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Sherrone Moore: Minnesota Vikings are a great fit for JJ McCarthy

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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April 26, 2024 3:49 pm

Sherrone Moore: Minnesota Vikings are a great fit for JJ McCarthy

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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April 26, 2024 3:49 pm

Rich lists his top 5 steals from the 1st round of the 2024 NFL Draft.

Michigan Head Football Coach Sherrone Moore tells Rich why JJ McCarthy and the Minnesota Vikings are a great match, if Jim Harbaugh and the Chargers were right to go OL over WR with the 5th overall pick in the NFL Draft, and why his Wolverines’ will still be out to prove their doubters wrong this fall.

Rich reveals to the guys his top 3 favorite moments from the 1st round of the NFL Draft.

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Let's get started. This is the Rich Eisen Show. The Chicago Bears select live from the NFL Draft in Detroit.

It's the Rich Eisen Show. The 2024 NFL Draft is now underway. Earlier on the show, NFL Network insider Ian Rappaport, ESPN NFL analyst Dan Orlovsky, Fox Sports college football analyst and NFL Network draft analyst Joel Platt, Detroit Lions defensive end Aiden Hutchinson. Coming up, Michigan head coach Jerome Moore.

And now, it's Rich Eisen. It is the third and final hour of our third and final day of the Rich Eisen Show Draft Week special live from Detroit at the Total by Verizon Studio. The draft is all about getting a contract, but when it comes to your wireless plan, take advantage of no long-term contracts with Total by Verizon. It's the power of Verizon, price to win.

Find your local Total by Verizon store or switch at today. What a fun show that we've had unpacking what we saw last night in the first night of the first ever draft in the city of Detroit, getting ready for night number two, rounds two and three. I'll be back on NFL Network at 7 Eastern Time. It's basically the Truman Show. I'm on television more than I am asleep over these last day and the next two days.

These are factual. I love being right here on the Roku channel and you listening to us on this Rich Eisen Show, terrestrial radio affiliates. Smart enough to have a Sirius XM Odyssey, our podcast and more.

We're greatly appreciative of your viewership and your listenership. Jerome Moore, the head coach of the University of Michigan is going to join us. And if you missed the first two hours where we just went all in discussing the Michael Penix Jr. eighth overall selection by the Atlanta Falcons and then six quarterbacks going in the top 12 and so much to talk about for the this draft. We had Ian Rappaport of NFL Network here, Dan Orlovsky of ESPN and Joel Klatt of NFL Network and Fox Sports and Aiden Hutchinson just left here. If you missed any of it, we rear on the Roku channel as soon as we are done.

Chris Brockman and TJ Jefferson hanging with me waiting for my head coach of the University of Michigan, Sharon Moore to join us right here on the program. What up, though? As you said, there were two hundred and seventy five thousand individuals who say such things here last night. That's what's up in in the Cadillac Square. And I guess they were also including some of the people on the periphery. And if you included other parts of Detroit where there were draft gatherings, the city of Detroit's police department said over four hundred thousand people were out and about last night.

I believe that's for the draft. We were out walking around and it was incredible. Jersey's Honolulu blew everywhere.

No incidents. Everyone's been so nice. Detroit has been so incredible. And it was quite a scene, man.

Some of the high up images that you're seeing on on social media. Unbelievable today. It's just so awesome. And if I said this on the air last night, if I could choose with all due respect to all the other 12 people that were in the green room last night and thankfully for all 13 of those individuals, they all got drafted last night. There was nobody left in that green room once. Who was the last one? Darius Robinson of Missouri, one of our friend of the show. When he was when he was drafted last night by the Arizona Cardinals, 27th overall, that that cleaned out the green room.

So that's all done for for tonight. But I said, with all due respect to the other 12, if I could have chosen a member of that green room to be the one that the Detroit Lions drafted allowing him to light up that draft hall with his presence and his essence and his personality, I would have chosen the one who they drafted in Terry Arnold. He was great.

He was great. He came out and he just owned the stage and he took the microphone from Kaylee Hartung. Don't ever get up the mic.

You're not supposed to do that. Kaylee's a pro. She she knows. No, but she also understood that him grabbing the microphone might lead to what he ended up doing, which is turning around and address. And instead of answering her question in the one on one to her, he turned around and addressed the crowd. And the place went nuts. I know we showed that to to to that crowd going crazy to Aiden Hutchinson last hour. I had mentioned I had mentioned it was when Terry and Arnold was announced. I think it's when he's hit the stage. And this was that moment. We should we should hit it right here again, if you don't mind.

I'm getting goosebumps. And I mentioned I had mentioned because, you know, our terrific crew, NFL Network crew, honstered by Charlie Hook and Mark Tidelman, the famed T-man in the in the producer's chair. They queued up that moment again where he took the microphone from Kaylee Hartung. And I said, that's the first interception of his pro career. And then he literally turned around and then he turned around and he took it to the house.

He addressed two hundred and seventy five thousand people like, what up, do you know? And it really was outstanding. And that was a great moment.

Great moment. And because of the quarterbacks and all the tackles that went, you know, he could have been early teens pick, but they got pushed down because of all the other players that went ahead of him. So the Lions got such great value. And in that, for him in that spot, you have led me sir to my top five round draft steals presented by Applebee's. I've got a top five to kick off our three of day three here in Detroit. High five. One, two, three, four, five. Richest top five. All right.

You ready for it, gentlemen? Top five first round steals presented by Applebee's and number five on this list is wide receiver number six that got drafted last night. The seven wide receivers in the first round, by the way, ties the record from 2004. But I'm going with wide receiver number six taken out of the University of Florida. The forty niners drafted Ricky Pearsall.

Now, I'm just going to say this. Could Xavier LeGette being drafted after him by Carolina be the best steal of the first round of the wide receiver draft? Sure. Why not? You could go Brian Thomas Jr., who is drafted by Jacksonville. That could be a nice draft steal. I'm just going with this guy. Couple reasons.

First of all, the tape doesn't lie. Secondly, this guy being drafted, everybody in the media thinks it's because they're getting ready to trade Brandon Aiyuk. And as the head coach, Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch hit their post draft press conference last night, Kyle Shanahan shared with the media that he got a text from Brandon Aiyuk that basically said, not going to lie, fire pick.

Oh, that's what he said. And also, amongst much of the competition I'm battling with for eyeballs and ear gates on a draft night, the folks at B.R. Gridiron did a live stream coverage of their draft, the draft.

C.J. Stroud was on that. And he was saying I wanted him and was talking about how great this guy is. And he was even lamenting how did he wind up on their radar screen? It's just kind of like, well, C.J., everybody's got a radar screen.

This is the National Football League. Everybody's got a radar screen and he's on it. Yeah, everyone's saying one of the best route runners in this draft. He was legitimately not happy that his Texans did not get him. So I'll put him on the list at number five. Number four, there were tons of offensive linemen taken. As a matter of fact, eight offensive linemen taken in the first round last night ties a record from 2008. I'm going to go with the offensive linemen that was taken, I think, sixth overall from the offensive linemen group. I'm going to go with Washington's Troy Fotonu. And I just think the Steelers got themselves a great draft steal at 20th overall, leaving the combine and watching this kid work out with Daniel Jeremiah and Sean O'Hara was down on the turf and so was Taylor Lewan. He was on the turf. They were talking about how he might be the best tackle period.

And I understand that Joe Walt was out there and they were talking about how good he can move and how terrific he is. And anybody that roots for Washington will tell you he might just be a fan favorite. And not many fan favorites play offensive line. And so he's went 20th overall. I dig that pick and Mike Tomlin was smiling and clapping and why not? I mean, he is a terrific pick for that offensive line. Number three in the top five first round draft steals. I am going with, why not, another Philadelphia Eagle draft steal. And I couldn't believe, I could not believe that Quinon Mitchell was still available for the Philadelphia Eagles to take and they had him 22nd overall. And Daniel Jeremiah was here on Thursday and he wasn't the only one saying that Howie Roseman was trying to trade up for tackle or trade up for a defensive back. And we were watching him slip down. And the fact again, that he was available is 100% due to the fact that six quarterbacks got taken in the first 12 picks of this draft. And it just stuffed so many top defensive players down the draft board. And Quinon Mitchell out of Toledo was a terrific pick and another aspect of the competition that I'm battling with for eyeballs and eardrums. To my left on the ABC set, Nick Saban was on that set on the ABC coverage. And he said they were hoping and trying to get Quinon Mitchell in the transfer portal from Toledo thinking he would just have to leave Toledo to go to. Yeah, he was tampering, I admit it to him. He basically said, no, he was saying they were hoping to see him in the transfer portal and he never entered. Oh, interesting. Okay.

Never got in it. So when you hear that 22nd overall, and if somebody knows about, you know, uh, defensive backs, it's kind of Nick Saban. Number two, I wanted him, I wanted him wearing green and I understand the Jets wanted to go protect Aaron Rodgers rather than give him a very talented tight end, but the Las Vegas Raiders getting Brock, Brock Bowers at 13, if this kid didn't hurt his ankle in his final year in Georgia, I, I think he might've gone to, might've gone to the charges at five. I really think so because, you know, I know that their offensive linemen are considered weapons there as Jim Harbaugh said in the postgame press, uh, postgame in the post draft press conference on Thursday night.

I mean, Brock Bowers is on the line. He's kind of an in-line guy and he can catch, he is just a big time player. He's a blue chipper and the Raiders got him 13th overall. I wanted him at 10th overall. So of course I'm going to consider this a draft steal that they got him at 13th overall.

And it's going to be interesting here. Um, you know, uh, they're going to go too tight end. Michael Mayer had a terrific season last year for Notre Dame.

So they're probably going to too tight end school there. Um, in Vegas, number one is, um, the guy who we had here on Wednesday and the guy that electrified the crowd last night, I am going to carry on as the biggest first round draft steal. And I am going to say the 24th overall pick is going to have a stupendous career here in Detroit. And Aiden Hutchinson said it just moments ago on this program, he's going to fit right in. He is electric. He's got a personality. He's got a game to match. Uh, I'll just say this as well on the, uh, car drive back into the hotel from the draft set.

Daniel Jeremiah told me that he had an, uh, a chat with Arnold a week ago and Arnold told him that he thought he could be a top draft choice in the NBA draft as well. And DJ is like, okay, listen, I think you're great at cornerback. I didn't know you got confidence, but I don't know about that. And he's like, Oh yes, I could. Like I've got that afterwards. Confidence guy has got, he's got the roofers confidence, right?

Well, Edwards of the Timberwolves believes he can do any and everything. Exactly. So there you have it. That's Terry on Arnold, like top five round first round draft steel presented by Apple. Do you think we need one more? Oh, that's still two folks charming in from spot and dimes.

Like I got one more and this one's for me. You bet. He's addressed steel. And I think everybody's going to find out if you don't think he's deserving of being a top 10 pick in this NFL draft. I know the giants must have seen him. They kicked the tires on him. They worked him out twice.

They made him throw on Easter. I get it. You didn't take him sixth overall, but everybody's going to see JJ McCarthy 10th overall in this draft in Detroit is 100% a draft steel. I don't know even know what truck just pulled up behind me with whatever's on the, on the side, but it's amazing blueprint right there. I love it. Right. That's some TJ plus in that truck, but I'll just tell you this, I'll just tell you this, forget about the truck.

Now that I know what it's for. Hey, listen, JJ McCarthy 10th overall, the Minnesota Vikings got themselves a winner and a quarterback that might just be the best winner in this draft. I cannot wait to see him twice a year against Caleb Williams and twice a year against Jordan love and twice a year against Jared Goff. And yet even Aidan Hutchinson talk about your draft steals. JJ McCarthy sitting there at 10, the Minnesota Vikings move up one spot and they got themselves their quarterback.

You bet. He's a draft day steel presented by right here. Applebee's that was my top five again, presented by Applebee's the official grill and bar of the national football league celebrate the NFL draft with 20 free boneless wings with any $40 online purchase now through Saturday, April 27th.

It's the start of a delicious partnership between Applebee's and the national football league. Let's take a break right here on the rich eyes and show you who's going to be here. When we come back, he is the head coach of the university of Michigan football program. He is Sharon Moore on a ton of kids that he coached over the last couple of years. We could be hearing their names tonight right here in Detroit.

We're back here on the rich eyes and show in a matter of moments, Sharon Moore, the head coach of the Michigan Wolverine football program in studio. Hey, it's Kaylee Cuoco for Priceline. Ready to go to your happy place for a happy price?

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Call click or just stop by the head coach of university of Michigan football. Sharon Moore is here on the program in that chair just a couple of days ago was JJ McCarthy. He's now a member of the Minnesota Vikings. Did you speak with him last night? Yeah. Was that his, what is that? Was that his draft party? Uh, knew that's where he wanted to go. That's where his heart was.

So, so excited for him and excited for a future. So were they tire kicking on him from, from jump? Were they calling you up? Yeah. I mean, uh, you know, coach O'Connell and Quasi, they were all there.

They had a day, they spent the whole day with them, you know, watching film, working out, doing different things. And it's been a long process to see it happen, but I knew that's where he wanted to go. And he wanted to go there because why? I mean the weapons that they have on offense to offensive line, who she was obviously JJ throwing to JJ now and uh, you know, Aaron Jones being there at running back and knew they were stocked and coach O'Connell such a great job developing quarterback.

So he was so excited for him and you know, JJ, you know, he fell in love with that and kind of knew he wanted to go there from the start. Josh McCown also is the quarterback coach there. It does appear to be an outstanding setup.

What you're looking for when you're being drafted in the NFL at a top 10 position. Yeah. Super great fit for him from a cultural standpoint, from the people, the fans, just the energy. It seems like that comes from that place.

I think he'll, he'll do very well. And you know, again, he was in this chair and I'm wondering if you wouldn't mind telling me, um, from your perspective, since he told the story involving you from this chair the other day about, um, the Penn State game, you were the head coach and you found out you were the head coach the day before, if not confirmed the morning of, right? Like that, that is what it happened 90, 90 minutes before the game. It was confirmed you were coaching. Yup.

So you are now, uh, in a crucial spot to say the least. Yeah. And you run the ball 32 straight times and he said he came up to you afterwards and asked, do you not believe in me? Was that the case? Yeah.

Yeah. It was the next day and uh, we're in the office and he asked me, you know, he asked me that question. I said, no, it's, I just felt like that's what we needed to do to win at that time and wanted to protect you and the rhythm of the game and all that. And you know, I think we came out the next couple of games and answered, you know, if there was a belief between me and him and I've always believed in JJ and every sense of the word and every game and just felt like at that moment in that atmosphere, in that stage, that's what we needed to do to win the game.

And how did he take that? Do you think he was, I mean, he's the ultimate competitor. So I think ultimately he wanted to, you know, throw the ball more in that game. But I think at the end of the day for him, his number one thing is he wanted to win and to watch him that day, that week in practice. And that, you know, just the rest of the year to become who he was and how he led our team was super impressive and just spoke to his character as a player.

Well, I mean, Chop Robinson, who was a problem in that game, wound up being the 21st overall pick in the draft last night for a reason. But what about you? You're the interim head coach, for the lack of a better phrase, on game day. He's coming up to you. You've got two more games left.

Ohio State's right around the corner. And he's asking you if you have belief in him. How do you as a coach handle a moment like that? I mean, you just got to continue to believe in the process of what we're doing. And, you know, my ultimate goal was to try to help us win every game.

And that's all I was going to try to do. And I was saying this also before he even was talking about, he said it was a tough pill to swallow to have to focus on a Harbaugh run-centric concept to win. I never really heard him talk about that.

And for a 20-year-old to have the ability to swallow that pride or not want to pound a chest publicly, I think speaks volumes about him as well. But was that an issue, do you think, behind the scenes? Were you sensing that as a coach involving him? No, I think the best thing about it is we always talk about any issues we have.

We always talk about them, confront them and address them and get over them after that. And, you know, he came up to me that day, you know, after that game and asked me that question and I explained it to him. And, I mean, we literally went the next day and it was, we were golden. And, you know, obviously in the biggest moments of the year, you go back to the, you go back to the Rose Bowl. I mean, that last drive we're down 20 to 13 and we threw the ball to win the game or to tie the game. So he knew that deep down inside we believed in him and I believed him. And, you know, ultimately when it really mattered, he made some huge plays for us.

He did. Blake Coram being one who was on the receiving end of a play. Roman Wilson being on the receiving end of a play. And they are available to be drafted tonight.

Yep. Is Jim Harbaugh interested in any of these guys, do you think? I mean, I think he always is. I think he loves our, loves the program, loves what he developed as a head coach there. But we'll see. I mean, ultimately he has needs for his program and his organization.

So we'll see what happens. Does he have, he doesn't call you like a normal coach in the NFL might call somebody who's the current college edge coach. No, we just talk whenever we talk. It's just straight communication of, I mean, it could be anything. So when the idea is things that, you know, we're doing things that he's doing, different things that, you know, we can change, we can evolve, but now the conversations are way different than any other head coach in the NFL. Of course.

I imagine it must be. I want to get your reaction to what Jim said last night. I don't know if you saw this soundbite, but this is after they drafted Joe Ault, fifth overall. And this is, you know, Keenan Allen no longer on the team. He's in Chicago and Mike Williams is now in New York and there was Malik Nabors on the board, Roma Dunze on the board.

And obviously you guys would know how good Roma Dunze is firsthand. They go offensive line. And this was his answer to a question about not getting offensive weapons for Justin Herbert. Decisions and it was like I alluded to earlier.

I mean, it was all the work that went in you know, the player that was on the top of our board, nobody was, nobody rated higher than Joe Ault, the player when it came to our selection that we picked. And you know, I know the question is going to come up and you're gonna say like, you know, what about a, what about a weapon? What about a offensive lineman? We look at his weapons.

That group, when we talk about attacking and we talk about attacking on offense, offensive line is the tip of the spear. Sound familiar to you? Oh yeah. Very familiar.

Does he talk like that behind the scenes? A hundred percent, a hundred percent. And you're the foundation of who you are as a program is really built on your offensive line, not just on the field, but off the field, how they carry themselves, what they do, how they act. And you know, when I took over the offensive line at Michigan, the first thing I said is like, if we want to win a championship, that that room has to run the team. And you know, coach fully believed in that and embraced that. And that's, you know, all his coaching career.

You can go back to Stanford, San Diego, the Niners, you know, even when he was playing, he's talked about that. Like the old line has to be a huge part of what you do. And if you want to win, that group's got to be strong.

How do receivers actually work in? And I'm asking that on behalf of Charger fans right now. Yeah. I mean, they're important.

I think everybody has their, their piece, but if you don't have great offensive linemen, those receivers won't get the ball. So, and I think he understands to build a team structurally strong. It's just like building a house. You got to have that foundation.

It's all built from the bottom. And those guys are going to, you know, he's going to build them right. He's going to build that program, that organization right. And they're going to be strong and physical. Sharon Moore, Michigan head coach here on the Rich Eisen show.

So pound the table. Who about guys that you think we're going to hear tonight here in Detroit, Michigan? You know, I'm biased about all our guys, but you know, I don't imagine that, you know, you don't see Roman Wilson, you don't see Chris Jenkins, you don't see Blake Coram, Zach Zinner, Junior Colson, Mikey Sanders, still those guys. I know those guys are probably in the group of guys that'll get drafted today and excited for everybody excited for that whole class, that whole group.

But you know, for sure you'll, you'll hear those guys' names. And we just had Aiden Hutchinson here as well and what he means to the, to this entire city right now. And, and what the program has become and obviously being a national champion. San Resto, we had him on the show a couple of weeks ago as well. What did he bring to the equation from every standpoint that, you know, you might find a little difficult to, to backfill now that he's gone?

Yeah. I mean, I think what he brought is he filled another void, you know, when Aiden left, Aiden really started the change in the course of, as from a leadership standpoint and player led program. And he really taught him and Mr. Ross and Andrew Stardis and Hassan Haskins started a, you know, the leadership from within. And, you know, Mikey watched those guys.

He tried to emulate them and surpass them and so did Blake. So what Mikey is going to bring is, you know, and what he, you know, what we're losing with Mikey is that player leadership. But, you know, I think our guys that are there have watched how he did it and they're going to try to do the same thing. And Mikey is going to bring in whatever program he goes to. He's going to be tough. He's going to be physical. He's going to be smart. He's going to be dependable and he's going to be a leader in any way possible that he can.

And Blake Coram, when did he first show up on, on your radar screen or anything like that? I mean, I think it was like the first workout or first camp we had. I mean, the dude's just incredible player. I mean, we had to tell him to stop coming in so late and doing extra.

What do you mean? He would be in the, in the building after hours doing extra work and be like, bro, you're going to wear yourself out. And he just didn't know anything but hard work. And that's, that's who the guy is. He's a, he's a, you know, ridiculous worker, tough.

And he's a great leader. All right. I got your own more few minutes left with the University of Michigan head coach. Cause you're going to the Tigers Royals game, right?

Yeah. We're going to the game, taking the team. And first pitch, you're going to, you're going to get on the bump. I'm, I'm going to delegate that duty to two of our players, Will Johnson and Alex Orgy. We'll throw out the first pitch.

Okay. Simultaneously, I mean, I don't know how that works. I think so.

I think two catches go out there. I know a couple other guys did it the other day. I actually was Mikey and Jalen Harrell.

So it'd be cool to watch those guys do it. Did you never play baseball? I did. I was never a pitcher. I was a catcher first base and occasionally center field. Cause I was long, but never a pitcher.

But a catcher has to throw the ball back. You do. You do. You just don't want any piece of this thing.

I don't blame you. You can become YouTube famous. That's right. Very fast. Very, you know. Okay.

So leave it up to the kids as you're doing that. And so the future now, who's going to be your quarterback? Do you think this fall? Yeah, we'll see.

Figure that out in fall camp, but excited about all our candidates. So you are in a full on competition for the game right now? Yep. Okay. And what do you, what are you looking for? What do you think is going to cause you to make your decision?

Someone that can operate the offense at full throttle, no limitations and you know, be dependable and help us go win games. And you have any sense right now? You lean at this point in time? Not really a sense that, you know, you'll, you'll see and, and we'll figure it out in fall camp I think. Okay.

And, and then in terms of the expectation level, the sense in the national media of which I am a part, but I do not ascribe to what I'm about to say. Back off guys. I already, I already sensed your judgment is that Michigan is, that was a nice run that we've had. Nice run, nice, nice championship you had there, but everybody's gone. Jim is now in the, in the pros and that's personally, I think disrespectful to you, but I will just say that Michigan's not going to have any shot at winning the big 10, let alone doing again, what they did last year.

How do you respond to that Jerome Moore? You know, I think our goals are always going to be the same to be our rivals, win the big 10 and go compete for national title every year. So we're not going to let those goals go to the wayside because people have left, you know, Michigan is always going to be Michigan and we're going to go compete at the highest level and we're going to do it our way.

And you know, people are going to say what they want to say and we're just going to, we're going to sit back and work, keep our head down and work. Are you going to use this? What I just said, you're going to use it? Probably. Yeah. Okay.

Have you already used it? No. Okay. But the players know. The players definitely. I mean, they're the ones who were, you know, as soon as, as soon as you got off the plane in Penn State, we had Chris Jenkins on the other day. I'm like, how, how quiet, how, how fast did you tweet out the word bet? And he was the first one. He said he was the first one at dinner. I was sitting right by him.

What do you mean? They were, they were all sitting at dinner and he just said, he said, I'm going to tweet bet. And he started, he put it out then the rest of them did, JJ did.

And all of a sudden Tom Brady and Derek Jeter did it. So I was like, wow, that word travels fast. So you were sitting at the, at the, at the dinner table with him? Yeah. Yep. Did you say don't do that? Cause. No.

You just sat back and you're like, let them go. Yeah. And I guess that's the player led program that you're talking about.

Yep. Coach, thanks again for everything greatly. Appreciate it. I have my, I'll bring it up. I have my phone case right here.

Coach. It's a beautiful case. It is.

Well, it was even more beautiful. Hold on. There it is right there.

Michigan beat everybody. I had JJ McCarthy sign it the other day. Yeah. Can you see it coach? Can you see it? It's on there. No, it's not because you go ahead.

You can tell him, go ahead. So, you know, we're like, rich, look, you gotta, you can't use that case anymore. Or you gotta put like some tape or a laminate over it or something. Cause it's going to smudge.

It's going to rub off and it's going to be gone forever. No, no, no, no. It's fine. I got it. It's now gone. And now you see half an hour.

That thing lasted coach. So rich was like, well, I couldn't leave my phone uncovered. I'm like, you get another phone.

You can't get another JJ autograph. Well, I'm about to ask for this to be done. If you don't mind last for 20 minutes, I'm going to actually follow your advice this time. Fool me once. Right. Okay, great. Yeah.

All right. So now I've got the head coach at the university of Michigan. Now we're signing the Michigan beat everybody phone protector. And I am now going to have my phone thoroughly unprotected for rounds two through seven of the NFL draft. I think that's fine.

Thank you very much. There it is. Okay.

Now you've got insurance. There it is. There's your winner.

Sharon Moore. I appreciate you, you know, making that great. That's great.

Now JJ who? Well, hold on a minute. All right, now I'm going to take this thing off.

I'll do that in a commercial. Enjoy the tiger. Thank you.

Appreciate it. Head coach of the university of Michigan Sharon Moore right here on the Rich Eisen show. We will wrap up our week long residency here in Detroit at the draft in a moment.

Our house is a mess. Come on in. I'm Amber Whalen, internet comedian and host of your new favorite podcast fly on the water. That's pretty presumptuous to assume that this is going to be their favorite podcast by the way. Anyway, that wasp that you just heard interrupt me is my husband and cohost Benjamin Wallin. Listen in as we discuss relationships and keeping our sweet baby kid alive. Fly on the wall and wherever you listen. Back on the Rich Eisen show network.

It's funny on the Roku channel. For those who are listening, we will do something that's more visual than not because again, I know we don't want to leave you folks who are listening in out, but it's just the first time all day. I realized that Brockman's been wearing a leather jacket this entire show. I mean, I'm wearing, I am wearing a local shirt that I got. Okay, great. Motor city bad boys. Very good.

And I got a pin the other day that says I have people in Detroit. Well, we've had, we've had a great, I like it. We've had a great week with everybody here and with UTJ Del Tufo is back at home and it's been just great doing this show with Christopher Fonzarelli today.

It's been outstanding. Where are the Malachi brothers at? By the way, that's just up, that's just, you know, across the great lake in Wisconsin, right? Isn't that where that happened? Happy days? Is that in Milwaukee? I thought I saw Pinky Tuscadero arrive.

Very good. GameTime is now an authorized ticket marketplace of major league baseball, which makes getting tickets even easier and faster. I should ask coach Moore if that's how he got their tickets for the baseball game today. Because the prices on the GameTime app actually go down the closer it gets to first pitch and it's awesome. Killer last minute deals, all in prices, which means that you get to see your total upfront. No surprise fees at checkout. Views from your seat.

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Restrictions apply. Visit for terms. Again, create an account, redeem our code, R I C H, $20 off. Download the GameTime app today.

Last minute tickets, lowest price guaranteed. All right, so I'll give you a top three going out the door. Okay.

My top three of my favorite moments of last night's draft. Knowing that we'd be able to talk about it on the show today. Okay.

Okay. One of them, and I'm removing Michael Penix Jr being drafted eighth overall because when you are hosting an NFL draft, that's the most unexpected thing. That's you want the most unexpected thing. And we were trying to go into the draft, figuring out when to expect the unexpected second overall is a little too much of an expectation level third overall.

Now that's that. Then I would turn around and you know, cause we're having a conversation, things go so fast. So the Bears did make the pick with three and a half minutes to go on the clock last night. Yeah, I saw a clip, Ryan Polz, they told them to kind of wait five. And it's funny, we showed the Bears cam and Polz and Eberfluss were just sitting straight ahead like this, you know, sort of like putty on a plane, right?

Just staring right at the seat, just staring right at the seat in front of you. And then we cut back to about two and a half minutes later and they're all like chuckling and one of them's on the phone like, Hey, all right. And the next time we show high fives all around. So and then the commanders are on the clock and, and we're talking about Jayden Daniels or Drake May, they make the pick. And then we're now talking about, Hey, Jayden Daniels and what that means for Washington and the commanders and all of that stuff. And so I turn around and I look to see if the Patriots are on the clock and I, I, and how deep they're on the clock. And I see the words, the pick is in and I'm like, okay, so no trades, they are going, they are going in, they're going. And so boom, that one's taken out. And then fourth, fifth overall pick, no trades. And then the eighth overall pick happens. So the unexpected happened in an unexpected spot. That is when you are hosting an NFL draft chef's kiss, certainly when you know, it involves Kirk Cousins and it involves a team that thought that they were going to just, you know, we, we all thought they were going to go defense and then we wound up having teen offensive players to start.

So I'm taking that out of the mix here. Number three is when the Cowboys traded out and I thought to myself, we'll talk about that with TJ the next day. And you know, there wasn't too much craziness that went down and happened right there. But that does mean that when they chose eventually Tyler Guyton, the tackle out of Oklahoma, they did in fact pick 29th overall and they did, Hey, Dallas did provide a great moment because they allowed the Lions to trade up. And that was a great moment for all of us. So Jerry was just doing it for the broadcast and he was doing it for the good people of Detroit.

And we all thought it was, we all thought it was interesting. You know, cause Charles Davis asked if Tyler Guyton or he asked it was, it was, that was what it was. He asked if Terrion Arnold had reported as eligible because it was involving Dallas. It involved the Dallas trade lines.

Dallas as we all know, that was one of the biggest moments of the year, but that just meant that the Dallas Cowboys actually adding another individual to the Dallas Cowboys, non-playing season all in roster. So we are updating our Jerry Telethon to, there it is, seven. Let's go. Congratulations. Congratulations, TJ, everybody.

All right. Wow. That was a great moment. That was a great number. I was looking forward to that moment all day last night. I was counting the table for a lineman for two months. I'm so excited. Congratulations.

You wanted what you wanted and you got what you wanted. Well, I told you, you know, zoom calls between me, Jerry and Steven tech late night, text messages. We got to, can't wait to see what that number is going to be on Monday when we update it with six more rounds of the NFL draft. We'll see what the Dallas Cowboys do. Well, we'll see what happens.

Uh, number two, uh, was, uh, for you, TJ, cause you are a wrestling guy and you were the one, listen, I'll be straight up with you. Uh, I wasn't fully aware of what's going on in the world of AEW, but you told me, you know, Hey, Tony con got his ass beat. That's basically what you told me. It's not, it's not a laughing matter. It's not a laugh. Not at all because he's clearly hurt. I mean, the man is clearly hurt. So what happened again? You told me the scapegoat, Jack Perry, who was the son of Beverly Hills, nine Oh two and Oh actor, Luke Perry, rest in peace. He, uh, he got suspended a few months ago for a backstage altercation. And uh, so he came back and I thought he and Tony were going to make amends and they did not. He, he punched Tony in the gut and then the elite came down the young bucks in Kazuchika and they proceeded to hit him with a, what I'm calling now a TK driver, a TK driver, a pile driver version of a basically like if you ever see the undertaker do the tombstone, it's that except one brother jumps off the ropes, does a spin and adds to the velocity of sheets. Well, we mentioned it on the show on Wednesday and uh, agent to the stars, Ryan Hayden, who is tight with Tony con was here and let him know. We gave him a shout out. He texted back that he was going to wear a neck brace. Well, I don't think he had a choice in the matter. I mean, again, that's how, that's how significant of an incident this was.

That's what happens when you get attacked by the elite. So the Jacksonville Jaguars are on the clock at 17th overall. And right before it, I say to T man, Mark Tidalman, our producer, I get in his ear, you know, there's a button on our microphone that I'm only a talking to the truck and you're not hearing it at home. I say to him, is there a shot of Tony con on the Jaguars cam of him in a neck brace? Cause if so, let's get it ready. And so, um, he gets in my ear, he goes, yeah, no, we we've got it.

He's there. And I'm like in a neck brace for real, like in her neck brace for real. And then the Vikings trade up Jaguars trade out. And so that moment's got to wait. So now the Jaguars are finally on the clock 23 overall.

And they put it on the screen. I mean, it shouldn't laugh who also got in the ring out of concern for his son's welfare, right? Well, you would do the same for coop, you know, if any of them ever on the receiving end of a pile driver on national television, you bet I would show up for work after the vicious attack and that he could move his head to actually look at the screen and hear me, give him a shout out live on the, on TV, where I basically said he's the first ever NFL executive to show up in a draft room and a neck brace because on the receiving end of a pile driver and, uh, he received on national television in a wrestling ring the previous evening.

So there you go for coming to work. Some people don't come to work because you know, they hang now and it didn't affect their, their, their pick at all. I thought Brian Thomas Jr. out of LSU is a very, a terrific way to supplement the loss of Calvin rivers. Well done on all fronts, but number one last night for me to come in here today and talk about it was when the Bo Nix went 12th overall to the Denver Broncos. And I'm not just saying to talk about the worthiness of Bo Nix or what that means for Sean Payton with Bo Nix or if it's a fit, if anything works, no, no, no, no. It's because six quarterbacks went in the first 12 picks and that meant six quarterbacks were off the board before the Indianapolis Colts were drafting at 15. And I immediately thought of this exchange I had with the general manager, Chris Ballard of the Indianapolis Colts last Friday on this show.

Do you think four quarterbacks go to start this draft? Clearly you're out of that market, but what do you think? No, no, no, no. I've definitely thought about it.

Cause it pushes all these other guys down, which is a good thing. Right? I wish, can we get five or six? There could be four, five, could even be six that go before you. Oh, that would be awesome. I mean, we would be, that'd be awesome Rich.

Like you get that, you get that done. I'm on your show whenever you want me. You know, I can't, no one else is showing me their draft board either, Chris, you know? So Chris Ballard, actually I addressed him straight down the camera alley last night on NFL network to tell him, it's time for you to come back on the Rich Eisen show, Chris, whenever we want.

Should we just like ask him? I think it's a Tuesdays with Chris segment during the season. He's our Aaron Rogers. 100%.

He shows up and he just pops off about any subject matter that comes to his mind. Freestyling? Yeah. I'm saying have to. I mean, you heard the man say it.

It was his idea too. Chris, you could have traded up to 13 if you wanted. We've got to be just as fine because six went in the first 12.

He took the first defender at 15. I know. I know.

So you're welcome. And the question is when do we look at him? Party in the back indeed, man.

Party in the back. Hey, when do we want him? Tuesdays I think. No, just next week. Next week.

Next week is mandatory. Monday if we can get him. What do you mean if we can get him? He said it's any time we want him. I understand.

What do you mean? He's a busy. He's the GM of a team. We're all busy.

We're all busy. He runs a team. He's doing 6, 7, 13 hours of television. What's he going to do on Monday? All the undrafted free agents. He'll have signed all his undrafted free. The work really, it really gets hot Saturday night, maybe Sunday morning by Monday.

He's practically in Cabo San Lucas. First guest up Monday, Chris Ballard. First up? First up. Right out of the gate. Okay.

And then during the season. I did text him. He didn't text me back. Well, I mean, he's in the middle of it. He might be a little bit busy.

I still find that unacceptable. He's making moves. So that was just one of my favorite moments and my number one, top favorite, number one favorite moment of last night first round.

Six quarterbacks. By the way, what a week we've had here and in Detroit. Thank you to everybody here that's been so hospitable to us in downtown Detroit. We loved our setup right here. This is beautiful.

I know we lived out our heat dreams, walking through a bank every single day. And I just want to thank everybody who's behind the scenes, behind the camera, behind here. Roku Joe, The Killer Kays, Kristen and Kaishla. Thank you to our sponsors as well.

Applebee's and of course the Total Buy Verizon crew. We appreciate that. Hoskins, Bowie, James Crittenden, the rest of the crew here D before E putting this set together. Liz, you're a rock star as always.

Erica and Kristen putting everything together. And I just want to thank the Rush Media Group for putting the fannies in the seats, if you will, behind the scenes. It's just been great. I just sit here and I get to talk about the draft. It's so great.

It's so great. And you still have 80% of the draft left, Rich. The crew at home, Sean Smich, Feeling Better, I hope you are, D-Lo and Jordan Sherrow, the rest of the the rest of the crew putting it all together. Tullo, that's right. And whatever Mike Del Tufa was doing, I don't know what the hell you've been up to, but I am sure all of his banking needs have been handled. Whatever he's doing back there. How many cat videos do you think he's watching? He's sending us AI pictures of himself. He's got to be living his best life where he's supposedly on the clock, but just on his phone the entire time. Hey, Mike, get off your phone. He's like Macaulay Culkin at Home Alone.

He's just exploring the space. Thank you very much. It's been awesome. We are signing off from Detroit at the Total by Verizon Studio.

We will be back on the air on Monday and on the Roku channel to wrap things up in a second. The Rolling Stone Music Now podcast gets inside the biggest stories with Rolling Stone senior writer Brian Hyatt. Now here is my conversation with Jacob Noll. Your story is an amazing one. And obviously you lost your dad when you're only one year old.

It was definitely a screwy way to grow up. I think that a lot of people never heard of who I am. And then they see me joining this band and they must think this kid must have just abandoned everything or nepotism kid. It's a gift that I have an opportunity to sing in such a big band like my father and my uncle's band Sublime. Rolling Stone Music Now, wherever you listen.
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