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REShow: Hour 1

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March 13, 2023 3:51 pm

REShow: Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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March 13, 2023 3:51 pm

Jets fan Rich reacts to the team still awaiting Aaron Rodgers’ decision on whether or not he wants to play in New York next season, says why he loves the trade the Chicago Bears made with the Panthers to move out of the #1 spot in the NFL Draft, debates which QB Carolina will take first overall, and debates if the Colts will regret not moving up to draft their quarterback of the future or if Indy should trade for Ravens QB Lamar Jackson.

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The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen

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You in? This is the Rich Eisen Show. There's his number. Hey Joe. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Want to come on my show tomorrow and talk about Rogers and the Jets?

I would love it. The Rich Eisen Show. Today's guests. CBS College basketball analyst Seth Davis. NFL film senior producer Greg Cosell. Plus your phone calls, latest news, and more. And now, it's Rich Eisen.

Hey everybody. Welcome to this Monday edition of The Rich Eisen Show. Live in Los Angeles, California on the Roku channel, which is free on all Roku devices. Select Samsung smart TVs. Free on Amazon Fire TV. Free on the Roku app. Free at

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Cumulus Podcast Network puts it out where all podcasts can be acquired. We say hello to everybody out there that's got a bracket. The brackets now exist. Here's one of my hands. Right there. Fill them out. You're not gonna win your tournament, but what do you care?

Just fill it out. Everybody does it. Let's do it together. Seth Davis of CBS and Turner. He'll be joining us on our on this program to look at the bracket. What was right?

What's going wrong? Give you maybe a couple of upsets for you to pop into your NCAA tournament pool and be smarter for it. Also on this program, Greg Cosell will be here from NFL Films.

He's already grinded the tape on the top quarterbacks in the draft and that is clearly front and center in the NFL world. We're here on this Monday in which the negotiation window, negotiation period. Thank you. Opens up. It's called the legal tampering window for some people that don't work for the NFL and it just opened up two minutes ago.

Soon as we came on the air. So, lots to discuss today. Chris Brockman, good to see you over there on this good Monday, sir. How are you? What's up?

Do you have a good overreaction Monday for us? I hope so. Very good.

DJ Mikey D is in Deez Nuts fresh back from the World Baseball Classic and by that I mean some small booth on Pico Boulevard. Good to see you, sir. How are you? I'm here. Thank you. Good morning. Good to have you.

Hey! By the way, great sound on Israel winning its first ever World Baseball Classic. I didn't do the Israeli game. I did bigger. I did Canada. Bigger?

I mean, I'm sorry. And you said Canada? Bigger. I'm doing Canada, US today. I did Mexico, US yesterday. Bigger. The US team did not. What's bigger than the Israelis coming up with their first stuff? I mean, by the way, I was going to tell you, the portions, the portions on that broadcast.

Although it's just three runs. So there's lots to complain about. That's okay. That's all good. Good to see you over there, TJ Jefferson. How are you?

I'm straight, Rich. How you doing? I'm good here on this program. It is the day that the negotiation period for all unrestricted free agents in the National Football League is opened. Then the new league year begins an official time on Wednesday and you could talk to anybody who's a free agent or any sort of restricted free agent or anybody who's got a, which is for a non-exclusive franchise tag, who's won an MVP award.

That guy, Lamar Jackson, you can talk to him on Wednesday. In other words, the NFL week, this is everything, everywhere, all at once. Hey, look at you. Thank you. It's called timely. Thank you.

So, so far, five minutes into the window opening up. Yeah. And Aaron Rodgers still hasn't made his decision. What the hell? I know, right? What the hell's going on?

This guy. And according to Rob Demofsky of ESPN, he covers the Packers right now. As of right now, the window has opened up.

Whereas as of 15 minutes ago, 10 minutes before the window opened up, the pack, neither the Packers nor the Jets have any idea what Aaron Rodgers is thinking. Can you imagine? You fly all the way out to Malibu, California.

Pick up the check. I'm sure they did. Place called Lucky.

Never been there. I can only imagine. It ain't cheap.

Sure it's nice. And they still don't know. And guess what? The Raiders and everybody else who might be interested in Jimmy Garoppolo are already probably calling his agent right now to say, what do you think, Jimmy? And if the Jets aren't in on that, and aren't all in on that, put Jimmy G on the list of quarterbacks beneath Derek Carr, who the Jets have gone out to and said, we like you a lot, but we're waiting on somebody who's not giving us an answer.

Well, with Derek Carr, it was like, we don't even know if he's interested. Dangerous game the Jets are playing right now. A very dangerous, precarious game they are playing right now with their quarterback spot and a season schedule that includes, as we all know, the Bills twice, the Miami Dolphins don't have Jalen Ramsey, to try and shut you down defensively, twice.

The Patriots, who no longer have John Lewis Smith, thanks for the memories, twice. They've got a visit to Denver, a visit to Vegas. They've got the Eagles. They've got the Chiefs.

Oh yeah, why not? Throw Russell Wilson, as I mentioned, in on that. The Chargers, they play the AFC West.

You want to go into that season with Zach Wilson with that? When the owner clearly wants to take a big swing, he's firing up the Johnson & Johnson Jets, say that ten times fast, to go fly out to Malibu to take Aaron Rodgers to dinner, and he's so moved by it that it's six days later we don't know. Now we have a former Jet, well done Brandon Marshall, speaking to Rogers.

I saw that video. Where were they? Were they at a golf tournament somewhere? I don't know where they were. Over the weekend, Brandon Marshall used his winning personality and brilliant charm to try and get something out of Rodgers, who smelled that one out, and he was being really coy with him.

Learned nothing from it. Great job. Brandon did his best at the end. He asked him if he's gonna live in Chelsea or Brooklyn. So still hitting refresh on a Monday, and Tuesday's when they flew out last week to go see him. A dangerous game the Jets are playing right now. So I don't know what they're doing, but I do know what the Bears and the Panthers were doing.

Talking trade. As soon as we went off the air on Friday, as soon as we went off the air on Friday, Ryan Polls, general manager of the Bears, Scott Fitter, general manager of the Panthers, struck a deal for the first overall pick in the draft, and what a trade it is for the Chicago Bears. Now, who the Panthers get and who the Bears get with the draft picks involved will eventually tell the tale, but as of right now, the Panthers for the right to enter the free agency week of 2023 fully knowing they're gonna get the quarterback that they want in the NFL draft.

For that right, it was a nice ransom for the Bears. They move down eight spots. The Panthers move up the eight spots from ninth overall for the right to get the first overall pick and have the Bears decide we're gonna drop all the way down to nine, eight spots. The Panthers coughed up their second round pick this year, 61st overall, a first round pick next year, and a second round pick the year after that, and their best wide receiver. DJ Moore now comes to Chicago for Justin Fields, so they keep Fields. They drop eight spots. They get a second two this year. They get a second one next year and a second two two years from now and stick DJ Moore in their lineup with Darnell Mooney and Chase Claypool and the ninth overall pick. I saw a ton of kids at the combine, as you know.

I sat there with you and Daniel Jeremiah. There are some insanely talented kids that you can get ninth overall for your offensive line, for your defensive line, for your defensive secondary. If, let's just say, you sit there and go, it'll be cold in Chicago, November, December. We're gonna roll Bijan Robinson down the lane along with David Montgomery.

Okay, we're gonna do that. Multiple backs coming your way. They can probably do that ninth overall. I love this trade for the Chicago Bears. Boy, do I love this trade, and guess what, Bears fans who might be out there, and I know we have one of them answering your phone calls at 844-204-rich. Adam in the back might be upset if Pulse trades down again. Guess what?

You need the help. He might trade down again, and when he trades down, I think we'll be draft night. What if Will Leviss drops to nine?

What if that's, what if that happens? What if Will Leviss drops to nine? Because that's the quarterback you're now targeting and pegging that might be available at nine. Because you're assuming young Richardson and Stroud will be gone, certainly since the Texans are quarterback needy, and certainly since the Colts are quarterback needy, and somebody who doesn't mind getting the one of the three out of Stroud, Young, and Richardson that falls to three, somebody might trade up above the Colts to go snag them. What if Will Leviss does drop to nine? Bears might be open for business again, because guess who would be open to business if they just pick somebody, the Bears, and Will Leviss drops to ten? Philadelphia might. I'm just giving you the idea of how you have to look around this draft board and polls and Ibra Flus and the front office, atop the flowchart there, made a decision.

I felt it. I sensed it certainly at the combine and at the Super Bowl. They like Justin Fields, and why the hell not?

Why the hell not? So you keep Fields, you get him a great receiver. I think DJ Moore is the best receiver you don't know about in DJ Moore. Only 26. You get him and Claypool and Mooney and you get to draft somebody at nine unless you trade down and get some more picks.

I really like it. And then the question is for Carolina, who are they gonna choose? And I know Young didn't throw at the combine, but they apparently love him and I know Stroud threw at the combine and the Panthers apparently love him too. And then Anthony Richardson, as we know, just showed at the combine and then showed up at the combine and showed out the combine and who wouldn't love him?

I do not know and guess what? I don't think anybody does either. I have been poking around all weekend long and every single time I ask I get either a shrug emoji back or it could be any of the three and all I'm saying to the Panthers as a host of the NFL Draft on ESPN and screw it. I'll throw Greenie in here too as the host of the ESPN Draft as I see him pushing that beautiful labradoodle around in his carriage. I will throw this in as he's wringing his hands about the Packers. I'll speak for you too Mike Greenberg. Nothing is greater when you're hosting an NFL Draft than the first overall pick being a mystery and a mystery about a quarterback.

Scott Fitterer and Frank Reich, you keep your mouth shut and you show to every pro day please. This is gonna be great because I'll tell you what, Houston's on the edge of their seat and Indianapolis is on the edge of their seat and any team that is totally burning up the phone line in Arizona right now freaking that it could be Anthony Richardson and you know he's not getting past Indianapolis. Boy Arizona right now is sitting there saying let's go. Who wants it? Who wants to be a quarterback millionaire?

Phone this friend right here in Arizona because who you want? Not getting past Indianapolis. Oh baby keep us guessing Carolina please. If I had to make a guess and I shall I would peg Bryce Young. I just would I'd peg him as the Carolina Panther choice right now.

Stroud slung it my gosh did he sling it and I definitely saw Anthony Richardson with my own two eyes as they popped out of my skull. I just think you're trading up all that capital and by the way it's not that much capital when you know that Carolina got a whole bunch of draft choices for Christian McCaffrey. They still have a second this year. It's San Francisco's but man all I heard at the combine was how smart Bryce Young is and how terrific a person he is and how built he is mentally for the NFL grind and the question is what about physically and all I know is somebody who was supposedly height challenged dominated the NFC South for a long time until Tom Brady showed up. So I'd peg it as Bryce Young right now on the Monday of NFL free agency week.

Vegas says differently Rich. They say Stroud? Yeah big time big favorite. I'm hearing Frank Reich loves him too and it could be why would you think Young cuz he didn't throw at the combine Stroud did and I'm telling you he looked terrific 6'3 coming at you flipping the ball in the air and hitting every window dropping every dime.

Could be Stroud. Moves are popping Rich. Okay so that's why we're on the air here the negotiation window is opening up Greg Cosell will join us at the top of our number three.

Greg Cosell will join us as he has grinded the tape. He's got a thought on who Carolina loves as well and and then there's overreaction Monday and man I cannot wait to hit refresh and finally find out what Aaron Rodgers is thinking because the Jets they gotta go. Gotta go. And you're making a face as if you have some information. Not about that. So that's your face that you're making that you you kind of love the fact that the Jets are in some sort of quarterback wormhole. No I'm wondering if like what Florio posted just a minute ago like do the Jets have the nerve to bow out? Let's take it too long. Let's hit it 8 4 4 2 0 4 Rich number to dial here on the Rich Eisen show Seth Davis still to come as well to talk about the brackets that we finally got yesterday.

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The regular season is history and we all know the playoffs are no time for messing around. It's time to get off the sidelines and go to and win the job hunt. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show radio network. Guys I love to love you. They miss nothing.

They miss nothing on the Roku channel live stream that they've just rejoined. I'm sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry. Grainger is the right product for you. Call or just stop by 844-204-rich is the number to dial. We'll take calls in a moment. So Adam Schefter reporting Austin Eckler is asking for a trade. He wants a contract extension.

Talks did not progress. He wants a trade. I don't know what his contractual status is. All I know is that if the Chargers have a year or two on him unfortunately for him I don't think they're gonna let him go anywhere at all and it sucks that somebody that good at his job and is that good a person is not getting what he would like. He's got one year left.

He's about 6.25 million. That is definitely not market value for somebody who is the king touchdown maker in the NFL. Not just this past year but over the last couple years right? I would profit to say if you if I don't know these numbers off the top my head but if we looked up most touchdowns in the NFL last three seasons Eckler would be top three if not number one on that list. In the last three years he has scored well last two years 25 in the last two years. Okay so last two years who's had 25 touchdowns in the last two years?

You're gonna have to you're gonna have to go far and wide. That's 25 rushing though. 13 receiving. 38 touchdowns the last two years?

That's number one. That can't be that cannot be anything but tops in the NFL. So it's a bargain. It's a bargain and the Chargers have it and you can rest assured as they're trying to figure out what number Justin Herbert says yes to that they're going to utilize that 6 million and unfortunately for him I would be stunned if they're like yeah go ahead and find your partner. Uh-huh I don't think that's happening unfortunately for Austin. Has Aaron Rodgers made a decision yet? I haven't seen anything yet.

Because again everyone seems to think the Jets and the Packers definitely know and they're just making it not known because they don't want to upset him and we're all tiptoeing around waiting for him to decide okay I'll go to the Jets and then you know there was a report over the weekend that the Jets and the Packers agreed on compensation just waiting on him and both sides boy did they push back on that. Whatever. You know what here's the... I'm sorry.

Whatever. So here's an interesting thought. Man that but when we're on draft night and we're sitting there waiting to find out hopefully. When you say we does that mean we're going? We know. We collectively is an NFL loving nation. We'll be hopefully still wondering who the Panthers are gonna take and then there's the Texans sitting there too and then instead of one and then there's the Colts sitting at four as opposed to one would think what they finished four and twelve and one if they had finished five eleven and one they'd be sitting there down at seven okay Seattle would have out wound up fourth the reason why I'm mentioning this a fourth and twenty in tech in Houston down seven and not in Houston they were down seven against Indianapolis and won that game and it changed everything Bears go to number one Texans dropped it to Colts move up to four and I'm just sitting here thinking on draft night if we're still thinking about that moment in week 18 I think we will be we'll be talking about that depending on who the Carolina takes and who the Bears take and who Houston winds up with we'll be talking about that for a long time because boy did that change a ton of fortunes and then Indianapolis wound up four as opposed to all the way down at seven and if they get the quarterback that they want but man do they appear to be in a tough spot because they didn't move up to one and I'm wondering if Ryan polls called Chris Ballard at any point in time said hey man I got this deal from Carolina you want to match it and he's got to be like for three spots I'll give you a little bit less than what Carolina is offering you for three spots and then you still get a terrific player at four yeah I don't think that's that's gonna happen and now they're sitting there at four and the team that just keeps on seemingly losing out at the quarterback spot ever since Andrew Luck says I'm out they keep trying to fill that spot year after year after year they're trying to put sandbags on the situation and and they keep getting overrun at the quarterback spot they're sitting there at four and if Stroud and I think you can assume Stroud and Young gone see ya can you get Anthony Richardson at four as we're sitting here on March 13th I don't think you can say that because I think somebody's gonna flip up to Arizona if your quarterback hopes and plans are dependent on Arizona not trading out of three falling in love with will Anderson Jalen Carter clears his name if you're banking on that after what you just saw it's too much of a risk it's too risky do you trade something to get up to three so you know you get somebody named Richardson Young or Stroud that you're fine with any of them and your evaluation of Richardson Stroud or Young is like it's worth it and again I think it's Richardson who's gonna be the third man out as of right now I don't know his pro day will probably be like a Christmas tree all lit up but so will Stroud's and so will Young's and then those guys will go on visits and they'll impress again here's the question I have for you for the Indianapolis Colts if you know you're spending your fourth round your fourth overall pick on a quarterback and it could be either Richardson or Levis and let's just say it's Richardson let's just throw it out there you got a six-foot-four quarterback who can run four four and throw it a mile and he starts at this rookie salary scale of whatever it is and you got him for five years that's in one hand the other hand is you take that fourth round selection and your first next year and you go visit Lamar Jackson and you say what's up what nice night was on Wednesday when you're allowed to talk to him what's up what's the number how are you Lamar what's your number and do you like shrimp cocktail yes you're like you like race cars anything do you like miles Turner do you like I don't I don't know why you don't kick that tire other than the fact you want you don't want to pay him all that money and or do the Ravens work for them once again the Ravens have a right to match and if you get him to agree to anything less than what he demanded from the Ravens the Ravens might just jump on your paperwork from your legal staff and all the hard work you did with team Lamar and and everyone else that you just handed the Ravens a gift goddess it that's the what the Bears Panthers trade brought into play in my mind for Indianapolis there is a former most valuable player sitting there waiting for the new league year but to begin on Wednesday to see who is interested in finding out from me what I want rather than hearing the rumors rather than hearing the reports hear it directly from me what I want and I'm looking for again problem for Lamar is he's really expensive it costs two firsts also he hasn't finished the last two seasons there's questions as to why there's also a dynamic about his business and the way he handles it that is totally unique with no agent teams can get thrown off by that this is this is the fact of the world for him the contract that he wants reportedly a dollar more or exactly the same as Deshaun Watson lasted all of one year before the Browns needed Deshaun to redo it as they did today they reconfigured his contract I don't have the cap ology all broken down I'm sure they're putting stuff into the future the converting the signing bonuses or whatever my head spins but all I know is the simple contract of five years everything is guaranteed up to 230 million bucks that now has an addendum there's new paperwork and contracts get redone every year by quarterbacks to save cat money you get it done for the moment so everybody's in the building everybody gets signed and runway is built for a long-term future and then you start redoing it put it on the credit card and you'd start doing this and that happens all the time but the whole contract that you're looking for you learn to happen to redo it the team want to go through all that I mean I know they do it all the time if you're Indianapolis and you're wondering do I get the guy I want do we actually walk out of here with no quarterback because we're not interested in one of the four and that's the one that will most likely drop to us could the Colts legitimately walk out of the first round of this year's draft with no quarterbacks are they prepared to do that that'd be bad business I don't know what it what it because we can take Hendon hooker and the second or third round good wait for him to get healthy why not sign another veteran why not again why not the road that hasn't worked or do you take the swing for the fence and call up Lamar Jackson first thing on Wednesday cuz you're already gonna use your first on a quarterback that you don't know a thing about so you might as well just throw another first on the fire sign them could you know how many eight jerseys they could print up on the spot in Indianapolis and that's a fan base they are the number one jersey wearing fan base I've ever seen in any sport you know so to me this is a this is a I thought about this obviously I had the weekend to think about it and the minute that I stopped thinking about the Bears Panther straight and I started looking down the draft order I'm like man the Colts sitting there at four they were one off of somebody probably that they really like unless they love Will Levis and everything I just said is completely inoperative they'll just sit there and see screw it we'll take the kid from Kentucky and it's entirely possible this year's draft starts with four quarterbacks and if that happens you know who would love that the Bears because it gives everybody else that they weren't even considered drafting starts at five the draft starts at five and they're sitting there at nine so they technically only move down what five spots that's it if the if the draft starts with four straight quarterbacks the Bears are rooting for that it means every player that they're considering drafting sitting there at nine they get the number five player on their board get out of here is that Rogers made a decision yet class Campbell released no way he says he's coming back for year 16 and they're like thanks anyway yeah they release a statement obviously thanking him defines what it means to be a raven at ended it with we have not closed the door okay possibility of him returning okay future all right all right that's what we're here for is to react on live roku channel stream bears are making move and listening up for any news with Aaron Rodgers what are you doing Aaron oh there's news on Jason Kelsey oh there's news on Kelsey alright I'm gonna take a break come back take some calls and you're gonna empty some of your information right there let's do it also rich when we come back I give you a little thought about who I think the Panthers might choose I got sure came up with something okay something some maybe are you about to break off something proper I'm gonna try to okay no we do he hasn't made a decision yet has he no no I'm gonna check back in in about two minutes let's take a break right here we got Seth Davis in brackets Greg Cosell and his breakdown of the top quarterbacks in the draft film on 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care products are sold we're back here on the radio show and Seth Davis will join us to talk about one story in the world of basketball which is the fact that I'm on a bye week in the Rich Eisen show fantasy that's even close and at least two of the three members of the Rich Eisen show basketball podcast made the playoffs mm-hmm and the one who's left out is TJ Jefferson eliminated by Chris Brockman and he's complaining about the app you complained about the app last year as which is why we went to y'all I understand that no no no no here's a deal is I write a trophy last year and I have a chance to lift it again this year and that's all Seth Davis wants to talk about oh wait a minute I'm being told he wants to talk about the brackets or actually I booked him to talk about the brackets so brackets are out so what do you have Chris Brockman Jason Kelsey please tell me he's coming back Jason Kelsey amazing tweet seven minutes ago I have put much thought into whether it makes sense to play another season after talking it over with my wife and many other friends and family have decided to return for another year thank you to all my supporters and detractors for fueling me I ain't true I ain't bleeping done yet who's detracting from him again who detracts from the serious haters I don't know anyway he's back we had ordered the caprio Jeff let's go did you add that or he really put that in there no I I added it I love this guy beautiful congratulations Eagles fans what a huge piece of news that had to pop champagne corks in the front offices of Philadelphia he is so good he's going to Canton Ohio just like his brother and that is huge news for the Philadelphia Eagles what a monster hole in the middle of that offensive line they would have had to fill locker room everything about it great news for the Philadelphia Eagles no other way to put it and great news for all of us and by the way it's as long as everybody in his family and he's healthy enough to do it it's great for his pod the fact that he and his brother will have another season as active players for his podcast so fantastic news what else you got over there Chris what's popping what is cracking and pop so the Bears are making some moves they're reportedly trying to get Matt McGlinchey my tackle okay they also have a ton by the way they have so much cap space they can get Mike McGlinchey in Chicago and they just saw it well they're about to sign TJ Edwards from the from the Eagles okay so they're making a lot of a linebacker all right Falcons re-up their guard Chris Lindstrom okay by the way there's gonna be a lot of re-upping which is why the free agent class is somewhat devoid of big names with all due respect I should have fronted it with all due respect but there's the reason why you're seeing all the the re-signing is when the cap goes up they're re-signing a lot more players of their own to prevent the free agent walkier so more good news for Russell Wilson Broncos signing Ravens guard Ben Powers when you say more good news what's the other piece of good news that you're referring to that this is on top of that just generally his life okay things are going for him you know maybe at home the Vanity Fair photographs they saw him last night maybe some Vanity Fair photographs the same unclear he's waking up to Morgan I don't think the word unclear should be used in relation to those photographs there's quite clear very clear it is it is quite clear the Bucks are exploring a trade for Shaq Mason okay Bucks also reportedly in on Baker Mayfield and Jacoby Brissett I possibly love Baker Mayfield to Tampa didn't I say that last week if I'm Baker that's where I want to go and if the feeling is mutual rip the knob off and go and say okay you guys like Kyle Trask I'll go walk in the same quarterback room we'll have a healthy conversation and competition that I believe Baker will win I like that move Baker Mayfield getting rid of ball being quick about it let's go that's Evans that's Godwin let's roll that's Russell gauge who redid its contract to stay put and give them a bit more cap room because they need it with Brady costing 35 million on the cap in dead money I like Baker Mayfield there I like that move Saints if they make it restructured cam Jordan and Alvin Kamara well he's staying put then cam Jordan they're staying they're both very good around July 31st okay that's it right now is Aaron Rogers made a decision first in first up line one DJ Mikey D what's up Nick what's up Nick Rich how you doing buddy I'm waiting you know real I really love your show thank you so I love you know the guys um look at your staff there and everything you're you've got a good cast there even Brockman knew is a little bit like sandpaper sometimes oh but you got to say with all due respect you got to say with all due respect Nick you got to say that I apologize with all due respect Christopher I gotta say you got a good-looking boy clearly gets his looks from his mother what's on your mind rich great job of the combine again sir and I will tell you that I donated 20 bucks to a rich run thank you for that that is so thoughtful of you and greatly appreciated man every dollar counts you yeah and I know I would like to challenge all of your viewers and listeners staff everybody involved to do the same thank you run rich run dot pledge it dot org I appreciate that thank you it's a great cause and every dollar helps true story but rich um man wouldn't you rather have your jets trade up and get one of those quarterbacks instead of having Aaron Rodgers no they already got one that they're waiting on man they're they're waiting on the kid to cook and marinate and they clearly want to have a bridge option they clearly want to see what they still have in him I bet you the owners you know eager to get make this big swing they are too they see what their schedule is they know Zach's not it and if they go in and Zach's so the guy then I think everyone eats it and nobody wants that the owner doesn't want it the coach clearly wouldn't want it nor with the general manager and I appreciate the call and all your thoughts Nick boy he went around the room like it was a roast I love it so no I mean they got to get the veteran and let Zach continue to marinate has he made his decision yet by the way this is not a bit I'm literally this is what's popping in my head let's go to Spencer in Ohio what's up Spencer eight four four two oh four rich thanks for taking my call you got on the show thanks pal appreciate it I didn't want to say with all due respect to Brockman that the Red Sox are gonna go 500 at best this season what do you make of that Chris I think I'd sign for that okay okay Spencer what else what else you got I wanted to get your opinion on the Houston Texans okay with the new HC in town that's a defensive guy yes is it crazy to think of them going for Will Anderson and then crossing their fingers for Caleb Williams or Drake man would they absolutely get a gift bouquet from the Indianapolis Colts if they pass up on a quarterback and leave either Stroud or Anderson Richardson for them they're not going to do it their whole idea is like this is the last time they ever want to draft this high and if they can get young or Stroud over game over that's exactly who they would take 1,000% maybe they take Richardson and then and then that would kind of set the the draft room in Kansas City above I when you're this I mean you even heard Pete Carroll who just signed Geno Smith who he adores on this show the other day Spencer saying we don't we we drafted this high once and it was their first year on the job for Pete Carroll and John Schneider and and so they're even considering drafting a quarterback when you're this high you never want to draft this high again and they take the quarterback Spencer that's where I'm going on it and I appreciate appreciate the call it's Spencer in Ohio everybody yeah they're not doing they're they're gonna take Stroud or young or Richardson I'm telling you by the way what did I tell you man I love being right what did I tell you the other day when I said Stroud was gonna come on strong at some point well here we are aren't we and wait till he does his pro day say oh it's Bryce young it's Bryce young it's Bryce young Stroud is gonna have a real shot at number one overall a real shot at it and what by the way about being right how did my one week ago today uncorked top five rumors I heard at the combine stand up bears are long down the road on the draft draft trade nailed it things between Lamar and the Ravens are not pretty mm-hmm yep and the Packers sure hope that Rogers tells them I don't want to come back how do those three look right now rich independently of you I'm also still hearing Brady Miami still in play for that to happen two has got to not be able to answer the bell they're going they're going in with Tua and if Tua somehow doesn't answer the bell and Brady's personal life gets the point where he can even consider the notion of ramping it back up that was the way it was all described to me and part of the reason why it was real is because of how well Brady played the fact that he told Fox wait a year which again maybe may have nothing to do with his desire to play football and the fact that in 48 hours he's a free agent he's not signing it you know any of those deals that ties him to the Bucks just so they can help him on the cat and somebody says that is purposeful to keep his options open but as of right now it's the to a world from Miami that's the right now for now as they say all right that's our number one Seth Davis will help walk us through the brackets and Aaron Rodgers is somewhere making a decision has he decided we go an hour to waiting this is gonna be great gotta be great still there on Roku Broncos might be making moves that's right Oh what sort Dan Graziano ESPN sources with multiple teams believe the Broncos could trade a wide receiver Denver's head talks with teams about Portland Sutton Jerry Judy and KJ Hamler they go man asking price is high Sean Payton's looking at first thing you do is Parcells Parcells one of the many axioms that Parcells said and you know Sean Payton is a Parcells guy self-scout I believe he's self-scouted and he's decided this is what we got let's trade up and who the hell knows they're sitting there without a first round or second round pick they got to get in because this is telling you there's a deep draft in the first couple rounds for sure oh we got Packers news okay oh it's not that though don't even do that sort of garbage oh there is Packers no so what they signed their long snapper or something and you're making it sound something else I'm gonna all pro returner Casson Nixon won your deal thank you this room just reminds me of the first year of NFL Network when we didn't have any news desk we had nothing we were using Google News to make sure that we weren't missing anything before we locked up NFL total access for the night and I'd be driving home listening to hacksaw on the local radio newsmaker line Miami and I'm like oh my god I gotta turn around they have resigned their assistant general manager all right I'll go home now no one in the wrestling business has experienced the trials and tribulations along with redemptions and longevity quite like Jeff Jarrett come along for the ride on the my world with Jeff Jarrett podcast they didn't really brand belts in the heyday of boxing you know Muhammad Ali Sugar Ray Leonard I mean they had them but along comes sports entertainment professional wrestling and now it is truly a part of pop culture they've just branded what it looks like to be a champion my world with Jeff Jarrett wherever you listen
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