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REShow: Hour 1 (3-8-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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March 8, 2023 3:27 pm

REShow: Hour 1 (3-8-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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March 8, 2023 3:27 pm

Rich breaks down possible landing spots for Lamar Jackson who’s free to sign with another NFL team after the Baltimore Ravens placed the non-exclusive franchise tag on him.

Rich reacts to/gloats over his prediction of the Giants paying Daniel Jones coming true and debates if New York overpaid to keep the QB. 

Brockman accepts a bet from a caller who thinks he’ll have to eat his words for not believing in Daniel Jones.

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The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen

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Sent. No, no, no. I don't need to be so obvious. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Safe flight. The Rich Eisen Show. Today's guests. Senior writer for the MMQB, Albert Breer, Seahawks head coach, Pete Carroll, plus phone calls, latest news, and more. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Well, yeah, hey everybody. Welcome this edition of the Rich Eisen Show. I'm wearing green today because that's the color of money and color of the Jets and color of the Green Bay Packers and also I'm just showing off that I still have my shirt after finding the Rogers party last night and paying for dinner. Wow, look at you.

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Get it? We're all podcasts can be acquired and hit that subscribe button. We've got two great guests, Albert Breer in the middle of the show and you can't get any more of a newsmaker than Pete Carroll, the head coach of the Seattle Seahawks, choosing fifth overall, the one that just signed Geno Smith to a three-year $105 million all-in contract that's worth $25 million per day.

Hit the sweet spot of a market that nobody thought that existed which is a middle-tiered paid quarterback in the NFL, the Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll joining us in hour number three. Good to see you over there Chris Brockman. Are you wearing green too? I actually am wearing green.

Look at us. How are you DJ Mikey D? I have a green Notre Dame helmet in front of me. That's as close as I got the green. Are you wearing free today? Are you wearing free?

I mean seriously. DJ Jefferson, the candles lit. What's going on over there man?

You know on Wednesdays we wear pink so I didn't get the green memo so I just did what was that. Good to have you here. Good to have everybody here.

Great to have everyone here. So as truly as soon as we went off the air yesterday, as soon as we go off the air on Tuesday, the Baltimore Ravens announced an hour early as a matter of fact that they had franchise tagged Lamar Jackson and the key was how would they franchise tag them and I had been mentioning over the last week or so that if I were the Ravens I would non-exclusive franchise tag him. What does that mean? That means that he can go seek a deal with any team in the NFL that wants his services and could be able to, if they sign him and the Ravens don't match the offer, they would be able to acquire Lamar Jackson for two first round picks this year and next and they could tell Lamar you go find your deal don't take our word for it you go find it and that's what they did. They non-exclusive franchise tagged him. Now the owner of the Ravens, Steve Bishati, put out you know a statement talking about last year how much they love him and we haven't heard much from him. We've heard from the coach they love him.

We've heard from the teammates they love him. We've heard from the general manager they love him but not enough to give him the contract that he's apparently looking for which is the Deshaun Watson I want every penny guaranteed contract. Eric DaCosta the general manager saying in a statement that they haven't reached a long-term deal with Lamar they'll use the franchise tag there's many instances across the league and in Baltimore when a player has been designated with the franchise tag and signed a long-term deal that same year. We will continue to negotiate in good faith with Lamar and hopeful that we can strike a long-term deal that's fair to both Lamar and the Ravens our ultimate goal is to build a championship team with Lamar Jackson leading the way for many years to come. They have between now and middle of June to strike that deal if they don't then Lamar plays on the franchise tag unless he finds a deal with a team that has two first-round picks to offer in a row in succession. We put a pin in that point for a moment there's two ways to look at it how in the world are the Ravens not coming to a deal with a guy who's a former MVP of this league who's as good as he has shown and a lot of people out there are saying as well the fact that other teams out there have in fact not jumped already at the chance but instead as a matter of fact on top of it have come out when asked I guess by reporters there are you interested in Lamar Jackson they've said no. Peter Schrager my colleague from the NFL Network and Fox and Good Morning Football within five minutes had a tweet saying that the Falcons are not interested. Lamar as we all know would be a rock star in the ATL and they could use a quarterback one would think but the Falcons say no. Then JJ Watt had a fascinating tweet and I will read it to you. JJ Watt came out and he's confused. JJ Watt said why are all these teams so publicly quote-unquote out on Lamar Jackson an MVP winner in his prime at the most important position in the entire NFL what am I missing here and RG3 and others are flat-out accusing NFL owners without coming out and saying the word collusion of colluding because they don't want to pay any quarterback in the league in the manner in which the Browns decided to pay Deshaun Watson and the Falcons have already one would think proven that because they were in on Deshaun Watson with everything hanging over Deshaun Watson's livelihood and standing as a community member they went out they were in and then all of a sudden they were gonna get him and it was down to between the Falcons and the Saints and the Browns were out and then all of a sudden the Browns are in and get him because they gave Watson a contract that no other owner in this league is willing to give anybody paying every single penny guaranteed to the tune of over 200 million dollars 230 million bucks not willing to do it you have to put a check in escrow for much of that money by league rules someone's gonna have to cut a 200 million dollar check for Lamar Jackson and put it into escrow and on top of it give up two first-round picks for a guy also yes 2019 MVP has not finished the last two years healthy you got to put it all out there you're not just signing the 2019 MVP in 2023 fresh off of his MVP season and you got to pay him a certain amount of money and you got to guarantee it all and you got to slice a big fat escrow check and you got a cough up two firsts who out there's raising their hand saying I'm willing well let's check out the market let's do it again under the tag that Lamar has now been one will say slapped right franchise tags are applied for players who don't mind it and they're slapped on players who don't like it all right that's the phrase that we use in our in our world so take a look at the first list I'm putting up there we don't know we don't the first list that we're putting up here it's teams without a 2023 first-round draft pick which means they can't be in on Lamar right now right now they're out and they could be on Lamar after this year's draft if they have 2024 and 2025 picks at their disposal so Lamar can kind of wait till after the draft one would think thank you but right now the Niners Dolphins most importantly Broncos Rams and Browns out even if they wanted to be in they can't be in right now they don't have the pick okay so take five of the 32 off the table right now next up are teams who don't need a QB they just do not need a quarterback your Super Bowl teams your AFC champion from last year Bengals your bills the Chargers the Jaguars and three teams that just signed quarterbacks Geno Smith and the Seahawks the New York Giants just gave Daniel Jones the money I told you they were gonna give him and the New Orleans Saints just signed Derek Carr they're not in that's nine more that's 14 teams off the table okay there's 32 teams in the NFL you could keep doing the math correct 18 teams left now this list is the one that is fascinating to me because these are teams that would blow everyone's mind if they went for Lamar they would blow everyone's mind your Dallas Cowboys would blow everyone's mind if they're like you know the DAC thing we've seen how the DAC things worked out hey Baltimore how'd you like to make a trade right now DAC for Lamar that's I mean that's why I'm talking about blowing mines or DAC goes somewhere else they get Lamar and the Ravens figure out what they do next with the draft choices that they get the Cardinals yep that blow your mind the Cardinals while while Kyler fresh off that new contracts rehabbing the entire NFC North would blow your mind the Vikings the Packers with everything going on the Bears sitting there first overall you're gonna go for Lamar use the first overall pick or figure out another way where you don't give up the first overall pick but you wind up with Lamar and ball Baltimore gets Justin Fields again I'm not saying these things are possible other than the fact that we live on the planet and anything's possible how about the Lions why would they go for Lamar if Jared Goff did what he did last year unless they're like you know it screw that there's only a certain ceiling for golf let's go for it then your Patriots Chris tapping out of Mac Jones for Lamar in New England with everything like two ones and pay him all that money guaranteed craft can cut that escrow check the Steelers Steelers let's take the guy from within our division let's just take Kenny picket nice year Kenny thanks for that thanks for the memories that would blow your mind those nine teams I don't think any of those nine teams are in the mix so here's the actual in my mind right now on this day one week before the new league year actually begins this is Lamar's market of teams who need a quarterback have professed to need a quarterback they're in the market for a quarterback who would take them you got the Jets the Raiders everybody in the AFC South that's not the Jaguars and everybody in the NFC South that's not the Saints and the Washington commanders that's your nine teams now keep this up on the screen if you don't mind mr. Hoskins the Jets they'd have to flip a 13th overall pick this year in a first next year and cut all that money for Lamar Jackson the Raiders would have to give up the seventh overall pick this year and next year's first-round pick and Mark Davis would probably have to go bald to sell his hair to for Ford Lamar Jackson the Texans the second overall pick and next year's pick all right the Tennessee Titans the 11th overall pick this year and next year's first-round pick and cutting them to check for Lamar Jackson the Indianapolis Colts fourth overall pick this year and the first-round pick next year and the all those Earth's eight dollars he'd have to probably sell what like Eric Clapton's guitar pick and everything else you know like John Lennon's glasses yeah whatever he's got the Falcons the Panthers the eighth and ninth overall pick and next year's first-round pick the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have Tom Brady on the salary cap this year for 35 million of dead money I don't know how they'd be able to work it maybe they could they have the 14th overall pick in the draft they have 19 19th overall pay pardon me I should wear my glasses the commanders have the 16th overall pick correct so I'm gonna sit here and say if I'm a Falcons yeah and even though they've come out and said we're not interested I would say the same damn thing too I'm not paying him all that money guaranteed I'm sorry I think he's incredibly talented but he didn't finish the last two years why I need to know why he did not my spidey sense has been going off like crazy of how everything ended between Lamar and the Ravens last year I would want a deep dive what happened in that training room locker room front office why didn't he finish the season why wasn't he on a sideline in Cincinnati he was sick why is he sick before I'm cutting all that money and giving up those first-round picks that's why teams aren't in right off the bat now I might be totally naive head in the sand and people are colluding but the Browns are the ones who gave that deal if I'm some other some other business in the same industry as the Browns I'd be like yeah I'm not running my business that way that's the Haslam's Lamar 2019 without the first round selections coming you're you have to give up even Lamar 2019 with the first round selections would be worth it Lamar 2019 with the first round selections where I'm not cutting a massive escrow check is worth it Lamar 2023 hasn't finished the last two seasons and a two first round picks and a massive escrow check I I'd hit the pause button on that wouldn't you wouldn't anybody out there you call me eight four four two oh four rich please push back I'd love to have a conversation on it cuz there is something that went down in Baltimore I do not know I have not put my finger on it as you know I heard a ton of crap at the combine the Ravens thought he was coming back week 16 I know it I feel it he didn't things happen but he didn't come back week 17 week 18 and then in the week 19 his guy Snoop Huntley's out there playing his ass off if he only went underneath right the fray on the goal line instead of trying to reach over the goal line there is no fumble in the jungle or Sam Hubbard going the other way and wrapping things up there might be a completely entirely different conversation we're having about the quarterback situation and his guy Snoop who loved him or loves him I shouldn't say I said I say past tense because this is when I heard it in the past from his mouth week 15 prior to Ravens Browns calling that game on NFL Network loves him he wasn't there why was he there what's up with that I have too many questions so if I am if I'm Atlanta I'm really thinking hard but I'm also not in the building and I may have fallen head over heels for Desmond Ritter you could sit here and say get out of here with that Desmond Ritter stuff but Pete teams have plans and teams don't want to blow up plans but they'll blow it up for the right person and they have questions about Lamar I guess so that's the market for Lamar right there just kind of broke it all down for you obviously there's a 32nd team that we didn't put on the list there that's the Baltimore Ravens hmm it's the one team that's missing from those because they fit on two of the three two of the four boards that we just showed they fit on the teams who do not need a new quarterback and teams who truly need a new quarterback if they get rid of Lamar yeah 8 4 4 2 0 4 rich number to dial here on the rich eyes and show four of my favorite words that I get to say in front of the microphone I told you so oh I do enjoy it so I really really enjoy it so especially what's in the direction of the naysaying Christopher Brockman it's really just one of my favorite things to do he knew it was coming when he saw the news yesterday knew it was coming when he woke up today just his beautiful baby goodbye saying how I'm have a good day cage I'm going to work where daddy's gonna take this one in the chops about Daniel Jones did you say that to him before you left work something that's Froot Loops that's for sure and it's what the Giants are paying Daniel Jones we're gonna take that under advisement next Albert Breer in our number two and Pete Carroll hour three and you at eight four four two oh four rich number to dial throughout live on the Roku channel this rich eyes and show terrestrial radio affiliate Sirius XM Odyssey and more rich eyes in here at US cellular they know phones are great but they're not always so great for us sure they connect us to so much but they also distract us from well us the us that actually laughs out loud with each other instead of just texting it that knows being in the same room doesn't always mean being together so let's find us again by putting our phones down for five five days five hours even five minutes join us cellular in the phones down for five challenge find out more at us cellular comm slash find us youth football is all about style and fun and the NFL celebrates that through play football an initiative aimed at creating positive experiences for players coaches and parents with the goal of preserving and promoting the values of the game on the football field kids can continue to grow through teamwork and build trust as leaders to learn more and to find a league near you visit play football calm the future of football is here you in eight four four two oh four rich number to dial give us a ring right here I'm sitting at the rich eyes and show desk furnished by Granger with supplies and solutions for every industry Granger is the right product for you call click Ranger calm or just stop by look NFL owners are not wanting to pay fully guaranteed contracts 230 million dollars in North the Browns were the outlier and I think I think players are gonna find very look I would put it this way if burrow asks for every dollar guaranteed and Herbert asks for every dollar guaranteed and Hertz asks for every dollar guaranteed and they don't get it then I'm start then then you could sit here and wonder what's going on but right now there's just too many variables involving Lamar Jackson how did everything end last year in Baltimore he didn't finish the last two years would you pay him every dollar guaranteed and set that precedence for every other quarterback you're ever gonna pay again that wins an MVP three years before their walk here I don't know that's a tough question to answer it's a tough question to ask that's for sure Albert Breer coming up in our number two and you can call as well eight four four two oh four each number to dial for my favorite words I told you so I love Satan I don't mind being hmm I don't mind being how do I want to put this you know I I like being humble I do like being humble it's showing I do like being humble I don't mind being wrong how about that I like being right I'll admit if I'm wrong I'm totally happy if admitting that I'm wrong I don't love it but I'll do it you sometimes hold your wrongs too high like you should let them go some I mean Giannis don't trade for him let that go a little bit the Raiders are going the AFC West but that's that's half of the Mount Rushmore right of my worst takes in the history of this program but I keep telling you I keep telling you the market when you are a complete free agent and you have a hammer in your hand when you hit the open market like Daniel Jones was ready to do and threatening to do and he was ready to go the market will pay you okay and Lamar by the way he can have a 40 million dollar a year contract today as long as from what I'm hearing again he wants every penny guaranteed I'm sure the Ravens would be happy to hand him a contract where he's the highest paid in the league he struck it the market gave and Lamar took happy to do that happy to pay him like Daniel Jones happy to pay him like my homes that's just funny what you just said happy him like I know laughs all you want but I keep telling you and when you said when the first words were that came out about Jones's negotiation is that he wanted 40 million plus he wanted 45 million a year and you heard what Andrew Brandt said and you heard what Joe Banner said yesterday he's gonna get something that starts with a four and to his benefit the Giants had another guy who they need probably as much as him if not more hitting the free agent market as well and if he they couldn't strike a deal with Daniel Jones they'd have to franchise tag him and say Quan would walk or they'd have to pay him you know a king's ransom at the running back position and I think any team would rather overpay their quarterback then they're running back you at least allow that right yeah for sure hey man anytime you can give a guy who's 21 and 31 160 million dollars you got to do it I told you it's a number would start annually with a four you got to do it I mean look congratulations on you never winning another play it would start with a four and it does great it doesn't mean it's you should do it the keys contract details four years buck sixty thirty five million more in incentives 82 over the first two years that's an average of 41 a year you don't have to go to Duke like Daniel Jones to know that 94 virtually guaranteed at signing whatever that means it's first year cap number though around 19 million so the phone when they say virtual rich is that like Bitcoin or something I don't know I don't know quite frankly there you go that's Daniel Jones's numbers and I know everyone's gonna be here is like Lamar's got a play on the franchise tag and whatever Daniel Jones didn't say I want to be guaranteed more money than the Shawn Watson he didn't the Giants probably would have told him pound sand and then they would have franchise sake one and he wouldn't be with the Giants in a spot where he likes the coach the coach likes him he's clearly seeing some signs of success he likes living there the folks in the city kind of like him I'm kind of trying to give everyone that because you will see this argument everywhere Lamar's getting hosed look at Daniel Jones the complete up until taking that snap against the Minnesota Vikings down seven nothing and showing up like Colin freaking Kaepernick in a playoff game against an NFC North opponent on the road like he showed up in Minnesota Daniel Jones like Kaepernick did in Green Bay all those years ago he was that running slash passing dominant prior to that first snap though complete total mediocre poster photograph of high draft choice that's hamstringing his team they didn't even give him his fifth year option pickup and he's like I'll show you and Debo came in with a plan and turned him into something somebody who won a playoff game looking like that then we all know the carriage turned into a Philadelphia pumpkin but be that as it may Ravens will be happy to give him an annual salary of that and even more because Lamar would deserve more than Daniel Jones but if Daniel Jones took the same approach as where you hear that Lamar is taking which is I want every penny guaranteed and I want it more than Deshaun Watson that isn't that contract I view as a precedence as opposed to an outlier then Daniel Jones would be the one hitting the road see what happens at least Lamar's getting 32 and change so I told you he would get paid that way you could tell me anything it doesn't mean it's not stupid and the Giants are gonna regret this you think so over under playoff wins in the next four years that half I'll take the over on that you don't think they win a single playoff game you don't think so they are gonna be so hamstrung by this deal one thing I would do if I'm the Giants is I'd pay Saquon let's figure something out there let's figure something out there because you do have runway to do that if how do you think Saquon feels what what was this franchise tag for how much is a running back franchise tag is not a lot when it's compared it's a lot you know if we're just walking around money well times yes you know but are you it's still a lot of money yeah but yeah franchise check for running backs is 10 million oh look out Oh Daniel Jones makes 40 he makes 10 he he's restricted from talking to anyone he's that valuable Daniel Jones got a you had a jump and pay him guy with 15 touchdown pass brother and how many to Saquon how many were Saquon taking it to the house from like 30 yards plus out I personally feel this was a great move by the Giants simply because Daniel Jones is one and five against the Cowboys so for me personally this works out great Chris at you this is statistically speaking this is gonna work out great for my Giants other choice let him walk tell Daniel Jones thanks for the memories that they do become the first team that goes ahead draft somebody in the top ten he was sixth overall you know we've been searching for that team that chooses someone in the top ten the guy doesn't prove out significantly does improve towards the end of his tenure and they're still like we're not paying you that money we're going back to square one and the New York Giants sitting at 26th overall forget it you're not getting your guy this year so what do you do you go get Jimmy G you run it back with him so what you do that's the options you get Jimmy G Jamis cuz you know Aaron Rodgers isn't walking through that door or you say this is our offer take it or there's the door well the door I'm telling you what the door the option of door no it's 40 million dollars a year option two is to show him the door there's door number door behind door number one is this contract that we hammered out with your new representatives by the way so they got it done for him and that's door number one Daniel Jones accepted it so far door number one in Baltimore has not been accepted by Lamar door two for Lamar was last year's franchise tag and now this year's non-exclusive right so there you have it or last year's 50 or option and now he's got himself a franchise tag that's door two for Lamar and he's walking through it and door one I imagine I would have to imagine far more enriching to him than Daniel Jones's deal from the Giants I would get and he said no to door one he's now going through door two door two for the Giants and Jones Jones would have been free agent who would have taken him who would have valued him at 40 million a year I would hope nobody I don't know he might have kicked his kick some tires around although that's called you know a tampering window negotiation period might have gotten some sense of who would be interested in him it's pretty much the same if you don't mind Hoskins put that fourth board from our Lamar Jackson conversation in the first segment teams who truly needed quarterback this would have been Daniel Jones's market Jets Raiders Texans Titans Colts Falcons Panthers Bucks commanders you like any of those over the Giants if you Daniel Jones at 40 million per you take door one he did and he's smiling door that shouldn't have been your offer door two I'm telling you what Jones's process was of course Jones for the Giants is adding their logo to that board of teams in need of a quarterback sitting there 27th overall 26 overall in this year's draft looking around and saying who else who else Jimmy G Jameis Winston now is free yeah do you trade for somebody else like Tannehill marry go get him because Mario Mario you know I cuz cuz Dave old likes those running throwing guys Jones is better than them he's your guy the maras love him thus boom 40 million that's the reality of it door two would have been fascinating the Giants would they have taken door two if they were top ten and Daniel Jones didn't have a super a super year and day ball didn't turn into the coach of the year because of the way Jones looked and the way the team won if they're sitting there eight nine would they have taken door two maybe so but the Giants got a taste of what the Jets are desperate for which is a playoff season and a win and I know they got curb stomped by the eventual NFC champs but they advanced they went into Minnesota and said great season but you beat season finally winning your division you beat the team that everyone thought was a fraud any does it matter kind of no it does not and it helps for owners and season tickets and conversations around bars and around clubs excited by Daniel Jones I want to hear from you you don't exist if you ask them today not the same intensity as you would have on the night the Giants beat the Vikings on a super wild card weekend oh yeah you saw exactly what they hoped out of Daniel Jones and did never gotten from Daniel Jones with the previous coachings coaches and the previous front office people period you saw in those four quarters that guy the Eagles are just better team million yeah it is if you can build around a game out of 50 that is insanity these teams running these organizations don't know what they're doing there you go you don't have to pay these guys this money you don't eight four four two oh four riches number two doll also rich in a couple years let's just say two years that 40 million when you get into the I guess the payroll structure I'm not a math guy but isn't this gonna look like probably a decent deal two years ago from now when you've got a bunch of guys making for if you said it's their time to get paid right you heard what Joe banner said yesterday right that my homes is ten-year deal right now is incredibly team friendly that my home's could have just done a five-year deal and hit the open market again and killed it yeah and instead it's ten years I mean he said he's and that's what he's point to Lamar is like you're young enough that you will make all the money under your contract that may not be all guaranteed but you're gonna earn it you're gonna earn all of it if you stay healthy and don't you know have your career ended you all you got to do is just play and also and you'll collect you will get it all so what you're making a stand for isn't worth the franchise non-exclusive tag and sitting out there year to year and everybody wondering if you're missing the end of the season because you're pissed or you're like I'm not gonna put it all on the line here for a team that's not giving me the contract that I think I deserve in the division where I just saw Deshaun Watson with a ton of crap on his head that he's never been charged with he's done nothing but live his life to the utmost of class yeah Lamar Jackson you see kids in Baltimore I've seen him around kids are you kidding me and somebody else in the division is giving that much money guaranteed to Deshaun Watson I totally understand him saying I deserve that but Kyler Murray didn't do it and Russell Wilson didn't do it his answer could be then why should I do it screw you well in the world of the NFL he's kind of learning what that that approach is getting him and right now it's a clearly deflated market people are saying it's illegally deflated but I think they're also conflating the fact that this isn't just a 2019 Lamar it's the 2023 Lamar with questions about his durability and his want to based on the contract fair or not let's take a break eight four four two oh four rich is the number two dial here on the program we'll take your calls and we come back if you're looking for plump lips that last you need to know about Juvederm lip fillers with Juvederm valbella XC and Juvederm ultra XC your lip look whether it's subtle or bold can last up to one full year with optimal treatment and no additional maintenance find a licensed specialist and see if it's right for you at Juvederm calm today that's Juve DERM calm add fullness to lips and adults over 21 with Juvederm valbella XC or Juvederm ultra XC do not use if you have severe allergies or a history of severe allergic reactions or if you're allergic to lidocaine or the proteins used in Juvederm tell your doctor if you have a history of 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good quarterback and worth the money so it would start dear Evan right yep dear Evan last name is not Hanson is it okay very good because if that was the case we'd make a great musical out of you writing an apology letter to dear Evan in Portland Oregon to say I'm sorry but I'm sorry about my bad take on Daniel Jones that's the first line yep yeah okay now and that is worth it yep yep if I'm wrong I will Venmo you for a steak dinner of your choice oh whoa do I get to pick the restaurant yeah you don't want him to go to the house goes out here please it's okay okay it's okay Evan okay all right Evan all right deal so today March 8th all right and understand my calendar right now Evan Adam get Evan's number now now what is what is I guess we need to hammer this out what would be considered a success for Daniel Jones they have to win a playoff game I would say that playoff win do you accept that Chris cuz that would that would already obliterate your 0.5 of the over-underline of the amount of games that Daniel Jones one in the postseason his entire new contract so he has to play well in the playoff win he has to be the reason they win okay I don't know I mean making the playoffs period would be okay does that does that is that fine with you Evan yeah wow he's leaving it to you know appease him and understand this Evan that you're also in good hands with Chris if you wind up losing because this is an if you're a fan of this show going back to its inception you may not be we're getting a whole new audience thanks to our Roku Channel relationship now Chris lost a bet years ago or maybe our first year on the air you were so upset because you owed somebody like what a lunch and a sports drink you were so upset that the sports drink that was chosen was a few dollars more than any other he called he didn't like he thought he's being gouged on the sports drink okay he's not gonna hurt you all right all right all right all right we're now going our separate ways Thank You Evan great call from Portland Oregon March 8th 10 a.m. Pacific time he calls in right around 10 a.m. Pacific time 2023 on this at this moment next year please tell me it's a it's it's got to be a weekday right we'll be on the air it'll be a Thursday what should be right okay very good by the way Portland Oregon hotbed of Daniel Jones fandom hey man there's there's transplants everywhere but Evan could be a Dookie it'll be a Friday never know be it Friday of next year 2024 tune in tune in on the second Friday of March next year it's gonna be lit Evan's only problem is getting Brockman to actually pay the bet off if he I gave up on that money Chris how could you not it's it's electronic like you don't even have to hit the ATM anymore just offered to do that he didn't want I remember him paying me for Girl Scout cookies I remember him offering you know that's right I said I can just Venmo you go no I want the hold on a second oh yeah news flash are you selling Girl Scouts cookies this was like two months ago I still owe you where was I you might not have been here that day what do you mean I'm that wasn't being 2.0 you selling Girl Scout cookies and you know the god daughter the god daughter was selling Girl Scout was unhappy to clean you out of whatever she needed I those are good that's it that's good stuff the Thin Mints Oh Mike got like eight boxes of tag alongs you're taking care of box I gotta pay you right now don't put me on a pain on my list when you're selling Girl Scout I don't think you were not there cuz there hasn't been summer cuz I remember sitting here yelling out anybody want Girl Scout cuz it's Ashton's kid too uh yeah oh my goodness it's all paying Ashton Kutcher's kid by paying you yeah well you're paying me this is a matter it's cool though okay there are people who believe I've never been more confident in a bet my now this is very important this is very important when I'm about to ask you TJ Jefferson very important oh boy I couldn't have stressed the importance more this could go anyway oh god would you like it even if it affects your Cowboys to see the Giants win a playoff game and have Brockman write an apology letter to Evan in Portland Oregon would that give you more joy or does your Cowboys distaste of the Giants completely overcome all of it okay now we're gonna say that this has nothing to do with Dallas like the Giants didn't beat the Cowboys or anything the Giants perform like look this year the Giants didn't get in your way yeah so but you do reside in the same division do and if the Giants succeed and make the playoffs it is entirely possible it does affect your Cowboys happiness yeah but knowing that that's tough watching Chris Brockman pen have to hand write a letter of an apology some guys never met that call him out for a terrible take I kind of think that's got a that's kind of supersede don't you think of all the teams I hate I'd like the Giants the most out of all them so I'd be like yeah okay I'd like to see that this is Eagles to be bought the table yeah I wouldn't care for him the same bet which is what Jack well this ain't got nothing to do with me though no no no no we're talking about you know you I want to see you write this video of you actually sitting down and writing it out I've never been more kind of like with like a Jack handy type music behind it yeah I've also got one of those feather pins rockman rich I've got one of those feather pens yes he could use that to pen the letter should have asked it if you do you know calligraphy should we get parchment the pens here somewhere I usually use it to sign all my tax forms every boy do we have a lot to talk about with Albert Breer Brea do we ever yeah get me Albert Breer on the phone that's next right here on the Rich Eisen show with Pete Carroll behind him as well I've never been more confident are you are you googling steakhouses near you right now or oh there's a great one where in the valet down to Davenport right now when Joe Hayden was here that's where he had went okay for his birthday so you're good you've got it I'm good don't hurt him don't hurt him I'll meet you at Mastro's but I think the Giants are gonna take a step forward brother Kenneth Galladay to get rid of him do you know how much money they could pay Daniel Jones fresh off a holiday not being on what if the Giants go seven and ten the next two years then what well you'll get a nice steak dinner that's number one but then what then what about this deal and then they will find out who the next quarterback is and they'll move on then they'll move on and why did they do it in the first place cause he did what he just did and day ball is your coach he's coach of the year why is he coach of the year because he rolled the dice in week one and he put his day balls on the line and they kept on winning games and part of the reason why they kept winning games is because Daniel Jones played over out of his skull and if you're the owner of the Giants you're like okay let's run it back let's run it back and we'll franchise tag Saquon and we'll put a quill in Chris Brockman's hands I'm gonna find it during commercial break fantastic like a dangerous liaisons clip Daniel Jones has 36 touchdowns in the last three years Mahomes had 41 this season. Can't wait. no one in the wrestling business has experienced the trials and tribulations along with redemptions and longevity quite like Jeff Jarrett come along for the ride on the my world with Jeff Jarrett podcast they didn't really brand belts in the heyday of boxing you know Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard I mean they had them but along comes sports entertainment professional wrestling and now it is truly a part of pop culture they've just branded what it looks like to be a champion my world with Jeff Jarrett wherever you listen
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