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Now that the railroad strike has been avoided, what is our biggest national problem?

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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September 15, 2022 3:19 pm

Now that the railroad strike has been avoided, what is our biggest national problem?

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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September 15, 2022 3:19 pm

Tiffany Justice, Rep. Debbie Lesko, Kara Zupkus, and Liz Peek join the conversation!

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Welcome to the Todd start show sponsored by legacy, precious metals, there's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM that's legacy PM delivers universities to viewing movies to see Charlie since conservative commentary from Fort believe he made his word about his whereabouts coming up our phone number 84447 a course on is our website had a lot of images embedded on broadcasting from the flagship station KW AM in Memphis, Tennessee sunny day here.

I hope the weather is just as pleasant wherever you are and coming up over the next several hours we will inform you we will entertain you and we will we will get to moving out of the box right away and go course.

Grace Baker is here with me today as well and I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry but the passive aggressive. Part of me is so happy right now I I am just smiling on the inside and I know we shouldn't be passive aggressive, that that is really not the kindest of natures but when I look at the headlines and I see what Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott have done to the leftist hives on the East Coast. It just makes me chuckle and laugh and then catch a bit of a respite it is that it is a wonderful thing. What they have done and of course I'm talking about Ron DeSantis sending off illegals not blessing him 09 today. No, not in Florida you get the best of treatment. Ron DeSantis has sent a couple of plane loads of illegal immigrants know not to Washington DC not to New York City but Martha's vineyard the home of the elitist of the elite. I think even Oprah might be amongst the poor people on Martha's Vineyard Obama's are there in the course you've got Oprah and it is the oddest of all places to put them. But if it may be the best place of all to send a message for those that feel they are so wealthy that they can be insulated from what you and I are having to see and deal with on a daily basis and DeSantis is totally unashamed of this and any you should be totally unashamed that's on one front, then we take Gov. Greg Abbott in Texas and he is finding a frontline battle looming. Technically, every state now thinks the Bible is a border state, but the state of Texas fighting with the federal government, state officials are trying to block the border, but federal officials come in and undo the work of the state. So Greg Abbott says okay well let's see how you like it so DeSantis sends flights to Martha's Vineyard, but then you got got Gov. Greg Abbott sending a busload, not just to Washington DC but out in front of Coppola Harris's vice presidential residence and this is a one-two punch from governors that on its own is pretty incredible and should serve as a template for other Republican governors can't hello Billy Republican in name only, but you're still running on that are, but this is what the Republican governors should be doing is sending a message like well euro send them my way. Well, to put them on your doorstep. Early doorstep and for those that are getting these free rides. It's gotta be a culture shock to the illegals is no question about that. But the question really is, is the border really close.

Harris said the board was closed was a done deal. She was the border choose the borders are always taking care of all is well. You do not see what your eyes are telling you that you see and that is what our vice president continues to tell us says well what do you see with your own eyes met, a vice president, listen to this clip. This is from Fox News interviewing an illegal immigrant out front of, was residence in Washington DC. It's pretty amazing because where Coppola saying I don't know which border she's looking at her she's making around the border to Taco Bell sure not looking at the American border was illegal. Describe what's happening at the border with cut three visors and Harris said that the border is close is the border close deeply to the borders closure is it open itself, and not because what is often the border is open to believe that all the migrants believe that the border is open to everybody about is often itself and because the end zone before men free. No problem editing it's open for you to come in illegally right yes it is any less from you came illegally to meeting any nuts in a gun. Now the interesting thing about that guy.

I just got back from Jamaica last month and it was harder for me to get into the country than it was for this guy. I was guilty until proven innocent to come in the United States is guy gets out of the country and gets bussed off to the nation's capital, and no Muriel Bowser will not be too thrilled. The Washington DC Mayor but Coppola Harris, this is gotta be a slap in the face figuratively for her because it contradicts everything that she's been talking about so in DC you got Gov. Greg Abbott sending busloads up and Martha's Vineyard. You've got DeSantis nothing but the best for his illegals shipping them to Martha's Vineyard now do they get pocket money does the government give them some folding money to walk around our EBT card because Martha's Vineyard from what I heard is pretty expensive so they need to load up that prepaid debit card that EBT card for the illegals and put little bit more on their list.

Not easy to walk around the vineyard and go to the shops and get clothing get food and maybe have a nice glass of wine and toast. Joe Biden Pres. Biden VP Harris, but that's what the Republican governors in Texas and Florida are doing. It was something about it and I can't help but laugh because it it it strikes right at the heart of elitism that I am so powerful. I am so wealthy. This is not a problem because it doesn't impact me and really that's a running thread throughout a lot of our country and even runs into the establishment part of the Republican Party know you're listening to Todd Starnes show were all Bible clinging gun toting patriots here and we understand that you have to take action, you have to be vigilant and even if it doesn't impact you. Today, it could impact you.

Tomorrow you get but the elites either don't get it or they don't care but I guarantee you there to start caring now is now.

If you're in another early part of the country. Now you're wondering, will what will DeSantis and Abbott do next.

What what will they do for an encore because you know that are not going to stop there just to keep on keeping on in there to be a pebble in the Democrat shoe a thorn in their side for as long as they possibly can be. So my hats off to you Gov. Greg Abbott, my hats off to you Gov. Ron DeSantis. I know I shouldn't embrace passive aggressive behavior, but today I'm willing to make an exception now coming up. We have some exclusive audio. We do have a reaction from VP, let Harris at the site of this bus in front of the vice presidential residence. You won't want to miss this because she gets very emotional about this and normally we don't see her get emotional. Usually it's a cackle fast or its word salad, but she minces no words. In fact, she's very clear in her emotions and I don't want you to miss this.

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Starnes's back to Norton for Todd Starnes. Our phone number 847-478-8868 thanks for the tag along with I got my KW AM golf shirt on. They were broadcasting from the flagship station in Memphis Tennessee to all the fine folks around the country and around the world and Todd As Well. Thank You for Joining Us up before the Break I Mentioned, We Got Some Exclusive Audio Course, Ron DeSantis and and Greg Abbott Governors of Florida and Texas, Respectively, Have Been Sending Illegals Now across the Country. DeSantis Flying Plane Loads of Illegal Immigrants from Martha's Vineyard and Gov. Greg Abbott Sending Busloads of Illegal Immigrants to Washington DC.

Specifically, I Guess I Just Typed in Coppola Harris's Vice Presidential Residence into the GPS and and They Have Arrived You Heard from Them Last Segments in the Border Is Wide Open Now I Would Have Thought Coppola Harris Would Be Freaking out and Angry and beside Herself That There Would Be a Busload of Illegal Immigrants at Her Doorstep but Nay Nay Todd Starnes Show Audience That Is Actually Not the Case. She's Not Cackling There's No Words Some Salad. She's Very Clear in Her Emotions and Her Response to This Bus of Illegal Immigrants Pulling up to Her Doorstep. It's Vice President Coppola Harris Getting a Dose of Her Own Medicine. 844-747-8868 Where Our Callers Come First and Bobby North Carolina. Listening on the Talk Station Bobby Called on How They Needed Badly by the People and You Know That We Just Don't Call Things As They Are at This Time I Recall Is That a College Degree New Deal: the Growing Role of the about That and Give Credit to the Mayor Is Going to Make It Work Got Done Writing Spring Meet Sarah Palin Had It Right and down by the Reduction Act Why the Duck Tonight Because It Didn't I Get the American People Have Seduced More Inflation Has at the Latest Numbers Were Were Awful As Well.

It Gives Getting Worse and Worse yet, What Is in a Name Bobby Ike. You Know Ed's Is Kinda Crazy.

I Guess It Is Their Way to Try to Put a Big Bag of Sugar on a Big Hello to Hooey or Later Call Window, like It Is Not of It Doing What It Was Supposedly Intended Bob You Got Any Time. Love the Folks at the Talk Station in North Carolina, 844-747-8868 and You Know He's Right You Tightly When You See These Coming Out Of Congress the Title. It Typically Does the Exact Opposite of What You're What's What You're Wanting As a Citizen for Her to for It to Accomplish in North North Carolina Is a Big Transportation Center We Here in Memphis Are a Big Transportation Hub and Grace, I Have To Tell You We Just Dodged a Massive Bullet Because We Would Right Now. Had They Not Averted. This Strike Will Be about 13 Hours Away from the Railroad Shutting down.

Yet in a Minute. It Feels like We Have Enough Problems Already. Then to Add That on Top of It. It's Just I I Was.

I Was Really Worried about That. I'm Really Glad We Avoided That Because I Don't Know If Our Country Can Handle Any More Major Issues like That Right Now You As If Baby Formula Weren't Tough Enough Yeah Yeah That's Coal to Power Plants.

How Does It Arrived Arrived by Force, but What What Has Happened in It Late Last Night and into Early Today. There's Been a Tentative Agreement by the Railroad Unions That Would Offer up Some Significant Back Pay and I Know That the Rail Were Real.

What's Really Easy for Me to Say Railroad Road Workers Would like Some More Sick Leave and More Flexibility in Time off. That Is a Very Specialized Job We Sent out Our Love Because You Can't You Can't Just Walk into a Rail Company and Start to Work Coming That Takes Specialized Training to Me That's That's What's Called Heavy Equipment Right There over Sure, but We Send Our Love out to Everybody That Makes It Happen across the Country, but They're Looking at a 24% Pay Increase Some of That Will Be Retroactive and What Happened Is They Get Got to a Tentative Agreement. There's a Cooling off.

Now to Sit Back and Then Try to Hammer out the Final Details, but There Will Be No Strike Starting in the Morning at 1201 Which Is Which Is Good Because We Saw Yesterday Were Amtrak Was Artie Canceling Some of Their Trips, Especially the Longer Distance Once Because They Lease Railways from These Private Companies Because Amtrak Doesn't Own All That. So That Night They Have To Do That. So They Canceled Some of That but Think about What It at 1201 If the Railroads Had Just Stopped the Trains They Just Stopped. So Not Only Do You Have a Backup of Goods That Can't Reach Where They're Supposed to Be but You Talk about the Coal Hate California As If You Were Already in Enough Trouble with Your Electrical Grid.

But Then to Not Be Able to Have the Transportation of the Coal to Some of These These These Coal Power Plants, You Would Have a Problem and Then on Top of That Grace Then You Have the Boats off of the Shore on Both Coasts. That Would Be Waiting for the Trains Because You Have A Lot Of Intermodal Hubs Where You Go from Boat to Train at the Sea.

We Have Intermodal Here in Memphis Because You FedEx You Have All of These Intermodal Companies That Are at a Standstill Because the Boats Can't Unload Because There's No Where to Ship It Planes Would Have a Problem Were Already At Least 40,000 Truckers Short Because of the Jabs That Vaccine Mandate Has Run off Tens of Thousands of Truckers You Would Need about Four or Five Times At Least More Just to Be Able to Make up for the Loads That Were Being Lost Due To Rail. It Would Be a Logistical Nightmare and in the Last Hundred 20 Years.

It's Only Happened Twice It Happened 70 Years Ago Steagall and That It Happened about 50 Years Prior to That in 1902 with Coal so We Were about This Close to Really Getting into a True Calamity and and I'm Glad That Were Talking about the Fact That We Avoided It and I Had Someone on My Local Show on K-12 This Morning That Likened This Supply Chain Avoidance of a Crisis to the Earth.

Essentially Getting Missed by a Meteor That's out That's That's the Type of Impact It Would've Had on Our Infrastructure, Our Supply Chain Getting Goods and Think about This Too. If You Go from from Rail to to Truck Even If You Get the Trucks. Think about How Much the Cost of Gas Is Now How Much More the Cost of Goods Would Be As Well. We Avoided a Massive Calamity, but We Got Plenty of Other Problems. What's Her Biggest Problem in America, 844-747-8868 Your Privacy Gets in Jeopardy Who's Been Spying on You Now Will Tell You about That's Coming up.

Plus We Got Some Terrific Guests between Now and the End of the Show Including Congresswoman Debbie Lesko Will Talk to Young America's Foundation List Peak and so Much More Just so Excited to Be Here with You Today, 844-747-8868 Where's Todd Starnes Comeback Will Tell You Exactly Where He Is. He's out There Working Hard Is Always Such Deplorable Jim and for Todd. There Is No Doubt the Nation Is Facing a Financial Crisis Because of the Blighted Ministrations Economic Policies Hi This Is Todd Starnes and No Doubt Our Economy Is in Trouble and You Need to Take Steps to Protect Yourself of All Your Money Is Tied up in Stocks, Bonds, and Traditional Market You Are Vulnerable. Gold Is One of the Best Ways to Protect Your Retirement No Matter What Happens You Own Your Gold. It's Real Physical Always Been Valuable since the Dawn of Time. Legacy Precious Is the Company I Investing in Gold.

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I Think Uncle Joe Called into Markers without a Way Amtrak Don't Call Them Markers along the Railroad for the Tax Dollars Will Steve Is Not Just Amtrak. Joe Is Amtrak Child with a Shadow in the Back on the Train Show We You Know the Interesting Thing Steve Is That Joe Biden Wasn't Even in Washington DC When All This Was Going down. He Was in Detroit Touting $61,000 Electric Vehicles. Where Have You Ever Heard of a Labor Strike That Would Have Bet That on the You Never Heard a Word about It until This Week. One Day You Hear There's a Friend of a Rug like Brought You Here to Talk to the Next Day.

It's All Will You Know It's Interesting It's Interesting about the Timing. Steve Because There Had Been a Period Where They Where They Kick the Can down the Road We Were Coming up to the End of That Extension. I Think Another Extension Might Kick It past Election Day, the Time the Timing of It Is Not Bad for Joe Biden That That Is Admittedly so Almost Anything You Say Happened in This Country Right Now You Start with the Okay to Fabricated This Woman Benefit Will Steve We Start.

We Sure Do Appreciate That Your Take on That and Appreciate Your Call to the Todd Starnes Show Steve Thinks the Timing of It Is Just a Little Too Coincidental and There's Been Other Things Politically That Have Happened in the Last Couple Years. You Think Well Gosh, Why Should It Benefit the Democrats Is Steve onto Something 844-747-8868's and Folks, It's Not Just Donald Trump That They've Gone after It's Not Just Mike Lindell from Montello That They've Gone after but You, the American Citizen. If You Have Questions They Don't Want It They Don't Want You to Ask Those Questions. I'm Talking about Facebook This Incredible Story. Now This Is a Revelation This from the New York Post, Facebook Has Been Spying on the Private Messages and the Data of American Users, and Reporting It to the FBI If They Express Antigovernment or Anti-Authority Sentiments I.E. Question the 2020 Election. According to Sources within the Department of Justice under the FBI Collaboration Operation Again Escorting New York Post Somebody at Facebook Red Flagged Supported a Supposedly Subversive Private Messages, Folks, This Is an Even Stuff That's Going on Your Main Facebook Page. If You Were to Go to Grace Baker's Facebook Page Is a Great Picture of Grace and I Believe with Mark with Marlo. I Believe That Your Current Picture and She Would Post Things about Photography in Stuff and You Know but You Know If Grace Were to Even Say Hey You Know I Wonder If Those Georgia Results Were Normal.

For Instance, I'm Not Saying She Did That but Facebook Has No Problem Going through Your Private Messages.

Wait, I Thought They Were Private in Nature. Grace, You're the One That Has the Background in Writing It in All of That Way Doesn't Private Mean Private Debt Listen to Him. They Just Use That Tricky. I Mean, When You Go and You Sign up for These Accounts of the Social Media Websites. For One Thing You Have To You Know Click Yes on Their Terms and Conditions.

Let's Be Real, Who Actually Reads Those It Said a Scroll down Isn't That the Terms and Conditions Are like the End of Any Pharmaceutical, Commercial, and a Clause That You Should Ask Your Doctor or the End of a Guy like a Car Deal Yes Exactly Refinancing for the and inside Your Life Way Basically Is What Your Day Just to Say That If You Know in My Opinion, Just Get off the Social Media You're Worried about Your Privacy Because They Can Look at Everything You're Doing.

That's What They Say.

Be Careful What You Post, but It Is Sad like Your Private Messaging Somebody in There. You Know Prying through It Looking People but They're Only Looking at Certain People Stuff.

I Mean, Let's Be Real. There's A Lot Of Violent and Despicable Content That Goes up on the Internet That Nobody Nobody Monitors but If You Question Election Hall You're on Their List.

Another Look into Your Private Messages and What They've Done. Grace Is They Have Taken That Information.

According to This New York Post Article It's Been over the Last 19 Months, but the and Facebook Senate in Redacted Form Redacted and What We Learn about Redacted. That Could Mean like One Word or Can Be Almost Every Word We Don't Know If That Protects Your Identity Nonetheless Sent in Redacted Form to the Domestic Terrorism Operational Unit It FBI Headquarters in DC without Receiving a Subpoena. They Just Here Guys Pay Look at This This Guy Doubted the 2020 Election Code Adam Basically, Yeah, That's It, That I Said That a Woman Is a Woman. Go Get Him. Go Get Him. You Know What They Question the Curricula in That School Go Goodness Gracious Me. That's That Is That That Is an Attack on on on on Your Freedom. It Private Private Should Mean Pvt. Right Coming and Not Private.

With an Asterisk Next to It. If You're Sending Someone a Message. I Guess Instead of Assuming That It's Private.

I Guess You Get If You're Not Already Doing It. You Should Assume That Everybody Can See What You're Saying yet What Your Reading What You're Typing. I May Look IPhones. For Example, They Thought I Noticed When I Was Out Of Town in DC Recently I Kept Getting These Notifications That I Could Sign up to Get Covert Exposure Notifications and I Had to Keep Pressing Know Because Your Phone's Tracking You. I Mean, We Arty Know That. And like When You're Messaging on the IPhone. It's through Their App They Affect Access to Everything so Nothing Is Safe Anymore.

Yes and Now Every Third Add That I Get This for a New Mattress. I Just Bought a Mattress like Two Weeks Ago See That Scary like You We Talking about and I Could Really Use Some Pizza Right Now and Next Thing You Know You Happy to Add Delivery and Strict Do You Know of Any Specials Going on out, but This Is This Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg. This Is a Huge Deal in and of Itself, but Now You Know This Started 19 Months Ago but Now We Fast-Forward to 2022 and You Have People Actively in Congress. And It's Open Season on Not Just Conservatives but Republicans in General. Although There Zooming in on Maggio Republicans You Got a Couple of Folks That Are Having to Go and Calling It Essentially Open Season on the Maggio Movements and I Guess Maybe That the Wii You've Heard This Week about Tim Ryan and What He Has Said about Killing and Shutting down the Magna Movement, but Now You Get Crazy. Maisie Geraldo the Senator from Hawaii and She Is Not Pleased at All about Folks That Are in the Pro Life Movement. Listen to What Crazy Maisie Geraldo Has To Say on the Floors. The Seven Hypocrites Doesn't Even Call Far Enough to Call Them out One Thing to Say.

This Is an Outright Attack on Women in This Country. That Is How I See It Now to Sound More and More Women and Those That Support Our Right to Make Decisions about Our Old Buddy, That Is How We See It and Why, Because That's What's Happening Now in Pres., I Give the Floor, but Clearly This Is A.M. Literally Call to Arms in Our Country. Notice She Could Make a Call to Arms against the Pro-Lifers but She Couldn't. She Couldn't Have the Courage She Could Screw up the Courage Enough to Say Killing Babies. She Made Sure She Used a Euphemism for That and Just Glossed Right over That, but a Call to Arms against Pro-Lifers That Make Her a Pro-Death or Maybe Crazy Maisie's Pro-Death, Perhaps, but Weight Just like Any Great Radio Offer.

There's More We've Got the Gift That Keeps on Giving Georgia Congressman Hank Johnson and He's Going after the Conservatives As Well.

Listen to What He Has To Say about Parents Who Question School Boards and How He Compares Them to a Another Recent Event Cut Eight January 6 21 Narratives in the Garden This Day in American History. Megan's Descendents in the Capital Engaged in an Insurrection They Occupied the Capital's People Will Kill Hundreds Injured, Including Hundreds of Capitol Hill Police Officers Attacked and Bludgeoned a Date. It Will Never Forget and People on the Local Level Affected School Board Meetings.

They Won't Forget the Magna Republicans Descending on Their School Board Meetings after January 6. Like January 6 Disrupting Meetings Called Coordinated Attack Happening across the Country.

Americans Won't Forget about It. School Board Members, Teachers, Administrators, Subjected to Violence, Threats of Violence, Harassment and Intimidation. Thankfully, Unlike January 6 School Board Police Haven't Shot and Killed Anybody That Showed up That Day. I Don't Know Where It Was Again the Five Deaths from a No Capital Police Shot and Killed Ashley Babbitt and Then You Had Some Other Folks That Passed Away Due To Some Natural, Natural Causes, but Then Again, If You're If You're Looking If You're Looking for Really the, the Apex of Wisdom and Knowledge.

Hank Johnson Isn't Exactly yet. Let's Take the Todd Starnes Way Back Machine to 2013 When Hank Johnson Does Not Want American Troops Going to Guam Not Because of the Fear of Violence. Not Because of a Fear of Intimidation, but for the Fear of Drowning.

Listen to This yet Why He Didn't Want Troops to Go to Guam Cut Seven Movements to Use the Whole Become Soon Overly Populated and Capsize Anticipate That the Long Population I Think Only about 175,000, and Again with a Thousand Lines in the Families That's an Addition of about 25,000 More into the Population. I Don't Know Just Just a Reference That an Island Could Capsize. Could You Put Another 10,000 People on It. I Think That Only Adds More Credibility to Hank Johnson's Comparison of School Board Parents to January 6. Don't You. He Must've Skipped All 12 Years of Science. I for Hank Johnson. You Know What, No Poor People of Georgia Because They Keep Voting Them in to Office.

I Guess He's Got a Lifetime Appointment. There Are Phone Number 844-747-8868 Chris Todd Starnes. We Got That Answer for You and We Got Plenty More of Your Top Stories Coming up That since Jim and for Todd Uncle Tom to Is the Eye-Opening Documentary Everyone in America Should See Todd Starnes Here and Uncle Tom to Offers a Compelling and Brave Analysis of the True History of Black America. The Cultural Shift from Prosperity, Integrity and Faith to Its Current Perceived State of Anger, Discontent and Victimhood. Uncle Tom to Offers Historical Footage, Photos, Correspondence and Data to Reveal the Genuine Strides of Black America in the 20th Century the Deliberate Marks a Strategy to Create Racial Tension and Replace God with Government and the NAACP's Sinister Agenda. Don't Miss Uncle Tom to from Executive Producer Larry Elder and Director Justin Malone with Brandon Tatum and Voting Baucom and Chad O.

Jackson Watch the Movie on Demand or by the DVD Now at Salem. That Sale Caelum Statement on Him for Todd Starnes Is the Queue Queue Link for Second and You Miss Every 447-4788 68 That's on Me. The Rookie Mistake by Me Know.

Rookie Mistake Though Going the Phone Lines They Tell Me Got the Callers from the Great, the Talk Station in North Carolina.

We Go There and We've Got Jeff.

Jeff, Thanks for Joining Us Real You Doing Very Well Thank You. Like Michael, Thank You for All Your Doing with the Radio Trying to Help the Country and That We Really Preferred the Terrible Shall Serve to Thoughts While I Was Somewhat Distorted. Go Fund Me. Help of Bun. The Distribution Called Food for the Governors of Texas and Florida Think They Would Build the Great Thing for Everyone to Do Help Help for Those That Do the Distribution Thing with the Little Bit of the Body and the Second Thing Is about the Same Box That Is Grubbing to the Share of These Illegals with the Beverly Hills Malibu Portland Oregon Washington Looked Must Spread Love Now Just Not If You Heard If You Heard Congressman Hank Johnson from Last Hour If You Put All the Illegal Immigrants on the West Coast. What the Country Capsize. Well, You Know That Real, I Would Love the $5 Million above the Plane by Load up There. Let Those People Have Money to Mexico and under Terribly Impoverished but There's a Right Way to Do This Out Of Many Latino People to Come Here Legally Difficult Form but You Know It's Difficult for Us to Handle 2 Million People Just Overnight As They Come across the Border Illegally Expect Everything for Florian and I Have Is A Lot Of Work Part Absolutely A Lot Hispanic Community. I Know Here in Memphis. There's A Lot Of Hispanic Communities That Are Upset by This Because Most. Most. Most Hispanics Are in This Country Went about It the Right Way and You Know What When They Become Citizens Than They Are Equally Brothers and Sisters of Mine and Yours and God Bless and We Should Help Those That Are Trying to Go about It in the Right Way for Sure Jeff, Thank You so Much for Calling on the Talk Station and I Don't Know about That West Coast Thing.

I Think We Might Capsize If Hank Johnson Has His Physics Right Start Start Today What Went with Which You Have. Speaking of the Coast. Tim Will Do That. He's Not There yet but I Can Say Right Now I This Is like Where's Waldo.

But It's Worse Todd Right Now He's Campaigning for Lawmakers over in Georgia.

He Was at the Faith and Freedom Coalition's Victory Debtor, Which I Know You Had a Great Time at Saul Herschel Walker Margaret Taylor Green A Lot Of Other Big Big Figures They Are and I Know Today He Speaking at the Pray Vote Stand Conference in Atlanta Hosted by the Family Research Council and Our Good Friend Tony Perkins and Then Next Week He Will Be in California and Lancaster with Our Good Friend Pastor Paul Chappell for the Spiritual Leadership Conference, My Goodness, Tim, I Can Hardly Keep up with Him, but He Will Be Back Here in Memphis Tomorrow and Confirm. I Know People Miss Their Todd Starnes. We Got Some Clips from Him.

Talk with Tony Perkins Well and That You Will Have Will Have a Little Bit Later in the Show. We Got Hammered Todd Fix Every Day, Not Just the News and Commentaries. We Will Definitely Have That Phone Number 844-747-8868 and Coming up so Excited Were to Be Talking with the Mom's for Liberty. We've Got Congresswoman Debbie Lesko and so Much More. We're Just Getting Started Here and We Are so Happy You're along for the Ride. Go to Todd Todd 844-747-8868 Tell Them in for These Days. Critical Thinking Is More Important Than Ever.

That's Why I'm a Big Fan of the King's College. This Christian Liberal Arts Colleges or Core Curriculum of Politics, Philosophy and Economics Grapples with the Most Important Questions and Texts. King's College Graduate Is Rated As the Right Questions to Earned a Bachelor's Degree Online or in Person at the King's College Just Visit Start Your Journey at the King's College Universities through You in Memphis, Tennessee, Friends, Family and Fellow Americans, Todd Starnes, He's on Assignment Today. What Is Assignments to Help the Red Wave in November. He's out, but No Worries Will Be Back Tomorrow. I'm Timber in Order Number 844-747-8868 Happy Thursday Everybody. The Sun Is Shining Here in Our Flagship Station at KW AM in Memphis Tennessee and I Hope the Weather Is Just As Lovely Wherever You Might Be Again. Her Phone Number 844-747-8868 and on Our on Our a Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line This Morning. We Are Joined by the Cofounder of Moms for Liberty Tiffany Justice Joint Is Now on the Todd Starnes Show Tiffany Thank You for Joining Us.

Our You Doing Now Drag Queen and Ended Being and What Is Going on Drag Queen and Library Goal. It Seems like the Quiet Part out Loud Is Now Is Now the Norm and It Just Feels like Culturally Here in Memphis That the Left Is Simply Going for It on a Shameful Steam Ahead. We Don't Care What You Think in Your Right. What Used To Be a Museum. What What Else Could It Used To Be Called the Pink Palace and for Decades I Know I Would on a Field Trip Almost Every Year in Elementary and Middle School.

You Know That Have Science Exhibits Their Dinosaur Bones IMAX Theater, Planetarium. It's a Great Place Now Coming up Next Friday They're Having an Air Fingers Quote Family Friendly Drag Show and for Only $20 a Pop, You Will Be Treated to a Drag Show and Insert Generational Dance Party There. It Is Right There in Her Generational Tiffany, My Goodness, It Seems like the Culture Rot Continues to Accelerate Your I Am Currently Thinking Again Going in on a Number of Different Contact He Had Started at Good News to Court You Can Go and Look at That. Come Groomer Cool and Incredibly Cool for Heacock to Not Drag Queen Victoria Dart Competently Happening in Educational and Kicking the Library and You Can Heacock Actually Didn't Take Her in Getting a Pack Rat and Contemplate [a Clear and in Early Child That You Can Look at Paper at the High IQ People One End of the People Literally Named Leo Drag Queen Name on a Great Drag Queen Story Hour and It Is like the Program within the Landscape of Gender and Taking It Well in the World Drag and Provide a Clear Link to the World of Early Education.

I Didn't Ask for I'm Looking around through the Glass. I Don't Think Anybody Else in Our Building Asked for It and I'm Sure across the Fruited Plain Our Audience Didn't Ask for This yet yet Here We Are, and It It Feels like Tiffany That This Is an Abuse of the Levers of Power and These Cultural Centers Who Get Got. Which by the Way This Museum of Science in History Is Got Is Is Government Funded at Eight This Is Your Taxpayer Dollars. My Taxpayer Dollars That Are That Are Going to the Shadows yet.

I like That You Don't like When You're Looking for Right Now You Need to Get Your Community Library or Your Public School If You Don't like What You Need to Have Your Belief Card That They Are Spending Your Money in a Program Adding a Friend of Mine Lived at a Public Library There That Getting a Drag Queen Team Dingo at Night Night and at for the Drag Queen at Night and Said What He Did Mean to Be a Drag Queen and an Appropriate Adult Program 13 May Pay All Now Know That Drag Queens Are People Usually Know I'm Drafting Putting It Back with an Impending General Purpose and Entertainment Package. I Know A Lot Of Women I Am a Woman on Raising a Daughter Never Act like a Drag Queen and I Don't Know. Apparently When I Look at Backlinks That I Really Care Back to My Femininity and Your I Know I Going to Be Thinking Here� Somehow like the Way That Women Can Behave Our Locker. After That It's Okay to Eat.

You Treat Your Body Drag Queen 11 Watching a Video Drag Queen Actually Live in a Restaurant in a Child There I Get It on Twitter and and the Person Went and Really I Treating Their Chat Area in a Very Uncorrected Youth Is Nine or No Meaning without like Adding No Man Certainly Said That He Really Becomes, What It Would Look Ending Dry-Cleaning. It Certainly Feels like It Is a It Is a Hammer and a Spike in Just Trying to Chip Away at Any Time a Solid Foundation of Family and a Solid Foundation of Science and You You Don't Know What You Think You Know and Just Trying to Blur All Kinds of Lines and Make Truth Relative Tiffany That's That's What It Feels like in This Goes Even to a Degree into the Classroom with This at with This SEL. The Social Emotional Learning. The CRT Wit and Wisdom.

Whatever You Want to Call It It It Is Cracking the Foundations of What We Know and Then Just Taking at a Marker and Blowing Everything.

The Point Think about What Migrates in General and Reading. He Wanted to Talk about It Reading and Literacy in America That He Talk about It in America Right Now to Get Nearly 2/3 of American Children Are Not Meeting on Grade Level Where Looking Cool with It. You Might Not Be Able to Be There to, and Equal to Prioritizing Art and Craft Program They're Prioritizing Drag Queen Story and Prioritizing on Nothing but in Mind That Children Date Agreement.

Click Click Click Social Emotional Learning and Doing A Lot Of Thinking and Expect Nana Motion in Relationship and Align the Areas That We Would Normally Draw the Line between School and Home and Leave You Legally What Had Been Done. Need Boundary Line between School and Home Had Been Blurred Continuously Binding Educational Industrial Complex and Clearheaded Again. I'll Get It down to Lay in the Real Art School, People They Were in a Culture Where I Think the School and Our Dictionary You Are in a Battle Ground Support for the Culture Where That Were Fighting and in and out If They Again for the Delay. Mom Every Goto I Went That Month. Debbie.90 Eight near You Started There and Bring Like-Minded People in Your Community Don't Have To Be a Parent You Think Drinking a Number What We Want Out Of Our Public Indication.

We Want We Want to Learn to Read and Learn Practical Skills in School and I'll Be Honest, We Need Every Single American Standup Now to Help Fight Each Country, Tiffany, I'm Not a Mom but I Come from One Can I Join and Donate Absolutely Clean It and Click on the Map Click on Your State Your Phoenix Jacket That We Currently Have in Your State That I County I across United States and If We Don't Have a Chapter Click Start When You Give Me Time, Like-Minded People and Again in Your Community and Anyone Can Donate at a Great Ad We Have a Great Ad Shop on Our Website That We Don't Coherently Govern the Letter That Law I Freaking Love That That That Is That That the Signage Is Great. The T-Shirts Are Great Tiffany Folks Can Go to Moms for and Get Involved in to Donate, but I Would Love for You to Leave a Message for Audience What Would You Say to Our Audience. I I Know Folks Are Excited and at the Possibility of a Big Red Wave in the Midterms for Federal and State Offices. Can You Speak to Just How Important It Is to Get to Know and to Be Active and Prepare to Vote Wisely for Our School Boards at the Chapter in Your Care during the School Board but Are Focused on Dealing It and Really Working to Educate Their Community That Are Important.

I Need to Get Wrapped in a Public School and Working to Help the Poor Candidate for Running for School Board to Get Your School Board Members.

Can You Think Your School Board.

I'm Telling You Anything. If You're on Your Community and Your 1950 Trevor Country Boat Support Local School Board Candidate Three That Were Launching National Parks across the Country to Be Able to Point Good School Board Candidate Union and in Doing It for Years 2040 20 Thinking Critical Donate Gone from 4 Million to over 30 Million Now Where They Got Their Bread and Butter and Not School Board and Clicking Money and Programs That Are Progressive Part of That Program and That We Need to Get John School Board Members in There to Start Making Better Dictation for Kids. We Have Got Kids in America to Read and Folks until We Get We Are Involved with Moms for Liberty at the Flagship Station at K WAN and I Want to Encourage All of Our Affiliates across the Country.

If You're Not Already Working with the Moms for Liberty in Your Neck of the Woods to Please Do so. It Is, It Is Worth the Future of Our Country. Tiffany Justice Moms for Thank You so Much for Join Us. God Bless You for the Work That You're Doing and Keep Fighting the Good Fight.

All Right There Is a Tiffany Justice on the Todd Starnes so You Heard It. The Red Wave. It May or May Not Be Coming in November on the Big Elections, but When It Comes down to Grassroots Level down to Street Level. Do Not Overlook Do Not Gloss over Those School Board Elections They Can Dictate How the Next Generation of Your Neighborhood How Your City, State and Country Go 844-747-8868 North for Todd Starnes Remembered to Eat Your Fruits and Vegetables.

We All Remember These Words from a Child That Anyone Had Kind of Nice Store, Prepare and Eat Fruits and Vegetables Are Busy Line Balance of Nature Keeps It Simple. Our Produce Is Powdered after an Advanced Vacuum Called Process Which Stabilizes the Maximum Nutrient Content Produced Is Then Mixed into a Scientifically Researched Plan Designed with Your Body and Mind.

Once These Plans Are Encapsulated or Packaged Instant Right Ear to Work. You Can Get All the Benefits of a Colorful Variety of Fruits and Vegetables Every Day Experience the Balance of Nature Different for Yourself Announcing 800-246-8751 35% off Your First Order. Customer Using Minority Advertising, or Four 747-8068 in Force Anywhere, I hear that railroad tracks behind me this strange rolled along strike averted to have that supply chain doing well, at least as best as I can right now under the body administration 844-747-8868. Get your comments on Facebook. In just a few moments. Many of you impacted and feeling right along with the cofounder of moms for liberty when it comes to these drag shows, especially those that are been paid for with government funding will start the phone lines Jeff in Georgia on WDUNIII heard Todd's times that of that neck of the woods earlier this week. Will Jeff great to have you on all thank you sir. Comment on this debacle will leverage thing on our values in this country is is come under assault with everybody that Campbell needs to really get up and go out and vote because this may be the last chance this country and we let our morals go like that. I mean things like this was never heard of years ago but now it's all coming out in the open because of who has the positions of power and even a Christian I believe Jesus is coming soon so you're saying all out war on values in the human being itself not just on another hour which Jesus is coming, but I think you and I both agree that Jesus spoke very harshly. Of those who abused children and I think the ability taking away their ability to grow mentally and make their own decisions when they are older to steal that from them by trying to influence them sexually. I would say this would be something that Jesus he would turn he would turn the tables over in the market over yes sir I agree with you hundred percent keep on going and doing what you doing and thank you very much. Hey Jeff, thank you so much brother we appreciate you. 844-747-8868 not given much the kids a chance and this is really been a slow cultural rot. If you think about it. With with with many of the shows that are deemed to be kid friendly. We have seen the rot of where the parents are made out to be bumbling buffoons on many of these quote family shows they get into some more adult topics on these air figures quote family-friendly shows, and now just because you stick family-friendly before something doesn't make it so just because there is a soda that is or Coke or whatever product has died before it doesn't mean I should kick back, you know, a six pack of these that they're good for me is a make it, doesn't make it so it is it you can label something all day long, but that doesn't make it right also goes back to legislation as well. The inflation reduction act does not reduce inflation. This family-friendly drag show that family-friendly yet, and likely set on the Diet Coke you get a read the label because it's not as good for you that I think plus that you know if you if you go to the Museum of science and history. If you go to the family-friendly drag show. It's not just dinosaur bones. You better be careful if that's true long ago. They had a laserbeam show, which was actually really cool.

This is before all the you know the drag show stuff, but they had a laserbeam show for Bruno Mars which I never been to something like that. But it's pretty cool now, but now I don't think I'm going back there anytime soon. I'm scared shows they got going on new meaning to Uranus there said that is for sure okay let's go to some comments on our live chat on Facebook.

A lot of people not too thrilled with what's going on around the country when it comes to the these drag shows that are going on up on taxpayer dime, let alone whether it were not on taxpayer dump exposing kids to these types of shows yelling Brandy on Brandon on Facebook that the ultimate goal is to create a world in which there are no values or roles in which we live our lives. The rules can change become fluent at any time and Kevin also said it is completely about indoctrination, which I think we all pretty much agree with yes bit, well, you, you know. And this is coming in waves, because you know over the last year it has been the social emotional learning this critical race theory white guilt.

I'm ashamed of how God created me. I'm ashamed of who I am, just because of the way that I was born that I am I I am here redeemable and now then you try to keep these types of values onto kids without giving them even a fighting chance to make a decision when you're an adult height. You do you do you like this is America, but give kids a fighting chance to establish their value system in America. You have every right to be as great or as mediocre or choose to participate as much or as little in society as you want, but at least give the chance to the kids to reach adulthood to shape their lives in that way.

In the meantime, just give them the basic values, how to balance a checkbook basic math, science, moral values, and then let them make that choice later on. Yeah, I mean it you know it's like the kids down at the local Walmart can count change, but you know they're teaching them about gender it's like just just teach them what they need to know to function in a normal society well and I see were some of the restaurants just have pictures of the menu items on there because the writing skill of my word yet that I don't have the numbers in front of me but I know the rating scores are just abysmal. Right now in grade school even in Tennessee. Everybody says Tennessee is is a wonderful place lesson. I love the people here, but were not as conservative as flip-flop, Tennessee ain't no Florida that's true it's it's not a bad place but it ain't Florida that that that we know especially elements kind of the role model right now, especially with what Rhonda Sanders is been doing these been flying a little entrance to Martha's Vineyard got guy Gov. Greg Abbott in Texas busting Ellie out to, let Harris's doorstep.

It is pretty incredible coming up. We got an we've got another congresswoman that is fighting the good fight Debbie Lesko from Arizona. That's definitely a border state she's talking about the crisis. Plus, we've got the response of Rhonda Santos to the criticism that he said illegal immigrants to Martha's Vineyard doesn't he know that there's garden parties going on 24 seven open doesn't like this and you don't want to make the opera mad oh my goodness.

But guess what opera in Martha's Vineyard you get an illegal immigrant.

You get an illegal immigrant. You get a millilambert, you get an illegal emigrant and Kevin Orton for Todd start a 473-447-4788 68 I'll put 1/4 in the jar will come back with Debbie Lesko listening to the talks ourselves natures fruits and vegetables in a capsule changing the world one life at a time, physician not been in practice for four years. When I started taking this I like medicine probably taken more people off medicine on and so I looked at it pretty much a natural element, there's no question in my mind, knowing the lot of patients that people my age to 60 and over. Do not eat right and they certainly don't get the appropriate nutrients to the vegetables, fruits and things like that and I think it it supplies the building blocks that your body normally would use to heal itself. Don't get you don't know. It's amazing what I did two years ago. Start your journey to better health: 800-246-8751 or go to Townsend to get free shipping. And don't forget to get 35% off your first preferred order using discount code balance for Todd's darn's four 474-7868 beautiful day here in Memphis were broadcasting from the KW AM broadcast of the flagship station for the Todd start show Todd Starnes is in Georgia right now. He's on the campaign trail supporting the great Republicans down there in hopes of helping out with the big red wave, know them or what we've been telling you about what Gov. Greg Abbott and Rhonda Santos have been doing. They've been sending illegal immigrants into what Greg Abbott send some to the vice president's residence in DC, but then had Rhonda Santos flying illegal immigrants into Martha's Vineyard home of Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, and so on and so on. He's been catching a lot of flak Rhonda Santos, would you wager, whether or not his feelings were hurt over this well you know what you will be the judge of this and here is Rhonda Santos's response to flying illegal immigrants to Martha's Vineyard the minute even a small fraction of what those border towns deal with every day is brought to their front door. They all of a sudden go berserk and they're so upset that this is happening and it just shows you, you know their virtue, signaling is a fraud.

Okay, they they are supporting policies that are just frankly indefensible. It is not defensible for a superpower to not have any control over the territory of its country over the borders of its country and he inherited a situation where you didn't have this happening. And yes, we needed to build the wall there was more than we needed to do.

He reversed the trunk policies. Knowing what would end up happening and you know one of the reasons why we want to transport because we obviously it's expensive if people are coming here got a taxes social services and all these other things. He is strong on border security and someone else who is very strong on border security is on our patriot mobile newsmaker line and it's always great to be joined by Congressman Debbie Lesko from the great state of Arizona, Congressman Lesko, thank you so much for joining me on the Todd start show how are you I'm doing great and I hope you and the lid.

They're doing well thank you.

The passive aggressive. Part of me. It gets gets gets a kick out of what Rhonda Santos and what Gov. Greg Abbott are doing in Florida and Texas respectively but II think they they know and in the course you know at ground level.

You know that is just a minuscule amount of what is coming over the border with in what is a full-blown crisis.

How are things looking at ground level in Arizona after I made Biden had created an open border policy biting and all of the Democratic he appointed, like areas that border the desire well, she's been down there one for a photo our president. Biden has never been down to the southern border and that showed his priorities right and when you have illegal immigrant them now howling on on new media date and interviews that there's an open border and I think Biden is a welcoming dam and that's the reason that they came I you know there's a problem. I took a group Congress members down to the border recently and we think first hand and it totally open border. The customs and border patrol officers. Each one of them. Every one of them told me that this is the word Christ is that they have everything in their career and many of them had worked there over 20 years and that is saying something because they they they want the border patrol. They work hard. We know that there over taxed with with their duties.

The fact they probably have so much paperwork as well means that there off the job and under appreciated there in the in the state of Arizona.

In fact, a comes in Lesko.

I want to play this clip you reference the illegal immigrants that was out in front of VP, let Harris his home and what she had to say on Fox or what he had to say on Fox News after pulling up and getting dropped off at the front of the vice president's home country fighters and Harris said that the border is close is the border close deeply to the borders closure is it open itself in love.

Because what is often the border is open to believe that all the migrants believe that the border is open to everybody lives at about is often itself and because the end zone. If a man free no problem editing it's open for you to come in illegally right yes it is any less from you came illegally to me.

They had a nuts and a gun and commerce and left Lesko.

I don't think she's the only one that has that attitude.

I think the entire Biden administration feels like we're the only country in the world that shouldn't have borders well yeah I mean I work with the Democrats each and every day you at capital and I can tell you that that majority of them introduced legislation go to gadfly displays then add both ways and they want open border. Now I can only guess why they want open borders, but all their policies show that it's not what they say what they do.

The president Biden on day one that he got into office think that construction of the border die brought the Congress members down to the southern border in Arizona and they witnessed firsthand the opening in the border they they stomped from the ground and then they went up in a Black Hawk helicopter from the air and while we were on that Black Hawk helicopter. We by illegal immigrant crossing the Arizona border from Mexico waving their hands waving down. I they wanted to turn themselves into border patrol to claimant's timeline and what happening thousands of people each and every day. Arizona Gov. Doug, the alto, but illegal immigrant to Washington DC I and so I'm glad that the taxes Florida Arizona governors thereby thing these people up there and when there's only like 100 couple of thousand then and there.

Freaking out a bit in the north and when the DC Mayor called on the federal government thing. Oh my God emergency when a few hundred people show up, give me a break. We've been dealing with each and every day there I was in that cross their border each day and Aaron and Gary had do you now help fund them back tears from all over the country are funding these illegal being shipped by the Biden administration across the country. Biden just recently updated update so that he is again the remaining Mexico policy and I clocked in the border patrol officers when we were down. Marinate that if there was one thing that you could do that it Biden could do what what would it be and it reentered the remaining policy because the truck was brilliant because that means that when the illegal immigrant Carmen that they can claimant's timeline. Wow their client got silent claim is being crafted in the court they have to wait in either Mexico or another state Third World country.

While I meekly made income.

They knew they didn't have the free ticket into the United States because now they now all they have to do the border claimant diagram there. They have a free ticket into the United date.

Five years from now, four years from now they show up to me in immigration court hearing.

Most of them don't show up in their already in the United States that that the Biden administration why I know that they want open borders and Mexico was totally fine was remaining in Mexico.

What weren't they congressmen because they knew if that was in the fact that people were going to come through their neck of the woods right with them and Biden could do that but it didn't clear that you want Biden and the Democrats want open borders. They might gather that the reason for it.

First and foremost is that all I mean 3.2 million illegal immigrants that we know that been apprehended. Biden is been in office. Then there's another about 1 million. At least that got away that that we at the mate died away right that over 4 million people well when you get all the people coming into the United States, they give more congressional it congressional person gets 765,000 people and then if you have these Democrat cities that have sanctuary cities that natural that the illegal immigrants would go to the city of Babylon prosecute them or do anything to him and you get more congressional Democrat area. I think that the first step in when they get enough congressional members, the Democrats been no change the Constitution and allow people to vote illegal about that but I think their engagement and sadly citizens are just simply in their way. Congressmen Debbie Lesko, thank you so much for joining us.

Thank you for fighting the good fight and to thank you for coming out for a few minutes for the audience you're on the top start. So we always appreciate what you do them right. There is congressmen Debbie Lesko and we certainly do appreciate her 844-747-8868's. It's a beautiful Thursday in Memphis and I hope you can say the same where you are.

It's starting to feel like fall. Todd start is on the trail and he's watching the leaves change color. Now he's down in Georgia they have a change.

It will tell you what Todd's up to coming up next for Todd. Remember to eat your fruits and vegetables. We all remember these words from a child that anyone had time to find a store, prepare and eat fruits and vegetables in our busy lives, balance of nature keeps it simple. Our produce is powdered after an advanced vacuum quote which stabilizes the maximum nutrient content. The produce is then mixed into a scientifically researched design with your body and mind. Once these plans are encapsulated or packaged and sent right to your door.

You can get all the benefits of a colorful variety of fruits and vegetables every day experience the balance of nature different yourself down to 800-246-8751 35% off your first order using the Arizona let's go on from Arizona. Brazenly we need to send them upstairs to petty cash delusions that somehow get nice for himself today. Yeah that reference even went over my head so producer Kyle credit a great job. We love call 844-747-8868's and Todd is even when he is not the building he's triggering people to put incredible really get to that in just a moment, but caller's first year on the top start show as always in early listening on our flagship station KW AM in Memphis. Hey early welcome to the show you absolutely go my don't and political like me, and I believe that Christian me a lot of black man do not leave the gay movement we just don't just told that we had in the pay and steelhead rail to get it clouded.

They think that the bold Excel gate agenda and not being disrespectful to know what is wrong and a lot of million believed him not believe in Jesus, we believe we won't make it and it turned to but is is harder. No go. The thing that we face in a poor credit quality you leverage over time will stop situation comes up short in the alignment of his gay movement. How do African-American men overcome the Democrat rhetoric and assuming that they can take the African-American male for granted when it comes to the voting booth. How how how do you swing the pendulum back the other way. Well, the word of God about what is right and wrong and convicted in all that man don't belong together two women and go to bed alone, you know quite canceling but for example no way that might be jumping overboard but about an old that is wrong is wrong for the Sec. of transportation to allow to do what he'd done, you know.202 may wrong, witness, role will early. Thank you for your call on the Todd start show this afternoon and I think maybe to a greater point. There's actually two questions. One, why does the Democratic Party get to assume that African-American males aren't easy voting block for them. But then my question is to the Republican Party in us and into our local Republican Party here in Memphis, Tennessee.

What are you afraid to approach the African-American community and ask for the vote early, make some points about conservatism and and Christian values, and we appreciate his call this afternoon on the Todd start show 844-747-8868 Todd's at it again. He said he's triggering the left and he's not even in the building. Grace what what what in the world is our fearless leader up to these days where he's down in Georgia is also our world traveler, my goodness, yes.

So he's been campaigning all week for lawmakers in Georgia like he was at the Faith and Freedom coalition's victory dinner. Today he spoke at the prey boat stand event hosted by the family research Council and our friend Tony Perkins over in Atlanta, Georgia next week will be in Lancaster, California with Paul Chappell, our good friend for the spiritual leadership conference that Tim yeah he's spoken multiple times this week and I think he's been triggering people, which is no surprise to us. Yet Todd speaking the truth so in fact, you know, why don't we take a moment here and and pause and trigger the left before we we get to the end of the hour. I think it's only a public service like we put that in the public file as part of our duty to trigger the left and here's a bit of the comments that Todd made when he talks about faith and freedom.

I listen to what Todd had to say in cut for dinner.

I believe faith and freedom go hand-in-hand. John Adams, our second president put like this. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.

It is wholly inadequate for the government.

Governments of any other. So what is that mean what it means when you take God out of our founding documents.

When you take God out of our way of life. When you marginalize our churches to get chaos in the culture. Is he wrong eyes.

I look back through history. Even if you do not believe in God. If you do not serve Jesus. Let's look back at history and what other what other type of religion, whatever. What other type of faith in the history of the world comes such a good long term amount of order and moral values, whether or not you're Christian or not. You can't deny that Christian values helped establish this country and establish a moral compass and that throughout history this country has been more times than not on the right side of history. It's when we turned our back from our face that we have seen a decline in it has happened very quickly. But that's triggered the left there there all fired up now and that apparently Todd is the devil and the devil went down to Georgia and he spoke some truth on faith and freedom and grateful that that he's taken some time to go help down in Georgia because I tell you George is going to be a critical piece when it comes to the midterm elections. Speaking of faith. And speaking of freedom. I think despite the moral decline. The future of America is very bright were to talk to Young America's foundation next despite their trials and tribulations there thick-skinned. They stand firm 844-747-8868 North Hanford Todd stars nature changing the world one life at a time. Throw it all the stuff that the doctors told us all like and I all supplements but I've been thinking throughout the years, there were good there more in the high, but nothing compares the balance of nature is not."

The silver years I can tell you� Same path run for years that Myla and I'm really talking. I can tell about start your journey. Call 1-800-246-8751 or go to the balance of to get free shipping.

And don't forget to get 35% off your first preferred order by using discount code balance universities. Do you see so for Todd today will be back tomorrow.

He's out more in Georgia be an extremely deplorable today.

Our phone number 844-747-8868. Glad you could join us along for the ride. Beautiful day where the flagship station in Memphis Tennessee at KW a M and let's go right to the phone lines were in the liberty University studios were to talked on the patriot mobile newsline, one of our friends of the show, spokeswoman for Young America's foundation. We welcome back to the program Karen sulcus Cara thanks for joining us on the Todd start show how you know I'm not doing well and of course coming up on Saturday is Constitution day so I thought well, what better way to celebrate than to talk with an organization that was so well represents our future. Then Young America's foundation rate we take that and then on top of that, it seems like now it has become an annual tradition Young America's foundation goes out and helps America remember 9/11 and then the left comes and tries to ruin it for everybody. Recurring pattern or beginning we all never forget project all across the country and making an alternate memorial and vandalized my last day on 9/11.

I think breaking the memorial saying that we should never forget 401,000 in Iraq. He said billion instead of remembering 2977 American life taken on that day.

I'm really I think that we can even team to come together. I'm I could get the morning, remember that you need an idea about how to get you not remembering that day winding and honoring their life and that the lack is that one memorial I'm kind of and pick up directly and a lot of the students on college catalog.

Lester I guess in graduate school. Most college students were not alive on 911 or are about to graduate so I something like this at it. It seems like were in a culture now where there's never been a time where this generation that's coming up, hasn't had a real opportunity to more in order to grieve without something being made political and a lot of heat. Now what happened on 9/11 blocked over it in class all left in plan educating them in place to attack and meet where no college in could give a coherent answer on who actually now admitted that there have been phenomena out realization out loud now. We haven't been talking at that important day in America.

The fact that there is glossing over it really awful, so this happened at Michigan State University's campus did the University notify you about this. If not, then how did you learn that this defacing had taken place. The University did not let it now stumbled upon it. Luckily, they were at a card number Mari on 80 Had Taken Pl. and actually get you hours after they covered the graffiti they realized that all of their lack on the obviously in our media left off install of the American flag. They did a little bit of digging and it turned out that the University actually get all 3005 through nine trashbag and then into a dumpster because they thought he memorial" and being the graffiti on the University have yet to release any kind of public statement apologizing for the next happy look in the story will blow over okay so let me get this straight.

A memorial for 9/11 was defaced on or about 911 and the smarty smart people at the University thought that okay this was some sort of abandoned old memorial for 9/11 on 9/11 weekend. That's the excuse for giving you yet after 9/11. I live abandoned likely. Young American freedom chapter of the flag at $500. They will be able to re-park it defined to be able to have memorial again next year, but really nothing that University learned that life in here and hopefully in years to come with you and thank you monetary and surveillance area more like everything cleared going to continue being take care. I know Michigan State University.

As an example, but this is not an isolated incident when it comes to the left, deciding to deface either a part of a culture or a part of our history, absolutely anything at all, and you probably remember last year, there is a really viral student now packing all the American flag in the trashbag with the war on terror. He wanted to throw away all 3000 American flag and their enemy and it obviously isn't even limited to 9/11 in a think alike memorial anti-Communism to play that card and was a guy like on the student Senate committee or something Yankee was in charge of doling out, didn't find your organization which is obviously very concerning and intolerant up there. But it would be in charge of getting money care.

Let's talk about America's future and let's talk a bit about the future of conservatism with Young America's foundation are you finding I know that were in the midst of culture rot and were seeing this these defacing's and all this going on is the future bright it is there a generation of conservatives that are naturally coming up with tougher skin because they've known nothing but persecution for their ideals and that in a lot or about really have in the game after their father sat down after they were great on a encoded lockdown during a really big government is the enemy. We've been in increasing numbers coming to our program and start. Coming to Coppin bringing Benji. I can't bet and hope for the next generation working increasing numbers and burning keep doing what we can't cool the beacon. Now I'm not that you have a great leader as well as former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, can you talk about his vision. The long game anything they can on for the locking year. During every morning and have everything to be on all call it anything like the digital ground. I'm really getting everything the corner of America and Dataquick. IDA the current project. I'm not really in hope for the next generation elected decade that make up background another's parents all across the country listing on the Todd start show to you, what would you say to those parents. What can they do or what can these college students do to make that first step and join Young America's foundation why or and that's why he didn' and I want to start out well get them involved in turning At their hateful or their college, they can bring the speaker like engineer Michael Malik now often take everything I'm building a community shy minute and appear on the cake that make their goal indoctrination happening on over the weekend of 9/11 of nearly 3000 flags taken away 2977. A memorial defaced on the campus of Michigan State University, but Young America's foundation is not standing for they are pushing back tears up this thank you so much for joining us. Thanks for all that you're doing with Young America's foundation. Please give our best to the governor as well and for his leadership for the future of conservatism in America. All right there is carousel kiss on the Todd start show 844-747-8868 its timber and orange for Todd star's nature changing the world one life at a time to get things around the house. I really like your product and happy with you really think about it anymore. You got it in your diet. Regularity with our very good cold. I don't always debug a fruit so I know about her work, more energy and feeling pretty good overall work will complain. All sums wrong but you have a little more energy work will want to do so well. I think that a little more energy and older disabled person. I don't always eat properly feeling a little stronger.

Start your journey to better health. Call 1-800-246-8751 or go to Townsend to get free shipping. And don't forget to get 35% off your first preferred order using discount code balance is 4477 80 a certain standard of cleanliness that you expect your paying $141 to go to be entertained. Yes better you know not have trash on the floor that sort of thing.

This is a story that I didn't think that I would ever read right here in front of me from the from the New York Post and the beast.

The headline is torture. Disney World guests, gripe of broken down rides filth as prices soar viewer been to Disney World before you ever been to the mouse house.

You know I went about a decade ago when it was it was very nice. When I went.

We had a wonderful time, but I've heard since COBIT I've been hearing the stories it's gone downhill a bit. We went a couple of years ago when you have the masks off and took to Disney World we had a good time but it is pricey and look I'm looking at the price chart if you want to go today to Magic Kingdom. It would cost $226 per person. You'd get a slight discount for kids.

But that's just park admission, park admission, if you were to go September 30. It would be hundred it. It floats the that the price is rise and fall hundred and $41 for September 30. That is for park admission, that is not for parking.

That's not for hotel. It's not for food that's not even for the I don't even know is the call that Jeannie now instead a fast pass yeah yeah I've heard about that I meet you. You have to almost take out a mortgage to go spend a few days at Disney World and that's by the way turkey leg still the best value. There is a lot of food really for not as much money absolutely it. We did the mail package.

It which may or may not, depending on what you bought, might've been a good deal was that my mom thought it was a good deal where we had a good time with the New York Post. Of course you expect when you hear Disney Disney service us a level of cleanliness.

If there something on the ground.

You can expect winds within seconds a cast member not employee a cast member will come up and and clean up an area. Is it spotless as well. Caps and smell now were getting stories of so much and with now you were getting anecdotes from all over the country and from all which is actually a pretty big twitter account and they follow them a big Disney blog. It is very hard.

It is a go to and hey Ariel are you okay we may not be after seeing this ride malfunction. Also of the magic in this is in response to an ad that world is where the magic is called the wall Disney World 50th anniversary celebration with with resident to save his blob of global block while someone responds that sad to see the water fountain on Ms. Tilly is still not working at Typhoon Lagoon. That's it. What were the water parks will ever be fixed so many maintenance issues around the property stuff just being left broken and you you you when you go to Disney World and you pay, you do. There there there certain things that you expect you do do expect lines it like you know mine train, which by my daughter that Mountain space Mountain what it was that I so exhibit underground railroad ends in line for that one. It's a small, but that's a good one when it's hot outside notes you go through the ride and they punish you by singing of a headache. Our world ad nausea but in exchange or in an air-conditioned building for 12 that's there that's there yet so they have that. But then there's a complaint here paid for the lightning Lane for guardians of the galaxy. I believe that's it Epcot okay see there's a lot of new stuff I like is that it's been a decade stuck inside waiting for 40 minutes because the rod is broken.

But whenever back in the day when I when I had gone and I know you would go on fast pass.

Yes, that's what we used to set up a time and you you get X number of slots that you can you can pick for lighting at a certain window you show up and you go to the front of the line and boom your your your on and on your way. Well, now they're making you pay for those things and you're not necessarily getting your value for money now is that it's a bit of a bummer but you know Disney has had quite the tumultuous past couple years because for one thing, they've just gone completely full-blown woke, and a lot of people said, nope, not going there anymore. Not spending my money with them and then you've got the whole deal with just there really there's a worker shortage across the nation. I think we've all seen that action and then again Disney going downhill. In general, I think there's definitely been a worker shortage for them so they don't have as many cast members to pick up all the trash and to do everything they know they can't fulfill the promises that the Disney service standard is set for the last for years and it doesn't justify therefore having to pay that much and that that's life. I'm going to universal in the fall.

I'm in I'm 100. It teaches running the math just three days for an individual and you only get a slight price break. The longer you stay there and is like you made no dollars off like a package for universal and I mean it saves the money, but it going to universal versus Disney at the significant price increase is one of the reasons I chose not to go Disney World for three people for Disney World for three days would be close to $1100 yeah and I'm sorry but I can't ride the slinky dog roller coaster that many times are just part of Star Wars land enough to to justify that but it just shows you it has reached now to every nook and cranny and corner of our country, including the entertainment industry where his words on earth where the gold standard that gold now has tarnish yeah it's kind of sad, and I find it sad anyway and with wit and they went through a time where of course you only had limited occupancy, which meant the hotels are empty.

They had to lay off staff and people aren't coming back. It's a people come back to work as they wag and they again the whole woke issue. People don't want to go back and for a while there, even when you know they lifted the mast mandate for certain things that you had to wear them on rides and then you could do the meet and greet with the characters and all the little kids were unhappy's like it just people are going back in general. After that whole debacle. Yes I not doing it not worth it. And that's been lifted and then you saw Disney, of course, firing some of the members of the Star Wars men DeLorean cash because of their political Toronto got a car that's right you should play care at noon on demand DeLorean and you have seen you know you can pay $141 to go to Disney World or you can just watch Jimmy Kimmel for free every night and he'll insult your values for absolutely no charge whatsoever exactly so. There are values to be found in Disney.

He he'll let you know you're the scum of the earth because of your conservative beliefs. That's pay a penny for that. Other than a few moments of your time and your sanity is absolutely sad to see what has become of Disney now functioning as you we had maybe toward Orlando in the near future. Are you going to hit and got Nuno going to universal that's that's one thing the little bit cheaper option.

One of the reasons I did want to go Disney's because of all the shenanigans that have been happening. I'm just like nope not doing it to go to universal and not saying there's some conservative haven, but they're not Disney like actively insulting us. I might give that a try next time I'm in Orlando but I really I didn't watch any of the Harry Potter movies or read the books and I know that's quite a bit of it but there SpongeBob there right I guess I'm not a big SpongeBob person okay have the Jurassic Park stuff though that would be can I love dressing part so I could get into that and Harry Potter to go back and rewatch the movies. Haven't read the books but it's I've heard you don't have to be a Harry Potter nerd. It's just a really cool place to be.

I'm shy and I'm sure they don't have Beavis and Butthead rides. I don't think that I think that's apparent that an easy eat T-bone home on the ziti ride Disney continuing to let people down culturally and now it looks like customer service and quality wise they were to do our best to give you first-class service coming up in just a few moments with pink, the great colonist joins us. We got more from Todd start in Georgia he's try to help along that big red Way down in the peach State eight 447-4780 remember to eat your fruit and vegetables. We all remember these words from a child that anyone have time to find a store, prepare and eat fruits and vegetables in our busy lives, balance of nature keeps it simple. Our produce is powdered after an advanced vacuum coldpressed which stabilizes the maximum nutrient content produced is then into a scientifically researched plan designed with your body and mind. Once these plans are encapsulated or packaged incident right here to work. You can get all the benefits of a colorful variety of fruits and vegetables every day experience the balance of nature different yourself down to 800-246-8751 35% off your first order. Customer using four 747-8860 a and my fellow is having their biggest sheet sale of the year you will help build my pillow in the amazing company that it is today, and now Mike Lindell, inventor and CEO wants to get back exclusively to his listeners the percale and Giza dream bed sheet sets are available in a variety of colors and sizes and they're all on sale for as low as 2998 with our listener promo code that adjusts second-order now because when they are gone they are gone. The percale and visa dream sheets are breathable and have a cool crisp for you become of the 10 year warranty and a 60 day moneyback guarantee he want you to level. Don't miss out on this incredible offer. There's a limited supply, so be sure to order now here's what you call 800-986-3994 use the promo code storage. This STA are in ES go to my

Click on the radio listener Square and use the promo code starts. It's just that simple.

With my pillow, Mike Lindell, and thanks to them. Thank you for listing 844-747-8868 were in the liberty University studios were to go back to our patriot mobile newsmaker line and joining us by phone is one of our favorite repeat offenders of the program and colonist.

She's wonderful. Liz Pete joins us once again Liz, thank you so much for joining.

I always better what we appreciate you and the the economic woes continue for Joe Biden were streaking toward the midterms and just out of the box here in this is kind of a side note to your commentary course last night. It looks like they've gotten at least a tentative agreement on what would have been a massive rail strike is this it is this just the elixir, Joe Biden needs heading in the midterms well that is certainly what worried about a rail strike that caught the amount of money and increase the supply chain problems that arguably are getting somewhat better and that has continued to inflation. So it's important that he got resolved, but funny that the market really hasn't responded in a very positive way about it and I think it's because a lot of people like myself to speak.

It was not happening.

Forgive Mike that Joe Biden is closer to big labor than probably any other Democrat aligned group and he has after all put in a former labor boss as secretary of labor it, it was inconceivable to me truly inconceivable that any huge union like rail workers Union were going to basically clobber the economy and in that no links leading up to the midterm election with a Democrat like Joe Biden in charge that that's what got So I think so people are going to be looking at this settlement and say wow 24% pay increase over five years increase time off and by the way, no increase in the co-pay for health insurance for medical cause all of that is a doubly expensive to the rail company and you will see I don't. I can't do that analysis of what it could mean for their bottom lines. I'm sure what I think some of that but I think the bad news is that the year ago I think prolabor push is an expensive place and you may think it's great if we get more people joining labor unions, but the truth is that cop drives up the cost of everything and what were seeing in this labor contract and we have seen in some others and will see Mordechai is an bad wage price spiral, which I think makes the fence job that much harder and makes it so much more likely that they have to basically tip us into recession in order to get inflation under control which is which of course is really saying it's the economy, which means higher prices for us. So let's talk about this great column yours and you're talking about Biden's struggle in the midterm. So, I guess, but the long answer to my original question is likely not going to be much help for Joe Biden. Where does his help come from because he's he's looking at a whole lot of strikes against them. Well I will write an approval rating kicked up a little bit that is true. I think an awful lot of that is from the media because he said he really the other day. Having Joe Biden hosting a lawn party to celebrate inflation reduction act. When we got an incredibly bad read on the inflation situation which is sort of emblematic of two different realities that is the reality on the ground when you and I go to the grocery store and food prices drop anywhere from 13 to 15% and then there is a reality in the rose garden where it passed a bill that they pretend is going to improve inflation and is not so. The media I mean honestly, I do think the White House is just so strenuously dead bonnet about nearly everything, including the economy. Joe Biden is taking credit for basically the rebound from the pandemic shot down. He said he's created all the job, but the reality is is that there are hundreds of thousands fewer people working today and were working in 2020.

I apologize for getting is that many long answers care relatively short quest that I got all day long all day okay let's talk about the Federal Reserve we can see another bump or do you hearing in the wind about that. Well I think I think 75 basis points is baking a cake bake there.

What immediately after 8.3% read topline inflation August kicked out that it would be hundred basis point and there's some people calling for that. I don't think Jay Powell is a dramatic person by that item and I think he doesn't he does it but I don't think he intends to make waves with his policy. I think people are expecting 75 basis points that I think that will get okay which, again, not great news for the American consumer.

That's that that's the list he joined joins us here on the Todd start show and I have a couple callers today and it may chuckle because it any any time that there's legislation.

It always seems like the title of it is the exact opposite of what going to do.

I know I the American rescue plan for crying out loud. For example, economy didn't need rescuing and back it towards the economy so I I agree with your listener who made that comment is that it's a very Soviet tactic right but the communist countries are good on a let's make the people happy bill, which means putting them in prison or something that started what we're seeing here from that by light out. Everything is disingenuous.

Do you remember Liz when we used to laugh about Baghdad Bob. Now that's our reality.

Yeah, I know this is not a good thing if I had come out about. I mean, I know you probably talked about this at night him but if he had come out and said well we expected to be able to celebrate declining inflation of a all their in-house gurus were expecting.

Obviously, the numbers weren't as good as we expected, and it means were good have to work harder if they also had said we understand and find a way to have kind of admitted that deficits and spending are connected to inflation. What is the hold shift of their inflation reduction act that they're going to reduce deficit but then he comes out it completely blows that out of the water with his canceling a student that so he can't have it both ways.

He can't argue that spending doesn't matter, and then the next breath they well this is the inflation reduction act which is going to cut the deficit by $300 billion, which by the way is truly a direct link the committee for the responsible federal budget came out couple of days ago and said that Biden has increased our net deficit $4.8 trillion since he took office just get out and those are numbers that are unthinkable even a couple years ago and honestly it. I think it's a tragedy for our country it is and you know he tries to make it not so when he comes out and whispers it twice.

Not one penny not let you I'm sorry Creech out there I'm sorry Liz folks go to Liz for this and many other terrific columns you don't want to miss them. If you subscribe to those Liz, thank you so much for your time. It's great to have you on. I hope you have a terrific rest of your day and thanks for having me out all right. There's her Powell Liz peak here on the Todd start show and yeah that she's she's skeptical. That's another step to grace when it comes to the averting of a railroad strike in in and to go back in just give you a little bit of the brief history that the they kick the can down the road a few months ago in trying to settle the strike and now with Joe Biden in Detroit as he's test driving a $61,000 electric automobile. He's not even in DC and he's trying to do a little bit of a victory lap on on on something that is right now is a tentative handshake regarding the rail strike. Yes, I was by driving like a Cadillac.

I think he was electric Cadillac and it's like oh yeah I'm sure the average American can afford that $60,000 vehicle but yes, just adding that it you know there is a whole other three-hour show on how the electric vehicle is a way to pick winners and losers because if you get rid of the gas vehicles. If you can't afford electric vehicles. What you have to take about you walk, you take a bike you take a bus to take a guess and guess who builds the trip.

The public transportation routes government they get to pick the winners and losers. We could do that we could do another whole three hours on this, but we won't do that to you today and of course Todd will be back tomorrow. Where has he been always been a busy boy and he's been a naughty boy as well. Also in my Sebastian Gorka impersonated with a naughty boy will tell you what he's been up to that on Kling and Bible toting deplorable worse event will take your calls two 844-747-8868 seven for Todd nature changing the world one life at a time draw it all felt that the doctors on the Schuylkill like a song like that and I all supplements but I've been taking throughout the years, there were good there more in the high, but nothing compares the balance of nature is not." The silver years I can tell you because this is same run for years. While I have about start your journey. Call 1-800-246-8751 or go to the balance of to get free shipping. And don't forget to get 35% off your first preferred order by using discount code balance morning for Todd Starnes eight 447-7860 hey hello hello to all of our wonderful lives across the plane. I hope you are doing well.

Todd Benetton for all of the latest greatest commentary from Todd also listen to previous episodes and I get his unique take on many of today's top stories and cultural issues. You also pick up a copy of one of his great books before we go any further. I think I think we've been sandbagging and saving the best for last, because we've been talking about energy and electric vehicles grace and your course KW AM the flagship station has a long musical heritage here including the blues and of course Elvis Pressley performed live on this very, very flagship radio station yet, so I think it's only fitting that if there is a an up-and-coming hit that we play that as well and to Jim Gossett's in response to the electric vehicles and fossil fuels has provided us this out green new deal song and Kyle if you could cue this up for the audience. Maybe we can give something a little bit of musical entertainment for our listeners will all will also be all live live and I believe I'm Casey's number to Jim Gossett with green new deal with a long distance dedication goes out to Todd in the great state of Georgia. Thank you Jim for that contribution to our program that is funny.

I don't know very center said such a thing. Boys know he was not he was he was on TV as well. That was that was pretty good.

Space big enough Todd star and I know he is out and he has been very busy this week and a big thanks to him because he does set the standard for getting out and putting his money where his mouth is and visiting the states and helping campaign and he's been doing that this week in Georgia grace some very critical races and some big events.

He has been a featured speaker and faith and freedom. Speaking on much so that he strike left a little bit, yet he was at the faith and freedom. Coalitions victory dinner this week and there were some other big names there like Herschel Walker. We been keeping up with that race.

Of course Marjorie Taylor green resident of Barry Loudermilk and others. But yeah, I mean Todd always triggers people with the speeches coming, he doesn't he trigger doubt.

Todd also isn't it having one of those addresses that he did speak of faith and freedom.

He also sat down with Tony Perkins and had some really poignant comments and here's what Todd had to say with Tony Perkins side tell me how does it bring America together well. In fairness to the president. He probably doesn't remember what he had for breakfast this morning, much less what he said on Inauguration Day, but it is not surprising.

This is a man who called evangelical Christians on the campaign trail in the speech before the human rights campaign about what the dregs of society.

I think that so that was the exact building on Hillary's deplorable deplorable's Barack Obama's bitter cleaners and of course now they're calling us fascist. What we've come to discover with the Democrats, or other name-calling. Typically it's it's a form of projection just because they in fact are guilty of the charges that are levied against conservatives and especially evangelical Christian. Yeah, he doesn't pull punches, and I never expected to read the same as it was yesterday and today and and likely tomorrow. Consistent message from Todd going after the left and call them call calling out the GUI whenever he sees it. And with that is that was with Tony Perkins but Todd will be back tomorrow and I know many of you will be very excited to have him back in this very chair here in Memphis Tennessee but I don't think he's done yet. He'll be going out again between now and the midterms because he fights for what he believes then. So don't be surprised if he shows up at a big rally near you anytime soon. Will touch on a few of these comments before we head out the door today in a big thanks to all of the people that have been chiming in Joyce's. Interestingly, my most ugly sadly liberal friends are white, who consider themselves Bible believing Christian.

She was talking about the weakness that has come to the church and in the theater of up of a strong Christian conservative message.

Thank you Jory. I know she enjoys a very loyal list of the Todd start show and that we appreciate that careless is I don't recognize my country when I hear things like what care is up. Gus was talking about as she appreciated the fact that the Young America's foundation stands for freedom, the 9/11 remembrance, and that was defaced up at Michigan State University. But why AF was having none of it and they're getting reimbursed for the nudge the damage but for the flags that were picked up all 2977 and tossed into a trash heap. The future is bright when you have strong young leadership will folks, thank you so much for let me be a part of your day.

It has been an absolute privilege of you didn't know any time 24 seven to Todd that's Todd star where you can find out the latest greatest Todd stars called Sunday for the newsletter as well. Todd back tomorrow for all the gang here on seven or say goodbye and God bless.

Thanks for let me a long nature changing the world one life at a time. Throw it all the stuff that the doctors told us all like and I all supplements but I've been thinking throughout the years, there were good there more in the high, but nothing compares the balance of nature not" years until you same run for years that Myla and I'm really about. Start your journey. Call 1-800-246-8751 or go to the balance of to get free shipping.

And don't forget to get 35% off your first preferred order by using discount code balance

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