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REShow: Matt Judon - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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October 24, 2022 3:10 pm

REShow: Matt Judon - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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October 24, 2022 3:10 pm

Rich and the guys react to the breaking news that Indianapolis Colts QB Matt Ryan will miss the rest of the season due to a shoulder injury, and weighs in on Pete Carroll and the surprising Seattle Seahawks who find themselves atop the NFC West after Week 7. 

Patriots LB Matt Judon tells Rich what it’s like to play for Bill Belichick and shares how the Pats head coach teaches the history of the NFL including players and coaches who’s impact transcend football, and says why he’s not sleeping on Justin Fields and the Chicago Bears on Monday Night Football.

Rich wraps up the hour saying how Bryce Harper lived out every kid’s dream with his late-inning home run to put the Phillies in the World Series and reflects on the Yankees’ season that once again ended at the hands of the Houston Astros.

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The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen

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See terms and learn more at slash online privacy protection. This is the Rich Eisen Show starts running the news the Houston Astros break out the brooms in the Bronx live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. He's got him! Touchdown!

Breeze home! Earlier on the show, host of the Greenlight Podcast, two-time Super Bowl champion Chris Long, host of Peacock's Pro Football Talk, Mike Florio. Coming up, Patriots linebacker Matthew Judon. And now it's Rich Eisen. Our number three of the Rich Eisen Show on the air here on Roku, the Roku Channel 210. We also say hello to those listening to us on Sirius XM, the terrestrial radio affiliates that are smart enough to have the Rich Eisen Show coast to coast.

We say hello to those listening to us on the Odyssey app. There's our YouTube page for anything that you may miss. We put much of our show there on our YouTube page Rich Eisen Show. We re-air on the Roku Channel, Channel 210. As soon as this show is over, re-air over and over and over again until we're back on live on tomorrow's show. We also have the Rich Eisen Show collection, our archives, also sitting on the Roku Channel as well. So our videos on demand from today's program. If you missed anything from hour number one with our usual spot with Chris Long, the two-time Super Bowl champion Greenlight Podcast host or Mike Florio, Pro Football Talk.

If you missed any of that, don't worry. We're going to start re-airing right here on the Roku Channel and there's our podcast version of the show as well. All three hours where the podcast can be acquired in the Cumulus Podcast world, Apple and Spotify and so much more. Also Audible. We're thrilled to be on Audible.

Check it out and subscribe. We greatly appreciate it. 844-204-rich number to dial. We have lots of time in this hour to take your phone calls.

Haven't even hit the World Series being set between the Astros and the Phillies. We'll do that this hour. We'll get your opinions at 844-204-rich. Matt Judon of the New England Patriots will join us in advance of tonight's game between the Bears as well and the Patriots in New England.

844-204-rich is that number to dial. Chris Brockman, Mike DelTufo in their spots. TJ Jefferson in your spot. Good to see you, sir. And so when the season came out, when the schedule came out and the season was beginning, we always talk about those revenge games, right? When there will be revenge.

When there might be revenge. And Wentz going back to Philadelphia was one of them, right? One of those games. And even just if you want to stir anything up, how about Wentz going back to Indianapolis where there was a door and he hit him on the butt on the way out and it couldn't happen fast enough for the Indianapolis Colts. I mean when Wentz was sent packing, and there was a lot of the last year was unacceptable and a lot of blame placed at the feet of one Carson Wentz. Goes to DC and we all know he has now been placed on injured reserve. He broke the ring finger of his throwing hand on a helmet and the win over the Chicago Bears. So he's not going to make the game against the Eagles.

It'll be Taylor Honecky doing that just as Taylor Honecky will get the start in Indianapolis next week. So that whole Carson Wentz going to Indianapolis to take on Matt Ryan, the man who was acquired, that was not going to happen the minute that Wentz got hurt. And now Matt Ryan got hurt apparently yesterday.

Grade two shoulder separation. So moments ago the Indianapolis Colts announced it's going to be Sam Ellinger getting the start. And Frank Reich actually just said Matt Ryan is out for the rest of the season. Wait what?

Wow. It's Sam Ellinger for the rest of the season. He said right now the move is for Sam to be the start of the rest of the season. So the question is, is it a shoulder separation plus separating from this cycle of taking somebody else's veteran quarterback and trying to make it work here in Indianapolis? We all know Philip Rivers was that first attempt and then Carson Wentz was their second attempt and I guess three strikes you're out. Matt Ryan, they saw enough of him and now he's hurt enough that they want to see what they have in the sixth round selection out of Texas from last year's draft. All right it's bevo time in Indianapolis and I can only hope for Sam that the offensive line protects him or he can protect himself better than Matt Ryan because we all know Jonathan Taylor missed the first games of his life.

He didn't miss games in high school, he didn't miss games in Wisconsin, he missed two games this year. Finally came back this past week, wasn't enough and now Ryan, he's hurt and Frank Reich I guess is just taking the opportunity to say let's see what we've got in Sam. Yeah Matt Ryan has taken 24 sacks, that's the most in the NFL, 11 fumbles the most in the NFL, nine interceptions most in the NFL. And one's got to think, is this it for Matt Ryan period? Who will raise their hand and say we'll take Matt Ryan, how old is he? 37?

38? Who will take Matt Ryan at age 38 next year? And we'll see if we can protect him better and win football games with him in his dotage.

Although Allinger could get hurt and we'll see if Ryan comes back, you never know when he's healthy. That was after Albert Breer, our buddy, reported this morning in his MMQB that there are scouts who think Matt Ryan's arm is shot quote-unquote. Well Frank Reich and Chris Ballard and the rest of that front office would see that too. So it looks like the Colts might have to go back to the drawing board if this kid is not. They can still win this division, I mean they're right there. Well the problem for them is that they just got swept by the Titans. Yeah the Titans are now, I mean the scheduling folks at the NFL decided to put the Colts and the Titans twice in the first seven weeks of the season. And right now Indianapolis is sitting there in the middle of the first round, they're 16th in the draft order right now, but they're still in it. I mean they're 3-3-1 there and this is a, you know, conference that is wide open. Tough schedule though down the way for Indianapolis, just looking at it right now. You mentioned home for the commanders and they're at New England, at the Raiders, home for the Eagles and Steelers, at Cowboys, at Vikings, very tough schedule.

Man, man oh man oh man. So it'll be Sam Ellinger and his first start for the Colts. So I guess the biggest matchup this weekend suddenly is Ursae versus Snugler. And Snugler's advance team is getting the Heisman apparently from the Colts right?

This is a great pool we have here at Lucas Oil, there's a pond outside for you. Yeah, do you think is Snugler gonna have a tester? Test his dessert from the dessert cart?

I would recommend bringing your own maybe, bring a box lunch, PBJ, something like that for Daniels. We have another flute game type situation maybe. Florio just tweeted out this question, kind of good debate here, has one retirement ever screwed up a franchise as much as Andrew Luck's?

That's a good question. Andrew Luck retiring. Do you think they call Andrew Luck? He's not walking through that door, he already talked to David Shaw about that a few weeks ago.

I know he's not. I mean Jacoby Brissette didn't work out right? And then they tried Philip, then they tried Wentz. Philip had a really good year though. Philip took him to the playoffs.

Yeah that's right, he was good. Yeah but that Hail Mary landed about 30 yards shy of the end zone, which is why he's coaching in Alabama right now. True. Wow, so how about them apples? New starting quarterback in the NFL, and it's in Indianapolis.

Damn. Rest of the season, how about that too? They're not even going to just, they're just going to live and ride or die with them. And 3-3-1, you take a look at the conference right here, you've got the Jets at 5-2, the best record of any team that's not leading a division, and then the Dolphins and Chargers and Bengals all at 4-3, Colts right behind them.

Patriots are gonna, looks like they're gonna pass them by at 4-3 tonight, but they're still in that mix, still in the mix. And good luck to him, I hope the kid's good. That would be fun, that would be a fun development. I think he can play. DJ tweeted out, looks like there's gonna be a lot of RPOs in the offense, because that's kind of his specialty at Texas.

And what's Frank Reich's specialty that he brought from Philadelphia? Same type of deal. Spocek just tweeted out, the Colts are on the hook for $25 million guaranteed this year for Matt Ryan, and $12 million next year. That sounds like a lot, but I guess in the grand scheme of things, that's a lot for dead money of somebody that's not on your team?

A lot for dead money, yeah. I know, when the cap is suddenly going up and up and up, but it still leaves a mark. Elliott in Kansas, let's take your phone call here on The Rich Eyes and show what's up, Elliott. Hang on, Rich, I don't want to get Bluetooth. One second. Okay, here we go, Elliott. I appreciate it. Hey, I remembered. What's going on?

Oh my God. You want to put them back on hold for a second? Are you there? No, we're good. You there, Elliott?

Okay, what do you got? Well, I don't want to say you're right, but you lone-woolfed the Seahawks last night. I did, I did. I sensed that the Chargers were going to lose that game. Seahawks are a good team, man.

It's time we pay, we pay them the respect. Last time I called, I talked about the starting rookie tackles. Put those rookie corners. Kenneth Walker, you already talked enough about him.

Tariq Woolen, we might win the offensive rookie year and defensive rookie of the year without, uh, well, the Jets had a chance. That's pretty tall. No, about that, but. No, and I, I, I hear you, and thanks for the call, Elliott.

You're, you're not wrong, man. It's Elliott in Kansas, right there. He's a 12 right there in the nation's heartland. With Breece Hall out, I was talking about with Coop yesterday, like who, who has a shot to be offensive rookie of the year? Kenneth Walker seems to, seems to have gotten off on a nice start as his.

I think he's now the betting starter, actually. I mean, Chris Olave has had some moments, but his team is two and five. The, the Seahawks have got a running game with Walker. The passing game appears that, you know, you've still got Lockett and hopefully DK comes back soon. The tight ends are always guys that you're, you know, are sitting on your waiver wire, but get first downs when they need it in real life. And Geno's at the controls and Tariq Woolen, a fourth round pick out of UTEP. He is crushing it on the back end and look who's leading the division in the NFC West through seven games.

It is Seattle. And we had Geno Smith on before the Monday night opener against Denver and the return of Russ. And he's just like, don't call this a comeback story.

I've been around, you know, and, and basically his path, we saw he was drafted by the ground and pound jets just when Rex Ryan was losing interest in being a coach of the entire team, not paying attention on offense, you know, and Geno was drafted kind of as an afterthought after it looked like, you know, we weren't going to get anything out of Sanchez and Tebow. God, what a mess. What a mess. Let me hear more from him about the jet situation right now on ESPN. Good God. Breathe, Rich. Breathe. At any rate. And then he goes to a Giants team behind Eli and Ben McAdoo breaks up Eli's start streak for him, throws him out there.

You go there. And it looks like he's finally in a spot where he's respected and liked and surrounded. He doesn't be talking about any sort of comeback role. Right?

He could be a comeback player of the year. What's he coming back from? Being benched? And not playing. Right?

Yeah, exactly. And he looks terrific. He's zipping it around and Pete's jumping around. Chomping gum. It's wild, man.

Chomping gum like he's got Reggie Bush out there in the Pac-10. This is Pete yesterday after leaving the home of the Chargers, aka home of the Rams as well, as the leader of the division through seven weeks. You guys were pumped up about being caught in the first place last week. Now you're in sole possession right now. Yeah, nobody told me that before we started. The meeting's in there. I would have been going nuts about that. That's fun too. Yeah, that's good.

Seven weeks in. Look where we are. Who'd have thunk it?

Oh, he's loving this. This whole business of, oh, Emma, you know what? Can I get, what were they really thinking, Mike Del Tufo? I don't mean to take you away from whatever banking you're doing on your phone during the show. I don't mean to take you away from whatever you were doing. But can I get, what were they really thinking here, please?

What were they really thinking? Because, you know, Pete's like, oh yeah, I didn't know that before they told me before the meeting. Well, he also didn't know that the Niners had just, you know, lost in San Francisco.

I don't know if he's scoreboard watching. Okay. But yeah, I didn't know.

I didn't know they kind of told me right beforehand. You know what he's thinking? Here's what Pete's like saying. How we cooking now? Anybody want to tell me how we're cooking now? Tell me how we're cooking. Tell me. Oh yes.

Oh yes. How are we cooking? How are we cooking? Is Geno cooking enough? Everybody fine with the way I'm allowing Geno to cook? Everybody fine with the way we're cooking around here now? Are we good? Are you fine with it? Are you fine with it? Oh wait, all those people that thought I was done as a coach in the NFL?

Oh yeah. I'm now 70. Everybody want to tell me about how I was done and how the owners here, around here, wondered if I should be done? Anybody want to talk about how I'm cooked? How are we cooking? Am I cooked?

Are we cooking fine enough for your liking? How's the danger rust sandwich on the menu? It got pulled from the menu. Well actually, hold on a minute, I was told it was pulled in August and the viral, the video that went viral has been around and it just kind of just now went viral. Unfortunately for us the timing's off.

This is what I was told. But how's the menu? How's that Denver menu tasting? Oh he wants to say that. Can we say that soundbite once again?

Just the way he's kind of biting the words at the end. Please show it to me one more time. Just watching you tell me he's not thinking this. Please hit it.

Please. You know he wants to say that. What is he saying privately? You know what he's saying privately? I bet you what he is saying privately is let's keep this thing going. He knows how fleeting this stuff is, man. But he's got to feel great about it. And he knows the Giants are coming in and they are a really good football team.

How about this? It's a marquee game in week 8, 6-1 New York flying all the way out to Seattle. Late window game in week number 8 to take on the leader of the NFC West. And Pete knows while that game's going on, down in the spot he just left victorious, the Rams and the Niners are going to be beating each other up. Just as Arizona visits Minnesota. Yeah man they win this game and they're still in first and everyone else is beating each other up.

And then comes Seattle going to Arizona and then I'll see him in Germany. Ach tung baby. You too. Yeah. How's the cooking? Hashtag that. You ready for some bratwurst?

Says Pete. Try the pretzel bread. I'll be here all week.

Oh yeah no I had one when I was in Munich. Oh yeah man. So good. All right let's take a break. Matthew Judon coming up. More of your phone calls and would you believe, you'll never believe this nugget about what's happening during the World Series. Even the NFL has a say. Just when baseball has its own floor.

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So how do you prepare for uncertain times? The answer is NetSuite. What are you waiting for right now? NetSuite is offering a one-of-a-kind flexible financing program. Head to slash rich radio right now. slash rich radio. slash rich radio. Tony in Portland you're here on the Rich Isaac Show. What's up Tony? Hey thanks for taking my call gentlemen pleasure.

Thanks for making it. What's going on Tony? Tony? Hey I'm a big Bears fan but you know they're going up forever with one paddle so we'll move on but I just want I just want to get my Blazers and ducks and props you know three and oh and the Lakers oh and three and as a blazer fan I can empathize with your priest hall injury because every time it's good here we're always peeking around the corner for some bad news. Bo Nix for Heisman.

Dan Lanning's a great coach. He's a man Oregon Oregon put it on UCLA. Put it on them you know and did you see did you watch any of that game Chris?

I did not. Just hang on there Tony. UCLA ties the game 10 apiece. Oregon goes down scores a touchdown and then went onside on him. Oh yeah surprised him totally well done man and then the rain came and it didn't matter to Bo Nix looked terrific and then hey you know Portland you know Lillard is one of our favorites. It's my guy Rich.

It's certainly I know about part of TBD. I'll be going against him tonight in the fantasy and it certainly helps to have Russ hoist one up when he has no business hoisting him up you know against the Blazers. That was good.

So congratulations Tony. Thank you and at one point Davis was out for a three and Nurkic just turned and walked away. That was so disrespectful.

I know. Did you see that? I did see that he'd even come out to even make it. He kind of put his hand up like I'm not gonna worry about this.

You know what he did? He'd even make the reach which is what you want when you're trying to pay. Like I'll take part of the bill. He'd even make the reach. He'd even make the reach for his wallet.

He literally looked at him and was like nah. And Tony let me help you man for your Bears fandom. Screen the word Eber flutes at the top of your lungs and you'll feel better. Where are you right now? Literally where are you right now? Where am I right now? I am in Ridgefield Washington at a golf site. So you're at a golf site right now? So you're around other people? No job site.

A job site. So you're around other people though right? You're around other people? I'm in my van getting ready. All right scream out Eber flutes at the top of your lungs and ready here we go in three two one go. Eber flutes! No it's Eber flutes! Eber flutes. Ready here we go three two one go.

Eber flutes! There you go. Thank you. I felt so good. Does it feel better? Does it feel better? You feel better? I feel better. Okay very good. Thanks for the call.

Call back anytime you want. Rich shout out my anti-lakers bet. Oh and three and oh this year. How much are you so you've bet against the Lakers. Are you rolling it back each time? We're not rolling it back.

You should keep going rolling. Well he's not crazy. They're not gonna go 0 and 82. It's a spread right? No no this is just straight up.

See I don't know what the hell you're talking about. I'm just betting the Lakers to lose every game. So how much money have you made now?

Uh let's see. 30 a game right? Yeah I'm doing it but but it's not because there's odds involved. You have 200 bucks yet?

No no no I'm probably at about 40. Okay. Do you have 20 bucks yet? For you. Nice. All right let's go to my brother-in-law Scott.

Take care of these on the guest line. What's up Scotty? What's on your mind Scotty? I'm enjoying the Roku experience and happy to have Mike Brockman and T.J. What's up Scotty? What's up? I want you to think I'm calling you to you and Mike to troll you about a four nothing sweep for the Yankees. That's not what I'm calling.

Why not? If I ever get in a bad mood I'm going to go to my DVR and watch Boone take out Gary Cole and Vero Butrovino. That was special. Hey Scott what did you think of what did you think of hey let's uh let's encourage the team by showing the biggest comeback ever against their team. That's going to really inspire the guys to to come back 3-0. It doesn't get any better than that. I was kind of considering felt like that was my honeymoon. That was fantastic. Oh my god Scotty.

What's on your mind? I'm not here to I'm not here to suggest that Boone should be extended for a lifetime or that the Yankees should extend uh Josh Donaldson for five years you know 20 million a pop. You know it's weird like watching Brady I you know I've loved Tom Brady for so many years and he's given us so many memories but I find myself like almost happy now he's not doing well and it's weird because like when Pedro Martinez left and he pitched for the Mets and the Phillies I rooted so hard for him but I was wondering if Chris you kind of felt the same way a little bit. No he's shaking his head while you're saying that.

Absolutely not. I feel Brad there's only a few people I want to always be happy and Tom Brady is one of them. What's the matter with you Scott? What are you doing? It's really sad. I'm really sad. I understand you calling in on the special guest line to troll me about the Yankees who uh you know did get swept but did actually last two rounds longer than the Red Sox did so I mean that's possible for you to do that but I don't understand why you would say that about Tom Brady. I don't get it.

They played more golf than the guys in the live tour by now. I mean but the fact that you know as far as Brady goes you know it's just you know he's skipping walkthroughs to go to Bob Kraft's wedding he then he has the balls to yell at his offensive line when they were actually at practice when he wasn't you know he's selling everything under the sun you know I do feel badly for him as you know personal life doesn't seem to be going as well as you might hope but it's just weird that you know it's just a weird thing I think like great as he was in Boston he wasn't as relatable or connectable as a person as some of the other great players we've had here and it's just kind of weird when I was listening to uh you know listening to the game when I was driving yesterday on satellite radio and it was kind of fun to listen to them lose to you know basically a team with no coach. Look at this Scott. Yeah that's just that's a New England Boston narrative.

I got it. Like stop listening to to Felger on the radio. He's definitely not doing that anyway. I don't think so.

But Chris when when Pedro came and pitched against the Red Sox for the Mets and he got crushed I was devastated I left the ballpark so upset I would be it's just that's what I'm trying to say it's a weird thing I usually when players leave like no more guys I really enjoyed watching all these years except for Johnny Damon. Yeah Wade Boggs how about Wade Boggs do you like him? No. No on the horseback that's when it all started that's how it all started. All right Scotty you there? No did I lose you? Hey Scotty take care of yourself say hi to everybody I'm sorry about Syracuse this weekend sorry about them. Yeah bye John.

All right there you go there's my brother-in-law Scott. I think it's a bummer. The very anti Brady Tic. I don't take any joy in seeing Brady like that and then the whole thing like going to Bobcraft you want him not to go to Bobcraft's wedding like and he's not yes the clip is him screaming at him but he's actually telling them hey you're better than this like it's that's it's like weird encouragement he's just screaming yeah that's just a weird Boston media kind of piling on because Tom's in the dumps right now I'm not here for that I want Tom to be happy and be successful and I'm not going to I'm not going to pile on. Yeah and I'm also not here for the you know Belichick's winning the divorce conversation that I'm hearing out of that part of the country as well like there's still a trophy in that case I know I know and plus plus it's all good by the way they're both going to go to the Hall of Fame together that's it yeah they're both going to be in that room and by the way tonight Bill Belichick has a chance to be second all-time on the wins list for NFL head coaches he can pass George Hallis tonight against the Bears and in advance of that I'm as part of my duties for pregame and halftime host of Westwood One's coverage of Monday Night Football as I will do tonight got a chance to zoom with none other than Matt Judon now here on the Rich Eisen Show. Joining us here prior to Monday Night Football against the Chicago Bears is one of the top defenders in this entire league here from the New England Patriots he is Matthew Judon how you doing sir?

I'm doing well how you doing Rich? What's going on? Nothing much man just media and all that stuff you know how it is after practice. I do know that I do know that and here you are and I appreciate you doing this here prior to Monday Night Football so what is your take on this Chicago Bears offense that so many folks are just kind of looking past right now? Oh well you can't really look past them because they have one of the top running games in the league they have two backs that's performing very well and you know it doesn't matter the down the distance if they get it they can make an explosive run and then they also have a quarterback that's learning but he's learning fast he's maturing in front of our eyes and he's he's making a lot of good football plays with the ball. And what is Belichick telling you he spent seven minutes of his opening press conference this week talking up the Bears like they were the 85 Bears so what is he telling you? He telling us about the Bears he's telling us we can't take this team lightly no no matter what their record says they're a better football team than their record and we have we have to come out and be prepared so we're we're preparing as if they are the 85 Bears but this team is a very good football team. By the way I just saw you where I spoke to Belichick he is giving you full carte blanche to tell me who the starting quarterback is and tell me your entire game plan.

Okay well where are we gonna cut we're gonna come we're gonna come out and behind center it's gonna be I have no clue and the starting offense it's gonna be I don't know what they're doing all I know is on Monday night I will be ready and and that I'll be playing so yeah if that's news to anybody. Okay that's good so you're taking care of your own business I like that I like that very much so you know one thing I do know about last week in Cleveland is that Belichick did what he frequently does when the team goes to Cleveland which is stop the bus and get out and see the Jim Brown statue is that true he did that again with you guys? Yeah well not only did he talk about Jim Brown and did we stop to see the Jim Brown statue he talked about the other guys the other men that carry a lot of social justice along with them throughout those years that a lot of people of color was not looked upon as football players or equals and so he talked about everybody else that's up in that that stadium and it just gave us a history lesson you know coach is a big history buff and he probably knows everything or anything about football and he gave us a history lesson like some of those guys were the first men to play collegiate sports as as African Americans and then everything that Jim Brown did for football and everything that Ozzy Newsome did as a player and as a GM and I was just that's how he was talking about those guys and I was just honored that I got to meet Ozzy and I have an actual relationship with him because I was with him in Baltimore yeah and so just just kind of being at that stadium and I think means a lot for coach Belichick and he just want to pass some information down for us and just allow us to appreciate a very very very like tough beginning to where we are now. Was that the Belichick you thought of before you came to New England? I didn't know him personally at all I knew him from media and I knew him from an outsider perspective and I really didn't know too many people that actually played for him honestly and then you know I'm with the Ravens so yeah we don't like them and we don't we don't like the Patriots but getting here and actually getting to know coach Belichick is a whole 360. I don't and you know you can believe the hype you cannot believe the hype but I think he is every bit of a good man that he is is a good coach and you can see you can see that he's a great coach from his wins but every bit of a good man that he is every win that he has I think he gives us so much credit to his players every player that he have and I think he I think he just loves the game so much that he spends so much time on it and he spends so much time with like just guys around football but then when it's not about football when it's about like social justice or things of that nature and he's willing to talk and he's also willing to listen and he's also willing to be a part of some things that he really doesn't have to do because what because what he does is so great it's fascinating I mean plus his look you you've been around some great ones too some really good coaches I'm sure throughout your entire journey to this very point to this very interview here at Matt June on and you know it he just Belichick just has the ability to just drill down right and that you guys are just focused on these four quarters of this week and then once that's done it's the next and then the next and then the next and I know all coaches try to achieve that I'm wondering what you can share about what you have experienced in your couple years now for that sort of laser lock focus your team's three and three with a third string quarterback who's not playing like it your defense is playing as good as any defense in the NFL right now like what what can you share as the special sauce on what could be a a big night for your coach to pass George Hallis on the all-time wins list against I think the biggest secret is that he keeps it simple and I think he tells you the keys to winning a game these are the keys to winning this game look we have to focus on this we have to drill on this and we have to live by this when we play this game and if we don't we'll lose and and every week if we don't if we don't hit those goals and if we don't do it kind of exactly what he says you'll go back in the film and it's not him telling you well I told you so it's okay we're gonna watch this film and then that that's gonna tell us how we lost this game and then when we go back and watch the film it's exactly how he tells us how we would have won the game or how we lost the game and so with him with him doing that and his weekend his week out it's not just one time or it's not just it doesn't happen by fluke it happens by so many countless hours of him watching film and breaking down opponents and watching every single player and knowing every single player strengths and weaknesses and what they like to do and so with him just being a football buff like that it it allows us to play fast because he already told us the keys to winning the game and so uh we just have to go out there and execute those uh have you spoken to uh the young man who attempted to give the ball he recovered on special teams to bill um have we addressed this issue your rookie teammate yeah uh school there we uh we uh we talked to school we kind of we kind of joke about it but he was just like he was like I didn't know what to do with the ball and so uh but uh you know coach coach be locked in man he he probably at the at in that moment coach probably didn't even like he was probably like what the heck is this he didn't even probably know it was the ball he recovered and so he probably had no clue what he was doing was there a moment in the film session this week where this has been uh front and center that you can share with us no no no we didn't we had we talked about it on the bus in the locker room but kept it light-hearted like uh schooler's a good dude and he was he was very like he he laughed about it as well i would do the same thing hey look what i got you know look coach look what i got yeah yeah i love man coach coach bb so locked in he'd be so locked into the game and like just kind of the situation going on he don't he he don't really be locked in oh like the antics like you know that's that's for us players so last one for you matt you want to matt you don so what does monday night football meaning you here like you can you can get above 500 go when you're third in a row and show the country that your defense is as advertised here against the bears yeah uh what it means there's another opportunity to showcase our talents uh whether uh that's offense defensive specialty whatever you're doing you can showcase your talents but this time everybody's watching you know everybody in the country is watching nobody's like oh i don't get that game because i in my local game or this everybody's watching and we know that and so it's just it's our time to go out there and prove that what we're working on and what we're building around here right now is not a facade and so uh that's what we have to go and do what'd you get rkk for his wedding where'd you get robert craft for his wedding i can't tell you that but but you did get him something right yeah man uh he's a good guy well i mean he signs the checks i figured you know what'd he get a man for his wedding and when he sees you know you know i haven't i haven't seen i haven't seen the check in a while you know i'm a uh i'm a uh direct deposit baby you know you know it's digital here we ain't well he's the one you give the routing number to you know what i mean so i guess i mean yeah i mean okay gotta get it gotta get him something nice you gotta get him something from tiffany it's about it's about this big you know and it looks like a football on the top you know it's got a football on the top and a base and you hand it to him with confetti around that's what that's what you get him i think they pass it to him first i think uh i'll be receiving it from him that's hey thanks for the time uh have a great monday night football game appreciate it thank you so much appreciate chatting yes sir matt judon right here on the program love that guy he was terrific he's a great shot what a great football player check him out tonight on monday night football and this season every westwood one nfl broadcast streams live for free mondays thursday sunday nights thanksgiving and christmas triple headers the international series in every postseason game we come back postseason baseball has hit its crescendo we have a world series matchup we'll discuss how we got there and what happens now when we come back to send you to the rest of your monday influencer it's a word that gets tossed around a lot these days there is a woman who went the distance who broke ground as the first true influencer by living a remarkable life her name elizabeth taylor i'm katie perry this is the story of the original influencer this is elizabeth the first elizabeth the first the podcast wherever you listen so my youngest son cooper sometimes i'll hear him in the backyard just running around and talking in a high-pitched voice and i look at him and i'm like yeah i did that when i was a kid what is he doing he's calling his action and he's imagining in his head the glory that he is just taking part in in the backyard we hear that right exactly yeah and i see him do it and it's awesome i love it and that's what i thought of when i saw bryce harper go yard and i even showed it to coop i'm like look this is this is what maybe bryce was dreaming of in his backyard when he was a kid in philadelphia his team down by one run but up three games to one in the national league championship series all i got to do is win one more in there in the world series and he hits a two-run shot to give him the lead in front of the whole fan base that just went absolutely nuts joe davis with a terrific call on fox saying this is called the swing of his life and it was over this weekend was the anniversary on i believe it was sunday of the joe carter home run where the family you know like touch them all joe you'll never hit a bigger home run in your life and it's great and i get goosebumps talking about it right and uh put philadelphia in the world series put philadelphia in the world series bryce harper had this to say about that moment after the game that's okay long before i walked up the steps i said let's give him something to remember you know just just that moment i mean just being able to do it at home i didn't want to get back on that flight to san diego i just didn't want to get it you know on a five and a half hour flight you know i wanted to hang out at home and enjoy this at home with these fans with this with this organization this fan base there you go i think the cool thing too in the moment it's almost like he left his body he he didn't really celebrate that much he did the phillies thing that he's been doing yeah but he was walking around the bases and even in the dugout talking to ken rosenthal afterward he was just kind of like even he was saying i can't believe i just did that the crazy thing is if you asked of all football fans uh how many super bowls ed reid won with the ravens they'd say two they think he was on that first ravens championship team uh back in 2000 he was not bryce harper was not on the washington nationals championship team this is his first trip to the world series yeah and he's taken on an astros team now you know he mentioned kevin kevin long the hitting coach and rob thompson is the interim manager who joe gerardi brought in those are all the guys that were in new york with gerardi for all those years so it'd been fascinating to see the yankees versus phillies in a rematch of a world series the last one the yankees won if the yankees didn't strike out 50 times and getting swept the astros absolutely dismantled the yankees um you know bob costas called the astros the yankees daddy he's not wrong this is the truth it hurts it hurts so damn bad it hurts so damn bad to watch this certainly when the yankees took a three nothing lead and then harris and baiter gave them another lead and then they won again jeremy pain is amazing he's exactly the type of player that every team needs and wants and they and they already have some terrific players they deserve and to see them celebrate new york really killed me to see ted cruz's smug face leaving the sixth inning as well really infuriated me as well just seeing all that just was infuriating completely as a new yorker and hopefully the yankees bottle that and figure out a way to create a team that will beat this team because the one that they have ain't it us sucking good well on the way to say you know i mean i don't agree with that mike but you know the yankees do have a team that won 99 games and they just don't have a team that can beat the astros and i don't know if they've got the right general manager or the manager for it i mean my my brother-in-law called in earlier i mean garrett cole over the weekend he's your guy you're down two games to nothing it's the sixth inning you're down to nothing because of a ridiculous error that occurred in center field and then a home run right after that cole's pitching really well but the bases are loaded in the sixth inning you're going to remove him for what what are you doing and you don't even put your closer in or your two best relievers in as he did last night wandi peralta you put in lou travino as cole you know cole was biting his lips after the game saying you know i still had more to give like yeah you go with your guy until you weren't going him off right right i don't know what boon is thinking i don't know what cashman's thinking i don't know what any of them are thinking all i know is that's not the team that can beat the astros and and judge i hope sticks around because man do i love watching him play man do i love watching him play but the astros are easily the best team in the american league they're light years ahead of the yankees in this current version of the yankees and um and it'll be an interesting series fascinatingly enough in the thursday off night of this world series you know who plays on thursday night football houston and philadelphia really yeah eagles and texans play on the thursday of next week week yeah of the thursday off of the world series it begins this coming friday wow that's amazing yeah so the nfl is going to have their own houston versus philadelphia matchup unless one team sweeps the other and just a a council to all my new york friends who we're we're all excited about the jets and the giants mats and the yankees looked like they were going to face each other in the world series and uh and right now um one team uh went out checking the opposing pitcher's ears and the other team went out with the manager lamenting exit velocity not strong enough for an incoming wind that aided the other team's home run ball as if that was the difference and either of those were playoff losses so let's be careful or enjoy what we have well we have it how about that but man that hurt that hurt because the yankees weren't even in the same universe as this astros team they're good i know they're so good and as far as new yorkers we're all phillies fans now how about that never thought i would say that into a mic back on roku to wrap things up in a moment ross matthews talks to celebrities friends and people with interesting stories to tell who's saying hello ross this week chelsea handler i'm not home enough to have a third dog my housekeeper basically is their parent i am not going to get another dog so that she has to take care of another dog until one of these dogs exits it's a good move i have three rescue dogs and only two hands and when you're one person that's too hard to do i recommend two max okay here's your foot ross hello ross available on youtube or wherever you listen
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