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STARNES: FBI Meddled in 2016 and 2020 Elections

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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August 29, 2022 3:42 pm

STARNES: FBI Meddled in 2016 and 2020 Elections

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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August 29, 2022 3:42 pm

So now we know the FBI meddled in the 2016 and 2020 presidential elections. And they’re laying the groundwork to meddle in the 2024 race.

Mike Huckabee, Sen. Marsha Blackburn, and AJ Rice join the conversation! 

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The Todd Starnes Show
Todd Starnes

These days, critical thinking is more important than ever. That's why I'm a big fan of the King's College Christian liberal arts colleges or core curriculum of politics, philosophy and economics grapples with the most important questions and text.

King's College graduate is rated as the right questions to earn the bachelor's degree online or in person at the King's College just visit Start your journey at the King's College Welcome to the Todd start show sponsored by the legacy precious metals. There's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM that's legacy PM liberty University studio in Memphis Tennessee Charlie since conservative commentary from the radio show we are broadcasting liberty University videos and it it was a long weekend. It was a good weekend and I'll had to fly out to had to fly out to California on Saturday for engagement on Sunday and then came right back after the speaking engagement and the flight got delayed and anyway got it about 2 to 30 this morning Memphis time and I had a very interesting trip out out to Los Angeles by the way the city is a hell hole I I hate to break this to you. I mean, I have never seen so many homeless encampments it's it's unbelievable. I felt like we were driving through idle Mogadishu in Somalia night. It was horrible and is matter of fact, the people that were driving me around for the weekend they would tell me you don't.

We really don't we try not to come down the Los Angeles proper downtown is matter fact you stay out of downtown because it's some it's a war zone.

They look they said people literally, I will come up to your car you're at a stoplight. Builders come right up to your window pointed a gun at you and that you gotta hand over your wallet or your what.but anyway, I was the speaking add to an event Sunday a lot of politicians were there and I am very encouraged by some of things happening in Santa Clarita, which is a large city that's a part of the other metropolitan area. There a couple hundred thousand people in this in this town and specifically conservatives are are trying to make inroads into the school board so you have moms and dads that are now fighting back in of all places, California and my hat is off to you good people out there so freedom's way of Baptist churches where I was at the great crowd there and the good people and the it is great to know that there are patriots there in the Golden State that are that are not tired of fighting just yet.

And so we wish them the very best and really try to get some of the school board folks on a because they really are standing up to some mighty mighty evil things there in that that area, I want you to write down her telephone number you're in a need this today 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 Mellott I II called in on Friday. Showed Jeff Katz upper WR VA did a great job filling them but II had a few things to say about the FBI and I got a lot to say about the FBI today. What I what I said months ago. I stand by the FBI should be defunded and dismantled brick by brick, piece by piece. There is no saving this institution. It's over with its done. Stick a fork in, so now we know that the FBI in the days leading up to the presidential election in 2020, told Facebook hey we got Russian disinformation. It's about to drop any second now. So if you see a weird story.

We we don't want you to promote it on Facebook and what happened while the next day the Hunter Biden laptop story drops and Facebook made the decision to suppress that story.

Twitter by the way blocked it out out right and it makes you wonder if in fact the FBI paid a visit to Jack Dorsey and the folks over at twitter Mark Zuckerberg on the Joe Rogan podcast went out there and said hey look, this is what the FBI did they basically why you let you hear what what what Zuckerberg said that I could tell you what he really said how do you guys handle things when there a big news item that's controversial like there was a lot of attention on twitter during the election because of the Hunter Biden laptop story. The neorealists are just so you guys censored out as well. So we took a different path than twitter. Basically the background here is the FBI basically came to us some some folks on our team as a caped just so you know like you should get high alert. There is the we we thought there's a lot of Russian propaganda in the 2016 election we have it on notice that basically there's about to be some kind of dump of of that, similar to that. So just be vigilant.

So our protocol is different from twitters. What twitter did is they said you can't share this at all winter that what will we do is we have. If something is reported to us is potentially misinformation important misinformation wheel. We also use third-party faction programs will want to be deciding what's true and false and for the I think was five or seven days is what was basically being being determined whether was false to distribution on Facebook was decreased. But people are still at the shared secrets will share it could still consume it. Tossing the distribution is decreased and got shared a present work at basically the ranking and newsfeed was a little bit less so fewer people thought than would've otherwise so it definitely by what percentage out at an off the top my head but it's it's it's meaningful but I would be basically a lot of people are still able to share it with a lot of complaints that that was the case.

This is a hyper political issue. So depending on what's on the political spectrum.

The reader think we can censored enough or sensitive way too much, but we weren't sort was black and white about it, as is twitter, which kind of thought they look if if the FBI, which I still view is a legitimate institution in this country. It's a very professional law enforcement. They come to us and tell us that we need to be on guard about something that I want to take that seriously.

Did they specifically say need to be on guard about that story. I know I don't remember for is that specifically, but it was basically fit the pattern.

Will there you go. So that's what Zuckerberg said. But here's what he really said he was telling us that Facebook came a calling Facebook said hey look, you're going to do this or else there could be big trouble. Facebook intimidated and bullied. They put the screws to Mark Zuckerberg.

That's what they did and Zuckerberg capitulated and you know I suspect a lot of other people would do the same thing. If you have the FBI showing up at your place of business that we wouldn't do that here because we you know we know where the FBI is coming from and we don't bow down and worship the FBI they don't tell us of their never to be able to tell us what we can and cannot say on the radio that's is not how we play, but someone like Zuckerberg who saw one of these awoke millennial types you know yet. He's got a capitulate and that's what happened and that's what they did here is what Turner calls it has to say about that cut seven. Turns out the FBI fully interfered with the 2020 presidential election quizzically. This was election interference for the country's biggest law enforcement agency says Mark remarkable.

It is remarkable because the FBI is now on the record and by the way, the FBI admits a dental there just saying that they were just it was a cautionary warning. While that's a load of hooey. Clearly, the FBI meddled in the 2020 presidential election and we know that because they did it on the 2016 presidential election with the freight Russian dossier, but this is a profound moment in American history.

Ladies and gentlemen because a new survey out nearly 80% of Americans say had the Hunter Biden have a note about the Hunter Biden laptop story. It would've impacted their vote in the presidential election.

In other words, the FBI knew exactly what they were doing everybody they knew it they knew that we would buy this hook, line and sinker.

And now the FBI with the RAID MR Omar Longo is trying to meddle in the 2024 presidential election. Visit the FBI is now a rogue government agency and they do not have the best interest of the American people or law enforcement front and center. Now look, I I don't like Lindsey Graham all that much of the guys politics are all over the place, but Lindsey Graham of the week and shows raising a lot of concerns about this FBI raid, and though the redacted of the redacted copy that came out for the affidavit. Lindsey Graham made an interesting prediction about where all of this is going to say this. If there's a prosecution of Donald Trump for mishandling classified information after the Clinton debacle what you presided over and did a helluva good job W riots in the streets. He's not.

He's not wrong what ladies and gentlemen, when used when you see the redaction's. I mean it's ridiculous. They were literally read.

They were they redacted the reason why they needed to redact the affidavit and I think the average American person. I think our audience here. You guys see through this and you know exactly what's going on here, but I think there is going to be violence in the streets if they take Pres. Trump in the custody and it will be done in a dramatic way. Make this is not to be one of those where you know he shows up in the alleyway at 2 o'clock in the morning. None of this is going to be a very high profile arrest.

When the federal government decides the deep state says it's time to arrest Donald Trump.

He'll be giving some sort of a rally.

Maybe he'll be out on the golf course and you better believe that the feds will have CNN videographers embedded with them when they take down the former president it's going to happen is just a matter of win and it will be very, very high profile but look over the years. What we've been going all the way back to the Obama administration. Conservatives have been persecuted by the government persecuted Billy Graham the pro-life organizations, the tea party. How many times were we audited how many times were we investigated over the years we've seen in recent in recent years, we've seen the police coming under attack. We've seen our cities burned to the ground.

We've seen our businesses looted, pillaged and plundered and at what point do we say enough is enough because urban plenty of justified reasons for conservatives to get out there and march in the streets. You got the Democrats out there talking about Civil War all the time of the blaming us, were not the ones talking about Civil War that's the Democrats were in place, audio little bit later on of the show about that but you agree with Lindsey Graham that that the line in the sand is when they take the president into custody and when that happens when they decide to prosecute drop all the gloves come off and the conservatives are out in the streets.

Do you believe that to be the case. Do you believe that there would be riots in the streets.

844-747-8860 Effexor toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 this is the top surgeon and Kari pulled back to the time is already a hope you're doing good today on this Monday, Pres. Trump just put out a statement. I'm going to share this with you and this is rather this is going to.

This is going to trigger some people so the president writing. So now it comes out conclusively, the FBI buried the Hunter Biden laptop story before the election, knowing that if they did not trump would've easily won the 2020 presidential election. By the way, we have at least two poles out there saying that is absolutely accurate that a people would've known about the Hunter Biden laptop scandal that would have impacted their vote on election day the president goes on to say this is massive fraud and election interference at a level never seen before in our country and then he offers a remedy. Pres. Trump says this declared the rightful winner or, and this would be the minimal solution to clear the 2020 election error parable he compromised and have a new election immediately so so hearing in a nutshell. Pres. Trump says hey you got a choice here either to clear be the winner or hold a new election right now. It's folks, this is it's fascinatingly Trump's got a good point here. I mean, he was the FBI has been caught meddling into presidential elections. Now you may not like Donald Trump and that is your right not to like Donald Trump so you go out there you can campaign for the other guy you can get out there and you can write a blog or you compose something on Twitter or Facebook but what you cannot do if you're a federal government agency is not only actively campaigned against somebody but try and sabotage their campaigns and that's what truck that's what Trump is saying happen here, fraud and election interference by the way they go back to Peter struck Alisa page go back to the text messages we've got an insurance policy. Trump is never going to be president. What that encounter was a secret weapon that Donald Trump and it was called we the people, and we really didn't care what the deep state said but the second go around.

I think a lot of people got sucked in to all of the 24 seven Trump hating that's out there in the mainstream media so you think that I believed Trump offers a solution. Do you think that he should be declared the rightful winner. Do you think we ought to have a new election to think that there should be some sort of of the new presidential election. I don't I don't think the Constitution I don't think allows for that, but it's certainly something to think about 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 now look. Ben Shapiro is is raising some concerns about the midterm elections. I have been voicing these concerns for about a month or so now and I've been getting a lot of blowback from a from that the America first crowd. There's a brand-new CBS poll out and they're projecting that the Republicans will capture 226 seats in November.

That will give them the majority not by much. They'll have a majority +8 seats now. The Democrats in a generic congressional ballot. They lead 44.3% to 43.8%. It's not looking good for the Democrats but it's not looking great for the Republicans. Now if these numbers hold true.

That means that the Senate would not would not move over into the Republican column.

A lot of people are concerned about this and rightfully so, we've been talking about for a while the Republicans are losing steam. So Shapiro's out there and that he saying that the there. And some of the reasons are because of the Roe V Wade decision, but he says there's something else going on here.

He says that it's Donald Trump's fault.

Shapiro says the GOP is mis-calibrating the very nature of the American political scene right now based on a myth. In fact, the entirety of American politics is based on dealing versions of the same false mythology, the pathology of the emerging Democratic minority majority Democrats and paint on this myth since 2012, believing it excuses their cultural and economic excesses and he goes. He goes on further to say that the Republicans only believe a magical person like Donald Trump can defeat it.

So when trump is attacked Republicans immediately returned to making him the centerpiece of the conversation and Shapiro says that harms the Republican Party. I will talk more about that later. 844-747-8868 Todd is the website. Ladies and gentlemen will be all right. We are all feeling the pain at the pump and at the grocery store to the market is plunging and Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, but even worse. Seniors are struggling to survive. It's not time to panic, but it is time to act, my friends, and a back the Association about your American citizens will help you save money on things like cell phone plans travel and restaurants but eMac does much more than offer senior discounts.

Your membership will support their nonprofit eMac action which takes the challenges against our Constitution and the free market straight to Capitol Hill.

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This party should have you back with this everybody look, I appreciate what Shapiro wrote and and we've been saying the same thing I just think his I think the reasoning is off base year Ben Shapiro was saying the reason why there's this may ladies that is starting to envelop the Republican Party. It's because of Donald Trump. I don't think that's the case I think the issue here is that we we haven't really unified around a central theme a core group of issues and we have seen this play out in a lot of different races now and I again I still think there needs to be some sort of a contract with America between the Republicans of the candidates and we the people and typing that list needs to be crime that something that everybody's dealing with and we can all get our head wrapped around that. But look, I understand that Pres. trump.he is told in appeal.

He is, it doesn't matter if he is real. If he is reelected in 2024. He started to be talking about what happened to him in 2020. I get that but that can't be that can't be our rally cry. There's gotta be something that's going to motivate people to get out and vote and put Trump back in the office and the economies gotta be up there yet.

I have crime, you gotta secure the border. I mean we could come up with a contract with America on this program, what would what would you like to see the Republican candidates embrace and these are something. These are issues that we can all get on board with 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 the story from Hillsboro, New Jersey in the middle school there and this is a bizarre story, so we have it up on our website the. The middle school there in Hillsboro Township, New Jersey. They got a library. They also have a high school library there. In this library is a book called this book is gay and the book, among other things, shows children how to use a J hook up app called grinder and they actually have reviews in this book, and we got the photographs you can see it for was founded both middle school and high school libraries in Hillsboro. The book graphically details how to have gay sex using kid friendly language like blow ease and bombing quote. This is literally what what grooming children for sex looks like education activist Frank McCormick wrote on Twitter. We've had Frank on the program before he's been a regular guest. He posted photographs of book chapters, titled the ins and outs of gay sex. Literally the ins and outs quote straight people have blank sex all the time. The book notes. Straight men like stuff up their bombs just as much as gay once that many of you right now are horrified you are disgusted and your firing off an angry email. How you got question yes I am a good Christian.

I try to be, but you need to understand what were dealing with in the public schools. This is not just some sort of you know in your window or kind of hinting around.

Note there, going straight for the jugular of the stuff. The book also features reader reviews of grinder in a chapter titled the great sex app debate now. Somebody needs to explain to me why it's okay for this kind of a book to be anywhere near a public school library. Somebody needs to explain that to me. And if you're disgustingly audibly. This is pornography in your public taxpayer-funded pornography. So I say, not only do they need to give the book that he follow but they also need to toss out every person responsible for putting it there the first place. Unbelievable.

What's going on our public school system and I get emails from. I get emails you when you write about the stories that's just disgusting good Christians ought not to be talking you know what know none of a bad Christian is somebody who puts their head in the sand and just pretend like nothing's wrong as a matter of fact that's the problem with America. Far too many of these good so-called churchgoing religious people. They turn a blind eye to the fact that the country is a raging dumpster fire right now. A raging cultural and moral dumpster fire and the reason why is because you guys don't want to talk about the issues and not you guys the audience I'd say you folks that keep sending me these nasty emails. So is a time when he read that because I do read it because I want to respond because I want people to understand why it's important that you know this kind of garbage is going on but more importantly your tax money is funding this garbage are now in a place of audio here because there is something that happened at a church in Houston Second Baptist Church.

It is a massive church like 30 40,000 members a huge church. The pastor there is a guy name Ed Young senior. I want to set the stage. This was a six minute diatribe, rolling to play a portion of, but this is from the Sunday service. They're having a devil of a time in Houston with crime, it's off the charts. The district attorneys they're not there all Soros influence so nobody's been prosecuted. People are living in fear and M and one of the big mega churches have been one of the one of the been to.

They been doing nothing. The mega churches have stood down because they don't want to offend people.

A lot of the mega churches work well. We just have to have diversity if her not to parents were not like Jesus and that's all they're focuses right if you don't have a diverse congregation then you're like a sinner or something out alone. So anyway somebody said this to Melissa Todd. You can listen to this. This is a mega church preacher and he's calling out the district attorney he's calling out these progressive politics and you gotta hear just what, let's take a lesson if the most liberal city in America we think is San Francisco and they had enough votes to a call and absolutely low DA. What do we need to do.

What do we need to do anything to show you little bit how this works not check this out with many people you have a criminal who is called in by the way administration does not back up very well. Our servers and our police.

You already own the job they're afraid to be a policeman because they're not backed up by those they answer to that one problem, but how this works. You have someone who is called or tried and they go before a magistrate who is appointed by the judges and the magistrate. Let's say it's a big criminal case and sets the bond $400,000 generally bonds when did about 10% of thousand dollars but here is a criminal who cannot come up with $1000, and so therefore the bond that will come up with something and all me the rest while you're free to say came up $1000 he owes $9000 is that criminal doing all that remain free for an indefinite period of time he goes and rods and steals again to get your other 9000 really get the bondsman off his case corruption, laziness own steroids and here we go catch and release the lack of law enforcement we have right now we're looking for already 25,000 suspects and we have only 12 people in the shares office who are looking for. Although suspects in prime. We have 700 unserved warrants for murder people that have been warranted for murder, and we have 700 of them and the warrants have not been served. Police is short staffed by over 2000 officers we need leaving accused criminals free to roam and commit more and more crime right here in our town in our county what happened. All of our resources for law enforcement.

They have been diverted for bicycle trails and other green initiatives rather than salaries for hiring just really needed you officers multiple reports of ambushes all those bicycle trails Street people living on them ride the trails at your own wrists.

Now do you think my opening state was was under said ladies and gentlemen, if Houston and Harris County didn't survive. We had better throw those bombs out of office. They are not doing their job. Wow. Bad. But the applause just went on and on and on and people were cheering and this was inside a church building on Sunday.

Now, the left has shamed a lot of these preachers out there into silence and submission. But thank God for the pastor of the Second Baptist Church in Houston Texas and Young senior because he told it like it was an folks you don't think there's a price to pay. They are coming after this guy that people are calling the Internal Revenue Service. They're demanding that the church's tax-exempt status be revoked.

But this man was speaking truth to the culture. By the way, all you ministers out there. This is how you do it right here, you better believe this is important to the community over the weekend. Sunday the church. I was that they open the doors up to the politicians because they wanted to give them a platform so that people could hear and make informed decisions.

That's part of the responsibility of the church ladies and gentlemen, you talk about wanting to be a good neighbor. While that's that's being neighborly. I mean if if the local media is not going to talk about the, the, the rise in violent crime and the fact that it's happening under progressive administrations.

If they're not going to do that we've gotta be able to have those conversations in the church.

Also I say good for you pastor good for you. 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number 844-747-8868.

Do you have a problem with her that pastored it or you want to see more of that in America's pulpits folks you want to know somebody else is doing a great job standing up for freedom and helping to flip those school boards as progressive school boards are friends over patriot mobile as a matter fact NBC news to the big story about the incredibly effective campaigns that patriot mobile is waging you know how they're doing that you know how patriot bubble is able to do that they actually take a portion of what they earn and they give it to those causes.

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Why is that number, not 100% C. That's a silly wow I there you go.

59%, Harris meanwhile maybe she should look a cognitive test as well, I wouldn't I would necessarily object to that 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 so over the weekend I you have the MTA or MTA MTV music awards was this music. What is this you have the VMA's that were they call them, or as Kyle said the WMA is the woke music awards oh, very clever, so great hereinafter walk me through this because I know any of these people, a lot of ready so there's a little chick called Dov Cameron. All right, she's a Disney star. She used to be used to be. She's one of those once he started like the age of 12 and then she just went totally off the deep end after okay so now she's a best new artist yeah and she dedicates you one award and here's what she had to say on clear kids out there, and the fullness of who they are getting overtly clear on the lines to mainstream radio that even I think the song she's talking about is it's called 44 yeah and she's like I could be a better boyfriend talking to a girl you shoot all yeah so so why is it called lesbian wince and avoid downtime that makes no sense not heard the song once and I was like oh I see the messaging there very obvious how bad is that they had had this at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey.

That's really the armpit. I don't know what that is.

It's the armpit of New Jersey Internet.

It's not yet. It's about what 25 minutes by train from New York City to Newark never heard of it.

If you think Memphis is dangerous. Try walking the streets of New York.

Oh wow, oh it is, it's a war zone out there. So she came out as a super queer what is that is a marvel thing. I guess it's just that she's clear and proud of it. That's all I can think of so white, so I don't understand why is she in again 26 years old. So why is she singing if she is I guess you lesbian. She's one of those gender fluid type people she changes the debt on you know as the wind blows so she could be straight. Depending on okay. She used to be, you know, innocent everything that she's like I'm to be different, which is just being clear, I guess so. Season the girls right now so actor is it Billy Ison or I can earn area now is is he a he or does he identifies something else think he identifies that he, but I don't think I may been yesterday and how is the woman well because we like to call people by their correct pronouns, not their preferred program in their God-given program trip. So anyway he is all about talking about a new gay romantic comedy, Rob, is what the kids call it these days called panic at the disco, and that he hates Clarence Thomas and called him a homophobe. So there you go you know what gets me.

Can I just say a lot of these like you have the gay movies and the gay comic books of the gay TV shows there all faltering there that there they're not getting audience and I just want to throw this out there.

I I wonder if this if the LGBT population is actually minuscule in America and and is just not large enough to to support these overtly clear people in this court. MTV I like that the woke music awards W MA. Well done. Kyle Hart got a thing of regular folks 844-747-8868 is to build a there's no doubt the nation is facing a financial crisis because of the Biden ministrations economic policies hi this is Todd starts and no doubt our economy is in trouble and you need to take steps to protect yourself of all your money is tied up in stocks, bonds, and traditional market you are vulnerable. Gold is one of the best ways to protect your retirement no matter what happens you own your goal. It's real physical always been valuable since the dawn of time. Legacy precious is the company I were investing in gold. They can help you roll your retirement account into a goal back IRA still own the physical goal also ship precious metals safely and securely to your house. You know $1 million worth of gold can actually fit inside a shoebox call legacy at 866-528-1903 or visit the online legacy PM legacy PM University studio in Memphis Tennessee. I think with us today about why Gov. Mike Huckabee coming up this hour of the program. Talk to the grays open of your email.

I say you an email and you need to see those that I want to get your reaction to what were about to talk about, you know, one of the big problems we've had in this country. There's a lot of migration the progressive Democrats have completely ruined some of our most beautiful major American cities, New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles. It's just awful. So what happens all these people all these liberals who created the problems they pack up the U-Haul and they moved to the southern states and the problem is they bring their politics with them there woke sex and gender revolutionary pornography, perversion, filth, they bring it all down with and then you have states like North Carolina which was once a rocksolid beautiful churchgoing red state and now it looks like Sodom and Gomorrah, all sorts of crazy stuff going on in North Carolina and the same thing is happening in Texas and by the way, and it's happening in Georgia, which is one of the reasons why you guys.

You flipped over the last couple of elections. You got all these leftist coming into your state.

I say we need to be practicing strong border patrol border security. If you're coming from a northern state with leftist policies you want to either go through detox or take some sort of a test to make sure you're not bringing your politics with you and it's very simple. Where very hospitable people here in the southern states. We will feed you will give you what will give you a place to stay. It will help you get up on your feet get started. That's who we are were pretty good-natured people, but we have only take so much. We can only take so much and I say that because Texas is about to go blue as as hard as it is for me to explain. I think an incident over the weekend and Grace Baker. I know you have seen this now yeah all I sigh and not see any of you cannot unseat now I need to do this to me, Roanoke, Texas, Grace Baker, the Anderson distillery and grill. They held a brunch know I love brunch� Yes brunch. That was a big thing in New York City you get the newspaper and you go out to your favorite brunch site and I had one over on Montague St. in Brooklyn and just sit there and you drink your orange juice and you have some Bob Eitel know you could have some eggs and hash brown waffles and sausage of the leak and Patty variety delicious.

A very relaxing way to start and then you go to church and what so anyway they had a brunch, but this was no average brunch. This was a child friendly drag queen brunch and one of the individuals and what I find interesting about this is NT 4.0 showed up so you have you have NT for they got the masks got the AR 15's and their care, their guarding the drag queen and people may be wondering your listing away weight you say Texas NT fight in Texas yes think I'm telling travel gets the migration and you know this thing was called barrel babes drag brunch the barrel babes and they had Trish Delish Sailor Moon.

I can't read some of the others here. Arielle diamond doll and there's one morbidly obese drag queen that is dressed like a unicorn, unicorns, that's a lot of unicorn I'm just going to tell you right now everything is bigger in Texas were working on that.

If that's a good point.

So anyway there I'm trying to describe this. There is, at least I would say that drag queen weizen about what 500 600 pounds something like that. Yeah, you know that the unicorn horn adds on an extra 50 pounds weight right there know that doesn't know to know that there's like a big cone sticking out of the that the fat. The fat broadens forehead and of the drag queen is wearing a one to a flesh-colored one piece or looks like a washed out pink one piece like leotard leotard with rolls of fat light flowing from the arms and then like you know how there's like for the average person your hero your walking down the street and you have distance between your legs. Yes, there is no distance here well and like she's got her waving her arms around and folks that's not Pegasus swing sets another kind of wing it's it's flab flabby arm doing flabby arms and then the problem is there's gotta be chafing there because there's no distance between the legacy with his outfit.

It's got to be very high, very hot in Texas. You gotta take to get the talcum powder. So anyway people are very outraged and oh, apparently they're getting cash dollar bills from the children lovely because you know, why not just train up the children early euro. So then when they go to the strips shows of the gay bars you don't know what to do with the dollar bills at least make an Change.

So again the drag event was held at the Anderson distillery and grill and wrote of this is from the post post-millennial event was called the barrel babes drag brunch advertised as dancing, music and labs journalist Taylor Hanson says it's kid friendly, but it featured vulgarity, sexualization of minors and partial nudity sounds like a lovely brunch to me. Not so.

A group called protect Texas kids Kelly meter. Let's try to get her on the show this week.

Kelly neater organized a pop-up protest outside the venue and that they showed up and sorted in teeth up and they were armed with AR 15's and they were guarding the morbidly obese drag queen.

One person said they counted nine AR 15's there in the crowd along with about this if they got the rainbow flag within. There's the transgender flag.

There's too many flights to keep up with now any get to forget a lot of people have in their bio they got the transgender flag. They got the rainbow flag and I got the crane flag is Sunni flags of the social justice stuff is Ukraine woke I don't think is woke necessarily but I've noticed something that you know the social activist love to put in their bio more than 20 children were in attendance and multiple teachers were at the at the drag queen chauffeur children as as well. Teachers, teachers, school teachers, is this like a field trip and are making the kids making the kids give that you like give the dollar bills like put the dollar bill into the fatty flannel that's I just think that's an appropriate but what of what we know what we know. All I can say is, what are you people doing in Texas, but this is the problem you got all these people know what stay in California.

We don't want your California values corrupting our states. We don't want that.

It's amazing how they move from one place. It's terrible. They moved to another place. It's great and they vote the same way to make the place terrible that they've now moved to Anaheim and if I'm a five-year-old and I see some 600 pound grown man with a big old horn coming out of his forehead. I'm having nightmares for the rest of my life yet, just a bit, eat a salad pal 844-747-8868 you have a problem with that, by the way these people moving into your towns, your communities and then establishing their own set of values and this is a big problem, especially in rural communities where you got folk families and they've got your chickens in the backyard. Maybe they got a cow.

Eitel low and then all of a sudden they're building these McMansions and the owners are all upset because they can't handle that fresh country air that smells like chickens because that's what fresh country air smells like and cows and goats and whatever's in the barn 844-747-8868 let's go to the phones here Tony and Florida was to weigh in on elections hey Tony what's on your mind right. I want to say that great speak with on the phone I want to compliment you today because you really are hitting on many different topics that our government really is weapon against the American people.

Education elections the border you will write down the list and if you think about it. It's almost like you're surrounded and encompassed. I do believe the FBI should be disbanded immediately. I actually agree with Pres. Trump. They should forgo that last election, throw it out and let's have another election immediately because truly Joe Biden wouldn't be the president had Facebook and I don't know what the other one is that I don't have it will birdie and that and I got rid of it after they revoked Donald Trump. I didn't want to hear anything about it but I will remind you something to remember one Rush Limbaugh said the Democrats really knew Democrats and the liberals like nobody's business. As you do and he said if the Democrats could only get rid of these pesky elections.

They could be in power forever and I really think this is where were at as a bit of what the FBI they have used all of the different governmental agencies around the LGBT Q CRT training in school they're totally turning our kids in the schools of which I really do bullet so that even the Kurds are getting it from the children. Recently there was a class sword on infectious that walked out on third.

Because they were protesting. They couldn't get there daily dose of LGBT Q training and all this other stuff here at the I think was the other subject I heard it on the radio program. So I really do believe that you are really hitting on all cylinders.

You mentioned that. And I actually blotting but that would see in my lifetime.

I'm going to be 60 this year, but I can honestly sit back and say that I can agree with you that if this thing blows up because we can't really trust our election system any longer until they really proved to be American people that it has integrity and so I really do believe that conservatives may turn to the streets, which I really didn't think it would happen, but I really do believe it's a great possibility, Tony. I will say this, that conservatives are very peaceful people. We are happy warriors of that's always been the rally cry on this program but I will say this, you can only push a happy warrior so far and I think were at that point, and again when you look at the level of of mentally that the FBI has been involved in. I mean, they have been trying to fix elections in my question now is all right. What else did the FBI told Facebook not to publish what else to the FBI tell Twitter not to publish. And if they went after Twitter and Facebook.

Had they been making calls to the TV networks what level is the FBI involved in going and trying to you to to stop journalists were doing their jobs. I agree I don't think it stop that Twitter just one of the outlets that they want to how Rogan got it out of, which is been there so you know Jeff Zuckerberg is a Walter Byrd Zuckerberg how he got it out of him and it burdens openly admit that we now know that government agencies are truly trying to taint elections and change elections. No doubt about it may not necessarily in the way that we the people are trying to build trying to what our intention is what our goal will be done right here you are late for a breaker. I let you go on here, but it's a great thought. You bring up and I want to give us a holler back because I like where you're going with this, but folks you need understand that your government is not your friend anymore.

They are working against you and the Federal Bureau of investigation. They will come after you.

If you are a Trump support, no doubt about art were going to the phones 844-747-8868 this is the time storage natures fruits and vegetables in a capsule changing the world one night at a time.

My wife and I hope not. For 540 years, I've always been biking, swimming, D. Yada yada yada. Always looking for something different that day I following morning I woke up and I went well.

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We post a lot of photos in the funds of their and I would it's Todd's turn's FNC F as in Frank in see Todd starting's FNC on Instagram I were one of the blue checkmark but just to be sure to check that out about grace. We got a story on the you Abercrombie Abercrombie and Fitch the. The clothing store for the children that ice out there. That's the one you could smell before you ever see it right now they are little better but is it down into the cologne you jeans looking I say I wonder go. How can you say that there only have holes in how my hyperbole. Why would you find here. I have does apples, what, why not just go to target shavers you get a cheap pair are not his comfort zone or Abercrombie is a new ad campaign up, up, and it features morbidly obese people and so they got a photograph of this sheet and she's a hefty girl, I'll tell you that but she's what what would you say three 5400 or maybe 250 350 try to tell think it is still tall. She was a girl helmet.

All she's to well that's where my guesstimate is gonna differ pleasantly plump up on Stacy's three 5350 and so she's wearing a T-shirt made for somebody who weighs about 150 pounds yeah I was writing up a little bit yeah and then she's got the short shorts of these shorts on. But anyway I just pointed out that the star of the start of this whole ensemble is about yeah I is holding strong. That's the I function go to the Instagram, not as a thing up.

Don't say a word. Grace go to be Instagram Todd starting's FNC and you'll have to check it out. There are, let's go to the phones here Dora in Florida hey Dora, what's on your mind today thank you like your primary while there I pointed I believe will actually already under a mock takeover and I believe that what they wanted you with insight on rats by electing prior to the election. The election in order to create unrest and declare martial law and then shut down the election.

I think this takeover includes infiltration of the church. The current version of the culture.

I call it with the perversion of the gay at dividing good people and danced each other using racist thinking everything and then R where they would manner bringing the UN to take over and I think it doesn't matter if it's wrong that even I can know and I think I and I think that Victor David Anthony is right. Trump is the general patent.

The last time he slimed Katz speech. Any guy that has given not later hopefully also awful. When entering in our Constitution.

Dora leave it there. Well said, ma'am. Well said got to take a break Dora you give us a call back. Good here you hang tight natures fruits and vegetables in a capsule changing the world one night at a time. My wife and I hope for 540 years, I've always been biking, swimming yada yada yada, always looking for something different that day I following morning I woke up and I went well. It was like the missing link was just fantastic and we haven't stopped taking it. My wife basically the same way single thing that changed and convinced that the best thing don't hot dog got along. So dialogue not only write that article I get bounced.

Start your journey to better health with balance of nature. Right now Colletti hundred 246-8751 go to Townsend to get free shipping. And don't forget to get 35% off your first preferred order by using discount code balance all right hello everybody. I love you back as radio.

I just don't get the whole MTV music awards. I don't get answer and Grace Baker going back to this former Disney star Dove Amber and I can replay the audit. She's she she won an award best new artist and though she's given a shout out to all you queer kids out there clear kids out there who they are getting overtly clear on consuming okay and this is where I'm I'm kind of off the rails. She's a girl in the song is called boyfriend so you would think that would be a traditional boy and girl thing. But if in fact she's a lesbian as you suggested, race or gender fluid or whatever the whatever something she's leaking. Yes, I me. That's when you hear gin gender fluidity you think all that's a better price depends so anyway, now she's but now she saying that she could be like a boyfriend so that means she identifies with that would as a boy, but that would still make girl which would be lesbian � this is too much for the lunch hour. Gov. Mike Huckabee, who was on the patriot bubble newsmaker line waiting patiently.

I wonder if he can add any sort of insight into this governor. Hope you're doing good.

Welcome back.

Well thank you very much great to be back with you.what kind of insight and you add to that any here. Here's a person who is clearly confused and somehow thinks that if a person is carelessly and that there left out. Seems to me they're the only ones who are left in these days have and how many evangelical Christians were given an award.

How many of them were honored with how wonderful they are any people who are maggot people are as Joe Biden calls" macro factors. Is there room on that stage for them. I think not. So I just don't understand why this to a sense of being a victim is still so prevalent among these people. That's the every night you hear the cheering crowd or anyone or aligning any straight people in the house tonight. I mean it's it's clear to me that they control the media and the entertainment industry now and your right to your point.

I certainly didn't hear anybody celebrating Christians or conservatives or anyone who did not follow the woke party line.

I mean, I didn't hear someone say we just want to say how much we love all our Republican friends and the people who supported from all the pro-life people and all the profamily people and all the people of the border security don't half the country is simply not welcome. So let's be real clear about what the agenda for the spokes happens to be yeah it's it's funny we've we've been following a lot of the stories are coming to country music now is watching the woke disorder. In fact, Nashville, Nash Vegas and was adjacent all Dean's wife got a lot of backlash she was talking about her parents let her be a tomboy and that she thanked her parents were not changing your gender, you would think that would not necessarily be a controversial statement of the country music world. But here we are, well, God bless Brittany all been taken to her.

I found that repression and just made me like her even more for the fact that she didn't just immediately apologized and groveling for OT.

I'm so sorry have offended somebody.

She basically told her to put it where the sun don't shine that she was just expressing her feelings and that should be okay. Yes, you wrote on Instagram this is a great response advocating for the gender or genital mutilation of children under the disguise of love and calling it gender for Medicare is one of the worst evils I will always support my children to do what I can to protect their innocence the other day.

Memphis wanted to be a dinosaur and tomorrow Navy will want to be a cat their children for crying out loud. The bizarre work reliving it. Frankly, when it inspected country music to the degree that it has what is now become actually the code of the language of America Gov. Mike Huckabee on the patriot bubble newsmaker line I governor I we played some audio earlier in the program from a guy you know. Ed Young senior the pastor Second Baptist Church in Houston Texas and he did something that's a big no-no in an mega churches these days.

He actually spoke out against elected leaders and went off on the progressives that have turned Houston into into this crime infested hellhole and he was telling the vote.

He says vote the bums out. He was saying that from the pulpit hide.

I loved it there a lot of pastors who are so afraid of their own shadow and certainly afraid of their own congregation. When I read the Old Testament prophet, I don't think Amos would've ever been in. In today's world, neither with Jeremiah or Isaiah. The prophets were pretty bold. Elijah didn't exactly care what the king thought of him and it's just a different world when were so particular to make sure that we can be popular rather than then we can be prophetic governor we been watching these developments of the past week or so surrounding the rate up at Mara Lago. Now, first of all of the redaction or just a moment, but I only get your take on the on the FBI knocking on Mark Zuckerberg store and and quite frankly bullying and intimidating them into suppressing that hardbody laptop story. I like to know how many other news agencies and social media platforms got visits from the FBI. We all know talk about government interference with an election that is electioneering and turn in the fact that there is no accountability at the FBI for these kind of activities describing this is a government agency funded by tax dollars, and clearly they got their thumb on the scale when it comes to the elections and they're trying to influence it toward the direction of the left out. I don't think that that represent rank-and-file FBI, but it does represent the leadership of the politically well-connected in DC and it absolutely must stop it if the Republicans don't have the guts to get a stock, then they don't deserve to be in power either governor what you make of the of the polling that's out there that CBS News had to pull out over the weekend saying that yes Republican still on track to retake the house, but not by much.

And there's some concern out there that may be of things are getting a little squishy on the Republican side.

I do think got to step it up when it comes to messaging we must start making sure Americans understand where the people that want to protect what they're paying at the grocery store in the gasoline, sometimes I really have felt that Republicans have a great message for the corporate board room in the corner office.

They don't have a good message for the dinner table. The guy who lifted heavy things all day and sweated through all the way to the stock and we got to speak to the waffle house not to the country club. If we do that we win big.

If we don't do that. It could be a much closer election and it shouldn't be. There should be a clear choice that Americans have between people who want to secure the border and those who don't. People who want to use our energy and make our costs lower and those who want to make the cost higher those who want to truly fight inflation and those are going to keep it going. There's a host of issues that the choice is incredibly clear and I just have a hard time believing that Americans really want this party to stay in power, though I do to governor.

I will say this that you know I'm as pro-life as they come, but you also have to be strategic and and how you deal with some of these pieces of legislation and the good people in Kansas learned that lesson the hard way when that program that is a pro-life state, but the law went down in a massive defeat and I think that is propelling people to get out and vote a there's a report out that more women are registering to vote. There was a concern about a race or congressional race in New York State with a Republican short of one and did not in the abortion issue was front and center and clearly based on the conversations coming out of the White House over the past couple of days. They see that as a possibility to really drive voters on the midterm elections where we have improve our message and on that is making sure people understand that the Supreme Court did not outlaw abortion all the Supreme Court did was the site. It will be decided at the state level and even at the state level.

We gotta make sure that people are clear that what we're against is wholesale abortion up to the moment of birth.

This is not a keeping women from their reproductive rights.

It's actually keeping them where they will be reproductive but abortion on demand at any point. It is not something that the average American degree, with over 80% of Americans believe there should be some limit on abortion so that the issue that Republicans need to run out.

You want unlimited abortion at any time, even at the moment of birth or not you can fine-tune when you think that is you can do a lot of things but if you live what the Democrats have their way. They will basically be involved in infanticide taking the life of a perfectly healthy baby. Just before he comes out of and not many Americans truly believe that make sense well said I'm with you. This is all about messaging and we gotta get.

We gotta get it together. We just got to governor what's coming up on the big show this weekend. Well, we're going to have Lenny LeBlanc who had a wonderful song called falling is also one of the most prolific Christian singers that is in the Christian contemporary world today will have him as our musical guest. We got a lot of stuff coming, some of which were still working on it will have it by Thursday of this week. When we finally get our notifications.

Some of our guests is going to be a good show never.

It's never just appointing it's never disappointing. And by the way, we've got some exciting news out of Memphis young rock Dwayne Johnson is a series is coming to Memphis to film you know why they've got strong Memphis ties in with the wrestling community. Everything here and this can be a lot of fun see in the Hollywood stars around these parts. You know they probably have a cameo role in that film untrue. They will be prepared if your get your body in the best shape and be prepared to go out there and do some wrestling and let's get ready to rumble I governor always good having you on the program. Good to have you back with us. I think it got right good diet governor Mike Huckabee.

The show on Trinity broadcasting work TBN by the way, I'll be on TBN later this week I were to give you details about that that I got a great new new show and/or excited to be a part of that effort.

All right. Hang tight.

We gotta take a break when we come back going right to the phones we have Jim in Oregon. Hang on, jump, plus your calls as well 844-747-8868 governor Huckabee says Republicans have a messaging problem. Do you agree or disagree. Give us a call will be right back.

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You can get all the benefits of a colorful variety of fruits and vegetables every day experience the balance of nature different than yourself company hundred 24 687-5135 percent on your first order using here in Western North Carolina is a terrible problem with the moving here from California and New York and all north and bringing all their values. That didn't work up there here to us in Western North Carolina, especially Ashfield.

It's terrible.

It's terrible and we hate it. I don't why your you and a lot of other people as well are very frustrated with the with the good people coming in the liberals coming in and changing the culture Sherry thank you for sending us a shout out and by the way, you could do that if you download our app. It's one of our free features and you can call and you can leave a shout out message.

How do you get the Apple just go to Todd start start, our live show blog at all the information is there at your fingertips. All right, let's go to the phone lines. Jim in Oregon KY cayenne are great affiliate out there.

Hey Jim what's on your mind and body to follow up on your last caller. They got me California and the Walkers alphabet people you know moving into our country and just turn it into a mess going. Spent Oregon with central Oregon town used to be country-western barbecue bands on the weekend. Now the weekend. It's all about the drag queen dance and all that ruined our state. I've lived here for 64 years and it out. The state of Oregon belonging you know farming cattle that I think now it's all about the junk that you can talk about going on and I just totally frustrated with it.

Yeah, it's Jim it's it's happening worse, especially starting to see them in the southern states. I saw it up close and personal.

In New York City, and even the extent that it's happening in New York City.

A lot of people are just put off by how radicalized things have gotten there like a cancer. It's been like a cancer once they move in they do spread out the takeover.

Just like you said, the city Council to that the governor I can't believe the governor that we have now and the governors except for the Republican governor whom I met a vote for the other two are you kidding me we don't need anymore that Clark yeah I live in Germantown, Tennessee which is a conservative conservative suburb and the problem there. You've got a woke school board. I mean it's it is leftist as leftist could be and that it's shocking to that that that would happen in the summers, but that is what happens when you take your eyes off these government elected positions and you got people from out of town coming in they get elected to these to the school boards and city councils and whatnot and they bring their politics and their traditions with them.

Jim got a run. Appreciate the call. God bless you yeah I it's is a shocking and fortunately we have a moms for liberty chapter here in here in our area of Tennessee and in their their fight the good fight, that's what you gotta do. Let's go to Tom in Georgia W GUN hey Tom. What say you will be just fine. I think data Restaurant problem is a #restaurant and pretty much anybody else in the Republican Party, except for Trenton. Maybe Jim Jordan so that that's their problem. The message that date.

If you look at their side, but so what was up on the stage and she was saying she didn't know what she was a queer thing you're talking about. She is a homosexual man trapped inside a female body.

That's our issue and finally they Karl Marx said tell people that you're upon our guilty what you're actually doing exactly the same time that you're doing this evil grab and that thought projection and always calm about like and I lost every day from the Republican Party say projection hello and coming for projection and point out that black estate just doesn't happen it and so will Donnie on the Republicans except those July named Tom it's it's brilliant advice and I hope I hope Rhonda McDaniel was listening because it didn't cost her a single penny. She didn't have to go out and spend $50,000 and a consultant to tell her that the issue here is a testosterone issue. God bless you sir got arrived over coming up on the top of the hour news break hey coming up in the next hour, Sen. Marsha Blackburn back from Taiwan and were to be checking in with her from the great state of Tennessee and rose again to be taking your calls.

You heard Gov. Mike Huckabee. He said the Republicans have a messaging problem.

Do you agree with that and if so, what should the message be give us a call 844-747-8868 during the break, head over to the website. Follow us on Instagram follow us on Twitter. We have a very lively Twitter audience. Follow us on Facebook. We even have a private room for conservatives on Facebook and you can find info about that as well. I gotta take a break 844-747-8868 this is the Todd start changing the world one likely time, physician not been in practice for four years. When I started taking this I like medicine, probably taking more people off medicine on and so I looked at it pretty much a natural element, there's no question in my mind, knowing of my patients that people my age to 60 and over. Do not eat right and they certainly don't get the appropriate nutrients to the vegetables, fruits and things like that and I think that it supplies the building blocks that your body normally was used to heal itself. Don't get you don't know.

It's amazing what I did two years.

Start your journey to better health: 800-246-8751 or go to Townsend to get free shipping. And don't forget to get 35% off your first preferred order using discount code balance is University studio in Memphis Tennessee is conservative everybody to have you on a very busy Monday and I just want to say a very special hello to all of our new listers out in Florida, California.

You guys are still grateful and it was an honor to meet so many conservative patriots a number of people are running for office. And personally, I was just encouraged to see so many people that are fighting the good fight you're not packing up the U-Haul and get not a California Thursday input. That's where their roots are and are fighting for their state. And that's the kind of spirit. We need to have all over America. So anyway, I'm heading back to California in a couple of weeks and then another trip out to speak to a couple of thousand conservatives down in Orange County in October so I were going to be all over the country over the next little while I was speaking of travel. Our next guest has a put in some miles on the road and on the in the air. Sen. Marsha Blackburn traveling to Taiwan.

Of course she is a member of the Senate armed services committee. She is also my Sen. Here the volunteer state Sen. good to have you with us today like Sen. let's start out just with a very simple question why did you go to Taiwan important high wind court. There we can bear independent and their back the Chinese Communist Party.

We all know that the Chinese Communist Party is intent on global domination by the time we get a link and get entry and time where they are very bad. I can't do anything pushing against Taiwan, trying to hide line is a part of China and Taiwan declared their independence had their own Constitution their own founding father there on print air on military time will still want to say that I one belongs to them important for elected representative to carry that message that we support Taiwan and Sen. I'm curious to know that the reaction and the response you heard from Taiwan's president because there have certainly been mixed messages coming out of the White House. Do they have to they feel reassured to they know that if if China does something that America will have their back light.

Well, that making certain that we got the foreign military sales and training timeline what they need to subject a contracted deterrent and I can send that metric protection model one and the thing that I along with others, and encourage the viscount in the ninth a lot. We talked about Ukraine and making certain that Ukraine had what they needed to conduct the protection that they needed for them down into basic dry shack and banged it and of course the bike has been didn't want to push forward with getting them what they needed to protect them down, then it becomes an issue. I'm trying to get things after a conflict has begun and timeline needs to be preparing for Indian conflict. Sen. Marsha Blackburn is on the patriot mobile newsmaker line today Sen. back home. Domestically, a couple of major stories of breaking over the past seven days, and it involves this this laptop. The FBI reaching out to social media platforms and you have to wonder who else they reached out to to discourage them from doing any reporting about what became the Hunter Biden laptop scandal.

Pres. Trump says hey look. This impacted the election of the polling that is out there to save suggests that nearly 80% of Americans would have voted differently had they known about the laptop. Is this a case of the FBI battling an election troubling me that we find out that I went to the social media platforms that got me a part got a publication content bank try to play to that right now that there are that not every body that there aren't those that have chosen to politicize their work and their role in people want to trust they want to trust the DOJ. They want to trust their government, but right now they are skeptical look on things like death and for Mark Zuckerberg to just state income ranking can be happy. I contacted can't stand as Russian information and be careful� And how that affects people and what did people you know. I hear it. People will say well I read it on the Internet not and they will follow their online and look further for articles that graphic things that go into all your different publication Google Jesus, you're going to prioritize the information.

There search and of course that is going to happen and hat on the American people liked what they hear and see and thereby get affect what they think but I think ultimately I think that that is so true and and we've got a lot of conservatives in the Stearns family and I'll get a call from a relative in this safe is it true what they said about Pres. Trump or this or that might know that summer did you hear that well. I saw online I saw it on the Internet and it it but but again this is where we just have to fight back and be up to say okay, look, here are your are the facts, but again Sen. were looking what I want to trust the FBI to I don't trust these folks, I'm going, although back to 2016. They metal in that election 2020 and there's a pretty good argument that could be made this rate on Mara Longo was a set up to battling of the 2024 election 2022.

I like. I think it is important that we look at what kind fired with Mara Longo and Wayne find out why I decided to take unprecedented action, something that has not been done before. Why did they decide that now is the time that they can't today that never done something like that to a former private, when you look at celebrate with our 30,000 mile email on the classified correspondent that was on her starboard devices and laptop does that were hard hurricane and you like it that nothing was done and then there in the casket. It appears with former Pres. Trump a very telling document and this is what transpires. People are looking at the thing hanging out like a cares that one for daily one for everybody out to Donald Trump that can give it to me and it is unnerving to people that they had 80,000 agents that are being hired and they worry about what is going to happen. You're absolutely right, Sen., and this is watching it. Once again the weaponization of the federal government. This is right out of the Barack Obama playbook and and here we are, so many years later in the now and that what I believe to be the third term of the Obama restriction are happier conduct the third time I'm about thinking that Solomon and Ron Klein and Valerie Jarrett were with Obama, who are making this patient will stop by and large in this administration.

Now that is justified in fact writing this things like the third time. I'm curious, did you have jetlagged coming back from Taiwan like this. I'm struggling Los Angeles. I don't get that jetlagged fairly and that it was a short quick trap. I was into teaching Solomon I knew Kenny I'll be there in the Chinese Communist Party picking up their aggressive tactics trying to push their belt right initiative. There get up on trying to really control the end of the US that is really important that we do or we think president that we are able to help these countries protect themselves and defend their faith aren't really there and Sen. The most important thing we all know what we will be doing on Thursday. My University of Tennessee volunteers football season taken on Ball State is going to be a great night of football. Well all right Sen., we know you can't take sides because you got a lot of universities here in the area, but were big balls.

Zero the Todd surgery is. I think senators in the Marsha Blackburn everybody that is finally college football is here. That's like the most important thing right I think are not hey look, we gotta take a break here will go right to the phones 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8860, it will be right back balance of nature changing the world one life at a time. Things around the house.

I rarely like your product happy with it.

You really think about it anymore.

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We got once a 400 pound Abercrombie models where the short shorts in the T-shirts that arrived up in the night Tapia I I will say this though, when you see the photograph of the button that is a God bless America that's an American-made sturdy button right there. They have nice shorts and I'm you know what I will give that to you. Those suckers are staying up then you got the big fat drag queen unicorn out there in Texas what the Bronx Bay, but there was also there was also a runway like a fashion runway and then like a 400 pound woman in a bikini resort to when it was well like the dryclean do. I was get a little seasick. There was like I was a runway walk to like force Jell-O � but now that their salute, I does understand that I thought that the problem was for all the fat people and I am out body made by Porky or look.

The whole point is you got to lose weight.

To be healthy, but now they're saying you gotta accept people for who they are, know you're perfect. Don't change a thing. You're perfect, you're literally perfect just the way you are having other people they go and I was at the Delta sky lounge at LAX, which by the way, only open part of the part of the new airport there was somebody in line and you know your all stimuli want to be a little something to snack and you know it's not like take a meatball or two. It's I think I had like 14 meatballs. I like to. He must've been really troubling. Hey still be slow traveling can be little exhaust. Gotta share about. Gotta share play nice in the sandbox. It's not like it's not like the Sizzler or the Ryan take you to the buffet at Ryan stakeout.

You know that all-you-can-eat it's the sky club at Delta.

He's taking full advantage of the SkyMiles there you go. All right, let's go to the phones or Charles in North Carolina what's on your mind Charles God hello I want to weigh in on the Republican met way and well yeah hold on Charles get it graced way. We are talking about okay and I'm sorry it's been my beautiful change after Labor Day when the campaign really start it up but on every give you the Republican had the Democrat inflation, immigration, crime, you name but I just don't see a lot of hard getting ad right now going after their political opponents and what I think needs to happen is that and I hope Ron McDaniel is looking me right now you know. Years ago there was my Savior Jesse Helms that had a reelection against tough opponents like Jim Andy one box running negative ads but got what you have to do God's. I think you need to have your opponent picture beside Joe but you need if it didn't come out body to run against unity, sugar, voting record anytime today but it was Joe Biden own spending on immigration on all of this stuff this big comeback like the inflation reduction in their support of body student loan forgiveness and you make people aware of just how bad Joe Biden and their politics policies are hurting and I you I think Charles going back to the 1990s. Remember the Mike Dukakis was the Democrat he was running against George W. Bush.

Dukakis was the other governor of Massachusetts, and he was behind this whole furlough program and you had ever miss Willie Horton ad and a lot of people if you're a student of history, you know the story, but a lot of kids only know what they've learned in the mainstream media, but the deal with was fog said that Massachusetts had a weekend furlough program.

This guy Willie Horton serving a life sentence for murder, but they let him out for the weekend.

Have fun go to Six Flags. Willie.

Willie didn't come back from furlough ended up assaulting somebody committing armed robbery and raping a woman and George H. W.

Bush. To his credit made that a campaign issue and that's why he got elected exactly. I remember that as well. And God right now. What better would be a better time to make a campaign ad right now showing a family down at the dinner table cabinet door knocked him out. AR 15. That's what people are thinking about right now. This you know transfer unit debt to the taxpayers things like that and somebody else starting with the next time you have Jim Jordan Marsha Blackburn or somebody on your show. I wish you would have the question everything I wanted the Republicans voted against the inflation reduction act. They've voted against a lot of other legislation so if we take the House and Senate back are they going to vote to repeal are they going to vote to repeal the spent are they going to vote to repeal and 87,000 more IRS agent and are they going to vote to try to stop Joe Biden challenge again on this theater deftly get well those are those are great questions and we will ask those we a lot to catch up on with Marsha but that will get working have other folks on and work to get them on the record on that because they need to and they have to. It's outrageous of the numbers of people that are in. Over this student loan transference program is is just off the charts. Charles got a run of folks Charles agrees with my card to me and says we got an imaging or a messaging problem in the Republican Party right now. Do you agree or disagree, 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 and George H.


Bush called holy. You know what during that 1988 presidential election. They called him already says they said it was a dog whistle.

But the reason why the left and the media was so enraged over those ads because they were effective. George H. W. Played hardball.

He took a page out of the Democrat playbook and that's what you gotta do your folks and and I'll give you an example of that coming up a little bit later on in this hour, but we gotta fight back and we got a punch back hard.

The Republicans are doing that right now.

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Your audience at the fight back against the people that that and I mean that race gender, sexuality and identity. One of the things I appreciate about about your book. Ajay is you do talk a lot about some very serious issues, but there's you do with a lot of fun Journal laugh. A lot of the stuff and made it so outrageous. Some of the things that are happening in your right I'm you were talking about all of our institutions in America that have come under attack by what you describe as woke zombie battalions you think and me. Nothing new to your audience.

The most of what is we've always had political correctness.

We've always had a 90 day try to snatch the big gulp of the salt shaker out of her hand and and you know political correctness can can spin up every 15 years.

There usually people like you standup comics to push it out yet, conservative writer put back on the stuff.

The problem is that they discovered about 100 years ago when with you know wood at the roots of what is basically cultural Marxism that are blue-collar workers working unite against us and overthrow the government to get a revolution of carpenters and plumbers.

Instead, they look to other soldiers in the familiar group dance back to the entertainment industry. They inspected the academia public school unions right that the Democrat party. And of course the media and the one thing they can't hold them together now that they didn't have back then it big Act like the cartilage right to hold them altogether if they waited Beatty platform demonic on the way the little digital brownshirts hunt down people like you and me today can move away faster today dispenser up and they could Graham Greene or Ernest Hemingway or George Orwell in 100 years ago things I like about the book you you bring some modern-day comparisons and illustrations and yet everybody knows they're going after George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. But you bring up Dave Chapelle and we talked about this on the show quite a bit. I mean, this is really the canary in the coal mines when they're coming after liberals like Dave Chapelle so today on American ayatollah one American and what I basically say there is if they can't cancel you digitally. They make you physically what I mean.

It somebody jumped on stage and try to stack Chapelle the night somebody jumped on stage with Lee's gelding and try to stab him with a knife.

Somebody jumped on stage and stab Salman Rushdie with a knife so look ladies and gentlemen at any cancel culture and take a physical form meaner handing out red Cavanaugh, the brat so you know these people. If they can't get you digitally.

They may try to get you physically Ajay Rice on the patriot mobile newsmaker line got a great new book out called the Woking dad and we have a direct link to it over the live show blog down to read this book so Ajay yet you lay out what's happening, what's the fix here.

How do we resolve this problem. Well, I mean we've got more technology today and we have Rappaport were not wedded to get ready to Netflix for the MBA. We can absolutely vote with our wallet when it comes to them not wanting a customer to replace us with DICOM customer let gag. Sayonara we have plenty of other options will have to go down the road with his partner fighting back, and he looked all the talk I will whether Liz Cheney is an interaction going on a United States interaction of parent rebellion by parent whether it young kids winning Virginia school Lord Dan in Florida and what I think we can do in November is that the parents have had enough of this garbage. They don't want their kids being told to take this one ate that one because of this or that.

The lack fought against separate but equal.

They're now trying to reinstitute it.

So I think in November. We got about locally got to get rid of people and obviously try to send Pelosi and Schumer back AGI. I want to take up a turn from the book for just a moment and and again brag on your bona fides because you are the leader of the premier communications firm in the nation's capital.

I mean your you're a big deal when it comes to really helping to brand and promote to people from like Laura Ingram are good friend of the late Charles Krauthammer, Steve Scalise of the list goes on and on and on. I think you and I are together in a room with Ingram that I think it was a valuable are all hanging out back today.

Thanks Dave shifts back to Monica and we appreciate appreciate you putting all the people on me to put on and we got got Navarro coming that Naomi will you know that a lot of big names we don't. We've done a lot of you have a massive audience a loyal audience they're going to pay.

We really appreciate you got my two competitors on your list of achievements of those guys of this radio talks but otherwise you know I love bugs that you buy can I go back years and that we did a lot of events together back of the day and they're doing their thing. The great thing is there's enough radio space for all of the South in America.

Literally everyone remaining what you know we have a giant bill right with Mr. Limbaugh on everyone one got I got I had to get out game based on and late got ready to go but e.g. to that point we we had Gov. Mike Huckabee on the first hour the so and he said that the Republicans have a messaging problem right now and you're the expert of all this out one of the Republicans need to be doing that they are not doing as we headed to the midterms. What we are taking a tiny ball right and maybe they want to tell you that the raid on Malaga okay or the inflation bill outrageous to the student. The bailing out of a bachelor's degrees in basket weaving is not outrageous to meet outrageous stuff, but the one thing that will allow Duncan to do a clean sweep in Virginia with the status of doing day on if you say so.

Virginia swung 10 to 10 points from buying the young because the parents are angry. They don't want you know Steve and Gary in the women's locker room and want to be called by the 6019 project garbage at their country's terrible white little kids abandoning out whatever it is it only called Halloween it like it can dress up like Black Panther from article movie called in on top of it that with medical virus in a frozen capture any of the cultural virus woke is to try to take our entertainment on away and now think the Biden we got a financial situation were parents or haven't been 100 bucks more a month $6000 a year.

Most people can't eat that day on, on the three thing and and stop chasing cars down the street at its end is a fair point, Ajay and and you're right about this in the books folks gotta get yourself a copy of the Woking dad again.

We have a direct link in the live show blog Ajay. I want our congratulations on the book I well done and it's going to trigger a lot of folks over the New York Times. No doubt about that. Hopefully only one. I live that I Ajay rise, ladies and gentlemen great American patriot, and they didn't really get you back on love your insight into doing great work out there. Thank you. All right, folks gotta take a break here when we come back we are opening up the phone lines 844-747-8868 what you think the message audibly going of the midterms. One of the Republicans need to be focused on 844-747-8868 this is the top search. Remember to eat your fruits and vegetables.

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Let's go to the phones Salem Oregon Ronald Alai KY Kenya grid affiliate there hey Ron, what's on your mind like this is a communication of what is really the cochair illustrate the Portland area and Gladstone and falling asleep but candidates which is full for some 20 years is great thing is right now. Three things in 25 people so far from 15 counties in the state. You know how to open them to go and from 13 counties and are not happy and I message you number one listing example thing needed to try but our kids kick the personal loss which is one of the character of a government speaker which is not like to fix it.

Conclusion to the actions through public employee in the state and fortunately I let what you got nine more like when Jesus was sent to Sandy to send Adrian and the seven seas, but there's got to go to meetings. Yet Ron Ron you're right you're right.

You gotta go to the meetings you gotta get involved in is one thing to complain and not do anything about it. So you gotta get involved and you know one of the big criticisms and this is really across the country is that the Republican Party is not exactly a welcoming party and you really have to work to gain acceptance you have to work two to become involved and there is an and we've seen this play out of the presidential side to toot to an extent where we have lost presidential elections because it's this mentality of, you gotta wait your turn, which is what happened with Bob Dole, which is what happened with wit. When you look even at H George HW Bush. I mean they the establishment Republicans really despise Ronald Reagan because he didn't wait his turn right. It was supposed to be Jerry Ford. Then George H.


Bush, Reagan would never have been elected had it been left up to the party leaders. That's just that is a well documented fact. So Republicans do have to figure that out. But the problem right now is messaging and Huckabee's right on the money on that.

Let's go to Al in Georgia W GUN hey Al, what's on your mind and your radio show you just talked about the party hierarchy and that my complaint how Rona McDaniel still has a job she has lost at least three election last year and were sitting here without my live in Georgia and I'm embarrassed that what happened in 2020, and I just blame her. Mitch McConnell and all the other so-called Republican just don't want to fight and don't want to change things. Yes, I'm a strong supporter though I'm one of those deplorable, but right now Herschel Walker is out of money has a real opportunity to take back one of the lost George, but he's out of money that I'm done now.

It's a great point you raise an end. That is something that is going to have to address but I don't want to address those things they really don't appreciate it. Let's see if we can squeeze in one more call here jump three on the light hey Jeffrey, one of the Republicans need to be doing that I need to have clear on moles not many people in the United States of America will even drag going for their children, nor any man in dresses and all this on 10.

I need a clear message on moles.

In fact the matter is that most Democrats only just reached out and grabbed whoever like Michael going back on. Then I dug a hole so deep they can't get out so I was like morals or spiritual we don't get in there all is not clear then people live about three yeah Jeffrey that's a fair point, and again on this radio program. What you do as a grown adult. If you want to go to a drag bar if you want to go to a straight bar a gay bar whenever you want that your right is an American citizen, I don't, you'll need my permission.

You don't need my blessing that something that is afforded you under the United States Constitution. What I got a problem with is when you start exposing children to that and I don't care if it's gay or straight. It's not right. All right. Jeffrey appreciate that. I'm glad Jeffrey does a lot of there are a lot of people out there that are on the religious side of their icon. How can you say that well you know what I can say that because first of all, it's my radio program but number two. This is how are this is how our country works folks, I don't necessarily agree with everything you do, you probably don't agree with everything I do, but I need to defend your right under the Constitution.

But when you start grooming children.

When you start having all of these these drag queen storytime hours when you start praying in the end there's a raging debate now about pedophilia and they're trying to normalize pedophilia. Even the LGBT movement is having an argument over whether or not to remove the tea from the LGBT equation because they see were all of this mean you're getting chaos in the culture and we we warn people that this was going to happen and that's what they wanted to have happen, but it's all its unraveling and it's happening at a very very fast clip, and unless we stand up and say hey, hold all his quick can we all just agree that you really don't need to be letting middle schoolers know how to use grinder. Can we all agree that is just really inappropriate and if we can't do that then we'll have a country all right. We got a good out here. It's been a great day of thanks for hanging out with us. Todd is our website, newsletter, coming out in just a matter of moments you don't want to check that out as well. This is the Todd surge radio natures fruits and vegetables in a capsule changing the world one life at a time, physician not been practiced for 40 years. When I started taking this I like medicine, probably taking more people off medicine on and so I looked at it pretty much a natural element, there's no question in my mind on the lot of patients that people my age to 60 and over. Do not eat right and they certainly don't get the appropriate nutrients to the vegetables, fruits and things like that and I think that it supplies the building blocks that your body normally was used to heal itself. Don't get you don't know. It's amazing what I did two years. Start your journey to better health.

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