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REShow: Deion Sanders & Bob Costas - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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September 15, 2023 3:32 pm

REShow: Deion Sanders & Bob Costas - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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September 15, 2023 3:32 pm

Rich previews the most intriguing NFL Week 2 matchups including the Jets-Cowboys, Dolphins-Patriots, Chiefs-Jags, Ravens-Bengals, Raiders-Bills, and 49ers-Rams.

Colorado Head Coach Deion Sanders and Rich discuss the sunglasses controversy stirred up by Colorado State head Coach Jay Norvell who ripped Coach Prime publicly this week ahead of their Saturday showdown, why he’s not surprised at the Buffs’ 2-0 start on the heels of their 1-win season a year ago, why he has no problem ranking his children on social media, if he would consider a jump to coaching in the NFL, his upcoming ‘Coach Prime’ Amazon series, if we could see Hall of Fame DT Warren Sapp in his coaching staff someday, and much more.

Bob Costas calls in to clarify his stance on the NFL’s Overtime rules.

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The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen

Hello. This is the Rich Eisen Show. Big Kirkle wakes up dripping like this. I like it, Kirkle. You like that. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles.

After reviews, the fumble went over the pylon, which by the way, stupid ass rules. Earlier on the show, NFL Network insider Tom Pelissero. Coming up, legendary broadcaster Bob Costas, Colorado head coach Deion Sanders, author and comedian Cedric the Entertainer. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Hour number two of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air.

Deion Sanders will be joining us in 20 minutes, so don't touch the dial, even though you probably don't have a dial. That's me just aging myself to kick off hour number two of this program. At Rich Eisen Show on all Twitter and Instagram and Facebook feeds. At the Rich Eisen Show on TikTok for the kids. And again, 844-204-rich number to dial to call into the show, even though you don't have a dial.

I'm just aging myself again. YouTube feed is white hot. We appreciate all the 600 now 13,000 subscribers that we have to hit the follow button on that.

We greatly appreciate it. As I said yesterday, the minute that Jay Norvell of Colorado State football decided to talk about Deion Sanders style and wearing sunglasses and hats and it's an ascribing to that a certain sense of disrespect talking to adults. I was thinking to myself and said out loud into this microphone. What is this man doing? What is this man doing? And I'm like, I wish somebody would have a camera on Deion as he's been told. I don't think anybody had a camera on him as he was told, but they did have a camera on him at practice talking about how he was. Getting his team ready now that it's personal and that was done in a video that was posted on his multiple social media sites and YouTube and everything else under the category of responding to Lil Bro.

Is how it was Colorado State was referred to in the headline is Lil Bro. And as I told you, I told you that students should show up to the game and sunglasses and hats. And then sure enough, Deion Sanders provided sunglasses to his team and a team meeting last night. And in case you're wondering if Deion is going to even have a hint of shying away from this, he is appearing on today's program. And we have been told by his people who I know very well.

Good old Constance Schwartz Marini and his rest of his team, Team Prime. I've been told we have been given the information. What is he going to promote? He is talking about his signature sunglass lined by Blenders. And that's what I want to know. Hold on a minute.

Available now for pre-order is what I'm told to say. And I'm wondering here, again, you can't put it past him that he heard this and a line was coming and he hurried it up. And his team is agile enough to hurry it up.

Or was he planning on doing this anyway? And when Jay Norvell said this, he's like cha-ching, not just am I going to use this for the team, am I going to use this for the moment? But my gosh, what perfect timing for my new line of sunglasses by Blenders available now for pre-order. And then of course there's the latest season, Coach Prime Season 2 on Prime Video.

They did announce this last night that Season 2 is going to air on December 7th. The cameras are definitely on him for this moment. And oh my gosh. So I can't wait to ask Deon, was this planned or did you hurry it up? It was planned and you hurried it up or you just decided to go and go for it. And sure enough, knowing him, he calls up Blenders, hey, I need about 15 boxes of this stuff because I'm handing it to my teammates. And then boom, somebody maybe hopped a plane on the spot, I don't know.

Or there's some local store in Boulder that's fresh out of Blenders. I can't wait to find this stuff out. These are the questions. What else are we going to ask him? No, seriously.

But yeah, I do want to know this. Blenders headquarters is in San Diego. Okay. So I'm sure there's a flight from San Diego to Denver.

Somebody hopped on it immediately. I mean, I already looked them up. They look amazing. They have Prime on the top. It says we coming on the side with Deon's signature.

You can get them in black and gold. So this was prepared and I bet you it was sped up like we're doing this now. We're 2-0 and my opposing coach is talking about how he was raised. So you're talking about Deon's mama. And in terms of this, hold on a second. In terms of this, the only time I've ever seen him react to being disrespected.

All right. And I know I said I've never seen him disrespect anybody. And I got a lot of people say, what about Tim McCarver?

Tim McCarver says hello. And I'm like, there's a back story on that one. Not to excuse Deon, you know, dousing. He just didn't do it. No, there's a whole story with John Schuerholtz behind it. And we're not going to spend any time with Deon on that.

But hold on. I'll never forget this story. This is great. It's our first year of doing Thursday Night Football and we are in.

Yes, Jay Felley. And we say hello to Raider Nation on our affiliate in Las Vegas, Nevada. We're in the black hole. All right. And it is when I say in it, we had our set directly to the right.

If you're looking at the black hole from the field directly to the right of the black hole. And we are hearing absolutely everything. Everything prior to the game.

We're sitting on the set watching the game. And Deon, as you might imagine, might have rabbit ears, but he doesn't respond to anybody normally. Have I told this story to you guys before? Okay. Somebody from the minute we stepped down on the set before our pregame show is just screaming at Deon Sanders. Some of the worst, as he would refer to it, as bull junk. Bull junk. Okay.

Some of the worst bull junk that's the invective is thrown. And I know I've told this story before because I could see Chris Brockman's face. He's not even looking at me.

I know. It's like we've been around each other so long. You know, this is how Susie reacts at dinner sometimes with other couples like, okay, I've heard this one before. So he is just hearing it, hearing it and hearing it and hearing it says nothing during the pregame show. Says nothing during the first half of us watching the game. But during halftime, it's even so loud.

We all hear it. So Deon has now got a piece of paper and he is just making all sorts of lines. It looks like he's doodling, like he's drawing something.

And I'm like trying to, you know, I'm hosting and I'm like trying to conduct the gig here. And Deon is not fully engaged because he's doing something on his piece of paper. And I'm wondering, this is odd.

Deon never does this. I wonder what's up with that. He takes the piece of paper, folds it in half and hands it off to our producer on the set who has now gone on to many other greater things. Bardia Shireas of Fox Sports now. He hands it to Bardia, who he nicknamed at the time Doc B. OK. OK. Because he looked like Bruce Gradkowski. So his nickname for him because everyone has a nickname, Doc B. He handed Doc B the folded up piece of paper and pointed to the fan that's been yelling at him for about two and a half hours. And Browder is like, what? He goes, give it to that guy.

And they pass it back up. And the guy who's been yelling invective at Deon for two and a half hours is now ecstatic to receive something from Deon Sanders. The ultimate fan, a fanatic.

You've got to be a fan to be part of fanatic. He just now he's ecstatic to get it, opens it up, reads it and is now even angrier at Deon and yelling at Deon. So I said, Deon, what did you write on that piece of paper?

He said two words. Yo mama. Great story. Yo mama.

Now, if I was that fan, I'd put that frame it and put it on the wall. He still has that paper as someone who produced a TV show called Yo Mama. I really appreciate that.

I have Deon stories for days. Yo, yo mama. That was it. That's it. That's great. Little bro.

He's now referring to Colorado State. Man, that postgame handshake will be I think Deon will dap him up because I think there ain't going to be one. You don't think so?

Really? There will be one. Because they're going to hang 80 on this team, right? And the fans are going to rush the field again, because why not?

What else do you do in Boulder? OK, they're going to be hammered and they're going to rush the field and then Deon's going to wave. They're not going to rush the field over Colorado State, brother. Do you think they will? Yeah.

Really? They're going to be 3-0, they're going to be ranked like 12. They won one game last year, Rich. One game. A party in Boulder.

Yes. I just think it'll be like a Belichick quick-dap and get out. I got under on the handshake. So, obviously Colorado State would categorize itself as an intriguing matchup.

Now, the intriguing matchups for the rest of week two presented by Subway. Hit it. High five. One, two, three, four, five. Rich's top five.

Ah, yes. Presented by Subway. Give me my theme music, please, to quote Deon Sanders.

Number five on this list. I need to see how they're following this up from Monday night. And I need to see if the Raiders can go 2-0. Could you imagine if the Raiders start 2-0? Josh Jacobs coming to town. Jimmy G. back in the AFC East. Raiders-Bills is fascinating to me.

Early window on CBS. Josh Allen says he's going to take care of the football a little bit better. Let's see. It's a short week for Buffalo. But it is a trip east from the West for the Raiders, who I believe are staying around out there.

So, it's a fascinating one for me to see. Raiders, can they go to 2-0? Which would guarantee them still having a piece of the lead of the... Well, actually, they'd have the lead. They're the only undefeated team in the AFC West right now. I can feel it. So, the Buffalo...

Thank you, Jay. Let's see how that one plays out. Number four on my list. Hey, I know the Monday night game is a big game in the AFC North. And the Browns can go to 2-0. And the Steelers need to avoid 0-2. But, man, the Ravens can go to 2-0. And the Bengals need to avoid going 0-2 also. And this one, can the Bengals just wipe that away and bury the tape and go, This is what happens when we play the Browns.

We'll eventually figure this thing out. I mean, Joe Burrow's not gonna always lose to them in Cleveland, is he? But that's for another year, because they've already lost to Cleveland. And the Ravens coming to town with their kid from the Ohio State and J.K. Dobbins now out for the year.

Let's see how this works on the road in Cincinnati. And Joe Burrow loves to torment the Ravens in the same way that the Browns love to torment him. This is an intriguing matchup for me. Number four on the list. Number three on the list of most intriguing matchups of week number two. Chiefs and Jaguars. The Jaguars, the only team from last year's Final Four of the AFC to win in week one.

And the Chiefs, we're assuming, are gonna get Kelsey back, because he is practicing. They're gonna definitely put Chris Jones out on the field. Jacksonville is feeling it. Jacksonville won in Indianapolis. The fans there are going to be out of their gourd. The last time they saw the Jaguars play was that comeback playoff win against the Chargers.

They are gonna be absolutely out for Kansas City red blood. And the Chiefs, Mahomes said it himself, they want to prove to themselves that they are who they think they are. Can't wait for this, because if the Chiefs go to 0-2, there's gonna be a code red in the national media, to say the least. And then of course Jacksonville, can they start 2-0 when everyone expects them to have a breakout season.

Number two on this list is Sunday Night Football. To a 466, Tyreek 215. That's against the Chargers out here in Los Angeles.

What happens in New England? How does Bill Belichick look at that film and try and corral that quarterback and that wide receiver? I can't wait to see that play out. Mac Jones, we saw what he did against Philadelphia. Can he do that against Miami? Well, Miami, they're not gonna... Will they do two deep safeties like they did against Justin Herbert? I imagine Vic Fangio is gonna have a totally different ball of wax in store for Mac.

Mike McDaniel versus Bill Belichick, who is yet to beat Tua Tungo by low when he starts a game against them. Cannot wait to see that Sunday night or Dolphins and Patriots because the Dolphins can go 2-0 and maybe have sole possession of the lead in the AFC East because number one on the list is Jets at Cowboys. Is it possible that this is the moment...

I'm gonna go there. Is this possible? Anything's possible. But this is the moment for Zach Wilson to drop his huggies and give us a game that we'll never forget and go against a Dallas defense that absolutely destroyed his MetLife roommate, I guess, from across the hall in Daniel Jones and just absolutely shock the world and even just forget about it, lighting it up. Just not turn it over and let the defense do its thing against Dak, or will the Dallas Cowboys bat around this young Zach Wilson like they're a Calico cat with a ball of catnip and just absolutely destroy him and play with him and toy with him and just leave both New York teams reeling and in a fetal position in back-to-back weeks to open their season and take their own Super Bowl profile and elevate it. I can't wait to see this.

Late window, Nance Romo on CBS. Those are your most intriguing matchups. Do you think we need one more? Okay. Alright, we'll get one more.

How about the one up the road? This is the battle for the NFC West. Can the Rams also shock the world? Can they come in?

Unfortunately, what did you call him before? Puka Doncic? He might not play. I mean, he's a little banged up here, but can the Rams do it again? And they're home. Stafford's playing in this one.

Brock Purdy's playing in this one. You saw what the Niners just did in Pittsburgh. And if they can start the season with a huge road win in western New York and in the eastern time zone and come out the gate 2-0 by winning on the road in division against the Rams team that's the current only other undefeated team in division. That would be a great way for the 49ers to start.

Get two games off their road schedule, two wins. And the Rams have an opportunity to just really get everyone to go, oh, okay. We see you.

We see you. So this one intrigues me right across the street from NFL Network. Those are the top five most intriguing matchups of week two presented by Subway. Subway's now slicing their meats fresh. Try a new deli hero from the Subway series and taste the difference for yourself. That is my most intriguing matchups of week two presented by Subway. We'll take a break. When we come back, I will be Zooming with one of my favorites, my friend Deion Sanders of Colorado football. That's next.

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Marvel Studios Loki season two, new episode streaming October 5th only on Disney Plus. Back here on The Rich Austin Show, back here on the Roku channel. We've just been telling Deion stories nonstop. Another one of my favorite Deion stories. Another one of my favorite Deion stories of all time was, you know, we were getting Schefter all nervous because he reported on a Thursday night in Green Bay that Al Davis was going to fire Art Shell by the end of the year and Al Davis put out this whole all caps press release saying that there's only one person who knows what's going on with the Raiders and his name is not Adam.

Called him a false rumor monger. And Adam, he was supposed to go home for his birthday and it bought him a trip to Oakland because our next game was in Oakland and we're like, dude, you just had this big breaking story. You got to come with us to Oakland.

He's like, really? But the deal was you do pregame and you go home because you were supposed to go home. So he drove separately from us. Me, Mooch, Marshall and Deion are all in a car. We're all in a car. We're going through first and Deion rolls down the window and tells the security guard. There's a guy behind us when he comes through the gate.

Tell him he's not allowed in here because he's a monger. And the woman, the woman couldn't, the woman, is Deion on right now? She didn't understand, like monger, you got to say the word to her like three times. You didn't say the word to her. And she did it and she upped her thought for a split second.

He wasn't going to be allowed in the stadium. Oh my God. That's great. Remember that prime? I thought you, I remember that.

That was a great one. I thought you were going to tell the other one that happened in Oakland. Oh, I did.

The one that said, yo mama. I just told that story 10 minutes, I told it 10 minutes ago. I told it 10 minutes ago. I told it 10 minutes ago. We're back here on the Rich Eisen Show, back on the Rich Eisen Show Radio Network. Those on Roku can see the smiling face of one of my favorite people on planet Earth, whose Colorado buffaloes at 2-0 are taking on Colorado State, Deion Sanders.

We're all paying rent in his world right now. How are you, Prime? I'm doing good, man.

A little busy, but I love busy. Okay. I know you do. I know you do. All right. This is the first order of business. Let me ask you this question because I know you were coming on the show and they're like, these are two things that he needs to promote. And I, as you know. I don't even know why they do you like that. You're family.

No, no, no, no, no. Deion, this is what I do. This is what I do professionally. And you know, I hit this on the head.

So it says here, Coach Prime Signature Sunglasses by Blender is available now for pre-order. I have to know, was this planned? And then you sped it up because Coach Norvell said what he said, or you just said, we're going to do this.

What do you got for me? I wish I was that calculated. Like this fell into the lap. Like it was already planned. Yes.

This week. Was it really? It just happened. And then now I went above and beyond and say, okay, I put on my marketing hat and say, okay, let me get the kids involved. So we gave all the guys, all the kids on the team glasses and they put them on in the meeting room and it was crazy. It was, it was hilarious, but no, it just, it just happened to fall in our lap.

Perfect time. So it was supposed to be, it was supposed to be anyway. He just, he just, he just gave me an alley-oop, man. Is that right?

So it's like, what is it Dwayne Wade behind like LeBron or Duncan, you know? I couldn't believe it. I said, you got to be kidding me. He said, what? Oh yeah. Yes.

Well, and there's also, you know, a motivational ploy that you can, you can endeavor as a coach. So who told you? Wait till you see the pregame and all that. Oh, you have no idea.

You have no idea how we high stepping with this one. So instead of hold it up, it's put it on? Is that what it is? Oh, yes. Okay. Yeah. Who told you, who told you about this quote Prime? Um, I think I saw it.

Okay. I think I saw it. I was, I was just in there and, you know, get my foot worked on watching film.

I was just watching some film and I was like, you got to be kidding me. Like what, when did he take a left? Because it was right. Like two years ago, like everything, you know, you do the whole complimentary thing, whether you mean it or not.

You know, that's what coaches do. I'll compliment you. You compliment me and we don't even know each other, but I'm saying, Hey man, you got a good program. You're doing this. You're doing that. Great. I mean, that's what coaches do. I really mean this stuff.

I really thought that he was doing a great job and I really thought he was a great guy and he just took a left on me. I don't know where it came from. Yeah.

I, I saw that yesterday and I just thought, look, I understand coaches are trying to talk up their own programs and talk up their own kids and talk up their own style, but to take a shot at yours. Um, can't do that. You know, that, that, that brings parenting in it as well. You can't, you know, like now, now my mama's feeling some type of way, you know what I'm saying? Okay. Like what you're trying to say? Yeah, I know we look different in different backgrounds, but you can't take that shot.

That's not one you want to take. Yeah. Yeah. It's not Deon Sanders here on the rich Eisen show is your two and Oh start in any way, shape or form surprising to you?

No, no whatsoever. I mean, our expectation is to be to an old, but we still feel like is me left on the bone. We didn't play up to our capability and either game like, uh, first game defensively, we were horrible.

You know, we made some big miscues and in some, some mental mistakes, um, the second game, the offensively, we were horrible in the first half defensively, we picked it up tremendously. We just want to put it all together tomorrow. We really just want to put it all together and show our best hand. And I just, you know, what doesn't surprise me at all is the way that you're doing it Deon like at all, where some coaches are afraid of filling their players heads with conversation like Heisman trophy conversations like college football playoffs, and you take the opposite approach. And I know, I know why, I just want you to throw it out there to folks.

Why do you do that? My kids are different. You know, we attract that kid, that smart, tough ass discipline with character, but that guy that has a little edge to him, that he has a little something like he has a chip on his shoulder. He wants to prove something. He, he, he's a worker.

He's a guy that don't take no for answer. So when my guys work their butts off and do everything we tell him, and, and I'm not going to hold him high in high regards and put him out there for the Heisman or whatever personal award that he wants, uh, you got to be crazy because I know what they're thinking. I probably only coach that they're set in all seats. What I mean by that is, you know, I'm the, I was the player getting recruited. I was the father of the player getting recruited. Now I'm the coach.

They're recruiting the father as well as the player. I've said it all. I know what everybody's thinking. Yeah. I mean, there's no other way to put it. How do your sons take your coaching? That's all they know. No, no other way.

She door has never played for another coach of Shiloh has when he went to South Carolina for a year or so, but that's all they know. But the problem is you wouldn't know which one was my son, the way I treat them because I don't play the favoritism. I don't play the foolishness that they get caught up in some foolishness.

I'm going bench them or do what I got to do, um, versus them as well. But my, all the kids inside this locker room knows one way it's going to be one way ain't going to be no two, several ways. It's not a rules for Travis and rules for your door and rules for this guy. And the rules for you is not, it's one rule that we've all about, but well, I mean, your kids, uh, I imagine take your coaching well, since you rank them, uh, you rank your children Dion. I mean, everybody else does, but they don't say it publicly.

Thank you Dion. I say this to Rich all the time. Like, you know, darn well, which kid is going to roll you right to the nursing home when it's like, you know, which one is going to do that is not going to come pick you up from the nursing home. You know what is going to take care of you and nurse you and make sure you straight at their home. You don't know that. I don't know why you play like you don't like everybody got a kid that they will give the credit card to and they can't do they won't everybody in the kitchens, messy, no one did it.

I don't know why you try to play like, you know, you know, which one did it right. So, but I don't throw that ranking out on Instagram. I do everything I do.

Everything in life, you're going to be judged and I'm letting them know, like I let them know right off the bat. Bucky has had a great month. He is bawling out of control. He's number one right now. Yeah. He isn't doing it.

Why? Cause he's doing, he's doing all of your, your media and stuff like that. He's taking it to a whole nother level and he's just settled into knowing who he is. He is balling. Like he is, he's taking a whole program on another level. When I'm watching ESPN and I'm seeing well off media, they getting the clips from him. Yeah. It's unbelievable. Like he's balling.

So he's the number one seed right now. But Chidor is actually balling Dion. I mean, how does that, he's supposed to, he's supposed to like, I expect from him. Okay. But then there's a chance that Chidor may leave his good old dad at the end of the season. So I can't make them one.

So how, how do you, so is that right? So is that why he's not one? Cause you think he might just, he might skip. He might skip. Yep. He may skip or hold me hostage for something extraordinary, you know, like a robot's voice, like a Phantom or something like that.

Hostage for something like that. Ah, okay. So that's why he's ranked where he's ranked. I think Shiloh had, didn't he have 10 tackles in the first game? I mean, he's leading the team in tackles. He's balling.

He's changed his whole thought process, the way he attacks practice. He is unbelievable. A baby girl.

He's consistently asking me for stuff. So she will never be one, she's round three to four. And Deondre's up in there somewhere as well. She came here and showed up last week with her own camera, man, so she could get her own footage. You know, and I looked and saw her on the timeline with her own camera, man, I'm like, you're going down.

I pointed at her just like, down, down in the rankings, down. Interesting. Maybe Susie and I need to, need to figure this out because you know, we, we've got three, as you know.

Deon. Um, and so, you know, maybe a ranking system can, this is the parenting we're looking for. You do it, but you don't do it. You do it. Susie doesn't.

You know, if all of them cry, you know which one she picking up first. You already know. Yeah. He knows. I don't know why he try to play like he don't. You know too much, Deon. You know too much. See, I don't get this when like Sabin zooms in.

You know what I mean? It's a different coach. It's a different coach.

Deon Sanders here on the Rich Eisen Show. Do you talk further down the road to your guys? I mean, cause coaches only take it one at a time. Do you not? No, no, no. I don't. It's one at a time for me.

You are? Okay. One is over. I'm on to the next.

Like by the time that last second takes off the clock, I'm on thinking to the next one. And you know, Chidor and I will meet on Sunday and we'll talk about the previous game. Then we'll put that to rest and then we'll start, you know, having the thought process of the next one. Now I know what you said. You were getting comfortable in your first press conference. And by the way, you told me, you know, off camera that people are going to have to break into national coverage for your first press conference after you win. I told you that. I told you that. You did tell me that. And once again, you had a crystal ball on that one and you said you're getting comfortable. And I know what you were referring to about that, but are you just in general comfortable? Looks like Colorado is a great fit for you, Dion.

Rich. I absolutely love it. And you know me, I'm a Southern guy with Southern swag. I would have never fathomed that I would be here in Colorado, but thank God that God chose this place for me because this is unbelievable. This is something I would have never said, you know what, I'm going to Colorado.

There's no way in the world I would have said that. But I love every minute of it, the fan base, the fan base that we're creating as well. But not only that, the support, the city, the young men that we brought inside this locker room, the coaches, everybody has been a one man and we're, we're, we're really excited and what they show us on game day and throughout the week. Like it's crazy for our kids to even go around town right now.

I mean, they're recognizable and they're getting a lot of love and I appreciate that. How do you handle that? No, what has changed for me?

No, how do you handle that for them? You're used to, no, you're used to, I mean, you're used to this. I thought you forgot for a minute that you were talking. Not bad.

No Prime, I did not forget. I encourage them in the morning messages about, you know, if you're a person that's willing to change because of the tension, that means you've never had a tension and you ain't built for this. Yeah.

And you, you built to be on a seesaw, you know how we always on a seesaw, you up and down and you're going to only go up with the weight is on you on the other side and you go down when the weight is off. So these kids understand and we just influenced them so much mentally and emotionally, it's psychologically on the trappings of life and what can possibly happen if you don't keep the main thing, the main thing, as well as their grades. And the most thing, the thing that I'm mostly proud of doing all the comings and goings of the spring where they talked about how many we got rid of, how many came in, we achieved the highest GPA in school history for the football team this spring. No kidding. That's amazing.

Congrats on that. He killed it because the kids know that I don't play about academics because I know 85% of them aren't going pro. So we focus on the academics and we focus on getting them to the next level with their degree. And do you think having cameras on all the time helps Deon, do you think so? They want, I have not met a young man that said, you know, I don't want any more followers. I never, I don't want, I don't want, I don't want them to jump in my DMS. I don't want her to jump in my DMS.

I haven't seen them yet. I'm the kind of coach that tells the truth. Like after we win, I say, now y'all know the DMS is going to be popping. You guys be careful, right? Be careful. Don't take nothing that ain't giving to you, you know? I think that's another reason, that's another reason why I think you're perfect for college.

And I'm sure you hear all the speculation, just two wins in people talking, you know, NFL might come knocking and things like that. Never do that. That's what I said. Because, and plus I know too, I've watched NFL games with you Deon for over a decade. And then when somebody makes a mistake, you you'd scream, I'd cut him on the spot. You would scream, cut him, scream when they made him.

Start with 53 and come out of the room at halftime with about 38. But you would never, that's like, you, you prefer college, right? I love college. I love the, the young men are still impressionable. They're not so financially wealthy that they can't hear you at the next level. Some of these guys make so much money, they can't hear, they can't hear, or they can't see the things that they need to see and hear. And I, I, I would have a hard time motivating a man that makes, you know, offers to 20 and then sometimes $40 million to go out there and do your job. I got a problem with that.

And what about you seeing the future here, Deon? Do you, do you think we're going to see soon a kid stay in college because he's, his name image and likeness money is in the same area code as maybe a contract in the NFL. We're talking second rounders then.

You're talking second rounders because that's not applicable to first rounders. Not yet. Not yet though.

Right? It's only that position is you've got to be a Travis Hunter or quarterback to warrant that type of attention because another position, your value with NIL name, image, and likeness. Now you may be talking about collectives.

Collectives are totally different. That's a totally game when it's a pot of money and they choose who they give it to, but name image and likeness. It's only a handful of guys in college football with that kind of notoriety that our CEO and the company would say, you know what, I want to bet on that kid. Knowing that kid is 18. He haven't been in up under the lights, up under the heat.

He hadn't failed yet publicly. That's tough to bet on a few more minutes left with Deon Sanders, Colorado head coach getting set for Colorado state, December 7th prime video is going to launch coach prime season two, a series that documents your first full season at Colorado that is coming out on December 7th. What do you think it's going to look like on December 7th prime? I want you guys to see the stuff that, you know, is really happening, that you go get to see the camera and we have so many personalities on this team that are, when I tell you they're comical, they're hilarious, they're serious.

And so many different storylines. That's crazy. Jimmy horn was supposed to come to Jackson and play for me, but he chose to go to South Florida to play his father and I, and one of my head recruiters had a tremendous relationship. His father is not incarcerated, you know, during time, but he was a great dad, you know, even before he was incarcerated and their relationship and Jimmy getting on the plane after the first victory in TCU with his dad on the cell phone from prison, you know, saying, you told me you was going to take care of him. You told me that Jimmy had over a hundred yards. Everything you guys said you was going to do for my boy.

You guys did. So now we're trying to set up the call so you can see him or hear him from prison, still trying to father his son and Jimmy trying to rescue the rest of his siblings and his mother from the inner city is so many different storylines that's intertwined in these young men trying to make a way for themselves is unbelievable. So I can't wait till you get a chance to watch this. Me too.

Cause again, I, again, you're right. I do know, I do have a good sense of what's going on there because of who you are and what you pay attention to and what you're about and who you were growing up in Fort Myers and what you're doing now and who's around you. And I don't just mean, you know, getting SAP and Irv in there, or I'm seeing the rock is in town now, you know, I mean, so, you know, I don't know if SAP, you didn't bring SAP and the rock together at the same time. SAP is going to end up coaching with us, man. I'm telling you, I'm telling you, he has a passion. He has a fire for it. He's finishing his degree at, as we speak.

I'm telling you. And he's good, man. These kids love him. They love him and they get him. They really get him. He speaks their language.

So crystal balling it, you think SAP's going to be on your staff at some point? I do. I really do. And I want him to be, I want him to be, I love that, but it's different.

It's different Richard. You know, you got guys like that. The only reason they won't go into coaching because of the time, you know, allocated, I don't need all that.

Like I know him, I know what I need. You don't, you don't need to come here and sit around all day. Come in the morning. We practice at nine. We're on the field at nine. Get those kids ready in the morning.

Work your butt off on the field, out there, watch film with them, go home. You're home by noon. I don't need you here all day. Like I don't, I'm not that type of coach.

I don't need you. Don't take all that. But that's, I think more NFL athletes that has really done it and been successful, if they had those types of schedules and understanding, they would do it. So hashtag in the morning, SAP coaching, hashtag in the afternoon, SAP fishing is what you're saying.

That actually can happen. All right. And then coach prime signature sunglass line by blenders available now for pre-order. The guys here, you know, are wondering, you know, where, where that box is though. There it is. Okay. You know what I got, I got to take care.

I got to, I got to have Sam put some in the mail, whatever snail mail, I don't care. It's all good. It's all good. You know, you know where to find me. Okay. Very kind of everywhere right now, probably, you know, me, I'm just trying to work hard.

Just trying to, just trying to live in your world right now. Um, last one for you. Are you already envisioning what the post game handshake with coach Norvell is going to be like? I don't hold grudges, man. I'm polite.

I don't, I don't hold stuff like that. I never have a problem with people. People have problems with me. I don't have problems with people. I really, I really don't.

I want everyone to be successful and to dominate their moment, man. I would never say nothing about this gentleman. I don't know him, you know, but you know, I respond when you come at me, I got to respond and you know, Rich, let me add this. People thought because I was, had a little flash in plan born, it was Fort Myers that I talked the game when I played, I never talked to my opponents. I never talked down on my opponents. I never naysayed anyone.

So that's a huge misconception. I talked about me, what I would particularly do, but not downing anyone. I never spiked the ball in no one's face. I never be little anyone, or, you know, I don't move like that, man.

So I'm going to start here to move like that. And that gentleman should have did his homework. You know, my first sports illustrated cover I had on hat in shades, you think I'm gonna change now?

And that was 89. When will they learn prime though? You've been on camera for like 40 years and you've got to understand some people they change because they think that's going to promote them and uplift them and empower them. And they, they fall prey to what others think about them. I don't care. I am who I am and unapologetically who I am. So in my, my desire is to please the Lord, not to please a man. So I'm good with who I am. I really am.

So I think he get caught up into what, how he thinks people want to see him. We totally different dudes, man. Love you. Love you.

Love you back, man. So excited. Are the dogs still alive? Yes, they are. I mean, they've had a good run. Rich, they had a good run.

I had to ask them. No, no, no. Hudson, Hudson, the one that you're referring to, he passed a few years ago. We have two more. We have two more.

We have two more. And yes. Watch this. And yes, and yes, Dion, I still act the same way around dogs in airports to this day. Did you kiss a dog in his mouth in the airport? I don't kiss dogs in the mouth in the airport, Dion.

Rich, you were tonguing a dog in the airport. We had to break you guys up. Like just like.

Break you up. I am who I am too, Prime. Okay?

You know? You are. You are. And you owe it to me, my humble host. Right back at you, Prime. Take care of yourself. I'll see you Saturday night and beyond. You be well. Good luck, Coach.

And one and only Dion Sanders, right here on the Rich Eisen Show. His signature sunglass lined by Blender is available now for pre-order and I told you when you find out it was in. Already planned.

Planned for this week. And I'm sure his first thing was like, what is this guy saying? And then his second thought was, oh, this is perfect. Oh, great. Here we go. Oh. Here we go. Thank you, Coach Norvell. What a perfect way.

It's called organic, isn't it? Wow. We'll take a break. Eight four four two oh four rich number to dial here on the Rich. Oh, yeah. You got to send this to Prime.

They're not blue blockers. I'm sure that's his response. It could be information to change your life forever. Or the Something You Should Know podcast could just be something interesting. My guest is Kim Zuckman.

She is author of the book There's No Cream and Cream Soda. I don't think I've ever really known the story of why they're called hot dogs. There is so many legends about the name of the hot dog. When the Germans immigrants came over and they brought all their sausages, they also brought their dachshunds.

It really is because they kind of look like dachshunds. Something you should know wherever you listen. Hey, it's Rich Eisen. You want an exciting and fast paced podcast based on one of the most popular segments in the history of The Rich Eisen Show? Well, you got it. Over Reaction Monday, hosted by me, Rich Eisen, and my compadre, Chris Brockman.

And every Monday, we're going to dive into the headlines from pro and college football and overreact. Are you ready, Chris Brockman? Yay or nay?

Yes, Rich. No holding back, buddy. I'm coming for you. Absolutely what you need to hear. Over Reaction Monday, every single Wait For It Monday, wherever you listen. There's somebody on Twitter and it could be Bob, at real underscore Bob Costas. Then you read the Twitter bio and you begin to think something could be up. How are you, Bob?

I'm good, Rich. Late last night and then again this morning when I woke up, dozens of texts, some claiming it must be real, some saying this can't be true. And one said, this is the best indication that hell has frozen over since the old four Red Sox or the 2016 Cubs, but I am here to assure you and everybody else that the fires of hell are still very much blazing because I am absolutely not on Twitter.

They have taken the bogus account down and I began thinking, you know, what would actually, what would I have to do before I ever deigned to be on Twitter? What, like binge watch the Real Housewives of Orange County? Make a return trip to Sochi just for the nostalgia of a pink eye episode? Star in a suit full to basketball?

Or just for you, just for you, Rich. Yes, Bob. Make a special trip to the NFL combo. All those things will happen before I'm ever on Twitter. Okay, so this is the real Bob Costas. We can confirm that now. Twitter needs that. Oh my gosh.

Your son tweeted it out that this is not you. When I saw the first screen grab that Keith sent to me, one tip off should be, look, I'm a reasonably humble and self-effacing guy, but would I knowingly shortchange myself seven Emmys? You guys wouldn't even get the number of Emmys right. Exactly. I said that.

I said 21 seems a little high. You got to pull a scam, get your ducks in a row. Oh my gosh. That was brilliant. That was three years ago, and it's good to have Bob back on the program on the Rich Ison Show radio network at the Rich Ison Show desk furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry. Grainger is the right product for you.

Call or just stop by. How lucky am I that we Zoomed with Deon, and now I've got Bob Costas back on the program a day after he was on. How are you, Bob?

Good to chat? I'm good, but I'm here to do a mea culpa, but I'm glad you played that thing from three years ago and other things that have happened since then, because it establishes, for those who aren't in the know, kind of what our on-air relationship is, and especially where it surrounds the NFL. Well, once I was fully immersed, and it was certainly my honor to host those Super Bowls and work with the people I worked with and be involved in all those great games, but it's kind of our own inside joke that I'm not as up to speed on the NFL as I used to be. And yesterday, your producer texts me and says, we need you to go on with Rich for a bit, but I don't know what it is. I have no idea what you're talking to me about. And you spring on me that you underrated the Lions and put them too low on your overall ratings at the beginning of the season. So in keeping with that, I say, what?

Are Alex Karas and Nick Pietrosani hurt? But apparently some people who aren't in on the joke think I was dissing the Lions or whatever it might be. Then you referred to a text that I sent you on Monday night when the Jets went to overtime against the Bills. And that was before anything had happened, before the Bills went three and out and punted, and the Jets returned the punt for the winning touchdown. So I said, here we go, stupid rule again, because you and I have been talking about that before. But apparently you can't expect people to be up to date on everything, to have read the whole syllabus.

You can't expect that. So some people are thinking, well, doesn't he know that they changed the rule this year going into the playoffs? In the playoffs, if the team scores first, this includes a Super Bowl, if the team scores first on the first possession, rather, on a touchdown, then the other team is guaranteed a possession.

So they've changed that. But in the regular season, it remains if the team scores a touchdown on the first possession, the game is over. So that remains, that remains a stupid and unfair rule. I was not saying, I was not saying that the way that game ended was unfair. The way that game ended was fair, because that's the way the circumstances played out.

The Bills had the ball, they couldn't move it, they punted, the Jets returned the punt for a touchdown. If every game played out that way, then each team would have had the ball once, and they would have had an equal chance. The problem with the rule in the abstract, not in the way it happens to play out in any given game, the problem with the rule in the abstract, especially in the postseason, was that it was so random. That you had games like the Falcons and the Patriots in the Super Bowl several years ago, where the Patriots won the flip, they scored a touchdown, the Falcons in the Super Bowl never touched the ball. Matt Ryan, the Urie was the MVP, never touched the ball. And I first talked about that on NBC, the opener, the Super Bowl champion being the Patriots in September of 17 following that Super Bowl. They get to host the Super Bowl, the game's on NBC, and I did a commentary about how taking nothing away from the Patriots and none of the blame away from the Falcons for blowing the game with that strategy, still that rule is unfair.

And until they changed the rule going into the 23 season, it very nearly could have happened again because the Bengals and Rams, two Super Bowls ago, came very close to going to overtime with that same rule in place. So that's what we were kind of joking about. That's why I sent you the text, because it's an ongoing thing, just like me someday visiting the combine to talk the hell out of you. That's the tone of it.

But some people apparently weren't aware that I've been all over this. In fact, the NFL has moved closer to doing what I've editorialized both on NBC, on HBO, and on your program, making the overtime rules make greater sense. They're closer.

They're not fully there yet, but they're closer. So you're saying you're making overtime great again, your MAGA. In the postseason, they should play a timed period.

Yes. In the regular season, every team is guaranteed at least one possession, even if the first possession results in a touchdown. And after that, if it's still tied, still scoreless in overtime, then you're playing in effect sudden death. But in the postseason, they should play probably a 10-minute timed period, reason being that with the present overtime rules, you're taking one of the essential elements, both of strategy and of theater, out of the NFL, or out of football itself, which is the race against the clock. That's clock management. That plays no role in overtime under the present rules.

I'm okay with that in the regular season, but not in the postseason where you should have drama and theater, as well as strategic fairness. So there you go. I'm glad that we have cleared all that up, and I think it's apparent that I made the mistake to even just reach out to you for my power rankings, Bob. You know? Like, I just needed that help for my power rankings, and I apologize that I roped you into all this sort of stuff.

I will say this, as I happily concede, I am not up to date on a number of these issues. Hold on a second, and here's my clock management as the radio audience is about to go away, and what we call in the business a hard out, said the entertainer coming up on hour three. We now have another minute and a half of runway on Roku. How's that clock management right there, Bob? How's that right there? Cedric the entertainer, one of my homies from St. Louis. That's right.

Fent. I think he's here in the back right now. He might actually be hearing that from you. I like that.

Tell him I'll meet him at Blueberry Hill for a burger next time we're both in town. Fantastic. Amazing. Thanks for the call, Bob. I appreciate it. I see it.

You're truly the best. There you go. Bob Costas, everybody. That's the errors and omissions event of our program. I like us having, like, Stat Boy used to do the correction at the end of PTI.

Except his blood vessels. Hold on a second. Right. Hold on a minute. Except Tony Riali, like, I'm also from Staten Island. We have something in common there in the same way that Ced and Bob are from St. Louis. That's his homie. There you go.

What is connective tissue? That's what we do here. How fun is this today? This show is going literally like it started five seconds ago.

It really is. Can we get an extra hour? And phone lines are lit. So here's how we're rolling. Into the break. We're gonna come back.

We got some phone calls. Chris Brockman with What's More Likely. Oh, man. It's a good one today. Cedric the Entertainer. During What's More Likely and Cedric the Entertainer, where we might learn about what Aaron Rodgers is thinking about playing football again. And we'll have that as we go out the door for a very busy week two in the NFL and then week three for Deion Sanders' Colorado Buffaloes and the rest of college football. Fun stuff. That's how we're rolling here on this Rich Ozzenshow edition on Big Girl Conversations where we are going super deep to bring you weekly guests that you won't find anywhere else. It is What the Football with Suzy Schuster and Amy Trask wherever you listen.
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