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REShow: Jimmy Smits - Hour 1 (10-5-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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October 5, 2022 3:07 pm

REShow: Jimmy Smits - Hour 1 (10-5-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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October 5, 2022 3:07 pm

Yankees fan Rich reacts to Aaron Judge setting the American League single-season home run record with 62 longballs, and explains why he feels the Pinstripes’ slugger is the true “clean” home run king instead of Barry Bonds.

Emmy-winning actor Jimmy Smits joins Rich in-studio to discuss his new CBS drama ‘East New York,” Aaron Judge’s 62nd home run, joining the ‘Star Wars’ universe, and dishes the dirt on L.A. Law, NYPD Blue, Miami Vice and more in a round of ‘Celebrity True or False.’

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I'm saying what is the rush? Today's guests from CBS's East New York, actor Jimmy Smits, comedian and actor Mo Ammar, ESPN MLB insider Jeff Passan. And now it's Rich Eisen.

Ah yes, welcome to this edition of the Rich Eisen Show here on a Wednesday right in the middle of the first full week of October 2022. We're live on the Roku channel. So we say hello to everybody that is watching us for free on the Roku channel. Available on all Roku devices. Available on all Samsung smart TVs and Amazon fire TVs and the Roku app. You can get that for free and then you can get the Roku channel for free on that. And then there's the for those watching on desktop, laptops, however you want to. And then if you're listening to this program, your ears are in lock. We've got an ability to be heard on terrestrial radio. The Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio affiliate Coast to Coast that powered by Westwood One, which also has the Cumulus podcast network for anybody who wants to consume this on our podcast all three hours. There's the Odyssey app, there's Sirius XM, Sirius 218 XM 202.

The app is 992 and then for whatever you may miss the Roku channel 210 that we're on re-airs the show over and over and over again 24 7. In other words you have no excuse. Good to see you over there Chris Brockman. What's going on brother? What's up Rich? Not much man. DJ Mikey D is in Deez Nuts.

Mike Del Trufo, New Jersey's finest. Good to see you over there. Case open. Good to see you over there.

Case open, very good on this program. TJ Jefferson lighting the candle, lighting the candle. Sound the Timmy Trumpets. What's going on over there brother?

How are you? Well I mean it's Wednesday, you know what that means. No. We have a good show today. Oh I'm sure.

Wednesday's where you wear pink I thought. Yeah well I mean it might be on some parts that I can't show. Geez. Whoa.

Today you know. Well you know what I'm I'm very excited because it's it's very it's very rare that I stroll back before the show begins and see an in-studio guest that's going to join us right in the middle of hour number one. How about that? It's great. I like that.

You know uh words that I've I've I'm so excited to be saying um there's so many different ways to say it. Victor Sifuentes is here. Bobby Simone is here. Wait Matthew Santos is here. Senator Organa is here um and and for those uh yes because we are that running scared fans Julio Gonzalez is here.

Yes. Jimmy Smits is here. He's in our green room right now.

How about that? Come on now. Legend in the game. Absolute legend.

No doubt. From East New York which is you know somewhat ironic because that's the name of his new show. CBS is East New York.

He's back in a police program and uh William Finkelstein um who was an executive producer and writer on NYPD Blue is the executive producer of this show. Come on now. So it's basically giving the people what they want and um and Jimmy Smits is here and guess what we can talk about with him?

Aaron Judge. Yeah. Yeah.

You know because he's from East New York and cares about that sort of stuff. I love it. I love it. Also on the show Mo Ammer, the comedian, he's stopping by an hour number three and Jeff Passan will be here uh on the phone calling in from Arlington, Texas where home run number 62 left the yard.

Yeah. And the back end of a double header. Finally. On the back end of a double header Aaron Judge leading off game number two and I strolled right into the living room with the tv on. Coop already had it on and just in time to watch it fly and it was glorious. The kids running in the room jumping up and down celebrating a moment that they've never seen before and it was Aaron Judge with the big fly 62 home runs a new yes American League record which is the way it's being said and we'll get to that in a minute but just watching it happen and seeing it leave the yard and then watching his teammates all greet him at home plate like it was a walk-off and it was you know technically a regular season walk-off. He did have another at bat.

I profit to say the next time you see him we'll be in the divisional round. That's uh that'll wrap it up for Aaron Judge because he did get home run number 62 and you know the place went nuts. It was the largest crowd at the new stadium in Arlington of the year and it was just great. Unbelievably Garrett Cole in that game also surpassed Ron Guidry for the most single season strikeouts in the history of the New York Yankees and Guidry in the those 70s Yankees that's how I fell in love with the sport. I fell in love with baseball growing up Staten Island New York watching Catfish Hunter and the 76 Yankees get swept by the big red machine but then Thurman and Nettles and the rest of that team got some help and 77 with the straw that stirs the drink Reggie Jackson coming and beating the Dodgers hitting three home runs in the World Series ceiling game six of the 77 World Series. That was it.

That was it. Chris Chambliss home ring for the Yankees to get into the playoffs in 76 and then the 77 World Series 78 which is when Guidry had that remarkable Cy Young season and um Goose Gossage came along. I just fell in love with the sport and it all just came pouring out of me last night. That's generational stuff.

Kids around. It was it meant so much to me. Really really did and Aaron Judge after the game talked about how much it means to him to see the outpouring not just of his teammates onto the field out of the dugout being around him but just the entire league as we all know ESPN has been breaking into live programming for damn near a week and a half waiting for homerun 61 and then 62.

Just seeing the respect that he has earned this 30-year-old kid out of Fresno, California what he has become and what he is to the sport and his peers. It's incredible. You know I think that's one of the biggest honors is any any compliment from your peers you know the guys that are out there grinding just like you are on a daily basis. They know how hard this game is. They know how hard it is to show up and post every single night. You know so to hear or for them to tweet things out say things like that that's there's no higher honor you know in my book you know that's that's what's always been about for me is my teammates and even my peers and you know the respect I have for other players around the league you know to get that you know same respect back that's you know it's it gives you chills to be honest. I mean everybody's throwing 100 miles an hour or spinning sliders out of the zone and split fingers that move all over the place and sinkers and sliders and all of this stuff that you see now at the top of your screen back in 1976, 77, 78 when I fell in love with the sport you had no idea about pitch counts and spin rates and all that sort of business and exit velocity and all that sort of exit velocities but in that era he's come this close to winning a triple crown one of the greatest offensive seasons ever and he did it in a season where he was betting on himself he turned down the long-term contracts and not enough I know you're made of money I know Hal Steinbrenner there's something there's some trust fund your dad left you somewhere I should get a piece of that I mean whatever honestly he bet on himself and as I've said multiple times that normally eats a New York athlete alive and their 24-7, 365 long-time listener first time caller community spits that player out not this guy not this guy and he does it the right way my gosh with that smile and he's just so accessible to people it feels and two things one yankees pay him all the money all of it I don't care go lay away to pay for Stanton from how from here on out if that's what you got to do and I don't care oh that contract's gonna stink when he's 38 I don't care I don't care I don't care everyone said that about Pujols' contract until it did turn actually into the contract you didn't want and now look at him hitting home run 703 what a time to be a baseball fan Otani and Pujols and now judge all right I don't but I don't care what this contract's gonna look like in 2029 2020 and 2031 I don't care and then number two let me talk about this too to everyone out there who was just like thank god it was gone because I'm oh those Vanderbilt football games getting interrupted by the update watching Aaron Judge ground out your life has been so disrupted oh my gosh how in the world am I going to be able to watch that ACC third quarter uninterrupted without Aaron Judge popping out to right or walking on four pitches oh my god I'm so sorry that your life has been completely disrupted guess what if you don't like it you're not going to like what I'm about to say either it's a Yankee you won't like that it's the truth it's the truth matters a little bit it sure does there's a lot of Yankee fans out there and the Yankees have an incredible amount of history if it was a Red Sox they'd be doing the same damn thing probably if this is Big Poppy are you kidding me if Big Poppy was going for 62 or if it was Mookie name it name it name it name it name it but that aside and everyone's I see a lot of friends of mine even on Twitter making fun of the fact that Michael Kay whose voice you're hearing quite a bit of and John Sterling who does the radio call and we'll play those calls for you later saying it's the American League record American League record like we're now celebrating records of just a league or a conference if you want to cross sports with terminology to make a point the reason why they're saying American League is because there is an all-time record that stands and there are others three players as a matter of fact who have hit more home runs in a single season than the 62 that we just saw Judge Reach last night and we know their names because we were all jacked up when these guys hit those home runs and we're jacking them out at an incredible rate Sosa, McGuire and Bonds in 98 specifically 2001 for Bonds and I was on the sports center set for all of them I even addressed this when Judge hit 61 last week and I'll repeat it here I am conflicted I am conflicted because I was sitting on the set treating those moments like I've been treating Judge and I had a personal relationship with McGuire and I loved him and I still love him to this day although I haven't spoken to him in quite some time because of everything that has gone on I would assume but the reason why we're saying American League is because yes there are other guys who have hit more and they were nationally interesting if one of those guys had done in the American League what it would be called now and what it would be called now is what you can insert take out American League this is the verbiage that's being used to parse it out but you can take out the word American League out of the words American League record and insert the word clean that's what's being communicated is Judge clean according to the major league baseball he is was McGuire and Sosa and Bonds clean at the time that they were doing it according to major league baseball yes they were Judge looks the same way that he did when he first came into the baseball when I saw him I'm like wow wow this guy is a cartoon honestly my first thought was like he can't be legal looking like that then he jacks 52 home runs and I'm like okay even got Brockman to sing songs and put on a Yankee uniform in a video for this program that he posted last night five years ago yep fun stuff I hit that with a retweet yeah terrible singing on that doesn't matter but you know you get caught up in it because you want to believe you want to believe and so yeah that's the language being used American League record what are the what else what else you want him to say clean record yeah Aaron Judge first clean player to hit 62 even though the other guys were supposedly clean at the time but we all saw we all sensed we all were wondering we were always wondering what was up and then McGuire was found with an andro can or canister in his locker and then all sorts of things began to as we know unravel and here we are today this is why it's being celebrated by many one because it's neat to see two we didn't think we'd see it again because we haven't seen it ever since the sports said it was cleaning itself up and seems to have three he is a New York player and he's a Yankee and he broke a two Yankee records he passed Ruth and he passed Maris and he's clean so if you want to walk through the front door and you don't like hearing American League record making fun of it then call it what it is in my estimation clean clean record he's your clean all-time home run single season champion Aaron Judge but that does dwell on the negative it's an ugly history but one that I believe is being brought back into play here because so many people do believe and did follow and were interested in Judge even though it was just an American League record because the American League is a synonym in this case for the word clean what say you 844-204-rich is the number to dial here on the program Jeff Passan has a very interesting take on this I would think I saw his tweet last night him saying that Judge has the American League record and Bonds has the all-time record and there's nothing else to discuss well I will do my best to still to open that up for discussion when he joins us top of our number two actually a serious question if Aaron Judge was it wasn't a Yankee let's say he played for the Mariners would you still feel this strongly or are you feeling a little strongly because he's strongly about it I feel strongly about it about clean or not regardless of who he plays for but in terms of being emotionally tied to it and having having a drum up why I fell in love with the sport in the first place and a guy who I root for and who makes me and my children happy yeah that means more like the sec foot well you know like sec football it just means more I and again I'm sorry I'm sorry that all the ESPN viewers got disturbed you know three times in a two and a half hour span or four times in the three hour span I'm so I'm so sorry that you know that you watched him ground out over and over I'm so sorry that that that that just you know ground your gears but it's over case closed that was almost too perfect Mo Amer the comedian in our number three in studio but let's take a break let's take a break and bring Jimmy Smits out here come on now come on it's Jimmy Jimmy Smits in the morning yeah hold the stone from Switch let's go in East New York it's the afternoon Geico asks how would you love a chance to save some money on insurance of course you would after all who doesn't love a great deal right and when it comes to great rates on insurance for all the things in your life Geico can help like with insurance for your car truck motorcycle boat and RV even help with homeowners condo or renters coverage you could save even more with a special discount when you bundle your coverages plus add the easy to use Geico mobile app available 24-hour roadside assistance and more and choosing to switch to Geico becomes an easy choice switch today and see all the ways you could save with great rates and discounts it's easy simply go to to get a rate quote or contact your local agent and get started seeing how much you could save back here on our terrestrial radio network Jimmy Smits is here we just saw a clip of East New York on CBS and uh and just again you are you're back oh there's uh there's Richard Kind right there in the middle oh yeah Richard Kind okay I mean you're Santiago Hudson yeah you're back in New York City you're back in New York City him I guess there's a different role than Spin City from him right there I would say from his last time in New York yeah no no question about it um so you're from East New York originally so this is like full circle for you huh pretty much I can't tell you on a day-to-day basis when we're out there actually shooting yeah and we shoot all around Brooklyn but uh when we do shoot in East New York some of the set piece sequences that we've done have been on streets that I you know trampled on as as a teenager so we were shooting in the church lot the other day that my sister did her first communion and got married in and it's like it's it's so I'm just flushed with memories and that the cast is probably tired of me already going that's the high school I went to that's why I saw Al Sharpton first speak when he was a kid that is so great so but at least you you bring that bring that to the role and that's pretty cool so and I was talking with you about it a little bit in the back here so East New York is that a Met or a Yankee area what is that well you see it's East New York so it's the easternmost part of Brooklyn so it's close to the Queens border so there are a lot of Met fans but I'm I'm like Yankee we lived all around New York I did my wonder years in uh in Brooklyn uh my junior high school and high school college but growing up we lived in the Bronx for a good while and uh my dad uh he knew the Pepitone family which the Joe Pepitone was the first baseman on yeah and in some of the Yankee teams before you know the the 70s years I was just talking about he was right that was right around that time so did you grow up in in the old Yankee Stadium oh absolutely Yankee Stadium and uh yeah just following uh seven Mickey Mantle nine Roger Maris you know yeah what do you think of judge hitting 62 what do you think I mean what does that mean to you Jimmy Smith it's it's just about the the person that he is yes and you talk about DNA in the storybook of the Yankees that he has that same kind of uh being a wonderful athlete but at the same time knowing what team is all about and I mean the same thing that Jeter had and he does have a very Jeter-like quality to him as well where you're you're you're an A-list star in New York you you never hear a bad word about him he never winds up on the wrong side of the newspaper you know he does have a Jeter-like quality I don't know absolutely and that it was just wow it wasn't I was on a plane coming here to see you and my plate my family was like yo it's happening it happened turn the turn the tv on in the plane I was like no I'm on the wrong airlines they don't have it they didn't have the the feed huh so I was watching I watched clips gosh but it was to think that you know people would like walk in him like Boston didn't want to really give him any juice but the beautiful thing about him is he didn't change his approach the entire time absolutely he never he didn't go in the toilet he didn't go like two for the 30 you know he was walking he was scoring he was doing what he needed to do walking scoring right being a team player exactly Jimmy exactly now you know love it oh yes me too uh Jimmy Smits is here from uh East New York again on CBS available to stream live and on demand on Paramount Plus it premiered this past Sunday and we just saw a clip of the show and I that I I'm such a fan of yours and NYPD Blue from back in the day that I noticed because again it's uh the the executive producers there's some DNA from NYPD oh yeah Billy Finkelstein yeah yeah yeah William Finkelstein who who started out on LA Law and sent a spec script to Botchko and started out on LA Law right and then and worked on on on Blue after that and Michael Robin who also started out as a working on post-production as an intern and then worked his way up through the Botchko ranks it's it's in there and so there was a trust besides the whole East New York thing right there was a trust that a shorthand that we have they have a young creator named Michael Flynn who is just you know bringing his a-game and has also worked with David Kelly who has that kind of same you know that the same DNA about the words on the page right and how you can do uh in the in the framework of what network TV is you know you're doing a police procedural but that character is important so of course you know and and you're naming all people from like I guess the Steven Botchko tree yeah with David Kelly and on and and the other names that you mentioned but I picked up on on that clip not just your acting and what was being said but the telephones in the background like that's oh yeah that's like old school NYPD blue because it's a working it's a working police department like it's the real deal of what you're you're portraying to everybody on camera so when you started doing this did you have flashbacks to the blue days when you were NYPD blue days on this particular show oh yeah yeah absolutely but I'm it's so different from me because I'm in uniform now and the guy is like the guy's vibe is totally like a rock a pillar I play a borough commander of Brooklyn who is tasked with picking a young deputy inspector played by Amanda Warren to to be the to be in charge of this particular precinct in East New York and she wants to kind of like institute all of these new ways of how to deal with law enforcement and and about my character giving her the space to to do that so it's part it's part of the dynamic of of what we're going to be doing doing on a week to week and the character is you know at the forefront and um so is it true just going a little bit back in the day here with you Jimmy and then I've got a celebrity true or false with you is it true that you are you originally for NYPD blue uh had a character that you turned down a role for is that true and that that character turned into the Caruso character who you wound up eventually replacing or is that kind of sort of uh I mean I was I was work I was working on law and I had finished my commitment but I had a wonderful affinity with Stephen Botts because he did so much for me in terms of your career stuff and he he I did get to see the pilot script of of uh of NYPD blue and but the character was written for Kelly okay who is this Irish American guy and I was I don't know if we can make that so he he offered you the role of John Kelly oh man come on we came not supposed to do this okay no kiss and tell okay let me let me just say that it came it came back to me okay it came back to you it came back all right it was wonderful the way it happened okay for detective Bobby Simone but you did get to see an actual script of of NYPD blue before before it launched oh yeah no absolutely all right well let's get to some other things and you can tell me whether they're true or false here we go to Jimmy Smith's celebrity true or false roll our our incredible animation celebrity true or false you can't handle the truth here we go there you go that's our production value Jimmy Smith's love it first one up for you celebrity true or false true or false you had a brief stint as a cabbie in New York before getting regular work on soap operas is that true or false yeah I mean that's true but it was it's these are like qualified things that wasn't it wasn't like I yeah you didn't have a license no no no I mean I was I did a couple of stints yeah just driving just trying to make ends meet is what you're saying absolutely and then how'd you get on a soap how did you get how did you get well the whole the whole thing with soaps was it's kind of while I was doing theater off-broadway you kind of like did soaps if you could to date players on a soap to really support yourself because you don't make a lot off-broadway but who how'd you get discovered just off-broadway is that what it was oh I started yeah just started doing uh theater and a lot of theater work and working regional theater and it's all that would that was the whole thing okay and then uh little peaks parts on soap and then my first tv job was on the pilot of miami vice you didn't last very long I didn't last long long five minutes and I'm out but I knew going in that that's that's where it was gonna be yeah yeah yeah were you the first guy that got off of miami vice and the history of miami vice oh man the first one jimmy smiths yeah yeah actually yeah yeah I was done I was the character was don johnson's partner original partner before right so it set the story in motion that he got that he passed away so I knew going in that you know what your role was it was one and out it wasn't like I was gonna come back on you know with phil collins videos talking to don johnson in his ear no but it was good being there during that time because you know a young actor doing a lot of theater and and just seeing the dynamic of what michael man wanted to do with that show and how that show changed the dynamic of how music and story can be sure did and then you eventually hooked up with a guy who totally changed television as well and stephen botchko true or false you did not perform well in your first la law audition in new york so you flew to la got a second audition and nailed it is that a true story that's like super true what happened what happened to true i was uh i had an audition in new york uh and they cut but it was one it was a network audition they was trying trying to weed people out basically so they kind of uh put all this legal dialogue in front i just did terribly and a friend of mine i went to school with said you didn't really see the people involved and so come over here and i took one of those 99 at that time was people express express well you got to pay for your flight halfway over the country like what they're gonna give you a parachute if you didn't pay i remember people's express express and i took it yes i remember that and i had an audition with stephen botchko and greg hobblett who directed the the pilot and i had done some work with uh on a movie the peter hyams directed peter and stephen knew each other so the audition went well but right you know i got a little confirmation from the outside there is that where you first met stephen botchko but that at that at that audition he i walked in and steve used to have all these uh sports paraphernalia so he had when i walked into the audition he was he had these baseball bats and he was swinging the bat he was like so if you don't do good on this this is what's gonna happen it's like untouchables you know i thought you said he had emmys he had those two all over he had a lot of them i think he had like well how much did we determine he got in his first night for hill street was it 14 unbelievable okay why do you think la law worked so well what do you think jimmy i mean i of course it's all for me good television is all about the writing what's on the page um but uh i think the fact that it was an on the ensemble the way the ensemble was cooking we were like on running on all cylinders and uh it just showed the legal system in a in a different kind of way that it hadn't been seen before with all his blemishes and sure of course well i mean it's los angeles um next one for you jimmy smith's true or false uh your west wing character uh matthew santos was loosely based on barack obama even though he wasn't even a u.s senator at the time is that true or false that's that's true so somebody had already discovered who he was and decided to he was doing a lot of great work in chicago right and uh yeah really i did not know that yeah about your character it was yeah it was during just before he he had made the decision to yeah to run but it was again it's a compilation of a lot of different different people who else was involved in that uh who else was involved in your compilation of of matthew santos who else have you ever sarah yeah who's currently now in the um he's now in the cabinet yeah right now okay definitely did you meet any of these uh folks yeah absolutely you met obama yeah okay yeah it's okay no no no and i i i remember being in chicago with him we were at a federal employees uh speaking engagement thing and we were backstage and he was contemplating he hadn't made the choice yet and we we had a brief conversation about is my family going to be up to the rigors of what this is going to take of running yeah because it's not just yeah sure it's it's it's hard it's hard so did you were you the one who convinced him to run go for it go for it and look at him now yes and look at him now you owe me uh next one uh true or false you used a snippet of yourself singing doo wop on nypd blue to land your in the heights role is that true or false oh well wait a minute how do you know that i don't know these are all somebody ratted me out i don't know that was i don't know uh yeah uh i did we did a compilation of little yeah sending that on to lin manuel morando or john chew the okay yeah the director of the one who did a wonderful job uh but i had known lind before and we knew that it wasn't the role one of the reasons why i went on this audition for this film yes was because we knew that this particular character wasn't going to be doing heavy lifting uh vocally it wasn't i was yeah he wasn't going to be doing arias and stuff so they just wanted to know that i could blow a couple of notes yeah you just said hey look uh uh i'm no leslie odom but i can do this that's basically what you're saying i used to sing on the corner in east new york harmonize harmonize with the fellas do the persuasions and use the snippet from nypd blue it was one we did a compilation of little yeah okay well it worked out for sure you gotta ask lin if they actually got that i think okay good well obviously last one for you uh i'm fascinated by this to see if it's true or false jimmy smith's true or false you once sang karaoke with gregory peck and sydney poitier is that true or false oh my god you're making me sweat why am i making you smell because like you didn't get that from me i don't know where you get that from it's called the internet right i mean is that true or false google that's that's true where the hell did that happen but i wasn't singing they were singing how did gregory how does one sing karaoke i had i had the good fortune to be able to work with mr peck uh on a film with jane fonda right after uh la law and um well i i just get flushed with memories just just thinking sure and then i we would get my wife and i would get uh phone calls like could you come over to we're having a couple of friends over for the for for dinner on on the weekend if you can come over from greg from grim yes yeah i was about to say and his wife ronique who was from france and just had this little so your phone would even lift up the phone it would be gregory peck yeah yeah he called you jim come over yeah come come over for the week and we're gonna have a few friends over and that was the time when the brat pack was like a you know a thing yeah um and i'm saying that because i'll get to that so i went to went to greg's house and then all of a sudden and i don't want to start doing a name drop thing but you could hollywood this is los angeles all hollywood yeah was walking in in that door like walter mathau q sydney and my wife and i looked at each other like f the brat pack this is the deal right here and to just see them you know interact with each other and uh the humility and friendship that they had the uh the importance of knowing um knowing um you know we talk about platform you know in your brand and all that stuff now but knowing that you have a responsibility uh not only to entertain but to enlighten this is like part of these people's dna of course and i assume q you mean quincy jones right yes sir yeah so you said so you sank hold on a second you sang i didn't sing i watched them sing they had a little all of a sudden after dinner and stuff like that and a couple of drinks they bring out the little that time it was a little you know that little it looks like a fender like an old fender thing the microphone attached and they were singing and then you watched this karaoke go down i watched it go down that is amazing i would love sydney party singing a karaoke with quincy jones that quincy's like the kind of hum he hummed okay oh man outstanding i didn't mean to make you sweat these are all these just i mean your man your stories are just amazing jimmy uh last one as well i mean what a blessing to be involved in the star wars world as well because i've got a four it is i mean i've got a 14 and 11 and a nine they would know you as the senator you know what i mean that that because i haven't introduced them to nypd blue oh no i hope not and east new york might wind up at some point but um they would know you is how did you get involved in the star wars world uh jimmy smith's god i got a my agent told me that uh mr lucas wanted to have a conversation um and we had a phone call and he said first of all i just want to tell you a lightsaber is not part of this conversation is that what he said to you yeah that was the open we're not like we're not talking about lightsabers okay we're not talking about did that disappoint you a little a little bit deep down i a little bit yeah what do you mean i can't have a lightsaber come on no no but he was talking about how he liked the work that he had seen and uh he realized that uh that the franchise well he didn't call it franchise sure that the world needed to have more of a diversity and he promised that he would have me do a little bit of everything and he and that was and he lived up to that he sure did and then because again now there's a tv version with obi wan you did that as well which is dynamite you know i saw that it's become a thing now right now it sure has and now in your do you have any more or any more plans to do any more of that stuff talking about it oh i gotta kill you i guess we're outside of the true false uh construct now so you know there's a whole thing about like origin stories and all these characters get origin stories now so that's i don't know okay we'll see well i'd love it thank you you're awesome jimmy smiths oh richie come on man it's the truth thank you you're awesome it's the truth run rich run that's i appreciate that you say that i love what you do man with that thank you jimmy bless you it's it is um it is a blessing to have the opportunity to do that i give credit to my wife and some uh some folks at the uh at the nfl um coming up with the idea so it's great but that's what it's all about i mean you know we love doing what we do and uh how do you take that to the next level and give back and make sure that everybody's doing a little bit that's it whatever my nonsense that i'm doing running in my suit if we can raise money for kids i'd love to do it i gotta clock you man what's that no you don't by the way that's false uh you do all right you could you could clock me with a sundial brother that is for sure no question about that uh jimmy smiths check him out in cbs's east new york which is at 9 p.m sunday nights on cbs it just premiered this past sunday you could stream it live and on demand on paramount plus every single sunday night at nine eastern time and paramount plus available right here on roku as well thanks for coming in jimmy thank you jimmy smiths here on the rich eisen show we are back with your phone calls and so much more in a moment 62. when you open up a mercedes-benz sprinter van you're opening up more than just doors you're unlocking potential the potential to do your own thing be your own boss do your own success and blaze your own trail each and every sprinter van is built designed and equipped to let you hit the open road and take on any goal you set to help you follow your own passions reawaken that spirit of adventure and check all those big bold fun and exciting experiences off your bucket list owning a mercedes-benz sprinter van lets you live work and play out your dreams no matter how far off the beaten path they'll take you and with 16 body types your choice of a gas or diesel engine and thousands of ways to customize the sprinter van is capable and versatile enough to help you drive your ambitions wherever you want to take them so now's the time to discover what it is that moves you most don't wait unlock your potential inside a mercedes-benz sprinter sprinter van does all that how does yes he does how delightful is jimmy smiths that was amazing smiths in the morning a little dose of smiths to go with your coffee you know what i mean big fan of that guy man yeah he didn't want to talk about himself like i literally could see like he had stories to tell but he didn't want to come across as sounding like he's such an egotist but hey that we he's checking himself that's what we wanted that's what we want i want those stories i know i want those stories and gregory pex's jim come over to a dinner party and then quincy jones and sydney poitier walk in the door and then old hollywood walter mathow and you're singing karaoke yeah put the rat pack in this place i mean the brat pack take that brat pack quincy jones although he was doing running scared when the brat pack was killing it right it is interestingly enough like you almost didn't get a photograph with him because del tufa was too busy fanboying him over right scared and then and it's i'll be honest listen i i i adore you you know with every fiber of my being and that is that is a another version of with all due respect yes i know okay um but you know when when when it's time for the guest to leave again this is the whole goodbye thing we had yesterday like sometimes you've got to let people say goodbye like they they might not want yeah to continue in the linger but he was so sweet he didn't give that vibe off i was just sensing you know i knew that we had to come back live i knew he wanted a photograph i saw you physically angling you know what i mean like i saw that so you've been fine without it i wasn't going to get one too i brought up this movie switch that he did and he looked at me and laughed about switch and he was just like that movie and so i was like all right you didn't you got a picture yeah but uh mike you you tell him about you used to drive jill ikenberry around i mean that i i get it it's a long time you know i know you're dropping jill ikenberry references to him that's an old school friend just put his head in his hand he probably hasn't heard that name in so long oh i'm sure he might might like her and might have enjoyed hearing that but i know i like the follow-ups like oh really what would she like to drive around like what's the follow-up i gotta go just with the one and then just stop and by the way when i'm learning by the way you are mike in college when i used to do stand-up i had i had one of my bits was what it did involve people people's express that airline do you remember people's expresses are you too young for that okay so there was an airline there was do you remember this right tj people's it's not okay people so you know maybe it was an east coast thing too because jimmy said he flew it from from new york to los angeles it was a low budget airline where it was incredibly inexpensive why it was called people's express it was like people who quit can't afford you know to buy tickets on the traditional airlines like at the time twa exactly eastern airlines pan am right all those airlines that are now gone but you know american all of it you would fly people's express and you would get your reservation and they would not just go up and down the aisle how you know they had a cart they have a cart now for drinks or peanuts or whatever i remember they would go up and down the aisle with a credit card machine and not one of those that clearly that you would connect to it it would you know they would run your card and then you would write down the the cost and they would rip off the receipt and put it away the carbon copy thing i remember that it was so i remember that and i always thought to myself and i made it a bit like you know what if you're like yeah i don't have my credit card on me like and you're at 35 000 feet my wallet you know like i'm sorry i don't i don't have it like what do you like to hand you a parachute you gotta go like you're suddenly db cooper jumping out the back nice oh what's a great documentary on him yeah it's good i'm going way back here about so uh this people's express has operated from april of 81. yeah yeah to february of 87. yeah wow uh they said it was college 87 it was uh 149 each way across country that was like new york to la please round trip right uh no each way sodas were 50 cents beer was a dollar yeah and the cart also had a credit card machine on it yeah it was the we're talking it was the choice of airlines for people who blew their first la law i believe the audition and needed to fly to la to rectify it the colors of the yeah it was kind of like a dark gray with brown and black stripe because eastern was blue white i emerged with continental in 87 people's express i had never been on the flight so i'd never even heard of this people's express i i i might have flown it to go back to school once or twice all right jimmy smith's great conversation when we come back jeff passan calls in from arlington texas he was in the building when aaron judge hit 62 we will talk about all of that with him and my power rankings hey yes coming up yeah so it flew to a ton of cities richard did fly to detroit so you probably took it to yeah to go back to school back to school every now when it was either that or northwest orient oh as it was known at the time northwest or when it was screwed up uh because they they had some problems we would we nicknamed it northwest disorient airline that's the michigan humor sir see how he would have said disorient right i get it did you get it i get it that wasn't one of the jokes i used thank god in my stand-up bed just like a people's express parachute rich pour one out for cole beasley announced his retirement oh wait what wow the chief's retired him huh who fucks no the chief's retired he had one game yeah wow yeah yeah that's enough he was like i'm good actually he said he wants to spend more time with his family good for him why are you laughing about that well it's too soon just kind of ironic you know the bucks have a player who seemingly doesn't want oh that's not true stop that man i love it i love the guy more than like a family member just saying no you shouldn't say that because you're right not cole beasley but someone else oh cole beasley one and done huh one game and finished called was it that bad call jewels man although not today because you know it's the big yk jules said it's got to be at least like week nine i think i think call 87 87 must be dialed that's a must like every day he's got to get his weight up though yeah ross matthews talks to celebrities friends and people with interesting stories to tell who's saying hello ross this week chelsea handler i'm not home enough to have a third dog my housekeeper basically is their parent i am not going to get another dog so that she has to take care of another dog until one of these dogs exits it's a good move i have three rescue dogs and only two hands and when you're one person that's too hard to do i recommend two max okay here's your foot ross hello ross available on youtube or wherever you listen
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