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REShow: Julian Edelman - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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September 8, 2023 4:39 pm

REShow: Julian Edelman - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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September 8, 2023 4:39 pm

In ‘What’s More Likely’ Rich weighs in on Deion Sanders, the Lions, Chiefs, Bengals, Falcons, Panthers, Vikings, Buccaneers, Packers, Bears, Commanders, Ravens, Chargers, Dolphins, and more!

FOX Sports NFL analyst/3-time Super Bowl champion Julian Edelman joins Rich in-studio to discuss what it’s like playing for Bill Belichick, if the Patriots HC is coaching for his job this season, which teams will meet in the Super Bowl for the right to hoist the Lombardi Trophy, what impact Tom Brady will have on the Las Vegas Raiders as the team’s part owner, and plays the ‘Win-Loss Game’ for the the Pats with die-hard Masshole Chris Brockman.

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The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen

This is the Rich Eisen Show.

The best part about the NFL is competition. Mahomes back throws it in. Picked off by the Lions. Live from the Rich Eisen Show Studio in Los Angeles. Lions will take over on downs, no flags.

It's unusual for us to drop that many passes. The Rich Eisen Show. Earlier on the show, Bills Quarterback Josh Allen, Prime Video TNF Analyst Richard Sherman, Falcons Head Coach Arthur Smith. Still to come, three-time Super Bowl Champion Julian Edelman. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Hour number three of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. What a great first Friday of the football season we have had. Josh Allen, our number one.

Richard Sherman and Arthur Smith of the Falcons in hour number two. Julian Edelman's about to walk in the door. Before that, we were about to play What's More Likely, our usual Friday fun.

Chris Brockman's going to do the win-loss game for the New England Patriots with Edelman sitting here. Do you think we should have you say what you think and he then gives what he thinks at the same time? I think we should both do the game.

Like a simultaneous win-loss? Let's do it. Let's do it. Well, he's got to show up first and he's on his way.

He's showing up in a couple of minutes. If you missed any of our show, we re-air on the Roku channel. We also have our podcast version of the show all three hours. Next week on Monday, the first in-season edition of Overreaction Monday. Chris Brockman and I had a season preview show that we put out there on Monday.

It's called Evergreen Stuff. So you can check it out over the weekend. Why not? Also, Suzy Schuster and Amy Trask will debut What the Football, another podcast that we're doing here out of our studio every Tuesday. Their first guest is Charles Woodson, so they will already have the Monday night game in the books to discuss. And that is just going to be a dynamite way for you to follow the NFL all season long.

844-204-RICH is the number to dial. We are playing the win-loss game for weeks with our fan base calling in going win-loss, win-loss to see how their teams are going to fare. There have been two teams that have not had a win-loss game played for them. Even the Arizona Cardinals had one. I didn't write down the name of the caller who called in and came up with the first tie. Predicted a tie. If the Cardinals and Texans tie, then it'll be dynamite.

We haven't had anybody play for the Texans or the Rams. That's about to change. All right. Wendy, here in Los Angeles, you're here on the Rich Eisen Show. Are you there, Wendy? Hey, how are you? What's going on, Wendy?

Wendy, what's your deal? Not too much. I just wanted to do the win-loss for the Rams. And we've got people in the studio that are die-hard ticket sellers there. I think the word's die-hard doing a heavy lift. Well, here's the thing. Die-hard fans of the Rams. That's a heavy lift.

Die-hard sellers of Rams tickets. That's accurate. Does Wendy, do you need two for next week? You know what?

Yes, I do, actually. Oh. We'll get in touch with Broadway.

No, he's not giving them one. This isn't like some sort of ticket giveaway, Wendy. All right, here we go.

I probably would have to sell my first-born ticket. Oh, no. Let's play some music for Wendy in Los Angeles. Here we go. You ready?

Yes. What's going to happen at Seattle Sunday? I will give them a lot, just because it's on the road and no Cooper can. Okay, home for the 49ers.

And that party will be ready for the first run, so I'm going to go win. Okay, at the Bengals on a Monday night. Short week, lost. At the Colts. Win. Home for the Eagles.

Lost. Home for the Cardinals. Win.

Home for the Steelers. Win. Four and three at the Cowboys.

I will give up on the pizza, lost. Four and four at the Packers. Win. Five and four coming off the bye home for Seattle. Win. Six and four at the Cardinals. Win. Seven and four, home for the Browns. Win, because I don't believe in it. Eight and four at the Ravens.

Lost. Eight and five, home for the commanders. I'll probably be like a slim win.

All right. Nine and five, home for the Saints on a Thursday night. Win, and I'm going to try to beat that one too. Ten and five at the Giants.

I'm going to give them the win. Eleven and five at the 49ers. I'm going to get lost.

Okay. Eleven and six, Wendy in LA. Okay, Wendy, keep our number. If there are eleven and six, we're going to call you back, and if not, I think you need to pull over your car and breathe into a tube. Eleven wins for the Rams? Eleven wins for the Rams. And you know how much I love the Rams. You know how much I love the Rams inside that organization and out. Eleven wins for the Rams would be... We're going to make a lot of money. Their Vegas total is six and a half. Unlikely.

They would sign for, I think, ten wins right now. I heard from Cooper Cupp with the nerve damage, possibly, says Sean McVay. Oh, my goodness.

He's seeing a specialist, people. Oh, my word. I am just... I would love that. I would love for the Rams to shock the world. That would be incredible. Talk about things you don't see coming.

That's one of them. It happens every year. I mean, could the Rams be the team?

Why not? Speaking of what's likely or not, it's time for the first Friday in-season edition of What's More Likely presented by Dave and Busters. What's more likely?

Never say never, but never. All right, Chris Brockman, What's More Likely presented by Dave and Busters. Go for it.

I love Dave and Busters. What's up, guys? You good? We are good. Happy Friday.

What's going on with you? Newsflash, they played last night more likely to win their conference. Lions or Chiefs? I'll say Chiefs still. I'm still saying Chiefs. I'm still saying the Chiefs.

Come on, man. Already a game behind Cincinnati, Buffalo, Baltimore. They're already a game behind those teams. As we're talking. If Baltimore loses, I'll eat your shirt. Okay, and I understand that that's one of those picks that Jeff Probst is hosting, right? Yep.

Mm-hmm. Dude, long season. I'm just going to tell you, don't take the cheese that the Chiefs are in trouble.

Chris Jones, they got to sign him. And Travis Kelce, rest, ice, compression, elevation, if that's what he means. Yeah, well done.

Well done, Rich. But I think that their medical staff is unquestioned. And I think that they're still the Chiefs. And don't take that cheese right now. Boy, if the Chiefs start hearing that they're toast, even if they go to Jacksonville next week without Kelce and without Jones or without Jones and with Kelce and they lose that one.

It's like, huh? You got Kelce back and you still lost. That will just only turn up the fire. So, I'll still say Chiefs, Chris. But right now, it looks bleak for me being right. What else?

Over there. Hey, Browns-Bangles this weekend. We just talked Joe Burrow. More likely to be the higher total. Deshaun Watson passing and rushing yards or Joe Burrow pass yards?

A higher total. Watson pass rush yards or Burrow passing yards. I'll go Watson pass rush yards. In a Browns win?

I don't know if I'll go there, but you know, Burrow hasn't thrown for like, he dropped the 400-500 on the Ravens. Right. Yeah, you know, it hasn't really been the Browns. This is also the second year in a row that he hasn't had any training camp. Remember last year, the appendix?

This year, now the calf. Right. And they went 0-2 last year to start. And then, you know, made the AFC Championship game again. Worked out.

Uh-huh. I'll just go Watson pass rush. You're throwing in rush against somebody just throwing against a team that he has struggled to win against? Got to assume Joe Burrow's not going to have any rushing attempts. When you say what's likely, it's not just what I think will happen, but you're also using the past. Right.

So that's why I said what I said. What else? Uh, who's the more likely rookie to have the better game and a win? Bryce Young or Bijan Robinson? Bijan Robinson.

Bijan. I think the Falcons are winning this division, and I think what they're going to do to Bryce Young is welcome him to the National Football League. I agree with you. So, yeah, that's more likely is that the running back will have a better game than the quarterback on the road. The running back at home? Okay. That's more likely. And I think the Falcons win on Sunday, and my prediction that they win the division will be off to a very nice start.

The same way that Dan Campbell is coach of the year. Off to a good start. That was a good call. Good start by you.

Thank you. Hey, a sneaky game you didn't mention in your top five. Minnesota, Tampa. How about the wide receiver duo to have more yards and touchdowns?

Look at you. Justin Jefferson, Jordan Addison, Mike Evans, Chris Godwin. That's a good one, Chris. I'll just go Justin Jefferson and Addison. That's what I'll go. I'll go the clear number one wide receiver in the NFL and the rookie over two terrific veterans. I'll just say Jefferson's being thrown to by the same quarterback. I mean, Addison has been thrown to by the only quarterback he's been thrown to since coming off the campus here in LA. Baker and Evans and Godwin are still relatively new, I guess.

And Jefferson and Addison are home. I'll go what's more likely there. Man, a Bucks win would be something, huh? It would.

It's possible too, as you know. All right, Rich, you mentioned- Oh, I forgot to ask Arthur Smith if he thought he inspired Kirk Cousins to grow a mustache. Damn it. You want to text him? Get him back.

No, get him back. Bears. Packers. Sunday. Who's the likely quarterback that needs a win the most? Oh, come on.

Jordan Love or Justin Fields? Needs. What does that mean?

I never- You know what it means. Answer the question. Needs a win. They both need wins. You know what you need? Who needs it the most? You know what we need in this world?

What? Love, affection, clicks. Well, clicks is a form of love and affection.

It sure is. There's a heart button. Quarterbacks need wins. They all need wins. You know what Dak needs? Not to throw pins. No, he needs a win. No, not like these two guys. Who needs a win the most?

Jordan Love, obviously Jordan Love. Well done, Rich. Way to answer the question. That's what I wanted out of you so bad. Why do you box me into that sort of sports talk radio stuff?

Because you don't want to play the game, and I do. That's what he does, man. That's what he does. Jordan Love needs it, needs it. He really does. Okay.

And Justin Fields, he'd walk into that game and he's like, yeah, I could go either here or there. You know what? Honestly, I should have reframed it this way. Who needs it more? Love or Rogers? Oh, God.

That's what I should have done. Guys, the script says that Justin Fields' legs will replace my real wills by week four, okay? What else? News we got that Terry McCorn is fine. How about the new Beltway offense, more likely to look the most impressive.

Oh, look at you. Beltway. The Mars Ravens are Howell's commanders. Technically, Baltimore is not the way. It's like 45 minutes. It's mid-Atlantic.

It's like 45 minutes. But there's a beltway, an actual beltway. I mean, I understand. But it's like on the periphery. It doesn't include Baltimore.

I get it. Have you driven there? I mean, I've been there. BWI's not that far.

I don't think he's ever been to Baltimore. You mean the better mid-Atlantic. Whatever. Beltway sounded cooler. It's not. You know what's cooler?

Potato, potato being geographically accurate. Nobody cares. Big 10 in California. I'll go Lamar Ravens. Lamar's Ravens. They're both going to look good. They're both going to look really good. You really think Washington's going to look good?

You're putting a lot of faith in the same house. They're playing the good? They're playing the Cardinals.

We could look good in that game. And then, of course, they won't get credit because look who it's against. Yeah, exactly.

But you have to play the teams in front of you, just like the Lions last night, not getting the credit because, you know, who's not there for the Chiefs? But they were only there. I can't believe Torrico said that. He called it an asterisk. I know.

That's awful. They're both going to look great. I'll go Ravens. Lamar's Ravens.

Just, you know, because of Lamar, obviously. What else? All right. You mentioned it. Game right up the road on Sunday. It's going to be awesome.

Electric. I like the over in that game. How about the quarterback more likely to throw for 303 tuddies? Dak Prescott.

Tua or Herbie? I'll go one better. They both do it. Not an option. So. Um, more likely.

More likely. I'll go. Um. Oh, geez. I'll go. I'll go. Oh, my. Can I help you? These guys are forever.

I found a friend. Eckler. The bolts have the better running game, so maybe some of the pressure be off of Herbert to have to do that. I don't know, Mike.

Daniel zone scheme. I think you could run for a hundred and that's they're both going to do it. But I'll go more likely to because he's salt. I don't know about you, but that looks like money. Does look like money. Keep my name out your mouth. Well, thicker. Yeah, that's what I've heard. Yeah.

I don't want to get on his bad side. What else? Better not. Who's needed more?

More likely needed more for the Chiefs to repeat Kelsey or Chris Jones. Kelsey. That didn't stutter. Did I? No, you didn't.

Kelsey. We saw it last night. The defense played well enough for them to win that game. The offense dropped balls.

Mahomes was clearly looking for someone to trust and there was nobody to trust. Yep. And the running game didn't come to the rescue because it's not built to come to the rescue.

You know, it was built to come to the rescue. 87. Travis Kelsey. Yeah. And the defense was, I thought, you know, you thought that golf wasn't being pressured. That's a very good offensive line. I kind of thought that they came up with a red zone turnover. Big hit. That's true. Big recovery.

You know, the third downs, the third downs were very difficult for golf. So. You got one more? Better mustache. Kelsey or Arthur Smith.

No, you got one more. Kelsey was looking like Cart Gable last night. Let's bring Edelman out here. He's sitting in our green room, which is rare. More likely to be one and done at their current job. Deion or any NFL coach?

Any NFL coach. Deion's not one and done. He's not one and done. He's not going to be great in Colorado one year and then see you later.

Why not? He's going to get a ton of offers. Great. He's not going anywhere next year. After this year. Get out of here with that nonsense. He's not one and done in Colorado.

Uh-uh. I can't wait for him versus Nebraska tomorrow. Big noon Fox. Is that where Mike is right now? Setting up? I got to set up in the morning before a game that's not even in Los Angeles. I got to set up in L.A. Like Fox is just like, how do we plug this in? Mike, can you get here at nine in the morning? Can you come here 72 hours in advance to run these cables for us? There's this plug just sitting around.

Where do we plug this in? Where's Del Tufa? I don't have everything. Here's the deal. I mean, one of us is. Honestly, if Nebraska shows up in Colorado the way they showed up in Minnesota. I mean, it's going to be like the three and a half hour game is going to feel like 20. He's ready to go. Oh, the crew is coming in.

It's like you see, they repainted and repaved the end zone with Colorado on it. Great. It's going to look great.

I cannot wait. Thank you for what's more likely that was brought to you by presented by Dave and Busters. Watch football like a pro at D&B with 40 foot TVs, cocktails, beer and new five dollar bites.

It's the ultimate watch experience. What's more likely presented by Dave and Busters. Let's take a break. Julian Edelman in the flesh when we return. Three rings in the studio.

When we come back, Brockman's excited. It could be information to change your life forever, or the something you should know podcast could just be something interesting. My guest is Kim Zuckman.

She is author of the book There's No Cream and Cream Soda. I don't think I've ever really known the story of why they're called hot dogs. There is so many legends about the name of the hot dog. When the Germans immigrants came over and they brought all their sausages, they also brought their dachshunds.

It really is because they kind of look like dachshunds. Something you should know wherever you listen. Hey, it's Rich Eisen. You want an exciting and fast paced podcast based on one of the most popular segments in the history of The Rich Eisen Show? Well, you got it. Over Reaction Monday hosted by me, Rich Eisen, and my compadre, Chris Brockman.

And every Monday, we're going to dive into the headlines from pro and college football and overreact. Are you ready, Chris Brockman? Yay or nay?

Yes, Rich. No holding back, buddy. I'm coming for you. Absolutely what you need to hear. Over Reaction Monday, every single wait for it Monday, wherever you listen. Back here on The Rich Eisen Show, we're on the Roku channel right now. The audio audience is going to return shortly, first of two times. I welcome in the three time Super Bowl champion and the host of the Games with Names podcast, Julian Edelman. Thanks for having me. Look at you here.

That's right. I'm excited. Look at you. I'm excited.

That's a phenomenal Back to the Future. Did anyone, have you guys talked about it yet? What? Mac to the Future. Mac? Mac. Yes. Yes.

A Robert Kraft production brought to you by Bill Belichick. No, Mac Jones. Mac to the Future.

Put your laptop down, Chris. Looks like a spinoff of one of my social posts. Sport and the team. Yeah. Yeah. It's kind of funny.

He had his Bailey for the future, to the future jersey. Zappi to the future. These guys have been trolling me about Zappi for like two years.

I'm not trolling you. I know I'm an NFL analyst, but are we still only one quarterback on the roster? No.

No. They got Matt Corral. They brought in Matt Corral. See, I thought Bill was going to manipulate that whole new rule with three people. He was trying, and then they sent out a memo saying you can't. See, Bill, you flirt with it.

You flirt with the line. What? The memo? I missed the memo.

I didn't get the memo. To go full office space on you. There was a theory that Bill was just going to keep one guy on the roster, because the rule is... Save the roster spot.

To save the roster spots being like, well, on game day, they'll be there, and I don't want to use a roster spot. And then the league sent out a memo saying you can't do that. See, that's on league.

That's bull. Yeah. Come on, league.

Let us run. Wait a minute. Or, hold on a minute, roster gate. Roster gate.

Nice. Could have had roster gate. Roster gate.

I missed it. Wait, so we're going to have to forfeit a first-round pick for that, too? No.

Forfeit. I mean, it has been three or four years since we've had a gate, actually. Yeah. I mean, let's go.

I mean, we need one, right? I missed the gates. We need a gate. Antonio? Gate. Oh, I... It's not gates. Bring it back, yeah.

It's very good. That's what we need. Kent State alum. That's true. Went to the Elite Eight.

That's right. Went to the Elite Eight. Fantastic.

Didn't even play football. Look who's here in studio. Julian Edelman is here on the Rich Eisen Show. Our Roku Channel audience is now rejoined by the Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio audience. I'm sitting here on the Rich Eisen Show set, furnished by Grainger, with supplies and solutions for every industry.

Grainger has the right product for you. Call or just stop by as the Games with Names podcast hosts three-time Super Bowl champion Julian Edelman here on the Rich Eisen Show. How you doing, brother? You good? I'm doing great. I come in here and I'm more analyzing now you guys as professionals because I just signed with Fox.

I'm doing the kickoff morning show. That's who you are. And so like the note taking, the preparation that you guys are doing, it's like...

It's just not off the dome, Julian. No, it's not. You know what I mean? There's some... Like you didn't just come into games. No. You know what I mean? You were prepped.

You're ready to go. Always. And still, like I did it inside the NFL the last two years and Brandon Marshall will get so mad at me because I would have these... I'd have my note cards and I'd have all my stats and he's like, dude, you just go out and throw it out there.

I'm like, I feel nervous if I don't have my cards. Did you tell him do your job? Did you just go full Bella check on him?

What'd you do? Just tell him do your job, Brandon. No, I let B do what he... You can't tell B.

You got to handle B. So, you know, I don't see that Fox show because I'm on the air myself at the same time. I know. We're competitors right now.

How about that? It's a friendly competition. It is. Yes. Although...

I think we raise each other. You know, competition brings the best. I mean, that's what Bill Belichick used to harp all the time. Yeah. Is that right?

Competition makes the team better. Have you ever seen anybody tune out Belichick? Did that ever happen? No. Never? Not once did you see somebody tune out Bill Belichick?

No. He's got an aura about him and just through... when you're around him, he's constantly testing you, he's constantly quizzing guys, he wants to know information. So everyone's like walking on thin ice when they're around Bill.

Is that right? That's just how it is. Especially if you're a younger player, newer in the organization, I mean, if you're a ball player that's been there and you've been making plays for a bunch of years, he treats you a little different, but he likes to have everyone kind of on edge when he walks by because he's testing you. Because it's pressure all the time in the game. If you make a situation in practice or in the facility when guys are always on, when you get to the game, that's what's preparing you.

It's like Jedi mind trick. He's always preparing you. So what was your first meeting with him like ever? So my first meeting with Bill, it was in OTAs and I was catching punts. Kevin Falk was there and he was a pro and I was a quarterback in college and I was like trying to learn how to catch the punts and you know when the ball turns over with the right footed punter, there's like techniques that you have to learn and I like muffed one in OTAs and Bill comes over and he goes, what do you do as a punter turner? Right when you get on the field?

I go, because Scotty O'Brien was our guy, I go, you count the guys? He goes, yeah. And how do you catch the ball? And I go, with your hands? He goes, no, with your feet. With your feet. If the ball turns over, you play it on your right chest, if it doesn't, you play it on your right, left chest and he just like got it and that was the first conversation I ever had with Bill and then I didn't talk to him for like two years, three years.

That's what it was. Were you confused with him saying with your feet but pointing to your chest? Well no, as a punter turner, like when you start to learn how to catch punts, you know, you always want to catch the punt square because it gives you a two direction way to go. If you see the guys that olay it sometimes, you know, like in baseball, you olay it. When you catch it on a side, then you're basically telling the coverage unit that you can only go one way.

So when you catch it with your feet and you can judge the punt with your feet, it gives you a two way go. So like, it was a great coaching point and he's very, you know, he loves special teams. That's his... Called plays there.

Right. Like Mike Mayock, who I worked with forever and a day. Baltimore Colts, right? Well he, well that's where he got his initial start, like way back in the day with Ted Marchibroda. But when Mayock showed up to the Giants, Belichick was his special teams coach, you know. And so Bill loves, I mean did you hear him, we waxed rhapsodic about long snapping for ten minutes. Yeah.

I mean like that's Bill, obviously. But did you not return a punt in the Hall of Fame game, right? Didn't you, for a touchdown?

Do you need to take one of those? It was in the Hall of Fame game. Which one was it? It was the first punt return at Lincoln Financial, I believe, August 19th. First preseason game. As a rookie?

As a rookie. So then what, did Bill come up and find you, or no? I think he gave me like an arm shrug or like, yeah, no way Jules, and then like he's back on. He's a robot. You know, like he's not, he's not human. He likes to, like no emotion. He's got a job to do and that's how he thinks. And it's not like, don't take it personal, he's literally thinking about the next situation right after. So like, he's seen so much football, he's seen great plays, he's seen bad plays, and it's always about the next play with Bill.

And then after the game, then he'll give you some flowers and, but like then we're on to the next week and that's just how he is. That's why he's chasing down Don Shula. I've got Julian Edelman here on the Rich Eisen Show, so let me just ask you the, the top, the hot button topic question in New England. Do you think Belichick's coaching for his job with Robert Kraft, Julian? I think that's ridiculous.

I don't. I mean, he had Tom Brady for 20 years. We didn't go to a Super Bowl 10 years after 2004.

You know, this, this stuff takes time. The hardest thing in the world is to find a quarterback for an NFL franchise. I mean, look at the 49ers, they haven't had a long-term quarterback since Steve Young. They've had all these guys that come in, they've had, you know, Kaepernick, they had Alex Smith. Was he good?

Was he not good? They haven't had a long-term guy. And that's what like everyone in the Oregon, that's everyone in the league right now.

It's the biggest crapshoot. If you have a quarterback, you can win. And right now, they're going to be very competitive. They're still trying to mold Mack.

You know, they're trying to bring things around him. I think Billy O'Brien being there is a huge addition. It allows Bill to have his mind on the whole team, unlike last year where you could tell he was probably in the offensive meetings when you have, you know, Matty P and Joe Judge.

Well, that's the issue, okay? And that's where the hot seat comes in because Belichick was the one who did, in that crucial second year for Mac Jones, bring those guys in. And the, the theory is that Kraft's like, we're going to Bob, we're going to bring him back. B.O.B. 's coming back because I think we can get him from Alabama.

And you're going to call him the offensive coordinator, and we're going to put out a two-line press release to announce that, along with, you know, Jared Mayo staying. That's where people start talking about hot seat here, that there's some embers. You don't believe it, though. I can't see it. I can neither confirm nor deny tonight.

No, I'm not saying you do, you know. It's a tough situation. I mean, this is an impatient era of football. I mean, if you can't put Bill Belichick on the hot seat, this guy's a brilliant mind. Yeah, he got caught up last year, probably got, I think he got caught in a pickle where he didn't think Josh was probably going to leave. And then it happened. Didn't, you know, didn't have what he had going forward, and he's like, screw it. We're going to go, we're going to try this out, and it backfired on him. Coach, I bet, Coach is the first one to say last year was a train wreck.

But, you know, like, you can't put him on the hot seat. Julian Edelman here on The Rich Eisen Show, a Fox Sports game with names podcast, three-time Super Bowl champion here on The Rich Eisen Show. Your Super Bowl prediction, what do you got for me? Super Bowl prediction.

Yes, I need to know. Somebody who knows what it takes to get there, knows what it takes to win one with his heart, his soul, his hands, his knees, damn near every body part. You've used them all to win rings. What do you got for me, Julian Edelman? Like Philadelphia coming out of the NFC.

You do. Yeah, they just have, they have such a great roster. Jalen Hurts has only gotten better every year since he's played football. The AFC is where it gets a little weird. You know, we watched last night with the Kansas City Chiefs, they're starting to run into the problems of being America's number one target. When you start winning a lot of games, people don't realize guys want to get paid, you lose a guy here, injuries, like some of the best teams that I played on, we didn't win the Super Bowl. We got hurt. I remember in 2014 we won the Super Bowl, 2015 we started 9-0, week seven Nate Soldier blows out his arm, he's on IR, Dion Lewis the next week, I break my foot and two weeks later and like, there's a lot of feng shui that has to go for a team to go on a run. It's harder and harder, especially to repeat, so I'm going to go with the field other than Kansas City just because, I mean we saw last night, that was tough. But you're saying the field doesn't get you a podcast, doesn't get you a job on Fox Sports Pal. You got to give me one, you got to name one, you got to put your marker down.

What do you got? I'm going with Buffalo Bills. I think this is their year, they have to go out, their window is cutting short and I don't love the pre-season friction that they had with digs, but I think once the season starts they start winning some games, winning cures everything and hopefully they got Damian Harris, they can start running the ball, taking some of that weight off of Josh Allen as a runner and finding ways to win without Josh having to go out and be the guy. So I think they have a huge opportunity this year, I like them.

Who wins it all then in Vegas? I'm going with Philadelphia. I just think their roster, if they stay healthy, and that's the biggest thing for all these teams, you got to stay healthy because I would have said the 49ers, I love the 49ers and what they've done and I went and watched them against the Raiders, they practiced this pre-season over in Vegas together. For the Niners, the first I think September, mid-October is going to be a learning period of how they're going to learn to win because Brock Purdy, he's only four months out of a UCL, this is a Tommy John surgery, the kid, like I was watching him and yeah, it's part of the rehab process to go out there and throw, but he didn't look like he had his arm yet, which it will get better. Anyone who knows injuries, you don't have that endurance strength when you're coming off something that big, especially as a thrower. So I feel that teams are going to pack the middle of the field and dare him to go and throw outside the numbers, which I don't know if he has that yet. That's the only reason I'm not going with them, but I think Philadelphia, Jalen Hurts, he's a beast, they have a great formula on how to win, they control games, they have a great run game, they have a great play calling, they have a great play action to Devontae Smith, AJ Brown, they have really key players on the outside that can make plays in crucial situations and they've got a defense that's stacked. Julian Edelman here on the Rich Eisen Show, I know the Raiders don't want to be known as Patriots West, but you know, Coach, GM, quarterback, owner, right?

Don't forget. But it's still Mark Davis, co-owner, minority owner, Tommy, so how do you think that's going to work out? Do you think Jimmy G is going to be the answer? McDaniels tells Derek Carr, we're done now, he's totally made this team in his image, what do you got for me? I think Jimmy G is playing that Alex Smith role that when he went to Kansas City, it's kind of that buffer quarterback until you find your guy, that's what Jimmy G is.

He knows the system, if he stays healthy, we've all seen the numbers, the guy's a 75% winning percentage, you know, when he's healthy. Like the guy can win football games, he knows McDaniels' system, he's going to go in there, he's going to do it how they want it, which I think they can go out and be productive. Are they going to go win a Super Bowl this year?

It's going to be tough. They don't have the defense, I think their secondary is a little light, but they're going out there and when I went and watched them, they said the year before they had 13 of their guys, this year they said they had like 30 of their guys. What do you mean by their guys? When you get a new regime, you've got to bring in your own players, your guys that mold to your system, trying to change the culture. And Derek Carr wasn't one of those guys? I guess not, you know, they had to move on, they felt like it was time to move on, but that's what it takes, it takes time to build these things, you can't just go in, if you don't have a quarterback, and just build a team from ground up.

Like that doesn't happen, the owner has to have some patience, they got to believe in the system. Davis or Brady? Who are you referring to with the owner? Davis, Davis is still the guy. But I bet Tommy's got some say there now. I was about to say, I mean... You know who they hired over there?

Alex Guerrero. Okay. He's taking care of Jimmy G. Okay. You hear about that? Anyone hear about that? Yeah. Alex Guerrero? Interesting.

I'm sure breaking news. How do they get in touch with Guerrero? I don't know, I think he knows the owner. Does somebody has a number? The owner?

The minority. How do you think Brady is going to be in ownership? What do you think?

I think he'll be spectacular, anything he does he's spectacular at. And that's the truth, because he creates stories in his head, like for anything. What do you mean? It's like, we've all seen Brady, six guys crying, he had three Super Bowls when they recorded that thing, the guys crying with long hair, about six guys that were drafted before him.

I mean, what do we... Like, all right, Tom, you can move on. But that's what those ultra competitors have. That's what ultra competitors have. Like look at the Michael Jordan doc, when you watched him, these guys, they fabricate these stories to motivate them because they played so much ball, whether it's Jordan in basketball or Tom, you got to pull from something. And that's what the ultra competitor like Tom Brady and Michael Jordan, they do, they come up and they fabricate these stories and they believe it.

They believe it. So when he said, which Super Bowl was that, where no one believes in us and nobody... It was after they beat the Chiefs, right? Yeah, nobody believes in us, he said that before going off to... Play the Falcons.

No, in Atlanta, to play the Rams. To play the Rams, yeah, nobody believes, it's just like, I sat here, we were on the air and I'm like, what? No one believed in us, Rich. Come on, Julian. Everyone thinks we suck.

We ring under the sun, how many watch yachts were you waterskiing by? You didn't think we were going on the full blood moon into Kansas City at the AFC Champs, you did not think we were going to win that game. Three straight third downs, three straight third and 10s. You did not think we were going to win that... No one thought we were going to win that game. But to say no one believes in us, come on. He believes that. Did you? Did you believe it at the time? Of course.

Of course. You know, honestly, that was probably one of my favorite wins of my career. The one against the Rams?

No, the one against the Kansas City Chiefs in Kansas City, in the AFC Championship, on the road, playing the young gun team that's sexy, that's hot, that's coming, they're lighting up scoreboards, we're this old team, you know, kind of old school football run, play at... Like that was my favorite win, because we had this aura with my generation of Patriots where we couldn't win on the road. We went to Denver two years, 13, 15, lost AFC Championship, twice, so like, and we always had to hear Bill talk about, you know, when the 14 and 2 Chargers... Do the voice, do the voice, come on, do the voice. I don't remember what he said, but I don't have it, I don't have it, but he would always talk about like, you guys, look guys, you know, Troy Brown, he's over here stripping guys for footballs, we got to do it on the road, you know, like, he'd always talk about those road wins, remember that, remember when Tom threw the interception in San Diego, and Troy ripped it out, and then they went on and won that, like, I've seen that play so many ******* times.

Belichick would just show it to you? Yeah, whenever we go on the road on the playoffs, he's like, this is how you have to start, this is what you have to do, big players have to make big plays in certain situations, things aren't always gonna go right, this is what we have to do. He told us, and he returned to punt that game, I believe, for the touchdown, Troy Brown did everything. He told a story, Belichick, when we did the NFL 100 show, saying that he would show teams about being situationally smart when there's a fumble, for defenses to know, if there's a fumble, and the clock's running, you've got to make sure that you're ready for the next play, if there's some sort of quick snap that's coming, and he would always show Steve Young doing it against the Giants, back in the day, with Jerry Rice, there was a fumble, and they ran back to the line of scrimmage, and then Jerry Rice was wide open, and I thought to myself, that's why he shouldn't be on the hot seat.

Peter. Right, the Peter, Peter, like, get back, right, just that he, the guy has an encyclopedic knowledge of the game from the last 40 years that no other coach can kind of touch, you know, I know a lot of other coaches are prepared, and a lot of coaches can, honestly. It's true, I mean, he's- Get out of here with getting rid of him, that's nuts. It's absolutely ridiculous, and to get to the, you know, I got a little story, anytime we're in lunch line, you know, at the cafeteria, I grew up a huge Niners fan, we all know that, my dogs were Dwight and Montana, those were my two dogs, Dwight and Montana, and I would tell Bill that in the lunch line after like eight years of getting comfortable around the board to talk to him, and so I go up and I go, you know what, coach, Roger Craig didn't fumble that **** ball, we'd have three Super Bowls in a row, he goes, look, Jules, all you gotta do is knock the Niners and the West Coast off their time, they can't even hit anyone in practice, they don't even let their receivers get touched, like, I would fire them up so bad when I would bring that up, when I would bring up Niners stuff, get out of here, soft. That's what he used to say, I mean, he respected them, he respected them, but that was the thing was when you hear about the West Coast teams, you know, like, at practice, everything's a step movement, they have to have their timing, and Bill, like, he hated that, like, we would go and practice, and if there was like a team that had good DBs, he would go to our practice squad guys, and he would tell them, hold our receivers, hold us, because you gotta try to make it like the game, and like, I just always remember like, man, why couldn't we have a West Coast coach, where like in practice we're not getting held, you know what I mean? Alright, let's take a break, we'll come back, we'll talk a little bit about your podcast, and we'd love to, Chris Brockman wants to play the win-loss game that we play with our fans, where we go one game after another for the Patriots schedule, and maybe we have you do the same thing with him at the same time.

Let's try it. Let's do it, that's next, the Games with Names podcast host and Fox Sports analyst, three-time Super Bowl champ, Julian Edelman in studio. Back here, Julian Edelman still hanging with us here, do we have that tweet, do we have the tweet?

What tweet? No, we don't have it, okay, no problem, there's some breaking news going on that I figured if we were a special team, no, that's alright, don't worry, don't worry, I don't want to reveal much right here. The Games with Names podcast, tell me the construct, I know it, but tell everyone about what it's about.

The Games with Names, you know, like we all talk about the GOAT, greatest of all time, what about the GOG, greatest of all games? Okay, I like it. I like that.

You know, everyone's got... I like the logo, very 70s, very 80s, I like it. Yeah, we like that, you know, we like it a little vintage-y.

I do like it? No, it's a fun podcast where we go and we talk about a historic game with someone that is involved in that, on that team, and get their inside perspective. We've had some awesome guests, it's been so fun, we talk about the pop culture of that time in there, we dive into everything, and we're on a mission to find the greatest game of all time. What's number one at present?

Right now, what's number one? Well, we just had 18 and one giant loss was the... Who came on to talk about that? Teddy Brewski and Eli Manning. And varying perspectives, one would think, on that game. And it was... Honestly, I gotta thank you, Brew, for coming on, and it was his first time ever talking about a loss. No kidding.

And that's so hard to ask talent, someone that's like, hey, can you come on my podcast and talk about the game you lost? The worst thing ever. Right. Because I predated you, obviously.

Predated me. Big time. And the cat that is just mentally tough came on and talked about it with some poise. And while Eli was out there, which is my favorite Manning, of course, Eli's my favorite Manning, Peyton knows that as well, even though I think I'm gonna go to Arch, I'm teetering to Arch. I like it. Nice.

I like this new little Arch. Julian Edelman here, as we're back on the radio program, Games with Names Podcast. It's a great show, everyone should listen to it and check it out. What are you gonna come on and talk about? Do I reveal it or do we have to hold off? Because I've already been...

I think I'm gonna save it for when I come on, I believe we're gonna find a date in the next week or two. You won't be pleased with it, is all I'm gonna say. You are a Jets fan. Yes, sir. You won't be pleased with it. I am too. I know you could probably narrow it down, since there are so few of them.

But Fumble? No, that wasn't my favorite game. By the way, there's no name in that, it's Games with Butt, which is not the name of his podcast. Sorry.

Games with Crack. Yeah. It's not part of the... It's not the podcast. I already know where you're going. Okay. We'll leave it for the... We'll leave it for the pod. All I'm just saying is that I can't wait to come on your pod, that's all I'm saying.

I can't wait to have you on my pod. Very good. Thank you.

That's a little breadcrumb. All right, Julian Edelman, here on the program, we have not done this before, which is having somebody here at the same time play the win-loss game for a team as somebody else who's guessing win or loss week to week to try and figure out the final total of wins and losses for a team. We've never had it done simultaneously. Okay. I'm not gonna do any pre-math in my head. At all. No pre-math. So it's just gonna come off the cusp.

You can get caught up. Are we doing spreads or are we doing win-loss? Win-loss.

Win-loss. So I'm a National Football League employee, I don't know what you mean by spread other than food. I'm a Jewish man, so are you. You know what spreads are. Yeah, a little nosh. A little nosh. That's not the schmear we're talking about here.

There's no schmear on this. It's just straight out win-loss. Here we go. Give NFL Films music. Julian Edelman and Chris Brockman simultaneously playing the win-loss game for the New England Patriots 2023 season. You go first, Chris, and then Julian will chime in. Week one, Philadelphia Eagles, win or loss?

The loss. Julian? Brady Day. Is he playing? Brady Day.

Is he playing in the game? What have we got? Taking Philly.

Yeah. Okay, two losses to start. Home for the Dolphins, week two. Chris Brockman. Win. Julian Edelman.

I'm taking the Patriots. That's two. They split. They split.

Okay, very good. At the New York Jets, week three. Win or loss, Chris?

50 years of being losers. Win. Oh, boy.

Definitely. It's the same. People are on this... Do we have a time limit or something? No, no. It's not like... Is it set fire?

It's just rapid fire. It's not like it wants to be a millionaire where you sound out your answer before I ask if it's your final one. I'm not Regis. You know what I mean?

Here we go. Phone a friend? Well, you are his friend. He's phoning. At the Dallas Cowboys, Chris, week four. Win or loss?

Cowboys are good. Loss. Julian?

Julian? I'm going to go with... You know, I'm taking the Pats, bro. I'm not with you. All right.

I'm not with you. Here we go. New Orleans Saints, week five. At home, Chris. Win or loss? Win.

Julian? Win or loss? See, I think they're going to have a big win against Dallas.

They're going to lose this one. It's called a let down. Okay. Let down.

You're both at the same mark. Three and two at Vegas taking on McDaniels. Win.

Julian? Win. Win. Win. Win. Win. Okay. Yeah.

They have bad blood last year. Four and two. Four and two. Home for the Bills. Chris?

Josh Allen has our number. Loss. Julian? That's going to be a loss.

Okay. At the Dolphins, week eight. Chris? Weird stuff happens in Miami. Loss.

Julian? Yeah. The heat.

It's tough. This is going to be an October game. It's going to be a little chill in the air. You go to Boston.

You go and it's going to be 93 degrees with 80 percent humidity. Never does well for the Patriots. Washington commanders, week nine. Win or loss, Chris? Win.

Julian? Win. Okay. Now you're in Germany. I'm calling this game.

All right. Week 10. Patriots and Colts in Germany. Chris? Hootentag. Win.

Julian? Smashing. Win. Deflategate people that try to throw us in there. Thank you. Any time we play Indy.

And I love Indy fans because I'm a big Pat McAfee guy. Yes. We all are. But. Win. At the Giants.

Off the bye, Chris. Wait. Are we six and four? One, two, three, four, five.

Six and four. Yes. Win.

Julian? Go check off a bye is usually good, but I think day ball is going to have a little. There's always that New York Giants. We play them in the regular season. When I was there in like 11, they beat us.

They always have our number. I think Giants are going to win that game. Okay. We only have 90 seconds left. We've got to sprint. Chris Rogers. Chris. Loss. Julian. Win.

At the Steelers on a Thursday nights. Chris. Huge game. Win.

Julian. I think that's going to be tough. It's they're going to have. It's tough loss. Home for the Chiefs on a Monday night. Chris. Loss.

Julian. Loss. At the Denver Broncos on Christmas Eve. I'm calling that game too. Chris.

I'll be there. Win. Julian. I'm taking a win on that. Buffalo Bills on New Year's Eve, Chris.

Win. Julian. At Buffalo. Is Gronk going to be in the stands?

Julian. Loss. Home for the Jets. Final game. What was my record? All right.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, and seven. Win. Julian. Win.

What'd I have? Chris has 10 and seven. Julian has one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, and eight.

Nine and eight. I mean, that's- Okay. It's a building year. They could sneak in the playoffs. You could sneak.

Defense will be good. There you go. And I got the blessing from coach. He goes, like, Jules, look, don't be a homer on TV, bro. If you have to- Is that what he told you? He literally told me that. So, and I feel like I can- He goes, if you have to MF me, if I'm doing something stupid, call me out. He said that to me.

Games with names, where you get your podcast. I was terrified. I still, still- You're terrified. My coach, I can't do that. He goes, look, Jules, you'll be on TV for two years if you're a homer. That'll wrap up our show.

Back in a moment on Roku. Hey guys, it's Susie Schuster, and I am so excited for my new podcast coming out this fall. It is called What the Football with Susie Schuster and the princess of darkness, Amy Trask. And if you're looking for a new podcast to listen to about jargon, heavy-legged, waistbenders, this is not for you. We're going to have big girl conversations and we're going super deep to bring you weekly guests that you won't find anywhere else. It is What the Football with Susie Schuster and Amy Trask, wherever you listen.
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