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RE Show: NFL Preseason Cuts - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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August 28, 2023 3:45 pm

RE Show: NFL Preseason Cuts - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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August 28, 2023 3:45 pm

Rich and the guys debate if they prefer having a conversation while standing or sitting.

Rich weighs in on the 49ers giving up on Trey Lance after trading up to select the QB 3rd overall in the 2021 NFL Draft, and reacts to Aaron Rodgers’ impressive performance for the New York Jets in his first on-field game action this preseason.

The guys reveal their predictions on how the NFC South will play out this season, and debate if the Arizona Cardinals releasing Colt McCoy is the first indication that they’re tanking for USC quarterback Caleb Williams.

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The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen

Let me just say this. This is the Rich Eisen Show. I want to see Aaron Rodgers walking out. The Rich Eisen Show. I want to see two hand-offs, one bubble screen, and a deep throw.

Rodgers under center, drops back, lobs one, front left pylon, it is caught! Garren Wilson has the Jeff touchdown! Earlier on the show, ESPN NFL analyst Dan Arlovski, Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin. Still to come, your phone calls, latest news, and more. And now, it's Rich Eisen.

Yes it is. Welcome to hour number three of the Rich Eisen Show. We're live on the air on the Roku channel. This Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio affiliate Sirius XM Odyssey. There's just so many platforms we lose track.

You can check us out for free on the Roku channel. I'm wearing a very light blue, baby blue type shirt today. You know I decided to do one button.

Should I just keep going? What are the pants you're wearing? You know what, I'm going for comfort. Are they joggers?

I don't know what they are, but they're fashionable. Thank you. I mean I'm not saying that. It's good. I'm glad you mentioned that because I just want people to know there is a lower half. I sit on TV so much. I hated standing. I hate standing on TV. You don't like the standing? I don't like the standing.

It's ridiculous. You're walking talk though for a half time. Let me ask you a question.

I said this to the producers over and over and over again. They want you standing, you're standing there because you're holding your scripts and you're standing. I'm standing and I'm having a conversation.

Let me ask you a question. Standing or sitting? How would you rather have a conversation? Standing or sitting?

Where are we? It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter? Standing. It doesn't matter. It's like those polls just like you're going to vote Democratic or Republican in the Congress. It's not like for who or whatever.

It's just yay or nay. Standing or sitting? What do you got? Standing. How are we sitting? You want to stand and talk?

I like standing because I sit on my ass all day mixing. Excuse me. Excuse me.

I'm sorry. I'm saying if you're out at a bar you're standing. You're standing but don't you when you're in a bar standing don't you and a seat opens at the bar.

Don't you take it? I always sit. Right.

No. I like standing. Or you lean against the wall. What a lunatic. Look at what I do for my job.

What a lunatic. He sits in the front seat. I sit talking all day too. I sit all day talking too.

And I do like to explore the studio space when I'm off camera but to prove that I have a lower half. But when it comes to it. No I want to sit. I would mix standing up if I could. Break the tie. Alright give me the question again.

Oh my god. Conversation. Standing. Sitting.

Um. You really want to stand and have a conversation? It depends on where we're at and like.

Do you want to go to a game sitting or have a standing room only? I would do a show like this all day. I agree with. Okay.

If I could mix this room. Are you wearing a tank top and a gold chain? Like what are we doing? No it's. That's right.

That's good. It's hard times where I've thought about standing up for like even an hour just so I'm not sitting the whole time. But we're all sitting. Let me ask you. If we looked. Hold on a second. This is what I even said to one of our producers back in the day when he had us all stand. He had us all stand because CNN was standing. CNN was standing so we had to stand. Okay. And so we had to stand because CNN was standing. We all got to stand? No no.

I'm just trying to get the feel for it. Okay. I'm kind of tall. So we had to all stand. And so we would have like 320 pound linemen who were our analysts like swaying back and forth.

Oh that's the problem. And they're like can we give this man a chair please? Like I'm uncomfortable watching him stand.

I'm uncomfortable hosting watching him stand. How do you think people at home feel? And so it looks great.

It looks great. There's action. You know it's what I was told was action. I'm like what do you mean action? There's action. We're not looking for action. You're looking for conversation. The opinion of the analyst.

That's what the action is. What you're going to listen to it more because somebody's standing? Honestly I'd say look it up.

Look it up. Technically is standing technically a torture position? Like would would it be in a court of like international law?

Geneva Conference. Yes. On Survivor they do.

On Survivor they do challenges where you just stand there. That's why I'm sitting. You understand? But it's the same thing I say about using a hand mic or having a lavalier mic on. Actually it's nothing like that.

Yes you can. You talk with your hands. It's better it looks better on TV.

Of course no I know that. I hate when people are holding their mic. That drives me nuts but that sounds better for me. I understand that. And it's way. Trust me.

But I hate it. I'm hands free and I'm I'm I'm ass free. So like this is the way I want to do the show. Okay. How do we get on this?

Oh by the way thank you for the compliment on my pants. Bring it all full circle. Let's talk Trey Lance.

Which rhymes with pants. Let's talk Trey Lance. We talked about it from the Cowboys perspective earlier. Let's talk about the 49ers perspective. All we're hearing is it's the worst draft trade ever.

When it's because it and every all the reports make it sound worse. They gave up three firsts for him. No they gave up two firsts for him. They just swapped spots. In order to move from 12 to 3 they coughed up two firsts. And I think a third or something like that.

I'll get it. And of course the dolphins, what makes it worse, the players that the Dolphins turned this into. Yes that makes it worse. Makes it worse. So they choose Jalen Waddle with the pick because they remember they moved from 3 down to 12 and then from 12 up to 6 the Eagles flipped down. Right. And then eventually moved up or something like that.

Right. They moved up to get Jalen Waddle. So they used some of the draft capital to go get Jalen Waddle. They used some of the draft capital to get Tyree Kill and Bradley Chubb. Yes. It makes it worse.

It makes it worse. When the Dolphins used the draft capital to cash in and then the Niners go and get Trey Lance and Trey Lance winds up starting a grand total of four games for them. Four games for them. It is a very low amount. How low is it? How low is it?

How low is it? Trey Lance started two fewer games for the 49ers than Trent Dilfer. Brian Hoyer did. Troy Smith started six games for them. Brian Hoyer was on the 49ers? Yes he started six games for them.

What? Trey Lance started one more game for the 49ers than Steve Stenstrom started for him. I mean you compare him to Nick Mullins and he's not even close. He's a factor of Nick Mullins. Nick started 16 games for him.

He's a factor of CJ Beathard. 12 games for him. You could do math.

You could teach math. Divide Trey Lance into CJ Beathard starts and you come up with the number three which is the number that Steve Stenstrom started. Blaine Gabbert started 13 for this team.

And then here's this stat. This is from NFL Network Research. Trey Lance's eight games with the 49ers. Eight games. Fewest games played by a top five pick quarterback or otherwise with the team he made his debut with in the common draft era. Going back to 1985 which is far back as NFL Network Research could do when I asked over the weekend. One team gives up two or more first round picks for the rights to draft a quarterback in that span since 1985. Lance has four starts of the fewest for the team that traded for him. Two first rounders. You want to include the third? Sure. Two first starts.

It's kind of terrible. Now then. Did they miss on him? They were ready to start him last year. At this point last year Trey Lance was the starter from Hecker Highwater and they were going to go into that season with the ups and the downs. And if Lance was going to falter that's why they turned to Jimmy Garoppolo because they sure as heck weren't going to go into the season with Brock Purdy backing him up.

And I'll tell you what. What if Brock Purdy had come in in week two? Do you think it would have been like Tom Brady trotting it in week two turning into Brock Purdy? Could have been different. Might have been ready. Did the next two months that Purdy got to sit and watch? We'll never know if those months actually helped. And Lance in his first season follows through and hits a helmet in his final preseason game.

Hurts his finger. He's not the same guy in that year also. And his final season prior to the draft.

COVID. One game. But that said it's a results oriented business and this is what Kyle Shanahan had to say after Trey Lance and all the draft choices they used to go get him and not Justin Fields and not Mac Jones who are definitely going to be starters for the teams that drafted them in a couple Sundays. This is what he had to say about Lance being flipped for a four to Dallas. I always feel like I let Trey down. I mean I wanted him to come here.

I believe in Trey. I believed in him before we took him and I'm responsible for that. I didn't want to throw him into the heat of battle right away but I thought he needed to play.

So we tried to figure out every way to do that. I mean if I can look back in hindsight he broke that finger on a helmet on that fourth preseason game versus the Raiders. I wish I didn't put him in a play that had him break his finger because I think that really hurt him in his first year. And not only did it hurt him not getting able to mix in much but it hurt him in the practice time because he had to adjust how he threw and things like that which I think set him back for a second year. When we went into the second year we gave him every chance to do it.

We were going to make an offense that to me gave him the best chance to be successful at that time which we did do. And when you do that you hope a guy can stay healthy so he can stay out there long enough but that didn't last long. It was the first game and after that I mean I always felt for him and we continue to work with him but sometimes things just don't work out. Sometimes things just don't work out. That's for a fact.

So do you throw Lance in the category of worst draft trade ever? You kind of have to. You kind of have to. It's unfortunate. Injury is a part of the game.

Bad luck is a part of the game. Here's what I would say. We need to see how Lance performs from here on out. We need to see if he does get what he deserves which is an opportunity to start in this league and get the reps before he starts in that league. I don't think he's getting it in Dallas.

So for him to say basically I want out of here send me to a spot where I'll just be standing with my helmet it's just a different helmet and that'll make me feel better. He wanted a chance to be the number two somewhere. So maybe he's gonna get that chance. I hope he does. When he came on the show and he's just like I earn nothing just by my draft status.

I'm gonna go earn it on the practice field and I'll be straight up. Donald earned it more. That's a fact. That's a fact and is that Shanahan's fault? He says he's taking responsibility then I'll take him at his word. He deserves that responsibility that the kid couldn't with the opportunities that he did have briefly stay healthy and then after that you know what I would equate Trey Lance in another regard.

I'll throw him in with like Drew Bledsoe. What do I mean by that? Yeah Rich what do you mean by that? He gets hurt another kid comes in and that's all she wrote.

That's all she wrote. Doesn't matter you took him to a Super Bowl doesn't matter you're making a hundred million bucks it's over. Brady was the guy end of story. I'm not saying Purdy's gonna wind up being Brady but Purdy showed last year he can be the guy. Now do you say okay Trey Lance we're gonna give him this opportunity again because man that was a bad break on the cart. Man he deserves a better shot than this first year he broke his finger on the helmet. Man we're gonna give him a shot because he was the third overall pick in the draft and my job is on the line and I gotta prove out for this kid we're gonna start him. I don't care how Purdy finished up last year. You don't lose your job due to injury in this league. No and I'll just say this too part of the reason why the Niners are allowed to have this leeway with their coach or the the reason why the coach has this leeway with the Niners is a better way to put it in general manager has this leeway with the Niners two things one the owner loves them and the owner allows them this leeway take your shot take your risk if it doesn't work out let me see how the rest of it works out well back-to-back NFC Championship game appearances also removed from a Super Bowl not too long ago rest of the team's ready to roll so you're gonna tell your coach and your general manager this better workout with Brock Purdy I think they get that sense of it and if it doesn't work out with Purdy you're gonna go with Sam Darnold who's another third overall selection who's had a lot of football gods Nard kicking since he got drafted so yeah I mean in terms of the return that the Dolphins got and turned into players and in terms of the you can't even call it diminishing returns there was hardly any return that they got for Lance it's it's pretty bad but you look at the rest of this roster and how it is built and ready to win now and Brock Purdy they also drafted and developed him too you know it's not like he just dropped out of the sky from another team and they lucked into him I mean they they were lucky to just say we'll take him here last pick in the draft why not let's take a flyer because he could have just signed as a free agent somewhere else and had them enjoy the fruits of his labor he might not even have gotten a chance in that other team he could be just sitting back which is another reason why Lance should just take a breath and say my time will come because it came for Purdy let's just say if Purdy didn't get drafted by the Niners he became an undrafted free agent he signed somewhere do you think he might be playing somewhere what if he signed as an undrafted free agent with the Chargers who liked him and just needed to have him around you know no you know Easton Stick might need to have his head on a swivel I'm just saying like again it's just the vagaries of the NFL some get their opportunities some don't and some get them late in life and become comeback player of the year because of it like Geno Smith so that's my opportunity lately this is why I'm showing everyone there's more to it than just that's the worst trade ever these guys need to be thrown to the wolves for it now if Brock Purdy turns into just you know the average Joe instead of Joe Montana second coming then we might have this conversation a little bit more and Sam Darnold certainly if Matt Jones starts killing it and Justin Fields does what he's doing but there's a reason why the Niners give this leeway to Shanahan and Lynch is there a trophy in the case from it no well it's tough sometimes I think more teams than not are going to learn to be playing in the Mahomes era which is what we are living in right now it's not easy to win the Super Bowl right and in between it was the Brady era in the NFC so they're placing their bet on Purdy and Lance they just did not have confidence in anymore to go for it right now and have him there as the third kid and he didn't want to be there anymore it seems and hopefully he gets his opportunity I don't know if it's gonna be in Dallas but at least he's in a different spot which has got to feel good for him I imagine and for the Niners they're putting their bet on Brock Purdy and Sam Darnold as opposed to Lance and Garoppolo is that an upgrade we'll find out week one Steelers let's go TJ Watt coming for Brock Purdy back in the state of Pennsylvania hoping to emerge in one piece and with a win can't wait what a storyline entering the season we'll take a break phone calls I've got a top five list from top five performances of the final preseason week when we come back talk about the Jets and Aaron Rodgers what I saw over the weekend I've been holding back for two and a half hours for crying out loud we're back phone lines are all lit we have we have our work cut out for us over the next 39 minutes yeah we sign off on the Roku channel win-loss game a lot of win-loss games we got bucks Niners Raiders okay I think we're gonna I know I know we're gonna go first I know we're gonna go first have we decided who who there's somebody's name I can't yeah we can't get just dark side of the moon good album your Raider fans great album could make really good album great album you know you apparently that the rumor is if you start dark side of the moon with Wizard of Oz on the second I've actually done it is that what it is of the MGM line yeah have you done it no I'm just sorry it's I yeah it's a famous you did it I've heard yes was it was it was it enhanced you must have enhancements while you're watching and it just makes it you're talking about surround sound right yes it was full you're talking about it like a HDTV 4k enhanced for kale right poppy poppies will put you to sleep ladies and gentlemen no it's dark side Don okay okay is that who that is full name yeah there we go so Adam is listening to the show confirmed we're getting Adam's got a full day right here has been busy here six wide right now he wants to call in and do the bears oh he's not gonna call him we're gonna we'll put him right out here in the chair right we should put him like Charlie from Charlie's angels hello angels Bosley saying he's Bosley we've seen never seen Charlie Charlie that's right because it was us it's voice of John Forsythe right yep a falcon crest fan great and then I think in the movie look at it I forget somebody big did it in the movie too back here in the rich eyes and show radio network I'm sitting at the rich eyes and show desk furnished by Granger with supplies and solutions for every industry Granger has the right product for you call click or just stop by phone lines are lit let's take some what do you think let's do it where are we going you know we're right where we're dark side Don what's up dark side Don what's good what's good how you doing I am doing fine I have a feeling I know what you oh perfect just play the music here we go the often wind is a pirate and dark side what do you got okay here we go dark side Don is going to play the win-loss game for the Las Vegas Raiders all right here we go dark side Don at Denver to start the season when at the Buffalo Bills lost home for the Steelers where two and one at the Chargers lost oh that's a home game for you okay but we haven't been looking good in LA the last couple of years all right two and two home Monday Night Football Raiders Packers win three and two against the Patriots McDaniel's v Belichick win four and two at the Bears middle of the country but I understand what you're saying all right four and three dark side Don at the Lions you're at 500 now taking on the Giants at home when five and four against Aaron Rodgers and the Jets on Sunday Night Football at the Dolphins five and six against the Chiefs it's our first time is it at the Chiefs you know you're home for the Chiefs we lose out five and seven into the pie could you imagine all right let's finish up strong home for the Vikings win six and seven against the Chargers at home on Thursday Night Football win at the Chiefs on a Monday night win oh okay one two three four five six seven and eight and seven at the Colts win nine and seven home for the Broncos win a five-game win streak to end the year oh yeah they find the wind at their pirate ship sails in their bye week wow all right dark side Don thanks for the call yep yep ten and seven from dark side Don I like that in Vegas that's see that's really that's really is that reasonable yeah right Rangers played a lot of close games last year they were unlucky they blew up they blew the doors off the teams in the first half and they just they were gifted a win by New England smells like eight and nine to me oh that's right the dumbest play in the history of the NFL right yeah Chandler Jones not getting an interception this time and now Jacoby Myers plays for the race indeed he does okay five-game win streak what if the Raiders are five and seven going into the buy I don't know if they find the wind at their sails do they how about that let's talk about the New York Jets shall we look I said I was gonna watch a horror movie on Saturday night instead of watching the game and I lied I turned on NFL Network right on time of course you did actually I soaked myself in at some of the pregame chatter on my net sitting at home just watching Aaron Rodgers warm up on the field it looks so weird it's so weird but it's in command you could see he was just like barking at people and you could read lips he's dropping f-bombs and then he strolled out and the Jets got the ball second he comes out on the field and I did put my hand over my eyes I just couldn't see it and you know what he did God bless you Nathaniel Hackett and he had a quick pass boom boom boom he flew in right out to Garrett Wilson and then you know a penalty by his guy Randall Cobb a crackback block blew up the first drive as did by the way Isaiah Simmons yeah the Giants out there I'm telling you Wink Martindale sees Isaiah Simmons like you know you know what you're not is a safety you know what you are you are a pass rushing linebacker go hunt I think the Giants are gonna have a nice time with him top ten pick I mean you had Trey Lance top five pick and Isaiah Simmons top ten pick basically sent packing by their teams for a bag of donuts out of the NFC West and into their new digs but I digress second drive great field position and Rogers he did sail one over the head of his tight end he was barking at the tight end as if tight end made the mistake but Rogers found Garrett Wilson over and over again targeted him three times three catches 30 yards the 30 yards accounting for the lion's share of Rogers 47 past yards five of eight and a touchdown that I don't think Zach Wilson can throw if you gave him ten times to throw it and I know that's particularly like I shouldn't slag on the kid to praise the quarterback of the Jets but it was such a veteran throw it's one of those things that we have all seen as Jets fans Aaron Rodgers do with another 17 Devante Adams where I look at you you look at me and whoever is guarding you knows he is toast it's over it is over because you Garrett Wilson my new number 17 are incredibly talented you know what to do and me Aaron Rodgers the new number eight know exactly where to throw it and I will throw it over and over and over again you know who's gonna stop it nobody when I saw that I'm like oh my gosh I immediately FaceTime my brother and my nephew Lee which has a show intern immediately FaceTime and when they popped on we just laughed we just started laughing like this is this is happening this is happening and I know it's a preseason I get it but it's just seeing him and knowing the command is there is he gonna make mistakes of course he's gonna make mistakes he is human but is he gonna have more command at the position than I'm used to seeing hell yeah hell yeah and him and Garrett Wilson are gonna be a problem for a lot of people and we didn't even see Dalvin Cook or Breece Hall this was Aaron Rodgers after the game talking about getting out there which he wanted to do and I didn't want to see it because I was nervous and at one point he was running for his life to the right and he got rid of it but my gosh I'm like please just get up and make sure that calf is fine all being chased by Isaiah Simmons I had I had a moment I told you the first thing I saw you this morning was I thought about you in that play thank you and I was one I appreciate you thinking of me because it really was me on the line not Aaron of course here's Rodgers after the game yeah I had some butterflies for sure I think that's that's always normal first time I strap it on that's it's kind of the standard whether I'm in year one playing San Diego Chargers are year 19 you know preseason number four there's there's always some butterflies when you step out there for the first time but I loosened up pretty good when I got the ovation when I took the field that was a special moment just to you know have that kind of support taking the field for that TV timeout that's pretty special and those were Giants fans by the way I'm sure Jets fans came it was a Giants home game for the Snoopy Bowl with the Jets eventually won because they did have a pick six on top of it which took away a possession potentially from Rodgers but it didn't matter anymore we saw what we needed to see and part of that was the offensive line we all know that's the issue we all know that's the issue he knows it we know it the American people know it we all know it that if he's not protected all of this stuff I just said about him with Garrett Wilson and three-song whatever it doesn't matter it does it's a wrap in the NFL you got to protect your guy and he knows that better than anyone else this is what he had to say about Makai Becton a once upon a time first round draft choice top of the top half of the NFL draft draft choice for the Jets who like Zach Wilson wasn't proven out got hurt was overweight lots of question about his commitment and all of that stuff he's supposed to be the left tackle that left how he's supposed to be this generation's debrickashaw Ferguson for the Jets put him there and that's it that's a wrap you're good for a long time and then that didn't happen of course he got hurt you know right off the bat it's another reason why Sam Darnold didn't work out too I believe I have the timing right on that or was that the Jets first game with with Becton against Carolina I'm trying to Sam Darnold's name kind of rings true there but be that as it may the Jets need Becton to work out at right tackle and he was named the right tackle starter for the season after this game by Robert Salah and Rogers had this to say about it I saw him I love him I mean he's he's come a long way really proud of him as much as anybody on the team the way that Makai has grown this month has been really spectacular and I don't know if you guys get the chance to talk to him a whole lot but I just feel like his head's in a really good spot and he feels like he's part of it he's been playing well I'm not sure you know what the film's gonna show but it felt like out there that he protected well he's a mountain of a man he leads us on the field it's like you know old school battles where you send your biggest guy out first and there's Makai you know leading us on the field it's pretty cool but it is amazing to see when you empower people when you when you encourage people when you wrap your arms around people you see the personality start to come out you see the confidence start to grow and I think that's what we've tried to do with Makai and make him feel like he's a part of this and make him feel important and he's returned that love and trust and support with a lot of really good play man I'm just telling you I the way he's taken ownership of this team so many guys come in just you know it's my new spot I'm just you know the new guy around here and I'm just seeing how everything goes he's taken you see it on hard knocks he is taking it to say Zach Wilson let me show you I'll take the pressure off you pressure is now officially removed you just chill out and if you somehow have to come in you'll be better because I'm here to help you you've seen it he even said we I think we led this show with it one week ago today him telling the local CBS affiliate I'm gonna play a few years and I'll hand it off to Zach for 15 you know and like okay I got it let's just focus on 2023 first but this is he's taking on this role of being you know he's not just the quarterback of the jet you see the shaman of the Jets is that what's happening right now it makes sense you know like he's his team he's the face of the franchise he's been there a few weeks it's it and so if if he's gonna show up and everyone else is gonna be better around him because of it and Becton turns out to be an offensive lineman for the Jets for the ages or just significant for the Jets I that's more than I bargained for I just wanted him to show up and just not be Zach you know and and and and the fixing Zach would be the cherry on top the removal of Zach was something that had to happen and you see it in hard knocks and it's hard to say out loud because you're talking about another human being but that's a fact the Jets could not start Zach Wilson this year period end of story and if Rogers wasn't coming that's when I was like you should go out and get Lamar you got it whatever you can because you're not gonna get him in the draft that's starting from scratch the owner of the Jets wasn't gonna do that and say go ahead and do that Joe was basically saying Robert Sala and Joe Douglas did not are not on the Kyle Shanahan John Lynch plan where you miss on the guy before Lance everything's fine I don't think that was it Rogers is there to save everybody calling him a savior would be accurate a shaman that's what he's showing up I don't know what the the beads are around his neck I mean looked like Paul Rudd and forgetting Sarah Marshall it's great awesome let's go surfing let's go surfing whatever it is I just want it working that's great whatever is happening with him in between his temples and he's passing that along and he's paying it forward he's talking about love and everyone can can thrive and love and it's great let's all love and thrive together two Monday nights from now we'll start oh my god so that's the latest there you know Richard you said something about you didn't want to slag on Zach because he couldn't have made that pass to Wilson he could I but you're right bro it's not just him there's 15 quarterbacks in the NFL that couldn't make that throw Aaron Rogers does things that no one else can do so it's not just Zach that pass was and no one has ever mastered the back shoulder kind of no look over the defensive backs helmet like him like many quarterbacks can't make that and for him to have a talented kid like Garrett Wilson at his disposal and then we're not even talking about the rest of them like he's got a security blanket with Cobb or you know Lazard let's take a break we'll come back try to unload as many phone calls as we can and get to my top five list as well what a fun Monday show this has been don't go anywhere this is the Rich Eisen show all right Christopher let's check your work let's do it what's your fantasy team like that you went to do all right so we did a new thing this year where you can keep guys your key so we're a two-player keeper every year but this year you can do it in the round you drafted them the year before okay so I kept AJ Brown in the third Kenneth Walker in the ninth okay I had the third overall pick I stunk last year I took Bijan I just went for it okay I did I just wanted him and I needed to have a top flight quarterback so I went Justin Herbert second yeah and then I added George Pickens I'm running it back with Gabe Davis and Sky Moore I had those guys last year AJ Dillon and I took who that Tajay Spears who's a Derek Henry he's having a great preseason kind of dominating right now of yards after contact yeah and Deuce Vaughn I took a fire on Deuce Vaughn and I'm gonna have to drop somebody to add a kicker I went Cowboys defense they were number one ranked by PFF I liked them and then just took some flyers on Tyler Boyd you know the third of the Bengals that always helps and Jonathan Mingo looks to be the number two in Carolina okay and um you're it's a 16 team league right Oh Tyler he beat my tight end uh 14 14 team league go ahead and tell me what you texted me go ahead go ahead what I texted you that was it was death no it was going so long no you texted me a decision somebody made on a keeper oh my gosh yeah Mahomes didn't get kept didn't get kept can you believe that what what Mahomes was not kept well did he have to give a first rounder it would have been a first rounder for Mahomes he ended up get taking Josh Allen but he flipped Mahomes round yes wow and more importantly gave somebody else a chance to get Mahomes yes Mahomes went to right up right before me Mahomes went second overall because he was available what would you this is the individual that did what in previous years the 30 minutes for Brian Hartline and my draft took eight hours and 35 minutes yeah I'm punching I'm punching somebody just so the hell going on yeah back here on the program here we are let's go to the phone lines here it's what we're gonna do here um we're gonna punt my top five preseason performers to next uh our next show oh okay because we got it we got we have we're all yeah we're six for six right now I'm gonna take the hit if anybody's been waiting for that to salute uh John in Arizona we'll take your call here on the Rich Hudson show what's up John hey how you doing Rich what's going on John you want to do this for the Cardinals what do you want to do this for no actually Buccaneers ah okay let's go all right um here's John in Arizona for the Tampa Bay but we haven't had anybody do Tampa yet so this is perfect um Baker Mayfield and the Buccaneers open up against the Vikings in Minnesota what happens and that one I think he'll be one of those close games but unfortunately we'll take the L it's a loss home for the Bears we'll win one and one at home Monday night against the Eagles lost at the Saints week two of week four Saints in New Orleans yes yeah at Saints it'll be close I think we'll take the W that's two and two into the buy coming out of the buy home for the Lions over the line win three and two home for the Falcons win four and two at the Bills on a Thursday night four and three at the Texans win five and three home for the Titans win six and three at the 49ers lost six and four at the Colts win seven and four for the Panthers at home oh okay seven and five at the Falcons at Falcons win okay eight and five at the Packers close game that Packers what is that a win or a loss it's a loss okay eight and six home for the Jaguars home for the Jaguars you win those good games and I mean this might be a surprise we'll take it nine and six home for the Saints home for the Saints lost nine and seven at the Panthers at Panthers win ten and seven thank you for the call John in Arizona ten and seven for the Bucks for the Buccaneers John in Arizona okay perfect timing to choose who's winning the NFC South we're predicting a division every show all the way up until next week we've got the rest of this week to fill up our prediction sheet this will be halfway through the league we already did the West's and now we will wrap up with the South Chris Brockman who do you have in the NFC South your first up right here I swear this is not a homer pick so I have a happy home this fall but I like the Falcons to go from worse the first and win the NFC South too much talent there on the offensive side of the ball I like Arthur Smith as a head coach and I just don't think the other teams are as talented and it played as hard as it were as competitive last year as Atlanta was no Tom Brady anymore rookie quarterback in Carolina they're gonna really struggle especially if the offensive line is as bad as it's looked in the preseason and Derek Carr is a big upgrade for the Saints they just don't do it for me I'm just going with the Falcons Falcons Saints Bucks Panthers TJ Jefferson you're on the clock what do you have for the NFC South little different than Chris sir I got the Saints taking the Saints taking the division based simply upon what I saw Jimmy Graham do you know I think he's gonna make I'm just joking but yeah I think Derek Carr I like the Saints I think Baker as we talked about look great in this preseason so I believe something that you've said constantly rich that defense still a few years away from winning the Super Bowl they got some studs out there I got the Falcons at three just because Desmond Ritter is such a question mark to me personally and the Panthers unfortunately I got them in the basement okay so you go Saints Bucks Falcons Panthers Brockman went Falcons Saints Bucks Panthers man I think the Panthers could be better than what people are giving them credit for I think Bryce young with Frank Reich is gonna is gonna show up it might take a few games but and and the Saints I think with Derek Carr can't guard Mike and and Jimmy Graham together like can this be like somebody's 2018 fantasy team I mean Chris Alave who never gets talked about I know and of course the defense always performs better than then you give them credit for doubt you know how I feel about the Buccaneers and how Baker is gonna have a better season than people think but I have three words for you fear the stash he's coming for you with me nice to put the banana in the NFC South tailpipe nice wreck the buffet in the NFC South Club I'm with you Chris I'm gonna go Falcons just cuz I like the Saints defense better than most I'll put them to I think the Buccaneers might threaten to make the playoffs from that third spot and the Panthers I'm just gonna put in fourth because again they've got a rookie quarterback with an offensive line that concerns me but I like the Falcons the if Desmond Ritter has Bijan and Kyle Pitts and Drake London that's not a bad combination I I know I just went a little higher register right here they can put points on the board for sure they got Al Gere as well yep um Cordarrel Patterson could he if he's healthy go back to wide receiver yeah yeah why not hey Kyle Pitts look it's it's kind of now or never this guy is like the future hall of famer the the measurables and fourth overall let's go man you know we're gonna do on tomorrow's show we're gonna redraft the 2021 NFL draft now that you know Kyle Pitts was fourth in that draft it could have had fields Kyle Pitts has three career touchdowns let's not trust me my friend and only knows that only two of them are in the United States right Trevor Lawrence that's right Trevor Lawrence Zach Wilson Trey Lance Kyle Pitts geez then Jamar chase how's that for a bookend does chase go one in the redraft well I mean I know ours is nice there's also a kid down in Dallas Texas who might have something to say about that rich we got breaking quarterback news what we got I can sneak this in real quick will Greer released the Arizona Cardinals have released Colt McCoy yeah this is gonna go with Josh Dobbs aren't they yeah seems like it dude I'm telling you Clayton tune I'm just telling you someone I've just heard of let me just tell you this guys there's no tanking in the National Football League there is no tanking in the NFL there is no tanking when the Cardinals excuse me when the Cardinals go out on the field in Washington DC I get it in week one Jonathan Gannon's first game as head coach in the NFL he is not under the directive to lose this football game he is not he doesn't want to nor do any of the guys you think Buddha Baker is gonna go out there and tank seriously James Connor he's gonna go out there and tank Zachary Kurtz I can keep going on and on I mean I understand what you're saying but but what you do is you just keep pruning the tree until there's not many leaves left and you could see straight through and when you see straight through this tree potentially when it's all said and done you see the sunshine and the rays of Caleb Williams and that is what I will counsel Kyler Murray about right now if I'm Kyler Murray I'm sitting there thinking what is this all about and am I gonna put the Cardinals schedule I mean this is my first blush thought right here you gotta you gotta watch out man cuz if the Cardinals don't perform very well what are you gonna bring back Kyler Murray well he's out the first four guaranteed by starting the year on the public Washington New York Dallas San Francisco if that's not 0 and 4 I will be shocked if that's one in three they're in good shape because after that it's Cincinnati Rams Seattle Baltimore Cleveland Atlanta again sometimes you look through the prism of last year where are the winds exactly so they're they're in places you're gonna have to find them you're gonna have to overachieve if you're going Josh Dobbs can by the way if you're Trey Lance you're like really he couldn't send me to Arizona right really Josh Dobbs as we all know was the Tennessee Titans choice in a do-or-die game last year at the end and he's just a he's a brilliant kid might be the smartest guy in the league with a lot of talent yeah right and he's got an he's getting an opportunity that's two in a row now one for the Titans in a must-win game and now for the Arizona Cardinals he's getting opportunities that you know the only person I think of is like Ryan Fitzpatrick Rich how many chances do you get I know honestly Trey Lance has got to be sitting there going really but of course they're never gonna trade him in division oh that's that ain't happening so again that's the whole point with this whole thing right Trey Lance is sitting there going can I get a break Josh Dobbs is gonna get a break and and then you got to work wonder like Kyler Murray are you gonna come back and get your brains beaten in or if you're the Cardinals do you let him come back because if he's healthy and you get to choose Caleb Williams and trade Kyler Murray yep that's what's called the jackpot or you sit there and keep Kyler Murray and trade Caleb Williams I don't know Rich understand you said tanking doesn't exist right but for the Cardinals to trade away a guy Colt McCoy or release them Chris that they've had for years for a quarterback who over the last five seasons has played three seasons in eight games that kind of sounds to me like they're pruning the tree waving the flag but again there are some prideful men they're gonna try and win these football no doubt and that's what I'm saying and maybe cope I don't know this is my first bus reaction I'm not in practice these folks are seeing him in practice he could be shot and they're like we're not going to the season with him they'd rather see what they have in Josh Dobbs or Clayton tune well someone's gonna get tuned up a lot it sounds like it's the Arizona Cardinals and then Caleb Williams is on the other end of that rainbow like that's the point but they're gonna try and win these games maybe Caleb Williams rich he might stay one survivor pool everyone in the world is taking the command I don't know what you're talking about but I do love Jeff Probst as a host he's excellent you got you can do certainly when they make people stand because you'd rather sit that's how we wrap up this show if you're on hold we're going to take a call coming up down
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