. Something needs to be done about it going to be able to do business the next day on all those other matters. I just talked about the need to be about the appearance of politics very easy to put together a special group going do something like that and it was really not very. I think the problem is back there a special group together just as they would have the FBI.

I think it's a huge mistake in the director of the FBI should have never allowed. I'd rather be the director who was fired for refusing an order from the Atty. Gen. then be someone who reputation of the FBI by having it appear political. John, I appreciate you being here to remind everybody FBI is your website. FBI that is John Ayanna really is a retired FBI Special Agent again. Check out his website. FBI His sense of this affidavit is sense of what the FBI is involved in here he believes is a result of the Atty. Gen. and the FBI director I think is really really really insightful. We got our good friend Dave Braxton enjoys talk about this student loan forgiveness. Hey, it's great. $10,003.

We don't have a will just print more. What could possibly go wrong if you haven't seen the affidavit, the Mara Lago search warrant affidavit yet go to Todd start Todd and you're always more than welcome to jump in 844-747-8868 844-747-8868 Jeff Katz again for time that it is the Todd Starnes show Starnes show Jim, can you send in for my grand time joining you from the universe remind you coming up from Liberty University.

My friend Dave Brandt had served as a member of Congress, representing my area I'm in central Virginia, NewsRadio W RBA is where you'll find me on the regular basis were so happy were pleased were honored to be Todd's affiliates in central Virginia will lot of Todd Starnes fans here in central Virginia. So Dave will be with us just a couple moments is now the Dean of the business school at liberty University. Of course be joining us on the other patriot mobile newsmaker line and you get a chance to join us 844-747-8868 844-747-8868 if you have not yet seen the affidavit 38 pages long, about 20 pages of it is just crossed out go to Todd Todd

By the way I would do that quickly, because there are so many people that are going to be looking at this in hearing about it now for the first time and headed to Todd I want to make sure you get a chance to look at it. I know that guy Judith who was listening to W DU wedding Georgia has one or two assessments of the situation. Judith welcome to Todd Starnes show pleasure is mine and will start the computer. No matter how why are you late that you have a leak more money would allow you everything that was a conflict event. Anything that would be a conflict of interest by the electric car in our car parts of the car sure does all conflict of interest with United know?

I appreciate the call. Judith, thank you so much for joining us from Georgia listing on W DU and marvelous, marvelous radio station so you need to take a look at the affidavit. Simple as that. And it's not the only thing that's happening, but it just was released about an hour or so ago.

It's not can it take you a lot of time because as I said about half of it has been quote redacted, which is a law school speak for crossed out. I am troubled by untroubled by every single solitary part of this. I really am. I am troubled to hear folks who ordinarily would be on the side of law and order saying what's the big deal. I'm troubled by folks who ordinarily would be supporters of law enforcement saying hey I don't trust those guys anymore. There's a bad situation and meditate on that. It is a creation of Joe Biden, and Merrick Garland Merrick Garland is the most biased political Atty. Gen. we've seen in the United States. I think since John Mitchell served in the Nixon administration. This is up bad bad situation anyway that you slice it, and now as Biden inflation is reaching all I'm sorry I did read. I think it was probably CNN. You know I watch CNN and MSNBC so you don't have to. You're welcome, but the headline was inflation easing or something like that really what I'm looking at here at all. Sure enough it's down now to a mere 6 1/2%. To remind you that still 6 1/2% higher than it was last year this time it's not bad at all.

It's not 40% of American families now say they cannot afford to keep their grocery shopping at the same level. The cutback depending on where you are right about now teacher either back in school or getting ready to go back in school here and our community were in Hanover County, Virginia.

Beautiful place.

By the way you get Todd out here to join us on the deck just sit out relax for a little bit evil when the man is off. He's working but here in Hanover.

Our kids going back another week or so. There are people going to the supermarket into doing math and the math involves cold cuts right were that we Make lunches for the kids ordinarily did have three slices of meat and one slice of cheese that's not going to be possible to be two slices of meat already take off the chief used to be five smears of peanut butter now is going to be three because people are hurting and that because of Joe Biden will talk about Biden place with a man who understands a Dave Brandt, the Dean of the liberty University business school just moments about Jeff Katz inference. This is my grand why University studios will in my day marks one year since 13 American heroes were killed at the airport in Kabul. Have we forgotten. Dammit we forgotten or sacrifice their service to bravery. I hope not. Have we forgotten was responsible for that. Gosh I hope not. If you want to take a look at the affidavit. I mean obviously we have been talking about this throughout the day as it's broken will continue to talk about it. I think it is.

I just think it's sketchy. I really do think the whole thing relates to a handful of records that, from my appraisal and I could certainly be wrong for my appraisal it sure seems like Pres. trumps legal team was cooperated and they were turning over what folks asked to be turned over as is been pointed out many times by others who were much smarter than I am the president of the United States has the ability to declassify anything that he wants to declassify whenever he wants to be classified. What Pres. trumps as I declassified all the stuff okay well I again and again and again and again just seems to me that that we are looking at folks who were just help and for lever to attack former Pres. Rupp and keep them off the ballot going forward that I believe is what this is all about. I really do. I think it is all about making sure that he's canceled.

No, we've seen that in a lot of areas it will talk more about that present nitrates also said hey guess what, I'm the king and I can forgive any amount of student loan debt. Even though I didn't actually lend it to you. Seems a little nuts doesn't it. Well Dave Brandt formerly served in the House of Representatives.

He, of course, now is the Dean of the liberty University business school. He knows a thing or two about economics said that he is joining us right now on the patriot mobile newsmaker line.

Dave hello my friend. Darn all my putting together a one all we need right about now is a large pitcher of iced tea and some sunshine. We be good to go. Yeah, there Friday afternoon brother, absolutely. So let me ask you, Dave. I'm looking at this and again I am not as familiar with this is you are but does the president of the United States have the ability to say forget about it.

You don't really always that money. I really.but it all a function of right goal that up by contacting powered if one side to the third power and the others� Check it you got a problem with this thing will go to the court the comeback being in no damage done. In the meantime is significant right and the it it it it with the fascinating thing for me is that the people following the issue right II hope everybody knows the country going to the wrong direction. I made it back through the roof on 78 and the more and more of your life.

You get the government. It seems more and more is going off course I hope people get and so we've handed over everything to the federal government and that when it comes to education. The import there is an outburst like the misallocation of funding your local schools. No much better. What to do with the parents knowing better overwhelming economic evidence is that our productivity in this country has been going right down for 40 years and you can go to Northwestern University. Robert Gordon is the productivity guru for the country. Probably not a conservative, but not crazy.

Follow the data does economics collect 40 years and so straight down and then last week and the month before at all time low right and so this helps you to answer the question knowing the productivity. The low government, they know the labor force is great and the numbers have gone up a bit, but GDP is growth right. The amount of stuff you make, which is what really matters is negative and so how do those to put together what the answer is were hired a bunch of folks who are not being productive and in the end, so productivity cannot answer all that and then why is productivity negative because were not training our fees, hearing and mathematic dams.and China and India are smart enough not to go down this road in the Marxist folks over the unit in Russia now have been sending out unity cultural war items to get our kid out of think right no one like crazy cultural stuff better than they do.

They prop up some of the craziness along with our own culture and the way off the mark and I hope the American people are finally start to wake up but it is still not clear to me. It's a great point Dave Brandt is joining us of the patriot mobile newsmaker line is the Dean of the business school, the liberty University family member of the House of Representatives professor for for years and years and years so think this winds up eating is it's not that I keep hearing to go to the Supreme Court.

I guess that's where it winds up.

Is there any mechanism that you've seen Dave on the part of the federal government that says okay will you just fill out this form and send it to us in working to wipe this out or are they waiting for it to go to the court, not right now the left know how to take the bull by the horns and take action in our leadership at present are not happy with some of our candidates so we Michael dilute leadership leadership will implement that whether constitutional or not and then you know and after November the house changes which all the experts expect it will over that Republican-controlled man will have budget boat and the elf they were not to produce the budget. Take the crazy stuff.

I and so that the first opportunity to have it. You know, budget battle and make some compromise on the crazy stuff so mentioning crazy stuff wanting to lose what I am drawn to Mitch McConnell over and say I don't know how that happened. I don't know what is like this. It's like the magnetic north chest.

Dave is suggesting thinking you know what I still got a cushy office. I'm making big blocks have to break my rear end is that like the majority leader doesn't just show up every once in a while. Is that what this is all about. Well, you're familiar with the Judeo-Christian thing called Paul yeah all the people who significant degrees of interest right that the more important factor probably is that they like the leaders in the House and Senate. They count votes for leadership that they don't care and I don't want to win huge and have a 70 boat margin of freedom caught boat.

What about the budget yet that happened there.

Out of power, right, they like better when they're in the navigator state controlling all the special interest money and that is the that the revolution taking place right now with the whole, I think they're in for a shock. I think there is a populist party emerging with Republicans and Democrats and centrist race and gender than everybody would again.hey I just want our country back to it. I don't like with no back up or back up the good and the leader are opposing the will of the people when they played right when when McConnell I'm not sure if you're giving us the best candidate he saying that you get the most time defending talk down to the credit in a Republic talking about you everything you don't make the shocking well you know the candidate I gave them his guy plan over the seven congressional district but you know I mean nobody they were listening to me but you know I I think you may want to find my own member dining room again. The well anytime you eyes tootle back to central Virginia are always welcome at the Katz family dining room. I don't know God like tonight I got up) back there that love God and country and family in normal normal yeah yeah we love you to listen.

I appreciate you making some time for us trying to make some sense out of what is really best, nonsensical, and we do love you in central Virginia, and we do miss you and central Virginia and I hope you win that beautiful family have an absolutely blessed weekend and I look forward to talking again soon yet and everybody out there.

Keep the faith that Geordie but you got act like right is there your benediction God bless you all. I love it that is Dave Braddy is the deed, the business school at liberty University. A great great educational institution. If you're not familiar with liberty. Just look them up online. Of course we join you every day Todd joins everyday from the liberty University Studios in the day, was joining us in the patriot mobile newsmaker line I something else. I just want to pass along. I think it's very very important been talking about inflation and I just how difficult it is that for all of us right were going to grocery store was seen at the gas pumps.

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It is the Todd Starnes show. My friend man oh man, what time take off what you think Todd is we all just because I've known Todd have been friends with Todd. Well it's a long time even on his days off. He's working it is probably working harder than within six people that you know that's how good he is, we been talking about this affidavit. Obviously, as I join you from the liberty University Studios. I want to continue with that, folks, we got a couple of great folks joining us to couple moments matter by Congressman Bob good Congressman ship Roy they're all over this and so many other things are right now Jean is joining us at 844-747-8868 that is joining us from Iowa hello Jean hello I actually I I'm thinking that after November the people live in March rapidly already got Wandel right away.

I now understand assists over the Potomac rights right right I got while I don't want to all great.

I thought you were right. Why radio I got started late so you sounded like time. Well I listen I'll take a comparison to anybody as long as they are upright in breathing so II did I take no offense whatsoever.

I Jean, I appreciate the call, though Jean jacketed.

This is how I sound good bad or indifferent. I think sometimes it's not nearly as good. But you know what is right, I would get so much that that we continue to hand on their mind you're always welcome to jump in 844-747-8868 844-747-8868 and I don't want a lecture I don't want to Hector. I don't want to bug you, but I am to poke you and remind you that the entire affidavit now is Todd*.com that is where you go down you want to be spending time with Todd start' every single day. Anyway, so that you know what's going on in the world so that you know exactly what is happening in DC, especially it's it it's just a cesspool. What is an absolute honor cesspool and Pres. Trump was right when he said we need to drain the swamp and that is exactly why so many in that professional DC swamp dwelling life. One sick now in reality they hate us all. They hate us. Make no mistake about it, they despise us. We get in the way of all their plans. We hold these pesky elections and sometimes we don't even do what were told they told us we were supposed to vote for Hillary Clinton that we didn't we just sometimes actually exercise our franchise and make a decision for ourselves and it screws everything up for so couple of folks also semi-very very kind notes Jeff at the Jeff catch at ICOM Jeff at the Jeff catch like I'm Jeff.

The last time you were on, you mention something about your Gibson go campaign house a go is going pretty well what it is its Gibson Jeff help.

So this is a a shameless plug for me right gifts can Jeff help. What I'm trying to do is I'm trying to raise some money and get some very, very specialized training that would help me to help other family that have special needs kiddos like my daughter Julia and it ain't cheap just tell you that it ain't cheap and that I am a working guy so by doing one of these Gibson go is, it is faith based crowdfunding things.

That's why I decided to it to go with them.

The good people in my opinion anyway if you want to check it out. I really would appreciate it. Absolutely.

And if you're your move to do something more.

Please give Sendo that give Jeff Congressman Bob good Congressman ship Roy join us moments are now Taxing for my dear friend Todd and this is Todd start from the liberty University through you and yours and your friend. Amazing, beautiful Friday. Well it is for me right now lowers you.

I'm grateful for the for the day that God is giving me today. I really am a little concerned about some of the things that I'm seeing as I join you for the liberty University Studios looking at Todd start' up still try to make heads or tails out of this affidavit filed by the FBI requesting a search warrant for Malaga Pres. Trump's home. Former Pres. Trump's home and and and be the implications that somehow former Pres. Trump just packed up his own boxes and moved everything from DC to to South Florida is crazy. It is just absolutely loaded with one part of it that's not blanked out in remember about half of it is blanked out one of its as well was really came to her attention when a local television station in Florida had a picture of some moving trucks at Mara Longo being Mara Longo is to know how any people are in and out of there.

How much material how much equipment as their delivery trucks moving trucks I be willing to bet you if you sat outside there any day of the year, you would see trucks there. It just doesn't make any sense to me. But then there's a lot that doesn't make sense to me by inflation that is reaching right now, the, the amazing student loan forgiveness that were seeing right now thanks to Joe Biden. He's he says he is the king they can just make the laws as he goes along. Whatever he wants to go. It's insanity. I don't like well say somebody who was fighting the good fight. Let me tell you about that there are people in DC you know we look at DC and often doesn't think they're just all part of this they're not all part of it. You do have a handful of folks standing up fighting against this sort of insanity on frankly a daily basis. Congressman Bob good, who represents the fifth district in my beloved Commonwealth of Virginia happens to be one of those folks and that he is joining us on the patriot mobile newsmaker line right now. Congressman welcome my friend.

Thank you. Great Academy. Absolutely, sir.

So I don't know if you had a chance to look at the redacted affidavit all if you have any sort of gut check reactions. Well I would say in general terms that unprecedented action further demonstrates the willingness of this administration to continue the weapon I federal government and all of its resources and at that towards their political opponents are not concerned about the precedent that there setting with these actions because they're going for broke here doing everything and anything they can to arm our former president to try to tarnish his ability to not be our next president. And they will stop and not evident by what they've done president as we know have historically had the ability, of course, to whatever they consider to be declassified is in effect the class but they take with them or their staff does any way to their private residence to their library to their offices and many of the personal facts and papers and things like that and the government has the ability to come back and say we were concerned about this, but would like to get this back or what have you. They could have done that through traditional means through traditional methods.

Every indication is Pres. Trump was fully cooperating with that the government would have been come and look at it in advance and the previously they could've just come through normal channels and they would like to get the material back for whatever reason, I'm sure it would begin to cooperate their but as we know Jeff what they want no matter who you are, what your Pres. Trump whether my friend Scott Perry, the chairman of our house freedom caucus. Whether you're anyone who has stood up to them or stood up as a parent at a school board meeting for or whomever you might be.

They want to read the intimidation and harassment to show you what happens when you stand in their way. This what is increasingly becoming a administration that's acting like 1/3 world country, a banana republic, a totalitarian state police state a few well and even the are you ever worried come after Congressman Bob good because you're standing up and fighting the good fight as well. Well, you have to look at what happened with my friend Marjorie Keller green and while this was not the federal level, but it just demonstrates just recently what the left will do where she had the local police come to our home in the middle the night armed because they got a report of a situation that evidently someone on the left trying to cause a situation created a situation where someone might have gotten her the bell of the night. I know these folks come to our local police trying to do their job at getting anonymous tip from some crazy leftist who wants to try to call situation. It just shows what lengths they will do. You don't hear The crowds condemned the violence on the laugh you don't hear them condemned the violence in our city streets that have been happening over the last couple years of the blue city riots took what you don't hear them condemn the treatment of the January 6 prisoners you don't hear them condemn the threat against our Supreme Court justices, and it just continue they will do stop at nothing to retain power and so that's why the American people to show up in mass on November 8 and recheck this and overwhelm them at all in the resounding message that we will live free that we will not be governed by tyrants or tyranny. So I think that's gonna happen.

I sure hope so, Bob good is joining us in the patriot mobile newsmaker line represents the fifth district and in my beloved Commonwealth of Virginia, Bob let me ask you about Pres. Biden saying will look I'm wearing a robe, now in his case it seems to be a bathrobe. Most of the time as opposed to the rope that the royalty wears, but but he seems to think he's the king and just can forgive all of the student attending number one do you think that it's it's legal and number two what this is due to the economy.

If they take $300-$500 billion off the books, yet they don't seem to have that they've demonstrated about the constitution of the law they've done things already been reprimanded.

of course by the court, invited by the branch, but they'll say we know nancy pelosi thing a year ago i the education sector seen a year ago. we don't have the authority in what they do with what the heck. let's do it anyway. perhaps we can have it taken back before it successfully challenged legally. once we've done the harmon we forgiven these loans and people got notice today no longer owed money. how do we reverse that we go back to. i know you still of the money that the federal government told you not this is buying boat. this is the most base crash level of how low the democrat party is to think exacerbating the fiscal situation the inflationary situation, forcing lower income, fixed income, middle income americans off the student loans of people households making up to $250,000.

we all know that the top 40% of income earners on about 60% of the student loan debt. it's unbelievable that we would do this it it it. i do believe is unconstitutional. i do believe it's illegal. i believe that it will be challenged successfully, legally, but then again, the harm may already be done, but it doesn't make any economic sense to begin with, because we continue to subsidize the outrageous increase of higher education does nothing but make that worse encourages these institutions to continue to jack up the price of $10,000-$20,000 lower income folks. not to mention the unfairness of those who never went to college or paid. also, student lounge or worked their way to college not to not to incur student and it cannot backfire against them on top with american people. they know that it's not right sure to listen bob, i was appreciate any opportunity to speak with you for folks who perhaps are not as familiar with congressman bob good is a weed in central virginia are is there a good way for them to kinda look at you, you know, maybe stand up and they help with your upcoming campaign or they they they get some insight into what's going on, yet they can follow the congressional side it support our campaign by going to bob good for thank you thank you my friend have a blessed weekend and that we will talk soon. that is, congressman bob, good eye. he represents the fifth district here in virginia it's very interesting time for me. we've had the redistricting here in virginia and i remind you that i'm in a beautiful part of virginia called hanover county and during the week. normally my day job if you will, is overrated.

newsradio w rva wonderful wonderful radio station. get ready to celebrate.

i think we are celebrating 100 years.

i know todd's beautiful station. the other mighty 990 k wan just celebrated a great anniversary. they had a great party that looks like fun, but in my neck of the woods. i am being moved from my current congressman was a great guy, rob whitman and i working to get that gentleman right there. congressman bob good so i'm okay you know what i mean other people are seeing some very strange situations play on order line, you're always welcome to jump in 844-747-8868 844-747-8868.

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but right now, you must look at this affidavit. i just think it ought to give us all a applause. i really do ii just i don't think there's anything there. i think the actions against pres. trump are are just completely and totally off the chart.

i absolutely hope all by what i am seeking 844-747-8868 if you want to pick me up on social media on getter you're looking for the jeff Show on facebook you looking for the jeff catch or you can always send me an email as well. pappy read those jeff at the jeff jeff at the jeff it is jeff catching for my friend todd and this is the todd start show todd start show shift dance :-) and for my friends and i want to tell you about another friend of mine, mike lindell, i have been a loyal customer of my and my pillow and all of my pillow products for years.

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i came to the liberty university studios where we join you. i said to kyle carly a whole bunch of stuff we gotta listen to the lotta stuff that people need to hear and then what happens. the federal government doesn't exactly cooperate, they actually i release the redacted version of that fbi affidavits on a little behind the curve and out. i do want you to hear for some of the stuff that i swear you it really honest to goodness is important to hear. so let me start out with cut number seven.

now this is the education secretary who is claiming that this this regal decree from king joe biden somehow has legitimacy cut number seven. please see her. pelosi said last year she thought that this was something a president could not do it would require an act of congress. so is this legal heroes acting 637 to be exact, provides access the authority to provide a waiver to ensure that americans are not worse off after an emergency national emergency was the pandemics over is and it had a we all learn well, you're probably going to get it. even when you are vaccinated and boosted is in it now taking on a feels like the flu that you know each year, it would appear is if is to be a slightly different variant and if you want to get the shot you get it or the flu shot.

no, it's up to you. how do you get the power especially since just months ago, every member of the liberal left wing hierarchy, starting with san fran nando's early nancy pelosi came to dc she landed broomstick one she jumped off and said we don't have the power to do this. now all of a sudden they ran all the way through to page 637. is it possible that only read the first 636 pages in the just didn't get that they had the power seems odd since they wrote the dog on thing in addition to that regard, jean from iowa was with us couple moments ago. great guy called in at the 844-747-8868 jeff that elf that elf needs to be dealt with. he's talking about dr. felch, the diminutive the cdc dude. well, ron desantis, who was a tough guy great governor down florida had a little something to say about that little elf cut number two so little elephant. that's a pretty good line and when i got news for it is one that goes one better and i just want to make sure we've bleeped everything we need bleeping right because i cannot afford any sort of fines and todd can afford any sort of fines and kyla grayscale for any sort of fines right miss megan megan kelly cut number 11 sounds like he's been invited afternoon tea at one of our houses. i will consider it only if it's oversight is what i experienced with personal attacks. i will go if it's true, dr. patsy with you, you get a congressional subpoena. you show up. he been in treatment blank. you know how she now you put down a bumper sticker but kudos to. i miss megan for making clear what so many of us really do feel about that. the devilish diminutive little man and all of the damage that he has done all that he is wrought specially to our kids coming up in a moment. congressman chip roy out of texas. looking forward to chatting with him not. it is not start show so happy to be sent in for my friend live from university studios same eggs.

i love liberty university love the fact that there's so close to todd and todd is so close to them. i keep eating about their rock there there center for conservative media chatted with the dave pratt not too long ago. dave, as you know former congressman for my neck of the wood central virginia.

we are more than happy more than honored more than thrilled by the way, to be todd's affiliate here in central virginia newsradio wr va dave was congressman here and he is now the dean out at the liberty university. so i said to him as a dave. i want to come out there there in the lynchburg said but i want to meet some of the kids i do i want to meet this generation of conservative broadcasters because frankly will make me feel better about everything thing that we are doing really well. it's so infrequent. sadly, that we see real journalism being practiced. all you take a look at the legacy news media folks.

generally speaking, not all of them in order to smear everybody but generally speaking, we are talking about water carriers to the left and it is sad i mean really, really, really sad. got some great folks that have joined us this afternoon. i'm looking as we speak at a edit suite that went out from a congressman chip, roy represents the 21st congressional district out of texas and he's calling out no surprise here the other crazy leftist, but i repeat myself, trying to compare those ppp loans to the student loan forgiveness and rather than me trying to explain it. how about we bring congressman chip roy into this as he adjoins on the patriot mobile newsmaker line congressman. thanks for being here on appreciate that that enthronement yard watching all this garbage or by democrat blue checkmark, republicans want their mind after prompting out intelligentsia thing you know your credit completely absurd right they law passed by congress. frankly, as part of a stupid law spent $2 trillion in pay people not to work and drive up inflation and armed our economy, but the one slightly redeeming although it was really structured at the outset we improved the later help getting shot down by virtue of the power of government taking may want to compare back some of those people have to be republican because they by the way, small business owners and they want to compare bad writing essentially a blank check really a $10,000 check to all of these individuals probably sociology majors and gender studies majors living in their parents basement.

you can't get a job in the right at $10,000 check basically vote buying scheme outrages make a comparison about the need to called out yeah well you certainly did not congressman chip roy go to bull crap and i don't think i can say it much more clearly than then congressman roy joining us in the patriot mobile newsmaker line and a great opportunity for me as i sit in for todd to examine this sort of stuff, you know, congressman, one of the things that you point out here.

the leftists really do seem to hold business people in contempt and they train pain. everybody i guess is some sort of multinational operation. you know it in my neck of the woods here in central virginia. i walked down the street and i walk into a place like jake's place, which is my favorite restaurant as a hey jeff, good to see it. i say hi wendy and john and wendy and john are there on sunday and monday when the restaurant is allegedly closed and the hardly millionaires or billionaires.

anybody these guys with a passion, you're not. you're not wrong at all.

i know one of the things i worked on our you know you're have to go in there and it broke the pandemic with meeting with mauldin and i spent hundreds of hours when everything was shut down meeting with his longtime restaurant called the music venue right. i'm not why music venue that the people there were just getting absolutely hammered because they didn't have any walk-in traffic going to go out of business now. i don't like federal spending, and i didn't like any of the shutdown policy.

there was a moral hazard of having the government write a big check to give these people a lifeline when it was a lot of state and local government shutting down everything got done. the one thing i wasn't going to do would allow them to destroy the backbone of american art and orioles.

the backbone of our what made this country not small business owners across the country to left one small business is the fail paper for large corporations that were owned by all of the future driving all of these ridiculous woke esg standard hour they try to run the great policy through that they're totally fine.

the crony capitalism government regulations married big corporate power, which ends up driving the policies they want to get they don't like don't like small business like migrants when they live they they do migrants drop in the small business owners, but they're basically do everything all day to stand up so you're talking about standing up. i remind everybody congressman chip roy represents the 21st directional district in texas is joining us. the patriot mobile newsmaker line are you talking about standing up. it would appear as if the leadership and in all candor, so i'm kinda making those annoying" when i say at the leadership of our party in the u.s. senate has already said i don't really interested in whether we win or lose. please tell me that you guys in the house either hanging tough well. they block but i would got you that we've got to do more to get organized to fight i'm trying to lay out what i believe in with the print cartridge vision to do with the same number we should make very clear that you give them a pen to spend taxpayer money to revamp the radical left of the agenda that we don't believe we should punch a continuing resolution into a lame-duck congress. i want to know what an agenda. i want to inspire americans. i want to put the house in november. i will hold you guys and check and i want to have a fight in january, one federal dollars to be spent until we make serious changes in policy to hold the line of the board policy opened up american oil and gas energy, nuclear, rather than being beholden to china and all around a lot but there you know you got back thinking mandate right that we make sure that we take on the authoritative state and unwind the powerbook at the i am now pirate they did not find them quite well upon the american people act on. we do that the american people will follow. they want to engage in a culture about the battle for the culture of the spirit soul of the country.

absolutely, absolutely. listen congressman i wish you nothing but strength. as you continue to fight this fight.

your you're one of the few guys who is speaking up so passionately, so powerfully you and the other members of the other freedom caucus and ii just want you know people were not in texas appreciate what you're doing as well as your constituents. well, i really appreciate that.

and thanks for you have a blunt weekend and look for the absolutely you do the same. my friends congressman chip roy represents the 21st congressional district down there in the state of texas. i think that the state of texas really did something wonderful. gov. abbott did something wonderfully said okay.

new york, washington dc, you don't think that there's a crisis down here in our border.

you don't think that our schools and our social service agencies are being overrun with illegal aliens coming across the border. okay well table were to help you were going to give you a real life experience. we've got a few buses and working to invite some of the uninvited to visit with you for a while and he said it wasn't a huge number by the way, just couple busloads here couple busloads that are present in the washington dc center new york city muriel bowser, the far left wing democrat mayor of washington dc said oh my god. these people have no skills. they don't speak the language. we don't have any place to house them there there.

they're not ready for some sort of employ what she asked the federal government, not once but twice to send in the national guard.

now i do have to take my hat off to the folks inside the federal government said no the same thing. of course they said to texas, but okay so she's she's in a crisis when she's in a crisis because she said it was perfectly fine for illegal aliens to overrun the system in texas or arizona but not in dc, and eric adams. there's a guy was bat crap crazy really. yes, far left wing lunatic up there in new york.

the mayor, what is he do well. he actually throws a party were thrilled that all the illegal aliens showed up to show them how great it is to be in new york okay joey that he had everybody sign up for free healthcare got all the children enrolled in schools that gave them food cards, cell phones, and here's the kicker, since they didn't have any place to stay.

the city of new york.

well that is not the job. the city itself. the taxpayers of the city of new york are using their tax dollars were mayor adams is using them to pay for luxury hotel rooms for the illegal aliens that something. i had a crazy idea.

what about the other homeless veterans who were living on the streets of new york. you think there's any chance they could get a room at one of these luxury hotels. i think a lot of them will be happy even with the non-luxury hotel made like a motel 6 summer just they would be living on the streets but mayor adams doesn't seem to care about them. you know i mentioned a couple moments ago. chatted with dave brad that all that's missing is dave and todd and me sit on the porch with some tea and that the just have this vision, and now it reminds me of life change to you not have the big summer so you buy three get one free and this summer really. you can make a commitment to fuel your very best is one of todd's favorite life changed the amazing natural gentle cleanse used daily for optimum got health and the todd drinks every single day right combination 12 herbs comes in three delicious flavors natural peppermint pomegranate life change teams actually been around since 2007 made right here in the usa easy brew. keep in your fridge drink it daily. it is summertime and let's face it, we all love. i a glass of tea. and that's why todd is drinking a life change t here's how you get some you go to get the use the discount code. todd 10 to get an additional $10 off plus free shipping. it's over $50 savings again get the use the discount code t old dvd of the number 10 for an additional $10 off plus free shipping. make sure you're also why your online headed to todd all sorts of amazing information there beautiful beautiful items as well get a copy of todd's newest book that the daily devotional great, great stuff, and todd start' it is jeff in for my friend todd and this is the todd start show start show shift can salmon no, my goodness over and i have been chatting about the last couple of hours if you missed anything, please make sure you had over todd todd start' it, it's your one stop shop at your to be stopping over the number of times each and every day i'm serious. i look at it is a great resource. great source of information, wonderful material. todd is always on top of everything is team is always on top of everything todd that's where i was able to see and continue to look at this this affidavit filed by an fbi agent asking for that warrant to search morlock just craziness.

i think what he can do one reminder joining you from the liberty university studios and you always have an opportunity to jump in 844-747-8868 844-747-8868 rusty is in north carolina he's joining us listing to us on the talk station rusty welcome all i am, indeed, sir. my supposedly make all went to a great trouble and got all kinds of hundreds of judges appointed supposedly where i whenever pres. tom did any executive order within a day or two, some judge was shooting it down and making them wait to get to court so my question is okay republican is where all the judges tell me you can't find one issue out of armando yeah i think it's a good point. rusty. i really do not appreciate the call. where are the judges. what will pres. trump do i think we also have to be brutally honest about something. the establishment simply doesn't like donald trump, the establishment doesn't like us those who are the professional swamp dwellers. those who figured out. hey, i have these great cufflinks and and a great little lapel pin that gets me in places that other people can't go. i like. i think that's that's what happens with a lot of these folks when they go to dc you. you and i elect people say hey man of the people of the woman of the people going to go there would be the right thing for the right reasons. i'm not to be sucked in and then they kept their and it's that that potomac error that rarefied air where all of a sudden you have a whole slew of people telling them just how special they are and they're treating them in a special way.

they can't go over there because gosh that's for the regular folks are going to be with the great unwashed. they have special men's rooms and ladies rooms and dining rooms special subway to right underneath the streets in dc that you and i are not allowed to ride on what we pay for what is not allowed to write on and unfortunately some of these folks. a lot of these folks get to dc and say while i really like this for me personally. i know you didn't ask him today anyway. for me personally. i look at my life and i i try as best i can to live a life of service.

i really do.

i really do i donate a lot of time. i volunteer a lot of time you hear viscerally talking about that even on my regularly scheduled show will newsradio w rva in central virginia iii just do it because it's right thing to do but sometimes it's tough right sometimes you looking to go for now will be nice to be special once in a while, and then at least for me. i take a look at my kids made ii certainly look at heidi and lover she loves me and all the rest of that good stuff.

i look at my kids. i look at those two boys and i think well that's my responsibility right there.

i happen to believe that that is a god-given responsibility. i think it's a sacred obligation to raise those boys to be good men i've tried to do that. i haven't always been successful.

lord knows i feel every single day and a lot of stuff, but i'm hoping that i've help them to become good men at some point in their lives. i'm hoping that heidi and i are doing what's right to be good stewards of her daughter julia, who, as i've said to be with us forever because of her disabilities and so i do what i do is i think it's the right thing to do. it's as simple as if you want to learn more. by the way, go to give send jeff help i got the whole story up there give send jeff help. thank you very much to grace and took islands of todd and do you for allowing me to sit in for my dear friend and one of america's greatest broadcasters and amazing writers. well todd start. hope you have a blessed day a wonderful wonderful weekend is jeff katz again for todd and this of course todd start show

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