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REShow: Andy Reid & Lou Hedley - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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September 5, 2023 3:56 pm

REShow: Andy Reid & Lou Hedley - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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September 5, 2023 3:56 pm

Rich and the guys react to Deion Sanders and the Colorado Buffaloes stunning upset of #17 TCU in Coach Prime’s Buffs debut.

Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid tells Rich what makes Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce Hall of Fame locks, what, if anything, he can do to end Chris Jones’ holdout, facing Dan Campbell and the Detroit Lion in KC’s season opener, and more.

Saints 30-year-old rookie punter Lou Hedley tells Rich his improbable journey from a small town in Australian, to owning a tattoo parlor in Bali, to the Miami Hurricanes (where wore #94 in honor of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) to the NFL.

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The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen

Let's do this. Let's do this. This is the Rich Eisen Show. Come on.

Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. JJ back to pass. Fires ends on Roman Wilson. Touchdown! An incredibly disappointing loss. The Rich Eisen Show.

Today's gasps. Chiefs head coach, Andy Reid. Saints punter, Lou Hedley. Voice of Prime Video Thursday Night Football, Al Michaels. Pro Football Hall of Famer, Demarcus Ware. And now, it's Rich Eisen.

Yes indeed. Welcome to this edition of the Rich Eisen Show live in Los Angeles, California. It is NFL debut week.

College football taking over Labor Day weekend as always. Please give us a call. 844-204-RICH is the number to dial right here on this program. Check us out all three hours live on the Roku channel.

Would be great to chat with you here today. We've got a full house of guests. Al Michaels right in the middle of this program. The centerpiece, the great voice of football. Al Michaels will be joining us here on this program. We also have joining us in less than 20 minutes time, the head coach that's going to take the Kansas City Chiefs onto the field two nights from now to kick off the season and raise a banner for the good people of Kansas City and also Chiefs kingdom.

Andy Reid will be on this program. Good to see you over there. Chris Brockman, how are you, sir?

Rich, what's happening? A great debut for Overreaction Monday, the podcast version yesterday. If you missed it, it's on our YouTube page. But for sure, we want you to listen to it. So where all podcasts can be acquired, Overreaction Monday, every single Monday, our season preview debut of that program. Hit your eardrums, hopefully yesterday.

Just check us out where all podcasts can be acquired. DJ Mikey Diaz and Deez Nuts, how are you over there, sir? What's going on?

Well, good morning, Rich. TJ Jefferson, I believe there needs to be a new banner on your list of teams that you follow, sir. How are you over there on this Tuesday after Labor Day? Guys, just understand, we saw a paradigm shift in the world of college football in Fort Worth this weekend, and I'm excited to see what happens in Colorado.

I don't know about you guys. Okay, it's gonna be great. For one week. It's gonna be great. No, no, no.

Look, you have every right to sit there and go, oh, it's just one week. But I'm about to go all in about the Colorado Buffaloes. I am biased. I love Deion Sanders. Got to work with him for darn near a decade and a half.

I got to know him. Durn near, Rich. Durn near, pardon me. Well, I didn't say, did I say damn? No, you said damn.

Durn near. Because Deion hasn't cursed for decades. Listen, I told everybody here last week that Deion Sanders was gonna show up with the Colorado Buffaloes this weekend and show everybody that he means business. Did I think they would beat TCU?

Got to be honest with you, I wasn't ready to go that far. I mean, as much as I love Prime and believe in everything that he does, 86 new players, 86 turnover. We knew it was coming because when he showed up and spoke to the one win Colorado Buffaloes as they were amassed in front of him right after his hiring, he said he was bringing Louis with him, meaning Louis Vuitton, that's the luggage that he would be bringing for them to pack their bags because he was coming to bring his people, his kids, his vision to town and one win ain't it. And sure enough, one game into his tenure in Colorado, he has already matched last year's win total. They went into TCU against the runner ups from last year and of course they lost some players, but they're not in any way shape or form the doormats of college football as Colorado was last year. 17th ranked and Colorado went in and won this football game. 45-42. I thought it was going to be one of those whoever has the ball last wins.

I like it. That this was an offensive track meet and sure enough Colorado made a defensive stop to wrap the game. And what we saw, like I told you would see, would be Deion Sanders showing you he means business. I don't understand how for so many folks out there after he's been at it for this long, I tweeted out that this was the latest example of many over the last four decades essentially that he is the man.

I don't understand if why people think that he's just doing this just for him, for his ego, for his flash, his style. He means business. He is a coach. He is a leader of men and what he has done is create a program in his image.

Quite literally, two sons. Shidur and Shiloh, his son, the quarterback, threw for 510 yards. That's all he did. Four touchdowns and he was throwing dimes, dots, ropes and he missed some throws apparently in the first half as Deion, again in his image, running off the field at halftime, spoke to Jenny Taft of the Fox broadcast and mentioned how there were a couple of missed opportunities and had his son connected on them. He said the Heisman would already be chilling at the crib as he ran off to go speak to his team at halftime. Again, you don't hear coaches talk like this or be as upfront as that. Heisman would be chilling at the crib after one half of football. Yeah and he means it. 510 yards and four touchdowns.

Uh-huh. His son is in the mix after one week of Heisman Trophy talk. Shiloh, his son, 10 tackles tied for the lead of the team.

Also, you want to talk about in his image, this Travis Hunter kid. Which coach would go out there and say, you know what we're going to do with Travis Hunter? We're going to let him play defense because that's what he was essentially recruited to do at corner, but we'll let him play wide receiver.

How many coaches would go ahead and say yes to that? Well, obviously Deion would be the one to go ahead and okay that because that's what Deion would always call himself. Call himself a five down player. Three on defense, one on special teams, and then one on offense.

That's how Deion would refer to himself. Travis Hunter, 151 snaps against TCU. 39 at wide receiver. 28 at slot corner. 81 at wide corner. Two at slot corner. One at box. 10 catches. 117 yards. Three forced incompletions and one interception that got, I believe, the first wow out of Gus Johnson on the day from the booth. That's Deion's image as well as him talking it because his team walked it.

This was prime after the game. This is the one soundbite to me that stands out amongst the many after the contest. Turn on the film.

I tell him to turn on the film. We're going to continuously be questioned because we do things that have never been done. That's the way our life has presented themselves. We do things that have never been done and that makes people uncomfortable. When you see a confident black man sitting up here talking, his talk, walking his walk, coaching 75% of African Americans in the locker room, that's kind of threatening. Oh, they don't like that.

But guess what? We're going to consistently do what we do because I'm here and ain't going nowhere. And I'm about to get comfortable in a minute.

I'm about to get comfortable in a minute. How many times have we heard Deion talk like that amongst ourselves? It's different because we know him, right? Right. But that's our point here. And that was an answer to the question referring to what you had said off the top and what a lot of folks I think are saying, which is, oh, that's just one game. True, it is one game. Absolutely it is one game. They're going through a Pac-12 cauldron, which by the way, it appears to be, Pac-12 hasn't lost yet. What a way for the Pac-12 to go out.

How about that? They haven't lost yet. And so there's some big time games come in and some big time opponents come in. I get it. Not this week. Hold on a second on that.

I'm about to get to that because that's part of where I was winding up. So yeah, but our point is that's not an act. That's Deion. Of course not.

That's Prime. You know, I know there's probably a lot of folks out there saying, why is he making it about race? Because it is. Part of it is about that. Part of it is about when you're saying, did they really do it? Can they really do it? Look at the tape.

Damn straight look at the tape. They got some ballers there balling out. They're going to have to prepare for the quarterback.

They're going to have to prepare for the defensive back slash wide receiver, a whole bunch of other kids that are there. Yeah. And Deion is still Instagramming out and talking.

And a lot of folks will be like, normally you just shouldn't be talking still. It's just one game, but that's Deion. He's just going to keep on doing his thing, which also is, did you see his pregame speech to the team?

This is something else as well. I'm so, this got me so fired up because I know he's been waiting for this moment for quite a long time. And he knew this was it. And he knew exactly how to talk to his kids.

And he knew exactly how to set the stage. And you tell me if this is now surprising to see what Colorado did in TCU after his kids heard this before going out. Check it out. Usually God gave me a word long before this, but he's been holding it because it's not about them. This is about us. This has nothing to do with the team that's opposing us. This is about us. This ain't got nothing to do with the naysayers, the unbelievers, the haters, the doubters. This is about us.

When we started this journey, we told you it was going to be trying, it was going to be tough, but you endured because it's about us. That man next to you is a miracle. That man next to you is a believer. That man next to you is a go-getter. That man next to you is a dog. That man next to you is somebody who wants this thing.

That man next to you is somebody who believes. That man next to you is somebody that gots to have it today. We ain't got tomorrow. We got now. We ain't got next. We got now.

We ain't coming no more. We here. We here. We here. We here. We here. We here. We here. We here. We here. Y'all know we here. Give me my theme music. Oh, yeah.

Give me my theme music. Give me a wall to run through right now. My favorite part about that speech, he says, we're not coming.

And the rest of the players, his kids screamed, we here, because they knew what he was getting at. They are one. Look out. I'm telling you, if the Nebraska team that struggled against Minnesota in week one shows up in Colorado this common Saturday, they will beat Nebraska back to the Homestead Act, back to the territory. That's how far back they're going to beat them back. Honestly, like Deadwood didn't exist.

That's the last. Seriously, because the coach there also was bestowed a job in the NFL. And I just want to say this, because I did suppose the reason why Deon said, I'm not a Knoll, you know, I'm a Talladega college guy. And I assumed it was part of, he said that is because, you know, he was disappointed in a way that Florida State didn't offer him a gig. I was told as well, he's saying that stuff because he's recruiting against Florida State. You already took Travis Hunter from him and he's going to go take more from him. And that's the, that's his approach. It's not like I wasn't Knoll when I was playing, but now I'm the coach.

And, and I have moved on. And then of course, you need a quarterback who can light it up and he's got one in his son who is, listen to the way he talks. This is the, this soundbite from Chidor after the game, talking about, nah, yeah, check it out. Nothing, nothing really. I'll say the only difference between FCS in this level is the D-line get off blocks if you try to scramble up faster.

That's it. Everything else, you got good players. You got good DBs, good receivers, everything like that. You just have more of those on the, on the field at once. You got to think, everybody on the field ain't going first round.

A lot of people on the field may not get drafted. So don't let, people fear names. I don't fear names because I really don't care.

But that's the biggest thing. When you fear names and you let, that's half the battle. You already losing. Dang, we playing TCU.

Dang, we playing TCU. I respect the university. I respect everything about them, but personally, I just never cared about names. Sounds like his dad, doesn't he?

I mean, it makes sense to just, I don't care about the name on the front. And also just one last thing in his, in his image. I think again, so many people think of prime time and the fact that he just with his talent beat everybody. He did on certain days. I believe his talent would last.

Do you know what Dion would do? He told me this over and over again, when he was playing way back in the day, he would have some sort of video tape setup. This is way before there were video tape setups.

Okay. He would have he would have a video tape setup in his hotel room and hotel bathroom while he would take a bath the night before a game to get ready. And he would rest the video machine on the bathtub or the toilet seat and just sit there and watch as much film as he could, as much as he could possibly mentally be ready to beat you because he knew what you were going to do by your tendency, by the way your feet were set, by the way your hands were being held at your sides, because he's smarter than you too. And I would counsel everybody else that thinks they just out talented TCU to listen to what his son just said. This mindset of the defenders here at this level, as opposed to where I was playing in Jackson State with my dad, where everybody thought I was playing just because my dad was the coach. No, I noticed these guys get off their blocks a little faster. That's what I'm noticing here. Look out is all I'm counseling. And unless you are rooting heavily against Dion, then maybe you should just go out and think, okay, they'll fall off.

They might not be deep. Again, 86 new kids, if they got an injury here or an injury there, but they also got through a game in apparently 120 degree on field heat with that supposedly thin roster. That was amazing.

Holy cow. And you know, Clemson lost to Duke and Florida State beat the crap out of LSU, even though Brian Kelly said, we're going to beat the brakes off of, you know, Florida State. You know, there were a lot of other aspects of college football this weekend that deserve mention. And Texas is playing Alabama this week, and that's going to be obviously the marquee for good reasons.

But look out. What a weekend. Holy smokes.

844-204, Rich is the number to dial. That's why we added a Colorado pennant to your meme of all the teams that you follow. TJ? I was all for it. It was very necessary. You know, guys, I know we're going to break, but real quick, people don't like to hear this sometimes, but sometimes in life, there are people, man, who truly are blessed and highly favored. We all know people like that who, and I'm friends with some who just anything they do, anything they touch turns to gold.

It works for them. Dion's one of those people I believe in. There is no doubt in my mind that he's going to be successful. Just there's no question that this team is going to be great.

And it might not be this year, although it looks like it will be. Well, he's only going to get better. Like I said, like I said, he is coming for your recruit. I thought I saw he was talking to some kids who went up to him from TCU. I thought to myself, that is the last coach I'd want my kid to go up and talk to after the game. Even if he's saying to him, you did well, you're awesome. You know, we had a tough time against you. You see that all the time.

And I think it's classy that they do that. No talking to Dion. No talking to Dion. No looking at his videos. No looking at his pregame speeches.

When he wants his, when he calls for his theme music, you duck. Holy cow. What a week one for him and Colorado. The Buffs fans must be out of their skulls right now.

Skulls. They're going to show up to try and take Nebraska out like an old school game, man. Oh my gosh.

They're going to be begging for Tom Osborne by the end of that. Tommy Frazier, where you at? Yeah, where's Tommy Frazier? Mike Rozier. Oh my God.

Like the Nebraska territories. It's going to be like 1883. They're going to hit him. They're going to go turn back the clock.

Whoa. Yeah, he's taking kids, Rich. And I mean that in a positive way. Those kids are going to want to go play for him.

And his, his shadow is so large. Mike, he hasn't played a football game since 2005. People still do his dance.

Well, we do it. He still, they still do his dance in the end zone when they take a pick six. Let's take a break. Andy Reid's coming up next. Al Michaels making his way to the studio. Also on this program, Demarcus Ware, Pro Football Hall of Famer.

And at the end of the hour, the 30 year old rookie punter of the New Orleans Saints, Lou Heady, will be on this program. It's Hedley. Oh, that's right. My bad. It's Hedley. Oh my gosh.

Are we going to use that drop like crazy or what? It is Hedley. Lou Hedley, Andy Reid, Al Michaels, Demarcus Ware, and you. 844-204-RICH. Number to dial. Andy Reid, when we come back. Let's talk about AG1, people.

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Eligibility and deposit restrictions apply. That's the way to start the program. Yeah, I mean, it's the story of the weekend. It was an awesome college football weekend. I will say we are back.

Yeah. Florida State looked pretty good in the second half. Florida State's huge win. Duke upsetting Clemson last night. It was awesome. But three touchdowns.

That's a shame. Three touchdowns. Your Wolverines just rolled?

Well, I mean, I mean, 33. Look, I mean, it's a weird thing they did to start the game. Well, they did that for the train, you know, formation for Harbaugh held up number four.

I mean, look, everybody's got to use whatever they want to get through the day, get through the week, get through the year, get through the season. If they want to use the fact that the coach got sat most likely by school, you know, management for three games, you know, to try and light the fire. I'm all for it.

You know, Jim's all for it. I'll tell you this, man. I don't care about that final score 30 to three, because guess what? First of all, they didn't get appstated.

That's the way I look at it. And number two, did you, and I'm not saying this as a facetious or trolling thing. Did you see the game? Did you see it? No.

Okay. JJ McCarthy looked good. I saw his numbers. Dude, when I say good, like he looks vastly improved. Oh, I mean, he's fourth.

He's fourth in the husbandage. He looks vastly improved. Look at those numbers.

He didn't miss many passes. So, and Blake Coram looked like Blake Coram, which is clearly coming off of a knee injury, which you needed to see. So there you go. 33 final. JJ McCarthy got it done. Blake Coram looked healthy. Defense buzzing around. Onward.

Moving on. So, but Clemson losing by three touchdowns today. They looked awful. Duke.

They looked terrible. Whoa. Yeah. I think Oregon thought they were playing a basketball game. Yeah, beating Portland State, right? Yeah, I know. Yeah, I know.

And Portland thought it was a baseball game. Something else for sure. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show radio network, I'm sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk, furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry. Grainger has the right product for you. Call or just stop by. As you know, this show has a very close relationship in so many ways to Westwood One and Westwood Run, the Westwood One radio network, the Cumulus podcast network. Again, this show, all three hours, every day available through that podcast network. We launched a new podcast on our new podcast set that's off to the left here called Over Reaction Monday.

We're going to do our usual such segment, All of Us Together. Chris and I, every Monday, are going to be bringing you the podcast version of Over Reaction Monday. Susie Schuster and Amy Tres, starting next Tuesday, a week from tomorrow, a show called What the Football, looking at the previous week's games, upcoming week's games, and of course, the entire world of sports. All of it available on the Cumulus podcast network. I'm also the host of Monday Night Football on Westwood One. Thursday night is the big kickoff between the Chiefs and the Lions. And in advance of that, I chatted over the weekend just yesterday, I believe.

Yeah, just yesterday. A little Labor Day chat with the great Andy Reid of the Kansas City Chiefs. Full champion, Kansas City Chiefs. Andy Reid, how are you, coach? Rich, I'm doing good.

Thank you. How does that hit you, 25 years as a head coach in the league, Andy? Well, that means, that means you're old, right? So, but it's been, it's been an honor. Every one of those years has been an honor.

Only 32 of us in the whole world get a chance to do it. And I cherish every day of it. So what was your first opening week in the NFL? You remember that one for me? It was a long time ago. I'm not even sure who we played in that game, but I'm sure it was very exciting. It was, was it in Green Bay? Was that where you were? Were you in Green Bay? It was Green Bay, yeah. Okay.

It might have been Cincinnati or one of those. Okay. But I'm stretching it way back. Now you're hitting the way back machine.

Maybe I hit it, I hit that way back machine button too much. You're focused on the, on the here and now and the present. How much do you discuss the target that's on your back with your team, or they've been through this before, so they already know? Yeah, so the guys, they know, I mean, they know that, that it's there. I mean, you don't really, you really don't have to remind them. They, very often they, they've got a pretty good feel on where they've been and, you know, and what they've done.

When we got into this, into this division here, it was, it was Denver was in the same, same situation we're in and, and, and we were trying to go get them, right. And, and so that, some of those guys are still around, they know, and, and they're, they do a great job in the locker room of making sure that it's taken care of. And I'm sure Mahomes is leading the way on that. Has he reached his peak, do you think, Andy, of just that he's reached the saturation point of greatness, that this is the guy we're going to get? Andy, what do you think here? Yes, yeah, you know, I think, Rich, with the, with the quarterbacks every year, until age takes over, they have a chance to better their game.

You know, I joke because it's a little bit like being a farmer that the work's never done. There's always something you can work on, probably a little bit like you'd see with, you know, with, with golfers, they, they've, they've always got something that they can work on. I think it's the same way as a quarterback and, you know, they've, and so I would tell you, has he reached it? Well, he's going to try to better it.

You know, that's his attitude with it. And I know it's, it's good for, you know, he's done a nice job of where he's at, but he's always trying to get himself better. And so what do you think if you could pull on one aspect of his game that you think he, you, or that you think he can improve on, or, you know, he's paying new attention to, to improve upon? Yeah, so it's always, it's always that combination of the routes, in particular, when you give them new routes and the coverages and the footwork that go along with that against a different look, you know, the different coverages, making sure our guys are familiar with it.

So, you know, reps become important there too. But, but the footwork is normally where you go with a quarterback, especially if you're continuing to add things into the offense there. And then, you know, when it comes to him and Kelsey, is there any comparison that you may have from your past at any point in time that you've seen a quarterback pass catcher connection like this on a team of yours?

Anything like this, Andy? Well, I'll tell you that they're special that way. And, you know, probably the latest one was Gronkowski and Brady. I mean, they just got done doing this thing. So, but anyways, I know it's, they all do it a little different.

The combinations do it a little different. And I'm glad we have both of them. And both of them, both of them are best friends. And then they, you know, they both respect their games.

And that's a positive thing for us. One of my favorite screen grabs that I saw recently from the preseason coach is, I guess, the play against Arizona where Mahomes is running. He's got four guys chasing him to his right. That was the one where he threw the ball as he's leaping out of bounds. And then, you know, the ball as he's leaping out of bounds. And Kelsey's on the numbers on the opposite side of the field, going vertical, waving his hand like he's open as if he thinks Mahomes has his eyes in the back of his head.

I don't know. Did you see, I'm sure you must have seen that on film. And when you saw that, what'd you think when you saw that? Well, I was really watching Pat because I thought the defensive guys were going to knock him into the third row there. I mean, it's a preseason game and he's, you know, doing his best Sammy Baugh imitation. But I did see him.

Yes, I did see him. And, you know, they've made those kinds of plays before. So that wouldn't have been too unusual. But the thing Trav does very well is he works to get himself open. If something breaks down, he's going to find a way to get open. And I know the Lions know about that. So they're going to, they'll have a, you know, I'm sure somebody to cover them all over the field or at least attempt to. Andy Reid here on the eve of Thursday night's kickoff of the 2023 season. I'm sure you hear about the conversation about the running back market coach and how running backs are not being valued monetarily, certainly to the way that they figure that they should be.

And a lot of the conversation is how you can just take kids out of college and throw them in there. And one of the players that gets mentioned when that theory comes to be discussed is Isaiah Pacheco and how you've taken Jarek McKinnon and done what he can do with him. Do you and your offense not focus on having a bell cow? Is that something that you bring to bear when you put a game plan together? I wonder what your philosophy is on all of this, coach? Yeah, we look, we try to look for redeeming qualities.

I mean, Brett Veitch does a great job. So look for redeeming qualities that fit into the offense. We value those guys. I mean, they're important to our offense. And I know the market doesn't say that, but that's part of this business.

It's a little bit secular that way. One year it's going to be the receivers making a ton. Another couple of years down the road, the running backs will be back in there making a ton.

This thing goes in a big circle. So it's just at this time, there are some guys like Pacheco and I can mention McKinnon that have done a nice job. And they just didn't happen to be picked in the highest spots. Andy Reid here prior to kickoff. So let's discuss your passing game and the receivers that you have, coach, and how the relationship between Mahomes and some of the newer guys that you have there and how you get that ready for week one where it currently stands. Yeah, well, listen, we have a lot of no-namers in there that just work hard. And so they're doing a nice job with that. They did a nice job last year with it. And like I mentioned, the Lions will be a great test in that area because they've got a heck of a secondary. And they're going to give you a bunch of different looks.

So it's important that these no-names get themselves in the right position and do their job and do it the best of their ability like they have in the past. And of course, defensively, you've got your hands full. I'm sure you recall the last time a defense of yours took on Jared Goff under the lights, right, coach? You remember that night? No, I remember a lot of points put up that game.

I remember a lot of points put up that game. Yeah, he did a heck of a job. We have a ton of respect for him.

I think you know that. He's a good player. I like him coming out of college. And I think he's done a nice job in the NFL. And he's found a new place to do it at with the Lions. And he's coming off a great year. And so our guys, again, our secondary has been working crazy to make sure we cover these good receivers.

They've got a California connection there that's pretty good. So they make sure we stay on top of that. And then, of course, having Chris Jones would be helpful. And I know, you know, this is one of the controllables that you can't control. What is your knowledge about Chris Jones just a couple days before kickoff here, coach? You know, Rich, he does a nice job of just taking care of that. I just worry about coaching the guys I've got. I don't worry too much.

I've got enough to think about just getting ready for this game. And my motto has always been, Chris knows this as the other guys do, that if you're there, we're going to coach the heck out of you. And if you're not, then you're not.

So you're not going to be part of it. And so that's kind of where we're at right now. And I've got a lot of trust in our defensive line. And, you know, those are prideful guys there. And, you know, you see this in sports, you know, it's another man's opportunity to step in and do it if you miss. And that's the way it is here with Chris, not there.

The other guys will step in and play. And then obviously, this is not your first rodeo in this regard. Do you reach out to Chris?

Have you reached out to him recently at all, coach? Yeah, you know what, Rich, I just kind of keep that, you know, I'm not going there with any of that. I let Brett do his business. And then whether I have or haven't, I just let that go. I mean, that's rather not talk about all that.

Sure. And then when you pass Brett in the hallway, do you just like, give him an extra stare and say, what's up? Geez, do you do that when you see him or when he calls, you see his number on your phone?

What happens? You know, Rich, I got a lot of trust in him. So I stick true to, you know, my feelings on it and how I go about my business. And with that trust that I have in Brett, I just, he knows that I'm a coach the heck out of whoever's here. Andy Reid here, a couple minutes left with the head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs. So how about you?

And again, you're 25 for you, Andy. How has the league changed since year one for you in Philadelphia, now year 25, 11th in Kansas City for you? Yeah, well, you know, the simplest one I can give you is, there's a lot more shotgun, right? Back then, we were under center. And for my first few years at Philadelphia, we never got the gun.

And all of a sudden, you're back in it. And then the second thing would be the media is way more educated, I think. And I don't mean scholastically. You guys are smart guys. But there's just more knowledge out there of the game. There's not as many secrets with the technology that's out there. So, you know, and the relationships, I think, have actually gotten better with that, which is a little bit crazy.

But that part's quite a bit different than when I first got in. And of course, you know, again, I know it's not your team, but I don't know if it passed your way. But, you know, there was some news out of Los Angeles. Matthew Stafford was talking about his new teammates. It was difficult to get to know these young kids because their faces are in their phones all the time. And that, honestly, that it was difficult to just not only communicate with them, but to make eye contact with them. Because as soon as the the practice is over, everybody's grabbing their phones.

I'm wondering how, you know, you deal with that era of player right now. Yes, this is why I'm laughing. When I got into the league, there were no cell phones. So I go back even, you know, like you do. We go back a little bit further than that. So, right.

But you got your role with it. And, you know, the guys, the guys, that's what they do. The one part about training camp that I love the most about going away, excuse me, is that the guys end up talking to each other. They sit around the dinner table and they talk. They communicate. They go up to their rooms. They've got a room that they talk. And so the cell phone gets put on the side for a second.

They get to communicate verbally. And that's a nice thing, I think, about it. And I guess just to bring this all full circle, coach, is, you know, the target on the Chiefs back.

I know you said that your players know that it exists. I mean, you're defending Super Bowl champs, but there is a team coming in that would love to put a Chiefs pelt on their wall. I mean, you know, Dan Campbell, you know, he came into the league, you know, how he has progressed in this league as a coach and what the Detroit Lions would love to do and prove to the country that thinks you're about to steamroll, quite frankly. So how do you address that right now?

Yeah, sure. Dan Campbell, I think, is great for the National Football League. He's got a heck of a job. And, you know, I'm happy for him on that. And, you know, the one thing, again, I go back to that technology is we turn on this tape here and we see how good they are. That's not a secret. And so we know they play extremely hard and we've got a ton of respect for them. I've got a ton of respect for their coaching staff and what they do there. And so it should be one heck of a game. We don't look at the odds and all that.

I can't even tell you what those are. And so I don't care. I just know it's a good football team coming in here. We've got to be ready to play. And so that's what we're working on.

And we're taking it day by day as we go here and making sure that we, you know, we get our business done. Coach, appreciate the time. I do cherish when you say yes, when I ring up and say, let's chat. So I greatly appreciate it. And good luck on opening night and throughout the season.

Look for more of my calls. Thank you. Thanks, Rich. You're a great one, man. Appreciate you.

Appreciate you saying that. That's Andy Reid of the defending champion Kansas City Chiefs before taking on the Lions on Thursday night. Fun chat with Andy Reid.

We'll have one with Dan Campbell on tomorrow's show because we're fair and balanced. Coming up next, 30-year-old rookie Paul Headey of the New Orleans Saints. It is Headey. It's Lou Headey as well. Lou Headey of the New Orleans Saints will be coming up next. Boy, I can't have enough Blazing Saddles drops. That might be the only one we can play on radio.

That's coming up next. Lou Headey of the Saints. It's time for kickoff and the Believe Podcast will get you ready for the new season. How do you live through this as an improved sports fan? Believe has podcasts covering all 32 professional teams and many of your favorite college teams too. You slid it by your defense.

You got better. Sideline to sideline. End zone to end zone. If you don't do those things, then you're not even trying your hardest to win at football and I don't know what we're doing.

There was a lot of great players on those teams that I was fortunate to be part of. Search BLEAV Podcast wherever you listen. Man, I just saw on ESPN during the commercial break because you know I have my finger on every pulse, my eye on every screen as we're sitting here on the Roku channel. The Eagles according to ESPN whatever their metric is, their their index, I don't know. Back in the day researchers would just hand me a did you know to read at the end of SportsCenter. That was about it. Did you know?

You know and some other facts but now they've got their own you know whole to do. The Eagles have the best chance out of the NFC to reach the Super Bowl. The Niners are two. Your Cowboys are three. Do you know who's fourth? In the NFC? In the NFC according to ESPN to reach the Super Bowl.

To win the conference. Vikings? Nope.

The Lions? That's correct. What? Ten percent chance.

Ten percent. Again I spoke to Dan Campbell over the weekend that conversation's on tomorrow's program. I mean oh and I did ask him if he did if he did in fact reach out to the NFL to see if he could get a live lion on the sideline.

We did hit that subject matter. His answer will surprise you. His answer will surprise you. By the way it surprises me if he says no he didn't. His answer will surprise you.

That's all I'm going to say. That's a tease for tomorrow's program. But I was a little late getting to Andy Reid and we're about to bring in our next guest as soon as the radio audience returns.

Any chance to play a Harvey Corman drop on the program I will do it. Because again every single time I heard the name of Lou Headley it reminded me of Headley. That line from Blazing Saddles. Heady Lamar. It's Headley. Thank you very much. I don't know how many times I'm going to use the drop but one more time before you bring them on. It's Headley.

Thank you very much. We're gonna play Celebrity True or False with them as well. I don't know when the last time I watched Blazing Saddles. It's been a while. It holds. That's all I'm saying.

It holds. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show. 844-204-rich number to dial. Everybody wants to you know a lot of people want to play the win-loss game. Don't worry we're going to have time. Al Michaels making his way to our studio. We'll chat with him. Hour number two.

DeMarcus wear hour three over Reaction Monday. We're going to fit in as many win-loss games as we possibly can. But joining us here on the Rich Eisen Show as you know we're all about the punters here. I'm the one who screamed punters are people too many many years ago when Brian Anger got drafted before Russell Wilson by the Jacksonville Jaguars back in the day. Joining us here now on the Rich Eisen Show 30-year-old rookie from the New Orleans Saints by the way by way of Australia and the University of Miami Lou Headley here on the Rich Eisen Show. How are you Lou? Great mate. I'm happy to be here. Thanks for saying that.

Greatly appreciate it. What's going through your mind as you're getting set to kick and punt against the Tennessee Titans is a 30-year-old in the NFL now. Lou what do you got for me?

Oh yeah so last week was a little crazy you know but that all settled down now so just like any other week it's the same preparation going into week one against the Titans. So how long have you been if you will dreaming for this moment Lou? I think I come over here in 2017. I went to junior college in San Francisco and obviously the goal out of there was to go to a big college program and I was fortunate enough to get a scholarship to the University of Miami and then yeah once I started at Miami I kind of had the next goal was obviously to make it into the NFL so it's been a long time coming and like I said it feels like it's flown by.

Yeah just very fortunate blessed to be in the situation I am and ready to go with one. And so you know when you who was the first person in your life to say you know how does American football sound to you? I had a coach when I used to play Australian rules football I always had a pretty big kick so I had a coach coach Brew his name was he kind of told me so you should give American football a crack and I didn't really know there was any pathways into it but now fortunately enough for young Australians there's you know there's academies over there that kind of teach AFL players Australian rules football players how to kind of kick an American ball and kind of show them the pathway into college football over here. So once I figured out how to go down that path with pro-kick Australia they kind of you know told me I've got a shot at making a big-time college and potentially going to the NFL so from there I just kind of followed suit and yeah like I said ended up at City College of San Francisco to the University of Miami and then very fortunate enough to sign with the Saints. All right well Lou there's so much about your past that has been already discussed but I need to know what's true and what's not as you know in our world some things are not true they sound false in our world and that's how we play a game on the Rich Eisen Show called Celebrity True or False normally we play it with actors actresses musicians writers you were the first punter to play it Lou so are you prepared for this big moment so yeah okay here we go Lou Headley Celebrity True or False hit it we have some nice uh producing value here. Celebrity true or false you can't handle the truth yes there it is punters or celebrities too all right first up for you Lou Headley true or false the population of your hometown in Western Australia is 351. False that's false okay what maybe it's maybe it's true now but um when I was living there it was I think it was about 700 so possibly it's gotten smaller for sure oh so the population was doubled at that town what yeah what is the name of your hometown in western leaving okay and what was life like there for you with 700 people yeah so it was a small fishing town um you know there wasn't much kids at the school so I remember my brother's three years older than me I think we're in the same classroom when we played sports I was kinda on the same team as him so you know there wasn't enough people to kind of spread it all out but when I was 12 I ended up moving into the city maybe tanner um moving into like the city suburbs so I got an idea of what you know everything else looks like but yeah growing up until about grade six I was kind of in a really small um fishing town number two on this list Lou Hedley true or false you worked for years as a scaffolder before trying American football is that true that is true yes how long so I think I started scaffolding when I was 17 um so about five or six years until yeah then I decided to come over to America and give college college a crack okay so that's your first ever hang time is scaffolding is what you're saying Lou yeah I was hanging up there in a harness yeah well before kicking a football how high have you ever been uh hanging from a harness in your life Lou um I don't know maybe about 50 meters I don't know what that translates to feet um but pretty high skyscrapers and stuff like that uh um gets the blood going for sure okay I was told there would be no math on this Chris how high is 50 meters in feet what do you got for me right there uh it's about 175 feet did you just do that off the top of your head yeah it's like three point whatever all right that's that's impressive okay next one for you Lou true or false you co-owned a tattoo parlor in Indonesia that is true how how the hell did that happen so my uh one of my best friends Nathan Wilson he actually plays in the the AFL back home um his stepdad is Balinese and so he could legally you know run a business over there so we all put put a certain amount of money in and yeah we'll run a show a shop over there called rosemary tattoo it's actually still up and running there in barley but um yeah I end up selling my share of the shop um to put forward to junior college do you have a Florida lee tattoo now you got one why why not what's up all right maybe it's coming maybe we got one coming okay so then what's the most interesting ink that you have I got I got many tattoos that people find interesting you know I got aliens I got spaceships abducting cows I got uh I got a lot of things on my body so you believe that there is alien life form then that abducts cows is what you're saying yeah I guess so I was uh I got that I got those tattoos when I was a little younger okay um you know about 12 years ago so um but yeah sure all right last one for sure okay last one for you true or false you wore 94 at Miami because that was Dwayne Johnson's number at Miami uh yes that's true okay um why why is that blue why'd you do that um well I'm not really big on numbers you know I mean I didn't really mind what number I was gonna wear but um you know getting recruited to Miami I obviously learned about the history of it and um you know when I found out that The Rock went there and wore number 94 um you know I was a huge fan of his growing up me and my brother used to watch all the wrestling matches um so yeah just I thought it'd be cool that to follow in his footsteps and get get 94 back on the map at Miami okay did you ask for it specifically uh yeah when I got there no one was wearing 94 so I did ask if I could wear it um and yeah it was available and he has we just saw on the screen he's tweeted at you yeah so he he reached out when I first signed with Miami um and then uh he actually sent me a really nice video message before the draft process wishing me luck with everything and then yeah once once he found out the news about me signing yeah he kinda sent me another couple nice tweets as well so I appreciate that a lot did you have you had the gumption to ask Cam Jordan if he would give up 94 there in New Orleans for you Lou yeah no I think that's that's the big cause number to keep so that's what we call a non-starter you did not do that at all no definitely not okay very good all right Lou uh thanks very much for for zooming in here uh 30 year old rookies are always fascinating punters are fascinating to me as well go go punt go hit the uh can you can you hit the super dome roof do you think I'd be a tough task if anybody ever hits that route that might be the biggest pun in NFL history okay let's see it let's see it against Tennessee give it a try Lou thanks for thanks for zooming in I appreciate it Rich thanks for having me on the show man anytime that's Lou Hadley of the New Orleans Saints getting set to punt in the National Football League at age 30 didn't ask Cam Jordan I wouldn't have either yeah it's very expensive thank you very much they have a great chat with uh with Lou Hadley it's Hadley thank you very much one last Harvey Corman drop Al Michaels coming up in studio hour two that's how we're rolling it's Hadley thank you very much the veteran move not asking Cam for the number right hey I know you've been here you know forever and you're probably going to the hall of fame what do you think about giving me 94 after all this time you want to wear your old college number what was Cam's New Orleans versus Tennessee that's one of those games people are like for week one eh except one of those teams will be one and oh and then New Orleans is at Carolina on a Monday night in week two New Orleans wins a home game they will then be taking on the team with a rookie quarterback on Monday night football and then they're at Green Bay Saints have the easiest schedule in the league they have a path to the one seed in the NFC if Philly and San Francisco kind of falter and Derek Carr's as good as everyone yeah thanks and hope and then Alvin Kamara is coming back if can't guard Mike is returns to his old form look out look out and they've got an Aussie punter at age 30 the Jets had a guy named Ben Graham who came over from Australia and was a rookie at age 31 so how about us we come on if you had told me the first show we would be doing of NFL week would be coming on talking about Dion winning his first game as head coach at Colorado yeah Andy Reid in his 25th year right and then the punter a 30 year old rookie of the New Orleans Saints before welcoming in Al Michaels they say of course that's how we roll it's looking bro give me some our number two of this program coming out with the great Albino in studio I believe it for over three decades nobody has had a wrestling career like Arn Anderson Conrad Thompson gets all the stories with our after watching AEW's Double or Nothing Amy wants to know what this dinosaur tastes like um it ain't chicken it's like biting into a sinewy charcoal briquette ah but chewy oh wow that's disgusting it sure is check out Arn every week wherever you listen
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