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REShow: Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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August 29, 2023 3:34 pm

REShow: Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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August 29, 2023 3:34 pm

Rich lists the top performers from the NFL’s final preseason weekend including the Jets’ Aaron Rogers, Steelers QB Kenny Pickett, a tough luck Cowboys QB and a Bears longshot that paid off big time.

Jets fan Rich reacts (poorly) to a Milwaukee bar offering to pay patrons’ tabs on days when Aaron Rodgers and New York loses.

Rich and the guys reveal who will come out on top in the NFC North this season among the Minnesota Vikings, Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lions.

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The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen

This is the Rich Eisen Show.

There's no tanking in the National Football League. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. The Arizona Cardinals have released Colt McCoy. When it's all said and done, you see the sunshine of Caleb Williams. If I'm Kyler Murray, I'm sitting there thinking, what is this all about? Earlier on the show, Eagles linebacker Hassan Reddick.

Little League World Series champions El Segundo Little League. Coming up, Raiders defensive end Max Crosby. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Factual.

Factual. Welcome to this third hour of the Rich Eisen Show. If you missed the first two, you missed a chat with Hassan Reddick of the Philadelphia Eagles. A game wrecker that the 49ers know how he can wreck a game. He wrecked that game in the NFC Championship game by taking out Brock Purdy. And then our conversation ended with him saying he's heard about a lot of the chirping.

And admitted he is circling the game against the 49ers in week 13 in Philadelphia already. And that was an interesting conversation. And hour number two, we welcomed in virtually every kid from the world champion El Segundo squad. That just took down the Little League World Series. And they, let's just say, they took down Curaçao more than our green room refrigerator. And the guys here believe it's because we have too much healthy stuff in our fridge. And none of the, you know.

Yeah, that 12 year old wasn't great. Because again, you could see a lot of Dr. Pepper and 7 Up. And Ginger Ale went out the door. A couple of cans of Coke. And the Laquan Spindrift untouched.

Water as well. And you're saying, I'm a terrible father. Essentially because of that. Best dad ever. Is that what you're saying?

I'm saying. We should have ordered pizza. We should have got the kids pizza or donuts.

Or we should have thrown pop rocks in their direction. Mike, didn't you hear what happened to Mikey apparently? Careful. He likes it. Hey Mikey.

There we go. Like when Trump ordered fast food. Was it clumpsy? Was it clumpsy who came? He got the fast food and I bet they loved it. I'm sure they did. You know what I mean? It's their first Quarter Pounder in forever.

So, I don't know. It was fun. It was fun. It was a great chat with these kids. Champions of the world.

Unbelievable. And the phone lines are lit. We'll take your phone calls in a brief bit. Max Crosby, the Raider, is going to be joining us soon. I have a top five I've been promising. Pre-seasons in the books. I have the best performances, five of them, of the final week of the NFL Pre-Season. And I think it's a precursor, a little bit, of what's to come as well.

I need the music please. Top five performances of the final week of the National Football League Pre-Season. Number five on the list of week ones. Top five performances back in the Pre-Season because he is showing this fan base that is starving for big playability.

Exactly that. DJ Moore once again with some big playability. It appears Justin Fields knows where he is, is feeding him the football because he can make a house call from wherever he touches the ball on the field. How many players can you say that about that the Chicago Bears have fielded in recent years?

I'm serious. Like touch the ball wherever they are. He can make a play and score. Devin Hester?

Like let's go. Like who else? I'm serious. Tariq Cohen had that ability. He had like a little bit of a home run possibility, but man. I mean Khalil Herbert had one of those plays in week one, but DJ Moore had a spin move and took a 15 yard play and turned it into 40. And if he can do this for the Chicago Bears and take some of this pressure off of Justin Fields, I'm just saying. Not saying, just saying DJ Moore is number five on this list.

I like it. Number four on this list is the return of the old 2013 Jimmy Graham. Jimmy Graham made himself a red zone target for Jamis Winston.

He's like, oh, I know that guy. Found him on a three yard. Just put it up in the air and see if anybody can go beat this hurricane for a jump ball. Nah, three catches, 34 yards, including a 25 yarder in that three yard score. They already have Juwan Johnson, right, as a tight end.

They do. You give me two tight ends, you give me you give me Olave, you give me Can't Guard Mike, you give me Kamara back, you give me Derek Carr, some vintage Derek Carr, you give me that defense. OK. But Jimmy Graham, certainly after he had that moment out here in Southern California where he had a...

He was wandering down the street. Yeah. It was kind of weird, kind of scary. Exactly. Yeah.

Now he's back catching touchdowns like Jimmy Graham. Number three on this list. It's Aaron Rodgers in his new number 17. OK. He and his new number 17. That's all I have to say.

I think you all know what I'm talking about. Garrett Wilson. You know who his old number 17 was?

That's a tall order. But if Garrett can be that guy for Rodgers to trust and back shoulder his way out of trouble if the Jets offense is sputtering, as it can, Dalvin Cook did return to his first practice since being a Viking. He showed up on the practice field for the first time as a Jet today. All I'm saying is Rodgers needed to emerge from this preseason game healthy, breaking a sweat, getting what he called jitters out and showing everybody. There's a quick game and it's with Garrett Wilson and he's going to put the ball where Garrett can, as Dan Orlovsky said on Monday, turn a four yard game into an 11 yard game.

He can back shoulder in the red zone. Oh, my gosh. That's number three on this list. Number two on this list.

We are all over this team like the proverbial rat on cheese. Kenny Pickett's number two. Kenny Pickett had a four for four 86 yard performance against Atlanta, and that was it.

Just thank you very much. He had five preseason drives this summer. Every one of them finished with a touchdown.

He targeted George Pickens three times. Every one of them was for a first down. One of them went for a touchdown. Another one went for a first down inside the five yard line to set up a touchdown.

Kenny Pickett again with his hamburger helper gloves out there slinging it full command. Steelers are sleeping on everybody right now or everybody sleeping on them. Number one on this list, though, is another quarterback who may not play in the National Football League this year. It's it's it's tough, man.

Cut days are tough. And certainly when you know you're going to get caught or traded. As Will Greer did when he took to the field for the Dallas Cowboys. After Trey Lance is acquired and Will Greer knew the Trey Lance acquisition was going to maybe force him out. Everybody's talking about Dak this, Dak that Trey Lance is not coming for Dak.

He might be coming for Cooper Rush, but he's definitely Will Greer's. Worst nightmare if you wanted to stay at Dallas Cowboy and Will Greer is told by the Cowboys, show us what you got. And with Dak Prescott in his ear, how weird must that have been alone here in your teammate who knows you're about to maybe get cut?

Not maybe you're about to leave either cut or traded. He's calling your plays, you know, this may be the last time you put the star on the side of your helmet. And he goes twenty nine of thirty five for two touchdowns, 10 rushes, 53 yards played the whole game. What a pro.

What a move. Will Greer with the best performance of the final preseason week in the summer. OK, all right, we'll get one more. This one is just his numbers in preseason week number three weren't that significant. But here's the one more. Tyson Bajant.

Who is he, you might be saying? Well, you didn't really follow him in college football. You'd probably follow him in high school because he was a zero star recruit out of high school.

And then you probably didn't follow him in college because he didn't get a single D one offer. So he went to Division two, Sheppard University in West Virginia, where he set a college record with one hundred fifty nine touchdown passes. And then he shows up at the combine.

First time I ever saw a Sheppard University logo on the NFL Network screen. And he shows up at the combine and shows enough for the Chicago Bears to get in touch with him after he goes undrafted. And balls out so significantly in training camp and in the summer that he's going to be the number two quarterback behind Justin Fields. And he is causing the Bears to send P.J.

Walker on down the road. He has earned not only a roster spot, but a significant one. Backing up Justin Fields, Tyson Bajant may not be known best for being the son of 17 time world champion arm wrestler The Beast Travis Bajant, who was at the combine and got a lot of air time because of who he is and was going nuts in the stand watching his kid work out.

So you might say the son of the 17 time arm wrestling champion is putting himself over the top. Thank you so very much. Tip your waitress. I'll be here all week. Speaking of the over the top reference, I did I did I did text Daniel Jeremiah because we were watching the combine. We were together. Obviously, we're in the booth together. I asked him about Tyson Bajant. And, you know, what's going on here? He won. He told me when he flipped the hat around backwards, P.J.

Walker didn't have a chance. And that's my top five. What a story, huh? Great story. Unbelievable.

Did I see that? Was Nathan Peterman in Chicago? He just got released to. Yeah, well, as you know, the NFL can't quit him. He'll wind up somewhere on a practice squad. I don't know, Peter. But I mean, this kid from Shepherd University is the backup quarterback to Justin Fields.

And, you know, he plays on occasion where he does not get out of bounds to get dinged. Yeah. So eight four four two or four, Rich is the number to dial. All right, Chris, I'm going to give you the option. Line one or line four.

They want to talk about the same thing. You make the choice since it's about your team. You have at it. Chris, you choose. I can't do it. Oh, man. Do it.

Well, do it. Four has been on longer. Let's go to Jonathan and Marilyn. Jonathan and Marilyn, you're here on the Rich Eisen Show. What's up, Jonathan? Hey, Rich, I'm with my great fantasy football team. Not quite yours, but my own rakish hat. And if you're up for it, I'd love to play the win lost team. Win lost game for the New England Patriots.

All right. Now, Chris, do you want to do the vetting here to see if he's because, again, somebody snuck in yesterday and wasn't really a fan of the team. I don't detect an accent and he doesn't appear to have a New England phone number. What's what's the deal, Jonathan? So I'm currently I'm from Maryland.

I'm currently driving, not to be dropped off at college. My dad, his entire side, grew up in New England. I can prove it to you. I you cried over. I'm assuming the Celtics losing Game 7. I was upset.

My own version was the Bruins losing Game 7. All right. Fair. He's in. Fair. He's in.

Did he pass? Let's go. I feel like this is like the movie diner. I know.

Like you're in the basement. We won't let you out to do the win lost game. Otherwise, we were scarred by that guy who put the bills at eight, nine or 98. All right. Here we go. Jonathan. Here we go. Jonathan in Maryland. Home for the Eagles with Tom Brady in the house.

Tommy's there. What do you got? Law. All right. Home for the Dolphins. Win. All right. At the Jets. It's a close one. I'll say I'll say law.

All right. One and two at the Cowboys win. Two and two home for the Saints win. Three and two at the Raiders taking on McDaniel's win. Four and two home for the Bills lost. Five and three at the Dolphins lost.

He is legit. Five and four. We're matching up. Five and four against the commanders at home. Win.

Six and four in Frankfurt, Germany against the Indianapolis Colts. Easy win. That's six and four right there.

Okay. Six and four at the bye. We'll take that. Six and four at the bye at the Giants win. Seven and four home for the Chargers. It's a tough one. The Chargers are definitely a better team. I'm going to have to go with the win on that one, though, because we've had Justin Herbert's number now for at least one game.

All right. Eight and three at the Steelers on a Thursday night. I think it's a trap game. It's a loss. Eight and four against the Chiefs on a Monday night at home.

Lost. Easy at the easy loss. Eight and five at the Broncos.

That's also probably a trap. You also have to loss. That's three in a row. Okay. Eight and six at the Bills. Lost. Eight and seven home for the Jets. That's a win. All right.

Ten and seven with a four game losing streak in December to boot. It's not a hard decision to make, though, because when you think about it, for all the Patriots' flaws on the offensive line everywhere, the Patriots and the AFC have a bottom three quarterback. Okay. It's not a controversial take, Rockman. I'm sorry if you disagree with me. Maybe Pickett, maybe Tannehill, but every other quarterback except the rookies in the AFC South are better than Mac Jones. Well, I think ten and seven is optimistic. Okay. Jonathan in Maryland, thanks for the call, brother.

Drive safely. I think ten and seven is kind of the ceiling for this team. Four game. What will it be like on local radio with a four game December losing streak?

Especially when they start. If they start eight and three, and then lose four in a row. I think they started seven and four. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, and three. No, it's eight and four. Eight and five, eight and six, eight and seven, eight and eight. No, he had them nine and eight. My bad. Nine and eight.

Okay. Yeah, eight and four start, and then he was four in a row. That's going to be kind of rough. He had them nine and eight. It's going to be rough. I think that's fair. Nine and eight, ten and seven. That's kind of where the... That's kind of what I'll probably have him have.

That's wow card, right? Well, again, the Dolphins... Nine and eight. Nine and eight. Dolphins were nine and eight last year and made the playoffs. So I think you're going to have to get ten wins in the AFC to secure a spot.

Especially the East, right? So Max Crosby is not... Oh, he's been called in by trainers. Okay. Oh.

Well, whatever. He's going through with something going on. But everything's all right, hopefully. 844-204 Rich being the number to dial right here on the Rich Eisen Show. We'll be back with more in a moment. Take some more of your phone calls right here on the program.

We'll be right back. Are you currently enjoying the show on the Stitcher app? Then you need to know Stitcher is going away on August 29th.

Yep, going away as in kaput, gone, dead. Rest in peace, Stitcher. And thanks for 15 years of service to the podcast community. So switch to another podcast app and follow this show there.

Apple, Spotify, or wherever you listen. Back here on the program. You got something over there, Christopher?

All right, Rich. So as we know, Aaron Rodgers with the Jets breaking news. Fans in Milwaukee not happy about how he suddenly loves everyone. Look how cool I am. The teammates and everything's great.

I'm happy to be here. Well, Jack's American Pub in Milwaukee is pledging to cover customers' bar tab when Rodgers and the Jets lose this season. You must open your tab 15 minutes before kickoff. The promotion does not include food, and it only applies if Rodgers is playing and the Jets game does not coincide with the Packers game. There are four of those this year.

So plenty of opportunities for patrons of this place in Milwaukee to get free drinks on Days the Jets lose. That's fantastic. Are you asking my reaction to this? Yeah. Honestly, I hadn't heard about this.

I just saw it today. I'll tell you one, the word that leaves to mind is pathetic. It's pathetic.

And when you lose, I win. It's pathetic. Why?

What do you mean? It's hilarious. No, it's not hilarious. It's pathetic.

From the guy that doesn't want kids to have pizza. No, no. It's pathetic. It's pathetic. It's a pathetic, weak promotion. Rich, can I ask you something?

Would you feel the same way if he went to, like, the Lions or anything other than the Jets? Yes. Yes. You think that's weak? Weak. It's hilarious.

And pathetic. Why? You have a person who left your team. Of course, you're going to after a 20 years, a disappointing career. A disappointing career. Disappointing. One title.

This guy's supposed to be amazing. One title. Chris, they all can't win multiple titles. Why? They all can't win multiple titles.

Why? Some can't win one. Not everybody's Terry Bradshaw, bro. When you're praised and deemed a god, you're supposed to win more than one.

I mean, honestly, this guy. The all-water ski behind yachts in New England. We heard it. We're back here on the radio show, and we just brought something up on the TV side of things, is that there's an establishment in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, that is, if you open your tab 15 minutes before the Jets play a game and the Jets wind up losing, your tab is covered. Your drinks are covered. Your drinks are covered. On the house, on the arm, if the Jets lose. Correct.

So come to this establishment when the Jets play, and let's all root against Rodgers. Correct. Okay. And I call that pathetic and weak.

That's a great idea. It's hilarious. It's pathetic and weak, as if Rodgers did not give the Packers fans a thrill of a lifetime for two friggin' decades, and you're like, he's only won one. It's a disappointing career. Come with me to the Hall of Fame next summer and tell that to Dan Marino's face. You are a disappointment.

You are a god. You walk on water in Miami. Ask the fans. They're the ones that matter. Miami fans think Marino is a god for good reason, and San Diego fans, I'm sure, think the same way about fouts. Not everybody can root for a team that wins six of them and has a quarterback that wins multiple of them. Now, there are some that do, and you can put- Then I never want to hear a Rodgers-Goat conversation ever again. Why? That's what I mean. Why? The dude barely gets in the club.

If we're talking about the levels of the Hall of Fame, where's Rodgers? Ooh. Like, Dion wants multiple levels. I understand. You know what I'm saying? No, and so, to me, if you have a Hall of Fame-worthy career, you deserve to be in the Hall.

I would push back on Dion by saying that there deserves to be tears in there. But come on. You don't think Packers fans think Rodgers' career is a disappointment? Let me ask you this question. You answered mine first. Packers fans would think that Rodgers' career was a disappointment.

If they do, then they deserve to have Jordan Love flop on them. Because you can't- like, I understand they're disappointed and they thought they could have had more. I totally agree with you.

There were times where he missed receivers in the playoffs. I'm not saying he's perfect. Okay. But what I'm saying is- That's all I'm asking.

So, for now, you're going to turn around, okay? It's a fun bar promotion. But let me ask you this question. I don't find it fun.

I find it pathetic. I think it's- Hold on a second. Let me ask you this question. Let's look at the receipts for this bar on nights that the Green Bay Packers were playing under Aaron Rodgers. Do you think Aaron Rodgers made this bar more money than, say- let's say the bar was around for 40 years. Because, again, Packers fans, they're almost as spoiled as you.

All right? They're almost as spoiled as you. I mean, they're two gods, won two rings. Less than a third of what Brady won.

I understand that. And Hoskins is asking me to ask you, and I'll ask it, but I don't agree with the premise, is what if they did this in New England for Brady? It would be- I'd find it funny.

Oh my god. Because it's funny. The thing- I agree with you, right?

It is funny. But I don't agree with you in the sense that it's not one-on-one basketball. This is a team sport, so I always hate the quarterback one loss thing. I hate the fact that, you know, you only won one when Brady won six, but like, if Malcolm Butler wasn't born, does Brady have six? No. If Pete Carroll runs in football, does Brady have six? No. Like, if Adam Venetaria isn't alive, do the Patriots have six?

No. So you can't say Tom Brady solely on his own, or any quarterback solely on her own, won these Super Bowls. I know we hold them to this level and say, this is a court. But no, that's not how this team game works. And I agree with you, but you know, Brady- But it is funny, by the way. I'm pointing this out.

It's definitely funny. But Brady, you know, makes everyone- made everyone better, including his coach. Yeah. Brady never played with De'Vante Adams? Again, just again, let me just- Brady didn't make the guys better in the first three Super Bowls. I know we're going to field, but just look at what Messi's doing for Inter Miami. Honestly, there's a halo effect, where suddenly a team that was not winning, they were the worst team in the MLS, right?

They were the worst team in the MLS. They were like bicycle kicking it around like it's a Ted Lasso script. You know what I mean?

Like setting up five touches for a goal for Messi against the Red Bull. It's awesome. Also by saying just- But, but, but, hold on a minute. Just do I see humor in it? Of course I see the humor in it. Is this life or death? Of course it's not life or death.

It's Tom Betty scale. It's funny. I find it pathetic. Like as if Rodgers did nothing and deserves scorn. Like the Packers didn't have anything to do with the end of this relationship. Honestly, like there's no, like their team at home had nothing to do with it.

Didn't draft a receiver for Rodgers forever. Then in the middle of a pandemic, he goes and he's sitting there a few fingers into a drink, a bourbon, and he finds out Jordan Love's now acquired by a guy that he doesn't trust. So what I'm just saying, like, let's, let's just, let's just chill out on making him the ultimate villain. Come on out and you get your bar tab.

Now then, now let me get into the personal. Come on. We've been getting our ass kicked since Lombardi's. Honestly, just let me put it in perspective, rooting against the Jets for you folks.

The Jets have not been to the Super Bowl, let alone won one, until after the Jets broke up Bart Starr and Lombardi's streak of two in a row to start this whole thing off. So can you cut us a little slack and pour another round instead of pouring one out with your BS, total fabricated hatred of Aaron Rodgers? I totally get that Packers fans like got sick of Rodgers at the end. I totally understand why they're watching Hard Knocks being like, dude, in the same way.

Where was this the last same way? In the same way, Patriot fans definitely were watching Brady, like giving tips to players in practice in Tampa. Like suddenly he's Mr. Chips. Person, Mr.

Personality, telling jokes, social media. Come on, man. That was Brady breaking free of the Belichick. That's what I'm saying. And I totally understand that Packers fans, some of them want to see Rodgers flop.

Like give free drinks. Like Favre was the one, Favre was the one who was messing with things when leaving. Favre was the one who was grinding axes before leaving and then went to the Jets to grind the biggest ax in your own division. And Rodgers is just like, hey, you didn't FaceTime me.

I'll create whatever I need to create in my own head to make me happy. And I'm going somewhere else. And you've got Jordan Love. A lot of Pats fans became kind of quasi-Bucks fans because of Brady. Do you think the same is happening for Green Bay fans?

Kind of like, you know, for the Jets a little bit? I'd like to hear from a Packers fan. I want to hear from you, you know? Because I don't think so. Ross, I want to hear from you.

You know, I mean, I don't want to speak for them. I know one, Murph, and he's not allowed to call in here. He's been banned. Murph is not going to be hashtag free Murph.

If he gets lifted, Murph's banned. He called in and cursed. And the guy never curses around like the poker table, like ever. And he cursed when coming on here.

Nervous. He is happy to see Rodgers go. But he also wouldn't go to a bar and like, yeah, man, let's root against the Jets. He probably wants to root against the Jets to see me unhappy because he's miserable about Jim Harbaugh in Wisconsin.

Honestly, I don't know how to answer that question. But don't forget Favre retired and then came back after they turned it over. Like, we should have Mike McCarthy in here.

Hey, Mike, let's walk through this. So he said he's out. And then after you turn things over to Rodgers, he says, I'm back. Like, this would be like Rodgers going on McAfee saying, I'm out of my my darkness retreat and I want to come back, play for the Packers after. He has said, I'm done.

Like, what if he went on Pat's show and said, I'm retired. Oh, OK, then we're going to set up. You're in a ring of honor. We're going to give you a parade. We'll name a street after you, which is what they do for people of his ilk and his status. We'll do all that.

Oh, great. And then he goes on Pat's show after Jordan Love has his introductory press conference after waiting as long as Rodgers did. And he comes back on Pat's show and go, you know what? I want to go back to the Packers.

That's what I want to do. I kind of wish that would have happened instead. That's what Favre did. And then and then after all of that, he goes to the Jets. And then winds up in Minnesota, which, by the way, let's just say the Vikings are done with Cousins after this year, which everybody assumes they trade for Rodgers. Yeah, that would be honestly like that would be the same.

I'm trying to equate what it was like with Favre, and it's not anywhere near the level of Def Con right now with Rodgers. And this bar is going to go out and say free drinks when the Jets lose. By the way, that's and let me just tell you this, whoever the owner of that bar is, fifty four years of experience. That's a loss leader for your budget, because over the last 50 years, I wouldn't advise a bar pay tabs for when the Jets lose football games. Which is, in a way, maybe admitting Jets are going to do better than you think. Oh, that's what you think. Well, that's what this guy thinks.

He's willing to give away or lady, I shouldn't assume it's a man giving away drinks. Hey, I pay your tab if the Jets lose. In past years. Now, we didn't see that when Zach Wilson was quarterbacking the Ray Lucas era. No bars were doing that. Yeah, when Rich Cotite was coaching it up.

No bars were like free drinks when the Jets lose. Yeah, sure. Why not? So now, sure, let's do it, because we assume we're not going to pay that much because Rodgers is that great.

So maybe I shouldn't say it's pathetic and just instead say thank you. It's a smart business move. He knows he's not going to lose much because the Jets are probably going to be better. What nonsense. And he's going to get the word out. Get out of here.

I love Rich. Seriously. We're not allowed. We're not allowed. We Jets fans are not allowed. You get all the quarterback play, a first ballot Hall of Fame quarterback play for three decades in a row.

Oh, okay. And then one guy decides, we're done here, and the Packers feel the same exact way. Wasn't that one of my rumors at the combine that I overheard, is the Packers sure hope Rodgers wants out.

Yeah, it's true. We're going to pay him like a billion dollars. Let's come up with this construct. Let's all get together, hate on Rodgers, and root against the Jets. Get out of here. Like Rodgers didn't do anything positive for 20 years.

Get out of here. Yeah, one good season. Hey, listen, that's the way things are measured, right? Rings, parades. His, you know, he lost track. Everyone else can just count on one finger, one hand. Have we done this yet?

We did have one. Who should we go next to? Oh, wait, who's Dave? Let's get Dave on here. Where's Dave from? I don't know his location. I don't know.

It didn't feel, it didn't populate. Dave in Nashville. Dave in Nashville. What's up?

I feel bad for all the people holding on. Dave wants to chime in because we're talking about it. What's up, Dave?

Go for it. Oh, man, I will be really glad when we stop talking about Aaron. I'm tired of hearing it too. He's going to lose the first night and then you're going to be all crying. I won't be crying. Excuse me. Excuse me, Dave. Dave, I will not be crying.

I will not be crying. I didn't mean you per se. I'm like all the others. Dave, where are you from? You're not from Nashville, are you? Where are you from? No. Yeah, well, New Jersey.

I'm mid-Atlantic. Oh, OK. So you're a giant fan of Dave. Is that what you are? No. What are you? What are you? Ravens.

All right. I mean, you know, look, I mean, so come on. What's, what's, what do we got a problem with the Jets? Why can't you let the Jets have something once every half century?

What's the matter with you? That's what it is. Because they are the Jets.

They are perennial losers. Wow. Oh, boy. That's my point. That's my point, Dave. Come on, man. We all can't have 24 games in a row of a winning streak in preseason and and a coach that's there forever and a great owner, you know, in a front office that knows how to draft.

We all can't have that. Dave, you know. But but, you know, you keep everybody keeps saying Farve, you know, the big prima donna Farve didn't want to leave.

What happened with that was his agent. Bus cook. Yeah. So you're retiring, right?

We need to retire. And he goes, well, I guess. Yeah, I guess.

You know, quarterbacks, you know, at the end of January, they're all beat up and, you know, they need to heal a little bit. I don't know. Come June, Farve is like. Did you say hold on a second, Dave. I got to stop you. Did you say did you did you just say the word?

Did he say the words that Farve wasn't dramatic, essentially? Let me tell you something, Dave. Dave, let me tell you. Let me give you a little history lesson.

Keep playing it. Ted Thompson didn't want to have any part of that because his golden boy Aaron was sitting in the wings. Well, and that's why, you know, Gouda Kunz golden boy Jordan Love was sitting in the wings.

So it's kind of the same thing. But let me just tell you, let me give you let me give you a little history lesson. Dave. But Brett still had a year on his contract. He's like, you know, I want to finish out this year.

No, you're not finishing out. Dave, let me give you. Dave, I got to give you. I got to give you a history lesson. Thanks for the call, Dave. Appreciate it. There we go.

I love chopping it up with people from Jersey. Let me give you a little history lesson. This is the 20th year of NFL Network.

20 years. Unbelievable, isn't it? Man, it's crazy.

It's been a minute. Let me just tell you something. Let me tell you something.

NFL Total Access I did from 2003 to 2011, and then I've been doing other things. The number one person that has caused me to call home and say I can't make it yet because plans have changed. The number one person who has caused rundowns to be ripped up, torn up and thrown in the trash more than anyone else.

It's not Terrell Owens. Nope. I guess. Close. Nope. Who's your guess? Hmm.

Brett Favre. Bingo. 100 percent. Farv. Farv.

Early calls over time. There was one New Year's Eve. Oh, yeah. New Year's Eve, Sunday night, last game of the year on New Year's Eve, Favre Packers versus the Bears. And everybody was sitting there on the set of NFL Network freaking, freaking out because we had to wait and see if he was coming back and retiring or not. Because the year before, after he got eliminated from the playoffs, we were sitting there and he was chatting with Mike Sherman.

This is how long ago it was. Remember him? Mike Sherman. I do. Our friend Warren Sant once told him, put a jersey on.

You remember that? Put a jersey on. Put a jersey on. We had to wait for him to chat with Mike Sherman for an hour and a half before he came out in his press conference and then didn't make a move about whether he was retiring or not. We waited for nothing. Yep.

Nothing. And we were freaking out that we would be watching Dick Clark drop a ball on the following year waiting. It's true.

And God bless Andrea Kramer. Asked him point blank the question because she was a sideline reporter on Sunday Night Football, are you coming back or not? And he answered point blank, I am. I'll tell you what, there was a celebration in our studio as if the ball had just dropped.

We started almost kissing and singing old lang syne to anyone else. I did. I may have played it. It was only professionally appropriate.

I may have played it. Because we had been having enough of waiting for this guy to make a decision. And then Terrell Owens was number two. Sit ups on the lawn, crying, that's my quarterback. I had so much, you know, 50 million reasons or whatever the hell it was. Oh my gosh. So I don't want to hear it. Boy, do we go on a whole jag about somebody coming up with free drinks just because the Jets might lose.

Drinks are on the house. Get out of here with this noise. Let's take a break. When we come back, let's talk Packers, NFC North. We predict the NFC North and more of your phone calls right here on the Rich Eisen Show.

Everything's on the arm from here on out. It's time for kickoff and the Believe podcast will get you ready for the new season. How do you live through this as a new sports fan? Believe has podcasts covering all 32 professional teams and many of your favorite college teams too. You solidify your defense. You got better. Sideline to sideline, end zone to end zone. If you don't do those things, then you're not even trying your hardest to win at football and I don't know what we're doing. There was a lot of great players on those teams that I was fortunate to be part of.

Search BLEAV podcasts wherever you listen. Can't wait for the Jason Bay tribute video. Jason Bay. You know Rick Porcello wasn't even in the free agent picture. Two former Red Sox players.

I remember I bought one. I bought a Jason Bay t-shirt jersey, his one year thinking, all right, new outfielder, new home run hitter, gone the next year. I mean, Max Scherzer did not perform up to close the Mets expectation level. He was no Bobby Abreu, that's for sure. That's right.

He was no Bernard Gilkey either. I don't like Cole and the Yankees. Innocent until proven. Kind of like Cole and the Yankees. My favorite. It'll be a lit night.

What do you mean? Garrett Cole's amazing. Oh, dude, don't even pin a thing on Garrett Cole. Garrett Cole's gonna wear a Yankee hat in the hall of fame. Oh, didn't you text, didn't you tweet out recently that he was a bomb or something like that? Yeah, the Red Sox own him.

But other than that, he's great. Yeah, you can't beat the Red Sox. That's his point. Yeah. What do you mean?

Who cares? Oh, you can't beat the fourth place team? Yeah, but you want to beat your rights arrival. You got to beat your rival. I'm just glad at least you can't pitch to Altuva either. Now you know what it feels like when we face Devers. Yankees can't pitch to him.

It's just like, hey, you know what? You're gonna face him probably on average, what? How many at bats a year from him now? Even in the news.

Even in the news. It's not 19 games a year anymore, right? So 50 at bats. You know he's gonna get 50 at bats against you. Let's come up with a pitching plan for him. What do you think? About 350.

What do you think? Literally, ever since he pulled into all this Chapman, 105 mile an hour fastball as a rookie right out of right center field in the new Yankee Stadium, I don't think they've ever been able to pitch to him. Anybody. They've pitched to my game. At least you know how I feel. I'm in a mood now. You put me in a mood. He sure did.

I mean, it was kind of the idea. We made... Do I got to do this read? Let me go read here, back here on the Rich Eisen Show radio network sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry. Grainger is the right product for you.

Call or just stop by. So I mean, what? Let's have a bar, you know, root against the Buffalo Sabres too, right?

Let's say, hey, every time the Sacramento Kings lose, let's pay everybody's bar tab. I mean, that's what I mean. It's pathetic.

No. What are you talking about? That's what makes fun. Just make sure you get to Citi Field for Rick and Kill Day.

I don't find it fun. Rick and Kill Day. Oh, yeah. That'll be, by the way, that'll be a great video tribute.

He'll probably take out more scoreboards than Otani. Is that too soon? I'm in a mood. I'm so sorry. I said that about somebody. You know, I'm here for a Mackie Sasser video tribute night.

Let's show him hit the second place at second base umpire in the head. What is happening? I mean, we are out of our minds. I'm in a mood. Oh, Rich is lit. I have been placed in a mood. Rich is lit.

That's what Rich would say. Chris, that's like, that's like the Atlanta Hawks or the Cheed Wallace day. Atlanta Hawks or Cheed Wallace day.

Frank Gore Eagles day? Martin in Pueblo, Colorado. Let's take his phone call. What's up, Martin? How are you, sir?

Hey, I'm doing good. Just taking my call again. Martin. You got it. What's on your mind, Martin?

Yeah. So called, you know, I called a few times last year when you picked the Raiders, when you were being a prisoner of the moment. And what I want to say is that I do forgive you for all that.

I appreciate that. But hey, let's. So wait a minute, Martin, Martin, does that mean you granted clemency to the prisoner of the moment? Is that what just happened?

My sentence commuted. All right. So what do you want to do, Martin? Yep.

Let's look at the Bronco schedule. Okay. All right. Here we go.

And I just want to let you know already, Nick and Corona has the team 15 and two. So that's the ceiling. Let's see if you find the floor.

Martin Pueblo, Colorado. First up Vegas Raiders at home. Week one win home for the commanders. Week two win at the dolphins. Week three two and one at the bears win three and one against the jets at home.

Some free drinks are walking. Gilligan hat for everybody. Four and one against the chiefs at home at the Kansas city chiefs Thursday night. And about good. We're really hit us with that one. Four and two, four and two home against the Packers win five and two against the chiefs at home. We went, we end the drought with six and two out of the buy at the bills. Six and three against the Vikings at home. Seven and three against the Browns at home. Eight and three at the Houston Texans. Nine and three at the Los Angeles chargers. Nine and four at the Detroit lions. Ten and four against the Patriots at home. One and four against the Chargers at home. Twelve and four at the Vegas Raiders. Twelve and five for the, thank you for the call Martin in Pueblo, Colorado. Lots of gummy ingestion by the Broncos fans. What did he say? Twelve and five?

Yes. So Martin in Pueblo, Colorado. Twelve and five and Nick in Corona at it, fifteen and two. Their Vegas total is... They put all your money on the Broncos.

Their Vegas total is eight and a half. So let's just put it this way, and I'm not advocating any of this, it looks like they're over. They took the over. They took the over. Okay. Way over.

By a lot. Wait, wait, wait, wait. Maybe the color yesterday was on to something. Maybe we get people who aren't fans of the team to give these records just to be able to...

They're mad fans. There's a reason why our phone lines are lit. Let's get to the NFC North. This is our daily predictions of divisions. We're halfway through the league. We've got four more days left in the week. We're going to go NFC North today.

Chris Brock, when you're first up. All right, guys. NFC North. NFC North. Okay, here we go. This is what I like. I'm going Packers to win the division.

Oh my gosh. Drinks for everybody. They have the best defense in that division. I think Jordan Love is going to be really good. They have two very good running backs. Christian Watson.

Let's hope Romeo Dobbs can kind of slide into that Randall Cott. And I think they have a really good coach. I think Matt LaFleur is the best coach in that division.

I think they're back. I'm all in on the Packers this year. Vikings are still a really good team with a really good offense. Despite losing Dalvin Cook, I am not on board the Lions bandwagon. And I think the Bears, look, they're still a couple years away.

We need to see development. I think the Bears, if they can win five games this year, six games, I'm sure their fans would be excited. They just want to see improvement offensively, improvement on the offensive line. But I'm all in on Green Bay.

TJ? I got to be honest, man. I'm looking at what I predicted here. I wish I could take it back, but I can't. So here's what we got. Conviction.

Let's go. Conviction. I've got belief. When I'm going with the Vikings, like the back division title, I can't see them falling off that much.

Oh, look at this. Lions. I had to talk with a Bears fan and he kind of talked me down into thinking the Bears. I thought they were going to be a little bit better than he thought.

So I put them at three and then I put the pack of four. I just don't know how Jordan Love's going to turn out. So great, Ashton said. Don't put us in last. And you're like, OK, I can never reveal my source. All right.

I mean, that's why it's a source. All right. I believe, as you know, the Packers are going to perform better than people think. I don't believe division winning.

And I'm I don't like look, Jordan. Anderson better be good, man, because there's going to be two people on Justin Jefferson and he's really special. He's terrific. I need to see if Alexander Madison is ready for the role.

So it's the Madison Addison combination. I do believe the defense is going to be better in Brian Flores. And I do think the Bears are going to be improved, but not at a last place. I'm restoring the roar.

I'm going to go for it. I think the Lions are going to win this division. I think they are who we think they are. And the Bears are one win away. I mean, one year away. I think this is the year before their year where they can finally break out.

I do like the Ryan polls maneuvers. I like how they're building the team, and I think they're going to be better than people think. I mean, seven seven wins might finish in last place in this division. So I could see a rapid, a vast improvement in wins by the Bears, but not in last place. Not at a last place. And I like the Lions, man.

And I know it just kind of went higher register there. I did like Matthew Berry's point that Jared Goff's playing is that they're playing their last 10 games in a dome. And I like their coach. I like the way they've built themselves, Jamir Gibbs, folks. We have not seen him unwrapped yet. And if he is the matchup nightmare that we're hearing him and then they get to be and they get their other Crimson Tide guy back and Jamison Williams six weeks into the season.

And my guy, Aiden Hutchinson, does take that big step up from year one to year two that I'm expecting. Look out. That's our NFC North preview, AFC North tomorrow, Valerie in South Carolina. Let's take your call to wrap things up. What's up, Valerie? Hi. How are you doing today, Rich? I am doing great. How is everything Carolina? Are you battening down the hatches? I hope everything's fine there.

Oh, well, I'm in the middle part of the state and everything is not even blowing wind here. Okay, good. But I want to do the win loss for the Panthers. Outstanding. I'm not even going to ask you if you're a Panther fan. You're calling in from Carolina and it sounds like you are from there, Valerie. So let's do this.

I am. Okay, let's do this. The Carolina Panthers.

We're not going to have anybody do this just yet. At Atlanta, week one. That's a loss.

Okay. Home for the Saints on a Monday night. We're going to see Bryce Young pretty fast at home. And I think that's a loss too.

I think we start season close. Oh, and two at the Seahawks. That'll be a tough assignment. Yeah, probably a loss there too. Oh, and three. Home for the Vikings. Loss.

Oh, and four at the Detroit Lions. Loss. Home for the... Oh, at the Dolphins. I think they're going to surprise the Dolphins and, well, I don't win that game.

Okay, Bryce Young versus Tua. Roll tied in that one. Finally getting a win. One and five coming out of the bye. Home for the Texans. Win. Home for the Colts. Win. That's three and five.

At the Bears on a Thursday night. Loss. Okay, that's now three and six. Home for the Cowboys. Loss. Three and seven at the Titans. Loss. Three and eight at the Bucks. Win. Four and eight at the Saints. Loss.

Four and nine. Home for the Falcons. Win.

Five and nine. Home for the Packers. Win. Six and nine at the Jaguars. Loss. And six and ten.

Home for the Bucks. Win. Seven and ten. Okay. Ooh. Yep. Thanks for the call, Valerie.

That's what I think I run to. Seven and ten. Very good, Valerie.

Thanks very much. That's Valerie in South Carolina. Wow. Vegas' total is seven and a half, so she's right there. Right there.

That'd be quite a journey, starting oh and five. Yeah, right? Only to win seven games, which is, I mean, did they sign for it? I don't know. I think so. Just Bryce Young being healthy and showing what you can do. Yep. Fun show. Want to thank the Little League champs from El Segundo for stopping by.

And also you as well. For over three decades, nobody has had a wrestling career like Arn Anderson. Conrad Thompson gets all the stories with Arn. After watching AEW's Double or Nothing, Amy wants to know, what's this dinosaur taste like? Whew. It ain't chicken. It's like biting into a scented charcoal briquette. But chewy. Oh, wow. That's disgusting. It sure is. And check out Arn every week, wherever you listen.
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