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NFL Free Agency is off to a frenzied start

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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March 11, 2024 1:30 pm

NFL Free Agency is off to a frenzied start

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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March 11, 2024 1:30 pm

Rich reacts to Russell Wilson agreeing to a 1-year deal with the Pittsburgh Steelers after two disappointing seasons with the Denver Broncos, weighs in on how Russ to Pittsburgh impacts the trade market for Chicago Bears QB Justin Fields, comments on the Patriots trading former 1st-round draft pick Mac Jones to the Jacksonville Jaguars for just a 6th round draft pick in return, and says why Tony Pollard to the Tennessee Titans means the Dallas Cowboys should pursue free agent RB Derrick Henry. 

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The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen

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Again, that's slash deals. This is the Rich Eisen Show. Whatever you're doing, you need to take it and rip it up and throw it out. My style is impetuous, my defense is impregnable. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. We've got to start with the fact that Jake Paul and Mike Tyson are fighting. Shocking.

Where the hell did this come from? I mean, it's been the works for some time now. Today's guests, six-time Pro Bowl defensive tackle Fletcher Cox. Plus, three-time Super Bowl champion Mark Schlereth. And now, it's Rich Eisen. That's correct. Welcome to this edition of the Rich Eisen Show.

Live on the Roku channel the next three hours. I suggest everybody buckle up because free agency has just begun in the National Football League. The window in which folks in the agenting world and those who are, I guess, forming a gym with quarterbacks who want to represent their quarterbacks. They're all out there able to negotiate on behalf of a free agent in the National Football League. Kirk Cousins could be talking to the Atlanta Falcons legally for the first time just as we speak. And that is what everybody's waiting for in the NFL. To hit the free agent pond and create a ton of ripple effects. We've already seen a ton of moves over the weekend. Mark Schlereth, former Denver Bronco champion.

I guess once a champion, always a champion. Now in Fox Sports, he's gonna be joining us in the third hour because the Broncos are right in the middle of everything. Joining us in the second hour, top of the second hour, Philadelphia Eagles recent retiree and potential Pro Football Hall of Famer Fletcher Cox will be joining us on this program. And then there's you at 844-204-RICH.

Number to dial whether you're watching on the Roku channel or you're listening on Sirius XM and Odyssey or this version of the Rich Eisen Show through a podcast version. We appreciate everybody listening to us through our podcast through the Cumulus Podcast Network. And for all those who are listening, I'm wearing an outstandingly beautiful blue sweater today.

It's a great combination that brings out, I think, my free agent essence of the National Football League, my free agent essence. Write it down, Chris Brockman. I'm very excited to be here with you and good day to you, Christopher Brockman. What's going on, sir?

Hey, hey, what's up, Rich? DJ Mikey D is in D's nuts. Free agency frenzy's on. I love it. It is that frenzy. It's a frenzy. I love it. Everybody's frenzied. Good morning, Rich.

For sure. Good to see you over there, TJ Jefferson. How are you? I'm great. How are you guys doing today? We're good.

You seem, you seem, you seem nice and chill and chillaxed over there. I mean, I had a violent weekend, man. What's boxing on Friday? UFC on Saturday? And the SEC tournament? SEC tournament.

Between LSU and South Carolina? Couple of ladies mixing it up, so, you know, I have to be chill because there was a lot of violence. There's a lot of violence.

There was a lot of violence. All right, let's get to it right here on the program. Last we saw Russell Wilson, he was proving his determination to be a professional quarterback in the National Football League by going through Newark Airport, flying from New York to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After talking with the Giants, who I thought might be a great spot for Russ because they're gonna need a week one quarterback, whether Russ would still be the quarterback in week seven or week eight when Daniel Jones returns or the fact Russ might be there showing a rookie quarterback the new ropes, being the Mr. Chips while Daniel Jones was coming back from a knee injury slash neck injury.

And in my estimation, the Giants would like to move on from Daniel Jones lickety-split, but may not be able to this year. I thought that'd be a good spot for Russ. You're gonna be the week one starter.

There's no competition. You're the guy, and when Daniel Jones comes back, we'll see how you're playing. I'm assuming that's what the setup for Russ was. Then he flies to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and he meets with the Steelers, meets with them on Friday, and then according to my colleagues at the NFL Media Group, I heard Tom Pelissero saying good morning football today. I had another conversation with Mike Tomlin on Sunday, and the Sunday conversations yielded a video from Russell Wilson on his Instagram account saying I'm going to Pittsburgh. And sure enough, the Pittsburgh Steelers, who apparently were not interested in a veteran quarterback from outside the organization to come in and compete for their starting gig with Kenny Pickett, who's currently the only quarterback on their roster, signed with Mason Rudolph getting set to hit free agency or be re-signed to compete with Kenny Pickett, which was the idea a couple weeks ago forwarded by Jerry Dulack of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, who was on this program, saying that his sources said they were uninterested in bringing in an outside the organization quarterback, Justin Fields, being the one that everyone except expected them perhaps bringing in, because he's a young guy, and maybe he can have a future there. But no, they love Kenny Pickett. And how in the world is Russell Wilson now with the team?

Simple. According to my colleagues at the NFL Media Group and other sources around the National Football League, he will cost the Pittsburgh Steelers a grand total of 1.2 million bucks. 1.2 million dollars. For him to show up in Pittsburgh, PA, and put on a Steelers uniform. The Denver Broncos will be on the hook for the rest of his salary. 37.8 million dollars. And guess who is scheduled to visit Denver this year in the 2024 regular season? The Pittsburgh Steelers. So it's entirely possible, we may see, for the very first time in the history of the National Football League, a team paying the opposing quarterback 37.8 million dollars to beat them. Can't make it up.

Can't make it up. Now then, why am I using the conditional phrasing that we may see that? Because there's no guarantee Russ is the starter. I'm telling everybody this. And you're seeing it already from the conversations you're seeing out there on this story. This is gonna be a competition. Laugh all you want, TJ. Laugh all you want. Sure, it'll be a competition.

It's going to be a competition. The Russell Wilson of the first eight years of his career has not shown up consistently on a football field for three years. The Pittsburgh Steelers know this. They're paying him 1.2 million dollars. They haven't given up an ounce of draft capital to get him.

They can easily tell him, here's a clipboard, here's an earbud. Certainly if Kenny Pickett shows up and performs like the first round draft choice, he was. And the Steelers really want him to work out. They don't want a first round draft choice from two years ago to be flushed down the toilet. But they're more than willing to push him and say it's not a given.

It's not a guarantee. And if he performs well enough, then Russ is gonna be handed a clipboard and an earbud. And if he doesn't like it, there's the door. And I think he knows this. And it's wise for him to sign with Pittsburgh right here and right now. Because he signs and has a seat before the music starts today or has already started eight minutes ago. Because if you're looking for a job in the National Football League at quarterback, not going to Tampa, Baker Mayfield signed.

Three years. 115 million with all incentives all in if he plays all three years and hits every single incentive. That seat's taken. What other seats are available? Well, entirely possible Minnesota might have a seat available today.

If Kirk Cousins signs with the Atlanta Falcons, if the numbers exchanged already in the last nine minutes of this program are to Kirk Cousins liking. If the Vikings keep him having a seat, then Atlanta will have a seat open. The Raiders have a seat open. Denver has a seat open. Guess who's not going to Denver? Russ. They already told him.

There's the door. So Russ already looked at the landscape and Tom Pelissero reported he tried to get a second year tacked on to his contract. A player's option.

A massive player's option. Nobody was interested in that, including the Steelers. So there's writing on the wall and it's Russ having to compete for his job. You still, you don't believe it, huh? Why are you laughing? Because he's Russ and pickets picket?

Is that what you're saying? I just laugh because I said this for like two months ago. I felt like this was a spot for him to go and I just don't envision a world where he goes there and he's not a starter.

I understand there's gonna be competition. I just feel that like, I don't know, I don't know when I became such a Russ apologist. I think when people started to... Because he's a nice guy and you're a nice guy. You want it to work out. I feel like I'm hoping him and Tomlin together will will be enough to take them over the hump.

Because the eye in the sky doesn't lie. His numbers were better this year. The results were not. Numbers were better and then now he goes to a team with a coach who likes him as opposed to it seems like one he had that didn't like him, an organization that didn't.

Well I mean Sean Payton learned to want to get a different quarterback. We'll see what Tomlin does because I believe there's going to be a real competition and this is gonna be great. Keep an eye on it. Keep an eye on it.

Yeah it's it's gonna be a great story. Because let me ask you this question. Do you think Chris Brockman Russell Wilson starts 17 football games for the Pittsburgh Steelers this year?

Well 17. Not many quarterbacks start all their games. Guys get hurt.

Guys miss a game. I think he will be the starter for the whole year. Okay and you think he'll be the starter for the whole year? Yeah not a knock against Kenny because I've been on record. I like Kenny. I don't know.

I just I like stories and I feel like this has the the makings of it could go south. This feels like a competition like Baker Mayfield vs Kyle Trask. But that one they actually used it. They actually used capital to go get Baker Mayfield.

You know 4 million is not 1.2. They didn't have the luxury of also the salary cap went up so it's basically the same. And Kyle Trask had hardly played a game. Pickett has played games.

I will take I'll take the other side just for argument's sake. And also you think he doesn't start the whole year? I think he does not start the whole year. I don't think he's guaranteed to start week one. Does he start week one?

If I had to say right now? Yeah. No. Interesting. So cut before week one? No not cut.

Or just back up? Yeah. Wow. Because that's this is one of the greatest value deals ever. Because if Russell Wilson has the Russell Wilson of the first eight years of his career still in him, Arthur Smith's offense is also very predicated on throwing the ball over the middle. You know what Russ has not really done up for three years? That.

No that's true. So I will counsel against this whole thing of Russ is gonna be the starter because he's Russ. He's got a name. He's got the patch. He's got a lot of people who love him. He's got a lot better players around him now than he's had in quite some time. I would agree with that. I would agree with that.

He's got an opportunity here which is probably why he signed there. I don't think Tommen called him up on Sunday night and said wink wink. Tommen doesn't strike me as a wink wink guy. No. They met for six hours. Like what were they talking about? I don't know. A whole bunch of stuff.

Scheme, opportunity. Russ' new sandwich at Permani? I don't know. Because it's high on my damn agenda.

I have no idea but it's gonna be bare watching. Seriously. Also Rich when you talked about Arthur Smith getting the OC job wasn't the thing everyone said that the running backs should be happy?

Yeah. Okay so then the Steelers aren't looking for Russ to come there and throw for 4,500 yards right? You're looking for him to probably not turn the ball over which he only had eight picks last year.

So you're not looking for him. But you also don't want him taking sacks. The number of sacks he continues. It's maddening.

It's maddening. And you look at the first nine seasons of his career in his last three? I should keep saying eight.

We'll include nine. They're not the same guy. They're the same named guy. So like I said he's got an opportunity. He was very smart to get the the chair before the music even starts. Because once the music starts he had a heads up.

He had a heads up and the Broncos of all the things that they did that I'm sure he's not terribly happy about. The one thing is they just let him start talking to everybody early. And he got the seat before the music starts. Because once the music started I don't know how many seats would have been there for him.

I was smart of him and he's got a really good opportunity. Chris Brockman just raised his finger which means you have something. What's going on over there Chris? Our first domino falling. First signing.

Well unofficial. The Bears get DeAndre Swift three years 24 million. Okay so let's talk about the Bears here.

Interesting. DeAndre Swift going there. We saw what he looked like in Philadelphia for the first say 10 games of the year. He was good last year. He was for the first just like the entire team. The first 11 games when they were 10 and 1.

And then we were all wondering what happened. So the Bears as we all saw over the weekend they signed Jalen Johnson their 24 year old defensive back. Four years 76 million 54 million guaranteed. Their secondary is young. That side of the football is in my estimation one of the main reasons why Matt Eberflus was retained or kept around as coach. We all know it's about the offensive side of the football here. The Russell Wilson signing in Pittsburgh.

My two cents I've just gave you about how I think it's gonna be a competition for us. But that is a huge ripple in the pond that removes a potential landing spot for Justin Fields. We're all waiting to see what the Bears are gonna do with the first overall pick and the indication I had coming out of the combine and the whole world my number one rumor that I heard at the combine more than anything else the Bears have essentially made the decision it's Caleb Williams. Which means Justin Fields has got to go.

Where is he gonna go? Sure DeAndre Swift is a nice add at running back. Certainly you got to beef that part of the game up if you're gonna trade away a thousand yard rusher who happens to also be your quarterback.

Yep. You've got the first and ninth overall picks in the draft. Entirely possible you get Caleb Williams and Roma Dunze with those picks and you go to work with DJ Moore and Cole Komet and you start using maybe a little bit of free agency on top of it to beef up that offensive line and all of a sudden with that defensive secondary I'm talking about and the way that they finished up defensively from about week eight on you've got yourself a really good team the question is how quickly can the rookie quarterback get up to speed and on top of it where does Justin Fields go because if the Steelers aren't taking them and let's say the Atlanta Falcons sign Kirk Cousins that's why this is such a big big free agent decision because if Cousins stays in Minnesota Atlanta is an option to send Justin Fields to. Justin Fields to Denver is that possible? Justin Fields to Vegas is that possible?

The answer to those questions are yes. Justin Fields to Washington is that possible? Sure. That would change so much about this draft if that happens. Justin Fields to New England is that possible?

Sure. Justin Fields to Minnesota if Kirk Cousins goes to Atlanta there's a very cold place that have to freeze over considerably for that to happen. The options for Justin Fields don't appear to be hitting you in the face right now which is another reason why it was smart for Russ to take a seat before the music started and so Ryan polls can just hold like Braveheart hold and see where the pieces and free agency lands and then roll the dice that nobody that would take him is interested in getting a rookie there only happens to be five rookie quarterbacks who a lot of folks believe have a first-round grade. The Russ signing has made the Justin Field situation really fascinating to the point where I'm wondering where he goes right now and if Matt Jones goes for a sixth as he did over the weekend at Jacksonville something we'll discuss in the next three hours. Why does that make Justin Fields? You could say oh that's then he's definitely a second round pick not if there's no place for him to land. You look at Matt Jones going for a sixth he was taking it if I'm not mistaken four spots after Justin Fields in that draft they understand the results weren't significant but Matt made a playoff and Justin hasn't even made a playoff so it looks like the compensations going down and the places with Russ Sonnen in Pittsburgh that was a big piece that got filled up. Now they might not have been interested in Justin Fields to begin with but we're all staring at Kirk Cousins right now and saying what are you gonna do sir? Because that sets a ton of markets too.

Ton of markets. 844-204 Rich is the number to dial. Stuff is happening already. Fletcher Cox hour two.

Also on this day we've got Mark Schlerath and overreaction Monday. 844-204 Rich number to dial. Let's chat.

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See terms at slash credit card. Back here on the Rich Eizen Show 844-204 Rich's the number to dial so much going on today. Oh my goodness gracious. Yeah we already got some stuff going down. What else? Stuff's popping? Yeah Deon Dawkins had a tweet where it made it look like he was leaving Buffalo.

People started freaking I imagine. And he okie-doked re-signed three-year 60 million extension. Okay you alright Hoskins? You okay? Alright that's our Bill's honk. He was okie-dokin.

In the control chair? He was trolling everybody. Oh we were all fooled huh?

Yeah. Cuz that would be something to shirtlessly clown the Jets on behalf of Bill's Mafia only to not re-sign there. Then he goes, he goes, y'all are cray. I'm never leaving Buffalo. Buffalo for life. Okay apparently here's a joke tweet. It was good while it lasted Buffalo.

Excited for this next chapter of my football career. Wonder if it's okay to eat ranch now. Yeah. And he's walking. That's not a joke.

And then he was like psych. That's not a joke. But he tweeted it out like five minutes before the extension was announced. Oh really? Yeah. Why would you do that? I don't know. Just to mess with everybody. Kinda weird. But that, I don't get it.

What's the matter? He's just messing. Yeah. TJ do you even, as the resident April Fool's Joker of the Rich Eisen Show, do you do you appreciate that?

You're the punk producer? I appreciate all types of tomfoolery. So you appreciate that? Yeah. I don't understand it. Okay. I guess that's just not my cup of tea.

It isn't. I mean I like a good joke as much as anybody else but alright. So good. He's back.

I just think it's funny like you have to answer to like light the jerseys on fire. Wait a minute. Back on the Rich Eisen Show radio network sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry. Grainger has the right product for you.

Call or just stop by. Alright let's talk about Mac Jones. The NFL, Jerry Glanville, the old Houston Oilers and Atlanta Falcons head coach once upon a time told an official who was screwing things up the NFL also stands for not for long.

Not for long. That's the NFL and I will never forget that moment an NFL films captured years ago because it's so applicable. When Mac Jones came out of the players green room at the 2021 NFL Draft in Cleveland and the green room I think was located in Shaker Heights and the draft stage was located in Cleveland.

It was a very long walking. If you remember he was walking fast and it looked like he had that Vince McMahon strut. That famous Vince McMahon Jeff as he was just like strutting and that's the way many people were introduced to Mac Jones if they were somehow living under a rock and didn't see him perform the way he did for Nick Saban back in the pre-NIL days in Alabama and Mac Jones came out of that green room and put on the hat and who knew that three years later he would be traded away from New England for a mere sixth round pick to back up the quarterback chosen 14 picks ahead of him in that draft and Trevor Lawrence.

I would not have believed it at the moment. I would not have believed it later on that year when Mac Jones performed so admirably in his first year with the Patriots. I'll never forget that Halloween in 2021 Susie and I took the kids to SoFi to watch the Patriots take on the Chargers and they were terrific. They were efficient. They were the usual Belichick situationally brilliant.

They put points on the board. They kept Justin Herbert completely guessing all day long and Mac Jones started running a four minute offense with eight minutes to go and put the thing in the freezer and I walked out of there and I sat there right in this chair the next day and I said that's a playoff team and they turned out to be a playoff team. They got boat raced I believe by the bills right Chris?

They did. In the what appeared to be one of those changing of the guards from New England to Buffalo after Brady's gone and now Belichick's there and they were done having Brady beat their brains and now they're in charge and sure enough they are at the top of that roost right now in in the AFC East. Mac Jones went to the Pro Bowl. He did the gritty in that Pro Bowl. Also in that season Tom Brady returned to New England and Mac Jones put on what like a 16-17 play drive in a brutal weather situation to set up Mick Folk for the win and it didn't work out but he was the guy after the guy maybe the all-time guy after the guys right and then they fell off a cliff and this is going to be the conversation fair or not I think Chris you say there's a lot of fair to say this that in the second season when Josh McDaniels left the team entering 2022 Josh McDaniels was the one coaching Mac Jones up in his ear in the in the meeting rooms sitting next to him on the bench walking him through what it's like to be a patriot what it's like to be a professional quarterback what it's like to be neck up pre-snap a professional quarterback in the NFL he's gone and Belichick put in that place two guys who had no history doing it and also in retrospect full 20-20 hindsight what everybody thought at the time was 100% accurate Joe judge and Matt Patricia had no business being the Sherpas zero for Mac Jones might as well been us fell off the map ruin the kids confidence and last year even with Bill O'Brien there I saw Mac Jones in Germany guy needed a hug man yeah it got to the point where I said all the time about the pre pregame meeting where he's talking about Tua and it looks like he's having fun and he has someone who gives him atta boys instead of MFS him I think about that all the time and I think Mac Jones was just shell of himself the guy had one of the greatest college seasons ever Heisman Trophy finalist first round pick makes the playoffs and the Pro Bowl in his rookie year and then he completely falls off a cliff that just doesn't happen so a change of scenery was needed well for sure now right I just don't in the same way and it's kind of crazy the second overall pick in that draft Zach Wilson you know Jets did everything in there in their power to make sure he wasn't gonna start a single game in 2023 and the football gods had completely different plans and 100% I didn't want to see Zach Wilson in a jet uniform again in the same way I think you probably didn't want to see Mac Jones anymore like that you were done with him even though it can be it's a cold NFL world not for long but the guy I saw throw those two interceptions in Germany was seeing ghosts and was totally a shell of the guy I saw in so far with my kids in his rookie season on Halloween they weren't the same guy same uniform same number same human in there but not the same quarterback at all I mean not by any stretch of the imagination and Bill it had enough he put he put Bailey Zappi in the game basically he hadn't thrown a pass you know you know since the Saints game which I think was week two I mean and this was in a game and the Kraft family wanted to win I mean Bob Kraft spoke to this team before and a walkthrough he said he only does that during Thanksgiving games that they're ever involved in he wanted to win this thing and they gave Mac one more shot and and that was the that all she wrote so with a new way of looking at everything they traded Mac Jones for a sixth round pick over the weekend Wow but Mac goes to a good spot if there's anybody that can say I've got this and you know the NFL is filled with coaches who have the hubris of saying I've got this you don't know what to do with them I know what to do I can figure this out only I can fix it heard that phrase a lot but Doug Peterson is definitely a guy Peterson and he goes home he's a Jacksonville kid he's from there went to high school in Jacksonville 22 if you if you throw up just Trevor Lawrence and Mac split screen stats no names very similar stats well ever Lawrence hasn't lit the world on fire like we all thought again to me I'm not in that camp that you're on the edge of entering I'm not saying you agree with it DJ started it but I'm I'm like peeking in Trevor Lawrence's first season you know I'll take any opportunity to savage Urban Meyer but it's it's it's worthy it's worthy of being savaged I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry you've got to kind of rip that up you have to nobody in the history of the NFL has been handed a golden ticket and absolutely torched it within a month of playing season action quite like Urban Meyer just those kids in the chocolate the first season and remove it second season first with Doug Peterson they go to the playoffs and Peterson Peterson I mean is faced with the with the with the unbelievable scenario of the first half of Trevor Lawrence's professional playoff career of throwing four interceptions the point where do you sit him do you sit him cuz it's so bad it was so bad yeah it was like whoa and he stuck with them and was rewarded with a win that's true and then they go to Kansas City and hold their own for long enough against the eventual Super Bowl champs the eventual back-to-back Super Bowl champs and they're eight and three this year eight and three and he goes down in that Monday night game against the Cincinnati Bengals I thought he was done for the year that was the one where everyone's wondering there's 1 million golf carts in Jacksonville Florida where is the one for him right right if you remember that moment there were a bunch of injuries that he suffered after that but the one that was the the most significant that he could not overcome was the one to Christian Kirk when we were in London for that Jacksonville Bills game that Jacksonville won bills didn't lose it they did get banged up that's the one where Matt Milano got Carter off and I think Daquan Jones went out of that game too if I'm not mistaken Mike Hoskins you can remind me that's true so in the pre broadcast meeting in that one Chris Christian Kirk came in before Trevor Lawrence and after Doug Peterson told us Christian Kirk's the guy he's Trevor's guy and sure enough Kirk was telling us about their relationship and how tight they are and how much ball they talk and I know Christian Kirk doesn't have the national attention of being a number one receiver even when he took that bag from Jacksonville from Arizona everybody's criticizing Jacksonville he's the real deal man when he went down in the first play of that game when he's wide open he had that core injury that was some weird freak oh yeah the whole season changed I'm not on the Trevor Lawrence is overrated bandwagon but Mac Jones being there is an interesting way to basically say in the same way if you'll allow Russell Wilson being brought in for Kenny Pickett head coach going all right I believe in you but we've got a we've got somebody else here who's gonna compete and he's gonna push you a little bit Mac's not competing for the job but him being there I think is a nice addition for Jacksonville just in case you Chris and you TJ your assessment of Trevor Lawrence is that he might need to be pushed a little bit good to have Mac there and good for Mac to have Doug Peterson say I got you we're gonna figure this thing out I know how to figure this stuff out and just give him a hug give him a hug cuz you know what Mac needed last year he needed I thought on that Saturday that I saw him he needed some ice cream yeah he needed a coach to give him ice cream and you know what Doug Peterson gives Jacksonville players on Saturday yeah he gives him ice cream literally it's ice cream Saturday on the team he needs a coach to put his arm around him give him a hug saying I got you I played the position I know what you need and do you like vanilla that's what Doug Peterson will do for Mac I saw that I'm like way to go Mac you got your coach that's just again to just bring it all full circle he did say Tua tells him about his coach sitting next to him on the bench maybe inviting him over the house he's the one in the quarterback meeting rooms this is what Mac's gonna finally finally get because what I brought up to Mac what led to this thing is I asked him what was it like any similarities playing for Belichick and Saban as we assumed there were and he went back to that his high school coach son of a coach they were all hard asses on him now he's got the guy to give him a hug and ask him if he wants sprinkles maybe that's a difference or Jimmy's depending on what part of the country in which you reside as we saw from the Patriots documentary he was not getting that from his wasn't getting any positive reaffirmation and the goat never needed it but the goat wanted it he wanted it but he didn't require it for him to be yeah go Mac required some love but you could see he wanted it and sometimes that doesn't make Brady was always overlooked even in his own college program in the draft he still had some bareness towards that all of it through Henson thing you could tell I don't blame him yeah I don't blame him all right let's take a break right here I'm trying to figure out we need a soundbite or like a drop whenever something well let's take a break and try and work on it breaking news we're taking a break I know and then when we come back we'll have it yeah all right and then Fletcher Cox will join us boom if we could put breaking news and then boom together can you do that in the break yes you can you know why it's Monday the envy of the entire audio sports world no I'm not yes you are you said it last week you were Mike go nice there you go welcome to talk about the ultimate small to rewatch podcast title transference aired October 27 2004 director James Marshall writers Todd Slatkin Darren swimmer I really like this episode and I'm surprised that you don't like it as much as you thought you did I actually respect your opinion more than I respect my own in general when you say things are good and I check them out they are jump in now or catch up on any of the past seasons of talkville on YouTube or wherever you listen named one of the best personal finance podcasts the stacking Benjamin show with Joe and his friends makes financial literacy fun I got an email today from the Len HR department I find really interesting I'm an employee of one at this company so but somebody from the HR department sent me an email telling me that I had a raise I just opened the attachment I could see how much my raise was make sure you click on the links that are in there too oh absolutely I can't wait this is I'm excited find out more by searching the stacking Benjamin's podcast wherever you listen all right just heard some news in my year I'm wondering if it's the same news that Brockman was teasing before it is not it's different it's different where'd you go you want to get some coffee get some tea I'm out of coffee guys give some tea give some tea and some green tea you know once told me give him some tea Chris Berman nope Oh Lou do it once told me what all during your commercial SportsCenter commercial can't can't keep up Oh kid I don't skill on me give me some tea give me some tea it is not the same news kid Eisen oh this is great for the Roku Channel this is great for the Roku I did appreciate the anticipation bill no no it doesn't work it doesn't work because you want to get to the news right I get that I'm just saying I just did where his mind was that hey thank you Mikey D you know you guys it's unacceptable this news is not good for my fantasy league though why well cuz I had a nice keeper situation set up with late-round value and now you don't for this team and now I don't which team is it we're talking about the Tennessee Titans okay did your dude yeah okay this is good news for you you think so oh oh yes I don't know what it is oh I'm anticipating dude good news really oh absolutely good news for you Tennessee does involve a million percent good news for you because this certain guy is better at being the number two yeah yeah let's get to it okay let's get to it okay fantastic back on the Rich Eisen show we've got more breaking news Mike Del Tufo spent the next the last three four five minutes working on this thing he's giving me a hold on a second thing you see you haven't done it just give me the old one just give me the old one give me the old one give me the old one don't worry Mike breaking news that's alright it's fine the news is still breaking what do you got over there Chris what do we have the Tennessee Titans are expected to sign Tony Pollard okay what do you got what's what's the nothing yet KPRC to first reported Ian's backing it up no numbers yet no years yet okay Tony Pollard to Tennessee okay now you said during the Roku only segment you're not happy about this because you have Tony Pollard in your fantasy league is no no no no I have a spear touch a spear late round keeper 13th round value three years 24 million dollars for Tony Pollard by the way if I'm not mistaken I'm deal Tony Pollard is from the state of Tennessee if I'm not mistaken make sure you get that information correct for me I believe he's a Memphis yes kid you're correct okay guys and played at Memphis from them there we go so local kid same deal just got from the Bears very good it's 24 million very good very good very good so here are my two cents on the Tony Pollard signing with the Titans first of all Kaje Spears might not be ready to be the bell cow if he if he is okay yeah this is the official end of the Derrick Henry arrow in Tennessee great anybody that might have been in the state of Tennessee hoping against hope against hope that they would just run it back unfortunately that's not happening for the Titans I love it I love it because guess what boy you're gonna run the hell out of the football Brian Cannell Callahan is there the new HC took him from the Cincinnati Bengals this is this is interesting we'll see you how he can affect you know who the offensive line coach is right Papa Papa Bill Callahan knows how to run the football yep man I would love to have seen Derrick Henry in that system but they have different ideas I kind of dig it nice move what does this mean for the running back market I don't know this is now two guys getting three-year deals worth 24 million bucks so Pollard takes a pay cut because he was on the franchise tag last year and he's gonna have to prove that last year was not an outlier because I don't know what the hell is that I thought he was gonna be the home-run hitter and instead you know he went I think two-plus months without scoring touchdown I don't know what the hell happened with him last year so good for him then he found a home and his home state and he that he and Todjay Spears are gonna be a very dynamic rushing attack for Will Levis I guess we'll see what that's all about okay now then let's turn to the Cowboys aspect of this hmm if I may take a moment and deliver straight to camera a message to Jerry Jones thank you mr. Jones I appreciate it I'm gonna get my act together Rico Daddle ain't gonna be the bell cow we both know this we all know this we know this but I'm sorry just I'm talking I'm talking to Jerry please don't you know my bad I have mr. Jones's attention okay we both know this you know this I know this the American people know it okay you've got a couple of days to extend back Prescott I know you're pissed I know you're pissed the way the season ended I heard it the combine heard about it the compound literally everybody was telling me at the combine you were very angry at the way the season ended but you also know you got to stay the course not gonna act impetuously even though for some reason that has been your reputation ever since you swapped out Jimmy for Barry that happened a long time ago we all know this that's ancient history the hearing now is about extending DAC get the capspace I know you want to try and make DAC prove it to you I know you do but the best way for DAC to be successful this year you extend them you buy into DAC for a couple more years create the capspace and go get Derek Henry or even better even better Jerry and I know this kind of burns you when you sign Zeke to that monster contract and he was chilling in combo and holding you over the coast I get it I understand it but what better way to stick it in the eye of one of your rivals and go get Saquon Barkley go do it could you imagine Saquon with the star on the side of the helmet Jerry you know it I know it the jerseys would fly off the shelves everybody would be tuning in to DAC and Saquon and CD and Micah and so on and so forth you want to win you want to go all in this is the way to do it Jerry it's right there you got 48 hours until the new league year begins sit down I know you got your plans I know you got your staff I know you got everybody thinking that the all-in means everybody's got to play on a one-year deal because you're fed up and you're pissed off and that's the best way to do it you still have time to pivot extend DAC get the cap room re-sign CD make him happy give Micah some change figure that piece out and then go get Derek and Saquon and tell everybody else in the East maybe the NFC peace out is marvelous I agree it is thanks for coming to this rich talk Jerry I'm here for you do you approve that message DJ Jefferson I dug that mess damn straight you do I dug that message because why not all-in means that I know it sounds like fantasy football I know it sounds like fantasy football and I'm not there with the cap I'm not there with the cap but you can figure it out they got smart people for Derek Henry with the star on the side of his helmet that doesn't have to have it all on his shoulders Saquon you steal him from the Giants you put him in Dallas get out of here you heard a rival to certainly if Saquon is apparently interested in the Eagles keep him from the Eagles take him from the Giants and go win a championship with him Dak to Saquon two of the nicest guys in the history of the NFL together at a mesh point get out of here oh baby I like your style rich Fletcher Cox is about to join us in a moment let's go but I'm telling you what I heard at the combine his sense of all-in is to make everybody play it out everybody's playing it out but the I heard Micah and CD are the only ones who might be exempt from the whole playing it out thing hmm that's what I heard at the combine but everybody else he is pissed and his way is not to get rid of them all his way is like we're keeping you all and you're gonna be singing and playing for your supper to stay with the Dallas Cowboys Danny Racini saying the Cowboys were in on Tony Pollard Vikings and Giants as well bigger payday with the Titans there you go and he also it's home state yeah and by the way if I'm a young player running the football and Bill Callahan can come up with a blocking scheme for me I'm I'm there I'm way there have you gotten the drop down Mike what do you got that's next level let me hear it one more time come on let me give it one more time this is great all right you don't just get your bro stop vino Bob I've made him proud we're now set for the rest of this show that's the way you hit the new league you're running hey everybody this is Dan Bespress host of fantasy NBA today a daily fantasy basketball podcast we cover every box score from every game every day plus bonus shows on by low opportunities players to stash schedule analysis and really anything you could need to smash your league into deliciously tiny pieces catch the fantasy NBA today podcast part of the believe Network on YouTube or wherever you listen
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