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REShow: Warren Sapp - Hour 2

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September 19, 2023 3:39 pm

REShow: Warren Sapp - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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September 19, 2023 3:39 pm

Rich reacts to Derek Carr and the New Orleans Saints improving to 2-0 on the season after their Monday Night Football win over Bryce Young and the Carolina Panthers.

Pro Football Hall of Famer Warren Sapp and Rich discuss season-ending knee injury suffered by Browns RB Nick Chubb, Micah Parsons and the Dallas Cowboys dominant start to the season, what advice he would give Zach Wilson and the Jets ahead of their Week 3 showdown with Bill Belichick’s New England Patriots, Baker Mayfield and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ 2-0 start, why he’s so impressed with the culture (and winning) change Deion Sanders has brought to Colorado, and more.

Rich weighs in on the Tennessee Titans’ chances to win the AFC South coming of their Week 2 overtime win over Justin Herbert and the Chargers, and reacts to the Steelers’ defense coming up big with two touchdowns in their MNF win over the Browns.

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The Rich Eisen Show
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The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
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The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen

It's Zach Wilson's time again, isn't it? This is The Rich Eisen Show.

It's a red alert. Live from The Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Zach Wilson looking lost like my 10-year-old trying to solve a problem put forth by Professor Oppenheimer.

That's the way it looks sometimes for him operating this offense. The Rich Eisen Show. Earlier on the show, NBC Sports Boston Patriots insider Tom Curran. Coming up, pro football hollering Hall of Famer Warren Sapp, ESPN NFL analyst Lewis Riddick. And now, it's Rich Eisen.

Yes, it is. Hour number two of The Rich Eisen Show is on the air. Warren Sapp getting to his Zoom computer as we speak. Sir Sapp going to be joining us shortly here on this program. The pro football Hall of Famer who on Friday Dion said he intends to make his future defensive line coach in Colorado.

All phone lines are lit. We'll take your phone calls. I've got my top five performance of week two coming up on this show. Lewis Riddick, fresh back from Carolina.

He called the Saints versus the Panthers on Monday night. And hey, you know, the New Orleans Saints, I honestly don't know what to make of them. Here's what I make of them.

Here's what I make of them. And that's all that matters. And Derek Carr, you know, he didn't light it up against Tennessee, but I don't know how many teams are gonna, although I guess Justin Herbert threw for over 300 yards against him. But that defense, man, you tell me guys, in the last five, 10 years, or I guess since Cam Jordan's been playing, let's put it that way. What has been the most underrated defensive unit that puts the bang thing on people with consistency, right?

No one ever talks about them. Don't you think? Because we're talking about the Cowboys defense and the Niners defense, and then you talk about, I guess what the Chiefs defense did, Steelers defense, what they just did on Monday night. And I don't know why I thought differently. I just thought Carolina at home is just gonna try and do something special. But then as soon as I saw a couple, I texted the game day morning group. I don't care. I'll throw him out there. I texted the game day morning group at the outset of the Monday night football game between Carolina and the Saints.

I'm like, am I the only, am I lone wolfing the Panthers? And I got a text back from Luke Lasorda, our producer, he wrote, yes, you are. And Mooch wrote back one word, idiot. Idiot is what Mooch wrote back. Aggressive? Very.

Certainly for Mooch. And I saw the way Bryce Young was struggling, and I thought to myself, yeah, idiot, that there's no way Cam Jordan and his other prideful defenders with the Florida lead on the side of their helmet would ever let a rookie quarterback beat them. Despite it being a Monday night at home and his home debut, his parents there and all that sort of stuff, he did on occasion just hold the ball way too long.

And the Saints, they've got some playmakers, man. Michael Thomas looked, I'm going high register with him, but he looked like the can't guard Mike Olave making that catch. Kind of tipped it to himself.

So nice. With his one arm being held. Raheed Shaheed, everybody. One deep ball game for him. And the one from last night wrapped it. Taysom Hill. Taysom, it is still doing his thing. And Alvin Kamara is coming back in two weeks. And then you look at the Saints moving on from here. What a huge game in week three.

Jordan Love's home debut. For the right to go 3-0 or for the Packers to go 2-1. And then New Orleans is home for Tampa. Baker Mayfield coming into that house.

Oh, man. At New England, at Houston, and then a Thursday night against Jacksonville. These are some winnable games, folks. These are some winnable games. And so the Saints, Derek Carr, 2-0. The run game isn't even where it needs to be yet because Kamara's coming back. Michael Thomas looks him and Olave doing their thing. And defensively, man, they just put the bang thing on Bryce Young and looked him in the face and said, you, sir, are not in the SEC anymore.

And dropped a house on him like he was the Wicked Witch. Boom. So, good for the Saints, man.

They're 2-0. Joining us here now on the Rich Eisen Show, as promised, my pro football hall of fame friend. Number nine in your program, number one in your heart.

He is hashtag zooming and not fishing right now. He is Warren Sapp. How are you, Warren? That's two nines, Rich. Number 99 in your program. Number one in your heart.

I am wonderful. Number 99. Did I say only nine? Did I only say nine?

What the heck? Wow. All right.

All right. You left a nine off, Rich. Hey, you wouldn't wear a single number these days, would you, if you were playing?

Not even close. That don't feel a big man. I'm so disgusted with them single digit D linemen in college. And then they show up with zero on in the NFL now. Are you kidding me?

Why does that disgust you? Wouldn't it slim you down? Wouldn't it slim you? No, because when I went to Raiders, I almost asked the indestructible one right here on my shoulder for his double zero.

And I thought about it. I said, no, you go in the game and you come out with no tackles, no sacks. Maybe tell my boy, you just took the money and gave up your number.

You will be zero zero. You can't give no elbow, Rich. You can't give no elbow.

So let me just jump into this fray here with you, Warren Sapp. The conversation is red hot right now that Minka Fitzpatrick is a helmet to the knee of Nick Chubb. Last night was a dirty play. Would you say that was a dirty play by Minka? Oh, no, let's not do that.

Let's not do that. The dirty play was the play in the in the Colorado State, Colorado game. That was the dirty play. That was the definition of targeting someone when he hit Travis Hunter. It lacerated his liver.

Are you kidding me, Rich? That was dirty. Minka Fitzpatrick was just tackling a monster of a bat, as Mike Tomlin calls him, Mr. Chubb.

So you don't believe that was Minka didn't see what he hit. I mean, you're you're hearing many on on the old X machine. Right. I'm serious. Like, you know, look, look, come on.

The X machine is accessible. Come on. You know better.

Minka Fitzpatrick is a delightful safety in the National Football League that makes great that makes good plays for his football team. He was just tackling a man on the goal line. You can't tell me he purposely went down, hit him in the knee and did him there. Come on.

No. And it ain't like we saw a replay. Yeah, I know. Because it was it was so it was so it was so ugly, man. And I know I'm sure it was. I mean, but we all saw Joe Theismann, you know, break his leg with Lawrence Taylor. Different times. We all saw Dennis Byrd get paralyzed on Thanksgiving.

I mean, we can't be that sensitive in a game where. It's a contact sport. Warren Sapp, Pro Football Hall of Famer here on the Rich Eisen Show. What do you make of Micah Parsons? Warren? You know, I love when you go hurt that quarterback and the way the Cowboys are doing it with him is something unique.

I've never seen that before. Just they're running game after game after game with him. And he's coming home.

So I, I take I take my hat off to the D line, you know, coach or the pass court, pass court coordinator, whoever they got going. They got something nice going right now. And I love watching your your film study on your Instagram feed at Warren Sapp. It is a lot of fun.

Certainly just your commentary is laugh out loud, hilarious, along with obviously the intelligent X's and O's. So walk me through what you are seeing that Dan Quinn is doing with Micah Parsons and why they're able to do it. Warren, I'm telling you, Rich, they put them in different spots. And when you put them in different spots, now you can't really hone in because the Lawrence is still there and the other fellows they're rushing to. They're rushing as a pack.

That's the biggest thing. You know, I always say the lone wolf guys alone. That's why we are like we are because the lone wolf normally don't get there. But when you come as a pack, as the Cowboys are coming, the quarterbacks go down and you get them in bunches and they are getting them in bunches right now. And even more than that, the offense is going for them and they got to leave. You got to leave like that. We got to chase them.

We got to chase them. You expose your quarterback. So where do you stand on the current conversation and the Cowboys for real, or they just tormented two New York quarterbacks that had bad days or are more prone to be tormented?

Where do you stand on that? Well, the Giants didn't put on their pads the whole week before they met the Cowboys. And then the Jets looked at their quarterback like, here we go again.

That's what I saw. Because you tell me soft guard in the camp, pick that ball up and take it to the house. You've got to make all those plays. You've got to make those plays. That's the whole key.

When your quarterback is not a four time MVP in a Super Bowl champion and a future first ballot Hall of Famer. You've got to make those plays. You've got you've got to do a little more. You've got to turn it up. Trust me, I play with Sean King and Trent Dilfer.

You've got to turn it up. When your quarterback is a little deficit at the quarterback position, every other position has to turn it up. So you paint a little bit of what happened in Dallas on the defense, not on the offensive?

Yes. I saw a fat ridge. I think they turned it around. I saw 31 of 28 with Dak Prescott. I said it had to be 28 and 31. I said I don't think we've got new math going on. But if the opposing quarterback has three incompletions.

What happened to the cue ball up the middle that rushes in, you know, 99 on the left side? You know, there's this vaunted defense that they were telling me don't look like the 85 Bears or the 2000 Ravens or the Tampa Two that we played down in Tampa. No, no, I saw something. And I know what you said, because I listen to you when you talk, Warren Sapp.

You know, over the years that we've known each other. Walk me through the people who you will not let teammates mess with in your locker room. Walk me through that. My coach, my quarterback and my kid. Correct. So what would you be counseling right now if you were strolling through the Jets locker room, getting ready for Belichick, who has personally tormented Zach Wilson?

What would you be doing right now? The thing I would do is I'd go to cue ball sauce and the rest of those defenders because Mac Jones is just as bad as white. And he has much less weapons. And we talk bad about Nathaniel Hackett as a head coach. But as a play caller, you got a business thing because that's not Aaron Rodgers in the backfield.

That's not Aaron Rodgers taking a snap. You got a business offense to fit this young man Wilson and then that defense. Let's go, man. You got Mac Jones.

Come on. So you'd be talking to your so you would talk to the O.C. You'd go up to Hackett and say, what's up?

You'd say something. Hey, hey, baby, that Aaron Rodgers in the backfield. That Aaron Rodgers letting it go.

That Aaron Rodgers reading it pre snap read that Aaron Rodgers check. So let's let's back off the checks. Let's give him plays that he's more than comfortable with. And let's roll. We're going to punt and play defense and we're going we're going to play buckball.

You know, because that's what I know. I will play field position. I go turn it over and then I will ask you to earn every yard you have against this defense.

That all 11 of us don't say not today. I'll give a damn who you got at quarterback. Steve Young, Jerry Rice, Randy Moss, Chris Carter in the slot. Andre Reid in the slot. I don't care. Give me me and 10 other brothers today that say not today.

And I've seen it shut down. Warren Sapp, Pro Football Hall of Famer right here on the Rich Eisen Show. Let's talk buckball. How about Baker Mayfield showing up as the stiff arm and waking up dangerous flag plant and quarterback here. Three hundred yard game.

His first one since he was in Cleveland. I loved it. Mike Evans showed up. But more than that, Rich, I look on the other side of the ball and I would and I was a little concerned with Shaq because you know how we is about our kids. There's nothing greater on this earth. And we know that I did not look right.

And when you lose your little one in that situation, I watched the Minnesota game and I watched him slither out of a almost crack block or whatever. And I made a video. I didn't put it up because, you know, book fans always when I when I be all around the league. Why you ain't watching our books? I'm like, yo, yo, yo, I made the book video. The front and the back end is working together, Rich. And my linebackers in the middle are talking to each other.

It almost blew my mind. I said, boy, we got we got we got action. We got action. Jack is on a mission. Logan is throwing people around inside. Big Vito Vega is running on the screen.

He realized he's not a pass rusher. If they let you go, big fella turn and chase the run back, please. And he's got it. So here we go.

We do it all right now. And I hear you talking about them saints. But I don't see it. I don't see it. Well, I mean, you're going to see it. And what is that?

Well, a ladder's two and oh two. We got we got everything going to the south. But the rookie. That's right. I know. And yet you're going to see it in week four. New Orleans, home for Tampa. Not running.

Hey, we got the Eagles this week on Monday night. Right. We're going to pluck them and then we're going to look for whoever coming around here. Warren Sapp, you're on The Rich Eisen Show.

All right. Let's get into the the main event. And you know what I'm referring to, because we are paying rent in his world right now.

This the story in sports. You just put the Colorado Buffalo hat on. You know exactly where I am going.

What is Dion cooking? You have seen it firsthand. You are.

You have been there. He is. He is. He has brought you in in many ways. Warren, what are you seeing that he's doing? What do you got for me?

On concrete, Rich. That's the beautiful thing about Dion. And you know him like I do.

There's nothing phony flaw about it. What you see is what you get. Like he should say, I ain't hard to find.

And to know the man and love the man as me and you do. I see him loving on them kids, Rich. I see him challenging them kids, Rich. I see him putting something before them that is going to be life changing. And, you know, generational wealth is what I call what they're giving away at the NFL level now.

And if you have a coach that's going to love on you, teach you, bond with you, I'm going to put you part of the family. Rich, there's nothing like that brotherhood. And when you join that brotherhood, it's for life.

Until you pick yourself up. And that's what Dion is giving them. That brotherhood, that love, that me, him, Mike, Marshall, Michael and Kurt. You know how we all came together.

Do they live together? We laugh and joke because that's the bond that you create with the work that you do in this game. And that's what Prime is giving them right now. He's giving them direction, leadership. And you know what?

He's meeting them halfway, Rich. What do you mean? When I went to TCU, you know, because I saw it the whole week, I went home, packed the bag. I told Prime, I'm coming, give me a hotel room, whatever. I'll pay for it, whatever.

I got you baby, lock you up. I go through Dallas and I go with him, walk up in the locker room. And the DJ shows up, Rich.

Rich, a full fledged DJ booth on the stage. And it kind of shook me to my core because if you know me, I hate music at practice. Because me, Brooks and Lynch, we got to talk. If it's a quiet defense, it's a dumb defense.

Because we don't know shit that somebody's scared to say something. That's how it is. My bad, I always get you one. I know my dog over there, Dakota, with the rock over there looking crazy right now. I know you over there, guy. I know you. I'm good. I'm good.

I'm good. We get to, oh man, you just threw me all the way out. No, he said the DJ. The DJ. Oh, the DJ. So I'm like, these kids going to be in here dancing and jumping around, not focused on the task at hand.

We're a couple of hours before the game. Man, the DJ came on, these kids had their headphones in or whatever. I think I was the only one worried about the DJ.

They was in there getting their socks and in their notes and stuff. And I just looked around and I said, it's like elevator music. They ain't even hearing it. It's just on. And that's what gave me even more confidence. I say, they ready to ball. And you know, grown, you know, that's what Prime calls the door.

Come on. I've watched that kid since day one. There's nothing that's going to rattle him. Well, I mean, I was going to ask you the specifics of what he's doing differently, because as you said, brotherhood and making everybody feel part of a family that that in many ways is coaching one on one.

It can actually translate or transport different generations. But this generation and his ability connect with this generation in this group of men that he's put together, pretty much handpicked over the span of about two months, three months and put together. I was going to ask you what the difference is. And then you mentioned DJ. But he is also saying stuff. He's talking openly of Heisman's. He's talking openly of of of other coaches wouldn't want to mention because it would fill their heads. Right.

You know, like air. You promised this recruit that's coming in a whole bunch of other stuff. And they throw money at these kids and doing different things. What Prime is telling them is an opportunity for you to join a movement and something special. Will you join us? Are you my kind of kid that loves the game? What's your motivation here? Is it your mama? Is it good?

Is it put it on an easy street? Is it a dad that was on drugs or something that you want to pull along? Whatever it is, I need to know it's something tangible that you are invested in. And when you do that, dog, man, that's something more than I want you to come play for my football team.

I think you could start here. I think you get we can win a national championship or a conference championship together. He's investing in the men, in their family, in their lives. And that's what I love about it. Because, oh, man, the brother, the brother is just so so genuine in the love he gives you.

It's it's unadulterated. It seems, Warren, that he wants to invest in you. I don't know if you caught this when Prime was on this show on Friday. This is what he had to say and all this, what he had to say when I brought up the subject of you and Irv being at the some practices.

This is what he said. You think SAP's going to be on your staff at some point? I do. I really do. And I want him to be. I want him to be. I love that.

I can't wait. It's different. It's different, Richard. You know, you got guys like that.

The only reason they won't go into coaching because of the time, you know, allocated. I don't need all that. Like, I know him.

I know what I need. You know, you don't need to come here and sit around all day. Come in the morning. We practice at nine. We're on the field at nine. Get those kids ready in the morning.

Means work your butt off on the field after watch film. We'll go home. You're home by noon. I don't need you here all day like that. I'm not that type of coach.

I don't need you. Don't take all that. But that's I think more NFL athletes that has really done it and been successful. If they had those type of schedules and understanding, they would do it. So hashtag in the morning, sap coaching, hashtag in the afternoon, sap fishing is what you're saying.

That actually could have fish. What do you think, Warren? Hey, listen, what did I tell you I will do?

Before we had this conversation, before I showed up at Boulder, before I went to Fort Worth with him to see you, what did I tell you? I'm going to go get my degree and I'm going to ask Prime for a spot on his staff. Did I not? Yes. I got my transcript. I'm starting the process, Rich.

OK. Them kids. You know what? For the first time in my life, I was loved on by some defensive linemen and they wanted to know, you know, like the keys to the vault. And I've never had somebody shake my pockets like that and ask for keys to the vault.

I mean, Gerald McCoy did, but Gerald didn't shake my pocket. He asked for the keys to the vault, but he didn't shake my pocket. I had five, six young men around me, Rich, that was basically ready to search me. Like, I know that there's a key. There's somewhere that you don't get me for this. And they're willing to work. And I they infected me.

They really infected me. And I told Prime before I left. I said, I'm coming back. I got a spot for you. I don't need you over here till two in the morning. And when he told me that, then I knew I had an understanding with my head man, because I've always said I would love to do it.

But I need a head coach that understand after nine o'clock. Rachel Maddow, I'm going to bed. Sap and Rachel Maddow, words that I need to hear. Yes, sir. Yes, sir. I knew that. I knew that.

You know, you know, me and Rachel can go fishing. You know, I get up like that. Warren Sap, Warren Carlos Sap, you are one of one.

So what? Twenty twenty four Colorado Buffalo staff. Is that your your target day?

Is that what that would be? I want to be there next year. I want to be there next year. I'm going to get everything to work and I'm going to work because sitting on my couch watching tape, making the tap in the lab, I'm going to tap in the class.

Sounds great. Those that are going to get this degree and they will go out and teach these kids these five steps to the quarterback, because I know something about this game. When you have a quarterback like Chidor and if my D line are going to hunt the other quarterback, I chances of winning just went through the roof. Yeah.

I wish Hunter was healthy for this next two games. You know, why didn't why didn't they throw that kid out of the game? That's all I want to know.

I don't know. Unfortunately, it wasn't even reviewed as targeting. I know every definition of target. I'm with you.

Unfortunately, that kid apparently is a is a victim of death threats in his family, too, which is nuts. Oh, no, no. Stop that. I know that now. I know that. I don't know. I don't condone the violence. But when we in a 60 minute game, I know we got eight guys out there with, you know, the zebras on somebody supposed to be able to look at that and say, hold up, man, I'm with you.

We review everything else. Warren, thanks for the time. Love you. Anytime.

Thanks for the time. Right back at you. Look at that Colorado's own Warren Sapp. Everyone again on on Instagram.

Check him out at Warren Sapp for all of his great, as he said, Sapp in the lab videos that's right here on the Rich Eisen Show. All right. Let's take a break. Eight four four two oh four. Rich number to Donald. Talk Steelers. More of your phone calls and we come back. Lewis Riddick, who is on the mic in Colorado for that game that Lauren was talking about.

He's joining us our three. Wait, are you gaming on a Chromebook? Yeah, it's got a high res one hundred twenty hertz display, plus this killer RGB keyboard, and I can access thousands of games anytime, anywhere. Stop playing. What? Get out of here. Huh? Yeah, I want you to stop playing and get out of here so I can game on that Chromebook. Got it.

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Marvel Studios Loki season two new episode streaming October 5th only on Disney Plus. What is it like where you're back there? You know, you're going to get it. Yeah.

The eight in the box or nine in the box that you see knows you're going to get it. Yeah. And you know, you're going to give it to them. Yeah.

And they know you're going to give it to them. What is that like for you? I just I just love the game. I love having a ball in my hands and I love making plays.

And I don't know. I just it's just the game, man. Like that feeling when when everybody knows and I can't stop it. This is an indescribable feeling, man.

And that's just speaking for us as a team. And, you know, I just I love the game. I know you're smiling. You're just smiling as you're saying this.

It is just it must be an amazing feeling to have that ability. Derek Henry here on The Rich Eisen Show. Did you hear what Earl Thomas said before the divisional playoff game in Baltimore, saying that the Patriots didn't want to tackle you, but they were going to have a different. Oh, yes. Everybody was sending it to me.

Everybody was showing it to me. Yes. OK, so now later on, you're in Baltimore, you get the ball, you're on the edge. Did you know that was Earl Thomas that was coming for you? Did you give him a second show because it was Earl Thomas?

Yes. I was wondering because you gave him you gave him one in the front and you gave him one slightly unnecessary one in the back. But what's so funny about that is I also focused on giving him another sub that I ran myself out of bounds.

So the first time he kind of turned around. Yeah. And I could have turned up. But I also focus on this, like give him a show that I ran myself out of bounds. But yeah, but yeah, I definitely did that because of that. So then the last question is, was it worth it to run yourself out of bounds?

I think it was. Fun stuff on our YouTube archive. Just be careful.

Leave yourself some time. You might go down a wormhole on YouTube dot com slash Rich Eisen Show. The Roku Channel feed. We're one happy family with The Rich Eisen Show radio network right now. I'm sitting at The Rich Eisen Show desk furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry. Grainger has the right product for you.

Call click Grainger dot com or just stop by. Great stuff with SAP. I was just saying in the commercial break, it's just wild that my NFL Game Day morning family. Family, you know, or NFL Game Day family, Dion.

Warren, Michael Irvin, they're all at the center of the biggest story in sports right now, which is Dion at three and 0. And obviously what happens in Oregon this coming weekend, three thirty Eastern on ABC. It's a it's a Joe Test game, apparently. That's going to I mean, that's the game of the day. And there are multiple top 20 in top twenty five years for saying, OK, I'm mixing a top multiple.

You don't even know such games. And Colorado, Oregon. God bless the Pac-12 just in time for them to break up.

Everybody's just keenly interested in what's happening out here. All of a sudden, it's not the sleepy Pacific time zone or mountain time zone anymore, is it? Good gosh.

Just in that three thirty Eastern window is Oregon, Colorado, UCLA, Utah, Ole Miss, Alabama, who's not in the top 10 for the first time in like a decade. Yeah. Let's go back. Oh, OK. Oh, Chris in Hanoi, Vietnam, joining us here on the Rich Eisen Show. Do I say good morning Vietnam right now, Chris? Do I do that? Thanks for taking my call, Rich. No.

Well, yes, technically you do. It's twelve thirty. OK. Good morning, Vietnam.

Yeah. I wanted to just call in. I am not able to watch your show on Roku because my VPN can't seem to get it to work right. And Roku doesn't have service here.

We've got to get Chris. We'll get out on the phone. Thank you. Your YouTube clips, as you reference the archive, great, great bit with the king just before you came to this segment. Yes. Yes. And watching the YouTube clips before the season, I noticed that you had segments where you all picked the divisions throughout. You know, for the forthcoming season. Yes, sir. And I noticed that there isn't the AFC South division posted.

I'm not trying to throw any media people under the bus or anything. I think I know why that is, that that video isn't posted, because you probably all picked the Jaguars to win the division. OK. I don't know.

Usually I don't I don't I don't know. I can I can look into that for you, Chris. But yes, I'll just tell you right now, we did all we did all choose Jacksonville. So are you a Titan fan sitting in Hanoi right now? You know, ready to chop it up on that subject matter? Is that what you're saying right now? Yes.

Well, chop it up. You know, I just want to there's an often used movie line or movie title that I will reference, but I'll just say do not forget to remember the Titans, because, you know, everything that's been said about Jacksonville, they won the division last year. They went and made a playoff run basically by having the Chargers collapse on them. But what most people don't realize is the Titans were historically injured through most of last year in particular during that big stretch of losses. And Jacksonville didn't really show anything yet to deserve all this attention and a program.

And I think the Titans had the same court that they had in 2019 when they made their run. And if Pat Mahomes doesn't pull off an absolute miracle before the end of the first half, they're in that Super Bowl. They still have Kevin Byard in the back end. They still have Jeffrey Simmons and a host of other defensive line talent. They still have Ryan Tannehill who proved this week he can get it done. He had a bad game against New Orleans. No doubt. It happens. But 49 yard bomb to Chris Moore, 70 yard bomb to Charlie Burke.

And that doesn't even get to King Derek, the diminisher Henry, who is still there and has support now with Tajay Spears, who is going to be a name that people remember going forward. Well, listen, Chris, and you are you are definitely, you know, making a very cogent. I see your opprobrium and raise you a cogent.

You are making a very cogent argument for the Tennessee Titans. I thank you. Keep calling in despite not being able to see us live.

That's Chris in Hanoi, Vietnam. Again, I just love this show where I get to talk to people literally around the world, calling in to Cape for the Titans and drop the word opprobrium in process. Big word alert. Okay. And so he's not wrong.

He's not wrong. I chose the Titans to beat the Chargers because these are the games that they win. And then the Titans this coming week. Their next game is at Cleveland.

Suddenly looks winnable now. Frable, you know, is going back to Ohio. Mr. Buckeye is bringing his Tennessee Titans. And that is, as we said on the overreaction Monday podcast, Chris, you can get where all podcasts are required. This is the ultimate take your heart pills and buckle up type game for the Tennessee Titans.

Yeah, for sure. And so, yeah, but I just think the Jacksonville Jaguars over the long run are more equipped to win the style of game that normally wins the day in the NFL right now, which is quarterback who can wing it around and weapons that create all sorts of problems. Top of defense underneath. They don't have the diminisher, but you know, the Titans, as we all know, they beat you up and they win ugly a lot of the time.

And one of the reasons why you don't pay attention to them in many different ways is take and I understand this sounds completely ridiculous, but it is the truth. In terms of winning franchises, as they have been more often than not over the last several years, which franchise has the fewest number of fantasy players drafted? Honestly, it's Derrick Henry. And then you can wait and pick up any Titan you want. Yeah, I mean, this year was DeAndre Hopkins and I and this but this is the metric by which you can measure whether folks are either a paying attention to your team be interested in your team or see believes in your team.

I mean, that's the that's the honest truth. And the Titans are taken on the Jaguars twice. It's not to the back half of the season. And if Tennessee wins this game at Cleveland, like they take their heart pills and buckle up and show up to Cleveland and just go into this sort of make it a true slobberknocker, which it could possibly be in Cleveland. Unfortunately, no Nick Chubb that would I mean, you know, they bring their Georgia running back and Tennessee brings their Alabama running back and let's go. And then after that, home for Cincinnati.

Who knows? At Indianapolis. And then I'm called that's the Jonathan Taylor return if he does want to come back and play for them. And then I'm calling that week six game in London, Tennessee and Baltimore. Before a bye.

And then just look at all those hard hitting games where they're just going to bring their hard hat. So thank you for the call in Hanoi, Vietnam, to remind us the Titans still exist in twenty twenty three and have a good shot to win the division. Eight four four two or four, which is the number to dial when we come back, we'll talk about the Steelers, as I promised. And there's speaking of fantasy.

I don't know if it is fantasy football related in your world or just mere fantasy for the reality of Giants fans, but Brian Dabble did not shut the door on Saquon Barkley playing Thursday night. That's next. This is the Rich Eisen Show on a busy, fun Tuesday.

Because it's high on my damn agenda. It could be information to change your life forever, or the Something You Should Know podcast could just be something interesting. My guest is Kim Zuckman.

She is author of the book There's No Cream and Cream Soda. I don't think I've ever really known the story of why they're called hot dogs. There is so many legends about the name of the hot dog. When the Germans immigrants came over and they brought all their sausages, they also brought their dachshunds.

It really is because they kind of look like dachshunds. Something you should know wherever you listen. Hey, it's Rich Eisen. You want an exciting and fast-paced podcast based on one of the most popular segments in the history of the Rich Eisen Show? Well, you got it. Over Reaction Monday hosted by me, Rich Eisen, and my compadre, Chris Brockman.

And every Monday, we're going to dive into the headlines from pro and college football and overreact. Are you ready, Chris Brockman? Yea or nay?

Yes, Rich. No holding back, buddy. I'm coming for you. Absolutely what you need to hear. We're overreaction Monday, every single Wait For It Monday, wherever you listen.

Back here on our show, 844-204rich being the number to dial. We've got some phone calls. We want to talk about the Steelers, Brian Daible.

We've got the Ravens to discuss, top five performers of week number two, Louis Riddick still to come. I think I have laid out the rest of our program. I've given you a road map. You know, I've got a first-class problem to bring up to you guys. Uh oh. You like these, don't you?

I do. The seat warmer in your car didn't work this morning? Honestly, it could be anything.

I put the seat warmer on this morning. When you're on the phone and you can't talk, you know, and you send someone a voicemail, the iPhone gives you some choices to text them. I can't answer right now.

Yea, I can't answer right now. Can I call you later? They're so impersonal and I hate sending those. You can make your own, Rich. You can make your own. I'm almost positive.

Can I make my own? Just give me one sec. Yea, like I'm busy, G. No, no, no. I'm busy, G. I'm not sending that to Susie. Well, maybe not her, but I'm working. Like 99% of the time, if Susie calls, I will tell whoever I'm on the phone with, let me just call you back, and they understand. You know, this is real life potentially intervening, this is, you know, whatever intervening. So I can't just say I'm busy, G, or can I call you later to my wife.

Just say, I have a job, I'm working. That's it. I'm not asking you for the editorial. I can work on the copy. Don't worry, that's my area of expertise. But I can actually create my own default, you know. That's a good feature if you can.

Give me a sec or whatever. Do they come up with meetings like, okay, this is the default we're going to give people to send people to voicemail. Why are you hitting the text back to them? Just because if you just send it to the voicemail, now that's rude. Just call them back. Because you can tell when you've been sent directly to voicemail. You can tell that sort of thing.

Back here on our radio show and we're debating about my first class problem. I don't like the messages that my iPhone gives me to tell people when I send them the voicemail. Can I call you later? What if I intend to call you back in a second?

Like in 60 seconds. What if I never intend to call you back? Now that's a different message to send to people. But what's that default? Like, hey, I'm not going to return this call.

I'll get back to you real quick. That's kind of like whether people can speak to you as a Cowboy fan because you can't let them in the club. If they, to talk to you about the Cowboys unless they've previously been, have their team previously go to a Super Bowl. Which I know people laughed at that idea, but I've noticed other shows have picked up on that. Hey, talk to your friend Linert. He's doing the one, the velvet rope thing with the Heisman thing. Hey, that's Linert.

That's your, that's your boy Linert. You can get a direct line of Linert and say, hey, did you folks in Big Noon Sunday steal my idea of velvet ropes around my table? I'm just saying no one else had a velvet rope. Until you did.

50 Cent did. Well, that's true. This is, this is the tier system. So maybe, so, so, so do I respond to wait in line? Do I create my own default wait in line or stay at home like you were saying to people who can address you? You have to have a list of people who mean the most to you and you categorize them. I just like one, just call you in a second. Can I create my own or I can't?

I'm looking. I don't think, I don't think you can. I don't think you can.

What Chris? You can or you can't? I don't know.

I don't know. You're the beta tester apple guy. I can't, I don't think, I don't think you can. I don't see you on the apple stock.

Can't you call up Tim Cook and say what's up? I've got my new phone coming too. But yeah, it's like, no, I can't. Okay. I'm sorry.

My phone's old. Let's talk about connecting in this way. Let's talk about the Steelers defense connecting in a way that they had to connect. And I understand there are some people who think that Minka Fitzpatrick was dirty in hitting Nick Chubb. Are people really saying that? Nate Burleson tweeted at Ryan Clark. They're starting this whole thing. And, you know, of course, it's Nate being a sweetheart saying, I love you, but this is the way you're wrong about that, that this is not dirty.

This is definitely something he could have like. So long story short, let's just place that aside for the moment, if you don't mind, and talk about just the football game. And that is, you know, in light of Nick Chubb going out. And, you know, this kid, Jerome Ford, Ripon went off for 69 yards when this game seemed to be going in Pittsburgh's direction that Browns couldn't do a damn thing on offense after Chubb went out.

And then Ford rips one off and the Browns score and they're up and the Steelers offense. My gosh, I mean, this is you ask any Steeler fan and it's just like Team America. The line from Team America, blame Canada. I mean, Matt Canada, the offensive coordinator, this is there must be based off Team America, you know. You know, is that South Park? OK, Blame Canada.

Well, it's still the same thing. South Park movies, Blame Canada. OK, they hired Brian Patano.

They also want to, you know, say the words that they apparently told Hans Blix as well in Team America. If I can now can we know we can't do that long story short is Steeler fans not happy with the offense and Kenny Pickett. And I know, Chris, you have been saying play more preseason, play more in the preseason.

And I understand what you're saying. But Pickett did play and looked amazing. He had scoring drives every time. Yeah, every throw he made to George Pickens was for either a first down or a touchdown. And we saw a lot of that last night when they needed it. But offensively, like, you know, we had the football.

We just have not seen Najee Harris trucking people. Instead, you're seeing them like run around the end. And I'm like, why are we running him laterally?

Shouldn't we just be going downhill? And Warren's the one that you start. Look, I'm not an X's and O's guy, but offense can eventually get with it. And you saw Pickett find Pickens in a way you didn't see against the Niners.

That's for sure. And this Browns defense man, they can bring it. They are stout. They are speedy. They are salty.

They are good. And and sure enough, with a lead, it looked like the Browns were going to be 2-0 for the first time. Since Belichick was their coach and Nick Saban was their defensive coordinator in 1993 until Alex Highsmith, who started the game with a pick six, comes around the edge.

And sacks to Sean Watson, creating the fourth turnover of the night. TJ Watt scoops it up. Unbelievable. I couldn't believe Joe Buck said these words first touchdown of his career.

Really? I didn't I couldn't believe that one and all part of a special night for TJ Watt. Let me get this number correct.

I have called it up. He is now the all time single of the all time regular season sack leader in the history of this proud franchise. That is amazing. That has bagged a lot of quarterbacks in its day. He now is the all time regular season sack leader passing James Harrison. It was eighty one and a half. Eighty one and a half. He was tied with James Harrison coming into the game.

I would have thought it would be much larger. But James Harrison did it in one hundred and seventy seven career games with the Steelers. Eighty nine.

Wow. For TJ Watt. Just eighty nine.

One fewer than his uniform number. Right. And so this is what TJ Watt had to say about that achievement after the game.

I mean, I'd be lying if I said it wasn't special, just like anything. It has it hasn't set in. I don't know if it will until I have time to really sit down and process what just happened tonight. But there's so many people along the way that have helped me get to where I am. It's no I can't stand the individual awards of football because there's just I mean, Debo himself helped me so much my rookie year. He didn't have to. No one asked him to. But he wanted to help me. And I appreciate him for that. So many of my teammates, coaches, mentors, my brothers, my wife's support, my parents.

I mean, there's just so many people that go into it that it's not myself out there making the plays. I mean, there's just I can't take all the credit. Good for him.

Just good people right there. He's referring to Debo, not Samuel, not the shoes Ocho Cinco has been owing me for a decade and a half. But that's the nickname for. James Harrison.

And so good for him. But Steeler fans are still really concerned about the offense and how unsteady they looked in the first half and on third downs. It's just.

It's tough to call it functional. This is Mike Tomlin after the game on how it looked in their first win of the season. Mike, you talked about you get the big play early and get another big play. Coming off the game that you did, is that an OK recipe for you is get a couple of big plays and kind of hang on in between. We're not going to apologize for winning. Mike Tomlin.

I do believe we have now made that into a job. I'm not going to apologize for winning. There you go. Never should. I have a feeling we have much usage of the latest Mike Tomlin drop.

I'm not going to apologize for winning. They're one on one chasing down Jerry Jones in our drop rankings. Next up is a visit to Vegas side of this year's Super Bowl and side of Sunday Night Football and the home opener for Jimmy Garoppolo and the Raiders who have been on the road at Denver at Buffalo. And as we all know, this was the matchup on Christmas Eve last year that wound up. Going the Steelers way picket to Pickens to win the game and then two picks of Derek Carr to put him in a New Orleans Saint uniform.

Some old school stuff. So, hey, the Steelers were staring an 0 and 2 start in the face tied with the Bengals instead. You know what? They're in second place right now with a tie break over the one on one Browns behind the Ravens. We'll talk about them in hour three. And the Bengals are sitting there at 0 and 2 with who knows about Joe Burrow, Zach Taylor, the head coach of the Bengals slated to zoom into this program as our first guest Wednesday. In advance of the Monday nighter against the Rams. In Cincinnati, part of the week three.

Don't call a double header two games at once. On Monday night with the Bucks and the Eagles taking on one another and undefeated. How about them apples?

Now then. Kevin in Rochester, New York, you're here on the Rich Eisen Show. What's up, Kevin? Hey, Rich, this is Kevin from Rochester. I called in a couple of months ago and at that time I was still kind of getting to grips with football, if you recall.

And you know, I don't think I realized how prolific you guys were because at the time I called in, I was like, oh, this is a fun show from the Roku channel. And then I go to watch the combine. Oh, hey, there's Rich Eisen. And I go to watch the draft. Oh, hey, there's Rich Eisen.

I go back and watch old games. Hey, there's Rich Eisen. So a lot of respect for what you guys are doing.

And I love the What's More Likely podcast. Thank you very much. I know. First of all, it's overreaction Monday. It's what's more like. Look, it's all good. We appreciate you watching and taking it all in.

That's why people dot com calls it an empire, Kevin. Absolutely. Yeah, absolutely. But my question for you guys today with New York football, I know the Aaron Rodgers stuff is on the tip of everybody's tongue right now. But I'm curious what you guys think about the Giants. Despite their comeback win, I kind of feel like it's time to panic.

What are your thoughts? You can't say panic. It doesn't look good in the first six quarters. That's to say that's that's to say the least.

Thanks for the call, Kevin. I don't know if this is Brian Dable playing games because it looks particularly bleak. For Saquon Barkley to answer the bell in a short week when he was furious coming off the field, that looks like when he was furious coming off the field, limping off the field, that had the looks of a world class athlete who has been previously injured, excited to be healthy and knows what just happened to him is something that is not simply going to require a pill or a shot to get over. It's going to require time and rehab.

That's what he had the look of. Although Brian Dable, maybe he's playing games. He had this to say about Saquon Barkley answering the bell in time for Thursday night's week three kickoff in San Francisco.

They've saved out on Thursday night. I'm not saying that he's out yet. He's he's a quick healer. I'm not saying he's in. He's out. We're going to take it all the way up with him to Thursday.

But he feels a lot better today. I just I just talked to him. So we'll see. We'll see where we're at. All right. Come on. What way to keep us in suspense. I love it.

I love it. Look, prepare for prepare for Saquon and then deal with Matt Brita. That's the way I'm sure Steve Wilkes and the Niners defense is looking at it. So but no Saquon going into San Francisco to their home opener and a half point favorites. And then next up for the G-man after that is a Monday nighter against Seattle. Gino Smith back in the hizzy.

And I said those words at Miami than a Sunday nighter day ball back in his old digs in western New York at Buffalo. Mm hmm. Panic. I can't say yes now, but it's. Let's get Saquon.

Let's get let's get Saquon back, please. One and one and five. Oh, boy. That's the latest on the Giants. Hour three.

Lewis Riddick is going to be joining us fresh back from Boulder and Carolina. Still sitting here on the old Roku channel. They kept pointing out that Susie's here and looks like she's got food in her hair. Yeah. OK.

Thanks. Well, she's here. She's recording. What's more?

Also, what's the football? Also, Rich, breaking news. Thanks, Brett Miner for tweeting us this. Yes. You go to settings, phone, respond with text. You can customize three of them. Hold on a minute. So you could call me, Rich. I write this down.

Let me write this down. Settings, settings, phone, phone, respond with text. Yeah. You can customize. Do you know the number of times where you go on to Google and it's like, just go here and then you go to your phone and you don't see it there. I understand.

I just did it. Let me just tell you, I understand when I say these things into this microphone, it ages me up. It does.

OK, I'd love to know the fact that you always tell us your age. I do. I think I look good for it.

Well, yeah, certainly for somebody building an empire. Well, I'm going to customize my first one. I have one. I'm busy. My gee, I can't say my first one. My first one is what up, though? What up, though? What up, though?

I can't say. Is that D.O.H.? How do you spell that? D.O.E.?

Thank you for that spelling. I don't think I'm going to do that. How about how about this one? Do not call me again. Oh, you know, my second one has to be.

How about them cowboys? Which is what you say when you send somebody your voice mail. I'm going to answer my phone like that.

Just text me. You don't want to know mine. Waltz is listening. We know Mike, it's D something. Lewis Riddick is coming up. We're going super deep to bring you weekly guests that you won't find anywhere else. It is what the football with Suzy Schuster and Amy Trask wherever you listen.
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