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John Smoltz: The Dodgers Are Loaded

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March 20, 2024 2:56 pm

John Smoltz: The Dodgers Are Loaded

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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March 20, 2024 2:56 pm

3/20/24 - Hour 2

John Smoltz joins the show and talks about the Los Angeles Dodgers and how they'll be one of the best teams in baseball this season.

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Yes, it is. Hour number two of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. 844204 Rich is the number to dial. Mel Kuyper, Jr. will be joining us in hour number three. Great chat with Albert Breer in hour number one as we came on the air.

Mentioned how much is going on. March Madness that's now down in the field of 66. We're gonna get it down to the field of 64 tonight. USC Pro Day begins today. In this hour, Caleb Williams will be throwing. We're gonna keep an eye on all of that.

Mel Kuyper, Jr., as I mentioned, joins us in hour number three. And as I mentioned, opening day of baseball in Seoul, South Korea. The Los Angeles Dodgers, perhaps one of the most hyped teams in recent memory in any team sport in North America, opens up its season in South Korea against the San Diego Padres. And as if the scales are not already tipped in the favor of the Los Angeles Dodgers with their unlimited, ungodly budget. Enhanced by the fact that Shohei Ohtani says, I will play for you and you can pay me my gajillians when I'm 90 years old. Or something to that effect. Basically. To the point where, you know, you could just go sign anybody else.

Like say my buddy Yamamoto. As if it's not already tipped in their favor. The baseball gods today, in the eighth inning in Seoul, South Korea, with the Dodgers in a tie game at two apiece, had a double play, surefire inning-ending double play grounder hit to Jake Cronenworth.

And look at the video. Ball goes straight through the weapon of his glove. Literally through his glove. Instead of an inning-ending double play, counter ridiculous. The go-ahead run scores and then, you know, talk about the scales being tipped.

Mookie Betts and Shohei Ohtani come up the next two batters to provide the insurance runs. Five-two final. Yeah.

Okay. Is that the way it's gonna go this year? Is that the way this is gonna go? Let's just end the season. It's over. What are we gonna play? Right through the summer. Let's get to the playoffs.

Let's give them the hunk of metal and move on. Who better to ask about all those in the Baseball Hall of Famer joining us in advance of the third annual invited celebrity classic that we talked about with Kevin Millar the other day. The great John Smoltz back here on the program. How are you John? I'm doing good.

Thanks for having me. Am I overreacting? Am I overreacting to what we saw?

What do you think? This is the best part of week one. You know what I love about week one?

What is that? I know this is a little different because they started early. I love listening to talk radio after the team of that city loses three of the first four games and it's over and these guys are bums. I love that part. I mean you leave camp.

It's so weird. You leave spring training, day games. You gotta adjust and then the first two weeks don't go well and then everybody's going crazy but to your point the Dodgers are loaded. Can you imagine if they were to lose these first two games what the rhetoric would be? But they're gonna be just fine and there definitely has the most pressure on them which is great. I want to be a player leaving camp with the most pressure on me to win or it's a failure. That's the kind of team you want to have and that's the kind of team they have right now.

Well overreactions aside though John. I mean if you had to list the teams one through 30 okay. The team that needed a freak glove malfunction to help them out the least it would be the Los Angeles Dodgers right John? It would be 30 on that list right? It sure would.

They would be 30. There's gonna be plenty of opportunities through the year where no one's gonna feel sorry for the Dodgers but they are gonna get everybody's best shot. They're going to have to survive the injury basically bug that hits every team and they have more resources to survive that and they pulled off some incredible deals in the offseason and it's a credit to them and we'll find out. Baseball is a great sport that doesn't guarantee anything. We've seen that over the last 30 years so we'll find out as this year but they're must watch must see TV and that's I guess hopefully they got their TV situation worked out where most of LA can see them. I know that was a situation a couple years ago. Hopefully they've got that worked out. That has been ironed out for sure and in all honesty I mean I know you're a football fan too John. You could make the case the Dodgers are kind of like the Cowboys where regular season is great. Let's see. That's awesome. That's great but when playoff rubber meets road that's it because it has been the more frequent than not and I understand that there was that World Series in 2020 but more recent more often than not it's just something happens in October and then the Dodgers wind up with their tail between their legs and seeing somebody else win the commissioners trophy and so I'm just wondering how does a manager even prepare for something like that over the 162 right?

I mean how do you do that? Yeah yeah I think learning from the past and one of the things they did in the postseason for whatever reason they felt compelled to use a ton of resources in one series that spent them. The Braves went on to beat them and won the World Series. There's been times where they've deviated from successful outings. I think they they have the recipe now to sustain all that but here's what's gotten them every single time in my opinion. Their rotation has been filled with injuries year in and year out. I mean they have not escaped that yet. Now they've built some quantity to help them have that situation come up in a postseason but let's face it they're probably gonna be one of the two best records in a National League. They're gonna have the five-day rest. They're gonna have everything going for them if they stay healthy. This does not just show up and they're gonna win a hundred games but you like their you're like their lineup you like their rotation they left camp they've got some guys on the IL already but it's a it's a long journey and they understand it and that's why I'm saying the pressure for that team leaving spring training they if they embrace it and which I'm sure they will they got the right manager to embrace it they're gonna be just fine and I have a belief that they signed Shohei Ohtani not to win one championship they signed they signed them to win multiple so this is not hurry up win two in a row this is about cashing in on these mega contracts with multiple championships and then you can view them as one of the most successful teams maybe in the next ten years but up until this point they've had what one championship in the last 34 years 33 something like that so they feel that pressure from an iconic organization to win multiple now well that said oh I mean Mookie Betts is when you look at him you don't you don't look at a guy and think well he feels the pressure right I mean like he right he's he's so dynamite when it comes to that and you know you mentioned Dave Roberts and and then there's Ohtani who very well could be one of the most famous athletes on planet earth right I mean I don't think that that is you know hyperbole John and and here he is like a couple weeks ago you know Instagram me and oh by the way I'm married you know what I mean like you know where where he kind of just lives in a cocoon in a way that normally nobody of his immense fame would be able to like this it's kind of like a Jeter quality to it you know where it's kind of wild how comfortable in his skin and in his environment he is and allows him to I imagine go rake and then it one day again go pitch John you know he's a unique human yeah he's a unique human being that showed me a lot on how he got here who he signed with what the expectations were and what he embraced he is very very capable of doing everything he sets his mind out to do and I think I read that he wrote down his goals and dreams as a youngster look his contract he signs says a lot about him the way he handles things says a lot about him but let's not let's not mistake or kid ourselves he's under tremendous watch and every move he makes so he's handling it better than anybody I think of his ilk could and give him the upbringing and what he's done and how he's done it he's gonna make mistakes just because everybody's gonna want his time everybody needs to see him but here's the deal and I think the reason why he's with the Dodgers I mean he could have gone anywhere he wanted he could have gone anywhere he wanted when he first came to Major League Baseball I think now the world's gonna get this chance to see him at the stage they want to see him and that's in the playoffs they didn't see him a lot the East Coast doesn't see him a lot now America's gonna get to see how incredibly gifted he is beyond belief and playing in the playoffs which is something he has not been doing in majority of his career yeah I don't know if it is like the NFL on Fox John but do you know how many Dodger games you have this year do you already know this do you know your schedule yeah right now I mean the first half I mean we'll do the limit right you can only do the club so many times I believe it's seven or eight times and well I'm sure we'll have that yeah I have a few Dodger games already and I only got one in Cincinnati I've got a couple one with the Yankees in New York so yeah the first half schedule I think I've got three of them but I guarantee in the second half they may be back loading that to try to make sure that you know you see the greatest player on earth doing his thing and Dodger blue so this is going to be marketing 101 lesson for Dodgers and how they do this and they do it as well as anybody and certainly he knows on the back end even though his contracts back loaded he's he's got so many marketing deals and look it's good to be Shohei Ohtani I just hope my selfish hope is that he's able to learn how to pitch with the second Tommy John and last I just want to see him last on the mound because he's so gifted and that contract is so huge I don't think they gave him that contract just to be a DH so I think they believe that he's going to be able to be a dynamic pitcher you know after this year what advice would you give him on that the biggest thing is look at how he rehabbed the first time and make some changes but I think the biggest thing he's got to be able to do is convince himself to not throw 94 mile an hour sliders and a hundred mile an hour fastballs all the time I mean he's pulled off incredible miracles up to this point I said look I wasn't being negative I'm a huge fan of his I said it's an impossibility for him to stay healthy at the Ray was going and it's proven to be true only because the force he puts on his body and the lack of rest he gets I mean it's truly the greatest player I've ever seen and so if he's gonna be the dynamic player that we want to see and open doors for future players I hope that he can can rest at 97 96 and tune it up every once in a while throw that split and slider not with maximum effort and be able to just navigate the mound even though he won't make 30 starts it's still fun to watch him dominate on the mound when he's dominating on the counterpart but you know when he gets in the box in the plate John Smoltz baseball Hall of Famer Major League Baseball on Fox analyst and of course in advance of the third annual invited celebrity classic that's taking place at Los Colinas Country Club in Irving Texas in April which we'll get to in a second right here on the Rich Eisen show before we get to the golf let's talk about the bunch of teams that no doubt if they heard us talk only about the Dodgers or the last ten minutes would be highly offended which which teams do you think obviously I think Atlanta maybe the the world champs I don't know and then there's the Orioles give me a list of teams that you think have a shot here yeah well what I really like the offseason what the Yankees did now they haven't started off again they haven't voided that injury bug they've got to keep judge healthy and obviously Garrett Cole's got to get back on the mound I love their lineup I love what they're able to do in the offseason to kind of deal with some of these shortcomings they had last year Baltimore's legit Baltimore's not a feel-good story anymore they reminded me I said this two years ago before they started on their incredible journey of the 91 Braves and then of course we went on a 14 year run their young talent has gotten seasoned last year learned a lot they got tired at the end of the year they had an incredible year that fell short because of some banged up injuries and offense that went quiet I love the Baltimore Orioles this year Texas is defending champs if they get healthy kind of three-quarters of the way into the season you know or quarter into the way then they can have a chance to repeat we haven't had a repeat since I believe the Yankees but the Houston Astros are maybe the most complete lineup and roster in the American League and what they've done is shed that that that narrative that was following them for a long time on what they across the line and how they were thought of in the public eye they're legit and they they've added a bullpen now that it's going to be as good as anybody's and they just have a pedigree of championship they know how to get there they've been to five I think in a row and American League Championships if my memory serves you right so you got heavy loaded have top loaded teams and then of course in the central's and each division it's pretty much wide open but the Braves should be great the Phillies should be great you're gonna get a surprise team out of the central that is going to you know maybe step up and win that division and cause some problems but I think the balances are pretty much in the West and both leagues and then you've got a couple teams in the rest of the leagues that that should fight for the division championship and then possibly the playoff positioning so I just think the balance of the rotations that have been put together by Baltimore and of course you got the Braves if they get Chris Sale to do Chris Sale things it's going to be a good National League kind of battle as we watch this thing unfold all right let's talk about the golf how's your game game is getting better we've lost my putting a little bit which is a little concerning I gained two new hips and I gained my my my my distance back but I've gone through a little bad about about of some putting that has really it's it's caused some some concern on an ability to get back locked in so I'm working on that short games getting a little better but here's what happened all right I mean I went through last year's this past year qualifying stages and what an experience it was I made it to the final stage and in that final stage I really lost speed at my putter and it's kind of carried over into making a lot of putts on the edge so you know in my professional career I love to live on the corners in my golfing career I'm tired of living on the corners I gotta get right down the middle you know in a Wyndham Clark right you know and I have one of those power lips oh my god right how crazy was that how crazy yeah that the game of golf I I've often wondered you know people talk about if the if the hole was twice the size yes would there still be as many lip outs that's my question probably you know I don't know the ball the ball does its own thing man and obviously it's it's a great group of guys that is coming again to this invited celebrity classic 78 PGA Tour champions 40 sports and entertainment stars and that's coming down and you're gonna you're gonna be able to watch it on Golf Channel all three days of competition April 19th through the 21st Glavin and Maddox are gonna be there as well John can you take me as a fly on the on the wall of when you and Glavin and Smoltz would be on an off day you know and playing golf like who was in charge of making the tee time what was what was that like John so back then we didn't have the technology where we could store everything I had a notebook that had everything done in a briefcase and in my briefcase was a notebook and that's basically it it carried all the members numbers all the pros and and I was a golf concierge I set up the rent of cars all they had to do is show up and I told them they make a decision the night before they're gonna go to bed or they're not if you commit to me the day before and you're gonna play golf and you don't show up it's gonna be a heavy fine and I they they were all great Glavin was probably my most loyal guy he only missed a couple but we had so much fun in the cars rent of cars and Ubers and and basically trying to get to the golf course as early as we can and we had a blast and I'll say this about the tournaments and the celebrity tournaments that we get to hook up and play when I'm having a bad tournament yes the first thing I do is look to the scoreboard and see where they are because if they ever beat me I'm gonna have to quit and that's kind of the way I feel so they're my motivation Glavin knows this I've had a couple really really bad rounds and a couple where I thought okay I just want to go home and I look up and he's one point behind me and I said my caddy Greg Olson let's go and so it would turn around because I know he wants to beat me so bad and he's come close a couple times but we had so much fun during the time we kind of continue that when we play in these celebrity deals I love it so was there ever a time where it was the three of you and Tiger was the fourth did that ever happen oh yeah oh yeah yeah we had many opportunities to take down Tiger whether it was a two-on-one or a three-on-one and you know we we had him drowned one day I mean he was borderline you know like maybe feeling bad for the guy for a little bit but then he came storming back and he pressed and went four under the last five holes or some crazy number and you would have thought he won the Masters he beat us out of 25 or 50 bucks and he would have thought that was his greatest victory ever but three on one is tough to be I mean it's tough to be and I know we're taking on the world's greatest but he dug deep he found him self in a little bit of a hole and he loved coming out of it and at the end like I said he reacted as if he won the master did he give you candy like did you do you guys had who had strong no strokes no strokes no is our three our best ball okay we in the first nine holes we made everything I mean it was he was he was nobody else would have come back from this I guarantee it no other pro and he goes can I press and I said yeah you could press so he got it he kind of got addicted to the press he goes can I press again I said sure you could press again only to know that a six hundred and two yard par five yeah he reached with driver to iron eagle then went birdie par to win like I said to win by one and he we just were looking at each other going we can't stop this train but but it was impressive to watch Wow love stories like that man love stories thanks for sharing that John yeah hey you know the other story the only other story that you're gonna love maybe or at least if you can can I just say let this past year was the final piece of my bucket list that never happened and it was the Detroit Lions you know I'm a diehard yeah I'm a diehard and span can I just say next year or in the year after I mean I just need my bucket list just to go they don't have to win just to go I changed seats like 16 times during that game against San Francisco couldn't find the lucky seat I take responsibility for that but I just want to say you know the Lions go into the Super Bowl in the next two years please John you gotta like what you see though I mean you've got a you see you know what you have seen and you know what it looks like to to recognize it and the Lions have it you know you they do you know they do big time and and you just gotta love you gotta love everything you're gonna love the coach despite some of the crazy things that he does on fourth down or did obviously in the NFC Championship game and and I'm on Ross St. Brown it's one of my favorite players obviously Jared Goff is is taking things into his own hands they're they're smart in the front office they're smart on the sidelines they're smart in between the lines and they also bring it man yeah they bring it you know I've had three three of the four I've been in person to watch hockey basketball and baseball I just need the fourth to complete the cycle that's really what I've got left to live for well you know and and and the best thing about it for for me personally is you know you get to root for Aiden Hutchinson so that's right you know you know you got yours last year oh I got yours last oh I did you were you fine with that were you fine with that were you were you sure you weren't rooting for Washington look I got my Spartan shirt I'm getting ready for the tournament but I I root for Michigan you know when Michigan State's I'm not one of those guys I know I'll take flack for it but it's the state it's the state championship you know you know anyways me too I'm not better and note and and and Izzo getting the team in the tournament again he's awesome he's just and I picked him to move on against Mississippi State so we'll see good luck to that and good luck getting your stroke in line of the way that you want for the third annual invited celebrity classic again be sure to check it out April 19th through the 21st live on Golf Channel all three days of competition let's do this again John thanks for the time you got it my pleasure right back at you that's John Smoltz right here on the Rich Isaac show Baseball Hall of Famer how great a story is that Tiger Woods if he ever looked at me and said can I press I'd be like no well I mean I wouldn't know how to answer it cuz I'd never be up honestly yeah three on by the way those three as well probably close to scratch they're not close they are scratch aren't they they're all good I know Smoltz is I don't know is it Maddox I don't know what the other guys I would assume that they're good at golf most pitchers are I think all three of them are they're good I love that he says it when he's not having a good tournament he looks up and he's he better not see Glavin or Maddox beating them quit I love that story quit on the spot Maddox is a four oh you're looking up you can look up there you can look up their numbers huh yeah right you'd have to figure though Maddox is a four now and is what in his in his 50s yeah Glavin's at three okay but what were they when they were that photograph of them when they were like children yeah that we just showed up of them is the big three I hated them they were brother summer's of my life leaves Atlanta brave that team like man I mean we'll talk about unfair think about that roster think about those pitchers on that team best pitching staff was so not fair dude when the Yankees beat the Braves in 1996 was one of the greatest sports moments of my life I remember and that Andy Pettitte out duel demand we just stopped talking to one nothing and one of the classic games won games one and two in Yankee State I know that you're like well this is a wrap I know that Jim Jim Larry it's turn around Mark Waller's was the big one but game five when it was two to a piece and then it was Glavin versus Pettitte is one of the all-time great pitching performance by both teams in a World Series game that was pivotal to say the least I'm just getting goosebumps even remembering and then Joe Girardi's triple in game six gave the Yankees four in a row and then off the went I remember where I was the day you guys clinched but real quick quick story is I did a I did a feature on ESPN I was the interviewer for the feature of the big three for Sports Center back in the day and it's interviewed Glavin Maddox and Smoltz and Bobby Cox at Shea Stadium when the Braves were in town and the Mets I guess didn't didn't really even though Jay Horowitz who works for the Mets for you ever in a day one of the sweetest men you'll ever meet for media relations I guess they just kind of didn't really care about oh you're gonna come to our place and interview them that might have been the the the theory behind having them basically say the spot you can interview them in is behind home plate in Shea Stadium problem with that oh yeah is it's right next door to LaGuardia Airport so you'd be in the middle of a great soundbite thanks so then the next best option that my producer was able to find was the glaucoma testing room in Shea Stadium who knew there was such a thing there was a door and on the front of it it said glaucoma testing glaucoma glaucoma testing you opened the door and without a doubt this is where one of the many as you've heard before the fame remember there's a famed black cat that were strolled across the Cubs dugout in 1969 that allowed the Mets to eventually come back and make their first World Series and win yes one of the many felines that resided in Shea Stadium lived in this room the smell of cat pee was immense and thank goodness my producer was able to find some Glade and an oscillating fan to try and clean out the room before and then to dress up the room to make it look even decent it was a remarkable job by the producer of this piece and the producer's name was Susie Schuster that's right I swear this story sounds familiar like you told years ago Susie was the one who basically is like you're gonna set us up at home plate with planes flying ahead overhead from LaGuardia yeah really is that what we're doing I can see this fine here like find us another room and one by one they strolled into the room and the first thing they went was you know kind of like that and they didn't say any really insane anything like there's a smell of Glade and cat urine I didn't expect you know it was bad that was a bad shape for a long you think giant stadium and Shea Stadium two of the worst places to work in the history of civilization that's the story the first time I met John Smoltz that's funny for being old so take a break back with much more never know the stories you're gonna tell you sit down in front of this microphone let's talk O'Reilly Auto Parts people they're in the business of keeping your car on the road and I should know they kept my car on the road and they do it with a smile on their face they offer friendly service and the parts knowledge you need for all your maintenance and repairs and that comes in so welcome when your car needs to be put back together and they do it with a smile so you 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premium wireless how did he get 30 30 video 30 video 20 20 20 video 20 20 video 15 15 15 15 just 15 bucks a month so give it a try at mint mobile comm slash switch $45 upfront for three months plus taxes and fees promoting for new customers for limited time unlimited more than 40 gigabytes per month slows full turns at mint mobile comm what was it like shooting that scene though with ray can still in his father what I did was I went back to when I first read it and so I become the audience when I read it and I when I read it I went I couldn't believe that had orchestrated itself to that thing and I had that feeling on the couch and so I knew if I played that straight I didn't wink at anybody that these players did come you know that's my corner you know that they kept coming after me I wasn't gonna be able to do that movie I was gonna do revenge and I got into a finally that revenge kept getting pushed kept getting pushed and finally I had to put my foot down and say look if you don't get this movie together I'm gonna go to do this movie in the corn I asked the director why did you hold out for me so long why and he said well and this is one of the greatest actors we ever seen it goes they wanted me to do it Robin Williams and I said I said Robin Williams is perfect he said yeah but when I think of Robin I think he does hear voices in the corn and I don't want that people don't believe you hear voices that was a that's a director that makes a save that's a Mariano Rivera yeah sure it's a safe he saved his movie because of his belief in an idea you know not the quality of actor because Robin Williams will never of course this is this is the guy so special but I but I was curious I said he's actually a bigger star than me you know that you know whatever and he goes I need somebody that you don't think cares voices and that would be you I've never heard Robin Williams was considered for that role that's unbelievable and then you did it and obviously we're we're talking about it today yeah yeah yeah it had gold dust on it when I read it because I did that little intake of breath do you want to catch and of course I I wept myself I love Kevin Costner I don't care who knows it back on the Rich Eisen show sitting at the Rich Eisen show desk furnished by Granger with supplies and solutions for every industry Granger has the right product for you call click ranger calm or just stop by so it was right around this time yesterday that Mike Williams the Los Angeles charger wide receiver of the last seven years who is now on a free agency tour heading to New Jersey to visit with the Jets and then having apparently a a couple other teams after that and he's on a tour and he's trending and I'm thinking did the Jets sign him no he was only still on the way to New York it was the trending subject matter surrounded a breakfast sandwich a breakfast sandwich that apparently a New York jet fan from Princeton New Jersey who goes by the handle of at NY J underscore Matt nice decided to order a breakfast sandwich for him Mike Williams hey if you're gonna if you're gonna be checking out the Jets facility the old training center I'm gonna send you a Taylor ham and two eggs and cheese sandwich from a nearby spot I believe in Morristown New Jersey does that geographically make sense and even tweeted out the screen grab of what looked like what's that a door dash or an uber eats or something like that it's kind of funny you know New York jet fan saying hey the least I can do to try and tip the scales on the Jets favor that didn't tip in their favor the year before when the Chargers signed him with three or sixty million dollar deal so he didn't hit the free agent market as the Jets were interested in Mike Williams then hey maybe it's a breakfast sandwich well sure enough guess what happened by the end of the day the Jets did the typical free agent when you really want to move you make sure he doesn't leave the building and they signed him to a deal one year 15 million dollars and god bless the Jets with their sense of social media press savvy very good they gave him the sandwich at the signing and then recorded it am I trying this right now y'all have so no I'm now kind of hungry little see I'd say like a bite of some oh it's good this will gotten deals I really know oh yeah got the deal signed that sandwich had to be a little bit old right it wasn't that warm and this is the new profile pic of the sandwich that's class where they Mike Williams bite yeah that's Mike on the shore back in the day new profile pic for the Jets and as if that's not enough it's the the story of the traveling bag mm-hmm Mike Williams went to the Nets game last night and brought the bag with him oh he brought that's a new I'm assuming that's a bad I'm assuming it's the bag in questioning the bag in question looked larger with a more green label unless I don't know if somebody's handing him a replica of the bag but so is that gonna be Jets fans thing they bring brown paper bags and then if the team stinks they put them over their head or or you breathe into it yeah when things get nervous I went the unknown comic route okay no no no no Hoskins you know what I'm asking you to call up you if you really want to take a look at a team that knows what it's doing in free agency don't look at the Jets oh here you go I'm sorry you just walked into it with the paper bags oh my gosh see here it comes there it is that's what a team that knows how to work the free agency board fill the blanks to set you up for the for the for the draft that's a team right there the Dallas Cowboys and interestingly enough spec Rico it's funny that you bring that up mm-hmm TJ cuz you kind of walk me into my next point which is the one year 15 million dollar deal that they did for Mike Williams and then you add to the fact how they've redone their offensive line mm-hmm with the centerpiece being a one-year deal for a guy named Tyron Smith and when it was one year 20 million bucks you know there's the up to 20 million bucks Mike Flory had a funny tweet yesterday saying quote-unquote up to is doing a lot of mad work this week or something like that up to 20 million bucks Dallas Cowboys friends well ah well one year 20 million bucks I mean we don't have the free agency wait to keep our future Hall of Fame left tackle to protect Dak we we just had to let him walk for that and then you see the details and you see only six and a half million bucks is the guaranteed money and the rest of it our incentives for a guy that has had some games missed last year was one of his healthier seasons in recent memory and he missed four games he missed 13 and 22 6 and 21 and 14 and 20 and the last time he played an entire season start to finish without missing the game was 2015 so the Jets protected themselves financially by signing him to a deal one year six and a half million bucks that once that came out do you know what hit the Metroplex the realization that the cash-strapped let's resign our long snapper Cowboys could have kind of fit Tyron Smith into the mix after all but didn't so maybe you want the paper bag no I mean all right I'll just how about this we've got 33 wins the last three years of jets how about this how about this how about this one eight I'll keep the paper bag I'll keep the paper bag for September through December and then hand it to you for January I don't need it oh yeah because you won't be playing because the January that done the January that the Jets hopefully will hopefully hopefully it will be such house money I won't need the paper bag because the Jets have hit everything in free agency and didn't break the bank doing it and they did a very smart job of filling the blanks that needed to be filled by adding Mike Williams who by the way has is coming off of an ACL you kind of don't want a 29 year old wide receiver coming off an ACL being a target for a 40 year old coming off of a torn Achilles that's normally not the way you draw it up however however Mike Williams did from 2018 to 21 only missed three games he's good so Mike Williams on the opposite side of Garrett Wilson let's just assume Allen Lazard will at least fog up a mirror this year and then you got Breeze Hall then you got a revamped offensive line you got a defense that's already championship quality despite losing Bryce Huff and then you got a tenth overall selection you could do whatever you darn well pleased with how about Brock Bowers never thought in a million years when I saw him at trucking people in the SEC he could be wearing green for the Jets never thought that would be possible and it's entirely possible how about adding him to the very talented tight end mix they already have there how about that so I kind of dig what the Jets are up to and the fans doing their part with the breakfast sandwiches and a paper bag might not need rich they're not only just sending breakfast sandwiches the Jets tweeted out this morning that they have been getting tons of food sent to Florham Park hey there's a lot of good places to donate to their charity instead well don't seek out the New York Jets tweet well done information on that nourish NJ yeah you can't really eat all that stuff no send it to people who could use the food absolutely more than the New York Jets by the way what there's no other free agent that they're bringing in right now we're good kind of the Jets the Jets have the offensive line was a problem the receiver was a problem they hit some of their defense to and free agency and they didn't break the bank this is what you do when you're just playing for next year you don't have to put it on the credit card kind of dig what Joe Douglas is up to we talk and play also what and you got one of my favorite players of all time so who's that Tyron Smith oh that's right yeah hate to see him go I like it sorry TJ and Mel Kuiper has the Jets taken who in his mock draft I guess I should know that he's got Brock Bowers going there interesting how we're kind of like that kind of like that here it comes there it is enjoy number 77 monster out there so I plan on it I plan on it so that's a fun segment as our our Thursday third hour in studio guests might say okay we're getting ready for Larry David tomorrow 24 hours from now that man should be in our green room by then that's tomorrow however Mel Kuiper coming up eight four four two oh four rich number to dial hey it's Kaylee Cuoco for Priceline ready to go to your happy place for a happy price well why didn't you say so just download the Priceline app right now and save up to 60% on hotels so whether it's cousin Kevin's kazoo concert in Kansas City go Kevin or Becky's bachelorette bash in Bermuda you never have to miss a trip ever again so download the Priceline app today your savings are waiting go to your happy place for a happy price go to your happy price Priceline this episode is brought to you by Pepsi wild cherry Pepsi wild cherry is bursting with delicious cherry flavor and a sweet crisp taste that gives you more to go wild for getting wild may look different these days but whether it's opting for a solo Friday binge watch or a big night out everyone can indulge in their wild side with Pepsi wild cherry also available in zero sugar so grab a Pepsi wild cherry and get wild what are you guys talking about just when me and Brockman went to the new heights party podcast party over Super Bowl it was it was amazing why are you bringing that up now we were talking about blow the whistle with too short and I was telling Mike back in the days when I used to go out to the clubs when that song would come on I'd always have a whistle on me and I would just blow the whistle while they played the song so I happen to have the whistle on me when we went to the party and people loved it people like the whistle when too short blow the whistle come on for sure I mean that's a great because who expects somebody to pull a whistle out exactly especially like TJ said the first week like you're definitely groundbreaking at that thank you thank you cuz you're not like no one's carrying a whistle yet so that's what we were talking good I'm sorry I was just sending a soundbite to the fellas at home to get us for the boys at the end of the third hour sending our best to Shawn Mitchell and his uh yeah man surgically repaired wing a car on his bike no no no we don't need to get into it but we're just sending our best to him just giving him a shout-out saying that we're thinking of you show hopefully well but he sent me a picture of his x-ray oh we really need to see that no I wasn't gonna share it I was just gonna point out he's got a lot of pins in his shoulder oh is that right yeah oh my god sending our best to him yeah got a word up racing but I'm I'm also sending less than my best to TJ that paper bag smack you think you're gonna say that stuff you always got something negative to say about Dallas and by the way we can go back when you started no no no no rich no anytime anytime Dallas anytime I ever say anything you're gonna come back hard on Dallas so and that was funny because you will be using the bags you throw up in there put over your head look at you back on the rich eyes and show here listen we we think we provide an excellent service here whether you're watching us on the roku channel which is free and or this rich eyes and show terrestrial radio affiliate the best thing about us though is it's about I agree I totally agree that's the new mantra of re consulting black and gold here we go well I don't know far yes consulting we didn't come up with that one yeah again we would count if Russell came to RES consulting we would say you know let's serve some steak and less of the sizzle more of the steak but thank you don't but thank you for our new slogan at RES consulting which is the best thing about us is that it's about us so we were very proud of the service we provide here every day to keep you up to speed on everything we try to let you know what people are talking about or posting about or let you be smarter when you see something oh I heard about that already on the rich eyes or I saw that there or just letting you know something's happening we even have this new fangled breaking news drop that we're very proud of because it mixes the here it comes Al Pacino breaking news and work it's kind of current because that happened at the Oscars but that's me one long wind-up to pitch that yes there are some things that we we don't get to sometimes or perhaps you need extra help and being informed we're very proud of what we do but don't think that we are as comprehensive sometimes like we're not perfect so thankfully for instance I'm trying to keep this straight the Major League Baseball opener today happened in Seoul South Korea there some people may have missed the result some people may not know what happened because they were sleeping and they're getting ready for work on the East Coast you may have missed yeah what happened sure well for that we can be thankful for some help the safety net on anything we miss oh goodness will always be caught by Magic Johnson here's Magic Johnson's post 5-2 opening victory for the Dodgers in South Korea over the Padres Shoei Ohtani and Mookie Betts led with two hits apiece and glass now pitched great allowing only two hits the men in blue are off to a great start clapping emoji magic just needs to be told where the agent oh he did up to like his name is Smith it's Ohtani I could understand your he's only the most famous person well planet he would have spelled Smith Smith that's why your name's on the mug bro that was my very long-winded or long windup quick setup acted I like magic was out there you think magic is it MSPN Magic Sports Network that's better with it than what Ohtani Antonio Brown yeah his updates are what CC ESPN breaking news though and he's going Schefter saying that that was my scoop oh my god I can't I can't get that response from CT ESPN because I've been bl o CK ED by a b8 for Wow he blocked me a long time I keep talking about the Cowboys I might have to block you know you're not gonna you're not blocking me you can't be locking me preamble I was like this is a magic Johnson I was thinking how's Rick's gonna like crap on the Cowboys again crap on the Cowboys I'm just I'm just pointing out that we don't cover everything as comprehensively as we'd like well we don't need to with magic around and he's got a he's got our back and with the nuts and the bolts MJ SPN there it is magic Johnson Sports Network by the way it's perfect for all your sports news instantly call nine seven six one three one P style book first paragraph he tells you everything yeah oh it's nuts and paragraphs Chris he has a certain number of grand nuts and bolts with an emoji and then just a little bit of cheering it's it's delightful it's perfect it's magic if he's what it is Mel Kuiper jr. coming up I can't wait for his summer vacay pics with Jimmy Kimmel do you remember sports phone you remember used to call sports you bet you probably had one I think I might it I probably called sports phone first because that's for results it was nothing you would call them in animal just be a guy to talk like this and you'd call it sports yeah we talked like this hi I'm sorry so what my name is whatever and now here's here are the final scores the Yankees beat the Rangers five to four you have to pay for this oh yeah it was 25 cents a minute right and I remember I remember I'd be like Bill I know it's Joel and have got to say not me Teresa Anthony got mine all my sports news instantly and I dialed nine seven six one three one three that is the early 90s those nine seven six numbers that were a little different story ever you better be careful you know and then movie phone came along tell me the name of the movie you want to see good movie for that's one of my favorite moments man well why don't you just tell me the name of the movie oh oh my gosh well Colin sports pics worked out for you in the long run so yes it was just setting me up for the long run yeah and and and magic is providing the same service and it's free it doesn't cost 25 cents a minute Elon almost want to make you pay for that but look that's true that's true thankfully not yet hey everybody this is Dan Bespress host of fantasy NBA today a daily fantasy basketball podcast we cover every box score from every game every day plus bonus shows on by low opportunities players to stash schedule analysis and really anything you could need to smash your league into deliciously tiny pieces catch the fantasy NBA today podcast part of the believe Network on YouTube or wherever you listen
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