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REShow: Daniel Jeremiah/Matt Eberflus - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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February 28, 2023 3:08 pm

REShow: Daniel Jeremiah/Matt Eberflus - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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February 28, 2023 3:08 pm

Rich comments on the start of the NFL Combine and weighs in on all the chatter surrounding the Chicago Bears and what they will do with the #1 overall pick in the upcoming NFL Draft. 

NFL Network analyst Daniel Jeremiah tells Rich why the Chicago Bears will and should trade the #1 pick in the NFL Draft and stick with Justin Fields, which team (Indianapolis Colts?) is most likely to move up to the top of the draft, if you can pencil in Ohio State QB C.J. Stroud to the Houston Texans with the #2 pick, which defensive players are likely to be selected at the top of the draft, and names his top sleeper picks that could be difference makers next season. 

Bears Head Coach Matt Eberflus tells Rich what Chicago’s NFL Draft mindset is heading into the NFL Combine and that it’s “all options open” including the possibility of trading incumbent starting QB Justin Fields.

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Five, four, three, two, one. With the first pick. This is the Rich Eisen Show. Who is the number one guy in this draft?

Doesn't matter position. Atop your board, Todd. Bryce Young. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. He's a smaller version of Patrick Mahomes. Today's guests. NFL network analyst, Daniel Jeremiah. Bears head coach, Matt Eberfluse. Emmy nominated actress, Ray Sehorn. Actor Matt Barr. And now, it's Rich Eisen. That's right. Welcome to this edition of the Rich Eisen Show.

The only show on planet earth that has Matt Eberfluse and Kim Wexler on the same program. That's how we roll. That's how we roll. Better call the Bears head coach. We're going to do that as he's at the scouting combine and the NFL scouting combine is up and running this week in Indianapolis. And as soon as this three hour edition of the Rich Eisen Show that's live on the Roku channel.

This Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio affiliate Sirius XM Odyssey and our podcast. As soon as it's over, I'm heading to Los Angeles International Airport. Heading to Indianapolis, Indiana to host the coverage.

Yes, straight tables in the upright position for the NFL network for the NFL scouting combine in 2023. And it's going to be a great show today. My guy, Daniel Jeremiah, who I will be spending an insane amount of time with.

I said goodbye to Suze this morning. She'll be in this chair tomorrow. Bobby Bones will be in this chair Thursday and Friday. I said goodbye to Suze this morning and I will say hello to Daniel Jeremiah and spend way more time with him than my own wife this week.

We'll be on the air an insane amount of time inside Lucas Oil Stadium starting Thursday and then Friday and then Saturday and then Sunday. And he'll be joining me in 18 minutes time because I can't get enough of him. And he will be helping set the table for all of this. And as soon as I say goodbye to him, we're going to hit a commercial break because we have to hit a time right on the head for Matt Eberfluse, the head coach of the Chicago Bears.

Awesome. And my job will be to get something out of him about the first overall pick. And if there's enough time and if he's playful enough, have him scream his own name.

See if it makes him feel better. Our number two, the first of two in studio guests on this program. Well, ladies first, Emmy Award nominated ladies first. One of the best actresses on the market today for anybody who needs somebody in their film or television show. And the film Linoleum is in select theaters near you, starring the lady who brought Kim Wexler to life.

A better call. Salt race. Seahorn will be here in studio.

Can't wait to chat with her. And then Matt Barr, the Super Bowl winning kicker of the New York Giants. Hold on a minute.

I'm being told it's Matt Barr of Walker Independence on CW. Put away my single bar. Another handsome man that's going to give me a very difficult two shot. Now we're number three. Hey, TJ, he's a diehard cowboy fan, so you can have a little company. I like him already. There you go. So that's how we're rolling today.

844204 Rich number two. Now, how are you, Chris? Good to see you, Chris Brockman. I'm great.

OK, take it. Jason Feller in for DJ Mikey D is in D's nuts. How are you, Jay? I'm awesome. And then TJ, we already said hello.

The candle's lit. Question, Rich, like on the P.J. when you fly out today, do you ever get your milk picked out? Is it steak in a nice bottle of red? No, I will say hello to Matt Barr's home state of Texas as I fly through it later today. No directs to Indy, right? Used to be.

Not anymore. So we're here in Los Angeles where LeBron James has got a significant foot injury. So I started the show yesterday saying don't let the Lakers in the playoffs. And he said he heard it pop.

Right. And then he finished the game. So we were I just kind of did that. I just went through it. I just did the oh, LeBron's doing that exaggeration thing again. No, no, I think he really heard a pop. He's going to be out multiple weeks. Multiple weeks. So the Lakers make all these moves to surround him with a possible playoff run worthy team.

And the king has got a set. Oh, my gosh. It was fun while it lasted. O'Shea's great weekend was fun while it lasted. Hey, so wouldn't it be interesting if the roster reconstituted roster keeps the ship afloat and moving full speed ahead so LeBron can come back in time. And, you know, now it'll be great if the Lakers do finish six so they don't have to play something in and he gets an actual couple more days. It's going to be on Anthony Davis now and the rest of that team to try and make the playoffs. As several weeks, LeBron James will be out. As Kevin Durant returns to action tomorrow night. And Kendrick Perkins says Nikola Jokic is padding his stat sheet with wins, by the way.

Was he listening to T.J. yesterday? I guess so. That was your big take. You and Perk on the same page.

Two big brothers with nice beards. We think a lot. So that's what's going on in the world of the association. Let's move now to the news of the scouting combine.

A lot of chatter. I mean, I can't wait to get there and I get to hear what the assistant trainer told the cousin of the assistant trainer, told the agent of the assistant agent. And then that comes down to me and then I hear that like, get out of here.

No kidding. And then I tell that to somebody else because that's what you do. You tell three friends and they tell three.

And so on and so on and so on. So there's that part of the combine. And then there's the part of the combine where everybody speaks in front of a microphone.

Not everybody. So decision makers, many of them speak in front of a microphone, they're available at a podium. Very nice podium that's set up.

Very well lit. Or they they say no to the podium and they'll talk just straight up with local reporters. Brian Gudekunst did that today.

Gudekunst. Talked about it for the Green Bay Packers. But we're going to place that one aside for the moment. And we're going to talk about Chicago Bears because they're first on the clock and we've been talking a lot about them.

And I know what we've been saying here. I've been setting the table for you, the Rich Eisen Show listener and viewer. So you're smarter. You have to walk around and say, guess what I heard on the Rich Eisen Show? And they'll say, boy, are you smart? We make you smarter. I've been around this block of the National Football League and the talent evaluation portion calendar.

Yeah. I'm bragging about something few people get to brag about. Because it's not really worth it. But I'm sitting here in this chair and I'm telling you in advance the Chicago Bears are going to make it seem like they're thinking about replacing Justin Fields. And I told that to Justin Fields saying to him at the Super Bowl, are you ready for this? Because it's got to happen. Because for the Bears to get the most for the first overall pick in this draft, if they keep Justin Fields or when they keep Justin Fields, they've got to make it seem like they're interested in it. They're going to explore it. And they have to explore it. It's called due diligence.

You have to do it. If you're first overall on the clock, it is such a rarity. The Bears have never had this in the common draft era. So they have to do their due diligence. And there's no overwhelming favorite defensive player that you have to take because the kid just had a Joe Burrow-like season on that side of the football in college football.

There isn't one. Will Anderson is very talented. Might take him first overall when it's all said and done anyway.

Jalen Carter is very talented. May take him first overall out of Georgia when it's all said and done anyway. But I think they're going to either trade out of the spot, keep Justin Fields, and not move too far down and get one of those two aforementioned SEC defensive behemoths. Or they will actually choose Bryce Young or C.J. Stroud and trade Justin Fields.

I think it's going to be trading out and taking the defensive player when they do finally get to pick. I think that's what it's going to be because I saw Justin Fields the last two years. And, you know, who knows what Bryce Young can be? Who knows what C.J. Stroud can be? You've already seen what Justin Fields can be.

And within your own building, you know the kid. Told you that. Told you that the day after Brockman first came here.

I'll give you props, Chris. It was first born here on an overreaction Monday topic where I'm like, get out of here, trade Justin Fields. Day after the season. As soon as we started talking about it, I'm like, you know what, this is coming.

It's coming. To get the most for the first overall pick, they've got to make it seem like it's a possibility. And if they keep Justin Fields, you now get a king's ransom because you make people think, well, they might actually take the guy that we want. Or they know that the Texans are sitting there at two and somebody wants one of these two. They can't afford to sit there at three if the Bears trade out with somebody else.

And it's got to be you. But in order to get the most of it, they've got to make it seem like they're exploring the studio space, to use the famous SNL phrase. Q Ryan Polls, the general manager of the Chicago Bears today, saying that it's Justin Fields' gig on the last day of February 2023. But listen to the conditional phrasing and the buts and all of that. In terms of leaning one way or the other, you know, I think that's always been the case. We've always leaned that way because Justin did some really good things.

I'm excited about where his game is going to go. But at the same time, when you sit in our situation at one overall, you have to do your due diligence. You have to investigate everything. You've got to spend time with those guys just to make sure we're making the right decision. What's important to me, I think everyone knows me by now and how I want to treat our players will be in communication with Justin along the way, just to make sure that, you know, he knows what we're doing and nothing's a surprise to him. I don't want to put words in your mouth, but it's safe to say from what you've said now and the last time we met, that you're planning on Justin being reported back. That's the plan right now. And like I said, we're going to do our homework on this class.

And if something changes and again, I'll just use the same statement we had blown away to say, you know what, I think this is best for our organization. Bravo. Bravo.

I like it. He didn't go far enough. He doesn't have to. But that doesn't really, I'm not sold. What do you mean you're not sold?

I'm not sold that they're actually open for business. Like, you've got to come out there and be like, look, Tell Field's behind the scenes. We love you. You're our starter next year.

But I'm going to say a bunch of BS in front of all these people to think that you're not the guy, but you're the guy. And then get up there and be like, look, we're evaluating everyone. We're trying to get better at every position. We were first on the clock for a reason last year. We need to get better.

That starts at the quarterback and goes right down the list. Then people actually think you might be open for business. I'm not buying that.

Are you? By the way, this is why it's bravo. Because you do have Justin Fields to think about. And you do have a young man who doesn't deserve to have his credentials as your starter questioned. But he has to because you also might fall in love with the quarterback you meet this week. Then again, and you might look around at the film and the coaches might look at each other and go, you know what? This kid is the real deal.

And you've got to keep that option open. And by saying that every evaluator knows he could, in fact, fall in love with the guy. And if he still loves Justin Fields and gets it out there, maybe I'm falling in love with this guy. You could tell you could you could dial up what half dozen NFL media members get it out there. And all of a sudden we come on the Rich Eisen Show Middle of March report. Bears love Bryce Young. Bears love C.J.

Stroud. And then all of a sudden, but right now you can't come out and say anything but Justin's our guy. That's our plan. We need to try. I'll say it again.

We need to be blown away for this to change. But he did. He did just. Right now, I heard that now he's our quarterback right now for now. You have to say this.

It is a thin line. You cannot turn this kid off. By saying we're wide open for business. Call me.

You can't do that either. He he Ryan Polls just walk that line perfectly. Love our guy. That's our plan. We need to be blown away. But we have to do our due diligence.

We've got the first overall pick. So for you to say, you know, right now, for now, that you don't buy it. Totally fine. You know what?

That's good. Justin Fields is probably sitting at home saying this is what he told me behind the scenes. But the day like, you know, check in on Justin Fields the day Bryce Young goes to pay a visit.

Check on Justin Fields the day C.J. Stroud starts roaming the halls of Alice Hall. These kids are coming. They're coming.

You have to do that. It is started. It is off and running. So two things.

One is. Saw it coming. Told you it's coming.

It is arriving. I have no idea who's going to be starting at quarterback this fall for the Chicago Bears, and neither do those in charge of the Bears. The guy who's calling in in a half an hour from now will tell us the same thing.

But I would love to hear it from Matt Eberfluss himself. And we will. We will. But right now, you could say it's our plan to have Justin Fields. They haven't met on the grease board any of these quarterbacks, and they will.

They will. The other thing is, hey, you Chicago trolls showed up on our YouTube stream saying I'm stirring something up. And our Twitter feed very, very rarely will I address you people. I'm sweeping you up like the guy right behind my right shoulder is for some reason.

I don't know what he's doing out there tending that one Bush here. And there's nobody here. There's nobody here. Just us.

I told you, I'm not stirring anything up. This is the way it goes. It's Justin Fields, his time in the barrel. He said, Ryan pulls it. He's going to keep him up to speed behind the scenes. But what goes on behind the scenes is starting this week.

Eight four four two or four rich numbers. I can't wait to ask Daniel Jeremiah what he would counsel Ryan polls and the Bears to do once they do meet these kids and come up with a decision. He knows the evaluation. Bryce Young slash C.J.

Stroud slash Will Levis slash whoever you want, Anthony Richardson. I don't think he's worthy of the first overall pick based on all of the evaluations I'm hearing. Certainly when the other kids are coming out more NFL ready.

He will know those guys versus Justin Fields next year's guys versus those guys versus Justin Fields versus everybody else that's making a decision in the quarterback spot. And then that's our one. And then Ray Sehorn, who played Kim Wexler in Better Call Saul, is one of the stars of the new movie Linoleum in a theater near you with Jim Gaffigan and Michael Ian Black and Tony Shalhoub.

Great cast there. And then Matt Barr, the handsome young man from CW's Walker Independence will be coming in here in studio on our number three is a Dallas sports fan. And then Brian Gudekunz talked. We also heard from Josh McDaniels. We heard from Sean Payton today.

News is popping. It's Combine Week. Let us take a break right here on the Rich Eisen Show. Daniel Jeremiah from the NFL scouting combine when we come back. Oh, and Andy Reid's talking right now.

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Grainger is the right product for you. Call or just stop by. Look who stopped by. A guy I'm going to be spending an insane amount of time with. Starting tomorrow. I'm going to see him at a meeting. I'm going to see him Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. And then I'm going to close my eyes like you play Tetris. Remember you used to play Tetris?

You used to see the blocks drop. I'm going to see Daniel Jeremiah. I'm going to close my eyes.

Then I open him up and I open my ears right now and I welcome my buddy Daniel Jeremiah, my colleague. I'll be spending an insane amount of time with covering the combine over the next five days on NFL Network right here on the Rich Eisen Show. How you doing, DJ? I'm doing great, Rich. Looking forward to our week here. I'm already an indie and at the Combine you're always trying to find talent. And I feel like I've already found some because I was a little hungry, needed a snack.

And I grabbed some Bunnygrams, which I thought they were only Teddygrams, but now apparently they're the Bunnygrams. Daniel. DJ. DJ, come on. You're going to pace yourself, man. If you go and Bunnygrams on the Tuesday of our weeks when we're just sitting in these booths and we're six hours long, what are you going to be like on Saturday? I've got to have you focused and nourished properly. Come on, now. Hydrated?

This is listed as a baked gram organic snack. Yeah, whatever. I think I'm on my best behavior. You know what? And Daniel, this week is all about not believing the packaging. Come on, now. He's not a Krispy Kreme, for crying out loud. I understand that, but you don't... general managers all talk.

What do you believe? You know what I mean? The same thing with the wrappers. Careful. Come on. I can't believe I got to tell you this.

This is the problem, though. This is an alley we could carry over because, you know, you look on the back of the packaging and it kind of shows you what's inside and sometimes that's a little misleading. I just hope these aren't the Mike Mamoulas of Graham crackers, sir. Wow. You like that? The Mike Mamoula of crackers?

Steve Empthman? And then I always wonder, the packaging says certified organic. Whatever. Come on. What company is in charge of deciding whether or not this is certified or not? Me.

I'm in charge. I don't know, man. The only thing I know being around the combine this week, or surrounding the combine this week, that is certified organic is Aaron Rodgers. That's about it.

That's the only thing I could say. I haven't seen Derek Carr yet. Okay. He's apparently there. He's supposed to be here.

All right. Let's just jump right into this, Daniel. What are the Bears going to do? What should they do? I know that's two questions I just loaded a lot on your plate. Give me it.

What do you got? What do you think? I believe they will trade out and continue to try and build around Justin Fields. I believe that's the right move.

And if you're asking me what would I do, I would try and maximize trade as much as possible. As much as I love and I do love Jalen Carter and I love Will Anderson, I'm not going to be holding to the logic of, well, you can't trade back too far or you miss out on those two guys. This team needs help everywhere, and we can't all spend the fall saying the exact same thing, that Justin Fields has no help, and then not get him that help in the offseason. So if you go down to nine and you get a haul of all hauls from the Carolina Panthers and your consolation prize for missing out on those two defensive players is you get your best offensive lineman in the draft, then that's a good draft. Now then, are the quarterbacks at the top of this draft in your evaluation going into the combine, Bryce Young, CJ Stroud, Levis, anybody, worthy of a haul for a team to come up from nine and give the Godfather offer to the Bears?

Daniel? Well, I like Bryce Young a lot. Now, the size is the concern, and we'll get and talk about that all week long down here, but I don't think he fits all 32. Like, for example, I don't think he fits Chicago. So that would make that decision easier for me, even though I have a higher grade on Bryce Young than I even did on Justin Fields.

I think he's just way further along in his development. But I don't think with his size that that plays well in Chicago. I just don't think that's a great fit there.

I do think it's a great fit for him in those other three spots. And if you're Carolina, yeah, I mean, you've got to get a quarterback. You've got to get one in this draft. In those two divisions, the AFC South and the NFC South, that's why I think there's even more motivation. Not only do you need one, but by you getting one, you keep them from another team in your division who needs one.

So, evaluators who know what you just said, Daniel, I mean, that Bryce Young isn't a fit in Chicago, does that hinder Ryan Polz's ability to get the Kings ransom here, or it doesn't matter? They're sitting there at one. Somebody knows that the Texans are going to grab them, so you better go to one to go get them.

Yeah, and I think the team that, if I was going to, you're going to say, where's the most likely, who's the most likely team to move up? I think the most motivated team should be the Colts. The Colts are at four.

The Colts have been riding this veteran carousel of quarterbacks. It's time to make a commitment to one. Find the one you love. Be aggressive. You think there's enough talent on that team, they probably shouldn't be picking up the tie again.

So, this is your one shot. This is your opportunity to draft the kid of the future, make the move, go up to one and get him, and it's a two-for-one special. You get the quarterback and you keep them from a team in your division. And then the Bears don't have to go too far down.

I mean, that is the, and get one of the two of Carter and Anderson. And that's the Bears' best scenario, and get the most from the Colts they possibly can. That's it. Exactly.

That's a home run. Is there any chance they fall in love with the younger Stroud and take him to Chicago? What do you think?

I don't think so. You know, look, you never say never. We've seen it all. We've all been shocked there before, including by that organization at the quarterback position. So, obviously it's a new group there. You know, I don't know.

I just can't see it. I would be shocked. Any chance that the Texans pass on whoever is the second quarterback on the board and they go defense and figure out the quarterback later on? Any chance there, Daniel?

I don't, I would not think so. Eventually you've got to take one, you know. You're up there right now. I just think, and we can all look ahead and we know who he is. We know about Caleb Williams. We know about how talented he is and how special he is in the next year.

Drake Mays is really, really good. There's just, Rich, as a Jets fan, I feel like I'm preaching to the choir. There's no guarantee that you're going to be in that spot. There's just no guarantee.

So, I think you've got a chance to get one now, you get one now. How good is Stroud? I like Stroud.

I like Stroud a lot. You know, to me, he's my clear second quarterback. I think that Bryce Young has more playmaking ability than he does. I think Bryce got a little more feel in the pocket than he does. But he's a pure thrower. He can make every type of throw.

He wanted to see him be more athletic and show you some of that playmaking side and he gave you that in the Georgia game so you know it's in there. And there's the old scouting adage, Rich, if you can do it once, you can do it. So, you know it's there. You know that ability exists. I think he's got a chance to be a really solid starting quarterback.

What about the idea, a grease board here, a grease board there, a meeting here, a meeting there, a pro day here, another visit there. And Stroud somehow passes Bryce Young for the first overall pick or Levis, anybody else in the quarterback spot suddenly pops their way into the conversation over the next two months. I could see Stroud catching him and maybe that taking place. It would be the other two with Levis and Richardson would be the two, you know, complete wildcards. Can't rule it out because the skill sets are really, really impressive.

They're talented guys. I just think, man, they come with so much more risk than Bryce and with CJ. So, I would not be surprised if Stroud is on the top when it's all said and done, but I would be surprised if anybody other than those two. So, then where's the fit for Levis and Richardson? I know, you know, you put out your mock draft, but your mock also never includes trades. So, I know you have both of them going in the top ten, but what do you got for me on the Levis and Richardson fits, DJ? Well, I mean, again, there's, you know, I don't do trade. I'll do a trade at the last one, you know, to kind of get through the whole process. But there's so many dominoes to fall and, you know, the Rogers and the Carr and see what happens with Tannehill and what, you know, there's a lot of these pieces into the veteran pool that have to, you know, that have to sort itself out.

Once that happens, I think you'll get a better feel for it. But the Raiders, no mystery. They need to be in the quarterback market. You've got the Panthers there and then you've got the teams that could potentially try and watch themselves up there. I know one thing, the Saints, you know, they have shown time and time again, they are not afraid to move up there if they see a guy that they really like in a position and quarterback would be the position this time. And I know the Eagles love to dance with the Saints.

So, maybe that's something to keep an eye on. Daniel, Jeremiah here on the Rich Eisen show. So, you do in your mock draft, because again, you do not have any trades. You have Jalen Carter going to the Bears. And so, is that a system fit for you or is Jalen Carter number one atop your draft board?

Daniel? He's number one atop my draft board. I don't think it's one of those deals where there's a wrong answer between him and Will Anderson. I just think in the way the game's played right now, as fast as the ball comes out, Rich, that an interior disruptor, he can ruin your whole game plan. And again, I'll bring it back to your jets because the player he reminds me a lot of is Quinnen Williams. And you've seen Quinnen Williams as he's continued to develop, you know, he can wreak havoc in there. And I think this is that type of player. I think he's even more athletic than Quinnen in terms of some of the change of direction stuff that he has. So, I think those guys are harder to find.

It's just, they don't exist. So, find an interior player like that. That's the value for me. Alright, pound the table for Anderson then.

What do you got for me there? Yeah, I mean, he's just got, he's got so much torque and so much power coming off the edge. He's done it at a high level for, you know, a couple years now, but his career at Alabama. He's not a Von Miller type, loose, bendy, top of the rush edge guy, but he can go right through your pads. He's strong, he's powerful, and he's got a really good feel.

And he's done it at a high level against the best competition. So, he's an easy one to like. Well, I mean, he's been top people's ideas and draft boards for a while. So then, why would you put Tyree Wilson, number three to Arizona for Jonathan Gannon's first draft choice in Arizona? Why do you got him there? Personally, on my list, how I stack him in grade-wise, I have Anderson, but there are teams that really like Tyree Wilson. And I did the same thing last year, if you remember, before the combine with Trayvon Walker. I put him way up there, not all the way up to the number one pick, but I kind of wanted to just, let's do the public service here and say, you better know this guy and be comfortable with him.

Because he is tall, he is long, he's really explosive, he's more scheme-versatile than Will Anderson because of his size, and teams really like this guy. So, it was kind of like an alarm clock, a wake-up call to everybody, just know who this dude is. I prefer PSA, I like that. So, last year's PSA just wound up being the first overall pick, Daniel. So, how deep is the edge rusher? More than you know. Well, how deep is the edge rusher? Is it the deepest part of the defensive side of the ball, going into the combine, in the draft?

Daniel? It's really deep, Rich. I think I have 10 in my top 50. There are a lot of them. It's a good group. So, you're going to see them, and they'll be a run on them early. You're going to see a bunch of these guys go flying off the board. I think you'll see some of these guys, even that I think grayed out as maybe in the 20s, I think you'll even see, because it's such a premium, that those guys will get pushed up even more.

We're going to see a ton of them. Right, and they're first up for us. I mean, the combine's kind of always switching things around. That's the Thursday night group. That's the first ones up, or the defensive linemen on Thursday night.

The defense goes first, and then rests, and then the offense takes over. So, what do you think? I mean, every year, you and I sit there and go, oh my God, I can't believe somebody that large is running that fast. You know, and so, what do you think this year? We're going to see. Yeah, we're going to see it. You're going to see a defensive tackle from Northwestern.

Last name, Adam Bowery. He's going to run unbelievable time and jump out of the gym. You're going to see Keyon White from Georgia Tech at over 280 pounds. He might run in the four sixes. You know, you're going to see. I think Anderson's going to run, I believe. I think he'll probably run in the four sixes coming off the edge, which is a good time, a good number for him. But yeah, you're going to see some impressive stuff with this edge group. Will McDonald from Iowa State's going to jump probably 40 inches and broad jump close to 11 feet. It's a talented group.

It's not just the production that they have and their skill, but it's a really, really athletic group. And Rich, free of charge. You're looking, you can go with it's opening night and we're looking for defensive alignment that can close. There you go.

It's free. Ladies and gentlemen, Daniel Jeremiah. There may be an eye in Daniel and Jeremiah, but you're a team player, sir. So let's move before I let you go to the offensive side of the ball.

You know, it wasn't lost on me. Daniel Jeremiah on Super Bowl night, Sky Moore and the the great running back from Rutgers Pacheco. Both rookies scored a touchdown in the Super Bowl and Brock Purdy damn near made the Super Bowl. I will be just my head's going to be on a swivel. Every single kid that's playing that's participating in this combine. You never know any more. So give me some kids under the radar that we're going to be maybe pegging as kids in the right system are going to be first year standouts or factors.

You got anybody for me? There's a bunch of them. That's a great way to put it. There's, you know, the running back group. You talked about Pacheco. There's a ton of guys in this draft. It's a really good running back group. And, you know, a guy like a Tank Bigsby from Auburn who might be a fourth round pick. Great name. Fifth round pick. It's an unbelievable running back name.

So you start there and the game matches the name. He's got he's got power. He's got some speed. He's a tough runner. You know, Pacheco was he ran the four threes. So, you know, that that should have been an alert to the rest of us to move him up higher on the board when he had the speed power combination. And Brett Beach got himself a GM there late in the draft.

But there's a there's a ton of guys like that. Tyjay Spears will see what he runs from Tulane. But if you watch the Cotton Bowl, you saw he did USC. He's a great player. We'll see how he gets pushed down because just the sheer number of running backs that we have. But that's just one example, one position, Rich, where you're going to see I think I have maybe 13 guys that I identified that I think have the ability to be starting running backs in the NFL. Geez.

Wow. Which is just absurd. And those guys are not all going to go in the first two rounds. You're going to see those guys on day three.

A good number of them. Well, that's good. So call your shot and who's got a shot to run the fastest? Well, I think that the running back from A&M would have run the fastest A-chain, but I don't know if he's going to run because he's been he's been a little nicked up. But he would be my choice.

The other one I would say is there's a corner from Oregon and Christian Gonzalez is a great player. I think he's going to be right on the 4-3-0 line. So maybe he gets under. All right, brother. Daniel, I will see you in just a few days.

And by that, I mean five minutes ago. I'll see you tomorrow. Come on out here. I've got I've got I've got Bunny Graham's waiting for you, buddy. No, sir. I got to focus, man.

I can't show up on Bunny Graham's, man. This can be a long day. You know how it works? You know how it works? You and I, two hours in, we're looking at each other like, where's lunch?

And it's nighttime. You know what I mean? Like, what's happening? Like, you know, it works all along. All along. It's been sitting on that back.

Exactly. Nine o'clock. Nine thirty.

We're leaving the booth and you look at that that donut that's been sitting there for four hours and it looks great. And you're like, do I like you? That's it. You know how it works. So combine goggles on to combine goggles is a great call.

Tuesday Bunny Graham's are just it's it's a red flag. I'm not going to lie, but I hope we can get through it. Daniel, thanks for the call. See you soon.

I'll work on it. See you tomorrow. That's Daniel Jeremiah, everybody.

Combine goggles, you're writing it down. All right there. That's a great fantasy team name. Very funny.

And the avatar is Bunny Graham's. OK, let's take a break. So we're on time for Matt Eberfluss, the head coach of the Chicago Bears.

The keywords will be leaning towards. Let's see how many times he says it. The coach of the Chicago Bears, holder of the first overall selection in the draft. When we come back from. Keep me honest, as the new head coach of the Chicago Bears one year in, Matt Eberfluss is going to be calling us in a matter of moments right here on the program.

From the combat, I just love the combat every year. It's just like every year it's it's like, OK, is it going to be just as good as it's going to be is as big as ever. And then all the decision makers start talking and all 32 teams are making news and everybody starts chattering. Off camera and then I mean, my email, Shane, because the NFL Network news desk on fire, Jason Light says Kyle Trask, the general manager of the Bucks, about the quarterback they selected, I believe in the second round a couple of years ago after they signed Brady, is that he's going to get the opportunity to be the starter no matter who we bring in. So if Tom Brady comes back. Well, Brady's not coming back, but it's just like so if you're Derek Carr, right? And you're going to you're thinking of signing in Tampa, you're signing for a quarterback competition.

You're going to be pushed. Yeah, but that's one you should win anyway. I get it. But I'm I'm signing to get the gig if I'm Derek Carr.

My dog, though, man, he might he might. I know. I know that. No, I know that.

So. I, I, I, I know what you're saying. No, no, T.J., I know what you're saying is that somebody should welcome the competition just like Trey Lance did when he was on the Super Bowl set for us with us.

First day of the Super Bowl. Hey, if Brock Purdie's coming in, like, I don't want the job. I don't want to hand it to me. I want to compete.

That's fine if you're Trey Lance. If you're Derek Carr, damn near 10 years into this league, and you're a free agent for the first time in your life since you chose Fresno State. OK. You're not signing in a spot where you're like, oh, I'll compete. I'll compete with a kid who's never done it before. I'll win.

So I'll just sign there. No, I was wondering why Tampa hadn't been tossed around more for Carr. That just I never even put two into.

Why not? To you just now said it. Derek Carter, Mike Evans, I like it.

Derek Carter, Chris Godwin, I like it. Yeah, that's what I was going to say. But he's talking. He's talking to the Jets this week and the Saints. And I think the other one that I saw here is the Bears have chimed in and they're about to hand a phone to the head coach of the Chicago Bears, Matt Eberflus. Let me see here again. Mathers is at the Panthers.

Yeah, that's it. That's who he's meeting with for Derek Carr. Mike Evans and Godwin, though. Yeah, I never I don't know if they want to spend all that money on the quarterback.

35 million. They may just like Kyle Trask. And say we drafted him. He's been in in in our building. I mean, the system's now different, I imagine. But I got to learn under Brady, so.

That's just interesting. It's going to be Kyle Trask. He's going to have a chat.

He's going to have a shot no matter who gets the gig. Doug Peterson says Calvin Ridley's reinstatement is in the NFL's hands. We're just waiting for that day to hear from the NFL that he's back or not.

Doug Peterson speaking today. Jason Light. Excited about Kyle.

We took him in the second round for a reason. On whether Tom Brady is retired for good. I think he's got his mind said he's happy with his decision and we're happy for him. Jason Light said the Bucks when asked if he's going to leave a light on the Bucks will leave a desk lamp on for Brady.

Maybe a flashlight. That's funny. But Light says he thinks Brady is retired. He's happy with the decision and he's happy for him. Yeah, Josh McDaniel said that Brady's done for good. I think so. You see in his Instagram account? There's a report that he wants to be a state of comedian. Why not, man?

I would advise against that. You know the household? You know the style? You know the lifestyle, right?

No, I mean, do you see Brady's Instagram is all, you know, videos of snow vacations. I think a cat showed up. He's got a cat in his house. There's a cat in my house. Catty, catty, catty.

We can't have Brady. I mean, we have two cats that roam the studio, so I understand that. Outside of the studio, I should say. We're on Sirius XM. Whoever on Sirius XM is bending Matt Eberfluse's ear, just shut up.

I think he's on now. Fantastic. He's the head coach of the Chicago Bears.

Matt Eberfluse here on the Rich Eisen Show. How you doing, coach? I'm doing well.

How are you? I appreciate you jumping from one thing to the other. This is Rich Eisen, by the way, in case you just, like, somebody just handed you a phone and you're like, Yeah, I know the voice. Okay.

Well, thank you. So I'm just going to jump right into it, if you don't mind, because I've got in the radio business a hard out coming in about five minutes time. Can you walk me through your current mindset about the first overall selection and what you're going to do with the pick, coach? Yeah, the mindset really is just about opportunity, right? We have a lot of options and a lot of opportunity here in front of us, you know. So you can certainly take the pick, you know, as it is, or you can certainly move.

And that ranges in how far you're going to move back, and that creates more opportunity for us to be able to change our roster. But again, you've got to like the players that are there, so we have a great, we've got a lot of work ahead of us here in the next 58 days before the draft, so we're excited about it. Well, again, and you're not, this is not your first football rodeo, coach, so you know first overall pick, quarterback usually goes in that spot.

You have won. Your thoughts on Justin Fields as your quarterback 2023, as we currently talk? You know, as we saw in 2022, you know, obviously he made a lot of big strides. You know, he did a really nice job for us last year.

We're excited where he is, and again, he's going to keep improving. But again, we've got to do our due diligence here during the course of this time, during the next eight weeks, nine weeks, and we'll see where it goes. And the due diligence, how much do you read Justin into your due diligence gathering, coach? Yeah, I mean, you know, we're obviously always in constant contact with all of our players, but certainly he'll be, you know, in contact with Ryan and I as we go through this process.

But again, you've got to do it. You've got to make sure you evaluate all the players and making sure that you're doing everything you can during the course of this time. And as you do your due diligence, have you given Justin any reassurance that he's your guy at all?

Yeah, I mean, those conversations are, you know, between Ryan and I and Justin, and we'll leave it at that, but we certainly like where he is and certainly know that as well as our Hopeful Ball team need to improve in certain aspects of the game. And in terms of, you know, reserving interviewees for the week, are Young and Stroud on your list to interview this week? Yes, they are.

Yep, absolutely. Okay, and what are you expecting to see from them, get from them? Really, just more about, for us, we're just there to evaluate those guys in terms of their FBI, how they think on their feet when we're interviewing them during that process, and then go from there.

Like, we'll be at the pro days and all those types of things, and we're going to make sure that we're there to get a great evaluation on each one of these players. What about Levis and Anderson? Are they also on your list?

I don't know. Richardson, pardon me. Richardson, pardon me. They may be. They may be. Again, that's later in the week, but they may be for sure. Okay, and what about Anderson? I was mixing up all these prospects. Anderson and Carter, you going to chat with them?

Maybe that's a tonight situation, or tomorrow, right? Yeah, well, you always chat with those guys, either you do it either formally or informally, and we're going to make sure that we cross those T's and dot the I's there during the course of the week, but certainly those players are explosive and at the top of the draft for sure. Well, Matt, what do you say to Bears fans who fell in love with Justin Fields the last two years and are concerned you're about to maybe swap things out because you have the first overall selection in a manner that you weren't planning on it, weren't expecting it.

One of your predecessors, Lovey Smith, kind of bequeathed it to you from Houston. What do you say to those fans who have fallen in love with Justin Fields? No, I would just say that Ryan and I are going to do what's best for the Bears. We always are going to do that, make sound, good decisions, and like I said, we love Justin Fields, too. We love who he is, and certainly he's going to be improving in the future, but right now, during this process, we've got to make sure we do our due diligence. And I don't want to force you to use the I don't have a crystal ball cliché as a coach, but as you're sitting here right now on the last day of February, what do you think you're going to do with this pick?

I don't know. I think it's a good place to be. A lot of times when you don't know, that's not a good place, but right now we're leaving all options open.

We have to make sure that we keep a clear mind and make good, sound decisions on this because it's an important part to make sure we look at the whole landscape before we make any good decisions. Coach, appreciate the time. Thanks so much. I'll see you in Indianapolis, I hope.

Okay, Rich. Thank you much. You got it.

That's Matt Ira Flus, head coach of the Chicago Bears right here on the Rich Eisen Show, the actress Ray Sehorn coming up. What'd you get? Due diligence gets thrown around a lot lately. What'd you get from that? Keeping all options open. Bro.

Is that more full throated for you? I mean, look, I- He couldn't have been more- Yeah, we're talking to Bryce, we're talking to CJ, we're going to do the best thing for the Chicago Bears, we're going to keep Justin Fields in our mind. I do like the guy. I was a little more convincing than Ryan Paul's, but I'm just glad that they brought in a coach, they brought in the acting coach, the script coach, they're sticking to it.

Oh, gosh. They got the game plan, it's all lined up right there, and I'm glad that they're one message from the Bears. They may meet Bryce Young and he walks out of the room and they'll be like, wow, oh. And then they're like, wow, he's 180 pounds. Maybe not. And then the strength coach in the back of the room is like, I got this. I don't know, man.

Seriously, that's the way this works? Same thing could go strong, right? I got this.

We met Fields, he's a giant. I got it, I got a plan. You want a 205, is that what you want? I got it. I got this. Then the offensive coordinator's like, oh, I'll get it too. You better be a little bigger. That's how it works. 205 there, endure the butt whoopings that that line's going to give him.

205 might be a little too light. Here we go. Not like the Joker, right? But he's no nonsense, so I couldn't ask him to scream his name. I couldn't ask him to do that. We'll get him back. Well, you got him in right perfectly. Ray Sehorn, I cannot wait to chat with her and meet her. Hour number two coming up. Listen.
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