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Dallas Cowboys Win-Loss Game

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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June 6, 2024 4:18 pm

Dallas Cowboys Win-Loss Game

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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June 6, 2024 4:18 pm

6/6/24 - Hour 2

A caller poses an intriguing question about UConn’s Dan Hurley for Celtics fan Chris Brockman who also previews Boston vs the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA Finals.

The show’s resident Dallas Cowboys fan TJ Jefferson plays the ‘Win-Loss Game’ for Dak Prescott and company.

Rich previews the AFC South and lays out the best-case scenarios for the Indianapolis Colts, Jacksonville Jaguars, Houston Texans and Tennessee Titans.

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You need a Q-tip? Let's go! Live from the Rich Eisen Show Studio in Los Angeles. Do you have any sense of what the Los Angeles Chargers are gonna look like? I think they're gonna look a lot like all of Jim Harbaugh's teams. Who's got it better than us?

No way! What he does is so identifiable. Earlier on the show, ESPN college basketball analyst Jay Villas. Coming up, Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski.

Comedian Sal Vulcano. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Hour number two of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. We're still taking in the news that reverberated throughout the entire sports world today.

Loge Bomb number one of one. I mean, when you come on the air and say, oh, this business of the Lakers are waiting for J.J. Redick, that everybody is assuming is the case, leading into J.J. Redick being part of tonight's broadcast of the NBA Finals. On ABC, everyone's assuming he's gonna be the next coach of the Lakers. That's why we've been waiting.

Oh no, the Lakers have actually been circling Dan Hurley, the two-time back-to-back national champion head coach of the UConn Huskies. And it's been a relentless pursuit. And he's listening. I'm listening.

And we've been taking it in. Jay Villas joined us last hour to talk about it. We're happy to talk about it with you at 844-204-RICH.

Being the number to dial. And hour number three, Kevin Stefanski, the reigning coach of the year of the National Football League, fresh off of a contract extension. He will be joining us.

We'll chat with him about his Cleveland Browns, a team I put seventh on my Too Soon June power rankings. Wow. Yeah. That's not why he's calling in or zooming in. I thought maybe he'd find out.

No, he accepted our invitation. So I had them do that. And over 600 comments on the YouTube version of that segment. I had a fun night scanning some of those comments. What were people saying? I mean, a lot of people were wondering if you were on the TJ Plus yesterday. No, okay. That's some good stuff, bro.

Just curious where a lot of Eagles, Bills, Dolphins fans kind of wondering. Yeah, sure. Almost 82,000 views on that video.

That's why it's called Too Soon in June. Dumbass, I think you. Oh, dumbass.

Okay, that's correct. Terzo Anayo, I shouldn't say speaking of dumbass, but that's a very difficult term, but he's our friend. What's up, Terzo? I appreciate it, Rich. I got a couple things for you here first. Last night I was making dinner for my girlfriend, some spaghetti with my homemade sauce.

Okay. And we had the prices right on, prime time. And guess what game they were playing?

Oh, no way. Master Key? Master Key.

They were playing Master Key. And which key did she get? She took the middle key. She took the middle key. She took the middle key. And what was the Master Key?

Tell me to open the card. She won. The middle key. She won everything.

Dude. I started, I just started laughing. My girlfriend looked at me and she's like, what's so funny about this? She's like, ah, always take the middle key, babe. Always take the middle key. And did you show her TJ not taking the middle key afterwards? I reminded her that that's where this beautiful relationship has started. The middle key was the Master Key is what you're saying?

Yes, it was. The first time since I played it, they probably played that dumb game too. But I mean, the middle key. Always take the middle key. Look, guys, I would have taken the middle key had I been looking.

But as we know, I wasn't looking. The middle key could also be a metaphor for many things in life. Always take the middle.

Always. Yeah, cruise right down the middle. That's the easy way to get through life, guys. That's the way you end up hitting greens in golf. That's the way that you get strikes in bowling.

That's the way that defenses are always trying to be, baseball teams build the strongest up the middle because that's where you're most vulnerable. Just trying to say. It works for life, Terzo. I think it does, too, and I'll agree with you, Rich. Also, don't take other people's food.

That was yesterday. I was just like, even if it's been sitting there, I think you still leave it. It's funny. I don't mess with other people's food.

I brought this up to the family writ large last night during dinner. The looks I got of saying, you take it, you take that food, sitting out there for four hours. Then I mentioned that, Chris, you said all it would have to be is an hour of being left alone. You would have taken it. That's aggressive.

That's aggressive. We settled on two hours. Yeah, we did. I think we leave it.

Rich, just to preview the NBA Finals with you guys. I know yesterday everybody was kind of jumping on Chris and saying everybody's overlooking Boston. I don't really think that that's the case. You can probably say that Kyrie and Luca are maybe better than Jalen Brown and Jason Tatum, but that's kind of a maybe. But if you look throughout the entirety of the team, the Celtics have the experience. They've been beat up in the NBA Finals. I think that they're tired of it and they're going to want to win. To be honest, I could see them win in 4-1 and this being done in 5. I hope it goes to 7, though, like Jay Billis said.

Look at me agreeing with the lawyer. Okay, thank you, Terzo. Greatly appreciate that. Appreciate you all, brother.

Right back at you. Jay Billis just said he thinks it's Mavericks in 7. It's almost like all these people just started watching basketball six weeks ago.

Oh, but Jay Billis, you can't say that about him. Kevin in North Carolina, you're here on the Rich Eisen Show. What's up, Kevin? Hey, what's going on, Rich? What's going on? Before I pose my question to Brockman, in regards to your June 2-2 power rankings, it sounded like the ramblings of a crazy person and triggered the quote from your interview with Thomas Ludden.

Find me in Patrick Stewart's yard. Yeah, okay. All right, I like it. Okay, so Brockman, I got a question for you about the whole Dan Hurley situation. What's up, man?

Are you the one that just tweeted me this as well? Can't close the deal, and the Celtics can't win the title. And you're Dan Hurley, and you've got the leverage.

Do you hold out and see if the Celtics shot becomes available, and if so, would you want Dan Hurley as your next head coach? Oh, Kevin in North Carolina. Kevin in North Carolina is absolutely, you're an all-star, Kevin. Hey now, you're an all-star.

Kevin in North Carolina, because you, sir, are hitting the nail directly on the head, and that nail is the one that Chris Brockman has been eyeing with the hammer all year long. If they don't make the finals, if they don't win at all, it is a failure of a season, and people should actually be held accountable. And our head coach chews gum a lot, and he chomps his gum a lot, and he's no Ime Udoka. And that guy was a better coach, and if he had only not done whatever the hell he was accused of doing that the team couldn't overlook and never mentioned publicly, but everybody's rumoring about it, that if that guy was still around, we would have beaten the Mavericks. And that is a perfect way to say, why wouldn't you, if you lose to Dallas, look at Joe Mazzulla and say, thanks, man.

But hold on a second. Dan Hurley sitting right there, and if Dan Hurley's wife wants to live in the Northeast, and she wants to live near New Jersey, guess what? You know, UConn's only just an hour closer to New Jersey than Boston.

It's only an hour further away, and you're right there. That's all I'm saying. And those Celtics can offer just as much money as Jeannie Buss. Probably more.

I have now given you enough time to sit on this thing and give Kevin in North Carolina an answer. You can't handle the truth. Number one, moot point, they're not going to lose.

I want answers. Number two, let's just say the 1% chance they do lose. How do they lose? By the way, and you know it's more than a 1% chance?

Of course. But how do they lose? Do they lose in five games, or does Luca hit a buzzer beater in game seven? Oh, but why does it matter? Because you want it to be a blown out if you're going to lose. So they blow it out.

They blow it out. So your delicate nature is- Oh, losing five? Yeah, you're losing five. Oh, losing five, Josiah.

Okay. You lose in six. Are they all close games? I mean, which way do you want to lose? I know I'm conflating conversations- This is not the equal of us.

But you say it doesn't matter. You want your delicate nature? How do you want to lose? We're not going to lose. Okay.

For starters, okay? We're not going to lose. But if it's a game seven buzzer beater, then you just run it back. Because obviously something went wrong. But Joe does not like calling timeouts. It's very frustrating.

So Joe Mazzulla winds up in a conversation of being, as you are going through the recurminations and the festivities, you're going through the feats of strength here and the area of grievances. Mavericks win this series, it's probably not going to be Joe's fault. It's probably going to be because they had won too many 10 for 38 shooting games. You don't want with Dan Hurley clearly in play, listening, and people are being aggressive to go get him.

And part of the reason why you might be able to keep him is because he wants to stay in the East Coast for family reasons. I don't think so. The Lakers are a total rebuild situation. The Celtics are not in a rebuild.

We are win now, championship or bust. Right. So I think you keep running this back. That's my answer. You get that answer, Kevin? It's not an answer. Of course it's an answer.

He gave you the answer. He doesn't want Dan Hurley. He'll let Hurley walk out through that door. We're not in a situation... He's fine that Dan Hurley won't walk through that door.

Dan Hurley's not walking through that door. The Celtics are not in a situation where you need to overhaul the roster and rebuild. The Lakers are.

The Lakers are not a championship team. Well, Mazzulla is not the guy that they wanted to lead the shift to begin with. So if he can't close the deal, you get someone who can close the deal. And Hurley can probably close the deal. Probably? Look at Kevin in North Carolina. All of this is hinging on probably. You gotta like Kevin in North Carolina.

Like Kevin in North Carolina. He's a thinker. He's a thinker. He's a forward thinker.

He's definitely not a mouth-breaker. And from a landline, Rich. Yeah! Wow. Rack him. Wow. He needs to be racked.

Epic. Kevin, you just walked around your... That's a good point. Are you just walking around your living room tethered to the phone right now? Hey, Kevin. Here's Kevin in North Carolina.

I hate Kevin, and I hate you guys. By the way, when we were watching E.T. the other day with Taylor. Well, first of all, you never even said that you were watching E.T. Oh, I thought I did mention that here on the show. Didn't I mention that the other day, that we watched E.T. with Taylor?

No. Oh. We were watching E.T.

with Taylor. Susie was pointing out at one point, phones used to be attached to the wall. Uh-huh. And they used to be a cord. Like, she was like kind of looking at this thing.

Wow, that is crazy. Yeah, they had a long cord on the phone. She pointed out to Taylor, phones used to be attached by a cord, and it used to be on the wall. And that was it. You didn't know who was calling.

It was roulette. You picked up the phone and you went, hello? It could have been anybody.

Call her from 9-1. Yeah, none of that. It could have been anybody calling you. Yeah, no, it could have been anybody. It could have been E.T.

phone at home. Right? Elliot. That movie does not hold up, right? Oh, it does. Oh, my God. I was crying like a baby. Oh, gosh. Did you turn on your heartlight?

Oh, my heartlight was turned on, and then we looked it up at the end. Did you know he made that song without the consent of the movie makers? Because I was ready to hear that song during the closing credits. Had nothing to do with the movie.

Really? It had to do, well, it was about the movie, but it was not part of the film, and apparently there was a lawsuit. Somebody sued Neil Diamond.

I would have lost, though, in Jeopardy. Like Steven Spielberg? I don't know. Look it up. Turn on your heartlight. I don't think I've seen that movie since the 80s. Dude.

I haven't seen it in a minute either. It is really amazing. And some of the shots are of the adults. Some of the shots are from kid high level. Oh, interesting.

So you see the adults basically from like their thighs up. It's Spielberg is just, I mean, this just in. He's good. All right. Do you want to get to your five burning questions for the NBA Finals? Let's do it. Let's go. Chris Brockman's five burning questions, even though Kevin in North Carolina just burnt this thing all straight up. All right.

Do you got music for him? I don't even know. Brockman's burning questions.

Wow. That's a fire. That's a fire.

Forgo get him. I forgot we had a job for that. My bad.

That's a fire. No, give him NBA music. Come on, man. Come on. Come on. Come on. That's a foul. That's a foul on Jay Phelan. OK, here we go.

I just complained to the refs about that. OK. Here we go. Number one, I got five burning questions. I'm thinking about the NBA Finals, which breaking news, finally start tonight. Finally.

After a month. Number one, did the Timberwolves just suck or is Dallas actually this good? Because here's the thing, they played really, the Timberwolves played really bad. Like, we were talking about Karl-Anthony Towns had one of the worst three point shooting performances. Anthony Edwards was admitting to being tired.

He kind of, I'm not going to say he choked, he's 22 years old, but like, you're not supposed to get tired when you're 22 years old. OK. Or, you know, Dallas actually, you know, been the second, you know, one of the top two teams in the league during the last like two months. Can I, can I answer that question for you?

Yes. Dallas is that Dallas is that good. You don't think the Timberwolves just kind of stunk?

I think you could definitely make that case. But that's not why Dallas won. And then when another team stinks, you don't play down to their level. You win championships.

That's what you do. But all those games were close. And you feel like Minnesota really could have won all those. I know. It must have really hurt for Minnesota fans. I'm cool with this.

Who was that? It must have hurt because, you know, they were so close. They could have had their feelings spared if it was only all blowouts.

Again, again, your take on this is so weird to me. What else? How will Kyrie handle Boston's length? Like, I don't want to talk about Kyrie going back to Boston and how he's going to handle the crowd and the hostility. I don't know if there's going to be much of that. That feels like it's an overblown storyline.

I would agree with that at this point. But who's going to guard him and how can he handle it? Derek White, one of the best defending guards in the NBA.

We know Drew Holliday is an awesome defender and he's had a phenomenal playoffs. How is he going to handle being covered by those two guys? Is he going to have a couple of games where he does go off or is he going to kind of be in that 18 to 22 points per game?

And is that going to be enough? When did Derek White become like a Hall of Fame different difference maker? It started any time he played the Sixers.

No idea. I mean, the Derek Hablicek and then the guy from the three point, you know, he's made the second most threes in the playoffs after Luca. It's him and Luca. Did he find Michael Jordan shoes one day?

Like, and just start putting them on seriously. Maybe when he shaved his head, he had to reverse Sampson effect. Is that what it is? He cut his hair and then he got it. It gets him unbelievable. But anyway, I think that's kind of an interesting storyline.

All right. It's kind of being overshadowed by Kyrie's returnable burning question three. It's the KP of it all. How much porzingis are the Celtics going to get? And what are they?

How are they going to use them? You know, you see some of the clips going around of him shooting in practice. He looks lights out. Have the Celtics been playing coy about his health and his availability this whole time? You think about it, T.J., he was going to play in the Pacers series. They had announced that he was good, right? If that series was going to go five, six, seven games, he was going to be out there, but didn't need him.

They didn't need him because it was a sweep. So that's 10 extra days of rest. It's been 37 days since we've last seen him. What are we going to get? How are they going to use them? Have they been kind of rope-a-doping us this whole time? We don't know.

We're going to find out. Well, I mean, Porzingis was talking about how he he even he doesn't know, obviously, and how he's going to have to get out there and start getting in the flow and see what his conditioning is like. But I think you could make the case, though, that if when he went down for you to say, don't worry, you're going to lose two games, essentially, or was it how many playoff games you lost? Two games. You're going to lose 12. You're going to go 12 and two and have an entire week of the playoffs a week off prior to the NBA Finals.

And that's the way you're going to get me. Absolute best case scenario. You'd assign for that? No doubt. No doubt.

And they were very strategic throughout the year about not quite load managing. He did play almost 60 games, but, you know, just building for this moment. This is what we got him for.

OK. All right. Number four is Luca just going to go nuclear every game, because that seems like it's a possibility. Like, there's a bet you can make that he breaks Elgin Baylor's NBA final scoring record. Yes.

Which is something out late. He'd have to average, I think, 41 points a game to do it, which doesn't seem that crazy. Just watching this guy play, he's on another level, the intensity, his shot making. He can do literally everything on the basketball court. And it's cool that he gets this big stage to kind of show the world on because he's one of the best players in the league. And is he just going to go nuts every single game and Dallas wins in five or six? Certainly a possibility. It certainly is. And lastly, it's all about JT.

It's all about zero. Is it finally Jason Tatum's time? Is he going to put to bed his missteps and failures from the 2022 NBA Finals against Golden State? He has been good, not great in this playoffs, as evidenced by Jalen Brown winning Eastern Conference Finals MVP. But he doesn't have to be, right?

Like that's the point of it. He does absolutely this time. He has to be the man. He's averaging 10 rebounds and 26 points in the playoffs, but that needs to be 30 plus, 10, five assists. He just has to be what we've been kind of hoping and building towards his entire career.

But they've had a lot of success, but it hasn't ended in a championship. And it feels like if he plays really, really awesome, like one of the five best players in the league as he's been voted on the last three years, then the Celtics are going to win the title. But if he goes, the Celtics are not going to win and it's going to be Dallas hoisting that trophy. All right.

Five burning questions. I mean, if I could add one, the one more, it's who's going to be the guy we're not thinking of? Who becomes the guy? There's always that guy. There's always one, man.

There's always one. But it feels like to me, these two teams have been about the stars. They both have dynamic duos and the Celtics have really, really great supporting players where Dallas does not, but those supporting players for Dallas have been awesome in this point. And who's it going to be that, that the Celtics have a better track record of, of, of being better supporting the, the big two, the Mavericks support for the big two for them have been superb in these playoffs.

And if they do it one more time, they can, they can win the finals. Yeah. It does. PJ Washington have a three point game where he's hitting threes with Derek lively, Derek Jones Jones. Yeah.

Absolutely. Have a game, right? You know, in the Celtics, we've shown in their two losses in the playoffs, the teams have shot lights out and then, you know, can Dallas get them in one, two or three of these games? So we'll see. One of those dudes who hits threes for the, uh, the Celtics, one of them is going to have a game. I mean, does Tim Hardaway Jr. have a great game for Dallas, you know, how about that? We'll see. Chris Brockman's five Bernie.

It's going to be great finals. Fantastic. All right.

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Get fired up for your new Weber sear wood pellet grill today. All right, we come back. The moment we've been waiting for TJ Jefferson plays the Dallas Cowboys win-loss game. Before that though, Dax talking about all the contract uncertainty.

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E.T. for sure. I mean, that's if you're just talking about, you know, classics. Yes.

30, 40 years ago. Look at that, man. Yeah. I'd have to I'd have to look at a list and like really think about it.

You got one? What have you been watching with the family? We watch. Oh, by the way, we watched the first two episodes of clipped last night. Yep. And yet is it's fun, except if you're a Clipper fan, right?

I mean, Ed O'Neill is just, oh, my God, playing the creep cringe to just a plus. You know, so good. I know that. Yeah. So that's what we watched last night. OK. Our kids just stroll in like, what are you watching? We're pausing it.

Not for you. The thing is that Cage is still a little young for kind of those types of movies, but like E.T. E.T.

is little too. Like Goonies and stuff. So what are you watching with him now?

Oh, we're still dying. We went and saw the Garfield movie in the theaters. Oh, yeah. How did we do on that one? Really fun.

I really enjoyed it. OK. Got him to sit still with the giant icy. OK. Do you take a grab of the icy every now and then? Oh, yeah. OK. We got him popcorn and have some popcorn, gummy fruit snacks. Oh, my God. She's yeah.

I made him sit still. Yeah. Oh, and you forgot the smoothie bowl from Baltimore and sitting around for an hour in the lobby. Yeah. Yeah.

Yeah. Someone has left their popcorn in the lobby. This is fine. This is fine. Take a ticket stub.

And it was two hours before the stub and the receipt. I was like, what? Approved by the food at the the food expert.

I was a bio major or something. I'm a food safety guy. Fantastic. Back on the Rich Eisen Show radio network. I'm sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry. Grainger has the right product for you.

Call click Grainger dot com or just stop by. Dak Prescott speaking about contracts up in the air in Dallas. My God. It's just it's it's the greatest. I mean, honestly, we're here first week of June and his contract hasn't been touched.

Sort of like Santiago and his is sort of like his clothes in his closet. Not to be it's not packed. Nothing's been touched. OK.

He didn't pack a thing. And C.D. Lamb's not that mandatory stuff because Justin Jefferson's now the highest paid non-quarterback in the league. And he's not he's not at agreement with the Jones family.

And then Micah Parsons is like, that's OK, I'll wait. But I just know that when I sign, I'm going to be the highest paid non-quarterback in the league. And that number is only going to go up because I'm assuming C.D.

might be the one to help force it up. But at any rate, what do I know? What do any of us know really? I know I shouldn't say such a thing into a microphone when I'm hoping you consume this show live on the Roku Channel or Rich Eisen Show, Terrestrial Radio Affiliate, Sirius XM Odyssey or our podcast. You got to be real with the people sometimes though, Rick. I shouldn't even see I know. I mean, I shouldn't say the words like, well, what do I know?

All I know is it's just going to get more expensive as they wait. And in the case of Dak, you may just flat out lose him completely. The answer might be fine. Let him go. What has he done? What has he done?

All right. OK. Well, who would he beat in the playoffs? Only Tom Brady. Yeah. And did his career, didn't he?

That's the thing. Sent him into retirement, didn't he? Any other quarterback in this league would have done that. We'd be swinging from their undercarriage about how great they are, but nobody cares when it comes to Dak. Did they win the game because of Dak?

Yes, Chris, they did. Sure. Dak, you can't take it away. Come on, don't do that.

Don't do that. But they don't win because of him, but they lose because... By the way, Dak's first game return from injury was against Tom Brady and the Buccaneers, and he had one of his best games ever. He had like 400 yards. He did. He was so good.

We lost because our place kicker. We've been swinging from his undercarriage since. Great phrase.

It's tough for me to forget that one. I'm just saying. Understood.

You don't need to physically make the maneuver like you're parachuting, you're grabbing onto two, whatever. I'm just saying. He was really good. Actually, Dak had four touchdowns against the Bucs. He was really good.

He was great at any rate. Two and five in the playoffs. What do I know? So the question is, how is he handling all of it, Ryan?

How is he going to handle all of it? And the question is, here's his answer. You should always have to be honest. So maybe guys who normally wouldn't fillet, fillet. So I don't mind it. Been in this position before.

I'm a gambling man, will gamble on myself and my guys. Not actually, guys. I understand. I understand there's been a lot of shit with that. Not that way. Just that high. So yeah, that being said, yeah, there you go.

That's another reason why you should stick around there. He's used to being the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys. That is not an easy gig in the NFL or in sports in general.

The amount of attention that is on you, the amount of pressure that he likes to... But by the way, he's out of ways to answer this question now. Make fun of it, talk about how it makes diamonds, how I'm betting on myself.

That's how I started... I mean, honestly, he's out of ways to answer the question. The only answer is, how will the question be posed by an opponent when it's win or go home time in January? Will it be on the road? Will it be at home?

What is going to happen in that moment? And are the Cowboys best set up for that moment, roster-wise? I'm saying, I don't know how they're much better than they were at this point last year. Other than health, they're going to be healthier, right? They're going to be healthier going into week one.

I'm just wondering how it will be in week, what, 19, 20? Because they'll get there. They're going to make the playoffs and we're just going to see what happens then.

And are they equipped roster-wise? And are we going to be looking back at the fun that we had about the Jerry Telethon and Timpani and putting up on the board the number of transactions that they had during the free agency period, which was zero for a while, and then one for a long time. Are we going to be looking at that moment saying, boy, they could have had that person or that person if they only had the cap flexibility created by their own foresight to sign the guys that they're going to end up having to sign now anyway? Are we going to have that conversation in January or are we going to say, Jerry was right? Good Lord, is that going to be something we're talking about all the time? And that is it. That is the question.

But other quarterbacks may not be as able to laugh it off, brush it off, and perform as well as Dak is no doubt going to. No doubt going to. But what happens in January? Who's it going to be? Where are they going to be? Who's it going to be against? Boy, I can't wait to fill in those proper nouns in the mad lib.

Cannot wait. Just remember, it wasn't Dak that let Romeo Dobbs get loose for 151 yards. It wasn't Dak who let Aaron Jones get 118 yards.

But a little pushback, a little bit of pushback, and you know how I caped for Dak quite a bit from here? Stop it. Stop it. What did I just say?

Yeah, but... How many people... Oh, excuse me. But then there's always... No, no. Now these are fighting words.

There's always a little paper cut at the end. No, no. Come on. No, no.

Now these are fighting words. How many people who sit in a position that I'm sitting in come out and say Dak's going to have a good regular season, he's going to be fine, or he's handling this pressure well? And just poop all over him and say, he stunk, the Dallas Cowboys should go and do what they're doing with him. Make him prove it. Because I don't feel that way about it, as a matter of fact, no, no.

Do I sit here and... I just don't think that they're going to have the pressure removed from Dak in a situation that the roster, if it was constructed a little bit better, when it all comes down to it. But I also, I'm not sitting here thinking, how's Du Zvon going to look in the slot on the third down, which apparently they're trying out right now in their OTAs, and he apparently looks good. I don't know.

We don't know. Can Rico Dowell have some sort of an effect on things? Can Zach be a... Can Zeke be a guy who, behind Zach Martin, will he have a better year? He said he'd have a great year last year.

I think he made it all pro anyway. Listen, I just don't know if when rubber meets road, how's it going to work out against who and where? And the pushback I was going to offer is if Dak had converted a first down here and there, maybe the Packers wouldn't have gotten right back on the field and jammed it right down their throats defensively.

These things are all part of a tapestry, if you will. But I can't wait for that to play out. And how it plays out, whether they're on the road or at home. And last year, you recall, they were terrific at home up until that playoff loss.

Whether they're at home or on the road, a division winner or not, depends on how they do in the regular season. And it is now time because TJ Jefferson stopped us in our tracks during our prep time today. And he said, I will do the Dallas Cowboys win loss game today on June 6th. Let's go. It's TJ day. Come on. Here we go. Big D day, if you will.

I need music. He's got the props. He's got the Cowboys flag. It is time for TJ Jefferson to say to the people in win loss format, how the Dallas Cowboys are going to perform in the two thousand twenty four National Football League season that begins at the Cleveland Browns. Week one.

TJ Jefferson. Here we go. Week one.

That's a W. OK. But good thing you're saying that now before Kevin Stefanski joins us in twenty five minutes on Zoom. Home for the New Orleans Saints. That's a dub to a no at home.

Late window on Fox. This reeks of Tom Brady's America's Game of the Week. Home for the Baltimore Ravens. We're going to take the L that game. OK. And then turn right around at the New York Giants on Thursday Night Football.

What side connect? That's a dub three and one at the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday Night Football. You know what, guys? On the road, we're going to take that L three and two at home against the Detroit friggin Lions late window Fox. You know what, guys? We're going to take that out.

Oh, my goodness. Dude, that means there are three and three going into a bye week, which means it will be please get hair on fire. Please let that hair on absolute fire coming out of the buy at the San Francisco 49ers. It's not going to get better, because as you know, I've always said the Niners are the hurdle. The Cowboys can't get over.

So that's an Uncle El cool. So that's a three game losing streak that takes a month long to process and play out with that by week mixed in three and four at the Atlanta Falcons. OK, now we we start to get our mojo back like Austin Powers. Yeah, baby, that's a W four and four home for the Eagles late window. CBS, Romo and Nance in the house at home, you're taking that five and four Monday Night Football home against the Texans. Here we go.

You know, I hate to say it, but I think that's an L guess. Seven five at the Washington commanders. Oh, come on. You know, you already know six and five home for the Giants on Thanksgiving. Give me that win on Turkey Day seven and five home for the Cincinnati Bengals on Monday Night Football.

Now, let me explain this to you. We've got 11 days off between the Giants game and the Bengals game. The Bengals have a tough game the previous week against the Steelers.

Look at you. I'm going to say because of those factors, that's a W.C. in the circle five at the Carolina Panthers. Come on. That's a dub nine and five home against the Buccaneers. We're going to eat that dub like Jamison 10 and five at the Philadelphia Eagles. Well, you know, that's a home and home thing.

So unfortunately, I think that's an L 10 and six home for the commanders. Come on. Don't ask me that question. Eleven and six. T.J. Jefferson.

God, if you listen to help. All right. Does that win the division while he split with the you could take down the music now that splits with the team that we're assuming that's the closest. Which is Philadelphia, if you're thinking the commanders have a surprise season being two and oh against them, sweeping them, that that will definitely help out, certainly if the commanders have any sort of wild card. I don't think 11 and six is good enough. Is Bill Belichick the coach for the 11 and six because three and three into the bye week?

Oh, baby. Yeah, because, well, 11 and six losses. How about this?

I love this. Let's extrapolate. Niners. Eleven and six.

Dallas as a division winner means what? They're the four seed, three seed or the four seed, right? Probably three. Possible three. Probably. Probably three.

Maybe not. I don't see 11 wins. Hold on a second.

Hold on a second here. The the good part about what you did, T.J., is you had of their six losses, half of them are AFC losses. So that means you have them at you have them at eleven and three in conference, which is a pretty damn good conference record. You've got them four and two in division, eleven and three in conference.

So I think that might be good for the three. But last year, dude, a Packers team came in and they they you know, they were the seven, right? But I'm just saying here, pal, I don't know that that means you're that means you're taking on a team that might be second. You got a Rams team coming in or Niners team, potentially, if the Rams performed very well. You got to do better than that, have a better shot, I think, at the at an NFC championship run. But we'll see.

God, I can't wait for this thing to play out for the record. I went back. Look, I've been one game off every year. You've been you have not been pie in the sky. You're realistic. Yeah. I think there have been more pie in the sky.

Trust me, I went me and Monica were talking before the show. I wanted to put us at fourteen and three, but I decided not to do that. All right. Let's take a break. When I come back, we give you the the AFC's the AFC South is best case scenarios. I've had a lot of fun with that segment, eight, four, four, two or four rich number to dial. Kevin Stefanski of the Browns coming up in our number three.

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Unlimited more than 40 gigabytes per month slows full turns at Mint Mobile dot com. All right, everybody, we're back here on our program. Lots going on. Phone calls. Kevin Stefanski zooming in.

Lots to talk about with him. So Vrabel is an assistant there, huh? He's a he's a consultant. Yeah, I don't know what his exact title is.

Can we find that out so we can in fact find that? You know, back in Ohio, boy, if I told all those Buckeye fans, hey, Vrabel is going to coach in the state of Ohio next year. Everybody like, really? No, he's yeah. Yeah, he's he's going to be a fill in the blank.

What's the what's the what's the fill in the blank? I'm looking. Man, this guy is just one of the worst Googlers ever. I mean, you're such a jerk, dude. I literally have to go to the Browns coaches. No, you don't. Scroll down.

Like, what is wrong with you? He's not even on the coaching staff officially, our pills and buckle up. Gosh, just got to put in Mike Vrabel rounds into Google and it pops up. He's just called a consultant. That's it. That's what I said.

Then why do you ask me to Google it? I had it right the first time. While we're on the subject matter. I'm already stressed about the finals tonight, man, like back off or on the subject matter. We've got to we've got to figure out the drop situation over there. Am I getting them wrong?

No, you're not. But the twofold buries them or he labels them something and then you can't find them because you're not completely familiar with his labeling system. And then he disappears to St. Louis for like 10 days and then what the hell am I supposed to do? He's in St. Louis? What about him? Yes.

I don't know where he is. Honestly, I think we know we're having we're having a meeting after we're going to have a meeting. Do we have to? Well, you don't have anything to do with it. So don't worry. What are you worried about?

Good point. He's caring about it. I'm just trying to I'm just trying to I'm just trying to make a show. I'm just trying to make a show.

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Lowest price guarantee. How about Rick Pitino, we know that. Oh, no, no. He's not walking through.

He's hanging upside down right now, sleeping. Wow. I was literally about to say, let's let's be positive. Let's get positive. I'm about to go to my glass half full segment and then you go drop that. How do I make the turn on that? My gosh. What the hell's the matter with you?

I don't like him. He's hanging upside, hanging upside down. By the way, when was the last time you saw Lovett first bite with George Hamilton? Right now? That's been a minute. Lauren Hutton's in there, right?

Look at you. Sounds like somebody who stayed up and out tuned at eleven thirty at night, hoping that was on Cinemax. It's funny you said that because I just saw a video. It was like an on this day video on Facebook. And we were talking about watching movies through the scrambled screen back in the day.

UHT, the movie network. Yeah. It was 1979, dude.

He's still he's still tan. You know, I just don't know why these things stick in my head. The song from that movie was I love the nightlife because you love the boogie. That's why on the disco. Right. That's right. You see, you know, we're like that. Please don't talk about that.

Look that you want to Google that. I bet you it's from that movie. I think I'm right. What's the song? What's the disco song from love, from love at first bite? I love the nightlife. Is that it? I think it's I think it's I love the nightlife. Yeah, it is. Thank you. It is. Honestly, I don't know why things stick in my brain.

I do not. Because it's a great song, but now I'll make the transition. OK, we've been we've been spreading the positivity around here saying that things get you know it. Oh, my God.

Alicia Bridges. OK, there you go. I've been spreading the positivity around these parts. I'm shining the light being the light as the great now late sadly Bill Walton once told me to do.

And it's funny, all a lot of my opinions here based on the best case scenarios for all teams have been ascribed to me in places that listen to what we do. Thank you. Thank you. And pick it up and aggregate it. OK.

Appreciate it. This is my this is my opinion of what's going to happen. No, this is the best case scenarios. And I've done it for now, six NFL divisions is now time for the best case scenarios of the AFC South for twenty twenty four.

Hit it. Best case scenario for each NFL team. I love that job. I love it.

OK, here we go. Tennessee Titans, best case scenario, new head coach Brian Callahan coming in here. Will Levis has a four thousand yard season, baby. Now Tony Pollard outrushes Derrick Henry. They say, Derek, you can go off somewhere else. He goes to Baltimore and Tony Pollard has more rushing yards than he does anyway. Now we'll have his four thousand yard season. You're saying how is that possible? Do you see who the three wide receiver set is for Brian Callahan?

Yes. Calvin Ridley, DeAndre Hopkins and Tyler Boyd from Cincinnati with Callahan. And they still have Trillen Burke and they have Tajay Spears, Tajay Spears. OK, like so this is an and Bill Callahan is the one who's now running the offensive line in the blocking scheme, like one of the best at it for his son. Sneaky sneaky offense. That's how Brian Callahan winds up as a coach of the year finalist and the Titans make the playoffs. I don't think they'll win the division, but they they're they are one of those sneaky seven seeds that gets in and and Will Levis gets a playoff appearance in year two.

Year one is a full time starter in the NFL. I think that's the best case scenario for the Titans right there. Yeah. I'm with you. OK, thank you. The Indianapolis Colts. Now this is not a great best case scenario when Anthony Richardson's already talking about having a shoulder injury. But he says it's OK. OK, so we're going to go glass half full here. Apple. OK.

Yes, I can say you play today, right? Anthony Richardson winds up as comeback player of the year. Certainly a guy in the second year isn't comeback player of the year, but let's just say he is because he's that good. Jonathan Taylor wins his second rushing title of his young career and Shane Steichen winds up a coach of the year finalist. And with everybody looking at the Texans taking a step up, the Colts take a step up and win the division and make the divisional round just like the Texans did last year. And I think that's their best case scenario for this year with Anthony Richardson's first go round and Shane Steichen's second year in the program, Jonathan Taylor bounce back.

Yes, sir. Plays all 17 wins the rushing title. Second time in his career in twelve hundred yards and touched the best sort of thing.

Jacksonville Jaguars best case scenario. Trevor Lawrence is an MVP finalist. Josh Allen finally gets what he deserves. Defensive player of the year.

He's the DPOY, which he could have been last year, by the way, OK, so Trevor Lawrence shuts up all the naysayers about having taken a step back last year saying, I am healthy. I am ready to roll. And I am one of the five names mentioned in NFL Honors Night before the Super Bowl as an MVP candidate. The Jaguars win the division. They reclaim what was once theirs and they make the AFC championship game. I just I can't sit here and say, yeah, they're going to make the Super Bowl or win it. I just I can't bring myself to that. And I know I disappoint Duvall County when I say that I don't think they're there, though.

But I say that's their best case scenario. Now for the Texans, I'm all aboard here. C.J. Stroud is the MVP. He wins the damn thing. D'Amico Ryans is the coach of the year. He wins the damn thing. Stefan Diggs returns to the double digit touchdown category, even with Nikko Collins and Tankdell. That's how how great Stroud is. He just throws it all over the yard and Stefan Diggs gets his he's fed.

He's happy. And Will Anderson is a DPOY finalist. He's a defensive player of the year finalist. The Texans are the ones to eliminate the Chiefs. They're the ones who say, yes, the torch is now officially passed, even though I know that sounds ridiculous. It's not like Mahomes is 40. But last year, they were the ones who couldn't get past them. Right.

Yeah. They were the ones who'd lost to Baltimore. And they're the ones who are like, we're going to we're going to take care of this AFC. They're not going to win three in a row. We're knocking them out and we're going to New Orleans. And I'll tell you what, what's the closest NFL city to the city of New Orleans?

So they go there and they got a ton of people that they got a ton of people that show up and it's like a friggin home game and they win the thing. And that's the best case scenario for the Houston Texans in 2024. Sky's the limit. Sky's the limit. Texans, Cowboys, Super Bowl.

Oh, my goodness. Well, they play each other as we as we have already established in the win loss game that T.J. Jefferson said the Cowboys go 11 and six. But those are the best case scenarios for the AFC South. I like it. On tomorrow's program, I will finish up this this concept, this cultivated caper by the AFC West. Kind of simple. We're going to finish this with a crescendo.

It's kind of simple how to finish it, but we'll do it nonetheless tomorrow. Fun, fun stuff. I've enjoyed this whole thing.

Action. You got so much to give, Rich. Thank you.

I appreciate that. Caleb Williams has spoken. Hey, we will hit that in our number three. Also, Kevin Stefanski is coming up next coach of the year. And the comedian Sal Volcano is in studio.

And that's no impractical joke that's coming up still here on Roku and your phone calls as well. I see a Jimmy in San Antonio. I see.

We'll get to you. I believe Jimmy wants to do the win loss game for the Cowboys as well and wants to do it just in the same show as you. So here we go. I don't know why we would do that. I don't know. That's what he wants. He wants to compare.

Why you want to follow me? Oh, Jimmy's a VIP for various reasons as well. I'll explain. He is shot up to the very top of the list of favorite Rich Eisen show callers and regulars with one Suzy Schuster. Well, I mean, he sweet talks a lot when he calls.

No, that's not it. I'm telling you to be wary is all I'm saying. I'm aware.

He's real smooth with it. That's OK. Suzy and I are celebrating twenty one years together as a husband and wife tomorrow. Oh, well, happy anniversary. That's right. Yeah, I understand.

So who who put the number on the baseball? Did you ask her the last time she was here or did you forget? We didn't forget it. Just the time was never right. What do you mean times? The time's never right.

Well, that's in two days. That's a question you just can't throw out. That's not true, you know, because she'll tell gets the break when she doesn't like a question.

You can ask it, you ask it at eleven oh two. When she back in 2002, top story, hey, oh, she'll be back soon. So all right. So will we. Our number three coming up, Kevin Stefanski, the head coach of the Cleveland Browns, actual contract extension for a Cleveland coach, and they gave one to the general manager to love it. Every story eventually comes to an end this June. Here the final episode of season two of the hit podcast series in the red clay. Durham in the red clay tells the unbelievable true story of Billy Sundaybert, the most dangerous man in Georgia history in the podcast that people are calling riveting, incredibly moving, captivating and addicting binge seasons one and two of in the red clay. Now, wherever you listen.
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