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REShow: Albert Breer - Hour 2 (3-8-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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March 8, 2023 3:28 pm

REShow: Albert Breer - Hour 2 (3-8-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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March 8, 2023 3:28 pm

The MMQB’s Albert Breer tells Rich what the sticking point is between Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens on a long-term contract extension and which teams could be in the mix for the former NFL MVP, the chances the Jets will be able to pull off a trade for Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers, and why the New York Giants gave Daniel Jones $40M per season. 

Rich breaks down the Jets’ long history of QB woes and debates if Aaron Rodgers or Lamar Jackson would be the better option to jumpstart New York’s moribund offense next season, and explains why Jackson joining the Washington Commanders makes a lot of sense.

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This is the Rich Eisen Show. I'm here now. For some reason I have I have a need to help this work for you.

No, you have 12 reasons. Sent. No, no, no, I don't need to be so obvious. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. As we text him on there.

Safe flight. The Rich Eisen Show, today's guests. Senior writer for the MMQB, Albert Breer, Seahawks head coach, Pete Carroll, plus your phone calls, latest news, and more. And now, it's Rich Eisen.

Hour number two of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. Very spirited chat moments ago about Daniel Jones' worth and his contract and how Chris Brockman thinks it's gonna hamstring the Giants. I mean, you kind of pulled a Joel Klatt on draft day, where it's just like this is gonna destroy the Giants franchise. I don't even know why I hate Daniel Jones so much.

I don't think that I do. I had him in fantasy for a minute last year. I'm just more pissed at these dumb GMs for paying mediocre to below-average quarterbacks 40 million dollars. And thus, you engendered a phone call from a gent in Portland, Oregon.

I bet a Giants fandom. Who made a bet that at this point next year you will be ruling your take and if you if Jones is actually has a good year like has a playoff win season then you have to write him personally a letter of apology. We have chosen the manner in which you must write him. You have the pen?

T.J. Jefferson. Here it is. It's a quill pen. Do I have to dip it in ink? Yeah, you have to dip it in ink. So it's like your declaration of dependence. I sign all my important documents with this pen.

Do I need to get it notarized before I sign it? No, no, no. I would take care of that too for you. If you're right, then you get a free steak dinner from Evan in Portland, Oregon. My mouth is already watering. What a wonderful exchange that was. Pete Cowles calling this program an hour number three from the Seattle Seahawks.

They've got the fifth overall pick amongst their two choices in the draft first round. Joining us though from Sports Illustrated with so much to talk about is the man who does pen the MMQB every single week for Sports Illustrated. Friend Albert Breer back on the program. How you doing Albert? Good, what's up Rich? You still sitting in that same chair I saw you in every day walking the hallway in this convention center in Indianapolis?

That's pretty good. That's a pretty good hangout. Everybody passes by there. You say hello to a lot of people.

And I feel like not enough people know about it. So it's not like there's like 30, 40 media people circling around. Correct. So I feel like I was in a pretty good spot there, don't you?

By the way, correct. There's a hallway that leads directly to the entrance to Lucas Oil and every coach passes by. Literally every coach has to walk by to eventually leave the convention center. And Albert was just there sitting there with his laptop or calling in to radio shows. I saw you working every day.

I saw you working. So man is there so much to talk about. Let's jump in with Lamar Jackson. What did the Ravens, like what were the final offers if you know from either side that led to the Ravens to just say we're gonna franchise tag a non-exclusive? Do we know? I don't know what the exact offers were but I can say what I've said you know I think for the last year which is you know the gap there really was you know about the guarantees. And you know my understanding is all along that the Ravens have offered proposals that are I think you would you know couch is top of the market traditional quarterback contract. So what does that mean?

That means the average per year is where it needs to be and where it has been at the top of the market over the last couple of years. And a more traditional structure means that the first few years are guaranteed and then there are more or less de facto team options on the back end. And I think you know the problem with that for Lamar has been, and this is actually understandable if you think about it, you've just asked me to take on an unprecedented amount of punishment of my body for a quarterback over the first five years of my career.

And now you're the one asking for injury insurance on the back end of this. So you know I think for Lamar it's actually about principle more than it's about money. And I know that sounds silly because you know you know most these things are about money but I mean to me if this is about money for Lamar he would have just taken the traditional top of the market quarterback deal like 95% of top quarterbacks too. So you know I think now where they are is the Ravens are sort of looking for an endgame here whether it's with Lamar or without him.

And you know that's the idea putting the non-exclusive tag on them is either you lose them or and then you know you're resetting a quarterback or you have someone else write the contract for you and you match another team's offer. So I think as much as anything else this is the Ravens pursuing a conclusion to this saga that's lasted for two years. I mean you're saying the Ravens are seeking conclusion and the number of people that I'm seeing in our business that are saying the Ravens are seeking collusion more than anything else is quite eye-opening to say the least. So what do you make of the idea that the Ravens through Lamar the out of go find your market but knowing the market is completely suppressed because nobody wants to pay him the manner in which he wants to be paid or that's already been hammered out amongst teams.

What do you make of the collusion conversation? I mean Rich you know me I'm not against pushing back on the league and and looking for these sorts of things I don't know that I see it here. I mean look acquiring Lamar is a complicated thing you know I I think you know he's a great player and I do it by the way I would do it if I were a team but he's got a lot of again a lot of mileage on his body through five years. He now has pretty extensive injury history. He's finished the last two years not playing on the shelf and you know I think the consensus is that you have to play him a certain way to get the most out of him that's going to continue that punishment on his body. So if you put all that together then you say and we're gonna have to guarantee four or five years you can see where you know for any GM coach that can be a relatively scary thing as as high as the upside might be here there's also considerable downside because you're not getting out of a contract like that you know and so I think you know there are teams that look at this and say it is going to be the second five years of Cam Newton and if you look at the first five years of candidate the only really if the only guy we have to compare to and he hasn't didn't carry the ball as much as Lamar has in Carolina but you know he's the one that's actually comparable. You look at the first five years of Cam Newton's career he's a rocket ship right and he won MVP in his fifth year. Then you know year six he had nothing down here year 70 bounced back and then after year 70 was never the same again just had a string of injuries you know and so I think that that's the that's the issue for teams with the Falcons and you know and the Dolphins and the Panthers is I mean I just imagine you're Terry Fondo and Arthur Smith right now and you've waited two years to go find your quarterback right like you you pass in consecutive years on going all-in on any one quarterback well you know is is this what you want to go all-in on if you're them you know is are you willing after waiting for two years to take the sort of risk that signing Lamar would grant you I mean I just I think it's a more complicated situation than people are willing to concede now and again I think he's a great player he's an incredible guy too like I've gotten to know him just a little bit like and and I love him as a guy and I you know he's somebody I would bet on but you know I can also see the other side of this why teams would have concern over the idea of what signing him could mean you know for their teams and also for the individual careers of the people in charge and then the fully guaranteed aspect of it you know the Falcons clearly weren't into that idea when it was Deshaun Watson and you just pointed out Lamar's greatness as a human off the field and what he's been like with kids and community and things of that nature so you know I don't know if the Falcons are just against the idea of fully guaranteeing contracts at all but what does that or what's with the escrow can you explain to people what that would require for an owner of a team to go ahead and give somebody two hundred and thirty million guaranteed dollars on this but like what does that mean Albert so like this is where we can use the C word we can use collusion okay there is no there is no good reason on God's green earth for that rule to still be in place that rule basically says that every dollar that you have that and then they caught in any contract it's fully guaranteed it hasn't yet been paid out the player needs to go into an escrow account so you basically have to have the cash on hand to fund an entire contract when you sign a player to that sort of contract now you might ask why that will adjust well that rule went to place like the 50s and 60s when like some teams weren't weren't solving you know and so there was a very real question like can this team like this fully guarantee this contract see it through so like back then it was if you're gonna fully guarantee a contract like to protect the players we're gonna put it in escrow there's no such problem now rich I think I think we both know that right the business sort of uses the red herring by owners to say well we would do it or we like you but like the idea of you know putting 200 250 million dollars escrow that doesn't work for us so we're not so so we can't do it so let's do this structure instead and you know I for one reason or another they've been able to keep the rule on there through several collective bargaining you know agreements I don't I like I if I'm the Union that's like probably the one thing I'm looking to get out of there but you know there are a lot of teams that I mean there are teams legitimately can't afford to put money in escrow you know but if viewed by all owners even the ones who can't afford to do that as this sort of red herring is like this is why we can't do fully guaranteed deals all the while knowing that there's no there's no actual reason for that rule to be in place so to put a button on this conversation is it possible that Lamar waits till the end of the draft and that five teams that currently can't talk to him because they don't have two first round selections in 2023 and 2024 some of them wouldn't be interested in him anyway like the the Broncos the Rams and obviously the Browns but once this draft is over the Dolphins and the Niners yeah can do it so can he wait through this draft and say hey I found my new team and the Ravens wind up with two first rounders but nothing that they could use to replace Lamar this year is that possible is that now a risk that the Ravens yeah and he could definitely wait you know I I mean those teams who could call the Ravens and ask you know like I mean there there are creative ways to attack this but the those teams could call the Ravens and say like hey what about a sign-and-trade you know and would you let us talk to Lamar and see if we could work out like some sort of contract that would work for Lamar to come to us and you know I would assume then the Ravens would would want first to work out trade terms but you know like you could look at it the same way like the way the Raiders handled the Derek Carr situation where they wouldn't let anybody talk to him until they'd worked out trade terms like the Ravens could do something like that or if you're another team you call the Ravens say could we work out a trade and then you could let us talk to Lamar about a contract so like one of those teams could wind up could could could do that if they wanted to or they could just wait and I and I think it behooves Lamar from a leverage standpoint to wait like yeah I think he's these franchise guys are a little bit like I'm taking apart that signing my franchise tag today right like I'm I'm signing it because I want to make sure that that ten million dollars is locked in if I'm Lamar I'm not signing that tag like I'm not until I absolutely have to and he doesn't really have to until week one you know technically he wouldn't be a holdout so yeah he could without losing a red cent wait until September 1st to sign to sign his tender that means he doesn't have to show up to anything or anything else and you know like that would obviously give him the flexibility to wait until after the draft now the risk there of course is other teams are going to make their plans you know so you know there could be suitors now that you know say would come off the market because they get their quarterback situations buttoned up teams that maybe aren't willing to wait until the first had made it do it but that's certainly an option and obviously a lot of people took point of the Dolphins as a team he would want to go to because that's where he's from I know so I mean so what's the market what's his market looking like I think I mean I think one team I would just sort of kind of keep an eye on might be the Jets like the Jets are gonna look at all their options and if the Aaron Rodgers thing doesn't work out for them I do think the Jets would be a team to keep an eye on you know I think Woody Johnson is very motivated to find a franchise quarterback this offseason and you know so say the the Aaron thing doesn't work for one reason or another well then you know I think they could be a team that could throw their hat the rank Joe Douglas their general manager obviously came up in Baltimore so you know he should be able to get really good information on Lamar maybe one I just sort of keep my eye on you know and then I think after that like it's it's difficult to find suitors I mean you can think creatively like what Tennessee do it you know what I mean like I mean that they're out of the guaranteed money with Ryan Tanel so you know and that that's just spitballing but you know we've seen the way these things evolve and I'd say this too like just cuz we were it we were all able to rule a bunch of teams out like that's not teams like calling reporters and telling them no that's like a guy becoming available and either beat writers or people like me calling texting people they tell it said hey would you be interested and you know at this point of the offseason a lot of those teams have already sort of made their plans and they've discussed Lamar because you know he is on their free agent list so just because a handful of teams at this point have been quote-unquote ruled out doesn't mean that there aren't other teams working there maybe some even have quarterbacks now ready to strike and ready to go after Lamar it also becomes a little harder to ascertain that right because because Lamar doesn't have an agent so there's been less communication between the teams and Lamar's camp because it's harder for teams to do that what about the Washington commanders Dan Snyder signs him to the deal he's looking for and spits one last breath at the NFL and sells the team that's a big conversation seriously what do you think I think it's interesting I think it's interesting but you know I would dance I don't want to do that now I would argue that it could make his team more valuable you know you look at like the Broncos and the sale of Broncos last year and you know that the Russell Wilson deal being sort of a part of that and kind of what it gave and and and look we all know how the Russell thing played out but like you know for the new owners coming in it was sort of like all right like we've got you know a marquee franchise in the Broncos and now we've got like sort of the hood ornament to the whole thing inverse Russell Wilson as we as we kind of pull this Rolls Royce out of the garage you know what I mean so what guy I think that there'd be that benefit for it but for doing that I I just I don't see the commanders doing that this offseason I don't know that there's the I don't know I don't know that they that they have the financial wherewithal to do it right now to be honest with you it does seem like they're committed to giving Sam how at least a wuxi I do think they're going to bring in a veteran to compete with Sam Howell but I don't think it's gonna be a high-end veteran I don't think it's somebody's gonna cost them a lot of money hmm all right Albert I got a couple more minutes left with you what is the latest with Rogers and the Jets right now best you could tell me yeah I mean I think that from from everything I understand things went well you know I I go back to like when they hired Nathaniel Hackett you know I asked around the organization about like the implication of that I mean even back then and that was what mid-january no one in the Jets organization shied away from the implication that that meant that they could be making a rudder there Rogers so this is something they discussed for a while you know putting the people on the plane that they put on the plane and the the owner and the team president the GM and the head coach the offensive coordinator yeah I think tells you how serious they are about this yeah I think if they in an ideal world and look some of this is going to take massaging egos and everything else but I think in an ideal world the plan for the Jets would be we're gonna keep Zach Wilson on the roster and have Aaron Rogers here for a year or two yeah Aaron's going to be sort of a mentor to Zach because they have a relationship and we hope that we are going to have a couple great years with Aaron Rogers and create a natural handoff to a guy who a couple years from now could really benefit from being around Aaron Rogers and so this is sort of plan a for them it's not their only plan so much this boils down to what Aaron wants to do you know and whether Aaron wants to go there but you know I I think that there's still good sign that they've made progress on that end and I think the pack is really pretty amenable to it I would say this too I'm not sure it's even a cost of a first-round pick so I think the Jets are pretty into that yeah so Jets could keep their 13th overall get Aaron Rogers for a couple years it's and then hand things off to Zach I mean and then of course have a Canyon of Heroes parade in the in the meantime I mean like that's I mean that's a that's one way out of their current predicament but but there's a possibility that Rogers like yeah I don't do that I'll just retire a packer or or even turn around is it possible he turns around says yeah thanks for letting me talk to the Jets I want to come back to you what do you think sort of what far did I mean far far did say he was out and then after they turn to Rogers said I want to come back I mean way down the road like that's way down the road so that was awkward I right this is all within one this is all within just a few weeks between the Super Bowl and the new league year I mean this is nothing compared to far this gives everybody else way more time to plan yeah I mean I I think that the it feels to me like so like I would say the Packers approach has been way different like and I could say this from start to finish like the Packers the last couple of years and we talked about this a lot me and you over the last couple of years their approach the last couple years was Aaron take as much time as you want and you know we're gonna leave the light on for you Aaron we're gonna restructure contracts to accommodate you we're gonna do everything it takes to keep the team in place to build around you and to win championships in the short window and their approach this time around has been Apple you know you to you let us know and please let us know as soon as possible because we have a seat we have a season to plan for and you know I just it feels like they have I would say already taken a step as far as moving on now that doesn't mean they would shut them out if you wanted to come back but it does feel like they have sort of begun the process of moving on to Jordan love and I think the roster is going to reflect that like I I think they do lots of the less of the kicking the can down the road financially and going all into right now you know that sort of thing with Jordan love is their quarterback because they do have some bills to pay from the last couple of years and so I do think you're you you're you're what you're seeing right now is the Packers taking that step into the post Aaron Rodgers era doesn't mean they can't step back and have another year with them but I certainly think that they've that they've started take those take those steps and yeah like I said like I think it get pretty awkward if you decide you want to come back because yeah I know I mean it's time for Jordan love to start the starting portion of his 15 year long Hall of Fame career because that's what happens in Green Bay with all your quarterbacks pretty much last one for you I know I've had John for a while Brockman's pissed Daniel Jones got 40 million player per he can't you can't compute right you can't understand it you don't understand it at all so what happened what happened there with the Giants because you also mentioned earlier that you if you're Saquon you run and sign your franchise tender what happened with yeah I mean the reason with Saquon so really quick the reason I say that was Saquon skitties are running back you know and because he has a lot of injury history because he's going into year six and like we've seen what the free agent markets looked at looked like a running back the last couple of years on top of that the draft classes you saw this weekend rich is really really strong at that position right I mean you've got these on and and and and generic if you also have like a boatload of like starter type guys would be available on the third and fourth of those rounds so I think it can be a soft free agent market for running back that's why if I was Saquon sign that tag right that allows you to maintain your leverage and you're going to maintain your leverage if you have that money if you have that money guaranteed as for Daniel Jones the way I look at this one yeah his initial ask was you know up above 45 million and the argument was well roughly got 49 and and and and Kyla got 46 not as good as those guys and the Giants went back and said those are cautionary tales that's not like a blueprint for what we should be doing so obviously the jet that the Giants had the leverage of the tag and if you look at it like what Russell got and what where the tag was the number they landed at is right in the middle of that right and so you know I I think the way you the way you want to you know kind of do the math here two tags would have cost them about 72 million dollars over two years they wind up getting Daniel Jones at 82 million over two years so they basically paid ten million dollars to get this taken care of and squared away and then they get the extra two years of team control on the back end and I think the benefit for the Giants is they reward somebody who and Seamus Saquon bought into the program and got a lot better and so this sends a great message to the locker room that if you do things the right way your performance will get better your bank account will also get bigger and so they've got that message to send to the locker room they've got stability at quarterback over the next two years they get to see where Daniel Jones is going to go and then when you get you know to 2025 if it hasn't worked out you're back in the quarterback market so that's the way I look at this one and I think for the Giants if you kind of if you look at it that way it's a lot less awkward and a lot better from a team standpoint than just doing two franchise tags with them instead you go that's satisfying Chris it's a very good and reasonable answer why wouldn't they just let him walk do what the Patriots do hey go out see what your markets worth and then when you don't get what you think come back to us we'll give you a fair deal when we move on I think that's a fair question I mean there's risk involved too and does he come back disgruntled because he's not getting what he wanted you know what I mean I just think after year one there are so many good vibes there you know with Joe Shane and Brian Day ball coming in and doing what they did like yeah I just don't think you want to upset the apple cart you know I think there is value to kind of keep you the ball better again with a couple of guys and Shay Kwan and Daniel Jones who I think we're probably the two biggest beneficiaries of Brian Dave on Joe Shane's arrival so that's why but look like I understand the other side of this argument you know I is like and I'll ask you guys this a year ago today if I had asked you who would you rather have Baker Mayfield or Daniel Jones how do you think you would have been I hear you I hear you I hear you and there are teams there are teams I think the Falcons are in this group the commanders the Raiders that look at it and say alright so like maybe like somebody like Daniel Jones is better than Baker Mayfield now and I think he is if you thirty million dollars per year better you know so I think that's the way some other teams are looking at the quarterback market which I think is what you're getting at Brockman which is like why don't I go in on you know somebody on the second tier of the quarterback market or the third tier quarterback which you know a Baker Mayfield a Jamis Winston you know an Andy Dalton where it's a lot cheaper and then I'm gonna have an extra 20 or 30 million dollars to play with that to me is you know a fair argument in the other direction but I think the Giants one of the big thing one of the big benefits of doing things the way they did it with both Saquon and Daniel Jones here and negotiating in good faith being willing to pay those guys is that you sort of I think protect the culture that you were able to build over your first year there yeah you win you pay you get paid that's it so Albert thanks again always love chopping it up with you great to see an indie thanks for the time here truly awesome thanks for I appreciate and I'll be right back in that hallway in 2020 I look forward yep that'll be when Brockman pens his apology letter thanks I appreciate it all right thanks guys that's our beer follow him must follow must read material from our prayer every single time he penned something and hit send two things I want to hit the Rogers stuff the commander's stuff 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Colin in San Diego just down the road from us what's up Colin hey rich Brockman TJ tell to follow what's going on there Colin what up rich I got a question for you so I got a couple buddies here who live in San Diego from the East Coast yeah for the big jet fans yep and I asked them this morning would you rather give up you know the two first find Lamar for five or six years or try and trade for Rogers and they're all on the Rogers train and I just I don't see it I don't see not trying to offend you here but I just don't see you guys that's immediately a Super Bowl contender that's the question obviously and that's the question I'm sure Rogers might be meeting woody and and everyone else there and and liking what he's hearing and and I'm sure he's I mean he's he's hearing how much he's wanted and I'm sure that's got to be intoxicating for him but you know at the end of the day when he's sitting there by himself thinking about it lights on lights off whatever you know he has to sit there and go really am I gonna go do it far did because he was one and done there and it was terrible and they had they had some pieces there at the time you know the pieces that were there forming were the ones that went to back-to-back championship games when Rex showed up and Sanchez so he's got to be sitting there and saying you know do I leave Green Bay do I go back to them and say I want I want to stay do I go back to them and saying thanks for the call do I go back to them and say you know I want to come back to you is that possible does he go out and say to his agent find me another spot I just like while I'm free to talk find another spot so I can at least compare and contrast what my options are or do I just want to say you know what it's been an incredible run and find something else to do travel the world play golf whatever his business interests might be he's got every dollar on his pocket to spend on that and then live generationally wealthy forever I mean that's what he's probably sitting there thinking right now you have to sit there and go I you know I like Salah right I would think who doesn't when you meet him I love to hack it you know he was the offensive coordinator in my two last MVP seasons I'm sure he's enjoying whatever treatment woody johnson red carpets rolling out he might have to sit there and go really I'm going to the Jets going to New York I'm gonna try that one on for size he's got to sit there and be thinking that let's go to Dave in Nashville Tennessee you're here on the rich eyes Joe what's up Dave hey rich oh man well you know when quarterbacks go to the Jets it's usually cure career killers cuz like he's gonna have to face Mahomes borough Allen Lawrence in Herbert I mean that's just suicide for for Aaron Rodgers they have to end his career I think but on the bigger picture Lamar oh man if I don't know how the Ravens could actually do this because if he can't run he's done you see what's happened what happens to the Ravens if he does he tears an ACL and he's gone for a year or two no all that money on the books and what do you do well you could say that about any quarterback too right yeah but he's what he's a bigger risk because he's a run first he's not a thrower if you look at all his games when they he's not a come-from-behind guy when they're down they keep well you could say that's also about the way that their offense is run in the weaponry and around him you know you could say that about him and with all due respect we need to see Hollywood Brown have that breakout season he was the one that they got for him to try and take the defense's top off and thanks for the call I mean and and and his MVP season he he looked like a thrower to me and his MVP season Jets have a really hard schedule next year rich at Dallas at Denver at Raiders obviously they play Bills Dolphins Patriots home for the Chiefs home for the Chargers home for the Eagles then that's part of the reason why they're probably thinking to themselves we can't go into the season with year three with Zach they've got to be sitting there thinking that and they're also thinking I don't blame Woody Johnson for saying you know what we got a we got to get somebody veteran and big time in here take a look at the last ten seasons for the New York Jets offensively the NFL Network Research Department put this together and I had our friends here at the at the Rich Eisen show put it together last ten seasons Jets offense is dead last in points per game total yards per game yards for play red zone touchdown percentage passer rating dead effin last Wow ten seasons enough's enough take a look at the last ten start seasons for starting quarterbacks ten of them ten seasons eight guys all of them under 500 all of them Donald 13 and 25 Gino look at this the comeback player of the year he's got 105 million dollars somewhere else 12 and 18 look at Fitz Fitz came the closest to being 500 13 and 14 Zach Wilson 22 starts 8 and 14 they've already had enough of him because of the previous eight years of awfulness on offense McCown Flacco Mike White there's on our our petty list there's Bryce who's the least of the petty list Trevor Simeon started one game didn't finish lost that one so guess what I don't blame Woody for sitting here saying we've got to do something big and the two choices to do something big right now Rogers and Lamar Rogers as you just heard from Breier doesn't cost you a one and it costs you money and there's no shame in Zach Wilson sitting behind Rogers for two years if Rogers wants to play for two more Brady showed you can be viable to 45 what does that give Roger six more seasons if he wants to so the idea would be we'll sign you two years or three or whatever and that third year may be one of those that you tack on there so it's salary cap friendly and Zach you sit there you learn check them out you check out how it's done you marinate and then in year four we'll try to figure out do we pick up your 50-year option sight unseen that's the sort of thing that the Packers have to figure out what Jordan love do they do it or not that's a problem down the road but at least you get Aaron Rodgers just still can't believe I'm saying those words for the Jets with that rock with that schedule coming up you're gonna stick Zach out there this Jimmy G give you the big swing that you're looking for and then there's Lamar with Lamar it's less money with Rogers it's fewer draft picks given up two ones man that's a ton of cash but Lamar in New York would be electric one Zach's toasted you're done with Zach but I would have to do my and Joe Douglas you heard Albert Breer says he knows people in Baltimore he'll find out what the hell happened at the end of the season and what's going on behind the scenes there in Baltimore that's my Spidey sense going crazy but Lamar in New York would be electric he would be up there with judge he would be up there with name anybody in the last ten years that's dominated headlines and has gotten people rising all rising putting their number on on the back of the jersey the Jets would sell 8s for days but that's an expensive proposition boys an expensive proposition the other one you're kind of half measuring you got to look Rogers in the face and see how serious he is about this sort of thing if he's even thinking for a split second maybe I should retire then you got to call the Ravens up and figure out what to do there but I think they've got the first order of business first let's go with a guy who is an first ballot Hall of Famer at the end of his career again it'll cost us less than a first-round draft choice multiple picks I'm sure but we hold on our first and it's just a couple years and then we see what we got in Zach so we don't waste completely that second overall pick from two years ago owner likes him so he's happy he fired up air woody I think that's the I think that's their their choice and they had to make it before the Ravens did what they would did with Lamar and they see this thing through but Lamar is a heck of a plan B I think that's the way I think that's the right way to play it that's a hell of a schedule mm-hmm by the way yours can't be too far far off for the Patriots they'll just the only thing that'll be different is the Patriots you know have a probably more difficult schedule because they finished above the Jets in the standings so yeah it's just as bad I mean it's it Steelers Saints bolts on that list also Eagles of course the same right it's same division same same everything except you play different teams and other divisions within your conference based on where you finished in your division and then and then that 17th game that we're no longer to refer to as such one day at Dallas at Denver look out Vegas best of luck eight four four two oh four rich number two doll Pete cows joining us I want to hit on that Washington commanders conversation about why not them for Lamar why not them I want to hit that next right here on the Rich Eisen show eight four four two oh four rich number two doll Pete Carroll's joining us and then a Clippers update it'll be great they're number one apparently or two yeah Rich Eisen here at US Cellular they know phones are great but they're not always so great for us sure they connect us to so much but they also distract us from well us the us that actually laughs out loud with each other instead of just texting it that knows being in the same room doesn't always mean being together so let's find us again by putting our phones down for five five days five hours even five minutes join us cellular in the phones down for five challenge find out more at us cellular comm slash find us eight four four two oh four rich number two doll here on the Rich Eisen show I had a question for you about Lamar Jackson put up the nine do you mind putting up one more time we've boiled it all down to these nine teams who truly need a quarterback they're out there that last one the W down there in a Washington commanders they got Sam Howell I they truly when you speak to him they like him on the air and off the air off the air they're like we gotta steal we can't believe he was around when we drafted him year before you would have been way higher than they got and you know Mac Brown came on this program prior to that draft and we did this kid no favors we did not have a good season he is much better than his draft grade and conversation being out about him they do love him but why not take if you're Washington the 16th overall pick this year and next year's first go to Lamar Jackson and say what's your price what is it we got it done and your Dan Snyder the number one thing I've been asked by Washington commanders fans when I've been out and about in Indianapolis when I was walking around and seeing people they would come up they've come up to me and other of like like a party in Los Angeles I was out of like a gathering in LA last week coming up to me and they're like please tell me Dan Snyder selling the team yeah they're all like is it possible can they sell and I'm like oh really hmm that's where it was it was a Zanz debate team prep night some dad and his son like comes up to me like all hopeful like please say he's gonna sell the team right and I'm like I I can't imagine like I I can't believe he's selling the team like is he really feeling pressure behind the scenes I know that they they put out that press release saying that they contacted Bank of America to sell the team and you guys love that press release because it said botha in the headline like your children Bo FA B of a it's like it's not no it's not just one bank it's not botha banks see you look at you giggling you're a child you're a man child I resemble that remark but I mean I'm sitting there like you know every Washington fan just wants him out so let's just say he is out and he doesn't really want to sell what better way to jack up this the price of his franchise than saying Lamar Jackson's here now see I know you need to add more on to the price of the way I think that he would think why would I be he probably thinks he's forced to sell the team why would I be forced to sell my team right and then leave Lamar Jackson to the next guy no no no I would I do that because you're you're signing him to a contract that the rest of the owners that forced you to sell don't want you to give out oh I see Joe banner said yesterday one deal in the on mines eye of agents and the Players Association one deals an outlier potentially twos a trend twos a president so give Lamar guarantee yes and then I'm out and I'm out and see ya and now I'm gonna sell my franchise for even more money cuz there's a star player I see that makes sense too and by the way Lamar V Hertz twice a year Lamar V Jones Lamar V dack count me in with the best QB and if they I mean the most dynamic clearly Daniel Jones is the most dynamic guy out there all you want that guy can run fast and he can be a problem not something I want to describe my quarterback stop it here's what's funny Lamar runs fastness would be as like a knock against the two-way threat quarterback divisions ever I think I'm over Dak ever who Daniel Jones sure you guys that's a different conversation stop stop don't throw me off my track here come on now ask what like Lamar with mclaurin Lamar with Samuel get out of here you have to sit here and think about that rich Lamar with the enemy done it huh Lamar with B enemy that's what we have to start this is what bothers this is what makes me worry her this makes a ton of sense because the enemy if he created those plays around my homes now you got it he has to have a guy who with a similar skill set right rich the kind of our buddy lock and four are tweeted out today anybody that's reporting that a team's out on Lamar unless they've spoken to the owner of the team pay it no mind because this is an owner decision yeah and that makes complete sense because it's the owner who's got to stroke the check and it's the owner that's got to then eventually tell whoever's running the team cap wise and GM wise like guess what if we're gonna do all those plans that you've got for the next three four five years of the way you've mapped out the cap blow it up because we're bringing Lamar in and it's me stroking the check and if he wants to boost the price of a franchise he doesn't want to sell and spit in the eye of all the owners that are forcing to sell I'm gonna guarantee every dollar see ya I'll be on my yacht Wow that would be that out there right there wouldn't huh that would be the high level Richard Richard the king petty and then it's Tom Petty what is our what's our petty Richard Tom and then Laurie which by the way I think is Bryce at the bottom of the quarterback list of the last ten years we got that can you pop that at one more time asking he's at the bottom of our petty level as well it's like a color code list of petties Richard that's the pettiest of the petty you want to be petty you're the king you're Richard petty that is Richard petty or in this case dick petty am I saying all the good stuff that's what you're saying on the screen in front of me and that was the first word my well I'm running the show with children okay Pete Carroll's coming up they hold the fifth overall pick in the draft and the 20th they got two what do they do with those picks huh and Anthony Richardson was starstruck to meet him that was so funny to me that's Pete Carroll whoa I saw you on TV well he's about to call into this program that's gonna be Pete Carroll I've seen one TV that's coming up our three do we have better do we have that clip Mike I don't know I don't think so I don't think so Oh phone lines are lit people want to go at you about your Daniel Jones take Rogers and Lamont hey everybody who's calling in and on hold stay on all Daniel Jones Hill I am right is that a by the way do I see a Rich Eisen show luminary ready to call in and like yeah okay yeah all right hang on Kenny we're gonna get to you we got Pete Carroll then we get the rest of our three what do you like about my commander's idea what do you think about that well you know I hate it because it would be makes perfect sense too much that's which is why it won't happen yeah I mean that's a good point and also the mid-atlantic where he's already got a fan base oh he's right there he's right there he might exactly Mike he might not have to change his crib yeah he might live in the same spot it'd be perfect for him you such East Coast people yeah well four of us like Baltimore's and in Washington DC it's like the same city it's 90 minutes far these guys it's different airports DC and there's probably the airport they say you're going to Baltimore you're like we're like yeah you're like now I gotta change my car my plan to get a train you're trying to fly into Baltimore now you're landing in Dulles you're like how far is it and you guys are like yeah Lamar is gonna stay in the same house both of these houses no one in the wrestling business has experienced the trials and tribulations along with redemptions and longevity quite like Jeff Jarrett come along for the ride on the my world with Jeff Jarrett podcast they didn't really brand belts in the heyday of boxing you know Muhammad Ali sugary Leonard I mean they had them but along comes for sports entertainment professional wrestling and now it is truly a part of pop culture they've just branded what it looks like to be a champion my world with Jeff Jarrett wherever you listen
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