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REShow: Peter King - Hour 3 (3-7-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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March 7, 2023 3:12 pm

REShow: Peter King - Hour 3 (3-7-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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March 7, 2023 3:12 pm

NBC Sports NFL Insider Peter King tells Rich the chances the Raiders make a play for Packers QB Aaron Rodgers instead of the New York Jets, how much the Bears could get in a trade haul for the #1 pick in the NFL Draft, if Lamar Jackson could be playing for the Atlanta Falcons next season, what’s in store for Joe Burrow and Justin Herbert’s next contracts, and where free agent QB Jimmy Garoppolo could land.

Jets fan Rich reacts to reports that the team’s owner, coach and GM are on a private jet to California to meet with Aaron Rodgers and finally warms up to the idea of having the 4-time NFL MVP in New York.

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You in? Our number three of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. The Rich Eisen Show where you get your hot rumors from the Combine and Tom Brady retorting through Twitter about kittens. What the hell's going on in our world? Yeah, we're just having fun.

We are. 844-204 Rich number to dial here on this third hour program. Just said goodbye to Joe Banner in studio.

That was great. I just love listening to him just give you the straight facts about how negotiations happen and what's going on between player and front office management and things of that nature and you talked about Lamar and Rogers and the Jets talking and he talked about what the Bears are gonna do with the first overall pick, what he would do with the first overall pick, and if you missed that or our number one with Daniel Jeremiah, my buddy from the NFL Media Group reviewing what happened at the Combine and what he thinks is going to come from the Combine, stay tuned. We re-air right away right here on the Roku channel, channel 210, and we re-air until we're on the air the very next day.

There's our podcast as well Cumulus Podcast Network so you can get our three hours of our show and we chop up a good portion of it and put our YouTube page slash Rich Ozzie show. Ran into this man at the Combine as well. He is a fixture there as well as at all big-time events for the National Football League.

That's part of the reason why he's in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in that wing. He is from NBC Sports and the Football Morning in America scribe Peter King back here on the show. How you doing PK? Rich, good to be on with you, good to see you in Indianapolis.

Thank you, right back at you. What is going on between the Jets and Rogers? It seems like if the genie is now out of the Green Bay bottle that this is gonna happen to me. What do you think, Peter?

Well, I don't know. Someone at the Combine said to me, a very good friend of one of the three decision-makers in the Jets organization, his very good friend has not returned his call in two months and he knows why because they are hunkered down and they're not going to talk about what they're doing until they do it. My feeling, as is your feeling Rich, is that obviously they want Aaron Rogers.

A number of things could be happening right now. A, they could be convincing Rogers that it's really probably the only place he can go. He's not getting, well I shouldn't say he's not, but he's almost, he's very unlikely to go to Vegas. I have not heard and I talked to all of the usual suspects in Indianapolis. I found nobody else who's really chasing after Aaron Rogers because people don't want a short-term solution. Now, you know, Carolina doesn't want a short-term solution. Indianapolis has had nothing but short-term solutions, so they don't want that.

So the Jets really, plus the Jets have a top-five defense in football. It really is a very good place for Rogers to go, but again, does he want to play? Does he want to play for the Jets?

Does he want to play somewhere else? I'm of the opinion, Rich, that Jordan Rogers and Aaron Rogers, one of them is not going to be on the Green Bay Packers this year. And I think the Packers would prefer that it be Rogers who goes, just like it was 15 years ago this week, quite literally, that Brett Favre left the Green Bay Packers and Aaron Rogers was anointed as a starter.

But again, I wish I had great inside information to tell you, I just simply don't. I hear you and I appreciate you saying that, but you read the room and for Rogers to be given permission to talk to the Jets speaks volumes as far as I'm concerned. And one thing I want to pick up that you dropped is, why not the Raiders? I know Raiders fans sit there and think, hey Rogers coming out here and throwing it at Avante Adams, let's run that back and figure out how to make sure Josh Jacobs, who's franchise tagged, and Darren Waller and everyone else that they have under contracting and stay there and run that back because you look at the division and it's Mahomes sitting to stride it and Herbert and Russell Wilson now, one would think, gonna be vastly improved with Sean Payton. That's a deep, deep end of the pool that they need to, one would think, splash in with Aaron Rogers.

Why not? Why not the Raiders? You know, you're right about that Rich, but I think there's two things. Number one, there are a lot of people around the league who think that Mark Davis simply does not want or can't basically get into the business of throwing an extra 60 million dollars at Aaron Rodgers. However, they would do that contract this year. Now, the Raiders do have, per over the cap, about 31 million in what's called effective cap from which is the more realistic number that they can spend and, you know, so they probably have the money to finagle and to do things, but the problem with the Raiders is the Raiders have a lot of holes and the Raiders, I don't believe, want to buy a one or two year band-aid, even if it meant that it would be great for them this year. I think the Raiders want to get a quarterback if they want to get a quarterback who is somewhere between financially manageable, like theoretically Jimmy Garoppolo would be in the, I'm guessing based on the last two days, because of the last two quarterbacks who have signed somewhere in the 30 to 35 million dollar range I would think Garoppolo would be, and it's somewhere between that and drafting a young quarterback and developing him.

I mean, think about it Rich. The reason why Josh McDaniels was hired in the first place is that he's very good at developing quarterbacks. Now he wasn't this year, maybe there will be a book written one day about the Derek Carr experience with Josh McDaniels. I don't know, all I know is that it's really damn weird for him not only to lose his job but also to walk out of the last two weeks of the season. That was just a weird, weird thing. So something happened there, but I think that Josh McDaniels wants an answer.

He doesn't want a band-aid. Peter King here on the Rich Eisen show. What's going on do you think with the Bears in that first overall pick coming out of the combine, Peter? Well, I met with Ryan Polls and wrote the lead to my column on him yesterday and basically he told me that as of right now he's already got an offer that not only includes swapping first-round picks this year, so in other words going down to the round, but also you know would give the Chicago Bears first-round picks in 24 and 25. For that to happen seven weeks before the draft and for that to be the floor right now of what he'll take I think is interesting and I think it says that the Bears are gonna get more than that for this pick depending on how far they're willing to go down. But Rich, you know a lot of people in the last couple days since I've written that it both you know a couple of people in the league why would you say that now why would you do it? Well, I kind of think that he wants everybody to know if you're gonna come and talk to me here's where I am right now. I won't tell you how far down I have to go to get an extra one in 24 and 25 but that's on the table right now and for people who think oh that's crazy you can't get that well you probably can't get it from Indianapolis at number four but I think you certainly once you start talking about Carolina at nine with a desperado owner and David Tepper just remember Rich two years ago San Francisco moved from 12 to 3 and basically in addition to the first round pick number 12 gave up two ones and a three for moving for moving up nine spots so Carolina moving up eight spots and getting the first pick in the draft I would think that would have to be really the absolute floor but and again you know we'll see what happens but I I do think he's gonna have some significant interest for that pick. Well I think you're properly identifying Carolina using using the information you got from Ryan Polls because Daniel Jeremiah had the old chart system out in the booth during our combine coverage and said if the Bears make a trade with Carolina the trade would be the first overall pick and a fourth rounder this year for the ninth overall pick two ones and a two in addition and so I think you've identified properly Carolina there and you know. Also did you notice Rich did you notice that in my conversation with Ryan Polls he made it clear that someone farther down also has contacted them so somebody farther down is is really gonna have to not only are you gonna have to do the three ones this year's one and then two more but I think then you either have to get a pick and a decent player or I mean like for instance what would happen what would happen if Washington where are they 19 Oh what would happen if Washington wants this pick now that would have to be an absolute ransom obviously yeah and and polls told me categorically that they want one of their blue players and I believe there are they're not done stacking their board but there are between six and eight blue players in this draft you know there's the two pass rushers led by Willie Anderson and and they're gonna they're gonna really want to get one of those or they're gonna have to really have a ransom paid so I think it's gonna be really interesting to follow my guess is that they'll take this out for a while but he did tell me somebody wants it now you know you're gonna have to pay a premium so probably significantly more than it's worth yeah and Washington sitting there at 16 so you know Tampa Tampa sitting at 19 you know yeah I don't know it just really depends on I don't know Washington said they liked Sam Howell I kind of believe that you know they kind of dig that you know every team is gonna say you know Atlanta says it like Desmond Ritter and you know well I I think honestly that Atlanta does like Desmond Ritter unless Lamar does like Sam Howell unless Lamar unless Lamar pops free yeah you know I'm serious like I don't I I'm curious now about Lamar because I just and I'm not saying he won't get an offer if they franchise them but I don't think there's gonna be a lot of teams in the Lamar Derby I just don't why well I think there are two reasons number one you not only are gonna have to pay him the equivalent of let's just say 47 48 million fully guaranteed or close to fully guaranteed but then you got to pay two ones to the Ravens so you're bankrupting yourself cap wise and you're taking away two huge pieces to build with and I'm not saying nobody's going through I just don't think a lot of teams would want to do that right now and maybe one or two will we'll see but we're talking about a guy who you know has started and finished one game in December and January in the last two years it hurts 34% of the snaps over the last two seasons so he's a guy who runs a lot can you say confidently he's gonna play the next 80 starts in a row I can't I don't know how anybody could that isn't to say you shouldn't go get him or in the Ravens really want to keep him this is not phony to build up the market they want Lamar to be their quarterback period now I propose something in my column on Monday that I think really is the only way to do it and that is a short term like two-year fully guaranteed contract and then Lamar Jackson at say 90 or 94 million something like that total and then Lamar at age 28 two years from now would again be free and maybe get closer to the market if he can stay healthy the whole time get closer to the market that he really thinks he deserves and then in terms of you know the rest of the quarterback market that's gonna be playing out right now Peter King I you know I heard a ton of stuff at the combine as I mentioned on this program in the last 48 hours but I didn't hear anything about Burroughs contract or Herbert's contract I mean that's that's definitely in the conversation that you want to know why rich because nobody thinks that their teams aren't gonna figure out some way to sign them right you know it but what if they want that what if they want the fully guaranteed what if they want the fully again what if what if they are the ones you know who will seek out the Watson fully guaranteed contract what if they're the same they might but but you know I also think I also think that both Burrow and Herbert even though they aren't going to have agents that are going to be easy and again I always look back at what Tom Brady did 19 years ago when he did his second contract in New England and basically told the Patriots told Scott Pioli at the time running the cap and doing the signings that hey listen I don't have to necessarily be at the top of the market as long as you can assure me that we'll we'll spend it a cap is a team and I kind of think if I'm Burrow and if I'm Justin Herbert I of course I want to make a jillion dollars everybody does but I also want to make sure that there's going to be enough around me to be able to build a team that's going to be able to compete with Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen over the next six or seven years before I let you go Peter give me the name of a team that's in the quarterback market that we'd be surprised about what you hear about at the combine anybody that's interested in one of these kids that we saw spending no I mean I I asked a bunch of teams I mean Mike McDaniel loves to a capital L capital OVES love to uh I don't even know if you heard if you hear anything I'm not much and checking out the rumor mill but they're not going to be in the market for one I don't know what Tampa Bay is gonna do other than try to get your cap right I think Atlanta likely but not certainly sticking with Ritter Carolina absolutely is in the market as we all know I don't think there is an upset special out there at least as of right now I think the 49ers are a little encouraged now that Brock Purdy is going to have his surgery this week and so there's a good chance it's not certain but there's a good chance that he'd be ready for opening day I don't think they're gonna go out there and spend a lot on a quarterback I think the most interesting thing right now is where is Jimmy Garoppolo gonna play next year okay and my gut feeling is I think I think Vegas is definitely gonna be interested I think if Baltimore loses Lamar Jackson Baltimore will be interested I think the Jimmy Garoppolo market is really going to be fun and quasi fascinating to watch because even though he's not the healthiest guy on the planet he can he does win games he's an excellent leader so I think he's going to be the story to follow here in the next few weeks well I mean he could be a Jets quarterback candidate if Rogers and the Jets don't come the terms we're almost have to overpay Garoppolo I think if they don't get Aaron Rodgers but you know you would think you know what it you know what this reminds me of a little bit rich go for it I remember 15 years ago when Mike hand bomb was running the Jets I remember because this was very early in training camp I had just left on my training camp to her tannenbaum knew that I knew Brett Favre and he called me and he said would you would you see if there's any way he would he would consider us you know basically and I don't know I acted a little bit as a middleman not a big one but but just passed along some information and and this reminds me of that of Mike tannenbaum going to Hattiesburg Mississippi to sell Brett Favre on the Jets that right now Joe Douglas Robert Sala whoever maybe Woody Johnson whoever trying to sell you know Aaron Rodgers on the Jets the one difference rich the Jets I don't think in 2008 had a top-five defense the Jets today have a top-five defense they've got the offensive rookie of the year and they got the running back who probably would have been yep the offensive rookie of the year if he didn't get hurt in briefs all they they have a team that I mean they beat the bills with Zach Wilson and so I I don't know I think the Jets are a fascinating team right now well I mean I don't know how much they have to sell themselves to Rogers because I mean yeah you got Nathaniel Hackett coordinating the offense they and and in terms of the defense Rogers knows all about that defense because Quinnen Williams was in his lap you know yeah you know and and and and sauce gardener was wearing the cheese head in Lambeau Field I mean that that happened last year so I don't know you have to admit come on well you gotta admit that you were like refreshing Twitter every three minutes and you just want this so bad you can take well I mean yes in terms of Rogers I just don't know if Rogers in New York if I don't know I mean the questions that that he engenders about what comes out of his mouth that doesn't get asked of him in front of his locker in Wisconsin I think would be asked all the time in New York and I you know I hope he's ready for that I would just make this point you're right you're right there but you know Aaron Rogers basically I think now caters not caters but Aaron Rogers is a national figure no doubt I don't think it matters if he plays for the the Green Bay Packers or the Walla Walla walruses he is going to be a national figure oh yeah so if he plays in New York he's on the back page of the post I mean I'm not saying he doesn't care I think he cares about a lot of that stuff but this has been his life in the last few years where everything he says is is is huge news so I I've heard this oh boy the New York media and and I'm not discounting that totally but I am saying that I think media has changed in recent years so with a guy like Aaron Rodgers it's much more about you know the whole national scene and and not oh boy he's getting some some really nice questions from the Green Bay Press Gazette hey I am refreshing just to see what's happening because Rogers you know and his abilities put him in New York with this team suddenly the Jets well you know I don't remember the last time the Jets were on national television all six seven times it could be and they will be this year I mean no no no doubt and hey this this is the guy that can actually win him a championship with the team that they currently have one would think I would want him rich I would want to hear this for Baron Rogers if I'm Joe Douglas and Robert Salla yeah I would commit to you for the next two years that's what I that's what I'd want to hear I would not want to go into this thinking there's a 50-50 chance it's one and done Peter thanks for the time greatly appreciate it you the man great to see you hey all the best right back at you that's the great Peter King there's news breaking on that front let's take a break and get to that this is happening isn't it it's happening it's trending all right let's take a break right here on the Rich Eisen show the latest on what's going on with the Rogers and the Jets Wow rich eyes in here at u.s. cellular they know phones are great but they're not always so great for us sure they connect us to so much but they also distract us from well us the us that actually laughs out loud with each other instead of just texting it that knows being in the same room doesn't always mean being together so let's find us again by putting our phones down for five five days five hours even five minutes 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there's a rare risk of unintentional injection into a blood vessel which can cause vision abnormalities blindness stroke temporary scabs or scarring for full important safety information visit Juvederm calm back here on the Rich Eisen show sitting at the Rich Eisen show desk furnished by Granger with supplies and solutions for every industry Granger is the right product for you call click Ranger calm or just stop by it's happening isn't it it's happening it's all happening everything that needs to happen for Rogers to become a New York jet is happening you need to actually reach whatever decision you needed to make about wanting to continue to play he needed to reach that decision he needed to communicate something to the Green Bay Packers that made them say okay you can talk to him you need the Packers to reach to a conclusion to be fine with Rogers wanting to talk to somebody else or at least them allowing that to happen you needed that to happen then you needed Rogers to actually start talking to the Jets they're all these things are all happening and now and but I thought they were supposed to be talking in New York now they're now they're flying out to go see him like say he wasn't in New York according to Rob Damofsky and Dan Graziano and Diana Rossini of the SPN the Jets have flown on Woody's private plane to California to meet with Aaron Rogers in person they land soon very good Green Bay's obviously given New York permission to speak with so Rogers wasn't in New York at all he was not okay so they might have been talking on the phone and now they're flying out to the coast left coming out to the coast sign a few contracts win some football game they're not they're not flying out there without knowledge that they'll be greeted with you know an open arm or an extended hand yeah they're not flying all the way out there just to air John just to twist his arm you know you got papers in your hand they gotta make a deal with Green Bay all right I'm beginning to get into this idea like Penny Lane and almost how it it's gonna happen with his handling of what the New York media what the New York media meet me might dial up for him and everything else that's outside of the realm of football and my concerns about everything at some point that's why fan you know you can't spell fanatic without fan you know that's why you know everyone gonna show up to his welcome press conference you know what yeah the Jets won't unveil him during the owners meeting right like the Jets did with Tebow nobody was ever Melissa red carpet oh yeah this will be a red carpet rollout him standing there and it'll be lights camera action in a way that I you know I know he's got to be ready for and and hopefully he attacks this with an open mind that this is a great way to finish up his career in New York City where the city never sleeps where he can be a king of the hill name number one and if he'd be it you know the name it said he could have his number which is kind of nuts he can actually keep his number take it off and become the other number 12 to actually win the Super Bowl jet fans will not care a single thing that he says and that's why he's got to go win it so now I'm kind of like flipped me like I'm like I don't know if this is gonna work out like me rich but if he wants it if he's really get the whole idea of all-in I'd love to see him back shoulder his way to Garrett Wilson I'll take it I'll take it quite the 180 it's not like I didn't want it I just didn't no no don't say that like that no no no it's not that he didn't want it I also just said I wanted I wanted you know the young kid I want to go with a young kid they're sitting there at 13 if they're not gonna go draft somebody else and he's gonna give him two years that but at that point in time Zach will be you know you should know for sure what you have exactly at that point in time if for two years he doesn't get it then it takes the pressure off as you know Joe banners said earlier there's no shame like you're not sitting there hanging your head in shame that it didn't work out here that you're bringing in Aaron Rodgers you should be happy I just again I just I got to stop thinking negatively all the negative thoughts need to be gone except here's the negative thought now now now you get to this point where how does this not get done now you're going the other way yeah well it's gonna happen well I mean cuz now I mean everybody's uh you know lifted the kimono here you know yeah it's going down it's how does it not happen air Johnson landing soon this is gonna happen in California this is gonna happen it's all happening who's on the plane Joe Sala who else Joe will all come I'm sure what I'm sure what he's on the plane Joe Willie's on the plan Chris Joe is he wearing a fur coat on the plane you gotta bring Joe Willie up like today in a fur coat yeah Oh name it is there gifts him number 12 yes the greatest day of your life it's not the greatest day of my life that's until it was born a Super Bowl oh you'll be happier than the day your kids let me tell you something let me tell you something I already told you I don't know how it's gonna feel going to cover a Super Bowl and if I ever see the word Jets in the end zone I won't I won't it will not compute it will not compute and it's not just like just at Rogers and and they're gonna win it this year they have to compete they've got to you know they've got to get going they've got to get everyone on the same page I got to see I got to see a Rogers camp or I got to see Rogers in camp I gotta see all of it but I mean I can't believe I can't believe Rogers is gonna pull a complete far leaving Green Bay and then going to the going to the Jets that's what I said earlier I just can't believe that the Jets are in a situation where they're open to the idea because the kid that they drafted two years ago needs more seasoning whatever I'm I'm beginning to just I got to put that aside I got to put it all aside saying Jets are 25 to 1 to win the Super Bowl right now this is the best they're gonna get so if you're in you're in now because tomorrow oh Thursday Friday when he signs they're gonna be like 10 to 1 such that's your world you should get on it we Rockland let's do that right now get out of here you wouldn't care well wouldn't this what you wouldn't care what would you care that would be like the Eagles win in the Super Bowl for me that's not true tell me your identity you hate teams worse than the Jets Belicheck would have a problem with it seriously 12 I can't believe if Aaron Rogers is gonna act all right I can't I can't begin to wrap my arms around Aaron Rogers being the quarterback of my team I can't buy your kids Rogers 12 Jersey they don't they don't know the Susie's got yeah I did not as my children were born in 2008 to all that of course I'm excited but share the excitement down they don't care down excitement their Patriots fans in the household because I couldn't as Brady was winning championships I put you did the right thing I put down my pre-emptory on the Yankees you were Spike Lee in this case there was only one juror I could kick out of the room and it was the Red Sox you could take one juror off the battle yeah so I can't as I'm now it just beginning to just it's dawning yeah it's dawning oh yeah but in concept when it was like they were on car and and Rogers isn't you were in here no no because Rogers was sitting in a dark cave and I had no idea what he was gonna do or say and I didn't and I thought to myself you know him in New York it may be a bad mix it may be a bad brew and now if he's into the idea and this is actually happening I'm gonna get all in and I'm beginning to buy it I'm beginning to get into it because I can't I wouldn't be able to believe Rogers is gonna be the quarterback of the Jets I just can't you that you send Rogers into Western New York to take on that Bill's team Rogers going into New England oh and and avenging avenging with sauce all right everyone else I put up a poll earlier in the day I'm beginning I'm beginning it's dawning it's dawning it's beginning to seep in that's now that it's real this is real at Rich Eisen show vote right now or call us you know we got 20 minutes left if Rogers goes to the Jets what do they do in 2023 win the AFC East win a playoff game or two make the Super Bowl Oh God or miss the playoffs average average I know okay great it's a playoff team son did they stop it could they stop in Indianapolis and pick up McAfee bring him back no and tell me on the plane yeah hire him as a special teams coordinator Rogers was not on Pat show today he's got stuff going on yeah gotta pick out a suit and pick out a pen he's got different shade of green to that Green Bay green who else can get who else can we get who else can we get Giannis can we pick up Giannis is all anybody wearing green just see just show how good you can look in green because at this point in time now you can't now you can't come away empty-handed the Notre Dame mascot you can't come away empty-handed now you can't you can't do this and come away empty-handed no you can't fly all the way from New York to wherever Rogers giants are giants are wondering come on all of a sudden like if you're gonna pay a quarterback more 40 million or more in New York City you're gonna you're gonna pay it to Rogers not Daniel Jones less than 90 minutes to tag tag deadline your tag deadline can you know but there's no word on Daniel Jones right now screw the tag deadline I don't care about the tag deadline this is about me right now and what's happening within my own skull just put it Hoskins pop it here's what sauce just said minutes ago hi Aaron Rodgers I promise you become a Jedi won't pick you off in practice and I'll burn the cheese said well done love this guy my guy sauce it's more like oh I got to hang with him it's like a air Rogers Chris big hat no that's big cap it's not great see you thought I was messing with you all this time and you try to get on me about Mike White and dad like sauce wants it we're in now more importantly I'm rich I'm in I'm weighing your receivers won it I'm more importantly Gary Wilson tweet let me check yeah but I'm sure he's in favor I wouldn't know does he fly back with him no no they're gonna have a good time where you go to his favorite restaurant what do you pick up to check what he's probably on the plane how is what do you know on the plane it's his plane that'd be great let's go can we get Joe Rogan on the plane who else does he love that podcast how that he was just on his show is Mallory on the place whoa oh come on now rumors I don't who else what can we get the guy from the darkness retreat maybe it ran I don't think he wants that guy that guy babbled about yeah he just left I can confirm that talks a lot breeze Hall just posted a smiley face emoji did he really except it's like not yellow the traditional yellow it looks like it's green don't mind me just manifesting at Aaron Rodgers 12 who said this resolve manifesting all right the kids are in kids are all right to me they want him kid stays in the picture Mike okay I love it Robert Evans can this actually happen this is gonna happen this is going to happen it's all happening it's happening let's see what Garrett Wilson this thing you know in a like a week he hasn't really didn't like a week yeah all right take a break I'm gonna collect myself let's see if a cat back didn't he tweeted I'm gonna collect myself hmm Aaron Rodgers and if reinvigorated Aaron Rodgers all in into his guys they're into him first blush total honeymoon here we go we talk and play all up so and then when he gets asked you know the questions he doesn't want to get asked Super Bowl maybe he'll just laugh it off and we won't have a problem this is gonna be great good for business it's gonna be great for business very grateful all those questions all those things you were worried about they're gonna come to fruition and now we're gonna see how he handles it and then we got to get that guy with the kitten out get him back Mikey you might you might as well get a subscription to Josh Allen Aaron Rogers Tom Brady Matt Jones where's yours hey rich this is Joe baby we FaceTime name it right now what do we FaceTime name it what do you mean what do I mean Elijah Morris got to be happy not face timing name isn't name it in the break can I time you Elijah Moore was ready to quit football was in his own darkness cave right now he's like I'm gonna be a pace down there next year not FaceTiming name is get out of here well give it to me and now FaceTime it I will take a break more reacting is conditions warrant just manifesting youth football is all about style and fun and the NFL celebrates that through play football an initiative aimed at creating positive experiences for players coaches and parents with the goal of preserving and promoting the values of the game on the football field 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could be live I know you're in all right we're gonna find out in an hour and ten minutes yep franchise tags who does what and then Rogers and Woody and Sala and Joe Douglas and they're all gonna have a nice dinner tonight let's all go to dinner where do you think they're going I don't know it depends if it's here in town I might just troll around town on a car just looking that weird if I found out we're in LA where am I why don't you just text Woody Johnson and ask I'm gonna text me I'm leaving I'm leaving people alone what are you we're really missing out on a chance to FaceTime name it all right leaving them alone but you're gonna go stock where they're gonna have me see if Sala they must have Wi-Fi up there here you're on a plane going somewhere important hey Rob come in LA long time no talk you come in LA you want to stop by the show talk about now and you go come in studio we'll make room for you need somewhere important in California yeah there you go there you go all right this is great on the air now need any reservation tips and help right yeah yeah need a place to eat tonight need a good need a good rec happy to give a recommendation the address to Craig's fantastic no boo no cat for some reason I have a need for speed no Ottoman I have hold on I have a need for some reason I have I have a need to help this work for you no you have 12 reasons now no I don't need to be so obvious say flight they fight allegedly Godspeed reportedly the ghost if you are on the plane yeah there you go sent see what happens oh rich new phone who dis that was gonna come I think he's gonna write back either the crying face like haha or just like do the double tap haha we'll find out hopefully we find out in the next nine minutes I'll hold my hand on it see if it buzzes I've lost my head I've done I mean nothing this is happening I'm happy for you bro are you what yeah because you you thought I was like mocking you and looking down no I just knew this was best for business for you here he comes you know I look for the dots Oh dots it's no dots we should all just text we're gonna go through it did it get delivered um let's see yes delivered Diana's report here you're on a plane said we're going somewhere important California on the air now need any reservation tips and help happy to give a recommendation for some reason I have a need to help this work for you say flight staring it for the next eight minutes block caller block caller in the meantime while we're waiting Cleveland Cavaliers had an overtime victory last night no surprise over the Boston Celtics and Jason Tatum didn't play who had a lead then didn't protect it went to overtime and lost it were you watching the Walton cast version of it on then no we went to cocaine bear last night oh so I was in the car Wow the final minutes and overtime and then a friend of mine okay and also a fellow Boston fan he was texting me if we blow this game I'm gonna blank any blank blank blank blank got it got it yeah and so you wanted a mall Grant Williams did when did you see him mouthing the words I'm gonna make both to Donovan Mitchell and then missed both well I saw again that's now they shafted a fool as I've tweeted that out I was watching on gamecast so then I saw the 0.9 seconds left Grant Williams shooting foul and I was like oh cool we're gonna win this game and then all of a sudden the game cast updated and it went overtime and I was just like wait what happened miss both and he said he's gonna make both and then he missed both cut I want him released he's in the walk here anyway just cut your losses now cut him really I don't care how many corn threes you made I don't care how many extra rebounds you grab you're out we we gotta let management needs to let the underlings know we're not messing around we need to refocus when you get the juice and the mojo back for the playoffs I'm biting and cutting Grant Williams yeah that sends a message yeah that's also no sitting out anymore back-to-backs hey Jay I don't care how banged up your knee is gotta get out there that's gonna boost worker morale gotta get out there cutting favorite players and forcing guys to four to an inferior Cavs team yeah they lost the season series to the Cavs and now the Knicks maybe they were inferior maybe they now the carrier so do I know my guy do I know my guy oh yeah when the Instagram came out on the Sports Center Instagram page of him saying I'm gonna make both and missing both yes I direct message that to you yes and said Brockman will be so hot tomorrow and you responded with two laughing crying emojis and what is going on he can confirm heated that's three games in a row you lose to Brooklyn a Knicks team without Brunson at home and then now the Cavs what are we doing I'm panicked about this team meanwhile the Sixers just keep rolling and beat it like 40 million points last night harden I'll give you 38 one night I'll give you 20 dimes the next what you need Brockman's hot and you called it and Rogers is gonna get picked up by a woody no one in the wrestling business has experienced the trials and tribulations along with redemptions and longevity quite like Jeff Jarrett come along for the ride on the my world with Jeff Jarrett podcast they didn't really brand belts in the heyday of boxing you know Muhammad Ali sugary Leonard I mean they had them but along comes sports entertainment professional wrestling and now it is truly a part of pop culture they've just branded what it looks like to be a champion my world with Jeff Jarrett wherever you listen
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