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REShow: Hour 2 (10-6-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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October 6, 2022 3:12 pm

REShow: Hour 2 (10-6-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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October 6, 2022 3:12 pm

Rich reflects on the show’s 8th anniversary and recalls some of the most memorable in-studio guests since the launch.

The guys react to Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy addressing the media about being underdogs this Sunday against the defending champion Los Angeles Rams.

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The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen

This episode is brought to you by TBS. It's October, and that means the MLB postseason is back on TBS. You can watch the biggest and brightest in the American League take the field and battle it out for a spot in the World Series. There will be crazy hits and clutch performances, jaw-dropping action from the Division Series on October 11th, and, of course, you have to watch the crowning of the next American League champion. Catch the best of the MLB postseason all month long on TBS. Alrighty everybody, welcome to this edition of the Rich Eisen Show.

844-204 Rich is the number to dial. We just said goodbye to Steve Smith Sr. and what a fun 40 minutes we just spent with him in studio in preparation of tonight's kickoff to week number 5. And he had a lot to say about the current state of affairs in Carolina as well as what's going on in Denver. Well, their offense looks choppy. Part of it is Russell Wilson is a guy who's really used to making off-schedule plays, and this is an on-schedule offense. And finding that sweet spot in between the two of them kind of reminds me of when Gary Kubiak was there in Denver, right? And Peyton Manning liked being in shotgun, and his offense likes to put the quarterback right under center. And how that, you know, with the stretch plays and trying to get the ball to the running back was difficult to do that from the shotgun because it's much better from the under center. And how sometimes you'd like to take that quarterback from under center and roll him out, and that's not what Peyton Manning did, so they put him in the pistol.

You remember that was kind of the sweet spot? And that's what it kind of reminds me of right now when you're taking an all-time, you know, obviously Peyton Manning has a much more significant resume than even Russell Wilson, right? But it's similar to that, where you take a guy who's won a Super Bowl in another spot and bring him into this place and trying to figure out what things are in the offense, you also call Jerry Jeudy just a guy, which is... He said it wasn't anything slight, but the word just a guy, it's the acronym for it is JAG. When you refer to a player in the NFL as JAG, you're not talking about he's a Jacksonville Jaguar. That's the thing too, like the loss of Tim Patrick I think in the preseason.

He said that as well. If you missed what Steve Smith had to say, and also some great stories about his playing days about how he would get riled up for a game and why and where that came from, it's just fascinating to me, you know? It's one of the more fascinating figures that I've gotten to cover and now getting to meet and work with on the NFL Network, and you could check out, again, the show that he's doing for the NFL's YouTube channel, Tuesdays at 1 Eastern Time, where new episodes drop NFL's most interesting jobs. Steven going deep into NFL buildings and learning what it's like to be a chef and a K-ball handler. That's the kicking ball, by the way. Kicking ball, Mike, you get that?

Kicking ball. Okay, very good. And that was just a fun time right there. It's our eight year anniversary today, so happy anniversary to us. It was eight years ago that we were born. And I just saw, Sap told me as well, that Tony Dungy, it's his birthday as well, and the reason why I'm bringing this up is he points out it was 19 years ago today when the Colts came back from 21 down against the Bucks in the last four minutes. Remember that one?

I do, yeah. Was that on Sunday night? No, it was a Monday night. Monday night. It was a Monday night on ABC, Al was on the call, and it was a big night.

It's amazing. I need to remember this day because it was a big night for me too. I watched that game in a hotel room getting ready to fly out to move to Los Angeles for the first time.

Wow, that's awesome. 19 years ago today in the NFL Network, you know, we're about to celebrate our 19 year anniversary in November. And I just remember sitting in that hotel room thinking to myself, man, I'm not on SportsCenter anymore. And what's my new life going to be out in Los Angeles is flying out. Susie was already out here. She was, you know, living in LA as well.

We were living separately before we got married in June of 2003. And I just remember watching that game and thinking to myself, I guess, OK, if I was on the air on NFL Network, whatever the hell that's going to be, this is what we'd be talking about. Having no idea that what would that be? Let me do the math.

I'm a terrible at math. 11 years later, I would be sitting on the set of this show launching something that is such a part of my life and my career with you guys. Yeah, man. And everybody who has been taken in the show as well.

Appreciate you guys. You came out with like a list of of of our favorite. We're just kind of like going through, you know, we've had hundreds upon hundreds of in-studio guests, and so we were just kind of like trying to talk about what our favorite in-studio guests were. You got to put Larry David up at the top of that list.

You know what? I didn't even have Larry on it. How would you not?

Again, I tried to come up with a top five and I have a TJ ask like 20. I mean, Larry David. What's wrong with that? I mean, Rudd's been here many times. Yeah, here are some of the ones that literally Bush did a concert for us right over there. Not Bobby Conovale, not George, not George.

The band, the band. I think Bobby Conovale hosted that day because you were gone on a Friday. That was our first year. Our first year I was doing Thursday Night Football from the road.

Yes, and we would be doing the show by remote on Thursdays and Fridays. And that created in our first fall, again, nine, eight years ago this fall where I did a show from Miami. And our satellite truck got stolen the night before. So I flew out on, I guess, after the Wednesday show getting ready to go to Miami that night so I could get there in time for Thursday's football.

It was Tuesday going into Wednesday, whatever it was. And I remember, you know, getting told in my ear that our truck that we were using to get the Rich Eisen show out of Joe Robbie Stadium, I think it was called at the time or whatever the hell it was called, whatever the hell it was, that had gotten stolen. And they found that truck that was stolen out of the parking lot of the hotel that it was being parked in. That the driver, I guess, just parked it in the hotel and it got stolen. And then they found it on like a train trestle track, you know, on blocks.

Like they found it totally rummaged. And so I mentioned on the air here that our satellite truck had gotten stolen and people took that to mean it was the NFL networks. And it was a huge to do because people thought Thursday Night Football wasn't going to be broadcast because I had just announced that the satellite truck had gotten stolen.

That like made newspapers, remember? You were doing this show by remote. Yeah, I was on like the local news, people interviewing me. I'm like, no, no, no, no, it was for the Rich Eisen show. But please spell my name right, you know, spell the show's name right. We just launched. We're just on the air. What a viral moment.

I found one of the articles right here. It's hysterical. So I couldn't get back for Friday shows. So that was the first times that Suzy sat in.

Yeah, Suzy, in the beginning it was like the Sklar brothers and Joe McHale and Bobby Cannavale. Right, so we tried to get as many celebrities here because I wanted this seat to be viewed as aspirational by anybody who sits in it. So I wanted to, you know, I didn't want to just have anybody sit in. Right.

Well, that created some problems just for us to book it. But Cannavale even said, you know, that he was exhausted after the three hours of doing it. And I'm like, bro, you do Broadway like double headers, like you do matinees and evening shows.

And you're not exhausted. He goes, yeah, because I know my lines there. Here I don't know my lines. I'm like, OK. All right. Sorry to go off on a tangent, but I used to have somebody so bushed in. It's just like a list of like Ray Liotta and Craig Kilbourn finally getting him on the show. Stone Cold, Will Ferrell, Snoop Dogg came in and was drawing plays up on a grease board. We still have them here. And then he was helping us one day.

The employees here at AT&T would run 40s and Snoop was out there timing them with us. Ed O'Neill, Mark Paul Gosselaar, Mike Tyson, Boban coming in. Bryan Cranston, Elizabeth Shue, whose birthday is today? Oh, is that right? Another reason why this is such a very special day. Bryan Cranston coming in here.

Right. Where where he told so many stories that have still gone viral on our YouTube page. We still see when he came in here, he told a story. I asked him about that scene. What you know, where in what way in the.

No, no, no, no. About Breaking Bad. Oh, Breaking Bad. I asked him about the scene where Jesse's girlfriend, I think played by Kristin Ritter, where she she passes away.

And it's a very difficult way to. And he watches her do it, doesn't save her because she knows compromising information about him. One of the many times that Walter White broke really bad and we watched him go down the rabbit hole of Breaking Bad, and we it's one of those times where so many times you would talk about an anti or a root for him. And root for him to survive, and then other times just think what a total awful human being he is, and that's the beauty of watching that show is it created in within you is watching it your own.

You question your own values, right? And so I asked him about that scene and told a story about how he would do that and imagine his own daughter being in that bed. That is still one of our most viral videos.

Every now and then I'll see it pop up on our YouTube analytics is suddenly people are continuing to watch that. The toughest scene he said he ever had to do in Breaking Bad, and he sat that in this chair and told that story. I love that guy, man.

Yeah. Matt Damon, Jerry West, Kareem, Matthew McConaughey has been here. Jerry West has been here because Susie books him. I don't think I've ever interviewed Jerry West here.

That's true. He's been here with Susie Marshall. Matt Damon, remember I busted him for when he's talked about, when I asked him about, he was here for the Bourne movies, one of the latest Bourne, or the last Bourne movie, he was here for that. And I asked him about his workout regimen and stuff like that, and I'm like, you ever slip up? And he started talking about how he once had a chicken pam, and I busted him out. I said, did you say chicken pam? And he's like, no, I didn't say chicken pam, Rich. And I'm like, and you look back and you roll back the video and he 1000% turned into Good Will Hunting out of nowhere. I remember that interview.

Yeah. And Ed Norton. And we just had Henry Winkler over the summer. Oh my gosh. We're going to hook him up with Patrick Mahomes on the 20th of November.

I think it's going to happen. I can't believe that. And Ed Norton's story about a bad beat with Damon in the World Series of Poker promoting Rounders is a great story, too, on our YouTube page. Ed Harrington from Game of Thrones coming in here was awesome. Lena Headey as well. We've had a lot of Game of Thrones people. Kevin Costner all the times.

Al's come in on Michaels. Jeff Bridges. I mean, and again, there's probably a dozen more I don't remember.

Jeff Bridges telling the stories about being Lebowski is just I'm so proud of that sitting on our YouTube stream, too, man. Dude, man. Jon Hamm, obviously. Yeah, man. There it is.

That's the drop. Jodie Foster. Jodie Foster telling we had Jodie Foster here about a week after Jeff Van Gundy told a story about her on the finals during the NBA Finals broadcast about being at Yale and and wanting to you know, there was a competition about trying who's going to be the first fellow classmate to go out with Jodie Foster, right? He told that story on on the the broadcast and then we played that for her and we showed a picture of him to her and she goes, Yeah, it doesn't ring a bell. And then so and so Van Gundy came back on a few weeks later and and said that Steve Kerr had seen it and made merciless fun of him about that.

Pretty good. Oh, Morgan Freeman. We forgot about. Well, Morgan Freeman was here with us. And then he was also here when Dion said, right?

Yes. How great is that? Dion Sanders interviewing Morgan, Morgan Freeman.

That's on our YouTube stream. I told him Stone Street. How many times, by the way, he was calling in Monday. He wants to come in.

He wants to call in next week before Chiefs Raiders. Amazing. With the outfits. Rod, Rod came. Well, I mean, Will Ferrell dresses. Jesus. He came in on on on a Halloween, the night of a Dodger World Series game, right? Dressed head to toe is Jesus. He's never worn a normal outfit, I think, on the show. And then he came in with John C. Reilly together and he was dressed as the assistant referee for an AYSO because I had just seen him referee one of my kids games.

Yeah. And he came in with that. And I'll never forget again, this stuff just is in my head when when Will Ferrell came in dressed head to toe as Jesus.

And he held it. He brought in the costume. He brought in the costume, the bag, the bag, the plastic bag. And he held it up and he said, there it is, one size fits most is what it said at the bottom.

See there in the bottom left. Yeah. He put a Dodger cap on and he said it was really hot underneath that costume. That's how he did the entire interview five years ago.

One size fits most is so good. And he had the sandals, W and F on his own, like monogram sandals. And I kept thinking, was he wearing those and he's screaming for the meatloaf?

Very possible. What are your favorite, who are your favorite guests over there, TJ? Sometimes CJ goes in his, I'm just going to, I'm just going to stroll and Twitter and just sit back and listen.

I'm not scrolling Twitter. I mean, I'm just sitting back, listen, you know, I've only been here, although I, you've been in the, you've been on this set for four years and actually Zach, Zach, publicist of the stars made a comment on your Instagram that he was the first guest officially. I know.

Cause that is not, that is completely not true. Well, he's saying that cause when we were rehearsing, he sat in, no, no, no. On the very first time that the cameras were fired up and LABC was doing everything broadcast center, I sat in that chair and this chair right here, Drew sat in your chair. I was the first guest that sat there and we did a mock interview for that rehearsal. I was, I was, you know, not directly involved with the show from the beginning, but like I said, I sat in the studio and used to have lunch here working for direct TV. I was in Chris Long's office all the time when your name got brought up, when the idea for this show to come happen, when the plans for this started to be built. So I was always kind of indirectly around, but not directly involved.

Like I said, we're almost right where Chris is sitting is where the table I'd always sit. You have no idea, man. So yeah. So what it took to, for this show to get built, I'll, I'll, I'll, you know, I'm going to tell this story.

I don't know if you guys have ever heard this one and it is really deep, dude. Just trying to get a carve out from the NFL, my contract to do this show was, was a lot. It was a lot. And there was a time where, you know, it, it looked like I could get it and then it looked like I couldn't. And then the time where it looked like I couldn't, you know, I had a meeting right here on the campus of direct TV, speaking with the major domos there with my agent and we're like, just make us an offer. And they're like, we are not going to make anything that could construe the NFL could construe as inducing you to leave.

We're not doing it. And we're like, no, I don't understand your partners. He goes, that has nothing to do with it. That there was a merger. You remember that merger that was, that eventually did happen between, um, you know, AT&T, which bought direct TV and you know, Oh yeah, I remember it well. And that there was a merger between AT&T and direct TV that was coming and the, or, Oh, no, it was, it was between AT&T and Warner, something like that.

Yes. It was the one that Trump held up or whatever eventually, but at any rate, so, um, the, the merger wasn't going to be, Oh no, it was AT&T and direct TV. That's what it was. So that, that merger was predicated on the NFL Sunday ticket being part of direct TV and they didn't want to upset the NFL in any way, shape or form that could upset the Sunday ticket suddenly not being with direct TV anymore. And so we had to leave the negotiations for the moment. They were willing to, you know, if everything was going to hopefully get back on track. And so I just remember looking, I'm like, so you're telling me the Rich Eisen show might not be born because I might blow up the largest merger in the history of the United States entertainment business.

Is that what you're saying to me? And there are, I remember the answer coming back like, we don't want to find out. And I remember thinking this, this ain't, this is not going to happen. I remember the text all summer long about like, you may be coming, you may not be coming. We may be doing it.

We may not be doing it. I don't know. And then it's, you know, and I, and I thank the NFL for allowing me to do this, you know, and of course, direct TV and AT&T, you know, birthing us and growing us and nurturing us and keeping us on the air when maybe, you know, other places might've ended our tenure because there was some, you know, some dicey times, man, when you're, when you're giving birth to something and growing it. Also rich, I kind of mentioned this morning, you know, I, Chris long run, ran, they direct TV and I was kind of not the man sitting next to the man, but kind of like the man sitting next to the man sitting next to the man. So I would always hear his plans and I always knew about the show, you know, when, like I said, would I have lost more hair if I had known what was going on?

Yeah, maybe. But the funny thing is, you know, I sit back here and I'm like, I said, I was watching you guys. I wasn't really chiming in earlier, but I can remember Chris saying to me, and I've told Brockman and Mike this, we were watching one of the early episodes in his office. He's like, I need to find a way to get you on that show. And I was like, what are you talking about? I'm like, there's already four guys down there.

Like there's no way he goes, I don't know, I think you should be on that show. And you know, for eight years later, I guess for six years, cause I've been on two for it actually come to fruition. It's very weird and amazing for me to sit back and go, wow, man, like, you know, this first of all, you deserve it. And secondly, you earned it. And I don't know if that should be the order in which I say it is because the reason why you did come here is on here on the set is because we were looking for a social media person, a presence, well, somebody to be in charge of our social media. And I remember it was you and somebody else who were splitting time here and you, you, you were the one who attacked it, the one who attacked it and made it your own.

And then obviously, you know, you doing what you do here, you deserve it. And then Brockman and Del Tufo, you guys are just the greatest. And you know, I thank so many people on our, on our, on my Instagram where I posted a photograph of me and Vince Gilligan, our first in-studio guest and Hoskins, our coordinator producer and Sean Mitchell, our digital producer and Jordan Sherrow sitting at home and who's editing this.

And Adam Chudwin is the guy who sounds like he's asleep when you, when you, when you call him and speak to him, you know, and so, you know, I also, you know, wanted to lead up to, that's my windup to this pitch as well. The names of the people that you read out, Chris, on that list of all the celebrities, the A-listers who have been here and all the celebrities who come here and, you know, get in a car to come down to El Segundo, California, which is an ask in this town. Liz Wailed, our, our, our co-EP and somebody who has been with us since the very, very beginning. And Lorne Parker was sitting next to her for, for many years as well. You know, and the fact that she is Lorne, pardon me, Ashley Wheeler and Lorne Parker was sitting, I mixed the two of them, sitting next to her as well from Central Talent. Now Liz has struck out on her own and she is here still.

I mean, it is awesome. And then there is one person who was here on this, on the set today, interestingly enough, our eighth anniversary, who nobody's met, I think, on the television side of things or radio side of things. We're going to bring her out here because it is truly, that's how we're going to finish the show today, because it is truly a, an achievement, maybe the greatest achievement of this program.

I'm just going to tease it and leave it at that. Let's shout out Dawn Bui too. Oh yeah.

I mean, well, I mean, we can go down the list as well. I'm glad that you mentioned her. Well, I just know Dawn's watching right now. Oh no, and I apologize I didn't mention that because I, you know, James Crittenden and everyone at DirecTV, but Dawn, I'm, you know, you're, you're one of our favorites and one of the best. So yeah, he was our coordinating producer.

Man, when we were in COVID hell, I mean, it was really deep. It was like the five of us. I know we're just laying it out here, but I, I just, I, you know, obviously just want to thank those are the people that are just leaping to mind at the moment right here. And I'll just throw out, you know, people we started the show with as well, Drew Ohlmeyer and Ted Mulcahren and our, our longtime friend, Chris Law as well. And we, you know, we, we were all there for a podcast for so many years. Again, we're eight years old and hopefully we've got more to go and just leave it at that. Is that it?

Thank you very much. I'm still here after that 2020 Marshall sitting in with, with Suze and, you know, the other day. I mean, my gosh, just keep going. And of course, I mean, my gosh, I thanked her on my, uh, on my, uh, Instagram feed last but not least, Susan Schuster, who, you know, Oh, that is an inspiration to me every day. Yes. I'm Susie.

Yes. Susie. That's Susie, every single day without her, this show doesn't exist. Uh, I think in a few weeks, we need to get drunk, get drunk, which I've been, Oh, that's Susie.

I've been told that is a fact. Let's take a break right here on the rich eyes and show eight four four two oh four rich being the number to dial here on the program. When we come back.

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Unlock your potential inside a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. 844-204 Rich, number to dial right here on the program. Let's go to a phone call. Nathan in LA, you're here. What's going on, Nathan?

Hey, Rich. Thank you for taking my call. It's been a while. You're good. Appreciate it. Thanks for doing it.

What's going on? Yeah. I wanted to ask you, first of all, congrats on the eight years. Thank you, sir. And I wanted to ask you if you had an interview that you can recall that was the hardest to get through because you found yourself tearing up during the interview. Tearing up during the interview? You recall anyone that brought you that close?

No, I don't know. I mean, to tears, I don't think that I've ever been brought to tears. I mean, I brought myself to tears here. I mean, I've done a lot of crying on this program, that is for sure.

But thanks for the call, Nathan. I think the most difficult interview, we didn't mention this, Chris, was Rowdy Roddy Piper. That actually made, I think, the documentary in his life, did it not? I actually... Because he passed away the next... Was it the next day? He was here on a Friday. He was here on a Friday. He died the next Friday.

Yeah. He was not... He was not... I don't think he was all there.

Looking back, it seems like he was not well. And we weren't posting anything at the time. We weren't really doing very well.

Our social media presence wasn't that significant, nor was our footprint. We were on audience and a handful of radio stations, and that went viral. People were like, what happened there? Another one that really moved me was, and we didn't mention this either, Tyson Fury came in here and talked about his battle with mental illness. And that was something else.

That was the most viral video we've ever had on our Twitter feed ever. I don't remember, though. We pre-taped that interview. It wasn't live. We pre-taped it. And it was early in the morning. We got here really early in the morning, because that's when he could be here in LA. And we went into the green room. I went in the green room.

You were all out here. And just the first thing I noticed was how huge he is. I mean huge. And the fact that he was wearing pink shorts on a huge man like that, it was like John Stockton-like.

Yes. They were shorts. There was a lot of thigh. We saw a lot of Tyson thigh, which normally you can get in the poultry section. There it is.

Yeah, there it is. With a very colorful shirt. Very tan. And you could see in the background right there, it was early in the morning. And everyone was so concerned, like, well, we'll run it back later in the day. And you could see behind me right now.

It's very light out. It wouldn't match. Well, whatever. But I remember going in there. And the other thing that I'll never forget was it is to date the most people, anybody who's ever brought as an entourage to our show, had it been a dozen people? There was a guy in a pinstripe suit who was doing magic tricks for you, right? That was his trainer. That was his trainer? Yeah, that was his trainer. That was a trainer.

That was his trainer? It was literally like the Guy Ritchie movie Snatch when you walked in there. When I came out here after speaking to him and they were talking to me after I was talking to everybody, because I like going back there if I can, I didn't understand a word they said. I didn't. I needed subtitles.

You think watching Peaky Blinders is tough, you should have been in our green room that day. And I remember coming out here and you're like, how is it? And I'm like, well, I think I just walked out of a Guy Ritchie movie is what I told you all. That's what I'm saying for me, Ma.

I'm partially to the periwinkle. It's what it was. Five minutes tech-ish. Yeah, it was awesome. They were great, though. We had a great time.

Like they stuck around for another 20 minutes after it was over, we had so much time before our show started. They had a photographer with that. Yeah.

I'm looking for the picture. Was that top ranked boxing? Is that what it was? Yeah. They were here.

And oh, man. It was June 5th, 2019. Oh, crap was that.

That was moving. When he was talking, because the thing that started it is I brought up his fight with the Bronze Bomber, the first one, right? Was it the first one where he was down and he was out? TJ and I were there.

We were in the building. And it felt like he got knocked out. Yeah. We thought the fight was over. Over. Well, I mean, if you do one 1,000 to 1,000, I think you got a couple extra 1,000s. I think so, too.

People think so, too. He didn't. Well, I brought that up. I said, where do you find the wherewithal to get up?

We thought you were out. How do you get up? And he starts talking about his battle with mental illness, and that's how I can get up and stuff like that.

And I'm like, what do you say to people that think that you had a couple extra seconds to get up? Yeah. Oh, and his answer was, I just sat back.

Yeah. Mario Ranallo was also here, too, and he also talked about his battles with, you know. Mike Tyson was here. You weren't on the set yet. You were still at the Los Angeles Broadcasting Center in Culver City, which is where our control room for so many years was based. Man, that was when we were on Fox Sports Radio, and our time clock, just to get a little deep into things here, our clock of when to take breaks, there was a 60-second break. I had to take in the middle of an hour or close to the middle of an hour as much as possible. So if I had a guest in studio that came in at 20 minutes after the hour, I would have to stop it and say, stay right where you are. I've got to take a 60-second break, and we'll come right back. And sometimes I would, in my head, as I'm interviewing somebody, it would be dicey as to when I would take it, because I didn't want to break up an interview as going well. I didn't want to interrupt an answer. I would have a follow-up question to what they're saying, so my plan of taking a break, I'd have to scrap it on the fly, you know?

And probably Hoskins, who is our CP now, is one of the many line producers getting in my ear. You've got to take your break, and I'm hearing it in my ear, and I'm trying to do all this. Tyson was there, and I remember asking him a question of, how many rounds can you give me right now? Right now, years after retirement. If I had to give, if you had to get back in the ring, how many rounds could you give me? Which is the question I ask many football players after the retirement, how many snaps can you give me? The answer would be like, I can give you about five, ten snaps, right? And he looked at me, and he goes, oh, I don't want to even think about that.

Because if I go, if I get back in the ring, it'll put me in a very dark place. At which point I'm like, all right, so we'll take a break. It was right when I went to my 62nd.

I had that one in my back pocket. All right, so we'll take a break, and when we come back, you know. You could tell he was about to flip and go to a dark spot, and he was like, okay. I'm like, okay, we're gonna take a break.

We were gonna lose him, I think. And then when we took a photograph afterwards, I take a photograph with guests, in-studio guests during the commercial break, right here on our carpeting, right in front of my setting. One of the lighting's best.

The lighting's best. And I remember, as he's taking a picture, he turns his head, and fakes trying to bite my ear. I have that photograph. That's awesome. It's on the wall.

It's one of the photographs on the wall when you walk in. Let's take a break. When we come back here, Mike McCarthy apparently had, I mean, this guy gives you nothing when he speaks, and he knows he gives you nothing. Yeah, he doesn't owe you anything. I think when he came on the show last spring, he even tells, like, you know, he knows. He knows he doesn't want to give you anything. He knows where all the pitfalls come when he says something into a microphone. Apparently he had a soundbite of soundbites today. He's a Godfather fan, Rich.

He knows you don't let anyone outside of the family know what you're thinking. There you go. Come on, Santino. All right, here we go.

What are we doing? All right. Yeah, because you know what happened when that last time that happened, you know, pop took a few. Yeah, so?

Well, okay. Right in front of the Jenko olive oil. All right, we're back with the Mike McCarthy soundbite of soundbites. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show. Love it.

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Ask your loan officer for details. 844-204-RICH, number to dial. Big game this weekend here up the road in SoFi Stadium. Your Dallas Cowboys, TJ Jefferson, in town, are you going?

It doesn't look like it, man. Why? Because you guys are selling your tickets to people highest bidders and not giving it to TJ Jefferson.

It's a damn act together. Is that what's happening? TJ wants to pay for them. TJ, yeah, I mean, I'm not going to lie. Would you give him a hometown discount? He can log on. I mean, no, he'd have to, well, a discount in terms of what, what I have him listed for? Yes.

He will not have to pay what I'm listing for price. I would do the same thing. No, you wouldn't.

Yeah, I would. Ashton doesn't have seats? No. He doesn't? No.

That's odd. TJ, do you like sitting close? So you're going to... Or like, I mean... Or do you want to see everything that's happening? You can see everything that's happening. He's sitting at the crib.

Nicely done. Yeah. Can you not see everything that's happening? They're too low down? No, he's alive. They're too low down? He's never been down there. He doesn't know. Mike, your seat is too low.

What is this happening on the other side of the field? Liz, in the back, went with me. She will tell you my seats are perfect.

We'll have to ask Liz about that. I always think that whenever I'm around so far, you know those dugout, those sort of dugout... Yeah, it's in the table. I'm above this. You can only see the players standing on the sidewalk. You're watching the Oculus.

You're watching it on the screen. What a hell of a party, though, I'm sure. At any rate, the Cowboys are in town. I know.

What is the town where Las Vegas, or the town where Mo Green does not have a plaque or a signpost despite forming this town? What do they have to say about it? A lot of credit to the Rams. Just under a touchdown. Rams favored by five and a half.

Reason why I'm asking is, you know, I never really ask that stuff because I don't understand these things. As an NFL employee, I'm confused. Mike McCarthy was asked today if the betting lines potentially could serve as a motivational speech topic for his team. Here's Mike McCarthy's response. How often do you use the point spread to motivate the team? I don't know if I ever have.

No, you don't have. What is it this week? Climb in. We're underdogs? You're underdogs. We're good. All right.

Just wrote my Saturday night speech, I'm good. No, I've never used it, but I'll just say this, we're nobody's underdog, so if you need a quote. We're nobody's underdog. Salty McCarthy! Cowboy's Moneyline. That's the guy who once upon a time in western Pennsylvania, you go up to his toll booth with a fifty or a hundred dollar bill and make him give so much change. That's that guy!

You go up to his toll booth with a C-note and he's got to make like ninety-eight fifty change. He ain't happy. That's that guy! Oh, Salty McCarthy! We're nobody's underdog. Run tell that to Los Angeles!

Should I pick up Cooper Rush and play him? By the way, how about that reaction being told, yeah, folks think that you're not going to beat the team that just got physically beat up by a terrific defense and guess who's got a pretty damn good defense of his own? So Nick Bosa and the rest of those guys, they just did it to the Rams and Micah Parsons and Tank Lawrence can't.

I'm kind of writing a Saturday speech for you. Jeff Wilson just ran it in thirty-three yards out on a toss on this team and Tony Pollard and Zeke can't. Hold on a minute.

So Deebo just ran fifty-five yards through that entire defense and CeeDee Lamb or Gallup can't. Okay, I got it. I'm writing his Saturday speech. You're welcome, Mike. That's why you come on this show when you don't go on anybody else's show during the spring is we pay it forward. We pay it back to you. Well because I mean you don't always talk nice about us, but you know right now you are. So how am I talking nice about you? I'm not saying your Cowboys are going to do anything that I've just said as you know I think this is nice compared to what you usually say. I just like it. I like it.

I like it. He's saying with his chest, Mike McCarthy saying it with his chest. That's right. That's sizable. And it's just his reaction to being told that those in Vegas who determine who is believed to be better or not decides to just put the...that is a lot. Five and a half. That's a lot.

That's a lot. That's a lot for how the Rams just looked and considering it's probably going to be a Cowboys home game. Well it is because you're the perfect example as to why it's a Cowboys home game.

I find it funny how you're the one throwing that out there as a possible story line and you're helping create it. You've got tickets that you're not using. I'm not a businessman. I'm a business man. Rich at the same point though you wanted him to sell his tickets to me so either way they're going to a Cowboys fan. But that's the point.

I am one of those. So you're saying that he shouldn't sell his tickets to a Cowboys fan. He should go and root for the Rams because he's a season ticket holder and so should Doug Tufek. I should do that. Why can't you? I am physically working at Sunday. What are you doing? I'm at Fox. What are you doing at Fox on Sunday? I do game breaks. I'm working all day. Oh, so when I hear the game breaks it's you're the one who's miking him up? And I do the kickoff show before.

Yeah, I'm there. It's my Sunday gig. So you can't go to any Sunday games here in Los Angeles? No, unless they're at night.

So why don't you find... I go to the night games. Mike, you're one of the more popular people I know here in Los Angeles.

You have friends everywhere. You are the king of the South Bay. Mayor. Okay, you're the mayor of South Bay. You know people at the dock. You know the people on land. Land and sea.

You know land and sea. People love you. You're friends with everybody. You don't know two people who root for the Rams. You can give you tickets too.

See? You can't sit here and go, wow, it's going to be a Cowboys home game when you're helping make it then. Most of my Rams fans have season tickets that I know. There are two people that would be very happy to go scream Who's House Rams house if you gave them the opportunity. And you're not.

You're making your money back, which I understand it's your right to do it. But when we... I mean, I should be there because this is a game where the Rams fans... I'm just pointing out that when Stafford's got to go silent snap in his own house on occasion, there's four full throated individuals at the game using your tickets. Both of you guys. Now that's a pretty bold assumption. A Rams fan could be buying our tickets?

Yeah, it's true. We don't know. We don't know. We don't know. We don't know. We don't know. I'll find out for my seat.

And we never will, but we can make a very educated guess, can't we? I don't know about that. Yeah, it's not... That was loud for the Rams against Buffalo. And I thought it was going to be a Buffalo home game for the opener when I went. It was very loud for Buffalo. It's just a loud building, man. It's a loud building.

It's a very loud building, because it's an outdoor stadium, technically, because the ends are open, but then you put that canopy on top and it is very loud in that stadium. I don't think if Dallas puts 50% in there... It's going to be more than that. Which they will. It'll be at least 50%. No, I'm telling you, there's a lot of Rams fans... You really think somebody sitting out there in Riverside County is going to be just making one shot to come into the game because it's the Cowboys and they're going to root for the Rams?

You really think they're going to buy your tickets? There's a lot of Rams. Come on now, man. I'm telling you.

Brockman. They're part of the problem. I'm with you, Mike. That's all I'm saying. They're part of the problem. Part of the problem. You know, the problem is Cooper Rush, guys.

Yeah. Oh, he's got no problem. He's the starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. He's going to win six straight games and then Jerry's going to really have to make a decision.

By the way, I got some criticism on my Twitter feed that we cut off the Jerry Jones interview the other day when the radio host followed up with a question saying, how many wins does it take for Cooper Rush to keep Dak? Oh, really? Yeah. There are.

There are not. There's no such number. Jerry's lying. Come on. He said it's Dak's job.

There is no such number. I'm with Brockman. So our whole conversation about could he, could he not like Jerry immediately put a cap on it. Boom. If they blow out the Rams. Yeah.

Then it's going to really think about it. They're not blowing out the Rams. Why not? Eagles and the Rams. Well, you know why they would blow out the Rams is because they feel the momentum of all the people sitting in your seats. Wow. Oh. We make it about us.

See, don't do that. Not the Rams' inefficiency on offense. They do have some issues on it.

And they're pretty, you know. They got some problems on that offensive line. Leaky offensive line. Number 11. Number 11's coming. He's coming to town.

Let's say you beat the Eagles by 20 points. You got to, you're going to, you're going to be like, oh, we're putting Dak in next week? And you know why?

If number 11 looks more ferocious, you know why? He was inspired by Aaron Judge's 60 second home run. He was there. At the game? Parsons was there. Dak was there.

A bunch of people were there. Oh yeah. Nice. Yeah, it was nice. Rick.

Cool. Del Tuvo showed me a video on his Facebook yesterday and there was a woman, the guy who caught the ball, if you go back and watch it, he was caught in front of two empty seats. There's a woman, Del Tuvo showed me this video and the guy was making a video and he's going through the crowd. He's like, where'd it land? Where'd it land? And he's doing the video live and they're like, it landed right here. And he was asking the lady, well, like what happened? Did you have a chance to catch a ball? She was like, no, because security wouldn't let us down to our seats when he came up the back and they hit it right in her chair, it's right where he caught the ball and she's like, they wouldn't let me down. Hold on a minute. We've got to talk a little bit more about this.

I have not heard that. You have a video? Yeah, there's a video of it. My friend Drew was at the game. You can listen to the NFL and the NFL app on the Odyssey app on via Westwood One Station streams or by asking Alexa to open Westwood One Sports sponsored by AutoZone. When we come back, Aaron Rodgers using his potential retirement now as motivation for his wide receivers to grow up fast and our quarter post awards and my top five storylines for the next four weeks.

Still here on our Roku channel feed. So my friend, your friend was at the game, shot a video of a woman who says, yeah, I was not in my seats because the security would not let me down because I had started. Well, look, you know, sometimes when you're at a at a locker game, they won't let you in. That's what happened. They won't let you in until the next stop at your play.

And the same thing with tennis. Yeah. They will not let you in until it's a, what a, uh, the end of a game where they're switching ends, right?

Yeah. They won't let you put baseball. I've never heard that. I've never heard that a baseball. Judges at the plate. So you can't disturb somebody just in case he and he doesn't just in case he doesn't walk or fly out or ground out or double or single like he's done for a week and a half.

That sounds really weird to me, man. By the way, if judges coming up, you're getting out of your seat, your loss, that's another way to look at it. But he let off the game. Yeah, it was, oh, that's right. Oh, I let the game was just starting. That's right. I keep forgetting. I guess if you're not in the seats knowing that judges leading off the game, that's also your fault. That's also your fault. But still, that's right.

I keep forgetting. It was. I've never heard that at a baseball game. That's right. I've never heard of that before either. I've never heard of that before. But yeah. Yeah.

You should have been. I mean, at NBA games, it happens all the time. I don't know about baseball, but all the time in NBA, like you go to Staples, they won't let you go down to the same thing for a Kings game until the same thing for your baseball. But that's what she claims.

And she was sitting in the chair. So that's crazy. But at a Rams game, you could go on these guys tickets anytime you want. Ross Matthews talks to celebrities, friends and people with interesting stories to tell. Who's saying hello, Ross.

This week, Chelsea Handler. I'm not home enough to have a third dog. My housekeeper basically is their parent. I am not going to get another dog so that she has to take care of another dog until one of these dogs exits.

It's a good move. I have three rescue dogs and only two hands. And when you're one person, that's too hard to do.

I recommend two max. Okay. It's your foot, Ross. Hello, Ross. You can find me on YouTube or wherever you listen.
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