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REShow: Ian Rapoport - Hour 1

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October 18, 2023 4:03 pm

REShow: Ian Rapoport - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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October 18, 2023 4:03 pm

Rich reacts to Colts QB Anthony Richardson’s season-ending shoulder surgery and what it means for CJ Stroud, Bryce Young and this year’s crop of rookie quarterbacks, and weighs in on the imminent return of Dolphins All-Pro DB Jalen Ramsey and the impact he can have on Miami’s title chances. 

NFL Insider Ian Rapoport and Rich discuss NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s new contract, why the Indianapolis Colts opted for season-ending surgery for rookie QB Anthony Richardson, when we can expect to see Arizona Cardinals QB Kyler Murray and Miami Dolphins CB Jalen Ramsey take the field for the first time this season, if we can expect any big-name players to be dealt at the Trade Deadline, and if the NFL Competition Committee is considering a ban on the Philadelphia Eagles’ ‘Brotherly Shove/Tush Push’ play.

Rich and the guys react to the Phillies’ manhandling of the Arizona Diamondbacks in the NLCS and debate if baseball’s new playoff structure punishes teams for doing well during the regular season.

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All I give a damn about you. The Rich Eisen Show. God, I love that guy. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Your Detroit Lions, our Detroit Lions. I love watching this team play because they'll keep hitting you in the mouth.

This is the Rich Eisen Show. We're going to kick you in the teeth. We're going to buy the kneecap off.

We're going to be the last ones standing. Today's gasps. NFL Network insider Ian Rappaport. Fox Sports College football insider Bruce Feldman.

New York Jets head coach Robert Sala. And now it's Rich Eisen. Well, hey everybody.

Well, hey. It's time for another edition of the Rich Eisen Show right here on the Roku channel. This Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio affiliate Sirius XM Odyssey and more. Our podcast listeners.

We appreciate everybody taking in this show on demand or listening or watching live. And for those listening live, I am I'm wearing Roku purple today. That's what I'm wearing today. And I'll be straight up with you.

I think it looks great. I'm not going to lie. I'm feeling good about myself sitting in this chair today. Why did you let me compliment the shirt? You don't have to.

You don't have to. Going to get out in front. You were.

I mean, I walked in. I was a little lamb solo today to drop off. And I was like, Whoa.

Like the shirt kind of I was like, Oh, that's a good looking shirt. Thank you. Yeah, I appreciate it. Thank you. We're not going to apologize for winning. Thank you.

We're not going to apologize for winning. Like when you pay attention, the show is so much better. It's so much better, so much better. Because you are funny.

So you're able to get the drops in. Thank you, Chris. Well, you say he amuses you. He's funny. Now, what you should have done is you should have just said that yourself, like me talking about my shirt, and it just showed how much better it is when you let somebody else compliment you, which is, by the way, I think a lesson for you, Mike.

And subordinate and Charlie. How are you over there? TJ Jefferson. Good to see you, sir. Good to see you on this day.

I'm great. I'm gonna give a shout out to a guy we know named Joe. What up, Roku? Joe, you know, just we're all rocking the Roku world here on this program. We're very, very happy. Hey, hey, we've got three fun guests. Ian Rappaport going to join us from the NFL owners meeting in New York City.

Lots of news popping. Also, if, you know, if you don't have haters, you're not popping, right? I mean, see, he set you up. Yeah, you got no haters.

You ain't poppin. That's right. And that guy's joining us in hour three. What?

Robert Sala. You're my H.C. My H.C. Are you going to cry? That's what I hope he doesn't embarrass us to be. Well, you know what? That's a very strong choice of words. Also on this program, Bruce Feldman, right in the middle of this.

They call me Bruce. Show Penn State, Ohio State on the marquee for college football this weekend. Brock Bowers having the old tightrope surgery on his ankle.

I got a question about that. What's he doing it for? To come back and win for a third time?

No, I'm serious. What's he doing it for? Is he doing it to make sure that he's back in time to go on a run for back to back to back championships with Georgia? Or is he doing that to get himself ready to be a top five pick in the draft to be ready for all of the nonplaying season talent evaluation moments?

Is that what he's doing it for? I need answers from Bruce Feldman and he will provide them in studio in our number two. I've got my power rankings, which are it's jumbled last few last few weeks. It's been a lot of the same. I'm all over the map now. I think you guys might be appropriately pissed. I love the fact that you now love power ranking. I do.

I'm all in on it. Because I love listening to you guys chirp and moan and complain. I haven't really complained much. It's fun. You've got my team accurately doing it.

Okay. And I think I have had the Cowboys accurately ranked for a while. One aspect here we are after six weeks in the NFL right in the middle of week six and seven from the bulk of activity. Obviously, you've got a kickoff Thursday Night Football coming up on Amazon Prime, which you can watch here on Roku, which matches perfectly my purple shirt.

The week seven Thursday Night Football game, Jacksonville at New Orleans. But prior to that, I think there is one thing that we now have for certain, unfortunately, for Anthony Richardson. And unfortunately, as Bryce Young is still searching for his first win as a National Football League professional quarterback, and I didn't think I'd be saying this after six weeks, but the race, if you will, the question, if you will, that was burning on the night of the draft in Kansas City when Bryce Young went first and CJ Stroud went second and Anthony Richardson went fourth because the Texans popped up and hopped in the spot of the Arizona Cardinals to go take Will Anderson to support CJ Stroud on that night as to which quarterback in the rookie class would be best in his rookie season. That fight has been called. It is over as a wrap.

It is a technical knockout when it comes to Bryce Young in an actual knockout. Unfortunately, now, when it comes to Anthony Richardson, as he is done for the season, the Colts announcing via various different ways, release statement, and then Shane Steichen saying in his press conference and Jim Irsay saying at the owner's meeting, Anthony Richardson is, in fact, going to have surgery on the shoulder he injured two weeks ago, and it's going to end his season. Anthony is a competitor. We know how difficult and disappointing this is for him and our team.

We collected several medical opinions. We felt this was the best course of action for his long-term health. We anticipate a full recovery, and there's no doubt Anthony has a promising future. And then the statement finished up in the meantime, I love the fight of this team, and I'm excited for the opportunity you have ahead of us, says Jim Irsay. This is a statement from the owner of the Colts. It starts this week with Cleveland, and there's no way in hell we're going to go through what we went through with Andrew Luck again. I added that last part.

Oh, I added that last part. It sounds like something Jim might say. There's no way in hell we're doing this again, where suddenly five years from now, Anthony Richardson is going to be like, yeah, I don't think I want to do this anymore. If you remember, shoulder was one of the many injuries suffered by Andrew Luck. And Richardson, it's unbelievable how tough this league can be and how physical this league can be. This guy was built like the proverbial, you know what, brick house. Yeah.

Okay. And he, at the combine, just standing near him, you're like, this guy is going to wreck the league physically if he has the ability to play quarterback neck up and also with his heart and also with the scheme and everything like that. And now here he is done for the year after six weeks and knocked out of two other games as well. And it's the Gardner Minshew show for the Colts. And that's part of the backdrop as the Jaguars take the field on Thursday night against the New Orleans Saints. And that, folks, means it's CJ Stroud's world maybe in this division to go and try and beat the Jacksonville Jaguars, because in CJ Stroud's remarkable start of this season, he already has a win at Jacksonville in his back pocket.

As we're sitting here through six weeks of this season, the Texans who are on a bye week will be watching Thursday Night Football with Al and Kirk, Curve Street and the rest of the gang on Amazon Prime, perhaps on their Roku platforms, sitting there and rooting for the New Orleans Saints. Because if that happens, they are only a half game behind the team that they've already beaten, and Trevor Lawrence might not be able to answer the bell for that game. It could be Jacksonville starting a CJ themselves in Beathard.

This is a remarkable turn of events. And one, however, for me, and I understand, you know, I've had my fun mentioning CJ Stroud. That's just me being a real Michigan SOB, calling CJ Stroud my favorite Ohio State quarterback of all time. But that's just me being that guy to be straight up as I was when I came back from the combine. CJ Stroud looked phenomenal at the combine.

He's a dog. He was the guy who threw the ball better than anyone else. And when Josh McCown went up to him at his pro day and said, you know, something along the lines of, I'll let you know where certain courts are.

I don't know what they was playing. We're saying some talking about letting him know when he moves to Charlotte about certain places for him to go. I honestly thought they were going to take him. There was a hot minute where it was this kid is the guy to go and take first overall. That's who they traded up to go get.

And obviously his play through the first six weeks of the season has supported that. And kudos, by the way, to the Texans to get this kid ready and kudos to him for doing what he's doing, because that line didn't have Laramie Tunsil on it until a couple of games ago. And this running game, Damian Pierce is kind of M.I.A. with their new zone blocking scheme. Pierce is having trouble getting going. I mean, Devin Singletary was the one who toted the rock in their win for the Texans over the Saints last week.

Better than Damian Pierce. The run game has not even been going. And the blocking up front has been, you know, you can't say suspect because they have done a very good job, but it was jumbled.

Well done. This fight is over. It is over, you know, unless Tyson Bajant or Aidan O'Connell make a run.

I doubt it. But Stroud has the Texans in position to threaten in their division as they're sitting on a bye week this week, watching the Jaguars go first, perhaps with a banged up Trevor Lawrence or Lawrence missing his first career start, I believe, ever in his life. Yeah, Texans half came out of the playoffs.

They are indeed. So this fight is over. I didn't think I'd say that after six weeks. And it's due to C.J. Stroud looking the part and showing his heart and his ability big time.

It also helps to have a terrific Michigan receiver, Nikko Collins. But that's all right. I got to stop doing that. I got to stop doing that. I got to stop it.

I have to stop myself. So just shout out to Mika Ryan's. Oh, yeah. But everybody is getting it done there. They're getting it done. And Will Anderson is, you know, quietly putting together a very nice rookie season.

They're good. Dalton Schultz, former Cowboy tight end. He's getting it done. You know, Tankdale when he's healthy.

At any rate, it showed out last disco and Bobby Trees, man. So that fight's over for rookie quarterback. One other piece of news I want to get to before we start in earnest, by the way, eight four four two or four, which is the number to dial Ian Rappaport will be joining us shortly here on the show from New York City. The owner's meeting where Roger Goodell has a new contract extension through March of twenty twenty seven. So RG one is going to be in his post longer as of right now and for longer than the tenure of his predecessor. He's longer.

He's commissioner longer than Paul Tagliabue was, which is wild. But I mean, we'll talk about that with you in a second. This is a big piece of news because the trade deadline is in two weeks from yesterday. Four o'clock Eastern on Halloween, as everybody's putting their costumes together in many different parts of this Halloween loving nation, there will be a trade deadline of the NFL and it's going to be kind of lit. And then hopefully for Ian and others who have children in the news and information business, they'll be able to put their phones down and put on their costumes and go out to fun with their kids. But there is already.

A major acquisition. That's happening apparently today. And that is Jalen Ramsey's coming back to practice for the Miami Dolphins. He tweeted out a bunch of photographs of him saying that he's ready, essentially. And, folks, he called it the restart. And I like the photos of him.

They look very professionally done. I don't know if he did this especially just for this day. He's had this in the shoot as he had surgery on during training camp to get ready for this moment. And what this means, I think, is highly significant. And I don't know if it's going to get the coverage in this Cowboy focused nation and what's going on in the NFC with the Eagles and the 49ers having dropped their first games and, you know, Kansas City having won five in a row. The Lions have our attention.

Obviously, Kansas City has the attention of tweens everywhere in a way that nobody's ever ever seen. Everywhere in a way that nobody's ever had in the history of the NFL and so on and so forth. But perhaps one of the greatest offensive units in the history of the NFL because right now the Miami Dolphins are way in front on total offense.

Way in front. They almost have 5,000 yards of offense through the first six weeks of this season. The exact number of total yards for the Miami Dolphins is 4,900 and change. And they are number one in rushing. They don't have the most passing yards, believe it or not.

That's kind of crazy. But total yards and offense for the Miami Dolphins. 2,992. They average actually their average is 498.7 yards a game. That's over 100 more than the Eagles. 103 yards more than the Eagles. 2,992 yards totally. They're almost getting 3,000 yards of offense through six games. 1,900 passing yards. That's the most. And 1,091 rushing yards.

So I have the accurate numbers right there. They run it down your throat. They pass it. And now they're adding Jalen Ramsey to the back end of their defense to take away half the field, essentially. That's the ability that Jalen Ramsey has. We'll see if he can do it for Miami.

But if they're adding one of the best past defenders and corners in the league that we have seen since he came out of college out of Florida State. What does that mean? What will that mean when they take on the Kansas City Chiefs in three Sundays in Germany on NFL Network?

I'll be at the microphone in Frankfurt, Germany, for that. What will that mean when the Miami Dolphins wind up taking on the Buffalo Bills again? What will that mean for the Miami Dolphins? Heaven forbid for Philadelphia, if he can come back, open the window and play this very week, that's a tall order, what will happen when they take on Dallas and CeeDee Lamb?

See what I'm saying? The Miami Dolphins take a look at their schedule here. Can't talk about it enough this Sunday night at Philadelphia, then they're home for New England.

I'm sorry, Chris, in advance. No, I want to lose. I understand what you're saying. Then there's that Germany game I'm talking about before they have a bye. Now Jalen Ramsey can take a look at Devante Adams and say, okay, I'll try and lock you down.

There is that Black Friday game on Amazon the Friday after Thanksgiving. Garrett Wilson will potentially have Jalen Ramsey from the other side of the line of scrimmage lining up at Washington. There's a Monday night game home against Tennessee. I'll tell you, man, I saw them in person, and if they don't get Derrick Henry going, they don't have many other options. And that's what the brilliant DeAndre Hopkins potentially have a Jalen Ramsey lock him down. There's a lot of winnable games. The Dolphins have a shot if they take care of the Chiefs in Germany to wrap up a one seed.

Potentially seems like 13 and fourth, the worst division championship in their sites, a one seed in their sites and Jalen Ramsey coming back. I don't think that's going to be talked about enough. That happens today. Wednesday practice window opening up with that tweet, and then the news, I'm sure, will come sometime during the show today.

Let's take a break. Speaking of news, Ian Rappaport is a guy who approved reports it and will be joining us next. Is Kyler Murray coming back for the Arizona Cardinals? Because Jonathan Gannon mentioned on the radio in the Valley of the Sun that Kyler Murray is trending in the right direction. I'll tell you what, I picked him up in fantasy. You betcha. Hell yeah, I'm stashing him. And on top of it, what is going on with the trade deadline?

Is there anybody out there? And then the conversation in New York City is about what outside of the business of the NFL? Ian Rappaport has the answers on that front.

I've got my power rankings as well. Bruce Feldman in studio. Robert Sala.

Poppin' in hour three. Millions of listeners and thousands of five star reviews rave about the hit podcast series In the Red Clay, the unbelievable story of Billy Sunday Burt, the most dangerous man in Georgia history. He was a whiskey man, bank robber, hit man. He was a murderer.

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The podcast is available Tuesdays wherever you listen. there in the league, but it matters the most from three and three. OK, yeah.

All right. I was two and three. I'm three and three in the league. That matters the most as well. What's a three game losing streak?

And now I'm even out my record, which is nice. Oh, look at you. Cooper is Owen six.

That's right. He is so beside himself. Is it injuries or just? No, I'm lucky.

Bad luck. His quarterback is to help him. He's he's let me tell you this fancy talk to Uncle Uncle TJ.

Yeah, I'm here for cool. Here's his man, Bijan Mustard. Bijan Robinson. He's just like, why? Why is they keep taking him out of the games?

That's why he doesn't play in the red zone. He's your best player. Bijan, it's infuriating. He's got Bijan. He's got Burrow Deebo. Samuel doesn't finish games.

Yeah, yeah. Um, he's got Christian Watson Burrow. Slow start. Yeah, who else? A-Chain.

A-Chain is out now. Jonathan Taylor. He's waiting for Jonathan. He drafted him to put him in.

Garrett Wilson. I mean, yeah. He's just got to hold. Yeah, hold. Team's not bad. That's what I'm saying.

He's just got to tell him he's got to hold. Great team on paper. I know. Yeah, but you can't get Owen six.

Save flowers. Chiefs defense. What the hell?

I know. Should be good. Back here on the Rich Eisen show. It's sitting at the Rich Eisen show desks. Furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions.

For every industry, Grainger is the right product for you. Call or just stop by. My buddy from the NFL Network, NFL Media Group, NFL Insiders Program on NFL Network and NFL Plus. So much going on in New York City. And joining us from the NFL owners meeting in the big city.

And the big apple is my friend at Rapsheet, Ian Rappaport. How you doing, Ian? I'm good, man. How are you? I'm doing well. All right. So the commissioner's got a new deal.

Through March of 27, correct? He does have a new deal. And, you know, it was, I think, not a big surprise. I think Roger Goodell getting a new contract extension was something that everyone has expected for some time. You know, being now that it's officially done and announced, it's news, but certainly not a surprise.

Maybe more interesting to me was, you know, Mike Garofalo, my colleague at NFL Network here, was asking Roger Goodell about legacy. And is this going to be his final contract? And, you know, not even wanting to go there, kind of, you know, and that's what I think I thought.

That's what a lot of people thought. Maybe this is the final contract. And now would be sort of time to discuss what he's brought to the league and legacy. And he wasn't having any of it, which makes you wonder. Either he doesn't want to celebrate his legacy while he's continuing to go, or maybe this isn't it. And that would be interesting in itself. Certainly, he has had a very celebrated tenure as the NFL's commissioner. And maybe we're not done anytime soon.

We will see. Well, you know, in terms of that, I mean, I guess, why indicate to everyone, you know, that he's got a clock left, right? I mean, it's just like politics, too. You don't want to be a lame duck where suddenly owners are like, well, we'll just, you know, we'll wait you out, you know, for something like that. You know what I mean?

Right, right. And plus, you know, who knows what's going to happen in three years anyway. I remember the last time he did a contract extension. One of the PR men who worked for the NFL came out and announced that it was his final contract.

And it's not, surprise. So you just never, you know, you never quite know what the future is going to hold. What else is coming out of this owner's meeting? Anything of news? What do you got for me on that?

Yeah, I'd say, you know, a couple of things. You know, one, as far as league news, what the NFL has done with the coaching interview schedule is push it back past the divisional rounds. You can have in-person coaching interviews. So after the divisional round, which would drastically slow the process. And, you know, what the league hopes is that it will allow the owners, force the owners to look at, you know, a much more diverse pool of candidates. Now, will that work?

We'll see. You know, it also kind of keeps the focus on the field, I think, during the playoffs, which is a good thing. But it, you know, it does delay the process. And I think for coaches who want to hire assistants, you know, this makes it a lot slower. But again, like you hope the process is more fair. You hope there are more diverse minority candidates considered.

And, you know, perhaps that will go a long way toward this. The other thing, and it's not really meeting news, but it was something that happened at the meeting was Scott Dunn talking to Jim Irsay, the Colts owner, about Anthony Richards, and he is going to have season-ending shoulder surgery. Not a surprise. He talked about it on Sunday. But Irsay is saying that it was Richards' choice to have it based on the amount of pain he was in, the prospects and all of that. You know, obviously he was disappointed because of where his season was trending. But, you know, Irsay is saying that he thought the rookie of the year race was going to be Stroud or Richardson and he was really looking forward to that. Now, likely, we're not going to see him until the 2024 season. So in terms of that, Ian Rappaport, here on the Rich Eisen Show, anything about, you know, the history of Andrew Luck and his shoulder in the mind's eye of Irsay and the rest of the organization there about this decision-making process on how to handle Richardson at all, do you think?

Yeah. Yeah, I mean, I would be remiss if I said that Andrew Luck didn't play into this. Because, you know, remember, they were confident in Luck's shoulder, multiple shoulders, and then ankle. And, you know, there was a lot of, like, let's get him back in the field, he's going to be fine, he's going to be fine, they weren't prepared. And it was a big mess. And I think it really did leave scars on this organization. This was different.

You know, think about it. We are more, we're 10 days now from when Anthony Richardson hurt his shoulder and only now making the decision after consulting with, you know, five medical opinions. Only now saying, yes, he is going to have surgery. I would say that's significant because they wanted to make sure to do their due diligence, take their time, and make sure that they made the right decision. And every time you talk about it with owner Jim Irsay, he brings up Andrew Luck because, you know, I think it's an acknowledgement for this organization that it did not do right by Luck, and they want to make sure to do right by their franchise quarterback this time around. Ian Rappaport, my colleague from NFL Network, kind enough to step away from the din of the owner's meeting, standing for our radio audience near what it looks like, some emergency exit at the New York hotel where everything's taking place. I appreciate your due diligence, Ian.

I greatly appreciate it. Let's talk about Kyler Murray right now, speaking of injured quarterbacks, because, you know, in Arizona, Jonathan Gannon called Murray trending in the right direction. Is he coming back, do you think, this year for the one-win Cardinals, Ian? This year, yes. I do think he'll be on the field this year.

And I think there's a lot of reasons why. You know, he is getting better. He is improving.

I do not think he's coasting playing in a game, but he is improving. And, you know, I think for this organization, I think there's going to be some people who are like, why would he play? The season's lost. And I'm like, okay, well, there's decisions that need to be made. And if you're the Arizona Cardinals, let's say you have a season that includes two wins. Well, you're probably going to have a top five pick. Do you take a quarterback?

Do you not? What does Kyler Murray look like in your offense? What does he like to work with? Is he your future? Like, it's like almost like the world has decided that Kyler Murray isn't good enough, but he's very good.

He really is very good. And so if you're the Cardinals and you're going to say goodbye to a guy as talented as Kyler Murray, you better be sure. You really better be sure regardless of what draft pick you have. So, you know, that to me is like, they got to get them on the field. They got to see what they have.

They got to see them in their offense and their schemes, all of that. So I do believe he will play this year. Yes, I think his time is coming. When you said that you don't think it's anytime soon, do you think his practice window will open or anything like that? Or that there's no such thing because he's on an injured reserve status?

How does this work? No, so his practice window will open, I would say probably relatively soon. Okay. But then it's going to be a slow process anyway. I mean, remember, he got, you know, he got injured in December. So, you know, it's about 10 months and that was a pretty serious injury. So they're going to for sure take their time. So practice window opening probably soon.

Actual playing, I do not think will be soon. And I spent some time opening the show, Ian, about Jalen Ramsey's practice window opening. What a big, you know, a big potential watershed moment in this season to add him to the defense with an offense on tilt like that.

Do you think I'm going to be calling his name in Germany? Chiefs and Dolphins? That's week nine. What do you got for me on that? What do you think?

Your best guess? So you're talking two weeks from now? This is week seven, right?

Yeah, I'm talking three games from now for the Miami Dolphins. Yeah, I think there's probably a pretty good chance he's playing that yet. And if he's playing, my guess is you're going to be calling his name. One of the most, you know, impressive, disruptive defenders in the NFL and one of the best players with our position.

This is a really nice recovery. You know, kind of heard whispers that he was doing really well. And I think, you know, if you watched, you know, the four games for the Dolphins, you'd see him running.

You'd be like, what? How's that happen? But, you know, that's kind of what, this is kind of where it was trending. I think it's a really good win for him. You know, him having that surgery, which, you know, I'm not sure everybody would have done, was definitely right by him. Having the repair instead of the trim, took him off the field, was going to make him stronger long term. And, you know, he's only 28. So this is a guy I know that figures big in the Dolphins' future. And I do think he'll be on the field sooner rather than later. All right, before I let you go here, Ian, if you want, I can tap dance for the question long enough.

If you want to drop your arm, you've been kind enough to hold the phone very, very well this entire time. I don't know if your blood is still circulating and you're, I can't put you on PUP, basically. We need you too much on the NFL Network. Okay, so trade deadline coming up.

Halloween afternoon for Eastern Time. What are you, any big names you're hearing at this owner's meeting that might be available? What do you got for me on that front right here? You know, I would say, you know, there's not a ton of big, big names that are traded for trade deadline anyway. I mean, it's rare you get like a Von Miller type deal. You know, how willing are the Broncos being going to part with some of their guys? Some of the receivers, I think, would be interesting.

I know teams are going to call grown son, Jerry Judy. I know they don't want a fire sale, but like, could a deal get it done? You know, could a team get it done?

And that would be interesting. You know, you have the Vikings who are, you know, I would say struggling. Records not great. Could someone be available there? Not Jefferson or Cousins, maybe someone else. You know, the Bears, you know, Joe and Johnson, one of the really good corners talked about, you know, he's not immune to hearing the trade rumors. Obviously, he's heard some trade rumors. You know, it's not going to be anything crazy, but I think we could get a couple of guys moving, especially if the injuries ramp up the next week or so.

Yeah, and then of course, teams might, you know, lose in the next couple of weeks. Any shot, do you think, that somebody could go YOLO for, say, Derek Henry or anything like that? You just want to stir the pot a little bit here for a second? Or that's just a non-starter? I don't know that there's a lot of people who want to trade for a running back or that contract. And that's part of the problem this time of year is like, who actually has the money? Who has space? You know, I think that's an issue. So, you know, I would be surprised if something like that happened.

Yes, especially with the trade for really any running back, honestly. All right, last one for you, Ian, before I let you go on this day. Give me the one aspect of walking around the lobby, talking to people. What are people talking about there when the cameras are not on? What is the conversation at this owner's meeting, when everybody's chatty Cathy talking to you?

Ian, what do you got there? You know, I think there's, it's a lot of football talk, really. It's a lot of like, you know, I mean, you see the owner, it's not just the owners, you see, you know, team presidents. And it's just a lot of, you know, I would say a lot of game gossip.

And that's sort of the problem this time of year is you have some people who have a great season, happy to talk in the lobby of others who are like, Oh God, how do I avoid? You know, it's like Robert Kraft, we're scared to not address reporters. You know, which is okay.

Like definitely does not have to. Well, I mean, because I'm sure he doesn't want the question, like, you know, is Belichick on the hot seat? That would absolutely be the question posed of him. There's no question about that. You know, there's a lot of that.

But, you know, I think mostly it's just, you know, a lot of standing around in lobbies watching people walk by. Okay, all right. And the competition committee didn't really, I mean, the brotherly shove that wasn't talked about in the lobby or anything? It did not seem to be discussions of the brotherly shove. I'm sure as we, you know, get to the March meetings that will warrant some discussion.

And the fact that other teams have tried to do it and suck at it. But yeah, I would say not yet on that one. Ian, thanks for the time, brother. Really appreciate it.

I know you're busy and I know you're standing in an emergency exit. So back at it. Thanks again. Appreciate it. All right. There goes the Ian Rapoport off of the day. There you go. Okay.

That guy's on it. A lot of Philly conversation with the brotherly shove and also the Philadelphia Phillies shoving everybody around and also James Harden news. Let's take a break. Let's take a break. Let's take a break because it looks like he's back on his China stance. I'm gonna say that again. Let's see. Back on his China stance.

We told a billion people I'm never playing for him again. Looks like he's back in that square one. We call it a red square one. So what do you call it? Oh, wow. All right now.

Brotherly glove Phillies. Well, it can't be more, I guess, out there than jumping out of a trunk. Fuck naked. Yeah, there's you know what I mean? Like when you were doing that with the hangover, when that was first placed in front of you, did you think I don't know if I can do this? It was my idea. That's how insane I am now. Hold on just to say it was my what do you mean?

It was your idea. It's a Todd Phillips who wrote and directed the movie. It was in the middle of in the middle of the movie. It has Mr. Chow jump out Nate.

Jump out with his shirt off and his and his slacks on. And then I'm a and he also wrote and directed old school. And I'm this one of my favorite movies of all time. And it was really inspired by really hacking off Will Ferrell, like streaking naked.

It was really inspired by that. And so I said, well, this is a Todd Phillips movie. So I gently pitched to Todd.

I was like, what if Mr. Chow just jumped out naked? And he was like, you don't have to tell me twice. I mean, he was like, he knew the idea was so perfect that he made me sign. He made me sign a clause like saying that I cannot change my mind. He got the lawyers involved literally within half an hour.

No joke. He sent Scott Budnick to like his associate for me to sign a paper. But I had I had already in my head. I was like, well, I actually just felt for the good of the story. It's weird because in real life, I'm not an exhibitionist. I don't like to take off my shirt at the beach. You know, I'm really like it. So I think when I'm in character or when we especially as Mr. Chow, you know, you're kind of I mean, I hate when actors say that, but it's true. You're a different guy. I'm just a different.

Yeah. A different guy that just doesn't that just doesn't care about anything. And in many ways, there's part of me that I wish I could be like elements of that character where like in real life, I'm very sensitive. I really care what everyone thinks. But as Chow in many ways is so cathartic because this Chow doesn't he doesn't care. Like, hey, he don't care.

It's just he's just an idiot. Back here on the Rich Eyes and Show, everybody here on the Roku Channel and Sirius XM, Odyssey, this terrestrial radio affiliate, you might be listening to us and more. Let's talk Philadelphia again. We talk a lot about it. Listen, Philly is home to defending NFC champs. Philly is home to. The team that is two wins away from being National League champs, defending National League champs as well.

It did, obviously. Yeah, right. Also home to maybe the most watched holdout for the National Basketball Association, when I guess you're not allowed to do that sort of stuff anymore.

Home of the defending MVP in the NBA. Oh, what's going on? What's going on? Let's start with that one first.

So, oh, is it back in June, July? They all meld together when you're trashing your team's general manager and foreign soil. But James Harden told all of China twice. Two times. Let me repeat that. So if there is some sort of translation going on.

Just make sure you got it right. All those folks who were there about 10 deep at his event just to get a glimpse of the beard. And he used that event for his, I guess, his shoe over in China. Hey, I'm not playing four sixers anymore as long as Darryl Moore is there. Let me repeat that. And then he did show up and talked about how great Nick Nurse appears to be and thinking maybe, all right, he realizes he's not going anywhere. And Darryl Maury and Nick Nurse are saying, hey, we want James to be part of this. That's why we value him as such that when he opted in, I think he thought, hey, I'm opting in. That means you now trade me. That's the way things go in the NBA.

Like I'm of a certain status. I opt in so you can trade me to the spot where I want to go. And they didn't do that. And he says, essentially, they told him either otherwise or did we have we found the real reason why he's really angry? He wants out. He was told he could stay or they give a long term contract. Yeah, exactly.

He thought he was going to get a long term. So now we're rubbers about to meet the road, huh? We're tipping off a couple days. Tuesday. And it's less than a week. Shams Sharania tweeting out that James Harden's a no show at practice today. Hasn't been present with the team since Sunday.

Oh, boy. Today's Wednesday, right? Wednesday. Monday, Tuesday.

It's not happy day three. What's the answer here? What is the answer here? I mean, he wants to get traded, right?

Terrence Mann. Is he the answer? I don't know. What is what is Maury asking for?

Do we know this? T-Man, I'm sure if the Clipper deal is on the table, T-Man's definitely nothing. He probably doesn't want to move him because he thinks that they're better with him. They were so close last year. And he's right. He had a great season. He led the NBA in assists. You know, Joel Embiid was MVP. Yeah, but they have Tyrese Maxey. But you don't think there's been any conversation with the Clippers at all?

Yeah. Just to see for sure what they what he can get. Just to see what he can get. And the Clippers said pound sand, I'm sure. Because wouldn't you like what's the first what's the first name out of your mouth if you're calling the Clippers? Paul George. Paul George, right? Kawhi. Yeah.

I want one of your superstars. Right. And after you get turned down on that. And then the next one next one would be? Yeah. Paul. Well, out of those two guys. And, you know, Terrence. Don't you think he's third? Wouldn't he be the next? Well, you're not going to say Russ. You know, Russ wouldn't be the guy.

So it would it would probably be T-Man. Oh, gosh. Plus picks and slobs. According to Woge in the story, the two teams have talked in recent days. Yeah.

But a sizable gap remains between them on a potential hardened deal. We got Chris Mannix in studio tomorrow to help. You should know something. This is this is it.

I mean, season tips off next week. Yeah. It's always something, man. Well, certainly with the beard. So at least he looks in great shape right now.

And he appeared to be in good spirits when talking about Nick Nurse. Yeah. He's not playing with the front.

I mean, I get it. But like he's making 35 million playing with Maxie. You know, you're playing with PJ. You're not playing. What do you think when he opted in?

I'm opting in so you can get you can get me out of here. Right. Who knows? All right. Also, let's talk about the Philadelphia Phillies. Oh, wait. They just hit another home run. It's unbelievable.

Four hundred and forty. It's unbelievable how good they are. It's it. They are locked in and they are so talented. And it's more than Bryce Harper. Is Bryce like a complementary piece with what's going on? Are they all complementary pieces?

Because, yeah, they work so well together. You know, he's stirring the drink. Castellanos is batting what, sixth, seventh in the lineup. He had one home run in his postseason career in twenty six previous postseason games before he's now got five. Five this year alone. Maybe stop throwing Kyle Schwarber fastballs. Well, it's not just him either.

I know, but he's getting it started. Rio Mujo put one in the gap. And it's just like, you know, again, as a Yankee fan, I'm just sitting there going, oh, that's what extra base hits with men on base look like in clutch situations.

I forgot what that looks like. I mean, Red Sox, we had Kyle Schwarber for the second half of twenty twenty one almost make the World Series. Now we don't need him. He only had 90 home runs last year. Couldn't get past the Astros to make the World Series for their friggin lives. And the Rangers are up two games to nothing on the Astros with two pitchers. The Yankees had they you could say if Aldi was so gone, you know, like he wound up on the Red Sox after the Yankees, you know. Right. But he used to be there.

So you could even give that one a pass. But Jordan Montgomery, he was supposed to be like the next Pettit. And and Cashman flushed him down the toilet, essentially. Just said, let's send him to St. Louis. Astros losing record at home this year, which is crazy. They're almost 20 games over on the road. So you got to think maybe they're in their element going back to to Texas to Arlington.

I don't know. It's been a crazy series. It's been it looks like we're heading for Rangers, Phillies, which are really fun. You know, a lot of star power, a lot of power just in general at the point. By the way, we're supposed to be talking about Philly and we wound up talking about how the Red Sox and Yankees just screwed it all up.

But yeah. And by the way, Brian Anderson used the perfect word. He's so good, by the way, to describe him on Trey Turner sliding. He said he was it's like watching him hydroplane. I watched that with Cooper last night because, you know, he's Coopers.

My you know, my 12 year old is he's grown a lot in the last like six months. So his body control, it's tough for him to slide. It's always been tough for him to slide. He's trying to so I'm just showing him just Trey Turner just getting down.

He just slides and he pops up on the base. It's elegant. It's so smooth. They are so good.

And the range that that's going to be. And it's amazing that the in the year of the pitch clock where pace is so important for baseball, they might wait to start the World Series, but for a week, the way things are going, that's brutal right now. They're really going to do that.

They always do. But why? Because it's it's those days are slated, pal. Didn't we learn anything from having the Braves and Dodgers and the top teams in the league sit out a week and we saw how the games went?

I hear you. But you're the Phillies do not want a week off. You want to play every single day.

You want to keep those bad. You want to play at home. You want to play at home. It's a bad move, and I kind of want to hit that because I'm going back and forth like what's baseball supposed to do? What is baseball supposed to do?

What do you mean? Don't do it. Don't do what?

Don't do what? Give these teams a week off. They gave him like five days off. That's more than the All-Star. I know that. But, you know, then your pitching is set.

You have the ability. You're pitching set. You get your first two games at home in the Divisional Series matters less than your timing and rhythm. And is that right? I mean, at the plate, you just look pretty damn hot to make the ALCS.

Freeman had one hit, and it's because they didn't play. Is that what it is? Yeah.

You get a little rusty. I played baseball for 18 years. Yeah, not at the professional level, though. Baseball is baseball, man. I'm just saying what is baseball supposed to do?

What are they supposed to do? Just have the first round like. First of all, I kind of dig that there's all these teams that can stay in it, so I don't mind the number of teams that make it three games to start. One game done.

Oh, no, I had it perfect. I like you just said how baseball's flukey. I mean, you're just going to get one game.

Yeah, that's that's it. You're one of the last teams to make it. You had 162 games to win your division or get a high wildcard. Just one game done.

Let's go. But you can't just you can't just throw that out in my estimation, because, you know, it makes September and August more relevant and more action for trades because you feel you're in it. You can get a chance to get in the tournament.

I guess it's not just in a box here. It actually has an effect on the 162. Then why is the division around five games? Why is that a seven game series? That should be seven. Yeah, I agree with Sean. I agree with him. Well, the divisional round should be seven.

Is that the answer? And then so then so then so the home team loses game one. Today is a huge disadvantage. Today is a seven game series.

It's not. Today is the anniversary. From 1977. Let's do the math in our heads.

23 and 23. Right. So it's 46 years. The 46th anniversary of Reggie Jackson officially becoming Mr. October. 46 years ago today, Reggie hit his three home runs against the Dodgers to wrap up the World Series. Your fandom was born on this.

It was indeed. Well, I mean, I kind of started getting into it. My fandom for him was born on the day the 76 Yankees got me into the Yankees and my understanding my brother, who loved the Jets, Knicks and Mets.

I had to jump off of one of those bandwagons. But 46 year anniversary of me having that cemented for the rest of my life. But my point at my point is that ended the World Series tonight in 1977.

Right. The World Series and crazy. And tonight it's game three of the ALCS. So when you're saying let's have a seven game series for the divisional series, what we're going to have Mr.

Mid November at some point, if those if those series all go seven, we need 162 games. Now that's now that's the one for this question. This is this is the season's too long. And this is this is maybe your fix. Yeah.

All right. Like if you want the playoffs to mean more and you want to have more room for error for the teams that do well over the course of a regular season or just pitch better and play better and and take advantage of your rest. You know, all the Knicks and the bruises and all that stuff, you know, you get this time off and by the way, I need the time off.

I guess if you're the Orioles, when you're having an average age of 17, I guess you should go. But I thought you're going to mention it's the 19th anniversary of Red Sox Yankees yesterday. It was the steel game. Yeah.

But that wasn't my point is it's the link to the season. Oh, well, you were talking about anniversary troll. I don't think I looked that one up.

Did you have to look that one up? I celebrated rich the start of Brocktober. Okay, that's great. Way to ruin my point.

Oh, I thought it made my point. You idiots did anniversaries 46 years ago tonight. 46.

I was an eight-year-old going. Wow. In I was not saying three pitches, three home runs.

That's true. Come on. One longer than the previous.

There was just bombs. Rich the bench. I think I remember it was who was it was. It was Bert Hooten, Elia Sosa. And who was it Sutton who gave up the first? Let's Bert Hooten.

We can look these. No, it's Charlie Huff. Bert. Bert Hooten, Charlie Huff, Elia Sosa. I believe those are the three home runs. Get off of Reggie was here in June. Would you remember that? Charlie Huff. Yeah. Charlie Huff knuckleballer. See ya. Get out of here with that nonsense.

Howard Cassell on the call first. That's gone. Oh, look at that.

That was my youth. That's Steve Yeager behind the plate with glasses. Glasses. Yeah. Yes.

Get out of here, too. Ten glasses at night. Both of them. The guy hitting the home run and the guy catching and watching.

Regular. Hey, they could see the ball clearly as it was leaving the yard. That's by the way, I caught this Reggie bar from Reggie.

Reggie Jackson threw this to me here in studio. Yeah, buddy. Yeah, buddy. Yeah. And Brockman caught one from him because he got upset. With the way I was throwing it over.

Give me that. Reginald Martinez Jackson, baby. 46 years ago tonight. Rich, we're getting old. No, we're not. We're aging like a fine wine cup. I'm low. Mike. Mike, you're old.

Again, look at the shirt and how I'm wearing it. Yeah. Bringing this whole hour full circle. Every Monday, Rich Eisen and Chris Brockman react to what's happening in the world of football on overreaction Monday.

Dolphins final four AFC team. Oh, that is not an overreaction at all. I'm with you. You're in. I am in the other three final four teams. If you were asking me to call my shot, this is the overreaction podcast. Entertainment purposes only. Unless I'm right. Chiefs, Dolphins, Bills, Ravens. Final four overreaction Monday, the podcast wherever you listen.
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